"Red Pill Women" do not exist with Rollo Tomassi (Ep. 286)

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The Red Pill community has grown exponentially over the years which has drawn it's share of both criticism and adoration. Predictably has also attracted women, most of which who are highly critical of The Red Pill lifestyle. But there is a smaller group of women who've decided to piggyback off of our success by calling themselves "Red Pill Women."



Red Pill women simply do not exist. Yet, these women think that because they SAY they endorse Red Pill truths, that they must be Red Pill women. Rollo Tomassi and I discuss the fallacy that is "The Red Pill Woman"


There are no red pill women

Legit advice for women BY women:

Notes from a red pill girl

Real Red Pill Woman



a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your man what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 280 6th edition of TSR alive your

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looking forward to tonight's episode

I've got Rollo Tomassi who's gonna be

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show on to today's topic

tonight's topic here as you guys

probably as a lot of you guys probably

know I participate in the Redman group

every Saturday and for those of you who

are unfamiliar

who are unfamiliar with the red mangrove

it's a group of the top red pill guys we

all get together and we have discussions

about men about men's issues we talk

about girls we talk about game we talked

about in cells marriage relationships I

mean listen anything and everything that

you can think of that relates to living

the red pill life we talked about you

know we try to have a variety of guests

on to to sort of you know just to sort

of give the show a little bit of variety

week ago we had turd flinging monkey on

there who is probably the probably the

lord of the probably the lord of the low

level make towels

turd flinging monkey listen no shade on

him the guy walked into the Lions Den

and listened he faced the music man this

is listen that this is a guy who is

married or is in a relationship with a

sex doll and did listen the dude is not

a shame man like there there is no shame

in his game and again I don't agree with

the lifestyle I certainly it's not that

I don't agree with it I don't hate on

the lifestyle I'm not gonna to Smerch

anyone who wants to fuck a doll that

that's perfectly fine

of course you guys all know that my

problem was with his his followers and

his cronies that wanted to say that you

know guys like Rollo Tomassi got owned

anyway don't want to get off on a

tangent but you again just go to go to

go to youtube.com search the Redman

group and you'll find out what it is now

the regular panelists on the Redman

group include myself Rollo Tomassi

Richard Cooper of entrepreneurs and cars

it includes Anthony Johnson who is the

founder and CEO of 21 studios and put

together the 21 convention he's the guy

put the 21 convention on Ryan stone

who's a moderator for married red pill

there's also Karl who runs black a lot

black label logic calm and there's dr.

Shaun T Smith who is who has a PhD in

psychology and wrote the best-selling

book the technical guide to women how

men can manage risk in dating and

relationships you know we have a few

other guys who rotate in and out

occasionally but by and large it's it's

the same group of guys every week

well a couple of weeks ago we were on

air doing episode 17

when a female caller who goes by the

name of kitten Holliday and and again

you know a lot of people say you know

d'avin worry you could involved in this

drama and okay listen man likes it

listen sometimes

is gonna have to be petty they know and

I'll explain here in a second anyway so

kitten calls into the show now I've been

aware of kitten for a lot longer than

she probably realizes I've been aware

I've been aware of her for a little over

two years I've seen her on Twitter you

know I perused her website and the long

and the short of who kitten is is she is

the typical red pill groupie that's what

she is

she fashions she fashions her she's a

woman who fashions herself a red pill

woman but if he scrolled through her

feed it's clear that all she's really

interested in is drawing attention to

herself which is fine listen man all

girls want attention that's that that's

not the new we get it fine whatever

well the difference with this chick and

others like her is that she looks for


from the red pill community and the

reason she does this is because she

knows that getting our approval is worth

a lot more than a bunch of thirsty dudes

who pretend to be interested in her blog

or her thoughts now wedyn if she watches

this and I know she will she'll probably

come up with some pithy you know Twitter

remark and she's blocked me on Twitter

by the way you know she'll come up and

she'll say well I don't need approval

but listen she's all she's all rhetoric

she's all honestly man she's all piss

and wind she doesn't mean anything she

says she doesn't say anything she means

and all she does all she does is runs

off we run off at the mouth the bottom

line guys is that kitten is not a red

pill woman okay she is a red pill


nothing that's who she is she's a post

wall single mom who's Beaulieu who they

both they both which writer with below

average looks with what appear to be

above average sized tits and that's what

gets her followers she knows this as we

all but kitten would have us believe

that she what are the reasons she's got

a few thousand followers on Twitter and

maybe 50 patrons anyway Rollo and I were

alone I jesus-fucking-christ I didn't

invite this chick on my show anyway

Rollo Tomassi invited her and several

other people to call in to the show

episode 17 now I wasn't aware that he

asked her to come on but whatever fine

you know I'm listen I'm sure he had his

reasons anyway so so she comes on and

rather than tell you about the

interaction shout out to Hashim 305

happy Bobby Bonilla day that's actually

quite funny I should google that

but rather than get into the theatrical

mental gymnastics I'm actually gonna

show you guys I'm actually gonna air the

portion of the show where kitten called

Anna oh wait a minute we've already got

distortion from the mic hang on here we

go all right hang on guys before I do

this I need to make sure that my mic is

good got to make sure my mic is good

okay sharp assist says seems better now

listen guys listen I rely on you guys to

let me know what's going on again I do

apologize for you know for the static

and stuff I don't know why okay good I

don't know why my mic gets dead it

static I don't know why it doesn't I'm

thinking maybe it's electronic maybe I

need to get gold tip whatever I'm gonna

get that taken care of this week anyway

I'm gonna go ahead and play it play for

you guys the portion of the of the

episode that kitten called in and I want

you guys to keep in mind that I did not

realize that I was the main one on

camera the entire time I'm the one

taking the phone calls which means that

which means the sound comes through my

Google Hangouts link right but but again

it never occurred to me that I was the

one on camera so of course you guys will

you guys will be able to see my I'll

call it my disdain and my boredom from

kitten calling so without yeah I've

listened I'm not gonna run off at the

mouth it's about seven minutes so be

patient this is actually pretty good

here we go this is kitten Holliday on

the red man group back on June 16th 2018

take a look all right we got three

callers in the queue area code nine 103

five two and area code five eighty five

we're gonna get to you guys in just a

second area code nine one zero you are

on that wait a minute hang on a second

got some technical issues here hang on

one second there we go hang on guys let

me uh let me see if I can try that again

hold on all right hang on

I look at paused thought I had it going

on now man don't tell me this is uh hang

on bear with me guys oh you gotta be

kidding me

ah motherfucker

hang on guys bear with me here this is

not how this was supposed to go so

oh man I've had this all thought I had

this all squared away all right just

give me a second guys all right okay I

don't know why this is not don't know

why this isn't playing well you know I

thought I had the I thought I had the

video cued up I don't know why this

isn't working just kind of weird yeah

hang on guys and again I do apologize

for this I'm not really sure okay I know

this is bad radio but there we go we got

three colors in the hue 103 five two and

area code 585 we're gonna get to you

guys in just a second area code nine one

zero you are on the air that is North

Carolina nine one oh you're on the line

I have a bad feeling about this I'll

relax Donovan I knew it I fucking I knew

it as soon as I saw nine one oh here we


I was kiddin that's kiddin yep just

talking about that I wanted to touch on

what we were talking about a minute ago

how women self-help communities or help

each other out so thank you and I mean

I've thought about this a lot and I

think part of it is because female

self-help it's all empowerment and

confidence building so attribute all of

their personal teams to either some sort

of outside force like being oppressed by

men are being oppressed by the

patriarchy or being harmed and being a

victim of some outside power

or to just not feeling good about

themselves because our our feelings and

our emotions are our reality the sweet

kid nice sweetheart get to the point get

to the point you got other callers here

actually are creating the physical paint

like the physical and emotional pain in

our lives

creates a huge amount of cognitive

dissonance also because everything that

we're told by feminism and by society by

the glutton society is that we are

flawless and we can do no wrong and that

the that were fine and that if you

follow society you will not have pain so

it takes a lot of pain it's a woman's

life to actually realize that it's the

message of feminism that might be

leading them astray and personal

consequences destroying their life

kindly letting you fail I'll give you

that it's all about coping a lot of it's

about coping so I'll go with you on that

one they don't want to actually fix

things they just want to feel better

it's a coping strategy which sounds a

lot like the beta male Star Wars thing

but I'll pass it over to Carl I know

he's itching for this one Carl you know

if you really want the exemplification

of everything kitten just talked about

go on Instagram or ideally on tumblr and

look up the hashtag body positivity or

held at every size right there he goes

that's the entire hypo agency thing it's

essentially a gathering of mostly women

and a couple of well I would say men but

it's not easy to do quotation marks with

a camera sitting we're not complaining

that it's not their fault that they're

overweight and in this case and using

the way overweight in the way that the

US has a slight no it's not my fault on

the side all those guys wanted to fuck

me first right like the know it's dying

if culture is PCOS its hyperthyroidism

hyperthyroidism everything

accept the fact that hey maybe I

shouldn't be drinking a seven thousand

calorie mocha latte for breakfasts

alright I'm here now it's pick with four

C's well I was gonna was gonna say is

that in some ways I guess I kind of

understand what she's saying because

it's I think that they're you know we've

always talked about the blue pill and

blue pill conditioning for guys okay

there is a form of conditioning for

women I don't want to call that blue

pill conditioning for women or whatever

but that conditioning is is this femme

power manera t'v that we little girls

from the time they're fucking four years

old to get into you know Disney frozen

or you know they get into this this

little girl super-powered princess this

what they call the characters of Mary

Jane right they said when they say about

a raid from from Star Wars like she's an

area very soon very soon very soon

character and she's just magically

because she has this magical vagina that

she's she can suddenly he's a lightsaber

and she can do all this that's one

example of a lot of stuff but that is

being taught to girls that they can do

anything well I mean even if you look at

the Miss America pageant it's no longer

a pageant anymore

it's a competition well it's competition

of what what woman can be the most

confident and can be the most you know

can share the the empowerment message

the best and really what it comes down

to is these guy are with these these

women who have been sort of conditioned

and taught by a by feminism for not

first of all look like to prioritize a

feminine imperative above all else and

to expect that men will do the same and

to expect that men will be the

supportive guys that they you know will

also agree with them and to expect that

this is the way this is like this

utopian society that we can you know men

are going to are they're going to have

your backs and they're there for your

support rather than the other way around

and so when I talk about how you know

genetically evolutionarily wise how how

women are different from men and that

put us together and we make pretty good

complements of each other

complements of each other

both psychologically and physiologically

we can we do this but what feminism is

teaching women right now is that they

don't need men literally they don't need

that they need all they need is

themselves and to think positive

thoughts and their their their own

source of confidence and they are this

one autonomous thing that can that is

self fulfilling and self satisfied I

think that and it doesn't matter you

don't need a man in your life if you

want one great that's great because men

are superfluous they teach this idea

that women are these autonomous

creatures and that men are just these

these you know support you know either

they're there to support you

provisionally or there's there to fuck

you okay that's to clarify for viewers

or not it's familiar with your work this

is a collection of lies similar to the

blue pill it fuck's up women's lives

it's propaganda basically feminism one

it's one big lie man like I think I

think that's pretty clear and then

you're fighting against also women's

innate nature which is solipsistic okay

if you go and you teach women that it's

all about them and they're already soft

Cystic to begin with

it literally is all about them and

that's it you know and so again and then

you take that into a larger social

narrative and it becomes sister go to

browse we are yeah we're going to we're

gonna drop cutting off look no you got

to go we got to go to the next car area

code you are on

and that as they say was that so as you

guys can see I wasn't really I wasn't

really here for the nonsense

it wasn't men I immediately knew that

this chick was calling in to get

attention okay and she was calling him

to get attention and nothing more but I

handled her exactly the way I should

have and to be honest with you I

probably kept her on the phone too long

you know listen I should have hung up on

her ass halfway through her thoughts the

first time but you know I nudged her

along and tell her to you know tell her

to run along guys she didn't talk about

anything she didn't have a point she

just rambled on and on about nothing and

didn't offer anything to the

conversation I knew what she was doing

and what I saw she didn't have a point I

told her to get to the point which she

never did

now the guys bailed her out by taking

over the conversation after which I so

merrily dismissed her after she

attempted to stay on longer and continue

to run her mouth to get yet more

attention okay that's what this was

about guys it was for attention all

right she had the attention a four and a

half red pill aware men with an audience

of about 300 guys women get off on

attention and this chick is no different


she stayed in the chat and you know

basically said well Rolo invited me on

so if you have a problem with it take it

up with him lets you and him fight she

listened oldest fucking trick in the


well yeah listen listen or twerp or so

we thought right we thought that that

was gonna be the last of her because I

you know I timed her out she got the

hell out of there well the last two

weeks this chick has stirred up all

sorts of drama I think I've got Rolo

trying to a me a second guys I think I

think this might be Rolo trying to

trying to call in here so bear with me

here I'm gonna try to get him on all

right I think what I did is I

accidentally screwed up the I

accidentally screwed up the the Google

Hangouts link basically what I did is I

made it I think I made it private or

something like that so all right let's

see we got here all right so while we

wait on well while we wait on Rolo to to

get the link so anyway we thought she

was gone so the last two weeks guys this

chick has stirred up all sorts of drama

all right she's called Rolo a leader

without integrity called him also

and names and so forth she was pissed

off because I didn't treat her like a

princess when she called and let's see

here let's see if Rollo we said let's

try this again here with Rollo although

too messy alright and again guys I do I

do apologize this is this is bad radio

alright not the most not the most

tech-savvy guy in the world but you know

I'm gonna gonna try and give this a shot

here let me go ahead and send it out to

him one more time

see if Rollo will get the get the link

here there's one I don't know maybe he

maybe he shot me an email

again Rollo is a family guy you know so

I'm not really sure I'm not really sure

what's going on here but we will

freelance run and good to see you in

here my man thanks for thanks for

stopping in again man freelance Ronin is

the original TSR Towers og for sure so

it's good - definitely good this

definitely good to see him in here as


alright so I've sent the I've sent the

link to roll again it was my fault it

was my fault buddy that he's not on yet

because again I fucked up the link

anyway she was pissed off because I

didn't treat her like a princess when

she called me right I treated her the

way I treat all attention whores and

because Rollo didn't run to her rescue

and wax poetic about her brilliance and

about how unfair it was that big bird

donovan sharp and bearish me on air she

decided to launch her little smear

campaign and every time we thought it

died down everything every time we

thought that she would just leave it the

fuck alone

she'd just bring it back up again it was

it was it was it just got old well the

last couple of days it seems that her

white knights decided to come in and

defend her and that's why i've decided

to do this episode see these guys are

all cute and clever and all witty on

twitter just like everybody else is but

when i told them when and where to call

in so that we could discuss this instead

of going back and forth on okay yeah i

got rolling uh hang on a second row let

me let me finish this little diatribe

and I'll bring you in

but like I said anybody can be clever on

Twitter okay anybody can be clever

behind their computers but we're gonna

see if they can do the same in real time

and real voice but listen I think that

we all know that's probably not gonna

happen I've challenged listen guys I've

challenged dozens of people to call in

and they never do you remember that guy

Cory Alexander Heywood remember him

right he got ahold of me after our after

I did the episode he says yeah real cute

nigga did it I said all right come on to

my show I blocked out a show for him

guess what nigga was a no-show just like

they all are

this chick kitten keeps bitching about

integrity and Rollo doesn't know shit

and blah blah blah blah blah guys here's

what happened she got her feelings hurt

and she couldn't handle it she listened

she got made to look like a fool and she

didn't like it when it comes down to it

Rolla let her dumb ass right into a trap

and she took the bait hook line and

sinker now here's the thing guys my

guess is that she probably thought that

she could be a regular contributor on

the Redman group by calling it a name

yet maybe ooh be on the panel someday

right I guarantee you guys that these

were the thoughts that were going

through her mind but that was never

gonna happen and the only person who

seemed to be in the dark about what was

really going on was her and she didn't

like it she got a rude awakening by

yours truly and she acted exactly the

way women react when they don't get

their way they threw a fit sweetheart

check this out just because Rollo asked

you to call in doesn't mean you were the

only one hit he has to call in just

because he asked you to call in doesn't

mean he was gonna keep up for you nah he

led us to the slaughter and when you

thought you'd get the golden endorsement

from arguably the most influential

figure in the manosphere and he did

exactly what red pill what a red pillow

where a man should have done which was

give you enough rope to hang yourself

which you did a woman wrote an article

about this little tiff and I'm gonna

bring Rollo on here just a second she

wrote an article about this little tiff

you can find her on Twitter actually at

red pill chick I don't follow her but

you know she's not she's not a red pill

groupie not as far as I know it was

called female solipsistic

Rollo versus kitten I'm gonna put it in

my blog post when I'm done with this in

that article picked her ass apart she

pulled the kitties she pulled kittens

card and told the truth about what was

really happening was which she came into

a male space expecting expecting

expecting to get the royal treatment and

got treated exactly the way a woman

should be treated when she's fishing for

attention so any of this chicks white


want to call in you see the number okay

you motherfuckers know who you are

I have tagged your asses on Twitter so

there's no excuse you to kitten if you

want to call in okay and tell your side

of the story

be my guest but I'm not holding my

breath and I'm not gonna promise that

it's not gonna go exactly the same way

that it happened last time and with that

let me go ahead and bring on all right

let me excellent there there's the man

rule it's a messy can you hear me yep I

sure can hear you what's going on

brother I'm getting a little echo from

you all right hang on this thing on me

I'm gonna turn you down a little bit all

right how's that is that a little bitter

maybe not yeah yeah yeah there we go all

right okay much better all right so so

ro I bring you in because you are the

quote on target the quote unquote target

kid basically kitten alleges that you

and the thing is if she says well he

invited me on it he's not admitting it

at listen I don't care about that

whatever but I think what really

happened is she got her feelings hurt

and because you didn't rush to her

rescue this is why she's mad so what is

your take on what happened well first of

all let's let's clear the air here a

little bit the first thing is yeah it

was our first time using the telephone

system right and that was the first

episode we ever were actually trying to

work out the bugs too so what I did was

I went I invited a lot of people that I

saw on Twitter at that time and so she

happened to be one we were on good terms

for a little while there's there was a

time where I was I had her blocked and

then I unblocked her and I unblocked a

whole bunch of other people I kind of go

through cycles like that whenever I'm

talking to anybody on Twitter and if

it's you know but if it seems like

they're just trolling or they're just

you know disingenuous about pretty much

anything I I'm not against blocking

there was a time when I really was I was

kind of like oh I don't want to block

anybody but then you start getting you

know I got up into the I'm almost at


I've almost got 30 so I can't possibly

keep up with Alma and I have my my

direct mail is open as well okay so and

that's just because I would author and

people you know want to ask me questions

and I can't you know exactly go and you

can't get to them all right yeah I can't

go follow everybody so

I can do it yeah so I leave my my DMS

open and there's a while ago that I kind

of locked horns with her just sort of

getting to know who she was and and then

I ended up blocking her and then I

unblocked her and for a while she just

you know started throwing things my way

and so I thought okay well I'll invite

her and I was inviting probably like six

or seven other people at the same time

and you know I was just like okay fine

you know if you want to call in call in

we were having some troubles with the

numbers at first so I'm throwing you

know throwing that out but you know

either way I was thinking how can we get

on you know to you know to talk to you

or to you know we just did like last

Saturday we had the all college right

and you know I'm not against having

people call in and disagree with me and

I'm not against people coming on my my

blog I've had a ax an unmoderated

comment section on my blog or it'll be

seven years in August I've always been

about open discourse even when I was on

so swab and it was a moderator it's so

small right right all right yeah and so

you know I to me just having that open

discussion and that open discourse is

very important so like I said I had for

a while I had kind of a problem blocking

people but now I don't have a problem

blocking people because it's just so

many people who are just so full of shit

or they're so you know they're just

there to troll you just because they

want to get a rise out of you guys you

know that's the high point of their day

so you know I don't want to get into

that I want to deal with that but so she

called in and yeah I mean everybody just

you know heard the exchange and I

thought we were pretty I thought we were

very accommodating for what we done me

she got an answer from everybody else

and it's like you know let's move on to

the next this was a terrestrial radio

talk show you know Campbell is not gonna

let you know a call or stay on and just

monopolize the time for everything so I

act I didn't even think you're all that

route it's like notes are you got to go

and then that's you know that's that I

didn't even think think about it and

then you know of course she wants to

make a big deal out of it and then she

starts popping off and she got a hold of

the video she starts making

it's funny how it's funny how she always

seems to have some sort of disagreement

with me or she has some sort of you know

problem with me but yet she never has a

time to come over to my blog and say hey

I disagree with this or just reread it's

always oh it's always this ambiguous

bullshit and the reason it's ambiguous

bullshit is because just as you said

it's all about attention and this is the

we live in an era I'm gonna sort of

leave the the red pill the red pill

topic here on the side but for now I'm

just gonna say we live in an era where

attention on the Internet is is at a

premium yes we have we live in a narrow

I mean what white do women use social

media at like four or five times the

rate that men do why are they what are

they sending you know 30,000 more texts

per month on their phones than men do I

mean these are statistics that you can

go look up okay because they're looking

for that attention they want that rush

that's that's what you know that's why I

said the attention is the coin of the

realm and girl right right and so here

you have a lonely you know divorced

woman who has found that attention flow

from the red pill and from trying to

insert herself into that conversation

and I mean I know that there's some guys

that that follow her and they say oh no

she's cool whatever okay but you know

what there's there's nothing there if

all you want to do is have a discussion

about you know I don't know whatever pop

culture has to talk about and she has

nothing really all that important to say

she doesn't do much of anything really I

mean she's got a she's got an e-book

that's basically a pamphlet I you know

what does she do she doesn't do anything

and then she's just one part I mean not

the reason I wanted to do this is I

didn't really want to talk about kit and

all that much it was just like you know

there's a lot of guys out there who seem

to have a problem with me and I don't

know why you know I'm like why do you I

mean and I'll just go ahead and stay say

yeah there's a lot of purple pillow guys

yeah they just basically want to throw

punch at me yeah I'm like okay fine

throw a punch at me but at least come

with something coherent at least come

with some sort of reasoning you know

instead of just saying oh man you're a

cult leader man oh man all your

disciples yeah roars Oh hypergamy you

know all that bullshit if you have a

problem you know I've been I've been

writing about I have three books out

I've been writing about this on my blog

for seven years and before that I was

you know writing on so swap and you know

what and all that time none of you guys

have come on to my blog which is fun

moderated and dropped anything critical

of anything I've ever had to say so what

conclusion am i left to come to it's

it's that you're full of shit and you're

looking for a rise and you're looking a

gravy train

you know the rational male and you're

looking to gravy train the blog and

you're looking a gravy train the Redman

group yeah and you know you're looking a

gravy train the the 21 convention I mean

we have we are on the cusp of doing

something really great here

oh yeah and so yeah when people want to

yes right mom honestly and I've talked

about this before but I think one of the

reasons that I offend that demographic

is because what I say challenges their

their business model or their profit

model yes so if I'm saying you know

hypergamy is this or I program use that

and that doesn't gel with what it is

they're trying to sell in their purple

pill life coaching of course they're

gonna have to hit back at me because

that's a that's a danger to their

revenue stream red go ahead I don't

worry about that I don't worry about

that you know I say what I want to say

and that's sort of one of the reasons

why I don't actually do this for a

living like everybody seems to think I

do it's like it's like I I'm invested in

staying as honest as I can doing what I

do so if you if people have a problem

you know the phone lines are open I

that's what I'm and so you can call in

if you want to if you if you think that

there's something that you want you have

a challenge or something like that here

it is listen man listen this is

streaming live on Twitter right now

where a lot and listen man here's the

thing man there are a lot of guys who

are red pill guys who who defend kitten

I'm not gonna say names and dude I'm not

getting into this friendly fire right

there are some guys

I who I respect who took up four kitten

guys I'm gonna have to respectfully

disagree and again I think kitten is

making the egregious mistake of thinking

she does this she does the same thing

women do he wants to fuck me right so of

course he wants to know my opinion on

astrophysics of course he is interested

in my take on the political landscape

and NY Kia 31 in the chat nails it on

the head he says those guys think that

white knighting is a backdoor way of

getting sex they'll sadly be

disappointed and end up becoming a

bottom-feeder mgtow so here's the deal

bed here's the deal and we got a caller

on the line I hope it's one I hope it's

one of these mother fuckers but here's

what and again this is what women like

kitten like to do they build their brand

obviously off of attention and they do

this what they call the rap game way so

if I'm a bottom-dwelling rapper and I've

got maybe an album or two out and I want

to start to sell records or CDs and and

I want to get notoriety well what's the

first thing you should do I'm gonna go

attack jay-z

jay-z's not shit nas isn't shit right

but jay-z and Nas they're out there

listen they're smarter than we are of

course we took the bait hook line and

sinker with weight we can talk about

kitten taking the bait all we want to

this is this is a small level thing but

the point is is that she want the women

like her build her brand on going after

guys like you just like you said it's

the gravy train

guys like same thing as a purple pill

blog right as well it's the same thing

they got to hit the biggest guy in the

yard yep to to you know to get some of

credit just before you take this collar

you have to understand that you and you

you mentioned this just now is like it's

a building of a brand okay now I think

in this day and age a lot of people have

gotten on the the tap on the track of

building themselves as their own

personal brand right great that's fine I

understand that and and and I and I get

that I mean that's how you get by guys

like Jordan Peterson or Dave Rubin or

whoever they're building themselves

they're investing in themselves as their

own brand but you've got to have

something substantial behind that

otherwise you're another Kim Kardashian

you're like you're like famous for being

famous you know and there's there's

really nothing there there's no content

there and I like to think that I have

some pretty good content I like to think

that I've got something substantial

behind that so you know show me the work

you know show me the money show me what

you've done right

again and again listen listen man if

kitten becomes famous for doing what she

does dude more power to you like listen

I'm not mad at you but for her again she

is one of many women who disingenuous

she wants us to believe that she

believes that people are actually

interested in what she has to say and

they're not and I think I think she

overestimates all of this quote/unquote

red pill red pill attention she's

getting real quick before you get to the

caller Rudeboy Don Dona says Bry been

looking for you since what the fuck

where have you been Donovan sharp calm

man I ain't going nowhere

area code 4 1 2 you are on with Donovan

and Rollo what is on your mind bro that

was my comment you just read oh you're

rude boy yeah yeah I'm great why what's

up man what you got

no you just answer my questions over

that's the crazy thing you read my

comment and didn't answer my question

listen man yeah come to Donovan sharp

calm and they they kicked me off of

youtube I've got a few smaller channels

but listen man I see why did they do

that at me why did they do that why did

they kick me off of youtube ah dude that

they did that yes they did that because

I'm Donovan sharp but as a bold hit

listen listen you're telling me I mean

listen man listen any man who doesn't

conform with you know the regular blue

pill norms any man who calls women out

for their bad behavior any man who puts

out there that women aren't these

virtuous creatures who are made of sugar

spice and everything nice they showed us

up man I listened a lot of guys lose

their YouTube channels because of the

things I talk about but listen they're

not stopping me I'm on Donovan sharp

calm now so listen if you want if you

want the content come there I stream

live Sunday through Thursday evenings at

7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific okay okay so

all the videos are there they're not

like gone

no they're no no no like all of my all

of my episodes are there my videos are

not gone no I'm like oh wait we go

through withdrawal I was dependent on

that something or not fix it was an


listen listen Donovan sharp calm and

late and listen you can tune in on

Donovan sharp dot-com a streamlined to

my website thanks for the call man we

got another call area code for 0-7 you

are on live with Donovan Rollo it's a

hard and I know where that is

yeah here we go four seven ah so dangan

you and i and also Rollo

so guess your day on Twitter well we had

dialogue okay identify Jose Alonso ah

yes oh yeah number one my show right so

I'm not gonna talk over you you're not

gonna talk about with me I'm not gonna

talk over you so number one I give you

credit for calling in but now we got a

problem so let me explain yourself okay

so your whole narrative I'm inside that

you know getting holidays an attention

whore that entered a mail space but the

point is moot as soon as you get a fact

that a well respected panel members such

as Rollo Tomassi invited that very snail

into the mail space so I mean I'd like

for you to just respond to that are you

disappointed with Rollo for having

invited her to the that mail space no

I'm not disappointed no no no no I'm not

disappointed hold on hold on you asked a

question I'm gonna answer it I'm not

disappointed at all my problem was the

fact that kitten expected to be she

expected the royal treatment and when

she didn't get it she drew a fitting

that's all there was to it

I treated her the way I wanted to be

true I treated her the way I would treat

other women like her it was a whole day

did you see the UH did you see the the

clip that Donovan played just before I

came on I didn't see the clip I heard

okay okay that's go watch that clip okay

and and go see if anybody treated her

with any kind of disrespect the other

thing I wanted to correct Donovan on

here is I didn't want I didn't bait her

to come on okay I invited her with about

six or seven other people she went and

she said hey I'm gonna go and she went

she called she asked a pretty good

question to which I gave a fairly decent

answer at least I'd like to think so

and so did like everybody else on the

panel I think so as well and let's go

I'll watch that and then see if you have

the same opinion and again

hold on hold on hold on you can ask him

here in just a second so my bad I didn't

mean to I didn't mean to assume that

role oled a lamb to the slaughter all

right because it was the time we had we

had fault all right all right how's it

going yeah so uh roll so I mean you said

that you originally when you first came

on to this show you know just a few

minutes ago you said you invited a lot

of people now you've specified that you

invited six or seven people yeah okay

well hey stop right there dude stop

right there let's not split hairs he

invited he invited more he invited more

people than just kidding I put enough

fact I tweeted that bad no seriously no

what he's trying to do hold on oh hold

on no you can't ask the questions on

them talking right so here's what

happens you're not no no listen I don't

give a shit here's the thing you're not

gonna sit here and try to split hairs

well you said a lot of people then you

said six or seven so your whole point is

wrong let's not do that we're not gonna

be referendum gangsters ask the question

and get on with it now let's go no go

look at your Twitter feed from yesterday

followers hold on I'm asking the

question please

out of your 30,000 followers and you

invited six or seven and you included

kitten holiday in that would you say

that you mean what made her so special

at of the 30,000 followers that you have

to be included in the six or seven

people she happened to be on Twitter at

the time that we went on that we just

had our very first phone call record I

don't think it's special special just

just I just want to make sure I thought

that people who happen to be on at the

time how many how many of my followers

were on at the time that I couldn't

you'd want to make a shit man I invited

every single one of my followers if you

really want to split hairs right there

you go twenty doubt I said in fact I did

it last week too you could have called

it anybody else could have called it you

know what here's I'm telling you right

now if you want to call in the Redman

group any time if you follow me please

call in okay well then leaves you there

you go there's your invite

for entire world hold on check this out

okay so they will hold on so now they

ask you a question so what's the point

so Rollo invited her on so what what

know what the whole thing is just being

you rambling on about how she's an

attention whore she absolutely no she

absolutely is yet you know what you're

goddamn right because this is my show

listen here's the thing she is an

attention whore if you don't think she

is that's perfectly yeah you got ya one

you worry and I'm over here just trying

to ask you a question okay that's fine

but you're not add oh if you're

narrative is that she's an attention

whore that came into a male space but

yes she was invited how was she coming

into the male space looking for

attention so wait a minute because she

was in hey Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose

hey dude listen listen what listen

seriously just because you're invited on

doesn't mean that she didn't see the

opportunity okay like she's not gonna

sit here and say okay well I was invited

on so that's no she was invited onto the

show that doesn't mean she didn't see an

opportunity to come on there and dude

she didn't talk about shit she didn't

make any point she just came on and ran

her mouth and I knew exactly what was

gonna happen which is why I treated her

the way I treat her and I don't regret

it you can call it unprofessional dude

listen man the Redman group is not about

professionalism and it's not about

fairness it's about the fucking truth

and common sense if I see an attention

whore on the line I'm gonna treat her

like an attention whore and if she got

her feelings hurt then so fucking be it

she can call in again and get the same

treatment and you too

Jose go back and look at the clip man

there's no point listen Jose seriously I

give you credit for calling it I give

you credit for calling in but I think

what you are trying to establish is that

we should not have a tent or I should

not have a tech kit and you know poor

you know poor miss kitten holiday that I

shouldn't have treated her like a

treated her because one a person from

the Redman group and whenever it just

because I invite you one and here's the

thing man like I watched the interview

with Jeremy sham and Sammy Sosa

today right Jeremy chef did not pull his

punches just because I asked you in for

dinner and asked you to join a forum

doesn't mean that I'm gonna treat you

with any kind of whatever like dude if I

want to be rude um any fucking rude it's

our show

and if you were like yeah I mean I just

the cognitive dissonance is incredible

because you keep talking about how she's

hit the wall but she's thinner than your

girlfriend issues you're lying now

you're lying you notan you know here we

go here we go oh wait I'm sorry

yeah right in response to kitten

holidays yeah exactly the picture of

your girl that is that is absolutely

that is absolutely correct my friend and

she is dude my girlfriend thinner than

your girlfriend if she's younger than

Rolo's why is not and I'm not taking

shot I'm just saying that there's

pockets okay everybody hold on everybody

go to everybody go to Twitter you get

all and here's the thing kitten Holiday

only has these headshots right that

little girl in the bike on a recover

beige that's not that isn't that isn't

absolutely not kitten kitten holiday is

nowhere near as thin as my girlfriend

you out of your mind did you know that's

not true get out of here oh thank you me

a break yeah

go on take one I gotta I gotta get a

line with how alpha males behave on

Twitter calling other guys and you know

I have all three of your books you know

yeah I do I do I understand that this is

like why I'm like ask you a question

here's the question why the fuck are you

like defending kitten holiday yeah what

is it about her they attracted to you

you have decided come on this show not

to me and Donovan and try to defend this

bullshit what I do not know because you

were giving her exactly the fucking

attention that she wants do you not know

that what what is it about her that is

so like entertaining to you I mean why

are you white knighting for a and

alcoholic that go at the latest single

mommy why are you see now we can't even

hear kitten holiday is sooner than your

girlfriend no no one couldn't goddamn

well that's a lie now you can

yeah that's right that's right here we

go I agree with you it's a full on yeah

let me answer it rollers question Rollo

asked me as to why it is that I'm doing

this right so once I saw that the

narrative which was being led by you

Donovan that she's an attention whore

she is high and then I was all her

making a comment that Rollo had invited

her and I didn't see Rollo admitting

publicly that he had invited her it

didn't sit well with me

and and the red pill is all about the

truth right although in this situation

there's something that doesn't add up I

like to know who's actually telling the

truth and Jose there we go if you don't

shut the fuck up I will shut you the

fuck up right so now here's what's gonna


dude whether whether or not rootless and

Rollo invited Iran okay big fucking deal

like I don't I don't understand why you

keep pointing to that kitten holiday is

an attention whore if you don't think so

that's fine that's what you were that's

why she follows or that's why you follow

her on Twitter and this is why she

follows you blah blah blah blah blah but

just because you don't agree with the

fact that kitten whore is a holiday

doesn't make us wrong and you consider

euros note though familles listen dude

we're all looking caught but he can call

anyone a pussy he wants to you're not

gonna sit there and take shots and take

jabs and expect him to just be be mr.

prim and proper no if you take shots at

somebody on Twitter he's gonna clap back

at you now you're still not answering

the questions what is it about her that

is like has like tripped you out so much

like that you feel like you have been

borrowing a pen yeah you been up I don't

understand how you think that I'm being

tricked out when all I want answered you

will of course you admit publicly that

you invited I'm gonna shut up he always

he already dude he told everyone that he

invited her on he dude he said this on

Twitter and he said this on my radio

show right he admitted it now what so

now what so now what's your problem well

and if he would go and look at his

Twitter feed I directly told him that I

had done this

you don't want to say that yes he is

admitting that he invited an attention

whore on to a radio show that's yes this

is what this is what happened to his a

yes yes well that's what you're saying I

want to hear you say it man hey I

invited her along with six or seven

other people on the first time that we

were actually having call in yes I did I

had her come on I had her come on with

like four or five other people who did

look now answer my question why do you

feel it is incumbent upon you to

white-knight for her I didn't want

answer there we go no now he's quiet

listen now he's slightly no he wasn't no

no Jose you shut the fuck up okay

you either I'm gonna give you 30 seconds

to answer rolla's question question

directly why do you continue to listen

why do you defend kitten holiday there

listen there's there's nothing against

the law with defending someone you

follow on Twitter but you're gonna I'm

gonna bring you back on and if you don't

answer the question I'm cutting your

dumb ass off because you've already

monopolized too much of my time answer

the fucking question quit fuckin

Gaslight and get to the point you are

going to answer this question or I'm

cutting you the fuck off go you get off

your high horse man nope too bad I'm

already on it not going anywhere

yeah well 40 viewers English I'm putting

effort in to get yours listen the

answered Rollo's question oh wait a

minute hold on hold on hold on hold a

hold on wait hold a Jose shut the fuck

up dude shut the fuck up I've got 40

viewers on my website Donovan sharp calm

this is an independent platform alright

so he wants it so again he's trying he's

trying to I think he's trying to

marginalize my success here he's trying

to say oh you've only got 40 beers no

it's it's not a lot of viewers it's on

my website okay and that's the answer to

the question then you're right now

because here's the thing but here's the

thing when he gets cornered he starts

throwing out insults kid no sooner than

your girl

friend dude kitten is not thinner than

anybody dude you guys can go you guys

can go to Twitter or wherever the fuck

she has her or whatever it's only

headshot you guys have seen full body

shots of my girl

you guys won't listen I don't need to

answer but I'm going to I'm not gonna

let somebody tell him I'm not gonna let

somebody tell people that kitten

Holliday is there this little fucking

kidding me look fuck out of here hoes I

answer the goddamn question

- I've actually got 39 viewers now so

you ready does a lot he doesn't have an

answer Jose you got 30 seconds go come


yeah he's gone yep of course all right

area code all right area code 347 you

were on live with Rolo a start you're

starting to buzz again ah yeah yeah can

you hear me oh yeah that's probably on

my end you guys here in static on urine

not anymore no okay cool no no wait a

minute wait a minute listen listen

listen I know we all wanted me to shut

him up but listen I give the guy credit

where credit's due

this is the first guy I have ever

challenged to call mic to call my show

he actually did it

so dude listen I give him full marks for

the boldness walking into the Lions and

that the guy fucking did it now of

course he wanted to come on and take

shots and do all that listen man that

this is what people do people like to

take shots from a distance and then when

you respond like Donald Trump right a

lot of media members talk shit about

Donald Trump and then when he claps back

they say well that's not very

presidential well what did you expect

him to do just sit there and take it

I'm not gonna let this guy I'm not gonna

let come on here

Yeah right listen I'm not gonna let this

guy come on here and tell a bunch of

lies and listen if he has an opinion

that's fine but like this is my show

like I ask the questions okay we wanted

to know why he did good and he didn't

answer so that that's just all there was

to it and listen Jose you're right that

it's all a huge white - what is it a

bitch dude dude honestly no women's

behavior the reason why y'all buy the

whole lawn is of course she's attention

whore I know that

like you came on is real people do

different tactic to get man's attention

and that was one of them

yes is though doctor to do is equivalent

to what Monique did to the morning show

we home easily

oh wow hell yeah exactly

they bite him on the show but she came

in with this demanding type fucking

attitude shit your wrist I gotta look at

that episode bitch too

for real you know I lose it today where

do you know listen man and listen this

is the this is the lat this is the last

I'm mentioning kitten I think she's

blocked me already the reason I decided

to do this show is like I said at the

top of the show and thanks for the call

three four seven I appreciate you

calling in the reason I the reason I did

this episode is because every time we

thought that this was over with she kept

bringing it up then her white guy saw

that it was an avenue for more and more

extension and just us in doing this

right now is feeding her that but hey

you know what dude listen man I'll be

that dude right she can be like and

she's like hahaha you guys are talking

about yeah we are talking about you

listen enjoy your 500 or 700 new thirsty

fucking followers but like like it

honestly like like I'm not above I'm not

above giving someone attention to call

them out for who they are kidding well

today what if what if she had just seen

the number on Twitter and then just

decided to call it would I have been any

different if I said hey we're on why

don't you call listen here's the thing

and and same same same question would

have come out same everything would have

happened so the fuck what

I think what Jose was trying to

establish is he was trying to establish

the fact that because you asked her to

call and because you asked her to call

in you almost indirectly endorsed

whatever she whatever it is that she was

trying to say or do that because you

called up that because you invited her

on then she didn't do this because she

wanted attention okay you invited her to

call in but that doesn't mean that she

didn't see this as a chance to get yet

more attention and listen mission

accomplished we're talking about this

two weeks later because she wouldn't

leave it alone

and this what do you think about big bad

this way though and and here's Jose

coming in here talking shit and by the

way Jose Hannah seen the clip and I

thought I mean you just played it right

now and I like

what are you gonna talk about how are

you gonna talk about it and the thing is

is he's that he's the typical he's the

typical yes later

anytime he doesn't like an argument or

like somebody he starts to talk shit

like oh you know Rollo you've got an old

wife Donovan kitten is a kitten is

thinner than your girlfriend like none

of like dude none of that is even close

to true then he oh you know you and your

40 viewers on your and then he says oh

you're the worst guy on the red man

group you know what maybe I am that

doesn't mean I don't belong there right

like I listen I don't like I don't like

that kind of stuff just bounces off me

but but when anytime a man anytime any

any time people start to resort to the

verbal to the verbal insults or whatever

the case may be that means they've lost

the argument and Jose was trying to talk

over us I kept mutant him he wouldn't

answer the question guess what he ended

up hanging up so listen props to you

Jose for calling in you are the first

person who has ever called my show that

I've challenged to call on unfortunately

unfortunately you look stupid all you

did was gas light and


and enjoy your 500 new followers area

code 571 you were on with Donovan and

Rollo what you got yes very good 5 7 1

are you there pick it up

very code 5 7 1 are you there one is

that ok we got another 407 this might be

Jose again hang on this might be Jose

Jose is this you again yeah and I didn't

know I didn't know whether to call you

out on the fact that you hung up on me

or me see now listen so he wants to come

on and he already wants to start lying

Jose you hung up on you hung up brah

like look you're gonna decir it's all

these people that I end up on you you

again you're gonna come on here and lie

dude I understand if you wanna have a

disagreement if you want to have a

conversation cool man but like let's not

lie to the people I didn't hang up on

you you hung up because it got too hot

now you can talk go on unmuted yes

unmuted yes i muted you but you're I'm

you do because you talk ok so so I

continue I continue listening to you

saying that she was looking for

attention so you're telling me that a

woman that came in there stumblin

bumblin not even like nothing she was

nervous you could tell

you could literally tell that she did

okay you haven't seen the clip of

someone that's looking for attention

very on point and we answered her on

point no no and you would know this if

you had watched this before you came in

here like an even bigger idiot until you

go back and you watch I don't give a

shit if she was bumbling stumbling

remember dude there are nervous people

all the time who like attention so okay

so she was nervous and yeah I think it

was pretty clear that she was listen I

was talking don't fucking cut me off

don't fucking cut me off I'm talking

okay now here's what happened yes I knew

that she was nervous I don't give a fuck

just because you're nervous doesn't mean

you're not there for the attention and

as actually as the conversation went on

she started to she stir her voice

actually started to get clear but the

fact that she was nervous or not nervous

has no bearing on the fact that she was

attention whoring listen if you want to

agree that if you want to tell us that

you don't think she's an attention whore

that's fine we're just gonna we're just

gonna disagree with that but you're not

gonna convince me of otherwise I'm not

gonna convince you of otherwise so do it

either leave it alone or a rant a

question why do you continue to defend

her no I just think I'd be kind of

persuaded to believe she would be an

attention whore had she reached out to

Rollo Tomasi to add to be on it so now

it's about semantics all right is that

not a fair is that not a fair axiom to

like observe that whole premise on Jose

shut the fuck up just be kissing so

you're telling me that because Rollo

reached out to her to come on that and

that doesn't make her inattention or

like all of a sudden because somebody

asked her onto a show now she's not an

attention whore

so just because she didn't ask Rollo

she's not an attention whore dude get

out of here man she saw that dude she

didn't have to come on she saw this once

again as an opportunity to get attention

for her brand and guess what dude it

fucking work so I don't know what your

problem it is we caught listen we called

her what she is she's an attention whore

that's all there is to it out no way you

don't see this did go back and watch the

clip wait hold on I forgot to unmute him

all right Jose I'm giving you 30 more

seconds we got yeah we got three more

callers or two

for callers now let's go let's finish up

at attention attention whores generally

initiate no no see there you go there's

the Jose no no you said attention whores

generally initiate listen man attention

whores seize the opportunity attention

whores yes they go out looking for

opportunities to get attention but that

doesn't mean that they that if they

don't see an opportunity that oh this is

a chance to get attention I got asked by

Rollo Tomassi to come on to the Redman

group you come to that conclusion that

he was attention whoring like I want to

hear this Jose Jose Jose she called into

the show she called into the show this

is dude this is the Redman group man

like the only reason she would call into

the show and she was the first one on

the line by the way

kitten Holliday is an attention whore

and if you're gonna try to make this a

referendum on whether or not she's an

attention whore dude you're gonna lose

go back through her Twitter history this

is who she is

women on Twitter red pill women our

attention whores they are red pill

groupies there's no such thing as a red

pill woman kitten holiday is not a red

pill woman she is an attention whore and

this this particular instance doesn't

confirm nor deny that she's an attention

whore no matter how much you want it no

matter how much you want to think it I'm

gonna give you 30 more seconds and I got

that I gotta get to my other callers

dude let's make it quick I don't tell

you still didn't get to my point as to

how you came to the conclusion that she

wasn't attention I just told you she

called it I just told no no no no I just

told you she called in it just because

just because Rollo asked her to call in

and she called in doesn't mean she's not

an attention whore an attention whore

see there you go there you go don't cut

me off when I'm answering attention

whore seize every opportunity yes hold

on hold on dude it's my fucking show if

you want to be able to cut people off

get your own fucking show with your own

point dad oh wait hold on hold on shit

hang on sorry about that Jose yeah I'm

your listen you're my guest okay but

that doesn't mean half the trip that

doesn't mean I have to treat you like

you want to be treated attention whores

do well I don't know I guess we'll find

out if they're women yes

yeah oh no shit man of course they're

not because they're dudes right yes and

they agree with you no no not at all


you calling confirmation bias

man she's all right Jose listen thanks

for calling in like seriously all like

all things or what watch no listen go

out to the clip but seriously all

whatever aside Jose I gotta give it to

you give you full marks roll over yeah

but that's fourth book man and and I

help you block me man unblock me what

the fuck I think I don't know I think

you gotta unblock him dude I mean he had

the balls to fucking call it I don't

know I don't know roll was not buying it

I'm too busy writing the other book

unlike everybody else who seems to just

come out and you know wants to pump

their brand with nothing behind it yeah

listen man I got no brand upon man out

that me question I'm not I'm not saying

you are I'm just saying that you know

right here I'm gonna be cool with you go

and look at the clip man and then say

was she attention whoring then say what

were we treating her even bad because if

you had seen that you would understand

that we treated her we wanted really

with respect as soon as she came on yeah

I didn't you know I was actually

surprised Jose said he saw all of us

treat her treat her with respect except

for Donovan yep you're goddamn right

there we go that's it here we go there

we are the verbal job all right thanks

for calling in Jose we appreciate it

area code 571 you were on live with

Donovan and roll up what's on your mind

yep you got five seconds what's good

they'd like an offense lesson broken

woman thinking that they live in a

fantasy that they're gonna get rewarded

for some reason what's the whole

reasoning behind that but why are you

doing that right II I Terry Crews for

example that's a good example as a good

question where where he's bigger than


and even diploma ask me where I'd be

hating on men watch let's double leave

me behind he's seen great night you know

done as bloody what what started this

this whole so-called Wayne well listen I

think if you guys yeah and and thanks

for the call Kevin I think I think role

I think you address this on the show me

what I up limit just let me I grew

briefly here we talking about Terry

Crews Saturday and what was the thing it

was the first thing I suspected I said

just as widely his white yeah it's

probably his wife is putting him up to

all of this because she is I knew

nothing about Terry Crews nothing at all

I knew the guy is like you know he's

young he's built like a linebacker

everybody say he's very you know from

what I have seen of him and just videos

and just him talking cuz I only was I

think I was only familiar with him maybe

one time before he started speaking to

Congress about how many up speaking for

all men that you know where we live in

this age of toxic masculinity and we

just need to do something about it

and honestly when I saw that I'm like he

is doing that for his wife he's doing

that because his wife has put him up to

that or he has put that into his head

that if he goes and tows the feminist

line or if he agrees with her if he

identifies with her that gets him in

with her that much better what that is

is that's called the like I have a

chapter my book called identity crisis

and this is what a lot of blue pill guys

do it's really integral to what I call

blue pill game ran these guys feel that

if they get in touch with their emotions

if they get in touch with the feminine

side like they're always told to do

we've been told this since the late 60s

if they can identify more if they can be

more sensitive it but they can be more

if they can emot-- more if they can be

more emotionally available and I was too

bullshit that's new-age touchy-feely

bullshit if they can be more like a

woman the better women will like them

they believe in this and a lie and the

lie as this is that like attracts like

and when it comes to men and women that

is true it is polarity you not like

attracts ideas polarity that is a secret

to a healthy relationship but then you

got a guy like Terry Crews it goes up

there and start you know I mean the guy

talks to Congress about

all this and has basically I mean if you

look at his wife and you've seen that

there's a there's a video out now of

Terry Crews on the dr. Phil show and

he's there with his wife and they're

talking about this and it is just

amazing the extent of control that he

that she has over him again and I just

speculated that I didn't know for sure

but then like later on somebody sent me

the dr. Phil video I'm not I'm like yeah

of course because he fits that profile

because guys want that blue pill teaches

boys when they're small to identify as

much as they can with girls to defer

authority to to women and womankind and

that's why I was still guys most

important part of unplugging is to take

womankind off of the pedestal and make

yourself on the pedestal and well but

what I mean by that is to make yourself

your own mental point of origin because

there isn't I mean particularly now it's

become intensified in the last I'd say

tonight decade yeah but wait teach boys

to not place themselves as the mental

point of origin and to defer all

authority to women so that they're

thinking about how am i actions can

affect women first instead of thinking

about how it's going to affect them and

that is why you get blue pill guys

killing themselves later on in life and

why they because they deferred to the

approval and the authority of women for

so long and so you know that's why I was

able to pick out Terry Crews right there

because he fits that profile I don't

care if the guy is built like a truck

yeah okay matter it doesn't that doesn't

make him alpha okay

the mine alphas of mine said it is not a

demographic so you know the guy looks

alpha and we expect him to be that way

in fact that's one of the reasons why I

knew that he was because his actions are

incongruent with the way that he rings

because we expect him to out you know a

man of a both look this you can be a bit

of more conventionally masculine but

when his behaviors are in congruent with

the way he looks that implies to me that

he is blue pill and he has learned to

identify with it okay

area code five seven lemma gets you join

in just a second I'm gonna answer the

second part of Kevin's question and

again shout out to Kevin Yvonne yes man

I've actually met him in person

but to answer the second part of his

question why do guys you know these are

unmarried guys

why do men defend women they don't know

it's to get the pussy right like dude

this guy this guy hos and again listen

man I give him all the credit in the

world man the guy came on he went toe to

toe with two dudes okay whatever I give

him all the credit in the world there

but the the the reason why men do or the

reason why men do this for the most part

and again I don't know if Jose is trying

to fuck her or not but the reason why me

and Hugh and Jose you would know why I

would say something like that I think

that's pretty clear and I think you and

I both know why I would say something

like that but the reason why most men

defend women that that they don't know

is because they want to fuck them they

they want it they want to gain that

sexual favor this is why you see these

male feminists out there they think that

if they if they if they're on board with

the feminist narrative if they help

women achieve their imperative if there

are pro women Pro feminism that that

these women are going to be attractive

to them that these women are going to

somehow see them in a positive light

listen man guys like Jose are simply a

means to an end he is merely a commodity

he is no dude he is no different or

special than any of kittens other

thirsty followers and he's a little bit

different he's the one dude who called

in I will give him credit for that but

outside of that he ain't he ain't shit

like he's defending a woman he barely

knows and then he comes on he's telling

all these lies ok fine whatever but this

is why men do this this is why this is

what I was getting at with Kevin went

one thing I don't know but one thing I

think you're maybe I'm overlooking maybe

you're not overlooking is it doesn't

necessarily have to be that particular

woman that he is defending should be one

stood out the image it's like I don't

call it virtue signal yeah I guess it is

virtue saying baby like it's a signaling

of I'm not like other guys okay so even

if it's even it's just gonna and I'm not

saying this a case but if even if he won

even if he didn't want to be fuckin

kitten because I would say that if he

just met her somewhere in a bar some

wanna fuck it okay but other women might

be listening

other than the audience that is around

him he wants to he's got all his friends

look what I did go to you did that was

do the time go to bed it's not just him

it's all white knights do this because

in an anonymous

forum where nobody knows you from you

know whatever your avatar looks like

when nobody knows you guys will still as

anonymous as they are will white knight

for four women because they think that

on the off chance that some other hot

chick sees that particular post that

that is going to be endearing to her to

make him unique and I promise other guy

and I promise you he's already told he's

probably DME kid news look what I did go

watch this lewd listen man hey Lou take

all the credit you want man you came on

here you you know you you got attention

for her

dude the phone lines are blowing up area

code seven seven three area code seven

seven three you're armed with Donovan

our local all right turn down your

volume today about hey what's up brother

what's up Oh how's my clinic hey it was

a bang yeah yeah yeah I grew up I grew

two hundred I grew your husband said cuz

I know last week and one point of my


Isis worse and women wait when you find

that we look back on that shit you gives

no respect none you still regarded at

that bitch ass nigga try to identify

with the feminine right but again this

is what Jose this is what I was doing

when you try gay extra extra coochie I


don't need a logic rate so I don't need

coochie coins hoots of dollars cootchie

sense thanks for the call area code

seven seven three we gotta move on here

area code five seven one you were on

live with Rollo and Donovan what you got

brother I got the wrong uh yeah my bed I

got actually got the wrong 571 area code

five seven one you're on live with

Donovan and Rollo what you got for me

brother yeah this me yeah this is you

all right what's up Donovan was so proud

to be here yeah yeah earlier in the

conversation I did hear Rollo a kind of

mention here's like

you know I really didn't want to come on

here and talk about kitty you know and I

see sharpest is saying the same thing

about like you know guys coming on to

talk about the topic and I do got a

strong opinion on whether or not women

are actually red pill but before I can

like actually like explain that need to

know or like are we talking about red

pill in the context of understanding

sexual dynamics or what no red pill debt

see women are naturally red-billed women

naturally understand sexual dynamics but

they'd shoot but here's the thing they

choose not to live that red pill wipe

they know what makes a quality woman

they know what a slut is they just

choose to do the easy thing which is to

be a whore rather than a quality woman

yeah I probably should have clarified

that before I came on it's like I think

that I I don't like it when the red pill

is used as a verb like I got red pill

now red pill is like a state of being

it's not necessarily like you have to

I'm red telling myself don't use it as a

verb use it as a state and whenever I

have to explain the red pill I always

have to say look in my book and in my

history it has always been about inter

sexual dynamics so when people say is

alright red pill not in my book is the R

is the MRA I mean men's rights movement

are they red pill not in my book it just

depends on you know what they understand

as far as the as intersexual dynamics

goes now our women can be women be red

pill in that particular sense when it

comes to knowing inter sexual dynamics

yes and I think what you're saying here

is that they they need to end that

there's like this I think in this day

and age there's this dichotomy and this

conflict that women have is like they

don't want to reveal the parts of the

red pill that are unflattering to the

feminine but they still want to embrace

the parts of the red pill that they if

they can keep men qualifying guys

awesome man that's that's right on the

head when we say things like all women

are like that is an all women are high

Pergamus which means they're always

looking to upgrade they'll consolidate

on the highest value males available to

them girls don't want to admit that out

loud but deep down they know it's the

truth now what you said you had a strong

opinion on whether or not you feel it


women were red or red pillar not what

was your opinion on that yes so now that

we've explained it more I mean I

personally think hell yeah you know

women are 100% for sure red pill but now

that Rallo brought that up about how you

know they hide it to me that seems like

they're even there even more red pill

cause like that's like top tier Makaveli

anism you know they like know the truth

they act on it but then they did they

put up a facade you know and like our

NOFA if you've seen the sidebar post on

the red pill where it's Michael's story

there's a little part in that section

where you know Michael is like a typical

beta you know going to college you know

trying to get ready for his wife and

family and he was raging at the group of

like little sorority girls he was like

oh you know your husband's never going

to approve of your slutty past right and

then you know they all look at each

other and they're like oh well he's

never gonna know you know so it's like

they know perfectly well that they're

going to execute their sexual strategy

perfectly you know yeah everything

that's what I call them that's what I

call open hypergamy never getting the

neck again man yeah hang on era code 5 7

1 thank you for the call hang on let me

see if I can uh adjust something here it

goes out with this says that that really

comes back to open hypergamy and like I

said in this day and age where we have

this interconnectivity I just wrote a

post about this like we live in an age

where we have a connection with each

other that we've never had in the

history of humankind right now and we're

still figuring out how this is gonna

play out and one of those things is that

hypergamy can't be it can't be concealed

as well as it used to be before all this

because now that we are in the

communication age I mean really the the

manosphere hasn't even really existed

for more than maybe 15 years yeah yeah

yeah and so we're you know and before

that it was like all these seduction

forums and like oh and I was on so suave

and you know there wasn't even a

manosphere wasn't called the master back

you know and so now we're just all

coming together and I think that as a

result or as a sort of a contingency no


and understand a little bit more about

inter sexual dynamics and the sexual

strategies of women what a women do they

respond to that and they have to adapt

to that and so what do they do well now

you know the cats out of the bag so yeah

we are high pergamus you know now it's

all on you what are you gonna do right

okay man adapt to that right Oh guess

what now we're into open cuckoldry

no what are you gonna do now guys you

know and it's just this back and forth

but it's this back and forth we've never

seen in human history before because we

haven't had the technology that actually

brings us together because if you think

about it just up until maybe 1980 maybe

a 95 maybe 80 95 somewhere around there

hey social collective was just the

township that somebody lived in I mean

we had these real you know I mean they

were larger than when we were tribal but

they really did you know that's kind of

you know we women could not get their

positive reinforcement in the form of

attention from anywhere else except for

their own kind of so closed social peer

group and now we've expanded that we've

opened that up to the entire world and

now we're seeing just how how important

and just how you know how strong that

desire is for attention how strong the

you know the white knighting comes out

and how strong the beta orbiters come

out and we're still we don't even know

the degree just yet i don't you think we

even took a scratch the surface 9/11 for

two oh five five three five six wow we

got a lot of callers on the line area

code for one to area code five one to

area code seven three one we're gonna

get you guys in just a second area code

three four seven you're on live with

Rolo and Donovan what's on your mind

hello hey what's up what's up again what

are they are we going yeah I wanted to

add add on to what I was saying before

that I'll say I was hearing some real

good fats and stuff like that and I

commit myself in my past I was guilty of

that writing that doing stuff for

females being a white knight and hopes

of being a sexual partner she liked that

I saw them work out I cut all that down

like that there's no more do it

yeah it's listen it's it's it's a hard

lesson it's it's certainly a hard lesson

to learn and and again thanks for the

thanks for the call here we go three

four seven you know and no shame I mean

and the thing is like I was I was just

as blue pill made of back when I was in

high school I've been through different

phases right now if I was going to say

you know is anything I'm like a lesser

alpha people no it's over dude no I'm

just like I'm just me I just a guy who

got it an area code for one - you were

on with Rolo and Donovan go yo it's

little boy again

rude boy what's up runner yeah well I

wanted to we'll check this out at that

bitch I would take that a day but I told

her look check this out min or the prize

for real Shawn here she looked at me in

dismay like right this year what I say

yes men are depressed she was all right

like how I'm in the prize there's one

everything for us it was like well

because y'all are dependent on us to

make ya'll happy at the end of the day

you know the main at the end of map at

the end of life fuck the day you're

dependent on you like this terminal is

also highly obligated for Sunday the

views are so skewed right the views are

so skewed that they would overlook this

level of superficiality is just it's so

amazing they will overlook Jesus if he

was resurrecting today that's what a god

yep no I read I mean skip like wait a

minute like funny you say are you saying

that I'm writing a book part of it

thanks for the push that was did really

well and about the next book I'm writing

area code five one two you were on with

Donovan and Rollo

what's on your mind brother oh shit hey

what's going on big shout-out Rollo big

shout-out Donovan was shut out my boy

illimitable man

tell your son this he's got a new

account that yeah account the son

whisperer that's what I'll give you the

link and do it I gotta get him on the

show right my bad five one two go ahead

what you got brother hey yes appreciate

you so I have two questions my first one

is how much do you think esthetics

determined a personality of a woman like

you know you'll be at the library

see a chick maybe like a five and kind

of nerdy and you know maybe you feel

sorry for her but then you see a chick

who's at ten and you know she's acting

kind of like a snobby bitch you know and

it's like if that five had the

aesthetics of the ten would she be that

same ten

it depends now I'll answer this first

because my answer is probably gonna be

shorter Rolo you your your The Wiz on

this I think there's a there's a

syndrome out there called ugly duckling

syndrome oh and listen I've slept with a

lot of beautiful women and most

beautiful women are fucking bitches like

you got a run airtight asshole

dread game on these bitches every once

in a while though you meet an aide or

over at sit listen every once in a while

you meet like a beautiful woman who's

actually pleasant to be around who's not

a complete bitch all the time well come

to find out you look at her pictures

like oh shit like she was an ugly

duckling so when girls are ugly

ducklings they have to develop

themselves outside of their looks when

girls are pretty and beautiful remember

all the way till adulthood they don't

develop themselves not even their

personalities because they don't have to

the world just happens the world just

happens for them because they happen to

be attractive so rola what do you think

exact was just gonna sort of dovetail

into that it's it's really about

incentives what does that woman have as

an incentive to learn about herself most

like I always said women are solipsistic

it's not that they can't learn to you

sort of evolve beyond being solipsistic

oh and many do but there's still that

base solipsistic nature and that soft

Cystic nature is there because it's what

helped keep the species going at that

time she had to be concerned with their

own survival right and we can store

offspring survival

so there's your evolutionary lesson for

them now the other part is I'll answer

this by saying do you know any guy that

you would consider like a really

good-looking dude who you would say that

guy isn't natural and he gets chicks all

the time and you just he does it almost

like effortlessly you know you get those

guys that we've known you a very long

time and they're good-looking and women

just sort of reward them with this

attention and this positive

reinforcement all the time and so as a

result of that and they develop a

personality that we we think is like oh

the guys being a prick it's just he's

not be a prick he's just never had the

incentives to learn to have any kind of

insight about himself

and so we go always a natural guy but

he's kind of an asshole well we always

say that about the guy who is you know

big buff you know he's that chicks

really dig on and he's thinking oh he's

got kind of a personality problem

whatever the same thing kind of goes for

women as well so if you have a woman who

is very very beautiful and she's been

she's been reinforced in her for her

whole life she doesn't have the

incentives to really have that insight

to really say you consider the feelings

of others I think it was a I think it

was Pook who said this he said you know

if you want to know the nature of a

woman watch how she behaves around

people who can do nothing for her do so

if you can if you want you're you know

you're sort of a studying you know

you're a student of human behavior you

watch that you will understand that you

know the difference between a woman who

has learned that and has had the

incentives to have some introspection

and then you will find that the ones

that don't in usual that's why we have

that stereotype we think that you know

like a eight or a nine or a ten are

always gonna be this really bitchy you

know full of themselves and all that

might not necessarily be the case

because of upbringing all that but i but

here's why the stereotype is it is the

stereotype is because they haven't had

the incentive and they haven't had

anything in their past that would prompt

them to have that introspection so that

they can change and you know change from

within and and have a different

personality what was their second

question you said you had to God chatter

mm-hmm yes sir yeah my second is like

how do you establish frame is it like do

you just have to have like an attitude

of outcome independence is it like using

dread game and then like if you do

establish your frame as the dominant

frame how do you keep that frame

dominant as the relationship goes on oh

listen I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna

go ahead and take you up the air five

one two Thanks

listen I appreciate the call but we have

other callers to go to but state listen

stay listening because we're gonna

answer that question now so he asked for

a low how do you establish and maintain

frame I guess I mean within the context

of a sexual relationship with a

beautiful woman all of the above yeah I

was gonna say he nailed it with listens

and all that okay there's there's a

difference between

holding frame while you're single and

holding frame while you're in a

long-term relationship or a marriage

okay when you are when a woman is shit

testing you when you're single or you

just meet a woman in a bar and she's

testing you for like you know we like to

think of it as fitness but when you're

single she's testing you to see if you

are actually alpha

okay she's people because you are to

what degree you your sexual market value

really is she's also testing to see if

you get it okay to see if you're if

you're the guy who knows how to play

with her and play with her okay

stressing the word play absolutely and

what I mean by that is like these women

are like they they will test guys or

shit test guys like even unconsciously

to that why they don't know I need to

determine well they to the same degree

that men will like stare at a woman's

big boobs because we're trying to

establish you know sexual ability

availability and fertility

women do the same thing when it comes to

shit testing and so that the part of

that shit testing is also determining is

this guy's frame for real is this guy

really walk in the walk is he really the

guy that he says he is or is yeah that's

the whole reason why women have such a

you know they have such a hatred for

pickup artist because pickup artists

know how do I get their fingers wet even

how to get how to bypass these hyper

Gama's filters which are just basically

should test because that they're trying

to find they're trying to find out is

this guy's full of shit or is he not

full of shit right as he who he pretends

himself to be questioned oh shit is it

does he have frame ease does this guy

actually have a world that I want to

enter into is he some guy that I want to

you know invest you know parentally

invest with but in ultimately that's

what it'll be and then after they get

married holding holding frame is really

sort of answering that question over and

over again now hypergamy is always based

on doubt okay so and that doubt asks one

question you know is he the best I can

do can I do better than this dude okay

and usually that is yes because they've

already established that before you got


unless that guy decides that he's not

now the guy that she thought he was when

they were they were getting together and

there will be signs like guys listen

guys will guys will slip up and this

again this is when you fail shit test

that she deploys and doesn't deploy if

she starts to see chinks in the armor

she's going to shit test why is this guy

a the same person or state okay here's

here's how you hold frame in an LTR

understand that she's going to be

testing you and accept that as part of

female nature okay that's number one

number two is you need to also find ways

to establish social proof and pre

selection in yourself okay if that means

you're hitting the gym all the time if

that means you are increasing your

status as man in in any kind of way okay

something that she can appreciate but it

still gotta be in any kind of way so if

it means you you know you run for

fucking mayor or you build your body up

to something or you get that raise or

you start your own business and you take

care of your shit and you you are you

add value to yourself okay that

increases well I would say pre-selection

are not precise social proof okay pre

selection is when a woman finds you

attractive and you're married to another

woman so if her girlfriends are saying

oh rule is so hot you so lucky to have

him something like that right you go

with that you don't go oh it's okay babe

don't where you're the only girl for me

don't worry these guys will end up self

defeating themselves a lot you don't you

go with that and you go with passive

dread people always give me shit about

saying well no active dreads the only

way to do it an active dread and passive

dread or two two four two very different

threat is you going look hey man you

know you better you better shut up

though giving ultimate ultimatums in

some ways I can see why that's effective

okay but in the end it's ultimately

self-defeating but passive dread is

definitely a part of maintaining and

holding Frank that doesn't mean your

browbeating her just crushing her with

your thumb into submission or anything

like that it means that you are going

with the dread when you see the

opportunities for it okay so those are

as a few things right there there's more

but I don't want to take up too much

more time there you just go go to my my

blog and type in frame in the search

engine on my blog and I've got probably

like four five six fifty six articles

the comments here and then I then I'll

go to the ofone lines here on Twitter

our team listen I'm illiterate tonight

artemiy Qi says he's gonna start a

GoFundMe page to convince kitten holiday

to call in again at we don't need to you

don't need to trust me you certainly

don't need to yeah yeah she'll she'll

definitely call in or if she decides to

come back into the Lions Den dandies got

balls no she doesn't she definitely

didn't need that at red pill chick says

the moment red pill chick says the

moment I stopped getting giving her

attention looks like hittin Holliday is

now blocked red pill chick who by the

way wrote an article called female

solipsism Rolo versus kitten Harry code

to 400 you were on live with Donovan and


what's up brother man yeah I can hear

you I'm gonna nothing really math I'll

see you guys working you know you have

to look all the files in the flat world

oh okay Lucario man hell yeah yeah yeah

so you know my arm I will tell you


you know I kind of do you know content

and everything on the line and

everything and I'm unfamiliar with like

you know take a fartist terminology like

GHB and you know last minute resistance

and things like that

so I'm doing with music anything I'm

dealing with a Scorpio and you know

smoky oils are like especially a woman

they're manipulating manipulative and um

just things I want to turn a lot of you

guys with when when when women don't

listen to themselves when they thought

it was their emotions kind of you know

put them in certain conversations where

they don't listen to them close and I

was like with Scorpio and I teach guys a

lot of time who I don't really believe

in the zodiac signs yeah me neither

listen you said Scorpios you said

Scorpios are media people manipulative

women dude all women are manipulative

regardless right right exactly

there's got to be other kind of go about

in two different ways but every woman is

manipulative generally and one thing

that guys gotta learn about and add to

the schools and their arsenal is the


with this scrappy oh she was telling me

all you know I think oh I can date

whoever I want right like you already

know that whoever I want right right

right wait so you know and wonderful

that you guys to do with that sometimes

you know if you're talking to women it

you know you want to ship the game in

your favorite color okay well you know


um you know I got a friend coming over

to cook me dinner

now one thing women know is that another

man is not gonna come over another man

go cook some dinners

give them their home he assigned my

anything alone

that's another woman him she might be

pretty and family he got a girl coming

having a cooking dinner and stuff so

it's like you you guys have to learn how

to flip your hair let them into th me

demonstrating high volume and have an

attraction in your course I think yeah I

was gonna say thanks for the call to

four we've got we've got ten minutes

more to take to take calls here yeah I

think he makes a good point but I think

this goes back to also it goes back to

passive dread just like you said if you

if listen if you're maintaining your

value as a man if you are maintaining

your shape maintaining your financial

discipline when you're out and about you

don't have to tell your woman that other

women want to fuck you if other women

really do want to fuck you if you're out

with your woman your woman is checking

she's looking at other women that she

sees how other women look at you she

sees how they interact with you that

listen that in and of itself that is a

loan to keep her shit in line damnit

demonstrate do not exploit there you go

hey listen just listen

discovery Trump's disclosure every time

area code seven three one another area

code seven three one I know you've been

holding the while you're on live with

Donovan enroll oh good evening gentlemen

hey what's up buddy

addy well not much I've been following

this debacle with kitten for what two

weeks now no Jesus I'm sorry this whole

thing came from the first few seconds

before she even got on the phone you I

mean you can't expect to be publicly

rude to somebody and not have them come

back at you hmm no well here's the

here's the issue and you make a

good point but the thing is this right

yes I was rude to her

no I don't give a shit but here's the

thing yeah she came back at us and

that's fine and I said that hey you know

what I didn't expect her just to stay

silent she's a woman she walked into a

man's you know into a male space you

know big bad Donovan was rude to her yes

I fucking was and I'll do it again

cuz it's our fucking show and I do what

the fuck I want but I didn't expect her

just to remain silent she did what women

do and she threw a fit Lynne and listen

if she wanted to keep on with it that's

fine that's her prerogative she kept on

with it but dude at some point enough

has to be enough every time we felt like

it was squashed she kept bringing it

back up and you know what dude at the

end of the day she wins we spent dude we

spent an hour and a half talking about

kitten holiday which is ultimately what

she wanted us to do so here we are she

wins at the exactly gonna be my next

point yeah yes sir an hour in felting

hey guess what seven three one she wins

you're twenty lady she knows she wins

she wins then that's all there is to it

look at this look at it this way I'm

assuming you watched or listened to the

clip okay if you listen to how she

delivered her question and you listen to

how everybody took her with with as much

respect as they could and they I'm in I

got think I gave her a pretty good

answer and her going off era I didn't

seem it wasn't like she was like raging

to get off the air I mean Donovan cut

her off I got that but the thing is is

like we were very polite whether we you

know let her say her quest you know her

her point and then we built on that and

we moved on to the next thing now with

all of that you know courtesy and and

and all that bullshit yeah that's not

the driver afterwards now it's now she's

snow balled it and built it into

something it was never issued that know

I tell that video came out no one would

know and nobody's watching it they're

just they're taking her side and they're

looking at what she's saying because

it's her and it's these guys beating up

on this poor woman or something I mean

even when Jose came in here he had not

seen the clip you know and so she's

building on not bad she's playing on the

fact that nobody's even gonna go look

look at it come on code seven three one

you were saying yeah he uh he came on

there and yet he didn't get to her point

as quickly as she could but that's fan

but afterward when she started turning

it back I mean y'all know she's a writer

she's a pretty good writer whether you

think so or not but she's building a

brand for yourself exactly the same way

you guys are so that doesn't I get it

and you're absolutely right that doesn't

mean I have to grease the skids here

let's say here's the thing yes I was

rude to her no no hold on no no 731 hold

the fuck on the reason I was rude to her

is because the reason I was rude to her

is because hey that's just what the fuck

I'm gonna do the second reason is is

because I knew why she called in she

called in to get attention and yes it

worked but I'm not I'm not gonna roll

out the red carpet for her boohoo I got

my feelings hurt guess what this is a

net positive for her because at the end

of the day she's the one do she's the

one laughing all the way to 500 new

followers and now we're much notoriety

so for people to call in and say hey you

know what you offended her what did you

listen I expected her to come back at us

took to extend it for two weeks to me

and listen I can sit here and say that I

have a problem with that that's fine

I get it but guess what that's why I'm

doing the show that's all there is to it

no I do not regret it if people want to

say oh you're unprofessional call me

whatever you want but I have zero zero

patience for women who attention whore

I can't stand it women get attention

wherever they are listen I've read some

of kitten's work I don't think she's

that good a writer listen that's

obviously subjective if you think she's

a pretty good writer that's cool but I

see her for what she really is she is a

woman who builds her brand on attention

whoring that's a shit here's that here's

the other thing it's like she had it you

want to say that how did you build your

brand the exact same way no no no no no

you're dead fucking wrong 7:31 wait


I built my brand by myself okay kitten

is trying to build her brand by coming

on to the Redman group she's trying to

ride the gravy train all she does on

Twitter is go after Rolo he would roll

has got 50,000 something followers on

Twitter he's got dude he's change dude

he's changed more men's lives than

kitten has fucked that's a lot of lives

dude write that and so what she is

trying to do she's right she's trying to

ride the coattails of someone else's

success to get notoriety

dude I'm money awesome I mean let me

address you

here's and the thing is is she is what I

call an outraged broker okay and what

that means is like there's a lot of guys

like this and I'm not going to name

names right now but the thing is is they

ride on the current trend of whatever

that outrageous for a while it was free

speech and no and all of these people

were going out there and protesting you

know a free speech and they're trying to

make a brand for themselves built on

this outrage knowing damn well that

their speech was going to get censored

they knew the environment and I knew

what they were going into it and they

knew that they could profit by that

that's one aspect of that and that's

exactly what she does now she's just

looking for the the latest outrage to

build upon that and to to get more

people involved in you know in her world

or in her little conversation she is not

coming up or building a brand like

anything like I'm doing okay because I

have built in fact I didn't really

considered a brand until you know just

recently but I have I've written three

books I've you know I mean I don't even

I don't even know why I have to explain

myself you mean everybody who knows me

knows what my what my brand is in what

I've done and the the content and

everything else and there is absolutely

no comparison in how I have put put

together what the rational male has been

and what she is doing right now because

she is building her brand on outrage

right well they're buying into it a

commenter just said two years ago she

was all hashtag make America remake

America gradient listen everyone that's

that was what that was a big thing at

the time right now 7:31 I appreciate the

call but I'm gonna leave you with this

any woman who wanders into a male space

invited or not is doing is doing so

because she wants attention

all right listen you can tell you can

tell here you guys build the or in the

same way that's no that's not how we

build our brain I'm not walking on I'm

not going into a female space trying to

trying to make a name for myself like

I'm not doing that

women women go or ever men are and this

is what kitten does like this is what

she does dudes look at her followers

they're all men that's all she does she

wants to ride this red pill gravy train

listen thanks for the call 731 I'm gonna

go I'm gonna go I'm gonna have to go

ahead and let you go

area code 305 you're our last caller you

got two and a half minutes go hey what's

up Donna and this is

3:05 I shouldn't what's up brother hey

what's happen I I didn't call to talk

about getting Holly I I've had enough of

that but I wanted to give both you and

Rolo props

thank you for what you do y'all are

doing amazing work it is very important

that we see the work that you guys are

doing yeah I personally all I had to say

okay well listen I just wanted to give

y'all props this is this is the stuff

that changes people's lives and sets

assessments courses are on a path that

they need to follow and I appreciate

what you do good man and III appreciate

you calling in and telling us that

thanks for the call 3:05 it's always

good to hear it's always good to hear

guys and you get it a lot 90 that's

that's what's her face telling me we've

got 90 seconds but that's not on this

broadcast that's just for bug-like radio

it's always good and I know you get this

a lot more than I do but it's always

it's very I take tremendous pride when

men you know send me a message hey

Donovan you know you've really helped me

out or hey Donovan you you know you've

helped to change my life and the

interesting thing was is just like you I

said when I started this out it was just

supposed to be a hobby I never I never

thought that that this would replace my

income like this is what I do for a

living now this this so what do you say

about what do you say to guys who well I

let me let me explain so I think one of

the reasons that I I think I come off as

being over invested in what I do is

primarily because guys will come up to

me at like the 21 convention and they

say dude I wanted I came out here I flew

out here just so that I could see you

face to face and let you know that you

saved my life literally saved my life

right and you know the guy had set a

date to kill himself

Hollywood was planning to you know - he

had a date he was planning to make it as

inconvenient as possible for his kids he

want to make sure his kids had life

insurance and all this other stuff he

says I read your work and it turned me

around and that was that was really

important to me seeing a guy face to

face because it's one thing to get that

in an email or to get that in a tweet my

shirt is the first face you know look

you in the eye and tell you that so when

when that

right now they never do look you know I

disagree with you on this what do you

think about that that does that never

happens and so when I deal with that I

then I remember that the guys who I've

helped out you know how many other guys

am I not able to help out because some

guy basically got in and said all that

role he doesn't know what he's talking

about and these guys go off and kill

themselves because you convinced him

that you know one itis and the soul

mates are real or something right right

so what am I supposed to think you think

I'm just gonna just sit here and go oh

yeah I guess it's okay well you know if

you're stupid enough to believe this guy

you know go right ahead I'm not like

that I'm not built that way especially

after you know 10 12 or so guys tell me

ya know one bad no they can't hear you

hold on oh no I can hear you no I little

bit of a delay it's a delay guys it's

all good

so I'm sorry go ahead and see that it's

when I have a guy even either email me

or tell me face-to-face that I have

saved his life and then having to deal

with just this petty bullshit from

people who are just trying to build

their own brand off of being the one to

you know try to call me out on Twitter

or or just give me you know you know

just give me some bullshit ambiguous

reason for it then yeah of course I'm

gonna take that personally and if I

block you I block you if I see you don't

sing is I've been getting a lot of Ag

accounts hit me up on all my direct

mails which I keep open so that people

like that can call me in or so can say

you know hey thank you for helping me

out hey I got this can I can you help me

out with that I go and I do just quick

hit personal counseling on my DMS so

when I have other guys come in and

they're these egg accounts and they just

make these you know phantom accounts to

come in and give me bullshit or to you

know try to bait me with

there you know with their questions or

something like that it's like you know

what just just call in just if you

honest-to-god have a problem with me

call in from right here on out put me


if you want to talk about fun unit

debate me do this way and mouth team out

here man calling here calling the Redman

group because we're gonna be having

funds from here on out that's right and

I mean if you have that if that's the

deal fine please I would love to do I

would love to do a show where it's like

all you know oh yeah

call him in and yeah listen I have no

problem with that and listen here's a

thing I still don't like Jose right like

like I can't stand that motherfucker

well that's fine that's fine but listen

he has my respect okay and this is the

difference between men and well this is

the difference between men and men and

women and women I don't like Jose I

think he's I think he's I think he's a

disingenuous individual I think he used

I think he used a lot of me I tried to

use and tried to use a bunch of world so

I look good abducens blow blow he tried

to use a referendum on wrong yeah he's a

parolee you know he tried to use a

referendum on well just because you

invited Iran that doesn't make her an

attention whore dude we all know that

that's that that's not true then he

tries to jump but listen at the end of

the day I don't like the motherfucker

he's got my respect he's the only person

that I have ever challenged to come onto

my show and talk to me one-on-one and he

actually did it

listen he's welcome to bail in any time

you know I I would say this is I think

that what defines us as men is our body

of work okay that's really what we have

done in a lifetime okay and so whenever

somebody is criticizing it and not just

me just anybody you know has done has

done the work has skin in the game has

done what that you know they have a an

earned reputation right they haven't

earned integrity to them and somebody's

trying to take them down just you know

you will know them by their works okay

you will know by what they have done

have they done anything have they I mean

this is something I think a lot of guys

need to ask themselves and I think my

readers are pretty intelligent guys is

it is I'm not I'm not worried about that

it's it's it's the guys who are hurting

for it and the guys who are seeking this

kind of stuff out because we don't

advertise the red pill I don't go I find

I'm like I think I have one ad that I

run on the red pill read it for

for my work and that's it I don't

nothing else I might put myself out on

Twitter so people have access to me but

I don't I don't advertise and you know

the books are sell fantastically and

they're saying that they're you know the

red pill Bible it's not like I set out

to do that it's not like oh I'm gonna

here's my brand scheme I think I hate

that shit I hate that super-passionate

with my professional life for a very

very long time

we're going to alcohol liquor industry

right and so I would put myself into

these brands I would put myself into

like he's vodka brands and I would do

the bottles and I would do all the

branding and I would say okay now we're

helping them tasting it I just basically

this work of art that I put myself into

and then the sales guys would come in

they go well we sold this much product

or this much product here and this much

I'm just referring to it as a product I

will never refer to the rational male as

a product because it's not a product it

is a work of art Ray's a work of you

know it who you want part that I put

myself into and that's why that's what I

say what I mean that it's very important

to see what is the work that that person

has done in their lifetime and then make

that call from there and this is the

difference and it's so like again well

whoever that guy was 571 you know he

tried to say well you know kittens doing

the same thing that you guys did no

she's not Oh kitten hasn't done shit

okay and he says she's a pretty good

writer he's lying to himself and he's

lying to us kitten is not a good writer

kitten kitten

listen man she does what other women do

Hey look at me I'm a woman and she she

calls herself a dating blogger if she

knew so much if she knew so much about

me yes she's a mommy but listen if she

knew so much about men and relationships

then why doesn't she have one right so

was it Mary I've been married 22 years

Yeah right I think you know there's

nothing in I've had and I've been dumped

I've been dumped 22 times so if anything

your success my failure ya know you can

you can compare me again you will know

them by their works done what has she


okay go a fag you know what let's just

let just for the sake of art we'll give

you the benefit of the doubt go look up

the rational male high Amazon and then

go look up whatever her latest you know

I will say this out go ahead and look at

kitten holidays pamphlet up 15 pages or

ebook or something like that and you

tell me who's done the work there you go

kitten has kitten the only work that

kitten has done like I said

is just be a woman and women are always

gonna get more attention online just

because they're women that's okay we're

not hating on that that that's perfectly

fine but we're outraged outraged but

we're not going to allow a woman like

kitten try to ride the ride our

coattails all because here's the thing

any brand that's built the way kitten is

trying to build her brand it's not gonna

be around long do two years from now

she's still gonna be kitten holiday with

5,000 Twitter followers she's gonna be

getting into Twitter beefs with you well

I don't know if she's listen she's gonna

be getting into Twitter beefs with

whoever the red pill get or whatever

what dude whatever that the topic du

jour is that I used to get into these

ice to get into these you know cyber

arguments with a woman named

what's-her-name from hooking up smart I

can't remember in a Oh Susan uh Susan

Walsh right she is no law she's gone

just I can remember back in 2012 well we

were getting back and forth and lock

horns and I would say look and I would

it was great because I was sort of

refining my message at that time because

I had these these debates with her right

but in the end she's gone and I'm here

right and that's because that's because

women who people who build their brands

on the work of other people they don't

stick around long kitten right the GC

writes a little fiction article I don't

know every two weeks or whatever she

builds her brand by starting drama and

listen just like the guy said we're

doing her a favor we're sitting here

talking about her we've given her now

two hours of air time after this guy

listen after this guy's I'm not talking

about kitten ever again what I wanted to

do tonight was to clear the air I wanted

to I you know I invited the white

knights to come in and defend her and to

ask him why he's defending her Jose

never answered the question

okay whatever fine we didn't expect them

to but I wanted it I wanted to clear the

air on your end and I wanted to show

people that hey you know what this is

the reason why my face turned a

brilliant shade of green when I saw kit

was on the line because I already knew

what it was I knew she was calling in to

get the attention we'll reuleaux invited

her on that doesn't mean that she didn't

see it as an opportunity to get yet more

attention well though she builds her

brand you know what that doesn't mean I

have to like it all right you're right

right that is exactly how she builds her

that's exactly how she builds her

Brannon dude we're not having it over at

the red pill group do go find another

dude go find another group of men to

ride the coat

we're not having that over at the red

pill group so that that is the end of

kitten roll oh thank you very much for

coming on tonight man

listen man we did we did well on the

phones did absolutely well on the phones

I appreciate it

dude come on the show anytime man the

phones I listen I get two or three phone

calls a night but when I get one home

with you I'm into the dozens man yeah

anytime man thanks thanks for having me

I you know we needed to do this I think

too I was like I I'm done with it

you know she was somebody I know I was

just gonna say is like once again I want

to just put this out there it's like and

we've been we've been harping on on

kitten just because she's the most

immediate thing but she makes him know

like I said I've got guys that want to

like I've got guys that want to you know

write write posts about how I'm wrong

and all this stuff and they never really

get to the point they never really say

anything about it and they think they

have such a problem with me you know

what if you're the problem call it I'm

all ears that's why that's what this is

about man that's how we refine ideas

that's how we test ideas is we debate

them in an open in an open forum and if

you want to come in you would you want

tell me you got a problem you want to

tell me what you think of me please do

by all me tell me yes tell me to tell me

to my face this is you know more this is

an invitation for everybody okay thanks

for coming on role I appreciate it man

take it easy roll it's a messy everybody

again it was definitely good of good of

good of him to to come on I certainly

appreciate I certainly appreciate him

coming on let me get my windows straight

here there we go one of these days I'm

gonna come up with a nice smooth way to

to to fix that but but yeah like I said

man so that the the kitten holiday thing

is all that that's all done with

hey I've gone back and forth with kitten

for you know I gone back and forth or

forth with her for two years

you know two years ago and then of

course I got my Twitter account banned

and then I've been I was back on Twitter

she's back doing a regular shit this is

it this is who she is if you want to

follow her follow her but like I said

we're not gonna let women like her we're

not gonna we're not gonna let women like

or you know build their brand on the

backs of something that we spent this

long building my thanks to all of my

callers tonight again Jose I still hate

you like you're you're uh you're a

sneaky you're a sneaky motherfucker you

make absolutely zero sense I'm not gonna

unmute you on Twitter

you know I don't know if the real ones

don't block you or not but even though I

don't like you you have my respect man

you really really do I got listen I

gotta give it to you you came in

you went toe-to-toe with us you called

him twice and so that so that was that

my thanks to you guys for for tuning in

to TSR alive again tune in tomorrow 7:00

Eastern 4:00 Pacific won't think I have

a guest on tomorrow I think it's just

gonna be I forget what the subject is

but tune in tomorrow guys there'll be a

preview thanks for listening buddy

everybody talk to you 23


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