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you do not have to trust her to love her

that is amen female haters want to fuck

me repeat after me blush your condoms

and male haters want to beat it's that


wait a minute you actually thought you

were the only guy she was fucking love


from Philadelphia pure man Donovan sure

what's up guys it's Amanda of its sharp

and welcome to the 390 fifth edition of

TSR live your daily dose of red felt

roots wisdom and awareness it is

Thursday January 17 2019 good to have

you guys in tonight we are multi casting

live to three YouTube channels three

Facebook pages and Twitter so plenty of

ways to catch the show other than

YouTube it is long-term relationship

week here at TSR towers and yesterday I

talked about the importance of setting

boundaries and I had to cut the show

short because Devin made a seven o'clock

dinner reservation for us at a fondue

restaurant and she was buying and I

never ever turned down free food so I

cut the show a little bit short and I

did not address the expectation end of

it so I'm gonna talk about setting

expectations as well as the conditions

under which expectations need to be set

then on Monday I will address rewarding

and punishing a woman to encourage good

behavior well discouraging bad behavior

so a long term relationship week will

extend into next week and don't worry I

will definitely talk about our Kelly at

length on Tuesday I'm gonna dedicate an

entire show to our Kelly so just

shifting things back a little to make

sure that you guys get all of the

content in terms of long term

relationship a lot of elements regarding

ltrs from red post from a red pill

perspective so it shouldn't really come

as any surprise that four episodes

be enough to get it all in so let's go

ahead and pick up where we left off from

last night so last night we talked about

the importance of setting boundaries you

don't set fenders for your woman she's

going to walk all over you that is

that's a fact so now we're gonna talk a

little bit about expectations that's

what tonight's show is gonna be about

now the first thing you're gonna have to

understand is that in order to set X in

order to have and set expectations you

must maintain your high value as a man

here's the thing guys

your woman shows you because you are

high value when your value dwindles so

does her attraction to you that's a good

thing that helps us keep our edge I say

this all the time if a woman's love

really were unconditional then we as men

we'd be fucking pathetic we'd be all

we'd all be fat we'd be broke we'd be

creatively stagnant we'd be fucking

pathetic lumps a slob good for nothing

but eatin and farting and shittin

wouldn't have wouldn't really have a ryu

no we wouldn't really have a reason to

do it again not to say that women or the

reason why we live but andy samberg

famously said I think it was on Jay Leno

he says well why is it that you do what

you do like what got you into comedy

says well why do we do anything he said

girls like it listen it would be

disingenuous for any of us to say that

we don't lift and workout to maintain

our sexual attractiveness to our women

or to other women right we all know that

owning a nice car having a nice place to

live looking the part

wearing nice clothes makes you more

sexually attractive to women

no that's not the sole reason we should

be doing it but listen we're men we want

to fuck we want to be attractive to

attractive women this is why we do what

we do and anyone who comes on here and

says well I don't do anything for women

you're a fucking liar you're being

meathead red pill guy anyway your woman

shows you because you are in great shape

you dress well you're financially

responsible your financial house is in

order you could fight you can defend

yourself and her you have fitness goals

your financial goals you have a plan

women love a man with a plan they'd love

to see that you were going places doing

things gentleman maintaining high value

is hard gentlemen it is hard to wake up

at 4 o'clock every morning to lift

weights it's hard to do a spin class

rewrite a stationary bike until your

quads burning your lungs are about to

explode it's hard to maintain your

physical edge it's difficult guys as far

as finances go it's difficult to

maintain financial discipline listen

guys I know as well as anybody out there

it's not easy to deprive yourself of

certain things to keep your financial

house in order

listen I'm financially responsible you

guys know that you think it's easy for

me not to buy video games yeah you think

it's easy not to get into gaming's when

games are fucking awesome as fuck right

now like have you seen the video games

you think it's easy for me to watch

these cool less commercials with these

awesome ass fucking video games and not

buy that shit of course not

that is not easy you think it's you

think it's easy for me not to replace my

four-year-old iPad fuck no being

financially responsible is hard

depriving yourself of things you want is

very difficult guys not buying the

latest iPhone in the samsung galaxy when

it drops that's not easy

exercising financial discipline is

difficult guys but if you want to

maintain your value in terms of

financial stability this is the price

you pay this is what we have to do your

money is it gonna save itself you have

to save it the ability to take a weekend

getaway to Atlantic City at the end of

it at the end of the vacation doesn't

just magically appear no you have to

make that happen by saving and being

financially savvy maintaining your high

value is difficult guys keeping your

physical edging financial discipline X

include executing your plan executing

your cult goals each and every day

maintaining social dominance building

social currency none of this is easy but

again if you want your woman to stay

attracted to you if you want to be able

to make and enforce expectations if you

want your woman to respect and love you

if you want her consistent adoration

this is the price you pay this is what

you have to do

keeping a woman attracted to you and and

setting expectations for her to meet

guys that doesn't just happen you have

to be proactive to maintain your value

in order to give you the right to set

expectations for your woman again look

at any dude who has a hot girlfriend

right like you know he has they've been

together for a couple of years she's

still head-over-heels for him that's the

guy who's paid the price necessary to

keep and maintain her attraction her

love and her adoration and in return he

can set those expectations and she is

happy to meet them now she's human so

every once in a while she'll fall short

that's just how it is and he'll be the

first to tell you that it is not easy

far from easy it's worth it but again

there is a price to be paid the shit

doesn't come for free guys maintaining

and even increasing your value as a man

on a regular basis is not easy but it's

the only way your woman will adhere to

your expectations provided she likes you

provided she loves you enough it wants

to be with you enough to see the

benefits of being your main chick my

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actually felt a migraine headache coming

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before I got on the show and I took some

CBD oil and it's it's it's really it's

actually really helped now my migraine

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migraines are they are severe guys I

mean they are debilitating it's actually

the reason I'm a little bit subdued this

evening so try to bear with me here

but I mean listen I've had migraine

since I was four years old I'll never

forget my parents we're living in Hawaii

I had this crazy headache they took me

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I was diagnosed with migraines as a

four-year-old so it's something I've had

to deal with my entire life so I

wouldn't really expect CBD oil to

completely knock out my migraines as

severe as they are but it's definitely

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you know the sensitivity to light the

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all right let me check the chat and see

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Remy R P pops the cherry hey jrx get

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looks like Luigi Conti gets to fuck her

in the ass and finish her on the face

and it looks like Remy is also gonna

film it she's gonna get it all on camera

good good stuff

Nigel Diggs is apparently doing this

while he's doing door - BK from the

Rockies good to see you in here he'll

fight her says can I at least bring a

second camera right yeah BK from the

rocky says someone's doing a Darth Vader

impression on the mic before the show

yeah actually forgot to mute my mic when

I go live and do the countdown and I'm

just sitting here trying to relax my

brain to try to get my headache to go

down a little bit more I was probably

like yeah I just forgot to mute my mic

Moe the genesis good to see you in here

Clayton Kuiper yes the Latino mattes

fear calm is up it is definitely

definitely up wizard praying is in the

house wizard praying is a smart dude man

he really is charles kebaya role is in

the house luigi wants to know if I'm

watching the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien

Broner fight know Manny Pacquiao got

absolutely curb stomped by Juan Manuel

Marquez shout out to rob Cruz with the

$5 contribution to sending another five

ducats for continuing yesterday's good

ass topic appreciate that but yeah the

last fight that many Pacquiao is in if

I'm not mistaken I think he was up

against one Manuel Marquez and I forget

which round it was what was right at the

end of the round Pacquiao Pacquiao looks

like he's beating Marquez and this was

just recently and he throws a left

Marquez Marquez sort of parries it a

little bit and he hits he hits Pacquiao

with a right hand right on the button


Tim out cold and that was the end of the

fight Manny Pacquiao is he is he really

needs to stop fighting he listen he's

got money problems that's why he that's

why he's still in the ring but no I'm

not gonna watch the Adrien Broner Manny

Pacquiao fight definitely not gonna do

that became from the rocky says he let

go of consistent gaming years ago after

he left school he couldn't time fight

find time for it anymore yeah yeah dude

if I were ever to if I were ever put any

money into video games if I were ever to

start playing video games it'd be a bad

day man that's for sure Lorenzo Davis is

off to anger-management class tonight

good for you man good for you Oh Clayton

Kuiper says that was in 2012 jesus

fucking christ see I'm just not I'm not

with it today guys you guys you guys are

gonna have to you guys are gonna have to

excuse me

so yeah my bad on that my bed I'm not

all the way here guys not all the way

here guys so again just bear with me I'm

hoping I took a little bit of kratom I

took some Advil and some CBD oil and I'm

hoping that I'm hoping that as the show

goes on you know my my my migraine

symptoms will you know at least be

subdued so goddamn that was back in 2012

fucking six years ago Jesus Christ oh

yeah okay well let's go ahead and get

right to it the expectations that we set

the expectations that we need to set

long time ago back in I think 2004 2005

I used to work for companies selling

windows doors roofs

you know patio rooms all that other

high-dollar home-improvement stuff the

company's name was dixie home crafters

now Damon Lindley guy by the name of

Damon Lindley was the office supervisor

and he is probably one of the two best

sales trainers that I ever met in my

life the other one

is a guy by the name of Joe Traynham

who trained me at Mattress Firm I

probably put Joe Traynham at number one

Damon Lindley goes probably 1a maybe 1b

but either way Damon he was a fucking

sales wizard

anyway Damon always told us that if a

customer gets sticker shock when you

tell them the price it's because they

don't have enough information meaning

you gave the price too soon Ryan

Sullivan says he's late you haven't

missed much Ryan it's all good

meaning you gave the price too soon so

if you walk into a customer's house and

you tell them that their new roof is

gonna be $30,000 right when you walk

into the house they're gonna tell you to

fuck off and get the fuck out of their

house but if you take your time you give

them all the features and benefits

answer all of their questions address

their concerns and build value they're

gonna have no problem stroking a check

for 30 large because they know what

they're buying okay they understand the

value they understand what's in it for

them well the same thing applies to

women when we start to voice our

expectations when a woman scoffs at your

expectation it's because they don't have

enough information which usually means

you angled for a relationship first

without continuing to build your value

which you should never ever ever do ever

guys never ever ever ask a girl that you

are seeing to be your girlfriend first

ever I don't give a shit do not care the

listen the only exception is if you are

dating a 20 year old who is a confirmed

virgin that's it you need to take her

off the market immediately but of course

because twenty-year-old virgins are

about as easy to find as nail and gel it

to a tree I don't think I have anything

don't worry about anyway women like to

say things like I would never let my

boyfriend see my phone or if I want to

go to the club I'll go whether my

boyfriend wants me to or not and to be

honest with you guys that's a natural

response in this particular circumstance

why because this value isn't high enough

which means she doesn't have enough

information or maybe she does have the

understand this guys if you have been

seeing a woman for a week and a half and

you tell her listen I don't want you go

I don't want you going to the club or

let me see your phone

she's gonna laugh in your fucking face

and she should she doesn't know what

goddamn thing about you other than that

she likes fucking you but guess what


she likes fucking a lot of people so

you're not special or valuable as far as

she's concerned but when you establish

over time that you have your shit

together that you have good habits that

you're going places that you take your

that you take your physical fitness

seriously that you're financially

responsible you're confident you make

her feel safe okay she likes how you

make her feel she will have absolutely

zero issue with handing over her phone

when you ask for it she's not gonna want

to go to the club trolling for dick

because she's got you and all of the

benefits and value that comes with you

you built your values so she has no

problem paying the price of being with

you going back to the sales analogy you

want to build the value of your product

so high that your customer can't help

themselves they just interrupt you okay

Donovan how much is it well those of us

in the sales game know that this is

either a buying question or an objection

now I'm not gonna get it a sale speak

101 right because just just because a

customer asks you how much it is doesn't

mean they want to buy okay but if it's

late in your presentation and they ask

how much is it it's either because

they're excited or they're thinking oh

man this is a really good product it's

probably gonna cost a lot of money how

much is it Donovan right cool okay so

what's your answer

$41,000 so when they say man that's way

too much here's what you do you see I'll

tell you what I can give you a discount

I can call my office to give you a

discount but I might need to move your

install date just just a little bit back

I might need to move it back just a

little bit well how far back they'll ask

you yeah maybe a few weeks okay so now

they're thinking right well what kind of

discount can you give us your response

well depends on how much you want to

save if you can wait two weeks I can

probably give you somewhere around

$4,000 off but if you can wait a month

for my guys to come and put your roof on

I can probably get you double that so

really it's up to you you want to say

4,000 or 8,000 well obviously they're

gonna tell you 8,000 you make your call

to your manager Damon and you come back

and say okay mr. customer we've got your

installation scheduled for February the

17th which brings your cost down to

$33,000 but my manager says Damon I just

got off the phone with Damon he said if

we can leave a sign in your yard for 90

days just as an advertisements all your

friends and neighbors can see it he'll

take an additional 3 grand off so

instead of $41,000 your roof is only

gonna be 29 999 not only did you just

make a $1,500 Commission the customer

loves you for giving them a discount

you gave your install guys a break by

giving them a 30-day lead time on an

installation which they all love because

it comes in handy okay

and number three when you have a

customer who needs their windows

installed before they go on their

vacation in three days guess what

now the install guy's gonna be like you

know what Donovan you did us a solid

that $41,000 roof you gave us 30 minutes

you gave us 30 days leave time yeah no

problem we'll come in and put the

windows in tomorrow boom you did him a

solid little sales training 101 there

kind of got off on a tangent but the

point is guys is that when a customer is

so excited about your product that they

ask you what the prices they are going

to be willing to pay it this is why it's

important for salesmen in high ticket

item sales cars boats mattresses to keep

the price under your hat until they ask

for it the same applies to women guys

you only give the price when and only

when she asks about it which means she

tells you she wants to take things to

the next level okay

which means a relationship give it two

if you give the price to her too soon

okay before you built value you're gonna

give her that sticker shock right so

instead of buying yeah I don't want to

buy but I want to keep him around so she

probably wants to rent it or lease it

which means she'll keep you around while

she actively searches for your

replacement nursing Yeager's in the

house good to see you in here a lot of

guys hit me up and say Donovan I told my

girl I don't want her going to the club

and she told me fine but I don't want

you to go to the club either right

remember that bitch from last night in

the chat well if you have these

expectations and budgets for your girl

she should expect the same from a good

man - right no bitch fuck you and fuck

off I make the boundaries and

expectations I make the rules

no I do okay well fine if you want to

make the rules then you and I can't be

in a relationship that's all they're a

student get mad if you want but it is

what it is so they they hit me up with

these questions right well then say

something Donovan I told my girl that I

don't want her on social media and she

said that I should get off social media

- well my next questions are how long

have you been seeing her right and are

you boyfriend and girlfriend okay so are

you boyfriend and girlfriend and who

suggested exclusivity first you were her

nine times out of ten guys when dudes

ask me these questions they've been

seeing her for less than two months

which isn't nearly enough time to

establish the kind of value that gives

you the right to give her the price of

your exclusivity they're not boyfriend

and girlfriend and if they are it is

almost always the dude who wanted

exclusivity first again you cannot

listen you cannot tell a girl what your

expectations are after two months of

fucking you can certainly set boundaries

but you can't start making expectations

of girls that you've only been fucking

all you are is a dick at that point you

need to establish value and consistent

value that's how this works

if you haven't given her the title of

girlfriend and the privilege of your

commitment then how in the world can you

expect a woman to pay the price for

something she doesn't have yet right

that's like expecting Jiffy Jiffy Lube

to change your oil for free they're not

gonna do it unless they're getting

something out of it which is payment

well women are the same way you can't

expect a woman to meet your expectations

if she doesn't have the opportunity to

earn your exclusivity that's how this

works guys why you should never ask a

woman to be exclusive plus more more of

your comments

so watch or listen to the rest of this

episode go to donovan sharp calm thanks

for watching

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