Is there a God?: The Red Pill Perspective (Ep. 298)


Throughout human history there have been a plethora of polarizing debates. From benign arguments like vodka versus whiskey and split routines versus compound lifts to the ultra critical like pro life versus pro choice and most recently, Hillary versus Trump, there has never been a shortage of issues that split even the tightest knit groups into opposing factions.



One of the most divisive topics of all time is religion—more specifically the very existence of God. Now before I get started, I’ll go ahead and let everyone know that I have nowhere near the theological knowledge or brawn of a guy like  Quintus Curtius who’s brilliance in the field of theology, philosophy and history has no equal. If you’re looking for a deep ecumenical analysis of religions the world over, you won’t find it here…..I’m not that smart.


God can't bleed

Religion makes sense

The Red Pill and religious beliefs?



never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's your man

Donovan sharp and welcome to be 298 the

dishes of TSR prime time your nightly

dose of red felt truth wisdom and

awareness it is Wednesday July 18 2018


spin class today kick my ass gentlemen I

spun over 18 miles today

rode for an hour spun for 18 miles my

average watts was a hundred in 73 and

for those of you who don't spin or ride

watts is basically how hard you're


obviously the harder you work the higher

your watts are but but I can't I can't

really I can't really I can't really

explain the wattage though the wattages

are the watt situation but 173 watts is

that's a lot to be able to maintain an

average of 173 watts

during a one-hour ride to me that's an

accomplishment I burn 761 calories so so

and to be honest with you man I am still

completely wiped out so I lifted heavy

and then I turned around and had an

unbelievable spin class so so listen

today's workout was what today's workout

was awesome I definitely definitely

definitely still feeling that um had

another hater on on Instagram yesterday

that I had to that I had to address you

guys can check that out on yep there's

actually a you can actually watch the

video on on Facebook or or YouTube or

Twitter basically listen man if you guys

follow me on social media

I posted a actually posted

video of me stamping my name on my

girlfriend's ass Donovan's property

right there on her ass and everybody

listen like 99.9% of you guys are like a

right on you know we're trying to be

better trying to do better it cetera et


this one nigga says you own two she pull

into bigger buku or two you lose all

your paper nigga fuck you shut the fuck

up like I don't know that right but but

even still money Trump or a trump game

Trump's money and it's so funny like

people try ever since I've started you

know being a little bit more open

letting you guys behind the curtain

letting you guys know what my day-to-day

activities are letting you know what my

woman looks like letting you know that

she's had this many other hatin ass

niggas are and and of course bitches are

always that's so funny they're always

trying to find ways to disqualify my

success well she must be sick in the

head she's got mental problems or she's

34 you couldn't do that with a 24 year

old actually I have done that with a 24

year old

like damn well not not the stamp in the

ass but the whole phone thing and the

whole this and that any other I've done

that before with multiple girls not that

and listen not that many but I've done

it with more than a few then guys will

say well if you didn't have money then

you wouldn't then she wouldn't be under

your control dude my girl makes more

than I do now I have a lot more saved up

than she does but if I were to leave

dude my girl would be just fine right we

would listen if me and my girl were to

break up right now Devon said Donovan

see you later

financially we'd both be okay that would

be that that's all there is to it

basically what they're trying to say is

they just can't believe that a man has

so much game and so much control over

his woman that that she treats me the

way she does she wears what I tell her

to wear she allows me to stamp my name

on her ass wears my name on a chain

allows me to have her GPS location at

all times but a keylogger on her phone

etc etc niggas don't want to believe

this is possible and the niggas that

hate on that because they don't believe

it's possible you guys are never gonna

accomplish it that's just all there is

to it it's not easy there's no question

about it but it's possible and the way

to get there is with red pill game I

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she's right dude we are useless after

before worth before a 33 years old we

don't hit our stride until we're in our

30s for sure

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nine one four two oh five five three

five six is a very interesting topic

chase LeBeau says he is a grand he's a

pastor's grandson he says this will be

very interesting of course chase LeBeau

lives in Atlanta Georgia where where

religion is more of an industry really

then a religion and I'd listen chase I

live down there for a while I know you I

know you

all you know all about creflo dollar

eddie long i think any long actually

just passed away if i'm not just been

anyway i think it might have been eddie

long but yeah creflo dollar eddie like

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you know interestingly enough man

anytime I deviate from the normal girls

game finances of fitness I'm always a

little bit concerned that my audience

isn't really going to gonna take to it

well I had Germaine bacio on the show a

little while ago and I wasn't really

sure how talking politics would go over

it went over well then Miami Jay and I

had a kick-ass show

a couple days later so every once in a

while you know I will venture into into

other areas but but there are many many

red pill connotations with regards to

religion and we are absolutely going to

going to address that tonight he even

deluxe shout out to you says if there is

a God he's failed beta's and blue pills

totally totally agree

pussy pounder says when pussy pounder is

in your place your girl is getting nut

it girl is getting nut in her face very

good excellent

all right so we've got the jokes going

on already well let's go ahead and get

to it guys throughout human history

there have been a plethora polarizing

debates you know from from benign

useless arguments like vodka versus

whiskey split routines versus compound

lifts now it also goes to the ultra

critical debates like pro-life versus

pro-choice abortion and of course most

recently back in 2016 Hillary versus

Trump there has never been a shortage of

issues that split even the tightest knit

groups into opposing factions we see

this happen all the time

even within even even within the Family

Court couscous on Twitter says

McDonald's vs. Burger King yes Pepsi

versus coke cocaine versus nothing

there's no debate cocaine is cocaine is

the best anyway one of the most divisive

topics of all time the world over is


in this country the United States more

specifically the very existence of God

now before I get started here guys I'm

gonna head and I'm gonna go ahead and

let everyone know up front that I have

nowhere near the theological

old knowledge or the theological brawn

of a guy like Quintus courteous who is

brilliant in the field of theology

philosophy and history has no equal that

guy knows his shit I don't hold a candle

to that guy so if you're looking for

some sort of deep acumen some deep

ecumenical analysis of religions the

world over you're not gonna find it here

I'm not that smart instead what I'm

gonna do is I'm going to examine the

existence of God from an everyday man's

point of view now this is gonna be just

a simple illogical look into what we've

been told about various religions namely

Christianity our entire lives I'm just

gonna ask a few screech forward pointed

questions regarding the events of the

past in terms of their validity and

plausible and plausibility and guys

please call in because again I don't

I've always said to you guys that I'm in

sort of a transitional phase right now

with regards to religion is there a god

I don't know um listen I'm willing to

have my mind changed or pushed in either

direction I don't I don't really feel

strongly about it one way or another but

I do know but I do know that that I'm

unfairly in the middle so this is gonna

be an this is gonna be educational for

both you and me Sean Anderson on the

YouTube slide says there is a God but

the way most churches deliver the

message is useless I could not agree

more a lot of people say Christianity

would be great if it weren't for the

Christians couscous says yes great idea

forget religion first question does God


absolutely 9 1 4 2 1 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call area code let's see area

code 7 1 3 you were on live with Donovan

go ahead hey mister what's up brother

and I got an academia a little bit

school still ok and then when I got here

I got a walk so my belief in religion

but then I got exposed to he didn't

people featured game dr. William Lane

Craig okay and to get a chance to is

he's in West Side regional faced by the

Lord and he's got some pretty like them

you know valid reasons why you might

you know thank God it's early way to

examine to everything okay wait what was

what was the name of that website again

like that you're taking a kind of an

agnostic yeah right now I imagine I

thought I thought that you might you

know be forum you know again something

else like might be more against religion

ah and I am too right kind of a weird

position I hang out with a lot of

Christians were Hebrews okay I hang out

with Muslims and I feed their validity

I think the churches are terrible as you

mentioned earlier right right right

oh my god you get listen you're already

here you're ETF 42 in the episode I'm

gonna address that as well let me ask

you this did you you did you grow up in

the church did you used to be a

Christian or did you used to be a

Catholic how did that like how did you

come to this Baptist or something I grew

up in the white churches like the urban

dead churches and then a friend of mine

introduced me like that is church black

neighborhood church we were Avenue

Baptist Church in Houston Texas third

Ward and he introduced me to that that

shirts and he introduced me to UM

William Lane Craig materials and it

helped me to understand things better

and help me a theater different

perspective especially a linguistic

perspective the words of tricky with the

trick okay ain't trickin a key got it go

they just pushed and they give what the

translations are kind of messed up so I

see Houston with a team like the Bible

that's the white man's Bible friend like

polite he says those kind of things that

uneducated scholars a bit immature so

stay tuned like that but he still knows

in the back that you know these

scriptures are based off you know it's


you know I actually like people it's

based upper middle I guess Italy stories

time with misnomer but right look at

some real tough no no I got understand

okay in a biased way I agree man and

area code seven one three thanks for the

call listen he makes he makes a very

good point and Sean Anderson just

pointed that out on YouTube listen like

Christy at Lake Christianity in a

religion is it like I understand and I'm

gonna get into it here I mean I was


the church but the longer I lived like

when you get exposed to two different

kinds of churches different

denominations like not like all of the

denominations sometimes they have like

opposing views of one another and they

can't all be right that's just that

that's why I like I said I'm sort of in

a transitional period like Jul like I

think of myself like Jules in Pulp

Fiction when he said to Tim Roth's

character said normally you'd be dead as

fucking fried chicken right now but I'm

in a transitional period in my life so

I'm gonna let you go 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6

is the number to call area code 2 2 9

you're on the line with Donovan go ahead

hey Shawn what's up brother how you

doing man I'll tell you one thing it

definitely does for chicks man it's the

ultimate out and rationalization or a

wife that cheats on her husband oh wow

oh wow

go ahead ok so again I'm gonna get to

our planer I play out I play gigs all

the time ok barring from the smallest

little coffee shop or bar to a

reasonable size theater and sometimes I

get to open for big acts and depending

on the level of show I'm playing well

depend on the amount of value that is

perceived obviously right and I can tell

you man that before the show again my

frame is like it is what it is just got

a Verdi but after I play and do my thing

chicks of all different ages and

whatever will just come my way well

German this one particular time at this

brewery event played out here in Florida

this chick showed up and I've known her

for years and she's always real flirty

Wow the level by but that particular

night I got on stage did my thing and

she was just fucking Smith just all

about it so I did that I did the red

pill thing I just fucking ignored her

you know what drives a woman more crazy

and attracted more than ignore her

that's right so she ends up hitting me

up later on the internet wonpil on

Facebook all that good stuff

and she wants to come to my place this

shit comes to my house now mind you I I

live in a very small place but my shift

protect when I got security cameras I

got the arlo system good good good

lockdown really good this shit comes

over I take her into my place and I can

see the look of lust there

she talks all the time about you know in

church when I sing and praise God and I

love and my husband and my family just

all of that narrative stuff that the

world has told her to say and you can

see the suppression of animalistic

reptilian brain that's in her when she's

ready to cheat though why and sure

enough she came over I just I did my


fuck the shit out of her it got it all

on camera it's all documented in my you

know in my files hey listen listen

listen I got a share well listen for

those of you and I'm gonna jump the gun

on you here Shawn for those of you oh my

god he recorded you having sex no this

is to avoid the false rape accusation am

I wrong

yes thank you there you go thank you I

think I'm definitely why I do it for

anybody who wants to hate on it I don't

first of all I don't give a shit you'd

hate on dude Nidal MA who they sell you

know something right yes it's not for

like oh my god I'm gonna blackmail

someone that no this is for whenever I

end cuz it's happened before

yes it's like well maybe if I say

something it might maybe the night that

played out will be in a different

account on my party hmm I'm like okay

you go ahead you go ahead and do that I

don't say anything but you go ahead and

do that because as soon as the cops show

up I'll just get all I gotta say is

officer can I show you one thing real

quick that we might write to you yep

there you go you know there you go right

up so yeah I got my place locked down

it's my home I'm gonna film everything

in it good you don't have to like it so

but the interesting part was after the

interaction after I fucked this girl

the the text message like thank you so

much for last night it was amazing

please be discreet all this shit and

then I get hired now here's the fucking

kicker I get hired by this chick to come

and play a grand opening for her and her

husband what I get a fucking joke dude I

know it sounds like people tell me like

oh you're full of shit the stuff doesn't

happen I'm like with all due respect

you're not in my world dude shit happens

in the world of being a musician an

athlete and actor whatever level you're

at I never thought this stuff would come

my way

it's unbelievable dude but yes I played

a gig hired by her and her husband and

time to hear her get up and do speeches

in front of people as his opening same

stuff like oh my husband you know he's

my rock he's my solid man he's been

there with me and I'm thinking yet does

he have any idea that my semen has died

in your mouth right have any idea no

there's no clue because you're you're a

whore but you have the justification of

religion on your side that's why I kind

of despise it with chicks that use it as

an anchor to fall back on and say that

the devil tend to do me go down son I

Love You Man call it anytime I just want

to call him bro absolutely man dude

Shawn dude Shawn in Tampa or Shawn in

Florida dropping that rock solid game

two things he said number one listen

always record your sexual interactions

whether it be audio or video I did an

episode I did an episode a long time ago

I actually wrote an article on my turn

of Kings how I narrowly escaped a false

a false domestic violence accusation

long story short you know met a girl I

met a girl at an auto parts store hit on

her we start fucking everything is cool

I decide that I want to break up with

her I decide that I want to end things

we were we were not we were never

official so I shot her a text message

and it says hey look I'm gonna have to

take you know the next couple weeks off

I'm kind of busy well she gets she gets

crazy she gets the idea she's texting me

what's wrong blah blah blah blah blah

I'm just tell her look I'm just gonna be

busy etc etc that's that's just how it


so everything everything is totally cool

so then she texted me I don't know she

got she got she got absolutely crazy she

texted me she says Donovan I'm pregnant

now I listen I fucking rap the fuck up

every time I fucked her but things can

happen so I told her to sit there so I

told her Manny Machado has been traded

to the Dodgers that fuckin sucks I

thought I was coming to the Phillies so

I told her stay right there I go to the

store I go to CBS I get to pregnancy

tests I make her take them both protip

guys make her take to make her sit there

until she has to piss again and make her

take two so I said look that's it she

starts crying she starts crying please

don't leave me please with me I'm like

fuck it I'm out of here

soon as I'm about to leave as soon as

I'm about to leave the leave her

apartment and I'll actually put this

back up I'll actually re-release this

I'll real ALRI were at least three

play as soon as I'm walking out of there

she's on the phone yeah I'd like to I'd

like to report a domestic disturbance

she said she said that I had choked her

and I had slapped her and I kept my cool

and I I don't know what told me to do

this but I took out my phone and and

recorded the conversation I said listen

why are you doing this you know that I

didn't really you know choke you and

slap you Terrance etc etc and she says

well you know if you would just quit

this bull shit then I wouldn't

allignment she literally told on herself

so of course the Las Vegas police come

to the door she told her story of course

it was it was all one side and he did

this and that any other and there are

many there are many more details but

when they asked me ok what's your side

of the story I put both hands in the air

I said officers and again I'm a black

man there's two white cops this is a

white woman I said officers I'm gonna

reach for my phone and I'm gonna and I'm

gonna play you an audio clip I said is

that okay they said yes it's okay

so I reach for my phone that was sitting

on the table and I played that

conversation it rang out as clear as a

bell now she got detained I said in the

article that she was arrested for making

a false police report I don't know if

she did or not I think they probably

just detained her maybe she spent the

night in jail maybe she did but but yeah

this that this is what Shaun was talking

about you absolutely positively have to

record all sexual encounters or girls

will fuck and try to fuck you over man

all day every day unbelievable man um


so the shit listen the show is off to a

good start chase LeBeau pointing out

that he is an a-plus at something that's

why he got the s I always I see it all

the time if you're an a-plus at one

thing you're gonna fuck better-looking

girls then then a man who's a b-minus at

everything every single time every

single time all right

um well like I said I'm gonna go into

I'm gonna go into this from from an

every man's point of view it's gonna be

it's just gonna be sort of a logical

just it's just going to be a logical


I'm just gonna explore this logically

I'm just gonna ask a few questions and

see what's going on with and here's the

thing guys when men find the red pill

everything is called into question I'm

talking relationships money fitness and

everything in between everything is

scrutinized more closely at nine times

and nine times out of ten guys we make

significant changes in MO

if not all of those areas now the reason

I've done this episode is that

personally religion falls into that

category for me and at this point in my

red pill life like I said I started

questioning ever just about every

element of my religious beliefs as they

apply to my red pill knowledge okay in

terms of the way it really works so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna talk about

these things mainly from a Christianity

point of view as it's the religion that

I was raised with and and in the

religion that I knew that I know the

most about okay all right mr. makes says

the devil made me do it this is great if

you are watching on Facebook Instagram

or YouTube Facebook Instagram YouTube or

Twitter come on over to donovan sharp

calm to watch the remainder of the

episode again my facebook Instagram

YouTube and Twitter audience come on

over to donovan sharp calm to watch the

rest of TSR prime time thank you guys

for tuning in and I will see you guys

here in just a few minutes

great great call by Shawn great dude I'm

gonna tell you what dude religious women

they are some of the dude preachers

daughters preachers wives any woman who

claims to quote put God first those are

dude those are some of the sluttiest

fucking bitches out there every single

time man every single time dude and then

and again something else that Sean

points out is the fact that that woman

was married who hired him when I was in

Vegas honestly I would say about one out

of two bitches I fucked were in a

relationship of some sort they were

either married or they are in a


dude bitches cheat this is just how it

is if you want to talk about religion

from a red pill perspective or

Christianity or the existence of God or

if you have a story pertaining to

religion gimme a call gentlemen 942 oh

five five three five six again that is

nine one four two oh five five three

five six let's go ahead and move let's

go ahead and talk about the basics of

religion now as far as I'm concerned the

basis of most religious groups are all

pretty much the same right like

obviously they're very very different

but the basics basically exercising some

sort of self-discipline by not indulging

in life

many tempting vices treating others with

basic decency and regularly executing

some sort of ritual ritual at a specific

day and/or time yes again there are many

many layers to every religion but by and

large those seem to be the main building

blocks as far as religion goes the truth

is guys is that human beings have been

we have an inherent need to belong we

have an inherent need to belong to

something no matter the person no matter

the upbringing

no matter the environment we all want to

be a part of something because the thing

is is without human interaction we all

go insane right even people who describe

themselves as loners even those guys

have a small circle of friends okay they

trust in a small circle of friends that

they can confide in from young men who

join and again this is I mean this

applies to everybody from young men who

joined gangs to post wall sluts who who

join cults religion is that is is in

this context as a way for people to

fulfill their basic need for routine

temperance and structure right a lot of

guys join gangs and say hey that's my

family okay a post wall slut who's been

fucked by 387 dicks wants to join a cult

because she needs to find a new meaning

think about this guys think about this

the worst thing that can happen to a man

in prison other than of course being

gang rape is being put into solitary

confinement nobody likes the hole right

you're getting 30 days in the hole oh my

god dude

right like that's the worst thing that

can happen he is surrounded by murderers

he's surrounded by rapists he's in

danger all the time but being put in the

hole for a month as a terrible fate why

because he's left by himself for an

extended period of time

religion represents going back to the

general population in prison terms for

most people now sports hobbies and even

those evil misogynistic websites that

brainwash men into thinking that women

are demons from the seventh circle of


all of them are described on some level

as a religion right like people say all

the time I do XYZ religiously I spin

religiously I knit religiously I lift

religiously I fuck chicks religiously

right when describing something that

they do on the regular regardless of

what we call it anything we do or

believe consistently could loosely be

described as religion modern life dating

says if you're a man who has the

attention of an audience women will love

you absolutely that is pre selection

that is social proof let's move on to

what I like to call the depravity of

modern Christianity for my money

gentlemen Christianity seems to be the

branch of religion that has soured the

most people on the existence of God and

listen I'll be the first to point out

that I could be way off in this

assessment and that might upbringing in

the Baptist Church and being an American

drastically skews my point of view but

I'm fairly certain I'm probably not the

only person who feels this way and to be

honest with you I can do a three-part

episode on how Christians have royally

fucked up things for people who could

really benefit from religion but instead

I'm just gonna talk about I'm just gonna

talk about the two major factors

involved with making Christianity and

its and its followers unfuckin bearable

the first thing is that Christianity

like I told like I was talking with

about Chase LeBeau Christianity isn't a

religion anymore it's an industry anyone

who grew up going to church right we all

remember the collection plate being

passed from row to row by the ushers we

remember person after person put in the

cash putting in the checks put in the

envelopes as them as the plate made its

way through the congregation now it

wasn't long before we asked our parents

what we were doing that for and of

course they dutifully explained to us

that the church is supported by its

members and the contributions and that's

the way and that's why they pass the

collection plate around every Sunday

guys things could not be more different

in 2018 these megachurches

popping up every other week they don't

even look like churches anymore inside

and out they resemble they resemble

something of a cross between a warehouse

a nightclub and a mall churches like

these cost money and lots of it dude do

they've got Jumbotrons

flat-screen TV all of it listen

all of the state-of-the-art tech as the

backdrop these places these churches

seem much more intent on entertainment

than the actual teachings of


they also reek of social justice warrior

tendencies with their no judgment here

and there note their nondenominational

marketing campaigns to cast as wide a

net as humanly possible to get as many

members as possible yes listen obviously

churches need support from its

congregations and yes they do have to

get the word up some the word out some

hell but when you're bombarded in places

like Atlanta with billboards Flyers even

television commercials then you see the

pastor driving driving a six-figure

vehicle and living in a seven-figure

home it becomes crystal clear that

Christianity is more of an industry than

a religion and that just flat-out rubs

people the wrong way straight up and

down the second part of the depravity of

modern Christianity you guys ever heard

this before God has a plan God has a

plan for you if it's God's will it will

happen or here's another one the Lord

works in mysterious ways right we've all

heard this bullshit before post red pill

awakening I have figured out that

Christians and its purveyors you know

people that spread the religion often

use this rhetoric to explain away

terrible or unfavorable events now one

could say that people need to believe

that there's a higher power out there

that makes things happen and I get it I

totally totally get it the red bill and

me however knows that if I show up to an

interview for a job and casual clothes

I'm probably not getting that job the

red pill mindset that I have knows that

if I'm drunk off my ass and I get behind

the wheel and wrap my car around a

telephone pole or worse kill somebody it

has nothing to do with God's will and

it's my responsibility and my

responsibility alone when something bad

happens you ask yourself is God testing

me or did I just make a bad decision

it's that simple back in the day

one thing that I noticed about all a

theists one thing I noticed that all

atheists seemed to have in common was

that they were angry right

atheists used to be very very angry they

were angry that God had allowed their

loved ones to die that God had or God

had allowed their their husband to be

stricken by cancer or that God had

allowed bad things to happen to them a

lot of them may have even been

Christians at some point or another now

my guess is that during their hard times

their Christian friends reached out to

them and tried to console them and good

for them for doing so where they went

wrong is that they probably used God's

will to explain the untimely deaths of

their loved ones it's only a matter of

time before someone going through that

kind of turmoil enters that anger phase

and because the people around them told

them that God had indirectly caused

their pain they check out it happens all

the time were human this is what happens

now the counter-argument to that is is

that just because a person is angry and

decides they don't believe that there's

a god doesn't mean that there's a God

listen I used to say listen I used to

say it all the time when yelling at

atheists on TV just because you don't

believe it doesn't mean it's not true

the bottom line here guys is that every

person has control of his or her own

life I'm not saying that this means

there is a God I'm not saying that means

there isn't what I am saying is that if

a person is successful it is mainly

because of their efforts and know-how

alone if a person is or was ever

homeless it is largely because of a

series of bad decisions if a perfectly

and again and I've talked that I've

written about my own series of bad

decisions you guys know all about him

all right that led me to quasi home

dude I was almost homeless at one time

and I had nobody else to blame but


not God not anyone Donovan sharp assist

says God doesn't give you anything you

can't handle yes the Lord never gives

you more than you can bear right right

right yeah my husband and four children

were killed in a car accident but it's

okay it's part of God's plan yeah

exactly like even Christians aren't like

if you're a Christian and somebody tells

you that shit they're like dude fuck

that noise what are you talking about

why would God do this when a man looks

at the world

his red pill glasses the plan and will

arguments that closely resembles

hamstrung when someone tells you that a

good or bad event in you in your life or

someone else's life has more to do with

the actions and desires of someone or

something other than your own

that is eerily similar to a female

blaming her bad decision-making on the

14 tequila shot she did she did the

night before and again there are there

are scores of other issues that give

Christianity a bad name worldwide and

listen dude from the Christians

themselves who are in the club every

Saturday night then in the front row -

then in the front row at church on

Sunday morning right - the come to the

conflicting versions of the Bible's

different denominations and and those

guys used to pick and choose that with

the ones they want to abide by

Christianity is looked down on a lot of

people for a lot of reasons as far as

I'm concerned

guys the priority of the the priority of

exorbitant profits trumping the

importance of their message and the epic

ham stirring involved in and out of the

pews to me are the two biggest reasons

why religion has a bad name specifically

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I'm interested in know why it is really

quite simple it's nothing complicated it

is nothing difficult Christianity really

just it doesn't touch it doesn't touch

reality you know a lot of Christians

myself included I one time was just

absolutely delusional about reality I

mean you name it Christianity is just

totally out of touch man and I agree man

and I want to believe man I'm in serious

I mean it is crazy man and it seems like

as soon as I left Christianity my mind

began to become much more clear I began

to understand a lot of

things made more sense to me okay then

than it did when I was in Christianity

so are uh so are you an atheist are you

agnostic or have you or are you in

another religion um right now I'm I'm a


okay I'm Jewish okay okay all right very

good very good so what's the difference

between so why did you decide to become

Jewish and and leave Christianity what

was the main what was the main reason

for me personally when I studied the

Bible personally for myself only

speaking for myself I studied the Bible

and I see myself I don't see anybody

else I just see me okay um when it talks

about you know Adam and Eve coming from

the dust of the ground for me that the

dust naturally common sense tells me duh

it's his brown skin right so that's my

complexion so it was that particular

passage of scripture that really began

to have me to think you know what let me

dig a little deeper and see what

everybody else is talking about and then

Christians they don't even study the

entire book like they say they do they

just pick out certain passages of

scripture so it's you know what it's a

long journey for me it's a long story

but I really don't have the time just

wanted to throw my two cents my two

cents in I greatly appreciate it bro you

know so thanks for the call man callin

anytime brother

I sure will thank love it yeah man Yosef

Israel a longtime longtime follower of

mine yeah listen that's interesting so

he used to be he used to be a Baptist

minister and decided to become Jewish

and it sounds to me and listen Joseph in

the comments you can correct me on this

it sounds to me like the Jewish the

Jewish religion is more geared toward

people of color than maybe Christianity

I don't know maybe I'm getting that

wrong but that's interesting that's very

very interesting he said his mind

started to clear up and everything

that's wow very very interesting phone

call I'm

things do you do another I'm definitely

going to do another episode on this

because this this is a fascinating topic

for me I'm just like I said I'm I'm

undecided man like I want to believe but

I do again the red pill in me the common

sense of me is not allowing me to it's

not allowing me to take that step all

right let's see here all right very good

modern life dating says what do you

think about people saying oh it's the

universe telling me to do this and that

sounds like New Age religion crap yeah

that's ham stirring right like you hear

all the time yes well God came to me in

a dream and the Lord told me to do XYZ

come on man or Russell Wilson who's

married to Ciara now that God told me to

marry her no your dick told you to marry

her she's hot you wanted to fuck her so

you married her I get it I don't know

I've never like I don't I just don't buy

into that God talk to me or it came to

me in a dream or I sigh I don't buy into

that stuff man I really don't I really

don't freelancer Onan says yes they're

basically a tax-free business that is a

hundred percent accurate freelance also

says yeah you say something bad about

astrology and people are ready to fight

I would love somebody to fight me over

some fucking astrology its benefits dude

it's been a few years since I've been in

a fistfight I'd love for somebody did

your not love for somebody that fucking

front on me with that what do you mean

yeah you know shut the fuck up put a

hold of your face fuck out of here with

that now we're gonna get into the common

sense portion we're gonna talk about the

staples of Christianity gentlemen I'm

here to tell you the staples of

Christianity the very principles with

which Christianity is built upon

they are suspect at best over the past

few years I have started to call into

question these so-called strongholds of

Christianity things things that I've

been taught things that I've been taught

as absolute truths now make a

now make a lot less sense because the

older I am and the more experienced I am

the less sense they make my red pill

conditioning has also contributed to me

rethinking this things here's one for

you does prayer really change things we

hear this all the time just prayer

really change things am I not in

complete control of my life it's being

disciplined and steadfast in my daily

regimens on listen are as all that

useless if I have the power per hour of

prayer on my side if I pray then work

hard and become successful what

percentage of the credit goes to who me

or God right well I worked hard and I

became successful but I also prayed so

was it 50/50 was it 75 25 what

percentage goes to who here's another

one how do we really know what God

thinks how do we know how he thinks

everyone seems to think they know how

God thinks and the reasons he thinks

them how do we know that God that God is

a kind and loving God how do we know God

even wants us here how do we really know

why God does what he does simply because

we can refer to a 2000 year old book

which is the Bible how do we know here's

listen let's get a little bit deeper

what do you ask you guys let me ask you

guys a question would we believe in a

virgin birth in 2018 let me just paint

the scenario for you if a woman in the

Middle East gave birth to up to up to a

baby boy and claimed to be a virgin

would we really believe it of course not

right would she be opposed to a DNA test

to reveal who the suspected father

really was what the examination of

pre-birth reveal an intact hymen and

even if it did would we believe it

here's another question for you and this

is something I just talked about just

now did Gabriel really did come down and

talk to Mary did Mary and Gabriel really

did have a converse did they really have

a conversation or is Mary just

hallucinating or was Mary just dreaming

or worse did Mary just make the whole


after all back then it was impossible to

become pregnant without having sex right

women can become pregnant without having

sex these days artificial insemination

in vitro bla bla bla bla bla but back

then didn't have this kind of technology

here's another question

what's Jesus Christ really the son of


dude I swear to God if I die tonight

dude I'm gonna die see the belief is

still there in my mind cuz I'm still I'm

kind of I'm a little bit nervous about

talking about this stuff but but but

speaking of a DNA test what would that

test reveal would the father's DNA be

otherworldly or alien or would it reveal

the DNA of a male human being here's

another question do we really believe

the stories we all know the stories

right do we really believe that the Red

Sea literally parted for Moses and

stayed open just long enough for him and

his people to get through and they came

crashing down on the philistines killing

all 5,000 of them or whatever it is how

feasible is it that an old man probably

in his 80s climb to the top of a

mountain stayed there for over a month

40 days and 40 nights without food or

water to wait for God to each the Ten

Commandments in stone and how did God do

that here's another story do we really

believe that a man got swallowed by a

whale and survived long enough to get

spit out we all know the story about

Jonah and the Whale or at least most of

us do but how likely is it that a man

getting swallowed by a whale or a big

fish as they call it how likely is it

that he would survive let alone get spit

out and why would the way it why would

the whale even do that what was the

whale bulimic did he get a bad taste in

his stomach

did Jonah have food poisoning like what

happened there do we really believe that

Jesus literally walked on water guys

think about this people are claiming

that a man walked on a water surface and

did not sink in would we really believe

that here in 2018 guys listen I'm not

saying that these things didn't happen

all right but based on

I've learned and experienced I have no

choice to believe to believe that

they're highly unlikely right if the

signs and technology available to us

today were around back then I'm fairly

certain that most if not all of these

stories would have been debunked would

have been debunk fairly quickly and

that's what the stories got out in the

first place so now you guys are probably

asking well it's Donovan an atheist to

be honest with you guys I don't really

know man I really don't know all I know

is that every time I allow my mind to

drift into the Atheist side of things

the one thing that brings me back is the

uncaused cause I know this is just

common sense I know that at some point

up the chain of creation there is an

uncaused cause something or someone that

wasn't made or created by anything is

that the deity or is that the God we

worship I don't know I would like to

think that there is but at this point in

my life I'm not nearly a certain the God

that I've been taught about my

Christianity exists I believe that there

could be a God but not the God that I

grew up in believing in put it this way

if a stripclub burns to the ground I

don't believe God rained fire and you

know I'd rained fire down on the strip

club to punish the heathen sinners dude

somebody probably burnt the place down

or somebody was in the wrong place at

the wrong time with a cigarette big deal

if someone is successful I don't use the

word blessed anymore

I used the word fortunate or

hard-working if someone has a bad if

someone has a run of bad luck

it's shit happens or a bad decision

making that's just all there is to it


at the end of the day gentlemen I am

more than willing to admit that religion

certainly has its advantages there's no

doubt about it

and listen Quinta's courteous has

pointed out countless red pill doctrines

from back of the day that kept women in

line listen like it or not I've said

this for up before I'll say it again say

what you want about Muslims those niggas

have their bitches in check okay they're

females rarely get out of the

get out of pocket thanks to the Quran

right like the Quran is like yo and I've

done probably blaspheming here but the

Quran is like yo she gets out of pocket

slap a hoe she'll get back in pocket

like that's pretty much how it is you

can say whatever you want about Muslims

man Muslim women are in pocket those

bitches stay in check but even the most

devout Catholics the most about Muslims

Buddhists Christians etc would have to

admit what nobody's ever really

discussed and that is that they all

can't be right

they all can't be right the Southern

Baptist minister in Lexington - in

Lexington Kentucky as every bit as

devout as the Hindu priest in Mumbai

India but they can't both be right I'm

hoping that in the coming years

hopefully maybe sometime soon I can gain

a little more clarity in terms of what I

believe and what I do not for now I'm

just gonna keep living my life and

letting the chips fall where they may

and hopefully if I die I don't end up in

the seventh circle of hell

/ - in episode 298 all right red pill

trihard says I believe in God but I do

respect atheism and why people feel that

way I feel exactly the same way modern

like dating said the whale is vegan got

an s day W whale even back in the day

sharp assistants Jesus walked on a

sandbar yeah that's that's probably

right I am Legend says keep in mind that

these stories were told and retold and

translated in various languages around

the world by humans with potentially

different motives I could not agree more

man I could not agree more

sharp assistance funny how the church

changes rules based on social norms the

Catholic Church included they change

dude they changed they changed all kinds

of rules freelance ronan says you never

really see muslim chicks fatin it up

sharp assists says not in public they

don't want to get stoned Modern Life

datings as Anakin

Skywalkers the only virgin birth I

believe in Jesus Christ oh my god this

is great


good listen very very good very very

good discussion good topic freelance

Ronan says black woman especially

Donovan I told the hotel broad that her

astrology was a fraud

I almost had to judo choke that bitch

judo drug that bitch with her head rat

man I swear to god dude bitches live for

that astrology shit man like their dude

they are not here for the hey astrology

and all that is bullshit we are all

children of God let's go to the phone

lines one last time I think I have a

feeling I knew who this is

Jonathan is that you and me brother I

knew I knew it was you bet how you doing

brother well you know since you and I

both line our Instagram about our women

I'm a preparing to take a fake trip to

Okinawa completely financed by my lady

there it is you know I'm just making

this up you're just making this up or

buzz we're both just some con artists

right oh yeah of course I like like the

woman I stamped her ass she was actually

a prostitute I paid her to come in here

and do this totally totally ashamed

totally sham I thought it was Photoshop

Wow okay well yeah you know hey listen

man the money had to make it authentic

I think it was great I just wanted to

chime in real quick yeah um about the

god thing so yeah actually a funny he

brought this up I think I find certain

similarities red pill guys in the church

because I was raised in the church -

okay um I was actually in school to be a

minister and I got kicked out for

banging a girl in school I don't know so

but but you know one of the most alpha

guys ever met right this guy was just he

was just such a monster like he had done

two tours in Afghanistan and he just

lived to exercise and he was just like

pure masculinity I've never seen

something like this he was an extremely

good-looking he wasn't six foot tall he

was a little bit taller than me he's

like 510

and you know I would just see women come

to him in droves and one night would

just went out drinking because he was a

good friend of mine he's a wild card too

and we almost slipped his Mustang one

night he's just a wild child they said

you know what hog would I like you man

you know what I've been thinking a lot

we said religion it's for the weak

people we're gonna die this is it and he

just started going in on me on this like

how many sermon and I kind of have to

say I somewhat agree with him I agree

with you that like I believe something

did make us right but that doesn't

necessarily grant an afterlife and in

addition to that I feel like once people

get older and older if they lived a

shitty life they start to feel desperate

and they start to feel like there you go

remorse it could expand right now what

I'm noticing is have you been watching

Jim Carrey lately how he's been like

gone crazy races I've recently you know

I haven't by have heard stories about

he's off his rocker like he's like he's

doing and saying all kinds of crazy shit

man what's going on with him well dude

right before this whole thing happened

his girlfriend killed herself and that's

because he wasn't given her drug he

leaned on her that he gave her like

herpes he was leading her on and it gets

she you know I never listen I related I

remember him he was one of the

pallbearers and I'm never seeing and I

was like wow like that is like that

image of him being a pallbearer that was

shocking because Jim Carrey's a funny

man right yeah hey I really like you

know now you see him if you watching me

but he was on a recent episode of

comedians in cars with coffee with Jerry

Seinfeld oh yeah yeah and you know you

can see he's just like he's just so

weird and I feel like he just got in

desparate he's walking around saying

none of this matters we're all one the

universe is one I'm not me you're not

you and like really I think he's just

realized he has more time behind him

than he does in front of it and as you

get older they get more desperate for

you know some kind of meaning but

there's just the

sleep ahead of us and that's why I guys

need to take action and fix their lives

and live the shit they want to live now

while you're young while your dick work

hell why you're still good-looking

hell yes listen I agree with you man I

think that and I think this is I think

this is I think that's the human

condition I think it's normal for people

to know cuz I'm getting pretty close to

the back nine myself I mean I'm almost

41 years old you know my guess is that

I'll probably live in Seoul maybe 75 80

I mean I'm in good health now but dude I

did a lot of stupid crazy unhealthy shit

all through my 30s you know to be honest

with you I'll be lucky to hit 72 you

know I mean I'm like I said I'm in great

health now but dude like I did I just

strayed my body for the last 15 years so

we'll see but when you when you when you

know you're on the back nine when you

know you're on the other side of the

halfway point of your life you know you

start to put things into perspective and

you start to think what's gonna happen

to me when I die and I think just like

you said people want to cling to - they

want to cling to existence somehow

that's why they invent heaven and hell

well if I'm in heaven that I'm gonna I'm

gonna live forever if I'm in hell I'm

gonna live forever I think they I think

they're just trying to reconcile just

not existing and I think that people

can't really fathom that yeah I agree

with you I think just as a man you've

just got to face this and you've got to

realise that this day is coming yep and

all you have is right now it's really

thing you're guaranteed in this life is

death so if you're not taking action if

you're still sitting there eating

Cheetos pizza playing video games just

jerking off watching porn and not really

making the life that you're dreaming up

I mean it's just going to remain a dream

like don't take the time you have now

for granted so like when you are here so

I've been talking about this stuff

and you hear me talking about this stuff

you have questions you should be running

like a madman to get the answers because

we're out here giving it for free

straight up man the change you want

please and then live the life you want

to live because that's really that's the

meaning of life the meaning of life is

really just to be happy and to help

other people and the reason you help

other people just

feel so terrible about yourself all the

time god dude I'm done dude I'm dude

I've done so much terrible shit listen

if there is a god hopefully hopefully

when I get to the pearly gates said God

says alright Donovan like you really

fucked over a lot of people but you

ended up helping a lot of people so I

think I can let you behind the velvet

robe ah thank God

looks like Tia please listen ts our

prime time can't be banned in heaven I

guess Jonathan thanks for the phone call

man calling anytime brother thank you so

much Jonathan you have a great night you

too bud take care very very good even

Deluxe says eternal damnation sounds

tempting that's the way but listen

that's the attitude that you have to

have that's the attitude that you have

to have a very very interesting

discussion this was yeah that was a

great call there by Jonathan it really

really was um dude Wow

great great episode I I didn't know how

this was gonna go over but um this was

this was fascinating I think I'm

honestly like I don't

I used to real issen to my episode it's

like I think episodes 1 through a

hundred I used to listen to them right

back I go for my right on the trail and

I had the episode it's back to back to

back playing in the background and I

haven't listened I haven't listened to

episodes and quite a while this will be

an episode that I definitely that I

definitely play back that's gonna do it

for this edition of TS our prime time my

thanks to all my callers Sean Jonathan

Joseph Israel shoutout to the Mod Squad

thank you guys for tuning in tonight I

will see you tomorrow at 7:00 take care


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