10 ways women unknowingly sabotage their relationships

Many women these days are confused as to why they can't keep a good man or stay in relationships for very long. What they don't realize is that they have certain habits and circumstances they create (directly or indirectly) that sabotage their relationships, often before the relationship even starts

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One might imagine that if they were aware of how they sabotage their own relationships with men, that they would course correct. But as women have shown us over the years, they rarely change their bad habits even if they know that bad habit has an adverse effect on their lives.



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Bitcoin it is Tuesday October 27th

October 24th rather it's right there on

my screen 2017 I did a sharp short

earlier today and I talked about the

three the three main reasons why you

should always be the one to end

interactions with women rather than the

other way around

this is phone conversations text

messages whatever the case may be you

should always be the one to end the

interaction first and and that's what my

sharp short was about today so you guys

definitely want to check that out

drop some next-level game knowledge on

that so so anyway on to on to today's

today's topic most women never realized

let me change my angle here there we go

that's much more like it most most women

guys they never realize that their

regular habits within a relationship a

sexual relationship with a man sabotages

their relationships their actions and

thoughts are second nature to them and

they do this stuff so regularly that it

never occurs to them as to why none of

their relationships ever work out now we

all listen we all know that women never

blame themselves okay they'll never say

you know well he found out I cheated he

found out I cheated again or I was a

horrible girlfriend or I didn't treat

him well so he left no they'll always

manage to divorce themselves from any

and all accountability in that regard

but what they don't know is that these

relationships like like these

relationship habits

that have been a part of them for so

long are sabotaging their relationships

from from day one and the men that they

that they date the men they fuck them

and they marry they don't either so what

I'm gonna do guys is I'm gonna give you

guys 10 ways that women unknowingly

sabotage their relationships I was gonna

do 21 today but I'm not trying to be on

the air for three hours I've got shit to

do after this so I'm gonna give you guys

ten today and at least another another

ten tomorrow so here we go number one

they try to change or fix their men

we've all heard about this one before

women do this without even thinking

about it guys it always starts with

Donovan I wish you'd trim your beard and

then it escalates you look so much

better clean-shaven one thing leads to

another and before you know it you're

you're a completely different person

than you were when you met her and guess

what that's the reason she'll end up

leaving you and say that it's because

you're not the person I met and you

think to yourself but I did everything

she asked which is true but red pill

aware men know that women are designed

to try to change men they don't they

don't really want you to change even

even though they're convinced that they

want you to women might not know what

they want okay but they know what they

don't want and what they don't want as a

man who follows orders and changes who

he is on a woman's whims women do not

understand they never understand this

they don't understand that if if a man

makes the changes that she nags him

about he's gonna become something she

despises I've talked about this with a

liminal man on several podcast he

actually has a really good article on

illimitable men.com called dominance and

Submission that points this out

specifically women will create a man she

comes to despise women will create a

woman he can grow to love that's one of

the main differences between men and

women well the girl involved she doesn't

realize it at the time but one day it'll

hit her like when a dude who is just

like you used to be hits on her and

starts fucking her now when a when a

woman asks you to change something about


it is a shit test but she doesn't know

it she doesn't realize it again guys she

doesn't want you to change she wants you

to stay she wants you to stay who you

are and by doing so

by staying who you are you're going to

keep a respect and subsequently her

attraction number two too much comfort

testing women will do what we call

comfort testing and they normally do it

in in two ways the first way is a test

of your masculinity they want to feel

physically safe with you and I'll

probably do a sharp short on that I

might do a I might do it Donovan's done

on that but at any rate the second way

is to make sure you're not going

anywhere and this is where they fuck

things up you're supposed to keep a

woman if you have red pill awareness you

are supposed to keep a woman at least in

a mild state of insecurity at all times

because it keeps our on our toes and

prevents her from taking you or the

relationship for granted but every so

often you'll find a woman who you'll

find women who live in a a perpetual

state of insecurity so they're come

protesting they're men all the time

they'll say things like hey let's go to

Hawaii next year or they'll just

straight-up ask you are we okay are we

solid what's wrong with you these kinds

of women do this shit all the time and

it wears thin on their boyfriends man

and I listen unless she's a nine or a

ten who's who's worth more to him then

just the way she looks he's gonna leave

especially if he has even a modicum of

red pill awareness

number three they purposely plant seeds

of doubt this is this is the opposite of

number two and the reason they do it

doesn't really matter and I'll get into

it a little bit but it's unattractive

because it's trihard okay the way this

works is a guy will say something and a

girl will respond with something like

well if we're still together that'd be


or they'll start a conversation with if

we're still together it'd be fun to do

XY and Z knowing full well that it

probably would be fun to do XY and Z but

she wanted to get that if we're still

together in there this gentleman is a

transparent ploy that women used to try

to sort of flip the script on men they

want us to think that they're thinking

about leaving or they're not thinking

about a future with us but red pill

aware men like myself we see right

through this stuff because we know that

if she were thinking about leaving or

stepping out on us or not thinking about

a future with us she's not gonna tell us

okay well listen women who do this are

trying to be unpredictable and

unattainable and unfortunately for them

men aren't attracted to unpredictable

women who play games by trying to give

us the impression that she's thinking

about walking out at any time or that

she doesn't think the future is certain

men like us five percenters red pill

aware men we commit to women who are

predictable and who are in it for the

long haul and are not afraid to admit it

out loud admitting that you and again a

woman women think that this is such a

weakness because again it's unattractive

if a man starts talking about the future

future plans because again they don't

feel like they've earned it because

they're women we can get all into that

later but they're attracted to that or

they maintain attraction for man who

keeps them guessing who keeps them on

their toes

so they think that it's attractive if

they do the same thing to us which is

absolutely not true these game players

these girls who play games like this

they're the ones who get fucked and

chucked I dude you cannot you don't have

time for women like this oh if we're

still together or I don't know what the

future holds get out of here with that

number four this is an easy one they get

fat guys women know damn well that men

lose attraction to them when they get


we know this but the world tells them

that a real man would love them

unconditionally so they get fat and stop

taking care of themselves well when that

happens men with options five percenters

rental aware men are going to find

another option which means women who are

actually in shape that's how this works

number five they stop putting effort

into looking and acting like a lady they

get comfortable this is sort of a

continuation of number four but most

most women take this a step further and

stop trying in every aspect they stop

trying to be kind they stop trying to be

generous they let their listen they let

their manners go that you know by

burping out loud scratching themselves

in front of you sitting like a man or

saying better not go in there for a

while after taking a shit basically

abandoning looking acting and sounding

like lady when they're in front of you

listen guys women burp fart and shit and

have to scratch themselves in

uncomfortable places just like everybody

else they're human beings just because

they're women doesn't mean they don't

sweat you know you hear jokes like women

don't sweat they glisten women don't

fart they to know women rip loud ones

just like we do they push out footlong

dogs that smell like putrid death just

like we do all right they have to do

this stuff they're human beings but when

they stop making an effort to keep up

the appearance of a lady men

subconsciously check out and again I'm

talking about five percenters here guys

red pill aware men I keep making that

distinction because people will listen

to this and say well I do that with my

man and he hasn't checked out well

that's because you don't have a red pill

aware mail that's why all right let's

check the chat see who's in the house

all right deep 1985 what's going on good

to see you in here shoutout to you

King bee says how is that book I'm in

Donovan your channel is the shit may

appreciate the shout out yeah the e-book

is I finished my part O'Shea is O'Shea

has outsourced the the the design to to

the guy who did our first one how to

stop zippen on 24 hours and that is that

that's at its final stages when it's

released it that's up to O'Shea he's

definitely gonna release it sooner than

later my guess is that as soon as it's

done which should be

I don't know within a few days here

we're certainly going to we're certainly

gonna release it trust and believe guys

we're gonna set the fucking world on

fire with this one to be sure so so yeah

be be on the lookout for that but good

question there good question shout out

to you spider spider speeder chase and

Keynes has real shit goddamn right

goddamn right Geoffrey a says quote she

says that you need to change to shit you

need to change to test you yes women in

it's funny man women are designed to

shit test men women are designed to to

make sure that they're still that

they're still dealing with a man who has

masculinity a man who they're attracted

to and so a lot of times these shit

tests are inadvertent but sometimes a

woman will consciously shit test you hey

Donovan shave your beard and if you

shave your beard or if you do something

or if you do something that you don't

agree with but only because she asks you

to then yes you have failed that shit

test and at that point she knows that

she can control your behavior one way or

the other

free lights run in the house I didn't

didn't recognize you it looks like you

changed your looks like you changed your

icon so um

Alex Garcia says congrats on 999 subs

straight up man yeah as soon as I get to

a thousand subscribers and then I reach

10,000 views on my videos then I can

I'll be able to monetize my channel and

and be able to activate super Chad my

guess is that I'll probably reach

outlets and I'll reach a thousand

subscribers here within the next 24

hours or so it'll probably take a week

or so to get to 10,000 views and at

which one I can monetize my channel and

activate super Chad so

jamaican peppa says playing head games

yeah listen man I hate dealing with

those and it's so funny man like when

bitches are always like well I don't

know what the future holds or if we're

still together like I dated one girl

he's to say that shit all the time and

one time I just called her out I was

like look dude like get the fuck out of

here with that like like I literally

said that she's like well of course I

was like dude get I said her name was

Christina I said get your get the fuck

out of here with that I said look man

you don't have to remind me that we

might not be together like it's on my

mind but you're trying too hard like

you're trying to make me you're trying

to make me think that you're gonna

balance that I decide if you want to

fucking walk then fucking walk I don't

need to eat I don't I don't I don't need

it all in my face I get the fuck out of

here dude my main chick it was funny she

tried this good God like a year and some

change ago I remember I was talking abut

we were talking about our Hawaii trip

and I was like yeah you know I might

actually be able to stand you you know

for five or six days or whatever and you

know if we decided to go on another trip

she's like well we got to take it one

day at a time and I was like oh bitch

please I said get the fuck out of here

with that don't be playing those head

games like it was so funny she tried to

play this coquettish game of back and

forth like I'm gonna push pull I'm like

bitch don't try to fuck up push Bowl on

me like I'm like I know what this is I

like you and you like me there's

obviously there's obviously there's

obviously long-term potential here let's

not pretend like it's not there and

girls will play head games knowing full

well that they wouldn't marry this

motherfucker as soon as halfway down

from him bend and indeed she's saying

yes before he out before he gets all the

way to the ground but she wants him to

think oh I don't know I'm weighing my

options bitch you don't have any options

like at the foot or you don't have any

options better than me fuck that I'm a

five percenter if you want to deal with

the 95 percent of the motherfuckers out

there that don't know shit be my guest

yeah at the front with me aunt James

says in it James shout out to you says

quote women will always find a way to

fuck up a situation with a man when they

are insecure with themselves yeah yep

that's very very true well I mean listen

women are women women are

self-destructive by nature I mean it's

it's it's amazing how self-destructive

they are and and this is when I say by

nature it just means that women women

have net

women naturally have self-destructive

tendencies even good women if there is a

good woman out there who is not under

the guidance and tutelage and leadership

of a man she's gonna self-destruct this

is why even if she's a good girl all the

way till she's 18 years old she's a

virgin guess what dude if she goes out

into the real world

even if she lives with mom and dad till

she's 22 as soon as she gets an

apartment by herself but she's not under

the thumb of her father dude dude she'll

fuck 22 guys in the first 22 days

ruiners ruin herself for life mr. old

school writer in the house good to see

you in here good to see you in here

freelance run it says blue pill men let

things like bad hygiene and attitude

slide straight the fuck up this is this

is one thing that I always tell my woman

so she'll she'll she'll go to work and

when she gets when she gets back home

from work I tell her look you were gonna

take a shower because because I am

probably going to fuck you tonight and I

remember one time she was I said look

take a shower she's like why I took one

this morning I said dude take a fucking

shower she's like what because I don't

want to smell but paste like if I fuck

you from behind I'm not trying to smell

a sweat I'm not trying to smell I'm not

trying to some help booty sweat and she

had a good laugh about it but dude like

I'm not trying to smell all that booty

sweat you've taken how many steps you've

been sitting down you've probably taken

a shit nah man get in the shower wash

your ass in case I want to stick my case

I want to stick my dick in their case I

want to hit it from the back I'm gonna

try the smell but taste booty sweat fuck

that I want to clean like you're not

gonna walk around with a clean as for

your co-workers and then come up with a

dirty ass for me fuck that I'm fucking

you they're not shit clean that ass up

Gregory Williams said Williams says what

up Donovan he says go Eagles all Greg

you didn't you lured me in yes my Eagles

are six and one and firmly atop of the

NFC East man was a great game I'll tell

you what yeah I definitely stayed up I

actually slept in today guys I did not I

did not lift weights today I went down

and did some cardio but I did not lift

weights today that's probably the one a

hole in my workout game

probably need to work on I need to come

up with a contingency plan for the night

after an Eagles game because listen we

play a lot of primetime games now and

I'm not gonna miss it but by the same

token I gotta get my sleep so yep yep

so yeah shout out to you GW Eagles are

firmly in first place we now have the

best record in football

so that dude I haven't been able to say

that since oh for Jeremy clay says hate

the games they played yep absolutely


freelance Ronan says it is kenji for

Ronan I hope I pronounced that correct

correct we can G for Owen and I use this

one a long time ago okay good stuff

deep 1985 says whatever you do Donovan

don't run into one of those cock-teasing

chicks who are way too playful with you

he says I would give you an example but

I have too much respect for you yeah you

get these cock teases out here they do

listen they do everything short of

actually putting putting their mouth on

your dick dude f hat dude oh dude I've

had girls like like I'll be in line at

the club and we'll be waiting or

whatever this is a while back and like

I've had chicks like reach down into my

pants and I'm thinking oh dude she's

reaching down in my pants I've known her

for fucking 10 minutes you get in the

club you know you buy our drinks or

whatever and all of a sudden she just

goes cold on you she'll kind of come

back every now and again but yeah that

was that was in my infancy stages of

game when when I foolishly believed that

any woman who showed sexual interest in

you must want to fuck you every single

time so that was an expensive lesson so

that's those are one of many sim tales

that I can certainly tell you guys

King B says are you ever gonna have it

so we can call in abso-fucking-lutely I

am working on I'm working on getting

software to do that I know I need a

mixer and all this other kind of stuff

and and I am currently I'm currently

working on that as we speak and at some

point I am I am going and I don't know

if I really want to do this for not do

this or not I'm not a hundred percent

certain but I've been kicking around the

idea of doing a of doing a daily live

call-in show or at least designating

days where I can have you know I can do

live Collins if not and I and I like

I well I'm in I could do it on Google

Hangouts I could just have you patch in

through the hangouts but that that's too

much trouble because then I got to get

my BOTS to send you the link and then

you're in and then you're sitting here

I'd rather you guys just pick up the

phone give me a call tell me what's on

your mind and I can respond in kind but

but yeah yeah

whether I do it on a daily basis or not

maybe it's a once a week thing or twice

a week being maybe Thursdays or calling

days I don't know but yes I will

absolutely head and then maybe I'll just

open it up like if like if something

happened like the Harvey Weinstein thing

right that's got red pill that's got red

pill implications I'll open up the phone

lines hey call me up and tell me your

thoughts about Harvey Weinstein and um

you know I'll be I'll be more than happy

to shoot the shit with you guys having a

call-in show is definitely something I

would love to do because because I like

hearing from you guys I like talking to

you guys it's nice to see it's nice to

hear what you guys sound like it's good

it's good to get questions with context

plus I don't have to do all the talking

it is really really difficult to do a I

like to talk but even though even though

I like to talk I still I still could not

do a two-man show it couldn't be

Donavan and you know you know pick up

you know pick a pick a host or whatever

because I talk too much I like to talk

too much I have a tendency to cut people

off especially what I know that I'm

gonna be talking with them for you know

for an extended period of time I like to

have my own show I like to roll solo but

by the same token it can be difficult

you know talking all by myself for 30 to

45 minutes is a lot tougher than you

guys might think fill in 30 to 45

minutes of talk it's it's it's tougher

than you guys might think I love doing

it but having a call-in show would take

would alleviate some of what would

alleviate some of that some of that

volume sort of it would give you and

also give you guys sort of a floor to

what to work with kind of a platform as

well so but yeah yeah absolutely the

short answer to your quietest answer

your fucking question this is just what

I do the answer to your question is yes

I will have it where you can call in

Charles merchant says but taste yes yeah


yes that's exactly what I told her dude

I'm not trying to smell ass juice I'm

not trying to smell but paste like fuck


now he said I had to check my wife

behind that shit that's what I'm talking

about man straight up dude

like might listen it might listen my

girlfriend she's got a great ass but I

don't care how great your ass is if it

stinks I'm like I see that in Jess but

listen we've all had and listen dude I'm

not gonna say her in front I fuck girls

from behind where I'm like oh my god

this bitch took a shit like 15 minutes

before or this bitch hasn't taken a

shower today like this shit sucks so if

I motovan you on the regular yeah you're

gonna watch that ass face off in the


Jeremie clay says I need the Eagles to

beat Dallas both times hate the Cowboys

you know it you fuckin do work better

than the Cowboys the Cowboys know it and

fucking delusional Cowboys fans like was

all over ESPN was that a statement went

against the 49ers oh my god the 49ers

were like oh and 40 it's a statement win

fuck out of here

deep 1985 says you and the ass fucking

thing hey what hey listen man what can I

say I like fucking girls in the ass I

like I like inserting my dick into girls

asses you fuck her body and you fuck her

mind and it feels good the way it is

Cobie Anthony says dick teasers are the

worst I hate those fuckin bitches those

bitches and it's it's you know what I

might actually do a show on how to

recognize that dick tease or how to tell

how to tell whether or not she's really

attracted to you or she just want you to

buy her drinks all night that might be

that might be that might be a good show

to do

Junior Rosa says being a Giants fan the

Eagles are the enemy we'll get you next

year yeah yeah oh my god y'all might

want to just throw the season so you

guys gonna draft another quarterback

behind Eli man might be a my Pete I know

just a thought just a thought

deep 1885 says don't you just hate that

bro similar situation in my teens but a

friend of mine had it worse than me I'm

telling you man I'm telling you

Kobe Anthony says Donovan do you feel

attention whores are low-key dick

teasers absolutely listen man like

attention whores listen women Dictys for

for attention and favors that's what

they do um a lot of white knights a lot

of Captain save-a-ho 's are out here

like running in behind dick teasers like

they give the guy the impression that

they won't listen I was in that

situation with with with Carla I rented

the bitch a house and you know fucking

three-bedroom two-bathroom house big-ass

backyard electricity in my name all that

bullshit in my name and she was fucking

her baby daddy the whole time was fucked

up but yeah like I thought I was going

to fuck her so yeah yeah dick teasers

are expensive Charles Burton says yep

definitely banged young broads holding

my nose bra that is the worst it doesn't

happen often but it happens often enough

to get your fucking attention like oh my

god this needs to end oh yeah

sinister minister droppin the knowledge

if you smell a bitch's pussy before she

takes her pants off rod yes yes yes yes

dude fuck that dude fuck that dude oh my


like I'm the like seriously like dude

like I've told like I've told girls like

do need you to clean that shit up or

take a shower or shave or something man

like I'm not not going up in there and

more often than not they're like oh my

god I can't believe you said that and

then I say oh my god I can't believe you

actually think I'm gonna stick my dick

in there and sometimes they end up doing

what I say sometimes they end up

bouncing comes the territory fuck it not

sticking my dude I'm not sticking my

dick in a petri dish fuck that

yeah yeah yeah dude you got a hat listen

if your woman gotta have that I Jean got

to have that hygiene man Alex Garcia

says do a dick T show last Thursday I

brought some chick back from a party and

she didn't want to fuck when I got back

to my place like what the fuck she was

saying she got out of a linear

relationship yesterday right she got out

of the one of your relationship if she

was looking to she was using you Alex

for validation and if she got out of a

1-year relationship that yesterday I

promise you she fucked him tomorrow

that's how that goes she got she got

butthurt and she used you to make her

boyfriend jealous she probably you know

she probably told her ex-boyfriend that

she fucked you and then that made him

get back with her so she she basically

got the credit got the benefit the

bloody perceived benefit of fucking you

which was jealousy for the boyfriend

without actually putting listen girls do

this all the time

they want the benefit of sex without

actually having to have sex so yeah yeah

this is this is how it goes

deep 1985 oh wait a minute

Sal Chi I don't know how to pronounce

that says I've sent women to the shower

in the middle of the session I've never

sent a woman to the shower in the middle

of the session I have sent them to the

shower before a session I'm like I'm

like dude whoa no no no like it's a bush

down there it looks like Don King like

dude clean your shit up and listen most

of the time they're like fuck you and

then you never hear you never hear from

her or see him again but the girls that

do clean their shit up guess what

they're fucking squeaky clean every

fucking time like fuck that man listen

there are some things I will not

compromise on and hygiene is absolutely

one of them so if if my girl's gonna be

my main chick guess what in the end if

you have a job guess what you're washing

off the ass based straight-up don't give

a shit


mr. old school writer says doodoo brown

damn Don you must took what at the

buzzer took one for the team for real um

I don't know I think you're I think I

think you're misunderstanding me in that

regard yes and listen man I've dude I

fuck countless girls in the ass in yeah

I've been live at shed on my dick before

this is part of the gig this part of the

gig dude you get on the Hershey Highway

sometimes the Hershey Highway fights

back that's just how it is

that's how it is the sinister Minister

says hey brother I didn't know you

stayed in Reno I was there in early

August for a conference I stayed at the

GSR Hot August Nights was awesome next

time I'm out that way I'll do listen Hot

August Nights is awesome there's another

event called Street vibrations which is

the motorcycle version of Hot August

Nights and the GSR is the Grand Sierra

Resort for those of you who aren't

familiar with Reno the bike paths the

the Sierra River Trail is the bike path

that runs right behind the GSR so I see

it every day so yeah all right good good

shot on here shout-out for the for the

775 good good to hear that

okay well let's continue with the rest

of the ten reasons or the ten ways women

unknowingly sabotage their relationships

with men number six

she spends too much time on social media

now Facebook and Instagram are places

where women create false realities about

themselves every girl is in a fabulous

relationship with them with with the man

of their dreams everything they do was

wonderful everything they're eating is

the best and delish or whatever the fuck

these Millennials say it's the best

thing they've ever had every place they

go is a dream and awesome awesome sauce

and amazeballs and the experience of

whatever that whatever the fucking kids

are saying nowadays if Instagram and

Facebook were truthful if we were to

really go buy those things and no one

would ever get divorced and we'd all

live happily ever after

now everyone including women knows that

people lie and exaggerate on social

media we all know this stuff guys they

know the lives their friends lead

aren't as great as they would lead them

to believe but they still internalize

this stuff as truth because they see it

all the time if you see a lie all the

time eventually you're going to

internalize it it's true thing you don't

even realize what's happening at some

point guys they're gonna start comparing

these mythical relationships they see

every day to her real real relationships

and guess what guys ten times out of ten

the grass is gonna be greener over there

even though she knows that grass is fake

this is how what does sell women work

and by the way this is the other reason

you need to ban your woman from social

media for those of you who haven't

listened to episodes 53 and 54 those of

you guys if you guys are new and

listening to me I'll go ahead and put it

out there if you're gonna make a woman

your main chick one of the conditions is

that she absolutely has to be off social

media shut down your Facebook shut down

your Instagram shut down snapchat shut

down all that shit like no I don't I

don't play that I do not play that and

if you guys are saying well why would I

do that you know why I'm not to tell you

why anyway eventually she'll be unhappy

because a real relationship isn't as

glorious as the fake one she sees on

instant Instagram and Facebook which

leads me to number seven nitpicking so

when girls can no longer distinguish

make-believe or fantasy from reality

they start to nitpick they start to

think to themselves they say to

themselves well Heather's in a great

great relationship with a great guy

why can't Donovan be more like Charlie

and before long she starts to nitpick

and about dumb shit and she starts

comparing you to Charlie and then she

eventually goes back to number one once

she is trying to change and fix you see

how the cycle works guys it's one

perpetuating cycle man it this is how it


number eight they compete mmm the

competitive girl feminism tells women

that men are attractive to our track

dead too competitive women feminism

tells women feminism really tells women

that men are attracted to all masculine

qualities but competitiveness that's one

that gets old real quick guys um listen

I'm here to tell you I've been with

these kinds of checks now

there's nothing wrong with having a

friendly competition with your girl if

you're bowling or playing Wii or video

games I'm probably dating myself there

or having some you know or something

stupid like that but women who try to

compete at every turn those women end up

wearing out their welcome very quickly

especially with five percenters rental

aware men they think that being right

about everything or being overly

competitive is turning him on but it's

doing the exact opposite but they never

realized until it's too late so we're

walking out the fucking door like dude

like I don't give a shit I don't care

I'm out of here

number nine they put their ex on a

pedestal now stay with me here guys most

of the time when a girl talks about her

ex she blames everything on him it's

always he was abusive and an alcoholic

and a drug dealer and a gambler and a

criminal and an ex-con and an

international criminal and he was just

rotten to the fucking core through and

through and there was nothing good about

him right par for the course because of

course girls never owned up to their

part in the demise of any given

relationship but a lot of these girls

will pedestal eyes their exes even after

talking shit about him and a lot of

times in the same breath they'll say

things like well he was abusive but oh

my god he fucked me so good or we had

our bad times but nobody ever loved me

like he did and the more she says stuff

like this the more she starts to

romanticize the past like all girls do

with all past boyfriends and if you say

anything about her ex when she's telling

you these stories like damn he sounded

like a real douchebag guys she's gonna

do a 180 and she's gonna start defending

him which makes you look like a jackass

and before then

listen before the dude knows it she

starts to sound like an alpha Widow

which means she probably is and then she

starts comparing her ex to her current

boyfriend and eventually she starts

fucking him again but before that

happens guys five percenters will either

shut that shit down in the beginning or

we'll just bounce I'm not here to talk

about fucking boyfriend like listen I

don't give a shit how good or bad you

were and I'm gonna and I've actually got

a sharp short coming up on that about

about never listening to a girl too

about her ex good batter and different

don't fucking do it you weren't there so

you don't know and you're not here to

take sides so fuck that but yeah that's

you know giving you guys little preview

on that um number 10 this is a big one

they leave out details regarding men now

I'm not talking about the typical shit

like I've only slept with five guys and

my entire life or I've never cheated on

anybody I'm talking about everyday

situations where they leave out the fact

that they ran into their ex at the

grocery store or that the co-worker

she's going to a conference with as a

man when girls leave out these kinds of

details it's because they don't want you

to know about whatever guy whatever guy

there with or the guy they saw and the

reason for that is because she was

attracted to him now guys that's not a

crime that's not against the law because

your girl is gonna be attracted other

men she's human she's going to be

attracted to other males than you get

used to that fact that's life that's the

game it's part of the gig just you know

that that's part of the gig but when you

find out that her yoga instructor is a

six four ripped Adonis with movie star

looks guys you're gonna be pissed off

because she never mentioned the fact

that he was a man you assumed that he

was a man because his name was Kelly or

Jesse or Cameron and your woman knew

that you'd assume he's a woman because

of his name and your woman knew you

would assume that but didn't tell you

because she knew you'd have a problem

with it this kind of stuff causes

mistrust with men gentlemen and women

don't realize how detrimental and this

might be seem like something small but

they don't realize how detrimental this

is and because they're confused and

frustrated when their boyfriends start

quizzing her on details about something

she told him innocuous she can't figure

out why he doesn't take what she says as

absolute truth or at face value because

he knows that she's left out details in

the past regarding the men around her

and sooner or later he's gonna leave

because he can't believe anything she

says anymore let's check the chat one

last time here

Wow Charles merchant says damn the last

time I was in Reno the GSR just opened

yeah it's actually um to be honest with

you the GSR isn't really in that good

condition it's got its it's actually a

pretty cool concei no it's got a bowling

alley it's got it's got a dollar movie

theater in there obviously it's got a

nightclub jesus-fucking-christ what's

that nightclub called

oh my god it's it's leaving I know aura

is that the is that the Peppermill I

know but being or what used to be but

being uh wasn't another one I forgot to

call anyway

yeah the GSR yeah yeah I mean it's you

know it's not all that I'm sure I'm sure

if you gamble but if you go to the club

yeah edge I think oh it's called edge

that's what it might I don't know I

think it's called edge but anyway anyway

yeah yeah the the GSR it's been open for

a while but it you know maybe they're

gonna read maybe they're gonna redo it I

don't know

the casinos down in Vegas I mean blow

away the casinos in Reno but whatever

whatever ant James says I've seen women

on social media posts pictures of frozen

waffles as if it was egg Bennett eggs

benedict and mimosas yes yes they like

to take pictures of my gourmet peanut

butter and jelly sandwich or look at the

look at the meal I made for my man it's

fucking hot dogs and tater tots like

bitch you were not a Michelin star chef

don't front you know the funny thing is

is comparatively speaking she is a

Michelin star chef if she cooks hot dogs

at dinner does because most girls can't

go for shit

and Geoffrey a says she will compare

herself to other girls in social media

that's exactly right

black nastic speaks in the motherfucking

house dropping knowledge says social

media is the opioid of women that is

profound and that is absolutely the

fucking truth good to see you in here BG

s I got to come on your show man

I bet man I've been so fucking busy up

dude I'm coming on your show I gotta

come on your show dude

geoffery a says she talks about her ex

to make you jealous yeah maybe but I'm

not listen yeah that's exactly what she

does as soon as a girl starts talking

and I've done this listen all girls talk

about their ex and sometimes they do it

innocuously oh yeah you know I remember

this place me my ex-boyfriend dude I'll

fucking stop her that'd be like yo look

Stacey I don't want to hear anything

about your ex and they'll say well are

you insecure

no I'm territorial and I don't want to

hear about your fucking ex that's it and

then they shut that shit down and then

they end then they'll say stuff like

well yeah I wouldn't want to really hear

about your ex-girlfriend either I said I

don't care what how would you feel about

it I don't want to hear about your ex

girl I don't want to hear about your

exploit now I would like to hear about

Rick's girlfriend okay like you want to

talk about your ex-girlfriend yeah I'm

all for it but all jokes aside yeah I

just tell them straight up I don't even

give him a reason I don't want to

fucking hear about your ex you're with

me you're on my time you want to talk

about your ex talk to your girlfriends

I'm not your girlfriend you're with me

you're on my time don't talk about the

fucking ex fuck that

seulji says and he cheated but it's okay

if he was drunk

Yeah right exactly exactly

black Gnostics Pete says they always

leave out D listen a woman will never

tell you the truth the whole truth and

nothing listen my girlfriend I do Dino

my Kroll friend leaves out details she's

a woman this is how she is this is just

how it is women never ever give all of

the details and when you find out other

details pertinent details later on and

you'll say well why didn't you tell me

well I didn't remember or I didn't think

it was important yeah bitch you knew you

knew it was important Lex the sinister

Minister yes that's what it's called

it's called the fucking Lex yes yes yes

yes yes I saw

I actually saw I saw a little John at

Lex and I also saw Jeremiah I went to

both of those yes fucking Lex nightclub

see listen man like that just goes to

shot dude I'm just not a club guy

anymore I just do not Kyle God jesus

fucking christ

yeah Jamaica Peppa says always ask

questions ask questions for clarity

always yeah my girlfriend now knows that

any time she tells me something she has

to give more context in the way of

details because she not listen she knows

who I am and how I think and she knows

that I'm not just gonna take what she

says at face value because of the fact

that I know that she's a woman and women

by nature just will not tell you


Tisa trash says asking women to clarify

is like asking a liar to tell the truth

yes that's exactly what it's like

Charles Marcin says my wife has this

best friend who was an 8 her husband is

a slob that is an MMA executive my wife

has stumbled across both spouses with

their side pieces in the same car with

vanity plates Jesus Christ fucking hell


Jamaica Peppa says you don't have to

clarify to me but when I find out the

truth you got held the face oh yeah you

gotta hold your pitch accountable man

and and listen if that shit pops up one

too many times she gotta go dude listen

man you you know that girls the girls by

nature are going to leave out details

that incriminate them or make them look

bad but you absolutely you absolutely

have to train them out of that and if

you can't train them out of it then they

then you got a go man and women will

purposely not allow themselves to be

trained to keep that margin there

remember guys women cheat in the margins

they cheat in the margins they always

leave out that detail just to give

themselves enough margin to cheat

do not allow your woman to leave out

details about the sex of their company

ask her well I'm going to lunch with my

boss okay well is your boss a man or a

woman why is that important because

because I said it was important I answer

the fucking question

oh my god you don't want me to go to my

go to lunch with my boss you're insecure

no bitch I'm Tara fucking toriel you

can't tell me what to do you know what

you're right go ahead go to lunch with

your boss but if you do we're done

what's that plain and simple

oh my god you're territorial you're I

don't know what does she say she says

you're you're you're possessive you're

controlling yep yep what you're just now

finding that out like you're just now

figuring that out fuck out of here with

that fuck out of here

Brendan quilty says it's hard to keep

your trap shut when you know they're

holding back no I don't keep my trap

shut if I think a girl is lying to me oh

I say oh dude you're full of shit

there's no fucking way no fucking way I

let him know no no that's not all there

is to it and then be like I swear it no

I'm not buying it and dude all dude save

the fucking tears you fucking need to

tell me the truth I do and I listen I'm

that nigga that will call you names you

fucking slut you whoa oh yeah you know

fuck dude I'll call the bitch names all

day long I will fucking berate her until

she tells me the truth

and even steet even still I know she

doesn't tell me the whole truth but you

know I'll get a little bit more of the

truth but those girls usually don't last

long because I'm not dude I'm not trying

I'm not trying to quiz you about

everything I'm not trying to like a quiz

a girl if I know she's not being

completely honest with me but if I got a

quiz you on the details all the time

dude I don't have time for that man like

dude I got I got too much dude I got

shit to do man like I'm too busy I'm not

doing that

Barry CEO says a thousand subs

congratulations oh okay looks like I hit

a thousand subs let me check let me

check my channel here

let's see what I got going on here yes

1000 even so thanks a lot for the love

guys I've got just over three thousand

views and I will be able to activate

super chat so I've hit I've had a

milestone another milestone here Charles

merchant says my wife called the wife

after she saw her with some huge

Herculean dude and she lied and said she

was headed to the gym even listen that's

even more cause for concern did that do

there more women fucking their personal

trainers than women actually getting

help from their personal trainers

stupid bitches Kevin Samuels in the

motherfucking house yo this guy dropped

serious knowledge last night straight-up

serious knowledge man

public speech says which is why Donovan

doesn't date black women black women are

notorious oh hell yeah dude - dude fuck

that fuck out of here with that yeah I'm

a dumb as soon as I get a thousand I got

a thousand subscribers now I need I

think I need something I need 10,000

plays and I think I can probably get

there within the next week or so I'm at

just over 7,000 so I need just under

3,000 plays I've increased my content so

I should I should get there I should get

there fairly soon but yeah my other

channel I'm almost at 4200 subscribers

so right around Christmas time I will be

out of YouTube Jail and then we can run

the audience so so I'm definitely

definitely looking forward to that well

that's gonna do it for this edition of

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