I took the Red Pill but now what? Surviving your first year (Episode 341)




a woman never belongs to you it's

adjusting your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your man what's up guys interm

and Donovan sharp and welcome to the 340

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let's get right to it

when men find the red pill they go

through a number of stages now some men

never get through all the stages in fact

I would say that most men probably don't

get through all of the stages cleanly as

it were for example a lot of men gets

stuck in the anger phase and they end up

as bottom-dwelling low-level mgtow Suh

jerk off to hentai porn or if they have

money they start relationships with sex

dolls like my good friend turd flinging

monkey now some men never make it past

the first stage because they're afraid

of what might happen if they go a little

bit further down the proverbial rabbit

hole as Morpheus famously declared so

let's go through the stages of finding

and accepting the red pill well the

first stage is shocked when you find red

pill content when you see red pill

videos red pill you know red pill

articles things of that nature you can't

believe what you are seeing yet a

feeling that things might have been kind

of messed up between men and women but

you don't really know until you see

other people talking about the same

things you don't really know and

understand until you see and hear

verified stories of the same type of men

having the same kind of experience as

you just can't believe it before I found

the red pill I was actually very close

on many many occasions back in I would

say I think the winter of 2008 between

the winter of 2008-2009 I bought an

e-book on Amazon called how to become an

alpha male was written by John Alexander

back in 2005 and I read the entire book

and I was like oh my god finally this is

the answer now for the record I would

not recommend that particular book how

to become an alpha male it's a very

basic it tells you what to do but it

doesn't tell you how to do it it doesn't

tell you why it's effective to do what

it is that you need to do to become this

fabled quote-unquote alpha male I did

get a lot out of it though it really

forced me to start doing things a little

bit a little bit differently and as luck

would have it it actually helped me and

I was going through my separation with

Dorsey at that point in time and I was

looking for answers like how can I not

get got I had just come out of that

whole situation with Carla where I had

rented her a three-bedroom two-bathroom

house near downtown Raleigh found out

that she was she was still sleeping with

her with her with her ex-con baby daddy

I found all this stuff out so so at this

point I was looking for answers and how

to become an alpha male was really the

first the first piece of red pill

related or red pill related content that

had ever seen it was different it wasn't

the same old buy her flowers appeal to

her sensitivity etc etc and this of

course helped me to land a me like I

wasn't into a lot of people listen you

can't turn a ho into a housewife anyone

who anyone who knows my story knows that

I've tried this on a couple of occasions

which includes my ex-wife Darcy and of

course Carly you guys can learn about

that on donovan sharp calm or

patreon.com forward slash donovan sharp

Oh what I read from how to become an

alpha male this helped me to become a

little bit more attractive to snag than

met the 19 year old hottie who was a

solid nine

I met her this actually helped me to

become more attractive to her now of

course I fell in love lost all you know

lost all semblance of any red pill

remnants that I had and of course the

rest is history

the second stage of finding the red pill

is anger and depression now stage 2 the

anger phase this comes almost

immediately after the shock wears off

gentlemen you are pissed off and

everybody you're pissed off at your mom

you're pissed off at your dad you're

pissed off at your dog you're pissed off

at everybody in everything and the

reason for this is because you realize

that you've been sold a bad bill of

goods your entire life everyone is

telling you you have to be nice to girls

just be yourself you have to my mother

used to tell me when I was having

problems with Darcy she wants to know

that you cherish her buy her flowers on

Wednesday just because all of the

romantic comedies all of the Disney the

Disney infested you know dream all of

this stuff this was all completely false

and you're pissed you're pissed off now

at first you really get angry you go

into this red pill range I think if

somebody said here in the chat you go on

that red pill rage because you think

wait a minute they sold me a bad bill of

goods on purpose they did this to me

on purpose they meant to do this they

meant to leave me astray but then you go

a little bit further and he realized

that these people didn't lead you astray

on purpose they were really just doing

what it is that they thought they should

tell you they thought that the way to a

woman's heart is to be nice to her to

treat her like a lady whether she

deserves it or not they tell you that

it's your job to prove to a woman that

you are worthy of her and not the other

way around another reason why you begin

to realize that it's really not their

fault for selling you a bad bill of

goods is because you figured out that it

used to be that way

40 50 60 years ago yeah it paid off to

be the nice guy it paid off to bring a

woman flowers take a woman to a sit-down

restaurant to a first

that's what used to work back then

listen listen I didn't really know my

grandparents that well but my guess now

my mother's parents were never married

they had my mom at a wedlock but my my

grandmother my grandfather on my dad's

side yeah chances are he probably picked

her up took her out on a dinner date in

the rest is history they were married

for fifty some odd years God rest his

soul my grant for the passed away I

think back in 2010 anyway you realize

that it's not that they meant to do this

they didn't mean to lead you astray they

were just giving you the information

that they had been relayed then you

become angry at women and this is where

you this is where you start to to come

dangerously close to becoming that low

level pissed off mgtow who has sworn off

relationships with women right you start

to relive past relationships and you

start to relive certain things like yeah

I remember when she said there's two

when she did that it's so obvious that

she cheated on me you know that

bitch I can't believe she

cheated on me

Oh was staring me right in the face you

see all this stuff one girl I used to

date her name was Allison and I think I

discussed I think I discussed this back

in an episode of called four ways women

set up future cheating and Allison was a

girl that I dated right out of college

actually and she was still like I had

like I had just got out of school and

she was a sophomore at a school in North

Carolina rebirth in North Carolina well

she let her school was in the mountains

of I'm you know I'm down in High Point

Greensboro area so we had this

long-distance relationship well over the

summer time she told me that she had

gotten a part of Lisl I think in The

Sound of Music so every night she had

play practice well little did I know

well in it long story short I decided I

was going to surprise her at her play

practice well I drove all the way to

Boone North Carolina to surprise her and

I went to this amphitheater that she

told me that they were practicing well

the amphitheater looked like nobody had

been there in ages

so I'm like what the hell is going on so

I then drove to her apartment and

there's another guy too

of course she tried to tell me well it's

my roommates boyfriend this net any

other but the writing was on the wall

when guys think about that stuff they

think oh my god I'm so pissed off at

women now guys I'm gonna tell you I'm

gonna I'm gonna warn you right now the

anger stage the anger phase lasts the

longest and I would say depending upon

your past depending upon your

experiences I would say anywhere between

three and six months right when you see

it and when when you start living your

life you start seeing girls act the way

we know they really are acting when you

have red pill awareness and you're in

that anger phase you see it happening it

pisses you off my brother my brother

recently purchased the rational male he

found the red pill and he tells me he

told me a story in a taxicab where these

girls were talking about cheating on

their boyfriends he said it pissed him

off as like look man eventually that's

gonna pass most men gentlemen gets stuck

in this state and they never recover

they become low-level MIG tails

basically your low-level mgtow czar in

cells their involuntary Sullivans a lot

of these lower-level big towers like to

say well I'm a big to uh I'm gonna

become a monk as if to tell us that they

are a monk and they are there they have

stopped pursuing women because that's

what they choose to do no no no the

reason you've checked out of the dating

market is because you realize that you

can't really attract women anymore not

with the faulty tools that you've been

given I don't blame them it's weak I

wouldn't do it but I'm not gonna listen

I'm not gonna blame someone for

a sex doll I'm not gonna blame someone

for going low-level MIG town and again

not all make tiles are created equal

I think we all know and understand that

but when those guys then go and make fun

of guys who have relationships with

women this is where I take exception

this is where the turd flinging monkey

confrontation that never was almost

happened anyway the next stage stage 3

is euphoria

so you've accepted the red pill you can

visualize yourself changing listen I've

been the same thing I made all I made

all of these grandiose plans I'll never

and I put it in I put it in notepad in

Google I made all these plans I was

gonna travel to this country I've got I

was gonna travel to that state I was

gonna start saving money I was I was

gonna start becoming great with women

that euphoria comes with making those

plans that anticipation knowing that

your life is about to get better then

you're excited to see and hear

like-minded men talk about the same

experiences talk about the fact that

they were once where you were and that

they made those same plans and they went

out and did it guys that listen that

really it truly is you for you I'm here

to tell you it is you've the euphoric

stage is probably the best well stage

four is gluttony this is the stage where

you really do truly become a monk guys

you are reading watching consuming red

pill content all day every day on your

phone on your tablet your computer

you're watching and listening on the bus

you're you're reading in your car you're

you're watching in your car at the

stoplight on the way on the way to work

it is non-stop your brain hurts and your

eyes bleed but you continue to stuff

your face late into the night alright

dude I remember I used to be up until 4

or 5 o'clock in the morning just gorging

myself especially on the rational male

we're gonna talk about that a little bit

later I can't tell you how many articles

on the rational male illimitable man

return of kings

I just gorged that stuff this was long

before I even found any videos my right

listen I didn't watch any videos on red

pill awareness I just read articles

that's really that was really how I cut

my teeth in terms of in terms of red

pill consumption the next stage Stage

five is addiction this really is


you can't go more than a few hours

without you know without watching the

archive of Donovan's sharp without

reading a liminal man without reading

the rational male or any of the other

ninety seven sites that you have

bookmark like a crackhead like a pothead

you faithfully refresh those pages every

hour on the hour looking for that next

you gotta have your fixer you're gonna

get twitchy right crackheads man I

listen I gotta get another hit you got

fired you got you got something as many

got 5 hours the next stage is

application this is where you start to

hone your newfound superpowers so at

this point you're hitting the gym you're

eating clean you're taking a productive

hobbies your confidence is growing by

the girl so at this point you really

take into talking to girls whenever and

however you damn well please and they're

lapping up your game they're loving the


you're also not watching as much TV or

your and you're not wasting nearly as

much time on social media because you

just don't have time anymore you listen

you'd rather be perfecting your squat

form or engaging in debates on test

theories or working on starting your own

business you can get the out of the

rat race the last and final stage is

congruence at this point the red pill is

no longer an idea it really is who you

are you're in you're in better shape

you've done a little bit of traveling

and you plan to do more and your

financial outlook has improved at this

point you're banging sixes and sevens

pretty consistently which is not where

you want to be but you're certainly

headed in the right direction and at

this point it's only a matter of time

before you're in the best shape of your

life okay before do you have the money

to live the way you want to and you're

knee-deep and high-quality ass on the

regulator it's only a matter of time you

just got to stay with it now a lot of

now a lot of guys think to themselves

okay cool the process of taking and

digesting the red pill certainly is it

easy but nothing worth having or doing

ever is but as long as I stay the course

I'll get through it and they would be

right but guys who get engulfed in the

red pill they often get lost in the

ocean of red pill content and they lose

sight of the path guys I'm here to tell

you there is so much more red pill

content today

then there was back in God was this nine

years ago back in 2009 2010 there are so

much more red pill content today than

there was back in oh nine and in 2010

when I found the red pill right yes

it is important to consume red pill

content regularly as we will discuss

later but it is equally important to

know what to do and how to survive

initially the hard truth is guys is that

red pill the red pill truth that

overwhelms a lot of guys and when it

overwhelms them they either end up

getting burned out they get depressed or

they just completely give up they

completely drop out now there are many

reasons for this but one of the main

reasons is that they're completely

blindsided on what to expect guys think

their lives are just gonna start

improving and listen that's certainly

true don't get me wrong but there are a

lot of unexpected things that happen

when you take the red pill and you start

to digest it and if a man's not ready

for this stuff he might end up worse off

than he was before he found the red pill

so today I'm gonna give you guys sort of

a guide on how to get through your first

year of red pill awareness I'm gonna

tell you what to do I'm gonna tell you

what not to do what to focus on books to

read website of websites to bookmark

YouTube channels to subscribe to and so

on and so forth so if you're new to the

red pill if you've just found the red

pill or you need a refresher course like

we all do from time to time you have

definitely picked the right episode to

tune into today my opening rant is

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right it is Wednesday October 3rd 2018

and today's show topic comes courtesy of


Richmond so shout out to Marcus for

submitting this show idea listen this is

a show that a lot of guys are going to

benefit from so be sure to give give

Marcus Richmond a shout out shout out to

Marcus Richmond for the idea bleacher

report released an article yesterday is

actually written by Tom hammer Stroh and

it's called is social media addiction in

the NBA out of control and the article

is about NBA guys being addicted to

social media now to be fair other I mean

I think it's it's I think it's fair to

say that you know this is the first

generation that has grown up in the

social media age and of course the

interviews guys like Stefan curry I

think JJ Redick is the focal point of

this particular article but a while back

I I talked about the fact that ESPN of

course their ESPN used to be or ESPN

being the gynocentric being the

gynocentric network that they are and

hopefully hopefully the new president

god I forgot his name Laurie John

skipper is out the new guy I forgot what

the new president's name is but he is

clearly he is clearly trying to turn the

corner got rid of the shell beetle got

rid of Jamel Hill he's not you know he's

not doing this SJW crap anymore but but

I pointed out the fact that half of

their NBA coverage when they're talking

about an NBA stuff is this player

tweeted this and this player tweeted

that I remember when what was his name

Luka Don Luca danke CH was was drafted

by the Dallas Mavericks and Andre

Iguodala said hey Luca Don tricks mom is

not bad now Luca Duncan's his wife or

his mother she's hot she is really hot

like she is hot for a mom and keeping

keep in mind looking good Luca danke

jizz I don't know 18 19 years old I

forget I'm a beast from Lithuania or

something like that somewhere over there

in Europe but his mom is hot so now you

know ESPN goes crazy andre iguodala said

looking Duncans his mom is hot and then

first their joke inaudible just Luca

danke now have to fight andre iguodala

because i mean it's just all drama and

then of course and this is the thing and

I brought this up to say this can't

Kevin Durant catches so much heat for

being so sensitive Kevin Durant gets his

feelings hurt by though by it seems the

littlest thing well this is why Kevin

Durant grew up in the social media age

they call it they all call him cupcake

Kevin Durant could not be vindicated in

Oklahoma City so what did people people

continue to invalidate Kevin Durant

greatness well until you win a

championship you ain't okay so what

did he do he went and he put himself in

the best position to win a championship

so the last two years he's won two

championships two NBA Finals two NBA

Finals MVP s and the way they asked

about the Defensive Player of the Year

says well the reason why I'll never get

it is pure hate well that pure hate is

coming from Twitter but here's the real

message Twitter is not real life guys

it's just not Jimmy potaro the new

president of ESPN has figured out that

not that catering to the Twitter masses

who don't matter is not really the best

way to run a network this is why ESPN's

ratings have gone down over in the last

few years they've I mean they are

illiterate they literally cater to the

Twitter audience and this is what

eventually would have led to their

downfall so ESPN said okay look man John

you got to get out of here we're gonna

bring in this guy Jimmy Betar oh and

Jimmy pateros made the decision okay

we're not gonna listen to Twitter we're

not gonna listen to eggs Kevin Durant is

so is sensitive because people who don't

matter occupy so much space in his brain

this is the this again this is the this

is the danger this is the danger of

social media man and don't get me wrong

man social media social media can

definitely be a good thing a lot of guys

benefit from social media I mean let's

let's not get that twisted but by the

same token athletes are constantly on

their phones on social media and they

let these nobodies occupy so much space

in their mind they think to themselves

man if I miss this free throw or if I

strikeout or if I don't throw this

touchdown pass I'm really gonna get it

on Twitter now of course the media

doesn't help that out they say well XYZ

on Twitter said a B and C uh a very very

interesting article that you should read

as a matter of fact I'm actually you

know what I'm gonna do is I'm going to

put it in the I'm gonna put it in the

comments section there you go you guys

can check that out I just put the I just

put the just put the link to that

article in the comments section

excellent excellent

very very good article you guys should

definitely check that out is it just me

guys or is the whole dilly dilly Bud

Light commercial theme getting a little

bit old like don't get me wrong but

dilly dilly thing it listen it was funny

for about ten minutes but now it has

metastasized and grown into this

full-blown mystical Renaissance Billy

Billy and now we've got castles and

we've got you know people Oh God it's

just like I understand the message I get


but it's like oh my I'm so tired of

hearing that same Renaissance achill you

know tune you got kings and queens with

god yes dude I don't know mate listen

maybe I'm just being an asshole I'm just

I'm just not here for the dilly dilly

thing anymore as most of you guys know

as most of you guys know return of Kings

is on a temporary hiatus Roosh V who the

founder of return of kings posted an

article on Monday that said return of

Kings is going on hiatus and I'm gonna

read you I'm gonna read you it's a very

very short article so for those of you

who aren't aware this is actually where

I cut my teeth this is where I became

donovan sharp I was doing really well in

real estate everything was going well

and I decided you know what I've got

some red pill stories to tell one thing

led to another and I ended up writing

for Attorney Kings I've got I've

actually got close to a hundred articles

posted on return of King since about

2013 so I started writing for attorney

Kings only a year after

it's inception anyway just quote after

six years of continuous operation and

5,800 articles published I am putting

our ok on an indefinite hiatus so I can

take a break from the daily grind of

maintaining the site I don't know when

the hiatus will end he continues the

first factor for this hiatus is that the

site revenues are too low we've been

banned from PayPal and countless ad

partners which forced me to which forced

me to lay off the site editor last year

and also lower payments to regular

contributors this started a negative

spiral of declining content quality site

traffic and revenues even the beloved

comment section which many see is the

highlight of our LK was badly hit when

discuss bandhas currently ROK receives

half the traffic of its peak and less

than one-fifth of the income the second

factor is that I'm burned out he says

keeping ROK updated writing books

posting articles on my blog doing live

streams and maintained in the forum has

put too much on my plate out of

everything on that list working on ROK

has become my least favorite activity

because duties are centered more around

editing other people's work than

creating my own I'm sure many of you

understand that we are in the early

stages of a censorship wave that will

sweep through society scoundrels like

myself will get banned first and then

soon after the hammer will come down on

anyone who dares to share the truth

personally he says I believe that I will

suffer death by a million cuts but until

then you can continue to follow my work

here lastly he says I'm planning on

doing a book tour in 2019 mainly in the

United States if you are interested in

attending complete this brief survey

help me identify which cities I should

visit the tour will probably happen in

the summer in the meanwhile if the

situation that were with with ROK

changes or I miss updating it articles

will return thank you for supporting the

site all these years and I will put let

me put the crap what happened might

I'm using this restream chat software


of course it reset

everything god damn it so I'm gonna put

thee I'm gonna put the literally just

restarted all of my all right so I'm

just gonna have to do it the hard way

and just go back in so I put the I put

the article I put the article in the

chat went ahead and did that and so

that's the deal with with return of

Kings now now here's the thing guys um

listen I understand and listen you are

never gonna hear me say a bad word about

Roosh V like many of the guys that I've

worked with and worked for you know

listen we don't see eye to eye on every

little thing I've had disagreements with

O'Shea I've had disagreements with Allan

Roger Karev had disagreements with with

with rollator I've had disagreements

with everybody and I'm not talking about

fights I'm just talking about

fundamental disagreements as far as red

pill game is concerned Rouge is where I

got my start man Roush is a good dude I

know this to be true but it's a grind

man and I personally understand listen

me personally I'm on the air nine times

a week guys I'm on the air five days I'm

on the air five days a week here this is

why I actually took yesterday off cuz I

mean I was burned out I needed a mental

I needed just to take a break so I'm so

I'm on the air five days a week here I'm

on the air three days a week on the

brother pill podcast this is Tuesday

Wednesdays and Thursday nights at 7:00

Eastern so I do the show here so I do so

so I do two hours of radio here then I

go do another two two-and-a-half three

hours there and then on Saturdays and do

another two hours with the Redman group

so Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays I'm

on the air between four and six hours

okay then I do another two hours on

Saturdays I write for the Negro


I've got sharp shorts then I've got

articles for my patrons out listen I'm

not asking anybody to feel sorry for me

all I'm saying is that I understand it

man like it is a grind I love doing what

I'm doing but yeah every once in a while

we just need to take a break that's just

I mean that that really is all there is

to it so listen we listen we haven't

seen or heard the last of rules I think

that and feminists have claimed victory

oh we took Rouge down dude you didn't

take anything

you didn't take anything down bruises

just taking a break that's all there is

to it let's not read let's not read into

it let's not read into this any more

than we should in sports

lay beyond bail is reported reportedly

going to report after the Steelers by

week in week 7 this to me is the wrong

move look what happened to Earl Thomas

so now Earl Thomas flipped off the

Seahawks on his way on his way he's

being carted off after he broke his leg

but Earl Thomas had a point now listen

Earl Thomas used a bad strategy he

should have taken the lay beyond bill

around he should have said you know what

I'm holding out I'm missing games during

the season stay away labia listen I

understand he doesn't want to sacrifice

millions of dollars but you need to stay

away all it takes is one play and you're

literally going to watch your money go

bye-bye now lady I'm Bella's clearly in

the prime of this Grey's only 26 years

old he is clearly the best running back

in the league clearly and everyone who

said all bad look at James Connor he's

gonna replace letting us in James Connor

is not lady on bail James Connors good

he's not lady on and fans out there who

hated on Le'Veon Bell dude listen man

players don't even hate on Le'Veon Bell

his own listen his own locker room did

him dirty I've never seen a locker room

come out and say well you know listen

this guy needs to be in camp that was

some what they pulled and when

and if Le'Veon ever does get back to the

locker room until my bad man I got

emotional they understand what it is

Marcellus Wiley on speak for yourself

talked about the fact that his own

teammates never had a problem he said

listen man I got I was the highest-paid

franchise player in San Diego Chargers

history but I wasn't even the best

player on my own defense I plus I played

next to a guy named junior se out what's

junior say how mad that I was getting

more than him hell no he wasn't mad he

said kickers

he says the difference between me and

you is the birth certificate you're

younger than I am you're gonna make more

money same thing when he was in Buffalo

he became the highest paid defensive

player in Buffalo Buffalo Bills history

who played on the opposite side of him

Smith Bruce Smith had no problem had no

problem at all with the fact that

Marcellus Wiley was making more than him

even though he was clearly gonna walk

into the Hall of Fame guys it's not

personal its business the 21 convention

starts a week from tomorrow I am

absolutely excited I am absolutely

psyched to meet a lot of you guys

they're looking forward to meeting mine

Miami J a lot of you guys are gonna be

down there I'm gonna meeting you guys

face to face for the very first time you

know a lot of you guys are considered me

my friends man and that's gonna be very

very cool it's gonna be very cool to be

able to meet some of you guys I'm

looking forward to speaking very much

looking forward to speaking down there

for the first time this is gonna be cool


and listen I'm getting I'm getting off

making all my final preparations I'm

getting Devon's hair and nails done so

she's definitely gonna be looking her

best her blonde is gonna be blonder her

tan is gonna be tanner listen it's

costing me a shitload of money but

that's the price sheet but listen that's

the price you pay for a woman who looks

like Devon it's more than worth it to me

I might get these Jordans that I've been

eyeballing for the last for the last

couple weeks three hundred fifty dollars

they're on sale for eight million

dollars if they still have them they I'm

gonna go cop those me personally I am

arriving the 21 convention starts

October 11th that's a week from tomorrow

I'm gonna be arriving on Friday

afternoon so I'll be around you know

check into my hotel

get all settled in then I'll make my way

over to the 21 convention location so me

personally I will be at the venue

probably late Friday afternoon early

Friday evening now I'm gonna be speaking

I'm gonna be making my speech my

presentation on Sunday morning this I

don't quite have the schedule yet I

think Anthony Johnson is supposed to be

releasing that here pretty soon so I'm

not exactly sure when I'm gonna be

speaking but it's definitely gonna be

Sunday morning I am a morning person and

then of course I am staying I'm staying

from the 12th to the 15th I'm staying

for all three shootings of the red man

group alive that is going to be


awesome guys I cannot wait to do that

it's gonna it's gonna be a live round

table we've got a dude we've got a

camera crew we've got a studio I mean

it's gonna be so cool to be sitting next

to Richard Cooper across from Rollo

Tomassi Ryan stone Anthony Johnson

that's gonna be some cool ass man I

mean listen I cannot tell you I cannot

tell you how excited I am that this is

actually finally here I cannot believe

it it is this is this is gonna be one of

the this is gonna be one of the greatest

experiences of my life guys I cannot

wait to go down there I can't wait to I

can't wait to teach something I can't

wait to learn I can't wait to shake

hands you know of guys I've admired for

years and years and years I can't wait

to shake Allen Roger Curry's hand I

can't wait to shake Rollo Tomassi and

it's gonna be listen I'm gonna be a

speaker there and I know a lot of guys

are gonna want to get a hold of me but

guess what man I'm gonna be a fanboy too

I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna lie it's

it's it's it's gonna be very very very

very cool I cannot wait if you have a

question or comment about how to survive

your first year of red pill awareness

give me a call nine one four two oh five

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cruise making an appearance in the

towers shout out to rob Cruz making an

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me over the years understand exactly why

this is alright well let's take a look

at the chat section here

alright shout out to kin PD who's on one

of my alternate channels cam PD says but

you can sir - how swipe into a ho yes

you absolutely can Johnny Hilson says

greetings from the 702 very good


Cantigny also says that it is all a

facade on social media I absolutely

could not agree more and my chat

software is malfunctioning so I'm gonna

have to look at my iPad here to get to

the main channel shout out to Ryan

Sullivan and Nell is in here CDA God

shout out to you

joby Wan coyote says great topic today I

find that my rage is the biggest issue

Disney isn't real and bitches try and

convince you it is then they continue to

exhibit bad behavior I totally agree man

I listen oh my god you are speaking my

language see da God says where was

Donovan when I needed him back in the

early 2000s super simple for my ex

absolutely shut up the new Chloe's Agha

welcome to the towers Rob Cruz in the

house give him a set up before mr. mink

in the house Captain Crunch for 20

Winston wolf says I feel like I'm low

level but not really pissed at women

currently may just be my current

financial hardships though yeah um I

wrote an article on Negro manosphere

dot-com and I made a case for why why it

pays to slightly stay in the anger phase

as far as women are as far as women are

concerned any time you're thinking about

forgoing your red pill teachings anytime

you're thinking about you know maybe I

should just give up or maybe I should

just give in and just do what she says

think about them many times you've been

burned as a result of your blue pill

ways that low-level anger in the

background that will definitely keep you

from backsliding risky's he says the red

pill saved me absolutely modern life

dating says I am an alpha mgtow modern

life dating of course the world's number

one mgtow very good sweet dinegar says

without the red pill I am NOT the man I

am today the red pill saves lives and it

sure as hell changed mine for the better

totally agree MT to my college guy says

walking along college corridors with the

red pill lens is like a trip you see and

hear everything women say and do in

another light in real time yeah I often

talk about your red pill like like you

have like this red pill translator if a

woman is saying something like the real

red pill translation is down-low so when

she says my ex boyfriend was abusive he

cheated in me and a drug problem down

below you you see I cheated on my

boyfriend I'm blaming and I'm using the

same excuse that every women use because

if he's abusive you don't

question me on that I think this is

again all women are the same men or not

all women are like that they use the

same strategies same techniques that's

how this is Miami Jay says speaking of

gluttony what the is up with our

okay that blows man yeah listen again

roosters just taking a break man he's

just taking a break

Doug says I was disappointed when I when

I learned about the red bill I thought

it was some type of new info but I was

already red pill aware Slick Rick taught

me treat her like a prostitute yeah

that's a classic I'm an Slick Rick

Massey says that Thunder hippo is fire

yeah Thunder hippo is one of my favorite

strains I like thunder hit but I like

happy hippo one happy hippo one puts me

in a great mood great great mood happy

hippo herbals calm guys be we says

Stephon Curry's mom ain't bad oh no no

no dude Stephon Curry's mom I would do

that without would definitely smash you

kidding me debt listen Dell curry was no


Stephon Korea's mom is definitely she's

a MILF in that Mills category King life

says Kady is a great basketball player

he just needs to keep his head up and

only say what is needed I agree I agree

CJ McCollum needs to be quite as well

see who else we got in here Massey says

bring back the Budweiser frogs and call

it good

I love those guys man you guys remember

that on the Super Bowl commercial blood

wise huh

I also like that web app that was pretty

cool of course I'm dating myself now I'm

41 what do you know well you know Rob

Cruz says got to see that sale 34 30

film dude Devin and I watched that not

three or four nights ago and it was

really good it was really good

dude Junior say junior sale was

unbelievable I'm backers ever but when

you think about the number of

concussions that guy played with it's no

wonder it's no wonder he blew his chest

out yeah definitely definitely

definitely got to definitely gotta check

that out see the a God wants to know

was 21 convention invite-only no you can

certainly buy a ticket I think we've got

like two or three tickets left ticket

price at this point $2,499 $2,499 now

when we started selling them they were

50 I think there were 50% off actually

made him enough 50% off it was more than

50% off I think it was it was a huge

discount we were selling for $8.99 then

the next month it went to 1099 then

$12.99 etc etc but we're we're just

about we're just about we're just about

we're just about sold out Brandon store

ball says what's what city's gonna be in

Orlando Florida Orlando Florida Kyle

Mitchell says return of Kings has shut

down and Archives that is where I found

Donovan Sharpe r.i.p or okay guys listen

return of Kings is not going anywhere it

Roush is not shutting down the site it's

just going on hiatus so I mean listen I

get I know it's I know it's easy to say

oh my god return of Kings has done no

return of Kings has not going anywhere

guys it's not going anywhere I can I can

assure you hispanic chris says yeah

Donovan where were you and I needed you

back in the 80s yeah was a teenager dude

as a teenager in the 80s come on man

okay let's see what else we got here oh

boy oh boy

rob cruz just let slip that he has a

ticket Rob I don't know if you're aware

of this but if you don't go to the 21

convention I wanted to tell you this in

private just do not start a feeding

frenzy but you can use your 21

convention ticket for the next 21


I spoke with Anthony Malthus and he will

make an exception for you

so because you purchased a ticket and

you're not able to come to the 21

convention next week you can go to the

next 21 convention so modern life dating

says can I get in on the live show for

the 21 convention it's no it's actually

going to be all of us live we are all

going to be sitting at the

table in Orlando on a studio and that's

when it's gonna be like when we say the

the the Redman group live this is all of

us in the same room at the same time

Miami Jay says too late I call Rob's

ticket all right so looks like we're

gonna have to have some sort of a steel

cage match to settle that out all right

let me quickly check

let me quickly check the facebook chat

and the Twitter chat I want to make sure

that I acknowledge those guys before I

bring them all over to my youtube

channel we will get to the topic at hand

here very very shortly guys I know a lot

of you guys who are probably watching

this for the first time are like holy

like Donovan still hasn't talked

about what he said he was gonna talk

about this is part of my show I

for about maybe a half an hour I talk

about current events I'm a sports guy so

I'll talk about different things you

know bring a little bit more dimension

to the show usually even usually

anywhere between thirty usually anywhere

between 45 minutes a 30 and 45 minutes

that's when I really start to get into

the nitty-gritty so just be patient with

me I want to make sure that I shout

everybody elk before we get to what we

all came for here okay so nobody okay so

no chats in the no chats no comments on

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getting plenty of comments on the

picture that I posted of Devin as you

guys all well know I love Devin I still

like Devin has to look like a porn star

when I her so I occasionally post

pictures of her pre reaming and a lot of

people are digging that Jamal reads is

was having a shitty morning then came

across this gem of a video appreciate

that Chris chief says when has medicine

ever tasted nice very good Chris ketosis

says no pain no gain

excellent excellent very good very very

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very good let's go ahead and get to it

guys so we've talked about the seven

stages of finding the red pill and yes

captain w the phone lines are up if you

want to call into the show nine one four

two zero five five three five six again

that's nine one four two oh five five

three five six John pate says love your

work brother appreciate that my hard

life datings has put me on an iPad yeah

that'd be funny so let's get into the

let's get into what you need to do

initially when you find the red pill the

first thing you need to do this is

obvious you need to lift weights right

this is obvious but guys don't want to

do this they're too lazy here's the raw

truth guys you change your physique you

change life women when you change your

physique you will be surprised and how

much more female attention you will

start to get your physique your new and

improved physique can and will make up

for any holes you have in your game most

guys walk it around or out of shape

they're either overweight they're skinny

fat or they're bean poles get into the

gym and put on some muscle guys those

listen those of you guys who know where

I came from those of you guys who know

what I used to look like dude I used to

be dude I used to be 312 pounds man and

today I'm shade under Amish aid

2:25 I've lost nearly a hundred pounds

and that has that as drastically

drastically improved my dealings with

the second sex aviator 87 oh five says

men must test their physical strength I

agree spine jackal says you want a

quality woman you gotta get your

together yes and this starts with

lifting rate with lifting weights

lifting weights also allows you to

thrive in solitude lifting weights

teaches you discipline lifting weights

puts stress on your body we actually

talked about this last night on the

brother pill podcast with O'Shea Duke

Jackson and Ellie our movement iron

sharpens iron yet to put yourself into

stressful situations not just mentally

stressful situations you have to put

stress on the body lift weights lifting

weights also keeps you distracted and

not so focused on again guys and

in this sounds obvious you change your

body you change your life now along with

lifting weights you got to get your diet

right there are many many many kinds of

diets out there guys

there's the keto diet there's the

carnivore diet there is the Paleo diet

there's eating listen whatever diet you

choose to partake in don't call it a

diet because when you use the word diet

that connotes something temporary I'm

going on a diet well this means

eventually you are insinuating that

eventually you're going to come off of

that diet when you say diet it means

temporary don't go on a diet change the

way you eat and listen there are two

ways to do this consistently number one

stop eating out which is gonna save you

a shitload of money and we're gonna get

to that in a minute and number two you

cook your own meals you cook your own

meals you save money you cook your own

meals you add agency to yourself so hit

the weights change your diet number two

and number two really should have been

number one

stop worrying about getting late

actually number one you know what number

two is lift weights

number one is a mental thing stop

worrying about getting laid guys stop

worrying about pussy's gonna come

here's the thing guys yes the reason you

found the red pill is because of

heartbreak and sexual frustration but

when you make the main reason for

living the red pill life eventually

you're gonna stagnate this is what

happened to me listen if you want to

bang fives and sixes that's fine with me

but eventually you are going to stagnate

a lot of guys make this mistake and they

make it all about getting laid then what

happens is that they figure out okay I'm

better at getting laid but then they

experience failure they experience a

slump because they don't take the time

to develop themselves outside of their

PUA skills so it's all about

they're fives and sixes okay

that's great then something really bad

happens then they get lucky and they

find a girl who actually likes him and

then they do they backslide right back

into their blue pill habits you've been

red pill aware for three months you

five new girls all five of them

were just fives and sixes then you meet

that one seven who's feeling your game

you're gonna revert the longer you the

longer you exercise red pill awareness

the less likely it is that you will slip

back into blue pill ways listen the time

that you are the most in danger of

backsliding back into your blue pill

lace is right in the beginning so now

you know that women are not made of

sugar spice and everything nice now you

know that being a nice guy does not get

you laid

right now you know how to become more

attractive to women three four months in

bang you got a girlfriend

you're right back you're right back to

where you were because you haven't been

in it long enough

guys listen pussy's always gonna be

there man it's always gonna be there

don't worry about it there's no special

girl out there well there's this one

girl I've always wanted to dude

there are 12 more of her there are 12

better versions of her don't worry about

girls the pussy's gonna come listen

there will be a time where you can

concentrate and focus on the acquisition

of but you can't put the cart

before the horse and what you will find

is that we when went before you start

learning about how to attract more

attractive women when you develop when

you develop yourself outside of just

your PA skills you will find that when

you actually start to develop your

pickup skills your attraction skills

you'll find that the learning curve is

much it's much flatter it's a lot easier

because you've done everything in order

you look better you smell better you're

more confident so number one stop

worrying about getting late forget about

girls put them out of your mind they're

always gonna be there but Donovan if I

go a whole year dude we as men we age so

much better than women one year if you

take one year six months to a year out

of the game not worrying about what not

worrying about women that's seven years

for women if the girls just said you

know what I'm thirty years old

I'm gonna I'm gonna do the secondary

virginity thing I'm just gonna check out

I'm not gonna date guys from thirty

third from thirty to thirty one she may

as well turned 40 not the same with guys

not the same with guys Maitri Barnard

says he is nine months in

congratulations Green Machine says red

pill rage is real in these streets bruh

you ain't lyin

you is not lyin let's see what else we

got here Emily says injecting my TRT

smoke at a cigarette and eating beef

Jersey jerky as I watched this show mask

you lyin says would have started lifting

decades ago if I'd known yeah exactly

exactly Winston wolf says why do

deadlifts I do not think of anything

else for a good while deadlifting takes

oh my god dead lifting is hard that's

why it works when you deadlift in order

to not hurt when you are picking

something up when you were picking up

four hundred I believe I think I've only

deadlift at 475 pounds I've done it

twice I tried it a third time got half

way that's my max deadly

and that took every molecule of

concentration I couldn't think of

anything the deadlift is the deadlift is

probably the best mental and physical

exercise of your mind and body there is

because you cannot think of anything

else if you let your mind wander for one

second you're gonna tweak your back

you're gonna hurt yourself

it requires 100% focus it's the same

with lifting weights this is why you

must lift weights

Ryan Sullivan says calorie or calorie

reduction will be effective for any

obese beginner very good good comment CD

a guide one says guys dumb question here

what are some good but super thin

condoms to use I couldn't tell you I've

been used condoms in a while fortunately

for me mr. Kyle says lay off the complex

carbs huh mr. Kyle if you would

elaborate on that um see complex

carbohydrates are eating clean apples

vegetables etc etc if you would either

let me know in the chat or give me a

call cuz I'd like to I'd like to know

more about I don't disagree with you but

I'm always looking for I'm always

looking for for input on on diet very

good abundance mindset absolutely CD a

guide says Donovan hasn't seen Roxanne

Thomas she's a nine man oh man well

let's look her up see what Roxanne

Thomas looks like him

Roxanne Thomas I don't know why you said

Roxanne Thomas but okay looks like there

are many rocks and Thomas's so I don't

know maybe that was a trick I don't know

whatever Paulo Barbosa says step one me

me me in your head you have to be so

full of yourself

absolutely you have to be selfish you

listen it can't be about anything but

you make it all about you Joby one

coyote says alcohol kills games if you

cannot handle your intake I try to stick

to three doubles casually paced good for

your good free

games even better for your frame good


Ryan Sullivan says why do people use

their cell phones at the gym I have no

idea why man the only reason why I use

my cell phone is for my music modern

life dating says trojan ecstasy and

Magnum those are condoms Miami Jay says

don't clown week guys at the gym as long

as they're there everyone has to start

somewhere totally agree my generic ytc

says what's up Donovan we light-skinned

brothers must live waits no questions no

everybody has to live weeds man lift

weights get out of here with that

light-skinned stuff here so Paulo likes

my text sign yes why love my kids don't

have them don't have them King life says

The Selfish people get it all day very

good excellent excellent the next step

is getting your finances in order this

is part of living the red to life is

having your financial house in order

guys I'm not a financial expert okay I'm

not gonna pretend to be but come up with

a plan listen stop spending money on

useless read books on Finance

watch videos go to go to courses do

webinars do like that and and

here's the thing man here's the thing

when you are getting your finit finances

in order you have to set financial goals

now personally when I found the red pill

I said I want to save ten thousand

dollars in my very first year now I

surpass I long surpassed that and I

saved almost fifty thousand dollars and

that was of course because of all the

bonuses the the the monthly bonuses I

receive from the call center that I was

working at but I had a plan so my

monthly expenses after I moved out of my

roommates place my monthly expenses were

around twelve hundred dollars per month

if that was my rent my utilities

occasionally I'd spend a little bit more

on food just depending upon where I was

going but I was making 13 bucks an hour

after taxes that comes to about four

hundred and fifty dollars a week well by

bonuses were anywhere between three and

four thousand dollars per month

now that was the difference now after

all of my expenses were paid that was a

difference of around four to five

thousand dollars so what I would do is I

would take everything after all expenses

were paid whatever I had left over I

would put everything away except for

five hundred dollars per month so I was

saving anywhere between thirty five

hundred and forty five hundred sometimes

even five thousand dollars per month now

by the middle now by the middle of the

very next year I had almost 65 I've

saved $50,000 forty eight thousand

dollars around forty thousand dollars

that first year but then over the next

six months in a year and a half I had

almost $65,000 saved up guys

liquid cash in a safe this is

what I got curious about real estate and

started purchasing you know rental

properties but again I'm not a financial

expert I'm not I'm just not watch videos

talk to people who have financial plans

in place but you have to get your

finances in order and you have to have a

plan listen we hear it all the time man

people don't plan to fail they fail to

plan if you're gonna get your finances

in order you have to have a plan Donovan

I don't make enough money to save money

yes you if you don't make enough money

to save your money than you were living

above your means stop living above your

means stop trying to impress people it's


don't live in an apartment with amenity

don't live in an apartment with

amenities that you don't really use

don't live in an apartment that's

seventeen hundred dollars per month dude

you can I convey gus' dude my first

apartment in Vegas it was a one-bedroom

one-bathroom apartment six hundred and

fifty dollars per month or a roundabout

I can't remember exactly my electric

bill is $75 per month give or take of

course I never had to run the I never

had to run the heat because it was

always hot in Vegas but keep your

expenses low I had a crappy little

windows phone' house paying twenty five

at AT&T; prepaid twenty five bucks a

month it was more than enough more than

enough to satisfy me I did not live

above my means how did you save sweeps

before I've grabbed Donovan well one I

had a good I had a good sales job I was

good at my job and I was making great

bonuses but two I lived way below my

means if I had lived above my means I

probably would have saved twenty

twenty-five thousand dollars but because

I live below

and this stuff is exponential here's

another thing here here's another tip

you have to watch out whether it's a job

or a career or hobby whatever the case

may be people when they get raises when

they start making more money they start

upgrading their lives okay so you're

making seventy thousand dollars a year

you get a fifteen thousand dollar a year

raise okay well now let's buy a better

car let's move into a bigger place let's

let's start wearing better clothes okay

so now I'm making a hundred and twenty

thousand dollars here let's buy an even

more expensive car let's buy more

expensive closest buy now let's buy a

house when you get an upgrade and pay

you don't have to upgrade your life do

not live above your means guys don't do

it another tip for surviving your first

year of red pillow race you have to put

yourself in stressful situations

I mentioned part of it earlier lift

heavy weights go out and get a sales job

we had a guy call into the brother pill

last night and he wanted to know he says

listen I'm a shy guy but how do I become

charismatic how can he actually pointed

he's like Donovan you're a charismatic

guy you're you're very animated how can

I become a guy like you well nobody can

really become somebody else but what I

suggested was getting a sales job that's

another episode that I've got on the

horizon suggested I think by Alonzo

Nelson and Nell how getting a sales job

will help you in your overall game put

yourself in stressful situations go to

singles means go to social events it

listen if you get lucky and pick up

chicks great but don't don't go there

with any expectations remember you've

forgotten about girls but you still want

to put yourself in these in these

stressful situations so you can start to

build up a little bit of character build

up a little bit of couthe oh my god she

blew me the out if you get lucky

and bang a chick great but you're not

you're not gonna learn until you put

yourself in those stressful situations a

lot of guys

a lot of guys tend to sort of cover up

putting yourself in stressful social

situations that's probably a little bit

further down the line after you come out

of month mode and we're gonna get to

that here in a minute but after you're

at a month mode go out into the world

talk to ten girls a day for know what

for about nothing put yourself in those

situations you will build that charisma

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call if you want to get

in on the show let us go to the phone


area code 702 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead Harry code 702 are you

with me

area codes yes area code 702 your own

life hey yeah what's up man what's up

brother I was calling in because uh

I'm watching the show and I heard you

talking about like the first like year

being red pill yeah and like this how

can I explain it the thing is like if

it's like like I'm not gonna lie like it

feels like an almost like have a

superpower a little bit you know what I

mean yep oh yeah like it feels like but

like one problem that I feel like with

like we're not really a problem but like

a change is that it's hard to like enjoy

your time with like your girlfriends and

stuff you know what I mean mm-hmm

cuz like you don't know if it's like

real or not but like at the same time

you're like oh I did it I'm with her

because there's this that and other you

don't I mean it looks like yeah so like

another thing is like I was gonna ask

when you're like when you're past like

the anger phase and stuff like how do

you like get back to like enjoying

yourself with women again there's like

for a little bit I was just like you

know I'm doing all this like I got a lot

more money no work out I'm in a lot

better shape but what do I like what do

I do to Mike make myself feel like you

know like like you know like when you're

blue Co like you feel like when you're

with a woman it's like a fantasy like

you're like oh

we have this I guess everything's all

sweet like I could just relax but like I

I know I can't do that anymore so you

know what you're taking us

yeah the one of the there are many there

are many benefits to taking the red pill

to be sure I think that I think that's

well documented but there are some

unintended consequences and one of those

unintended consequences and this

unintended consequence is it's gonna

stay with you is that you're not really

going to be impressed as much by women

like you're I'm not gonna say that you

won't love women but you're just not

gonna like listen and and you actually

you said it best one of the first things

that happens when you sort of take off

your blue pill glasses is that you very

quickly learn that sugar that girls are

there they are made of anything but

sugar spice and everything nice right

like again you go through the face you

understand what makes them tick you

understand what motivates them more

importantly you understand what their

true nature is this yeah what this does

is this leads to liking them a little

bit less than when you did before your

eyes was wise we're open now here's the

thing man this isn't to say that you're

going to despise them right I mean

listen far from it listen man we all

listen all of us and here we love the

way women smell we love the way they

walk we like the way they feel inside

and out

you know and listen being with a woman

there are comforting and rejuvenating

properties of genuine femininity and

listen man even though women and I've

said this before even though women are

weird and wonderful and fantastic and

up all at the same time their

company does have unique ways of

elevating your mood however temporary it

may be but now that you've been sort of

let behind the curtain and you can

accurately predict most any woman's

behavior their motivations they're not

quite as impressive or mysterious as

they used to be right like and plus

here's the thing Plus having like

intimate knowledge of some of their most

nefarious traits like their double-edged

sexual sexual strategies alpha

beta bucks how they really are

what this does is it make it really

makes it impossible to look at them

through the same lens and I actually

liken this to finding out how images

a magician's trick works like once a

magician reveals his trick which he

never does

he becomes less impressive and the

reason why is that the prestige which is

a fancy word of saying the you know the

ending of the trick the actual trick it

no longer has the same effect because

you know how he accomplished it it's the

same with women yeah it's the same with

women the real the red pill is so

thoroughly and accurately dissected the

inner workings of women that they're

just not as awe-inspiring anymore and

listen I listen I listen dude I totally

agree with you I would love to be able

like I remember what I used to think

dude that that girls were God's greatest

gift I used to love the aura that was

radiated off of them but the red pill is

destroy that for me man and and here's

the thing even though I'm even though I

even though I'm much better off like

this dude I'd be lying if I if I said I

didn't mist if I didn't miss the the

perceived aura that just radiated off of

them listen ignorance is bliss as they

all say and sometimes known how the

sausage is made is not all it's cracked

up to be

so at the end of the day man you know

part of accepting the red pill and the

red pill truth is understanding that

you're just not gonna be as just like

you said it's like with a it's like a

fantasy you want those feels but because

you know who and what women women really

are it's impossible to feel the same way

again it sucks but this is the part of

it another thing am I able to ask my


ya know Lightman okay ah man uh for me

well well for me

the red pill like I didn't really like

feel like I was in denial because when I

when I started taking it because like it

felt like everything in my belief system

was very like challenged nothing was

really working anymore like all the like

all the girls that I used to be able to

talk to you like they were just like

magically not welcoming me anymore right

and it was just like it was just it was

just so challenging because the thing is

when I was me I had sex for the first

time when I was 14 years old

oh and had you beat

the punch I lost my virginity at 15 yeah

and the thing was that you know I didn't

I didn't understand back then that was

because I was killing it in sports you

know I was like I was dressed and nice

to school every day you know I mean I

was a dick like a huge dish and I didn't

realize that and for some reason like

when I was a sophomore in high school

like I just started changing you know I

started being like not too serious well

I my workouts too real and I there's

this girl that I was into and I was

spending so so much time with her and

like that I was losing games and stuff

like I was just like it was terrible

yeah and then magically magically she's

just like she's like one day I'm like oh

you ain't gonna day and she's like oh

well you know I'm messing with this guy

now and you know which is all cool

enough now but you know she showed me a

great time and I'm just like wow he's

like where did I go wrong

and sixer and the crazy thing is like

the next two years like I finished high

school and stuff I am just messed with

this one girl and stuff and you know

just like you know like having like crap

crappy like starfish stacks and stuff

because you know I'm not really doing

anything yeah right you want a girl who

back right then yeah and I I don't

want to go back to that man like that

and I'm just like net but now like I'm

at college now and like I saw I saw her

and she's like oh you know I don't know

how you don't with me anymore and

like you seem so fake and you're so

you're so flaky and petty and however

and I'm like the thing is I'm not even

flaky and petty I just like got my

together and she's rationalizing yeah

yeah yeah lot of a lot of guys go

through and in women in particular what

they have a hard time with and I'm not

saying that I agree with them but but

women don't like women say that they

don't like the red pill and us you know

men teaching men red pill truth is

because it's almost as though we're

teaching you how to put on a facade like

with the pickup lines no far from it red

the red pill is congruence now at first

I don't want

see bacon till you make it but at first

listen we all need training wheels right

when you approach a girl I mean your

again you're not gonna you're not gonna

hit a girl with with with a with a

cheesy pick-up line you know like are

you Google because I've been searching

for you all day long or some stupid

like that like dude listen again

remember dude girls have the internet

too and they know this stuff but what we

teach men we teach men how to become

more attractive to women by changing who

they are and improving themselves and

women would and women say that well

they're teaching men how to be fake no

we're teaching men how to be more real

and more attractive the reason why women

don't like the red bill as we have

figured out how to get access to their

most valuable commodity for far less

than what we used to and that's what

they don't they don't they don't like

the fact that we've figured about like

like remember you listen we we exchange

the same story we used to think the

girls were these mystical and magical

and and and you know creatures that were

just hard to figure out and I just need

all these books no no no no women are as

simple as a cardboard box and

women know that they're as simple as a

cardboard box and we have figured out

that they're as simple as a cardboard

box and they don't like that they don't

like that we don't we're not in all of

them as we used to be and that's why

women don't like the red pill in the red

pill truth yeah man hey thanks for the

call man yes a big house absolutely

meant so much man and I'm gonna end it

here but another thing look right before

I leave other ways your time or anything

good one thing like about the red code

that is just so hard as well is that

your mom is a woman to you Oh like the

worst thing ever Jesus Christ man all

right thanks for the comment but you

absolutely listen man he hit the nail on

the head dude that is another very very

difficult part about swallowing the red

pill and this is where a lot of guys get

caught up well my mom would never do

anything like that or my sisters aren't

like that or my auntie's are migrant naw

naw naw man I've talked about this

before guys I love my mom I love my

mother and I love my sisters and they

know that I love them very very much but

they are women too they have made

bat'leth a

have all made bad decisions when it

comes to men and relationships because

they are like that all women are like

that including the ones related to us

and a lot of men end up a lot of men end

up how can I put this they end up

stalling out because they just don't

want what all other women are like that

but not the ones related to me but they

don't ever stop to think that all these

women you're out here all these

women around here bagging all these

women around here talking and about

their sisters their mothers their aunts

- they're related to somebody so you

mean to tell me that the chick that you

just at the club she's somebody

again that girl has a brother that girl

hat or that that woman has a husband

that that woman has a son and their son

is thinking the same thing you're

thinking well everybody but me but then

okay I just her so because he's

really because she's related to you your

mom and your sister differ well I beg to

differ because my dick was in her ass in

the parking lot at the club it's a very

hard pill to swallow he hit the nail

right on the head that is one of the

most difficult elements to stomach about

the red pill is that the women related

to us are the same way that is man that

is a hard pill to swallow man hard pill

to swallow rob crew says bachelor pad

economics is a great book

yeah I've never heard of that but but

that sounds good Paula Barbosa says

financial success is achieved by dis

purring your urge to gratify yourself

now yes delayed gratification absolutely

made for your nards says a won't you

better believe it

Joby one coyote j-dub see says have you

ever tried the keto diet I mixed

intermittent fasting with keto food

regimen I lost weight fast while keeping

the energy but I always felt hungry

again there are pluses and minuses to

this to this kind of thing I'm listen

I'm really gonna put the diet into into

I've got a lot going on I'm going to

Orlando next week for the 21 convention

three days after I three days after I

get back here to Philly I got to go to

Reno to take care of some business on

a lot of traveling Devin and I are Devin

and I are actually planning something

really cool for Thanksgiving we're

actually gonna rent a cabin in the

Poconos and we're gonna go spend

Thanksgiving in the mountains so a lot

of traveling and of course we don't know

if we're gonna go see her family or my

family so you know the whole the diet

thing goes out the door this time of

year but I'm staying in that

weight room better believe it

rob Cruces people are still paying for

cable yeah I'm one of those people so

yeah Rob curse has Donovan that episode

on saving money was a good one two years

ago dollar tree shopping hell yeah hell

yeah Sal Paula says I used to be a

canvasser and that's a great way to

improve social skills talk to hundreds

of people daily of all backgrounds

listen and area code 72 oh I see you on

the line I'm gonna get to you in just a

second since now Paula brings up an

excellent excellent point nothing

nothing builds your charisma like being

a salesperson guys I have had I've had

many door-to-door sales jobs

I've sold magazines door-to-door I've

sold the cleaning products door-to-door

I've sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door

I've sold home security systems

door-to-door when somebody is trying to

close the door in your face you got to

think quick on your feet overcome those

objections guys I'm here to tell you

those jobs are not easy talking to girls

a lot of times isn't easy either but if

you spent all those years in sales

positions specifically door-to-door guys

you are in movable your game is rock

solid you're always quick on your feet

guys this up this was the head start

this was the head start that I needed in

game I did not realize how much of an

advantage I had just by virtue of being

in the sales game for so long I'm listen

I'm definitely gonna do an episode on

that here very very soon so Paula that

is the that's the comment of the episode

he says I used to be an canvasser means

door to door it's a great way to improve

social skills you talk to all kinds of

different people from different

backgrounds you get to I mean it's Elam

I got it it's unbelievable I can't wait

to do that episode I can't wait to do an

episode on that

Dark Dragon 99 says don't concentrate on

the finger or you'll miss all the

heavenly glory really know what that

means so Paul also says Donovan's not

advice is definitely said if you want to

prove something you got to dive in no

tiptoeing I agree

Ryan Sullivan likes to swallow these

kids says I should start printing

t-shirts spine jackal says the only time

you enjoy yourself with women is when

your balls deep in their ass that's the

thing about red pill awareness man like

I talked about the the hot mexican girl

Chrissy that I dated in Vegas listen

dude one of the hottest girls I've ever

the hottest girlfriend I was I

girlfriend I've ever had

dude I couldn't when my dick wasn't in

her I could not stand her oh my god I

couldn't stand her she's a

headache my girl voice really comes from

Chrissy down in Vegas

oh my god Mexican girl total total total

valley girl total valley girl Oscar says

the red pill has side effects which can

affect different people in different

ways so totally agree my generic white

EC says gym memberships are somewhat

expensive in my area been doing research

into buying equipment from rogue I just

feel that's my best Avenue okay we get

through these and then we'll get back to

the phones

pine CK RPS gains before Dame's I like

it Winston wolves as good-looking but

good looking dumb violent dicks always

kill it

he's had not retarded dumb but dumb

enough not to question stuff

Miami Jace's women are cardboard box the

red pill is a tape dispenser my generic

ytc and 17 I'm gonna get to you in just

a second he says you Donovan sorry about

the last comment question how many days

a week for lifting I lift three days a

week so I'm in the gym six days a week

three days a week I do i do my strong

lifts 5x5 I do the bench press the

deadlift the standing overhead shoulder

press the barbell row and the squat and

then on the on the off days I work on my

core that's what I do

Jonathan wants me to come to Tokyo John

Doe wants to know which mountains I'm

going to I'm going to the Poconos spine

jackal says Kirby vacuums most savage

sales job did it for years dude you sell

Kirby vacuums you-you-you sell Kirby

vacuum cleaners brah and you find the

red pill you're gonna be up to your

eyeballs and 911 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call to get in on the show let's go to

the phone lines area code seven two zero

you're on live with Donovan go ahead

how's it going doing good Ben

hold on for one second take your time

brother no no that's cool then Donovan

just wanted sorry had someone at the

door there no you're good go ahead many

I'm calling from Denver okay

46 years old and really just wanted to

call and thank you and Rollo and Richard

Cooper for the content you guys provide

I've been a red pill for about a year

now okay and it's been a journey it's

been an adventure and I'm on my way up

checking out content and working on

myself such as these live streams and

good really getting in the books and

really don't have a question I just

wanted to call and again thank you guys

and you know really dealing with

swallowing the red

till just not just with women but life

in general

ya know kind of getting out of the

matrix as far as everything you know

work politics yep women of just social

interactions yeah it's completely change

in my life and yeah I just wanted to

thank you man keep on doing what you're

doing you know listen you're helping a

lot of listen listen before you go

before you go I'd like to ask you a

question what was the event or events

that led you to the red pill and how did

you find it because I'm always

interested because because again many

men find the red pill for the same

reasons but the stories to me are always

fascinating again you don't have to give

any personal proprietary information but

if you can just tell us tell my audience

how you found what event or events led

you to search out something different

and what a what exactly did you search

on the internet that led you to the red

pill if you don't mind yeah so um April

of last year April of 2017 I broke up

with my girlfriend of five years and uh

you know after that after I broke up

with her I was like man what ideal

another failed relationship you know

thinking what did I do it you know what

am I doing wrong and you know the reason

I broke up with her was you know the

first two or three years is great right

but the last two years

I just the sex was declining the sex was

not there wasn't as good if it was the

nagging started coming in we are talking

about me moving in I found myself doing

projects at her house more than my more

than my house and so I kicked her to the

curb and so I started looking at stuff

and the first thing I came across like

all YouTube were like Midtown videos

okay and started kind of drinking that

from that cup and you know I mean it

kind of it kind of helped but

then I saw just a lot of negativity and

stuff like that and and again MIG tells

I want you to understand that all MIG

Towson and I know a lot of guys all I'm

never going McDowell listen not all MIG

Tau's are created equal

there are a lot of guys who label

themselves as big towels but without all

of that negativity you you have listen

you have to keep that stuff in your mind

but I want guys to understand that not

all big towels are like Stardust or turd

flinging monkey as far less in' I don't

really know much about Stardust but I do

know that guys like TFM and again for

the record I'll let you continue here in

a minute

turtling a monkey is one of the most

brilliant minds in terms of

understanding the system red pill

awareness he is he is he's smarter than

me I'll give that to him but he's stuck

in the anger phase he's stuck in the

anger phase and he's pissed off at guys

like me for accomplishing what he never

could and so you have to be careful

listen baby they drop a lot of knowledge

but they're not really solutions

oriented their solutions are take all

rights away from women well that's not

going to happen you have to come up with

realistic solutions well the solution is

to check out of the dating market well

you are advising men who couldn't

otherwise get laid in the dating market

to check out of the dating market girls

are just gonna laugh at you guys and say

you know what we weren't you

guys anyway so good riddance so again

going that going the MiG towel route you

have to really be careful on what you

consume there so so you said there was a

lot of negativity with mgtow what

happened after that um yeah it was just

more of kind of waking up to the fact

and and since I do like women and I like

their company you know in the bedroom

more than anything sir it just kind of

woke me up to like how to deal with

women at work just out in public and

whatnot but then yeah I didn't like the

whole month mode thing and once I

started knowing that I have to accept it

instead of being bitter then you know

then I ran into the likes of you and

Rollo and Richard Cooper and dude I've

been I've never read books I've see I've

got all Rollo's books

and you're all three million are

dangerous personalities no more mr. nice

guy right you know art of not giving a

but the tactical guide to women yes

dr. Smith yes Suman all this stuff and

man it's the best thing that's happened

to me at 46 you know I mean I've been

every type of guy to women I used to be

a player back in my clubbing days in

early 2000 like I used to slay women but

then I would turn into a simple and I

add one we have made a role yep yep yep

so uh ya know it's been quite the

awakening it's a very enlightened and

like it's it's ammunition and when you

got it you can prepare for it you don't

have to hate on lemme just have to

accept their nature and treat it like a

superpower like you guys say absolutely

absolutely well listen man thank you for

forgiving me a call and I love hearing

guys call up and say hey listen man you

guys are doing good work you guys really

helped me guys save my life and and and

you know we get we do get a lot of this

stuff but believe it or not we get a lot

more negativity than we do you know

positive stories also I'll give you

credit for recognizing that the

low-level hater a big towel is not the

way to go it's very easy to fall into

but it's good that you recognized that

hey you want to know something

this is this doesn't feel right to me I

actually like women I like sticking my

dick in women and I want to figure out

how to do that and not get my pound of

flesh taken so good for you for for

realizing that getting out of that and

finding you know fighting the Redman

girl thanks thanks for the call men all

right have a great day you too bud yeah

it's always good when guys call up with

their personal stories

I got another caller on the line let me

let me hit these let me hit these only

address these chats here King life says

deep down everyone who takes the red

pill or MIG tails just how deep you go

into the anger phase I would agree

listen there's a little big town on all

of us to be honest with you Armando says

I love how Donovan uses TFM as an

Appl funny-ass yeah well I said

listen man this is what happens when

somebody challenges you man-to-man and

you say talk to my manager you're a

nobody I'm not talkin for you yeah I'm

scared I tell you to say

Jimmy Wan coyote says the dude was wise

a negative approach is counterproductive

totally agree

spin Z says I can't I can't I keep

getting drugged back into the anger

phase and it sucks I am constantly

working on myself money I keep finding

it just works for me finding it's just

for me these bitches in California are

not worth the risk

totally agree Jose asked a question he

says if you are new to the red pill how

long should I wait before Danny again ie

avoiding going back to the blue pill

mentality I don't think there's a and

somebody had dressed it um somebody said

something about give me a second Kyle

Mitchell says Jose don't rush into any

relationship get used to being by

yourself in dealing with multiple women

at once focus on your career and money

let the women be in the background yeah

don't start dating just spend plates

right like just don't get me wrong I

know relationships are great but when

you have red pill awareness you

understand that relationships can

sometimes be a hindrance to your

progress listen I made that I made the

choice to become a tattoo to be in a

relationship with Devin and right now

it's worth the trade-off but if I

weren't with Devin I'd be far more

productive than I am now I'm not saying

that I regret being in a relationship

with Devin but there's a trade-off and I

listen I've had red bull awareness for

going on ten years now so I understand I

understand how to balance that out but I

don't think there's a timetable I would

say to leave women alone completely for

a good six months to a year it really

just kind of depends and I'm gonna get

I'm actually gonna get into monk mode a

little bit later on another last caller

from Denver says the month mode that he

was talking about is the low level MIG

tau permanent month mode I'm just gonna

be a monk no you're not being a monk to

improve yourself you're being a monk to

check out at the dating market they plan

to go there a little monk cave and never

come out no there's a Red Bull there's a

Red Bull monk mode there's a right way

and a wrong way to do monk mode

that I'm gonna talk about here shortly

is a monk mode that you're eventually

gonna come out of good question good

good question let's see here

Paulo Barbosa says Jose sorry no time

line work on yourself to get the upper

hand you should approach a relationship

with a position of strength of a

position of strength not equal or weak

good advice

good advice very good very good

all right let's go back to the phone

lines caller you are unmuted you were on

live with Donovan go ahead it is the

number one Tokyo Midtown yes ladies and

gentlemen it is the number one Tokyo MIG

tell my man Jonathan from Modern Life

dating thanks for calling in brother

what's going on man I I hope I'm not

inadvertently branding myself as a big

town yes this is on this is already nice

your inside joke yes let's just make

that clear yes because I remember I

called you with migt out for the longest

Reiser like dude I'm not a MIG down then

finally you just said yes I'm the

world's number one McDowell giggle that

makes us but anyways look I just wanted

to double down on what you said about

sales you know I think you and I live

parallel lives because you know I did

the whole sales thing right and you go

yeah we got this guy guy just called

Annette 46 and he's just waking up if

you're a guy in your 20s even if you're

29 alright 18 to 29 if you can

just get into red pill knowledge and get

into a sales job where you need to

retain you maybe you can make the sale

and retain the customer by overcoming

mmm they call it objection resurrection

right if you can get those two things

covered you could become a millionaire

dude he's not exaggerating bitches who

do what they like I was in sales I was

selling out Sears I'll telling repair

protection agreement plans like I would

basically sell insurance on appliances

okay and something happens is it call

Center thought of in wrote an article

saying all girls that work at call

center just lost complete true number

two is when you learn to do sales I'm

writing a book and coming out soon and

it's called sexist sales oh oh yeah

so you know it's gonna be soup it's

gonna be super easy book but I met a guy

who used to be an NFL recruiter and we

used to call him crazy Timmy because

this guy was roided out of his mind but

he was so like he was like the Joker he

knew so much truth that he was like kind

of crazy sure of course

panic you know big

intimidatingly had that psychopath look

in his eyes I remember one time at the

gym he like forcefully grabbed me he

grabbed me

this man is about six foot four 250

pounds he says listen me kid on them I

know you get is if you get

you can get money hell is thank God

dancing and you know you never see a

Salesman walking around jerking off

being some loser easy easy you

know got baited in you could be a

Salesman skillful but you get baited in

into being a blue kill workhorse uh-huh

but if you have red pill sales red pill

plus sales dude sky is the limit

listen check this out is the absolutely

this is why this is why in our

mythical you know in the mythical TSR

towers characters this is why Kevin is

in the sales department it's not Kevin

the manager it's not Kevin in accounting

it's not Kevin and purchasing it's not

Kevin in the warehouse it's Kevin in

sales the reason why Kevin and sales

your girlfriend my girlfriend and

that guy's wife because he's a sales

person that's listen this is all there

is to it and it's funny now that I'm

thinking about it my my red pill

Renaissance it was like when I think

about it it was the perfect storm it was

the perfect storm I had come out of what

was quite literally the worst heartbreak

of my life I'm smack dab in the

capital of the world

Las Vegas Nevada and I discovered the

red pill and I was in a boiler room type

sales job this is why I was able to

catch on to the red pill so quickly it's

like I was getting all of this training

and I don't really know I didn't realize

I did it took me maybe five or six years

to realize wait a minute

all of these sales jobs have prepared me

for this this is why I was this is why I

was a test I was a test

machine this is why rejection didn't

faze me

okay cool she didn't want to bike on to

the next on to the next caller on to the

next prospect this is why I'm telling

you and listen dude this book is gonna

be brilliant I want the first

copy sale listen sex is sales may God

and 100 percent dude yep 100 percent and

I know why Kevin in sales is also

getting a you cuz Donovan you were

at the top of the charts that's right

you know what happened I was at the top

of the charts you know what happens all

those bitches they started looking at

you sitting next to you in the break

room that's right that's right my god

you're number one yeah that's right

listen the best salespeople listen the

best salespeople in the company get all

the this is why I know that Paul

Center broads are hoes

I was always dude I was always at the

top of the sales board man and this is

what this is why bitches loved me

because they knew because they knew I

had the gift of gab I was the best at

what I did there and I was getting money

like it's all it's it's all just a

natural thing man you don't have to be

the Alpha of everything you just have to

be the best of what you do and if it

happens to me at sales and girls

witnessed this stuff they're like oh

yeah yeah yeah

Donovan you Donovan got another $5,000

bonus Donovan hit the he hit the

extended bonus tier again this month

what is that the second the seventh

month in a row wait a minute Donovan

doesn't want to be a supervisor because

he makes more money on the live eye dude

the company I was working for they

wanted me to be the supervisor two

months in I said I don't want to be a

supervisor well why not

because I can make more money on the

sales for well you get a bigger salary I

know but what about commissions well no

no no no no no I want to grind it out on

the phones I want that dude I don't care

about titles just pay me the money yep

and that's why you know like you know I

hate to see

when you like undermine yourself on the

show sometimes saying I'm not smart or

ever but the this that you

have like you can't go to like you know

University of Florida and be like hey

can I learn how to be a vicious alpha

male like and what can I get this

information you have lived the life like

there are no courses out there to get it

like people have to tune into your show

listen to with a notepad write it

down and then go out there and apply it

and that is how you change your

life like you have a plethora of

experience that is just completely

undocumented in like written form you

know it's all it's just all in your

brain that's why I told you this show is

gonna blow up I know this show is

gonna get huge so let's I just wanted to

double down on that just so you know I

appreciate young men listening you know

I'm 32 I'm just like I'm 32 and you know

I came out here and I matched a company

record only gave me my submission check

for you guys that watching my live

stream last night you know I made them

70 G's in one month it cut me a check

for 6,500 I was like well hell mmm yep

literally God must be plane so

but yeah that's it I just wanted to chop

it in the air to say like get in there

and I know another side note is also

sales is a form of winning and if you're

constantly winning winning winning it's

a scientific fact that your testosterone

goes off oh yeah absolutely even though

if you're closing sales and I mean

you just your money in the bank so get

out there get a sales job learn how to

sail close these and then

get out there and treat women the same

thing when you're out looking and trying

to pick up girls your prospecting

clients there you go you've got new girl

their client that's alright taking them

out on date these are our CCMS is a

client candidate meeting to your low

sexual dude don't give away the book man

you're giving away the book already I

mean give a I'm not in this for the

money I'm in this for freeing these kids

minds so you know what

go steal my book I'm gonna give a

I'm going to the top because I don't

enjoy so like that's why I said I'm so

glad I just I never forget Dumbledore

Dumbledore palm read man grew up in that

heard you speaking I was like who the

is that black guy he's

preaching and that is when that is when

our friendship bloomed so you guys are

listening to the man like I know you're

not supposed to like get on here and

talk to people and like you know promote

could I have a brand to and I'm I was

like you know say like Oh his my brand

is better than his or blah blah I don't

give a but I can't say a hundred

percent if you're listening to Donovan

and you're applying his words you're

writing the down on a notepad and

you're actually going and taking action

your life will change you'll have so

much sex your dick will go numb in the

middle of sex with some of these girls

are getting bored with it he's not lying

dude Jonathan thanks for the call thanks

for thanks for the kind words mine I

appreciate it Jonathan from modern life

dating and you know yeah of course I

pick fun at myself because you know I

always say well I'm not as smart as I

sound but you know what it's it's

interesting because I rub elbows with

some of the best minds in the manosphere

you know I'm like like new no one who's

ever going to no one's ever gonna

mistake me for role it's like I do a

show with rollo tomassi Ryan stone

Richard Cooper who's the other brilliant

guy that we do dot dude I do a show dude

I do a show with dr. Sean t Smith and a

guy who has revolutionized the

manosphere who has a degree in

psychology so I don't know maybe it's

some sort of a maybe it's some sort of

an intelligence complex that I have but

I never allow myself to think that I'm

the smiley you know what they say if

you're the smartest person in the room

then you are in the wrong room so so

yeah I mean I appreciate Jonathan for

for giving me credit on that yeah I mean

you know I try not to I try listen I'll

brag about I brag about a lot of things

I'll brag about the bitches I I

bragged about this oh yeah Karl

Black Label logic yeah dude that guy is

a Brainiac right like those guys

man like compared to those guys I am not

exact I don't have as much cerebral

brawn as they do so to speak but just

like just like Jonathan said I've had

dude I've got I've got a mountain of

experience and I can string two words

together I happen to have that I happen

to have the the the the the ability to

both write and speak eloquently I have a

very strong command of the English


I'm very forceful I'm very you know I'm

very sure of what I say and hopefully

that comes across as genuine so good

call there by Jonathan for Modern Life

dating let's go back to the phone lines

area code 702 you're on live at Donovan

what's up brother how you doing man

thanks for calling it again things but

the first thing is for me you hit it

right on the money that you said you got

to be in the jam I think a lot of guys

you know you asked all these questions

you know overcomplicated if you're in

the gym especially when you first

started we first up open us particular

5x5 you're not worried about that you're

worried about a 90 second look that's

exactly right

seriously this is no questions about

that you know but almost feel like

sometimes you know because like Donovan

is this is weird because it's almost

like you know you're asking all these

questions right if you're in the gym

three three times a week

look it's when if you said that -

because I'm in the gym three times a

week okay yeah do the ab roller like I

do a bowler selfie time do we - so you

work on your core on off days I work on

my pony off face so what kind of my

other thing okay because like you said

like you said it instill discipline you

know it gets you on a routine between

the hab that you're doing things that

unpleasant as a stress test every right

right right

any day to stress less you know and and

uh God you know do never grow up being

comfortable you got to be on comfort

yes that's right they'd be too

comfortable you're doing you wrong it

listen my what am i what am i spin

instructors he's an old guy his name is

Bob or not an old guy he's 53 years old

I've actually streamed some of this to

Instagram the guy is a dude he's a

maniac oh and don't pay

attention to that voice we're not gonna

get cut off here but one thing that he

says is that if it doesn't challenge you

it will not change you and that's and

that makes sense

poetically linguistically but it's true

it's one of the many it's one of the

review slogans that are actually true if

it doesn't challenge its gonna change

you know you're not gonna get stronger

by bench pressing 45 pounds don't get

stronger by bench pressing 245 you have

to put stress on your body it's the only

way absolutely I think physicality is a

physicality is definitely something to

get the International and friend if

you're not physical in some way shape

I'm not saying look you got a big no

Phil Heath or ring right right not if

you're not being physical as a man it's

just not good and it's second that kind

of a segue into you know Donna because I

forgot which episode I was into some guy

was talking about tinder or whatnot you

know what can I do about online dating

whatever this is so funny I almost feel

like it goes back to my previous point

you gotta be look think about online

dating nowadays and for my opinion it's

easier now because remember back in the

day down to how much of you don't know

my dating memory you get to come over

the lab rat profile and you know people

like shitty pictures and now you

just swipe left or right it's almost

reduced to you get what I'm saying like

yeah yeah I've never I've never done

online dating but I know plenty of guys

who have an online dating is based

strictly on the way you look so if you

get in the gym and you change your

physique but guess what you're gonna do

very well how do I do well with online

dating get your ass to the gym doesn't

matter what you say don't matter what

your pickup lines are if you look good

girls are going to you that's just

how it goes and by the way it works the

same way out in real life

imagine that

right also old under one monthly value

but you beat me to the punch I was going

to say this is very simple if you you

know women have thirsty pictures that

there's tread pictures makes it do the

same thing but anyway it takes more work

right but you know hey you know you can

put the cursor in the last thing I'm

gonna say I'm gonna run this value

especially very interesting that I told

my boy about this anything any lefty

agree with that he says romantic

comedies or porn or porn for women oh

yes of course one yes yeah hey you know

I was thinking and Donovan look you know

psychology buzz trying to break this

down you know I was thinking from then

right and I don't mean this in a

negative way but men the equivalent of

that is that you know that fat guy who's

always watching sports and he's always

you know he's not sitting I'm in the gym

he's not in ansan his grind is doing the

95 goes goes home on the couch and you

know drinks a beer I think I think the

male equivalent of that almost would be

that that said that's love just watch

the support to get so emotional about it

yeah and you get what I'm saying live

vicariously through the sports playing

yes on your grind you don't saying care

about sports but that's not the end all

be all

that's right some of these guy sports it

end all be on I feel like that's almost

like you're saying it's almost like the

mail equipment available but the

princess fantasy like oh wow I've never

you know what I never thought of it that

way but you're absolutely right because

if they don't get their fantasy they

fall to pieces like oh my god my world

is falling but Mike my world is falling

down around me here's another thing like

I'm a huge sports fan but guess what if

like the Eagles lost a heartbreaker in

overtime on Sunday I was bummed about it

for about 50 I was bummed for about 15

seconds and then I went on with the rest

of my day

I love the Eagles but I don't live and

die with my football team because I got

other going on in my life I'm one

in three and fantasy okay that sucks but

I don't give a it's just fantasy

football it's just sports

it's crazy by the way my Giants

let me ask you about this man you seem

to be pretty up on the bodybuilding

thing how about Shawn Rhoden upsetting

bill he that mr. Olympia man that you

know I'm gonna say this you know think I

follow them I follow them right Ashley

but I saw that and let me say this Phil

he is gonna come back 10 times stronger

look don't get me wrong

yo I said the same thing I said the same


listen here's the thing man Phil Heath

has won seven mr. Olympius I think he's

gonna win the next two possibly three

he's gonna set the record he's not gonna

listen he's not gonna get the gift he's

not gonna get eight in a row like Lee


and Ronnie Coleman but I'm telling you

Phil Heath is gonna break that record I

think he gets I think he gets the next

one the next one after that and he might

even get the next one after that because

I'm telling you losing hurts worse than

winning feels good Phil he thought he

had it in the bag next year he's gonna

dude he's gonna be a behemoth

next year nobody stopping him I totally

agree totally agree you're talking about

there is no growth and comfortability

oh yeah look I just won my god I just

want my next one we ranked I'm doing the

daily grind

no yeah I'm saying that puts it back

into the frame that's right oh you know

what it's time in the middle s down on

top and also to think for me about the

rest I never really went through the

anger phase okay no and you know I feel

like you know don't get me wrong no I

think a lot of they become resentful

what not sure I'm more of the type

winner I analyzed it and uh you know and

I take it and for me it was getting that

masculine train back right through the

night I'm not like I'm just being the

man it's not about the thing is we'll

look I think I think sometimes men want

to be alpha to like it's funny because

you know I was kind of an abstract thing

right for a

it's kind of it's about being the man

and you go down that path it's not about

this week one of my problems was one of

my problems a person one of my problems

was I always

tried to be to say when I say to say if

I'm not thinking about myself boring or

you know always waste a whole bunch of

time whatever no you're saying if you're

on your glide if you're on if you're in

the way he's doing it like if you're in

the gym you only get Brian to get any

money you get what I'm saying

yeah oh oh the women just come with the

territory here you go man and I think

exactly thing is to his face

I don't what boy this money because I

like what you said could I live by

myself you and I feel like if you know

I'm of the I'm of the mind we're like

you know you can't and you don't be like

it's hard to get things like booze or

roommates or hey listen listen you don't

want to do either but yeah if you had to

pick the list or two evils live with mom

all right man appreciate it my man area

code 702 check it in from Las Vegas

Nevada good call man good call good call

let me uh let me hit the chat here

before I continue on let's see we got

here I saw some really really good


Jose opine carnivore pine carnivore made

a really good comment he said chase the

crown not the Queen very very good um

Rob Duracell I think that's how you said

your name he says I'm 44 years old five

years into my first marriage

I think the bitterest part of the red

pill is realizing I've been a bitch my

whole life better late than ever a lot

of guys think oh my god I'm 44 and I'm

just discovered the red pill is a too

late now man dude you're still in the

middle of your sexual prime dude there

are food there are guys in their mid 40s

to mid 50s banging hot twenty five

thirty year old girls men like our

sexual shelf-life is so much longer our

sexual primes are so much longer better

late than never

absolutely spends ESA's modesty's one


accept the compliment Donovan smartass

yeah well very good all

right okay application over theory very

good Jack Napier it's an interesting

name again says looking forward to the

21 convention in Denver yeah they're

gonna need to 21 conventions next year

one's gonna be in Poland the other one's

gonna be in Denver so I'm looking

forward to being on both of those Massey

wants to know how many grams of thunder

hippo did I take today two grams to

grams Kyle Mitchell made a comment

earlier that says I have to talk to ten

girls to sleep with one and sometimes

the ratios aren't even that favorable

listen this is the game this is how

tough game is I always use this example

if I talk to ten girls I'm gonna get

seven phone numbers of those seven phone

numbers I get four will four will

respond to my text messages of those

four that respond on my text messages

two will agree to a meet-up and at least

one of them is gonna flake so even so if

one of them flakes now I got one shot to

get laid that night that's how hard the

game is men

that's a hard the game is here's

something else that you should do to

survive your first year of the red pill

and a lot of guys make this a lot of

guys don't do this and they don't

understand the value and it's what the

guy from Denver touched on a little bit

earlier when he talked about going into

monk mode you have to go into monk mode

as soon as you find the red pill go into

monk mode and this is this is temporary

when I say monk mode your month mode

needs to last anywhere between three and

six months for it to really sink in and

when I say go into monk mode guys I'm

talking about going off the grid suspend

all of your social media suspend all

your accounts do you deactivate all of

your accounts get comfortable with being

isolated this is where you grow when you

when you're in monk mode when you take

yourself off the grid you don't really

have time for much any the only thing

you need to focus on is yourself

concentrate on learning game lift

weights get your body right get your

mind right do some reading learn how to

get your finances in order

I went into about a three-month monk

mode and I should have done this right

when I found the right pill instead of

going out and hollering at right

so I went out and failed and then

somebody said well listen Donovan you

have to go into monk mode for a little

bit and and helped immensely I didn't go

out suspend in all social media I didn't

hang out with my friends I kept in touch

with them but all I concentrated on was

self-improvement monk mode allows you to

just hide away from the world and just

build yourself in that cave again lift

weights learn about game read practice

drill Herse monk mode is one of them

there are many many ways to do monk mode

you can go to the red pill sub Rhett

subreddit and and find out different

ideas in terms of in terms of monk mode

here's something else that you need to

do in your very first year surviving

your first year of rent of having red

pill awareness guys this is the most

important thing you need to consume red

pill content daily no days off guys

listen I'm Donovan sharp and I still

consume red pill content daily okay

morning noon night weekends holidays

gentlemen this lifestyle this stuff

needs to be drilled into your skull now

eventually do you consume red pill on a

regular basis for a good solid year two

years five years ten years eventually

it's gonna stick and it will and it will

not leave so I'm gonna give you guys I'm

actually gonna give you guys and what

I'll do is I'll actually put this when I

post this on patreon later and it'll

print this is gonna go up on patreon at

3:00 3:00 o'clock this afternoon Eastern

Standard Time along with the video and

audio versions of episode 341 I'm going

to post these red pill readings I've got

a few red pill books red pill

publications you need to read at least

once a month okay I'm gonna give you red

pill websites that you need to bookmark

and then I'm gonna give you red pill

YouTube channel so red pill shows first

in Florida first

and foremost the first red pill book the

rational male the reckless and the

rational male is the rational male

series and listen it's gonna cost a

little bit of money there they're

certainly not cheap but the rational

male is probably the most comprehensive

thorough complete accurate dissection of

red pill awareness there there has ever


that's all there is to it listen Rollo

Tomassi is called The Godfather of the

red pill for a reason and it's funny man

a lot of guys like to disagree with

Rollo Tomassi they don't disagree with

him the only reason why they disagree

with him is to make a name for


there was this on youtube by

the name of Steve Hoka every time he saw

that Rollo was on a podcast with someone

he would start a podcast of his own

yeah Rollo I was talking about this that

and the other well he's wrong about this

dude you're a dude you're a

retard in some basement in

Greenwich Connecticut you don't

know Rollo is the world's foremost

expert on red pill awareness you may

disagree with some of his tactics you

may disagree with a few things that he

says but there is no doubt there is no

doubt that the rational male Rollo

Tomassi that is the authority and you

don't believe me just ask the dude ask

me ask the wedding think he sold 500,000

copies ask the men whose lives he's

changed the next red pill recommendation

is the Solomon to blog that is called

the Solomon to blog that is written by

del rock and I'm gonna I'm not gonna put

links in here because I don't want my

chat to disappear and you guys and again

I'm gonna put this by Del Rock I'm gonna

type in I'm gonna type in the names I'm

not gonna put and put in the links

because it kind of with my it kind

of with Maya with my chat the next

the first one is the rational male by

Rollo Tomassi sebasi the next one is the

Solomon to blog by del rock there and


that whole blah it's it's it's a PDF you

can look it up it's a PDF guys it is it


rock solid red pill advice from start to

finish and there is a revolutionary

section in there called the drive-thru

boyfriend guys you gotta check it out

this is 100 dude guys this is solid

gold the Salomon 2 blog by del

rock that is my second that is my second

recommendation my third red pill

recommendation and again these are all

books that you need to read at least

once a month for the first year the next

recommendation is called the manipulated

man by Esther Villar by Esther Villar

this was written by a woman back in the

1970s excellent publication and by the

way the only one of these that you have

to pay money for is the rational male

everything else is completely free you

can find it right there you can find it

right there on Google it's available in

PDF form or on somebody's blog the next

one that I recommend is called the mass

and REE bubble and it was written by

somebody called the futurist it was

published back in 2010 and this guy so

accurately and thoroughly breaks down

what is going to everything that kee

predicted is coming through again full

of red pill truth the next one that I'm

going to recommend the next red pill

publication you need to consume at least

once a month is called The Book of Luke

that is P oh ok the book of poop and

again you can find that on PDF form and

last but certainly not least the last

red pill the last red pill

recommendation in terms of in terms of

publications that you need to consume at

least want them once a month for the

first year the predatory female by a man

who calls himself the Reverend Lawrence

Shannon this guy is a savage this guy

dude this guy breaks women down like

they have never been broken down before

straight up you guys will love that book

so again the rational male the Solomon

to blog of the manipulated man

the mass and Zuri bubble the book of

poop and the predatory female and again

I will include I will include all links

when I post this when I put this up on

patreon at three o'clock Eastern noon

pacific the websites that you need to go

to that you need to bookmark are of

course donovan sharp calm the rational

male calm illimitable man illimitable

men calm now it's been a while since I

am has been on my show and look it

sounds to me like he's in a bit of a

transitional phase in his life he hasn't

he hasn't posted anything on his blog in

over a year

but his website is still up and it is

one of the again this listen illimitable

man is probably as brilliant he's a

British guy lives in the UK he is as

brilliant in my mind as a guy like Rollo

Tomassi he's a crate listen he's a crazy

that's all listen anybody anyone who has

anyone who has listened to and I've done

13 shows with a limit of a man you can

find them all on my all on my website

Noma on my patron the guy's up he's a

zany son of a bitch but the guy knows

his illimitable men.com again pack

dude full of red pill advice a little

bit old man has a has an affinity for

the 48 laws of power he's also probably

he probably knows about give me a give

me a second what was it the oh he knows

a lot about the dark triad traits he's

done a lot of studying on that but

illimitable men.com return of Kings calm

is also a website I would recommend but

I would caution you I wouldn't read

anything and you can read what you want

um but I would read return of Kings from

October of 2012 Andrew started the site

until about July of 2017 everything

everything that is everything from July

2017 on I don't want to say it's low

quality but it just kind of takes a kind

of takes a weird turn

takes a weird turn you know a lot of old

right ish type of stuff one guy wrote an

article about LeBron James being the

dumbest player in the NBA that that's

just uncalled for but when it was just

us 15 to 17 guys back in the return of

Kings glory days that is when the site

was at the height of its power this is

when we were really changing men's lives

so definitely check out return of Kings

calm I would recommend from October 12th

to July the 17th the next website for

black men Negro manosphere calm listen

the game and the chemistry changes when

you're talking about when you're talking

about African Americans listen women

respond differently to guys who look

like us

so Negro manosphere calm is is a great

resource it's just what it is it is the

Negro manosphere the next website is

called is a guy by the name of Troy

Francis he's a fellow contributor of

mine on return of kings

I think his website is called the real

Troy Francis give me a second real Troy

France the real Hank who can give me

saying guys don't really Frances calm I

think this is it

no hang on a second let me look up Troy

Francis books bear with me here guys yes

it is real Troy Francis calm this is for

guys who are looking for pickup game how

to attract women how to escalate

Troy Francis is as good as there is as

good as there ever was the next one that

I would recommend a Chateau Hart East I

don't really read that site too much

anymore because he's got a lot of all

trait undertones he calls black people

didn't dues but I'm not gonna let the

fact that a lot of that race stuff

pisses me off

blind me to the fact that this guy knows

what he's talking about as far as women

are concerned if you're a black man

listen if if you can separate the all of

the from the real then

have at it again I don't really read it

much anymore but again listen if you're

new to the red pill shadowheart East is

a very very good resource and then of

course there is the red pill subreddit

YouTube channels

YouTube or YouTube channels red pill

YouTube channels that I would recommend

of course Donovan Sharpe this is why you

guys are all here subscribe to my

channel the brother pill podcast again

which airs Tuesdays Wednesdays and

Thursdays at 7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific

at night I would also subscribe to the

Redman group which I am also on that

airs every Saturday morning live at

10:00 Eastern 7:00 Pacific alpha male

strategies this guy listen this guy is a

stone-cold assassin if you want if you

want to know how to pick up girls and

him quick alpha male strategies is

absolute listen he is the dude and

listen game for black men this guy

Angeles guy is a assassin he is

the best that he's one of the best there


he's rude he's 90 he's ninety minutes

down the road I'm here in Philly he's

here in me he's there in New York City I

actually plan on going out there and

hanging out with him sometime in the

not-too-distant distant future probably

sometime in November so I'm looking

forward to meeting him

another YouTube channel Jada black is

also a very good YouTube channel to to

to subscribe to and guys listen put in

your ideas if there's any publications

any other websites any other YouTube

channels put them in here people are

watching I'll call them out I'll call

them out loud and of course the

Chronicles of Judah is also a very good

one that one is more philosophical the

guy really knows his history and

philosophy and religion but there listen

red dough that is definitely a red pill

website guys don't bombard yourself this

is why I gave you my red pill

recommendations what you're gonna have

to understand and this is this is a

mistake that a lot of guys make is that

they say well this guy said do this with

women and this guy did said did that

with women which one is better

gentlemen there's more than one way to

skin a cat alright listen Alan Roger

curry and I we agree on most things but

we are diametrically opposed to each

other when it comes to whether or not we

should give a girl our number or whether

or not we should get the girl's number

we had a very heated spirited debate on

O'Shay show a few months back

neither of us is neither right or wrong

so don't allow don't say well this

sector of the red bill is saying this

but this no no no no no nobody's trying

to contradict anything all of us have

different experiences but we're all

trying to accomplish the same goals

we're all trying to dominate life we're

all trying to more girls don't

don't get caught up in this he said he

said Ralph Hayes is a noted

controlling hater of mine used to run

back and forth between me and alpha male

strategies well half the Mel strategy

said this now you're saying that of

course I had to roast him don't bombard

yourself with this stuff HVAC genius

says can you please give us some sort of

definition red he'll know you have the

Internet don't be lazy I'm not gonna

define oh yeah clearly you are a

first-timer I'm not gonna tell you what

the red dude dude Google the red pill

don't listen don't go to the red pill

subreddit that's probably the best place

for you to start probably the best place

for you to start man we've been at this

for two hours and 15 minutes so as we

round third and head for home I'm gonna

talk about some of the biggest mistakes

that men that most men make when they

when they find the red pill this is what

this is what ends up Dee railing what

ends up Dee railing most guys but I am

going before I do that I'm going to take

a 30-second potty break because my

bladder is about to explode so

if you will excuse me I will be right



what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome back to TSR live this

is definitely an extended version of TSR

listen more is more right more content

equals more value we are 2 hours and 15

minutes into this episode so let's go

into some of the biggest mistakes that a

lot of men make when they first

discovered the red pill when it ends up

and a lot of times it ends up completely

derail a mem well this is the first and

most obvious mistake is they taste

all day and every day when they do this

they end up getting God because when you

do nothing but chase you will

catch feelings and guys listen it

happened to me plenty dude I dated this

girl I don't know this was just a few

months after I found the the red pill

and I mean dude she would again she was

hot she was hotter than anything and I

started dating her and I caught feels

like oh my god like this is it my ship

has come in well I went through her

phone and saw that she was

somebody else that was a rude rude

awakening well that's all I was doing

was concentrating on and that

eventually is what pushed me back into

monk mode another urge that you need to

resist another mistake that you guys

need to resist is when you find the red

pill guys trying to get into

relationships guys resist this urge man

take your time you have time we're men

we have all the time in the world now

you might get into a relationship you

might not and guys listen man I know

it's hard because just like the caller

from I think it was Vegas said yeah

listen man I like I love women I love

being around women women make us happy

in a lot of ways comes at a price but

guys think that they have to be in

relationships to get regular sex from

women that is not the case the only

reason why we pursue women is because we

want to them that's really well I

mean listen

let's keep it real the only reason why

we continue to pursue women the only

reason we put up with the from

women is because we want to him if

I wasn't Devin there's no way I

would be with her listen I enjoy her

company I like her a lot right like she

cooks for me she takes good care of me

but I wouldn't be dealing with any of

this nonsense if I couldn't pound her

brains out every night no way

sex is the most important listen sex is

the most important thing to me I don't

know maybe if now that I'm 41 it's

probably won a down the list like you

have to have a little bit more but you

get the idea but relationships with

American women are a bad bet now I can

hear a lot of people now but Donovan

you're in a relationship yes gentlemen I

got lucky

listen Devin happened to be in the right

place at the right time I happen to be

going through a transitional phase in my


what's up looking for a relationship I

was just looking to scale down my crazy

Vegas life and I ended up finding Devin

and guys it's hard work relationships

are such hard work and I'm 41 guys

that's another reason why I'm in a

relationship I'm 41 men should men who

are red pill aware you shouldn't start

even thinking about long-term

relationships until you were in your

late 30s 37 38 39 that is when your

value is that its highest until then

have fun guys girls aren't going


you can spend years and years honing

your skills I'll out listen I'll give

you another timetable no man no man of

course this depends on age but gentlemen

a general rule of thumb is that no man

should try a red pill red pill

relationship until you are at least five

years into red pill awareness guys any

sooner than that and you were setting up

you're setting yourself up for failure

here's another mistake that guys make

when they actually do when guys actually

do start to become good with women is

they don't escalate you're good at

approaching you're good at number

closing you're good at second setting up

to date so that she doesn't flake

when you get her alone you don't make a

move now personally gentlemen this for

me this was one of the hardest truths

for me to learn it was it was almost

like there was an invisible wall in

front of me it was an invisible wall or

a window that had to break guys I can't

tell you how many times yeah and listen

listen when I found the red pill and I

started getting good to women I just

didn't all of a sudden start

girls man it took some time it took some

time it took like it took it took

practice guys I can't tell you how many

times I was in front of a girl who

clearly wanted me to make a move and I

just froze maybe I was just too maybe I

was scared maybe I was being too decent

towards women I went through the

morality of a so I don't know if I could

use women for sex right I wanted to be

the guy who was just not trying to get

one thing out of girls not like those

other guys

well what ended up happening is she

slipped through my hands okay

and when she zips in my hands there's

another opportunity for getting laid

that is right out the door disappeared

forever gentlemen your competition will

not make the same mistakes the same

woman the same girl who waited for you

to make your move okay

we'll be sliding her thong to the side

for the dude who doesn't give a

about being a nice guy and to be honest

with you they might even have a laugh

about it at your expense

oh my god I'm so glad you were

aggressive I'm not on a date last night

the guy just wouldn't make a move and I

was like what the I know this

because I've had plenty of girls tell me

that a man has to feel out a woman's

body language and make your move getting

that last minute resistance getting that

getting that I don't want I mean again

last minute resistance means that she is

thinking about you right that

doesn't mean given up if you make a move

and she resists but she's still there

she wants you to try again I have

discussed this very concept at length in

an episode entitled entitled why you

should always try to her on the on

the first date when you try to her

on the first date if she if if you try

to her if you make a move

and she resists and she's alright well

I'm gonna go guess what she's not

attracted to you she didn't want to

you anyway but if you try to make a move

to try to her girl and she says no

no no wait wait wait I don't I don't

wanna have sex now but she sticks around

she wants you to try again that doesn't

mean she wants to sleep with you but

that means she wants you to try again

women have far more women are far more

sexual than we were raised to believe

that they were guys they are not

precious little innocent angels that you

and I have been raised to believe that

they are so unless she's a complete

prude or she has some sort of personal

hang-ups a woman loses interest in a man

who is too weak to try to her woman

loses interest in a man who tries to go

who doesn't try to go for it

that one of the biggest mistakes that

men make and I talked about this at the

top of the episode is staying in the

anger phase guys get over it man women

you have to understand this women are

neither good or bad they just are this

doesn't meet now don't get me wrong this

doesn't mean that they're not

responsible for their fuckery that

doesn't mean that they're not

accountable for cheating on you but guys

guess what feminism is partially our


if men did not co-sign on feminism then

then feminism would not be where it is

today women can't do anything without

men not even feminism you stand the

anger phase and you will become a

bottom-dwelling big towel you'll be that

guy who says well I don't go after women

or like my my troll Raymond Woods said I

have resisted the urge to get laid for

10 years he wanted me he wanted me to be

he wanted me to be an admiration of him

because he had the he had the willpower

to not get laid for 10 years

hilarious don't be that guy don't be

Raymond wood another mistake

that men make in their first year of

finding the red bill as they do not

continue to educate themselves after a

year and far beyond that guys I've had

red pill awareness for almost 10 years

now I found it when I was 32 I'm

41 now guys I still learn every day I

still learn listen I learned from lar

movement on the brother pill podcast

every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

tune in tonight at 7:00 Eastern on

O'Shea nuke Jackson's vlog channel I

learn every week I'm on the Redman group

I learned from all those guys it is

constantly a learning process

nobody ever reaches red pill nirvana

nobody ever figures it all out it is a

constant process just like doctors and

lawyers man there's always more

education for doctors and lawyers to

partake in there's always new medicines

new medical techniques new equipment new

mutations and streams new vaccines etc

lawyers same thing but if there's

something called CLE I learned this

impaired legal school continuing legal

education there's new laws new case laws

are being there's new case law every day

there are amendments and laws new tax

laws election cycles change laws never

stop learning ever that's a huge mistake

men make the last and biggest and there

are many mistakes men make that derail

their red pill development but the

biggest the last mistake the biggest

mistake that men make is that when they

get into a relationship they think

they've made it oh my god I'm gonna

listen I made this mistake myself man

and this is embarrassing but I'm gonna

tell it anyway I said the first stripper

I ever dated her name was Jenny and it

was awesome Jenny was smokin dude she

was a solid nine and a half dude perky

c-cup tits beautiful dude beautiful tits

awesome legs great ass long blonde hair

was unbelievable

she was one of the nines or tens who was

actually good at sex we had a great time

she wanted kids a relationship the whole

nine and again this was just a few

months out of monk mode for me and I

thought to myself holy I've made it

this is that this is red pill nirvana

this is what all that hard work was for

now of course I was a dumbass for having

dated a stripper

well I back slid back into blue pills


surprise surprise she cheated on me with

at least one bouncer from another strip

club she was working that part-time and

that probably wasn't the first time


a relationship with a woman red pill or

not is not depend some guys say God

Donovan's made it look at Devin no no no

no no no no no no Devin is a part of my

life she is not my life getting into a

relationship and thinking that you've

made it that is very very dangerous I'm

here to tell you hmm

Brian mall vol says Donovan can you

touch on being your own masculine sensor

I I don't know what that means like

there's all sorts of endless and I'm not

trying to bag it I'm not trying to I'm

not trying to dismiss your question but

I have no idea what being your own

masculine Center means like all of that

you know again I'm not the guy who's

gonna give you all the hocus-pocus you

have to be your own mask and what does

your own masculine Center mean no I can

teach how to be a man lift weights you

know shoot first ask questions later

with regard I mean come on come on I

mean listen I I mean I would love to

answer your question but I have no idea

what being your own masculine sensor

means to me that sounds like what do we

call that that sounds like oh with

success porn right oh you know positive

think positive well you got a butt you

get a bunch of rental guys out there who

don't red pill guys who don't really

know what they're talking about well in

order to be good with one you have to be

your own masculine center what the hell

does that mean I have no idea what that

means I'm sorry Brian I can't answer a

question I mean listen I can tell you

what it means to be to exude masculinity

right like I can I met but being your

own masculine censor I have no idea what

that means I mean I'm not uh I'm not

into the I'm not into the the sayings

and all that stuff

Hispanic Chris says I started reading

role of that guy is so good Nicolay za

guy says hey Donovan why doesn't the

Redman group invite Paul Elam I think

he's one of the great red pill leaders -

um I don't know I don't mean maybe he is

we don't we we talk about that stuff we

do I don't know if anyone's reached out

to Paul even Paul Elam is the guy who

started was it a voice for men or

something like that one of the original

quote-unquote red pill guys I'm not

really sure

chase LeBeau says one mistake I made

after taking the red pill looking for an

instant fix the red pill lifestyle is

like pursuing a black belt it takes time

Wow good analogy a lot of guys come to

the red pill and they think it's they're

looking for the cheat code what dude

last month I gave Jude I probably gave

maybe 12 to 13 hundred dollars worth of

refunds to consultation clients why

because they said Donovan how do I get

laid no you're gonna know what you are

trying to do is you or you want me to

tell you the one secret magic word the

one secret cologne to wear like that's

like me

hey spray this on spray this pheromone

Cologne on and you'll have hot girls

flocking to you and that doesn't work

that way chase said it best man the red

pill lifestyle is it is a prot it is a

constant process it takes time Winston

wolf says can I get in a relationship if

I have been a low-level MIG tile for

five years um I don't know I mean maybe

you can maybe you can't but you got to

have red pill awareness gotta have a red

pill awareness I don't know if that's

him I don't know if that was a serious

question or not Hashim Abdullah says 21

studios Hashim Abdullah is his coach red

Bell has some good content - okay yeah

yeah well spin Z says coach red pill is

a joke at best so you know again you

know different different strokes for

different folks I guess I've never heard

of Coach red pill but

spine jackal says the day you think you

know everything is the day you know

nothing very good comment

Ryan Sullivan says women think they made

women think they made it once they have

a relationship men made it once they

have mastery over their own surroundings

good comment very good very good

Jack Napier says mental point of origin

yeah making your own self your mental

point of origin maybe that's the

definition of a masculine Center making

yourself your own mental point of origin

in layman's terms that just means being

selfish thinking of yourself first how

is this decision going to affect me I am

my own mental point of origin okay Jack

Napier says that's what Brian means okay

well that's what we're I means then yes

B being your own masculine center means

you're if that means being your own

mental point of origin like role of time

as this is yes this means thinking of

yourself first in any in all situation

so yeah absolutely yeah masculine Center

I don't know I'm not into the word

salads I'm sure listen I'm sure there

are a lot of guys out there who you know

could probably explain this stuff I'm

not that guy I'm just again I'm not that

smart dude and not in that regard not in

that regard last question Green Machine

says do you see a way to make red pill a

coming of age full of royal for young

males you know it certainly seems to be

headed in that direction you know red

pill truth is it's still relatively

underground but it is it is gaining

traction out there in on mainstream

media man clay Travis who writes for a

website called out kicked the coverage

or something like that

he was he actually wrote an article

about the fact that ESPN had um had

parted ways with Jamel Hill he talked

about the hiring of you know the ousting

of John skipper the guy Jimmy Pizarro

came in is gonna change things you know


he got rid of Michelle beetle Jamel Hill

he's you know take you know take you

know if making sure ESPN is no longer

the social justice warrior hub and in

that article clay Travis said something

to the effect of I don't know if people

are gonna be read pilled and it's gonna

so yeah you know up due Tucker Carlson

is another guy who apparently has red

pill awareness I don't know I don't know

it it remains to be seen

oh ritual green machine yeah rite of


I don't know that's a good question man

that's a good question it'll be it'll be

very interesting it'll be very

interesting to see how that goes very

very interesting that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS are alive catch me on

the brother pill podcast tonight at 7:00

Eastern 4:00 Pacific on a shade dude

Jackson's vlog channel and don't forget

to do all your amazon shopping through

my affiliate link on donovan sharp calm

thanks for watching guys we'll see you

next time


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