Never commit to a woman who cannot cook + How to live well with bad credit

We all know that women these days can’t cook and the reason they can’t cook is the same reason hot girls don’t develop themselves outside of looks….THEY DON’T HAVE TO. Girls get so much attention and validation from men for just existing that there’s no reason for them to learn.

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Back in the day there was a saying that women taught their daughters and it was the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, meaning learn how to cook and you’ll increase your value to a man which increases your odds of gaining commitment from him.

But but all a woman has to do these days to get commitment from man is to let him fuck her for a while….that’s it. And in their defense, why SHOULD learn to cook if they’re getting approval from men without knowing how? We have that same mentality when talking about fucking girls without marrying them which is why by the cow when you can get the milk for free? Same thing.

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how's your boyfriend look at have you

you're fucking your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet never

believe everything a woman tells you she

will always leave something you're

always broke because you spend your

money on dumb shit anymore

if you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to this edition of PS our live

presented by happy hippo herbals it is

Wednesday November 15 2017 Thanksgiving

Day is a week from tomorrow man i'ma

tell you what man the time has just

absolutely flown by I mean I say this

every you know every few shows every

time we reach a new landmark in terms of

where we are with the show or where we

are in the year but it's it it feels

like yesterday was Labor Day when I when

I finally revealed to the world what I

look like and here we are just a couple

of short months later and now we're a

week away from Thanksgiving so

definitely excited about that I'm gonna

be traveling down to North Carolina to

to see my family it's it's been a while

man I've got two brothers and two


and of course my folks are divorced they

they divorced years ago but they're you

know they're they're still amicable they

both they both still live in the state

of North Carolina and this will be the

this will be the very first time that

every member of my immediate family will

be in the same state at the same time

since one of my other brothers got

married and that was way back in 2010 so

I'm definitely looking forward to to

going down there and see that going down

there to see them it's it's definitely

been a while miss my brothers and

sisters man that that's for sure later

on in the show I'm gonna tell you guys

why the ability to cook should

absolutely be a requirement for your

woman if you were looking to commit to

her long term and to commemorate that

episode I have replaced the hot girl

cooking and cleaning slideshow with some

of my with some of the meals that my

woman's Mae

for me over over the past few over the

past few months or so just to show you

guys man like if you guys follow me on

Twitter and Instagram listen I live this

shit you know a lot of guys a lot of

guys who do what I do they're fake they

talk about yeah I want my woman to do

this and she better do that and she

better check in nah everything that I

have told you guys everything that I

have advised you guys to do with your

woman to take her off social media make

her delete all of her social media

accounts put a keylogger on her phone

monitor what she's doing GPS and I mean

everything in between there I mean the

the the list is long but everything that

I've invited that I advise you guys to

do with your woman that I make a

requirement with your woman I do this

with my woman too including the ability

to cook and as you guys can see there my

woman is quite the she has quite the

cook she's quite the chef she worked her

way through Community College by working

in kitchens and because of that she has

she's got she's got she's got really

she's talented in the kitchen she has

fun I mean she has unbelievable culinary

faculty so I put that guy I put that

there for you guys to see for yourself

but let's do it let's start with how to

live a good life with with bad credit a

lot of guys have asked me to do a show

on this not lately but when I first

started the show I have a lot of

listeners and say hey you know made a

few bad decisions in my youth and I'm

kind of paying for it now so as a

freshman they called go ahead unless you

guys miss the first one in college I

made the egregious mistake of getting

the getting a credit card the 0% APR for

a full year the envelope said I mean I

ripped that bad boy open on I started

swiping my card like it was going out of

style man like it was Christmas

needless to say I was ill-equipped to

handle a credit card at the tender age

of 18 I made a few other mistakes over

the over the next couple of years and

before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs

in debt and as a result I ended up

having to spend the first half of my 20s

with bad with with bad credit I couldn't

get financed for anything because I had

I had below average two bad credit now

because I knew that my credit was gonna

be shot for the next you know a few

years or so I knew that I had to learn

how to navigate my finances without the

benefit of having good credit and to my

surprise I mean listen there were quite

a few tools that helped me along the way

and thanks to these tools I was able to

live a great life despite having bad

credit now understand this guys in order

to utilize these tools that I'm about to

give you effectively VIP which are very

simple and most of us know all of them

anyway but I'm gonna go I'm gonna

elaborate briefly on each and every one

of them you're gonna have to change some

habits okay you're gonna have to make

some sacrifices you're gonna have to

exercise a good amount of financial

discipline but but you guys have to

understand making these changes will

help you in the long run especially when

your credits back to where it's supposed

to be being able to making smart

financial decisions and cultivating good

financial habits when I had bad credit

paid huge dividends for me especially

the last five or six years of my life

back when I was back when I was 34 and

you know I started to dabble a little

bit in real estate

having my credit having my credit score

where it needed to be really really

helped me in terms of building the nest

egg that I have now so I'm gonna go

ahead and share some of that stuff with

you guys so number one prepaid debit

cards traditional banks these days as we

all well know they nickel and dime the

shit out of you guys with FITA with with

a bunch of fees that you're mostly

unaware of to make matters worse

banks have a tendency to change the

order of your transactions to put you in

the negative

so that they can charge you overdraft

fees I remember I was with a is actually

the bank that I'm with now well actually

I can say I'm with Wells Fargo and

before my very first account was with

First Union was with First Union Bank

well first Union was bought out by Wells

Fargo and then Wells Fargo was was then

no bought out by Wachovia and then

Wachovia was then taken over by Wells

Fargo so I've been with I've been with

Wells Fargo since what 94 95 somewhere

around there I think I was a senior in

high school

anyway they went through a period of

time when they had the the Wachovia

directive or initiative what they would

do is they would wait til your balance

is low enough then they would put a

transaction through that exceeds your

balance to throw you into the negative

and they don't do that anymore but don't

kid yourself guys this happens all the


this happens with all banks at some

point all the time it's not something

they make a habit out of but it happens

a lot more often than you might then you

might expect prepaid cards guys are a

great way to eliminate the games that

banks tend to play with their customers

prepaid cards for one they never allow

you to spend more than you have in that

account and as a result your spending is

more controlled and you never have

overdraft fees yes there are reloading

fees and and and and whatnot and yes

there are I think one prepaid card that

I have I have the American Express serve

card it's a dollar a month but at least

you're not at least you're aware of

everything that goes that you know that

comes in and out of your account you

have to worry about any ridiculous fees

now this isn't to say that you should

close your bank account and go a hundred

percent prepaid obviously having a

traditional bank account does have its

advantages but keeping all your money in

one account is unwise whether you have

bad credit or not and prepaid cards you

know specifically they allow you to sort

of diversify you know just diversify

your your money your accounts and keep

you know rather than keeping all eggs in

one basket so I would highly highly

recommend prepaid debit cards and

American Express serve that's one that

I've used here for the past two or three


the second way to to live a good life

when you don't have good credit is to

buy a safe another measure that men

should take regardless of their credit

situation is keeping a small safe at

your place again this keeps your money

completely out of your banks out of your

prepaid cards and gives you access to

your money any time for any reason with

no hoops to jump through it's a personal

safe is really the only Bank a man can

really trust now personally when I was

in when I was at the height of my

financial powers when I was saving money

for my nest egg when I was when I was in

acquisition mode

I kept 20% of my I kept 20% of my money

my raw assets in my main checking a

checking account

I kept another 20% in savings I kept 10%

in prepaid cards and again I recommend

the American Express serve card and I

and the remaining 50% I kept on my

person or in my cell I didn't keep all

that money on my person I kept it in my

safe ok the percentages swing a few

points you know here and there depending

on the situation at the time of the

month but they Jim but those percentages

generally stayed about the same when I

was you know when I was saving my nest

egg building my nest egg plus you know a

safe allow gives you and only you access

to your hard-earned cash all right no

banks no other financial institutions

nobody but you your balance only changes

when you decide that it changes and

that's the best thing about owning that

that's the best thing about having a

safe in your house number three and I've

talked about this in the past I think

was episode 73 three things a man the

three things the three things that a man

should do to get his financial house in

order and that's to buy a car in cash

okay forget the car payment

obviously because you have less than

perfect credit or even bad credit you're

not gonna be able to walk into a you

know a high-end car lot like I talked

about yesterday and finance a vehicle

now of course the other alternative is

to go to a buy here pay here a lot but

your interest rates gonna be it's it's

gonna be ridiculous in your car payment

it's gonna be and it's gonna be more

than you could afford so high in fact I

actually crunched the numbers here

you'll end up paying almost 50 percent

more so for example if you financed a

$7,500 vehicle at a 20 percent interest

rate and that's on the low end by the

way at the buy here pay here lots a lot

of charge you up to 25 sometimes even


that depending on the state laws over a

forty eight month period guys seventy

seventy five hundred vehicle twenty

percent interest rate you're gonna paint

you're gonna end up paying almost eleven

large okay eleven thousand dollars not

to mention the car won't be worth shit

after you get done paying for it and

your height insurance the thing is is

that by here pay here Lots also require

a huge down payments because you are a

high-risk customer so you take that mm

you take that twenty five hundred a

three thousand dollar down payment dude

don't take it to a car lot

buy a car outright you loan the car free

and clear and you'll save money on

insurance and your insurance will be

much lower due to the fact that you

owned the vehicle

all right everybody everybody knows that

if you own your vehicle you out dude I

haven't paid I haven't paid maximum

premium in I haven't had a car payment I

can't remember the last time at a car

payment I think the last time I had a

car payment I was in North Carolina that

was that was that was while I was dating

a me and that was good god that was back

in eight oh nine and I've owned plenty

of vehicles since then now if you don't

have enough to buy a car in cash and you

absolutely have to have a vehicle like

most people do you'll have to use the

buy here pay here a lot as a last resort

but once you have paid off the car do

not finance another vehicle gentlemen

don't do it there's no need to lock

yourself in to three or four more years

of car payments after ridding yourself

of after ridding yourself of one car

payment which you know at that point of

a perfectly good running car so many

people out here they pay off a car right

and especially people who buy brand new

cars they'll buy like a 2017 Toyota

Camry it'll take them five years to pay

it off well in five years that Camry is

still a good running car then they'll go

out and they'll finance the 2022 I'm

like dude what are you doing like dude

you've got a car free and clear you can

drive that for at least the next ten


save yeah it's it blows my mind that

every that that people out here have to

have the latest greatest cars it's it

blows my mind men if if if you paid if

you never had another car payment in

your life your lifestyle would change

substantially by a car in cash and by

buying a car in cash you don't have to

have good credit they don't give a shit

that's seventy five hundred dollar

vehicle that I talked about with the

twenty percent interest rate I

guarantee you if you walked onto that

car lot and and and they wanted $7,500

for that car you could put $4,000 on the

table and say I want that one right

there and they would say sold straight

up that's how that's how much they jack

up the price okay

save your money buy a car outright only

use a buy here pay here a lot if it if

you absolutely have to even still dude

ride your bike to work take the bus or

subway take public transportation a car

payment a car payment is the kiss of

financial death I listen I've been there

before I'm here to tell you the next

thing that I discovered is getting a

prepaid phone now people really fuck up

their credit these days getting into

these lengthy contracts with the phone

companies because they just have to have

the latest think about it oh my god

think about how many people today are

taking on a 200 plus dollar phone bill

because they financed the new iPhone 10

that's a thousand dollar phone dude less

than a year ago I bought a 2000

Mitsubishi Eclipse for 500 bucks

now I had to put $1,000 in it to get the

thing running but it was a good it was a

good running car didn't have any

problems with it after I fixed it up so

$1,500 $1,500 okay and then I turned

around and sold it for they got turn

around and sold it for 18 so I made I

made 300 bucks that were so off that car

can't remember exactly but so I bought I

bought a vehicle for $500 less than an

iPhone than a phone it makes zero sense

there are people all around this country

right now who are making payments on

their phone that's one of the most

ridiculous financial things you can you

can ever do anyway I'm not gonna get off

on that tangent so not only are they

paying an exorbitant for their for their

plans and features like I said they're

also making payments on their phone and

that shoots the bill uppity it even

further exercise him self-discipline

guys and forego the latest greatest

phones buy a phone for a little less or

get on a prepaid plan this is my phone

okay this is my phone it is a it is it

is a Windows Phone all right I've got a

cool-looking cover on it I had to go

old-school Nintendo this is my phone

guys okay this is my phone

all right this is my phone all right it

is a Windows Phone it's the it's the

Microsoft Lumia 640 or something like

that okay listen I paid 30 bucks for it

because it was a because it was

refurbished and and and I pay 25 dollars

a month for unlimited talk and text

I don't need date anymore because I've

got Wi-Fi everywhere I go $25 a month

for my phone bill I get unlimited talk

and text

I don't need daily because there's Wi-Fi

hotspots everywhere I'm always there's

Wi-Fi here at my house and I don't

conduct a bunch of business on my

Windows Phone so listen if somebody if

somebody wants to steal the number to my

American Express pre prepaid card fine

they're welcome to the 38 cents that I

have in there right now that's the

beauty of this lifestyle guys you can

live a good life on bad credit you just

have to think before you act

okay you have to think before you act

$25 a month I paid $30 for this phone I

think I've had it for more than a year I

may replace it soon but it just doesn't

make any sense to buy $1,000 phone it

just doesn't make any sense

a last and final tip the last and final

thing that you can do to live a good

life with bad credit rent from private

owner okay if you apply it any apartment

complex they're gonna run your credit

which means you're not getting in all


it's gonna be the same with homes that

are managed by real estate companies

they're gonna run that credit now the

alternative a better alternative is to

rent a home from a private owner running

a home from a private owner guys has

many advantages not the least of which

is that it's almost always less

expensive most of the time guys and I'm

in and and again I have I have intimate

knowledge on this stuff more times than

not eight times out of ten a two-bedroom

house rents for less than a one-bedroom

apartment in an upscale apartment in an

upscale apartment complex okay best of

all very few private very few private

home owners require a require a credit

check all they want to know is that you

make the money okay they want to know

that you that you're gainfully employed

they want to know that you have a job

okay so your credits not so great no

problem if you don't pay rent I'm gonna

kick you out I'm gonna get somebody else

in here they'll give you a shot guys

this is gonna save you time and money

while giving you the ability to live in

a house rather than an apartment where

you sacrifice a measure of privacy

anyway in the end guys having great

credit isn't isn't isn't necessary to

live a great life these days the truth

is is most people don't really have good

credit these I mean most people don't

have good credit so the market had to

adjust in order to serve the majority

which are people with not so perfect

credit and as a result there are more

and more options for people with bad

credit than there are people with good

credit the trick again guys is to

exercise good judgment and temperance to

take full advantage of all that's

available to you if you have

cringe-worthy credit

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jamaican peppa good to see you in here

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yet got your message there in patreon

he's asking me about the the happy

passengers and apparently happy

passengers I guess it changed a compound

or whatever there was one green pillow

one yellow pill I've tried them both and

they worked and they both worked very

very well for me I didn't notice any

kind of difference so I'm glad I was

able to help you out there

shout out to Alex Garcia good stuff

unspoken Tomcat says when will you

review the stuff that Kevin Samuel sent

you I am looking forward to hearing that

review yes I'm in the middle of using

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all right

good very good

Alex Garcias can't wait to eat good food

for thanks dude listen man my family

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be a good sharp family reunion for sure

old school Ryder says I see you showing

a little bit of beta game with the food

on the screen food looks great mmm yeah

yeah listen man my girl can burn dude

for real for real ah prime rib that's

exactly what it is it's turkey ham and

prime rib very good

excellent freelance good to see you in

here truth from Troy good to see you in

here as well my friend and even though

I'm not gonna be on the air next week

from TSR alive I'm still gonna be doing

my weekend shows with O'Shea Duke


so Kobe Anthony says how was how was 700

credit cards score how do you rate how

was 700 credit card credit score how do

you rate that um you know I'm not a

credit analyst I'm not a credit expert

if you pay your bills if you pay your

bills on time and if you have if you pay

your debt on time you are going to

you're gonna have a credit score in the

700s and I think it might Louis when I

was in my dude when I was in my early

20s like my score was like on the 520

something like that and you know I mean

you know I worked hard and you know I

got it back I got it back to where it

needed to be and and my score now is

well over 700 so I've you know I've had

great credit for years now but back in

the day it wasn't so good man had a lot

of I had to learn a lot of painful

lessons but the way I built my credit

back up is I had to implement the

strategies I just shared with you guys

so Alex Garcia since I've never checked

my credit score now you should probably

check your credit score I would say once

every six months or so you know just to

make sure you know where you are and

even still man like like the only thing

any the only thing a man these days

should finance is a home that's it and

even still if you if you're a red pillow

where a meal you don't want to anchor

yourself to a state or a city because

you own a house unless you're ugly

unless you're making like 250 large a

year and you can afford to have a home

in other states yeah yeah that's

that's something you should definitely

do every every once a quarter it's

probably a good yeah I mean there are

sites out there where you can pay like a

perm and pay like 10 bucks a year get

your get your credit report every every

three or four months or so

freelance says I was with central

fidelity which ended up becoming

Wachovia which ended up being bought out

by Wells Fargo from Wells Fargo yeah I

think Wells Fargo is the I think every I

think everyone who has a Wells Fargo

account now we all took different paths

to get there so freelance was with

central fidelity then we all sort of got

married in grandfathered into Wachovia

and then Wachovia got taken over by

Wells Fargo am i started out with First

Union which then became Wachovia and

then Wells Fargo so

freelance says that they did that to

make about 35 extra and overdraft yeah I

could this is bet back when I owned my I

owned a mattress business back in the

back in the early 2000s and god I'm a

dude I made great money but I dude I did

everything it was hard it was hard work

I owned it for a couple of years it was

successful I made my money and then got

the fuck out of there but I remember one

time they put some stuff through that

they they like rearrange the order and

all of a sudden I was like six hundred

bucks in the hole I'm like whoa what the


so I called him up and I was like yo

like this transaction went through with

this date this parent Jax I went through

with that date not you guys no no no

they said okay well we'll do it this

time I'll say yeah you're goddamn right

dude I've been with you guys since I was

a fucking teenager so dude what 212 says

but will the money grow in your safe

Nowell Nowell and this is this is this

is why you have to diversify and the

thing is is is I am all for it you know

putting your money into mutual funds and

I'm not an expert I'm not an expert on

that dude my girlfriend's mother is

she's a financial she's a financial

financial adviser she knows all about

that stuff but I think a lot of people

out here make these they they make the

mistake of trying to make all of their

money grow all the time there comes a

time when you need you're at you need

access to your - too hard too cold hard


like sometimes shit happens and you need

your money right now you don't ever want

to be in a position where you need

twenty thousand dollars and oh my god

it's all tied up and I gotta make this

no no no you go to your safe you pull

the 20 large how do you say if you

handle your business

by the same token you do need to have

your money in mutual funds IRAs Roth

IRAs retirement accounts etc etc but I'm

not a guy who endorses yes you have to

have all of your money working none I

like to keep you know I'm listen I have

a hard time trust in people as it is

much less financial institutions so I'm

gonna make sure that at least half of my

money is on my person that's the way

I've done it and it hasn't failed me yet

so good good comment there good comment


trip from Troy says good advice you need

a safe for other documents - yes and

also firearms so loyalty squared says I

have a fake soda can that I put money in

and not only did I have a fake soda can

there was a there was a an incense shop

in Vegas that I used to get incense from

they also sold like drug paraphernalia

like you know bongs and shit but they

also had I bought all kinds of shit from

them I bought I bought a Red Bull can

with a false bottom kept money in there

I cut money in my microwave kept it in

the freezer I there was a comment can

like a can a comment like the cleaner

comment had a false bottom put that

stuff in there so yeah yeah absolutely


dude what's 212 says the safe is just a

grown-up way of saying piggy bank yeah

that's exactly right

that's exactly right yes invest your

money I'm like I listen I'm all for that

but again people get people get hemmed

up when they want to just invest all

their money all the time I'm not that

guy I'm not that guy so

to make it Pepa says money and my gun

save straight up straight up loyalty

square says go to a public car auction I

actually have some friends in Reno that

I went in on a very very small a very

very small car lot project and and every

dude every Saturday we were down at the

car auction buying cars for two three

seven eight hundred bucks

so so yeah but that that was for that

but yes I mean listen go to a car

auction if you want to buy a really

inexpensive car that runs decent yeah go

to a car auction a lot of times you can

come out of there with a fucking 99

Honda Accord for you know five hundred

bucks that runs well

might need a might need an alternator do

you put that in yourself or pay somebody

50 bucks to put it in you're good to go

you had a good run in car

like the video like sharp assist says

like the video trying to get 100 likes

per video big root a semaj says credit

affects so many aspects of your life

employment opportunities car insurance

cost and other various other payments

it's good to fix it yes yes and the

thing is is having bad credit didn't

used to mess with your insurance or your

employment opportunities but there are

some jobs out there if you have bad

credit they won't hire you and if you

have bad credit or questionable credit

yet your insurance premiums will be

higher that's for sure for sure

making purposes buy here pay here is

definitely a ripoff made that mistake a

couple of years ago yeah man yep yep yep


Alex Garcia says I'm twenty and never of

had a reason to yeah if you've never

financed anything in your life yeah

there's no need to check your credit

I remember man between my freshman and

sophomore year at High Point University

I really want a car it needed a car so I

could work and start making money and

doing all this other kind of stuff and I

went to every car lot I could I could go

to and I had no credit like no credit

and no one would I mean I'm you know a

fucking eighteen nineteen year old kid

you know I'm a college kid no one's

gonna you know no one's gonna finance me

but I remember when I went to one car a

lot and I forget where it was I think it

was I think it was might have been

Michael Jordan's rpm Nissan right there

at Chapel Hill the guy said to me he

says we'll look he said you don't have

any credit right now we can't find

Ashley that's perfectly fine but you're

in a lot better situation than a lot of

people because it's better to have no

credit than bad credit like having no

credit is better than having bad credit

so at least at that point you're you

know you're you're ahead of the game but

eventually I found a car lot that would

finance me and that was all good so

et f42 in the house good to see you in

here ta start LTS our lives newest mod

he says men are better than women at

cooking ie most top chefs but women

should be able to cook better because it

is a low level duty men should have

tasks work of higher importance and

complexity I could not agree more

I wrote an article on I wrote an article

on return of Kings called women are only

good for one thing yes that thing and in

that article I talked about the fact

that yes men are better cooks than women

they really are and and anyone anyone

who doubts that that men are better

cooks than women just look at the

cooking shows like dude 90% of the

cooking show the celebrity chef they're

owned by men Gordon Ramsay Wolfgang Puck

Bobby Flay this is just how it is but

women should be better than men at

cooking absolutely or poor women should

be better than men at cooking but we are

we're better than women at every fuckin

thing so for shitting out kids

Alex Chrissy says my dad gets his cars

from the public police option actions

you get some very good deal sometimes

yeah dude dude you can get up you can

get a police cruiser at that thing all

the other thing will run till the cows

come home because they take very good

care of those cars

freelance ronan says i managed to use

car lot in VA for six years you are

absolutely 100% correct


super super kokujin I'm just gonna call


June 916 says damn and shout out CEO I

don't think I've seen you in here before

says damn even Microsoft doesn't support

it anymore the camera is still awesome

though yeah yeah I mean listen the only

the only drawback to having a Windows

Phone is that most of the apps are kind

of buggy and they don't really work

right or they might not work at all I

don't give a shit dude I listen I've got

an iPad Mini alright for for everything

my Windows Phone can't do my iPad Mini

absolutely my iPad Mini does do and the

I didn't even pay for my iPad Mini a guy

that I worked with a guy who had an

Amazon business I did part-time work for

him down in Vegas he gave it to me

because I did so well for him iPad Mini

so anything my phone can't do my in I'm

not one that's gotta have my phone all

the fucking time man sometimes I'll

leave my phone at home if we go

somewhere that's just how it is

suade senator good to see you in here

says what's going on Donovan listen to

this show while finishing up leg day

how's everyone doing in the chat shout

out to you my friend

Aleksic receives as i wish i had rented

from a private owner at my apartment I

could have saved more money while living

at a better place yeah

yeah that that's a lesson that I had to

learn the hard way that's for sure

that's for sure

let me jump back up

right good good good good

mr. make of the house good to see you in

here shout out to you

super Co super kokujin there it is super

kokujin 916 says I've got to watch the

beginning on replay but I'm glad I got

to catch it live again two days straight

and Counting good shit yeah

TSR live is gonna air nightly at 6:00

Eastern 3 Pacific so so yeah no more

5:30 we're gonna be at 3:00 Pacific

cash is always king absolutely shout out

to Jamaica pepper with the $20 super

chat he says for the protein shake

Donovan appreciate that man

appreciate that JP thank you very much

for that yeah guys at the super chat

button support the show big shout out to

Jamaican Peppa for for that donation

thank you very much

real circum to 47 cents credit that's so

important yet schools rarely teach about

it along with taxes that's a very good

point that's a very good point

yeah they teach you about the feminist

movement but they don't teach how to

balance a fucking checkbook Jesus Christ

Rachael Ray only yeah Rachael Ray only

does easy shit yeah

Rachael Rachael Ray does fucking caramel

corn and fucking appetizers and if

you've noticed like she's gotten fat

over the years like she's a fun she's a

fucking fat ass now unbelievable good to

have you guys in tonight all right let's

go ahead and move to the the second part

of the show the second part of the eye

candy which is never commit to a woman

long term if she cannot cook

we all know guys that women these days

can't cook and the reason and listen the

reason they can't cook is the same

reason hot girls don't develop

themselves outside of their looks they

don't have to all right girls get so

much attention and validation from men

these days for just existing but there's

no reason for them to learn right like I

mean back in the day there was a saying

that women used to teach their daughters

and that if that saying was the way to a

man's heart is through his stomach okay

meaning learning how to cook okay learn

how to cook and you'll increase your

value to a man which increases your odds

of gaining commitment from him simple

math Simple Simon

but all a woman has to do these days to

get commitment from a man is to let him

fuck her for a while that's it and now

in their defense why should they learn

how to cook all right and why should

they have to learn how why should they

learn how to cook if they're getting

approval for men without knowing hell

okay we have that same mentality when we

talk about fucking pretty girls without

marrying them which is why by them why

buy the cow when you can get the milk

for free

all right it's the same thing but as a

five percenter guys as a man with red

pill awareness you gotta have standards

all right if a woman looks good

great cool that are inter some dick and

maybe a little bit more than that

because she saw it but that's not enough

to get a real commitment from a

high-value man a woman has to have

dimension in the way of her overall

agency as a female she's got to be

number one she's got to be feminine all

right she's got to be like she's got a

she's got to be likable she's gotta have

that likability like I talked about a

couple episodes ago with the most

important abilities a woman has to have

she has to have some semblance of

intelligence I'm not saying she has to

be some sort of philosophical scholar

but airheads are a fucking headache guys

jesus fucking christ trust me so a woman

has to have other shit going on with her

besides looks if she wants to attract if

she wants to attract an attractive man

high-value men who want to lock her down

listen guys

a man of value who commits to a woman

whose only asset is looks is lowering

his own value now people may not see it

when he walks around with her because

all they see is the way she looks but if

they look a little closer if they

interact with them a little more her

deficiencies become very obvious she

might swear a lot which is extreme which

is extremely unattractive even for hot

girls a girl who cusses a girl who

curses a lot is like a hot girl with bad

breath it's all fun and games until she

opens her mouth if she's not feminine

you'll see it in the way she walks the

way she talks the way she carries

herself if she's a bitch that'll be

front and center when she talks we all

know that when you start interacting

with her once can only carry a woman so

far with high-value men dating a hot

dating a girl dating a girl who's only

hot and nothing else is like driving a

Lamborghini that has the that has an

engine from a 92 Honda Prelude under the

hood it looks great sitting in

driveway but when you start it up and

driving around people look at it funny

because it doesn't sound right you

understand what I'm saying

beauty is a depreciating asset and if a

woman doesn't cultivate other skills

that'll keep her viable as a long-term

mate a man is gonna find that a man is

gonna find well not a man a woman's

gonna find herself dating dating men

that they don't really like when their

looks start to fade that's what happens

in she's not able to attract I value men


a hot girl might be in a long-term

relationship with a guy she really loves

she might actually love the guy but when

she hits the wall and eventually she

will he'll end up leaving her for

someone who can offer him something more

than just a pussy with a good-looking

wrapper okay and that's where women

would do well to improve themselves in

these other areas including including

acquiring at least a remedial level

culinary faculty the reason that you as

a man should never commit to a woman

long term who doesn't know how to cook

is because she's an incomplete woman

you're selling yourself short if you

have a woman in your life who does not

know how to prepare even simple

home-cooked meals

I dated a really hot girl when I was

down in Vegas was with her for about

eight months

buta Singh beautiful Hispanic Mexican

girl great body big boob solid ten could

have any guy she wanted the problem was

she was a stump as a she's as dumb as a

cardboard box and she was annoying as

fuck guys but she was so hot okay then I

actually paid for her to take cooking

classes I thought that if she could at

least learn to cook a little bit I could

tolerate her maybe a little longer

that's how hot the girl was I was

willing to deal with the fact that she

was a fucking idiot that I could that I

couldn't really stand him listen to her

talk for more than ten minutes if she

could just learn how to cook and she

couldn't even do that her cooking skills

didn't improve not even a little guys

now I don't know I don't know if it was

because she couldn't or she wouldn't but

it didn't matter to me at that point

that was the beginning of the end and I

ended up dumping her a few weeks later a

woman who can cook

guys is a woman who embraces true

femininity cooking takes time and effort

if a woman cooks for you she's investing

in you as a man if she can't or won't

then that's not your problem find

someone else like I said before you are


yourself short if you don't make this a

requirement for a long-term relationship

with a woman your woman has to know how

to cook

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Jarrid Robert shot out to you my friend

I think this is the first time I've seen

I've seen you in here he says quote

Donovan always has the knowledge best

piece of advice I've ever heard in terms

of finances if it flies both if it flies

floats or fucks it's cheaper to rent Wow

I like that if it flies floats or fucks

it's cheaper to rent good shit man so uh

gin 9/16 says this is why I tell people

to stay far away from Paul blogg oh when

I was in dude check this out

when I was in Reno Paul Blanco

dude he there were commercials on the

radio on television all over the place

before it even opened any time you in

public was right there on Virginia

Street headed toward if you were heading

east towards downtown Reno you can see

all the balloons and Paul Blanco and

blah blah dude that place - dude it's

lined up out the door people want that

instant gratification that guaranteed

credit approval but what they don't

realize is that 695 car payment for that

brand-new Toyota Camry they're gonna

come and knock it and they will find

that car via GPS when you can't make

your car payment straight up

shut up - big whoop ASA moms with the $5

super chat says since we are talking

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loyalty Squared says they got an online

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Donovan sharp bar okay at and

I guess I'll give you guys sort of a

sort of a pre preamble to this I'm

working on putting together sort of a

quasi team of you know experts or or or

men in my audience who are who maybe

have a background in finance who have a

background in fitness nutrition etc etc

and I'd like to bring these guys on on a

regular basis like I mean I mean I've

got a little bit of knowledge and all of

these things when I'm no work I'm not an

expert alright I'm not I'm not a I'm not

a I'm not a certified fitness instructor

or a certified personal trainer I'm not

a nutritionist I'm not a financial

expert I know money I mean I know how to

save money and I know women those are

the only two things that I'm really I

consider myself an expert on but I know

that my audience I have a very talented

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hit me up man Donovan sharp bar okay at and I'd love to bring you one

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and listen talk about girls in game yeah

it doesn't get old but yeah we need to

mix it up a little bit that there's

certainly more to life than than just

pussy and money and I know a lot of you

guys out there have backgrounds and

stuff that that pertains to the 5% or

the red pill lifestyle so definitely hit

me if you've got something to offer in

that regard

truthful Troi oh wait a minute hold on

okay very good troop from Troy says

cooking is a must glad my girl learned

when she was little

absolutely absolutely Jessamine or

Chezza Maine shout-out to you my friend

good to see you in here says these

millennials chicks don't know shit about

cooking all they know is that a swipe

right on tinder and post pics for

validation across the several social

media platforms yeah listen millennial

chicks dunno how to cook because they

don't they've never been required to

know how like dude back in the 50s back

in the 60s dude if you couldn't cook you

were single like you didn't get married

that's how it is

suits from Troy Elsa says most

westernized women can't even be feminine

we write this shit is sad yeah it is we

live in a sad state of affairs

freelance is more like an engine from a

Chevy Corvette all right

geoffery a says unfine Jeffrey a

shout-out to you says unfortunately

there are too many men with V who cares

she's hot mentality you want to know

something I was like this from ages like

when I first found the red pill I was 30

I was I was 32 years old I really hit my

stride at 34 when I hit after I had been

in the game for about two years maybe a

little bit longer in Vegas dude I had I

mean listen I could score pussy with hot

chicks big fucking fake tinted blonde

strippers blah blah but dude it didn't

matter like I have fucked a shitload of

9s and 10s not to say that that was ever

bad or that oh I regret no but at some

point the novelty wears off and I

remember I forget who it was who asked

me in the chat a what is why would a red

pillow where a man ever ever consider a

long-term relationship well that's

exactly why because the grind of game

gets a little bit old the who cares

she's hot yeah okay that's that's cool

for a few years but after a while you

need a little bit more dimension in your

woman okay so she has great tits okay so

she has a great ass

but if she's a fucking idiot if she

doesn't know and she doesn't know the

government works if she don't know it

and she doesn't have make a fucking

grilled cheese sandwich

so dude she's got to go like dude I

tried to fit that square peg on the

round hole and I'm telling you dude this

girl this girl dude she's one of the

hottest girls I've ever been in a

relationship with and dude she was so

hot I literally tried to make her learn

how to cook couldn't do it and because

she couldn't do it dude I couldn't stay

with her man could not do it so yeah I

agree with you Jeffery a lot of guys out

here are in that who cares she's hot

it's okay to be in that stage for a

little while but if you were looking for

a relationship of consequence long term

she's got to know how to cook man that's

how it is

Jamaica Peppa says I'm a patreon

supporter worth the subscription

appreciate the shout out there

freelancer it says Donovan's dead at

five dollars a month is a steal it's

worth more it's more than worth every


I appreciate that guys I put a lot of

work into that stuff I really really do

semaj says woman's cooking skills should

be supported with general courtesies

like fixing your plate giving you the

big piece of chicken waiting for you

prior to seeding prior to eating eating

properly getting your drink etcetera


these are ladylike skills and

unfortunately a lot of girls are like

huh what do you mean I thought this is

supposed to be a restaurant


deep 1985 finally made it

Wow night dude deep 1985 is never he's

never late oh well it is what it is

Koby Anthony says hey Donovan how do you

feel do you feel like black women in the

box far as interest in different

activities and hobbies I don't quite

understand I put that in there again

Kobe I didn't quite understand the

question was a little little book I'm

supporting my Philadelphia Flyers shirt

we got fucking blown out three nothing

last night which kind of sucked but we

got the Eagles and the Sixers are doing


yeah Kobe put that question in there

again I'd like to answer that


alright alright let's go to another

comment here

well Kobe Anthony says hey diamond can

you still simp while you're in a

long-term relationship of course you can

dude there are guys who are in long-term

relationships who are simple but guess

what their girl is cheatin man

the girl is cheatin that's what happens

KSM worldwide shout-out to you my friend

I think that's the first time I've seen

you in the chat he says Wow finally got

you live my brother watching you live in

the end why see setup to the NYC the 907

but two one two I think New York City's

got like 18 area codes unbelievable

okay so Kobe Anthony says black women

are not into many different things

besides rap knees yes yes black women

are very one-dimensional they really are

most black women that that that's just

how it is that's how it is that of

course that you know what that might

actually be a that's that's a good show


I consider doing that

though the black black women are only

one-dimensional I thought a lot of black

women bashing lately and I gotta cool it

on that dough she and I had to talk

about that because black women they're

on the prowl man and you know it's it's

you know listen it sucks it sucks that

we have to sort of cool it because it's

Christmastime and you know it's the

holiday season and this is the time

where we can make you know pretty good

money and black women are looking for

any reason to try to get that shit shut

down but that ain't stopped me plug it I

don't give a shit I don't think I'm big

enough to draw any attention quite yet I

know I'm starting to get into that realm

but it won't be long before I'm in their

crosshairs pun intended

freelance says hell I just used the

shaving advice from the donovan's den

episode 4 yesterday I went to a job and

saw an instant reciprocation yeah man

gotta grow that facial hair

King bee says Donovan that interview you

and angry man and OSHA and that black

chick is classic that's how I came

across because I was tired of black

bitches yes I remember that I remember

that man

it was dude as a black girl on there and

dude I just pulled her fucking card she

kept she wasn't giving an opinion one

way or the other and you know asked her

look are you a Democrat or a Republican

and it was a big blowup seeing so

finally I said I rest my case she's like

what do you mean did it I was like this

white on fucking black women well I

don't want to fuck you anyway

whatever whatever yeah that was that was


Koby Anthony says do you think black

women are in the box because I don't see

black women at different hobbies and

activities and to different things like

white girls Latinas yes exactly

exactly yes well like I said black women

are one-dimensional men they are not

interested in much outside of rap and

hip-hop and you know getting Brazilian

hair all this other kind of stuff it's a

bunch of it's a bunch of bullshit

Koby it then he says the only place you

find black women is it the glovebox our

kids see this plucked on that note

that is gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive my thanks goes up to my

super chatters tonight jamaican peppa

$20 big what a semaj five dollars do not

forget to bookmark the amazon link at

the top of my homepage donovan sharp

calm thanks for watching guys I'll see

you tomorrow