NEVER EVER believe what a female says even if she's not lying (Episode 418)




I don't give a shit about your 1,500 SAT

score eat under 1,500 calories a day and

in dental quest if you treat her better

than she treats you she'll get bored

don't just give her your attention made

her earning she's not your co-pilot

she's your flight attendant fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome there we

are and welcome to the 418 edition of

TSR live your daily dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness had a quick

production snafu there it is Tuesday

March 5th 2019 we are multi casting live

to multiple YouTube channels multiple

Facebook pages as well as Twitter so

wherever you are and however you are

watching or listening thank you for

making the sharp reality a part of your

day ok let's get right to it

it's no secret that females why females

lie and they lie a lot then lie

willfully they lie intentionally and

they lie consistently females deceive

females manipulate females mislead on

purpose for many many reason now there's

not enough - there's really not enough

time to discuss those reasons but the

point is is that females lie about

everything regardless of head and here's

the thing guys regardless of how much

experience you have with females no

matter how good or how high you think

your BS detector is there will be times

it is still very difficult to know when

a female is lying and when she is

actually telling you the truth and

females lie about everything guys they

lie about their notch girls they lie

about their families they lie about

their ex their their ex-boyfriends their

jobs their work experience and

and everything they can lie about they

lie they even lie about things they

don't have to lie about right these are

your obviously compulsive and

pathological liars but I digress the

area of course that females lie the most

about is of course their past

relationships in my what for - my 41 now

my 41 plus years on this earth I have

yet to have a female who has anything

positive to say about her ex-boyfriend

or ex-husband he never they never say

things like you know what things didn't

didn't just didn't work out it was both

of our faults or you know neither of us

was really ready for a serious

relationship we've both made mistakes

but we both learned a lot from each

other no it is always my boyfriend was a

raging alcoholic

who was also a drug addict who gambled

away all of our savings was physically

mentally and emotionally abusive who had

sex with prostitutes while shooting

heroin and snorting cocaine at the very

same time while simultaneously raping

and beating me in front of our kids and

called me names and I adored that and I

endured this for 15 years it's always

some extreme circumstance that they make

up and guys they are always always lying

they never ever tell the truth in this

regard what makes us worse is that men

never asked well if he was so bad then

why did you stay with him for so long

they never think to ask these questions

this is why females continue to get away

with these ridiculous outlandish lies

about their satanic sadistic

ex-boyfriends and don't give me this

well maybe he Donovan maybe she just

exaggerated a little bit nah guys

exaggerating is lying period if her ex

got drunk one night and called her names

he's an alcoholic if she find out that

her ex maybe did a few lines with his

homeboys one weekend on a trip to Vegas

he's a drug addict if her ex lost 25 50

bucks on a football game he's gambling


if her ex raised her voice at our just

once he's verbally and emotionally

abusive they take the simplest

indiscretions and turn it into these

major red flag mythical deal-breakers as

an excuse to justify their bad behavior

during and after the break-up anyway one

of them one of the main things we teach

men about living the red pill life when

dealing with females is to never believe

what they say but watch what they do

standard operating procedure I'm not

breaking news here in the red pill

sphere but there is an element about

females that almost no man red pill blue

pill or otherwise have absolutely zero

clue about when it comes to deciphering

whether or not they're being truthful

with you or whether or not they're lying

and I'm gonna tell you what that is

right after the break we'll be right

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the chat here shout out to freelance

ronan charles Caballero

I've got Corey free uh freelance running

again of course michael mullen michael

milano is in the house mike mulatto is a

good guide mike is one of these guys who

had that natural who he's got that

natural red pill awareness some of the

conversations I have had with this guy

leads me to believe that he is certainly

not a he's certainly not a stranger to

the game for sure

Miami J is is finally back stateside he

is back and safe with us fresh back from

Venezuela so it's good to see him back

and safe stateside good to see he is

still in one piece at least as far as we


Ryan Sullivan is in the house B Coast

number 758 Luigi Conte's in the house

good to see you in here fitness for life

or fit for life it's fit for Life

Fitness I always get that mixed up Fit

for Life Fitness good to see you in here

man c.j mutter says lmao even even the

truth is a lie if it came out of a

woman's mouth I'm listening I'm gonna

I'm gonna break this down for you guys

here in just a few minutes

Dino's is in the house beh Rex

good to see you in here mammy J

encouraging me to put a shirt on nah I

think I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna do

the show just like this she see me

flexing you know my arms shaking

ah yeah you know I like to like to show

off a little bit

yeah it's to be a fatty Charles Merchant

is in the house

good to see you in here I saw your

Facebook post earlier Charles very very

good post man rock solid black a life a

newcomer is in the house TSR towers

black Goliath that's actually pretty

that's pretty good name I'm looking at

my screen guys and it looks like I've

got a major lag delay let me know if I'm

lip-syncing guys I made up I made a

major change to my computer system I

didn't add any RAM or anything like that

but I moved all of my files off of my

computer and I put them onto two

separate external hard drive so that I

could maybe increase the speed and

reduce this lip-syncing but on my end it

looks like I've got major lip sync I

know it's not a big issue but I would

really like to tighten this up I don't

really know what else I can do haven't

really had time to mess around with it

Kevin Ibanez good to see you in here

Kyle Mitchell guile Mitchell says he was

also responsible for the Kennedy

assassination and 9/11 yeah right wizard

praying is in the house wizard praying

is gonna be making an appearance on CSR

live here in the not-too-distant future

had a great great conversation with him

just yesterday and dude wizard praying

man this guy drops like this guy drops

gold gems out of his mouth

all the time this guy really knows his

stuff Fernando trill good to see you in

here Charles Burton says most if not all

women believe themselves to be empty

vessels this means that they are pure

responsive they are a pure responsive

mechanism all of their foolishness can

be explained by what someone else placed

inside of them well said

Charles merchants of course is my

brother from another mother steve

stevenson good to see you in here miami

J said there was a little bit of tear

gas nothing well tear gas sucks man that

stuff sucks spin says there's a lot of

lag yeah I'm looking I'm looking and it

literally looks like I'm really good

lip-synching I'm gonna have to die

there's got to be some sort of setting

that I can mess with I don't know I mean

I've already cut off BlogTalkRadio and I

know OBS takes up all shit load of lag

but or a shitload of RAM but like

there's got to be a setting on here that

I can do to to to clean this up Chris

Von Erich here at TSR towers Rob parks

jr. says I always watch you on Facebook

just not subscribing on here I wonder

why that is

oh my god Miami Jing or a freelancer and

it says hit the lex luger post cat you

know what I forgot the lex luger pose

like dude lex luger was my fav he was

one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid he

really was dude I love lex luger man he

was the minute Jerry Jerry Jerry says

I'm good don't lag yeah you know it is

you know it is so life good to see you

here in TSR towers Chris Williamson says

he is back after the break

Rob Park says I have so much I can say

about this topic yeah yeah Oh Rob says

okay he just now subscribed okay all

right you know how that goes sharp

assist says lag isn't a big deal I'm a

perfectionist I really really really

really really want things to sync up I

can't run a professional podcast if I'm

dealing with this deal

with this lag I don't really know I

don't know what more I can do at this

point so I'm gonna have to look for some

outside help and figure this thing out I

figured what I did today would do the


obviously it hasn't figure it out Scott

Davis has been married over 18 years and

he still can't believe her good stuff

good to have you guys in now before the

break I told you guys that there is an

element that we're where most men have a

blind spot when it comes to figuring out

whether or not a woman whether or not a

female is being dishonest with you even

men who've been in the game for a while

men with red pill awareness men who

understand the truth about who and what

females really are these days have no

idea what this is what I am talking

about and I want you to listen very very

closely what I'm talking about gentlemen

is that when females are not

intentionally lying when they're not

being willfully and wantedly dishonest

with you or purposely trying to deceive

you meaning that what they are telling

you is not designed to mislead you in

any way because she's actually trying to

tell you this to tell you the truth it

is far more likely than not that what

comes out of their mouths ceases to be

true the second they stop talking when

they're telling you how they feel what

they did what they are doing and what

they intend to do I'm gonna say that

again when females are not intentionally

lying to you it is far more likely than

not that what comes out of her mouth

ceases to be true

the second they stop talking when they

are telling you about how they feel what

they did what they are doing and what

they intend to do now this is only true

of females because females are

unbelievably fickle females are never

chemically identical from one day to the

next and the reason for this is their

menstrual cycle dictates their actions

their thoughts their words and

their emotions and when it comes to

their feelings and intentions a female's

words are never reliable because of

their nature and their body chemistry

it's always changing and I'll explain

there are six to seven days when they

are constantly horny all they can think

about is sex their cheeks are flushed to

get ovulation pains and everything they

do say and think is designed to attract

men to her

they subconsciously do this they show

cleavage they you know walk with a

switch this of course is the ovulation

phase well the next week and a half or

so they're bitchy they're irritable they

snap at people their tempers are short

they get all they get they get all

emotional over nonsense they're they're

all over the map emotionally this of

course is called the luteal phase right

at the very end which is also known as

PMS then for three or four days they're

a little less feminine they're bloated

and they get depressed because their

estrogen and progesterone takes a nose

button it takes a nose dive and oh by

the way they're bleeding out of their

vaginas this of course is their period

after that they start coming out of

their slight depression their moods

start to start to improve a little bit

their testosterone levels are raising a

little bit to increase their sex drives

because they're about to start ovulating

again so they're slightly more

reasonable slightly more agreeable and a

little easier to get along with on top

of that all of these stages can overlap

with one another meaning that a female

can experience 28 different levels of 20

different emotions in 28 days and it all

starts all over again on day one of

their cycle so what she may emote on day

three of her cycle will be very

different if not the bipolar opposite of

what she may emot-- on day 18 of her

cycle which means what she says is

unreliable so at the bottom of the hour

on TS are prime time I'm gonna talk

about some of the most common things

that be male

tell us as far as their emotions and

intentions go that they believe

themselves be true and fully intend on

following through with that either

changes or turns out to be quite the

opposite of what she said earlier now

some may argue that this really isn't

like listen man maybe it is maybe it's

not but taking a female at her word even

when she's telling you what she believes

to be the truth is never a good idea and

at the bottom of the hour at 5:30

Eastern on TSR prime time I'm gonna tell

you why all right let's go back to the

chat here Charles cabbie arrow says oh

here we go here we go you guys know this

is my weakness Mick Foley aka mankind

Dude Love Cactus Jack was my favorite

wrestler yeah Charles I'm a little older

than you are right those you know you

know those of us those of us who are a

certain age I'm 41 right I was born in

1977 altered 42 all turned 42 this

August okay

my favorite wrestlers the doulas tonight

listen I loved the Four Horsemen dude

olia Arn Anderson Olli Anderson Ric

Flair Lex Luger the foot the original

four horsemen man loved those guys with

JJ Dillon running the show loved Hulk

Hogan even though he wrestled wrestled

for WWF rob crew says Richard Flair

actually Ric Flair's legal name is like

Richard Fleer or something like that I

saw the 34 3000 yep Rob Cruz corrected

me you're right

you're absolutely right that's exactly

right Tully Blanchard that's who it was

that's who it was it was Arn Anderson

ollie Anderson

Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger and I

think that they I think they switched

the four horsemen in and out but I do

remember it's only all here we go the

British bulldog dude listen Tito Santana

the Iron Sheik the junkyard dog may God

rest his soul

who else was there oh my good Ahn's are

all my god Andre the Giant hacksaw jim

duggan 'he's all those guys man dude me

oh my god me and my brother used to love

watching wrestling and my favorite

wrestler was absolutely no question

about it it was Ric Flair Blake 1980

says Lex wasn't an original four

horsemen okay so it must have been Arn

Anderson Olli Anderson Tully Blanchard

and Ric Flair so Blake 1980 with that

correction Sid justice dude

sting the rock and roll Express dude the

Hart Foundation remember Bret the Hitman

Hart and his and Owen Hart I miss mr.

perfect jake the snake' roberts rick the

model' martel Jimmy Superfly Snuka here

we go keep them coming guys

keep him coming oh yeah dude the

ultimate war was awesome he God rest his


I'll beat listen I'll be I'll be I'll be

doing the cross a lot Coco beware was

awesome hell yeah the bushwacker oh my

god I love the fucking bushwhackers man

Tony Atlas yes the doublet well the

Dudley Boyz came a little bit later um

what was his name D Vaughn and God was

either oh my god

I'm having like I'm having WWF overload

holy mo hold up dude the six Ahdoot Ted

DiBiase the Six Million Dollar Man oh my

god whoo Wow

yep Gen X wrestlers TI yep I'm the Iron

Sheik Bubba ray ravishing Rick Rude big

papa I remember all those guys man I

remember all those guys I don't remember

a bullet Bob Armstrong oh by the way um

dude Bobby the brain Heenan and there

was a wrestler who actually just passed

away either yesterday or today um God

who was the wrestler that passed away

either yesterday or today I forgot yeah

Brutus the barber beefcake absolutely

yep Bret the Hitman Hart dr. death Steve

Williams yes yes see when you guys talk

about guys like Goldberg now that came

a little bit later I think Goldberg was

maybe in my college years oh yeah

sergeant slaughter yes Eddie Guerrero

was was the King Kong Bundy the honky

Tonk Man ha do a triple H a Booker T

those were my college days fuckin King

Kong Bundy man oh my god the one-man

gang you guys remember him oh that's who

it was it was King Kong Bundy okay I

knew there I knew there was I knew there

was a wrestler who had died oh my god

Ricky the dragon steamboat oh my god yes


half these guys are dead men Hefty's

night half these guys are dead but yes

greg the hammer' valentine love that guy

rowdy roddy piper Bam Bam Bigelow oh my

god this is great oh my goodness

I don't remember the parrot man I don't

remember them at Sid Vicious I remember

him dude I love the junkyard dog that

was my guy

do you guys of course I'm gonna date

myself here if anybody remembers

WrestleMania 3 when Hulk Hogan


Andre the Giant and you can YouTube this

dude Hulk Hogan picks up and Andre the

Giant was I don't even know how much he

weighed but Hulk Hogan picked up Andre

the Giant and you can see you could just

see that the lats and his back just drop

like you could tell ok his back is

absolutely going to be his back is gonna

be mush after this he body slammed Andre

the Giant and he won that match russell

mania 3 back when it wasn't 89 99 yep

Ted DiBiase Million Dollar yet big bad

Vader yep Bam Bam Bigelow I remember all

these guys man oh my goodness gracious

Kevin Ibanez wants to know was Andre the

Giant a bigger bigger than Big Show yes

Andre the Giant was was French and he

had a pituitary gland problem I think he

died of the young like 36 37 years old

like his life was very

because he was just so large Yokozuna

god almighty yeah owen hart died yeah oh

and art died in the ring we're outside

of the ring that 100-foot drop or

whatever always a trip down memory lane

with you guys think I've the show up

yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Macho Man

Randy Savage of course one of the

all-time greats one of the all-time

greats the big boss man yes oh my god

Rikishi kamala yep I remember later on

in my call I remember my um I remember

of my college years my favorite my

favorite wrestler my college years was

the rock and I remember when he joined

up with the nation of domination and if

uh if my memory serves me there were

five guys in the nation of domination it

was Mark Henry D'Lo Brown The Rock The

Godfather and Farooq those are my guys

oh here we go rob crew says oh god I'm

gonna I'm gonna take one more minute

look you listen Rob Cruise top three

wrestlers of our generation flare Hulk

and Savage Blair Hulk and says listen

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are one and two

interchangeably I mean you can make one

you could really go with one or the

other I know I think I would go with

Macho Man Randy Savage as number three I

think I would Razor Ramon yes

okay so Andre the Giant died at 46 yeah

yeah I know he I knew he died I know he

died young and he knew he was gonna die

young because he wouldn't stop growing

freelancer and says flair Hogan and

Ricky the dragon steamboat the Brooklyn


my god oh my goodness this is great

Dinkin don't dude CJ says remember the

movie no-holds-barred so the good guy

had no-holds-barred was mark mark was

Hulk Hogan and the bad guy was Zeus the

dude who played depot in the movie

Friday oh my god this is great stuff

this is wonderful stuff a trip down a

trip down memory lane as always my god

of course as always guys you guys know

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minutes on donovan sharp calm thanks for

watching guys we'll see you next time










you do not have to trust her to love her

that is a mid female hitters want to

fuck me repeat after me

flush your condoms and male haters wanna

beat that simple wait a minute you

actually thought you were the only guy

she was fucking love Wow from


your man Donovan Shaw what's up guys

it's your man Donovan sharp and welcome

to the 418 edition of TSR prime time

your headquarters for unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday

March 5th 2019 happy birthday by the way

to grandma Jones grandma Jones was sort

of our adopted grandmother when me and

my family lived in the state of

Washington and my my parents were very

young and we were very very poor my dad

was in the military buddy had five kids

and so um and so grandma Jones you know

she went to our church she kind of you

know kind of adopted adopted us as her

grandchildren so god I don't know how

old she is but March 5th is her birthday

so happy birthday grandma Jones I love

you very very much

very very very they don't make women

like grandma Jones anymore grandma Jones


for those of you who have come over from

TSR alive it is good to have you in and

thank you for your support

if you have a question about girls game

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finances or hobbies or anything else

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and agency as a man okay one-on-one

consultation on donovan sharp comport

slash consults it appears that the it

looks like the lag is gone here guys let

me know and I think I have figured out

why there is a lag and I think it's

because I'm probably streaming to too

many channels so I think what I might do

I think what I might do is just keep the

stream to

my youtube channel maybe you know my two

big YouTube channels my main Facebook

page and then maybe Twitter because it

has definitely it is it looks like it's

disappeared sharpest is says it looks


anybody else yep RP bombas is not

experiencing in leg ok so it was the

software it was a software I mean dude

I'm strut dude I was streaming to good

god like eight nine channels dude for

Facebook pages three YouTube pay I mean

for three Fleming that's like eight

that's like eight different eight

different channels and of course you

know restream says it's not gonna affect

the it's not gonna affect the the stream

rate or the lag yeah listen I mean I

don't blame them for that like you can't

stream to you can't you can only stream

to so many channels before you start to

experience a little bit of lag so um it

looks like I am running absolutely I'm

running smooth it is smooth sailing so

I'll probably just cut down a little bit

on the on the channels that I stream to

and go from there freelancer on it says

nine channels is a lot to render yeah I

agree I agree you know you get a stream

key you get a stream key that's good for

you know all of your channels but and I

honestly I think on the obscure Facebook

pages I think I don't even think I'm

really getting too many views so we'll

figure that out whoa all of a sudden my

screen got a lot bigger let me turn that

down okay good earlier today on TS are

alive I talked about why the word of a

female is never reliable so what I'm

gonna do now is I'm going to give you

guys some examples and scenarios of this

particular axiom in action and I'm gonna

do this to illustrate to you guys why it

is unwise to take anything that a female

says as gospel truth so the first

example I'm gonna sort of give you and

and I'll give you a few scenarios here

as I try to shrink my screen damn it

pardon me yet there we go there we go

there we go I like the way I look not

that goddamn much alright anyway the

first example I'm going to give you guys

is declarations of intentions this is

when a female tells you what she intends

to do in other words to-do lists goals

projects etc etc so for example I'm

gonna I'm gonna get up to go work out go

to work come back home do the dishes

make dinner fuck my boyfriend and I'm

gonna do it every day for the next five

years to save consistent or whatever it

is that they tell themselves then they

have weekend plans grandiose plans I'm

gonna be so productive but like I said

earlier when the time comes when the

rubber meets the road it rarely happens

I'll use my own girlfriend for example

Devon I love tan lines you guys know

that I love tan line she now has tan

lines you guys can look on my Facebook

page and all the all the pictures that I

put up Devin has nice tight tan lines

now what she used to do when I was

training her during the vetting and

training processes before we actually

boyfriend and girlfriend she would tell

me I'm gonna go ten on Monday Wednesday

Friday Saturday and Sunday and when she

told me these things I'd have to rein

her in I'd say okay look sweetheart I

don't want you to get skin cancer and

you only need to tan twice a week at the

very most so for now let's just go with

Monday and Thursday and we'll talk about

maybe Saturday or Sunday now of course

now she doesn't do the bulb she does the

spray tan which is much better for her

skin and the results are immediate now

when she makes these declarations Devon

fully intends on following through she

wants to make me happy right but when

she said I'm tanning all five days that

that's gonna be unhealthy anyway but

when Devon says she's gonna tan five

days that week what used to happen it

she'll end up tanning on Monday she

skips Wednesday because maybe work was

hectic she'll tan Thursday skip Friday

because she never tans two consecutive

days then on the weekend she'll get

caught up in other things and ended and

ends up just tanning two out of the five

days at the time she fully intended on


five days that week right but again when

the rubber met the road it didn't happen

I actually read somewhere a while back

and I believe this I I really believe

this to be true that when that what that

that people get as much if not more

reward and satisfaction and endorphins

from their brains by just saying or

declaring something that they're going

to do then if they actually did it they

get just as much satisfaction from

saying they're gonna do something then

if they actually did it like again

something epic like like a project or a

goal whatever they get just as much of a

dopamine and serotonin hit from just

saying it as they do and actually

following through with it it feels it

it feels just as good if not better to

say you know what I'm gonna move to

Paris right like you get excited about

it or I'm gonna start a business I'm

gonna be my own boss what happens is our

reward center is triggered by just

saying it because now we start to think

of all of the good things that come with

what we just said or declared living in

Paris the great the great food the

wonderful views the Eiffel Tower Oh

obviously being in Europe gives you

access to other countries then when you

make the declaration hey I'm gonna be my

own bit you know I'm gonna I'm gonna be

my own boss you think about that making

your own schedule to come and go as you


hanging your own shingle starting your

own legacy now incidentally enough it's

weird and I'm not special or anything

like that but this never really happens

to me and I think part of the reason is

because I never take anything for

granted I clearly understand me

personally I clearly understand that

setting a goal is maybe 2% of the work

but I understand the work still has to

get done but I am also well aware that

there could be unforeseen circumstances

that could derail my goals for example I

remember what was it it was last summer

as a matter of fact I said I was gonna

spin 1,500 months you guys remember this

I said I'm gonna spin

fifteen hundred miles between Memorial

Day and Labor Day well what I didn't

count on was the fact that my strength

gains in my muscle tone would take a hit

even though I'm on both testosterone and

HGH spinning burns an insane amount of

calories and eventually the body starts

to use muscle for energy I hadn't

thought of this when I started but I

thought yeah you know or I actually had

thought of this when I started but I

said well you know I'm on TRT and HGH so

that shouldn't be a problem and I was

dead wrong so of course I ended up

cutting back on my spinning and I ramped

up on my lifting I can also say

something like hey you know what I want

to get all the way down to 9 percent

body fat but my brain again this is just

me personally I think if this doesn't

make me special anything but my brain

doesn't reward me for that because in

the front of my mind not in the back of

my mind then the front of my not in my

mind I know buddy diets gotta be

airtight I've got a shitload of miles to

write and hundreds of thousands of

pounds to lift before I reach my goal so

I don't get excited about it by just

saying it my endorphins don't kick in at

all because I know it's a lot easier

said than done

females as you guys can imagine are very

very different they are designed to feel

good just by saying they're gonna do

something after all of their failures

they still cannot grasp the concept of

easier said than done

and one of the reasons one of the

biggest reasons for this is that females

watch way too much reality TV they watch

these home improvement shows or these

weight-loss shows or they see you know

and they see these shitty houses go from

shacks to mansions in 30 minutes or you

know or an hour and they internalize

this knowing full well that it took a

hell of a lot longer than an hour to

renovate that home they watch my

600-pound life were these six and you

know 700-pound behemoth lose half their

body weight in an hour they think well

if they can do it I can do it and tell

everyone they're gonna lose a hundred

pounds in 3 months which of course

it's not impossible but it's very

difficult to do and not healthy unless

of course you're 600 pounds this is why

females make these outlandish

declarations all the time my sisters do

it my mom doesn't I'm gonna lose 100

pounds I'm gonna buy a new car I'm gonna

I'm gonna go to I'm gonna move to Spain

and when they do it their brain rewards

them with all the serotonin an

accomplishment because again females

always ignore the work part the work for

it part and skip right - crossing the

finish line a lot of females will say to

their boyfriends or husbands you know

they'll say things like you know what I

think we I think that we should hike the

Appalachian Trail or let's go on the

Paleo diet at the time guys they fully

intend on following through but they

almost never do and the reason why is

because their brains have already

rewarded them for their accomplishment

it gives them all those good feelings

that comes with losing 100 pounds or

hiking the Appalachian Trail which takes

five months or visiting another country

so when the time comes to actually start

putting things in action to start

working on that goal they're far less

motivated because they've already felt a

reward for having done it without having

done it it's almost like beginning to

eat a meal but you're really not hungry

feeling like you've already eaten this

is the number one reason why 95 do 99%

of the time females don't do not follow

through on shit they say they're gonna

do all right let's check the chat here

wait this uh this beanie is quite edgy

yeah it looks like I'm not experiencing

much lag anymore Charles Cavallaro says

to quote you Donovan a woman's tears are

only real when she's by yourself yeah

that's right yeah dude when females cry

the only the only time a woman's tears

are genuine is when they're by

themselves if there is even if there's

an audience of even one person those are

crocodile tears good memory there


freelance ronan says Paleo diet is very

rewarding the food prep is a beast

though you know what's interesting I've

actually thought about maybe subscribing

to one and there's all sorts of food

delivery services now where they will

send you prepackaged paleo or

prepackaged Kido Kido meals because guys

I don't listen man I don't have time for

listen Devin Devin cooks one meal a day

right she can't be here to make my

breakfast lunch and dinner I mean listen

if I ever if I get big I start making

you know a quarter of a million dollars

a year doing this I imagine I might just

pull her out of work and make her my

personal chef but you know at this point

that's not that's not possible so you

know listen she makes great meals she

makes good healthy meals but I just

don't have time to cook in the middle of

the day like I'll do a salad or I'll

subete a steak I mean I don't really

have time for all of the all of the food

prep so so I hear what you say there

okay let's continue something else to

point out in terms of women getting

rewarded for something they haven't done

just by saying it out loud is that this

particular mindset definitely applies

when it comes to a woman's feelings if

there is one thing we know in the red

pill beyond all else is that the

feelings of a female are extraordinarily


they are fleeting they change like the

weather they change like the hours in

the day a female state gentleman is

never static right even if the

environment around her is like a

metronome even if her environment is

rock steady a female is never chemically

identical from one day to the next just

like I talked about auntie s are alive

they're never chemically identical

really from one hour to the next it's in

a constant state of dynami I don't even

know if that's a word can't really tell

you if that's a word or not but females

are dynamic

they're not static they're dynamic a

female state is always changing guys as

far as love is concerned a female can

say I love you and at the time she may

very well thank you she may very well

really love you she may be rich she may

really and truly be in love with you at

the time she may mean it she's not

manipulating you she means it with every

fiber of her being

but understand that when a female tells

you she loves you feelings changed guys

feelings are never static she may love

you on Monday

but she may have changed on Wednesday

and again their existence is always

dynamic it is always changing mentally

physically chemically they're never the

same two days in a row guys this is why

they need men we are caught we are

consistent we are rock steady

we might deviate here and there but by

and large we are the same through and

through 24 hours a day seven days a week

52 weeks a year 365 days a year

in one calendar year a female will go

through 365 variations of 365 moods 365

times for 365 reasons guys I'm not

exaggerating this is how they are so

when a female tells you she loves you

yeah it sounds great but understand that

just because she loves you today doesn't

mean she'll love you tomorrow just

because she loves you now doesn't mean

she's gonna love you an hour from now

listen man she may love you on Monday

hate you on Tuesday what a marry you on

Wednesday what a jam an ice pick in your

ear on Thursday want to have your kids

on Friday want to take a blowtorch to

your balls on Saturday and not give a

damn about anything on Sunday and it all

starts over on Monday this is how

fucking crazy females are guys this is

how fickle they are it's a chemical

thing it's their cycle this is one of

the many ways females are diametrically

different from from who and what we are

as men get this through your thick

skulls gentlemen females are always

changing always and their feelings are

no different

Cory says great point Donovan a great

point definitely true when it comes to

their career paths look at their actions

not words yeah like I mean women have

these grandiose goals oh yeah I'm gonna

move up the corporate ladder I'm gonna

do this and I'm gonna do that but again

when the rubber meets the road they

almost never follow through because wait

a minute you mean I actually have to

work they might do they might not be as

in and it's funny it's it's it's like yo

yo it's like yo yo yo during certain

parts of the month I'm gonna be dynamic

and I'm gonna I'm gonna take this

company by storm or the parts of the

month they don't give a shit and then

women wonder why they don't get

promotions it's because you're never the

same two days in a row sweetheart like

you're not consistent and it listen it

their job performance also suffers this

is just how it is

Mike shooter he says I can't chat in the

app had to log into work PC uh oh yeah

when you open that when you open the

link on the donovan sharp mobile app you

can watch it on the app but at the top

of the but at the top of the YouTube

page you can you can put you can push

watch on YouTube it'll take you to

YouTube and you can chat in YouTube

spins says no long-term objective when

pleasure is triggered by just trigger

just by the planning stage I'm telling

you this is how they are guys very very

listen great comment there now as far as

relationships and dating goes we all

know that what females say and what

females mean are are two very different

things I've done countless episodes on

that my first book is actually going to

be an extraordinarily extensive version

of that so breaking news yes my first

book is going to be sort of the

beefed-up version of woman ease 101 I'm

gonna present that to the world

now what women savers is what they means

this extends outside of relationships

too it extends to work it extends to the

relationships they have with their

friends their family members

pets anything and everything around her

anything and everything around her it

doesn't matter

females will say one thing and do

another with everybody so don't take it

personal they do this shit with

everybody and everything even our fish

Devon said last night I'm gonna come

home and I'm gonna make stir fry I was

ready for sir fry guess what when she

got home yeah you know I changed my mind

I'm gonna make something else okay this

is just how it is I didn't get upset

bing's changed females change this is

how it is females will also say one

thing and mean another then mean one

thing and say another so you're

constantly having to read between the

lines with these chicks so for example

I've pointed out before that females

describe themselves as the man they're

attractive to hey what kind of female

are you we got a woman are you okay or

she might actually just volunteer the

information she'll say well I'm

competitive I'm strong I'm consistent

I'm disciplined and I'm financially

responsible dude 11 times out of 10 she

is none of those things the only thing

she's consistent in is being a slut it's

about it she's not discipline

financially she's a woman

the only women that have good credit are

women who make more than six figures and

even then they still struggle with their

credit because they're terrible with

money and they never realized that

they're doing it it's on autopilot

they're describing what they think is

themselves but all they're doing is

telling you the kind of man she wants

and needs in her life and they never

know they're doing it and it's funny to

see this happen again and again another

way this applies is when a female says

we need to take a break

well what that means is she's already

fucking somebody else

quote-unquote I'm not looking for

anything serious as or something else

she says after you've been fucking her

for four months no shit yeah she is

looking for something serious but what

she's doing there is just gauging your

interest in something potentially

serious because you're not and you say

so or because if you're not and you say

so she now feels comfortable enough to

tell you yeah you know I kind of was too

and if you say good because neither am i

she can say good I'm glad we're on the

same page without risking looking stupid

for putting herself out there this is

what females do guys females will never

come right out and say exactly what's on

their mind or exactly how they're

feeling and to be honest with you

honestly dude I don't even know that

they even know how to just come right

out and say what they feel it's like

there's a disconnect between the brain

the mouth and their feelings like that's

it seems like that's what this is like

so if the brain says I'm hot the mouth

says oMG I'm sweating my ass off and I'm

about to pass out 148 degrees outside

rather than just saying I'm hot it's

like they're incapable of being literal

in in any sense of the word they have to

describe everything related to it in

these roundabout soliloquies that in

that that embodies the true depth of

their feelings it's almost as though

they can't describe what they're feeling

at two words or less I firmly believe

that I really do believe that the point

guys is to never take a female at her

word there is always something to be

read between the lines

females are aware that they're telling

you what's going on with these long

drawn-out dialogues they never are it's

like it's almost like they're fluent in

Spanish but they don't know they're

fluent in Spanish even though they're

speaking perfect Spanish right it's like

you say se habla espanol and she says no

yo hablo espanol then they say wait I

speak Spanish and then they say that in

Spanish I know that sounds weird a

little confusing but this is listen this

is how crazily wired their brains are

guys all

always be aware always be aware that

females are not as Frank and and as

straightforward as men are if it's hot

we as men saying I'm high if it's cold

we say I'm cold also and this is a big

one pay attention here guys when a

female tells you a story about anything

it is never the whole story because

there are multiple layers to the story

but females never want to paint

themselves as the bad guy so they leave

out the bits that incriminate them for

example I said this before you know a

particular girl tell you well my

boyfriend was an asshole he stopped

having sex with me and he cheated on me

well maybe he was an asshole and maybe

he did cheat but what he didn't tell you

was that she was an insufferable bitch

who gained 30 pounds in six months and

was I maintenance another example is the

guy by the name of Raymond wood who I

kicked off my patron patreon a while

back big easy talk shit about Devon in

his exit survey he said that I called

him a troll yes I did call Raymond would

a troll yes okay but what he didn't tell

them is what he called is is that he

called Rollo Tomassi an idiot for being

married and said that Devon was gonna

trap me with a baby and teach me a

lesson he conveniently left out the part

that explains why I called him a troll

and by the way never tells me the name

of the person who does the exit survey I

knew it was him because he's the only

guy but the only patron I have never

I've ever called the troll now I know a

lot of you guys are probably thinking

yeah but jesus fucking christ this is

complicated it's not complicated at all

guys if you know how if you know how

females work if you know what their

motivations are if you know what makes

them tick over time with practice you

will be able to pick up on this stuff

rather easily you'll understand that

they'll never tell you the truth the

whole truth and nothing but the truth

you'll start to pick up a pick up on

what they're really saying what they're

really feeling regardless of what they


you'll start to realize that their MO

you start to realize what their

motivational limitations are when they

make a declaration of some sort like I

did with Devon and the tanning and

you'll be able to read between the lines

very quickly and very easily these are

the men these are the men females want

guys these are the men females described

as he just gets it he just gets me then

there are something that there are also

some cases where a female has multiple

ways of saying one thing so for example

if a female decides in her mind she's

gonna be an epic slut and fuck anything

with a dick

well she's not just gonna come right out

and say it she's not just gonna come

right now say you know what I'm gonna be

a slut this year no they'll say things

like I need to find myself we've all

heard that right I'm gonna take care of

me for a little for a little while I

need some me time all of those things

all those things mean is that she's

gonna start fucking dudes by the

truckload but again she'll never come

right out and say it she might not even

say I'm not gonna fuck a guy for a solid

year and get it and she'll get it and

she'll get really excited about her year

of voluntary celibacy her brain cares

her that endorphin hit that serotonin

blast and then her phone buzzes she's

got another tinder match

so she'll start tomorrow and see what

happens by and large guys at the end of

the day the word of a female is not

reliable again even when they're not

being willfully deceptive even when they

believe what they're actually telling

you you can never take anything a female

says as gospel ever you can't do it

there are way too many mitigating

factors at play

females are weak-willed they're highly

impulsive their feelings change their

body chemistry changes and so on and so

forth so you can never take anything

they say as the gospel truth guys at

some point it's going to at some point

whatever a woman says is going to turn

out to be false no matter how much she

wants it to be true

females aren't complicated but it really

really pays to know that anything that

comes out of a female's mouth is never

what is actually

going on it's either the tip of the

iceberg or the parts of the iceberg but

it's never the whole iceberg and a lot

of times it's not even an iceberg okay

Mike Chenery says the phone wasn't

giving the phone option I got it though

that's because you're not logged into

YouTube if you are logged into so you

have to install the YouTube app on your

phone and you have to be logged in to

the YouTube app on your phone to be able

to chat on YouTube so that doesn't have

anything to do with dude that's that's

not a YouTube issue that's you got a you

got to have the YouTube app and you have

to you've got to you have to sign into

the YouTube app oh wow Miami Jay says

the Ravens released Eric Weddle wow

that's a big one Eric Weddle is one of

those garden-variety hard-hitting white

boy safeties

sharpest is says it's almost like a

survival mechanism that's not a survival

mechanism that's just to me that's a

sharp assist I disagree that that

doesn't make any sense

freelance says he remembers that Raymond

wood guy you know funny enough is a few

weeks after I and I dude I went on like

a big diatribe about the guy I remember

that and I went I went on a big diatribe

on one of my episodes about him and and

you know I told dude I told the world

because I could not believe like dude

you're paying me ten dollars a month you

know like you're one of my patrons and

you're calling Rollo Tomassi stupid and

you're telling me that my girl is gonna

is gonna trap me with a pregnancy like

nigga is you stupid like you don't know

anything you don't know anything and

then he says I know you didn't just

white knight for your girl I'm like nah

brah that's not white knight it's not

white knighting if it's your fucking

girlfriend you fucking idiot he wanted

he acted like he was a hero for having

the strength not to have sex with anyone

for the last ten years I was like bruh

you're a big towel man get the fuck

outta here

aka in insel get the fuck outta here

spin says it wasn't even good trolling

yeah dude red pill mama says Rolla

talked about this in the rational male

women communicate covertly not overtly

because their brains are wired for a

different form of communication this is

both conscious and subconscious I agree

freelance Ronit says also I'm just

dating so I'm just dating again it's

code for I'm fucking a lot of guys I'm

gonna be a slut I'm gonna be a tall


that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime download that mobile app

guys thanks for watching I'll see you

guys tomorrow


I close my eyes





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