Sexual Market Value vs. Relationship Market Value (Episode 343)




everything a woman tells you she will

always leave something else you're

always broke because you spend your

money on dumb shit every month if you've

only slept with five guys then what's up

guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

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I've sold cars on a few different

occasions you guys know that I have an

extensive sales background I've sold new

cars I've sold used cars I've sold

luxury cars so everything in between

I've sold Honda's dodges Toyota's outies

Chevy's Ford's you name it I've sold

them well a common conflict that occurs

specifically with male car buyers is

that is that inner struggle between what

they want versus what they need now as

men typically we want fast beautiful

cars we want that sleek aerodynamic

style that all sports cars have we want

that engine that's gonna roar when when

we hit the gas pedal we want that car

that goes from zero to 60 in less than

four seconds or at least close to it you

get the idea but what a man wants in a

car isn't always necessarily what he

needs what most men need out of a car is

typically a low car payment low

insurance reliability safety great fuel

mileage and a great warranty let's take

a look at a couple of car models I used

to sell back in 2003 let's take a look

at the Dodge Viper and the Dodge Stratus

now the Dodge Viper is clearly the more

aesthetically pleasing car it's faster

the engine is superior it's a chick

magnet I think that's obvious but the

car payment is going to be extremely

high the insurance is going to be really


and it has terrible gas mileage if I

remember correctly the O three Viper got

like 13 miles to the gallon in the city

and maybe 20 on the highway on a good

day now it's a gorgeous machine guys

let's get that right it's fast it's

beautiful sounds like a monster when you

rev it up and it will turn a lot of

female heads but there's an extremely

high price to be paid and at the end of

the day it doesn't really have anything

you need in a car other than maybe

reliability and even then if you open up

the engine more than you need to which

is a temptation in and of itself when

you drive a Dodge Viper you're gonna

have engine trouble down the road which

reduces its reliability not to mention

the fact that parts and repair for dodge

vipers are notoriously expensive your

spending for lesson you're dropping four

figures every time you bring it into the

garage builders in Dodge in High Point

North Carolina if you don't believe me

go and check out their website shameless

plug for those guys the Dodge Stratus

however isn't anywhere near as gorgeous

as the Viper but it's a decent looking

car it's a good looking car you're not

gonna turn your heads like the Viper

would but you're not gonna get any

accusations of driving a beat-up junk

bucket it's much safer than the Viper

because if you get in a car accident in

a Dodge Viper you're as good as gone

that's all there is to it but the

Stratus is far more likely to keep you

alive the car payments obviously for a

Dodge Stratus will be a fraction of the

Viper car payment and so is the

insurance incidentally enough now every

man wants to drive the proverbial Dodge

Viper and for short term fleeing guys

listen it's not a bad option right

listen maybe you lease it for a year or

two and return it maybe you rent it for

a summer have some fun but it is never a

good idea to finance a Viper over 72

months and trust and believe guys plenty

of men have made this mistake a Dodge

Viper is not not a viable

term option believe that the smarter

choice guys is the strattice it's much

better for us in the long term you'll

have the car paid off long before the

warranty runs out you'll save thousands

in insurance payments it's far more

reliable and doesn't cost that much it

doesn't cost as much to repair even if

you have to do that

well cars are like women gentlemen I

know you were waiting for me to get to

it we all want the hot wife guys we all

want the hot girlfriend but the truth of

the matter is that they're not good for

long-term relationships unless she was

raised on a farm with no internet or

raised in an Amish village girls who

have extremely high sexual market value

almost always have much lower

relationship market value there is a

difference in this environment and this

current sexual climate this current

dating market that things that make men

that make women rather sexually

attractive are the same things that

reduce their relationship market value

take a look at any Instagram Instagram

models comments and there is no shortage

of men saying wifey material will you

marry me

I love you most men foolishly believe

that a woman who looks good will also

make a good significant other and

nothing could be further from the truth

guys and these men they make this

mistake in the real world they grab the

hottest girl they can find thinking that

they've got the Holy Grail because

because she said she was traditional on

the first date oh my god she's a key

she's beautiful and she's traditional

she wants kids whole my ship has come in

I've hit the lottery but then they're

surprised shocked and devastated when

she cheats on him three weeks after she

told him that she loved him what a man

wants in a woman guys isn't necessarily

what we need in a woman just like cars

guys again the Dodge Stratus isn't a

Dodge Viper

not even close the Viper has far more

sexual appeal and as far it has more

sexual market value as it were than the

Stratus but the Stratus has far more


nation ship market value which makes it

the better choice for the long term

men need to start approaching

relationships in the same way gentlemen

I know it's hard i but but it is

necessary and the way to put yourself in

an advantageous position in terms of

making the right decision on women that

you could potentially commit to starts

with the ability to distinguish the

difference between sexual market value

and relationship market value and that's

what we're gonna talk about today my

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was hero hit though I don't I don't have

it in front he took a couple of grams a

hero hippo this morning you know I

didn't get as much sleep as I wanted to

last night but I slept better I think I

got like maybe seven hours of sleep the

night before and I was groggy all day

last night

I might have slept five and a half six

hours I feel fine it's weird

it really is weird how that happens I

have no idea how that happens it's crazy

it is Friday October 5th 2018 good to

have you guys in today on a Friday the

New England Patriots beat the

Indianapolis Colts last night and you

know listen let you know like I said

yesterday a lot of people wrote off the

have sort of quasi written off the New

England Patriots and I'm kind of lagging

right now because I'm I'm trying to

bring up my Facebook page to make sure

that I'm also streaming to Facebook and

Twitter the way it's supposed to making

sure that my yep alright so we're good

to go so we're good to go on Facebook I

want to make sure we're good to go on

Twitter and my software also allows me

to conjoin the the chats so I can see

all the chats from Facebook Twitter and

YouTube I'm streaming to three different

YouTube channels right now and I have

all of the chat

and one I just want to make sure that I

am streaming live like I'm supposed to

be and looks like we're good to go also

on Twitter and thank you uh whoever

whoever retweeted this on Twitter I

appreciate that get the word out get the

word out okay good we're good to go on

Twitter excellent excellent

so yeah the Patriots defeated the

Indianapolis Colts yesterday Tom Brady

threw his 500th touchdown incidentally

enough he threw it to Josh Gordon like I

said a couple episodes ago when I was

talking about the Patriots a lot of

people tend to try to write off the

Patriots when they go on a two-game

losing streak in September oh the

Patriots have done the Patriots are done

listen nothing lasts forever

eventually this Patriots dynasty is

going to come to an end and I'm one of

those people who kind of endorses that

that theory but I'm gonna backtrack I'm

gonna flip-flop Julian Edelman is back

of course they've got Gronk the defense

looks to have improved and they have

Josh Gordon I'm not saying that they're

gonna win a Super Bowl but it wouldn't

surprise me if we see him back in a

Super Bowl again guys that's Tom Brady

over there I mean there's that's all

there is to it I mean he's the greatest

quarterback ever he's being coached by

the greatest by the greatest football

coach ever there's no question about it

looks like I'm still lagging let me make

sure that I don't have anything else

running in the background here okay okay

I think I think I'm okay good I think

I'm back on point here the Eagles play

the Vikings this Sunday that is the 4:30

game 425 for 30 game I gotta admit guys

I'm a little bit worried I'm a little

bit worried I wouldn't call this I

wouldn't call this game a must-win for

the Eagles because if we lose we're 2 &

3 the seasons not over but I don't know

2 & 3 is a tough hole to dig yourself

out of thankfully we play in the weak

NFC East but babe it this way the

Vikings are 1 2 & 1 they're hungry man

they got dumped trucked at home by the

Bills who had no business dump-truckin

them then they lost to the Rams in a

shootout on national TV last Thursday

plus they remember getting boat raised

by my Eagles right down the road in the

NFC title game last year so they need to

get their season back on track listen

the Vikings need this win a lot more

than the Eagles do that's for sure

listen I'm pulling for the Eagles

obviously I'm an Eagles fan but if I'm a

betting man I'll put my money on the

Vikings it just it just you know the

Eagle I don't want to say they seem

right for the picking but this this is a

game that that the Vikings the Vikings

need to win this football game if they

don't it's gonna be it's gonna be a

tough road back it really really is

shout out to rob Cruz with the $5

donation Rob Cruz with the $5 donation I

appreciate that my friend if you want to

donate to the show go to WWE my be calm

for slash Donovan sharpen the number one

WWE extremely as calm Ford / Donovan

sharp and the number one again Rob Cruz

thank you for the $5 donation I

appreciate that Conor McGregor vs.

khabib nurmagomedov goes down tomorrow

in las vegas

listen word on the street is that it's

gonna break all kinds of gate records

it's gonna set us C records for the gate

I don't know about pay-per-view I

haven't heard anything about this but if

again if I'm a betting man I mean listen

I'm pulling for conor mcgregor UFC is

you know the world is a better place

when McGregor wins I don't think he will

I don't think he will I think I think a

Beebe is gonna win in a decision if if

McGregor wins it's gonna be by knockout

but I think khabib is gonna outlast him


McGregor seems to be theoretically he's

probably a little bit more civilized he

got that Mayweather money he's set for

life and listen he's a fighter he wants

to fight but you know when you've got

generational wealth in your back pocket

in the bank you're just not as hungry

that's just how it is

I'm a little late coming on the air

today because we are getting our water

heater replaced I've got a maintenance

guy right down the hallway replacing our

water heater our water heater started a

leak I gotta tell you man I've owned

many houses in my life I've lived in

houses and paid more

is one of the one of the great fallacies

of the American Dream is that owning a

home is the American dream no it is not

owning a home is not the American dream

and I think I'll probably do a show on

that but the number one thing that I

love about apartment life apartment

tower life is that if something breaks

or something goes wrong we either pick

up the phone or we submit a ticket and

then 24 hours a guy is at the door and

he's fixing it dude back when I had

rental properties every time something

went wrong I had to had to get my

property manager to go over there and if

he wasn't available I had to go over

there that's a pain in the ass man and

if you and again if you own your home

and let's say your your let's say your

sewer system gets backed up well guess

what you can't just call somebody to

come fix it oh yeah you can they're

gonna charge you five grand

so yeah listen I mean the apartment that

we live in is not cheap but part of the

you know part of the part of the luxury

of living in a place like this is just

being able to pick up the phone and say

hey X Y Z is broken come fix it and they

there they're here so so that's that's

what he's out there doing so if he knows

that that I do a live radio show I think

when he's done he might give it knock on

the door I might have to say something

to him for fifteen seconds so just be

just be prepared for that we'll see what

happens there had a great great brother

pill episode last night I think it was

entitled love yourself more than the

black community loves you very very live

spirited debate had a lot of phone calls

we had some guy named what was his name

I didn't know who he was when he called

I found out who he was after the call

his name is Kim one two three or

something like that the guy it's it's so

funny the guy you guys can go in and

listen to the episode it's on a shave

duke jackson's vlog channel but he

called up and of course I'm taking I'm

taking the call I don't know who he is

or what it's about but he started

talking and it became very clear to me

what his message was in a nutshell this

guy was trying to tell us that because

what are you trying to do is trying to

shame black men for endorsing the idea

of dating outside of our race he talked

about the fact that black men are going

to Brazil and they're going to other

countries they're dating outside their

race and they're running from the

problem he tried to frame it like you

know what women

you know men of all races have their

women treat them like crap but they

stick it out and you guys should too

and something he said one thing that

tipped his hand and here's what he said

yeah you know you've got dozens of black

youtubers out here and they are telling

black guys to start dating other races

of women and that's a problem I set up I

got you so I asked him straight up do

you have a problem with black men dating

outside of our race to have a problem

with black men having sex with and

dating white women Asian women Mexican

women etc and he's oh no no I didn't say

that I'm just saying yeah you guys got a

little gotta go listen to the episode

basically the guy called us up to tell

us to stay in our lane he doesn't want

black people to start D he doesn't want

black people to date outside of a race

for I wasn't I'm not in his head but a

lot of a lot of people of other races

feel that way and listen I can't say I

blame him right but the fact of the

matter is as black men have more game

man we have more game because we have

two and a byproduct of that is that

other girls are going to be attracted to

that that's just all there is to it so

as an interesting phone call it was a

very interesting very interesting

brother he'll definitely go and check

that out this guy I don't know I mean

I'm sure he's done a response video

whatever that wasn't the guy's a fucking


he sounds like a woman on the phone and

I pulled this card very quickly and

O'Shea O'Shea Duke Jackson to his credit

he took the high road he says listen I

don't want this guy to go on and say

that we didn't answer his questions and

Ellie our movement took sort of another

tech belly our movement Ellie our

movement handled him the way he does but

I think LA our movement probably brought

in some other elements like you're not

black you don't know the black

experience both of the blah blah but I

went I cut right to the heart of the

situation it's like wait a minute this

guy is calling us and telling us that he

has a problem with us dating outside of

our race like that's what this was about

he didn't fool me there was there there

was it was it was very obvious to me

from the start what was really happening

I pulled this card he didn't like it and

it is what it is so definitely go and

check that out very very interesting

brother pill podcast and again if you

want to catch the brother Phil podcast

it is Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays

at 7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific on O'Shea

Duke Jackson's vlog Channel Devin's gay

hairdresser is coming over to do her

hair too

again we're getting we're getting Devon

ready for the for the 21 convention of

course you know everything seems to be

everything listen I'm getting all of my

all of my preparations done and again I

will be speaking at the 21 convention

the day that I'm speaking at the 21

convention my day of course is I'm gonna

be speaking on Sunday Sunday October

14th 2018 at 10 o'clock a.m. so that's

what I'm gonna be doing my 21 convention

speech also I know a lot of guys are

asking me hey are your speech is going

to be give me a second here guys I'm

actually pulling up the video so I can

so I can start the chat here a lot of

guys ask if the if the 21 convention

speech is going to be streamed they are

going to be streamed partially I think

Anthony said he's gonna stream up to 15

minutes of each speech on YouTube so

he's gonna give you guys little snippets

and then he'll release them

this is the way he's done it forever so

so again if you wanna if you want to

catch part of my speech you know just be

sure to be sure to be sure to tune into

you know the 21 studios the 21 studios

channel at that point at 10 o'clock

right around 10 o'clock I'm gonna start

at 10 o'clock I don't know when he's

gonna start streaming my particular my

particular my particular speech there we

are there's the chat very good let's go

pop out Chet here quickly and now I can

put this back in I'm all over the place

guys I do apologize I'm usually I try to

be much more organized but it has been a

crazy crazy morning but yes the the 21

convention the 21 convention speech is

going to be mine is gonna be on October

14th that's a Sunday so be sure to tune

in for that you'll probably get to see

10 maybe 15 minutes of it and then of

course he will release it slowly

speaking of which I had a contest last

night as you guys all will know on

social media which slutty outfit

Devon where before I beat the brakes off

of her and I'm gonna go ahead and put

the link in these were the two outfits

that you had to choose from it was the

red outfit and the quote purple outfit

and the winner was the red outfit I

think most guys like a woman in red I'm

certainly I'm certainly in that camp and

I said I promise pictures and here they

are I put it up on Instagram I put it up

on my patreon I put it up on my Facebook

and my Twitter etc etc so so there you

are the winner of the contest was red

and of course Devon was looking dude she

was looking unbelievable you know what's

interesting man like death listen you

guys all know Devon has a great body and

we're gonna we're actually gonna talk

about that a little bit later love

Devon's body

dude huge perky tits that stand straight

up she's got a great ass but I'm gonna

tell you what man my favorite part about

her her best feature to me are her legs

Devon has some sexy ass legs man she

really really does I was really like

like looking at those but just looking

at her live man you know a lot of guys

are like are you are you a tit man or an

ass man listen I'm all three I like legs

breasts thighs ass I like all that and

unfortunately for me Devon has that in


so but again Devon's hairdresser was

gonna come over and race her sexual

market value by about a point and a half

tonight so I'm looking forward to that

this is the listen this is the only time

I will let another man in my house well

Devon is serious if he's the gay

hairdresser and by the way that and

here's the thing he's giving me a free

beard color because I'm spending a

shitload of money with this guy

like and again this is part of the

process right this is part of the gig if

I want my if I want my girlfriend to

look good you got to spend the money my

idea my dime so he's gonna give me a

free beard coloring and when he does her

hair so my beard will be nice and beard

will be nice and tight for the 21

convention but I remember the first time

he colored my beard he's like yeah my

boyfriend is black too and I'm like but

he's a good dude man

he's a really really good dude because

very good work makes makes Devon makes

Devon look very very hot makes Nevin

look very very hot I have no problem

with throwing business his way even if

he prefers african-american males for


if you want to chime in about sexual

market value versus relationship market

value give me a call nine one four two

oh five five three five six if you have

an unrelated question about girls game

relationship sex or anything red pill

related you guys can hit me too if you

disagree with anything I say you guys

can definitely give me a call that looks

like we've got a troll on the biggest

races because I married a black woman

and I got black kids yeah this guy Morse

code given a speech now yeah this guy

yeah whatever whatever I listen I you

know trolls will never call in so yeah

get get more yeah as a matter of fact

just get Morse code out of here

I'm just gonna hide him on the channel I

don't want him back I can't dude it's so

funny I catch more hate from black men

and black women

this is unbelievable Miami day says go

blonde on the beard negative definitely

not doing that wouldn't that technically

count is going super saiyan blonde on

the beard furrow you anime nerds out

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alright let's check the chat before we

get started here let's see what we've

got going on let us see who is in the

TSR towers armando moreno was the first

past security I'm sorry he was the first

in the towers I'm gonna have to have a

talk with my security letting Morse code

in we don't like hate nest niggas up

here at TSR towers you know you know

that goes Miami James in the house

I am alpha mask you lyin Rob Cruz has

chillin like a villain in my office the

door is locked

dude listen do not watch TSR live on

your on your on your work computer that

is always a bad idea

Matthew lyon agrees he says don't let

the show get you fired Rob Brandon store

ball in the house Joseph Isaiah Israel

on the Facebook side says good morning

Donovan mr. wisdom absolutely missed you

too brother Nigel dig says the best time

for the best learning on the web

Rahzel nickel says Douglas September I

guess he's trying to I guess he's

bringing somebody and yeah tag people

tell him about the show man tell him

about the show

let's see us we've got Rob crews in the

house says Dodge Stratus equals neon

same body remember in the Marines guys

were getting them cheap car payment yeah

absolutely absolutely

dude the Dodge Viper man that thing was

at the time was unbelievable kofi a

Jaya's Corvette is greater than Viper

you know I think I agree I think I agree

that I think I agree Outkast drew says

what's up Don up and enjoying the show

appreciate that Rob crew says I wish I

can take that kratom rozelle Adams

appreciate you tagging people to

encourage them to come on in Bryan mall

balls has a point lower than you on the

sexual market value will always treat

you than a point higher or right at apt

listen I totally agree totally agree

Rob Chris says he turned off the game

halfway into the second quarter

yeah the the Colts made it a game for a

little while but then the paint you know

but then Sonny Michelle ran in a ran in

a touchdown pretty much ended it Kyle

Mitchell says the women I end up with I

end up in relationships with have less

sexual chemistry and attractiveness than

the crazy-ass women I end up in sexually

based relationships with yes crazy pussy

psycho pussy that's the best pussy

that's the best pussy ever gonna get man

daddy issues pussy dude I mean oh my god

yeah the crazy of the girl the better

the pussy that's how it is sharp assist

agrees it is a must-win for the bikes

totally agree man they have to win that

football game that's why I'm worried

Sean Smith good to see you in here Kofi

says the Falcons season is over

what are they won in three one and four

they got the Steelers yet if they lose

to the Steelers it's a rap it's a rap

Ronnie Brooks says he caught the brother

pill stream it was very good appreciate

you watching

there's my mic chase LeBeau says your

home is not an out Anton is not an asset

robert kiyosaki miami jay miami jay

agrees has no houses or liabilities very

good miami jay says when people argue

dating outside your race is wrong they

are by definition racist i don't know i

mean i don't know i mean white guys who

don't want black guys or anybody listen

why listen when somebody has a problem

with african-american men dating outside

their race to me that doesn't

necessarily make them a racist it just

shows that they're envious you know and

listen that's not wrong actually told

the guy in there listen if you have a

problem with black guys dating white

guys or mexicans or asian girls that's

fine like listen i mean i don't blame

you for feeling that way like we have

more game than you like by the sound of

like just listening to the guys voice

you could just tell that he was he was

just green with envy so yeah if i if i

sounded what it just just based on what

he sounded like if i were that guy yeah

I'd probably be a little bit concerned

too but don't beat around the bush just

saying right like don't don't it you

know he used all kinds of excuses well

you guys should reinvest no no no dude

like you don't care if we reinvest right

at the beginning of the call he started

talking about well African Americans

should do this and I was like wait a

minute why do you care he completely

circumvented the question that kept

talking I didn't hear anything he said

after that until he said when black

people tell other but when black men

tell other black men today

outside the race that's a problem and

that's where I had him that's where I

was like dude there was that she would

drop it you guys didn't listen watch the

episode like in my I mean you could see

my moment of clarity I was like you know

what there was I was looking I was

looking for I was looking for his reason

I found it our mando Moreno says the

truth hurts yes it does yes it does

all right let's see what else we got

here Charles merchant says I like how

you handled pretty Libre yeah give me a

break man yeah I don't do it I don't I

don't I don't debate with women man I

don't I'm just not doing that

Miami J says I'm leaving the 21

convention right after my speech all

right good stuff man

good stuff Andre Silva says that's the

real conversation we can't take a hoe

too seriously and start to develop

feelings for a slut most women are not

LTR material they are free they are rise

to be as free as possible until they get

too old absolutely absolutely

Toby one coyote says I will not show you

my tits well you know gotta ask right

gotta shoot your shot so it is John T

Campbell says the replays are always a

better option as you can skip the

overture and get into the show directly

yeah yeah John T uh actually what I've

started doing John T and I know that

that I know that was a concern of yours

with this you know commentary in the

beginning what I've actually started

doing when I put my videos on patreon I

put the I put a time stamp on it and I

let you know hey to skip the commentary

to get to the Nitty Gritty go to 41 47

or 52 56 so I know not everybody's a fan

of you know me running my mouth for the

first half an hour show of this half an

hour or so of the show but I like doing

that I like doing that Johnny Bravo says

then it got any good tips on how to out

alpha the man who's trying to compete

against you gonna need a little bit more

detail on that Johnny you got to give me

a story

so send me an email go to donovan sharp

calm hit the contact tab give me a

little bit more detail and and I will

all end I'll be sure to answer that

question for you that's a good question

though a lot of guys have those

questions John T Campbell says watch

Donovan also on the red man group

discussions yes yes yes guys I'm on the

air all the time I'm on the air in nine

times a week men in six days I'm on the

air nine times so on Mondays I'm on the

air for two hours Tuesdays Wednesdays

and Thursdays I'm on the air twice for a

total of five and a half to six hours

Fridays on Fridays I'm on the air for

two hours Saturday I'm on the air for

two hours so one of the hardest-working

men in the business I think the only guy

that works harder than I do is probably

O'Shea that nigga do that nigga's live

that nigga is probably live right now

niggas live in asleep

that dude works hard man straight up

very good Rolo escucha says someone

added me what's the conversation in here

yeah roll in a few minutes we're gonna

start talking about the difference

between relationship market value and

sexual market value so stay tuned we're

gonna get into the nitty-gritty Jose

says the only thing I disagree with is

the muck mode thing I don't see the

value of going monk mode unless you

already have the women you want and just

want to take a break and work on

yourself yeah I would endorse I would

endorse that I would endorse that oh boy

now we've got a car conversation going

on in here the Corvette the Corvette

versus the Viper Corvette versus the

Viper which is the better cars in an

everyday car etc etc Winston wolf says I

think white folks have an idea of women

being alpha widowed after going black a

lot of times they are Kyle Mitchell says

I feel sorry for dudes that have to be

in a relationship with a chick who

fucked me I do not love these hoes but

goddamn it I like him hell yeah

kobe-wan coyote disagrees he says

Winston wolf no way bro I fucked a black

guy's girlfriend all night and she

dumped him in the morning

then I left without giving her any

details race doesn't come into it you

know what's interesting that that we're

having this conversation before we get

into this SMV versus army thing black

males are portrayed in the media

on social media as static alphas we're

all hyper masculine we're all muscular

we've all got tattoos blah blah blah

blah blah so when a white guy thinks of

his girlfriend having fucked a black guy

he thinks of he thinks of her fucking

professional athletes porn stars right

guys who look and act like me you know

what I'm saying guys guess what man like

the same like that's like the same

percentage of beta males and white men

it's the same as in black men okay it's

listen they're just as many black betas

as the percentage of beta is the same as

it is at wept with black men and white

men especially men that were raised in

America not all black dude not all of us

have 19-inch dicks six-pack ABS who can

fuck for 19 hours and make girls squirt

like a faucet right so the girl who had

the black boyfriend she dumped him she

you know you know her black boyfriend

isn't be typical oh my god I can't

believe you fucked a black guy tight

boyfriend that's what it is

you know unless I'm sure you can bring a

girl back but not all black guys are

created equal and I think a lot of I

think our media I think our media has a

lot to do with that so that that's

always a very interesting conversation

to have I've actually done a an episode

called are white girls tainted when they

date black guys j-dub see says Viper any

day come on man after that spoiler dude

the Viper is awesome Kyle Mitchell says

Month mode is how you get your career

right sometimes you've got to put

women's second Hispanic Chris says if

Romo came back what team would pick him

up and would you watch him play I think

the Cowboys would pick him up and

damaged to do damn right I'd watch him

play you kidding me yeah dak Prescott is

he's decent but he's not who he thought

he's not who he thought he is not who we

thought he was he's not that's just all

there is to it he's listen he's gonna be

a solid NFL quarterback but he is not

going to be he is his ceiling is not as

high as we thought it was 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get into the show

before we get into it let's get to the

phone lines

area code 702 you're on live at

hey Donovan his fee from Vegas going on

hey what's up how you doing then I'm

doing pretty good I was actually

thinking about the conversation about on

you know white women black man and you

know um how's that alright let's do it

and one of the reasons what a lot of

guys don't realize is that now this is

my opinion Dunham so you can just forget

my interject or no not one of the

reasons why one of the reasons why white

guys get so mad is because American

society for a long time was it was

interleague white guys from white

society from competition know that

segregation get slavery and stuff like

that you get what I'm saying

right so when when black men were

finally able to compete I don't think

this was an outrage to them over they

felt like oh well you know black I've

been able to compete you know saying

they what they won't be able to amount

to anything anyway again this is my

opinion so you know when we're able to

date white women it's an outrage because

for so long black men were told that you

know we're not as good we're inferior

you know and also Donovan you brought up

another good point where we'll pretreat

something in the media that's because

black people don't have their own media

so therefore using the perpetrator

static alphas you're saying it's kind of

true honors I think on a certain low

because we can't betray ourselves cuz we

don't have our own media because like be

eating stuff that's owned by Viacom I

know right right right right right so

you on the flip side though sports which

is actually an absolute meritocracy is

that kind of like the only window where

you see like alpha bill listen you said

the key word meritocrat listen sports is

the last true bastion of meritocracy it

doesn't matter what your skin tone is if

you can play you will see the field if

you can't you won't right as a matter of

fact on that not to get political real

now that I do it then you know cuz I

wells might say well

one of the reasons that there was this

big hubbub about no kneeling in the flag

and stuff like that was because um the

NFL is a true meritocracy what do you


well I'm essentially what I'm saying is

you know white government you know

right-wing government could have put

their thumb on the scales because NFL is

supported by what vo our black men turn

everything black men support the back

the backbone of NFL supported by black

guys so if you're gonna watch the NFL

you know you're doing up the ceiling

full right whether you like it or not so

stop so stop crying about it you know

I'm saying get your balls off and you're

saying just watch the game but at the

end of the day you know um but at the

end of the days we go full circle so

basically the end of the day together

for so long remember and also done a lot

of people forget this so let me also say

this okay we were the hole we were the

only race that was mentioned in the

Constitution white wasn't mentioned in

the Constitution Asians and being you

know Hispanic know in the Constitution

we were told we were 350 men right right

remember that I do so so at the end of

the day you're say fears there's a

certain there's a certain element of

hate when when people have to compete

with black know well like I said clearly

black men for the women get outraged do

that because these guys were told a

better or worse whatever you know for

better or worse that you know superior

to the black man in a blah blah by you

when we get feet of city that haze I

think honestly thought now here's

nothing to job at this but think about

this for a second because we talked

about SMB you know you have to compete

in the marketplace

don't forget Donovan like it's very

funny because um when you're insulated

and insulates from competition for so

long and you finally have to compete

your muscles are atrophied

there you go there it is your month so

when you're insulated for so long right

and it is nothing to fuse the one

through punch when you're literally

competing with a guy

historically black people have had less

and resources and generational wealth

but when you see these guys taking your

women or you're dating them it's just oh

my god how can this be happening right

you know so there's a and also I think

um in just in the just to this I just

feel like Donovan um at the end of the

day I think at the end of the day to uh

you know guys feel you know poop

shouldn't date outside their race or

whatever I see that he accused my only

thing about that I don't care we told I

don't care right of course I want the

black community I want the black

community to survive and prosper and go

for that you know I really want that

yeah I'm saying I do care about my

community I should probably watch that

show O'Shea with you and O'Shea and you

but I want to say this my only beef

pre-k what I'm saying my only beef and

it's so funny that I could relate this

back to game two my only beef is when

you know I'll call these guys the

crossover negro what I mean the

crossover you inside dating white women

they don't act fully black it's like

they feel like they got to blunt the

blackness to be with a white woman or

any race for that matter yes I wasn't

clear about that I know you see these

guys on it and we're you know like it

just did non-threatening black guy you

care what I'm saying just

non-threatening you know I'm saying just

non-threatening what I mean like the

crossover negro what I'm trying to say

is like they're almost trying to wash

away the blackness that doesn't mean

that doesn't mean blackness means like

all got a tough guy where everybody just

they're just trying to just trying to

blunt it so much and it's like man

you're not even being yourself yeah I

would disagree with oh yeah yeah I would

I would wholeheartedly I would

wholeheartedly disagree with you on that

because I think I think a lot of times

what what gets lost in translation in in

terms of you know black guys dating

outside the race and listen man when

black guys date outside the race nobody

really cares about it until he starts

dating white girls so let's just let's

just go ahead and keep it real and

narrow it in there right when black guys

date Mexican girls and Asian girls

nobody bats an eyebrow but as soon as

they see him with a blonde

girl like me they're like oh my god um I

can't speak I can't really speak for

everybody and I don't really pay

attention I really I don't know I guess

I just don't pay attention to other

black guys who date white girls I just

kind of worry about myself but but to

say that but but to say that black guys

try to sort of you know blanch

themselves try to be try to act more

white in order to date white girls

that's counterproductive as far as game

goes if if a black guy is trying to if a

black guy tries to act white in order to

date white girls white girls aren't

gonna date him the reason she wants to

date a black guy is because he's not a

white guy and you know listen I mean

yeah I'm sure that there are some white

guys out there that as soon as they get

with a white girl all of a sudden now

they feel like they have to do more

white things and I'm you know I'm sure

I'm sure that there are a lot of guys

out there like that but I certainly keen

I certainly can't cosign that on my own

I've always I've always been I've always

been who who I am and I think that you

know I think that we all sort of try to

not not really acquiesce to the girl but

we try to impress women right like we

try to do and say certain things right

for us women but as soon as you wake up

and you find the red pill it doesn't

really matter what her race is you're

you're going to be who you are so I

don't know I mean I don't know I you

know what that's actually a pretty good

conversation to have

you know we'd like to do a brother pill

on that hey do black guys who hate white

girls do they do they try to act white

do they feel some sort of obligation to

act white if so then why but I certainly

can't put myself in that camp she did

act like that probably is a really good

episode yeah I will just say this I've

seen it a lot and you know what in your

acting up and by the way you're

absolutely right it is counterproductive

because essentially what I'm saying is

but I'm not saying by the way I'm not

saying awaken the girl boys just like I

can't even do the girl boys right now my

voice is already better than me but but

because what I'm saying is don't like

you said don't actually get to the women

and I could see a lot of guys they just

did you yes instantly and that's just to

be honest with you that's just lack of

game that's lack of game I don't think

that I don't throw that paradox I don't

think that's waste for later

all right done oh by the way thought you

know what we're gonna be enemies for a

little bit because the Giants which is

the Eagles man oh my god well let me be

the first let me be let me let me be the

first to apologize to you for the twenty

four point laws that you guys are going

to take I think so I love Eli but I

think it's yeah here's the thing here's

the thing though it's and we'll get on

with the show in a minute but you bring

up a very good point if the judge

there's the thing the worst thing that

could happen for the Giants is if they

go eight and eight because of they go

eight Nate what are they gonna have like

the fifteenth or the sixteenth pick by

the time they get to the 15th or 16th

pick they're not there's not gonna be a

quarterback on the board I'm not saying

you throw games but the Giants need to

suck this year so that they can have a

top five pick use some of their assets

to trade up and get a quarterback that's

what they need to do it's it's time for

you lighting go I totally back totally

agree man that the game has passed them

by you the pre quarterback ah welcome to

Bulls bro all right my man CJ in Vegas

checking in all right well let's go

ahead and get this party started

relation to sexual market value versus

relationship market value shout-out to

cell Paulo and Alexander Bulls says he

is watching at work uh-oh

Alexander Bulls is watching at work

y'all better warn him y'all better tell

him you're gonna watch it work don't

watch it on your company don't watch it

on your company computer man straight up

Oh Charles Burchett wants to know about

mods actually you know what before I get

started and I do apologize for the delay

here guys let me get into the chat and

I'm going to start modding people cuz I

haven't modded I really haven't modded

anybody charles merchant charles

merchant is now a moderator modern life

dating is now a moderator let me jump

back up here shout out the gervais

horton is in the house yo son says

Donovan Gervais heart jurors I'm sorry

not juris Orton no son says Donovan I'm

your Mexican father actually I fucked so

many Mexican girls I just might be your

father actually

all right very good um let's see oh you

know son might be a troll yeah I let him

let him stay in I'll let him stay in mr.

old school writer definitely gonna be a

mod when freelance Ronin when freelance

uh of course sharp assist is a mod Miami

J's a mod if if freelance Ronin makes

his way in here somebody mod him um

let's see who else revolver chase LeBeau

definitely a mod and again if I don't

make you a mod immediately don't don't

take it personally this is this is just

how it is Armando Moreno definitely a

mod Rob Cruz is a mod so welcome welcome

the TSR mod squad masculine is

definitely a mod very good you guys are

my right you guys are my ride-or-die

niggas man y'all definitely keep it 100

you guys keep that you guys keep the

riffraff out

all right I've got an anonymous caller

on the line but I'm gonna put I'm gonna

I'm gonna make you hold there for just a

minute because I really need to go ahead

and push this episode forward we are 50

minutes in and it's time to go ahead and

start talking about the topic at hand so

we're gonna talk about a few elements in

terms of relationship market value

versus sexual market value so the first

the first first and foremost the first

element we're gonna take a look at is

attractiveness I think that's I think

that's a good place to start listen

obviously in order to get any sort of

attention for you know relationship or

sex a woman has to be attractive she has

to be at the very least fuckable okay

if she's not we're not interested women

talk all the time about women talk all

the time about their education and you

know I've got a degree and I can cook

and I can clean and I believe in

traditional relationships and make

America great again and I want to be a

wife and I'm gonna be submissive that is

great okay don't listen

those are great traits that you have if

you actually act if you actually have

them but if you're not attractive if

I don't want to fuck you I'm not

interested you can be the world's most

feminine woman okay if you don't look

good in a bikini if you don't look good

we're in Devin's stripper heels I don't

want to fuck you not doing it here's

what men need to understand guys here is

what men needs to understand if you want

a woman for a relationship you are going

to have to sacrifice you're gonna have

to sacrifice a little bit of smv in

terms of appearance for relationship

market value every man dreams of

marrying an eight or a nine or ten every

man wants a hot girlfriend a hot wife

every man wants a girlfriend that's an 8

a 9 or a 10

news flash guys here eights nines and

tens are community property everybody's

had a ride

listen eights nines and tens work in the

sex industry whether they're cocktail

waitresses strippers prostitutes whether

they turn tricks whether they turn

escorts and even if they don't end up in

the sex trade eights nines and tens only

fuck the highest-value guys they fuck

the richest guys they fuck the guys with

the biggest dicks they fuck the guys who

have the best looks that they fuck the

highest value guys and highest value

doesn't always mean money now highest

value means the best looking tallest

biggest dick as niggas you can find and

if they happen to be all rolled up into

one professional athletes then she's

definitely gonna be an alpha Widow

jaylen Ramsey and Jack Collinsworth

did a special on Sunday NFL countdown

where they were Jalen Ramsey was

pretending to be real estate like a real

estate agent in Jacksonville he had on a

wig in a disguise and him and Jack were

taking turns right so they would ask

questions to these people and of course

a I'm Jalen Ramsey oh I'm your biggest

fan and then everybody would have a good

laugh well it was Jack Collins with Jack

isn't Jack Hollingsworth is the son of

Cris Collinsworth he's a commentator

does it FL live

a Sunday NFL countdown etc etc de says 8

to 9s and 10s belong to the game

straight up and so this this this hot

young white girl comes in to look at the

house and Jack says yeah do you like the

Jacksonville driver and she's like yeah

he's like well she's like well he's like

well have you met any of the players the

girl kind of laughed she smiles just

like yeah you could say that

this bitch has been ran through and then

when Jalen Ramsey has the reveal they

look like they might have known each

other listen man eights nines and tens

fuck the highest value guys they do so

by the time she's done riding the


she's been ran through she's alpha

widowed you are never ever going to be

enough for an 8 a 9 or a 10 if you can

listen if you can snag an 8 a 9 or a 10

at the age of 19 20 21 you might have a

chance you might have a chance but if

she's an ADA and she ever was an 8 a 9

or a 10 and she's 30 32 33 years old you

don't have a chance I would save that a

woman's peak sexual attractiveness is

probably somewhere between the ages of

20 between the ages of 21 and 25 that's

when girls are the hottest give or take

a year or two in either direction this

of course depends upon jeans you know

genetics you know habits things of that

nature right but generally the hottest

girls fall between 21 and 25 years old

Devon's gotta listen Devon's got a hot

body to be sure but my guess is that her

body was hard when she was 24 now she's

34 now again she's not at she's not a

snowflake but Devon didn't grow tits

until she was 30 like I've seen pictures

of her when she was 24 she was you know

she looked better when she was 24 but

she was flat-chested now that she's 34

her tits are huge I don't know how this

happened whatever that that's just me

bragging but when an 8 a 9 or a 10 has

to settle because they don't want to be

alone she does it okay now if she does

settle she's bored and she's still

looking for those alphas that she used

to fuck those alphas that used to give

her that attention that is when and why

they cheat eights nines and tens are

useless because they've never had to be

useful I've said this several times I

actually did a sharp short you can find

it on Donovan sharp calm or you can just

google why hot girls are useless

Donovan sharp and you guys can listen to

that you can also find that on patreon

now the reason why hot girls are useless

is they get everything in life just for

looking good they get everything they

get attention they get dinners drinks

they get their bills paid

rent paid car payments you know a lot of

them end up just becoming sugar babies

so if you're gonna get everything you

want just because of the way you look

why would you why would you have the

desire to learning or anything else I uh

I like in hot girls to a guy like

Michael Vick Michael Vick is dude he is

the most electrifying college football

player I have ever seen and when he got

to the football when he got to the NFL

he was equally as electrifying well

Michael Vick didn't learn to read

defenses until he got out of prison and

signed with the Eagles why because he

wasn't quite as fast he was still fast

but he wasn't quite as fast Michael Vick

didn't learn to read defenses early in

his career because I didn't have to if

his first read wasn't available he just

take off and run 25 yard run we've all

seen that we've all seen the big

highlights what's the same as hot girls

Michael Vick was the hot girl his whole

life so you have to read defenses uh-oh

I've been in prison for two years still

got a little bit of speed left but not

quite as much as I used to

now I have to start checking down now I

got to start making my first second and

third reading now I got a run at a

bounds I have to add more utility to my

game this is what girls ghost this is

what hot girls go through and they get

older let's bring Devon into the

conversation Devon is a seven she's a

seven a lot of people think oh my god

Devon to know Devon's not a nine or ten

she's a seven in the face she's a 6 and

a half she has a six and a half face

she's not a be listen she's not listen

she has above average looks slightly

above average looks in the face her face

in her face she's a six on the worst day

with no makeup on her best day her face

as a seven her body on the other hand is

an 8 and a half her body is an 8 and a

half her body is an 8 on the on her

worst day on her best day her body is a

hard 9 maybe even a little higher

depending upon what she is wearing and

anybody who'd just take a stroll through

my social media feed Devon's got a hot

fucking bod you guys know that now think

about this if Devon were an 8 maybe an 8

and a half right if you increase her

sexual market value by one point if you

were seven and a half to an eighth in

the face and at a nine and a half

to attend body she'd make a terrible

girlfriend guys terrible I never be able

to tame her and the reason I know this

is because I listen man it's hard enough

as it is but listen I might be able to

for a little while but eventually she

would go feral as all eights 9s and 10s

eventually do even though she's just a

seven guys she still gets looks people

look at her dudes check her out even

when we're shopping and she looks like

hell frumpy t-shirt blue jeans dudes

still look at her when we go out on

dates and she's dressed to the nines

earrings short little you know short

little sundress heels men and women look

at her imagine if she looked like that

everywhere she went just imagine that

that's what it would be like if Devon

were an eight eight nine and tens belong

to the game they are community property

I am very fortunate to have a seven as a

girlfriend sometimes she can push seven

and a half and she really really tries

that's perfectly fine as long as she's a

seven and a half eight around me but

Devon's a seven I'm not gonna sit early

on my girlfriend's a nine or ten now

she's not a ten guys she's a seven you

must sacrifice looks if you want a

long-term relationship you are not gonna

have a long you are not going to have a

successful long-term relationship with

an 8 a 9 or a 10 that is the sacrifice

you have to make don't look for an 8 a 9

or a 10 gentlemen look for a 6 or 7

sixes and sevens don't look like 89 to

tens but every group but every girl has

that one trait that makes her

irresistible they have that one trait

maybe she has a great ass maybe she has

great tits maybe she has great legs

Devon's got all three so I'm fortunate

in that regard don't look for a long

term relationship with an 8 a 9 or a 10

between a 6 and a 7 that's the sweet

spot and it makes all the difference as

far as the mentality goes if you are

listening on soundcloud

you want to listen to the rest of sexual

market value versus relationship market

value head on over to donovan sharp calm

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sharp again if you are listening to the

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isn't something I want to do guys but

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when i go live i'm gonna go to this

anonymous phone call and the fact that

this phone number is anonymous and that

they've been holding for 11 minutes is a

red flag so we're gonna find out what

this is i don't really have time for

foolishness today but let's find out

what this is about anonymous caller

you're on live at Donovan go ahead it's

number one make down the world oh there

he is Jonathan from modern life dating I

was hopeful dude I was I was thinking

maybe you were Kim one two three hoping

to exercise some sort of revenge on the

air but it is it is Jonathan from modern

life dating than the world's number one

mgtow he has a no I'm not gonna go there

I was gonna say have a Chinese sex doll

but that that would get out on the air

and then I would never live that down

never no no listen I just wanted to call

and just personally quite opposite

instead of getting hater you're getting


um Anthony Johnson from 21 studios

contacted me on Instagram and offered me

a full package to go to the 21

convention next week are you

because yeah he did and he offered it to


however oh I can't go be your

motherfucker he's serious

and it's next week ah I just wanted to

say because you put me on it's all

thanks to you

so it was because you know I I just know

I have a valid message and you just gave

me a shot and you know I've been helping

you out or not but you know he took the

effort to reach out to me on Instagram

he watched the entire Redman group

episode that I was on yeah cuz of you I

was only on the road man because you

gave me a chance in your show and then

Rollo saw and and I just want to say

from the bottom of my heart thank you so

much because ultimately I just want to

help men just like you like when you

could be at you know fucking Toyota or

Honda or something be like the Director

of Sales and my motherfucking company

super rich you could do your riches fuck

but uh you have a heart and you're doing

what you believe is right and that's why

I'm doing this shit too so I just wanted

to say thank you so much and keep doing

a great job I think your show is going

to explode and we just get started well

I appreciate you saying that man what

here I'm gonna explain to the audience

what just happened to me right I walked

into a quote massage parlor right I got

the hot asian girl she gets on her knees

she sucks my dick she jerks me off and

right before I'm about to blow my load

she says okay is although Jonathan you

jerked me off he didn't allow it if you

didn't allow me to blow my load man dude

oh my god dude

that would have been listened for for 14

glorious seconds I was like holy shit

Jonathan's coming to the 21 convention

oh my god well listen you're you're

definitely gonna be a regular on the

Redman group if he I mean listen if he

offered you a full package to come to

the 21 man now you now you know we're

gonna have to 21 conventions next year

we're gonna have one in Poland and one

in Denver so my guess is that

have more than enough lead time to make

arrangements at that point yeah like I

said I'm just in a position you know

quit the corporate job and I'm

restructuring honestly like I don't know

if I can you guys watch Gary Vee but I'm

in just in that transitionary phase

where I just have to eat that shit

sandwich every single day for a while so

I'm just grinding it out right now but I

will eventually be at a 21 convention we

will change the world tell ya whose is

just getting started

the ants Appa big fucking cannot stop no

Jonathan from modern life dating in the

house I don't want to make any promises

but yeah I think it listen I think what

we'll do is we'll probably just

black-bag you will come to Tokyo we'll

roll up in a in a in a black nondescript

van we're gonna have a cut we're gonna

have a couple gonna have a couple of

guys jump out we're gonna put a black

bag over your head we're gonna bring you

out here to pull and we're gonna bring

you to Denver to make sure you get your

ass out there man it's great

I'll be at one of them for sure I swear

to God

good shit man thanks for calling in

Jonathan I appreciate the kind words man

thank you all right man take care

Jonathan from Modern Life Danny you guys

can check him out at modern life dating

dot-com this guy can tell you how to

triple your tinder this guy is a dating

coach extraordinaire he has a very very

strong message he's very direct like

myself he and I we have a lot in common

we both have a very strong sales

background we both we both swapped we

both out we both have similar type

symptoms that we like to tell each other

so so so yeah I did it's it's always

good to hear from from Jonathan from

Modern Life dating man that would have

been fucking awesome if he could have

come to the 21 man god damn that would

have been awesome okay he'll he'll be

there he'll be there next year good shit

good shit okay let's go to the next

element in terms of sexual market value

versus relationship market value so your

girl has to be attractive we understand

this you have to want to stick your dick

and hurt but then comes a point where

you have to pay attention to the way she


and where she dresses up at now girls

who have high sexual market value girls

who aren't really good for long-term

relationships she dresses hot she looks

good in everything

she shows cleavage at work she even

shows cleavage at church if she goes to

church everywhere else she wears

leggings to show off her legs and ass

even when she just goes up to the

grocery store she wears low-cut shirts

she's always dressed to the night she's

always looking good well on dates this

is great she looks good dudes envy you

and when you get home you fuck her

brains out you give her a facial you

make her swallow your cum you fucker in

the ass everything is great but the

downside to this my girl always looks

good yes that's very true but a woman

who always looks good is always

advertising her goods and if she

advertises long enough to enough people

eventually she's gonna get buyers and

listen if you're looking at just fucker

that's fine but a woman who is always on

as it were they are not good for

long-term relationships it's not good

for a long-term relationship now a woman

who has high relationship market value

dresses hot for you and only you

a woman who has high relationship market

value she doesn't advertise her goods

unless she's around you I'll take my own

girlfriend Devin for example she wears

jeans and a t-shirt to work everyday

offices it's so cool offices are so much

less formal than they used to be like

you don't have to wear pants suits you

don't the wear shirt shirt and tie

offices are basically I don't know

they're not run by Millennials quite yet

but they're hiring listen you know like

you don't have to be as you don't have

to be as late you know things are much

more laid-back

but she wears because of this she's able

to dress down at work jeans t-shirts now

she can't hire tits right she has huge

tits listen man that's not her fault

right but she always makes sure that her

ass is covered by her shirt if she can't

she makes an effort because she's

conscious of the dangers that can come

with inadvertently advertising too

Bobo nailed it on the head always

advertising equals always available

listen just because a woman is in a

long-term relationship does not mean she

is not on the market gentlemen do not

get it twisted why would my girlfriend

advertise if she isn't for know your

girl is always for sale homie always for

sale if Devon starts going to work in

low-cut shirts and wearing more makeup

and this is not the other thing guys

what she's advertising for somebody at

that point it's time for me to exit

stage right head on back to the West

Coast right I'm not gonna stand now I'm

not sticking around for that that's just

how that goes now when she's home when

she's alone with me that's when she

shows some skin even when I don't make

her dress like a stripper even right

don't make her dress like a porn star

she still wears these like short little

dresses they're like these little

around-the-house dresses she just wears

around the house

they're very comfortable but they're

very sexy dude it shows off her tits

shows off her cleavage her legs are

showing it shows off her ass if I want

to fuck I just lift it up pull her hair

and go to town whatever now when she's

at work

she only shows 5% of her skin but when

she's at home only 5% come for a skin

discovered of course I'm seeing that

tongue-in-cheek but you guys get the


if a woman advertises the goods all the

time she has high sexual market value

but she is not good for a long-term

relationship when a woman advertises the

goods all the time her relationship

market value goes down goes way down oh

my god she looks good she called you

always looks so good when I see you yeah

guess what if you actually make her your

girlfriend or wife she is going to

continue to look good for other people

cooking skills will quickly go over this

this one this one is pretty obvious

listen if a girl can't cook she can't be

in a long-term relationship with me

listen high sexual market value girls

Hayase and the girls they rarely know

how to cook now most of them have

remedial cooking skills most of them

know how to cook grilled cheese

you know microwave soup toast peanut

butter and jelly just basic shit mo but

she's a professional and ordering in he

knows how to order in

she can have dinner here in 20 minutes

or less hi relationship market value

girls have above-average culinary

faculty listen when we say a woman has

to cook no listen man we're not here she

doesn't have to be a Michelin star chef

but she has to know how to cook

breakfast lunch and dinner at home from


hi relationship market value girls are

always looking to hone their skills

Devin has always trying new recipes

Devin loves to cook she loves to cook

hi sexual market value girls either have

little to no cooking skills which is not

OK for long-term relationships hi

relationship market value girls all of

them have above-average to exemplary

cooking skills major major difference

between the two let's go to the chat

here catch up on the chat we got going

on here all right let's see what we've


Charles merchant says adjustable 7 yeah

yeah yeah Devon is an adjustable 7

tomorrow night I'm taking her out on a

I'm taking her out on a date and it's

after she gets her hair done she's gonna

be nice and tan tomorrow night she's

gonna look like an 8 and somebody down

there said sundress oh yeah yeah she has

this white sundress huge tits she has

these unbelievably defined legs great

ass like she is going to be a solid

eight maybe an eight and a half maybe

mate and a half we go out tomorrow night

so she has a pen she has potential

Andre Silva says the more attractive a

woman is the less skill she has to

develop and maintain a good healthy

relationship they were raised like

Queens and treated as such for their

simps for simps the entire life bad LTR

totally great Winston wolf agrees

absolutely female sixes get looks like

male knives absolutely good good good


Gervais Orton agrees sixes and sevens

are good

Mike Ibrahimi I don't think I've ever

seen you in here before

says for my experience there are two

ways to get high smv women go to the

suburbs or be a 9 or a 10 yourself okay

you know son I had to baƱo son don't

tell me what to do what are you 15

you know you're chase Lobo says now I

see why average dudes with hot chicks

are always frustrated I spotted a hard

nine black woman with her scent

boyfriend at the restaurant four men

walked over and tried to recruit her for

modeling jobs yeah men yeah that's how

that goes

laundry Silva says here in Brazil we say

that 9s and 10s are not are shared not

possessed nobody has a girlfriend or a

wife that is a 9 or a 10 10 they are

shared there's a difference between an

attractive woman and attractive

behaviors well said

Andre Silva very good very good

wayfaring man says I'm a lock for Denver


couldn't swing it for this for this

year's 21 convention good very good

Kyle Mitchell says Islam is a good

producer of hot women who are not slutty

hell yeah listen listen say what you

want about the Islamic religion right

talk about a lot look listen I got no

problem with what they do a lot of

people have a problem with the Islamic

religion for obvious reasons 9/11 and

whatnot but one thing that cannot be

denied those Muslim niggas over there

they got their bitches in check and now

listen because of social media because

they have more exposure to the Internet

and the world they seem to be you know

you know stepping out a little bit

feminism is eventually going to you know

penetrate the world at this point

feminism is it you know eventually it's

gonna permeate everything but for now

those Muslim guys they got their bitches

in check dude they're afraid of duty

they put a toe out of line they stone

those bitches to death straight-up

gervais Horton says a lot of foodies

can't cook yeah because they're always

eating they're always eating Valatie one

says what if you don't want to stick

your dick in your wife I don't know what

that means

mask you lyin says as I recall Devon

wasn't even advertising and her boss

started trying to get at her imagine if

she was advertising

listen masculine you did an excellent

ETF 42 impression and we're gonna get to

this a little bit later on but because

you mentioned it I'm gonna put a link to

this Instagram post Devon's boss

attempted to get one-on-one time with

Devon and it was under the guise of and

it I put the link in the chat it was

under the guise of getting together and

discussing management opportunities and

he does this with his other he says but

he says he says hi Devon in this email

you guys can check it out now he's aside

Devon I periodically have a one

one meeting with I guess whoever was

outside the office I would like to start

and now this was another female employee

was talking about I would like to start

doing that with you and another manager

we will focus on leadership topics along

with other topics related to you your

team and her the online marketing


I would like to schedule a meeting with

you this week do you prefer that we

schedule something during lunch we can

get something to eat or later in the day

after 2:30 thanks her response this is

something I am not comfortable with

could we meet in the lunch room or one

of the conference rooms this is a woman

in Czech this is a woman nipping it in

the bud

Devin recognizes Devin recognizes

behaviors that could lead to cheating

she under dude she knows damn well that

if she takes that meeting I'm out the

door man I don't need an explanation oh

you so you so you're having lunch with

your boss once a month cool

have fun with your boss I hope that

relationship works out very very well so

yeah Devin's listen she's in it she's an

extremely attractive woman and men hit

on her this is just how this is this is

how this is and if you have trained her

properly she responds exactly the way

Devin responded so very very good

they're masculine very good nursing

Yeager said I had a hb9 girlfriend for

two and a half years it was exhausting

oh my god hot girls are exhausting men

the longest I ever was I dated a 9 or 10

was eight months and it was a fucking

headache man I think my migraines came

back dude dude she was a hot mexican

girl like huge dude huge perky tits long

thick black hair dude she's a hot dude

hottest girl I've ever dated my life she

was not worth it she was not worth it

red beast says speaking as a Muslim we

keep our women in line for the most part

but they be getting but they be getting

corrupted by feminism especially in

India and Pakistan how about that very

good good listen good comment there yeah

and you hear about Muslim women starting

to get out of pocket because again

feminism is a cancer man feminism is a

cancer and eventually it is going to

permeate the world like this is a fact

nursing ager says are you getting into

leadership constantly der ship topics

with Devin I get into leadership topics

with Devin just about every night Tomasi

says a five gets hit on all day long

though - yep absolutely

Jamie McGuire says higher higher smv

equals higher maintenance yep

you better believe it let's go to the

next element let's go to the element of

treatment how high sexual market value

girls treat you as opposed to how high

relationship market value girls treat

you and basically what this is what

we're doing is we're differentiating

between the women that you're just gonna

use for sex and the women that you could

possibly be in relationships with but

again a lot of men confuse sexual market

value with relationship market value and

that's what this episode is about give

me one second here Devin knows I'm on

the air and she's fucking texting me

goddammit fuck dude like he knew him on

the goddamn a tour what the fuck do you

doing man anyway high relationship

market value girls treat you very well

she does she likes doing things to make

you happy the high rmv girl puts you

first in any and all situations

she puts your needs before her own

listen Devin does this to a fault and I

sometimes I have to stop her I have to

say wait a minute look you need some

sleep you have to take care of yourself

at cetera etc Devin dresses and slutty

heels and micro thongs and slathers her

lips and lipstick and there's all this

other stuff because she loves watching

me drool once you

Sal she loves that I pound her with the

ferocity of unbridled desire she likes

that it's uncomfortable for her to wear

those clothes dude do you think do you

think do you think these are comfortable

walking around in do you think these are

comfortable wearing while you're getting

your fucking cervix pounded into your

spine no they're not comfortable most

women would rather fuck completely make

it in barefoot Devon does it for me I

like her to look a certain way when I'm

fucking her and she obliges me every

time she never complains the high

relationship market value girl is

unselfish in bed she sucks her cock she

swallows your loads

she never bitches and moans about not

getting orgasms I talk all the time

about the fact that you should never

care about your woman's needs in bed and

the reason for that is because a woman's

satisfaction is directly tied to your

satisfaction I dated one girl my god

where I can't remember it was Vegas

arena I dated one girl in Vegas arena

you guys can actually you guys can

actually see this text conversation in

pod pics but she she and we weren't

dating we were just fucking but she

ended our fucking arrangement because

she didn't think I wanted her enough

like I like I used to make my case to

make this girl orgasm all the time she

was a silent shaker but because she felt

like it took me way too long to come I

didn't desire her she listened my hand

to the man Luke go to Donovan sharp calm

go to pod pics

she literally ends our arrangement

because she doesn't make me come fast

enough it's unbelievable isn't that's

the first time that's ever happened but

I get it the high R&B; girl she takes it

in the ass guys ant listen anal sex is

uncomfortable at best painful at worst

swallow income is no picnic either that

is not a turn-on for most women dude

dude sperm is warm it's sticky it's

slimy and a duck it doesn't really taste

very good and depending upon a man's

diet it can taste pretty goddamn bad but

the high R&B; girl does this because she

wants to please you

she is selfless now

let's back off here before dudes start

talking about yeah you guys should suck

my dick and take it in the ass slow your

roll there Casanova

because she's not gonna do this for just

anybody she won't do this because you

have a dick and you're fucking her Devin

does whatever I wanted med never denies

me anything right she doesn't do this

for just anybody neither will your woman

you have to be what she wants and what

she needs she has to want to be

unselfish and women only want to be

unselfish too masculine dominant men

women want to submit they want to

surrender to masculine dominance this is

what they desire if you are the right

kind of man if you have high value etc

she'll be unselfish and guess what guys

unselfish women make the best

girlfriends and wives this is the high

relationship market value girl now high

sexual market value girls they can be

selfless and they will treat you well

but it never really lasts that long

they'll treat you well during the

honeymoon period which lasts I don't

know about two weeks but then after that

it the drop is precipitous it drops off

almost immediately hi SMB girls do

sometimes treat you very badly not all

of them do but a much higher percentage

of high sexual market value girls treat

you treat you poorly it's a much higher

percentage than high relationship market

value girls and even if high SMV girls

don't treat you badly they get to a

point to where you are no you as a man

you are no longer their mental point of


and if you're not her mental point of

origin then she cannot be in a long-term

relationship with you

I am Devin's mental point of origin I

know this to be true I am 100% certain

of it she has allowed me to transform

her into a porn literally a porn star

she does whatever I tell her to do she

doesn't always do it with a smile she's

human she's gonna try

I mean she's gonna test me I guess what

at the end of the day she does it to a

nine I see you in the queue but it gets

you in just a second let me hit the chat

here quickly

Andre Silva says I am not religious but

if you read religious texts such as the

Bible the Torah and the Quran you will

understand a lot about female nature how

the man must know how to moderate female

behaviors yeah listen men back in the

day they understood a female's nature

this is why females had little to no

rights because he no big listen empires

have fallen because of women women women

are overgrown children and they cannot

be trusted to their own devices and

that's a fact

that's a fact good comment nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call let's go to area code 209

there we go - and I'm your live with

Donovan go ahead what's up Donovan how

you doing man doing good man so I'm

calling you now to share a quick story

which you kind of relates to this topic

okay so two years ago I was a

relationship with a girl that on my

stand is I consider her eight and I

didn't know about the Redman group or

red pill or anything back then so the

funny thing was at the time she wanted

to join a MMA gym we were dating yep

yeah yep

and I wanted I was too busy I was doing

my masters at the time I was working

full time going to the gym I just

couldn't take on another thing so but I

just had this bad feeling my gut about

her joining a gym Dabney with a bunch of

you know and the maze - dude it's right

yeah we got into you know we got in a

few fights about that and we ended up

breaking up soon after that for not

exactly just that reason

settled several different reasons but

you know after we broke up she got into

the relationship within the bottom month

of course it's another guy right was the

MMA fighter and no no she hadn't Shannon

joined you she just okay I guess she

just was talking to another guy and

within a month she was already in

another relationship and but what ended

up happening is she did end up joining a

gym and then within 3-4 months I have

you know I came to find out through some

mutual friends that she was getting run

on from like pretty much everybody in

that gym yeah so you know this is I

don't know if you've go ahead no no go

ahead yeah I did an episode it was

actually a Donovan's den it was a three

part episode a three part series on

Donovan's den fifteen undercover slut

tells that most men are unaware of and

one of those undercover slut tells is

that she is a member of a meathead gym

and when I say meathead gym I'm not

talking about Planet Fitness I'm not

talking about you know these maybe pamby

gyms where it's all a fucking party no

I'm talking about the stinky gyms with

weights everywhere real men lifted

weights guys openly discussing steroid

cycles if your woman is a part of the

other gym like that she is getting run

through and it's the same it is the same

as a UFC or an MMA gym and if a woman if

a woman joins an MMA gym

dude you listen you can bet your bottom

dollar they are dude they're gonna fuck

that chick into oblivion and it's only a

matter of time she knew why she wanted

to join that gym right like she didn't

really want to learn how to fight she

just wanted to be around alpha males who

weren't afraid to be masculine this is

why that is men know yeah 100% I 100%

agree with you dad and personal trainers

no yes yes yeah definitely personal

trainers do not listen do not allow your

woman to have a personal trainer I will

be your person friend you know what it's

funny that you're bringing this up I'm

actually thinking about joining a

CrossFit gym right around the beginning

of the year and I think I'm gonna bring

Devin along with me I'm tossing around

the idea because the I yet because again

it's it's just one of those weird things

but I think I'm at a point I think I'm

at a point in my relationship with Devin

to where if I bring her with me I don't

think she's gonna get out of pocket and

if she does she knows what's gonna


she know hey listen you can flee to fuck

all these guys all you want to but you

can forget about me and so you have you

have to have that mentality because I

know joining CrossFit will be

extraordinary extraordinarily beneficial

for the both of us

it would take her body to the next level

so you know I'm really trying to weigh

out okay do I want to bring her to a

CrossFit gym and exposure to all these

other dudes you know what at this point

the answer I think is probably yes she's

well aware of the consequences and if

some shit were to go down it would not

listen it wouldn't be the worst thing to

ever happen to me so listen if she fucks

around and and fuck somebody at the

CrossFit gym man you know what I guess I

mean we'll talk about we'll talk about

hey either I'll pack my bags and you

leave or you can pack your bags easily

but you know both of us aren't living

here anymore I think I think I'm at that

point in my relationship with her to

where I where I can take that calculated

risk but if you were early on in a

relationship with a woman do not let her

join a gym without you that is a big

mistake thanks for the call area code

219 call anytime brother thank you yeah

very very good story very good story I

think Asia Argento back when she was

married to Anthony Bourdain also I think

she was training with a bunch of with a

bunch of MMA fighters and of course of

course you know those MMA fighters were

we're certainly running through were

certainly running through we're gonna

through that bitch of course that that

is for another day that's for another

day in time we can we can certainly yeah

let me listen

I am very I'm intrigued Oh sharp assist

says Bourdain's ex-wife does jujitsu

right right exactly dude you're rolling

around on the mat with these muscular

guys or putting you in holes dude of

course he was fucking those guys

Jamie McGuire says remember gents it's

just your turn yeah again don't get me

wrong I am I'm very fond of Devin you

know I care for her very much

but it's like it's it's time for dude

she's 34 she's about to be 35 years old

and body-wise she has been blessed

blessed by the genetic gods guys you

look at her body she does not work out

guys she doesn't know she doesn't go to

the gym I've tried getting her to go to

the gym she just doesn't have the

discipline she doesn't have the desire

she's not as driven as I am but guess


at some point father time is gonna come

and collect his debt she's not gonna

have that body forever and if she

doesn't in it if I don't do something

now to preserve the body that she has in

3 4 years her body's not gonna look the

same and if her body is not gonna look

the same then this relationship ain't

gonna look the same so yeah yeah listen

listen in order to keep the in order to

keep her body the way it is yeah I might

have to expose her and myself to a

little bit of risk but for me it's a

risk worth taking

it really is and listen if we were to

break up neither one of us would have

trouble with the opposite sex from there

on out so it is what it is all right I

am going to take a one-minute break I'm

gonna do a one-minute intermission so I

can go and so I can go and drain the

main vein we have a little bit more to

go but I'm gonna take a 1 minute let me

make sure that I yeah there we are I'm

gonna take a 1 minute intermission I'm

gonna go drain the main vein and I will

be back in about a minute



what's up guys it's remand on 'van sharp

and welcome back to CSR live with

Donovan sharp obviously I'm not very

experienced with the amateur hour with

the rejoin their let's continue on with

sexual market value versus relationship

market value and my computer kind of

went haywire give me one second I'm

trying to make sure that I make sure I

didn't make sure I didn't miss my place

here but yeah just again just to sort of

put a bookend on what I was talking

about earlier

to a you know haricots 209 called in and

talked about the fact that talked about

the fact that his now ex-girlfriend

wanted to join an MMA gym and of course

they listened man though that the women

will make all sorts of excuses as to why

what the fuck is going on with this

Jesus something oh you know what the

hell's going on is my I laid my foot

listen I laid my phone on the enter key

and it Wow alright alright nevermind

alright so I laid my phone on my

keyboard and it kind of went haywire

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bear with me here guys it was an old man

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enter key okay it looks like that is

that looks like that's as far as it's

gone I'm gonna go all the way to the end

all right perfect

alright jesus fucking christ man whew

alright so

but yeah like I said not to drone on and

on about this I'm just stalling for time

here so I can delete all of this all of

this nonsense here but yeah um listen

Devon's got a hot body to be sure but

it's time to it's time to do something

about it it's time to make sure it's

time to make sure that she that that she

certainly preserves that modern life

dating says Bourdain was a beta male and

paid hush money to a 17 year old boy

Argento fucked 400,000 plus dollars yeah

man that was a crazy situation man that

was a crazy that was a crazy situation

Craig C is says Islam is a

male-dominated society modern life

dating says so is Japan absolutely um XT

a iion X can you tell me how to

pronounce your name like put in I don't

know do I call you double X triple x I

you know you're killing here I'm killing

me modern life dating says feminism was

a hundred percent planned and calculated

to fuck everything up well you know what

mission accomplished

mission accomplished men feminism has

absolutely fucked everything up jesus

fucking christ man it's really all right

just bear with me here

okay so we got past all that fuck man

all right so let's talk about let's talk

about money relationship value sexual

market value high sexual market value

girls and relationship market value

girls as far as money is concerned high

sexual market value girls they spend

money really without thinking and the

reason why is high sexual market value

girls she thinks money grows on trees

and her behavior reflects it remember

guys these girls are used to having

their bills paid they're used to having

their car notes paid they think it's

always gonna be like that so they don't

they don't have a real concept of the

value of actual money and saving it and

preserving it

hi sexual market value girls usually

shop brands rather than value right and

again the reason they do this is they

have to keep up appearances they think

that spending a lot of money on clothes

and shoes increases their sexual market

value oh look I have a coach bag

Versace glasses and prada shoes I am so

fuckable and again my voice is hoarse so

I can't do my girl boys shout out the

same app auntie saw him in the chat hi

sexual market value girls they do not

spend frugally again guys this isn't bad

if you're just fucking her but a woman

don't you don't listen your woman

doesn't have to be suze orman ok she

doesn't have to be Dave Ramsey but she

can't just she can't just spend money

like it's water she can't she has to

understand the value of a dollar now

high relationship market value girls are

very conscious of money listen they're

the reason they're conscious of money is

because they know that that financial

shrewdness is essential in a

relationship see high sexual market

value girls never really take

relationship seriously ok now look I use

my girlfriend Devin as an example

dude Devin is the coupon queen guys

listen I don't know how she does it

anytime we order in she always finds

coupons or a discount code like will be

at Target and she has the pinwheel app

she always manages to find a deal or if

we're at Lowe's or Home Depot she always

finds some sort of online I don't know

how she she finds out an online coupon

I don't know how for the life of me she

does this I have no idea we got a

storage unit for some of our stuff a

couple weeks back and she found a better

deal online I was ready to pay $60 a

month for this storage unit she found

that same storage unit for $39 a month

so over the course of a year that's $240

she saved me she always does this I

don't know how she does it it's a gift

high relationship market value girls are

always cognizant of Restaurant prices

they don't they don't just go


and again Devin she does this all the

time and I love that about her high

relationship market value girls look at

the price tag high relationship market

values they don't want to spend all your

money hi our m/v girls are looking for

ways to save you money she always looks

for the best value hi our m/v girls they

take pride in getting good products at

discounted prices and she brags about

that hi our m/v girls they understand

that value is key listen girls with high

relationship market value they

understand that just because something

is inexpensive doesn't mean it's poor

quality on the flip side they understand

that just because something is expensive

doesn't necessarily mean that it's

better value is the best value is the

best combination combination of quality

and price it's not always the cheapest

but quality but the quality is always

there high relationship market value

girls know and understand this high arm

V girls they try to ease your financial

burden she pays for shit just about as

much as you do and don't be the

meat-headed red pill guy who always has

to pay for shit what I'm never gonna let

her pay guys listen it's 2018 men women

work women make money debt listen Devin

makes great money and doing this I make

almost as much as she does but guess

what if we go out to eat everyone

salutes she will pick up the tab let

listen don't take this as an insult but

when if a woman who truly loves and

cares for you and has the resources to

spoil you it's not an insult she's doing

it because she she doesn't want she's

not doing it because she doesn't think

you can Devin doesn't pay for stuff

because she doesn't think I can she's

doing it to show her appreciation for me

and to let me know that she doesn't just

look at me as an ATM and a cock right or

a meal ticket hi relationship market

values how your relationship market

value girls they want you to know that

she's willing to share the financial

burden with you this is key guys this is

what girls also do who are good for

relationships good for long-term


let's get into submissiveness in terms

of relationship market value and sexual

market value hi our m/v girls they

submit they submit for the right reasons

and listen let's keep it real here guys

girls only submit if they want to know

dominant man ever puts a gun to his

woman's head he doesn't do that didn't

have to Devin does everything in bed

wears whatever I want her to do but if

she didn't want to she wouldn't do it I

don't force her to do it she does

everything I tell her to do of her own

free will and volition hi our m/v girls

wanna please you they want to suck your

dick they want to give you anal even if

it hurts she wants to let you make all

of the decisions without all of the

nagging about your judgement she wants

you to be the captain she's not about

this she's not about this 50/50 bullshit

she's not about this 50/50 bullshit

right hi our m/v girls they don't care

about percentages as long as she's with

you and submitting to you because that's

what she likes she wants to be able to

do this now high sexual market value


newsflash guys they are not here for the

submission they disand it it is funny

girls who have extremely high sexual

market value these days they

disingenuously define submission as a

woman walking around the house with her

head down she's got a black guy looking

at the floor walking around on eggshells

and waiting for her and waiting on her

man that's not even close and it's

obvious and they know it hiya savvy

girls are not interested in submitting

now a lot of them only really submit to

extreme sadistic assholes I told you

guys this story a couple weeks ago one

girl that I was fucking her for a few

months she dude this dis girl wanted me

to abuse her she used to tell me use my

body dude dude she wanted me to bite her

tits he wanted me to mark her tits she

wanted me to buy nur tit she wanted meet

him she wanted me to spit in her face

while pulling her hair like dude I'd be

fucking her in the ass and I'd have her

hair pulled I'd have her hair pulled

back so hard she'd be looking at me she

wanted me to spit in her face she want

me didn't she wanted me to call her a

cheap worthless slut this girl was

obviously sexually damaged and it was

funny she told me a story about how she

was almost turned out long story short

she ran away from home and she was 15 a

bunch of black guys got ahold of her and

put her out on the street corner well

guess what she would have been put out

on the street corner if they had to run

a train on her first and she said she

ended up sucking some guy's dick I was

like oh my god she's like well he wore a

condom you know sweetheart like you

turned tricks at the age of 15 it's it's

all good it's all good a lot of high

sexual market value girls submit to

psycho sadistic because masculinity is

lacking out there man why do girls love


there are a lot of reasons but one such

reason is because there is hardly any

masculinity out there guys that is

unhealthy high such high SMB girls don't

want to submit for the right reasons

which is a long-term relationship a good

male-female dynamic they see that as a

weakness high relationship market value

girls see submitting to you as a

strength they understand female string

alright let's talk about giving up

behaviors that are conducive to

infidelity ok behaviors that facilitate

cheating let's start with the high

sexual market value girls the hot girls

the pretty girls high assembiy girls

they want to post selfies on social

media which is literally advertising

like I said earlier the for sale sign is

still in the yard they want the security

of a relationship without actually

having to be in one or wholly commit

high smv girls are always in touch with

their exes they keep the lines of

communication wide open they want that

constant validation they're keeping him

on standby as a backup then when they

get with the guy they actually like and

he doesn't commit she never knows why

well the reason is that he sees that for

sale sign still in the yard see high

sexual market value girls think that

they're for sale signs are somehow

invisible to everyone but the guys she

wants to see it and hurt but her

boyfriend sees it too that's why he

won't commit they're so stupid they

don't like they really think that guys

like me don't see that they're

advertising now hi our m/v girls girls

who have a high relationship market

value they give all that shit up they're

not interest they're not interested in

that attention she limits her social she

limits her social media exposure ok she

proactively checks in without you having

to ask her to if she catches you looking

at her phone she'll show you what she's

doing on her phone hi our m/v girls

don't keep up with their exes man she

doesn't want to go to lunch with Kevin

and sales or with her boss as I told you

guys about earlier they're not

interested in that nonsense because they

know that those are behaviors that

facilitate cheating

devyn shut that shit down on the spot hi

our m/v girls know that that that that

that men of value do not commit to women

that they have questions about as far as

trust is concerned listen that's just

all there is to it

last and certainly not least let's get

into the sexual history the sexual

history element in terms of high smv

girls versus high R&B; girls well guys

here's where the rubber meets the road

92nd unfortunately

let me kill this real quick

unfortunately high smv and high rmv

girls are all going to have high notch

gowns this is just how it is this is a

fact of life whether or not this n'

she's fucked a lot of guys there's

nothing you can do about it guys you

can't hit a button and caused her to

unfuck 124 guys in her past not gonna

happen now at this point you have a

choice you have a choice to make if she

has potential if she potentially has

high relationship market value you can

either you can attempt to train the bad

habits out of her and possibly build her

into the kind of woman you might want to

commit to or you can just swear off

long-term relationships and just spin

plates for the rest of your life and

guess what if that's what you decide to

do you get no judgment from me any man

who says listen man listen relationships

letmein listen man women have so many

opportunities to cheat they blame shift

it's just not worth it I'm out I'm just

gonna spin plates player for life no

judgment here but most men want

relationships even men who swear off

relationships in an honest moment they

would tell you listen I love spinnin

plates I love fucking a bunch of girls

but this you know having one woman that

I can count on that's just a better life

if you make that choice if you decide


I know this girl has a high notch count

because all girls have high notch counts

if you make this choice you need to

understand it's gonna be hard high

knotch counts for women are very very

difficult to overcome listen man devon

snow snowflake guys she's got a hike

listen Devon's got a high notch count

just like every other blonde out there

with huge tits and a tight ass right she

got a lot of attention and she indulge

in a lot of that attention she is not

special but she also has a very high

relationship market value so I decided

it was worth it to maybe give it a shot

with her maybe maybe try to train her it

was tough guys it was hard man it is

hard to train and maintain it's very

very difficult

dude she tried my patience this week and

I had to handle it it sucked and it

wasn't easy but that's the deal so if

you decide to make this choice if you

decide to say okay I know this woman has

a very I know she has a high nos gun I

know she's fucked a lot of guys but she

has a lot she has a lot of desirable

traits she has very high potential

relationship market value if you make

this choice understand that it will not

be easy you also need to understand that

all women have high knotch counts

regardless of their relationship market

value this is again this is the this

this is just a fact of life now a lot of

guys rightfully assumed that if she is

or ever was a slut she will never have

high relationship market value and again

you're getting an argument for me men I

get it but if you happen to meet a woman

you think could have potential and you

possess the knowledge you possess the

leadership skills you've got the

patience the persistency and the

wherewithal to mold a woman into what

into what you want and need her to be

and you're ready to give up the player

life then you owe it to yourself to at

least give it a try

personally I met Devan during a

transition in my life man I wasn't

looking for a relationship

but I knew I had to slow down that Vegas

lifestyle so we started talking and the

more I learned about her the more I

began to realize that she might have

some potential now I didn't get I didn't

have high hopes I didn't get excited but

I recognized very quickly that she had


then she demonstrated the willingness to

be taught how to be a lady she wanted to

be led she wanted to be trained she

wanted to be taught now that process

again it was not easy guys they were

there there was a lot of yelling there

was a lot of Tears it was tough it was

arduous but after 18 months gentlemen a

year and a half she earned my commitment

and we've been together ever since we've

been together

officially for just over a year no she's

not a snowflake guys no she's not a

unicorn let's get that right but she has

high relationship market value and she

was ready for a change yes her not

listen her high notch account makes it

very difficult to keep her in line

because girl listen girls run on

autopilot as far as attention seeking

behavior goes girls are on the carousel

for so long they're on autopilot with

attention-seeking behavior Devin is

conscious of it but because I've made

her conscious of it she avoids it but

again she is a woman she has to be kept

in line but she has a very high

relationship market value she takes

instruction she takes correction and she

takes criticism very well if there ever

comes a time where she doesn't were

finished but for now her high notch

count at this point isn't enough of a

deterrent for me to leave at least not

yet great show today good to have you

guys in here

be sure to tune in for the Redman group

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busy this weekend Anthony Johnson he of

course he's of course he's busy he's

trying to put together the the 2121

convention so he's gonna be he's gonna

be indisposed for quite a while 2x says

low low notch count is rare absolutely

captain W says what's considered high

notch counts anything over 10 anything

over 10 if a girl has fucked more than

10 guys that's a high notch count man oh

my god that's nothing well no high

knotch counts are not relative a high

not count as a high notch count just

because good listen just because girls

are fucking dudes into the triple and

quadruple digits does not mean that she

is not a slut once she has fucked guy

number 11 well let's get that right

let's get that right

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live again be sure to tune in for

the Redman group tomorrow morning at

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