Performance enhancing drugs: Donovan's Den Vol. 3

In the third installment of Donovan's Den, Donovan Sharpe talks about his personal experience with several performance enhancing drugs, how they affected him, the pros and cons, and how they help him thrive as a man.

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We all want an edge. We want to look better, feel better, fuck better, and be better. At 40 years old I'm able to do things I wouldn't normally be able to do at my age without these 4 substances that have absolutely changed my life.

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what's up guys Adam and Donovan sharp

and welcome to this edition of Donovan's

den tonight I'm gonna talk to you guys

about four illegal substances that will

change your life these are four

substances that I use myself to maintain

both my physical and my mental edge now

I'm gonna go ahead and and go ahead and

give you guys a disclaimer this is not

medical advice nor is it intended to be

always make sure you consult your doctor

or a licensed physician before starting

a regimen of any kind so now that that's

out of the way we can go ahead and get

started here I'm in the best physical

shape since my mid-twenties but guys I

ain't in my bid 20s anymore

and the older I get the more difficult

it becomes to to to maintain a good

physique it becomes a little more

difficult to stay mentally sharp stay

productive etcetera plus you know as a

man look I'm always looking to gain an

edge and improve myself

mentally and physically anyway as any

man should now after some research and

consulting my doctor as well as self

experimentation I've dialed in my

regimen to the point where I am now

operating at peak physical condition see

much more often than not and I stay

focused and productive and I stay I

listen I stay focused and productive

enough to crank out the volume of

content that I'm able to crank out so

what I'm gonna do is I want to talk

about these substances and how they

affect me in the gym as far as my

training goes I'll also talk about how

it affects me socially and productively

then I'll tell you guys about some of

the negatives or side effects to make

sure that you guys can stay aware of now

the reason why I called this for illegal

ish substances that will change your

life is that none of these substances

are available over the county you can't

just walk into your local CVS you know

Duane Reade you know Walgreens or any

other pharmacy or Walmart or Target and

pick this stuff up you've got to consult

with your doctor or you'll have to get

it online so let's go ahead and get to

it the first substance is kratom now my

title sponsor right now is kratom it's

it's happy hippo herbals and the reason

for that is

that because I've used their kratom for

three years now and but it certainly

benefits me in a lot of different ways

now when I go to the gym I take medium

and fast strains just depending upon the

day to give me a burst of energy about a

half an hour after I take 2 to 3 grams

there is a rush I feel a rush of strong

clean energy along with razor sharp

focus and motivation that makes me feel

like I can squat 700 pounds now gradum

doesn't increase my strength but I can

certainly feel a difference in the way I

perform each rep the the concentration

and the focus that I get from kratom and

improves my form which again is

absolutely critical when you're lifting

heavy and it also allows me to get to my

workout a little more quickly which

saves me which saves me time which is

and which is an increasingly dwindling

commodity for me these days now socially

regardless of the strain

I take kratom listen guys it improves my

mood exponentially man like I'm happier

and I have an increased sense of

well-being I just I feel so much better

when I'm on it when I first started

taking it back in 14 it made me want to

approach girls all the time that's what

being in a better mood does for you the

bottom line socially is that kratom

makes me very happy and I'm not talking

about a loopy I'm drunk as fuck type of

happy but a genuine elevated clean level

of contentment that puts me in an

awesome mood and like I said the strain

never matters whether it's a fast train

a slow strange you know a medium

strained it always puts me in a good

mood now the negatives are the side

effects to kratom is that it is very

easy to build a tolerance if you do not

rotate your strains properly the higher

your tolerance the more you the more you

the more crowded me up to take which can

which can result in nausea and you'll

throw it up or you'll just get really

sleepy I made this mistake when I first

started and I've since corrected I took

too much kratom and I got so nauseous I

threw it all up and it listening it's

not oh my god overdosing on kratom it's

not a good feeling man and throwing that

shit up sucks it tastes bad so you

certainly want to do that so make sure

you start off slow

now I mentioned rotating strains

properly anytime you're doing kratom

anytime you're taking kratom you'll

always have to make sure that you have

three or four strains that you rotate on

a daily basis so you take one strain one

day take the next strain on day two and

so on and so forth right now I've got I

think I've got eight or nine different

strains that I rotate and I take 2 to 3

grams twice a day and I do this I do

this daily now overall I only take

kratom when I wake up or when I'm not

feeling my best or or if I'm not quite

as motivated to lift it tends to work

kratom tends to work best for me when

I'm in a fasted state which means I

haven't eaten in 8 hours or more every

so often I'll take it when I feel crappy

or I just need a short burst of energy

to complete a task but as long as you're

careful with the amount that you take

and as long as you're careful rotating

strange you'll never overdose and you'll

never build a tolerance go to go to

good-looking loser calm that's the that

is you know the site that the guy that

runs at Christy Otis he runs that site

and he owns happy hippo herbals there

are several he it's almost like he has a

kratom Bible he tells you about each and

every strain how to rotate them how much

to take what to take them for if you

have a big task - - to complete he'll

tell you which strains to take if you if

you're gonna work out he tells you what

strains to take he tells you how to

rotate them he he literally gives you a

step-by-step guide on getting the most

out of kratom if you decide to what he

calls live the kratom lifestyle people

also you could use Cranham - to break

opioid dependency heroin addicts use

kratom to get off of heroin so credibly

definitely has many many benefits and

like I said I've used it for the better

part of the last three years and I'm

glad I found it I really am

the next substance that I would highly

recommend that I use semi-regularly is

what's called modafinil

now modafinil is a know tropic stimulant

mainly used for extreme concentration

and extreme mental stamina I mainly use

it when I have a project or an article

that needs to be completed in 24 hours

or less it's found in a lot of what they

call smart drugs and compounds that help

people increase their focus and

productivity modafinil is is as usually

the main ingredient in these smart drugs

now I experimented with modafinil in the

gym and it definitely made a difference

guys I had a razor-sharp focus and I

listened a lot of energy it's not just a

no tropic it is it is definitely a

stimulant you gotta be careful not to

take too much modafinil otherwise you'll

end up with a raging headache I usually

take a hundred milligrams which means

splitting the 200 milligram pill in half

but I take him the whole pill before and

even though I had that energy and focus

in power through might work out a few

hours later I got that headache your

tolerance may be a little bit different

but but just make sure and be careful

and make sure you start slowly

some people listen some people can do

two and three hundred milligrams of

Matassa nil me personally you know I

can't do that much sometimes I'll take

100 milligrams right when I wake up and

then maybe later on in the day if it's

not too close - don't take it close to

bedtime you'll be up all night long

definitely take modafinil when you the

first first thing when you wake up in

the morning and if you want to take the

second half of the pill or maybe even a

smaller dose 50 milligram make sure you

do it before 11 or 12 o'clock in the

afternoon that way or not laying in your

bed you know wanting to go to sleep and

the modafinil won't let you now

socially speaking modafinil tends to

make me anti-social because of the focus

date but because of the focus it gives

me it gives you modafinil gives you a

one-track mind meaning that you can

rarely concentrate on anything but what

you're doing at that very moment you

can't be you cannot multitask on


you can multitask if you're if you're in

if you're at your office or if you're

doing so if you're doing many projects

that have to do with one but you can't

be on the phone and on social media

working on your

you can't do that modafinil is not gonna

help you with that so if you're looking

for something to help you get over maybe

social anxiety or give you an elevated

mood burst burst to talk to girls

modafinil is not that drug kratom is

gonna help you out more with that

productivity wise this is where

modafinil absolutely shines this is what

most people use it for about an hour

after I take it I get that tunnel vision

and I'm guys I am literally able to mow

through long tasks 1,500 2,000 word

articles I just I mow right through it

guys this but ethanol allows me to crank

out just about anything with minimal

distractions minimal breaks anything

that diverts my attention from what I'm

doing the shows I put together 40s are

alive they take anywhere between 3 and 5

hours to complete but sometimes my week

is busy and I fall a little bit behind

schedule this is where modafinil helps

out all-in-all modafinil is a one-trick

pony but it is a trick that makes it

well worth it that listen guys I'm

telling you the focus is there so long

as you're isolated if you're in a social

setting or around people when trying to

get something done your mind is gonna be

all over the place and eventually you're

gonna end up with a headache if you've

got a long day ahead of you or if you

have a project or projects that need to

be completed modafinil guys I'm here to

tell you mow daffodil absolutely

positively will help you to get it done

the drawback to mode a fail is that it

can be highly addictive if you are not

careful guys you can do a quick search

on dosing recommendations but I

personally I would recommend taking it

twice a week at the very most any more

than that guys and you run the risk of

becoming addicted to it and guys guys

listen if you read stories about people

who get who get addicted to modafinil

you can find him online man it gets ugly

alright so make sure you're doing it

twice a week at the very most and after

about a month give yourself about a

two-week washout period to allow your

system to reset and build up that

tolerance again so again modafinil is

what they call a smart drug it

definitely helps you to maintain focus

it helps you to get stuff done man it is

it is a very very it is a highly

effective drug and it makes you hyper

hyper productive and the quality of the

work that you do when you're on

laughing oh man it is second-to-none

this again this is why people get

addicted to it because of the quality

and the volume of work that you can get

done me personally went up and I'm not I

don't do modafinil right now but I would

say within the next couple of weeks I'll

start another modafinil cycle I do 100

milligrams on Saturday and 100

milligrams on Sunday week 2 I do the

same thing week 3 and might crank at the

to maybe 300 but I don't go any higher

than that

III take enough modafinil to get done

what I need to get done I don't want to

be up for 12 hours staring at my

computer screen doing doing podcast that

shows and cranking out articles you're

gonna again you're gonna you're gonna

drill yourself into the hole but if you

have some things to get done if you need

that laser sharp focus without any

distractions but daffodil is absolutely

worth a shot the next substance that I

would highly recommend is one that a lot

of us have experience with and that is

Viagra and Cialis now during now not for

the reason that you would think and let

me explain why during the steroid

enquiries the baseball inquiries of the

mid 2000 some of the suppliers revealed

you know the Victor Conte's of the world

that ran BALCO a lot of those guys

revealed that their clients were also

using viagra which they refer to as

vitamin v as a part of their

supplemental regimen to improve their

performances on the baseball diamond so

I decided to experiment with it myself

to see if it yielded any results in my

own training now in the gym like like

the kratom viagra didn't necessarily

increase my strength or my flexibility I

did however notice a decrease in

soreness the next day which was

unexpected and I listened I tried this

on three separate occasions at separate

occasions I alternated Monday's I did

this on alternating Monday's for six

weeks so the first Monday I would do

Viagra the next week I wouldn't and what

I found is that I was always a little

more sore on the Tuesdays that I that I

didn't take viagra the day before cialis

on the other hand that didn't make a

difference at all okay I didn't notice

any difference and it slightly because

cialis is a slow-release drug and it's

meant to be taken every day as opposed

to the much more immediate effect that

viagra has now as far as the bedroom

goes in the bedroom right there's

there's no need to

marade on this too much because we are

all aware of the fact we're all aware of

the of the effect that these drugs have

on our pussy pounding conquest' in short

they both work and they both work well

you want to fuck like a porn star you

fuck you pop a Viagra and you will kill

your girlfriend and she will look and

she will absolutely love you for it

now Viagra and Cialis have many

different uses and like I said before it

will affect different men in different

ways some men do report that it does

increase one strength in the weight room

some men you know state that it helps

with recovery and then other men report

that you know they reporters are

different but minor effects

you guys can try them on your own to see

whether or not it helps you in these

ways but I would I would I would

recommend trying it at least one stay

away from cialis if you're looking for

some help in the gym viagra definitely

helps in the gym in terms of soreness

and the overall muscle pumps that you

hear about you know on weightlifting

threads and things like that something

else that I have used in the past that

works very well in the bedroom is a

compound called happy passengers and as

far as sex goes it is easily the best

I've ever used I haven't used it in a

few years because I haven't really had

to but if you want to fuck along if you

want to fuck your girl longer if you

want to fuck her whore if you want to

last longer and all the rest of that

guy's happy passengers is absolutely the

best thing on the market again I have

personal experience with it so I can

vouch for its effectiveness and listen

guys they're not paying me to say this

all right they're not sponsoring me or

anything I'm telling you straight up

that happy passengers is what worked

best for me when I had a tea because of

course I was jerking off too much guys

listen I stayed hard and even when I

busted a nut I was ready to fuck just a

few minutes later so again I would

highly recommend giving it a try you pop

you pop one happy pass one happy

passengers and it stays effective for up

to 72 hours so you can fuck like a porn

star for for it for two to three days

and you're good to go there are several

places that you can buy it online but if

you want to link to a good source go

ahead and shoot me an email and I'll

send it to you go to the sharp reality

com go to the contact tab and put in the

you know put in the put in the message

put put happy passengers in the in the

subject line and I'll be more than happy

to shoot you that link

the last and final substance that I use

on the regular is injectable

testosterone and I'm not talking about

new genex or these testosterone boosting

mad boosting pills that they Hawk on TV

guys those are a waste of money there is

no way - there is absolutely no way to

increase to directly increase your free

testosterone to the point where it

actually makes a physical difference

other than to inject it this is if

you're afraid of needles then this this

isn't for you injectable testosterone is

absolutely the best way to increase to

increase your free testosterone

significantly enough for it to matter

poppin pills and oh you know send us the

text and we'll send you a free bottle

they got all these guys talking no no no

no they're all full of shit all those

older good-looking guys that you see on

TV are genetic freaks who are either

genetic freaks or they're on

testosterone replacement therapy which

means they are they're putting needle -

ass like don't let the don't let these

guys fool you and don't let them take

don't let them take your money anyway

the benefits of testosterone replacement

therapy are well documented guys like I

said before I'm already in great

physical shape but at forty years of age

I mean listen man the old listen the old

motor isn't what it used to be between

my bad guys between my bad knees you

know my bad left shoulder and the art

you know the arthritis in my right elbow

my injuries are much more of a factor

now than what they used to be before I

started testosterone replacement therapy

almost four years ago I was around 250

pounds probably about 15%

it was probably 20% body fat pretty

solid physique not necessarily where I

want her to needed to be but pretty

solid physique for a guy who stands you

know right around at 6:1 but since I

started taking testosterone I maintain a

body weight of around 220 and my body

fat lingers somewhere in the

neighborhood of 10 to 12 percent now in

the gym this is the area where I've

noticed the biggest difference with

testosterone replacement therapy now

testosterone doesn't make me physically

stronger but it does help me to recover

much more quickly and it has drastically

reduced the pain in my knees my bad left

shoulder and my arthritic elbow which is

also of course helped me to increase the

weight my compound

two other huge benefits that I have

noticed is that number one it helps me

to keep the muscle I build through

lifting and through lifting you know

without cutting back on my cardio number

two it gives me a little more leeway of

my diet which allows me to - it will it

allows me to consume a few more healthy

carbohydrates on my biking days and

still keep you know my hard-earned

muscle on my frame where it belongs

guys testosterone replacement therapy

has literally turned back turn back the

clock for me listen you can look at me I

don't I don't look like I'm 40 years old

I look like I'm 34 35 years old a lot of

that has to do with TRT guys listen not

only do I look better but I also feel

better which is the main reason I

decided to do it in the first place

because in my mind a great physique is

only worth it if it serves a practical

purpose other than picking up chicks I

mean think about it what good is what

good is an athletic looking body if you

can't physically do with it do anything

with it or if your sore hurting all the

time guys testosterone replacement

therapy is definitely as advertised and

I would highly recommend that any man

over the age of 35 to talk to your

doctor about injectable testosterone you

will thank me for it later guys I used

to be in the whole age gracefully and

naturally camp until I took until I took

it upon myself to become a little more

educated in the use of these

performance-enhancing drugs that seem to

have the boogeyman guys Father Time is

undefeated but that doesn't mean that we

can't extend our physical primes by a

few years and maybe play a more active

role in our aging process guys every man

out there myself included listen we all

want to be more productive we all want

to be mentally sharper we all want to

fuck better we all want to feel better

we all want to reach our genetic

potential alright I have found that

these four compounds will five counting

the happy passengers they helped me to

accomplish all of these things if you're

looking to improve your life in those

ways guys take actions start doing

research and talk to your doctor next

week I am going to talk about how you

can start attracting pretty girls before

you even learn game or use game so you

definitely don't want to miss that

thanks for watching

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