Episode #275: Is cheating really worth it for Men? (Alan Roger Currie)


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The Red Pill teaches the importance of having an abundance mentality when dealing with women but within the context of a long term relationship with a woman you actually care about infidelity can really fuck up your life whether you get caught or not.


Having an abundance mentality is paramount when dealing with your woman but like everything it life, it comes at a cost. There is a price to be paid if you’re cheating on your woman. I’m not here to pass judgment on men who have side chicks. You guys know I’m not that guy because I’ve had side chicks a plenty. But again, that ora of invincibility doesn’t come free and Alan’s gonna come on and discuss that with me.


The 10 side chick commandments (Negromanosphere article)



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joining me on tonight's episode of TSR

primetime as you guys can see on your

screen is a professional dating coach

who I have interviewed three times

before so he's making his fourth

appearance on the show he's the author

of four paperback books the author and

narrator of four audiobooks in the

author of six books geared toward

helping heterosexual men improve their

social skills and verbal communication

skills with women he has spoken at

workshops all over the country and is

spoken in London he's supposed in in

London England Berlin Germany last year

gentlemen he became the first African

American to be to be a featured speaker

at the 21 convention and he will be

joining me this year as well in Orlando

Florida in October as a featured speaker

once again recently named the Negro

manosphere dot-coms 2017 dating coach of

the year

listeners please welcome Allen Raja

curry Allen how you doing man

oh man I'm good good that'd be good good

very good

so let's go ahead and get right to it

the last time you and I were on a show

together you said something that was

very poignant to me and it was that you

didn't in you've never endorsed cheating

and I actually you know I'll actually

pose this question to you there a lot of

married men out there who believe in

having at least one mistress okay and

there are a lot of unmarried men in

relationships who believe in having at

least one one side chick but for years

you have stated publicly that you do not

believe in men cheating on their

girlfriends fiancees or wives what

brought you to this to the stands Allen

well the whole mumbles will no book is

called mode one let the women know what

you're really thinking and there was a

number of epiphanies that led

me writing that book but one of them

plaintiff simply was that I realized at

a young age probably around age of like

twenty twenty-one that I was a verbal

coward and so now I took my cards and

sometimes they hurt civilians or bruises

their ego right but I say the first

thing you gotta overcome if you want to

use my approach to more one approach is

you gotta overcome being a verbal coward

and so as their relates to cheating

most men if they were really really

being honest with themselves will come

to the conclusion that the only the main

reason why they cheat or if their man

commits adultery is that they're scared

of usually one of two things they're

scared if they let their wife or fiance

or girlfriend know that they still have

an interest in having sex with multiple

lovers she's gonna she's gonna leave

she's gonna break up with him divorce

them and say you're not the one for me I

want you to only care about me or

secondly they're scared of option would

be they could and this is growing in

popularity in the 21st century which is

known as polyamory or what some people

call an open relationship right they're

scared that if they proposed that and

basically give her the freedom to to

explore her sexuality with other guys

then she might just run across a guy

that she enjoys being with sexually more

than them so here's what men do they say

because of those two factors I'm going

to indefinitely give my girlfriend

fiance a wife the misleading impression

that I am a strictly monogamy oriented

person right but they know deep down

that they have some degree of

promiscuous tennessee's now that can

range from man to man like some man

might wanna fuck two or three

from women a week every single week and

then you might have another guy he might

be willing to cheat on his girlfriend he

has a wife an average of once every I

don't know three or four months but so

he go the range of the spectrum but the

bottom line is you're still being

misleading and what I've found in my

experience is both for my own personal

expenses as well as being observing you

know different family members close

friends fraternity brothers it never

usually works out in the end

it can start off you know seeming like

it's to your benefit anything is going

okay but I can almost guarantee there's

a 99.9% chance that at some point in the

future it could be like literally a

decade later Wow that it's gonna come

back I'm gonna give just one glaring

example I just read today that Camille

Cosby who initially gave off the

impression she was gonna stick my

husband through thick and thin is has

decided to leave him now I haven't heard

what I would call a premium level media

source okay

there's been kind of no second tier and

third tier media sources but let's just

say that's true man okay I mean this guy

had a legacy for decades man and see he

if I had to criticize Bill Mann he was

what I would call sexually duplicitous

he gave the general public that he was

this loving husband even though most

people in the know you know really knew

he was dealing in babbling words of

course an average knave impressionable

TV watcher whatever they bought in

tonight did like he was was called

America's dad yes I remember The Cosby

Show back in the 80s we all wanted to be

the Huxtables it's like you know now

look at simply because to me that's the

biggest crime he committed now as far as

this shit to do with him drugging and

you know that could be another

discussion for another dinner but if

he's not guilty of anything else he's


she of given American public the

misleading impression that he was this

wholesome faithfully monogamous guy with

in reality he was fucking all kinds of

bitches behind Camille's back right

right and I think that's I think that to

tie that back into the mode one approach

in listen just for the record it's funny

Alan and I spoke a couple of times after

the after after hurricane a RC Donovan

sharp alpha-male strategies happened the

day before Memorial Day and that was

yeah the the the mode one approach it

listen it definitely works specifically

for men who just aren't looking to waste

a lot of time but the deal is this and I

think the reason why I disagree and I

said this to you on the phone as well

the reason why I disagreed with mode one

I'm using air quotes is because we were

disagreeing on a fundamental on a

fundamental principle of pick up and I'm

human you know I get caught up in you

know I get caught up in the minutiae and

in the argument just like everyone else

so when you start talking about

something else I automatically want to

disagree with you so that I don't agree

with anything that you say this is just

how it is but but the mode one approach

I mean listen obviously it's not for

everybody my approach is not for

everybody but one thing that the mode

one approach

really I guess that the best part of the

mode one approach is that it leaves it

is not open to interpretation when you

approach a woman with mode one she is

never under the impression that you are

looking for a relationship and what

you're suggesting is that a lot of men

they come at women and try to give women

the impression that yeah I'm looking to

settle down with you and I'm looking to

marry you and I'm gonna be monogamous

never fully intending on doing that in

the first place and it would appear that

Bill Cosby fell into that same thing

with Camille exactly yeah so many

million I mean like when I was in

college and you know with all due

respect to my beloved for term I'm in a

fraternity and this is go see we're

gonna throw it a lot of my fellow

fraternity brothers under the bus here

we go watch yourself the staple of my

fraternity was pretty much to have a

girlfriend and then have two or three

sidechain there you go

I was kind of like the staple in my

fraternity was have a serious girlfriend

you know have the best woman you can

meet that was known as what I like to

call it a proverbial good girl

right that's who you have as your

girlfriend and then you have two or

three kinky promiscuous or

semi-permanent women as your side chicks

and but as I mentioned already I would

see that backfire with so many of my

fraternity brothers right I would see it

just backfire it when most of me went

back for her immediately but it would at

some point in time eventually backfire

sometimes in an embarrassing manner and

so I was one who at the time when it

gets too green I said I remember

specifically some of my friend brother

as a challenge but they say okay Alan

you're talking about to stuff up being

straightforward we want to see you at

the next party go up to number women and

tell them straightforwardly

that you do not have no interest in

being the next long-term boyfriend that

are you doing looking to do is just fuck

in a casual man dude you are gonna get

slapped you're gonna get cursed out

you're gonna have a drink thrown in your

face and it has it end up there really

right on maybe one of those which was I

did have some women for a less

regression the other again yeah

rejection is part of the gun but here's

the thing most of the women who had the

most angry theatrical reactions and I

tell clients to this day those right and

those are the kinkiest bitches oh I'm a

good girl I would never admit those are

the girls those are the girls that you

approach and you have your dick in there

you have your dick in their mouth 45

minutes after the interaction there you


that that that's generally how it works

so here's another thing I find is that

it's very interesting so here's obligate

when you come across the woman is very

combination very jealous and possessive

when a lot of guys don't cut you realize

you send some subconscious subliminal

messages to women right one is that I am

very afraid of losing you you're my top

option benefit you're my only able to

lose you ha ha ha

right there the woman no she got all

kinds of egotistical leverages of course

of course and then if you're a man who

always is asking a woman that all guys

are like this but I'm known a percentage

guys are they always as in a he's

stepping out on me instead of me and II

gwgw cheat on me what details a woman is

that you were insecure about the idea

that she might cross paths with someone

who's going fucker better than you right

Rick when I find is when you kind of

flip that around and hang leg raises leg

yeah okay what you do you grow an adult

you gonna do what you're gonna do what

you do you know I'm just gonna enjoy too

damn I spin with you right life is

choices right and a lot of times it's

funny women the thing is this man is

that a lot of guys like to give their

women what they characterizes ultimatums

no they're not ultimatums their choices

if you do a then X is going to happen if

you do B then Z is going to happen oh my

god that's an ultimatum no sweetheart

it's a choice you're a grown woman

you're gonna but you're about to make

grown woman choices the number to call

in to talk to myself or Alan Roger or

Kurt courier both is 942 oh five five

three five six that's nine one four two

oh five five three five six now let me

go to the next question here in your

book the beta male revolution you

distinguish between obligatory monogamy

and natural or voluntary monogamy now I

think I understand the difference but

just for the record can you explain to

my listeners what the difference between

obligatory monogamy and natural or


or voluntary monogamy is sure yeah man

Frank I was my own way I guess I was

just alluding to that yeah it's funny

because I start off that book the beta

male revolution discussing that yeah it

kind of caught both I would say the male

readers and the female readers of God to

this day get a lot of blowback for women

but I just really do not believe that

obligatory monogamy can work in the long

run and what I mean by obligatory

monogamy is simply bad you are

essentially forcing yourself to be

monogamous with someone right and or

you're virtually forcing your companion

to be monogamous with you and again I

feel like in the long run that's going

on that's going to be just a recipe for

disaster it's going let's go to backfire

trans I've had some relationships that

interesting enough were like I remember

one relationship I had with a woman

let's call her Terry okay where I gave

her the freedom to see other guys if she

was gonna choose to do it she

reciprocated that she gave me the

freedom but we enjoy being with each

other so much and enjoy fucking each

other like rabbits so much that during

the course of our relationship we never

been ended up fucking anybody else and

and somebody might say well how do you

know well there was no reason I gave her

no motivation to like - right right you

know cuz I told her I gave her a pure

green light I said you could do whatever

you want to and again she was like you

could do whatever you want to but that's

what I would call natural or voluntary

monogamy is when you has the option to

see somebody else but because you enjoy

that that companions company both

sexually and non sexually or even just

predominately sexually so much that you

just really never even found the time to

fuck anybody just so busy fucking them

like rabbits

you know I think you make an interesting

point and I think I think that's

probably why a lot of marriages fail

miserably because of this obligatory now

listen let's keep it real here a lot of

men have that obligatory monogamy women

are not listen women women have natural

or voluntary monogamy to the guy she's

fucking on the side right the obligatory

monogamy is reserved for her husband but

the guy she's fucking on the side that's

the guy she's loyal to and I actually

put this on Twitter the other day there

are a lot of there are a lot of women

out there being wives to men who are not

their husbands including women who are

married to other men so I think I think

the duplicity nature of women is dude it

is it's it's front and center in that

regard I actually have a question here

from a from a viewer it says what kind

of women read male dating advice books

so you so you got a lot of you get a lot

of obviously you get a lot of feedback

from women and anybody can google you

they see you with women talking to women

we got a feedback do you get from women

like like why would women read male

dating advice books oh that's easy

women always want to know the inner

workings of the male mom

of course they always want to know the

inner workings of the male mind now and

today the way today is with the internet

and social media is not quite as

intriguing as maybe 15-20 years ago sure

because now a lot of more and more men

are just starting to share their tubs

you know freely yeah but there was a

time when men you know kept a lot of

stuff to themselves as their women and

so a lot of women like when I came up

with my first but they were just

intrigued to know okay how do men really

like I was saying some ways a lot of

women are more intrigued to read a book

by a man that's written for the man man

than a book written by man for women a

lot of women feel like say I had a book

of dating advice book for women they do

the thing I'm gonna say a lot of stuff

that's just bullshit basically fluffy

bullshit but they feel like if I'm

giving advice to other men and I'm gonna

keep things real

and raw right so they're intrigued by

that now it's interesting the feedback

I've gotten on my books like in terms

like my audiobooks my best-selling audio

book is an audio book called oh say it

again which is about erotic dirty talk

and verbal seduction okay that's the

arty but I get so much feedback from

women on that audio book you're saying

because in part two of my audio book I

have these six will like verbal

seduction stories and guys if you don't

know it's mostly you guys buy that shit

notice but if you don't women love

written erotica and even audio Oh Russ

in the same way men love pool all my bra

nail on the head listen 50 shades of

grade I say I say that written erotica

things like fifty Shades of Grey

romantic comedies that is the equivalent

of pornography for men oh yeah yeah yeah

I mean I chose this infamous story I've

told this couple just last year's bill

would quickly tell again um when I lived

in Los Angeles I was looking for a book

about screenwriting and filmmaking oh

wow in this because that's what I was

actually pursuing for I did all this

dating culture stuff I was pursuing a

career as an entertainment industry and

I was in this book store in Beverly

Hills okay and all these aisles were

pretty much Atlanta saw maybe two or

three people and there's aisles do not

pass this one out and it's like about

eight or nine women just like in this

corner like late I'll use the analogy

like you would think the place was

freezing and that was the only corner

where they had a space heater you know

we're like we're gorgeous so so let me

go down here and see what this is about

guess what section it was it was the

erotica said Jesus Christ

unban and I ended up talking to at least

a couple of women and I was born with

her - I said I bet your pussy's so wet

my god what the to see was just wrist he

said oh hell yeah she said there's so

well written there's so detailed and

anyway the stuff is in the details for

him but as far as feedback from women on

my buns they love that audiobook because

I have basically what you could call

audio erotica in it okay they they like

my one well I say a lot of women do I

would defy women in two categories

manipulative and nominal

okay now the nipple of women love my

book know what I mean they love it to

catch manipulative women hate no one and

obvious reason why is because as I

explained in another book of mine the

possibility sex which is a book that

just about every woman hates that's my

most hated book about women okay but

what I point out the men in that book is

when you're as straightforward as I am

so you meet a woman Donovan let's call

it Lisa and you tell it

straightforwardly that you want to fuck

her okay first of all what position is

that that put her in dude

fight-or-flight but she's enduring one

or two oh yeah she's are they gonna say

yes or no she's need to go she's gonna

be forced to sign me that down the fuck

or I'm not gonna fuck right now

again another nipple of woman she likes

having that choice she likes being have

an opportunity to make that decision of

yes or no a manipulative woman never

wants to be in that position

never ever ever why because a what in if

she wants to fuck you on the nipple of

them who still wants you to do something

for her

she was she would a pussy there you go

you know flattering on the phone and

doing all these other generations of

what I call jumping through hoops then

she's gonna give you the pussy right but

if you come straight for like that are

usually motivated take her to a

five-star restaurant if she just says

you straight up I'm gonna fight I'm

gonna give you some tonight

oh no no why buy the cow if you can get

the milk for free right they don't know


guy who's not she's not interested in

fucking it's the same thing to see

that's the thing about that is that's

very different about women than us okay

man generally speaking if we're not

interested in dating a woman or casually

fucking a woman okay for the most part

it might be exceptional what I mean

wasn't this is this is the truth this is

the truth you know we just don't what is

will you go alone we can find a guy she

cannot be physically attractive that guy

she cannot be sexually attractive that

guy but if she thinks that guy is

willing to spend too flattering her

entertaining her right to listen to her

bullshit problems offers give her free

meals free movies free concerts you've

got a big X on your head right hard

that's right you are a mark my friend

you are mark the number to call in is

942 oh five five three five six let's go

to the phone lines our first caller

comes to us from area code nine to nine

area code 99 you're on the you are on TS

our prime time with Alan Roger curry and

Donovan what's on your mind Donovan no

how's it going today doing good about

yourself I'm doing well doing well I

just wanted to pay my respects to the

show ok Tito green ok good to see you

too did you have a question for Alan or

myself how's it going now and I just

wanted to say I appreciate the content

and keep doing what you do I appreciate

it man let me let me ask you this this

is because this is a relatively new

feature of mine having people on when

did you first discover I guess red pill

content when did you when when did you

figure out what was the event in your

life that said wait a minute I've been

doing it all wrong now you listen to

guys like Alan Roger Carrillo Shay


minister jamot Center etc what was the

turning point for you I mean to be

completely honest when I went to college

I just my ideologies weren't sort of in

line with the way that the world

actually works and I realized that quite

quickly add a few relationships and

and I realized I wasn't doing the way so

I just found out some information and I

found your show on iTunes it was pretty

much history from there good good stuff

well I I do appreciate you calling in

and listen you can call it any time you

want the number changes from time to

time but I certainly appreciate your

support men

absolutely thanks for having me no

problem but take care right oh yes so so

Alan he tells he tells a very familiar

story that a lot of guys tell and you

know the interesting thing is and and

you for some reason you were born not

many men are born with it but you were

born with this natural ability to sort

of figure out women some guy some guys

have it and most people don't but the

Epiphany face for men usually comes

after high school in high school you

don't really need red pill game in high

school because girls really just truly

are girls if you weren't I mean at least

that that's the way it was when I was in

high school um and so you know used to

actually be able to treat women well in

high school dude my high school

sweetheart her name was Jill I showered

her with gifts and she could not love me

enough but as soon as men leave high

school and go to college or go out to

the real world this is when it hits them

in the face holy shit girls are not made

of sugar spice and everything nice

girls really just want guys who aren't

gonna waste their time hey I want to

fuck the shit out of you yes or no what

are your thoughts on the Epiphany phase

for men well actually lost my epiphanies

did come after high school

oh well technically at least one did

come while still in high school

here's what happened to me enough I want

to see if I know your background why do

you tell me that when you were younger

you were like real chunky and then you

really get dedicated with physical

fitness that was actually that was

actually recently that was I'm I'll be

41 this summer this was back when I was

30 so I was a little kid that was in

good shape then I got fat after I got

married okay well here's my first thing

that happened my man in my life in

elementary school I was like the fat kid

in class okay

middle school ideas start playing Pop

Warner football so I lost a lot of my

baby fat but still I was say in the

first two and even for most part the

first three years I was still not fat

but chunky okay yeah I was already

really barely to make diversity

basketball team okay I tried out my

junior year I didn't make it in my

senior I said there's summer before my

senior I said man I'm gonna do every

impossible to make the basketball team

so I created this really stringent


okay that worked out and we're not

getting into a long story I developed

this really lean cut physique my senior

now the bad news was I still didn't make

the basketball team I was a great start

coming out the fucking Woodworks way it

works in the first you could say red

pill thing that happened to me was not

only was a lot of the single women girls

giving me attention a girls with

boyfriends like sometimes literally and

I'm not exaggerating sometimes they

would be standing a foot or two from

their boyfriend and they would say

here's my hos ain't loyal man I was like

why is this girl who has a boyfriend

giving me a new you know like your

boyfriend is like right there like you

don't want him to see you doing this do

you like what the hell yeah just boo my

man so that was one of my first

epiphanies in low fees know my back

story this summer in between the end of

my senior to begin my freshman year I

saw this movie and this was one of the

major oh yeah one talk dirty to me

and I was that go get into the lung

holster because we I think we tended

first interview be on your audio process

but a nutshell yeah I saw this fictional

character just be really straightforward

I was like holy shit but had to tell my

brother was like hey man that's a movie

that's a porn movie that would never

work in real life

you know so I kind of did mine you know

put it to the side cuz my brother's like

now that would never work in real life

his next epiphany I am most guys I think

right experienced this one I noticed

that a lot of women you know my mother

bless her heart and I know she meant

well but she raised me to be the polite

gentleman the nice guy

the company lights don't pay off and saw

was this nice guy and the only thing

positive Caitlyn I was accumulating a

lot of platonic friends a lot of

platonic female friends but I noticed

a lot of it guys who women would call

assholes and jerks see a lot of guys

when their name they tend to take down

on face value and they say yes yeah I

never want to be like you know right

girl hell yeah man

they still fucking those motherfuckers

in so when I that's when I slowly surely

start putting two and two together and

then from now I was saying a final major

I was on a triple date I know this was

you know touching moment I turned around

and I looked at dead in her eyes and

again for me at this time I think 21

years old I never did I said bitch shut

the fuck up and she first she leaned in

she said what did you say and of course

she respected me like I just leaned in

more I said I said bitch shut the fuck

up and Donovan dude I wish out of it it

was almost magical within a matter of

seconds once she saw that alpha frame

come up she just softened up happens

every time you trippin you trip it down

you're Truman Inez reale with and

panties were wet yeah and I told I said

you got two hours for rest night you

either go suck my dick or you gonna shut

the fuck up the rest of that anyway no

sir Sir she in the second Monday I

fucked her and all it's an all it took

was you just be in the hyper alpha

that's right and I want to touch a

little more thing this relates to our

girls I said who had boyfriends gave me

attention high school you were talking

about how a lot of women who were

married or in relationship will actually

be more crazy over the guy on the side

right in there as I get into my toys and

30s and I'm not necessarily proud of

because as I got older I realized I

didn't want to disrespect my own gender

like this but I'll be honest I admit

this in my book possibly sex between

roughly 17 and I say 38 I fucked a

number of women who were married engaged

me married right and and and had long

term boyfriends and epiphany that taught

me I'm not go gentle Aizawa because I'm

sure there are there's definitely a

percentage women that have better

character and integrity and ensure but

there are women out here for all you

guys who think you might be master

cheaters I'm telling you if women attic

ten times better dude women are 10 times

better cheaters then any the average man

will ever be all dish is decision man I

mean it's precision do their shit blow

my man like the way they would set up

for me to cheat with him I would be like

god damn this woman is just listen man I

always this is something I always tell

guys you learn a lot about women getting

cheated on right if a woman cheats on

you you certainly learn a lot but you

learn far more about women being the guy

she cheats with than being the guy she

cheats on because three years ago

somebody asked me said Ellen can you put

some of your best hopes of advice and

that was one of my top five rules I said

to me as a man you will never truly

understand the true nature of women

until you've been a woman's other man's

right I was

so husband with because when you're that


women feel no need to put on any

foresight listen they can't help that

they cannot help themselves they have to

it's like it's like they're the cat that

ate the canary they have to tell you how

they got away with it it's unbelievable

it's unbelievable and it's so funny

because like dude my girlfriend now and

dude my girlfriend girls I've dated

before they wonder how it is you know

all this stuff and I can't get away how

is it that you know look sweetheart I've

been the other guy I've been the

paramour I've been the dude fucking the

wife the girlfriend the fiance and they

cannot help but tell themselves it's

like the bad guy right before he's about

to do the bad thing and he's about to

kill the good guy he told the good guy

the plans right they it's unbelievable

they cannot help themselves it is

unbelievable I've got a question here

from oh wait a minute give me one second

he says he says I've tried mode one for

a while but never actually felt

comfortable with it perhaps due to my

social conditioning like you alluded to


are there any infield videos out there

where AARC with alan roger curry has

done or anyone else done mode one I

would say I can't speak for other people

I know there's no I don't want to go on

a detailed response but I did a YouTube

video where to be quite frank with you I

am for the most part against infill

videos cuz I had another dating coach

which I won't say his name but he

allowed me use his login and password

one time for these yahoo groups it had a

number of PUA conventional pee raised in

it and they were actually teaching each

other how to use a green screen to make

fake infield video boy and that was like

so they just did just fooling all these

guys out here

yeah the PA community man that the PUA

community it's dead because because

here's the thing man girls are a lot of

things stupid isn't one of them

right like that the PA community took

advantage of women for about ten minutes

and then it but here's the thing guys

girls they have

the Internet - right like they can see

all of the things that that we can see

they go out here and they get these

books that guys like Alan Roger curry

right so when they hear a guy say hey

are you from Tennessee because you're

the only ten I see or something loosely

to that effect they're like dude you're

just quoting Neil Strauss you're you

know quoting Tyler Durden the red pill

of being a man who's red pill aware it's

not about pickup lines or pickup

techniques it's about understand it's

about raising your value as a man and

understanding what your value is you

have a price and if a woman is willing

to pay that price then you will give her

your attention if she's not then you

won't it's that simple yeah I couldn't

said it better so yeah I told her yeah I

don't have any and I don't promote him

well someone here says AARC cracked the

pussy da vinci code and we we had

someone else actually respond to the

question you know what kind of women

read read you know male dating books the

person said of course women want to

crack the male code so that they can

manipulate it what listen what do you

say about that

so women out there I'm gonna read Alan

Roger Curry's books and I'm gonna find

out I'm gonna find out how to crack the

code my position is this if you are if

you're a genuine if you are a genuine

male if you are who you present yourself

to be then there is no code to crack

right there are no canned lines there

are no creek there are no canned

techniques so when you walk up to a

woman Alan say listen I'm trying to fuck

the shit out of you and she throws you a

curveball you don't wait a minute that's

not supposed to happen then she knows

you're not really about that life right

but if but but because you are who you

say you are this is why you've been

successful so what do you say about

women wanting to read male dating books

to try to crack the code so that they

can manipulate it well see here's where

I'm and this relates to discussion you

be AMS air with O'Shea yeah this is this

relates to why I'm critical of guys who

used is just well promoted method or

approach of i'ma spin the first few days

or the first couple weeks pretending

like wanna be this woman yeah long-term

boyfriend well out when

really just went to ass see fellas

here's a deal maybe 20-30 years ago

there was a lot of guys we've got over

on that because you just had a lot of

naive women not only that that's what

women were really looking for yeah right

but in today's society that's the

quickest way for you to set yourself up

to be plain you might think you're

playing a old girlfriend let's trust me

that's when you most put your sand

that's why I'm so direct because if

you'll Dibble of the impression you want

to be her long-term boyfriend the first

thing she's gonna do is make you prefer

that you do it right now yes sir I

appreciate her non-sexual companionship

so she's gonna make you take her out to

lunch multiple Taylor bowling with denim

problems talk on the phone do whatever

in this house she is a pussy you just

get played guys always ask why did she

put me in the friend zone because you

treated her like your friend listen dude

you take a woman shot see here's the

thing and we can blame this on the media

as well right

we see these jewelry commercials and say

you know say up it gives three diamonds

to the woman you call your lover and

your best friend wrong answer you cannot

be your lovers friend because the word

friendzone connotes friend you can't be

well I want to get to know him first no

no you should not be friends with the

woman that you are fucking that's how

you get put in the friend zone it's I

mean it's up to me it's pretty simple

but guys just don't seem to get it well

I was a friend I did everything right

why did I end up in the friend zone well

dude you just answered your own question

dude Donovan I gotta say this quick a

bit I work with a guy when I was in

London okay he personifies literally

literally personifies everything you

just said because he came to me said

Alan I got this one woman I'm attracted

to actually one dater

bare minimum I want to have casual sex

with her but you know she treats me like

just afraid so first thing I asked him I

said give me a few examples of some

recent interactions you've had with this

particular woman he said well at least

two or three times a month I treat her

to lunch and we talked about our

problems and her job and you know I just

basically present myself as a good

friend her and I just know I wish you

just gonna sorta look at game and you're

wondering why you're in the friend zone

what the fuck and only because they

always answer their own question I'm

like dude you just realize you answered

your own question right what like what

do you payin me 95 dollars an hour for

you answered your own question except

that because again there's some guys

though and I'll try to be empathic

Relays desert that's why you see sugar

bears like Rolo talk about some guys

have a hard time shedding themselves

from their blue pill coalition and I

found that to be true man and a lot of

guys have been conditioned to believe

that that is the way you attract was by

first proving to her that you could just

be a good friend but the reality is

that's bullshit it's a whore simple

friendship ain't got nothing to do if no

one was pussy when nope no sir listen

check this out and and I'll put it to

you this way there's somebody in the

somebody in the comments said my

girlfriend calls me an asshole she's

called me an asshole for five years

right for five years she's called him an

asshole if it ain't broke don't fix it

so I'm a pussy like this there is no

greater insult to a man then when a

woman calls him a nice guy oh you're one

of the good guys oh no bad-tasting mouth

or you're the kind of guy that that

women wouldn't marry or you know you're

you're my best friend those are in so

listen if you're trying to attract women

those are insults you want to stay you

want to stay completely away from those

who do not want to be the good guy no no

matter fact I did I did a show I came up

with a long career or my been on YouTube

it was called cult women's coded

language okay next you know what I said

echoing what

just said I said guys here's what you

got to understand there's a lot of

things that come out of woman's mouth to

no paper sound like compliments right

pencil oh yeah looks that is love things

come up in mouth did sell paper selling

insults but actual compliments asshole

number one yeah when woman calls you an

asshole or jerk what she's really saying

is god damn it you won't you refuse to

spoil me you refuse allow me to have my

way with you but god damn it you get my

pussy which is really saying you know

what I can run circles around you I can

manipulate you anytime I want to and

that pleases me to know that you

essentially gonna be my bitch I met up

listen and guys are our guys are so

funny like up like dude me and my girl

we watched the show called The

Bachelorette man and like red pill

connotations all over the place and you

can see the attraction drain out of this

woman's face when she says he's one of

the good ones or oh you're such a nice

guy or you're so sweet do when a girl

calls you sweet it is over with it is

always over with um we got a comment

here from a guy who just got caught

cheating with his he says just got

busted cheating on a hoe with her best

friend he said this was all on text

message how do I rectify this to

mitigate my losses now first of all you

cannot cheat on at home right like if

she's a hoe

you're just fucking her so if you fucked

her best friend your fucking two homes

you didn't cheat on her next they're

there as far as I'm concerned and I'll

let you jump in on this Ellen there are

no there there are no losses to mitigate

if you want to keep fucking her than

just be unapologetic oh my God why did

you fuck my best friend because she was

there and she wanted to fuck

oh my god we're done okay well then I'll

just fuck your best friend what do you

say to that

Allen guys here's what some of you guys

because you don't you don't have the

balls there it is you you haven't

listened to guests such as myself and

out of it here's how you could have got

around there I've had situations where

I've been involved with a woman and I

told her straight for relief hey

you know your best friend darling I

would love to fuck her too why don't

have a threesome right and sometimes of

course to give a little resume you still

won't be my linker

I just wanna fucking I do don't they

they all do a threesome and again

there's a great one ish peeking in the

resist of course of for Stuart it's just

like the woman it's just like the woman

you walk up on what the mode one

approach I can't believe you just told

me you wanted to fuck the shit out of me

I'm not like that no no no no sweetheart

listen I get it like okay we'll play the

game you're not like that okay go ahead

and talk you're done okay now let's keep

it real right let's let let let lets be

who you really are

oh my god I can't believe you suggest

that threesome okay go on get it over

with now I'm waiting for you to tell me

that you've always fantasized about this

like every other woman out there that's


because they know you know the game they

know you know the game um let's see oh

sure McCain says I'd rather be called an

asshole over handsome by a woman

absolutely um here's another question

that that I wanted to ask you the reason

why and again and I and I always teach

the importance of abundance mentality

women don't and and I will never endorse

I will never say hey you should cheat on

your woman but I'm never gonna down a

guy who cheats on his woman because I'm

a man I've cheated bla bla bla bla bla

but and listen women don't want you to

cheat on them but they they like to know

that you can and you know having having

that bullet having that bulletproof

persona having that abundance mentality

does come at a price and what a lot of

guys don't understand is ya cheatin on

your girl is all great and it's great to

have a sidechick

get away with it but that can have

adverse effects on your relationship

whether you get caught or not so tell me

why Alan Roger curry prefers not to

cheat on his women well I think I wear

explain it but I just number one for

guys if you're married and you got say a

ongoing affair with a mistress right the

longer the more you deal with her the

more and I wrote this in a recent

article in a Negro manosphere she's

gonna be in a position in worst case

scenario to blackmail you yes and I only

got a handful of situations with Desilu

personally who had a mistress who ended

up trying to blackmail him and basically

said if you don't give me X amount of

money I'm gonna tell her I until

everything wife I'm sure all the emails

will tell your shit you know what your

your mistress or your sad chick to ever

be able to have your balls like don't

know you know you wanna I mean well this

would defeat the purpose of having a

side chick or mistress but I was gonna

say the attitude if you work will have a

side chick of mysteries you want to have

attitude with her like bitch tell my

woman yeah I got a double down you're

gonna do what go on tell her she already

knows here here's the phone number here

here you go call her right now she's got

me now she can do whatever you know she

can do whatever she wants and I've told

Stan I've listened I've told many many

stories about you know yeah it was

fucking this girl and I had a side chick

and a lot of guys like myself more a lot

of guys tell stories about about their

successes with women Melissa my audience

knows I've talked about my failures with

women I've had a lot of failed

relationships too and a lot of those

failed relationships were my fault

cheating is one thing gentlemen getting

caught listen dude like that's the

number one in my in my ten side chicken

Mamet's do getting caught is the number

do that as commandment number one dude

you get caught cheating the

relationships over she might still be

with you but dude now now you're worried

about her fucking somebody else well if

you're mr. fuckin red pill alphago then

you're not gonna be worried about her

nah man listen

hell hath no hell hath no fury like a

woman scorned man like they say they say

that for reason no she's not gonna be

like Angela Bassett and Waiting to

Exhale no she's not gonna kick your ass

she's not gonna burn down your shit but

I'm telling you right now if if a woman

if you cheat on a woman man like she

really can turn your life upside down

dude she might stay with you just to

make your life a living hell

exactly exactly and and and see this you

saw some key though you said that um

even if you don't cheat on a woman you

want your woman to know at minimum that

you're capable lutely

yeah that's yeah and see that's why you

want to make sure a lot of guys get in

relationships and they can become

complacent for example let's say

physically they let themselves go yep

you know they stop exercises stop

working out and just start being they

let their backbone weaken and you start

being a pussy no even if you were a 2

here 3 or 40 or 5-year relationship you

want to keep yourself up so that other

women notice you

a woman is too concerned that's right

always because nothing was enough on

that that that rarely if ever cheated

some women that are always worried about

whether than that you cheat

that's exactly right you know you in

trouble balloon ain't even laid worried

about you what is it like I know well

listen that this is this one a lot of

guys fall into once a woman knows that

she is your only option she is no longer

attracted to you right and it's listen

it's pre-selection

women don't want men that other women

don't want right so you don't have to

say well listen if you don't if you

don't stay in shape I'm going to fuck

other women you'd have to do that

you tell her with your

actions by staying in good shape dude

she sees other women looking at you when

you're out dude you don't have to tell

your woman that you can cheat you don't

have to physically tell her you don't

say well I will cheat if I have to know

she will see how other women respond to

you and that is that sort of indirect

dread game by keeping yourself up

keeping yourself in good shape you know

living your living your life for you not

making a woman your number one priority

that indirectly lets her know listen

keep your shit together or I'm out of


another thing along the same lens until

simplify sec you guys is dead I know it

sounds romantic for a guy to say I want

to make love to my wife I want to make

low to my girlfriend Valentine's Day

alright you're doing it slow you're

looking each other in the face right I'm

sure Donovan love Liz experiences I've

talked about this on my youtube videos

is that I said for many women who are

married or in a relationship that have

at least one other guy they're never

gonna want their boyfriend in the other

man her husband that other man to be the

same type of love it's right for example

lot of married women is six week they

were described a husband as the one who

you know ran a bubble bath for oh when I

was with him I be like bitch suck my

dick and lick my balls right and she

likes it like but the thing was they

look the husband to be like that but I'm

saying to you guys if you all realize

you gotta at least partially be that guy

otherwise come on I know for women going

back to the erotica novel thing this one

things that turns women on us in erotica

know the dominance we are a male

character in there that deviates from

the typical polite gentleman nice

whose kind of rough around the edges is

gonna pull the hair White's right and

call him a bitch harm all kind of names

yep and they love that shit man they

love this shit

here's another pitfall of side chicks is

I am Legend comments he says she'd fuck

another guy get pregnant and tell you

it's yours that's another risk right if

you're fucking your side chick dude

listen you think you're the only dude

she's fucking hell no you're not the

only dude she's fucking you think you

listen you've got to use cotton listen

if you're gonna cheat use a fucking

condom even still right accidents can

happen she can be like you know what I'm

pregnant and it's yours now what are you

gonna do yeah yeah that's because I have

a whole chapter in my book possibly sex

about what I call wanna beat a con man

thieves manthie okay she's okay either

mistresses or side chicks that are going

to want to do stuff like what you just


okay those other things and again that's

the thing man a lot of these women who

are willing to be your mistress aside

chicks man know what you should not

already they don't have the most

impeccable moral character to be right

there what will ease it they are

willingly playing second fiddle to

another woman and that ain't natural for

a woman to want to do that man they're

skinless and they will stop in anything


Sherm cane comments and this is a this

is a really really good one and we'll

talk about this here he says in my

experience never treat the side chick or

lie to the side chick like she is your

main girl I had a side chick find out

where I worked and my girl at the time

works second worst experience with a

woman ever here's the thing Allen a

woman who willingly plays second fiddle

to another woman in other words a woman

no she's a side chick here's the thing

women who are side chicks don't want to

be side chicks they want to be the main

chick and so and and and again listen

they've got mental problems are like

porn stars any woman who gets fucked on

camera for money has mental and

psychological issues as do side chicks

but it isn't a woman's nature to want to

be a man's main chick she'll play second

fiddle for a little while but she's not

trying to stay there she wants to be

listen she wants to be riding shotgun

she ain't trying to ride in the backseat

so she will actively try to sabotage

your relationship that is another risk

this dude side chick found out where he

worked and his girl war she probably

blew his life up completely yeah yeah

and that's what I was saying earlier

well I would I would say this the one

type of woman side chick that that is

not trying to be if a woman say just is

willing to have like I don't know

one-night stand a weekend fling right

and leave it at that

then those women are not necessarily

trying to steal you away from your wife

or over it right it's a woman who wants

something that's ongoing yes she

ultimately wants to steal you away from

your wife fiance or girlfriend that's

right and again she's not gonna stop at

anything until she gets you because she

believes her puss cuz her attitude is if

your wife's pussy was all that or you

wouldn't already they but most women on

earth believe they get the golden pussy

or later of course they do if you don't

believe us just ask them so in that

situation attitude is I know my pussy's

better than your wife's pussy yogurt did

you sneak it around fucking me right

listen this is exactly what they say and

it's exactly what they think but that

listen this is good next level game

advice that you have given these guys

the longer a woman fucks you the more

likely it is that she wants to be the

main chick and here's the thing Alan

even if she only planned to fuck you for

just a couple of times if she continues

to fuck you and when sex is so much more

emotional for women than it is with men

the more they're fucking somebody the

more emotionally the more emotionally

attached they become so they might have

thought you know what I've got a great

arrangement with this guy I fuck him on

the weekends it's all good but due to

3-4 months down the line okay and you're

still fucking her now she's starting to

entertain thoughts of maybe being your

main chick and she subconsciously tries

she subconsciously tries to to sabotage

your relationship and that's where you

run into big problems well you know

what's so funny about this is that

there's a lot of similarities between

men and women and of course there's a

lot of differences okay we're talking

about earlier being the other man see

most guys who are other men that's not

our objective I won't try to steal no

woman away from my husband in a position

to fucker and did say go home your

husband you know what listen let him pay

your bills right when I need you to and

they get the fuck on go home and get

home and I'm gonna ask you one last

question before we end this thing with

your mode1

philosophy which which obviously places

a high emphasis on upfront

straightforward on to see with women you

seem to always distinguish between what

you refer to as a lying womanizer and a

true player we refer to this a little

bit earlier for the record in your

opinion just so that we can clearly

define the difference here what is the

difference between a a lying womanizer

and a true player well it's funny this

is layer two sometimes at least a

handful of times some very contentious

conversations I've had with other men

like I remember one I've highlighted on

a couple of my YouTube video Ian has one

dude in Chicago I would say we pray two

or three steps away from getting into a

fight because I had a mole one

presentation in Chicago I was invited by

a woman actually just goes right there

women being a tree cuz when we start out

dogging up she found out from my cousin

I had this ebook and she said I heard

you wrote this ebook that teaches men

how to guess like I see what this is all

about and I said I said if you think my

book is all about just getting quick

easy pussy

she was running up this like upscale

black singles organization in Chicago

and so I said

do what I said if you think it's just

that one note you have my permission on

your website to just pretty much dog on

my book cool but that's it on other hand

if you think it's deeper than that more

layers in there then you get help me

like love it I was actually shot maybe

the first female really like just loved

my book so she invited me to do this

presentation wanted to the speaking

engagement about 40 black women in about

25 black men okay one engine

presentation I thought if I had to

estimate I thought that at least forty

to fifty percent of the women were gonna

hate my presentation okay okay but

they're no less than 80 to 90 percent of

the million we're gonna love my

presentation okay it was just like they

love my presentation right loving they

had a few issues with me who's an

x-rated language boil but deep down you

know they like it right he still they

loved it but I seen the list of what

there's over it like this one brother

particularly he was like me it was

appraised because he had this little

friend with other young neurotic guy

rather his own height man who repeats

everything system but he person says he

said man you gonna fuck up the game

yeah oh I wanted to top pimps and

players in Chicago this frizzy yeah you

want to top this with oh my god all over

Chicago and a reason why I got all these

holes is because I make each other feel

like they don't only one yeah you ain't

no player muffin oh no you're lying

there you go I said obviously it's

working out for you but you discredit

the term

player cuz you are not I see a song

you guys who want to know a true player

is a guy who said fucking five women in

all the five women he's fucking named no

he's fucking other one right I know the

names of those women the emotional

spaces and of course but they know he's

fucking other women and they've accepted

his program that is reply to his program

but if you got five sex partners and the

way you achieve knows was by making each

one feel like they're your girlfriend

then of only one you're not a player man

you're lying lou manizer make it man

let's just go back farrowing this is

funny this is funny as shit

Miami J a commenter talked about the guy

with the with the hype man who probably

looks like one of the guys on you know

Fat Albert says if he was such a pimp

why was he at the presentation doing

here at the fuck what the fuck you doing

here you know talking to me like if

you're such a player in a pit yeah

you'll play in a pep yeah you got your

own little height man looking like the

Cosby kids what you doing here play out

funny buddy of two is this thing out of

Philadelphia Las Vegas proposed to stay

a few years ago I'll see guys do this

now okay but a lot of brothers from the

streets might use their Bluetooth like

it was a status symbol yeah you know

I'll get back with you hey Brad you

forgot to turn your Bluetooth on your

your blue light isn't lighten up it was

like the cell phone craze right when

cell phones first came out you saw it

make us walk around yeah you know I'll

be there in 10 minutes like brah like

your cell phones not even on right and

again this this this goes directly in

this circles right back to what we're

talking about the thing is this man

women aren't stupid man they know that

the reason why you approach them in the

first place is because you want to fuck

them they understand that sex is the


to relationships it shouldn't be like

that but this is just the way it is

if you come at a woman and you give her

the impression that you want to be in a

relationship without even knowing who

she is she knows you're full of shit

that's why these guys out here trying to

be these lying womanisers and yeah you

know I'll take care you know this she's

like nigga you don't even know me like

how do you listen the only thing and

women know this too women know that men

know that the only thing the only

information that you have about a woman

when you see her is that you want to

fuck her so if she knows that you know

that so why would you pretend to know

why would you pretend to know otherwise

right like well I want to take care of

you like you know you want to fuck her

but you're you're pretending like you

don't it's it's it's to me it's

disingenuous yeah obviously you have to

be bold you have to be upfront you have

to be straightforward but if you give up

the impression that if you're giving off

the impression that you are looking for

something more like oh you know I'm just

looking for something more no like

you're just listen well what are you

looking for I'm listen I'm just looking

to hang out I'm just looking for looking

for some girls to have some fun with

there you go man

don't don't be a lying womanizer man

like to me

to me that's disingenuous and it can be

dangerous because of a what if you lead

a woman to believe that she is in a

relationship with you and then she finds

out that you're in relationships with

other people that's when shit can blow

up in your face and that's when you get

a black male now dude i'ma tell you this

is gonna be a really really extreme

example so of course this is gonna be

kind of I guess what people call outlier

example but it still shows it can happen

there was a friend of my cousin's man

who was doing the line womanizer thing

man this chick Candis crib and shot him

in the fucking heat she shot him in the

fucking head simply because he had toyed

with her emotions they was cheating her

now of course that might only happen

many point or one percent I'm sure it

happens even too much so guys up there

man I'm telling you man all you are a

grown man I'm not gonna twist your arm

or preach to you you gonna do what you

don't do but I'm telling you as a man

who's 55 years old I've observed a lot

experience a lot the cheating never been

officially in the law the only thing I

say you might

we get away with is what I alluded to

earlier if you say are married and say

one weekend you went to Vegas and had

just a quick one that standard swing

then you never talk to that woman again

right right it might not come back to

bite you ever but anything that's on the

shit's gonna fuck you up in the lower I

guarantee it's gonna fuck you up in the

long run

yeah cheating and like I said man

cheating at cheating his only cheating

is like junk food right it's great while

it's happening it tastes great while you

eat it it's great while you fucker but

the more you eat that junk food the

worse it becomes for you the more you

cheat on your woman the worse it's gonna

get yes listen the there there are other

ways of achieving an abundance mentality

that don't involve sticking your dick in

other chicks and listen man like I've

never been it I've haven't been in a

situation where where a woman has

threatened me with a gun but dude I've

been slapped

I've been dude I've had think I've had

objects thrown at my head dude I had one

bitch try to put sugar in my gas tank

one chick tried / might I do time listen

I'm telling you and we can laugh until

stories hahaha she was pissed but dude

these women were really hurt because I

was in a relationship with them and I

stepped out on them do I regret doing

what I did well no because I didn't

fortunately for me I didn't suffer any

dire consequences but as much as I

talked about yeah you know I've stepped

out on this girl and stepped out on that

girl listen it ain't all fun and games

man it ain't all peaches and cream and

dude being 40 almost 41 years old now

like I said I don't regret my actions

but as far as I'm concerned if you're

with a woman that you truly care about

its listen guys it's just to me it's

just not worth it I'm not in and again

if your woman gets outta line or she if

she gets out of pocket or she gets fat

then then then at that point yeah you

listen you you have to get the fuck up

out of there but if she knows you're

gonna do that anyway you can achieve you

can achieve that scarcity mentality with

her without stepping out on her now she

may react poorly when you decide to

leave or when she finds out you're

fucking somebody else but again but I

agree with you Allen the longer you dude

you can cheat once maybe twice here and

there but dude if it's an ongoing thing

it never ends well dude it never ends

well I've never heard

oh it's our five-year anniversary how

long have you guys been together oh well

he's been sleeping with me behind his

wife's back now for five years

you don't hear those stories man it

doesn't work that way now and again I

want to highlight one oh so about the

hope through something yep it guys if

you get your game to a certain level

you're going to likely be able to

persuade your girl or even your wife to

invite one of her trusted female friends


cuz this thing with a lot of women as

long as they know that you're not going

to become emotionally attached to this

other woman sadness involved in the


then wouldn't allow you to just fucking

there wasn't a lot of course fucking

right because they want to keep you

happy that attitude is I want you to be

happy I wanna kick I'm gonna number

women that wanted because they wanted to

keep me happy

they let me fuck a friend or

acquaintance of theirs the only thing

was they wanted to be reassured that I

wouldn't want to go up anything

emotional with that that that third

woman that was involved right and it all

it's funny how women it's funny how

women project that women women again sex

is so much more emotional for women than

it is men

so it's so it's natural and women for

whatever reason they even though there's

evidence all around us to the contrary

women still think that we operate the

same way as they do so they'll say well

we'll do a threesome but I don't want

you to get emotionally attached bitch

I'm dude it's just sex right like it

women women think that we would get

emotionally attached because they would

get emotionally attached if they were

fucking somebody else here's another

thing men don't leave their wives for

the side chick women on the other hand

leave their husbands for the dude she's

fucking or at least she would that's the

difference with the emotion a man isn't

dude of men's never gonna leave his wife

of 13 years and three kids for a fucking

bitch he's fucking on the side but women

when they cheat they cheat for emotional

reasons so they're far more likely to

leave their husband for that dude she's

fucking on the side and that's where

that concerns

pilgrim this is what they actually

offered a respectful disagreement with

you it's like I kind of half agree with

you and a half don't

okay because his reason I like lodges up

in the other man right in other women

dead I can't say necessarily that they

wanted this really profound emotional

bond I mean I think they might have

becoming more she touched me to some

degree okay but not to the extent that

they were like like a women told me they

said I love my husband and they went on

in so many words to say that I love his

non-central okay sorry bunch gotcha

it is financial security so much that

make sense that I would never leave him

cuz I was pretty much a broke or semi

broke my foot right you couldn't take

care of you you wanted to this one will

be a daycare any like I was gonna be in

a position to take care of now Chiti in

your pressure defense though it might

have been a situation where if I was

earning six figures it might have been

like okay okay you know what that you

know what that that makes sense if you

are if you're high value like if you

have a high monetary value higher

monetary value than her husband then

yeah then she'll consider leaving you

because now you're fulfilling all of her

sexual needs and now she's thinking

about you fulfilling all of her

non-sexual needs dude that is the

unicorn right you mean I get both of

these like I have a husband and and in a

boyfriend all in the same man of course

them of course I'm I want to leave so

that that makes perfect sense if we

talked about this earlier women women

want if women want a provider they want

a provider who pays the bills who

listens to their problems then they want

a man who's gonna fuck the shit out of

him make him feel like a slut

unfortunately in today's world you can

never find these these two men in the

same man and this is why this is why a

lot of women who cheat they never they

probably never would leave their

husbands provided that the guy they're

fucking on the side has a lower monetary

value just like you said if the guy

she's fucking on the side is making six

figures or he's the CEO of a fortune 500

company you yo she's looking a jump shit

but if she's fucking some nigga Tyrone

down the block who works at Jiffy Lube

she's not thinking a wife she's not


leave at him yeah and I gotta cut at

least a couple women explain it Timothy

broke it down to me and I understood

this see one of the things that you can

almost say their main guys ain't decided

at a disadvantage is I'm still my

earlier how I can you know with ladies

marry women I could talk to them all

cows will be like bitch lick my balls

before what would you Alan I don't see

you on a daily basis there you go

only see you when I fuck you so it's

more exciting that way for you to treat

me that way but a lot of women s know

what their husband doing that at least

not on a regular basis because they say

you know when you marry and you gotta

see that guy every single day and

particularly if kids online like you're

kissing the kids and your lips were on

his balls the other right and the guys

looking like you're look at my balls man

you're really gonna kiss my kid did you

brush your teeth like no I get it I

totally get it

oh I love that show hell yeah he said he

was talking to his bad he said dad you

know what was your secrets to do to pull

of this is that they said a thing about


I would always wake up in the morning

with a hard dick what you might ever

suck my dick and swallow all my oh my

all those mornings you kiss me you were

to Alan once again man it is it has been

a pleasure man it's always good to have

you on you you you definitely drop rock

solid knowledge my thanks to the one car

like I said I don't have as many callers

calling in as O'Shea because he of

course is on YouTube and of course I'm

on a I'm on an independent platform but

listen I would say I don't know maybe a

year year and a half from now will have

these things lined up but I do

appreciate you making the time for us

tonight guys definitely check out

Allen's website mode1 net you can follow

him on twitter at Allen Roger curry he

can also be found on Facebook by the

same name Allen it has been a pleasure

my friend again thanks for coming on man

we get we got to do this again soon

sometime thank you has always been

enjoyable when you and you've invited me

on whether it's the audio or video

format I had a great conversation

absolutely on and yeah man I definitely

I look forward to meeting you personally

yeah man yes sir take care l --n we will

talk soon my friend all right my friend

all right bud take care well that's

gonna do it that's gonna do it for this

edition gonna work on a smoother

transition there we go that's gonna do

it for this edition of TSR live again

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it I got to get out of that habit

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so again we got a lot of good guests a

lot of good red pill guests coming up

thank you guys very much for tuning in

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