Is monogamous marriage just a pipe dream? A discussion with Alan Roger Currie


Infidelity is a necessary evil in today's relationships and is a big reason divorce rates are at an all time high. Everybody and women (women far more than men). It seems impossible to imagine that married couples can stay faithful to each other for decades.

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That begs the question, is monogamous marriage just a pipe dream? Is it possible for two people to be married for 50 years without cheating? Alan Roger Currie sits down with me to discuss this important issue.

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of TSR

live presented by happy hippo herbals

well let's get to it guys my guest today

is a man who was running game before it

wouldíve it was even called game this

guy developed his own way of verbally

communicating his romantic desires

interests and intentions to women that

he refers to as the mode 1 approach a

number of his female followers have

nicknamed him the king of verbal

seduction that's quite the distinction

he was the he was the host of his own

podcast called upfront and straight

forward for nine years on BlogTalkRadio

and he now hosts and adults and adults

only podcast entitled the erotic


his latest audiobook which I have read

and listened to called the beta male

revolution white men have totally lost

interest in said in marriage in today's

society is an extremely educational book

and I would highly recommend checking

that out so please join me in welcoming

special guest Allen Raja curry Allen

it's been a while how you do it man

thank you brother Donovan thank you for

having me this is my third interview

with you but this would be my first one

since you've had your YouTube channel

I've come I've come a long way it was

it's funny man when I started when I

started showing my face and people

actually believed that I was black I got

more subscribers who knew then wait a

minute this guy is actually black let's

go and hit the subscribe button all

jokes aside though man it's been it's

been good it's been up-and-coming so

let's go ahead and get let's go ahead

and get right into the into the meat of

things that you guys you and another

black youtuber Mumia obsidian alley you

guys had a beef going on I don't know

what the genesis of that beef was but

just this is just a two-part question

are you an obsidian still beefing on

YouTube and what was the genesis of that

beef just give us the Reader's Digest

version why why did you guys have this

this falling out because you guys you

guys used to be cool man

I remember the very first time I talked

to you on the air I was actually at

obsidians house yeah back last

Thanksgiving right and so so what

happened what happened and are you guys

cool have you guys squashed it what's

going on

now I wouldn't say we squashed it but I

mean I said recently one of my video

podcasts dead and I didn't reference it

by name but I was talking about any

black male host who's been coming after

me that uh they need to just do them and

let me do me

so obsidian is always gonna be obsidian

Allen Raja Korea's I was gonna be Allen

tragic hurry we don't see how to eye on

a lot of issues here's the thing and

I'll try to keep this as brief as

possible no by all means I never had any

intentions of having what I would call a

personal beef okay with the city meaning

that it was never my intention to try to

change up city in or get him to change

the format of ash or anything like that

okay I mean and here's one count at

least minor issue I have with obsidian

is that at times he's trying to is it

giving his listeners the impression that

the main reason why we've had this

falling out is because I have a lot of

philosophical differences with his

opinions as viewpoints etc like what

weightless optical differences do you

have the reality is if that was the case

I would have thought what a long time

ago wait here's the thing man I've never

been a guy and this might even go

against you better because I know you

you got a lot of venom towards sisters

but I've never been a brother who's had

a specific issue with sisters as a group

okay that is not individual sisters you

know that I bumped his with over the

years I think like any black man has but

when I was on blog talk radio I did that

for nine years I never did a single

episode where I did black women for

harsh criticism okay and since I've been

on YouTube I've never done an episode

where my specific target was black women

as a whole and the interesting thing was

with me

first became cool and I reminded him it

is on either the first or second time

that I called in to his show I told him

he was more than a light-hearted manner

but I told him I said I said hey man

I've checked out some of your podcast so

far I like what I hear but I said I

gotta give you kind of one warning

though I noticed you targets sisters for

a lot of your commentary I said if I get

the sense that your brother that just

can't stand sisters I said me and you

won't fall out okay

I don't know again I was worried cuz it

means you were fucking I said that's not

me and in other word trying to prevent

him from doing that he's entitled to do

whatever he wants to do on his show on

his blog by way of showing his YouTube

show but what I was saying to him is

don't expect me to co-sign with you

right late still anyway some people

think that's the reason why we don't get

alone is because he's harsher on black

women than I am and everything related

to that but it is a real issue here's a

real issue the issue is obsidian heir

proposed some business collaborations

between us one was a book he wanted to

do a book signing event for my book

called the possibility of sense cuz he

really enjoyed that book yeah he

proposed selling some old one t-shirts

okay and I think the third thing he had

proposed somewhere down the line doing a

documentary about the state of a black

male black female relationships okay

which is somebody we trying to do on my

own before I met him City so what

happened was he came into one of my

videos in my comment section and I made

the comment at one of my videos that I

told guys I said if a woman rejects you

leave her alone right if you want to

know your romantic or sexual interests

and she lets you know she's not nervous

just leave alone make sense I said the

problem with a lot of guys is that some

guys in society can't handle rejection

when I'm referenced guys like Elia Raja

and George Saudi I said these are

straight faces

but these are guys who they couldn't

handle being rejected and ignored by

women to the point where they went on

and killed people because of right and

so obsidian can admire comment section

and said elliot rodger is entitled to

his preferences and I said what does

that mean

he said just when I say he's entitled to

his premises and I was like no one

anything relevant to anything I said in

my video number two any man is entitled

to desire a woman's companionship but no

man is entitled to a woman's conveying

shit that's exactly right

I was big let's make that clear so that

night after we had exchange in my

comments section

I just wrote him I said I was honest

what I said hey dude I didn't like that

elliot rodger coming it almost sounded

like you were defending him and or

empathizing with him whether that was

your attention to that I said I don't

like that so I can tell you right now

any potential business collaborations we

may have had on the table I'm mixing

those now I'm never gonna do business

with you but I let him know also I said

this is not again I said there's nothing

personal against you in terms of you

being a podcast strictly you're entitled

to your opinions but as far as us being

business collaborators I don't want to

do business with you and he had a

negative reaction to that first

privately and then later on through his

various podcasts publicly yeah but again

I'll say this is not shut up about it he

didn't make that clear to his uh his

listeners if he was simply told his

listeners hey Allen Raj curry didn't

want to do business with me I had a hard

time accepting that and I'm a little

bitter about it but hey you know things

happen we were wrong he tried to either

directly indirectly make it seem like

how they want to do have nothing to do

with him big again because of his strong

opinions that he expresses on his

YouTube channel and that's not the case

okay that's not the case so that's it

yeah oh we're not cool okay okay well I

listen I guess the beef beef hasn't been

squashed obvi listen obviously I like


you know I don't

I've never had an issue with him I was

actually recently on his show talking

about the whole Colin Kaepernick

situation as an aside one thing that I

think that I would definitely do I would

definitely do the mode 1 t-shirts

because my guess is that if I walk out

the door with a mode one t-shirt Allen I

think I'm gonna get pussy thrown at me

that's what I think hey I think you're

missing out listen if you want to squash

this beef with obsidian for one reason

it's for the t-shirts man you guys just

but yeah listen that that was obviously

a great idea let's go back to the to the

master of things because I have an I

have an opinion on this and I'm not sure

if you would and here's the thing you

and I see black women very differently

that doesn't mean that you and I are

gonna have a falling out you and I were

grown men we can have an honest

conversation we can agree we can

disagree we can move on with life we can

have a beer and we can keep it moving

that's how it works and while I'm at it

I actually you know what before I get

into this I remember I had a Twitter

spat with you and I don't think I've

told I don't think I've ever I don't

think I've told anybody about this other

than people that said it I was out of

line and I've never I've never publicly

said that but I was up and coming you

know I had a little bit of notoriety I

was kind of feeling myself and I had no

idea who I was talking to at the time so

man to man my bad on that I meant no

disrespect obviously knowing who you are

now yeah I did something really foolish

and stupid and I remember this I listen

I have a very long memory and and you

know what here's this you are lactose

intolerant how about that I remember

that because that came up that came up

in the Twitter beef I'm listen I'm glad

that you forgot about it because I never

have and it was funny because when I

went to obsidians house to do the live

remote with him I remember talking to

you on the radars like oh my god this is

the guy that I was going back and forth

with on Twitter and I thought to myself

five minutes in I was like holy shit

this guy is awesome like I got to do it

like I got to apologize this guy so for

me to you my bad

listen that was all on me I you know I

just a gun jumped the shark

obviously I had no idea who you were and

you know what they say man you got to

respect your elders you are an elder in

the game and and to be honest with you I

learned a lot from you

so my bet on that you know jumping

jumping the gun it and because I'm a big

dog there

they seemed out of it that was just

you're very nice way of saying damn

alley I said the elder the older of game

but listen to this this is I don't I

don't really know and I think that I

think I'm right in saying this I would

submit to you Alan that mass shooters

which are overwhelmingly men I think

they're all men elliot rodger

I don't know the other ones the the guy

Virginia Tech I would submit to you that

mass shooters one thing that they all

have in common is that they are not good

with women a lot of people can say well

ya got no I have never known of a mass

shooter okay you think of the Columbine

boys Dylan Klebold and Eric Harrison's

they were bad with girls andres Lubitz

the guy who flew the Germanwings the

Germanwings plane in may be killed 150

people okay he did it over none of these

men none of these men are good with

women and I would submit to you that

game saves lives there is not a man

alive who gets pussy on the regular who

has ever thought about shooting about

entering a building or shooting up a

school or anything like that what do you

say about that like I like I like like

what are your opinions on that because I

think the more successful of man is with

women it's not gonna make or break as

it's not gonna make his life but it

could certainly break it if he's not

good what do you what's your opinion on

that oh dude dude well first of all I'm

gonna give you a warning if it looks

like I'm turning my head I'm not really

per se distracted but I'll try I want to

make my youtube channel listeners aware

of this interview so absolutely yet

tweet it out we did out and while you're

while you're doing that shout out to

jamaican peppa with the $10 super chet

sadhana banan de Arce one-two punch

you're goddamn right

shout out to freelance Ronan to the Mod

Squad the csr and mode one in full

effect shout out to truth from troy with

the ten dollar super chat he says quote

i got good at picking up attractive

but now I'm in a great relationship any

tips on resisting the urge to pick up

new women and remain faithful besides

the usual more self-control Alan I'll

let you tackle that one

he weighs let me hear the question he

says I'm good at picking up attractive

women but now I'm in a great now that

I'm in a great relationship any tips on

resisting the urge to pick up new women

and remain faithful besides the usual

more self-control what do you say to

that oh well I say this you know one

thing I'll talk about in my book the

beta male revolution rush is my

best-selling paperback is I distinguish

between what I refer to as obligatory

monogamy and natural Monacan okay and

what this simply means is if you're in a

relationship and the only reason you'd

be monogamous is because you feel like

you're supposed to be or your partners

make you feel obligated to be that's

obligatory monogamy and then alone where

that's never gonna work no you shouldn't

try to make it work it's not go away

okay that makes sense

whereas natural monogamy simply means

you you have a natural desire because

you're so into the person you're in a

relationship with even if they gave you

the green light to fuck other people

you'd be like no I just wanna fuck you

right that's natural enough and which is

rare as hell but you know that's the

only time that's the only monogamy you

should pursue so all that to say that

for this guy if he has a really really

suppress his desire to wanna fuck other

women other than his girl that means he

really into natural monogamy he's doing

okay okay yeah if yes to ask if he asked

to ask if he has to ask the question it

sounds like he's already being tempted

listen if you gotta holler at other

chicks I got a tip for you don't get

caught listen man I've had exclusive

listen that is the number one rule

listen guys go back and listen to

episode 20 the ten sidechick

Commandments rule number one do not get

caught women listen women don't like

women what

women don't want you to cheat on them

but they like to know that you could

that doesn't mean that they want you to

exactly exactly I agree with that

oh the answer your uh again excuse for

just someone suddenly in my channel the

answer that question oh I agree with

that totally Donavan about just about

all serial killers oh yeah we're

sexually I wrote an article about that

in on this one is right for this I

called the examiner calm okay and yeah

and that's nice is what I say it man is

that perfect reference this in a recent

video podcast man I was talking about

how a lot of guys think that the most

curious of guys is your common you know

thug that's in jail or prison what a

bunch of tattoos and earrings but I said

basically most of those type of

criminals if they did murder somebody it

was something along the lines of

personal revenge like that guy did

something to the grandmother mother you

know that type of thing but I said most

of you guys who want to just like blow

up the world as the Dark Knight when

they told what the Joker they said he

just wants to see the world burn right

those type of guys are usually guys that

are like nerdy semi nerdy or if not

nerdy a semi nerdy just guys who have

had a total lack of success with women

romantically and sexually and they're

pissed that if ideas if I can't get no


I don't want anybody I don't want

Donovan sharp to get no pussy on

whenever I get no pussy I don't want

nobody enjoyed him so sexually if I

can't enjoy myself sexually right so

i'ma blow up the fucking one man or a

movie I highlight it was uh did you see

this movie called the source cult

no I heard about that though that was a

good movie but I'm gonna give kind of a

spoiler so for your listeners warning

I'm giving boiler a lot give away boiler

it stars Jake Gyllenhaal and he's part

of the special government program where

he can go back in time but he can go

only go back in time for roughly about

ten minutes oh wow

he's not like Michael J Fox in the movie

Back to the Future where you know he

went back was able to stay a while Jake

Gyllenhaal yeah he can only go back in

time about ten minutes and so what it is

this guy has detonated a nuclear bomb

that has blown up multiple cities and

Jake Gyllenhaal is they've known that

the guy who detonated a bomb down to

this Amtrak train and so they put Jake

Gyllenhaal on this Amtrak train he has

roughly 10 minutes to identify and stop

this guy from detonating the bomb and

long story skipping over things and

again given a potentials plot spoiler

when he finally identifies the guy who

actually detonated a bomb it was so

realistic again it went no like common

criminal looking type dude look like he

was in college you know he was like yes

there are a man yes there are and those

people lay dormant listen there are two

kinds of mass shooters right

neither of them get laid but there's a

there are the kind of mass shooters that

actually have the I that have the

ideation and then there are the mass

shooters that actually go out and do it

you think these mass shooters are the

only guys who think about going out and

killing 53 people no sir there are men

walking the streets right now who think

about doing this stuff and that I'm

telling you right now the genesis of

their frustration is their lack of

success with the opposite sex I can

promise you every time listen there are

probably some other issues going on

they're probably some other stuff but

the genes-- but if listen men who get

their dick sucked men who get pussy dude

we're too satisfied to want to shoot any

goddamn body that's not works there you

go yeah I totally about thousands it

goes I mean here's something you ain't

gonna never read about yeah you'll never

read we're star porn star yeah right


lifetime gigolo kills you know people on

subway every day beautiful women just

wakes up Buzzi shout out to Eric P for

the $2 super chances all-star interview

with the great author AR C let's put the

questions number two here you address

your haters and your critics a lot in

your YouTube videos so why like why the

hate man like what what's with all these

people out here drinking hater a like

like like why they hate on you man like

your Alomar you know what is the love

well a dude I spend like this for your

question number two we could probably do

a two-hour show reasons man number one

and well some of these related to what

we just talked about some those ladies

what we just talked about there's some

guys out here they have this attitude

towards me they like Oh Alan you know I

heard about your mo one or a regiment

one book and you know what I want

approached Jim women and they all

slapped me in the face and you know call

me a creep and was like oh you ugly get

out of my face so you're no one is a

bunch of bullshit man it doesn't really

help me and and blah blah blah blah blah

and what I've had to tell me repeatedly

I'm like hey I've never promoted my 1 as

a as a magic peel meaning that if you're

a guy that's like

five three four hundred fifty pounds

with five rotten teeth in your mouth

Wow only take bath once a week I don't

care if you read all four of my books so

listen all for my eat my audiobooks

morning I'll help you and I live with

guys about this shit right right but you

got guys on here so that's one group of

haters as the guys who just feel like

man are you dating coaches and PUA types

you guys suck you know you guys haven't

helped me you know I'm still living in

my grandmother's basement and I am

getting pussy in 15 years fuck all you

guys you know here's another Brandi

haters the same guys but then they say

you know what you guys worship pussy

pussy's not dude see no way like you've

spent way too much opera no no no no

wait fooling me man people love to hate

shit that they know they can't have so

they hate on us forgetting that man you

ain't foolin nobody with that bullshit

man that's another group out there the

norbit's of the world oh why did you use

inter flame but I actually wrote an

article about somebody we talked about

he know exactly listen that just came to

my head man like that's what I that's

what I listen I was trying to think of

the black equivalent to like maybe like

the white insel nerd and I thought Steve

Urkel Norbit etc Wow

listen a lot of definitely a lot of

haters out there but it's it's good that

you it's good that you do address them

and you know the men that and listen I

get a lot of hate mostly from females

but anytime I get when we get female

haters listen that's expected and the

reason why females hate what we do is

because we've given people the keys

we're giving you the answers to the test

see Ellen women would like to think that

they are mysterious and have all these

secrets in the men and they're all in a

mystical not like the the the common

narrative about women like you go on the

internet and look up a woman's name like

how to understand women it's this thick

Bible book no bra understand listen

women are as simple as a fucking

doorknob you just have to understand you

have to understand how to what

makes them tick that's what read that's

where red pill truth comes from any man

who has red pill truth sits back and

says you know what women really aren't

that complicated they are every bit as

simple as we are as men but women don't

like the fact that we have that we have

unlocked the the secret and we like we

figure them out and we're not impressed

and it pisses them off oh I don't agree

with that

yeah yeah that's the thing is true is

it's like once you're what I refer to

will essentially what you call red pill

where awareness and what most people

manager co-wrote where he'll win is my

nickname also for that is just simply

once you're in the know once you're in

the know and like you said you realize

women aren't nearly as complex as most

of the guys who are very naive and think

they are like one thing I miss dressing

on some of my recent video pioneers and

it's funny for all the qualities that

men like to highlight that represent how

different women are then then we are in

it there there surely are characters as

they have that are far different than us

the most underrated qualities about

women is how similar they are to us oh

yeah and I said that's what allow you

guys to know overlooked is more

specifically one point I made oh it's

simply that you think about guys those

guys we don't look at all women we want

to have sex within the same category we

have some women we want to have sex with

within the context of a

boyfriend/girlfriend relationship do it

or marriage

we have other one where we say where I

want to fuck her for the next nine

months we have other one where we say

well fuck her for a weekend and so on

and so on and so on

and when I told my male listeners on my

youtube channel recently is that women

are the same weight as I love you guys

I'll get that women have their

categories of me and am certain guys

they say oh I would just fuck him I just

let him fuck right there another guy

said nah he got to be my boyfriend to

get to pussy right another guy he like

he got to spend like thousands of

dollars old me to get to pussy and then

so on and so on so I said just like me

and have - specific categories of

different types of lovers different

tiers of lovers

I said women have the same exact thing I

think that and I think that's where a

lot of the a lot of the hate comes from

is where as women they don't want us to

divulge the secrets and it's men not

wanting to come to the harsh reality

that you got to be a certain way with

women and the thing is is to attract to

attract attractive women it's not an

easy life it is not easy to attract

physically attractive women but because

the world tells us that it's easy to do

all you have to do is be the nice guy

and be yourself and treat listen it's

easy to do that stuff and when men hear

evidence or when they hear stuff to the

contrary they lose their shit that's the

only thing I can think of what's the

most obvious reason wise if for most

guys was never gonna be easy to attract

physically tried to women there's a

simple analysis is most but really

attractive when let's say on that

mythical 1 to 10 scale most women wear

says it's AIT's knives and tans man they

got so much dick being thrown their way

and offered to them on a day-to-day

week-to-week month-to-month basis that

if you try to present yourself as simply

a I'm the nice guys gonna bring you

flowers on the first date offer me three

dozen roses just to get a sniff of this

pussy series yeah women these days have

the ultimate abundance mentality so this

is why women shit test with this is why

they shit test with a fury of a thousand

suns they're not worried they're not

worried if you fail shit tested and if

they become at run attracted to you

they've got 71 other dudes waiting in

line to try to get at her mmm-hmm

that's the way that happens gentlemen

you are listening to

TSR live with special guest author and

professional dating coach Alan Roger

curry he can be found on twitter at alan

roger curry that's a la and ROG ERC you

or RIE

visit his website direct approach dating

calm and find his ebooks his coaching

content and his audiobooks as well as

his podcast the erotic conversationalist

and if you got a girl go to mode one

dotnet Ford slash training where you'll

find content for the both of you I

also highly recommend you guys check out

his latest audiobook the beta male

revolution why many men have totally

lost interest in today's in marriage in

today's society and you can also find

that on direct approach dating com let

me go back to something you said about

guys that our five three look like a

troll live in grandma's basement they

can swallow they can swallow the very

concept of mode one it's not gonna work

here's the thing there are many

strategies to attracting women just like

there are many diets out there to get

you fit what those two things have in

common is that most of the time all of

them will work under certain

circumstances but if you don't do it

it's not gonna work you can go on

whatever you know on the greatest diet

in the world if you don't do it

consistently it's not going to work if

you employ the mode 1 strategy with

every 10th woman you talk to you're not

gonna get laid you must do it


so when guys say oh I didn't I tried

mode water didn't work no you didn't you

didn't try it to its fullest extent you

didn't get your hands dirty you didn't

do though you didn't do the difficult

part and actually go out and talk to

women that's where a lot and I think

that's where a lot of guys go wrong is

they read all this theory listen nobody

ever learned game by reading shit on

their computer for eight hours day you

got to go out and talk to women and just

it just because you don't have the balls

to go out and talk to women doesn't mean

that donovan sharp and allen rookery

don't know what the fuck they're talking

about exactly right it's funny I've had

two Mohnish a lot of my clients over the

years about that very thing and recently

I had one of my patreon exclusive videos

where I'd manage some of my patreon

subscribers because I can tell by

talking to certain guys like I've had

playing / patreon subscribers to the

right me it don't say hella man you know

first up compliment me they saw me more

one was awesome and who say it again was

awesome and you know and I'll say okay

thank you

but then they'll say okay I'm having

this problem this problem this problem

and I'll say okay tell me about the last

ten women you approached and had a

conversation with really I sought the

one on line nah nope

I mean basically did Nadine approach

like any woman in the last like say six

months or a year and I'm like well books

are not going to help you if you

go stay in the house and watch TV and

play video games what does he expect to

read mode one and half pussy just come

and knock at the door hey I see what

works on me exactly man is so often

light a fire and a lot of these guys

butts man cuz like there's some class of

man I'm getting some man I said don't

don't even and I usually want money man

cuz that's are delivered but I'm

actually rejected some guys consultation

request cuz I'm like man until you tell

me you've approached of new and

different women I'm not having a

consultation session with you I'm not

gonna go over this name shit with you

and you ain't you ain't you ain't

approaching the women

right you can't build up there's no

foundation man like and shout out to

Donnell for the $2 super Teddy says

instant classic shout-out to a RC and

Donovan here's something else that I

think you're getting ready to say ETF 42

says mode 1 does not prevent rejection

and that's what a lot of guys think they

think that they think that if they go

out and approach every woman with the

mode 1 approach with a donovan sharp

direct approach or whatever the hell I

decide to call it at some point in the

future they think that everyone is just

gonna drop their panties no dude this

isn't it this is this is what I always

this is sort of a scenario that I always

that I always tell guys this is how hard

it is or not how hard it is but this is

indicative of the numbers game that is

approaching women if I now when I was at

the peak of my player now I'm in a

committed relationship now so obviously

I'm not out hollering at chicks but when

I was in Vegas and I was up to my

fucking eyeballs and pussy if I approach

to 10 girls all right I'd get seven

numbers of those seven girls that I

texted for would respond of the four

that would respond to would agree to a

meet-up and at least one would flake on

me alright and the one that didn't flake

on me

I'm dude there's a 50% chance that I

might not fuck her so I approached ten

women I get seven numbers I get four to

agree to a meet-up - I'm sorry I get

four to respond to agree to a meet-up

one is gonna flake guess what man I

approached 10 women you know long that


that's a lot of rejection man this is

part of the game dude

and you want to know something as a man

I wouldn't have it any other way I don't

like I don't want it to be easy

I don't want fucking pretty women to be

easy because if it were easy then every

guy would do it that's a good point

that's a good point

and I always used a baseball analogy

that if he's study baseball and

statistics you'll find that just about

all the top home run hitters are also

league leaders in strikeout you that oh

my god listen you are not kidding and

I'll take it to the other side a lot of

the power strikeout guys give up a lot

of home runs this is how it works men

like dude if you throw the fastball some

guys are gonna hit the ball out of the

park if you if and if you hit enough

home runs

guess what some you're gonna strike out

a lot this is how it works yeah yeah so

yeah speaking on I always have to dispel

this myth like I've had some guys

they'll say hey I went to the shopping

mall today Alan and I use more one with

five women and they all five women

rejected me so my conclusion is mall one

doesn't work just bullshit for any of

you guys listening well basically that

have been already Senate but I'm a real

early mo was never designed to help me

in prevent or avoid rejection matter of

fact no sound was just the opposite

part of the one is putting you putting

you in a position to find out if a woman

is not interested in you as quickly as

possible cuz see here's what I'm

different than a lot of guys allotted

these are the P ways because a lot of us

at each techniques testing around

preventing avoiding we're at minimum

delaying rejection magnitude is I wanna

hang out with a woman for two to three

weeks and Doris a three or dinners

winner only after the fifth date to have

a reject me oh my god - Julia if I would

be reject if a woman genuinely is just

not interested me I want to know that by

ideally in the my very first

conversation would I don't want to know

that after my 10th conversation would

whoa Becca Sal I'll leave it now this is

not how I really feel but I'm sort of

making a joke about this if I approach a

woman and I take her out on five dinners

and on the sixth gen and on the sixth


tells me you know what Donovan I like

you but I don't like you like that I'd

be ready to shoot somebody I mean this

is why you get a lot of these mass

shooters they're taking these bitches

out to five or six dinners they're not

getting the pussies man fuck this I'm

gonna go teach these bitches a lesson

this is what this is how it works man

you listen you have to approach women

dude it is a numbers game and here's the

thing Allen you could approach a woman

who is attracted to you who would fuck

you 9 out of the 10 days a week it just

might be day 10 she might be on her

period she might listen she might

normally cheat on her boyfriend her and

her boyfriend might not be on the outs

she might dude she might actually

happily be married at the time she might

have got dude a woman this is how this

is how this is why it's a this is why

approaching a lot of women is paramount

because women will reject you and it

will have nothing to do with the fact

that they are not attracted to you dude

I get rejected dude I used to get

rejected by women who are attracted to

me all the time dude the stars just

weren't a line man - and I'll admit even

though it listen I fucked my I fucked

probably more women than the average man

and a handful of nines and tens dude

when you approach 9s and 10s the stars

have to align man I'm not gonna sit here

and say that luck didn't have anything

to do with me getting lucky that night

shit just had you just have to be in the

right place at the right time but you've

got to have the right game you don't get

lucky luck equals opportunity plus

preparation so if the opportunity comes

your way you need to be prepared because

if you're not you're not getting lucky

so yeah I mean I co-signed what

everything's in it yeah if you think

about it man here's what I tell guys

about approaching women and getting


I actually did a blog talk radio episode

one time where I said rejection in its

own way can actually help you improve

your self-confidence

we're here each night guys were like oh

that's impossible what do you mean

honking you get rejected cuz see this is

what people don't realize a large part

of confidence comes from simply taking

action right taking action and if you go

out today or this weekend and if you're

a guy listening and you approach saying

five women 10 women 15

and let's say in worst case in there all

50 women rejected you that's still gonna

give you a comment as a booth because

you didn't send it home and give it to

the paralyzing fear of not taking any

action you went out it took action and

that fact alone is gonna give you you

will realize that rejection you didn't

lose like one of your ears you didn't

give those life I'm not gonna fall over

and die

if a woman rejects you it happens all

the time man should have this man and

truthfully another little sad note some

y'all better be glad there's some of

these women reject you I mean it's like

man i'ma tell you what listen they could

take you for a ride they could lead you

one make you think they want to fuck you

and just be using you for expensive

dinners I'm telling you what happens it

happens man I highlight in my books well

yeah a manipulative time waster that's

right you always want him where I say

all for him

there's reciprocate errs that's the

woman that once you lay out your desires

and interest he's gone pretty much

immediately reciprocate your desires and

interests okay um a rejecter

self-explanatory you lay out your

desires and interest he's gonna say I'm

not interested the wholesome pretenders

slash erotic hypocrite that's the woman

that deep down wants to give some pussy

but she's she wants to also hold on to

her good girl image reputation right so

she's no it's not a resist you whether

it be for minutes hours days weeks she's

gonna try to convince you that she's the

innocent wholesome good girl and she'll

want you to know she's a kinky freak

and then finally Nikola penguins

medieval day which is just a delayed

version of a rejected that's applying

like Damon just saying is dancer woman

who's not going to reject you

oh shit there it is you know and she's

no Deb you do all this shit's been an

honest time with her it's been an honest

money on her and then like I turn to my

early after like say the fifth day


you're gonna make someone really happy

one day whoever you end up with is gonna

be so lucky

presentation is Chicago in 2012 and it

this particular presentation was

different in most American boys matter

either pretty much all men or if the

co-ed is usually mostly men but I need

this one is for this meetup group in

Chicago it was probably like I want to

say it's like 75 80 percent went black

with it and I got to a point in my

presentation where I was talking about

the talk I was telling fellows I said

man I think I might even talk about the

nipples time-wasters I said what

basically I was telephones I said one

things when they blew time will do is

they will waste your time then waste

your money and then when they're ready

to dismiss you they're gonna say Frank

We Need to Talk and immediately there's

section the sisters in this big occasion

they just start giggling uncontrolled

I'd just did man diamond someone were

bending over they were falling out damn

he got us down ain't no us he Noah

classic was he'll say we're making you

know chuckles say you're gonna make

someone else a great boyfriend really

you gonna make them son really I just

want to let you know that you're a

really great guy like first and foremost

I just want to let you know I love you

to death

yeah every son every time they listen

they lay it up they lay it on thick to

reject you that's what they do

shoutout to carlos jean with the $7 and

14 said super chat said hashtag proud

patreon to both of you gents a great

topic speaking of black women let's move

to the next episode here I've got about

twenty minutes because my girl has a

company event that I'm uh I'm escorting

her to


yeah but yeah I mean yeah well we'll do

this about 15-20 minutes um a lot of

guys a lot of guys out there say that

you defend black women who should not be

defended you mentioned it earlier about

the fact that obsidian and myself we are

very very tough on black women whereas

you not so much is that true fall

somewhere in between what's the

explanation on that yeah man I've never

been a brother man particularly since

I've been into article writing as well

as podcasting Dave goes after sisters as

a group now I've had some both private

as well as even a handful of public

individual beefs with certain black

women that I didn't hesitate to you know

going in on a myth I felt like they

deserved it but I've never been one to

do a podcast episode called you know

some of those rights and reasons you

shouldn't date black women yeah and just

cause does that's kind of sin is it some

people accuse me on my youtube channel

being uh as what brother put his name is

Tony Mason say Alan sometimes you'd be

rubbing your balls and dudes faces most

of the women and particularly bike women

underwent a moment man they try to be

like a fucking King man I mean I read

group sex with black women if I had

three sons with black women

I mean I'm gonna play women pay my bills

why give me their cars to use buy me

clothes what so now I just haven't had

the same negative experiences that a lot

of brothers had and that's not to

discount I mean if a guy is generally

had nothing say but negative experience

with black women now I feel like if he

wants to speak on that he should but I'm

saying don't ask me to co-sign wait it

in say Alan oh you need to be like like

well I'll see I'm sitting my name

there's been a couple times ups anyone

say something about black women you know

make a

statement like guys like Alan Roger

curry should be saying is Alan guys my

Elrod's curry should be cosigner with

this know if I had the same experience

this is you why would I come sandwich

okay and then goes maybe blackmail if

everything the same experiences as you

but it more specifically negative like

another guy call my name a guy who goes

my name's Stevie Dee Williams we have

multiple follows out because of his

attitudes towards black woman versus

Maile he said on air one time he said I

hate black woman I hate him and I was

like dude I can't roll what you've all

is because he wanted me to co-sign with

it hey listen dude I can't come sign

with this shit dude I don't have no

issues when again with sisters as a

group as an entire group I don't have

any problems with sisters for me cuz I

deal with a lot of women I'm done with

white women I've dealt or Asian women

I've done with a spending women and all

of them in my opinion all of them their

strengths and weaknesses they don't have

the exact same strengths and weaknesses

like white witness flaws might be

totally different than black woman's

flaws but they still have them sure

saying what Asian wouldn't be spending

women ain't they have their own set of

flaws man you know and so that's my fame

and I tell guys man I'm not gonna treat

black women like they're ten times more

flaw than other women when that hasn't

been my experience I agree with that and

I think that I think that when it when

anybody talks about anything it is based

on it is based strictly on personal

anecdotes anytime anyone feels strongly

about something on one side or the other

it's not based in theory it's based on

anecdotes it's based on actual

experience and I think what a lot of

guys have to realize is that not

everybody has the same sensibilities

obviously your sensibilities are I mean

listen man and I'll give it to you not

and listen I'll give it to you straight

any guy any man who can get black women

to have group sex

pay his pay his bills and let him use

her car you got some fucking game with

you bro I gotta give it up listen I

listen man I've got serious fucking game

I don't

have that kind of game dad listen I do

stand I'll give it up man like for


that takes some that takes it like yeah

you really are rubbing your balls in

people's faces without sure but but

again you and I we have different

opinions on black women that doesn't

mean that you're that doesn't mean that

you're any more right or wrong than I am

am right or wrong dude we're two

different people we're you know we have

different sensibilities we're both did

we come from different generations I

mean listen black women you know black

women from one generation are different

from generation to generation this is

how it is and who knows maybe listen

maybe there are quality black women out

there if they're out there I haven't met

him maybe there are guys out there maybe

there are black men out there who date

quality black women on the regular

that's fine he can do a podcast about it

but just because somebody doesn't share

just because some and I think that what

I think what's really important is that

anytime that I have a disagreement about

some about something with someone you

can always tell when they are giving you

the company line the they're parroting

off of what other people say using

someone else's words and when I talk to

you even though we disagree about black

women I know that you are coming from a

place of I don't even know if this is

award from genu AUSA T like like you are

genuine with your experiences you're not

you're not giving me lied you're not you

didn't read something off the internet

and then come on and say it this is what

you've actually experienced and this is

that this is your truth okay that

doesn't mean that that doesn't mean that

I'm telling a liar that I'm wrong but I

know that you're coming from a place of

genuineness see this I think this whole

interview has been good but these most

recent coming she just made man was so

on the money man cuz you hit so many

valid points man number one yeah again

looking at you and I relationship I know

how strongly you you have harshly

criticized black women at times but it

hasn't caused us to fall out of my other

reasons is because you made it the most

interesting and valid point you said

everybody has their own anecdotal

experiences right that forms their

beliefs there are attitudes their

opinions and as long as people keep that

in mind I'm in a hole

sold on my channel called subjective

truth versus objective truth and some of

my haters and critics criticize that

episode right but a lot of people a lot

of the guys they love that episode

because they know I told the truth and

analogy I gave is I said let's say that

I mean you had true friends that came to

Chicago where I was um let's say it was

65 degrees in Chicago okay

you had one friend was coming from a

city where it was 35 degrees well any

kid in Chicago where was 65 then you had

another friend it was coming from a city

where was 95 degrees and he's coming to

Chicago where 65 degrees do you think

those two friends of yours gonna have

the exact same perspective on how it

feels in Chicago now that you know what

that is I think that's probably the best

analogy I've ever heard in that regard

I've never thought of it that way that

makes all the sense in the world because

the person came from the 95° City

they're never gonna be able to convince

the person came from the 35-degree city

that is snippy snippy the person came

from the 35 degrees saying never gonna

convince the 95 then it feels hella war

you gotta look at different perspectives

and different people's experiences me

you've not always acknowledged that some

people have experienced things that are

just far different in yourself and that

contributes to their set of beliefs this

set of attitudes etc now what I call it

social programming well listen in all

honesty the reason why you and I haven't

fallen out is because I'm trying to get

on in t-shirts bruh like that's what's

up let's go ahead and I'm gonna skip

over question number four let's talk

about the last question which which

headlined this topic here we've got

about ten minutes to go here

what do you think is the future of

monogamous marriages in this country

because obviously in the manosphere is a

red pill sector the brother pill sector

listen man we're people call a cynical I

call us realists and me the future of

monogamous marriage

is is going to be bleak something has to

get worse before it gets better it it

feels like we're a critical mass but

something tells me it's it's it's not

gonna get any better what are your

thoughts on that oh no it's the I mean

I'm preface by saying it's not like I

have any type of scientific evidence to

prove any of these assertions I'm about

to say but I think marriage in as early

as twenty to twenty-five years from now

no less than by the end of the decade

the idea of strictly monogamous

marriages is going to become obsolete

let me come up something I think every

decade the appeal of long-term

monogamous relationships has been

general and particularly strictly

monogamous marriages is just diminishing

I would say by members of both genders

and particularly on the million right oh

no see here's what people don't

understand though about monogamy and

marriage - I'm a plug this book is about

a woman named Stephanie Coontz

it's called a history of marriage how

love conquered marriage man it's it's a

great book that if guys like to read it

I think they might have an audiobook

version of it but I'll give the kind of

cliff notes in a nutshell when Stephanie

cool surrender and I've heard this from

talking to a couple guys I remember I

thought this guy from Europe who broke

it down less stuff did Stephanie coos

bridge down in her book okay a lot of

people think marriage has been around

since beginning of time but it hasn't

marriages in the big scheme of things

compared to how many how many years and

centuries human beings have been on

earth marriage is a fairly new concept

more specifically monogamous marriage

Renata's marriage is actually only about

4,500 to 5,000 years old and that sounds

like a lot of years but when you say I

mean this world that was billions of

years old and human beings have been on

the we've been on the planet for quite a

while and so that's one thing she she

argues is that marriage is a fairly new

class of either

more so the idea of monogamous marriage

actually back in the day pretty much all

men and women were a combination of

either promiscuous polyamorous okay or

if they were married it was a polygamous


it was polygamous marriage was ruled

word world far as the people did get

married what changed things primarily

was two things then I would narrow down

to where I caught two peas there were

two peas that changed things a word word

that cause people to start emphasizing

monogamous marriages one was paternity

see unlike in today's I like today's

society a guy can do have a DNA

paternity just oh yes just go on the

Maury Povich Show when it comes to

three-year-old lamonica De'Anthony you

are the paternity DNA paternity Jason

before then I think the most come thing

with blood tests before either one of

those came the existence a lot of guys

felt like marriage was the closest thing

to a paternity it is assuring that their

kids were actually their kids right the

second P was property monogamous managed

came into play to make the transition of

someone's material possessions and

property that they possess easily

transferred to someone else right cuz

they felt like it even some people did

they feel like leg okay who's myself an

example like I've never been married I

don't have any kids that I know of so if

I'm dad right now man you know my book

royalties would just like be sitting

there so you know they have

sophisticated ways of willing you know

your possessions and your estate to

different people but anyway back in the

day colds and other people pointed out

there now well shit

the book is that this whole idea of like

romantic love

she said that's even a real more recent

thing that she said basically that it

started to around roughly the 18th

century where people start associating

feelings of love and romance with men

she said basically I really thought it

was for practical reasons again the

major was paternity and property

transfer of paternity and property

transfer so anyway again to today's

society man the way among other things

the wave feminism change things and made

it did not a man knew you and I both

know but maybe some you listen so no see

before today's feminism man there was a

stigma associated to a woman even

thinking about fucking outside the

context of marriage

that's right mean they right there'll be

and minimum shamed by their families in

some cases dis old but as we all know

feminism changed it what they called a

second wave of feminism which happened

primarily in the 1960s early second it's

natural revolution yeah along with the

sexual revolution so without get too

lengthy academi know it's acceptable for

women to explore their sexuality and

fuck multiple guys and and but the

problem is as relates to manage pain too

many guys particularly not to hide it at

the manosphere red pill wareness around

pure rage let me know guys trying to

marry a woman who they feel in as head

you know 35 Dickson and pussy and shit

dad dude hell no yeah you mean wait wait

you mean to tell me this woman's mouth

has been on 167 Cox that's the mouth

that's gonna kiss my kids goodnight fuck

that another thing I point out an

abatement relist shit a lot of me in

whatever reason why I love me any one of

married women was a she's not just so

much for their own attitudes and

feelings whatever but no man wanted

their kid particularly a son to have

find out that his mother was a whore cuz

they just found that a lot of me and

don't take kindly to that they have real

like light of meeting become like kind

of mentally imbalanced when they found

out that the mother was a mom with a

sidechick yes yeah a horrid type shit so

you know a lot of me wanted to have a

quality prudish strictly when I ignored

why not I give not only just for their

own purposes but for their sons and so

now the thing is see women here's they

were women and I put this out repeatedly

women always want their non-sexual

attention in comparison to be valid

that's right

always was that to be valued and what

does marriage do what the mirrors do for

women it does that for me

it validates their non sexual needs

that's but you guys didn't realize that

that's what marriage does for women

among the other thing man is when you

put a ring on a woman's finger yes you

are chosen you are lousy to society is

that to in these two bangs and announces

that this woman at least one man found

this woman worthy of raising his

children being a co-parent to his

children and secondly it validates that

woman's non-sexual attention and

companionship is worth investing time in

whereas on the flip side reason why

women hate the Economist sweat is

because when you call a woman a slut

you're basically saying that woman is

only worth being spent time with

sexually Nocenti she ain't worth

spending time with and they woman what's

that reputation nope they do not in

women don't want that reputation because

they don't want to be defined by their

vaginas right but here's the thing if

you're fucking every nigga on the block

you are going to be defined by your

vagina which is why marriage is

important to sluts in the first place

that's what it is

that'll be the way you express stuff it

always makes me want to say tell me how

you really feel done

no no those who listen to me on the

regular man I do not listen man and it's

like you can see the veins bulging in my

head every once in a while man I try to

I try I try to dry I try to drive my

face off from all this sweat and this

glistening and everything you are the

king of not mincing words yeah listen

guys listen there is never any confusion

as to where I stand on certain issues

Alan it's been a pleasure tonight my

friend we definitely got to do this more


you're an excellent interview thank you

very very much for making time for us

tonight sir I appreciate it thank you

for having me

and I'm gonna give this quick bonus at

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absolutely a nice work

okay yeah this is you have my

description just again man thank you

Donovan I love what you do man continued

success to you and I appreciate you

having me as a guest again thank you

very much again for making time for us

man we definitely got to do this

sometime for sure Donovan sharp out