Episode #244: Legalized Prostitution? + Don't be insecure, BE TERRITORIAL

Sex trafficking is a huge problem throughout the world…..that’s no secret, we all know it’s prevalent and has been prevalent for quite a while. But what the feminist media and agenda are doing is tying in human trafficking with women who work in the sex trade. But there’s a huge difference between being kidnapped, taken to another country and becoming a prostitute by force and being in the sex trade by choice. Strippers, call girls, escorts, prostitutes etc. are in the business because they CHOOSE to be.

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Becoming a stripper or a prostitute because you can’t pay your bills is not being “forced” into the sex trade. You chose that because you wanted to make money. Just like nobody is forced to work at McDonald’s….they HAVE to to pay the bills.

The reason the narrative of women being “forced” into the sex trade is because women want to stigmatize prostitution. They don’t want prostitution to be legalized and they use every reason under the sun to justify their opposition to it. But there’s only one reason they’re REALLY opposed to legalized prostitution.

A while back I did an episode called The Downsides of dating 9s and 10s and a commenter asked an excellent question that spawned this episode. A commenter asked, "I'm sorry sir, What's the difference between being territorial and mate guarding?" Episode #244 answers this excellent question.

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