Quit complimenting your woman so damn much! + The "reverse permission" trick

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"Why is my girlfriend getting fat?" "Why does my wife not want to have sex anymore?" Because you give her too much praise and admiration. Too many men fall into this trap and don't realize how detrimental it is to both their women and themselves.


Never compliment a woman unless she deserves it and even then, temper your praise. "Why did my girlfriend tell me it's okay for me to text my ex?" It's something I call the "reverse permission trick" and women have been using it for ages. Unfortunately most men fall right into this trap not knowing the real reason she's all of a sudden cool with giving you permission to engaging in behaviors that could lead to cheating.


12 signs she's not who you think she is (Return Of Kings article)


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

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your man Donovan sharp and welcome back

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cool so we're back on track so great

show with Rollo Tomassi last night as I

as I had said a little bit earlier Rollo

always he always comes he really really

he dropped serious knowledge last night

it was about an hour-and-a-half show and

again the kind of knowledge that Rollo

drops on the regular it's unbelievable

every the interesting thing is is that

every time I talk to this guy I learn

something new you know listen I'm a red

pill guy I've been through it I know

this and that any other I know all women

are like that but but when you talk to

guys like Rollo Tomassi you learn even

though I even though I I'm a purveyor of

the red pill I know more than most etc

etc you always learn from guys like

Rollo Tomassi man and that's that that's

definitely why I

of having him on the show and he's he's

a good guy it really at like it sucks I

lived I lived in Reno for a little over

a year and I never got to meet up with

him because either he was traveling or I

was traveling he was in Vegas I was

between here and Philly I went to Miami

once you know it was it was it was crazy

but I'm finally gonna get to meet him

for the first time at the at the 21

convention in October had a great show

of course earlier today with Richard

Cooper of entrepreneurs in cars we

discussed the importance of owning your

own brand running your own business we

discussed the the correlation between

owning and running your own business and

masculinity listen if you own your own

shit nobody can really tell you anything

yes there's risk involved yes there are

gonna be some bumps in the road but

there's something to be said about

paving your own path you know being in

control of your own life this is one of

the reasons that I love doing what I do

because no one controls me but me you

know I get up every day and listen I'm

putting in seven eight sometimes

ten-hour days but I love doing this

stuff even even when even when the the

night before I think man I got a

shitload of work to do tomorrow I got a

contact this guy gotta write this

article I got a I got a edit copy paste

you know do all this Photoshop and you

know all this programming stuff but when

the dude when when my alarm goes off man

I'm not hitting that snooze button I'm

up I'm ready to go and I absolutely love

doing what I do it I really really I

love it I love doing it and this is my

own business this is my this is my own

brand this is what I do for a living

this is how I pay the bills and I

consider myself to be very fortunate

that I am one of the very few people in

this world who actually gets to make

money doing what I love to do so that

was a great discussion between Richard

Cooper and I in that regard we got

another Redman group this coming

Saturday at 9 o'clock a.m. Eastern it's

gonna be a little bit early it's gonna

be myself Richard Cooper Rollo Tomassi

I'm pretty sure Ryan stone is gonna be

there turd flinging monkey is also gonna

be in there and he's he's a he's a noted

migt owl men going their own way and we

are going to have a MIG tau debate we're

gonna talk about you know some of the

misperceptions about MIG tau versus the

red pill and listen there's no beef

right there's no

there's no you know red pill versus

versus mgtow and I get listen a lot of

people think there is so I guess that's

kind of why we're having him on just to

kind of just to kind of let everyone

know that hey we're all on the same team

we we all believe in the same things we

might have different fundamental beliefs

but at the end of the day we're all on

the same team and we're gonna discuss

some of those fundamental differences so

looking forward to that I'll put the

link on my website again this Saturday

morning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern 6:00

Pacific so Rollo Tomassi is gonna be

rolling out of bed I'll probably have

Bed Head

I'll have morning breath and he'll be

wiping sleep out of his eyes so

certainly certainly looking forward to


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oor Gallimore with regards to the title

stop compliment complimenting a woman so

damn much he says and stop defending

them - he says every time I think I

found a so-called quote unicorn she

turns out to be just another rat in


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certainly stay busy later on in the show

I am going to talk about why it is

dangerous to shower your girl with

compliments but I'm gonna start with

something that a lot of guys get tripped

up by and are never really aware of it

until it's too late I'm gonna give you

guys a personal story here so I was

dating this girl when I lived in North

Carolina maybe a year or so before I met

my soon-to-be ex-wife Darcy well things

started out great as most relationships

do when the sex is great you believe

everything each other says and you're

characterizing each other's annoyances

as cute or endearing and I thought this

particular relationship was gonna last

for a little while

the girl was fairly attractive maybe as

six six and a half when she tried she

had she actually had a pretty good

personality we complemented each other

well I mean I really thought this girl

was the total package obviously I was

still stuck in my blue pill mindset but

it was what it was I could

see myself being with this girl

long-term well I remember one night she

was at my place and I got a text I think

maybe from one of my brothers I can't

remember exactly it might have been my

cousin I don't remember exactly who it

was but I remember telling her because

she looked over when she heard she when

she heard my phone buzz off and this of

course this was the old school flip

phone I'm gonna date myself here and so

I told her I said well don't worry you

know what's my brother cuz whatever she

said to me nah that's not my business I

wasn't worried about it anyway and I

said really and she was in and I was

excited right because I thought she was

telling me I thought she was telling me

I could do that do this to show me that

she wasn't the jealous type who was

going to be questioning everything all

the time now I dated girls like this in

the past and they drove me fucking crazy

so I thought it was pretty cool that she

appeared to be quite the opposite so she

says to me well yeah you know what you

do on your phone is your business so I

said well okay thinking I finally got

the girl who's not the crazy jealous

type well as the relationship went on

she was getting texts pretty much all

day every day

and of course that sets my alarm bells

off and I'm thinking to myself who's

texting her and why but guess what I

didn't ask because I didn't think it was

any of my business and the reason I

thought that it wasn't any my business

is because she pulled off what girls

have been pulling off for years and are

still doing this to this day and is what

I called the reverse permission trick

now the reverse permission trick is when

your woman gives you permission to

engage in behaviors conducive to

infidelity so that she can engage in the

same behavior and before I go any

further I'm gonna go ahead and say

goodbye to my Facebook Twitter Instagram

and YouTube audiences I appreciate you

guys tuning and if you guys want to

watch the rest of the show come to

donovan sharp calm I appreciate you guys

for tuning in and I will see you shortly

over at Donovan sharp dot-com so anyway

as the relationship went on like like I

was saying before I notice that she was

getting text messages and at all at you

know dude during the day at all hours of

the night etc etc so

to sort of recap basically she gives you

permission to do something that she

wants to do right now the rationale

behind the reverse permission trick as

it were is that if a woman says to you I

don't care who texts you that's none of

your business

she assumes that she gives that she

herself has permission to keep to keep

what she's doing on her phone away from

you then a few weeks later what you'll

do is she'll tell you well it's okay to

be with it's okay to be friends with

your ex on Facebook you guys are just

friends so I'm not worried again she

will indirectly give herself permission

to not only be friends with her ex on

Facebook she'll be texting with him too

and no in the back of her head in the

back of her mind that if you even see

her texting with him you're not gonna

say anything about it because you're not

gonna say anything because you're not

gonna say anything about it she knows

that if you say anything she'll just say

well you text with your ex and I'm okay

with it

so you should be too I trust you so you

should trust me which is exactly what

will happen if you speak up okay well

before you know it okay she tells you go

on go with your homeboys matter of fact

you can stay out all night if you want

to and you might say well I'm not going

out with my boys tonight and I'm not I'm

not staying out all night too which

she'll respond that's okay just know

that if you ever want to I'm good with

it I have absolutely no problem with it

and she then and when she tells you

she's going to the club with her

girlfriends for a girls night out she

tells you and she tells you she's not

sure when she'll be back

your hands are tied and that's exactly

what happened to me with this girl in

North Carolina my girlfriend told me

that it was okay for me to go out with

my friends whenever I wanted for as long

as I wanted but by now I had no interest

in doing this because at that point she

was disappearing for hours at a time

now Facebook obviously what will was

Facebook around back then listen if

Facebook was around back then it was

definitely in its infancy infancy stages

my guess is that my guess is that by

this time Facebook was probably in its

infancy stages at Harvard or wherever

Mark Zuckerberg went with the Winklevoss

twins and all that watch the movie The

Social Network you guys will find all

about it anyway Facebook wasn't around

so she wasn't pulling

you know the the diabolical cheating

strategies that I've talked about in the

past but her phone was steady buzzing

and she was texting her ass off and

because she pulled that trick on me I

couldn't say anything so when she was

getting dressed up to go out to the club

with her friends I couldn't say anything

because I let her start setting up her

cheating which of course I later found

out that she was now I was 23

you know maybe 24 at the time so you

know I was probably still about at this

point I'm good lord I was 23 24 years

old so I was almost a decade away from

finding the red pill and that's the

reason she was able to get over on me in

this way and in a minute I'm gonna tell

you guys how to nip this in the bud if

your girl ever tries this on you I'm

gonna tell you another quick story a

buddy of mine in Reno also had his

girlfriend do this to him only in this

is instance she was proactive and told

him that she thought it was healthy for

couples to have friends of the opposite

sex so that they could keep other guys

away from her and other girls away from

him in other words if she was hanging

out with her guy friends her guy friends

would protect her from other dudes

hitting on her because they know she's

in a relationship and girls he hangs out

with would presumably do the same now of

course we know she's full of shit and

when when when she says something like

that and so did he but here's the

problem he didn't have the balls to call

her out on it guys he's one of these

guys who says shit like you know it's

it's it's not he's the kind of guy that

says shit like this it's not that I

don't trust you honey I don't trust them

right like do you not trust me no no I

trust you I just don't trust them right

like we've all said this to our

girlfriends you know we've all said this

to our girlfriends before knowing

full-well we don't trust her slutty ass

but we don't have the balls to say nah

bitch you got ho tendencies and I don't

trust you you can either stop hanging

out with swingin dicks or I'm out we're

afraid to say that stuff because we are

afraid we will lose her not knowing

we're eventually gonna lose her anyway

as soon as we give her permission to

engage in behaviors conducive to

infidelity now he never caught her

cheating but he had a strong suspicion

that she was and fortunately for him he

left her without her ever finding out

without ever finding out for sure which

is certainly good for him now he was

certainly bummed out

he was bummed out about breaking up with

his girlfriend but he told me that he

wasn't devastated because he didn't

really get confirmation that she had

really been fucking around so the way to

nip this in the bud guys is very simple

if your girl says I don't carry your

texting or it's cool that you're that

you're friends with your ex on Facebook

say cool but but but understand that

just because you're okay with it doesn't

mean that I'm okay with it and you

maintain eye contact if she ups and if

she ups the ante and says are you the

jealous type which is the way girls

attempt to shame you into giving them

the space they need to cheat just look

at her and say I'm territorial now it's

been a while since anyone's tried since

any woman has tried the reverse

permission trick on me and my girlfriend

certainly knows knows damn well not to

fuck with me in that right if you're a

five percenter and you know how to

handle women they figure out fairly

quickly that they can't pull this they

can't pull this kind of shit on you but

every once in a while they'll try it

just to make sure you're still the man

who will put her in check if she steps

out of line you gotta remember guys

regardless of how long you've been

dating a woman if she tries us on you it

is a shit test and if you fail it it is

only a matter of time before she starts

fucking anybody else and you can take

that to the fucking bank TSR prime time

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legend P shout out to you NY Kia 31 good

to see you in here Minesh Darcy Mills

chase LeBeau mr. mink the usual suspects

the mods of the Mod Squad Miami J

Captain Crunch 420 Willie si will

Chrisman in the house dubsy good to see

you guys in here alright ah NY kia asks

a very good question he says what's the

line between rewarding good behavior and

being overly accommodating well this is

simple only reward good behavior when

she engages behavior that warrants

reward role actually talked about this

yesterday and the this is actually a

system that dude I've used this system

for years it's called the it's called

the golden ratio and if you want to know

more about this go to Chateau Hart East

calm not really a chateau heartiest guy

anymore because the guy listened the guy

listen he's a he's a Trump guy you know

lot listen a lot of racist stuff he

calls black guys didn't do like he's

like he's out there but listen I can

compartmentalize this if you know it's

not against the law to be racist but I'm

not gonna patronize his site anymore at

the end of the day the guy knows his

shit so anyway one of the 16

commandments of poon is that you should

adhere to the golden ratio so

what think what the golden ratio is what

it states is that for every three things

every good three three things that she

does for you

you give her two in return if she tells

you she loves you three times you tell

her that you love her twice if she cooks

you three meals you do you return the

favor to fold etc etc so so the way the

the line between a rewarding good

behavior and being overly accommodating

is rewarding good behavior means that

you are rewarding behavior that is only

that that warrants rewarding and you

don't do it all the time

listen if your if your woman is on her

best behavior all the time you don't

have to reward her for it for every

little thing she does she has to listen

it's it's good to keep her motivated and

this is actually a good question because

I'm gonna get into this a little bit

later but it's good to let your woman

know that she's doing it right so that

it reinforces the good behavior but but

by the same token don't get her used to

being rewarded for every little thing

she does because then that becomes the

reason that she's doing it oh I want

something good to happen so let me do

this and then them and then the one time

you don't reward it she's like well what

the fuck I did this and I didn't get

that no you being good to me that is

like that's par for the course like I'm

rewarding you because you deserve it but

make no listen let's not make any bones

about this like this is this is what's

required for you to stay here like you


listen giving me a blowjob okay I'm a

reward that I mean I'm a reward you for

that I may not but guess what you're

gonna give me blowjobs anyway right if I

reward you for it great but if I don't

then don't trip because blowjobs are

required for you to have my attention

and affection and commitment anyway so

very very very good very very good

question there

Miami Jay answers some good hit this

good answer he says you should never

reward her twice for starters like if

she looks hot don't tell her twice if

she made me a good sandwich don't tell

her how good it is more than once next

level game being dropped by Miami Jay I

have never thought about that that it

listen that that's good stuff man

because a lot of a lot of guys do this

myself included like if my woman cooks

me a good meal I'll be like yo this like

this meal is like dude yesterday dude

yesterday my girl cooked me oh my god it

was like a chicken pasta dish it was

unbelievable dude I must have told her

five or six times oh this is amazing

now of course I just

gotten off of a two-hour podcast with

with Rollo Tomassi and I was I was

extremely hungry but the fact of the

matter is is that you should never and I

agree with you Miami Jay you should

never you should never just continue

giving your woman listen this this ain't

a pyramid scheme you're not trying to

you you're not gonna make money or get

rewards for work you only did one time

hey maybe this is a great meal and leave

it at that there's no need to keep

waxing poetic about her cooking skills

or just like Miami Jay said oh my god

you look so hot blah blah blah blah blah

listen and if she comes in looking hot

you just kind of look at it be like huh

you look good

that's it don't don't fawn oh my god

you're just so and this is all gonna

come up later this is all gonna come up

later so so good comment there by Miami

Jay legend P says back when I obtained

access to her electronic devices I let

her know her privacy ends where my

commitment begins excellent and Miami

Jays gonna call in a little bit later to

drop some next-level game on phone

surveillance for your woman a he is he

has gotten his hands on some pretty some

pretty badass software that keeps his

women in check so he's gonna give it

he's gonna he's gonna he's gonna be on

the show later and he's gonna tell us

all about it okay excellent all right we

are off to a we are off to a great great

start on TSR primetime with Donovan

sharp five one six six six six nine nine

six eight is the number to call if you

have a question or a comment let's move

into the second half of the show now

I've had a lot of sales jobs in my life

guys that this this is my background I

have sold everything from vacations to

cell phones to foreclosure listings

furniture magazine ads you name it I've

sold it well much much like most

lifelong salesmen I've had a couple of

stints selling cars I've worked for I've

worked for a few high-end car Lots the

ones where we're brand new cars make up

most of their inventory all the way down

to the used-car Lots now selling used

cars gentlemen it is an entirely

different game there there there are

different concerns customers who go to

high-end car lots are worried about


too much customers who come to a

used-car lot are worried about the car

breaking down three miles down the road

high-end car lock customers aren't

worried about the reliability of the

cars it's brand-new it's not gonna give

you any trouble they're concerned with

the interest rate they're concerned with

getting price gouging

used car customers are worried about the

car breaking down as well as their

credit if people had good credit they

would go too high they would go to a

high-end car lot if they if they didn't

have the cash to buy a car outright

they'd go to a high-end car line but if

they don't have enough if they don't if

they don't have enough money to buy a

car and get the title you know and they

and and they have bad credit guess where

they go they go to a used-car lot where

the credit standards are a little more

relaxed probably a lot more relaxed to

to be quite honest with you now

sometimes you have car Lots that finance

you regardless of credit and the reason

they can do that is that is because they

put a GPS on the vehicle then jack up

the interest rate these are your buy

here pay here lots anyway one thing that

used to happen to me all the time when I

or that used to happen to me all the

time when I sold used cars is I'd have a

customer come in and they would tell me

that they have mad oh we have bad credit

that's why we're here

so of course I'm giving them all the

lines don't worry we got you covered you

know we're gonna find a bank that to

financial we've got access to 60 banks

that finance customers like you we're

gonna put you in a car today if it's the

last thing you do so they're all excited

because they're getting a new car right

so I'd run their credit and this

actually if I said this happens a lot no

this actually happened to me twice

before twice before I caught on to

what's happening and here's what I

here's what would happen this is


so I've run their credit and their FICO

score would be somewhere in the

neighborhood of 650 right which isn't

the best credit score but it's not

terrible more importantly it's the kind

of score that would allow a customer to

go to a high-end car lot and finance a

brand-new trouble-free car so I tell the

customer hey guess what I mean you're

not gonna believe this but your credit

is actually pretty good

you're gonna be able to finance any car

you want on the car lot now the first

time I told a customer they had

credit than they thought they were

ecstatic they got excited started

looking around the cars and everything

but I didn't make the sale and I had no

idea why I thought to myself well that

guy had decent credit he didn't think he

could be approved for financing so why

didn't he buy a car the second time this

happened to me it was the same thing oh

I have bad credit but I need a car

I ran the credit and once again he was

in the mid six hundreds right again the

kind of the kind of credit score that

could get financed at a high-end car lot

for a brand new car so again you know I

tell the guy hey good news you've got

you've got pretty good credit but this

time the guy's wife said to him right in

front of me she says well why don't we

just go to Toyota then now I was quick

on my feet and said well because they're

gonna charge you a higher interest rate

which means a higher car payment and the

guy looks and the guy starts nodding it

says yeah we don't want a high car

payment but I could see in his face that

he was full of shit and I his mind was

already made up and I was right because

they told me that they'd go home and

think about it as they always do and I

never saw him again now what those two

experiences taught me was that if a

person thought they had bad credit let

them continue to think that let them

continue to think they had bad credit

even if they don't now you can't get

away with that these days because people

get their credit scores right they're on

their phones you know fifteen seconds

but back then it wasn't like that

customers had to take our word for it

that they were either approved or that

they weren't if we told me were approved

then they'd they couldn't fight it ok

well they've got access to our credits

work ok

but from then on if a customer came in

and told me they'd have they had bad

credit I continue to make them think

that they had bad credit even if I found

out that their FICO score was a 680

because the minute a customer thinks

they have more car buying options they

will never buy from

you if you sell used cars they could

listen they couldn't give a less of a

shit if their interest rate is 6 point 6

points higher at a high-end car line

they're getting a brand-new car when

less than 24 hours ago they weren't sure

they could buy a used junk bucket

gentlemen women are the same as car

customers their value is dictated by

male response if most men

a woman interacts with treats her that

treats her with favor

meaning they give her compliments

they're nice to her they do favors for

her they look at her they give her

attention then she knows she's got

options or good credit right well the

less credit or value a woman has in the

way of looks personality overall

femininity etc the more she'll have to

compromise when it comes to men hot

girls get to fuck date and marry the

best guys out there the best they get

the dude the best-looking the richest

the most talented etc etc they have

their pick of men out there not so

attractive women they get the leftovers

the quote used cars of the dating world

now they're generally okay with it

because they know they don't have as

much value to men as the higher value

better-looking girls okay but a huge


that guys are making with their women is

the same mistake I was making with

customers who had better credit than

they thought and that is showering their

women with compliments and approval

telling her she's beautiful all the time

like Miami Jay alluded to earlier

telling her how much he loves her every

day constantly telling her how smart she

is how great she is what a wonderful

woman you are and the same thing that

happened to me on that used-car lot is

the same is gonna happen to these men in

their relationships and here's how at

some point

gentlemen if a girl hears all of these

glowing remarks about herself long

enough eventually she's gonna

subconsciously think her self you know I

can do better if I can impress Steve

this much then I can easily get with

Kevin my you know the hot Sales

Supervisor at work right I knew I was a

half-decent girl before but I didn't

know I was this good I think I'll

explore my options and see what else is

out there this is what happens gentlemen

when you blow sunshine up your woman's

ass too much she starts to believe in

all of your hyperbolic narrative about

her she hears and sees it so much that


internalizes it and ultimately she truly

believes it listen you ever seen a five

who acts like she's a ten and think to

yourself why the fuck does she act like

she's hot dude she's got hair on her

chin and a lazy eye what the fuck

well the reason why she thinks she acts

like a tenant she's got a boyfriend who

showers her with love and attention and

validation and compliments are 24/7 like

all the Facebook memes tell him to do in

order to keep her happy and have a great

relationship but he's doing the opposite

he's filling her head so full of shit

that she really does believe that she's

hot shit who can have any guy she wants

and and it won't be long before she

steps out on him now nobody's suggesting

that you never compliment your woman and

I alluded to this earlier listen women

need validation they need approval they

need to know when they're doing it right

and if you withhold your praise when she

clearly deserves it she's not gonna

tolerate that for too long okay listen

girls need to know when their man is

pleased with them and and what an end

and what they did what to do if they

deserve it and you are the judge of that

not her she wants your approval not her

own but by the same token you have to be

fair guys don't be unreasonable if she

looks good

tell her she looks good if you're

appreciative of what she does for you

let her know but giving her residual

approval again just like Miami Jay said

for something she does only one time

it's counterproductive telling her she's

hot every day because she dressed up

three months ago that's not helping

either one of you guys telling her she's

an unbelievable cook because she made

you a seven course meal a year and a

half ago it's gonna make her lazy she'll

stop trying because you're giving her

validation without her earning it again

you're giving her attention she doesn't

deserve and at some point

human nature is gonna kick in and she's

gonna put in less and less effort for

something she knows she can get for free

which is why she doesn't make an effort

to look good anymore and last you when

you ask her what she's cooking for

dinner tonight if your woman has a

disrespectful tone with you look her in

the eye and say watch your fuckin tone

if your woman makes you a killer steak

dinner say god damn you Rock the steak

babe thank you you must reward the good

and punish the bad at all times but most

importantly do

not shower her with compliments for

mediocre effort if she does something

she's supposed to be doing every to be

doing anyway every once in a while show

her a little appreciation but don't make

a big fucking production out of it you

don't need your woman expecting you to

sing her praises for remembering to stop

and grab some bottled water every so

often just say thanks appreciate that

and leave it at that

gentlemen do not tell her she has great

credit if she's giving five hundred FICO

score effort if she's acting right let

her know if she gets out of line put her

ass back in line

don't tell her she's the greatest woman

who's ever graced the face of the earth

all day every day you were setting

yourself up for failure just like I did

twice at that car lot many years ago

five one six six six six nine nine six

eight is the number to call I'm actually

looking forward to dinner tonight

because me and my girl me and my girl

actually got a we got one of those

Phillips indoor groups I can actually I

think I can smell it cooking now we got

one of those Philips indoor grills and

and so she's in there make and she's in

there making kebabs so when I get off

the show when I get off the show I'm in

for I'm definitely in for a good meal

all right let's go to the chat here

young Theo says if she has so much

credit value options then why would one

guy's opinion matter to her if she has

so much credit value options then why

would one guy's opinion matter to her I

don't think I understand the question I

mean I'll answer the question as best I

can maybe try to reword that question

listen listen women are attention whores

they're attention whores

they like getting attention and praise

from everybody all the time if one guy

is complimenting her all the time okay

it has a little bit of an effect but if

she's not getting compliments and praise

for many from everybody all the time

then her self-worth take say her

self-worth takes a hit so I don't know

react that question young Theo I'm not

really sure I understand I'm not sure if

I'm not sure if I answered that question

correctly so yeah rephrase that it

you would Captain Crunch 420 says

compliments will lower your value


he also says treat it like money young

CEO says I called my girls stupid once

she was the top she was the top of our

fucking class and she and she took it

seriously Yeah right exactly

Dennis from France making an appearance

as feminine fatties believe they are

superstars thanks to tinder dude I swear

to god man tinder has made more tinder

has made more girls you know that feel

like they're fucking feel you know look

tinder is the reason why we got fives

I'll run around acting like they're

Tim's so young CEO says if you're at the

top of the class why would you care why

would you care if one person's giving

you shit because this is how girls are

man like dude girls don't handle

rejection well CEO they just don't

if there are 50 people in her class and

49 of them say hey you're the smartest

girl ever and then one guy one person

says that you're not so smart you're

fucking stupid dude guess what she keys

in on she keys in on the one guy who

said she was fucking stupid and again

this actually has a game application

right if you're the one guy who's not

afraid to bust the bitch's balls she's

gonna remember you right like listen she

loves all the Val oh you're so like

you're so beautiful you're so this and

that and the other okay I think you did

it enough but the one guy that she

remembers is the guy who doesn't kiss

her ass the guy who says yeah you look


sharp assist is because women are

insecure and look to them for validation

you answered your own question okay all

right and why Kia 31 says uh I see women

like that all the time they infest

college campuses these young men keep

putting them on pedestals absolutely

absolutely Thea wants to know should you

roast your woman yeah if need be if need

be legen P says he has taken my advice

from YouTube reward the good behavior

slowly but punish the bad behavior quick

that's right

that's right reward sparingly punished

quickly Thea wants to notice my girl

watch the show Thea you're getting too

personal dude like come on man like

seriously like I mean does she watch the

show I don't know maybe she does maybe

she doesn't I don't really know I don't

really know what that has to do anything

let's let's let's keep it relevant Theo

legend P says attention is the coin of

the realm in the girl world world words

from Rollo Wow Wow

okay so Theo um so Theo uh let's see

here II worded this question he says if

she has so many guys complimenting her

then what why would the opinion of just

one impact her she already has the other

guys validating her again this is just

how girls are girls don't handle girls

don't handle rejection well

at all again they could get validation

from 99 people but if she doesn't get

that validation from that one if 99

people told her that she was beautiful

and then that hundred person said yeah

you know she looks okay dude that's the

one she's gonna remember this is just

the way girls are this is the this is

the way girls are Theo wants to know how

do I interact with them without

complimenting them um yeah that listen

that's a very good question you're gonna

have to sign up for your you're gonna

have to sign up for a consult or shoot

me an email that's that's a very long

and drawn-out answer that is from

Francis Theo is 11 all right come on

guys come on let's let's let's not bust

his balls too much he reminds me of

another guy used to be in here rigor he

used to ask me like a rapid-fire

questions all the time basically

basically trying to get a consult on air

um in listen how do you interact with

girls without complimenting them dude

it's easy just don't compliment right

like you don't have to compliment girls

to interact with them and again that's

just basic game one listen if if your

overall game is solid like if you're if

you're building if you're building

attraction the way you should you're not

gonna have time to compliment a girl

deep listen if and never ever tell a

beautiful woman she is beautiful it

listen if you want to fuck nines and

tens don't call nines and tens beautiful

absolutely Jordan wants to know what is

your twenty-one convention talking to be

about I've already got my my topic

picked out but I'm not gonna reveal that

quite yet

good question though good question Theo

says he just started eighteen trying to

get his game shape by college alright

fair enough fair enough

chase LaBelle says I see it on Facebook

all the time to get praise from sips for

mundane photos but when I say something

totally the opposite there in my inbox

giving me the digits bruh I'm here to

tell you I'm here to tell you yeah right

and why key iturra thirty-one

that's why they're so damn moody III

good questions guys good questions leap

leap vo alone he's ahe's a kid I used to

be him once you know how that goes

joining us now is my man in the Mod

Squad Miami J Miami J do you copy

not too much man I'm just uh just on

here doing the show and everything you

you wanted to come on and talk about

this this monitoring software that you

were using with your women plural listen

the floor is yours dude what you got for

me well it's pretty soon going back real

quick to uh to what you were saying

about tender tenders really the new

slump up there isn't it

yeah yeah I mean you don't really need

to keep five in pictures on your phone

anymore you just go on tinder in the

like five minutes you can have some poon

log on for the night but anyway so about

a month ago I'm grooming this girl's

would be my main one so okay I always

heard you talk about the you know

importance of hanging a keylogger or

some kind of software on on her phone

and I look into the software that you

mentioned I think it was called hover

watch right and it wasn't gonna work for

me so I'm going to do with her phone and

the type of software so what I did was I

told her what was gonna happen

and I actually had her go look for a

software that would work good very good

and lo and behold she found this one

called xn5 the letter F letter M by

x-ray November spy x-ray so x-ray guys

again X and spy x-ray November Sierra

papa yankee now before anybody's eyes

pop out a there's a little pricey I

think I paid like 250 for a year okay

but obviously there's some premium

add-ons things like you can actually

listen to everything that's going on you

can hack into the microphone oh wow wow


Oh full disclosure I didn't pay for that

feature because I forgot how much it was

I think it was an extra 50 bucks

whoa but did she think I did okay okay

so she thinks I paid for it do you think

I can Oh was was enjoy Jesus Christ you


I can see the messages from every app

from diverse type iMessage watched a

flying kick Facebook tinder and bumble

dam I can see whole log that it detects

let me just contact all four search


I can see every photo that thinking

about video that's taken now just taking

that any video that her friends and her

or you know pictures that go back and

forth over text I can look at those two

Jesus Christ man dude again next level

game dude next now let me ask you this

now you said you paid 250 for a year

that's two hundred and fifty dollars

correct yeah okay

is there a monthly yeah I remember when

I was looking at the pricing screen I'm

sorry I should have had it no it's okay

it's no big job but I remember the

pricing has a monthly option a quarterly

option and a yearly option okay and if

you check back into the side if I

remember I went back and forth between a

couple of software's for like three or

four days if you check back into the

site once every few days they'll like

this 45% off thing will pop up okay and

you can just sign up through there and

get that shit like well discount too so


solid yeah that's usually the way it

works with software you can either pay

for a full year or you can pay you know

a monthly charge and of course it's a

little higher but so what what really

grabbed my attention is that you can see

what picture she's taken number one and

the microphone so you know what she's

saying what picture she's taken doesn't

have a keylogger

do you see her do you see everything

she's punching into her into her phone

it's got that option I don't have it set

up either you can have that our extra

are the hacking into the camera hacking

into the microphone and the key loss

dude that is fucking but every I mean I

can see I can see everything from her

email to all her text messages both on

iMessage and regular text message you

know when you text an Android from an

iPhone it turns green that's a regular

attack right I can see those and I can

do all the

unbelievable brother the one the one

that I can't that one that I can't see

that kinda gets to meet snapchat but

next week I'm having the social media

talk with her so that's gonna be gone

good good good very good very very good

what's it like on the battery does it

drain the wait hold on this is actually

a question that somebody asked does it

drain her battery I'm gonna answer that

question who cares right what gives a

shit if it drains your fucking battery

right dude keep a fucking charger on

your ass right like dude this is and

again here's the thing guys you guys

know that I'm a strong proponent of of

hack of dude have access to your girl's

phone you and obviously you're not gonna

be able to do it if she doesn't if you

if she doesn't give you permission to do

it number one number two you're not

gonna you're not gonna do it if she

doesn't know about it the point is is

that she knows that that she that you

can see everything that she is doing now

a lot of guys might say Miami Jay well

she could just go to second thumb dude

if she's gonna get a second phone and

pay a second bill just to cheat on you

and still go through the trouble and

making you think that she's that she

doesn't to that degree

dude girls aren't gonna do that man

girls will never agree we're both on her

phone and her computer but the whole

permission thing is key because that's

the the the that's the difference

between being territorial there you go

and keeping your warming new line and

being a creepy stalker if you're looking

if you hack into her phone without her

permission now you open yourself up to

legal action yes absolutely you have to

have her explicit permission yeah you

can yeah yeah yeah you you you

definitely have to have it hmm and again

a lot of guys make the egregious mistake

of I'm gonna keep my woman in mine so

I'm gonna put a keylogger on her phone

so that she know dude you have to tell

her even if there weren't even if there

were no legal implications at this point

dude if your woman doesn't know you have

a key logger you can do it I can

guarantee you she's having an

inappropriate conversations then she

doesn't need to be Evan if you put a key

logger on your woman's phone and she

doesn't know what dude the relationships

gonna end within 24 hours dude guarantee

and if you do look if you do it without

her knowledge that's not you wanted to

keep on our and heard that you wanted to

catch her TT right right

yeah there you go yeah to me doesn't

make sense if he doesn't know about it

you have to know that not only does the

whole point that's why that's exactly

right not only not only does how can I

put this not only and again a lot of

guys do this well I know she's cheating

but I want to catch her cheating so I

can so I can have a reason to dumper you

don't listen here's the thing dude you

don't need hard evidence to know that a

woman is cheating if you think she's

cheating she probably is even if by some

miracle she isn't doesn't matter you're

not a hundred percent sure that she's

not cheating and you don't want to be

with a woman like that anyway right yeah

you want to be 100 percent certain it

works differently it in the in the case

of cheating if you suspected it's more

than likely going on there that's right

that's right listen listen to what he

says guys it is listen women are guilty

till proven innocent with regards to

cheating oh my god you don't know she's

cheating listen listen the reason why

you are guilty till proven innocent is

because of life there's way too much

anecdotal evidence out there that women

do it in every woman cheats man so if

the standard for a woman is to cheat

like I remember my girl was on red pill

women and this one girl it was so funny

this one girl said I'm great to my

boyfriend I cook I clean I don't cheat

on him and I remember thinking dude this

girl is giving herself credit for not

cheating on her boyfriend what that told

me is that it is standard operating

procedure to cheat on your boyfriend no

I don't cheat on my boyfriend I'm a good

girl wait a minute what so you think

that you think that because you don't

cheat that sets you apart for most women

this is the standard this is why you're

guilty till proven innocent my friend no

that's like a participation trophy for

excellent kids cleaning his room

damn you're supposed to keep her dance

right that's exactly right that is

exactly regular and it was actually kind

of funny I went through some of her

texts the other day okay and she had a

she had a group chat with her friends

going on and I saw this friend she

started bragging like the slutty like

some slutty ass yeah right right right

like she was bragging about letting some

guy up in there take a bump of coke off

her ass ah there we go it

it was a thing but to Mike to her credit

my girl called her out on it oh good


and before I let you go here here's a

probe game here's a pro game tip here if

you ever go through your woman's if you

know if you don't have the software or

whatever if you ever go through your

woman's phone don't look at the text

messages between her and other guys

because she will likely have erased

those look for the text messages she is

having with her friends that's when

she's a hundred percent honest if you

want to catch if you want to catch her

if you want to catch her with her hand

in the cookie jar

tell her you know look look for the text

messages between her and her friends

that's that that's what I'll leave you

with on that well Miami J listen no go

ahead good you remember the girl from

Arizona I do yes I do

yeah I remember one time this was

probably about a year ago she would not

talk with me like when we talk about sex

and stuff she wouldn't talk about it

with me

we just kind of do it okay but then one

time and she'd tell me you know I don't

like talking about these things oh my

god whatever then one time I forgot what

we were doing I was looking some

pictures over on her phone and one of

her friends texted and she was in the

bathroom and she says like okay yeah

look at what it what she read I scrolled

down a little bit and she's in there

talking all this stuff about how how I

tried to go back door like getting yep

yeah right with right right women

amongst each other are the never met

dude they let it listen man they let it

all hang out because they don't have to

work they're not worried about other

women thinking their sluts because

they're not trying to fuck other women

but they're trying to be these chaste

and Madonna of course they are of course

they are it dude I'll tell you a story

I remember one girl I was fucking when I

was in Vegas I actually got ahold of her

phone she fucked up she fucked around

and told dude we were drunk and she's

like what's the combination to you I was

like I'm not telling you I was like tell

me or she's like it's 1969 this was I

don't know maybe a month and a half well

unfortunately for her I have I mean I

have an unbelievable memory I remember


so I remember she was asleep and I was

watching football or something

and I went through and I put in 1969 the

fucking code work so she's texting with

all these guys I know I didn't see

anything then I

to her best friend Danielle and I

scrolled up and she said I am so done

with him and you know what her friend

said are you done with Donovan or are

you done with Mike and she said Donovan

so she was but there you go so she was

fucking somebody else that's how I found

out she was fucking somebody else

because her friend asked you um you know

which is it Donovan or Mike so dude I

will grass up also who the fuck is Mike

cut it up well I'm not like well why

would Danielle tell me ask you is it not

a very much she's like I don't know I'm

like yet I'm out see you later

tell that goes yeah and it's a classic

projection play to like they'll call you

bros if you comment with your boy oh

yeah right right yep but then they're on

they're on their little chats and they

get sick like Oh his cock was you know

yeah their talk yeah they're talking

about going yeah they're talking about

going ask to mouth and you know dirty

sanchezes and all that no yeah yeah yeah

they definitely get down there there's

nothing chaste about what they do to be

sure bitches

hashtag bitches be bitches right all

right Miami Jay appreciate the

appreciate the knowledge that is XM spy

dot-com guys that is X ray November

Sierra papa yankee calm appreciate the

knowledge men all right man Miami Jay in

the house droppin that serious knowledge

dude listen man listen I'm a territorial

motherfucker and I've had some I've had

my woman on a pretty on a pretty heavy

on a pretty heavy protocol but dude

accessing the camera and the goddamn

microphone wow that listen that's what's

up that is what's up man so Miami G is

clearly doing it right Theo asks I've

had girls ask me if they're ugly and I

usually say no that's a compliment right

here's what you do when a girl says do

you think I'm ugly just don't answer the

question change the subject and she says

well do you look at her say that's a

stupid question right you're not telling

her she is you're not telling her she

isn't you're just telling her stupid

question you know that goes all right if

you care so much isn't that validating

her blah-blah-blah-blah-blah give me a

second hold on hold on hang on a second

just going through the just going

through the chat here to to round out

the show don't really understand your

question Theo says if your if you care

so much

isn't that validating her I don't I

don't get it man I know Theo and Theo

you're you're you're a kid dude how do

you get them to come off as more slutty

instead of trying to act like a good

girl again dude your questions are

they're weird man you're not really

asking direct questions like but like

dude like listen you can release your

girls in her slut if she wants to

release her inner slut that's what this

is what comes with gain confidence etc

etc alright Dennis from France asks what

is a dirty sanchez well this one is real

simple a dirty sanchez is when you fuck

a girl in the ass

you take your cock out of her ass and

you rub it right here under her nose

right now theoretically if you stick

your dick in a girl's ass your ass your

your dick is gonna smell like shit well

sometimes it does most of the time a lot

of people think oh my god if you have a

little search you're sticking your dick

and shit no that's not the way it

happens and again and again anal sex is

and dude I got a lot of heat about this

on return of Kings Oh anal so if you

look it'll suit your basically gate now

dude you're just afraid to fuck a girl

in the ass like guys will jerk off to

porn anal sex porn but then talk about

how gross it is like it's it's it's so

funny like the the commenters in the

manosphere community anytime you write

an article on on a site like return of

kings or if you put something up in red

pill you know the the red pill forum

it's just it's just talk full of guys

who were just fucking retards it's just

absolutely ridiculous anyway when you

have anal sex with a girl if you take

your dick out your dick is not going to

smell like shit because colons or unless

you have unless you are unless you

shit in here's that here's another game

tip what if I get shit on my dick listen

I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that

every time I have I've had anal sex it's

always been clean I've had some pretty

messy experiences but here's the thing

if a girl knows she has to poop if she

knows she has to shit guess what you're

going to get shit on your dick because

this shit isn't the colon waiting to

come out but if she has just shit if she

has just taken a shit or if she doesn't

feel like she has to shit guess what her

colon is clean it is it's it's don't get

me wrong it's not disinfected but if you

stick your dick in a girl's ass it's not

gonna smell like shit every time but

theoretically if you stick your dick in

a girl's ass if it's the acid smells

like shit you rub it across her you know

rub it right under the right under her

nose that's what they call the dirty


Dennis from France says bone Appetit

shit Miami Jay drop in next level game

says if she asks if she's ugly then you

answer the question with a gent with a

question do you think you're ugly good I

like it I like it and again when you're

conversing with a girl don't directly

answer all of their questions because

just like the interview process when

you're interviewing for a job the

interviewer has control of the interview

because they're asking the questions if

she's asking questions and you're

answering she is in control of the

interaction flip the script do you think

I'm ugly

just like Miami Jay said I don't know do

you think you're ugly and you you regain

control you're not giving her that

validation that she's looking for and

again and it's funny I've had girls tell

me this do oh how do I look do I look

good in this listen if my dick is in

your mouth at the end of the night

you'll have your answer so that's yes if

my dick is in your mouth at the end of

the night you have your answer all right

good stuff good comments in here tonight

guys very very good comments legend

piece has Google location services

tracks and saves everywhere her phone

has been and the duration of time spent

it's one way to track her whereabouts

without installing anything all right

good good next little game there Jordan

says the Mac will then the holy book of

game by tarik Nashik should answer a lot

of you guys's questions yeah I agree I

actually read that book years ago

Chace LeBeau said chase LeBeau echos

exactly what I just said to Theo a girl

will be slutty for you if you show

enough Alfa frame yeah dude

girls aren't gonna be sluts for guys

they aren't turned on by if again if you

have enough Alfa frame you're good to go

you're good to go Theo says I'm trying

to become alpha by August oh my god

listen I appreciate your spirit and I

appreciate you setting goals for

yourself unfortunately becoming alpha is

not something that you could quantify or

set a goal to write like it's it's it's

um bless its heart man listen I like

your fire but you're not gonna wake up

one day you can't look at your progress

you know what I'm almost an alpha now

man being an alpha male being a five

percenter it is a constant process you

don't just wake up and become an alpha

and then you're an alpha for the rest of

your life no you have to maintain that

alpha frame because there are a lot of

guys out here and again roll out I

talked about this yesterday a lot of

alphas out there who became betas very

quickly when they got into long-term

relationships like and again and and so

so again listen listen you can set goals

to yourself like hey I want to get you

know I want to get you know I want to

put on X amount of muscle you think you

need you need to make goals you need to

make quantifiable goals but a frame of

mind a state of being it's not something

you can say okay I'm going to be alpha

by August no it doesn't work that way it

is a consistent progress it is a

consistent progress you know like I said

I like your fire I like I like where

your head is that Theo says I thought

you said she likes if she likes you she

won't come off as slutty okay Theo okay

now you're starting to get on my nerves

dude no if she jesus fucking christ all

right I'm gonna give some red pill 101

Theo guys don't get mad he's young right

like I understand where he's coming from

here's the thing if you're out on a

first date with a woman she's not if a

girl likes you okay if you're out on a

first date or a first meet up with a

woman she's not going to act slutty if

she likes you right if she likes you and

thinks maybe this guy is long-term

relationship material this is a guy that

I could really that I could really you

know kind of be with she's not gonna

come off with a slut why does she not

want to act like a slut vo especially in

a public setting who or in a private

setting on the first date because they

because women know that men of value

don't commit to sluts they know will

fuck him all day long right if a girl is

just looking to hook up with you then

dude she'll show all the slut cells all

day long not give a shit she know she's

getting a cock in her ass later that

night anyway but a girl will do her

level best not to be a slut because she

likes you because she knows that men of

value don't commit to sluts as soon as

she as soon as she tries to lock down

commitment then she'll be a slut for you

but only behind closed doors so now

there there was no contradiction there's

there's no contradiction there Dennis

from Frances feels a nice kid he'll

learn yeah he'll learn I mean dude

listen man vo it sounds to me like you

need to become a $5.00 patron you need

to become a $5.00 patron and start

listening listening to my stuff and I

think that that would do I think that

would go a long way in eliminating a lot

of these remedial questions listen I

appreciate the questions because you

listen listen let's keep it real guys

Theo is not the only guy who has these

kinds of questions right like there are

a lot of guys listening who have the

same kinds of questions that Theo does

but again like I recommended before to

eliminate these remedial questions to

eliminate this red pill 101 become a $5

patron guys and you'll be good to go big

flip says read the art of seduction

that's a good way that it to develop

game Miami Jay says a better goal is to

make sure that you can bench your body

weight ten times by the end of August

that's what I'm talking about that is a

quantifiable goal jordan says women will

let you know your alpha by their

response to you great comment

chase LeBeau says vo becoming an alpha

is a lifetime journey lift weights learn

a skill that can help you run your own

business and subscribe do Donovan's

patreon buy a consult if you still have

questions Jase laughs oh man I love it I

love it hey Captain Crunch what he kept

it one of it says better to learn at 18

and 40 listen man like we can all sit

here and bag on Theo if we want to but

listen man we got a lot of guys that are

better my age asking the same kind of

questions so I certainly I certainly

don't I certainly don't blame them for

that all right good stuff well gentlemen

that is gonna do it for this edition of

TSR prime time my thanks to everybody in

the house Captain Crunch 420 chase

LeBeau mr. mink Miami Jay appreciates

you with that with that next level game

again that is X and spy comm that is X

ray November X ray November Sierra papa

Genki dot-com Minesh legend P Dennis

from France Jordan IKEA 31 Darcy Mills

big flip young Theo and of course dub C

will chrismad aka will the coldest my

thanks to you gentlemen for making TS

our primetime what it is

thanks for tuning in and I will see you

guys tomorrow night thanks for watching


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