Red Pill Origins Vol. 1: My Red Pill wakeup call

In Volume 1 of Red Pill Origins, I talk about the event that lead me to Google "Why do girls get over breakups so easily?" That google search led me to the very first Red Pill site I'd ever seen in my life,


The rest, as they say, is history. The next few years I went through a metamorphosis that completely changed me as a Man. 

What I’ll do in the coming weeks and months in my Red Pill Origins series is share the experiences that led me to The Red Pill. I’m going to talk about my failed marriage, the very worst heartbreak of my life, how I avoided a false domestic abuse charge, the story about how I tried to turn a ho into a housewife by renting a house for a single mother who was still sleeping with her ex who had just gotten out of prison while I paid the rent and all the bills and much, much more.

People always wonder how men like myself get to where we are in our lives. They wonder “how did Donovan get so good with women” or “Why does Donovan not trust women?” or “Why is Donovan the way he is?”  Well the answers to those questions will be revealed in my Red Pill Origins series and we’re gonna start with the event that led me to Google “Why do girls get over breakups so easily” which landed me on the very first Red Pill website I’d ever seen in my life and the rest, as they say, is history.

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the first edition

of red pill origins rental origins will

be a miniseries available to my $10

patrons now what red pill origins will

do is give you guys insight on how I

became Who I am today how I became

Donovan sharp we all find the red pill

because of things like heartbreak sexual

frustration or a combination of life

experiences that go against everything

we've been taught our entire lives now I

didn't get to where I am today because I

woke up and decided huh

I think I'll be a red pillow where a

male from now on as you guys can

probably imagine it never works that way

there is always a series of events or a

series of experiences that men go

through with that eventually lead him to

discover red pill truth now it's

probably safe to assume that most men

have probably been exposed to the red

pill community thanks to the advent of

the internet but it's pretty clear that

most of those men don't use that

knowledge to change their lives and make

themselves their mental point of origin

like Rollo Tomassi says look around guys

most men are stuck in their blue pill

ways even if they've discovered websites

like Donovan sharp calm return of kings

the rational male illimitable men calm

or any other number of red pill related

sites that said a very small percentage

of men who do discover the red pill

internalize it they study it and

eventually start living the red pill

life these are men I like to call five

percenters and fortunately for me I fall

into that category but like I said

before I didn't just become donovan

sharp by accident I didn't decide to

live the red pill life on a whim guys I

had to go through a shitload of bad

experiences good experiences and

sometimes even dangerous experiences so

what I'm gonna do in the coming weeks

and months in my red pill origin series

is share the experiences that led me to

the red pill I'm gonna talk about things

like my failed marriage the very worst

heartbreak of my life which included

living in a crack house for a time how I

narrowly avoided a false domestic abuse

charge the story about how I tried to

turn a ho into a housewife by renting a

house for a single mother who was still

sleeping with her ex-boyfriend who had

just gotten out of prison while I paid

the rent the bills and all the utilities

in my name

and much much more people always wonder

how men like myself get to where we are

in our lives they wonder things like how

did Donovan get so good with women or

why does Donovan not trust women or why

is Donovan the way he is well the

answers to those questions will be

revealed in my red pill origin series

and we're gonna start with the very

event that led me to Google why do girls

get over breakup so easily which landed

me on my very first red pill site that

I'd ever seen in my life

return of Kings calm and the rest as

they say is history

so sit back relax and enjoy red pill

origins Volume one my red pill wake-up

call the relationship that eventually

led me to the manosphere was ironically

the most insignificant and the shortest

and cost me it didn't take its pound of

flesh from me but it was it was

eye-opening to be sure so shortly after

getting my heart broken by Amy I moved

to Atlanta I only spent six months there

because I didn't really that was the

second time I had lived in Atlanta my

mother and brother were there didn't

really like the city didn't like the

people so I knew that I wasn't going to

be I knew it wasn't gonna be there for

an extended period of time

so I saved up my money and lived in

Atlanta for six months and then I moved

out here to the west coast well shortly

after moving here I got a telemarketing

job telemarketing jobs as we all know

aren't the most glamorous but I was

looking to I was looking to start my

life over you have to start somewhere so

I said I'm just gonna take the first

thing that's available and lo and behold

the telemarketing job was was available

and so that's exactly that's what I

ended up doing anyway in my training

class I met this chick we'll call her

Susie twenty-five years old

Mexican girl decent body big tits I

probably put her at around a six maybe a

six and a half so throughout the

training class her and I flirted very

very hard with each other everyone knew

we were gonna hook up eventually and

some even thought that we were fuckin at

that point in time that's how

that's how that's how obvious it was

well in the first few days of getting to

know her I learned a few things about

her that should have scared me

completely away but didn't because of

course I was still a beta blue pill mail

I was probably closer to a shade of

purple but I still didn't have the

knowledge that I have today about women

and their to nature and what they're

really about so here is what I learned

about her first of all she was divorced

and she admitted to me that she had

cheated on her husband throughout the

marriage which is typical of course she

blamed him he was an attentive enough he

was never home he was working all the


etc etc I actually called her out

because I asked her I said well did he

cheat on you I said she said well yeah

and that's his fault - she literally

said that to me I said okay so wait a

minute so he cheats on you it's his

fault I get it I understand he's a

scumbag whatever but you cheat on him

and it's still his fault and of course

she didn't have anything to say about


the second thing I learned about her is

that she had a young son who she

describes in her own words was

insufferable so she described her own

son as insufferable which which to me

just blew my mind of course parents

always have a hard time with their

children that's no secret but to

describe them to other people as

insufferable was definitely a red flag

so I knew right off the bat she probably

wasn't a very good mother probably

selfish she also told me that her

parents were on the verge of kicking her

out and because of that her boyfriend

who she had only known for a week was in

the midst of getting an apartment for

the both of them so she's living with

her parents she's about to get kicked

out she meets this guy and in a week or

so whatever she told me he was working

on getting an apartment for the both of

them yet she was still flirting hard

with me so again this is the duplicity

Eicher of women they never women never

get wet there's always another raft or

another branch to swing to so even as

she was setting up her main domicile she

was still looking for the Alpha

talks to her bata Fox the game never

ends here's where things really got

interesting the last week of training

her boyfriend completely ghosts on her

no calls no texts he just completely

disappears from the picture which means

now she's not gonna have a place to say

so she's freaking out telling everyone

who will listen we're you know wondering

where she's gonna live blah blah blah

blah blah I remember on break one

afternoon she even asked me hey would

you like to be roommates and I just told

her flat out no I barely know you

of course all of the red flags that I

knew about her at that point

certainly factored into my decision but

I had only been in the city that I was

at for I don't know maybe a month month

and a half I wasn't about to become

roommates with somebody that I didn't

really know that well all I knew is that

I wanted to fuck her that was it doesn't

mean I wanted to live with her and this

was all before red pill awareness well

she got lucky because one of the girls

in our training class offered to let her

stay until she found a place of her own

we'll call this woman Teresa so Teresa

moved all of her stuff into her tiny

little one-bedroom apartment with her

son I think she slept on the futon in

her living room I don't know if her son

slept with her in the futon he probably

slept on the floor what have you

whatever the case may be she got lucky

she got a parachute so fast-forward to

that Friday we all graduate from

training we had the typical celebration

pizza cake certificates with our names

on it congratulating us for making it

through training class and so we all

decided to hey let's celebrate let's you

know go to the club that so me Susie and

a few other chicks

along with Teresa we go to this club and

of course we get shit-faced and at the

end of the night Susie and I end up back

at Teresa's place and ended up fucking

her right there on Theresa's futon in

the living room while Teresa was in her

room trying to sleep off the alcohol so

that weekend was very very cool the

three of us hung out we were kind of the

three musketeers we you know we all you

know we went to a couple of flea markets

went to the movies we just kind of

gelled and became friends Susie and I


in this you know new bliss or fucking

every chance we got being all

affectionate just all the stupid stuff

that comes in the beginning of a


well Susie ended up finding a place the

following weekend so she moved out of

Teresa's well that was the beginning of

the end and I very quickly found out

just spending time with her at her

apartment that Susie was very lazy her

place was always a mess her son was out

of control and she didn't seem to she

didn't really seem to care all she did

was yell at him there was no discipline

she was a bad mom she could barely I

mean she she could barely cook she was

just a low-quality woman and it didn't

take me very long to figure this out I

stuck around probably two weeks longer

than I should have because the sex was

good I mean she could suck and fuck with

the best of them and I didn't have any

other prospects I I I hadn't been in

town but for a month and a half two

months at that point so I didn't have

any other prospects all I knew is that I

had this Mexican girl with big tits who

I could fuck pretty much anytime I

wanted so you know I stuck around this

is what we do well eventually I knew

that her I knew that her her

deficiencies would outweigh her what

outweigh the sex and that time came so

one Saturday

you know I jumped in my car rode over to

her house I walked in her door I said

you know what Susie this isn't working

out we're just gonna have to go our

separate ways and to my surprise Susie

reacted very nonchalantly about it she

just kind of looked at me and said okay

well if that's what you want to do I

guess it's time for us to move on I okay

no problem I was a little bit surprised

but I was just glad that she didn't

cause a bunch of drama about it so I

left and that was that well a few hours

later I get a call from Teresa and she

tells me yeah you know I just got off

the phone with Susie and she told me

that you had broken up with her I said

yeah you know I kind of explained the

situation blah blah blah blah blah and

of course Teresa being a woman yeah I

saw that too and I mean you know women

badmouth each other behind

there's back that's just how it is and

so I said well how is she doing she says

well she's actually doing pretty good

she her voice sounded strong you know

she's getting ready to go out on a date

and I said wait a minute she's getting

ready to go out on a date I dumped her

just a few hours ago she says yeah she

she's been talking to this guy she says

she really likes him he's going to pick

her up and they're gonna go out on a

date now I wasn't hurt by this because I

was only with her for three weeks I

didn't develop anything close to real

feelings she was somebody else's problem

now I knew that whatever look whatever

that guy wanted to do I didn't care

be that as it may this girl was supposed

to be into me okay and yeah I've gone in

and dumped her but my ego took a bit of

a body blow because she instantly just

got over me so later on that night I

went onto Google and I researched I set

there in googled why do girls get over

breakups so easily and eventually that

led me to the manosphere I discovered

all sorts of websites I discovered of

course return of Kings Rouge be the

rucifee forum the rational male

illimitable men Chateau artiste so for a

sufferer for about two weeks I consumed

every piece of red pill material I could

get my hands on I was soaking this stuff

up like a sponge because it dived with

every circuit of my masculine hard drive

everything that was boiling at the

surface in terms of what I what I was

seeing from women and what I was being

told I knew that something didn't add up

and for the first time in my life I saw

proof and evidence that yes my

suspicions my Inklings my instincts were

correct shit is fucked up and this is

how to unfuck them so to speak so I

whittled down eventually

you know you whittled down the your your

manosphere buffet down to a few sites

for me that was return of Kings the

rational male and illimitable men so

every day I faithfully refreshed those

pages got all the knowledge and so

little by little as the months drew on I

started making these changes

getting my body back in the shape saving

my money etc etc the red pill became who

I was as person I I was a very quick

learner because I was ready for a change

I wasn't one of these men that saw the

red pill and just rejected it I was in

my 30s at this point so there was enough

of a sample size for me to say yeah okay

yes I've experienced all of this stuff

multiple times it's time for a change

the red pill is real let's do it I'm

ready to make a change and so I remember

one afternoon I'm reading a return of

Kings and I see at the top right hand

corner of the page at the time it says

hey if you have an article to submit or

a story to tell

go ahead and submit it so I submitted my

very first my very first article the

four shit tests rocky past to win Adrian

and I didn't expect for Roush to get

back with me so quickly but he got back

with me the next day he said he was

impressed with my work and he said hey

look you can be a guest columnist you

know you can submit an article every few

weeks and so I did that for a few months

and eventually Roush reached out to me

and said hey you know I'd like to offer

you a position as a regular staff writer

at return of Kings this was after he

found out this was after he saw my

article the the pros and cons the pros

and cons of game for black men in the

West he didn't he didn't know I was

black and I didn't give any indication

that I was black and so you know he he

likely wanted you know a red pill

perspective he wanted a red pill

perspective from an african-american

male and and so he reached out to me he

offered me the position and I took it

and from that I mean from that time

forward I've written over 80 articles

and I now have a podcast and originally

I started off as sharpshooter and later

became donovan sharp because of some

changes that we made over at return of

Kings and that is the story of how I

eventually became donovan sharp the man

I am today

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