Red Pill Origins Vol. 2: The worst heartbreak of my life

Those of you who have read and listened to me over the last few years are well aware of the fact that I’ve been really good with women over the last 8, 9 years. A lot of Red Pill guys talk about their successes but very few of them talk about their failures


And those that DO talk about their failures don’t really elaborate. They tell you “yeah I dated this girl and she cheated on me” or “This girl i was fucking did me wrong” but they never give you much more detail than that.

Now I’m of the mind that a man learns a lot more when he fails than when he succeeds and in this 2nd volume of red pill origins you guys are going to learn about my absolute worst heartbreak of my life. This was literally THE lowest point in my entire life and i was fortunate to make it out of that situation with my freedom and my health.

So buckle up and prepare to hear a story about a girl who destroyed my life and almost destroyed me in the process. This is Red Pill Origins Vol. 2: The worst heartbreak of my life.

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