Is it ever okay to physically reprimand or punish your woman? + HATE MAIL

The main difference between punishment and abuse is that abuse is either extreme, unfounded or both. Punishment is a verbal or physical reprimand for breaking a rule. Punishing an individual for doing nothing wrong is abuse.



This goes for both men and parents. If a man punishes his woman physically or verbally and she hasn’t broken any household or relationship rules, it’s abuse because it’s unfounded...there was no reason to reprimand her. . Same with parents. If a parent spanks a child but the child hasn’t done anything wrong, the parent is being abusive.


Punishing shitty behavior

Good articles on punishing bad behavior


today on the sharp reality is it ever

okay to physically reprimand a woman

plus we got plenty of hate mail

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our on our topic of the day a few months

back I did a show on why women tend to

stay with abusive men well today I'm

gonna talk about the difference between

abuse and punishment and why

reprimanding a woman not only works

within the context of a sexual

relationship but it also helps her to be

a better woman the best woman she can be

so let's go ahead and start with the

definitions let's start with the

difference between the differences

between the two the difference between

punishment and abuse the main difference

between punishment and abuse is quite

simple the main difference is that abuse

is is that if it's extreme or unfounded

or both then it is abuse so so so abuse

is punishment that is extreme it is

unfounded or both punishment is a verbal

or physical reprimand for breaking a

rule now punishing an individual for

doing nothing wrong is absolutely abuse

this good this this actually goes for

both men and parents if a man punishes

his woman physically or verbally and she

hasn't broken any household or relation

rulz it's abuse because it's unfounded

that there was no reason to reprimand

her same with parents if a parent spanks

a child but the child hasn't done

anything wrong the parent is being

abusive so I'll give you a couple of

examples of abuse verbal and physical so

an example of verbal abuse

Jeff walks into his hell you know Jeff

walks into his house where his woman is

sitting on the couch watching TV nothing

nothing appears to be out of whack she

just minded minding her own business

all of a sudden Jeff bursts into a

verbal tirade saying shit like you

fucking bitch

you ain't shit the fuck you sitting

around for it gets her ass up and get to

work bitch okay again yelling at your

woman for no apparent reason

that's verbal abuse now as a side note

any woman who responds favorably to

verbal abuse is not one that you should

keep around a woman who rewards you for

verbally abusing her meaning you yelled

or you raised your voice at her for no

reason she's got the kinds of issues

that will get you both in trouble

in the long run and you guys know

exactly what I mean you need to get the

hell out of there an example of physical

abuse is Jeff walks into it into his

house where his woman is sitting on the

couch watching TV nothing appears to be

out of whack

all of a sudden Jeff walks over and

smacks the shit out of her okay same as

above a physical reprimand for no reason

is abuse if Jeff walks into his home and

and his woman gets up and attacks him

she hits him tries to hurt him

physically etc then Jeff has every right

to defend himself by stopping his woman

from accosting him in this way but if

there's no reason for him to put his

aunt to put his hands on a woman he's

being abusive and that's still a

slippery slope if a woman attacks a man

physically if he grabs her arms or tries

to defend himself or whatever the case

may be pushes her away whatever whatever

the case may be it doesn't matter we all

know that if you put your hands on a

woman that's against the law and a lot

of listen a lot of women they're hip to

the script they know that if you put

your hands on them they can call the

cops and get you locked up for at least

72 hours not to mention you know

everything that everything that's going

to happen in court but again if there's

no reason for you to put your hands on a

woman you're breaking the law you are


your woman now let me give you a couple

of examples of punishment verbal

punishment or a verbal reprimand Jeff

walks into his house his woman is once

again sitting on the couch watching TV

now she hasn't cooked dinner the house

is a mess she looks terrible she knows

these things are requirements of his and

knew this going into that relationship

so Jeff walks in and says why the fuck

is dinner not cooked and why the fuck is

my house a mess and why the fuck do you

look like shit get your ass off the

couch go upstairs make yourself

presentable clean this place up and

start dinner

Jeff verbally reprimanded his woman

because she failed to meet his

expectations because she because she

failed to meet his expectations

expectations by the way she knew he had

upon entering the relationship with him

he has every right to voice his

displeasure and demand her compliance if

she has a partner here is the thing if

she has a problem with the way he talks

to her upon her failure to uphold her

end of the bargain then she can leave

the relationship nobody's holding a gun

to her head to stay I thought and I

talked about this on O'Shea Duke

Jackson's channel this week and I did a

couple of shows with him regarding a


you guys listen anybody anybody who

listens to me on the regular you guys

know that I am a big fan of surveillance

on your woman's devices I I have always

said and I've done this I've probably

done this for the last 3-4 years if a

girl wants to be my main chick if she

wants that commitment for me she

absolutely has to give me access to her

phone this means I put a keylogger on

your phone this means there is a GPS on

your phone I want to know what you're

texting who you're texting what games

are playing etc etc and listen

predictably I had both men and women say

oh you're insecure and that's hey listen

you can call it whatever you want you

say insecure I say territorial and women

were women were telling me while you

wouldn't lie would never come in to you

hey no problem if you would listen if

you don't want to be and listen most

women I actually bring this to the table

when they say hey look I want to you

know I want this to go to the next level

I tell them okay you're not ready and

you know after a while they say well

wait a minute will you keep telling me

that I'm not ready and I and I tell him

again look

bring this up again you're not ready to

be my main chick I've got like I tell I

tell girls man I'm a heavy guy to be

with man like it is it is hard work to

be my main chick you don't just get to

exist in your own little bubble and do

what the hell you want to do there are

certain rules and regulations and

stipulations that I have if I'm gonna

give you my exclusive time and attention

and at some point most women drop out

some of them stay on and finally they

press they say okay I rely really want

to do this I like you a lot I want to be

your main shape what's it gonna take

then I drop the keylogger then I drop

the I need add you were going to give me

access to your computer your phone your

tablet etc etc etc most women drop out

few of them don't that's the way it goes

I'm not holding a gun to anybody's head

so any women or men listening to this

who want to have who have a problem with

a man coming home and verbally

reprimanding his woman or his wife for

not upholding her end of the bargain

guess what he's not alone the gun to her

head he's not forcing her to be in that


she knows what his expectations are she

can either beat them or she can walk

it's that simple now an example of

physical a physical reprimand is Jeff is

eating dinner with his woman and she

either burps loudly at the table or she

farts these are things that he's told

her not to do because it's not it's not

feminine and it makes her unattractive

Jeff then instructs her to stand up bend

over and pull up and pull down her

panties he swats her firmly on the ass

three times because that is the

punishment agreed upon for indiscretions

like this now obviously this is a

slippery slope

okay hitting women is illegal gentlemen

and that is the reason that men should

not hit women let me repeat that hitting

women is illegal and that is the reason

men should not hit women spanking on the

other hand is different in that it's not

physically abusive because some parents

do still spank their kids regularly

though though it's becoming something of

a lost art in the way of child-rearing

and it should be discussed and agreed

upon before the execution of said

punishment ie the spankings now believe

it or not gentlemen more girls than you

might think don't object to getting

spanked for misbehaving I mean listen

I've had at least a half a dozen girls

agree to getting spanked if they get

a pocket if they get out of pocket I

bend him over I SWAT him on the ass

three times and then that's that there

are even a couple of girls I spanked

without even discussing it beforehand

and and again you'd be surprised at that

you'd be surprised at the number of

women who are okay with their men's

spanking what they're men spanking them

again guys and this is the premise of

the whole red pill the manosphere

etcetera women are programmed to belong

to it they are programmed to want to

belong to a man they love and a man and

a man who keeps them in line

and if spanking is part of the process

they are all in so long so long okay if

you're so long as you're the kind of man

they respect and can see themselves

loving if she doesn't respect you guys

if she doesn't see herself loving you at

some point down the road this isn't

gonna work

a woman can only respect spanking as

much as she respects the man

administering the punishment ie spanking

and just to be clear spanking is the

only form of physical punishment a man

should exercise with his woman I will

say that one more time spanking is the

only form of physical punishment a man

should exercise with his woman and she

has to agree to it any other physical

reprimand guys could be construed as

illegal and should be avoided at all

cost if you're the type of dude that

likes to grab your woman and shake her

if you like to grab her by the arm if

you like to grab her by the hair by the

neck listen do so at your own risk all

she has to do is pick up the phone and

you are locked up for 72 hours

guaranteed and you are guilty until

proven innocent in the court of law but

I want you guys to keep in mind that

spanking should only be used to

eliminate annoying and unladylike

behavior ISM like like burping or

farting loudly in front of you if your

woman has serious behavioral issues

there are measures that we can take that

are I mean obviously all of them are

non-physical they'll get her back in

line and those are the foundations of

red pill game we all know this but if

your woman bites her nails or if God

forbid if she picks her nose if she sits

like a man spanking her will eliminate

those behaviors when verbal warnings

won't work and again I speak from

personal experience

I speak I speak from personal experience

I've dated girls who burp in front of me

who have farted in front of me I gotta

stand him up bend him over dated a girl

who bit her nails anything that's

unladylike that I don't like I'm like

look don't do that in front of me if you

do I'm gonna I'm gonna fucking swatch

you three times and they'll kind of

giggle because they think it's all fun

and games and I see her biting her nails

stand your ass up and they think it's

all fun and games it's all I SWAT him on

the instead of like ooh they're like

half turned out okay that hurts so good

that I think I want to stop biting my

nails and of course you have some girls

who you know who egg it on oh look I'm

biting my nails are gonna come over and

spank me in the ass yeah you know that

that kind of adds to it as well

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with Donovan sharp so let us jump into

the chat and see who is in the house see

who we've got here alright a our four in

the house good to see you deep 1985 good

to see you in here as always mr. old

school right our good to see you in here

deep 1985 says I don't believe in using

physical violence on a woman for stupid

reasons like the food isn't cooked right

but if she decides to get stupid with

you physically just clothesline the

bitch yeah that's what I'm saying listen

again this is a very very slippery slope

alright and I bought and listen I've

already got one strike so I'm gonna

tread carefully here I would I would

agree with you that physical violence on

a woman for unfounded reasons you can't

do that like coming home and beaten your

woman's ass for no reason that's stupid

you absolutely need to raise your voice

at your woman that's all there is to it

I don't believe in beating a bitch's ass

because you know she

or cook the steak or whatever the case

may be I mean listen the bitch should

know how to cook in the first place you

should never have to do that but that's

definitely good comment there 1985 boss

wavy in the out boss wavy in the house

everything's good man

Charles merchants in the house Charles

Morton you looked down in the 702 I was

looking for you in the chat yesterday in

the wake of the of the shootings down

there in Vegas good to see you in here

man it's good to see the draw right I

assume that you know you have all your

faculties you're a black guy so I assume

that you don't like country music I

could be wrong but I don't know we'll

see what's going on Aaron air arraign

nights I think that's how you pronounce

it a reign nights I'll just call you

nights what's up

heathen Alexis quite the disclaimer

Donovan like I said man I got one strike

man I'm not trying to I'm not trying to

get my not trying to get kicked off of

here good shit freelance running in the

house TSR in full effect good shit said

you're on the way to practice what do

you play freelance boss lady says chicks

will start a fight with you but have 911

on speed dial yeah dude I'm telling you

that's what happens that's what happens

Oh DJ in the motherfucking house O'Shea

Butte Jackson what's up man good to see

you in here talk to him a little bit

earlier we like the way things are

headed in the Negro manosphere talking

about our plans for world domination so

always a good conversation with him good

to see you in here brother a black

what's a black what's up don't think

I've seen you in here before

but what's up freelance Ernest says damn

the whole crews in here yeah you're

goddamn right we're it dude we're

talking about physically reprimanded

women I guess so

even deluxe says Oh mr. mink what's up

good to see you in here shoutout to you

he little excess I wouldn't even delve

into the physical punishment myself too

risky mental manipulation seems to work

just as well I can't disagree I cannot

disagree anytime you put your hands on a

female man you're like it's a slippery

slope it really really is even spanking

can sometimes be a little bit risky but

so long as you guys both agree on it you

know and and speaking that's again

that's not that that's different from

physical abuse like oh my god you know

officer he took his belt out and spanked

me in my ass I mean they would still

arrest you but you know it's a little

less risk I guess I'll just put it that

way Don John says females are such a

pain in the ass man you know Don John I

think I was on at I forgot what what

thread I was on and this was a while

back and I remember this one dude I

forgot what the thread was about but he

said man he's like this is he said this

is some bullshit man like all the shit

that we have to learn and read and be

and change about ourselves just not to

get god my fucking women it's a shame

and I agree females are a pain in the

ass females are more trouble don't get

this twisted guys females are absolutely

more trouble than they are worth but

they have the one thing that we can't

get anywhere and that's pussy so listen

this is why we deal with him otherwise

we wouldn't fuck with him so Junior Rosa

says what's good Donovan I spit in my

ex's face back in February and she asked

me for fifty five hundred I'm still

going to court for it now yeah I

remember you tell me about that um shit


that sounds like a UH that sounds like

you can hit the news at any minute Jesus

Christ 55 I hope the loogie was worth it

man you know how it is

boss wavy says if she's not my main

chick I'll just leave and go see my

other lady but I feel you with the

Spanky if it's your main chick yeah you

know listen I've spanked my main chick

I've spanked my side bitches you know

treat them all equal mr. old-school

writer says clothesline clothesline the

bitch good title for a news yeah that

says like some shit to see murder would

come out if he ever gets out of prison

Jeremy clay a new comer says just

stumbled upon your stuff last weekend I

don't know how many of your shows I've

listened to in a couple of days

is hopefully hopefully Eric P in the

motherfucking house what's up

got your Eric shoutout to Eric P got his

$10 contribution via PayPal yesterday

appreciate that and I misspelled your

name when I give you a shout on the

chats on my bet on that

Jeremie clay says don't know how I found

you on Twitter but I'm glad I did good

good good good to see you guys in here

man good to have you guys all up in here

a rain knight says yo Donovan I used to

stay in South Philly right off Snyder

get the fuck out of here

all right good shit man all right yeah

listen I yeah yeah I'm not gonna give

away like most of my family lives in

Philadelphia so I'm not gonna give away

where they live or not me not that I'm

some sort of celebrity but you know

people are but uh good to see you in

here man good to see you in here good to

see you guys in here

good good show topic all right well

let's keep the train moving now hmm

let's go ahead and keep it 100 with this

particular topic guys we can gloss over

an unshakable truth all we want but here

is an ironclad truth that I have

discussed and talked about in the past

and that is this women respect men who

hit them more than men who do not say

what you want it's the truth if a woman

knows with 100% certainty that her man

would never put her hands on her no

matter what she does she does not

respect him she can say she does she can

try to show that she does but a woman

who is not physically afraid of a male

does not have as much respect for a male

she is actually physically afraid of

that's the bottom line we all know it

women if you're watching you know it's

true well I don't respect men who hit me

you think you don't respect men who

would put their hands on you but you

would not saying it's right not saying

that's the way it should be that's the

way it is even if a woman is with a man

who has never laid a hand on her if she

isn't what if that woman isn't 100 100

percent certain that he wouldn't knock

her ass out if she got out of pocket she

will have a healthy respect for him and

will take care not to disrespect him

okay she'll keep that respect until the

relationship ends and he'll never have

to lay a hand on her if listen again if

she thinks there's even a sliver of a

chance that he could hit on her that he

can hit her she falls back she'll voice

her opinion okay she'll speak up but she

won't be disrespectful and she won't try

to put her hands on him she won't try to

hit him or assault

okay now as far as men go who are actual

abusers men who actually hit women put

hands on women abuse women they get more

sex they get more loyalty and they get

more favorable treatment from the women

that they abuse guys again right wrong

moral immoral this is how women are okay

whether they admit it or not whether you

like it or not this is how they are

women treat men who treat the worse you

treat women the worse you treat women

that better they treat you and as actual

physical abusers person for person get

better treatment than men who treat

their women like gold period point blank

this is how it is I wish it wasn't like

this this is how it is respect is one of

the most important elements when it

comes to arousal and loyalty and for

better or worse like I said men who put

their hands on women get more respect

than men who do not okay it shouldn't be

this way it really shouldn't but this is

how it works and like I said before

anything like I said before at the top

of the episode guys any woman who allows

you to verbally or physically abuse her

meaning she's okay with you yelling at

her for no reason and she's okay with

you putting your hands on her for no

reason get the fuck out of Dodge guys

that is a no-win situation and it is a

mathematical inevitability that you will

find yourself in deep shit if you stick

around long enough trust me

God listen I don't care if she's a 10

I don't care if she's the hottest girl

you've ever stuck your dick in I don't

care if she sucks your dick every

morning afternoon and night I don't care

if she cooks you a five-course meal

three times a day if she responds

favorably to abusive treatment get your

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go back to the chat see what we got

going on here

- Fick the wall I assume that's how you

pronounced that women love drama if

there is no drama it is boring to them

yeah yeah absolutely again and and I

wrote about this when I talked about the

the life and times of OJ Simpson and I

talked about the fact that that that oj

oj was was I mean obviously we all know

that he was extraordinarily abusive

toward Nicole and no she didn't like it

in her ass kicked by her six foot two

inch you know ex football player of a

husband and yeah I'm sure listen

obviously it you know she was you know

in physical danger but listen women

would rather be women would rather be

one thing that kills relationships is

boredom okay and for better or worse

however OJ treated her Nicole Brown

wasn't never bored and I like I said for

better or worse it kept her around so

boss wavy says you right he says you're

right back in my back in my bethe days

as a freshman at college I had a short

sexy Spanish stick I knew for a long

time she told me her ex used to beat her

and put his knees on her chest she

brought him a card you see you see that

man dude my ex-wife darcy told me she

told me that her ex-husband used to beat

her ass she married his dumb ass twice

unbelievable unbelievable listen this is

how women are okay we can sit here and

try to be an hour and moral high-ground

and say well it shouldn't be that way

well it's it shouldn't but that's the

way it is that's the way it is now let's

talk about why reprimanding your woman

makes her a better woman now that we've

gotten all of the definitions out of the

way now that now that we know what it

really is let's talk about why physical

reprimand man of your woman physical and

verbal makes her a better woman women

today guys they're not afraid of men

they're not afraid they know that all

they have to do is say one of us hit him

or grazed her ass or even hurt their

feelings okay all they got to do is bet

their eyelashes

and we're hauled off to jail we're fired

from our jobs and our names are

directing our Mane's names are drug

through the mud through the mud not to

mention the monetary costs that come

with court costs hiring an attorney that

won't that won't personally escort you

to the you know to the jail okay

the laws put in place to protect women

have quite literally crippled sexual

relations between men and women because

there isn't a healthy respect for men

anymore like I said earlier guys if a

woman isn't 100 percent certain that her

man wouldn't coldcock her if she stepped

out a line she has more respect for him

and in health which helps her to be a

better woman okay if she knows she'll

get spanked in the ass if she burps her

farts loudly around you she'll stop that

behavior if she knows that her man isn't

afraid to raise his voice at her she'll

well her tone when addressing her

concerns feminists like to define verbal

abuse as essentially anything that

doesn't praise women in any in all

situations okay

I've been called an asshole plenty of

times by women but the reason they

called me an asshole is because I've

told the truth okay I listen I told one

girl I was saying that she needed to

take a shower because she stunk and she

lost her fucking mind oh my god I can't

believe you said that that's fine you

can be you can be incredulous if you

want but the showers over there like

wash your ass lunch what chick I was

fucking she got all huffy and indignant

when I told her she was dressed like a

dude when she got to my place I said

look you got to dress like a fucking

woman man and she's like well then and

she was hot so she figured she can just

come over she figure she can come over

to my house look I'm like she was some

dude it did not fuck that so what's a

look and act like a lady when you're

around me look I don't care what the

fuck you do when you're not in my

presence but if you're in my presence

you look and sound and smell like a

fucking lady wash your ass and dress

like a woman gentlemen do not be afraid

to tell your woman the truth when it

comes to your expectations or

displeasure and don't be afraid to raise

your voice either yell if you need to

because as far as I know yelling at a

woman is not against the law at least

not yet

our women your woman they want to be put

in line they want that discipline

she needs to be yelled at and some even

like it and she needs to know you've got

the balls to yell at her if you need to

because because if she knows you do

she'll be better for it and she'll

appreciate you for it women are always

complaining about the fact that I don't

know where I stand with my man or or I

don't know what he's thinking

guess what if you verbally communicate

your displeasure to your woman she'll

know where you shall know where she

stands she might not like it but listen

for whatever bad behavior she engages in

it won't be because she doesn't know

where the fuck she stands voice her

displeasure tell her what she needs to

work on and if she doesn't like it she

can walk man this is how this work life

is full of choices now she may not like

it she may not always like it okay she's

a human being

guys consistent discipline isn't easy to

administer and it's it's not easy to

accept a lot of the times but in the end

your woman will respect and admire you

because you are the one person who is

man enough to do what needs to be done

to make her the best woman she can be

and that's doing the difficult thing in

terms of disciplining her now like I

said earlier guys no one here is is

telling you to hit a woman

nobody condones for you no physical or

verbal abuse physical abuse that's

against the law you shouldn't do it

you're gonna go to fucking jail and

you're guilty till proven innocent

don't do it okay nobody's telling you to

yell at your woman for no good reason

what I am Telling You is that grabbing

your balls and voicing your expectations

and your displeasure loudly if need be

will separate you guys from 99% of men

out there who are afraid to so much as

disagree with their women their guys out

there like this they're afraid they're

afraid to even disagree well I think we

should go here well would no no we're

not going there we're going here

disagree with your woman like seriously

there are guys out there who are afraid

to disagree with their women what are

they gonna do beat you up fuck out of

here and then these men wonder why their

women are fucking the men who have no

problem with reprimanding her in private

or in public funny how that happens be

the man that women want to fuck and stay

fucking gentlemen be the man who is

unafraid to do what you're mad

Killman hard drive is designed to do

within the balance of the law of course

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home page the sharp reality um let's go

back to the chat here Oh looks like oh

wait Oh American mail looks like

American mail

okay well looks like American male is

Charlotte damn I missed what he said

damn I wish itis listen sharp assist was

on the ball in that one cuz I missed

what the hell that motherfucker said mr.

old school writer says that damn Darcy

yeah she was a piece of work but but see

here's the thing the thing is is is how

can I put this as bad a wife as Darcy

was I am man enough to admit that I was

even close to a man who deserved the

love of a woman yes she was a shitty

wife yes she got fat yes she committed

paternity fraud I mean dude she treated

me like shit

bla bla bla bla bla but guys I wasn't a

man who deserved good treatment from a

woman I wasn't okay I can look myself in

the mirror and say you know what Donovan

yeah she treated you like shit but you

kind of desert not to say that I deserve

to be treated like shit but I didn't

deserve to be treated well and women are

binary creatures man they're either

gonna treat you like shit or they're

gonna treat you well there's usually no

one between so shout out to Dom Yan

guess you're a first time guess you're a

first-time viewer in here first time

kuqali see see the motherfucking house

what's going on with you brah good to

see you guys all in here okay well it is

time for my favorite segment your

favorite segment let's get the hate mail

your fucking loose you live in your

mom's base you probably have a too much


have you ever seen the pussy you're

probably a virgin sound like a white guy

so that's a no for Netflix and chill oh

yes it is hate mail and this is the time

where I read all of the all the nasty

dirty things that that feminists and

white knights like to light like to like

to write in these motherfuckers it's so

funny when you read this stuff they

always end up telling on themselves so

what let's go ahead and get started here

Kel Bell says quote this half white boy

fucking y'all true full-blooded black

men like he fucking white women the only

difference is he her mouth in her mouth

and in your mind he gettin bent over by

a white man so often he sound like one

that white men done pumped his spirit in

him I bet it's a white man around town

talking black down-low white dick loving

tuck Mel I couldn't even dude I couldn't

even read that shit okay

if if you want a troll and send hate

mail write it in fucking English and

make some fucking sense ignorant ass

bitch that made zero sense whatsoever

you're gonna troll to it right yeah damn

uh here she is again

she says that bet that white bitch

bought that mic and headphones for him

it's the new Playstation for him while

she's sneaked and fuck his brother and

uncle and nephew and niece keeping it

real okay that was a little less

ignorant but it was stupid

actually Kelly Bell I myself I bought

the microphone and the headphones myself

and I don't own a placed and a

Playstation but that white bitch did

take me to Hawaii here take a look this

is us at our resort the Pacific Ocean in

the background this is up on the top of

Mount Mauna Kea 14,000 feet above sea

level that's me the background taking

pictures ah

this is us on the boat headed to go see

manta rays that was fun a lot of fun

this is us again on Mount Mauna Kea

taking pictures cheesin for the camera

and this is me looking good 9,000 feet

above sea level on the way to the top of

Mount Meru Kea

it's a funny how black bitches shame

white girls for treating us well like

like it's a bad thing it's like they're

saying see she buys you shit and cooks

for you and sucks yo dick you miserable

ass nigga you need a black women in your

life much please the fuck out of here

with that miss classy says quote I'm in

shape extremely attractive why wouldn't

I what why wouldn't reward a black man

almost 70% of black men are overweight

40 percent of black 46 percent of black

men are obese and only 5% of black men

are the breadwinners so you're not

getting anything

dating marrying a black woman so let me

stop right there

she says she's extremely attractive and

I guess she thinks she's classy but she

can't tell the difference between your

and your okay like that like like if

you're supposed to be like this classy

ass bitch trying to troll somebody

intelligent troll

seriously gets our grammar right I swear

to god you ignorant ass black bitches

anyway she cook she continues I married

a white man black men don't black men

don't marry you you use women and

abandon your children besides you cheek

too much most attractive educated black

women know this and I can't assume she's

talking about herself because she

doesn't know the difference between your

and your so we expanded out our options

to white men let black men marry fat

poor white trash so why would I reward

you hi I miss classy you ain't you ain't

that ain't you in the photo sweetheart

so don't even front attractive women

don't have time to troll on YouTube

video sweetheart and the statistics

might be true but if you read the

response to your comment below you can

see that an even larger number is a even

larger percentage of black women are fat

and trust me sweetheart nobody here

wants you to reward us and as for my

poor white trash here she is very very

poor and very very trashy as you can

plainly see clearly not as classy as you

clearly not as classy as you miss classy

there's another one for Miss classy so

Eric black men since 124 pounds and very

attractive you black bitches ain't

making no fucking sense man go to

grammar school chick I went and married

a white man and they have the money and

the resources Oh God

she digs herself even deeper with more


you know what okay miss class okay miss

classy whatever you say sweetie you're a

beautiful black woman who married a

high-value white man we all totally

believe it gotcha

Nita Queen 37 says I so love being a

black woman love my bronzed skin I love

everything and about everything about

myself and my husband does too

they love discussing us black women and

why they don't hate us we don't care we

don't really don't good luck we don't

care we really don't good luck in god

bless sisters believe me not all black

men are thinking like this there are

some good ones left out there that are


another fucking liar you know these

black bitches be lying y'all bitch if

you were so happy you wouldn't be on

YouTube trolling me like like seriously

do you and miss classy actually think

that we buy this shit then she says we

don't care yeah

sure you don't you're so non-caring you

actually decided to write a comment on a

YouTube video about something you don't

care about while trying to convince us

how happy you are on YouTube in the

comments swear to God

Stephanie Mitchell says Donovan go have

a drink and then later attend a AAA

meeting these ignorant ass it's later

attend na a meeting Jesus fuckin Christ

and that dried up Neanderthal that he

was so-called married to at first is no

more likely a four rather than a 10 miss

Mitchell is talking about the episode

why Sierra will eventually cheat on

Russell Wilson black widow got up at

arms about that shit like they think

that Ciara is some classy virtuous woman

Sierra's a ho captain dude Russell

Wilson is a captain save-a-ho and hosts

sheet on Captain save-a-ho x' and these

black bitches don't like the fact that

I've called them out on that now

Stephanie does have a point here Ashton

meme who is Russell Wilson's white

ex-wife who cheated on him

she wasn't close to attractive and no I

never called her a 10 I think I called

her a 6 in the video but but anyway as

unattractive as Russell Wilson's ex-wife

is I can promise you she's more

attractive than Stephanie here because

none of us believe that's what you look

like boo I mean seriously

do black women really think we're this

dumb do they actually think they can

take somebody else's picture and use it

as their avatar and think that we

believe it's them and yes Ciara will

cheat on Russell Wilson and you know it

and that listen that's what that's what

got you mad and told me to go to an a

many a meeting it's fucking bitch just

telling themselves all the goddamn

Thomas were too good Yolanda Lewis says

quote not bitter or mad and some sort of

emoji just need to say you like what you


but don't put all black women in your

statement if some women are masculine

had to step up and run their household

some black men want their women to be

their mama

so with that you said you have tunnel

vision and need to meet more educated

women and that have most black men

around my around my way I assume she

wants to say always fuck these fat white

women that the white boys didn't want

you know it's funny when black women lie

to themselves and others around them

about the white girls were banging to

make themselves feel better then she

shows us that she is clearly bitter and

mad by saying get this guy's she's not

bitter or mad and educated black women

are just as insufferable as the rest

y'all bitches so I'll pass T Taylor says

I was partially listening to what he was

saying then I saw the movie get out then

I was like nope

I assume he's talking about one of the

black women episodes that I did this is

some of the most ignorant ass shit I

think I've ever read you've got hundreds

of men on and off line telling you guys

how much better non black women treat us

Blackman how much better non black women

treat us than than black girls but you

wanna you want us to believe that you

changed your mind because of a fucking

movie a science fiction movie based on a

fantasy scenario that isn't happening a

fantasy scenario that's never happened

to a black date before to a black dude

who date's a white girl fuck out of here

at that man listen you weren't listening

in the first place you already had your

mind made up but but wanted to try to

enlighten people by telling to go see a

movie that shines a light on what you

dumbass niggas out here are calling the

truth and by the way the movie's

director Jordan Peele is married to a

white girl so he doesn't even believe

that bullshit you ignorant ass niggas

weak-minded men always allow movies to

change their mind and change their

thinking so go auntie Taylor continue

fucking with these black bitches

I'm sure they'll treat you much better

than non black women fucking dumbass


the last one busty amar says I love my

black sisters whether fat or not with

babies or not I will still love them

please stop bashing your own race we are

the only race that chases others for

love and mixed kids and post it online

wake up

nah bruh I'm gonna stay sleep you can

have those big blast bitches all to

yourself I'm good that's gonna do it for

hate mail man i'ma tell you what y'all

black bitches be mad

yo they be mad you know they call me all

kinds of fuckin name and the funny thing

is is that they never come like Miss

classy okay basically a fat ass black

bitch she sent her a computer and you

know did a Google search for for a

pretty black woman and wants us to

believe that she really is classy and

that she really doesn't look like that

even though she trolls people on YouTube

and on the Internet

she tried to break out a bunch of

statistics now I'm not a statistics guy

I'm sure that some of her statistics

were probably accurate most black men

out here are overweight but guess what

there um there are a higher percentage

of black women who are overweight than

black men that's all there is to it and

she said she wasn't going to why should

we why should i reward you bitch I

didn't ask you to reward me you can go

go reward your white husband your white

high-value husband stupid ass bitches

unbelievable and these bitches always

cracked me the fuck up listen guys what

can I do I was getting low on hate mail

and I I had to drop a nuke man so I said

hmm I'm a little bit low on hate mail

what can i what can I do

ah I'll talk about black women these

bitches can't help themselves

stupid ass bitches damiana

says been watching for a while think

it's my first time chatting though love

watching your videos with O'Shay yeah

dude Mia no che do we put it down on the

weekends man like we discuss some

heavy-ass shit we put we put simps and

trolls in their place oh she's not as

hard on women as I am and I think that

there's definitely some value to that

hill-hill hill-hill allow women to uh to

have their say but as soon as they get

out of pocket that that's what he drops

the hammer me I got no time for women in

the chat if you're a woman and you want

to watch cool I'm mad at you it's a free

country but

you're not gonna be chatting in my room

I got no time for your opinion I've dude

I listen to women for I was I listen to

women for 32 years and it got me nowhere

so I'm not gonna I'm not about to do it

now so bas wavy says I can respect that

about how you said that about Darcy I be

I'd be mad when fat chicks try to get

with me but but to be honest I need to

lose 50 pounds to get back down to 200

pounds exactly like black dudes we keep

it real man I've shown you guys my fat

pictures you guys know what the fuck I

look like when I was 300 plus pounds

that's what I look like when I was

married to Darcy no wonder the bitch

didn't want to suck my dick I wouldn't

want to suck my dick either as fat as I

was fuck out of here with that

but women nope they never take

accountability for any like if a woman

is in a relationship and she breaks up

it is never her fault

they never say you know why my boyfriend

cheated on me or do you want to know why

am i up why I'm not with my boyfriend

anymore because I cheated on him I got

fat I got bitchy and he had enough nope

it's never he was an alcoholic he was an

alcoholic drug addict gambler who fucked

prostitutes came home and beat my ass

and I endured it for 10 years

bitch please I'm fucking every nigga on

the block and you know it American male

says Wow don't know what that's about

but I assume that's about the hey meal

boss lady says Plus started juicing

today and had a kale cucumber spinach

green apple and lemon it was great gonna

step it up all winter

yo Bravo that's actually let's say

cucumber spinach green apple and lemon

that's a good juice man that's a

rock-solid juice it that the lemon

definitely cuts the and I like tart sour

stuff anyway like I eat lemons you know

somewhat weird I like that but yet I

definitely uh juicing definitely helps

and I've told you guys that I do I do

daily intermittent fasting I don't allow

myself to eat any solid foods for 16

hours so from 7:30 at night until 11:30

in the morning I eat no solid foods I

just drink I drink water then I do two

green juices in in different convert in

different combinations I'll throw some

carrots in there some beets every once

in a while clean out the liver you know

keep the you know try to clear up my

skin you know good for my eyes blah blah

blah blah but yeah good for you boss

wavy juicing will absolutely get you

right man you made the right decision

boss wavy also says Miss classy white

men can have you

lmao only Latinas white women and maybe

Indian for me straight up I want these

black bitches fuck that deep 1985 says

this is how this is how you physically

punish your woman without violence

handcuff her tie her up to a gate when

the two of you are in that mood goes

balls deep in her from behind okay and

then he says after you finish after you

finished with the bitch you leave your

ass there for a while that's actually a

good idea that's a good idea a rainy

night says they take other people's hair

she it I don't pass I don't put nothing

past them I don't know why black women

don't wear their own hair man don't even

my own mom gets into the fake hair stuff

I like mom what are you doing

unbelievable unbelievable boss wavy says

weave is disgusting biggest turnoff dude

hell how the fuck are you supposed to

pull a bitch's hair when you're fucking

it from behind when you're fucking her

in the ass from behind like like how are

you supposed to pull a bitch's hair like

oh shit just put that no didn't work

that way

don't work that way Ellen LT says just

came back from the gym filled with white

girls with great bodies I'm not going

back to black bitches

telling you men I'm here to tell you

Eric P says equals looking good in the

NFC East race you're goddamn right

goddamn right we got a tough one a bub

we got a tough one against the Cardinals

man don't get it twisted there they're

not a good football team but they're not

a bad football team either we're at home

we're coming off of a good win from the

west coast you know I mean that that

that could be a trap game we got to keep

our edge so too fickle all says as a

bouncer I have to put my hands on women

from time to time but after I do they

respect me and almost turned on we're

I'm telling you man I'm telling you

women do not respect men that they are a

hundred percent certain would not put

their hands on them I'm telling you I'm

telling you kuqali says raw lemons yuck

hey listen that listen lemons and limes

brother lemons and limes bucoli asks

what's the best protein Donovan I like

steak you know like last night my girl


now put it on Instagram steak marsala

and roasted carrots that shit was good

tonight were tonight we're having

chicken yeah the best protein I like I

like I like round me if I like red meat

I know it's supposed to be bad for you

but guess what I lift weights and I you

know I ride my bike I get plenty of

cardio and so I'll be all right

so black says I've had nothing but

positive experiences with black women

I just screened them accordingly fair

enough he continues he says she shows

signs of being stereotypically

problematic I don't text or call back

that's a good strategy to have can't

disagree with that cool Kohli says oh I

mean the powder

I don't do protein powders there's no

need for me to dude I'm 6 1 dude I'm

probably closer to 6 to 229 pounds so I

don't really need I don't really need

protein powder if you do back when I was

doing the protein powders what I would

do is I would get some sort of chocolate

fudge and I put it I put it in the

blender along with almond milk and

peanut butter too so kind of thicken it

up um I got I forget the bread they're

all pretty much the same you can flip

you can find big vats of protein powder

for like 16 bucks on Amazon but no it's

been a while since I've done since since

I've done protein shakes that's for sure

Ellen LT says what kind of game do you

run on ugly ducklings very good question

Alan Elsie is talking about now I assume

you're talking about girls who used to

be ugly but now look half decent or look

fuckable the best kind of game to run on

ugly ducklings is push-pull game because

ugly ducklings they never they never

stop being the fat girl the fat ugly

girl that kids used to tease in

elementary school middle school in high

school but by the same token at some

point they realize holy shit my sexual

market value is through the roof so now

I'm the shit right so ugly ducklings go

from zero to fucking super bitch cocky

conceited narcissistic in 2.3 seconds so

you have to use push/pull game on her

you have to allow her you have to let

her know hey look I want to fuck you but

I'm not putting you on the pedestal that

everybody else is so when I say

push-pull you and listen we use an

old-school classic neg her a little bit

make fun of her hair yeah yeah you look

good now but what if she you know what

did you look like back in seventh grade


look like seven preview today I'm not

interested you have to be careful not to

neg her too hard because if you do then

she'll sort of start having flashbacks

and she'll think that you're not

attracted to her

which is what she went through and you

know back when she was an ugly duckling

so push-pull game show her you want to

fuck her then kind of take away push

pull push pull that's usually the best

game to run on ugly ducklings that's

going to do it for this episode of TS

are alive guys like the video get those

lights up man I'm trying to get a

hundred likes per episode follow me on

Twitter I've done have an underscore

sharp like my facebook page TS are live

with Donovan sharp and of course you can

always donate via PayPal at the bottom

of my home page thanks for watching guys

I'll see you guys tomorrow


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