Episode #269: Pro Blacks and feminists are EXACTLY the same


All feminists are the pretty much the same. They hate men, they wanna take down the patriarchy, they believe in egalitarian relationships, they believe men and women are equal, they believe in this ridiculous wage gap the list goes on and on.



All feminists believe the same things. There are a few who have more extreme views but by and large all feminists are on the same page.

Pro Blacks, however, are not all the same and that’s where I want to make this distinction. The Pro Blacks I’m comparing feminists to are REAL black leaders who support the black community….support black people...support black businesses. The REAL pro blacks who hold African Americans accountable for their actions and demand better from us. The REAL pro blacks who actually make a difference and are genuinely interested in real change and understand that much of that change starts with US as African Americans. I’m not talking about these guys.

I’m talking about Fake Pro Blacks. African Americans who call themselves Pro blacks but embrace victimhood in every racial situation. People who call themselves pro blacks who never look at any situation objectively and remove any and all accountability from African Americans any situation. I’m talking about people who call themselves Pro Blacks who aren’t REALLY interested in change but interested in protesting or making a big deal out of something insignificant to push an agenda and are more interested in AFFIRMATION rather than CONfirmation.

All of that said, if you look at Fake Pro Blacks and feminists you’ll see that they have quite a bit in common with each other….one might even think they take their cues from the each other because the way they operate is extremely similar. The way they push their ideologies are very much alike and again, if you really look closer these similarities are as clear as day….they’ve very obvious.


Why black people need to stop expecting white people to care about our problems (Negromanosphere article)


today gentlemen I'm gonna talk about the

similarities between feminists and Pro

blacks now of course those of you guys

listening I use air quotes when I said

Pro blacks and I'll get to that in a

minute but let's start with feminists

here all feminists are pretty much the

same they hate men they want to take

they want to take down the patriarchy

they believe in a Galit Aryan

relationships they believe men and women

are equal and I use air quotes they

believe in this ridiculous wage you get

the list goes on and on all feminists

believe the same things there are a few

who have more extreme views than others

but by and large all feminists are

pretty much on the same page Pro blacks

however are not all the same and that's

where I want to make this distinction

the Pro blacks I'm comparing to

feminists today are not not the real

black leaders who support the black

community they are not the real leaders

who support black people who support

black owned businesses the real pro bet

the real Pro blacks who hold

african-americans accountable for their

actions and demand better for us those

aren't the guys I'm talking about the

real Pro blacks who actually make a

difference and are genuinely interested

in real change and understand that much

of that change starts with us as African

Americans not talking about those those

guys I'm talking about what I like to

call fake Pro blacks African Americans

who call themselves Pro blacks but

embrace victimhood in every racial

situation people who call themselves Pro

blacks who never look at any situation

objectively and remove any and all

accountability from African Americans in

any situation I'm talking about people

who call themselves Pro blacks who

aren't really interested in change but

are interested in protesting and make it

a big deal out of something

insignificant in order to push in agenda

and are more interested in affirmation

rather than confirmation those are the

guys I'm comparing feminists to all of

that said if you two if you look closely

at fake Pro blacks and feminists you

will see that they have quite a bit in

common with each other

now one might actually think that they

take their cues from each other because

the way they operate it's extremely

similar and I've discussed this before

feminism racism you know you know men

and women being equal all of this all of

the social justice warrior narrative all

of it all of those are under the SJW

narrative right you're you're a

homophobe your your your your anti your

your racism racism sexism hashtag me too

you know Pro blacks you know Pro has all

that stuff under the same umbrella this

is why they act similar people the way

they push their ideologies are very much

alike and again if you take a closer

look these similarities are clear as day

guys they are very obvious so now that

we know who we're talking about let's go

ahead and get started

the first similarity that I'm gonna

point out here between Pro blacks and

feminists is that they always take the

side of blacks and/or feminists no

matter what feminists hear about in

altercation between a man and a woman at

work or in public whatever verbal

physical whatever feminists always take

the side of the woman no matter what

Givi situation a woman doesn't get her

latte at exactly a hundred eighty seven

point four degrees and she gets out of

pocket and makes a scene and females

females like this always escalate

physically if they don't get what they

want we've seen listen we see this all

over YouTube okay they try me they try

the name-calling they try to get laugh

then they try the I want to talk to your

manager they do anything and everything

to make to to make people look and feel

stupid the employees look and feel

stupid and uncomfortable but when they

see it's not working they escalate first

it's making a scene then it's


then it's swearing vennett's let me talk

to your manager but if the dude holds

frame if he tows the company line okay

and addresses her politely rather than

getting drawn into her shenanigans it

makes her more and more angry because

he's not apologizing profusely or

offering her free shit here your

feelings are hurt let me offer you

let me offer you a free vanilla latte

okay females like this never ever back

off guys they continue to get out of

pocket until the dude is had enough

first he tells her to leave which she

obviously won't then he has to forcibly

remove her from the premises which gets

caught on video and subsequently

uploaded to YouTube then the feminists

come out screaming abuse and assault and

sexual abuse and all this other bullshit

knowing full well the woman was probably

at fault in the situation and had to be

removed they never asked the question

they always talk about the action oh my

god he forcibly removed her from the

store oh I can't believe it it's assault

they never asked why he forcibly removed

her from the place of business they

never asked why they're not interested

in that all they're interested in is man

put hands on a woman man is wrong well

guess what guys Pro blacks are exactly

the same way they hear about or see a

white person and a black person getting

into some sort of altercation or

whatever be it a verbal physical

whatever and Pro blacks take the side of

the black person even in the face of

evidence that clearly shows that they

were at fault or responsible I'll point

to a quick example a show that I used to

watch American Horror Story cult the

show's main character kai Anderson who

who avid Trump supporter and by the way

this last this last this last season of

American Horror Story that that was one

big jab at the red pill community

because there was actually one scene

where his laptop is open and it is open

to the red pill subreddit it was it was

unbelievable I actually took a screencap

I took a picture of it on my television

and tweeted it house is my old this is

my old Twitter account that has now

since been banned anyway what he did to

drum up propaganda is he walks out into

this parking lot and in this parking lot

there are a group of Mexicans okay

they're you know standard around smoking

cigarettes they all had on construction

equipment presumably they were either

getting off work or getting ready to go

to work I couldn't tell but but they

were obviously they were obviously

Mexican and they were obviously standing

around waiting the auto work

because they had work equipment on so

what he starts doing very loudly starts

singing la Cucaracha so he starts

singing la Cucaracha pulls out his dick


pulls out a condom fills the condom full

of pee all of this while he's singing he

ties up the condom and hurls it into he

hurls it into the direction of the

Mexicans at lands right in the middle of

all of them gets pissed on him

everywhere guess what these Mexicans did

they beat the shit out of him okay they

beat the absolute shit out of him his

sister who was waiting behind a building

got it on camera got the hope now she

didn't get the whole thing on camera all

she got on camera was him getting the

shit beat out of him she uploaded it to

YouTube and it was propaganda for

Mexicans must go because they are

violent feminists are never interested

in the whole story they are only

interested in the feminist angle

regardless of the circumstances Pro

blacks are even worse when it comes to

this and men like Al Sharpton Jesse

Jackson Malik Zulu Shabazz aka Paris

Lewis and I'll get to him in it I'll get

to him a little bit later this dude this

this ignorant ass nigga talking about he

knew the truth about the Duke Lacrosse

case like he knew shit that that nobody

knew and again the reason he took this

in the reason he took this stance is

because he's a fake-ass pro-black

he didn't know all the circumstances she

wrecked those boys lives and we all do

we all knew she was lying but this nigga

Paris Lewis or Malik Zulu Shabazz like I

don't know if he's still the president

of the new Black Panther Party which are

filled with with fake-ass Pro blacks he

wanted to take that tack because he had

an agenda to fill feminists and Pro

blacks always take the side of blacks

and feminists no matter what the

circumstances are the next similarity

between blacks and friend Pro I'm sorry

Pro blacks and feminists have in common

and guys listen buckle up because this

might offend some of you guys but if you

if you read between the lines if you

ignore the fact that you might get

emotional about this you're gonna you'll

be able to you'll be able to see what

I'm really trying to say here

they never hold blacks and

feminists accountable and bad situations

guys guess what I'm about to talk about

Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin okay

when a woman behaves badly and gets

knocked out feminists only blame the

dude who knocked her out

they never hold her accountable for

putting hands on him in the first place

spilling a drink on him damaging his

property or getting in his face and

talking shit we've all seen we've all

seen these videos where a girl gets in a

dude's face and finally he has enough

and he just absolutely just breaks her

face we've all seen videos like this if

a dude breaks a woman's face for getting

out of pocket they never point out the

fact that maybe she shouldn't have been

talking shit to a man she's given away

100 pounds to taking a sight no matter

what means being completely devoid of

accountability well guess what guys

Trayvon Martin was on top of George

Zimmerman when George Zimmerman shot him

listen listen man go read the

transcripts time listen I'm not listen

I'm not here to debate with anybody

about this okay but at the end of the

day Trayvon Martin was not an innocent

little schoolboy no he absolutely should

not have been killed and to be honest

with you thinking about thinking about

that situation man it it gets it gets my

adrenaline pumpin man because because

stuff like that like when that happened

man like that was man that affected me

it really did man it really it really

fucking did man I was dude I was mad as

fuck dude like how you gonna kill a

fucking kid right but again we have to

look at this objectively no Marv Trayvon

Martin should not have been killed but

not holding someone accountable for

their role in a bad situation is

irresponsible okay don't get over listen

don't get adversarial with an

overzealous neighborhood watchman okay

when black men gets shot and killed we

never talk about what not to do in those

situations we say oh my god a cop shot

an unarmed black man well in some of

those cases the unarmed black man

gestured threatening Lee toward the cop

maybe he got physical if they got maybe

he reached maybe he reached into his

coat and the cops thought he had a gun

we listen guys we know cops are

trigger-happy anyway with black people

then when we hold vigils for these

people we don't want to speak ill of the

dead okay

Pro blacks don't here's another one

Michael Brown Pro blacks don't want to

talk about the fact that Michael Brown

assaulted officer Darren Wilson and of

course Michael Brown was shot and killed

by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9th

2014 in Ferguson Missouri okay might

live listen we all want to blame officer

Darren Wilson and again that's another

situation man that really it gets under

my skin because it's fucked up it's

fucked up that white cops are killing

unarmed black men man like that that's

shit ain't right it's not it's not dude

it's not fucking right man but Pro

blacks don't want to hold people

accountable for their role in a bad

situation they want to absolve all

blacks because we're black and that's

irresponsible talk about the fact that

bad things happen okay but also talk

about what to do to avoid these

situations I've told this story before

when I lived in Reno Nevada my bike path

went through a very bad part of town I'm

a big guy I can fight I'm not worried

about anybody confront me you know I

mean obviously if I get jumped I get

jump but I didn't I didn't care I didn't

give a shit it just rode through a bad

area well one morning after or toward

the end of my ride I parked my or I

locked my bike up at a Walmart that I

knew was in a bad part of town okay I

used a substandard lock which would have

worked anywhere else I was in the store

for 20 minutes my bike was stolen okay

now again I should have used the better

lock and I should have been in a better

part of town right I should not I should

not have locked my bike up in a bad part

it sound was the bike thief wrong

absolutely but if I know what those

people are like in the bad part of town

then I should have exercised better

judgment gentlemen it we know cops are

fucking trigger-happy we know we know

that white cops are shooting niggas like

dogs man it ain't right but this is how

it is don't provoke him but he gave me a

ticket because I'm black and then he put

me in the handcuffs no he gave you a

ticket because you were speeding and

your tags were past due and when he

asked you for your license and

just raishin you got loud and

belligerent that's why you put you in

the handcuffs guys listen men bad things

happen they do and it fucking sucks

but if pro blacks these fake-ass Pro

blacks never hold african-americans

accountable for their role in a bad

situation shit's not gonna change okay

you're gonna have to tell all these

you're gonna have all these niggas out

here okay while it out and getting shot

because rather than talk about what we

can do to avoid these situations fake

Pro blacks want to bitch and moan about

what's fair and what's not

newsflash gentlemen life ain't fair

okay listen get listen a guy in Florida

was biting people's fucking faces off

after he killed two people and they took

that son of a bitch alive they didn't

put a fucking bullet in him right this

guy had killed two people and was biting

people's fuckin faces off they took him

alive that aint fuckin right but that's

life we play the hand were dealt it does

us no good to talk about what's fair and

what's not if we're not giving each

other solutions to keep us alive and

even the playing field guys listen I get


it fucking makes me mad when shit like

that happens it dude it fucking I'm

gonna tell you what man it boils my

blood but I'm not but I'm not I'm not

trying to be anybody's martyr man when I

get pulled over by the cops I put my

hands on the steering wheel and I

literally narrate everything I'm gonna

do officer I'm gonna reach in my glove

box I'm gonna grab my license and

registration I do not have any weapons

in the car here we go

officer I'm gonna reach for my license

and registration it's in it's in my back

pocket that's what I'm gonna do

feminists damn sure don't give a damn

about holding women accountable and we

can see that women are getting worse by

the day because the world is giving them

a free pass to do and say whatever the

fuck they want consequences be damned

Pro blacks are literally the same way

and it is hurting the black community

the third similarity between fake-ass

Pro blacks and feminists is they don't

want to change they want the world to

change they don't feel like they should

have to change or adjust it feminists

are always bitching about why men don't

commit to them they're always

complaining about why men don't take

them seriously and about how we're the

ones with the problem because we don't

want to marry fat tattooed women with

bull rings who can't cook

that's our problem right they blame us

men shouldn't like these women which by

the way that's the difference but the

point is is that if you want a good

outcome with men you women have to be

proactive to make the change to make a

change dude lose weight stop being

slutty stop getting tattoos and stop

dyeing your hair green quit putting

these fucking borings

in your face quit getting eyebrow rings

quit all that nonsense Pro blacks think

that white people and racists should

change to make their situation to change

to make our situation better as black

people here's the problem guys they're

not racist white people ain't change and

gentlemen period this ain't the movies

man this ain't to help the movie the

help this ain't fucking Remember the

Titans okay this ain't where T listen

this ain't TV we're racist white people

see the error of their ways and

completely change nah brah guess what

once a racist pretty much always a

racist and by the way that includes

black people gentlemen I've said it

before and I'll say it again and I wrote

an article on Negro Menace fear calm

about this a while back white people

shouldn't care about our problems and

expecting them to is disingenuous

there's a youtuber called Superfly 75 or

super sly 75 who called me lost when I

talked about what I do before I get in

the car and I Drive and what I did is I

say well before I draw

okay I make sure both tail lights are

working okay I make sure that I make

sure my license obviously my license and

registration are up-to-date I make sure

my insurance is up-to-date when I was

living out west I make sure my spot my


my car was smog I made sure all my

paperwork was in place so as to avoid a

potentially deadly situation with a cop

this guy called me lost because of that

this dude's super sly 75 this dude is a

fake-ass pro-black

he calls himself a black intellectual

fuck that nigga man he believes that

things in the black community should

remain status quo and that the white

world around us should adjust to us he

thinks that white cops should change

their mindsets when they see us riding

around with white girls or with a

taillight out or with our inspection you

know five minutes past due and while I

agree with him they should change their

ways guess what guys they're not they

are not changing feminists want

feminists want women to get respect if

you want women if you want women to get

respectful minused fucking earn it it's

not gonna be given to you just because

you demand it men won't respect you just

because you're a fucking woman fake-ass

Pro blacks what racism to go away but

it's not gonna happen until we make the


stop having three stop having three four

kids on a wedlock stop embracing the

ghetto culture okay stop listen when you

get in your car to drive make sure your

shit is in order make sure you're

squared away all your eyes dotted all

your t's crossed

the world is not going to change we have

to change

the next similarity that I noticed

between fake aspera blacks and feminists

is that their entire lives revolve

around racism and/or feminism all

feminists do is talk about the

patriarchy men are evil men are perverts

feminism is the greatest thing ever ever

sexual liberation slut locks everything

they everything they do from sunup till

sundown is all about feminism they never

take a break to think about anything

else even at the grocery store they're

looking at labels see male privilege now

to be fair

me personally I'm the same way I see the

red pill everywhere and I talk about it

a lot but uh but I I make a living doing

this okay and I help men change their

lives all feminists do is bitch and moan

and make the lives of others worse

including themselves Pro blacks are the

same way guys they get up and they read

that they read their the the latest

issue of racism today and go to their

Pro black blog to read the top five

stories about isolated racist events

around the world then they go to work

and talk about racism then they talk

about racism at lunch etc everything

they do their entire existence revolves

around racism just like militant

feminists there's no break every every

everything has a racist angle to it as

far as these guys concerned why is the

street got to be black for people to

drive on why why good clouds got to be

white but storm clouds got to be black

stupid silly shit that you would never

think about a racist a racist angle to

it toward these niggas find it we listen

we've all had that friend before right

right well why I got to be white

chocolate why can't it just be regular

brown chocolate dude that shit gets old

fucking quick dude you dude you gotta

eliminate people out of your life like

that I saw you know it's interesting I

was down in Florida um Jesus Christ it

was a few months back had to go down

there I had to go down to South Florida

to take care of some business and at the

airport at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

getting getting on the plane - what -

come back here I saw a black dude at the

airport that had a shirt on okay and

said dear racism I am not my

grandparents sincerely these hands the

fuck you gonna do nigga possum hit

someone who calls you a nigger is that

what you go and do you gonna wear a

shirt that threatens people sincerely

these hands really nigga that's what you

gonna do like that's what this is this

dude's want this dude wants everyone to

know that these hands right are gonna

scare racist away dudes

asking for attention and asking for

trouble because he just can't leave his

he can't leave the shit alone this is

his only existence I worked with another

guy in in Atlanta goes by the name of

Minister Clyde and this nigga hated my

ass he was a minister I guess he was a

preacher he hated me because he hated me

for a lot of reasons I know listen some

of it was probably my fault I don't give

a fuck anyway I walked in on a

conversation and it was a and I asked

what it was about he said man we just

sitting here talking about all the

racism in the world and I said is that

all you ever think or talk about yo this

nigga got mad is it Bor you don't be

knowing these white folks out here will

kill yo ass and I said maybe but I'm not

gonna stand around and talk about it all

the time all fake Pro blacks do is to

talk about racism they're not

well-rounded people guys neither are

feminists they don't care about anything

but feminists and it's all they do or

talk about yes I'm red pill to the core

and I do a show every day but guess what

guys I have interests outside of the red

pill community my whole existence

doesn't revolve around talking shit

about fat chicks fortunately for me

another men like me I talk about

self-improvement getting your finances

in order getting your body right taking

a productive hobbies projects things

that increase your value as a man I live

this shit and you guys know it so

there's nothing wrong with eating

drinking and breathing red pill

awareness but when you roll out of bed

and the first thing that comes to your

mind is why you hate men like feminists

do or why you hate black people why you

hate white people like fake Pro blacks

do it's a miserable fucking existence

guys I'm here to tell you

the next similarity that I found between

fake-ass Pro blacks and feminists they

can't handle criticism or counter

arguments to their points you tell a

feminists that you tell a feminists that

women are the weaker less intelligent

less rational less motivated sex and

they fire back with bullshit statistics

about how women do better in school

Ronda Rousey and Margaret Thatcher now

we know that the American education

system is a literally tailor-made to

females while it stacks the deck against

little boys right we know that Ronda

Rousey wouldn't last 10 seconds in the


with a male who's never been in a fight

in his life we also know that Margaret

Thatcher is is one of the very few gross

exceptions to the rule the point is is

that feminists can never accept truths

about themselves guys they can never

outwardly admit that there are

fundamental differences between men and

women they want all the respect they

want all the power that comes with being

called strong and independent without

actually having the quality of the

qualifications or the stick-to-itiveness

to accomplish these things simply

because they're women now women do bring

things to the table that men generally

cannot they read people better as they

can have babies which makes them which

makes the biologically far more valuable

than men listen sperm is cheap eggs are

expensive and they are kit and they are

more than they are more capable of

bringing bringing the human element of

compassion into certain situations where

it is absolutely necessary don't get it

twisted but rather than embracing their

strengths and working on their

weaknesses they they make women think

that they're bigger faster stronger and

far superior to men which is dude which

is dangerous in a lot of different ways

guess what guys Pro blacks do the same

shit you tell Pro blacks that black you

you you tell Pro blacks anything

disparaging about black people there are

more black people in prison than in

college no that's not true

none nigga that is true might listen my

brother is a he is a principal and this

is this it there is absolutely no doubt

about it

he knows this shit look it up there are

more black people in prison than in

college that's just all there is to it

when that but but here's the thing then

when you turn around and say that blacks

are genetically superior then there's no

argument now all of a sudden everybody

wants to agree they only like hearing

favourable things about black people but

then they want to argue when someone

points out that black people may not be

perfect in every way like that like they

would like to believe the problem with

this mindset gentleman is that it causes

blacks to have a false sense of

superiority meaning a lot of times they

think things should just happen for them

I'm really intelligent so opportunity

should be around every corner I'm

physically superior so I can get away

with working out once a week and eat

whatever I want and what ends up

happening is stagnation lack of

motivation because Pro blacks can't have

an honest conversation with themselves

or anybody else about who we really are

as a people like any race guys we as

black people we have strengths and

weaknesses acknowledging both helps us

to understand that things were good at

and the things we need to work and

improve upon

but like feminists who say shit well if

women ran the world there would be no

Wars or women are just perfect in every


are just like Pro blacks who think black

people are the master fucking race the

next similarity that fake-ass Pro blacks

are similar to feminists is extreme

entitlement gentlemen feminists are the

most entitled group of people on earth

white girl feminists okay they think

they deserve the best of everything just

because they happen to be born with a

pussy they think they're entitled to the

same opportunities as men because they

say they do never mind they almost never

have the qualifications they're entitled

to the opportunity simply because they

want it feminists want everything to be

equal and fair all the time but like Pro

blacks they can't wrap their minds

around the fact that life just isn't

fair we all say life isn't fair but Pro

blacks ain't trying to hear that

they want everything to be fair all the

time every day guys and it's just not

like that but one thing that Pro blacks

feel entitled to that is the most

ridiculous fucking thing I've ever heard

of or reparations and for those of you

who aren't familiar with reparations is

the long and the short of it is for the

government to pay today's black people

for all of the unpaid labor that the

slaves did back in the day right our

answer listen listen I'm sure there are

other elements to it but that's pretty

much the gist of it our ancestors put in

years and years of work and we're never

paid so now we as black people who never

worked a single minute on a platinum on

a plantation picked a single ounce of

cotton or single sugarcane stock want to

get paid for work somebody else did

that's typical nigga bullshit Pro blacks

steady bitch about we need reparations

the fuck outta here with that nonsense

we're not entitled to we are not

entitled to get some money for some shit

we never did if we didn't physically

work for it and we don't fucking deserve

it period well the shit happened back

then has a lot to do with the way shit

happens today so we deserve reparations

bullshit we are not entitled to

reparations we are entitled to the same

rights and liberties as anyone else in

the United States

if a wrong has been done to you in the

name of racism there are avenues to get

the justice you deserve paint a bunch of

black people forever for the work that

slaves did years ago doesn't solve a

goddamn thing and fake-ass Pro blacks

know it dumbasses

the next thing the next similarity that

fake-ass Pro blacks have with feminists

is it's never enough man listen men I'm

gonna put it to you this way and I

alluded to it earlier American women

live the best lifestyles of any of any

class of human in the world life is

absolutely trouble-free for white women

in the United States they are treated

like princesses from birth they seal

through school they get into pretty much

whatever College they want they cheat

their way to a useless degree then they

get jobs they're neither qualified to do

nor are interested in actually working

for and they still make good money

the laws benefit women in every way guys

family courts give mother custody better

than 90% of the time regardless of the

circumstances wife's wives get 96

percent of all alimony payments in the

United States they get 84 percent of the

child support payments and even if she

signs a prenup the laws have been

modified over the years to make to make

a lot of them completely useless with

the right lawyer the right judge and the

right jurisdiction women get favorable

treatment in traffic civil and criminal

court the law protects them if they

accuse a man of rape meaning she doesn't

get her name on public record if she

makes a false rape accusation and

there's almost never an arrest for

making a false rape accusation or filing

a false police report the one exception

I know of was in my own experience an

episode in one episode I did where I

took a recording of of a girl who had

tried to make a false domestic violence

claim against me admitted her admitted

admitted to me on on on on my recording

on my phone lying to the 9-1-1 operator

okay that put her behind bars and even

then i promise you she didn't get

prosecuted they probably let her walk

and i never checked on it but i'm

thinking that's probably what happened

the law gives women the power to put any

man behind bars by merely saying he put

his hands on her they're treated with

the utmost respect wherever they go

they're never held accountable for their

bad behavior they

are repeatedly bailed out of bad

situations by the law by men by cops by

the plan b pill by abortions and just

about anything else

women can be sexually promiscuous they

can be financially irresponsible they

can be physically violent they can be

negligent and sometimes even abusive

parents and outright criminal and do it

all with impunity meaning they never

face real consequences for their actions

the system in the United States is set

up is is set up to give women the best

lives of any class of human in the world

and they still want more it's still

never enough the more we give women the

more they want the more their lives

improve the more they want it's never

gonna be enough now fake Pro blacks

aren't the same in this regard

okay yes there is a long way to go as

far as race relations are concerned but

the fact of the matter is is that the

the civil rights movement and everything

after that has drastically improved race

relations in the United States now

listen man I know as well as anybody out

here that we are we are probably dozens

multiple dozens of generations away from

racism ever ceasing to exist whether

it's systemic institutional learn racism

and even and even then it's never gonna

be completely gone but here's what pro

blacks do have in common with feminists

in this regard

nothing will never be enough for pro

blacks I could snap my fingers right now

and vanquish racism on every level and

Pro blacks will still find a way to

squeeze the blood out of a turnip

they'll find something racist about

every situation just to stay relevant

and to find something to bitch and

complain about a company opens up and

hires all blacks there patronizing

african-americans we don't need their

charity this is altruistic racism that

same company opens up at hires 50%

whites and 50% blacks there should be

more blacks working for this company it

doesn't matter what the issue is guys

it's never it will never be enough for

Pro blacks just like it's never gonna be

enough for feminists the last and final

similarity that I've discovered between

fake-ass Pro blacks and femme

is that they don't really want change

they really don't listen

fake Pro blacks live to complain about

racism this is what they want and the

hard truth is that both feminists and

Pro blacks don't really want things to

change because if they did it lose dress

they lose their sense of identity

what would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

do if racism just disappeared what would

they do

what would feminists do if there really

was equality between the sexes meaning

that both men and women being held to

exactly the same standards and judge on

exactly the same metrics of merits they

would still find something to complain

about this is why feminists and Pro

blacks always find another angle any

time an issue is resolved that they

bring up because the more issues are

resolved the less they have to complain

about and the less they have to complain

about the less relevant they become

until they're not relevant at all they

this is why they will always find

another issue to complain about what is

it women have it so good there are

literally no other issues to complain

about so they made up this hashtag me

too nonsense to stay relevant

well once every man who has ever talked

to a woman in the workplace has been


what's next hashtag yes means no hashtag

consent doesn't mean I wanted to fuck


hashtag putting a condom on your dick

doesn't mean hashtag me putting a condom

on your dick doesn't mean I want to fuck

like that's where that that's where this

is going Pro blacks are exactly the same

way in that they don't really want

things to change because if they did if

they really did Pro blacks would have to

find another hustle

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