How to win your divorce (as a Man) - Episode 322

What men don’t realize is that they don’t have to get taken to the cleaners in divorce court and family court if they play their cards right. Yes, the odds are stacked against us, but there are things men can do to mitigate the inevitable damage a divorce could cause.




How to divorce a woman (The red pill reddit)

How the red pill saved my (financial) life during a divorce

I won in family court! Here's how: (The red pill reddit)


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I need a vacation, when I come back. Start scaling my hustle


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The Redman Group show is off the hook! Definitely a show to keep in Red Pill rotation.


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i tottaly agree- 100% disabled vet here that was gang raped by california family court


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Thank you for your service brother!


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Thank you for serving.


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California ain't no joke either


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Fellas, start studying the family law. Speaking of which, I need to buy a book on family law


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va "income" is NOT income, it's compensation. HUGE difference


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 13h

Family Court is set up like the Mafia


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Holy shit.


- @sharpeassist 13h

You can appeal a decision.


- @sharpeassist 13h

Pro tip: Hire an attorney that is also a judge in your county.


spnz @spnz 13h

was gang raped, now i pay zero to her- and take care of my daughter


- @sharpeassist 13h

A lot of municipal court judges practice family law on the side.


spnz @spnz 13h

good looking out though


illwills @iLLWills 13h

Damn to get married is a financial death sentence in America


- @sharpeassist 13h

You can't take federal benefits away from one person and give it to another, county courts cannot do that.


spnz @spnz 13h

exactly- social security is different


spnz @spnz 13h

you do not pay taxes on VA money.


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 13h

A lot of male judges are simps


Kevin603 @K603 13h

a Prenup can't even save you a lot of the times


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 13h

bigtime simps


- @sharpeassist 13h

Right. Same with if you win lawsuit for damages. If your spouse isn't named, they have no right to the money won.


illwills @iLLWills 13h

Clinton picked a lot of male simp judges. Clinton was the orchestra tor of this crap


Kevin603 @K603 13h

They have the power to dismiss it if they deem it "unfair"


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iLLWills IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!


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Freeland Ronin. Salute Broham. TGIF.


spnz @spnz 13h

what this man says is 100% true. if you are a Veteran LISTEN!


Ordep890 @Ordep890 13h

We men need to get together. Like the way my father used to hang out on the street back then.


- @sharpeassist 13h

Courts are coming around though. If you have kids in some states you both have to take a parenting course before your judgement that teaches you how to get along and raise kids together.


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- @sharpeassist 12h

That doc was terrifying. Everyone gets a piece


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 12h

Yep sharpeassist. It's basically a rackett


Deadshot @Deadshot 12h

I tell female lawyers they're cheap dates. I don't have to buy dinner because they feed on human misery


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

lol @Deadshot


Deadshot @Deadshot 12h

It happensw


- @sharpeassist 12h

No, not unless she has never worked in the marriage.


- @sharpeassist 12h

This is the Stay at Home task. If she makes about equal income you can avoid child support and alimony.


RedJedi @RedJedi1 12h

The courts will make one parent primary in Alabama....


- @sharpeassist 12h

Stay at home mom tax.. sorry


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

there's an article in portgual that did a research that a child with father involved after a divorce is more mentally balanced


- @sharpeassist 12h

One parent has to be the "custodial" parent - The kids address with the parent in the school district he/she will attend.


johhny @johhny 12h

A chick I smashed for some weeks stated she doesnt wanna see my anymore because I anal sexed her last time, even she deneid before. She said it was disrespectfull lol. Thoughts?


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

move on johhny lol


johhny @johhny 12h

yeah no hard feelings but I thought anal would make her more into me lol


Kevin603 @K603 12h

Anti-slut defense. Don't reply.. either you lose her (no big deal) or she comes back for more anal in 2 weeks.


RedJedi @RedJedi1 12h

I got custody, with no child support, plus i have to provide health benefits! but, she gets no retirement nor alimony!!!! win for me...


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 12h


spnz @spnz 12h

no 1, plan for divorce before you even meet her. lol.


johhny @johhny 12h

I just replied "no worries"


Kevin603 @K603 12h

haha. ½ a step above "k". i like it


spnz @spnz 12h

no 2- stash 3 grand with a parent of male sibling for a lawyer's retainer....


johhny @johhny 12h

used it quite often now rather than "k"


- @sharpeassist 12h

IF you have already filed for divorce, it's not abandonment. But it doesn't look good.


johhny @johhny 12h

And do you guys have some good idea on how to keep a chick after you fucked for first time? Like making her addicted you


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Jk. If you're good she'll stay


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thats hot


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nice commericial


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Hey dudes


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what up Donovan Sharpe? I'm in Texas about to divorce my wife, so this show is clutch!


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What do i do if it last more than 4 hours


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Y'know how black bitches always say "YAAASSSSS QUEEEEN YAAAS SLAAAAY" - This is pretty applicable to this woman here least one female got our back


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Wow. That bitch keeps it 100


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Very good nugget of info Donovan.


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what if your soon to be ex-wife is bi? LOL


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gotta be male and old


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dont confuse tension for passion.......


No. 1 @TheJackMan 12h

she tried the reconciliation bullshit,but it was too late and I saw through it


Kevin603 @K603 12h

You can't record someone talking but they can use old texts. This country is fucked


No. 1 @TheJackMan 12h

my female lawyer (the one I did a consultation with) told me not to agree to anything


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h



spnz @spnz 12h

a lot of states are one party consent. why cant you tape record?


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

@spnz in California it's a felony if you record the person without consent


MascuLion @MascuLion 12h

Just got in, has he mentioned you never know a woman till you see her in court?


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

@spnz which I found weird with the Donald Sterling recording in 2014


spnz @spnz 12h

not true of voice recording, but is true with video.


Kevin603 @K603 12h

depends on the state. I thought it was more often than not that it was 2-party, and therefore non admissible


spnz @spnz 12h

i am in california. in


spnz @spnz 12h

family courts allow it, even sacramento, where i was


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

@spnz ok, so you can record without the other person's consent in Cali? Ok


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

can you use her threats to show the courts she's manipulative? hmm


No. 1 @TheJackMan 12h

I'm about to come up with these $1500 to get this party started


spnz @spnz 12h

yes, or just say "this is being recorded" whenever she opens her mouth.


spnz @spnz 12h

she will threaten, and was informed it was recorded- or not threaten, then whats the problem?


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h



Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 12h

Exactly. If a therapist gives up patient info, it violates HIPAA.


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

Tyrese violated that rule


AusarTRION @AusarTRION 12h

If you can't stay away from social media cos of addiction then it's best if you make an anon account, Being froma persecutive family i use it for aot of shitposting


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

@AusarTRION I dont use my real name on facebook


spnz @spnz 12h

ironically, when i started the " this is recorded" with my ex, i had hours of her admitting things because she though i was bluffing. " oh , you recorded me hitting you? what about the time i took money out of your account? " was amazing.


- @sharpeassist 12h

Never use your real name online EVER.


AusarTRION @AusarTRION 12h

Same bro, Social media itself is far too PC and like it's said in miranda rights "anything you say can AND WILL be used against you", remember that when applying for a job


Kevin603 @K603 12h

@spnz thats some sweet justice


AusarTRION @AusarTRION 12h

I'd personally recommend writing some raps because it gets out all those pent up beta feels into a creative format which you could probably market as well


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

and hide that book when you write raps...


- @sharpeassist 12h

Put the custody agreement you want to enforce after divorce in place after you file as soon as possible.


spnz @spnz 12h

lol- true. then she lied to the judge about being on probation DUI. caught in the act


AusarTRION @AusarTRION 12h

Or just keep it on cloud storage on a secret gmail a ccount


spnz @spnz 12h



spnz @spnz 12h

seperate reciepts, with only kids items. completely seperate from your soap, windex, etc.....


spnz @spnz 12h

simplicity- the judge wont decipher 10 pages of whats yours, hers. etc...


RedJedi @RedJedi1 12h

You will have to depose her... she will lie and crack under pressure!!!


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

never fight with a woman... makes you feminine


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h

I mean never smear, argue with a women... makes you feminine


- @sharpeassist 12h

Unless you go to trial, most divorce judges don't care what you as a couple agree to, so long as you agree.


Kevin603 @K603 12h

get Evernote. Start saving that shit a couple years early. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it


spnz @spnz 12h

they read body language, cant be faked


AusarTRION @AusarTRION 12h

Tbh my mom was a pretty selfless woman and she raised me alone for a bit, then again she was a widow and is a conservative muslim from the middle east


Freelance Ronin @FreelanceRonin 12h

The ALWAYS crash and burn.


Ordep890 @Ordep890 12h



SuedeSensei @SuedeSensei 12h



No. 1 @TheJackMan 12h



Cj80 @Cj80 12h

Great show.


SuedeSensei @SuedeSensei 12h

Oh shit.


Kevin603 @K603 12h



spnz @spnz 12h

first show of just donovan- good stuff



never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found a replacement guaranteed


your nightly dose of red pill truth

wisdom and awareness and a shiny

forehead there Lea just my lady not much

anyway let's get started here on

February 11th 1990 in Tokyo Japan James

Buster Douglas entered the lane against

Mike Tyson as a 42 to one under no one

thought he would win that fight not even

James Buster Douglas for that matter so

hmm before the fight

Douglas his manager probably said

something to this effect him he said

okay listen man we don't have a

snowball's chance in hell but we're

gonna we're not just gonna go in there

and take a dive we're not just gonna let

Tyson run all over us

this dude is 37 and Oh with 33 knockouts

this guy is the world heavyweight

champion probably one of the greatest of

all time at that point but he hasn't

been past the third round in 14 of his

last 15 fights so if we can just survive

past the third we might have a chance to

put we might have a chance to at least

wear him down he probably said now

listen James you've got a 12-inch reach

advantage over Mike Tyson use that to

keep him away use that to survive if you

make it into the later rounds go to the


take his wind and maybe just maybe we

can get out of here without getting

knocked out

maybe we'll lose in a split decision I

don't know we just want you to survive

the fight well of course James Buster

Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out in the

10th round now Tyson knocked down Buster

Douglas at the end of the eighth round

but Douglas lined him up with a few jabs


course knocked Tyson down for the first

time in his career and the rest is

history now Tyson was not his best that

day number one he didn't Train right

like he famously said listen I didn't

train for the Douglas fight number two

he had split with his longtime trainer

Kevin Rooney and went with a less

experienced manager I don't know why

that happened every time some things

like this happens it's never just one

thing it's it's never he was just better

than me no it's always a confluence of

events right of course he was going

through his public divorce he had just

gotten divorced from Robin Givens so

he's all in the news for that his life

was spiraling out of control outside of

the ring honestly his corner his corner

man didn't even have n swell and M swell

is a little compress they put over your

eye to reduce the swelling they'd use a

rubber glove with ice in it to keep his

eye from swelling and that didn't help

at all he was basically fighting with

one eye during the last five rounds of

the fight but let's give credit where

credit is due

team Douglas had a plan and that's why

they won the fight yes there were

extenuating circumstances that certainly

helped them out but had they not gone in

there with a plan Tyson would most

assuredly have knocked him out

well the forces much the same way guys

when a man walks into family court he's

got no shot I would honestly I would say

the odds are probably longer than Buster

Douglas over Tyson the fact that our

court systems are heavily biased towards

women their women are now incentivized

to file for divorce because in all

likelihood they get full custody of

children they're entitled to half of

your present and future earnings of

course and use of the family home but

these scenarios only happen when men

walk in there and just play dead right

we all think that hey if we just go in

there and they're gonna deport you

you're gonna get divorce straight not

necessarily okay if you go in there and

roll over and play dead yeah you're

gonna get steamrolled and a lot of men

think well there's no need in fighting

this you know so I may as well just do

whatever I'm told and accept my fate

which is basically the same as a man

accused of murder

for a court-appointed attorney to defend

him who will basically escort him

directly to the electric chair what men

don't realize is that they don't have to

get taken to the cleaners in divorce

court and family or family court if they

play their cards right yes the odds are

stacked against us just like they were

against Buster Douglas back in 1990 and

I don't have my okay

but the but again but Buster double

Buster Douglas still achieved a

favorable outcome believe it or not

gentlemen there are things that men can

do to mitigate the inevitable damage a

divorce can cause and that's what we're

gonna talk about today now I want you

guys to keep in mind here that this is

not legal advice nor is nor is it

intended to be I'm not an attorney I'm

not a legal professional everything

everything I'm about to tell you guys

should be evaluated by an attorney who

has a bar license to practice law in the

state that you live in now that that's

out of the way we're gonna talk about

ten things you absolutely must do to

survive and even win your divorce you

guys remember on Tuesday and Thursday

night I talked about how to get your

woman in line how to get your wife in

line and possibly save your marriage

well if your marriage is not savable at

this point and you have to make the

difficult decision that is filing for

divorce you got to get your ducks in a

row now keep in mind obviously I don't

feel like I have to save this but I'm

going to anyway all state laws are

different and because no two

circumstances are exactly alike your

results may vary but the advice I'm

gonna give you guys this is universal

this is all based on common sense it's

based on survival it's based on

protecting yourself and having a good

working knowledge a female nature from a

red pill perspective my opening rant is

brought to you by happy hippo herbals

home of the highest quality car atom on

the planet

happy opel kratom will give you an

energy boost laser focus and increase

your productivity all without caffeine

go to happy apple herbals calm today and

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it is really freaking hot in here and

give me a second guys Jesus Christ all

right all right no that was not planned

it is just it is really it's really hot

in here I forgot that I forgot to turn

my fan towards myself because I've got

these lights on me and what I do these

shows man I get I get excited my body

temperature goes up so so um so I'm just

gonna do I'm gonna I'm just gonna go

beast mode here wait

good to have you guys in tonight all


one thing I was watching out there

that's one lost 101 testimonials with

Donovan is that he gives clear-cut track

medical if you have a question about

women relationships that finances game

like Donovan answers questions listen

and give solid advice you know some of

the top things that he teaches or what

got my marriage back on track very

grateful I can definitely say watch the

dick Donovan's the real get get done

even a call if you're looking for a

mentor to help you during your red pill

transformation or if you need guidance

to help you to navigate a situation or

if you're looking for unfiltered sound

advice on any red pill related situation

or circumstance go to Donovan sharp comm

ford slash consults fill out the

questionnaire now make sure you give

details and stories guys I need examples

if you want me to give you solid

actionable advice than I need as much

information as possible

that's Donovan sharp comm Ford /

consults book yours today it is Friday

August 31st 2018 I went for the first

time I went to the link last night I

went to Lincoln Financial Field and

listen I had a blast Lincoln Financial

Field is fun it is it is

danai Emily gorgeous it is a it's a

well-run Stadium of course the link is

the home of the Philadelphia Eagles I

was there I was actually there last

night because Devon bought me preseason

tickets to last night's game the the

Jets versus the Eagles and it was rib

and it was fucking a hi oh my god I

think I was I dude I sweated the entire

time I'm probably still radiating heat

from from that game but uh had a good

had a great time last night so uh so

thanks to Devon for giving me a birthday

you actually got a got a souvenir

got my got my Eagles got my Eagles

helmet fly eagles fly cost me a pretty

penny but had a good time last night it

was uh was a lot of fun we got back at a

decent hour we've stayed we left at

halftime I'm not gonna sit there and

watch you know the fourth stringers you

know Duke it out I think the Eagles

ended up winning the game by one but

whatever it is what it is the Redman

group is gonna be on tomorrow at 10:00

a.m. Pacific or I'm sorry 10:00 a.m.

Eastern 7 a.m. Pacific just so you guys

know and understand the the Redman group

the Redman group the regular time is now

going to be the regular the regular

start time is going to be 10:00 a.m.

Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific so that is

going to be that is gonna be the start

time from here on out so if anyone if

anyone is you know I've gotten a few

emails asking me hey you know when's the

Redman group or is there a regular time

and date the regular time is gonna be

every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Eastern

7:00 a.m. Pacific and tomorrow we are

talking about the the female body

positivity lie so that that should be a

lot of fun of course this is all in the

wake of Tess Holliday making her way

onto the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine

Tess holiday of course is a plus-size

model basically she's a fat chick with a

half-decent face she's covered in

tattoos and they actually called her a

supermodel like how like I this is why

we're having the Redman group I just

don't know how on earth how on God's

green earth can we call a woman who's

pushing the scale at four hundred pounds

a supermodel like

what is the world coming to now there

seems to be a little bit of pushback be

an area co2 for oh I see you there in

the Cuban to get see in just a second

just a minute here it this is why this

is what encourages girls to stay fat

they see fat chicks getting attention

for being fat so what do they expect to

happen it's just yeah and then of course

they trying to train us trying to shame

us for liking thin fit beautiful women

well she might be fat but she's pretty

in the face

listen newsflash if a woman's fat I

don't give a fuck what dude listen

there's no such thing as a fat pretty

face I don't give a shit well she's fat

but she has a cute face no no no no no

if she's fat her face isn't cute fuck

out here at that nonsense

Aaron Donald is the highest paid

defensive player in NFL history

earlier today he agreed to a six-year

135 million dollar contract with the LA

Rams 87 of which is guaranteed 87

million dollars guaranteed

that's quarterback money guys that is

quarterback money listen Andrew Luck I

think his contract was 87 million

guaranteed he's making quarterback money

but listen man Aaron Donald is

indefensible like no listen this guy

throws around 300-pound offensive

linemen like ragdolls and make no

mistake gentlemen the LA Rams are going

to I don't know they're gonna have one

of the best defenses in football the

Eagles probably have the best defense in

football right but the LA Rams with with

the editions they've made they're gonna

have close to the best defensive

football I think the Browns are gonna

have a really good defense the Eagles

will definitely have a solid defense

listen we just picked up a hollow de


and Michael Bennett who used to play for

the Seattle Seahawks to bolster that to

bolster that front 7 the Eagles have the

best front 7 in football let's not make

me make any mistake about that Malcolm

Jenkins and Ronald Darby in the back in

the backfield along with my the green

haired wonder Jalen Jalen Mills

personally my favorite player on the

Eagles but that's the formula these days

guys the

formula for winning Super Bowls in this

day and age is have a really good

quarterback on a rookie deal and a great


the o1 Patriots did it with Tom Brady

Brady was in his second year still on

his rookie contract a lot of people

Brady won five suit rolls yeah but that

first Super Bowl that was that was

because of the defense okay

their defense was loaded anti-law lawyer

Milloy Tedy Bruschi Chris Slade who I

actually met years later

listen go all the way to Super Bowl 42

when the when the New York Giants upset

the undefeated Patriots Eli Manning was

on his rookie deal I think he was on his

third or fourth third or fourth year but

their defensive line was low dead guys

Justin Tuck Mathias Kiwanuka Michael

Strahan OCU manyara like when you think

about that when you think about that

front for that front seven for the

Giants you think to yourself how in the

world of course now listen the Patriots

were 16 I know none of us thought that

you know none of us thought the Giants

were gonna win that game but looking

back on it

good rookie quarterback on a rookie deal

good defense

look at the look at the 13 Seahawks

Russell Wilson on his rookie deal and of

course yet Richard Sherman kam

chancellor Earl Thomas Michael Bennett

etc the Philadelphia Eagles last year

went on his rookie deal now Nick Foles

had to come in and win the Super Bowl

force but he was he's cheap right I

think he's making seven eight million

dollars a year right

well the Rams now have Jared Goff on his

rookie deal and now they've got Aaron

Donald and dominance ooh

Aqib Talib Marcus Peters guys their

defense is low dead so look for the LA

Rams to make some serious noise listen

man I know the Eagles had the dream team

I think back in like 11 we ended up

going forward twelve eighty we got fired

and all that stuff but I'm gonna tell

you what man dude watch out for the rap

I haven't even looked at the Eagles

schedule yet but I'm hoping we do not

have them on their schedule because

Aaron Donald is a fucking nightmare he

deserves every penny of that 135 if you

have a story about how you or a man you

know want a divorce

and want to share how give me a call

nine one four two oh five five three

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likes it let's hit the phone lines

area code to 400 you're on live with

donovan go ahead yeah Donovan's ready

for pg hey what's up Pete what's up Matt

now PG that's Prince George's County

correct yeah what's up man yeah yeah man

I was listening to what was it was how

to get your wife back and okay before

that let me say I can't wait for the

episode of red man truth tomorrow

because I'm just tired of all of this

you got to accept me for who I am and

I'm glad I shot doing that good so um

back on back onto the episode of how to

get your wife in line you know even

though my wife is starting to you know

starting to get her shit together I was

like let me just go ahead and do this

just so I can make sure so I'll cover

all base right

so I'm started with the shit test and it

started the other day was so crazy

because I'm sitting there chilling we're

sitting there watching movie and she was

like all what drew is taking Shamika on

us you know there's this cruise to just

wait for being home and I didn't like it

was so funny because like as soon as she

said it has clicked in my head all about

yeah when I take us to the zoo we're

gonna go on the back just comes right

off right

you said Lizzie you said they went on a

cruise we'll check this out you're in

luck I'm gonna go you one better check

this out we're going to the zoo girl

what what oh my god so you know like you

said you know you got to do it in phases

so this month

it started on Sunday so you know this

month is going to shit test and make

sure I get all that stuff down word and

imma go from there

not only that I'm reading your book how

to stop seven in 24 hours good

informative and it definitely helped me

out but it was another book that you had

man I forgot where I saw it it was the

the manipulative man I don't know if you

had it on page oh yeah yeah yeah you can

actually google it it's called the

manipulated man by Esther Beal our es th

AR v IL lar if you misspell than if you

misspell that Google will correct it for

you but um but yeah definitely

definitely check that out that is a very

very good book for you to read man

bearing the bottle all right bad bad

best so yeah man we like to know I take

this stuff seriously I'm a disciple of

Donovan I get all like Game of Thrones

with this shit hell yeah a motherfucking

hot Farabi like hey don't be fucking

with me fucker mr. shott man I'll take

this stuff serious it's helped me up not

only with my merch but just in life I'm

dominating life now my turn and it's a

good feeling right you know every time I

call them again you update hey listen

listen call it not listen I want you to

call in every week and I want you to

give me updates on what's going on

because here's the thing man it's good

for me to hear guys call in and say hey

you know what I listen to episode XYZ

and I'm putting it in action and here's

what that what's happening just so that

other guys can hear other guys can see

hey you know what I'm not just up here

running my mouth I'm not just up here

flapping my gums the kind of shit I talk

about like I said it is actionable

advice and this shit works definitely

hold me to it early week imma calling

just to let you know exactly what's

going on across the board not only what

my birds I'm a plan should you talk


life early things so yeah I got very

good man thanks for calling in man I

appreciate it

ain't nothing all right my man my man

ray in Prince George's County from PG

let's go back to the phone lines area

code two to five you're on live at

Donovan hey what's going on man what's

going on brother

all right yeah yeah first of all like

the safe man

thank you for what you do like there's a

lot of guy who will really appreciate it

because you don't really find a lot of

outlets where you know men can talk and

you know just talk about mainly deal

problems all right I really want to

appreciate tell you I appreciate that

good thank you I appreciate that thank

you okay

and secondly I want to talk about how I

won in my divorce okay all right I come

over tell God let me let me cut on some

guys they may be listening to this I

want to tell you one thing and I didn't

think this myself if it doesn't get

better I'm telling you that right now

like you may have a point where you may

have with maybe three months of no ki

and cooperation but ultimately it does

not get better so once you feel like you

come to the decision like hey this is

not working you need to make your move

and you know kind of figure out okay

what do I need to do but this is not

situation I'm a disabled vet 100% okay

so you know I went through the process

of the divorce I went to court and not

only was I expense alimony for also

child support when I tell you it was

almost sixty close to seven percent of

what I was bringing in one little bit it

was crazy and you know as a disabled

read once you get 100% you cannot work

so the judge told me go find adult and I

was like it's against base minutes

against lower federal law for me to work

great just say I don't care this what

you have to pay oh man I'm come real

hours literally when I tell you I was

homeless I was literally homeless he had

to sleep in my ride no like I didn't

have any

wills to go so I was like man this can't

be right like this so I started doing

research research research because I was

like this cannot be right you know like

you're fucking homeless you know like

sure you're fucking homeless and your

fuckin ex-wife was living off your shit

hey man I'm like dude I went overseas

those bullets came back on faith and I

go to court and this happened

I like this crazy little man so you know

I did some research and I came across in

you know if I say I'm so thankful for

like God like you man they went through

stuff ray said you know what I went

through my and I would not be silent you

know something I'm just so thankful man

and I found a group on Facebook matter

of fact in his floor disables it going

through it okay going through what i

went and i was able you know with the

help in the facebook group you know i

don't know if I didn't get the name if I

can you know it's definiteiy

yeah that's why go ahead this way we're

actually streaming live because Hitler

anyway so yeah the name of the group is

a disabled that child support info it's

a label that child info now you will

have to prove that you are there so you

know it's like employing requirement you

got the food that pure this so basically

the god I think that that that was in

there he lived in the state of Texas

Texas is ruthless when it comes to

Southport I think it's no other state

more ruthless and maybe Texas in New

York he basically came to the second

something that's not right but this is

how it works

local state courts have no jurisdiction

over all veterans benefits zero they

have zero jurisdiction over so to help

with a group in a couple affidavit that

this guy had I was able to fill out some

affidavits and it has to go through the

Department of the v8 okay

and once you ain't know like hey I'm

pretty much homeless here's my here's

all my information here's all my

obligation so basically to do support

order and the alimony were thrown up so

I went from paying a Chilean having a

shit about nothing eat to eventually not

having to pay any alimony or child house

how's that happen because they offer a

lot of these things a lot of these state

courts they overstep their boundaries

and what I do that makes the child

support order it terminates because they

didn't have the jurisdiction to do that

when they go income a lot of situations

they can't do that they can't say oh you

should be making eggs because if they

can do that they met looks like you

should be a million horse right right

receiving you think the IRS doesn't need

to do that when you owe them money you

know but they won't impute income and

you have to be behind a whole lot in the

IRS gives you a whole lot of chances

before they ultimately throw you in jail

right now some guys minutes payments on

island and they can show hey I got hurt

on my job you know my back is broken

it's going to be at least six months

before I can even get another job right

on Claire you need to come up with his

money are you going to jail and I'm

looking to jihad at solves anything

so yeah man a lot of these local

jurisdictions a lot of each state courts

they overstep their bounds and the thing

is a lot of guys did I didn't know

anything I just saw like man I guess I'm

gonna have to get comfortable being

homeless and that wasn't the case so you

know I didn't think is I didn't call and

that was the thing I not trying to

explain you to tell them I judge I'm not

here because I didn't anything I like

you know my wife decided she wanted to

be all or like we're not even my fault

right better run shit about nine eight

Molly get about with money unbelievable

man that is unbelievable so so yes I

would hope I did rain and hope is do

your research find your local laws man

don't just sit there and in and think

man my situation is hopeless I can't do

anything because they want you to think

that they want to break you they they

definitely want to break you because

every penny they collect in child


they get a refund from the federal

government shit yeah so they're

double-dip and get money from you in the

government the trouble with the VA is

triple busy and I mean like I mean it's

like the most lucrative scam ever man

is like the most lucrative stand up ever

it's like they didn't save money to

collect is because they way they have it

set up is like they're telling the

federal government oh we were paying

this out like in welfare and food stamps

and stuff like this

we're they're not they're collecting the

money from the - real man unbelievable

so man it's not a stick it's kind of

sick when you think about it I just want

God no but you have to fight I was

nervous when I went in there right was

really nervous man but I was like

looking at that man so so you mean to

tell none what so the reason why you got

your your alimony payments overturned is

because it was determined that the

Family Court overstepped their bounds

they didn't have the jurisdiction to

order that kind of alimony and because

of that Wow and so the alimony so the

alimony order was struck down like they

just completely overturn it well you

know alimony and child support falls

under the same laws I forget the exact

code but it's pretty much the same thing

like alimony is just child support

because we know most women act like big

as he is so that's why you know as

adults house the board so the VA

determined basically you had to do was

call a real for orbit okay the VA makes

it the judge the judge the judge has no

right a local judge has no right to make

that decision it had to go through the

VA because the VA is the one that

discussed disturbance the fun because

they don't consider that his income

right because someone actually said here

in the tent and the chat it said what

did it say it said it said it's not

income its compensation is what it is if

it can't be safe

you can't touch it oh and wow these

judges they don't give us no man fuck

them they feel like they go ahead and

they can do they face I think a lot of


kick what if he female or male Judah

mildew it and I think a lot of these

guys they have all like a god complex

and they want to see how meeting me and

they get to crush birthday they can come

in there and they can crush per day but

when I want to know where my paperwork

together to show them they had no

jurisdiction couldn't say shit couldn't

touch me you know unbelievable you know

my order was basically dismissed on the

spot and I am no more didn't know that

it it basically stopped that next cycle

so and I couldn't believe it man right

right like you would like you won like

I've never heard of an alimony order

getting overturned ever it was done it's

like if you got room and a guy he pulls

up actual documents from people that

will I need to send him

Monica's margins it was crazy I just

recently happened and you know I've seen

got to alert you had the show and I was

like man maybe I need to spread the word

because like I say many when you talk

about your situation

oh yeah other guys talk about their

situation man that's a single-file guys

man we don't hit together man like we

don't really talk as much I'm starting

to see it more now but this doesn't

matter we should have probably did 40 50

years ago I wouldn't be in a mess that

we're in right now rosacea we fighting

you know uphill now all done is crazy

man is no social services for me I never

met a man on food sounds like it

we're on our own man so we have her on a

spread word until guys that know it is

either disabled vet listening to this a

wheelchair listen to this and he's

probably in the same situation is neat

you know where they were taking I and

you know I mean a reasonable child

support state ok Louisiana right right

in your intentions and so many of those

states man there's no mercy or

California no mercy day okay all my

tally is yelling it's Hallie will bring

us over brother it will Bend you over

again so you know you go on a group you

can see true like is no less this not

this is this is not anything I'm just

saying like you can write when I've seen

the proof like okay it's fight time I


because it's not man literally man I was

gonna start the deal like I'm not

overstating you know I had to figure out

a way to leave man on like four hundred

and seventy five dollars man fuck that

what's this what's this Facebook group

called again

it's called disabled veterans disabled

bit disabled veteran child support info

okay and it said a Russian child support

in pain yeah maybe you can get a full

interview because I listened to an

interview he did a while back uh on a

blog talk radio he did an interview and

he kind of talked about his situation so

but yeah man a guy runs the crew

he's a full of it his name is agree and

what he has worked period I'm looking

him up now disabled veterans child

support info yeah I'm gonna I'm

definitely gonna check him out well

listen man I greatly appreciate your

call man I know that there are a okay

yeah do me a favor man if you would

shoot me an email with a link to that

website yeah go to my website Donovan

sharp calm go to the contact go to the

contact tab and send me a link to that

Facebook group um but again listen thank

you for the call and listen man my

brother's a vet

my dad's a vet I think it free service

my friend thanks for calling in okay

thank you

absolutely excellent excellent call and

one thing that he pointed out one thing

that he pointed out that that that's

worth noting is he says and he says I

think that judges are getting a piece of

this I think judges are on the take

judges are on the take

you watch that documentary on YouTube

it's called divorce incorporated or

divorce something divorce corporation or

something right judges get a kickback of

that action they get a piece of that

action that's why they're absolutely

ruthless when it comes to this stuff

unbelievable wow this guy had an alimony

judgment overturned oh wow I don't think

I've ever heard of that happening ever

if you are watching on Facebook YouTube

Twitter and you want to

learn how to survive and possibly win

your divorce is a man come on over to

donovan sharp calm to find out again my

Facebook YouTube and Twitter audience

come on over to donovan sharp com2 learn

how not to get bent over by your

soon-to-be ex-wife with the help of the

court system thanks for tuning in I'll

see you guys over here in just a few

let's go to the chat see who we've got

in the house got the usual suspects in

here we've got Captain Crunch 420 in the

house freelance running the original TS

ROG we've got suede senator aka suede


we've got AUSA Tron or a DEP 890 LLL

Will's dead shut be coast to CJ eighty

spins Kevin

603 aka Kevin and tails etc etc let's

see here

sharp assists escorts are coming around

though if you have kids in some states

you have to you both have to take a

parenting course before your judgment

that teaches before you doesn't that

teaches you how to get along and race

kids together huh

yes divorce Corp freelance Ronin let me

know that that was divorce court divorce

Corp was what was the documentary that

that I had that I was referring to

divorce Corp very very good documentary

very very good documentary and yes it is

a racket absolutely a racket excellent


Wow very good phone call man that was

good we need we need more callers like

that so the first thing we're going to

do is we are going to define the word

win when it comes to divorce right there

are a few conditions to a win and this

is subjective objective I don't know

however you want to call it so number

one to win your divorce or not to lose

you want 50/50 custody all right you

don't want to take your kids away from

their mother all right

like you may hate her right you may

think that she has a bad influence on

her but you don't want your kids without

their mom

by the same token you have a right to

your kids too so if you have a 50/50

custody agreement one week on one week

off two weeks on two on one month on one

month off my sister and her ex-husband

have a six month on six month off

custody arrangement so if you get a if

you get a 50/50 to custody agreement

you're doing good they're in the custody

Department number two little to no child

support and listen I've never had kids

I've never been in this particular

situation but as far as I know if

there's 50/50 custody I can't imagine

that child support would be needed

someone correct me if I'm wrong on that

but I can't imagine that that anyone

would need child support if if you guys

are splitting us the number three

keeping what you came with right if you

came into the relationship with any

money assets or whatever being able to

keep that stuff and of course if you

have a 50/50 custody arrangement and you

guys agree to split all of your shared

assets 5050 then you should be able to

keep what you came with number four

keeping most of your present and future

earnings if you're able again if you

don't have any child support or alimony

that you are paying right and you can

keep most of your present and future

earnings because they're not being

garnished by the government my child

support that's a win and of course

number five no alimony so if you can get

if you can get split custody little to

no child support if you can keep what

you came with if you can keep most of

your present and future earnings and you

can get out of there with no alimony

that's a win all right now obviously

this isn't always possible right

understand understand this guys when

when you when you decide to divorce your

wife or if she decides to divorce you

you are going to take a loss in some way

shape or form okay you're not gonna get

out of this clean you're not gonna get

out of this unscathed but the idea is to

not get taken to the cleaner so for

example you might have to pay a small

amount in child support

if there's a huge discrepancy in your

earnings because she doesn't make as

much as you but it's not gonna be enough

to make or break you if you get 50/50

custody you're gonna take a financial

hit regardless but keeping it to a

minimum is definitely a win a loss in a


a loss in a divorce would be your wife

getting full custody you paying a

ridiculous amount of child support

giving up the family dwelling the house

the apartment losing your car or cars

and her getting a piece of your 401k IRA

Roth IRA your savings pension etc that

would be a loss so again the idea here

is to keep as much of that that's

humanly possible if you manage to hang

on to most of what you came into the

relationship with get 50/50 custody of

the kids and keeping most of what you

make now and in the future that is a

huge win for a man in a divorce that's a

win guys considering what the norm is so

now that we've got now that we have

established what a win is let's get

started we're gonna go with 10 things

every man must do to survive and

possibly win a divorce number one accept

the fact that she is gone and that she

does not love you anymore many men make

the egregious mistake of thinking that

there is a chance to reconcile they

think maybe there's a chance okay so she

cheated on me with Kevin in sales okay

so she says she doesn't love me anymore

but we did have sex two weeks ago or I

saw her giving me the eye as she was

packing her things maybe she wants to

reconcile gentlemen put that out of your


gentlemen she's fucking other guys she

dude she's alright she already has a

boyfriend she has already moved on by

attempting to reconcile with your

soon-to-be ex-wife you are delaying the


sometimes she'll make you think there's

a chance right maybe she didn't give you

the eye maybe she did suck your dick

last night right like here's the thing

wife comes in they have this

conversation with their husband listen I

want a divorce bla bla bla bla bla okay

so now you're in that limbo and she gets

horny right maybe her boyfriend is

fucking his wife maybe Kevin and sales

isn't returning her calls so she gets

horny and fucking you think maybe she

doesn't want a divorce no she doesn't

she know she still wants to leave your

sorry ass

she just got horny that night and you

were easy dick and now and here's the

thing she doesn't have to have a purpose

nothing has to be wrong she wants you to

think that there's a chance but she's

setting you up she's trying to throw you

off the scent

because then because the the the more

you think there's a chance to reconcile

the the the more civil she can keep

things with you

the more money she'll get okay the more

money she thinks she'll get do you think

she's gonna squeeze you for more child

support do you think she's gonna get

more of your shit right that's how that


don't let her tempt you with possible

reconciliation it is a trick it is false

she does not want to get back with you

if your wife files if your wife files

divorce papers if your wife sits down

and has this conversation with you there

is no chance for reconciliation my

friend even if she says I think I want

to reconcile it's a trap it's a trick

don't fall for it accept the fact that

she is gone number two this is a big one

do not move out guys

just because your wife wants to divorce

you just because you tell your wife you

want a divorce does not mean you have to

move out when men and women decide to

split up when there's an impending

divorce for whatever reason men seem to

think that they have to move out they

seem to think okay well we're getting

divorced I guess this means I have to go

no you want to know why because that

could easily be characterized as

abandonment if the house is also in your

name and it should be you have every

right to be there as she does ask an

attorney they will tell you if she asks

you to move out don't it's your place

too now don't kick her out because if

you kick her out if you ask her to leave

here's what she's gonna do she's gonna

take the kids to her friend's house or

her parents house and she's gonna tell

the judge that you kicked her out he

forcibly removed me from the house I

felt intimidated I don't scared it was

abusive if you don't move out

okay she will leave you understand she

will leave but make sure you document

that she left on her own accord and that

you didn't force her record that

conversation record that conversation if

you have to okay talk to an attorney on

how to establish that she left of her

own free will and volition the only way

I can think of is record the

conversation maybe that's not admissible

in court but talk to an attorney say

listen my wife has asked me to move out

I'm not going anywhere

but now she's making plans to leave how

can I prove in court that she is leaving

of her own free will and volition and

your attorney will advise you it they

will advise you they will advise you

accordingly here's another thing she

will also tell her kids that you kicked

her out mommy why are we staying at

Grandma's house well daddy kicked us out

no you don't you dude listen they will

turn your kids against you do not leave

your dwelling like I said you have every

right you have just as much right to be

there as she does number three this is

probably the motifs is one of the most

important things that you could do in

your divorce hire a female attorney I'm

gonna play you guys some clips from an

attorney by the name of Marilyn York

she's in Reno Nevada I lived there for a


and when I saw her commercials I was

blown away take a look take a look and

listen I love women we're such planners

like right now as you guys sit there

relax and in front of the TV wondering

what she's making you for dinner your

wives are racking up community debt

transferring money into a separate bank

account finally losing that baby weight

after nine years and hooking up with

your son's baseball coaches on

fuck what's the one thing a man needs

when he's blindsided by a long-planned

divorce a great female attorney I men's

rights attorney Marilyn York and I

represent men in all family law matters

this bitch is a fucking G and if listen

if that doesn't let you know what the

deal is take a look and listen to this

shit check this out

hey guys are you watching the game at a

friend's or the bargain because you

can't watch it home with your wife or

worse because she kicked you out and

kept your couch your flat screen and

your kids what's the one thing a man

needs when he loses a good woman a good

lawyer and when he loses a bad woman he

needs a great lawyer what makes a good

woman a bad woman you tell me you're the

one that can't watch the game in your

own home I'm men's rights attorney

Marilyn York and I represent men in

divorce custody and family law matters

yo the bitch is a fucking G she says you

tell me you're the one who can't watch

the game in your own house unbelievable

now now predictably guess what bitches

don't like this woman right

they hate Marilyn York they put up

billboards shut down Marilyn York calm

like they hate this bitch so what did

she do what did she do with her trolls

she played the agree and amplify card

take a look and listen to mission

apparently some women take great

exception to me representing men and

family law matters here's a few of the

classics Marilyn York is the reason our

country's going under did Sarah Palin

and Ann Coulter have a baby

how much have divorced men paid her to

be a stupid Christian sexist and my

personal favorite Marilyn York is white

trash she just runs a brothel for

herself to sleep with her own clients is

anyone still wondering why I represent

men and listen here's the thing man now

of course

listen Marilyn your key dude she's a

fucking G if you live in Reno and you're

about to get divorced you need to hire

this woman my guess is then she's

probably really expensive but she's

definitely worth it here's the thing

guys you know at the higher Marilyn York

you have to hire a female

why because bitches no bitches women

know how each other work they know about

this shit they pull female attorneys

don't buy into the bullshit because they

too are women female attorneys don't get

swept up in a woman's emotions or a

woman's beauty you if dude if you hire a

male attorney don't think for one second

that your soon-to-be ex-wife

won't flirt with your attorney don't

think for one second she wouldn't do


your soon-to-be ex-wife will do whatever

it takes to get over on you and if you

hire a male attorney you're going to be

susceptible you're a male attorney is

going to be susceptible to the wiles of

a woman hire a female attorney listen I

put up a tweet the other day right I put

up a tweet the other day that says that

I only have two requirements of my

doctor my dint of my doctor my pilot my

surgeon and my lawyer gray hair and a

y-chromosome the one exception is if I'm

in the middle of a divorce if you are a

man and you are in the middle of a

divorce hire a female attorney this is

the one time you should hire a female to

do anything this is the motorized I'm

telling you right now this is the most

important step

the most important step that you can

take as a man in a divorce hire a woman

attorney hire female attorney number one

number two i'm sorry number two jesus

fucking christ I can't count tonight I'm

not used to doing shows on Friday so I'm

all frazzled and shit number four be

careful what you say right or text when

you're going through a divorce it's it's

it's an emotional time listen I get it I

understand right eat listen Darcy and I

had been separated for a year and a half

before our divorce was final both up


she was already dating somebody else and

I was fucking Amy on the regular dude

amy was at night I was fucking her I was

dude I was gloriously happy but even

when we walked when we walked into that

courtroom there was I'm not gonna lie

man like there was a measure of sadness

it's not like I wanted to reconcile but

this was a woman I had known for the

better part of what eight to nine years

we have been married for seven years

separated for two so we knew each other

for a while and all of a sudden was

coming to an end now again I had these

emotional feelings for a woman I had no

feelings for who I had been separated

for for a year and a half so if you're a

man who's about to get divorced living

in the same house with a woman you

probably still love I understand the

emotions I get it okay but this is where

she will try to reconcile or give you

that impression but you got to

understand gentlemen anything you say

write or text can and will be used

against you in a court of law

guys I've been arrested more times than

I'm than I care to admit and we all know

the first line of the Miranda rights

after they tell you Donavan sharp you're

under arrest

what's the first thing they tell you

they say you have the right to remain

silent you have the right to remain

silent so if the cops ask you a question

you have the right to remain silent

basically they're telling you you have a

right to shut the fuck up right it's the

same with these divorce and custody

hearings so for example if you tell your

wife if you guys are having this

emotional conversation and you tell your

wife via text or you say it to her okay

fine I'll let you have custody

guess what she will use that and say

that you agreed to it now that not that

that would stand on its own as grounds

to give her custody but that would

certainly hurt your case wait a minute

you said you can give you you said you'd

give her custody if this were true do

you not want your kids do you not care

about your kids no he doesn't care about

his kids he didn't give him ice cream

when they asked he's abusive he wanted

to give away the kids he said he wanted

me to have the kids cuz he didn't love

them for example you go on some

emotional tirade right you fucking bitch

you fucking whore I can't believe you

did this to me blah blah blah blah blah

guess what she'll use that and say you

threatened her right you threatened her

she intimidated me so now she has

grounds to say he is an unfit father

here's another example and missus this

is this is important you might divulge

at some point in time that you have a

side business or an additional stream of

income by inadvertently saying well when

my patreon money comes in I'll pay for

little Johnny's doctor appointment she's

listening she'll use that in court and

they will investigate that that

particular source of income and paint

you as dishonest and guess what's gonna

happen they're gonna add that to the

child support if you really want to be

careful if you really want to be careful

guys you need to get a third-party

arbiter to arbitrate all of your

communications between yourself and your

soon-to-be ex-wife so there's no mistake

in what was said and what was it may

cost you a little extra money okay and

the court might actually the court might

actually assign one to you right but

it's worth it

number five do not agree to anything

don't verbally agree don't agree via

text don't agree via email your wife is

going to try to appeal to your sense of

fairness and your provider instinct

women no listen women

know what makes men tick don't you want

to take care of your kids won't you want

to take care of me like listen I know

our marriage didn't work out but I'll

always love you she's doing this to set

you up

she knows you still love her she knows

you still love the kids and she will

attempt to get you to agree to certain

things to get more shit for herself guys

listen women are selfish and they will

use any and all techniques to get as

much as they can out of you legally or

otherwise there's a book out there

called he had it coming how to outsmart

your husband in a divorce and this is

one of the techniques appeal to his

sense of justice his provider instinct

don't fall for it don't fall for the

guilt trip that the guilt trip the guilt

trip stuff you don't love your kids you

don't want to be a good father this is

why you need to limit your communication

with her in the first place and watch

what you say write or text to begin with

if neither of you moves out you move

into another bedroom

you leave believe after you leave before

she leaves for work or that wherever the

fuck she goes and you get home after

don't say anything to her again I don't

know the laws but that could be used

against you in the court she could

listen she could show text messages

that's that say that you agreed to give

her a thousand dollars a month for child

support she can use an email that said

you agreed to pay health insurance she

can record a phone conversation that you

agreed to let her have the house or to

give her full custody don't agree to

anything don't give her anything do all

of this through your female attorney do

this listen listen do all of this to

your female attorney and don't buy into

her threats right don't let it get to

you when they say well they're gonna

give me the house the kids the car the

dog and half your paycheck so he may as

well do it anyway she doesn't know one

way or the other and that's why she's

trying to get you to agree to it

anything she gets should be

court-ordered and negotiated through

your attorneys communicate with her with

a mindset that she is trying to fuck you

over why because she is

don't try to be that good guy don't do

that that shit's useless doesn't in

twelve years of marriage being the good

guy got you nothing but cheated on you

think that's gonna help you now too many

men get caught up in trying to and

trying to look like the good guy which

is understandable because women are

experts at smear campaigns we're gonna

get more into this later but do not

agree to anything without your attorney

present don't do it number six this is a

hard one but it's very important do not

get your family and friends involved

don't tell them anything

don't give them any details nothing

they're gonna ask you tell them look I'm

doing what I need to do and leave it at


listen the reason why you don't want to

tell your family or friends anything is

because your soon-to-be ex-wife could

get information out of them and use what

you've told them against you you could

vent to your buddy and tell her that

fucking bitch cheated me I'm gonna kill

her your buddy could inadvertently tell

her this and other things you said to

him that you thought were incompetence

definitely don't communicate with her

family because you know they're looking

for anything to hang you with sometimes

women and I've heard of this happening

before this is funny sometimes women

will put her family up to befriending

you to give you a false sense of

security to get you to say text or write

anything that could damage your case if

you need someone to talk to talk to a

therapist they're bound by patient

confidentiality so they are legally

obligated to shut the fuck up keep their

mouths shut

listen here's the thing guys your family

has your best interest at heart but all

it takes is for one of her family

members to reach out to one of your

family members something gets said about

what you said on you know it

inadvertently in a conversation and it

turns into a big thing tell your family

to remain

radio silent about everything and

instruct them not to communicate with

any of her family members guys this is

hard this is tough

but if you but if you don't if you want

to survive your divorce these step this

and these measures are fucking necessary

I'm here to tell you number seven this

one shouldn't be too hard but this is so

so important oh my god

deactivate all social media gentlemen

listen listen man listen I don't know

this for sure but I'm willing to bet an

amount of money that matters to me that

there are a lot of divorces that are won

and lost on social media dude women and

their families will have your Facebook

your Instagram and your Twitter under

surveillance to spot anything that can

help her hurt you or both guys listen I

know it's very tempting to show her that

you're doing just fine without her which

you're not right you just want it to

look that way which is understandable

but that's a lose-lose situation you

post a picture of you and that hot

blonde you're fucking she'll claim you

cheated on her with that girl which

makes you look like a bad husband and

father shall also question if you

brought her around your children right

well she's bringing strange woman

strange women around my children post a

picture of you and that same hot big

titty blonde on vacation how did you pay

for that vacation post a picture of you

buying something nice how did you buy

that watch where'd you get the money for

that post something about what you're

doing and she'll say something witty

well if you're doing X Y & Z then

something's going on you post a selfie

of you in your house right you take a

picture of you and your house just doing

whatever just to show your wife that

you're doing well she might pick up on

something in the background that might

hurt your case you know what wait a

minute is that the new iPhone 13 where'd

you get the money for that is that a new

set of golf clubs are those de New

Jordans where's he get all this money

from they will investigate this is what

they do they'll also use social media

gentlemen to start a dialogue about the

divorce to bait you

and to saying something stupid so she

can turn it around and say you

threatened her or something to that

effect she'll try to use this to make

you get emotional listen guys we've all

listened who we have all seen knock-down

drag-out fights on Facebook between

soon-to-be divorced couples with all the

mudslinging involved guys I'm here

listen I'm here to tell you if you get

involved in that nonsense it is always a

lose-lose situation for you she's not

gonna lose she's a woman you can't get

involved in that mudslinging and come

out on top fuck that get out of here

with that to avoid all of that nonsense

deactivate everything and tell your

friends and family not to pay attention

to anything she or her family members

host or say plus when she's running your

smear can't when she's running her smear

campaign she can't tag you in those

posts not that her friends her family

won't see her name but if you're off

social media and has much less of an

impact because you're not seeing or

hearing about it and that doesn't tempt

you to fire back out of sight out of

mind tell your friends and family not to

tell you about what she's posting on

social media when it's all over and the

dust is settled and everything is agreed

to and the custody orders in place and

everything's taken everything is taken

care of then you can post the pictures

of you and your hotter tighter younger

larger breasted blonder girlfriend with

huge tits laying on the beach sipping

$15 pina coladas and trust me that

picture will eventually get back to your

ex-wife number eight this is actually

something for the fellas here take up a

productive hobby right now if you

followed my directions from episodes 320

and 321 you've already got a couple of

productive hobbies right divorces take

emotion they take an emotional toll man

they hurt I listen I just told you I

fell out I fell out of love with Darcy

years ago even as I was walking into

that courtroom to get divorced and

divorce cost 12 bucks it was it was a

fucking miracle they still heard it

sucks I get it even if you don't love

her anymore like I said it's still hard

take up a hobby start lifting weights

write a book write a bike build ships

and bottles do whatever it takes to get

your mind off the divorce and improve

yourself as a man don't start drinking

don't start doing drugs because it makes

it much worse I don't think I have to

tell you why that is number nine this

one is hair amount doc you meant

everything document phone calls text

messages email correspondence etc you

don't have to record phone calls but you

should take you should take like a diary

or some sort of journal talk to MIT to

talk to Mathilde today and she said blah

blah blah blah blah whether or not

that's admissible I don't know but

document everything so that you can

refer back to it in case the in case

your attorney asked you hey did you ever

have any question did you guys ever have

any conversations about XYZ you know

what as a matter of fact I did back in

June we had a conversation about ABC

that eliminates documenting everything

text messages that eliminates the

he-said she-said and remember not to

give her anything to use against you

because guess what guys she'll be

documenting everything do if you're

documenting everything you know she's

gonna document everything without a

doubt when you're with your kids keep

all the receipts of things that you

brought them bought them clothes food

school supplies this shows that you are

a good father who is taking care of your

children when you take them out to have

fun take pictures take videos take

selfies don't post them on social media

but take take these pictures and selfies

and videos to show that they like being

with you and that they love you you can

use that in court let that be the first

time you're well he's not a good father

he hates his kids and the judge is like

well I don't know

looks like they like him to me it looks

like he loves his kids and if he didn't

love his kids why did he spend $1700 on

school supplies in school clothes miss


mrs. sharp right

take pictures of you eating ice cream

with them watching movies painting

playing in the front yard anything and

everything you can think of that puts

you in a good light as a father document

it with pictures and videos now the

reason this is important is that as soon

as your wife files for divorce she

starts that smear campaign and she she

starts it in earnest immediately she'll

try to paint you as a deadbeat dad who

doesn't care about his kids and she does

this for the sole purpose of getting

full custody which entitles her to child

support government assistance as well as

the family home and cars women know that

what they say holds much more weight in

both the court of law and in the court

of public opinion and they know that the

court of public opinion heavily

influences the court of law so they'll

say whatever they have to in order to

curry favor with the public and the

family court judge so when she says he

threatened me you can show screengrabs

of the cut of the teks conversation to

prove your innocence when she says he

never does anything with the kids you

could show her all the pictures of

videos in biddy up videos of you having

fun with the kids when she says well he

never buys anything for the kids you can

produce receipts that shows that you've

been paying for school clothes school

supplies doctor's visits meals and

anything else that you paid for the

court of public opinion in the court of

law doesn't believe anything we as men

say but they believe everything a woman

says regardless of her lack of evidence

the only way to win against a smear

campaign document everything number 10

and this is probably the most important

of the 10 as we draw tonight

episode 2 a close communicate with your

kids guys ok talk to your kids your ex

is gonna start that smear campaign in

earnest she'll talk shit about you

she'll lie about you do not do the same

thing listen I know it's tempting I know

it's fucking tempting you know your wife

is talking shit about you to your kids

do the same thing this is where this is

where you got to be the better person

because when your kids get old enough at

some point they're gonna realize oh wait

a minute maybe dad isn't the monster or

asshole as we thought he was maybe mom

maybe mom introduced us to all these

uncles because she was the one cheating

well hell he told she told us that that

that he was cheating with that hot

blonde but we never saw her until after

everything was taken care of but mom had

dudes running in there all day every day

right do not do the same thing don't get

listen you listen man don't roll around

in the mud with your ex-wife she's gonna

win that battle every time because

there's nothing that a woman won't say

or do but if you talk shit about your

wife your ex-wife to your kids they're

gonna go back and tell her and she'll

probably ask them here's another thing

do not ask your kids about what she's up


don't do it listen I know you want to

know if she's fucking somebody don't do

it don't do it you're not gonna sleep

that night you're gonna get a stomach

ache don't do it don't ask them about

what she's saying about you

if they start say listen guys I don't

want to hear about that stuff

okay if you start to talk shit about her

she'll use that against you but make

sure your children know that you love

them and that you can show them that you

love them you need to communicate to

them that the divorce is not their fault

if they ask well why did you and mommy

split up just let them know listen it's

complicated and we'll explain it when

you get older I mean I don't know if

that's the right word but Wyatt why did

you and mommy split up it just didn't

work out right it's nobody's fault mommy

and daddy don't love each other anymore

but we love you that's all you can tell

them if they ask whose fault it was

tell them it's nobody's fault this is

where you take the high road guys guys

listen man kids aren't stupid mom may

influence them to some degree but what

they about with what they say but single

mothers aren't terrible moms they're

selfish and they behave badly and kids

pick up on the stuff rather easily if

you're the parent who acts responsibly

if you're the parent

who acts rationally doesn't talk shit

about the other parent eventually

they're gonna see it for themselves you

guys have to give your kids a little

more credit as far as their intelligence

is concerned they know the difference

between a good parent and a bad one they

may not realize it right away but they

will down the road right they'll replace

everything in their minds and they will

act accordingly now your ex is gonna try

to spoil them by buying them things

giving them money not disciplining them

by telling you no and telling the courts

he's mean to the kids when you

discipline them she'll do everything in

her best interest as far as the courts

are concerned but she never has the kids

best interest at heart because she's

using them as a means to an end and

again kids pick up on this stuff guys

they're not stupid they like the toys

and the gifts and the ice cream for

breakfast and not having to go to bed

early right they love having pizza for

dinner every night and getting whatever

they want but when they see mom's facing

the phone all the time and not paying

attention to them or lip-locking with

her flavor of the week on the couch

leaving them home alone for hours at a

time so she can go and fuck Kevin and

sales in his office after hours they'll

get the picture rather quickly if you

continue to be a good father a good

father everything will take care of


guys you have to understand there's no

silver bullet for divorce there never

will be

well like I said at the top of the show

the deck is heavily stacked against us

and it's a shame it really is a shame

that avoiding financial ruin in any

given divorce is considered a win for

men and divorce well it's an epic

failure for women right if a woman comes

away with nothing in the divorce if

everything stays status status quo

except for the kids 50/50 custody women

consider that that to be a loss we're

like oh my god

we're gonna be the ones throw in the

divorce parties we're gonna be the ones

you know you know you know for victory

as shitty as that is guys it is

important for us to realize that we can

avoid getting completely fucked over by

the system in a divorce

you're gonna have to do some work guys

you're gonna have to do your due

diligence you're gonna have to hire the

right attorney it's gonna take effort

it's gonna take money and it's gonna

take some temperance man listen man it's

gonna take some willpower not to be on

social media it's gonna take some

willpower not to communicate with your

wife unless it's do it through an

attorney it's gonna it's gonna it's

gonna take a lot of willpower to do a

lot of this stuff it's not easy but if

you keep these 10 things in the front of

your mind and apply them accordingly and

consistently you will keep from getting

got by your slut of an ex-wife gentlemen

don't let that bitch win protect

yourself put in the work exercise

temperance exercise discipline because

when she crashes and burns and she will

you can drive by the wreckage with your

hotter tighter younger childless

girlfriend and lap all the way to the

beach while pulling her bikini off and

exposing her tits all right let's check

the chat one last time oh you guys are

Lively in the chat whoo

we're a dead bait 90 says Tyrese

violated that rule yes he did

yes he did aw so Trion says if you can't

stay away from social media because of

addiction then it's best if you make an

anonymous account being from a being

from a prosecuted persecuted family I

use it a lot

I sit for a lot of shit posting I

wouldn't I would advise against that too

you don't want to know what your

soon-to-be ex-wife is up to man like

there's no need to be on social media

during a divorce the sharpest is has

never use your real name online ever

yeah you guys have some good uh you know

you know I wish I could get the

transcript you know what I might do I

might actually try to get the transcript

yeah you know what I'm gonna get the

transcript of these chats and include

them and include them in the shows

include them in the blog in the blog in

in the blogs on my post these because

you guys have some really good some

really good information they're really

really good information there freelancer

and says they always crash and burn yes

they do yes they do that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR primetime

remember Redman group tomorrow we're

gonna talk about fat chicks fat

acceptance ten o'clock Eastern 7:00

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