Should Men always pay on the first date? + Why can't white people use the N word? (Episode 347)




tell you she cheated you cannot out

train a bad diet never believe

everything a woman tells you she will

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broke because you spend your money on

dumb shit every month if you've only

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I'm going to discuss whether or not a

man should always pay on the first date

I'm going to talk about why whether or

not a man should always pay on a first

date so that should be a very

interesting discussion but I'm gonna

start off with something that's been a

hot-button issue for quite a bit of

years and that is white people using the

n-word now one of the age-old questions

these days is why can't white people use

the n-word

why can't white people use the n-word

around black people when black people

use it when talking to each other all

the time I've heard white people say

well if they call themselves niggas why

does it bother them if we want to like

I've actually heard I've actually heard

this before now before I give you the

definitive reason why white people

shouldn't use the n-word around black

people as I'm just now discovering that

I do not have my water here so this is

gonna be probably take maybe a 30-second

break to go get some ice water in the

middle of the show let me start by

saying that white people can say

whatever they want around whomever they

want if they want to use the n-word

around black people they are well within

their rights to do so they're right to

use whatever language they want around

whoever they what is protected of course

by the First Amendment that said this

falls under the just because

you can doesn't mean you should category

now you can say the n-word around black

people if you want to but I would

strongly advise against it for obvious

reasons and I think that most people

would probably agree with that

particular sentiment and that leads me

to the main question which is why white

people can't use the n-word around black

people without getting this shit beat

out of them or being verbally and

sometimes physically accosted and the

answer to this is one word in one word

only it's not very complicated and that

word is relationship and I'll give you a

couple of examples

I called Devin she's my girlfriend I

call her babe I call her baby doll I

call her sexy I call her slut while I'm

fucking her I call her all kinds of

different things other than her name

same goes for me she calls me babe honey


handsome hot whatever the case may be

well if another man were to call my girl

the same names

I called her we'd have a fucking problem

same thing we're out somewhere I don't

know who's calling you from Julie but

there we go same thing if we're out

somewhere and some random woman calls me

baby or sexy right Devin's not gonna

like that either

why relationship my girl and I Devin and

I have something in common and that is

that we are in a relationship we've

dealt with each other the names we call

each other are reserved for us and only

us because we are in a relationship I'll

give you another example I love my

family very much I've known of my whole

lives we as a family we talk shit about

each other to each other all the time I

have talked shit about my brothers and

sisters to my mom my sisters have talked

shit about me to my brothers my brothers

have talked shit about our dad to me and

so forth this is just how it is we call

each other names we argue we yell at

each other wit listen we are as

dysfunctional as any normal American

family out there and listen but in the

end we all love each other

right but let's somebody who isn't in

our family talk shit about me

let's someone from the outside talk shit

about my parents or my brothers or

sisters now we got a fucking problem why

relationship I can talk shit about my

family but you can't that's the deal we

grew up together we all have something

in common and that's what gives us the

right to address each other in ways that

people outside of our family generally

cannot and that brings me to the N word

no matter how different we are as black

people we all have that common thread

that common thread of course is the

relationship the fact that we are all

black whether we were raised in the hood

raised in the suburbs or raised on a

military base we know what it's like to

be black in America we all know what

it's like to be victims of institutional

racism we all know the anxiety we feel

when we get pulled over by cops all of

these things that we've been through

even though we've experienced them

separately on different levels gives us

a relationship to each other the black

experience is what gives us a common

thread it's what gives us that

relationship when a white person uses

the n-word around a black person that is

like somebody talking shit about my

family it's like them pulling my girl'

sexy' they say what the fuck Donovan you

call are sexy you called your brother an

asshole why can't I because there's no

relationship you don't have the

relationship with my girlfriend that I

do you don't have the relationship with

my family that I do it's the same as the

n-word white people will never know what

it is like to be black in America not

their fault right not hold it at me I'm

not holding it against them

but that's the reason they can't use the

n-word around us without getting their

kid or without someone accosting them

verbally or physically this is just how

it goes again anybody can say anything

they want we've got freedom of speech

but that doesn't give you freedom from

consequences and if you're a white

person and you say the word nigga or a

nigger around a black person at least

now you know why now you understand why

there is always such an adverse reaction

to it and I think a lot of black people

probably feel this way they just they're

just not sure how to articulate it right

when their white friends ask them well

why can't I use the n-word you can't

necessarily explain why that is you know

why that is it's what I just explained

but they don't necessarily they can't

necessarily explain it so I've done

again I've done everybody I've done

white people and black people a favor to

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a man should pay on the first date let's

go to the phone lines

area code eight four three you're on

live with Donovan go ahead hey what's

going on what's up Joe dat ya good to

see you got good to have you in here man

yeah man um

I didn't even comment on it you know I'm

saying the Giants doing good great


I suppose it goes for like the dating

thing um I mean I'm that type of guy I

like to show I can actually provide it

I'm in control so a woman starts to

gauge that like if she feels like yo

like this dude can't manage or like he

don't you know he's coming up show with

the date like you need to actually state

that before you actually appropriate the

date I have been on mixed cultural dates

and for me I'm that type of dude I'm not

gonna go on a date if I can't

financially maintain it myself that's me

as a man because I want to show that yo

if you get with me that you're in good

hands and I can I'm in control

so that shows my dominance um and

females look at that and also when it

comes to I saw the father came to my

white people using the n-word

I don't play that shit I mean that's

just me everybody's not the same right I

had a girl a white girl and she kind of

got say like nigga please head up oh


no no but come on yeah you know you got

a check done right when they don't hell

you let nobody get you because something

some people are using and I know you did

it also you know white women you know

you can't let some people come out slick

out the mouth with concerning those they

once they start doing that shit they get

too comfortable they get too comfortable

whether they whether they directly at

you or not

it don't matter because you too

comfortable coming in correct and that

shows they have no respect for you or

your company you know I'm saying yeah

and I'm like once you let them fly with

one thing it gets only grittier as it

goes so your respect especially as a

black man as man and more dignity as

maybe a foot in the kitchen

you know no I are doing that's hot

that's hot see but I'ma be stretchy and

public you know everything good and

peachy because that's you as a man you

know and that's how I see so I mean okay

you ain't too saying it you need to get


oh no no you're gonna no you're you're

you're certainly not wrong where I would

disagree well I don't disagree

with what you said in the beginning

about paying for the first date so just

to make sure I'm understanding you

correctly the reason why you feel like

you should pay on the first date is a

woman knows that she's in good hands

with you financially so a woman knows

you're not a broken up well I want to

well the reason why I pay is the reason

why we like I paint well I mean I pay

for my date on the first date is to show

that one I'm meant to be there and I'm

financially there well I said well I

could be talking to you as a woman I

like to be able to show that to the one

that yo I'm steppin to you with my shit

together you know the saying those type

of come up type of a kind of booty call

like I'm here to fuck then you're gonna

know that listen let's just get past

dinner and go straight to we want to do

and if there's about a date thing and

I'm initiating that's when I plug the

phones okay that makes sense um yeah I

think in actually you're you're actually

foreshadowing a little bit about what

I'm talking about I think and without

giving away too much of it it really

depends upon what your intentions are

with a woman if you're just there to

fucker then there's no need to lead with

your wallet doesn't matter what your

financial status like it doesn't matter

if she feels like you can take care of

her or not if you if if you're there to

fuck and she knows this and there's no

need to come about the wallet but if you

see potential and a girl in terms of

long-term relationship potential then I

even then I still feel like women should

have to earn that sit down first date so

I think you've definitely and I don't

want to give too much away you kind of

fucked up my show here area code 843 no

I got two men and thanks for the call

843 listen he makes a makes an excellent

excellent point

if you're considering a woman it's not

considering a woman if you believe that

there is some sort of potential for a

long-term relationship and yeah then you

should definitely you should definitely

pay on the date but where you take her

on the date depends upon how she acts

just because you see potential does not

mean that she has potential and I listen

I Burton and again I'm gonna get into

this a little bit later

walking around because I don't want to

give away what I'm gonna talk about a

little bit later on but I think that I

think that it definitely I think that I

think that the the potential is

definitely there in terms of in terms of

paying for the first aid and again and

I'll clarify all that here in just a

second let's go back to the phone lines

area code 702 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead yeah what's up brother

how you doing then I'm good I'm gonna

get on the way to work and I heard in a

one at my common element if you don't

mind yeah let's do him all right my

opinion I never took a girl out on a

first date I usually ask them ain't

let's go get some coffee

let's go for a walk or something like

that this I can get to know you nothing

to know my food that I'd be in the first

place right that's my opinion now I get

with medicine let them know that you can

provide and things of that nature but

I'm not gonna waste my time with

somebody who over there to get what I

have to offer but naturally right so but

I choose to take you on another date

it's because I get to know who you are

as a person

that's my opinion okay yeah listen both

of you are and thanks for the call area

code 702 both of you guys are absolutely

correct I don't want to tell you guys

why or crackers I don't want to give

away what I'm gonna talk about in the

show but this this is what I love about

my audience you guys are as you guys

like my audience is as red pill aware in

this is as red pill wise than any of

them than any other audience out there

any time I open up the phone lines you

guys you guys always hit on the exact

points you guys literally provide me

with the outline and and I fill in the

details so so thank you guys for that

we're gonna get to that in just a second

and by the way shout out to Kevin Brown

with the $20 with the $20 donation he

says keep bringing that real Kevin aka

bull 335 is maybe he wants to say

bullish but shoutout to bullish with the

$20 donation I greatly greatly

appreciate that guys again stream ford slash donovan sharp stream force slash donovan sharpen the

number one if you want to contribute to

the show let's go back to the phone

lines here

area code 707 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead hey

what's going on man thank you my opinion

man it from my experience oh I paid on

the first date man it's like the same is

it hard to take out my homeboys right it

says you know I'm asking you out so i'ma

pay now that doesn't necessarily mean

that you got to take a girl on $100 $200

in it right you should go to a dive bar

grab a couple beers you know you could

get two you could get to know her that

way I mean and then it also tested the

law of reciprocity right right you paid

maybe the next time you hang out you see

if this woman to tend to do something

for you right and then that kind of

tells you the quality of person that she

is right no I agree I think that in in

you make a very good point the law of

reciprocity as far as men and women are

concerned yeah as a man if you want to

see it it's it's it's it would be weird

for a woman to pay on a first date that

would just be a little bit because again

you want you want to maintain the

male-female dynamic however if you pay

for a if you pay for just like you said

100 on our first date that automatically

places her value above hers so a little

bit later I'm gonna talk about the I'm

gonna talk about the process involved

with whether or not you should pay on

the first date and again dude but the

first three colors you guys are three

for three I think a man should

definitely pay on the first date but

there are other mitigating factors

involved in that so I don't want anybody

watching or listening to think well I

would never pay on a first date no I get

it and I understand why you wouldn't but

a woman has to earn she has to earn that

privilege you don't just you don't leave

with your wallet a woman doesn't get

taken out to an $8,100 dinner just

because she's a woman and she shows up

so you make a very good point here at

7:07 that you real quick now right first

day you gonna know whatever but you find

out that she's a straight-up feminist

and you know she's a very adamant about

splittin or you know paying for the date

you know what's your view play on that

rules yeah listen if

first of all again and I don't want to

give aI don't want to give away the show

but assuming that she assuming that she

earns the right for me to take you out

on a proper date then on that proper

date she reveals that hey listen I'm a

card-carrying feminist I agree we should

definitely go Dutch listen

absolutely if the bill comes back in at

66 bucks all right cool you pay 33 I'll

pay 33 miss feminist why don't you go

ahead and pick up the tip at that point

right now you know you're not gonna use

her but now you know you're just gonna

use her for sex if she if she comes

right out and says hey I'm a feminist

and I demand that we go dutch hey i'ma

let you pay for the date and I'm gonna

beat the breaks off you I'm gonna do it

I'm gonna fuck you six ways from Sunday

and the highest status she gets in my

book is either a fuck buddy or friend

with friends with benefits so if she

comes out and says she's a feminist and

a sit and insists on paying on the first

date yeah let her pay on the first date

and then place her strictly into the

fuck-buddy category or

friends-with-benefits category a woman

that you will never elevate above that

you're never you're never gonna wife up

a feminist you're never gonna have a kid

with a feminist and you're never gonna

make a feminist your girlfriend you're

never going to consider a feminist for a

long-term relationship yeah man I agree

with you and white people definitely

cannot say the word nigga if they value

their well-being yes I would certainly

agree thanks for the call area code

seven oh seven he makes a very very good


yeah listen this isn't complicated why

people can say whatever they want listen

dude I have more white friends and black

friends but none of them use the N word

around me dude

dude my girlfriend Devon I think she she

tried she tried that a couple of times

oh no no no no no no no no no no no the

first dude the first time she did it it

was actually on the phone and I fucking

checked her on the phone the second time

she did it she did it like like in

person and face to face and she'll never

do it again I can assure you with that

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call let's go back to

the phone lines area code for one two

you're on live at Donovan go ahead hey

what's up Donovan why are you doing this

going up brother are you doing hey I'm

good man I just wanted to add some of

this topic both both topics Oh

number one when I was when I was running

around chasing his ass man

it was always I used to actually get to

the bar early

tell the bartender you know make sure

you put everything on her tireless footy

you know right when I'm in my godö who

ended up being on you know I've been

with her now six years okay

actually in retrospect I feel bad now

that I did that to her because she

proved to be a quality chicken out yeah

pay for anything right whenever we got

it's not even a question but she earned

our status man it's not even now I want

to think about it but but it's earned

you know that they gotta earn all that

autumn resource man just like you know

they want to try and make us work to get

laid or whatever you know I feel like

the exchange you go both ways but but

watch it but watch it you know unless

you like absolute lose them on in fact

there's no real aggression like if we

move backwards is the relationship but

then because at this point there you go

you can't go back on Dutch and now we're

in you know we'll be we blow brothers

around it's like the Ralphie and shit

blood and blood out that's right you

know that ha ha it's as far as the

n-word thing man goes look I used to I

used to let my friends get away with it

man I'll tell you what I feel after

seeing and this when I was younger now

I've been seeing how that goes man look

I gotta say my here's what I say alright

I say look you know some some black

people they don't give you too and you

know your end card yeah and more pass

whatever right but that shit is not

transferable to other black people by

you cannot some he let me say it so I'm

gonna go say cuz somebody gonna fuck you


I guess man listen just because one

black friend listen listen and by the

way this is Ed Lattimore guys you guys

can visit him definitely hit his website

at Lattimore calm he wrote the book not

caring what anyone thinks is a

superpower I recently spent time with it

at the 21 convention stand up guy he

absolutely has a quality woman like this

I know to be true so ed speaks and

speaks from personal experience but

again at Lattimore with 1t atlanta more

calm again not caring what anybody

listen i gotta let them know that it's

just one T but I agree with you man

there there are some black people out

there that let their white friends get

away with using the n-word and white

people Nataly fool and that's fine you

know that's what y'all want to do that's

fine but just like you said it is not

transferable just because

he let you said does not mean he's gonna

let you say it and dude you will get

fucked up behind some bullshit well you

let me say it nah brah I'm not him

hell yeah you know there's a whole part

of the city right now where you know I

think every big city has it but but it's

broke this brought white people right

and they grow up what up with a black

people because of the way the economics

are split sure usually and they come I'm

dropping em bombs like it's none that

and I'm just sitting and listening to my

my thought is mine like there's nobody

checked him right in fact when I went in

the military all these boos came from

Louisiana drop man bombs and I guess

down there that shit is cool they're

like brothers from New York DC like what

the fuck is wrong with you like hanging

these dudes yeah I don't think they mean

in any kind of like any kind of racist

way I'm a big believer in there's a

difference between nigga and nigger

right of course with that I said not not

every black person's mumble either and

you cannot go into this Detroit you're

thinking they will you listen you will

get fucked up for real man it's not even

a question you know but yeah man great

show happy you happy I get in on a call

jet absolutely again gentlemen and

thanks for the call and he is ed

Lattimore of Atlanta more calm he wrote

the book not Turing what anyone thinks

is the superpower this guy listen this

guy is a physics degree and he's a

heavyweight boxer so he is the

equivalent of unicorn Edie Lattimore is

alpha fucks beta bucks and yes and guess

what a woman that was out there on

quality woman ended up snatching his ass

up so ed I appreciate you calling in to

the show and listen I listen I look

forward December first we're going to do

that post fight analysis Tyson oh yes

yeah what's up yeah look man she you

know she brought low to cuz when she met

me I love it I love it

alright you said she button so she got

it on a stock when you were like three

dollars a share and now you're at $74 a

Sarah right right and this might but my

loyalty to her is so ingrained that's

the way like you know for I defer to Rio

when I wasn't shit and then to be there

and then continue to follow my lead and

let me really helped me develop yeah but

but when we talking like we're talking

like I don't know how I feel about

dropping the world quality but relative

to other women that I've interacted step

above men ain't even a question that's

why I'm whatever today it's still with

her after everything as developed you

the man dead listen call into the show

anytime man I look forward to a fury

Wilder men hi man yes sir

that is Atlanta more Atlanta more calm

EDL 80 i mor e you guys can check him

out on his website he wrote the book not

caring what anyone thinks is a

superpower and Lattimore's a stand-up

dude man heavyweight boxer and listen

he's always been very open about his

struggles with alcoholism he's been

sober now for a year like he can tell

you the years and the dates and all that

stuff so listen he's definitely a man

who has had his share of demons but

again he's risen above it he's now again

he's a heavyweight boxer he's a he's a

he got a degree in physics just recently

and so him and his girl are definitely

gonna be making some moves here and the

not-too-distant future I'll let him make

that announcement but it has got some

exciting things I was talking about the

21 convention and has some exciting

exciting things for him and his lady

here on the horizon so it's good - it's

good to hear from him weighing in on

that 911 for 205 five three five six

let's go back to the phone lines

area code six one four you're on live

with Donovan go ahead yeah this is a

Sebastian for the red pill group Pam

yeah what's up - that's an 85 yeah

Hollywood has people thinking the first

date is supposed to be crazy expensive

that's all Hollywood stuff right that's

the best made the problem because the

first date shouldn't set you back in the

first place anyway right

first dates would be you know something

seasons that way either party is not

filling it you won't have to leave and

go on your way exactly

no I listen I totally agree and where a

lot of guys get this wrong as they take

these women out on a first extravagant

date and you're putting her value above

your own then they wonder why their

woman it has no respect for them two or

three months down the line because you

gave her that respect without half

without making her earn it what you're

getting is how I will show you dates for

your wife or your fianc there you go

bingo women earned right right check it

out this take four it's been a day later

shit as I said people got to stop

believing what they see on these movies

in TV and this new basic simple stuff

you don't want to each other get me away

I totally agree thanks for the call area

code six one four again

spot on you got listen you guys see the

dates that I take Devon out on right I

take her to go get her hair done she

gets all dressed up she wears dude she

wears these short little sundresses

these wedge heels her hair is all

beautiful guess what she's put in the

time man this chick has put into over

two and a half years with me she has

earned the privilege of me spoiling her

dude I've to do the last day and I took

her out I was a $94 check I got no

problem with cover net because she rides

for me she put in that work there is no

but sitting around us and this is so

funny we I could actually do a podcast

with her about this there were two other

there were two other couples sitting

around us and you could tell that they

were both there on a first day because

they were trying to get to know each

other and I'm ever thinking to myself

dude these guys are about to drop almost

three figures on a first date if not

more and there were drinks of course

Devin and I we were to drink she's a you

know she's a vodka and Diet Coke girl

I'm a whiskey sour guy but they were

ordering drinks I'm like dude these guys

are gonna drop three figures on a first

date then they're gonna wonder why a few

months down the line they don't have the

respect of their women it just doesn't

it makes no sense again shut up to Kevin

Brown aka bullish for the $20 donation

again wws dream labs calm for its

Donovan's sharp the number one if you

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donovan sharp and as we shrink my

audience i'm going to hit the chat here

gonna say what's up give my give my chat

shout out so i'm gonna start from the

beginning i tried to get everybody in so

if I'm a little late you guys are gonna

think oh he's behind on the tats no no I

liked it I like to shout everybody out

here all right Ryan Sullivan in the

house Charles Caballero good to see you

I met Charles Caballero in person rocks

dude has a good firm handshake hashim

Jackson on the Facebook side any name on

the YouTube side says skip the bait and

take them straight to the bedroom dates

are for losers yeah I would agree and

again it depends upon your intention so

again we're gonna get to that just a


Ryan Sullivan says first dates are just

waste for men to shit test women I would

agree with that onslaught good to see

you in here Miami J says do Hispanics

count as white in this situational

context in other words do Hispanics have

the right to call black people n words

well they have the right to but it's the

same thing I would not recommend it

Winston wolf in the house says people

should start going on second dates

straight Hashim Jackson says those

consequences though Ryan Sullivan says

I'm a white guy's rule of thumb do not

say the n-word there is no upside with a

lot of downside unless you want to pick

up ugly white chicks that make sense the

jack man mr. Jackson in the house Hashim

Jackson like that Sam upon t on the

Facebook side good to see you in here

since I grew up in a mixed community I

use the N word around black people I

know and usually not directed at anyone

personally I feel I should I should use

it freely like any other black person

but I don't expect anyone to have that

the same logic that I do

Ryan Sullivan says she wants anal love

that white board yet she does every girl

on sale if she's wearing heels she

definitely wants anal D Baker says does

Devon ever call you nigga no ever Devon

actually said the n-word and she was

actually it was actually the lyrics to a

rap song and the first time she did it

over the phone I said whoa I said you

better shut that shit down right fucking

now she shut it down almost won just

about a year later again we're in the

car I think we're listening to some

t-pain or whatever and he drops the

n-word now dude Devon never listen to

hip-hop until she got with me right she

follows my lead she said it again so oh

I said do not use the n-word ever again

she says all right I read you loud and

clear I said I don't give a fuck but no

she does not call me nigga no

not a chance not a chance sama Ponte

says I'm white by the way yes I gathered

that yeah Johnny Bravo how often are you

using kratom everyday yeah just about

just about James Martinez says white

people say the word when they are at rap


should that be okay Wow

that's a good question I do not have the

answer to that if I'm a white guy I

would err on the side of caution and

just skip the word right like here's the

thing man is it really that important to

be able to say the n-word like you know

I like they don't get me wrong man I'm

not here to persecute anybody but again

if you're a white person it doesn't

enrich your life to say the n-word I

think that white people want to say the

n-word just because they know that it's

probably not a good idea

forbidden fruit I don't know why and

there are white people out here who will

argue till they're blue in the face

what's wrong with it well why is it that

you want to say it so often like why me

why are you harping on this just doesn't

just doesn't make any sense how she and

Jackson says you're right Donovan I

think its intent and how you grew up as

well if a black person says a and it's

directed at me I feel some type of way -

I'll never say er he's talked about

nigga as as response - nigger unless in

a historical context I also know white

folks that say it and people don't care

because they grew up around the same

circumstances and a lot as a lot of poor

black people I grew up with if it's not

natural don't say it that's my barometer

okay enemy aim says talking to Miami Jay

says most expanding

want to be white when it's most

politically and socially continue toast

and then of course Miami Jay came right

back at him and said where did he say it

rob Cruz actually said it where do you

get that statement from and what area

are you from good question Marcus says

Donnie lost her hairline man now like I

said man actually said this in the live

pre-soak you a I was trying to I was

trying to tighten up my hairline again

and I'd already fucked it up a few times

who it was

bar but not far enough for it to really

matter but I fucked it up one more time

I was like you know what I can't recover

it and it's about time so I just took it

all off so this is not on this is not on

purpose this is on accident sometimes I

will take it all off on purpose just to

switch up my look I'm gonna keep it 100

with you guys that was not yet that was

swayed senator in the house sama Ponte

weighs in again in this day and age men

should never pay for a first date

absolutely no money should have to come

out of your pocket to get to know a

woman it will not increase your chances

of getting laid and we live in the age

of equality very very good absolutely


okay let me go ahead and shrink the

audience here on dammit I hate when this

fucking happens ah

oh the delays god damn it I'm trying to

shrink the audience there we are

ah there we go good let me continue with

the chat well okay well I guess the chat

just the chat just disappeared oh that's

because I shrank the audience okay all

right all right very good very good okay

let me go back up here deep in thought

to his good show brother I am not

pretending says I am not providing any

for any broad I will provide a good time

absolutely de says study dates at the

crib is how you get laid in college man

Kyle Mitchell says this is how I do it

first date should always be at night at

a place that serves alcohol and not

involve food 50% conversation rick

conversion rate that night totally agree

totally agree James our TV says first

date should cost no more than $40 Randy

Sargent says I would tell her to I would

tell her I respect her feminism that and

proceed to sneak out no no I would

listen I would just like I told the

caller I would absolutely I would

absolutely shout out to Lorenzo Davis in

the chat on the YouTube side I would


tell her hey listen yeah let's go Dutch

and then I would do it and then I would

ask fucker until it hurts and I would

play strictly in the fuck-buddy category

listen there's nothing wrong with

fucking a feminist dating them marrying

them that's where you go wrong

fuck feminists all you want but you

should never date them or marry them in

listen you date a feminist who wants to

go dutch on date a cool usually you pay

for half I'll pay for half matter of

fact you get the tip miss miss

independence now bend your ass over

Marcus has a suggestion since how about

no more than ten dollars first date

should involve one drink coffee max it

leads to more and then that's

effectively a second date which flowed

from the first date totally agree

Brendan Kelly says Brendan Kelly says if

she says she's a feminist UDT be I don't

know what that means and block social

media a number you guys ought to explain

me I don't speak millennial ease then

silver-sweet said avoid wives that have

a double last name chances are she's a

feminist yes a hyphenated last name yes

my name is Susan Anderson dornvald oh

yeah feminism definitely a feminist any

woman who hasn't who has a hyphenated

last name that is destined for divorce

abso-fuckin'-lutely ken-dog says one

black friend can't give you clearance

for the entire race totally agree

Marcus's first date coffee second date

drinks alcohol possibly snacks like

starters or wings very good Kyle

Mitchell says the average chick in South

Beach near where I live will cost me $50

for a date that's three or four drinks

plus tip at a cool spot walking distance

from my plate kyle is straight up first

date logistics guys that is first date

logistics 101 take on a first date take

her for coffee or drinks real cheap make

sure it's close to your place make sure

you can walk back very good James

Martinez says living in Atlanta $40 into

a decent meal for two not trying to take

you to a fifty five dollar steak place

fuck no oh wait senator says dump that

bitch DTB thank you I'm old I don't

speak millennial ease thank you for that

suede senator

good man you guys are this is a good top

because you guys are definitely

definitely bringing the noise I'm gonna

take a 30 second break here guys

I'm gonna go grab something to drink so

my throat doesn't dry it for the second

half of the show I will be right back in

these thirty seconds



oh never mind there we are I forgot to

hit the unmute button all right so now

now let let's start over again so now

I'm gonna give my take on the on the on

the first date situation dating has

become so fucked up guys and so

convoluted with all the mind games and

all in it with all the mind games that

girls like to play all the attention

whoring video all the bullshit that men

have to put up with all the bullshit

that men have to put up with these days

it's made dating extremely confusing for

men right listen man up is down left is

right right is wrong etc etc now back

I'm the day when a guy got a girl's

number it was assumed he was gonna call

her that day to set up a date it was

that simple but now guys agonize over

every decision because girls are so

fucked up he's afraid to make a wrong

move one way or the other because if he

does he's gonna fuck it all up and he's

right girls have more options than ever

so it's almost like as soon as you step

on that landmine you're gonna you feel

like you're gonna blow your chances and

most of the time you do because girls

have so many options they can afford to

start eliminating guys for stupid

reasons never mind all the shit that we

have to go through to get her number in

the first place never mind all the hoops

that we have to jump through just to

talk to her never mind they went deal

with the cock blockers in white nights

all the bullshit involved with just

getting her number that's the easy part

because as soon as she gives up the

digits dudes are scared they're gonna

call too soon or text too late whatever

guys overthink their next move rather

than just acting on blind instinct and

letting the chips fall where they may

they have no idea that it doesn't really

matter whether you text her in five

seconds text her five seconds after you

got the number or five days because if a

girl really likes him she is going to

remember who he was

when he decided to call her text he

doesn't realize that then at that point

if he does manage to get everything

right to that point

now he's got to decide where he's gonna

take her out and whether or not he's

going to pay and you've heard the

callers in the comments right it's a

double-edged sword you think well if I

hey she'll get mad because she thinks

I'm patronizing her but if I don't

she'll think I'm cheap I don't want her

to think she's dating someone who's

broke well if you are one of those guys

gentlemen you are in luck because I'm

gonna clear up all the confusion right

now and I'm gonna tell you guys how to

navigate the anxiety that comes with

where to take her and whether or not to

pay on the first date so the first

question we're gonna answer is of course

do I do I have to pay on the first date

well the answer to that is fuck no you

don't have to pay for anything now that

doesn't mean that you shouldn't or that

you won't right but men we as men we are

not obliged to pick up the tab on a

first date any more than a woman is

obliged to sleep with us on the first

date and if we take it we take it's two

steps further men we are not obliged to

pick up the tab on any date and women

are not obliged to sleep with us at any

time but that of course that's for

another show so naturally the next

question is is how do I decide whether

or not to pay on a first date

and the answer to this is not really

simple but it's not really too

complicated either whether or not you

pay on the first date depends on two

things number one what your intentions

are with the girl and number two the

kind of girl you're taking out now stay

with me here anytime you take out the

typical American slutty female your

intentions are to try to fuck her that

night this is guys listen this is gonna

be the case with most women you approach

you're gonna strike up conversation you

swat away the shit tests you get the

digits you run standard text games set

up the date close the deal rinse and

repeat a lot of us have done this before

now some guys might be saying well what

if you don't intend to try to slock her

to which I would respond with Vineyard

the biggest shit test of all coward

women expect us to try to sleep with

them even if they don't intend on

sleeping with us they may want to sleep

with us right which is perfectly natural

here's the thing guys wanting sex

doesn't make a girl a slut all girls

want sex all girls want a lot of sex but

giving in to temptation and

a bunch of guys does make her a slut but

if they the women if they have any

semblance of temperance discipline and

impulse control and they like you enough

to the point that they're thinking of

maybe pursuing a long-term relationship

with you she is not going to give in to

that temptation more often than not so

now some guys are probably thinking well

what if you tried to fuck her and she

doesn't let you you blown it right not

at all we have not blown it at all she

might not have slept with you because

she likes you and wants to pursue a

relationship with you and she knows that

by sleeping with you on that first date

that you would immediately put her into

the fuck friend category which would be

the right thing to do or maybe she

didn't fuck you because she's not turned

on by you maybe she just doesn't like

you like that

either way gentlemen if you don't try to

sleep with her on the first day and I've

done an episode I've done this episode

before why you should always fuck why

you should always try to fucker on the

first date but I'll give you a little

snippet even if you try to sleep with

her okay

even if you try to sleep with her you'll

she'll have respect for you if you don't

she will lose respect for you because

she knows women understand that in is it

is a man it is in a man's nature to fuck

pretty girls and any man who does not

act on this biological impulse is afraid

or he's not turned on by her this is

what goes through her mind in either

case she is turned off by this he either

is afraid or he's not turned on by me

guess what you're out so if you try to

fuck her and she doesn't sleep with you

how do you know that you've blown it


if you try to fuck her and she resists

but doesn't agree to a second date she's

never gonna sleep with you in the first

place guys

simple bath now if you try to fuck her

and she resists but agrees to a second

meetup then she probably likes you it's

as simple as that guys you don't lose

anything by trying to sleep with a girl

on the first date I would also say this

if you really like a girl that you were

about to take out on a first date or a

first meetup and you haven't

seen any discernible slut tells trying

to fuck her is the equivalent of shit

testing her here's why if she lets you

fuck her on the first date she has

failed your shit test you know she's a


now you'll keep her around but you're

only gonna keep around to fuck her

but if she resists then agrees to go out

with you again not only do you know she

probably likes you she's past the first

shit test meaning that you haven't

placed her in the fuck friend category

yet now keep in mind that there are a

lot of girls out there who are

undercover sluts I would say that most

of them are undercover sluts girls are

steady out here talking about all you

know I'm a slut and it's okay to be a

slut and slut shame but then they try to

hide their slut tells which tells us

that they know that being a slut is

wrong but again that's for another topic

dan time anyway they make a guy wait

until the 3rd of the 4th date to sleep

with him to make him think she's not a

slut but thanks the guys like me thanks

to the manosphere you can't fool these

dudes anymore just because a girl makes

you wait for sex doesn't mean she's not

a slut and I have talked about this ad

nauseam over the year most notably in my

Donovan's den on volumes 5 6 & 7 which

talked about the undercover the

undercover slut tells that women have

that most men are on aware but you guys

can find those on Ford /

Donovan sharp or Donovan sharp com

anyway your intentions are to try to

sleep with her on the first date so now

let's move to the second variable

remember the first variable was it

depends on what your tensions are with

the girl your intentions are to try to

fuck her okay let's move to the second

variable which is the kind of girl she

is and this is fairly straightforward

if you approach a girl and you pick up

on a few slut tales like obviously tells

like tattoos body piercings she says

she's a feminist unnaturally colored

hair like you know green pink purple

right or any of the other hundred you

know tells that reveals a girl is a slut

don't pay for the date and buy and buy

don't pay for the date I don't mean

here's what I mean

I mean don't take her to dinner because

that's what we're talking about here

right guys if people are talking about

whether or not a guy should pay on the

first date we're assuming that they're

going out to a restaurant

and as we talked about earlier

restaurant tabs can get really really

high especially if you're buying drinks

we're talking 7080 sometimes $90 and I

don't know about you guys but 80 $90 is

a lot of fucking money and if I know

she's a slut I ain't dropping that kind

of coin fuck that ain't no fucking way

so the solution here is that if you can

tell she's a slut you're obviously not

going to good you're obviously not going

to commit to her outside of fucking her

every once in a while and if that's the

case there's no way you're taking her to

a sit-down restaurant to be wined and

dined and treated like someone she is

not instead take her to the movies and

say listen I'll buy the tickets you grab

the popcorn in the coke right another

good idea is to take her to a bar you

buy the first round I'll get the next

any place where you can essentially

split the bill without making it awkward

like at restaurants where they'll ask

you hey is this together or is it

separate right and you say well it's

separate that makes you look cheap the

movies are the bar that's a great place

to show her that your attention and time

has to be earned and I've said in the

past that the movies are not a great

first date because you can't really use

your gift of gab right some guys can

escalate at the movies

I generally I try not to do that but

again the movies allows you to split the

bill I get the tickets you get the

snacks in the drinks which is what's

your which is about the same sometimes

you'll end up paying more for the snacks

or drink which leads me to mic which

leads me to a very important point and

you guys need to listen up here when you

take a woman out regardless of whether

you think she's a slut or not by taking

her out to a restaurant and then paying

I said this before you are putting her

value above your own you are indirectly

telling her that in order to get your

time your attention your resources all

she has to do is show up and have a


and because women know most women know

that deep down they are simple creatures

that aren't really deserving of such

treatment they lose wrists

for men who give them these things so

freely and so easily see their

subconscious tells them this guy has no

idea that I'm not special he's treat me

like a queen

and haven't really done anything yet

even if she knows let's just say for

that let's just say for the sake of

argument even if she knows she's a

quality girl right

even if she knows even if she knows that

she is not a slut she slept with two

guys even if she knows this she still

loses respect for you because she thinks

okay I know I'm a catch but why is this

guy treating me like a princess he

doesn't even know me yet he must not

have very much experience with women and

subconsciously she checks out even those

sluts tell their friends and everybody

on social media that they deserve the

best of everything they know that they

really don't and any man who can't or

won't recognize that any man who doesn't

make her work for his time and attention

is a man she does not respect especially

sluts so when you approach a girl you

get her number you set up a date it's

important to understand that a you are

going to try to fuck her that night for

many reasons B it doesn't matter what

kind of girl she is

you're not taking her you're not taking

any woman to a sit-down restaurant

you're gonna take her somewhere that you

guys can have fun get to know each other

a little better

and most importantly split the tab the

movies a bar a coffee shop tell her

listen I'll get the coffee you get the

muffins take her to ride go-karts I'll

pay for the tickets you pay for the

snacks take her bowling I'll pay for the

games in the shoes you buy the drinks

guys there's a shitload of options out

there for dates that don't involve her

being waited on okay and you picking up

the tab and she's got the attention of

both you and the waiter no wonder girls

heads are so fucking huge you got men

waiting on them all the goddamn time

this sets a bad tone moving forward guys

but by avoiding the sit-down restaurant

and splitting the cost with her she not

only now has skin in the game which is

very important according to black mastic

speaks I got to get him on the show and

tell her it tells her that she's got to

work for your time and attention she

doesn't get to just show up and get

bathed in attention and

free food in drinks she's got to bring

something to the table and you're gonna

be the man who makes her bring it and it

doesn't matter whether she's fucked five

guys or 500 doesn't matter whether you

fuck her or not doesn't matter if she

likes you or wants to keep seeing you or

declines a second date in the end by not

taking the woman to a sit-down

restaurant on the first date you will

have her respect and subsequently a lot

more money in your pocket let's go to

the phone lines now and let's bring on a

regular contributor to TSR towers my man

Steve the Dean Williams you guys can

check him out on the man mindset calm

Steve what's going on brother hey man

how you doing brother absolutely

absolutely so what do you think of this

show man we're talking about why white

people can't use the n-word and whether

or not men should pay on the first date

what say you well oh he's laughing real

quick you know I'm like don't put it out

there for other people to use it I mean

again I'm not here to tell somebody what

they can and cannot say if it's out

there and it said it people were singing

the songs or the raps or whatever you

can't get mad at somebody using the

lyrics but anyway but to the to the

dating part you're saying should a guy

pay for a date the first day yeah no

well I believe that but well not I

believe he should pay for a first day

but not like you were saying before

never dinners right you never you never

you never it wouldn't for me I teach my

clients ice cream feeding the Ducks

which is a loaf of bread is like $2 ice

cream is like what five bucks and uh

coffee or tea like under under $10 so

economical dates because if you're doing

it correctly you're meeting a lot of

women you don't have that kind of money

to take them out anyway but taking them

out is the problem Donavan right these

guys don't have enough value in

themselves so they think they know the

society has told them the way to get a

piece of pussy is taking a bitch out

feeding or stuffing her fucking mouth

and then hopefully she'll give you a hug

and a kid

I love it I love it yeah to me to me and

I agree with you a hundred percent you

actually gave me a couple of ideas feed

the ducks take her out for ice cream

right and it's it's my assertion here is

that like I take my girl out to dates

once every two weeks and dude I'll take

her out I'll whiner and I'll diner but

that's because she has earned that we

live together and she has put in the

work right you take your wife out on

dinner dates because she's given you a

couple of kids she rides or dies for you

don't take dude just because she has a

vagina that does not entitle her to your

time attention and your money what you

want to do just like you said

economically speaking physically being

fiscally responsible by not by showing

her that you're not leading with your

wallet it shows her that she's got to

earn your time attention and affection

yes yeah I need her to know early on

that you know I can get a piece of pussy

anywhere right what are you bringing to

the table so you need to really qualify

like you say for my time and attention

but see a lot of guys that will see it

that way right a lot of guys feel like

it's that it's their privilege or their

honor to be able to take her out so then

the vigilance witches they're walking on

eggshells they want to make sure they

say the right thing and do the right

thing you making sure everything's

perfect no fuck that no no the bottom

line is this I eat a million

motherfucking bitches like you but

you'll never be the motherfucker like me

what it's separating you from everybody

else I don't mind taking you out but

going out to like I said going out to me

it's something simple because I need to

see if we are the keyword compatible

exactly feeding you and stuff with your

fucking face like the next sucker is not

compatibility family I agree and by not

and again you're gonna separate yourself

from 98% of guys out there and listen I

say this all the time Steve never ever

ever deprive a woman the

village of working for your time and

affection women want to work for your

time attention and affection because

they want to know it's worth something

if you just give it away freely they're

taking her out on dates for nothing

she's not gonna value it this is why a

lot of guys I'm sure you get a lot of

clients yeah man I Wine and Dine at 69

my woman that she never really seems to

be appreciative of it this is because a

you're doing it all the time and B

didn't make her earn it if you make her

earning she will value it right and when

they say that I said woman you don't

have a woman right

you mean you well yeah that you don't

have a woman you have somebody you're

contributing because what guys don't

understand is is that that want to see

the thing I mean use you as an example

Donald okay let's say you have a woman

and she wants your attention she wants

your time what she's gonna do is she's

gonna try to make you jealous by going

out with one of these suckers out there

taking his food taking his money then

what you'll do is you're going to

bathroom she'll call you and see what

you're doing you might be on your radio

show kickin it right I will I'm not

doing anything can I can I come over and

see you later on you like yeah will you

at restaurant all right buy me a steak

give me some lobster come over and cook

it if you do it I will give you some

dick that's right you're gonna do she'll

go sit at that table take two bites of

his food doggy bag it bring it back to

your house cook it for you watch me suck

in your dish that's what's up man if

this isn't Steve this happens all the

time only guys like you and me

understand this guy's on the other side

they have no idea I wrote an Oracle on

Negro Menace fear calm says why you

should never agree to an early date

Steve guys aren't figuring this out do

do you know how many do you know how

many bitches I had booty calls with in

Vegas they would be I would tell them

hey be at my house at nine o'clock

she'll be like well I got a date at

eight so I'll be there at ten I'm not

trippin because I know I don't have to

feed her right these guys are agreeing

to these early date six seven eight

o'clock then all of a sudden they check

their phone oh my friend is going

through a breakup and I have to console

her I'm so sorry we must do this again

sometime she comes over and I'm fucking

her in the ass right on your dime

you're nine and I listen I like it I

liken it to this and I'll give you the

last word here you and I are both

big-time football fans do you remember

when Kordell Stewart played for the

Pittsburgh Steelers when Bill Cowher

tried right exactly

when Bill Cowher tried to try to use the

two quarterback system

he used either Neal I think it was

either Neela Donnell or tommy maddox

between the 20s when when he got to the

red zone he bring in Kordell Stewart and

I remember Neal O'Donnell saying to the

media that's what Neal how do you feel

about this he says you know what he's


listen Cornell's a great quarterback but

it feels like I take the girl out to the

prom I buy her the punch I take her to

dinner i wine a diner and then cornell

against the fucker at the end of the

night don't be Neal O'Donnell guys be

Kordell Stewart I'll give you the last

word yeah I just want to say real quick

guys is that see the thing is even if I

do set up a date like ice cream coffee

or feed the ducks on a Saturday now I

meet this woman on a Monday it doesn't

mean we're going out on a date on

Saturday because a lot of guys mess up

right here Donovan is that when they set

up a date with a woman they stop talking

to her I stopped texting her they just

like okay I'm going to just hold off and

wait to the date because I don't mess

this up but for guys like us I'm gonna

talk her out of the pussy within a few

days straight out so our date is gonna

be more hugs than kissing her sucking my

dick and hanging out with me instead of

what would you do for living and what

was your principles in all that bush

right interview questions right nobody

has time for that I'm gonna give a shit

what you do for a living I make enough

money for me what can you do for me

that's the way he has Steve the Dean

Williams you guys can check him out on

the man mindset calm he is the he is a

world-renowned dating coach and I'm

gonna try to get this guy on the red man

group on Saturdays because this guy

really definitely knows his shit again

check him out the man mindset calm you

guys can also check him out on Facebook

you guys need to book this guy this guy

is again he's a world-renowned dating

coach this guy will get you the pussy

Steve thanks for making time for us

today men thank you too brother take

care Steve the Dean calling in dropping

that now

yeah you gave me a couple of other ideas

go feed the ducks walk in the park

ice cream listen if you live in New York

City yeah

take her to Central Park man take her

sightseeing take her to a museum there

are so many other there's so many ideas

there are so many things you can do with

a woman that doesn't involve you coming

up off of money this this is just how it

goes this is just how it goes

couple of real quick things here in

sports before I close out the show I'm

gonna do my sports commentary at the end

rather than in the beginning I'll piss

on a lot of people off certainly don't

want to do that the Giants are in full

fledged tank mode gentlemen and listen

if you want to call in you know the last

you know five ten minutes the show if

you guys want to chime in on on some

sports stuff I have no problem with that

but the Giants this week have traded

Damon snacks snacks Harrison and Eli I

think they traded snacks too I forget

who they traded him to but they traded

Eli Apple to the New Orleans Saints

those are two of their best defensive

players yeah listen and listen I don't

want to call it tanking because there's

there's way too much work that goes into

getting prepared for an NFL game when

you put those 11 guys on the field at a

time those guys are not going to not

play they're gonna play to win and if

you don't go full bore when you're out

on the field that's how you get hurt but

the NFL version of tanking the NFL the

NFL version of tanking is by trading

away all of your best players and at

this point listen the Giants are done

they're one at six they listen man

should they have should they have

drafted se Quan Barclay they should have

drafted a quarterback Sam Donald was

there for the taking they decided to go

with Seco and Berkeley but they're gonna

be four but they are fortunate that they

are terrible this year because they're

gonna it looks like they're gonna have a

top three top five pick maybe listen

maybe they have a chance at at Herbert

out there an Oregon Josh Herbert I think

that's his name

Justin Herbert out in Oregon there a

couple of other NFL there are a couple

of other NFL my dogs behind me I didn't

make sure I didn't roll over him a

couple other NFL ready quarterbacks out

there but yeah the the New York Giants


full tank mode there's no doubt about


the Raiders are in full tank mode as


they just traded to their they've just

traded two of their best players of

course Kaleo Mac adults of the Chicago

Bears earlier this season and he's

already paying dividends for them they

just recently traded Amari Cooper to the

Dallas Cowboys for a first-round pick so

in 2019 the Raiders have three

first-round jack picks in 2020 they're

gonna have two first-round draft picks

of course guys are talking late whether

or not they should trade Derek Carr I

don't know did listen Derek Carr is

better than any college quarterback

they're a lot of people think Derek are

stretc know I think Derek Carr I think

he's a good quarterback I think he's a

franchise quarterback I think he's just

having a bad year he's getting adjusted

to Jon Gruden they didn't get 125

million dollars for nothing he's

definitely he's definitely worth the

money that RIT listen later on he might

not be worth the money but listen that's

your franchise guy you definitely don't

want to trade him away but we all know

that Jon Gruden has a hair-trigger

finger with regards to quarterbacks he

likes to he collects quarterbacks he

likes to trade him etc etc Stefan curry

scored 51 points in three quarters last

night everything he threw up was going

in it was unbelievable

it was unbelievable it was unbelievable

dude he's 51 points in three quarters I

remember a while back klay Thompson

scored 37 points in one quarter yes 37

points in one point one quarter this is

what happens when you have sharp

shooters right when you have guys who

can hit threes at the rate the splash

brothers do you have those kinds of

outbursts and I think I think the

Warriors won by like 20 25 points

definitely definitely a sight to behold

Lakers got their first win last night

and it was really largely because of

Lance Stephenson of course LeBron

certainly you know did his part but

Lance Stephenson you know put him on his

way listen the Lakers aren't gonna do

anything this season this is this is

this is a little bit I think the Lakers

probably make the playoffs but I don't

know I mean listen they're playing with

house money this season they're waiting

on Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis if

they can get Kawhi and Anthony Davis

on that squad with LeBron then then then

we can start talking about them as ass

contenders the GUID says let's talk

about Chad Kelly yeah Chad Kelly was

released by the Denver Broncos either

yesterday or early this morning because

he was arrested on for breaking and


apparently he broke into somebody's

house sit on their couch and started

mumbling inaudibly so it sounds to me

like Chad Kelly was high I actually did

an episode on Chad Kelly and Mia Khalifa

dude two years ago when I first started

my when I first started my podcast this

is when Chad Kelly was an Ole Miss and

he tried to he tried to he tried to fuck

me a Khalifa who of course is a porn

star and Mia Khalifa put him on blast

talking about Chad Kelly was out to talk

about that she was out of Chad Kelly's

League bitch you're a porn star you get

fucked on camera for money

no man is dude you are not out of any

man's League the fuck out of here

I might actually I might actually repost

you know actually I did I did post that

I did post that that is on my patreon

hang on a second Mia Khalifa Donovan

Sharpe Donovan Sharpe I think I did I

think I posted that yes yes there it is

yes Sharpe shorts flashback yes

excellent excellent

so I'm gonna put that I'm actually gonna

put that I'm gonna put that link in the

chat yeah was a TSR flashback you guys

can also find it on on my website

Donovan Sharpe calm but yeah yeah I

talked about the fact that uh that Mia

Khalifa said that she was at a Chad

Kelly's League and I'm like bitch you

were a porn star like get the fuck out

of here you're not out of anybody's

nobody's out of your league dude you're

not out of anyone's League 911 for two

oh five five three five six is the

number to call this

one last call before we cut it caller

you're on live with Donovan go ahead hey

what's up empty - I'm doing them all

good man I saw the title of the video I

assume and I had something to say about

Thursday in general okay and I could not

pass it so first of all this is

something I would do in high school

which is I would never take out

fuck-buddy material on a date like ever

with would good our fuck buddy you I

would just take him on a walk and just

ask as late from there like even when

you're older you can do this like take

it apart and talk to her and try to

escalate the situation even if it's cold

outside it means warm outside whatever

if she's into you and she's down to fuck

she will respond to you yes you will it

happens me every time um however when I

take a girl out on a date I would I do

something that I believe is brilliant so

I don't let her pay or split the tab

however I'm trying to test for a year or

so okay I say something like this when

the cop comes I say I'm gonna pick it up

next time it's on you what that says is

there's gonna be a second date and I

wanna know if you accept it or not

subconsciously I'm second of all I want

to see if you actually want to pick up

the tab the next day so when the night

they come I don't take anything to hurt

and I act like I forgot it's a concern

was this if she says it was yours red

flag yep she kind of goes in between

since I don't know I can't remember red

flag my current girlfriend she's she

comes from a very poor family trait when

I took her on that date and the second

date I said whose turn is it she

immediately went very first then I said

okay that's fine

I'm gonna go to bathroom I begged the

tab because she showed me that it was

fight there you go

we were out I thought let me buy better

tab and she was like it was my third

that's right leave it at that

right and again this is a matter this is

a matter of principle it doesn't matter

whether or not she paid for the date

it's it's a matter of whether she

intended to pay for the date and so she

reaches from her purse okay hey shit

test past I'll go ahead and I'll go

ahead and cover the tip I'll go ahead

and cover the tab how old are you empty

- you're a young guy right yeah I'm a

young guy I'm 19 it is amazing like I

don't really talk to that many guys who

have the kind of game that you have you

got a lot of game for a 19 year old and

I think that you you actually teach a

lot of my guys when you call into the

show if you don't mind me asking and try

to keep it brief here because we're up

against the clock here how did you

figure out how to how did you figure out

how to get so good with women at such a

young age were you raised by a red pill

father did did somebody teach you how

did that happen for you because you're

19 and you have more game than a lot of

my then a lot of people I consult with

who are in their 30s and 40s first of

all thank you man I'm so glad that you

actually paying attention and the guys

are paying attention yeah well no I

didn't have a red field father my father

is a businessman he's a really good

businessman but I don't know he would

have somewhat of a conservative family

my friends work together have been

together for 25 years but my red pill

awakening came when I was about 17 and I

was in a very thoughtful relationship I

told you about it I was like crying

every day almost every day the bitch

would not give me sex I mean whatever

and I was just like oh fuck it I there

has to be something and I actually

googled how how did you get your

girlfriend to fuck you more or something

else right and I tumble the first across

the red field handbook okay

from then on I had the retro handbook

read fully in one day I set up that

night the whole night I read some more

books in like a week and then I started

to hit the gym him before I hit but I

mean time went by and I just got caught

here and caught here and caught here

second of all I'm a debater I debated

all my high school all right

talking in public gives you a confident

I mean it sends a confidence that you

usually people don't have it's like

having a single job I said yesterday

yes to the conference and I don't know

after that relationship I said fuck it I

mean this life that I have is my life

and right no bitch he's gonna ruin it I

mean I'm not gonna stay there and even

that long-term this auxilary should be

talking about Donovan the thing is this

when the bitch is gonna cheat on me

she's gonna cheat on me I don't give a

fuck about her right she's not good for

her her life my life and I'm the center

of it I should be getting the pleasure

and the satisfaction from the people

that want to be in it right she wants to

be in it she better come the fuck

tomorrow because it's the weekend right

and caught me guess what she is just

what I have other girls interested in me

that's how you gonna you have to think

about it it's your fucking lies guys

just you take care of it other bitches

don't they give it mt2 in the house

droppin knowledge thanks for the call

man definitely callin anytime brother I

appreciate it anytime thank you man have

a good one you too brother

yeah mt2 is one of these guys who see

here's the thing man the red pill for a

lot of guys the red pill doesn't take

long to sink in right you you instantly

get it the red pill is staring you in

the face you see you know you you you

see the the the writing is on the wall

and you get red pill awareness you find

the red pill handbook some guys take

right to it

other guys are a little bit more

stubborn and the the the the guys who

are more stubborn tend to be a little

bit older because they've just been

around longer

they've been steeped in the blue pill

sewage for longer so it takes him a

little bit longer to accept red pill

truth and to act on there red pill

awareness this guy had his wake me at 17

years old he's only 17 he's a kid now at

19 years old this guy MC twos got more

game than a lot dude them dude he's got

more game than I had at 19 that's for

goddamn sure that's for goddamn sure Jay

she asks a very good question before

that Jeremy Cyr says I got into a debate

with Mia on Google+ years ago she's very

much a childís attention childish

attention-seeking whore thought yeah of

course she is she's a porn star you know

she is um JC says does talking about a

second date while on the first date not

give her validation wouldn't it be good

to let her wonder for a few days before

asking her up for a second date no that

is over gaming her if you have no

intention of taking her out for a second

date then don't mention the second date

if you know it in India and again it

depends on the kind of girl that you're

fucking with if you're dealing with a

whore if you're dealing with a thot if

you're dealing with a slut that you know

you're just gonna fuck then nah don't

give her validation be like look man we

should hang out some other time I'll

call you that's it right but if you're

if you're dealing with a woman who

doesn't again who doesn't have any

discernable slut tells who appears to be

the genuine article at least in the

short term okay she appears to be okay

yeah definitely talk about the second

date don't worry about giving her don't

worry again if and if you're talking

about the second date yes you are giving

her validation because if she earns that

validation guys you should give it to

her if she conducts herself like a lady

if she again if she doesn't have any

discernable slut tells if she's feminine

if she's kind if she's good company you

have to reward her he wasn't giving

girls validation is listen that's a okay

giving them undeserved validation is not

okay so if she earns that validation by

being a good date being good company

feminine etc etc then yeah talk about

that second date because if you don't

she's gonna think okay I put my best

foot forward for this guy and he's

leaving me hanging in the air right like

this guy obviously plays games it's time

for me to move on that's that's what a

lot of them are going to think so you

don't want to over game what appears to

be someone you might consider to be

something other than just a fuck buddy

or something to stick your or something

to stick your dick in absolutely


that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live be sure to tune in to the

brother pill tonight on O'Shea Duke

Jackson's vlog channel we are going to

be discussing who is the greatest of all

time MJ or LeBron to make for a great

show thanks for watching guys we'll see

you next time


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