Only weak, lazy males cling to the myth of "unconditional love" (Episode 419)




I don't give a shit about your 1500 SAT

score eat under 1500 calories a day and

in dental quest if you treat her better

than she treats you she'll get bored

don't just give her your attention made

her earning she's not your co-pilot

she's your flight attendant fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the 419

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all good to go okay let's get right to

it guys we have all heard the term

unconditional love right we hear and we

see people who want unconditional love

from their significant others we see it

on movies we see it on television we see

and hear it from our families our

friends our co-workers anybody we

interact with on a daily basis everybody

everybody seems to be after

unconditional love well obviously most

of us here know that unconditional love

is a misnomer because we know that love

as both an action and a feeling is are

both extremely conditional in and of

themselves on the other side of that

coin some of us may not fully admit to

ourselves that unconditional love is a

myth some of us may know that it's a

myth but don't know exactly how or why

or or or how to put it into words or put

thoughts in it or or really put our

finger on it we get kind of confused but

what most men don't understand is that

unconditional love is not reserved for

us it's not for men guys unconditional

love is for the weak and defenseless

females children and animals

unconditional love exists only for them

because they need it now a lot of people

might be thinking well Donna but there's

no way that's true there are men the

world over who get unconditional love

from females all the time their wives

and girlfriends tell them they love them

all the time and you would be dead wrong

females gentlemen are utterly incapable

of loving anyone or anything

unconditionally except for their

children and their pets that's it if you

think for one second a single female on

this planet loves any man

unconditionally you are a fucking idiot

because it's just not possible

it's not in them they cannot do it just

because a female says she loves a man

doesn't mean she actually does and if a

female happens to love a man that love

is absolutely 100% conditional no doubt

about it now on our end as men there are

conditions to love for a fee for female

of potential quality by and by female of

potential quality guys I'm talking about

a female who is physically attractive

she and again she doesn't have to be hot

she doesn't have to be a smoke show she

doesn't have to have this ravenously

beautiful face she simply needs to be

fit and have a decent looking face Devin

has an unbelievable body and her face

six six and a half at best anyway a

female of potential quality is a female

who is physically attractive a female

who understands and abides by and truly

believes in traditional sex roles and

conducts herself as such in order for

those females to truly fall in love with

you you as a

have to have a few basic things in place

to lay the groundwork and I've talked

about these things at nauseam this is

what this entire platform and podcast

and show is all about got to be an above

average shape got to be financially

responsible gotta know how to handle

females can't be afraid I've got to be

direct I don't know how to be the leader

etc etc we all know these things that's

why we're here but in addition to these

things you also have to have your

females respect because a female

absolutely positively cannot love a man

that she does not respect she can say oh

err oh I just love Erik to death she

ain't talking about the kind of love

that compels a female to surrender to a

man sexually and submissively that's

gotta love she has four dudes in the

friendzone understand this guys respect

is the number one factor in terms of a

female's love for a man you gotta have

the body of a Greek god you gotta have a

nine-figure bacon cow you could make her

squirt every day in the bedroom none of

that matters if you do not have her

respect oh sure she may stick around for

a little while because of those things

she may stick around because of the way

you look she may stick around because

you give her good sex she may stick

around because you have these things in

place and she may stick around a little

bit longer than she would normally other

men who fall a little short of you in

those particular categories but you will

never but she will never ever love you

if she does not respect you guys again

it cannot be done all of those things

that I just talked about physical

fitness financial shrewdness the ability

to handle her and bring out the best in

her and keeping and gaining her respect

guess what guys all of those are

conditions females say all the time I

don't care if he went broke I'd still

let him write we've all heard that we've

heard this too I love about conditioning

unconditionally no matter what happens

they say this because their virtue

signaling they want the world to think

that they love a man for who he is

rather than what he is because the world

tells them that if she doesn't Vince

he's a gold digger she's a slut she's

shallow but guess what guys

if females went against their true

nature as NY Kia 31 just alluded to in

the chat if they went against their true

nature which is to seek out and stay

with the best men they could find we'd

all be in trouble guys if we knew that

our girlfriends and wives would never

leave us no matter what guess what would

happen we would lose our edge we get fat

we wouldn't stay motivated we wouldn't

watch our finances we wouldn't take care

of ourselves our females our children if

you have them and so forth that's not

good for either sex females shouldn't

want to stay with men who let themselves

go we damn sure don't want to stay with

females who let themselves go Dewey dude

we don't want our women getting fat and

complacent so what makes us think that

she wouldn't go anywhere if we did the

same thing if you lose your physical ed

gentlemen you do not deserve her she

should leave you if you lose the ability

to physically protect her she shouldn't

stay with you she should get with

someone who can what sense does it make

to stay with a man who cannot protect

his family anymore what sense does it

make to stay with a man who can't

protect his woman anymore if you develop

a gambling problem or a drug addiction

you don't deserve a female's love if you

don't have a respect you don't deserve

for her to stick around because your

money's being spent on gambling and

drugs okay because it won't be long

before your finances aren't conducive to

financial stability which is necessary

to take care of your family to take care

of yourself to take care of her of

course she has the right to jump ship

the one she's on is sinking you don't

expect her to stick around for that I've

got the perfect example of a celebrity

couple that crosses the world of sports

that illustrates this truth and I'm

gonna tell you guys what that is on the

other side we'll be right back the

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alright let us go to the chat here see

who is in csr towers wizard prank is in

the house on the mobile app side wizard

praying as thee no I gotta I gotta come

up with a clever name brand wizard prank

is like the resident TSR sage cuz that

dude know that listen that dude knows

his he knows a shit for real Winston

wolf says no seconds he he thought he

didn't get sloppy seconds it appears

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red Jedi spin says no lag everything is

good yeah I think I figured out the lag

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one small change that I made in OBS I'm

very very very happy about that

wizard prank says quote men love women

women love children children love

puppies there we go

freelance ronan says I was taught that

love don't love nobody the idea of

unconditional love is the mindset of

bullshit and hopeless romantics straight


CJ mutter is in the house as well

alright let's go to the YouTube side

Miami J is in the house swayed senator

we've got someone who I guess you know

Nicolo Machiavelli Machiavelli whatever

Hayek's ghosts Luigi Conte fat Larry

1000 that's an interesting name

excellent sweet senator has given me the

seal of approval everybody says it's

smooth mo the genisis fat Larry King

Nick says been a while since he's caught

a live stream good to see you in here

King Nick Kevin at Banias on the TSR

jury tucson Razorback says your life

experiences stories and eloquent

knowledge is priceless great subject

today I appreciate that

TR Dwayne 28:27 says facts good to see

you in here Johnny Bravo Jesus Christ

Johnny honestly man I should I should

time you out for asking this grossly

irrelevant question so don't don't time

him out but Johnny don't ask your

relevant questions I'm gonna answer this

for you now okay because you don't know

but anybody who asks a question that has

nothing to do with the topic you're

gonna get timed out so this right here

is your warning so Johnny wants to know

how soon should you do blood donations

when you first started with TRT you

should donate blood once a quarter once

every three months so three months after

you start TR t donate blood three months

after that donate blood rinse and repeat

aunt James says your mother barely loves

you unconditionally so why would any man

think some random woman does you know

what that might be true Sam upon T says

all human interaction is conditional

rich Blackman okay right okay he's

answering that question

mosy good to see you in here mark Gordon

checking in from Ireland so wait senator

says she cares if you go broke gentlemen

very very good hornswogglers says I

wouldn't want a broad to be with me if I

was broke straight up man

telling you Greg J says Rollo said

respect this cheap to women their idea

of respect is different from ours what

he said is that we should want their

admiration not so much their respect

that was just on his red pill 101 I just

heard I think I think you're

understanding that wrong respect is

intrinsic to love listen a woman could

admire you all you want to right but if

she doesn't respect you she can't love

you I think you're probably and I think

and I'm a hundred percent certain that

Rollo would agree with that I think when

he says their respect is cheap to women

women don't want the respect of other

women they want the respect of men women

do things for that for the respect of

men so when Rollo says respect us cheap

to women what and I think what he's

talking about is I think he's talking

about a man's respect for her when he

says respect is cheap to women because

women get I mean women get respect just

because there are women just because

their Anatomy dictates respected I'm

using air quote for the for those of you

guys watching the the rebroadcast or the

restream on the on the soundcloud side

but when Rolla says respect us cheap to

women what Rollo is talking about is the

respect for a woman so when a man

respects a woman that's cheap to her

she'd when a woman respect to woman

that's even cheaper the respect I'm

talking about is the respect a woman has

for a man respect the respect a woman

has for a man can't be cheap right

because she's not I mean all she's

giving the respect it's not costing her

anything at that point so I think you're

I think I think you I'm a hundred

percent certain you're misconstruing

what he said when he's talking about

respect as cheap to women he's too cheap

to women he's talking about the respect

that men and women alike have for women

because women get respect and adoration

so much that any attention they get is

cheap that's why they want more and more

and more of it so respect I'm talking

about is the respect that a woman has

for a man that I don't know and listen

men respect actually can be cheap for

women not cheap to women like a man who


the respect of all these women all of

that respect can be cheap especially if

he has the respect of multiple women but

if you don't have a woman's respect you

can never owner are you she can never

love you oh no guys are talking about

Russell Wilson was her frank says he

can't donate blood the Red Cross think

she'd have met he's a mad cow oh my god

you guys are killing me

Molotov cocktail is in the house book of

alpha Rana me Lorenzo Davis says he has

one more week of anger management he did

eight weeks yeah it's been a while since

I've been to anger management book of

alpha running he says she loves how you

make her feel while attempting to

deliver her fantasy like a simple yeah

hey no problem Greg gee no problem just

felt the need to clarify that good to

have you guys in tonight so I told you

guys that I had a great example of

conditional love in action in a

celebrity couple that crosses the world

of sports

and a lot of you guys just knowing who I

am and the things that I follow why do

you guys probably already know where I'm

going with this and that of course are

America's Sweethearts Tom Brady and

Gisele Bundchen let me ask you a

question guys you think Gisele would

still love Tom Brady if he got fat lost

all of his money lost his drive to

succeed of course not

Gisele loves Tom for what he is not who

he is and what he is is a six-time Super

Bowl champion who's gonna have to be

carried off the field at the end of his

career that guy's not gonna quit until

he can't walk that listen this is this

is how driven he is Gisele love as

Gisele adores and respects this about

Tom natales always going to be the same


but the minute he stops being what he is

in terms of his celebrity his net worth

his laser focus his uh no my god his his

inextinguishable desire to succeed in

the face of failure being picked you

know in the seventh round upper 199

overall if he loses that her love for

him goes right out the window you guys

think I'm wrong let me ask you this look

consider this Gisele Bundchen didn't get

with Tom Brady until after he'd won his

third Super Bowl they got married in oh

nine and were dating before then but

this was well after he was already

established as one of the greatest

quarterbacks of all time he has

continued to prove what he is by winning

three more and he is now the greatest

quarterback of all time much to the

chagrin of Miami Jay who will argue

until he's blue in the face that Tom

Brady may be the seventh greatest

quarterback of all time in the AFC East

in the regular season on odd-numbered

years the point is is that if he stops

being Tom Brady Gisele is out period

guys a female's love for a man has to be

conditional it is a survival mechanism

for females it has to be conditional

because if it's not everybody loses a

female loses protection and provision

and a man ends up losing his female

that's how this works

there's no such thing as unconditional

love because without conditions there is

no love nor should there be if I stopped

being what I was Devon would vanish no

doubt and she should if I can't keep her

in line if I can't demand her best if I

lose my ability to physically protect

her if I don't take pride in my personal

appearance if I become lazy and

unmotivated she check out that doesn't

make her a bad person gentlemen this

makes her a woman expecting a female to

love you unconditionally is like putting

trust in your mountain climbing gear

regardless of the condition it's in

think about this what's

sense would it make to put your life at

the mercy of faulting climbing gear a

faulty climbing gear right your ropes

and hooks are frayed and rusty and

they're all falling apart bit because

when you got them they were in perfect

condition and never let you down now

you're supposed to risk your life based

on what they were as opposed to what

they are now that's what you're asking a

female to do when you expect her to love

you unconditionally you let yourself go

in so many ways but you expect her to

feel exactly the same as she did back

when you met her when you were kicking

life's ass guys now some of you may

think okay Donovan you have a point but

females do the same thing they do it too

they like to bitch and moan about

unconditional love no matter what about

no matter how how much she weighs and

you would be right but guess what guys

we expect that from females we expect

them to have unrealistic expectations

about how things really work because we

know them to be delusional beings who've

been led astray by feminism dude

honestly leave the reverse

finger-pointing to women yes we know

that they have the unconditional love

thing backwards like a lot of us like a

lot of us do but we expect that from

them we expect adolescent irrational

behavior from females but we as men we

need to hold ourselves to a higher


we're not gonna use these while females

do it too as an excuse to bitch and moan

we're men gentlemen and we need to get

our shit together before we can expect

anything from females guys listen

females are fucked up these days in

large part because of us it's not all

our fault but we're a part of the

problem we can't sit around and complain

about what girls are or aren't doing

because we are too we are too much

better really in terms of not having our

shit together

unconditional love comes from our

parents and our pets and it can be

detrimental to both but guys I'm here to

tell you females ain't going out like

that because they're not designed to I'm

here to tell you man women are designed

to survive and in order to survive their

love absolutely has to be conditional

and this is a good thing for both men

and women so on TSR prime time at the

bottom of the hour which isn't just a

few minutes I'm gonna explore different

examples I'm gonna talk about different

angles in terms of the myth of

unconditional love I'm also gonna make

you as a man feel better about

conditional love while despising

unconditional love and then I'm gonna

tell you why men who want unconditional

love are the weakest men out there if

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prime time right from the app spins says

unconditional love is an excuse to stop

trying absolutely and this goes for men

and women by the way okay Kris Williams

since this president from the number as

another example besides Tom Brady okay

I'll buy that Melvin brown says Jill

Montana is the greatest quarterback of

all time

Melvin Brown is also probably the guy

who says Michael Jordan is a greater

player than LeBron because Jordan has

six rings and LeBron has three right but

then he'll also say Joe Montana is

greater than Brady dude it's it's six to

four like the discussion is over yeah

come on like I understand you hate Tom

Brady but come on come on you can

respect men and respect their excellence

and not like them don't be so obvious

like I pick fun at Miami J cuz he's a

Dolphins fan but seriously get out of

here at that dude he's the greatest of

all time everybody knows it Chaz says

Brady can do better you know what Chaz

you're absolutely right but you're being

meathead red pill guy so I'm Brady and

Gisele Bundchen have been married for

now ten years okay

been married for ten years they've got

two or three kids on our how many I

don't keep up with their I don't keep up

with their stuff but yeah Tom Brady

could be better but guess what

he's got skin in the game so does Gisele

right so don't give me this will Gisele

Bundchen who's not all that hot you know

what listen she's past the wall

but Tom married her in her sexual pride

he put two or three or four whatever

babies in her Tom's son well I mean

honestly how I mean how much better does

it get than marrying a supermodel the

most probably the most successful

supermodel of all time

like seriously Chad's get out of here

with this Tom Brady can do better I

can't stand these she's not that hot guy

that's being meathead rent mill guy come

on you're better than that

now Zach Brown another meathead red pill

guy says bitches don't deserve anything

whether it's conditional love or buck

additional look but since this bitch's

wait but since this bitches have way

more than up more options then they have

easier access to unconditional love no

um listen man listen Zach I understand

you're pissed off I understand you're

upset and you have reason to be okay but

there are some women out there who do

deserve the love and and will not

adoration but the love of a man but -

gotta make him earn it

right listen Devin has worked through

Devin continues to work hard for me this

is why she deserves the love that I give

her so listen just realize my honor sign

wasn't on so understand this listen most

women aren't deserving of much of

anything but if you find a woman who

actually earns it yeah she deserves it J

dweller is in the house no here we go

Miami J says Tom Brady is not the

greatest I love it Brady can be compared

to Messi greatest ever within a system

let me see Brady get traded to another

team and win a Super Bowl without

Belichick then I'll fall in line okay

okay now this is funny now listen now

I'm gonna get off on a tangent here real

quick I love this argument because a lot

of people use the same argument with

Michael Jordan well Michael Jordan

wouldn't have won six rings without Phil


no okay well Phil Jackson wouldn't have

won six rings without without Michael

Jordan Kobe Bryant this is this is the

analogy that I make on this one

everybody needs somebody nobody ever

does it alone right and if you want to

call it a system okay Tom Brady's in a

system no

Tom Brady is the system dude Bill

Belichick was 5 and 11 with Drew Bledsoe

the year before he got hurt and Brady

came in and of course the rest is


Tom Brady is the system Oh

Thaddeus Scott is aw you guys are

killing me you guys are killing me what

you can nobody does it alone dude listen

listen I'll make this comparison right

here and no I'm running over on time

here but if you were to take the car I

Drive to the to the Daytona Motor

Speedway right and put Jimmie Johnson in

the car that I Drive he wouldn't win the

Daytona 500 likewise if you put me in

the 48

I wouldn't win the Daytona 500 because I

don't have the skill but when you put

Jimmie Johnson driver in the car the

number 48 now you've got a chance to win

no quarterback does it alone no head

coach does it alone we always want to we

always want to disqualify somebody well

he had a good running back well yes this

is what happens what are you telling me

that Joe Montana listen Joe Montana also

play in the system it's called the West

Coast offense it revolutionized the

sport bill Walsh's coaching tree is as

big as a Christmas tree nobody's talking

about Joe Montana being a system

quarterback right you guys remember Joe

Montana Roger Craig Jerry Rice all those

guys get out of here with dead get out

of here with that guys are killing me

but you guys were but you guys were I

thought you guys were I thought you guys

were smarter than that listen I'm an

Eagles fan man I don't have a dog in the


Chris Kayson says Terry Bradshaw is my

pick that's a that's a bad dude Terry

Bradshaw completed what 52% of his

passes through his career he's not the

greatest of all time he's not Brady has

been great for the better part of two


I don't care dude you don't listen yes

there was Spygate and deflate gate and a

few calls listen you don't accidentally

go to nine Super Bowls and win six you

don't you don't you don't trip and fall

into nine Super Bowls and win six you

don't get lucky and have a 667 winning

percentage and so prep balls it doesn't

happen guys are killing me

good stuff I read a little bit over on

time but I think we're think we're gonna

be all right that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR live make sure you

subscribe to my weekly newsletter and be

sure to tune in to see us are / n time

which is gonna start right now

on Donovan sharp calm guys


around a driver a beam down

there but don't ever said it I was fair

I was bred and I come around me like

space things that I comes around me guys

no no Dax tries no damage strikes doing

bio bread did I come around me way too

many snakes around me guys no no extra

extra no I can't drive






no matter what women say they live to be

objectified I don't want to fuck your

degree what else can you offer me

besides sex I don't want to fuck your

personality here women want all the

accolades to be at the boss without any

of the responsibilities fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's erm

Antonovich sharp and welcome to the 419

edition of csr primetime your

headquarters for unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit Redpoll

truth wisdom and awareness it is

Wednesday March 6 2009 teen it is good

to have you guys in tonight for those of

you who have come over from TSR live I

appreciate your support trying to get

things there we go alright alright I can

see a little bit nope never mind I

thought there was a little bit of a

delay but I guess that's over with now

okay I'm hyper hyper aware of the delay

now and I think that I think I've got

the problem pretty much pretty much

figured out so I think we're I think

we're okay I think we're okay earlier on

TSR live I talked about the myth of

unconditional love but now I'm gonna put

a little bit of meat on the bone and dig

a little bit deeper so let's go ahead

and get started here guys a lot of guys

are confused when they're women their

wives their girlfriends cheat on them

they ask themselves how could she do

this to me I don't know why she did this

to me I thought she loved me well what

they should have said of course oh wait

a minute what she should what he should

have said was you got out of shape you

didn't keep her in line and you gave

into her shenanigans that's why she

cheated on you

most men do not have the

pull awareness so what they do is they

end up blaming women they blame their

females for the cheating she's a slut

fuck all hoes all women her hos bla bla

bla bla bla well they're half right but

they're missing the other half the truth

is is he was obviously not the same

person that he was when they met now

here's the thing guys some girls cheat

no matter what if it listen if a girl

gets fucked by enough cocks she'll

eventually cheat no matter how much she

loves a man this is just how it is

listen there are studies that have been

done the more dick a woman takes the

less successful her marriage is gonna be

they've actually done studies and graphs

on this stuff women who have fucked now

over 10 guys end up getting divorced

within a certain amount of time virgin

brides stay married to their husbands 80

something percent of the time

unfortunately my mother was a virgin

bride she did not fall into the good

part of the statistic but I digress but

men have to understand that females need

to be protected from themselves men also

need to understand that females love us

for what we are not who we are

I want females I want women to love me

for me that's bullshit guys being

yourself that's not gonna cut it any

more women are always looking to upgrade

shut up to Charles cabbie arrow says to

quote Nick he says you got domesticated

no Mick said to Rocky

you got civilized I like that though

good anyway women are always looking to

upgrade right there's always someone out

there who's in better shape makes more

money than you who's better-looking the

U has tighter game than you et cetera

that doesn't mean that your woman is

gonna find all of the men who are higher

value than you but that's all the more

reason to keep your game tight but if

she finds another man she likes better

who arouses her more than you do she's

gonna jump ship guys the minute you

cease to be the things that she like in

the beginning is the minute she starts

thinking she wants to step out

why don't be males love us for who we

are like this is this is this is the

million dollar question well one of the

reasons is that men and women love very

differently rollo tomassi has he has

scores of of brilliant articles that

that talk about this men what we value

in women

we value physical attractiveness and

sexual loyalty that's really it if she

happens to be good company that's an

added bonus if she happens to be

intelligent that's an added bonus if she

happens to make pretty good money and

doesn't need us in the beginning that's

a that's a good bonus but as long as

she's physically attractive and sexually

loyal to us those are the two main

components in terms of making a man fall

in love with a woman that's just how it

is those two traits are built into

females they don't have to work at it

they simply have to refrain from certain

activities I've talked about this before

all women have to do is stay awake all

they have to do is keep the car on the

road if a female can if a female and I

don't care what she looks like so long

as she's not super ugly if a female in

this country in this world can avoid

being fat and stay a virgin by the time

she's 18 19 20 years old she can have

any man she wants every man out there

wants the virgin bride we all know the

statistics we get it

women don't women don't have to work at

being a quality at being a woman of

quality they just have to be men are

made women are born we've heard this

before now the love of a female on the

other hand that is predicated on many

more elements women fall in love of

course with physical attractiveness but

that's not that's not at the top of her

list listen it's near the top of her

list it's what gets her to look at you

but there are many attractive men out

there who who draw the contempt of

females at some point because he just

doesn't have the game to keep her in

line he has supplicating behavior he's

always checked he's always running in

behind her he's up her ass all the time

didn't matter how hot you are

if you don't have a respect she's not

gonna love you

physical attractiveness the ability to

make her feel safe

financial security keeping her on her

toes a woman wants to be able to have

fun with you enjoy your company enjoy

your presence a woman wants a man who

knows how to handle her she wants a

woman what a woman women fall in love

with dominant masculine personalities

now there are many more reasons there

are many more elements but those are the

main ones

a man has to a man a man who has all of

this in place gentlemen is a man who

will have many opportunities with young

beautiful females hmm men have to be

proactive these traits are not built

into us physical attractiveness we have

to work out to be physically attractive

we have to learn how to fight to protect

her and ourselves we have to learn red

pill game and learn how to handle her

and develop a masculine persona we have

to learn to be financially responsible

we as men we're not born this way we

have to work for it we have to work at

it men have to build value to be

attractive to females females simply

have to preserve it but the minute of

man stops taking care of his body stops

handling her correctly starts failing

shit tests gets reckless with his

finances he is no longer the man that

she fell in love with and this is where

most men go wrong then when their woman

steps out on him they want to say

bitches ain't shit fuck bitches all

bitches or hoes but a man can't improve

himself if he doesn't acknowledge that

he dropped the ball yeah listen females

or hos they do dumb shit they're grimy

they cheat but guess what more often

than not women don't cheat for no reason

that doesn't make what she did

we're not absolving women but to deny

your role in her desire to step out on

you that's disingenuous that's

irresponsible then of course you end up

becoming a MIG tau because you think

that all you have to be is you that's

that unconditional love yes again when a

female cheats it's wrong but we have to

own up to our under the responsibility

if we want to prevent this from

happening again

I've talked many times before

about about my failed marriage to my

ex-wife Darcy

yes Darcy was a bad wife she was a

terrible wife but I'm man enough to

admit guys that I wasn't much of a man

to begin with when Darcy met me I was I

was a decent looking guy great I guess I

was attractive enough but didn't have

any game about me house making dude I

was making 14 bucks an hour driving a

forklift and they have any money I guess

I had to gift a gap sheep she said she

liked my personality I certainly was

different than anyone else that she had

met out there in Johnston County North

Carolina but outside of that I wasn't

really a man and if you don't have that

masculine persona if you don't know how

to handle women guess what your wife

your wife is gonna be a bad wife men are

made guys women are born you cannot

allow a female to change you actually I

was looking for this cartoon a little

bit earlier and I wanted to put it up

for you guys to see and it's a

four-block cartoon in the beginning it

shows the guy in the girl they look at

each other they like each other in the

second block they're walking along she's

like you know Chris or bill or whatever

his name is it would be nice if you cut

your hair he had a long hair and a beard

yeah be nice if you cut your hair and

shave your beard okay then in the next

one she said you know what you really

need to change the way you dress okay

well that was the third box then the

fourth box she writes him a Dear John

letter she says hey Chris sorry to leave

you but you're just not the same person

I knew like you're not you're not who

you're not who you used to be the minute

you become exclusive with a female she

will try to what is it Charles she will

try to civilize you right this is why

Mick knew that mr. T was gonna kick his

ass in Rockies 1 & 2 rocky wasn't he's a

caveman there's a barbarian he was broke

he had a family to feed there's no way

he was losing the Crede again he had

that eye in the tiger right so he beats

Cree becomes a heavyweight champion now

he's got a little bit of money little

softer he's doing commercials he knows

how to read now

young beautiful wife happy family life

is good he's rich

then mr. t comes along makes a pass at

Adrienne and now rocky wants to fight

this guy and mix like well wait a minute

you can't beat this guy rocky says well

why well he says you haven't been hungry

since you won that belt you became

civilized that's what happens women

tried to civilize you she tries to

change you into what she believes will

be the perfect man but allowing her to

make these changes okay leaves her to

her own devices it gives her control and

if you succumb to her winds she will end

up destroying you both guys when a

female says Donovan I think you'd look

better without a beard it makes you look

mess less menacing you know what she's

right but this is the this is a shit

test that she's deploying without even

knowing she's deploying it when a female

attempts to change something about you

it's usually something that attracted

her to you in the first place

so why would they tell you to change it

if that's what they like well there are

two reasons guys number one to make you

less attractive to other females to

reduce the odds of you stepping out and

number two because it's just what

females do guys it's in a female's

nature to try to change a man for no

other reason but that's just what they

do that's all there is to it they try to

change your eating habits they try to

change how you dress they try to change

your facial hair they try to change your

hobbies your interest the whole nine

they do this because they think they

know what's best for you and if you

allow her to change you you are feeling

those shit tests if Devon were to ask me

to shave my beard and I did it shit test

failed why not only does a beard make me

look less attractive and less menacing

it shows her that I am NOT steadfast and

my convicted my convictions as far as my

facial hair is concerned oh what's the

big deal Donovan it's just facial hair

well this is what happens right a

woman's never gonna tell you hey Donovan

I think you should change your career no

no no they start small Donovan

shave your beard they shave my beard

Donovan change the way you dress okay

change way dress Donovan need to get a

hold of that temper problem okay

whatever I'll do it after you have that

bad example but you guys get the point

right all of a sudden now I ceased to

become Donovan scharping guys wonder why

the fuck doesn't she love me anymore

because you're no longer the person she

met females want men they cannot change

or bend to their will guys I'm telling

you right now they will fight you tooth

and fucking nail to change something to

change everything about you but she has

no clue that if she's successful that

she is literally sabotaging the

relationship this again is why guys ask

why did she cheat on me I did everything

she asked me to do she cheated on you

because you didn't hold frame and tell

her fuck no this is who I am and if you

don't like you can kick rocks and mean

that shit

Devin asked me the other night I laid

out an outfit for heels hoops whatever

the case may be was a fourth straight

night fourth or fifth straight night I'm

fucking her right and she comes in I

think I'm here in the studio trying to

get some work done and she's obviously

tired I didn't give a shit she says hey

and I to I knew she was kind of timid

she said you know are we ever gonna have

like just regular sex and I knew what

she was getting at I said no no we're

not this is the kind of sex I listen we

may have it every once in a while but no

this is this is what you signed up for

and that was that she left yeah she was

tired she's probably a little bit

irritated but guess what she suited the

fuck up and do what the fuck she had to

do thinking back I probably should have

said when she asked me hey are we ever

gonna have regular sex I shouldn't say

you know what that depends upon how long

you want to keep me around this is what

happens if a female knows she can change

you if she knows she can if she knows

that she can control you if she knows

that she can alter your behavior she'll

lose respect attraction and arousal for


they tell you that they want you to

change but deep down she doesn't she

wants to know that you were set in your

ways guys she wants to know that you are

the genuine fucking article because if

you do change for her she'll know that

you were never the man she fell in love

with in the first place

and what will she start doing she'll

start looking elsewhere for a man who

doesn't allow a female to change him

women want men who are stubborn and set

in their ways they talk about it all the

time oh my god he's so set in his ways

every woman every woman on the face of

this earth that complains about their

their husband or boyfriend is set in

their ways guess what they're still with

their husbands or boyfriends woman a

woman women never divorced men well he

was so set in his we don't know they say

that as though it's a bad thing at all

that is one collective shit test oh he's

so set in his ways he's so stubborn yeah

good that means you can't change him

that means he's steadfast in his beliefs

females also don't understand that what

they want and what they need are two

very different things

females vocalize what they want but they

act on what they need the illimitable

man wrote an article called dominance

and Submission and I actually read this

passage a couple episodes ago but I'm

gonna read this again that illustrates

what I'm talking about he says quote the

man must act upon and mold a female more

than she does him for if the female is

to act upon and mold a man she will

create something she finds abhorrent

more simply and explicitly stated a

female will mold a man into something

she despises but a man will mold a

female into something he loves Devin is

the woman she is today because I made my

expectations clear I told her that I

would not I told her what I would not

tolerate and I told her what I expected

of her it was not the other way around

she was not dude guys she wasn't telling

me well Donovan you need to do X Y & Z

oh no no no no I quite literally train

her and built her into who and what she

is today if for some reason we were to

break up guess what guys

right back to what she was before I met

her because females can't be trusted

their own devices Devon would jump right

back on the cock carousel she'd stop

training she stopped doing HGH because

there's no me around there default

programming is self-destruction and if

they are not under the tutelage of a

strong male leader this is what happens

this is why relationships where the

female is the leader always fail

gentlemen females cannot lead men it

can't be done they can't lead men in

relationships they can't lead men and

work they can't lead men in any

environment they're simply incapable

Bruce Arians head coach of the Tampa Bay

Buccaneers is now gonna dedicate he's

gonna find a full-time job for a female

in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization

there's also a full-time some there's a

full-time female coach I think for the

Arizona Cardinals or something like that

and apparently there supposed to be more

female coaches in football Jason

Whitlock said on speak for yourself

today listen in the next 20 years we're

gonna have a female NFL head coach no

we're not no we're not dude a 6-1

200-pound linebacker is not going to

listen to a female I don't care I don't

care what you say

females cannot leave men and one of the

main reasons for that is because females

simply cannot handle the responsibility

of building anything from the ground up

least of all relationships and we see

proof of this every day if you take

control of your woman you guide her you

rid her of all of her bad

attention-seeking happens and so forth

she will end up a quality woman under

your guidance quality females don't

exist anymore so it's on us to make

chicken salad out of chicken shit and

believe me when I tell you guys it is

far from easy

oh my god it's possible but it is highly

unlikely that you will succeed and

sustain that success listen men part of

the reason why Devin and I are still

together and listen we could break up

tomorrow for all I know but don't get me

wrong part of the reason why we have a

solid relationship is because of me


she wants to do it

and I want to lead her guys the other

part is luck the other part is luck man

like this is just how it is if I had met

Devin at 22 instead of 32 I wouldn't be

I wouldn't be we wouldn't be here right

now we met each other at the right place

at the right time in the right point of

our lives that's all there is to it had

I met Devin when she was dude you think

Devin's hot now he's just seen a resume

is 20 well actually she didn't have see

it was weird

Devin didn't have tits when she was 22

like it's weird like I see pictures of

her when she was 22 23 in her mid-20s

she didn't grow tits until she was like

30 all of that said had I met her when

she was younger there's no way that I

could train her into who and what she is


no way so yes luck circumstance all of

that matters but make no mistake about

it listen gonna have all the luck and

circumstance if you wanted that you want

if you don't have the skill if you don't

have the wherewithal if you don't have

the stick-to-itiveness

stick-to-itiveness mm-hmm that female is

gonna run amok but worse yet is that a

man who was under the guidance of a

female gentleman is destined for

disaster guys listen man females have no

fucking clue what's best for them so how

in the fuck do they know what's best for

a man answer me that make that make

sense this is why once again when you

allow a female to control you when you

allow a female to change you and to mold

you into what she thinks she wants and


she will create an abomination and

neither of you is gonna figure it out

until it's too late so for example I'll

give you guys a quick example you meet a

girl she's hot you fuck her you're in

great shape you have a great job you

have red pill awareness etc let's see

you lose your job you get fat and out of

shape and you don't check her bad

behavior anymore you don't hold her

accountable anymore you don't uphold

your standards anymore

your female will not love you anymore

because you are no longer what you were

when you met her and you want to know

something she shouldn't I said this one

that I said this on the live side

females should never ever love

sorry excuse of a man females should

never fall in love with fat unmotivated

effeminate men who defer to females in

any and all situations they should

ignore these guys they should use them

for their non-sexual needs its what

losers deserve game warden says till

hormones change no sir

abso-fucking-lutely now I don't care

what time of the month it is for my

female or females fuck that I'm in

charge don't give a fuck dude fuck your

hormones till her hormones change fuck

no I'm the man I'm in charge

oh what's your feeling bitchy tonight

you better fucking check yourself or you

get worried you're getting the fucking

cold shoulder for the rest of the time

like like seriously I don't give a fuck

about hormones I'm in charge get out of

here with that you see girls would love

to think that they would love a man no

matter what through thick and thin for

better or worse right it all sounds all

romantic and they'd get kudos from

everyone oh look Sarah loves Bobby

unconditionally isn't that's so sweet

they would like to think that they're

capable of that but they are not and

neither away guys if Devon were to get

fat bitchy and stop doing in a stop

cooking and doing slutty things guess


I'm out exit stage fucking left again

listen I'll say this again men and women

love differently but neither one of us

loves unconditionally

that's just listen that's just not the

way it is it's the way it should be no

matter what females say they will only

love you if you keep your high status

your high income your high value and

your high game yes listen looks and

money matter but game is what keeps her

around in the end guys you don't got to

beat listen you're not to be Chris

Hemsworth and be worth you know you know

billions every millions of dollars you

just have to have the game bottom line

guys here is that unconditional love is

for the weak and I'm talking to men here

I'm talking to you guys

a man who wants unconditional love is a

man who wants to put it on cruise

control he wants the residual love that

he only has to work for a short period

of time and then he can take his foot

off the gas

unconditional love creates soft pathetic

bitchy effeminate motivated men guys I

want her to love me for me know you want

to improve yourself just long enough to

lock down a pretty girl and then let

yourself go to give yourself an excuse

to bitch and complain when she's fucking

Kevin and sales you're a weak-minded

male who doesn't want the burden of

masculine performance you don't want to

have to maintain your physical and

mental edge you don't want a head you

don't want to have to bring your a-game

day-in day-out you don't want to have to

be consistently dominant why because

it's hard and it's fucking hard and

weak-minded men who shy away from shit

that's hard they deserve to be in cells

fuck you guys I don't feel sorry for

those guys oh I hurt your feelings it's

your choice to check out in the sexual

marketplace because you're afraid of a

little rejection fuck off and fuck you

don't need you don't want you stay the

fuck out of our way

these guys are butthurt because I called

him fucking losers for not wanting to

learn to deal with females I called you

an in cell because you're not willing to

put in the residual work required to

keep a woman in line but keeping

yourself in tip-top shape mentally and

physically I give zero fucks fuck you

you lazy fuck being a man is hard that's

why it's awesome

that's why females love men who exhibit

strong masculine dominance day in and

day out they respect love and have the

children of such men so if you're still

waiting on that special snowflake who's

gonna love your fat ass who lives with

his mom and dad has no car no job no

ambition it's gonna be a long wait

partner I'm here to tell you if you want

a girl's gonna stay with you if you lose

your job get fat start pulling money on

dumb shit good luck now most women most

females will give you time to get your

shit back together women are

unreasonable but listen they understand

shit happens if they know you're the

kind of man who won't stay down


for you but only if she feels like it's

more likely than not that you will

regain what you lost so if you're the

CEO of a fortune 500 company and you're

this masculine dominant man and you get


she's like i'ma jump ship quite yet

she's gonna see how you react she'll

give you a few days to blow off some

steam right she'll give you a few days

to crawl in a bottle of whiskey right

she'll give you a few she'll give you a

few days just to kind of decompress get

your shit together but if you stay that

way it's not gonna be it's not gonna be

long until she starts looking for

greener pastures oh wait a minute like

this guy's job was his life this guy's

job was what to find him yeah I don't

know about that if I were to lose TSR

live guess what I'm gonna be alright I'm

still gonna be donovan fucking sharp

with or without this program with her

without this podcast listen I was the

same book dude I was the same before

this podcast and I'll be the same after

doesn't matter if again if she thinks

for one second

that you that you do not have the

resolve to bounce back from adversity

she's the fuck up out of there oh wait a

minute this guy doesn't really handle

adversity well I need to I need to get

the fuck up out of here my woman cheated

because I lost my job no she didn't you

fucking liar she cheated because you

lost her job and sent around the house

moping for two months bitching about how

you got screwed over by the company

instead of getting off your lazy ass and

going to get a better job

women aren't gonna feel sorry for you no

matter how much they love you nor should

they and I like it like that

I wouldn't have it any other way because

I'm a fucking man and the struggle is

what makes me who I am one might think

that females are bad for falling out of

love with men but I don't think so at

all I really don't men foolishly believe

that females mean the wedding vows when

they tear fully recite them from the

preacher oh my god I finally made it I

have unconditional love she said for

better or which said she'll love me for

better or worse through thick and thin

in sickness and in health no she will

and in most cases it's not fair you want

to know something that's how it is if

you're stricken with some sort of

disease guys guess what she might not

stick with you if I were to be stricken

down with some sort of terminally with

some sort of cancer that just ravages my

buddy dude Devon's gonna lose attraction

arousal for me she'll stick around and

fight but just how it is

sometimes life gives you a shitty hand

it's just how it is right listen she'll

go to your appointments she'll take care

of you she'll wipe your ass she'll you

know help you to the toilet

but she'll on you she'll only do that

for so long before she starts looking

for someone else to fulfill her needs

this is the masculine conundrum

gentlemen you sign that disent you sign

on the dotted line would you get with a

woman in that capacity I'll give another

example Terri Schiavo and Michael

Schindler I was living in I was actually

living in st. Petersburg 10 minutes from

Pinellas Park Florida and if you guys

don't know what I'm talking about

google it Terri Schiavo she's a woman I

think who was in a car accident she was

on a feeding tube she like dude you know

she is basically a vegetable right

listen Michael Shitler took care of her

I think for like five or six years I

could be getting my time I could be

getting my time stuff wrong but then the

world acted shocked when they found out

Michael Schindler or Michael Schiavo was

fucking somebody else who his wife is is

a vegetable she's an invalid she's got a

feeding tube what the fuck she's

supposed to do right this is how it is

but when a woman steps out on a man

who's terminally ill oh well no she had

to have her needs bed is that fair

no this is how it is you guys who have

you guys have to accept us and embrace

this a female's love is as strong as

your performance on the job do not get

it twisted gentlemen you can cry about

it you can complain about it do whatever

you want this is how women are

hard-wired females simply cannot love a

man unconditionally they can't do it

unconditional love is not for men it

makes us weak it makes us soft it makes

us useless unconditional love is for

females children and animals not men

I don't want unconditional love I like

the fact that Devon would walk right out

the door if I cease to be what I am I


I like that I got to be razor-sharp

day-in day-out I like that I have to

display masculine dominance every hour

of every day I like it and I embrace it

it's not easy but I like it when Devin

tells me she loves me guess what guys I

believe her

okay but I don't think for one second

that she would not jump ship if I were

to ever take my foot off the gas any man

who wants or dreams about unconditional

love is weak you want to be like females

children and animals go right ahead

but for the rest of us red pillow we're

men we live to be judged by our merits

in our performance this is the way it

should be all right let us check the

chat here one last time game warden says

he was talking about yesterday's topic

when women's hormones and what they want

changes on a daily okay I got I got you

all right all right I thought you're

talking about men handling being able to

handle women all right I got you let's

go all the way back up here Chris Kayson

says unconditional love is not a myth

it's a lie very true

Mike Schiller he wants to know did I

catch the bachelor this week yes I did

listen I swear to God I wish I wish that

I could have followed through on what I

said I was gonna do I want I was gonna

do like these I was gonna do these live

broadcasts with The Bachelor I was gonna

watch it obviously not on the screen but

I was gonna watch it and commentate oh

my god what dude like things are crazy

I'm I'm super busy I'm getting ready to

move studio upgrades god damn man The

Bachelor is full of red pill truth it

really is man Captain Crunch force when

he says a woman's love is para sick

Charles cabby arrow says indeed that's

why rocky went after Adrian she was a

virgin quality woman yep that's exactly

right man

freelance Ronan says the app cast and

the YouTube cast are indeed in perfect


I literally figured out what the problem

was it was it's just it was something

very very stupid and I can't believe

that I didn't think of this earlier

so yes rocky 4 was the best rocky

probably because it was the the first

rocky I ever saw was rocky 3 I didn't

see the first two I saw Rocky 3 when I

was 8 years old and then when rocky 4

came out I was like oh my god I gotta go

see that movie and I'll never forget I

was actually living in New Jersey at the

time I'm in fourth grade

I'm in Mr says was mr. Scott I was a mr.

Scott's class and my and the I guess the

hall monitor came in says yes uh Donovan

and sharps dad is here to pick him up

like what the hell am I in trouble

did I go to the principal's office I'm

like dude what now right because I was

always I was always at the principal's

office and I swear to god this is like

the greatest memory of my life my dad

showed me two tickets for rocky for the

matinee was that happiest kid in the

world unbelievable so this why rocky for

and of course I had I had nightmares

about Ivan Drago until I was about 27

years old but but I digress

freelance earnest says game coincides

with female nature absolutely game

warden wants to know can I do a show on

breaking down red pill truth in hip-hop

lyrics like dr. Dre Snoop - buck Biggie

Smalls etc I don't know that's actually

not a bad idea not a bad idea

Devin and I have another personal

training appointment I'm doing

two-a-days now so we work out with a

personal trainer on we work over the

personal trainer three days a week for

an hour and I go to the gym I'm actually

I went I'm gonna go to the gym four

times a week I'll be at the gym six

times next week and it would be six

times a week until until the 21 con then

I'll dial it back so I'm doing two days

I deadlift it and did barbell rows today

I'm about to go downstairs

and get some core work in with my girl

that's going to do it for this edition

of TSR primetime thank you guys for



cuz I'm almost there but no one ever

said it I was fair I won't break I come

around me makes me sing star that comes

around me cuz no no

don't stress you ain't buy your bread

tonight come around me way too many

spacer that goes around because no don't

do extra not out

no I can't do it drives no I can't do an


no I can't do anything stress



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