EPISODE #276: NEVER ask a woman how many men she has slept with


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Men with Red Pill awareness know with 100% certainty that whatever number a girl tells you in terms of how many dicks she’s taken, THAT SHE IS ALWAYS LYING. And any female who denies that is also lying. And any man who denies that is obviously still in the dark.


But what got me thinking about women and notch counts is that my girl was on the Red Pill Women reddit which is a misnomer wrapped in an oxymoron at best….but anyway, she saw a question posted by a chick asking if girls should lie about their notch counts.  However, the interesting thing is EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO RESPONDED, MALE OR FEMALE rightfully assumed that she was asking if women should reduce their number when asked.


The Brother Pill notch count formula (Negromanosphere article)

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