Is she cheating? 8 signs you've NEVER thought of (Episode 410)

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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 410

episode of CSR live your daily dose of

red-billed truth wisdom and awareness it

is Monday February 18 2019 happy

Presidents Day everybody if you guys got

the day off of work or if your kid is

out of school hope you guys are having a

safe and joyous President's Day as usual

we are multi casting to three YouTube

channels three Facebook pages and

Twitter so welcome into our extended

audience let's get right to it we all

know that most people understand what

the signs of a woman's cheating are she

works late she hangs out further she

hangs out with her friends one too many

times she's really really chummy with

Kevin and sales and all of a sudden now

there's a work weekend there's a weekend

seminar there's a team-building activity

late at night right things of that

nature her phone is buzzing at all hours

of the night we all know what those

signs are and this is red pill and blue

pill men as well red pill aware men we

all know the obvious signs well guess

what so do blue pill guys guys who were

not red pill aware this is just how it

is but a lot of times a woman could be

teaching and you won't know that she's

cheating because she is giving off she's

giving off signs that she's cheating

that not even she is aware see women are

very good at consciously hiding their

cheating they understand that they can't

do or say certain things that would lead

a man to believe that she is engaging in


she knows she can't text behind your

back so she goes to the bathroom with

her phone an obvious sign she knows she

can't tell you that she's working late

so she pulls off the I'm at Starbucks

with my friend trick I talked about that

way back in episode I think it was 83

all of that said there are many many

covert signs that a woman is not aware

that she is giving off that tells us

that she's cheating

most men are grossly unaware of this at

some point when men get their suspicions

they say okay is she cheating or is she

not cheating right your spidey sense to

start to tingle her stories aren't

adding up things aren't matching up and

before you know it now you're asking to

see your phone who are you with what

were you doing last night I need the

numbers of your friends and family

members like it gets to these extremes

because you just don't know well tonight

uncle Donovan is going to give you eight

undercover signs eight eight signs that

you probably would have never thought

about that your woman is cheating and

don't get it twisted guys there are

there are very few if any coincidences a

lot of these signs you're gonna you're

gonna sort of chalk it up to yeah this

may or may not be a coincidence

I get it I understand but I've

experienced a lot of these myself

and if you think about it when you think

back on your relationships you'll think

to yourself you know what I remember

when my woman did XYZ I remember when my

ex-wife said ABC I remember when my

ex-girlfriend did XYZ so tonight once

again I'm going to give you guys eight

signs that you were one that your woman

is cheating on you that you would never

ever ever think of these aren't the

typical signs that your girls are

cheating guys these aren't the typical

female infidelity cheating signs no no

no no these are signs that even she is

not aware that she is giving off she is

doing she's doing these things

subconsciously she doesn't realize she's

doing them but for men who pay attention

guys this is going to be an underlying

theme too

this episode you must pay attention to

Europe you must pay attention to your

wife or girlfriend

you cannot sleepwalk the relationships

this is how women get over on you but if

you pay attention you will quickly find

out whether or not she really is fucking

around on you for sure and that's what

we're gonna talk about tonight my

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hold tight for a second I'm gonna get to

the chat before we get this party

started let us scroll to the top Devin

if you are watching or listening

actually got a text from Devin she says

your pic behind the TV looks like you

were sniffing my ass or your head is on

my body

hahaha no I don't I don't I don't be

sniffing asses the only time I can smell

they listen the only time I can smell

ass is if there's a space like as in a

woman didn't scrub her ass before I

fucker but that of course is for another

show and day and time enemy rate ryan

sullivan finally finally gets to pop the

cherry congratulations to Ryan Sullivan

for losing his TSR virginity Kyle

Mitchell gets the sloppy seconds Luigi

Conti gets to finish on

hey Luigi Conti gets to fuck her in her

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rubadoux gets to watch it all go down

Fernando Trejo good to see you in here

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appreciate the support

Fernando Trejo Kevin Howard I said Kevin

Howard says I guess I'm listening from

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my Chenery says spying in the window

good stuff

sharp assist is casting this one to the

TV Kim Kim Denis Guinness says I want to

finish on her face listen there's

nothing stopping you from finishing on

your girl's face straight up Kyle

Mitchell says unfortunately he is at

work which means Kyle Mitchell is

running the risk of getting that HR

summons Ryan Sullivan holy shit Donovan

is wearing glasses yep I got a pair of

glasses and I've got a little bit of a

headache right now because my eyes are

adjusting to the glasses these I am I

fit out I had an eye injury but I also

figured out that I am farsighted

so everything without the glasses I can

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everything close I have to strain a

little bit to see this is what was

contributing likely to my migraine

headaches so I've got glasses to

hopefully alleviate that pain I'm not

gonna wear them all the time I'm just

trying to get my eyes to adjust but yes

listen I'm 41 years old you get older

this is what happens this is what


Lorenzo Davis says now I really look

like a professor absolutely absolutely

Kyle Mitchell says rocking glasses like

a pimp straight up most sees in the

house the Brian Sullivan says Donovan

went from pip pimp to Professor oh yeah

you know what it's funny I'm looking at

the screen and it actually looks like

I'm the one with the tits oh wow that

does look funny you know I'm gonna have

to move that too to put up the boob hit

like a picture it looks I don't know I

kind of I kind of like where it's at I

kind of like where it's at but it does

look funny like when Devon's tits are

looks like I've got Devon stats clearly

you guys see I don't have any titties

least not anymore Massey says how did

Devon's face align perfectly with

Donovan's on that screen and I listened

it it I did not plan it that way there I


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unplug says do you think that open

relationships are a solution to cheating

no anytime there is an open relationship

only the girl benefits from that right

so so if there's an open relationship


11 times out of 10 the girl is out

getting all the dick she wants while the

guy doesn't really get any pussy this is

just not how it works

open relationships listen there's no

solution she cheating there's no

solution to cheating there's no bullet

proof silver bullet way to prevent

cheating listen Devon could cheat

anytime she wanted to I've got all sorts

of lockdown this and that the other if

she wanted to cheat you could cheat if a

woman wants to cheat she will cheat

there's nothing that you can do to stop

it that doesn't mean that you can't take

certain measures to mitigate her not

desire to cheat but mitigate her desire

to cheat and get away with it the idea

is to make cheating as hard as possible

for your woman

at which point she's got a choice to

make I can either go through I can

either jump through all the hoops of

getting away with cheating or hang just

keep it real Donovan and say hey look

Donovan your dick is too big your dick

is too small

I don't like you and I don't love you

anymore ba ba ba ba ba we all move on no

harm no foul that's just how that goes

Tekin MHC says damn 30% fuck out of here

YouTube hey listen if I were YouTube I

take 45

real talk wheels up hdj redline he is on

the bike listening appreciate that

appreciate that stay at least is the

second best black poker player in the

world is here to holler

I guess the I guess the best black poker

player is probably Phil Ivey I imagine

you're probably talking about Phil Ivey

mosy wants to know if I got my eyes

dilated yeah they shot the little puff

of whatever it was Fresno State 1776

says Donovan loved the show keep keep up

the amazing work and dropping that

knowledge appreciate that Fresno State

1776 Armando Moreno says not feeling the

glasses Donovan

listen neither am i neither am i yeah

not gonna listen I don't love these

glasses I don't I'm listen I'm not gonna

wear them all the time on the show but

when I've gotten notes in front of me on

these solo shows that's that's what I'm

gonna wear the glasses what I just have

it guests on like tomorrow I've got Ryan

Wednesday I've got Kevin Samuels coming

on Thursday I've got Roush and I don't

know I might do a Friday show but we'll

uh we'll see what happens from there

nine one four two zero five five three

five six is the number to call let's go

to the phone line see in Vegas you were

on live at Donovan what's going on

brother D what's going on - today whoo

not too bad man how much yourself sex I

feel good in the gym like crazy I'm back

like like a fucking Nazi so let's get it

boy here you go here you go dude because

you remember you had a show talk about

bad habits yeah and then we'll talk

about bad

we'll talk about bad behavior can you

unpack the difference between bad habits

and bad behavior oh you know easier is

there a difference or you know how you

know something they had it also means a

behavior that you just

I'm saying godet yeah yeah listen

absolutely bad habits or things a woman

does when she's on autopilot right so

for example um a bad habit would be a

woman who flirts with with guys if she's

at work she flirts she doesn't think

about it she's just flirty so she flirts

with the guy at the coffee shop she

flirts with the guy at the movie theater

those are bad habits bad behaviors are

isolated events if you are out and about

and she disrespects you or if she or if

she asks here's another one if you ask

her to get you a coke or a beer out of

the fridge and she tells you no that is

bad behavior now now here's the thing

bad but bad habits can be get bad

behavior a lot of women behave badly

because it is a habit that they behave

badly but by-and-large bad habits are

things that women bring into a

relationship that they've that they've

always done before they met you bad

behavior is just them getting out of

pocket right also DL so that's two

suggestions for a jump you got I think

when uh maybe maybe one week you gym

week because you know for me going to

the gym transformed a lot of things in

my life ya know just to discipline see

an actor I think like Jim who could be

awesome also maybe but like an episode

on again like the most common bad

behaviors and the most common bad habits

and the proper responses to them yeah I

like that you know what I'm actually

gonna make a note of that most most

common bad behaviors Devin if you're

watching put that on there put that on

notepad somewhere I like that the most

common bad habits and bad behaviors and

how to handle them I like that that's a

very very good no topic men like you

know maybe in the episode you can

explain like you know which is

non-negotiable like this handsome spot

is impulsive like cuz you don't want me

pill Red Hill guys like you know what

dude she's fucking bored yeah right I

like it man listen man see in Vegas

coming in here dropping the knowledge

with with a rock solid show topic I like

that Devin if you're watching either

that or I'll have to I'll have to just

go back and listen

show but or listen to the dough very

very good suggestion by seeing Vegas I

like that a lot

area code 201 you're on live at Donovan

go ahead hi good afternoon

I really was just listening in because

it sounds really interesting sorry I do

not allow women to call my show if you

are a woman you are too you are not to

be seen and not to be heard whoever you

were I appreciate you listening to my

show I appreciate you know whatever if

you're a fangirl whatever the case may

be but I don't let women comment or call

my show not when I'm in charge now we'll

let women call in on the Redman group

right we'll let women call in when I

like when I was on the Brother pill will

let women call in this ain't that kind

of party guys this is not that kind of

party somebody's got to be a fucking

Neanderthal around here and that dude is

gonna be me if you're a woman keep your

comments to yourself I have no interest

in female commentary or female opinion

we've been listening to y'all for the

last six decades and you guys have done

gone and fucked things up so now it's on

me to write all wrongs by you bitches

out here so if Eric o2a1 if you're

feeling some type of way go fuck


if you want to unsubscribe to my channel

go fuck yourself don't give a shit I am

NOT interested in I'm not interested in

female opinion not interested in it not

one bit again if you are a woman do not

comment or chat you will some you will

get some merrily and quickly hung the

fuck up on it is guys I'm here to tell

you it is not that kind of party you got

a lot of guys out here who'd like to

talk about all bitches ain't shit but

then they steady let women all up in the

comment section they let women call

their show no fuck that

this ain't that show I am not that guy

listen a lot of fake listen a lot of

fake fucks out here they talk all this

shit but then when a woman is on the

line no no no nope not me not I now I'm

gonna have Devin on this Saturday

evening right see my girlfriend then

I'll give her the respect that she

deserves as my girlfriend provided she

keeps holding it down

my girlfriend but I don't debate or talk

to women on this show if you want to if

you want another crack at me your your

your best served pulling into the red

mangrove and even then you're gonna have

a very short leash just ask kitten

holiday oh boy

okay let's get right to it eight not so

obvious signs your girl is cheating on

you and I want you guys to keep in mind

that these are in no particular order

guys I just randomly I mean don't get me

wrong I I thought very long and hard

about this list I can't I actually had

about 25 of these and I whittled it down

to the eight most common so number one

the first sign the first not so obvious

sign that your girl is cheating on you

is all of a sudden she starts putting

her phone face down gentlemen the

smartphone is the most important tool in

a female's arsenal of fidelity she's got

her female allure which obviously

stupefies men right she's got her lying

which females are experts at these days

and she's got her backstory and her

alibi setup which involves her friends a

lot of the time you know as I've talked

about in the past back in episode 83 si

referred to before all of these tools

are very very important now it's very

easy for females to cheat as we all know

but getting away with it that's why they

need their smartphones because without

their smartphones it is very difficult

if not impossible for females to get

away with cheating now as men we realize

this right we realize that the

smartphone is the gateway to cheating

Jorge Bruno effectively calls

smartphones a box of dicks for women I

could not agree more but for whatever

reason we as men don't pay attention to

our woman's phone we know her phone is

the engine that drives the cheating but

we rarely pay attention to what she's

doing on it where her phone is or how


position because men are either

oblivious or afraid if you're watching

this right now you're not oblivious so

you're afraid afraid to say let me see

your phone or afraid to say who are you

texting really show me prove it now for

the record I donovan sharp I am a

possessive controlling motherfucker but

when you ask to see the phone this is

where females exploit a man's fear of

being labeled as jealous or insecure

possessive or controlling

I'm possessive and I am controlling okay

and any female that has a problem with

that she can go fuck herself that's how

I roll and as far as I'm concerned if

you're a female if you ain't win it you

can get to steppin the problem is is

that most men are unafraid to say shit

like this and actually mean it and carry

it out the first time they asked their

girlfriends or wives

you see Beasley uh hey you uh you mind

telling me who you were texting just now

she says OMG you jealous insecure

controlling possessive fuck I'd study

here best ass what does the guy do he

apologizes he backs off and he stops

paying attention to her phone because

that is now off-limits and when she gets

a ten and when your girl gets a text

from Dave the unemployed GarageBand

player who may or may not live in a

storage unit when he texts your girl to

come over and blow him after practice

you don't see it because her phone is

facedown and because you're afraid to

even look at her phone you won't find

out she's been fucking him for the last

three months until she tells you that

the two of you need to take a break Hey

attention to what she does with her

phone when she's not on it okay if you

never see it unless it's in her hand or

she always places it facedown she is

taking someone else's dick well what if

she always puts her face phone her phone

facedown Donovan it might just be a

habit then you've got yourself a

bonafide slut on your hands player

because one of the many telltale signs

of a slut is a female who puts her phone

facedown by default without even

thinking about it

guys this is why you should always pay

attention because these small details

are always the one that slipped through

the cracks because you're too busy

staring at her tits you don't pay

attention because she fucks you every

day get your heads out of your asses

stop looking at hers and pay the fuck

attention to her phone

dudes wonder why they always get played

they always wanted they always want to

write and get cheated on by these grimy

as females okay but these are the guys

who sleepwalk through their interactions

with women because of their scarcity

mindset now a couple of supplemental

signs here - number one in the phone

category is a her phone buzzes her go

ahh it goes off she checks it but she

doesn't respond in number two her phone

is always completely silent around you

if she checks her phone and she doesn't

respond that's probably the dude she's

fucking telling her what day and time

they're gonna meet and because there's

really no need to respond she well she

could also be waiting to respond when

she goes into the bathroom and by the

way never ever allow your woman to take

her phone into the bathroom this is a

hard and fast rule I have made for Devin

she abides by this rule to this day also

if her phone is completely silent when

she's around you she's either got her

phone on airplane mode airplane mode or

she's put it on silent the reason is

obvious which is she doesn't want you

suspecting anything so if there are no

sounds there's no suspicion out of

earshot out of mind as far as she's

concerned again hey attention there's a

reason you never hear her phone when

she's around you and trust me when I

tell you this is not a coincidence or an

accident guys this is by design how a

woman's pubic hairs can indicate

cheating plus more of your calls and

comments after the break we'll be right

back from August of 2017 until just

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chat while i shrink the audience here

alright oh boy we got some oh we got

some rollo tomassi is in the house says

quiet woman men are talking dude men are


yeah dude if you're a woman don't call

my show like dude your listen you're

gonna get embarrassed you're gonna get

embarrassed Ryan Sullivan says Roush is

finally showing up no listen

Roush has never agreed to be on my show

until until now

Bruce has never flaked on me I've wanted

Roush to come on my show we've had

scheduling conflicts scheduling

conflicts has been resolved so rucious

never told me that he's coming on my

show he's never flaked on me he's always

been very upfront and honest about his

schedule and listen Roush is a busy guy

travels around the world he's got a

crazy blog he just released a book and

and listen he's a busy guy and so am i

and it you know it just takes a while

for two busy guys to finally link up and

this Thursday the 21st is finally the

time that he and I are gonna be able to

do a show together so I'm looking

forward to that we're gonna talk about

anything and everything and yes we are

going to be taking phone calls so you

guys can call in and talk to Roosh V

Roush volleys are they I think that's

how you pronounce his last name

freelance Ronan says he dropped the

hammer on her ass and I will every time

I love it oh boy

shoutout to Jesse Weber with the $5

contribution says thanks for the love

Jesse Weber lead singer for the failsafe

I don't want to put his name out there

but he'll if I'm if I'm pitching the the

website and their song yeah the failsafe

those guys are the official band of TSR

live those guy dude those guys are

fucking awesome dude every track these

guys lay down on it there it's

unbelievable man it's unbelievable Rollo

Tomassi says Terry Terry Crews is the

ultimate VG male bitch yes very very


Kyle Mitchell says sports reference bad

quarterback habits tearing down receiver

before passing tapping the ball before

passing bad behavior melting off to the

press about private team issues calling

on plays Wow Wow Nick Foles actually

Pat's the ball before he throws it right

dak Prescott stares down his receivers

here's another bad habit not throwing

receivers open if you ever if you ever

noticed something about deck but listen

dak Prescott is a decent NFL quarterback

he doesn't throw guys open he throws two

guys who are open the greats throw guys

open the greats throw the ball to a spot

and the receiver goes and gets it Aaron

Rodgers Philip Rivers Drew Brees Carson

Wentz freelance Ronan says exactly that

arguing with women is for the birds yet

dude I don't I don't I don't fuck around

with argue with women I had to deal with

it when I was on the brother bill I was

like dude enough of this nonsense

JP Jesse jjp Jesse says she was 40 she

could have been an 8 yeah well Dave as

well as Kevin from sales absolutely

Kevin and sales and Dave consistently

run trains on the same bitches Kevin and

sales and Dave our Eskimo brothers

probably a dozen times over absolutely

freelance sort of says that before and

after shows a lot of damn hard work

you're goddamn right man excellent

excellent our on plug says Rolo's

yesterday's 101 was incredible I gotta

check that out

Ryan Sullivan says Dhanam I meant to say

I've been waiting for an interview with

Roush I am an RV ever absolutely okay

good good stuff I haven't posted on the

roofie for him in a while

drew Bay says Terry Crews is male but

not a man totally agree a lot of females

running around here thinking they're

women but they are not alright let us

continue the second not so obvious sign

your wife or girlfriend is cheating on

you is the surprised shaved pussy or

pubic or trimmed up pubic hairs I've

said before that most women that I have

hooked up with on the short to mid-term

level were in relationships of some sort

they either had a boyfriend or they were

married or was in some sort of committed

relationship well what all of these

hookups had in common was that I always

got their best sex I got dude I always

got blowjobs I always gave them facials

they never argued about that dude they

let me go back door I mean the whole

night this is no surprise

well a woman's best a woman's best as

far as sex is concerned also includes

personal hygiene never once that I meet

up with a wife at a hotel or meet up

with a fuck buddy or whoever else who

wasn't showered hair done makeup

smelling good pussy shaved the whole

night now keep in mind keep in mind that

women do most of these things on a daily

basis when she goes to work right she

showers she does her makeup her hair

perfume and so forth and by the way a

lot of dudes don't realize that even

though their wife a girlfriend may not

be fucking somebody else they're still

getting sloppy seconds right guys are

like well wait a minute how could I be

getting sloppy circumcision she's not

booking someone else we'll think about

it this way when your wife or girlfriend

goes to work her her co-workers get to

see her at her best

her hair is done her right dude she

smells good she's wear it heels lipstick

earrings the whole nine but by the time

she gets home to you her hair is in a

sloppy ponytail she's wearing sneakers

right her perfumes worn off her lipstick

is gone her do diamond is almost worn

off and she's taken out her earrings so

when she finally decides to give you

pity sex guess what

you my friend are getting sloppy seconds

you're not getting the best version of

herself her coworkers are and because

she only showers before work you're

gonna smell body odor bad breath and of

course ass paste this is why this is why

I make Devin's shower shave and put on

makeup and perfume before I fuck her at

night and I never allow her to shower

before work her co-workers get my sloppy

seconds I get her best anyway like I was

saying in a standard operating procedure

for a female to shower and get made up

for work but if you go to fucker one

night and you can see and feel just a

little bit of stubble that only a

freshly shaven pussy feels or looks like

after 24 hours or you can see that she's

manicured her pubic hair she is

definitely fucking someone else she

didn't do that for you dude she did that

for the dude she fucked last night he

got the baby smooth pussy you got the

stubble that looks like a freshly shaven

pussy he got the smooth landing strip or

the triangle or the wineglass

you got the landing strip triangle or

wineglass that's a little rough around

the edges from the growth over the last

24 hours again gentlemen this is why you

have to pay attention you might think oh

she shaved for me but if you can strike

a match on her pussy somebody else got

the fucker when it was as smooth as a

baby seal the night before you can count

on that number three she stops sucking

your dick

after having been cheated on by the

first two strippers I committed to my

dumb ass still did not learn my lesson I

would go on to make this mistake at

least three more times before finally

understanding that you don't date

strippers you only fuck strippers well

the third stripper I foolishly made my

girlfriend her name was Katie her stage

name was star and as a side note

actually by the way I actually used

Katie as trade me to get in with another

strip club almost a year after we broke

up long story I'll probably talk about

it at some point down the line but I

mentioned her in episode 363 how to get

a strip club on luck anyway Katie

cheated on me with another bouncer from

another club she worked at and word on

the street was that she was also fucking

the DJ and it wouldn't surprise me if

they ran a train on her but when I stop

and think about what had happened

leading up to me finding out about her

cheating I realized that she stopped

sucking my dick for quite a while right

but Katie wasn't the only chick who had

cheated on me who stopped sucking my

dick this probably happened to me maybe

four or five times with various girls

now guys we all know that most girls are

sluts we get that but what most guys

don't understand is that most girls

don't want to be fucking five guys they

only want to be fucking one right that's

the guy she wants to be in a

relationship with whether she admits it

or not and the guy who gets the blowjobs

is the guy she likes the most listen man

shoutout to HS Lee with the five dollar

contribution says always appreciate the

red pill knowledge HS Lee 169 with the

with the $5 contribution I appreciate

that very much thank you very much for

your five dollar contribution HS Lee

anyway any girl can open up her legs for

a bunch of guys and a bunch of dick

right but when a female is truly aroused

by a man by a certain guy she'll suck

his dick every single time guys blowjobs

gentlemen are one of the most submissive

things a woman can do for a man and

women aren't submissive to every single

guy they're fucking at least not on the

same level so if your woman stops

sucking your dick she

definitely sucking somebody else's I'll

say it again guys this is why you need

to pay attention

females are getting away with cheating

right under our noses because we're not

paying attention we chalk it up as a

coincidence or make excuses for this

behavior but like I said before there

are no coincidences

let's check the chat again before we

before we move on here Johnny wants to

know what do I think of the new AAF

League you know I haven't watched an AF

football game but I've heard they're

actually interesting and yes I'm gonna

talk about Colin Kaepernick at the end

of the show I'm not gonna address that

now I'll talk about Colin Kaepernick and

his settlement with the NFL on their

collusion lawsuit way ferryman says I

wonder if one of Donovan's cheating

signs is when your woman informs you of

someone who tempted her and she is

letting you know she is still faithful

whoo that is a good one that is very

good and actually addressed this with a

caller not too long ago I call this the

I don't think I had a name for it but

you guys have to watch out for a woman

who volunteers information right so if

your girl comes home and says hey

Donovan by the way I saw my ex at the I

saw my ex at the coffee shop the other

day I didn't say it I've always said was

high and I didn't say anything to him

but I wanted to let you know I wanted to

be honest with you because I didn't have

to tell you I want to be honest with you

and let you know up front that I did see

him right listen your girlfriend didn't

have to tell you that but she did it

because she wants to build that false

truck that false sense of trust you

don't know what happened for all you

know they might have exchanged numbers

she might have actually fucked him but

later on when you're suspicious of

something that she may or may not have

done you're gonna have that in the back

of her mind well she did tell me that

she ran into her ex-boyfriend at the

coffee shop two weeks ago and she didn't

have to tell me that so if she really

were up to something she would probably

tell me she was honest with me when she

didn't have to

oh no no no no that is not the case very

very good question there by wayfaring

man see what else we got here

well aunt jane says donovan drop in

hello Jim drop in hella game today

this is presidential game today yes

happy Presidents Day Miami J of Latino

manosphere calm you guys can also access

his website through the donovan shark

mobile app says never fuck your girl

without face-fucking her relentlessly

beforehand yeah that makes sense

dude I listen I got to get my dick

sucked before before I fucked every

single time now there have been times I

fuck Devon without her giving me head I

can't remember the last time that

happened um I can't remember the last

time that happened Big Mike ATL says

women are like cars and great when they

are brand-new but when they get ran down

and beat up time for trainin all right

kind of a simple-minded analogy but

accurate nonetheless ok let us continue

with the fourth of eight signs eight

covert signs eight signs that your woman

is cheating on you that you are that you

are probably unaware of number four she

starts using words and phrases she

doesn't normally use way back in episode

365 entitled how to stay emotionally

unattached to sluts

the 10th technique I talked about was

avoiding intimate contact as often as

possible well unfortunately for me

unfortunately for me I broke this rule

and caught feelings for a girl who

worked at a fast-food joint

take a listen maybe a year or so

after I found the right pill I started

dating this girl I met she worked in

Five Guys Burgers and Fries I think her

name was like Victoria Veronica Ellen

exactly anyway she had decent-sized tits

maybe B B pluses maybe low C's but she

had a she had a beautiful face and an

unbelievable ass oh my god her ass was

out of this world and it was weird

seeing an eight work at a fast-food

joint but whatever you know anyway she

had a bit of an attitude when she took

my order and I use that as an

opportunity I smiled at I said goddamn

she's a white girl I said goddamn you

either hate black people or you hate

your job which is it and she gave me a

little bit of a laugh and that gave me

the opening that I need that I needed to

run game got her number

fucked her that nice fucked her that

night which of course meant that I put

her directly into the buck buddy

category so her fucking to three times a

week which in hindsight was a big

mistake another mistake I made was all

of the intimate contact

guys we kiss a lot like Walt Duke we


all the time like we kissed public I

just pull her I just pull her in and

just lay one on her no matter no matter

who was around no matter where we were

and she loved it was all romantic and

sappy and then we started holding hands

that eventually escalated into cuddling

after sex and before I knew it I started

I knew this girl wasn't good

relationship material number one she

worked at a fast-food joint number two I

fucked in the same day I met her

number three she had a tattoo of a

Phoenix which according to her

represented a new beginning which is a

huge red flag right but the fact that we

were kissing all the time that's always

to do is kiss him fuck was crazy holding

hands and cuddling all of that made me

susceptible to catching feelings and I

did and she did too and dude listen

she felt harder at least that's what it

looked like to me right like we around

each other all the time

so what does find um has to do your red

pill advisor the great Donovan sharp the

guy who's got all this red pill

awareness I asked a woman who worked in

fastboot who had a tip tattoos whom I

fucked on the same day that I met her

and of course she said yes if you want

to stay unattached to sluts avoid

these things give you dopamine and

serotonin hits which are addictive

meaning you want to do it more so you do

it more kissing her was great that's why

we did it all the time

nutty kiss listen and listen guys

kissing is the most intimate thing you

can do with a woman lips are I mean

they're loaded with nervousness you're

closer holding each other right kissing

a lot will make you listen I'll tell you

this kissing a lot will make you fall

for a woman that you have no business

falling for how long I'm dude I was

fucked I wasn't even butter over that

long holding hands signals to the world

that you are together girls love the

feeling of belonging to someone and then

love the feeling of having a woman

belong to her it keeps physical contact

and in public that is very intimate

cuddling after sex is definitely a no-no

that's like kissing combined with

holding hands you smell each other

you're close you're kissing her neck

you guys are whispering sweet nothings

it was crazy we're looking at each other

it looks like ray APG said he's look at

each other all the time the girl is

beautiful I thought she loved me I said

to my friend Norman pink Veronica he

says well how do you feel I said I think

I don't know like I don't know I

couldn't admit it right so let's meet

Donovan sharp yeah I might these things

feel great

even with sluts but sluts are also women

just because a woman has a not count of

263 doesn't mean that you are completely

impervious to her touch her femininity

her pheromones if you want to stay

unattached to sluts

avoid these behaviors at all costs

so what happened with Veronica surprise


she ended up cheating me with her

ex-boyfriend and some dude she met at

the club and those are the ones that I

know about now

something I didn't notice before she

before I found out she was fucking

around on me is that she started using

words and phrases that she didn't

normally use like in conversations and a

text messages so for example she say

things like top of the morning to you in

text conversations where wouldn't we'd

see each other

she would say la love I don't know if

you guys have ever heard that before but

you know people like to do that it's

like a British thing ello love I thought

it was kind of weird cuz it just kind of

came out of the blue but I didn't think

anything of it girls change up all the

time right so I didn't think anything

was up until I checked her phone and

played a message from a number that did

not have a name attached to it the dude

was talking about what a great time he

had with her and he couldn't wait to see

her again and all the rest of that but

at the beginning of the message the guy

said what hello love when a female

starts fucking a guy she really likes

she will unconsciously start to mimic

his speech patterns okay so start to

mimic his text habits females don't know

that they're doing this okay and they

only do it with the man that they are

completely and wholly surrender to this

is how they work the most dominant man

she's fucking is the guy she emulates

she can be fucking one guy five guys pun

intended two guys or ten guys the most

dominant male she's fucking is the one

she will emulate and by the way if a

woman you're dating who claims to really

like you but doesn't really start

emulating your speech or your text

patterns or some of the expressions that

you use then you're not as dominant

asthma and as masculine as you need to

be in order to submit to you or you're

not as dominant as and as masculine as

she needs you to be in order to submit

to you so just make sure you keep that

in mind that's the next level game 101

anyway pay attention to your woman's

speech and

patterns if they start to change all of

a sudden there's a chance that there's

another dude who is either fucking her

or at the very least on her radar which

leads me to number five she suddenly

changes interests something men need to

be keenly keenly aware of that most men

have no idea about is that females don't

really have a belief system they don't

they don't have a belief system on

religion they don't have a belief system

on global warming they don't have a

belief system on politics none of that

stuff females only believe what the

strongest and most dominant men believe

if the strongest most dominant man she

knows is a devout Christian its glory to

God in the highest

if the strongest man she knows is an

atheist she'll swear up and down there

is no God if the most dominant man she

knows is a bleeding-heart liberal Trump

is the devil it's a Strongest Man she

knows as a conservative Trump is the

greatest president in US history you

guys get the point well this doesn't

just apply to macro issues like politics

and religion it happens on a lower level

as well inconsequential things like

movies television music sports teams

hobbies other interests things like that

my ex-wife Darcy I'll give you an

example she was a die-hard Yankees fan

why because the guy who alpha widowed

her was also a Yankees fan years after

our divorce when she had gone on and

remarried and all that and all this

other kind of stuff she actually told me

she was thinking about becoming a Red

Sox fan a Yankees fan becoming a Red Sox

fan I'm thinking what the fuck come to

find out she was crushing on a guy who

was wait for it a Red Sox fan when Devin

and I first met she found out that I was

on TRT and I told her I was thinking

about HGH HGH and she said uh-oh and

Jack the balls red flag fast forward to

today and she injects HGH with me on a

nightly basis hey attention to your

girlfriend's taste in music

pay attention to this television show

she watch watches pay attention to her

politics her religion and so forth

you're the most dominant man in her life

her belief system her politics and other

macro issues will line up with yours on

a lower level she'll start to take

interest in some of the ancillary things

you do and like like music television

things like that that's not gonna say

that she's gonna completely change her

entire personality Devin listens to punk

rock and 90 Skye and that hasn't changed

since we met but she does like a few

hip-hop tracks because that's what I

listen to and oh by the way when I fuck

her were fucking a hip-hop that's how

that works but if all of a sudden Devin

started listening to country music or

reggae or something that neither of us

has ever taken interest in that is a

telltale sign that she is being

influenced by someone more dominant than

myself and it's only a matter of time

before she wants to start fucking him

number six this is a big one you guys

need to pay attention number six she

makes a drastic change to her

look now we all know that when females

start fucking around in their boyfriends

and husbands they start dressing sexier

right showing more cleavage where it

heals more makeup and all and so forth

we all know that that's not the dress to

change I'm talking about guys I'm

talking about a major change like her

hair her overall style personality or

even a tattoo or a piercing and I'll

tell you a quick story about how I found

out about this I remember I was fucking

this one wife and we made a bit lunch

and we'd meet up for it we'd meet up

meet up for a lunch lunch time fuck at

this rinky-dink Motel Inn in Las Vegas I

forgot where the fuck it was I think it

was near Maryland square somewhere

around there anyway so weed weed weed

fuck on Tuesdays and Thursdays in about

three weeks into the affair she shows up

with her hair almost completely chopped

off when I started fucking her she had a

long beautiful brown hair but I remember

when I walked in the motel and I saw

that she dyed her hair blonde and cut it

almost to shoulder length and I was like

what the fuck well that wife ended up

ghosting on me part of the gig it is

what it is but months later I remember

being at this dude I remember being at

this crazy fucking party with all dude

with all of the cocaine anyone could

possibly want

and I was talking to this girl who had

this crazy Skrillex haircut dude it was

crazy and I asked I said why would you

get a haircut like that you know that's

unattractive as fuck right well

surprisingly the girl said yeah I know

but I didn't really I don't really know

why I got it I'm like dude you don't

know why you got a haircut well later on

she told me that she got it right after

she cheated on her husband for the very

first time and this happened years ago

and she's had it ever since then she

says to me a lot of women do shit like

this to punish themselves for cheating

and it made perfect sense yes gentlemen

women's sheet and almost never show

remorse but it does take a toll on them

they might look like they're remorseless

they might look like they're having a

good time but women are human women are

people too now I can't say that this

particular instance has happened to me

like my woman cheated on me so she made

a dress to change so I personally I

can't definitively say that this isn't a

sign that this is a sign of cheating

based on my own personal experience

right now maybe these are I'll put it to

you this way I fucked enough girlfriends

at this point maybe I don't have

personal experience with this but I

fucked enough girlfriends and wives who

have changed their hairstyles or gotten

a new piercing or a new tattoo after I

started fucking them not dude I've seen

enough of that not to give credence to

this sign and put it on this list dude I

fucked a female who dyed her hair purple

after I started fucking her mederic met

her at a casino and I'll never forget

her shit test was what was was it was

typical I have a boyfriend

well turns out that may have been true

another wife I was fucking got a tramp

stamp tattoo which was her first tattoo

it was a set of eyes that were winking

like she had a set of sexy eyes winking

right there at the small of her back

it's like every time I'm fucking hurts

like was was crazy one girl I knew had a

boyfriend kept talking about wanting to

get an industrial piercing in her ear

after I started fucking her now maybe

these are just coincidences but after

that conversation with a Skrillex girl

at the party

coupled with my experiences I would say

that it is far more likely than not that

those chain

that I saw those women make after I

started fucking them they were

influenced pretty heavily by the

cheating they were doing with me so be

on the lookout for a drastic change in

hairstyle maybe a nose ring or a tattoo

right look for it look for a tattoo or a

nose ring or something that that pops up

on your girlfriend or wife if that

happens you need to start being more

skeptical about of her whereabouts and

her activities when she's not with you

again guys pay the fuck attention we

round third and head first we round

third and head first and head for home

to close out the show on the other side

we'll be right back the Donovan sharp

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Donovan 15 to get 15% off welcome back

to episode 410 of TSR live with Donovan

sharp it is Monday February 18 2019

happy Presidents Day everybody welcome

into those just joining us we are

talking about 8 signs you've never

thought of that your wife or girlfriend

might be cheating on you and of course

we all know if you think she's cheating

on you she absolutely is

absolutely let's check the chat once

again see what's going on in the house

we got the who's who in here man we got

latina we got Miami Jay we got Drew Bay

in the house Rollo Tomassi was in here

made an appearance freelancer I said

I've made that mistake with a bartender

back in the back in the day the blue

pill is a terrible drug yeah ain't that

the truth if that's the truth tre Henley

says holding hands got me a pair of

shoes yesterday yeah wasn't it happens

or are you going to 10 all right Devon

is going to tan to make sure those tan

lines are good and tight in a little

while time to get it in you scrubs your

ass right like there's no ass face

alright so no a space tonight no a space


LP FB says this information is gold

you're goddamn right it's gold Jubei

says a hundred and ninety-one people

watching only forty three lights come on

guys show some appreciation and hit that

like button appreciate that DB I gotta

have drew on the show again

actually um do drew was Drew I gotta hit

you up man because you drop some rocks

dude you dropped advice anytime I have a

guest on the show and I learn from them

and I learn a lot more than I think I

got to have him back that's why I like

to throw low on the show a lot cuz I

always learn from him Ryan stone is

another one of those guys drew says I

remember he says I remember a few of

these from women I was dating started

cheating on me with some retired doctor

who owned an art gallery awhile back

there he go

absolutely hdj redline says when you

call out when you call a hooker out and

they know that the jig is up they will

say they are afraid of you Yeah right

fucking bitches good stuff

Miami Jay says get rid of that truffle

butter I call it a space cuz bitches be

like what the fuck is truffle butter you

ain't never heard that Lil Wayne no I'm

like a space no no you got to get your

ass gotta get your ass in the shower oh

he's got a cooking segment with Ryan you

Ryan stone like gives recipes and

everything I still need to figure out

how to make those Madeleine's these

glasses are really really helping

because usually by now I've started I

start to have a headache because I talk

very loudly very forceful I'm a very

throaty talker and I am not feeling any

tension in my head so this is great

because 7:58 says she starts working out

I would say she starts working out of

her own accord Devon's never been a

woman who has had to work out as you

guys can plainly see but she just turned

35 she turned 35 last week and father

time is about to collect that debt so I

put her ass on HGH hire her a personal

trainer to make sure that she stays


for as long as possible oak town's

finest says hey Donovan ever thought

about doing a show with la our movement

yeah I've thought about it I have

thought about it before um I don't know

that that could happen though I would

love to do it but something tells me

that something tells me that the that

probably that probably wouldn't work out

for reasons that I'm not gonna talk

about here

excellent excellent okay let us continue

with the last two not so obvious signs

that your girlfriend or your wife your

woman is cheating on you that your girl

is taken another man's penis number

seven your relationships started off as

an affair now girls love to say shit

like well they beat Jason if he cheats

on you he'll cheetah if he's with you

he'll cheat on you I'm on heavy

testosterone replacement therapy and I'm

losing my girl voice so please forgive

that now whether or not they actually

believe the statement is immaterial

because as logical as that is females

don't use logic when it comes to men

until they're well until they're well

well past the wall females are all

emotional when they're fertile and young

and hot it's all emotion all emotion by

the way this is evolutionarily necessary

females have to base their sexual

partners based on emotion arousal

otherwise the best genes get right out

of existence we get that it is what it

is but they don't start to use logic

until they're past the wall he makes

$40,000 a year as a stable job let's get

with him only because they have to

anyway all of that said they'd like to

use this moniker partially because it is

lyrically symmetrical if he cheats with

you he'll cheat on you right here's

another example if you don't stand for

something you'll fall for anything that

makes zero sense but because the stand

false bit but because the sand the stand

fall thing makes sense lyrically and by

the way this is what advertisers used to

mindfuck females into thinking that they

have to have whatever overpriced junk

they want them to buy

because it makes sense lyrically women

give credence to that stuff now if a man

does cheat on if a man does cheat with a

woman does that mean he'll cheat on a

woman who knows a man is gonna cheat on

a woman whether he cheated with her or

not we as men we cheat for sex and sex a

little regardless of whether or not the

relationships started off as an affair

that doesn't matter and we see if we see

a younger hotter tighter girl we want to

cheat this is just how it is it's just

based on physical stuff and even when a

man cheats any man with red pill

awareness what do we know we know that

women stay with these men if they're

high value and they're unapologetic so

if so the whole if he cheats with you

he'll cheat on you that may or may not

be true but that doesn't mean that any

given female is gonna end a relationship

with a man just because he sticks his

dick in another chick I think we all

know and understand that I've seen it on

many many females who did not dump me

this is how it goes the other side of

that coin however is a very different

story if a female cheats on you she will

definitely I'm sorry if a female cheats

with you she will most assuredly cheat

on you now there are exceptions to this

rule but the exception never makes the

rule gentlemen just because a small

percentage of females who started

relationships with affairs haven't

cheated on their men at least not yet

doesn't mean that they won't eventually

or that they haven't in the past I've

said it a dude I said it a dozen times

in episode 406 and I'll say it again you

are not special if she Branch swung to

you she will branch swing on you and if

you pay attention

most women branch swing from

relationship to relationship any way

they do this on the regular it's their

mo it's how they operate they don't even

think about it every time a woman is

talking to a guy she's thinking about

dating she's always got a boyfriend or

there's some other guy she's been dating

for a few weeks that she's got on the

hook before they finally break things

off this is how they are guys women

branch swing they all do so if your

relationship started off as an affair or

if a female swamp branch swung to you or

cheated with you at some point she will

cheat on you

number eight the eighth and final not so

obvious sign that your girl is cheating

on you is that relationship issues just

seem to disappear so you're right for

girlfriend lately has been bitchin and

moanin about anything and everything she

can to to justify you know her reasons

for flirting with other guys you work

too much

you don't work enough you don't pay

enough attention to me your dick is too

big you don't last long enough you're

not attentive to my needs you blink too

loud whatever she can think of she will

complain about well there are also

legitimate relationship issues you have

but women can rarely point these studs

but they can rarely accurately point the

stuff out when she says you're not

paying attention to my needs you think

what the fuck I give you flowers and

took you to dinner last week for

Valentine's Day but what you don't

realize is that she means that you're

not treating her the way she deserves to

be treated which is like the two-bit

slut she is because she's a terrible

fucking girlfriend she's acting up

because you don't recognize that she's

not worthy of a good treatment so she

says you're not attentive to my needs

not knowing that she's actually telling

the truth about what she feels she's

lying about if that's confusing don't

worry that is next level game and you

will understand that at some point if

you live the red pill life long enough

anyway when you are not the dominant

masculine male who puts her in her place

who demands her best and makes all the

decisions you are going to have issues

gentlemen real issues well when she

starts fucking another guy who is better

than you or more masculine more dominant

than you are puts her in a place

everything seems to have just fixed

itself she's not bitchy anymore she

doesn't complain she's not neurotic

she's generally pleasant to be around he

thinks herself Wow

I I guess things are good then that's a

negative ghostrider have you noticed

that even though she seems less bitchy

and easier to get along with that she's

not fucking you any more than she was


yeah that's because she's fucking

someone else and that someone else makes

her feel so good that whatever issues

she has with you they don't matter


she just lets it roll off her shoulders

because she's getting fucked sideways


Monday Wednesday and Friday when you

think she's at lunch and on Saturday

afternoon when you think she's at the

mall with Sabrina think about how many

times your girlfriend her or or your

wife was in a great mood she told you

how much she loves you everything was

great she gave you the warm fuzzies then

all of a sudden she told you I gotta

take care of something to work I'll be

right back

I'll be right back I'm gonna fuck your

brains Ann we're gonna have a good night

or that she was going out with a friend

of hers she's real happy in a good mood

then she disappears if things that used

to bother the fuck out of your woman all

of a sudden don't she is fucking someone

else and that someone else is the reason

she is in a great mood not you all right

let's hit the chat here one last time

all right looks like we're talking

jujitsu here with Steve the pilot Dube

says I should do I should have pea eye

on the show to talk about this sometime

who is P I it is tell me who P I is I I

think I should I I feel like I should

know who P is but I don't Dani Puccini

says oh shit what'd I miss

dude the entire show man ah private

investigator okay gotcha oh shit you

know what that's a good idea

ha ha ha wow that's another good idea

hold on I'm gonna put private

investigator private investigator that

is a dude that is a very very good idea

I will dude I would never have thought

about that there's also a book out there

called keylogger

I actually read it a few years back and

man oh man it's actually what gave me

the idea to put a keylogger on my

woman's phone

Lorenzo Davis says another changes her

underwear if she changes to bikini to

g-strings well again these are not so

obvious signs right like if your woman

all of a sudden goes from wearing granny

panties to wear g-strings well yeah

that's an obvious sign she's cheating

our unplugs says that some PUA say that

if you are a good-looking guy sometimes

a woman won't date you because she's

afraid you will play her listen you are

a hundred percent correct or unplugged

I actually detailed this I talked about

this in an episode and any return of

Kings article entitled can a man ever

have too much game can a man ever have

too much game um read Jedi says that's

how I caught my wife's my wife is P I

yeah yeah listen some you guys have to

understand dude the way women are I've

said this before women or professional

cheaters you will never catch them

cheating you will never have hard

evidence that your woman is cheating on

you the only way you're ever gonna find

out if your woman is cheating on you

without hiring a private investigator

confession that's it she has to tell you

hey listen I cheated on you but women

will dude you can have a text message

from a guy that says I loved fucking you

last night I love the way you suck my

dick On February 17th 2019 your woman

will still deny that so come up with

some bright excuse as to dude this has

to then it wasn't me it was a wrong

number it's always something the only

time the only time a woman will

acknowledge that she cheated is when you

show her the video camera of her going

upstairs into a hotel room and even then

she'll say well we weren't really

cheating he was a gay friend of mine at

that point you know she's just grasping

for straws freelance witnesses yeah me i

man these women are as slick as goose

shit yeah they are they're very very


you know what Devin Devin's 35 right and

I'll call her out on bullshit and sheet

dude she is very very good at attempting

to talk her

way out of this stuff I never ever ever

let her get her foothold in the door I'm

like yo check this out I am NOT your ex

hon you are dude you are not about to

bullshit me I know what the fuck is

going on I tell her all the time

just because you deny it doesn't mean it

ain't true

you ain't getting but but I Devin shut

the fuck up before I dude I swear to god

do all right dude I don't even buy into

that nonsense fuck that fuck that I

don't have none of that nonsense

shout out to Fresno State 1776 with the

$20 contribution shut up - Jesse Webber

also with the $5 contribution and a

Chesley 169 with the $5 contribution

yeah call it Kaepernick settled with the

NFL on his his collusion suit Jamel Hill

wrote an article called Kaepernick won

the NFL lost Jamel Hill is the typical

black woman who just because Jamel Hill

says that the NFL lost in Kaepernick 1

doesn't mean that's what happened no the

NFL won because now this story is a

non-issue it's swept under the rug

Kaepernick lost because he is who he

thought he was in the words of the late

great Dennis green Kaepernick is not a

martyr Kaepernick is he didn't sacrifice

everything right if he really wanted to

take this thing all the way he wouldn't

have settled he'd have gone all the way

and exposed the NFL for colluding

against him but because Kaepernick is

about Colin Kaepernick he's not really

about the issue that he knelt for listen

did he bring and this is the thing

everybody's like well he brought more

attention to an issue listen we knew

niggas were getting shot in the streets

by white cops before Kaepernick took a

knee this didn't bring any more

awareness this is like that bullshit

breast cancer month that the NFL is

doing for the last 10 years well I need

to bring more awareness to breast cancer

trust me we're fucking aware fucking

breast cancer is in our face 24/7

anything that affects women is in our

fucking face so the fact that Colin

Kaepernick knelt down to you know bring


awareness Colin dude brah we're all

aware we see it all the time on Facebook

Instagram videos the news we're already

aware you're not a martyr you are now a

sellout freelance ronan says exactly now

the NFL has washed their hands of him

yeah absolutely

Oh meg Selva says hey guys I just tuned

in has he started on the eight signs

unfortunately I just got done ooh

damn dude you're gonna listen you're out

you're gonna have to you're gonna have

to go to patreon man you're gonna have

to see I don't buy into this whole Colin

Kaepernick thing I loved him at UNR but

he's you know listen he's he's another

fake ass bro black just like the rest of

them I don't buy it I don't buy it and

he has proven that by taking the NFL's

money oh and by the way Eric Reid was

also also also settled Eric Reid called

Malcom Butler a sellout for accepting

the NFL's I think was ninety to a

hundred million dollars towards the

social justice fund right so Eric Reed

calls Malcolm Butler or I'm sorry

Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia

Eagles a sellout but then turns around

and accepts a settlement that goes

direct listen Malcolm Malcolm Jenkins

agreed to funds being allocated for for

these causes Eric Reid agreed to a

settlement that put money directly into

his pocket who's a sellout now nigga

who's a sellout now Ryan Sullivan says

new phrase 40's are the best live stream

on game I actually like that Oh

freelance Ronan is co-signing on that I

like it I like it

Danny Puccini wait hold on let me get to

whoa wait a minute hold up Kyle Mitchell

says Kaepernick got six to the 80

million in the settlement he won for


things are still bad in the streets yeah


Kaepernick Kaepernick won financially

right but in the public eye he lost

and guess what Kaepernick doesn't and

shouldn't give a shit listen

Kaepernick's a sellout so who gives a

fuck what I think about Colin Kaepernick

dude this motherfucker set for life now

and it wasn't by the way still wants to

play in the NFL he'll never play in the

NFL again he got six to eighty million

dollars good for him and yes things are

still bad in the streets man Colin

listen Colin Kapernick won financially

but he lost in the public eye he is a

sellout signed the big deal with Nike

now he got the settlement so it was

never about the cause for Colin

Kaepernick he may have thought it was

about the cause but as soon as dollar


became a part of the issue he said fuck

it I'll take the money and listen I

can't say that I wouldn't done the same

thing Ryan Croton says when she changes

her workout habits working out at

different times usually later times a

night yeah if your girlfriend works out

but she's still fat she's definitely

cheating on you Vincent Simpson says my

wife used to go over to her guy's

friend's house her guy friends house for

hours before she saw me at work he was

fat and ugly lol now I'm starting to


Danny Puccini says I'm guessing in no

way possible are you ever to take your

woman back if she cheated on you yeah

Danny never take back achieving female

ever ever

oak town's finest says so Eric Reid got

the settlement plus the new contract

from the Panthers yep yep yeah Eric

grooves old Malcolm Jenkins result you

sold us out for 90 million nigga you are

a sellout - that money went directly

into your pocket I'm not trying to hear

this nonsense Fresno State 1776 wants to

know what's the topic for Russia you

were just gonna talk about the state of

the manosphere we're gonna talk about

his appearance on dr. Phil and listen

Roush doesn't want to rehearse the

questions he wants everything to kind of

be organic so yeah it's gonna be good

interview we're gonna cover a lot of

different things gonna cover a lot of

different things this will be my first

on-air interview with Russo I'm looking

forward to that

Michael sweat says your girlfriend

shouldn't be working out without you


that's exactly right that is exactly

right that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR live be sure to subscribe

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