Politics and The Red Pill with Miami J (Ep. 293)

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Politics is an inevitable topic when it comes to The Red Pill. Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, abortion, welfare, gay marriage and transgenders are all hot button topics in The Red Pill sector. Miami J joins me to talk about these and other things that affect Men living The Red Pill life.




The Red Pill and Politics

A Red Pill mentality about politics

The Red Pill is Inherently political


you're a fucking loser you live in your

mom's basement

you probably have a two-inch cock you

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Netflix and chill fuck you talk about

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squared away all right Wow Brandon yo

Miami J whoa Brandon browner holy shit

man Brandon Browner's facing four felony

charges including attempted murder go

ahead and unmute yourself on Miami J um

what listen let's go out yeah listen I

just saw that look while I'm getting

this all squared away what are your

thoughts on shady McCoy and the and the

domestic violence charges that he's

facing dude like dude that is it's

unbelievable right yeah it's just

another I can hear a bit of an echo by

the way I don't know if you're aware

that okay yeah let me I can work through

it a little bit it's probably just the

Zeke Elliott situation where there's

really nothing there at the league's you

know overreact you know the interesting

thing is is there is obviously the

league is is facing some the league is

definitely facing some consistency

issues because oh yeah you know Jameis

Winston I mean pretty much admitted that

yeah you know I grew up this chick in

this uber ride and for whatever

the the NFL only gave him a three-game


whereas Zeke Elliott proclaim his

innocence throughout throughout and

there was even evidence that she may

have been bullshitting him and she's

still I mean he still ended up getting

six games it's too erratic

I think Goodell is just out of control

they got to come up with their own like

one set of standards right and I just

stick to them it's freaking ridiculous

yeah don't get me wrong it's a Dolphins

fan I'm not gonna complain it's shady

McCoy gets you game suspension but uh

but yeah it's probably bullshit yeah and

I don't listen man I mean listen I'm not

here we I think it's pretty obvious at

this point that that fucking with women

you know as a professional athlete

that's gonna open up to a lot of things

because women know that in order to if

they want to get back at you know at

these at these professional athletes

particularly NFL guys all they got to do

is say he hit me look at my situation

with um oh god what the hell is a guy's

name though Rubin Foster right like his

loot his ex-girlfriend says I am going

to end you I am going to falsely accuse

you I'm going to falsely accuse you of

domestic violence and she damn near

ended his career but she came true in

the end she kept it she kept it 100 and

she ended up she ended up coming in and

admitting that yeah you know I fuckin

with women you know as a professional

athlete that's gonna open up to a lot of

things because women know the second

that in order to get back at you know at

these at these professional athletes

particularly NFL guys all they gotta do

is say he hit me with intuition with

what the hell is the guy's name Reuben

Fawcett right like his girlfriend says I

am going to end you I am going to

falsely accuse you I'm going to falsely

accuse you of domestic violence and she

did her in two eyes over the rear that's

coming but she came true in the end she

kept it she kept it 100 and she ended up

coming in and admitting that yeah you

know I'm fuckin with women you know as a

professional athlete that's gonna open

up to a lot of things because you didn't

notice like that

while you pack


okay there we go all right yeah there's

no that was no that was some that we

dealt with some crazy it was almost as

though I had a it was almost as though I

had a was weird man

so all right let me let me open up let

me open up another browser that not my

best not my best not my best

broadcasting moment but it is what it is

bear with me guys get this all squared

away and worked out okay good so I know

I'm live on my website alright excellent

excellent excellent excellent all right


excellent so now what I'm gonna do okay

so alright excellent so my guest tonight

and I can still hear a bit of an echo

hopefully hopefully it's not too too bad

my guests done it of course is Miami Jay

one of the TSR towers what are the TSR

towers oh geez

listen Miami Jay is he is as plugged in

to politics as anyone I know and you

know it listen I really wanted you to

call in you know on Sunday night when I

had a Jermaine Botti on that dude I know

you were chomping at the bit

but again Sunday night doesn't really

seem like the kind of night you know to

do shows anymore will what will

certainly figure that out but politics

in the red pill what are your thoughts

because to me there are certain topics

that are inevitable when it comes to

politics and the red pill and of course

the red pill is now being grouped in

with the alt-right what are your

thoughts on the reason why mainstream

media loves blue big red pill guys with

the all right decent cells and listen

that's that listen that that's that

Miami weather going on out there man yep

Miami's a job well you're certainly

gonna you're certainly gonna get that's

the but but talk to me about what your

thoughts are on that

so obviously when you talk red pill and

politics they're low-hanging through

this feminism right we all get talked

about and last time I was out we talked

mainly about how feminism is just

identity politics

but now that I've been going through you

know my own red pill journey my reading

the reptile sub red and everything most

red pill guys seem to be either full-on

pro-trump which is all fair and good or

Libertarians which also all fare good

but um I think the red pill is basically

about living unconstrained from you know

society doing what you want to do

absolutely and government is gonna

inevitably get in the way of that which

is why I think most red pill guys

whether they were Democrats or

Republicans before they'll end up

falling on the Republican side of the

spectrum right or the libertarian side

of the spectrum I have my own thoughts

on libertarianism I have a lot of

libertarian streets myself though I am

NOT a libertarian okay but you know

libertarians I think they need to get

their act together as a party to be a

viable political movement okay which you

know that's something a little easier

said than done

yeah I mean red pill like you talked

about all the time it's about living

your life without constraints of society

so the government anything the

government does increases its own power

unless it's repealing or something which

never happens right of course so and and

you you hit the nail on the head when

you said when you talked about

constraints I think one of the one of

the standard I guess one of the standard

tropes of the red pill in terms of

feminism in ruch said it best feminism

in a nutshell

they if they remove all of the sexual

constraints from women while putting

them on men right and I think that I

don't think that I think that also

extends not only to sexual or Strengths

that's also societal restraints

responsibilities etc etc and by the way

soup-bone you're gone dude I just i just

banned you from my channel you listen

you can follow me all over the place you

can you can chat and this and any other

anytime i see you in the chat i'm gonna

ban you so you're gonna yeah i mean


soup-bone if you have anything to say

call it right on there I'm not gonna ban

you from the phone lines nine one four

two oh five five three five six

if you're gonna troll me fine I I

certainly don't mind you trolling me but

you're gonna do it with your voice

instead of hiding behind your computer

um let's talk about a hot-button issue I

think you probably saw it on the on the

ESPN bottom line and in your updates the


at the NFLPA has now filed a grievance

about the about that about the national

anthem policy what are your thoughts on

that I thought this was never about the

national anthem no right no so this is

all all of it it stems from Colin

Kaepernick and his bait aways and giving

in to his girlfriend yes now the NFLPA

they're just answering to their to their

members to their dupes dues-paying

members they just dirtiest doing what

players supposedly want I think the

problem here lies with the NFL where and

we were just talking about it off there

about their sexual assault pause yes yes

they need to they're way too erratic

with all these things they need to pick

a policy and stick with it they're

digging their own grave it's not the NFL

pas fault this entire crisis now it's

not Kaepernick slope anymore yes

especially since last season honestly I

think last season when last season began

nobody was fuckin talking about this no

no they were not barely maybe one or two

players were kneeling and nobody was

paying attention to them then and this

is one of my main issues with Trump was

he had to go and say something it

stirred everything back up again temple

yes of course now today it's not it's

not about the damn national anthem it's

about you know it's about black lives

matter is you know then believing that

they have a right to be heard you always

say that the freedom of speech comes

with freedom with you know the burden of

responsibility that's right you people

don't understand yes you had the right

to say whatever the hell you want you do

not have the right to be heard you do

not have time for somebody to listen to

you there you don't so you when you're

denied a forum you can't complain you

can still go out and say whatever the

hell you want but you have to assume the

responsibility and you can't force

anyone to listen it's just that simple

listen I totally agree and I know I have


thoughts what do you think about what do

you think about that listen obviously

the the national anthem protests in the

NFL are about everything but the actual

protamine it's it's it's spirals out of


but when you write when you break it

down when you break it down to its it's

it's it's it's true form

what it was supposed to be about you

know bringing attention to bringing

attention to you know you know social


police brutality etcetera etc do you

think now in my mind listen I don't have

a problem with what Colin Kaepernick did

but guess what I don't have a problem

with the way the NFL reacted what are

your thoughts on do you think he did the

right thing or like who do you side with

you side with Kaepernick and the players

Arnie's side with the NFL well I'm a

veteran I'm not one to ever disrespect

our flag or the anthem so I didn't agree

with that specifically but I'll defend

his right to protest in any way he wants

for better or for worse because we have

that right as American right but

ultimately the reaction that matters

it's not Kathryn it just not the NFL's

it's not the NFLPA and it's not ours

it's the fans the Joe's who own the

season tickets and go to every game to

root for their team who deep down are

red-blooded god-fearing Americans

ones that are not buying season tickets

now which is where the NFL has a huge


it's not about Kaepernick it's not about

the NFL and sure as hell it's not about

Roger Goodell oh my god no the thing is

this is I slide with Kaepernick and I

side with the NFL listen man growling -

cat listen I'm a black man and dude I

mean I've been racially profiled before

no doubt about it dude I've been I've

been pulled over unjustly and this and

that and the other I've certainly had my

run-ins with the law so as far as and

listen police brutality absolutely

exists and you know I mean it's it's

it's it's obviously a problem for black

men and black men speaking as a black

man so on Kaepernick side yeah listen

I'm I'm all for him protesting if he

wants to bring more attention to it

that's perfectly fine but on but by the

same token by the same token the NFL has

every right to respond the way they

respond is here's the thing people think

that people think that the Bill of

rights only applies to them individually

as citizens but what they forget is that

your employer also has the freedom to

fire you for any reason they change

right they have the freedom of speech

they have the freedom of choice guess

what so do employers and if an employer

decides hey listen you're hurting my

bottom line because you're pissing off

the customers I don't have to sign you

so so again the NFL players they're

barking up the wrong tree here they're

prone to they're trying to get the

owners and they're trying to get the

owners to back off on their new national

anthem policy this isn't a

constitutional issue the NFL on the

others are there within their rights

let's talk about the Bill of Rights for

a second the Bill of Rights isn't

necessarily delineating every right a

citizen has right the Bill of Rights

then its main purpose is to restrain the

government from doing certain things not

private entities and not private

individuals so the NFLPA can censor

anybody the hell they want at any time

YouTube can send sadly YouTube can take

you off the air anytime they want for a

niche reason where's the can but I think

when you break it down even further this

this is way bigger than cabinet this is

way bigger than blacklivesmatter that

professional sports in America are the

last true bastion of the free Mars

totally agree okay so the last place

where pure meritocracy matters if you're

better than the guy next to you

you're gonna play he's not right there's

no affirmative action there's no

fairness quote unquote and black lives

matter or the natural lines and protests

all this feminists breast cancer stuff

they're wearing all of this is the

left's way of seeping into it because

it's the last true bastion that's really

market there's look for better or for

worse there may be an HR department

inside the Cleveland Browns but if

Jarvis Landry goes and says something to

some girl that definitely ain't

happening that definitely ain't


and again feminists realized that okay

the teams aren't the team's definitely

aren't going to discipline their players

for quote unquote inappropriate behavior

but they can go to they can go to the

NFL and Roger Goodell

and say well look right take this guy

off the field etc etc and of course

shady McCoy is

is certainly certainly yeah he's

listened he's looking down the gun

barrel there I mean if still here's a

way you know when when the left is

making true headway in getting into the

NFL and into professional sport is when

you start seeing quotas for female

referees that's coming in the next five

years I guarantee it oh no dude don't

tell me that but listen guarantee right

listen I'm watching the NBA Summer

League and I'm seeing fucking female

referees all over the place I'm like oh

you gotta be fucking kidding me man yeah

that's the this is a dude I wrote an

article on return of Kings years ago

called the NFL you know continues it's

white knighting by hiring its first

female referee full-time Sarah Thomas

and I'm thinking to myself oh my god

like all they wait like it's just it's

just unbelievable Hashim 305 says they

can go after the sponsors - yeah it's

that's an interesting thought because

because again Jamel Hill got suspended

from ESPN because she's a dumb ass she

was literally telling people on Twitter

go after the sponsors you fucking suit

you you stupid fucking all of the money

dude listen

of course they suspended her you she

works for ESPN in order for it and she

works for ESPN who has a contract with

the NFL so if you're telling the NFL

fans to boycott the sponsors because

Jerry Jones said some shit that she

didn't agree with you're literally

taking money out of your employer's

pocket they had to suspend her and if

not for a contract they'd probably fire

dude she is she is unbearable like all

she wants to do is talk about recent

sports recent listen hey listen I just

don't have time for that stuff

it's all about it's all about racism and

feminism it's just getting oh man yeah

most females work in ESPN or Fox Sports

or whatever they think they're owed a

place in the sports world right and

they've never played a sport in their

life they got a journalism degree from

Vassar College I don't write and and

they like sports so they think they can

get into this world and they think

they're owed something because they're

women I'm sorry you've never played the

game even if you have you probably never

even played at a professional level the

only female commentators or anything

that I truly respect or listen to for

their expertise are

no soccer commentator somebody like a

Mia Hamm yes who won a World Cup yes she

might know a little bit some about

soccer but now they got God again I'm

watching the World Cup and they got

these female commentators in Spanish and

these women who honestly have done

nothing but be born with a nice pair of

tits we're talking about Christian or a

you know like listen Rosie Perez is now

breaking down prizefights on its it's

like like what like what Allah buys her

to be a boxing expert what she likes

boxing nothing like get out of here now

here's the thing now me I'm not against

females being a part of sports ok listen

I don't mind if there are female sports

anchors be or female sideline reporters

they are paid to they are paid to report

the facts and look good where I draw the

line is where now we're paying attention

to we're paying attention to female

opinions right we have females on pardon

the interruption around the horn I don't

give a fuck what your opinion is

sweetheart like that because again the

female opinion is irrelevant as far as

sports and women and again ESPN they're

the ringleader they have they have

unfortunately for them they have really

they have given women the impression

that they matter

women don't fucking matter 99.9% of

sports sports spectators are men so you

can go after you can go after Gillette

or about you can go after you know what

was it Dan and yogurt I think Cam Newton

lost as Danny yogurt whatever you can go

after the female sponsors dudes aren't

gonna stop buying Gillette they're not

gonna stop buying razors they're not

gonna stop buying beer they're not gonna

stop buying trucks because something is

gonna stop buying Dannon yogurt because

Cam Newton said something of course not

but Danone had to do this because he you

know he questions the female you are

watching TSR primetime with special

guest miami GA if you are watching if

you are watching on give me a second if

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donovan sharp calm to watch the

remainder of the episode

Kaleem denmark says Donovan

be at a pocket if they're qualified

there hold on a second yeah just this

this person he says if they're qualified

they're there they're qualified no I'm

not at a pocket um he tells me I might

be I hope that I can't tell if this is a

man or a woman but for somebody to tell

me I'm out of pocket to talk about to

talk if they're qualified they're

qualified then I'll check this out check

this out brah

this is how can I put this I'm trying to

put this the that's the the simplest way

I could as a man as a male sports fan as

a man who's a sports fan with red pill

awareness I am NOT interested in a feat

I'm not interested in the female opinion

of sports okay if Suzy Kolber wants to

host NFL live no problem because she's

not giving her opinion if God if Nicole

Briscoe wants to host SportsCenter I got

no problem she's not she's not paid for

her opinion she's paid to read the

telecom tur sure you know sure bigs okay

said no disrespect no problem just don't

tell me I'm at a pocket but it look good

if if they're paid to look good and

report the facts I got no problem the

hot female sideline reporter yeah I just

talked to Mike Tomlin and Ben

Roethlisberger's ankle looks like it's

gonna be okay he's gonna return for this

again have I got no problem with that

but when you start giving women

platforms to voice their opinions on

sports no no no listen females are not

qualified to give opinions on in and on

on on male activities period let me give

you a little anecdote here so like I

said I've been watching the World Cup on

freakin Telemundo which you say ESPN is

a ringleader you should try to low end

oh no what it is hilarious they paddle


there's nothing cheaper in the world and

Hispanic television I'll tell you they

will have a couch of discussion it is

literally five women huge fucking

breasts gorgeous dude wearing absolutely

nothing literally you can tell the

reading a script like 30 minutes or so

one of them will go off script and just

say something completely stupid and the

other was the others will just look at

her like like what the fuck are you

doing yeah they just went off script

it is hilarious if anybody out there can


let's go watch Telemundo tomorrow

there's a World Cup but listen listening

it doesn't sound like you have to know

Spanish to be motivated to hell no

telefono again if you're watching on

Facebook YouTube or Twitter coming over

to donovan sharp calm to watch the

remainder of the episode again my

facebook instagram youtube and twitter

audiences come on over to donovan shark

comm to watch the rest of csr prime time

thank you guys for tuning in I

appreciate the comments and I will see

you guys over here on donovan sharp comm

just got an excellent excellent comment

he said get that bitch Michelle Beadle

off the air dude I can't

and listen man I wish L made Michelle oh

my dude she's the one who hosts get up

she's on that new show get up on the SP

and comes on at 7 a.m. it's mike

Greenberg Michelle Beadle Jalen Rose and

and it's it's those three and she also

hosts um being countdown she's always at

the games whatever whatever I dude I

can't stand this chick man she went on

air and she talked all the shit about

Kawhi Leonard about how she's about how

he's a coward this and that knee other I

do I listen she's got a thousand cocks

tear this bit dude she is a fucking

feminist dude she is the feminist of the

highest order all she does is run her

mouth right like that's all she does I

don't know how old she is she's past the

wall she's got just thousand cock stairs

it is unbelievable

dude I got boats here for Molly kiram my

vote is for Sarah Spain what are your

thoughts on what are your thoughts on

these on these female opinionated and of

course Kristine Leahy who's no longer

with the herd we'll see what happens

there well Kristen Leahy was the

pinnacle of everything that is wrong

with feminism in the sports world but I

I don't really pay attention to them I

wish I dude I wish that the the one that

I want I don't really give a damn about

it's the one sport show that I watch

almost religiously every day is good

morning football when I wake up I turn

it on okay it's what's on the background

the girl on that can you remember her

name right I was I don't pay attention

to her she's alright you know I don't

really never have any beef with her

she's not that opinion that it she

always kicks it over the guy so I have

no problem there and the guys seem

pretty smart so what the hell you know

but I don't really pay attention to

female sports casters god I was dude I

wish I had I wish I had the discipline

to not get pissed off at this stuff

because it's so funny because I remember

Molly Karen she's the host of First Take

and an area code 5 7 1 I see you there

in the Cuba to get to you here in just a

second but but she was having a debate

with with with Max Kellerman or or

Steven Naismith something about running

a business and she said well I had a

business degree from such-and-such place

so I think I'm qualified I'm like are

you kidding me so because you have a

business degree you're qualified to talk

about business with a man on air right

like it's just now it's unbelievable the

audacity with which these women's hockey

and again this is our fault we have

given the men we have shown given

craters dude I'm telling you we have

given them reason to think that we give

us listen Molly kirim hosts first take

because he's hot everybody dude

everybody in their mom would fuck Molly

care him I wouldn't fuck Michelle Beadle

her pussy's probably been blown out

Christian Lahey is a hard ten this is

why she was on the herd but she was

under the impression that she was there

for her brains no no no no no no no Marc

there's a little there's a thing here

from on the chat from jxe yeah I hope

I'm pronouncing that right I'm sorry I'm

not it says Donovan in Miami je your

personal conversations with girls you

deal with do you listen to their

opinions on sports and such no no no no

not a chance not a chance dude um like

my girlfriend I talk sports with my

girlfriend a lot actually

and the reason why and I'll listen to

her opinion sometimes because she's

around me all the time like she's not

right like she knows her shit because of

me and and if she's as educated as you

are exactly exactly and listen she's an

Eagles fan and I'm an Eagles fan

you know what I'm saying again you know

against exception to the rule my

girlfriend's not a unicorn I know guys

are gonna think that that's that that's

what I think but no I don't listen to

female opinion on sports because if you

ask well what do you think about the but

the LeSean McCoy

domestic violence well I think he should

go to jail even though he hasn't been

charged yet even though it was hearsay

what do you think about the Reuben or

the Reuben Foster thing well no all of

their opinion is based on emotion

and I don't need a motion based opinion

sports is that's good and that is what

the left bases all of their arguments on

is emotion absolutely remains said it

the other day on your show the left the

political left bases every argument

around the motion that's why they're so

successful yep and that's why it's so

easy to message the left has no issues

messaging their their their views

no II Republicans and people on the

right we do because our things are

rational and they are obviously tougher

to explain and they're based on

statistics numbers right which aren't as

attractive people aren't captivated by

know they're captivated by emotion right

so yeah and the left listen they have

the better package but when it comes

down to it yeah reason and rationale

does have a lot to do with it 942 oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get on the show

area code five seven one you were on

live with Donovan and Miami Jane hi

Donovan hi Miami oh what's up man thank

you for having me on the show not much

not much just to listen to the show and

my thing is well I'm a little bit new to

the movement let's say okay my friend is

putting me on and I just don't listen

the show so I've got it so up so I'm

paying just a little bit of devil's

advocate here on the women commentators

on sport my thing is that I know there

are dude advocated like commentators out

there who have never played a goddamn

game of football quote just watch their

show football maybe coasted a little bit

but not a ton of experience of football

and like they're on Fox News they're on

NBC they're talking about sports strike

they're experts and so I mean is your

take that like hey like the bar is like

lower for hockey lower for guys than it

is for girls like girls have to play its

work in order be part of it and or in

order to commentate on it no no no like

no no and that does it yeah yeah that's

that's that's a very good question my

position and again I can't speak for

Miami Jane my position is this I have no

problem with women in sports as far as

commentating if there's if there's a

woman who's at a sports desk who's

telling me this

SCOR who's telling me statistics no

problem I have no problem with NBA

sideline female reporters I have no

problem with with NFL sideline reporters

there they are paid to look good and

report the facts where where I have a

problem where I absolutely will not give

credence to defeat to females is when

they are on opinion-based shows first

take around the horn pardon the

interruption there heard because the

female listen and it's not just a sports

opinion female opinion is based solely

on emotion Kristine Leahy woodrat she

would wax poetic about how she hated

LeBron what's there to hate about LeBron

you just say listen you just hate LeBron

because you think it's something edgy

and hot takee to say oh Kristine Leahy

hates LeBron so she must know sweetheart

no no sweetie sit there look good play

with the soundboard do your nails look

good and report the news I don't need

your opinion I'm not interested in the

females opinion Miami okay and I did

this is my and that's known that and I

get it and I think this is where I think

maybe I'm like struggling because okay

so it's not the fact that woman's on TV

it's just an opinion when an opinion is

given that's right the thing is she's a

million guys out there right like me my

boys your boys were on we don't want on

sports we're watching it and we're

giving opinions or some was driven by

the state were from the city we're from

how we feel about X subject and like we

all know that everything woman does is

not driven by women there are female

engineers we know this it's bad so like

okay well hold on hold on hold on hold

on no there yes there are female

engineers but that has nothing to do

with the fact that I don't want female

opinion at sports those are two very

different things

yes there are female engineers that's

not mean I don't promise that there are

female carpenters I'm sure but again but

again I have no problem with females and

sports where I have a problem is I don't

I don't I'm not interested in the female

opinion as far as sports go if you ask a

female if you have if you ask a female

what do you think of the Kawhi Leonard

situation yeah i sat there and i watched

Michelle Beadle talk about how Kawhi

Leonard wants to go to the LA Lakers

because he got his feelings hurt because

he was butthurt and I'm thinking are you

kidding me

like you have no and she's a Spurs fan

so I guess that makes her a qualified

spirt her entire argument was based

solely on emotion her and Nicole Briscoe

said the same thing listen man yeah I'm

just not interested in the female

opinion on I'm not interested in the

female opinion on anything because

opinion though isn't there yes but the

emotional opinion is different from the

emotional female opinion and a lot of

the emotional male opinion is based on

fact and rationale I'm not gonna sit

here and say that men don't get

emotional when they talk about sports

but some of their rationale does have

rationale and reason and statistics

women and women will cite statistics to

make themselves sound like they know

what they're talking about but again the

male opinion is different from the

female opinion we operate in two

different ways

I'm not interested in the media bit a

woman you've never met a woman who knows

physics and the facts better than a man

no it's not about statistics and Pagla

let me try to break this down to its

simplest form you're sitting there

you're watching an NFL game usually you

have the guy call in the game the

analyst and maybe the sideline report

you have a color guy yeah that maybe

maybe and in some cases it works when

the female is calling the game she's

literally reporting on what's happening

on the field

now giving opinions no problem with

maybe maybe she's the analyst on the

knot the analyst a sideline reporter

just saying what the coach is said

that's fine she does not belong on the

other chair the analyst chair she's

never been on the field

she's never been hit by a lot hold on

you're absolutely right but men and

women are equal bro you know what I'm

saying okay so just because a man hasn't

been on the field doesn't mean he's not

qualified to give an opinion on sports

well yes he is because he's a man and

he's been involved in sports and again

this actually is its hold on this isn't

even about sports this is the fact that

men and women we just think differently

we process information differently we

have different motivations I'm not

injured I don't need a female opinion on

sports because I don't want their point

of view I know I know that the female of

opinion as far as me as a man is

concerned is I don't want to say flawed

it's just different I don't in and again

I'm trying to think I'd turn I'm trying

to think of the best way to say this but

females don't operate like we do and

that's this is what makes females who

they are this is why it's it's a yin and

yang relationship between men and women

men listen dude I'll tell you what

wouldn't men but let me let me ask you

something do hold on hold on hold on

would you listen to do you value female

opinion in sports is this something that

you would do it depends on the woman

just like it depends on the man it's

okay see again there's no cc again okay

hang on hang on bran listen hey listen

listen I appreciate you calling the show

don't talk through me

you understand what you're doing is

you're comparing you're comparing men to

women you said well females have men on

the field no no you said females haven't

been on the field

males haven't been on the field okay

I'll listen to a female opinion but it

depends on the woman and it also depends

on the man again men and women are not

they're not the same and this is why I

don't want the female opinion in sports

let me ask you let me let me let me ask

you another question

if there was Abe how can I put this if

there was a how do you feel about female

coaches right what do you think females

should coach men and here's here's

question number two B do you think that

females would value the male opinion on

I don't know

childbirth right what would females

welcome a man what females like of

course well again it does well again

maybe they do maybe they don't but we as

men we are motivated by different things

we operate differently so there are some

places where we don't belong in the feet

in in the female speaker we shouldn't be

I'm not gonna give my opinion on you

know on childbirth or or or epidural

should I do a natural birth or an

epidural nor should my opinion be valued

so me as again as a male I have a right

to say listen I'm not interested in your

opinion I'm just not okay well what I

respect the idea that there's that men

and women there is no difference no

question that we think differently right

like we are we do have a different

approach to solving social problems

financial problems and that

we all have different approaches but

nothing rationally notion I think where

and I'll hop off the phone after this is

my final point is that but just because

we have different approaches to solving

like different problems right doesn't

mean we can't reach the same conclusions

and that's my primary yeah that again to

me that doesn't make any sense and I'll

put it to you like this B no no you guys

I appreciate it all right yeah but no

I'll be listening I'll call in later

thanks thanks five seven one yeah again

again he's it that to me that was

rhetoric okay just because we think

differently doesn't really come come to

the same conclusion that sounds like

something that he heard from somebody

else maybe that's his own idea maybe

it's not but again men and women are

different we right I mean it's like we

can come to the same conclusion yes but

we get there differently okay fine

but that's that's the exception to the

rule okay so a man and a woman comes to

the same conclusion well if that's the

only conclusion to come to eventually

they're going to come to it we are

talking about subjective analysis we're

talking about opinion you're just not

gonna get this you're not gonna get from

a woman that you're gonna get from a man

you're just not gonna do it I'm not here

for it man and here's that was a general

rule if that was a general rule the

gender gap wouldn't exist

oh my god of course exactly exactly


listen it sounded to me like he said he

wanted to play devil's advocate I don't

know sometimes sometimes guys just

sometimes guys just have their opinion

and and that's perfectly fine to listen

that guy wins and I lose because you

want to know something more and more

females more and more females are

getting a getting a platform for their

opinion in the world of sports and I

guess at some point I'm just gonna tune

everything out the for nine eleven

eleven forty two oh five five three five

six is the number to call area code 404

out there in the ATL you were on live

with Donovan in Miami Jay what's up

without daughter became a yes sir oh

what's up Miami Jay y'all got it what's

up I'm a little bit let's go I'm a

little bit sick but I had to call in and

with about this topic right here because

y'all were hitting it right on the head

I don't know what that last guy was

talking about but y'all are hitting it

right on the head

female peas and sports are

please nonsense like they would if you

actually what I want to I'm gonna hit on

a point right here if you actually watch

first thing in the morning you closely

watch these shows you'll see it's not

even just the men that are watching on

TV but it's also the men on the shows

that get annoyed when these females give

their opinion if you watch Steven a

Smith's face and his mannerisms Molly

kara it's in there going off on the

mouth for their opinions you'll see he

has a look like bitch shut the fuck up

right it's involuntary he can't help it

you can't help it can't help you and I

wanted to bring of course you remember

you remember that Joe Mixon case right

oh yeah course of course

you know you admit did you have a Joe

Mixon case right and you hit Obama here

with the last caller a lot of these

females Dom and when they give their

opinions on sports it's it's very true

to life on how they just deal with

conflict or a painting or how they deal

with their arm with whatever situations

they have in general and just in life

the opinions and come straight from all

whatever they feel like saying whatever

they feel like doing at the moment cuz

he and then and nothing based on actual

facts but if you actually watch the gel

mixing clip you can see that he was

assaulted rah

dude she hit hit enter back that doesn't


thank you when a female hits a man

that's not a song just like when the

female race a man that's not on any of

these show ESPN Fox was one doesn't

matter and it's really not even really a

difference between I know products was

more the more conservative network but

it's really not even a difference

between ESPN uncomfortable which one

it's really all the same these females

they have liberal stances

give their opinions you know that hasn't

been they have absolutely nothing to do

with the topic again nothing nothing

facts will be based on the topic at hand

with the job mixing all there was was oh

he should've done this he should have

done that he he sure his NFL career you

know he shouldn't have an excel career

but yeah you didn't actually watch the

clipping right you saw the fact the fact

of the matter was

that he was assaulted first and all he

did was self-defense that's all it was

I'm not saying knock the bitch out but

we'll and that brings up a beautiful

point check this out all these movements

feminists in the civil rights movement

whatever they've developed too they all

started with the concept of we're all

the constitutional concept of we're all

equal under the law that phrases in the

Constitution right now feminism black

lives matter etc etc etc la raza they've

all devolved into ensuring that not

we're not all equal that's right women

are not equal and there's a lot of men

Felicity got Queen listen I agree I

agree 100 percent at 4:04 you also you

also made a very good point in in the

Joe Mixon I mean dude any any case

involving a man allegedly assaulting or

raping a woman women a women on TV

instantly jump to guilty till proven

innocent let's suspend him first and

then we'll and then we'll clean up later

dude I'm listening to the will can show

they had a couple of they had a couple

of substitutions cuz all the you know

all the ESPN guys are I mean they're all

on vacation where the dog days of summer

nothing's going on training camp is a

month away but when when the LeSean

McCoy stuff came down they said to

themselves okay we have to be careful

with our language we don't want to

convict anyone in the news like they're

there they're very careful about about

how they talk about these things but I

can guarantee you when when Sarah Spain

and Jason Fitz are on our on the radio

Sarah span is like up she said she said

she hit him look at look at the pictures

he's obviously guilty so what we need to

do is we need to suspend him first and

then ask questions later and again it

for in listen man 571 listen I I respect

him for calling in don't respect his

opinion that doesn't mean I don't

respect him as a man but but if you're

the type if you're the type of man who

who takes the female opinions seriously

in in any male sphere and it's not like

females are done females are not stupid

I mean listen let listen let's not

mistake for you to hear females are a

lot of things stupid is not one of them

but any man who takes the female who

takes a female opinion seriously in a


in a mail sphere Udrih barking up the

wrong tree that to me weeks of some blue

pill some some some blue pill baggage to

listen he said he just started watching

the show he's new to the red pill maybe

six months down the line maybe he

changes his stance a little bit and

maybe he understands and sees the light

but his points were missed me his points

were just all rhetoric right every time

I made a point his counterpoint was well

yeah this was a man but we'll get or

What did he say said dumb he said

someone but he can do it too

he said yeah right exactly and no men

and women are not equal male and female

opinion are they ate and are not the

same thing they're just not if he wants

to if he wants to give credence to the

female opinion that's perfectly fine

with me I'm not him and he's not me I'm

like that wants to believe that a girl

who played flag football in middle

school has the same right to be an NFL

analyst as Tony Romo right but then

he'll turn around and say well we got

people we got men on air who played flag

football in middle school and didn't

play Habra it's different and why is it

different because he's a man and she's a

woman well are you saying that because

he's a man he's more qualified yes

that's exactly what I'm saying that's

not politically correct but that's how

it is men are more qualified to give

opinions in the male sphere than women

period area code for or for men is there

anything else is there anything else you

want to touch on I just wanted to bring

up this wall point again because you

brought up Sarah Spain and I'm glad you

brought up Sarah I'm gonna cancel

honestly the worst one although Jesus

about a year ago on ESPN it was a Sarah

Spain some other woman and Kate Fagan

that lesbian that was so-called lesbian

and Kate baby mom there yeah Kagan

yes she was Sarah Spain was talking

talking about how Becky Hammon was going

to be the next coach possibly of an NBA

first unbelievable unbelievable NBA you

know the super world super liberal and

all this stuff as she prepares them

we're not getting men enough credit all

this bullshit we're not getting met

enough credit for being able to take the

registan woman what man in his right

mind wants a big direction from a woman

No unbelievable

listen and here's the and by the way is

is is Kate do we know is their

verification that Kate Fagan really is a

man like has anyone checked her birth

certificate because other than her name

I can't really I wouldn't be surprised

either 404 thanks for the call man I

appreciate you appreciate you calling in


listen he listened again he nailed it on

the head dude

Sarah Spain and Kate Fagan would what

they would have us believe that they

believe that Becky Hammond is going to

be a coach in the NBA

Becky Hammond will not coach in the NBA

I don't care how woke she thinks the

league is bra dude twelve niggas ain't

listening to no bitch I'm sorry dude

Becky listen Becky Hammon is not gonna

sit there on coach Kawhi Leonard and or

Luca dunk Luca danke CH Don shit dog

kitchen I can't say his name dude listen

man I'm trying to tell you right now

NBA players talk all about oh I love my

mama she was a single mom again guess

what there dude they're not taking

direction from women I think there's a

female linebackers coach for the Arizona

Cardinals she's not gonna be the head

coach in the NFL anytime soon any more

than Becky Hammett is gonna be feel

still private put her in the Hall of

Fame I've you know what I think they

probably will probably what oh my god

dude 9/11 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call sharp

assist says this is funny sharp assist

says the LeSean McCoy accusation is

shady as fuck

I love it yellow an antenna right no but

it didn't it really is dude like it's

dude there's all sorts of holes in that

now let's move - let's move - let's move

to Donald Trump right we talked a little

bit about sports what is your opinion

because I know you're not a Trump guy

right and a lot of people would assume

that you are but what is your opinion on

Donald Trump what do you like about him

what do you dislike about him that's the

toughest question for me - honestly the

2016 election it was kind of a political

awakening for me yeah I I in the sense

that I gained back my objectivism okay

don't even I lost a lot of friends over


like shin oh shit yeah I'm a hole I'll

tell you straight up I was a Marco Rubio

guy I worked on the Rubio campaign Marco

was actually my college professor oh

shit married like this yeah Wow

don't get back to him with this cuz I

don't know he may not approve of the

show you know no that's followed yes

that's fine my marshal Rubio did not do

did Marco Marco Rubio can't have his

name anywhere near Donna that started

that be ended that be the end of his

political career but go ahead go ahead

al Donald Trump might be the only one

who could afford it right right so I

like the brashness of Trump I like the

the fuck you attitude of trauma that I

like I love the to Supreme Court exists

he's made now a lot of his policies for

better or for worse they lean liberal he

has heard us come from a Democrat

background his family is Democrat I

heard you and the enroller talking on

the red man group this past weekend or

maybe it was the week before about if

I'm cut rump running for president she

would actually get very far because

she's made one as a Democrat who she

they're not Republicans Donald Trump

came to the Republican Party I think as

an an overcorrection to Obama I agree I

agree right now that I agree with i

thinkin this is the funny thing I think

that Obama was the overcorrection to

Bush and then and Bush overcorrection

the Klan there you go I look at it's

just like relationships right if a guy

dates and outward it you know a girl

who's it out reverting all over the

place and party animal she ends up

cheating on him dude he's looking for

the Churchmouse girl he is looking right

like the opposite American politics or

the same way so that being said what's

your prediction for 2020 well I think I

said it last time I

I don't think Trump wins in 2020 I'm not

saying that as a knock on Trump himself

you're saying that from an electoral

standpoint and like I said last time

Trump didn't win this election

Hillary lost it right yeah look at the

numbers it was Hillary who lost them

Democrats don't make the same mistakes


okay okay they're not gonna make and

watch out for this name this I'm making

my prediction now okay all right

and I don't like him but our next

presidents gonna be named Chloe on

Castro former mayor of San Antonio Wow

who you said who Liam Castro Orchestre

de Castro Castro Fidel Castro oh wow

they're not related but Julian Castro is

is gonna be our so he's where I assume

he's probably he's obviously gonna run

at the Democrat side correct yes see he

was actually I don't and I don't if

Hillary had picked him for VP like she

was planning she might have pulled it

off who did Hillary pick for VP I don't

even remember she had a what's his name

I don't even remember the fucking

senator a white guy from West Virginia

um shit I don't dude I have not dude I

don't even remember who her who her vice

presidential run ah thanks for the tip

of my tongue I know this guy I've

actually met him oh okay all right

yeah listen listen wow that's on the tip

of your tongue here's my prediction for

the 2020 election this is gonna be the

largest voter turnout in US history and

what surprised me about the 2016

election was dude we all thought Hillary

was gonna win we all thought she was

gonna win because the mainstream media

would have everyone believe that the

vast majority of people are liberals the

vast majority of people are Democrats

dude our movies television shows

Internet content

everything is left-leaning so when she

decided to throw her hat and again

Hillary was supposed to be the president

in 2008 but there was a junior senator

who made a speech at the University of

Chicago and of course he became a

superstar that was running Rachel a

runaway train and and by the way John

McCain never stood a chance right like

John McCain is an old white guy I mean

you know it's basically I don't know

it's it's it's I don't know it was it

was like you know pro wrestler versus a


no nobody no republican was gonna beat

Obama that's no no no there was there

was absolutely you know there was

absolutely no way Obama was he was gonna

put Ronald Reagan with Jesus Christ as

his running mate

no they were wonder what he would not

have won so I mean listen it was what it

was but I think what I thought that

Hillary I thought she was gonna win

because I thought holy shit man

Donald Trump is literally the opposite

of what it seems the country what but my

girlfriend told me or she wasn't my

girlfriend at the time but but she said

something that was

very uh that that really resonated with


she says this and again Hillary won the

popular vote right Tim Kaine Tim Kaine

chase Langton right that's it

I don't even know what the fuck Tim

Kaine is anyway um the he said it was

she said what one Trump this election

was the unsilent majority in other words

there are a lot of people out there that

that are Pro Donald Trump they're just

not as they're just not as squawky about

it right they're not on the internet

they're not all over TV and ying-ying

ying-ying yet these people these people

got in their trucks okay God guns and

rock n roll whatever the fuck you want

to call them they went out there and do

they like on the sneak tip one Trump

this election so this election here's

the thing we don't know we don't know

how many people are Democrats and how

many people are liberal in this country

we've never known because what is it

like 17 18 percent of people in America

vote for the for the presidency

something like that yeah I regret our

voter turnout is usually very low right

it's not gonna be like that this time

because listen listen if you're if

because I just like you said Democrats

don't make the same mistake twice

Democrats pro-hillary or anti Trump dude

they're their fucking fuckers in there

and guess what on the right they want

Trump back up back in the White House

for another four years so I think that's

definitely I think it's gonna be the

largest voter turnout and he was my hope

is that because in 2018 Republicans

we're gonna get our clucks I don't think

there's any way to take my house I said

it yeah my hope is that they'll wake up

after 2018 and really start ramping up

because what they're running now it's

there are very very very very few places

where Republicans stand to gain a seat

from Democrats right right yeah cuz yeah

what what what's gonna happen this aunt

this honestly might be this might be

like a Newt Gingrich situation in 94

right so Bill Clinton was the president

he had a Democratic House Democratic

Senate Newt Gingrich comes in and

unifies both I think for the first time

it's something like nationalizes the

entire election that's what that is

unbelievable do your division they're

taking over an 18-man I'm telling ya oh


probably both houses the Senate is a

harder because they got a defend more

but I think they'll do both funny you

should mention

john mccain probably looking back at it

probably the most red pill politician

I've met really yeah let me tell you

somewhere a bit veteran oh yeah yeah so

it's still what's up this guy there are

three positions in a senatorial office

that really carry any weight or matter

besides the senator is the chief of

staff the communications director and

the legislative director okay we walked

into his office for a large meeting once

with all his staff it was him his male

chief of staff is mailed to me in

occasions director his male legislative

director and the rest all of them hot

blondes with big tips there we go

oh we go that's exactly right guys a

dictum to of course he is because dick

probably doesn't work I mean what is he

95 years old I don't like John McCain I

actually ran the campaign against him in

2016 but hey he's a red bill guy yeah

you know it's interesting that you say

this right you're not a you're not a

Trump guy you're not a McCain guy do you

think it's possible because you I mean

honestly you are asked land I don't know

if you're a Democrat I don't think I've

ever asked you if you're a Democrat or

Republican I think you probably

somewhere in the middle but okay right

do you think it's possible for men who

are Democrats or or lean left or liberal

do you think it's possible for them to

be red pill voters know politicians yes

okay I believe most politicians on the

Democrats that are probably lying

through their teeth okay I don't think

many of them actually believe all this

nonsense thinking back to a guy like a

Tim Kaine okay

I remember that one time I met him and

you know he and I and a couple other

people exchanged some opinions he was

always very unsure about his opinions as

if he didn't really know how to defend

them and you know he's a senator so you

got all those he has some political

skills so I'm thinking he was I don't

honestly believe that they believe all

their bullshit you know the you know the

interesting thing is is how can I put

this you know I think politicians are a

lot like male feminists they say things

they say things as a means to an end now

differences male politicians they're

successful right when they get their

message out there they're rewarded male

feminists are not rewarded well women

should you know women are equal to men

and there should be male feminists those

guys don't get pussy right like that

that's not how it goes I think I think

that's probably the difference 911 for

two oh five five three five six nine one

four two oh five five three five six is

the number to call let's switch gears

here let's talk about abortion I've

talked about abortion I've talked about

abortion and listen I'm anti-abortion

and I've listened I've said it right now

it has nothing to do with my politics or

my religion or lack thereof

killing people before they are born is

wrong that is all there is to it how do

you think how do you think abortion has

affected how do you think how can I put

this where do you think abortion Falls

with regards to to a man living the red

pill life is it possible to be

pro-abortion and be red pill I mean what

are your thoughts on that I think so

yeah I'm not pro-abortion by any means

of them no fuck that if a woman ever

aborted my child I don't know what I'd

do I'd probably kill you Yeah right

not and I say that's listening I didn't

really mean that no my eyes not really

kill somebody

I mean I'm sure I'm sure there's a lot

of McDow POA guys out there who will

impregnate a woman and say fucking good

Bob pay for the abortion or you of

course at your abortion right you know I

think a lot of guys rethink that issue

when they're faced with a pregnancy -

okay I dated a girl who told this was

back in my blue pill days who told me

she'd had an abortion I dumped her on

the spot I heard I don't fuck with that

shit no yeah I think it's possible

though thinking - I think when you're

younger when you're older you start

thinking about legacy like you talked

about with what I am yeah

thanks to that nature then I think it

starts to become a little bit starts to

hit home a little more and as a father I

can tell you once you have a child that

shit's unthinkable okay but you know

abortion is the one issue that has

really given feminist credence to use

these emotional arguments well you're

not a woman you

understand it's my body my choice on all

this nonsense oh well you know part of

my body's in there too bit right right

you know it's not your body it's the

kid's body like you don't own exactly

and you know to those who would say well

it's just a fetus blah blah blah go

watch there's a video on YouTube called

the silent scream it's kinda graphic but

it's literally an ultrasound of an

abortion being performed and you can see

like a three month old fetus fighting

back oh man it is the saddest thing

you'll ever see but it proves that

there's a human in there they know

what's going on I mean they can feel a

threat to me it's just immoral and what

kid what really ticks me off is that the

loudest voices for abortion are the

loudest voices against the death penalty

because they're anti - right again this

is both this is both these these are

both democratic clauses no we're against

the death penalty

we must respect life and say so so

you're against the death penalty so so

you're again you're keeping it right

your ear against keeping guilty people

alive who have killed other people but a

three month old fetus a kid that hasn't

been born yet you're okay with killing

those people here's a thing a woman will

fight for her right to abort a child

before she fights no I'm sorry

she will abort the child of a man who

raped her but she'll fight for the right

to keep that man alive unbelievable man

Wow never thought of it that way

unbelievable man rapes her gets her

pregnant right she fits she fights for

the right to abort the kid but then she

turns around and fights price for the

right to keep him alive

she'll fight for vote and you want to

know something this is exactly why

female opinion is a flawed opinion it is

all chaste on emotion all of it all of


unbelievable Jesus fuck man night it is

rare that you'll meet a rational woman

who will break down an argument for you

and simplify it you know that's a true

mark of a smart person it's not somebody

who can explain something complex to you

is somebody who can simplify Sprite

complex and explain innocent listen dude

my girlfriend and I we listen we talk

about this stuff all the time and like

sometimes I know that dude most of the

time her

is based on emotion fine that's

perfectly fine she's a woman that's what

she's supposed to be if my dude if my

girlfriend were logical like if she

thought like I did I'd be like dude it's

like I'm sucking my own dick here it's

like I'm fucking myself no I want women

to be emotional you know what I'm saying

like I want them to be women but but I

don't want them in male spheres like

dude I remember one time um and I was

very fortunate like my girlfriend when I

met my girlfriend she was already an

Eagles fan like it was unbelievable and

so I remember she she took a picture I

think the Eagles were playing Thursday

night and she took a picture of a

formation in the first corner and then

she took a picture of the same formation

in the third corner and I was like how

about that there's a there's a little

something-something but again all of her

opinions are based on emotion and I am

perfectly perfectly okay with that see I

wish I had that problem the girl that

I'm with now she's a Boston stone but

like the second third time we went out

she started telling me about how the

dolphin should have daunte culpepper

what I want to get you my arm off hold

on hold on wait why should the Dolphins

have Ken dante cult member

i don't know i didn't listen to her

after tide of course are you serious

here's what the dolphin should have done

and they dude the dolphins they should

have kept drew brees you read my mind

they should have listened to Nick Saban

and they should have gotten Drew Brees

that's what the fuck they should have

done that was based on geological shit

they went out and got daunte culpepper

his you know whatever he was awesome in

methodically he was great one thing I

ran him on yeah well everybody is right

dude I couldn't swim for 4,000 yards -

Randy fuck dude Randall Cunningham was

74 years old he won MVP that year why do

I get Randy fucking Moss I mean yet -

Hall of Fame receivers I mean that's

that's just all there is to it um let's

see I've got a got a condom here since

there's something they call male

abortion or paternal abortion it's when

a guy signs away his right and financial

responsibilities of a child he does not

want not the same thing that's

interesting if you ever heard of that

interesting mmm I can't say I am no I

might have to look that up

alright well as we I know I know you

signed something like that wing

when you have a kid and some other guy

comes in on the adopts the kid yes he

marries the woman right but no I've

never heard of that from two single

people no Hashim 305 says she had no

idea what she was talking about oh my oh

yeah you know this is funny um oh right

right I said my girlfriend was it was it

was adult was a was an Eagles fan right

right and so I remember when we first

started talking we brought up Tim Tebow

because remember Tim Tebow was invited

to singles training camp and she says

yeah you know the Eagles shouldn't have

cut Tim Tebow and I'm like wait what

she's like yeah Tim Tebow should have a

job the only reason why he doesn't have

a job is because of his religious

beliefs I said oh my I said Devin like

what alligators all right all right I

just said well I just said my

girlfriend's name on air so all right

everyone knows everyone knows my

girlfriend's name is now Devin so I can

start working so I'm like Devin


like like dude it was like I had to be

like all right let me just let me just

massage my head all right sweetheart

listen I get it you like Tim Tebow

good-looking guy religious guy dude Tim

tea I want my daughter I mean if I had a

daughter I want my daughter to marry Tim

Tebow that's the guy right but again the

reason she thought Tim Tebow's should

have didn't have a job is because of his

religious beliefs had nothing to do with

the fact that he can't play NFL football

right now the typical female sports fan

who had done a little bit of research

yeah well he won a playoff game he beat

the Pittsburgh Steelers listen he did

yeah yes he did but a dog but guess what

happened guess what happened to Tim

Tebow the very next week in New England

he got beat 45 to negative 3 right like

get out of here with that man

so again you know whatever gator fan you

won't find me hatin on Tebow oh dude I

listen I will definitely not hate on Tim

Tebow Tim Tebow to me he's probably I

think Tim Tebow is probably he might be

the greatest he's one of the greatest

college football players ever to me to

me I think he's nobody's beating them I

can't even fuck that guy yeah can't but

see him didn't stick around that long he

played one year at Auburn

the breed is called exactly I mean dude

I mean dude Herschel Walker's in there

listen Tim Tebow is that he listen he is

a top 10 all-time college football

college player without a doubt no doubt

about it

he is awesome but listen his game didn't

translate to the NFL but guess what he

still got drafted in the first round by

the Denver Broncos he's still got that

he made his money he made his money you

know he's playing baseball and he's all

good you know how that is he still

playing baseball I think he is I think

he's still playing for I don't know he's

playing for like the Nashville Blue Hens

or some you know minor league club or

whatever you know seat cushion night or

whatever nine one four two oh five five

three five six as the number to call if

you want to get in on the show we're

gonna round third and head for home here

one of the emotional how can I put this

one of the emotional strangleholds that

the that American politics has

particularly particularly on black

people is the welfare system and this is

something germane and I this is

something this is something Jermaine

Jermaine and I had talked about but what

are your thoughts on the welfare system

it's not a system it's a state that's

the word fair state that's what it boils

down to why cuz there's a concept in

politics called populism okay it's they

use it in both parties and Donald Trump

used to beautifully so did Obama

populism is easy it's literally telling

people what they want to hear what they

want to get and when you run on populist

platforms for so long it inevitably

transfers into policy and it's easy it's

easy to give people money for scoring's

it's easy to you know the the main point

of the welfare system is as you we're

talking about with Jermaine it saps more

people's motivations it's as if you went

out to the woods every day and you put

out a stake

now Walters gonna come get it right

there you go you do it every night you

do it every night eventually that wolf

is gonna lose his available to the hunt

right right because it's the same thing

food exactly it's the exact same thing

and this is where I actually have most

of my libertarian streaks is in the

social welfare state I don't believe in

this programs I mean they never end up

working and they just end up creating

more poverty and less capable people

yeah yeah listen when you I'm all for I

don't even know that I'm even for this

there's nothing

like fundamental it like lake

fundamentally the welfare system like

their heart was in the right place right

you have some downtrodden people as it

is with every social move here you go in

American what you know

sorry but no you're right though when

the civil rights movement started their

heart was in the right course when

feminism started their heart wasn't the

right absolutely everybody's heart was

in the right place but at everything

involves everything evolves them d-ball

and it gets bastardized man and now


and now the welfare system is being

being exploited but I mean I don't know

what the numbers are but dude people

aren't people what people are just like

you said people are not motivated to do

better and to be better when they're on

welfare not you know the biggest problem

with welfare is that it is not regulated

by it can be affected by Congress but

it's not run unregulated by the hon

aggression when anything it's done by

the executive branch essentially it's

not a bunch of bureaucrats and never get

any attention paid to it Jesus Christ

man it's unbelievable man it really

really is well my you know this is where

I hope libertarians will one day win an

election it's they're the only ones who

truly have the ideological fortitude do

you think that's ever gonna happen to

dismantle that's a good question maybe

so go ahead maybe not in our lifetime

but I mean is it gonna happen like

feasibly it could happen if deliberate

if the National libertarian party were

smart they're not I'm sorry libertarians

political standpoint they're a bunch of

dummies I'll say right now keeping it

100 the libertarian party they spent

last cycle I think they spent somewhere

in the neighborhood of 11 or 12 million

dollars to run gary johnson for

president okay they need to stop doing

that they need to stop running

presidential candidates every four years

and nothing else what they need to do is

take that twelve million dollars maybe

fifteen by next cycle and when once one

congressional seat there you go when one

Senate race you go get somebody on TV

with an L behind their name right right

that rot Rand Paul Ron Paul there was a

libertarian is one at the end of the day

the Republicans they're beholden to the

party they got to get somebody with an L

l know their name what's going on man

what's up so the people just like you

said to get him on TV because again

Muraki let's take Barack Obama the very

first the very first african-american


and I got to tell you guys man I didn't

vote I didn't vote for Obama and I

didn't I didn't wanted to be President

because because you know I was a at that

point I was a I was a hard right I was a

hard right conservative but as a black

man like in that night yeah man I felt I

felt a tremendous amount of pride like

wow I think every black president can

did I did too and I worked my ass off

not to elect Obama right but everybody

felt a little something that night no

absolutely absolutely at all your water

and of course of course

last call tonight nine one four two oh

five five three five six area code hold

on area code 404 you are on the line

with my a majoritarian calling the bitch

at me all right it's capable of filling

chase what's up brother hey man hey I do

have a question regarding libertarian I

always want to know okay I always want

to know why have we had a libertarian

anything in this Senate the house anyway

right there's only a few libertarian

says here in Georgia but they're like in

Johns Creek and these are a little

smaller suburban town but why don't

happen to fit because they don't have a

national standard bearer you know Ron

Paul and Rand Paul can't get out there

and talk all the libertarian politics

they want at the end of the day they ran

the Republican primary Wow I did not

thank you yes not why it's really that

simple Gary Johnson like I said he had a

fifteen million dollar budget and that

sounds like a lot of money but when

you're talking about a national

political campaign that it man dude that

goes in a week that goes quick dude yeah

that goes quick they need to take that

fifteen million dollars and run a

congressional candidate run a Senate

candidate I think Gary Johnson was a

libertarian governor when he governed

New Mexico maybe but they didn't know

how to take advantage of that and

honestly who pays attention New Mexico

okay fair enough

Mexico so yeah I did it and I think

here's another issue that libertarians

have libertarians as I'm sure anybody

who's ever been on Facebook found out

they're very vocal they're very

passionate and there's nothing

absolutely wrong with that but the

reason libertarians are such purists I

believe is because they've never really

been disappointed by a politician

they've never fought a three trillion

dollar budget round to come out on the

losing end to be disappointed by the

politicians that promise them so much

now I will say this do not get me wrong

I am a wholehearted supporter of the

two-party system I know that's not a

popular opinion but about mobility yes

there you got it provides time as well

and everything went to shit in Venezuela

when the two-party system broke down

yeah now Google cast

what's-his-name yeah yeah I mean he was

I mean he was I mean that was I mean

shabbos was I mean dude he was as

corrupt as anybody and because I wasn't

a two-party system there was nobody

there to really hold him accountable

right not look there's quorum doesn't

even begin to cover it what's governed

Venezuela since really 1999 hasn't been

a corrupt government it's been a drug

cartel literally there's a cartel out

there called it got a failed Bill of

Solus which means the cartel of the sons

okay the reason it's called that is

because if you ever look at a Venezuelan

generals army uniform they don't have

stars their sons

huh so their military ranking is

literally their cartel rank unbelievable

Wow it's basically a drug cartel chase

listen man I appreciate the call um

Miami Jay any any closing thoughts

before we before we before we close out

the show here well yeah actually I want

to be the first one to congratulate you

on your upcoming 300th episode man yes

thank you thank you I pre hunter in any

surprises for the 300 um uh yeah I've

got I've got I've got a really good


that I'm gonna talk about on on Episode

three hundred and yeah yeah I mean dude

it's it's uh it is it it is hard to

believe that I have done three that I've

done close to 300 of these dude I'll

never I'll never forget my very first

episode I'll never forget it man I heard

you're very oh dude I recorded it in my

and dude if by this point I was already

in Reno and so like I dude I'd move from

Vegas how many God it was a while back

but I'd been in Reno for a few months

and I'm in my tiny little apartment I'm

trying to downsize and everything I'm

like I this is Donovan Sharpe I'm gonna

try to do this pot dude never in my

wildest dreams and I ever think it was

gonna get 10s so yeah listen III greatly

greatly appreciate that man thank you

yeah on behalf of the Mod Squad

congratulations Thank You Man appreciate


Miami Jay ladies and gentlemen and by

the way you've already bought the you

bought the domain Latino manosphere calm

corrected I did I've been very very busy

lately I just got custody of my little

girl she got here Sunday was just

congratulating man good nights done so

hopefully that'll come this year

definitely next year after the 21 such


oh yeah it's by the way by the way I

don't know if you can swing this or not

but and I don't I'll look if they have

any in Orlando all right if you can come

down and spend a night in Miami before

or after the 21 Commission oh that shit

is for real bro I'm telling you dude

dude you know me I love be some kratom

and listen Devon is coming with me so I

mean dude I'll do it all bring her down

and we'll go to a kratom bar it's funny

she does it's funny she she's taking

kratom before but dude she's not she's

not into the substances like I am I mean

she hdh for a little while and now she's

on the HCG diet but yeah dude that would

be great that would be awesome

capsules ones and she didn't take to him

at all she pooped them up then I can we

found the kratom bar the other night bro

radabaugh undress you love that shit oh

god dude yeah I got a I got to I got to

try it man anything anything kratom

related dude I am an owl so I'll find

out if there are any oh no Roland

we'll plan some around and if not I got

to bring you down to Miami somehow word

up dude Miami J thanks for making time

for us tonight man thanks for having my

brother alright like Miami J in the

house definitely a long time

definitely a long time contributor of

mine it is always good to have him on

the show he listened he's a solid guy

stand-up guy and I'm certainly I'm

certainly looking forward I'm certainly

looking forward to having him on the


here here here in the not-too-distant

future yeah episode 300 is coming up

this is episode two ninety three I think

episode 300 is gonna be I think it's

gonna be sometime next week around there

so so I certainly I certainly appreciate

him giving me congratulations on that

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime my thanks to the Mod Squad

thanks to all of my callers who called

in including chase Lobo friend of

heathen deluxe that was not even deluxe

that was even deluxe his friend thanks

for watching guys I'll see you tomorrow


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