Should Men dress to impress women? (Episode 376)

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

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herbals calm alright let's get to it


my guest tonight of course is the

founder of by Kevin Samuels calm he is

one of the Internet's most prevalent

image consultants

he's been on television he's been in

magazines definitely the best-dressed

guest that I've ever had he of course is

Kevin Samuels Kevin how you doing this

evening I am well brother how are you

shout out to all the fans out there

what's going on guys

absolutely yeah I'm doing great and guys

if you want to get in on the

conversation if you if you want to call

us all right

the number is nine one four two oh five

five three five six again that's nine

one four two oh five five three five six

if you have a question for Kevin this is

if you have a question about game or

girls or whatever this is not the show

for that but but stay on topic let's

keep it style-related black libertarian

wants to know is the brother pill gonna

be on tonight yes yes the brother pill

is definitely gonna be on tonight we're

actually gonna be on the air right

around 7:15 7:30 but for now we're gonna

do TSR live so Kevin the-the-the the

reason for the show tonight is I'm gonna

ask you the question wait like I've got

my opinion on this and so I'll ask you

first should then dressed should men

dress to impress women in honor of what

we just talked about as we are getting

into next-level stuff the guys who

follow you should know you well enough

to understand what his answers going yes

men shouldn't dress to impress women men

should dress to impress everyone okay

and let me tell you why because we are

the world is competitive in seven

seconds people decide whether or not you

and the to a yes or no category it

happens before you can blink an eye it's

hardwired into our brain you can't

overcome it

well you can't overcome it if you want

to put a lot of time and energy and

effort a smart man dresses to impress

everyone to get to command respect and

authority for men and to be admired and

longed for by women now that does not

mean that is just sole purpose but it

does mean it's part of your purpose what

I want people to think of is I want

people to think look people put a Juris

elbow as the most the sexiest man in the

world and on the cover he isn't a

t-shirt jeans and a cardigan take

interest elbow who became synonymous

with everything chocolate and sexy and

when he played stringer Bell on the wire

you take the guy everyone knows David

Beckham yes

simple classic masculine fashion neither

one of these guys look trihard but tell

me a chick that wouldn't want to blow

either one of these dudes come on guys

let the end of the day my red pill guys

need to start thinking of image as a

goddamn tool to get what you want you

can cut down a tree with a butcher knife

a handsaw an axe but would you rather

use a chain

right right that's what I want you to

think of your images a chainsaw not some

shit to where you gotta be thinking

about it and got to go in your closet

like well how do i mix this to make that

matter of fact I dropped the video today

and not even know Donald was gonna ask

me the three FS the guys need to worry

about if you just get your Footwear your

frames and your fragrance right any guy

can have kick-ass style without being

trihard in thinking about it let me

finish it up with this and masculine

man's wardrobe needs about a hundred

pieces but that's the shoes all the way

through hats just 100 pieces they're

just massively interchangeable massively

interchangeable and basically equates to

a uniform guys need a uniform you need a

let's say corporate guys you need a city

look and you need a country look okay

you need a day time you need a business

look a casual look and a weekend look

and those all are the same items just

mix the match in different ways okay

listen very very good intro for whatever

reason Kevin I can only see your icon

when you talk I don't know if your

cameras on if your heaven if your having

camera issues okay let me let me see

what's going on here cuz I can see out

and come back in let me let me do that

cuz I can't I'm gonna come I don't do

that I'm gonna come back very good while

we're waiting for Kevin to come back in

again you guys are listening the TSR

live with donovan sharp this is the

three hundred and seventy sixth edition

of TS are alive with donovan sharp if

you guys have any questions for Kevin if

you have any fashion questions if you

have any image consulting questions give

me a call nine one four two oh five five

three five six let me get to some of the

chats here Trebek ins pops the cherry

tonight wizard praying is in the house

good to see you in here

fatiah Scott good to see you in here

miami jay says the TSR that TS our logo

shirt is badass

actually it is a hoodie Devitt like I

was getting ready to I was actually

getting ready to come on live and Devon

comes in

and and she gives me an early Christmas

gift very very cool

it's a you know it's it's a hoodie with

the with the TSR logo of course of

course designed by miami jay himself

that was this is that's actually a

pretty fucking cool gift man and this

just goes to that speaks to the

importance of having a woman who is on

your program right like we all talk

about hey you know how do i vet a woman

how do you know she's a quality woman

this and any other okay she's got to

look good and cook good just like you

guys see here on the screen right don't

be a slut try not to have any

discernible slut tells be nice be kind

be attentive etc etc but what really

separates what really separates Devin

from just about what really separates

her from every woman that I've ever been

with ever and again she's no snowflake

she's no unicorn but what separates her

is that she is on like she is

ride-or-die okay she built my website

you know she helps she helps me she

helps me with my podcast behind the

scenes you know she puts links in and

all this other kind of stuff this is

what she does for living she's a she she

like she makes a living doing doing

internet marketing and she has she has

helped me since day one as a matter of

fact upon being completely honest it's

interesting I was actually talking to

Devin before I even had a podcast and I

listen I had kicked around the idea here

and there but I had never really taken

it seriously because I had a lot of

other things going on I was still in

Vegas live in the live in the fast you

know live in the Vegas fast life but I

remember I had a conversation with her

she said you know what you really should

consider doing a podcast and I was

thinking my self you know whatever and

so finally you know one day I said you

know what let's do it started off as a

weekly thing and it grew into what you

see now now I'm not gonna sit here and

say dovid is the reason why I have a

podcast whether I met her not I would

probably still have a podcast at some

point but I would not have made I can I

can unequivocally say that

I would not have made the progress that

I've made as quickly as I have made it

without her help would I get to this

point without her of course

it probably would have taken me a lot

longer if I'm being a hundred percent

honest and of course you know her buying

me you know her getting me the TSR logo

you know hoodie that listen that's just

them that that's just a mark that that's

just a that just you know that speaks to

her support of my show you know and so

um you know again we always talk about

hey you know how do I know she's a good

woman how do I know I can trust her what

makes a good relationship consider

senator there are many many answers to

that but if you get a woman who is

ride-or-die when she is on your mission

when she when she supports your goals

man that makes it that makes a

difference that makes a difference dude

I've had women dress slutty for me right

I've had women give me awesome sex I've

had women you know take me places I've

had women do this in that in the other

but I've never really had a woman who

supports my mission again that doesn't

make her snow flake or you know corn

right she could go feral at any time for

any reason I could decide I don't want

to be with her I'm not gonna sit here

and wax poetic about how she's some one

in a million girl you guys know how that

is but when you have a woman who who is

right or died for you when she supports

what you do man when she supports what

you do makes a big difference makes a

very very very big difference um let's

see here

Oh Kevin wants me to send the link again

all right hang on Kevin I'm gonna get

you in here alright oops wait a minute

hang on any second Kevin alright let me

just just doin some show maintenance

here guys yeah all right just give me

just a second Kevin and I actually had a

very well we were this is actually why

we're late coming on the air we actually

we we had about a 30 minute conversation

you know Kevin Kevin as always very

always brings the wisdom he's always

very insightful you know about these

kinds of things so I appreciate having


I appreciate having him on for these


definitely that dude Kevin's as smart as

they come dude alright so Kevin the link

is on its way to you alright I send it

to your email so it should be in there I

don't know if that's where you wanted me

to send it but I sent it to your email

alright um freelancer and says I still

need to try that kratom I gotta get off

that damn caffeine yeah dude correct I

actually put an article I think on Negro

manosphere how I beat how I kicked the

caffeine habit I used to be addicted to

caffeine and kratom was one of them that

that I kicked the caffeine habit there

he is Kevin can you hear me yeah for

some reason you're coming up is an

unknown maybe something going on yeah

maybe have a sentence security on cuz

yeah maybe I don't know maybe I'm being

shadowed bad who knows it kept saying

you were up out of my network and oh I

don't know why it does that no idea I

think it's it's part of it's part of

your settings a lot of times because we

like when we set up Google+ yeah Google+

settings because of some of you may have

to click accept calls from contacts oh

okay cuz it's a privacy thing okay cool

so to continue on with what we were

talking about my answer to should man

dress to impress women yeah absolutely

hmm and a lot of a lot of people out

there a lot of I don't want to call them

neat head red pill guys but a lot of

guys who try not to give the impression

that everything they do is for women

they would say well you should never

dress to impress

a woman you should dress to impress

yourself or you should dress to impress

everyone but women and to that I say

listen I understand I certainly

understand the the sentiment there you

don't want to outwardly admit that you

are doing something for to increase your

attitude to get the attention of women

but this is something that we do this is

something that we do as a it's it's it's

in our biological hard drive when we

leave the house we want to look the best

we can

we might not do it strictly for women we

night we might not make you know

wardrobe choices all right what what

wardrobe decision is going to make me

the most attractive to women but it's

definitely a thought it's definitely a

part of the thought process I was

talking yesterday I think I was on with

O'Shea yesterday on the brother pill

podcast I listen I readily admit the

reason I lift weights is so that I can a

sexually attractive to my girlfriend

back in the I lifted weights I did it to

stay sexually attractive to women dude

guys lift weights to get laid that's

just all there is to it yeah I like

being stronger I like being healthier

but the main reason we lift weights is

to increase our reach in terms of our

sexual market value it's the same thing

with the way you dress just because you

dress well or not for the approval of

women but you're you're dressing well -

you know you're dressing well so that

you can be noticed by women there's

nothing wrong with this I think you hit

the nail on the head dress to impress

everyone okay and everyone includes

women can you hear me yep I can hear you

okay I see let's just get real okay

anytime somebody wants to give me a push

back I say okay let's see you check your

body count against my body count right

you can't give me advice unless you

can't tell me shit about what I do

unless you're getting more bitches than

I am you fuck more and you make more

money and you and your circle is bigger

than mine look man like it or not before

the world was civilized the way men keep

score and we keep score has always been

how many bitches you bang pussy and

money sorry

pussy and resources and guys who want to

walk around and say well I don't want to

get dressed you are a fucking lame and

you're basically justifying you're

looking you're looking like a Cheeto

beard dude okay you think you're on this

fucking it's like reversed virtual

signaling I'm red pill red pill doesn't

mean that you're above the biological

imperatives dude put some fucking

clothes on and look like a grown goddamn

man see it's better I never know

man is actually successful has an

abundance mentality and a deep rotation

that would argue this point you know who

would argue these points is these

motherfucking philosophical people who

want to argue the definition of is and

they want to go well let's go look at

what the dictionary says about no no no

no no no no no no no that is not how we

do it in a real world that shit doesn't

work this way and guys sitting online I

know this mental masturbation about what

should and shouldn't that happen if you

me and that guy and another guy we all

went out to a rock concert which of the

four good fuck that night I guarantee

you be you and me that's right now cuz

we know what the fuck we're doing and

you don't yeah um it's always

interesting and it's it's a thin line

sometimes because I'm a listen I've got

a temper problem it's documented i'ma

shoot first ask questions later guy and

that's not most of the time that's not a

good thing because a lot of times and my

guys and the chat will call me out on it

a lot of times someone will say

something in the chat that I take to be

adversarial when they were just when

they're just pointing something out I'm

just an adversarial you know

confrontational guy that listen that is

a frailty of mine you know I try to work

on it I'm not trying to offend my

viewership but this is just the way this

is just the way that I am but every once

in a while you can tell when someone's

just outright just I mean just trying to

measure dicks mm-hmm they're outright

trying to tell you I know more than you

we had a guy in the chat and the brother

pill last night who is he was every

every one of his comments were Donovan's

wrong and this is why

bla bla bla Barbie or was it this our B

network dude oh my god how the fuck did

you know Kevin because he did a show the

other day talk about black YouTube they

won't let real men on a panel this is

the fucking he's trying to be I watched

your show to you

I saw you call into the oh cuz he's

probably watching I watched you calling

to the brother pill I'm gonna put a

comment in and oh shit red and said this

do you want to allow any real men on the

panel your she'll fucking sucks the show

sucks the format sucks you're not good

at what you do

and you cannot use trolling to try to

build a name for yourself if you want to

get good put in the fucking work you

don't control people and then think

because they won't allow you to get on

that they're not real I don't like guys

like this I don't like people like this

and it needs something network our work

our PR network and see these guys like

this they want to sit around and troll

the guys who know what the fuck's going

on and then you know people and

bystanders if you don't slap them down

they start to clutter them they start to

clutter they start to clutter and make a

lot of white noise the mantles fear is

growing and we're going from beginners

red pill is becoming a concept that's

not a new concept it's not a novice

concept and we are going in from the

beginner to the intermediate to the

advanced levels and a lot of the guys

watch you they've been watching you for

a while we know what we're talking about

they're not beginners you know it's like

having to re-explain hypergamy all over

brain virtual signalling having to

explain shit test just because your ass

walked into the movie right now does not

mean you know you walked in on episode 2

episode 3

we've already been down this path you

know the dressing is important the real

question is why I'm sorry dude I'm just

on one because I know any of these dudes

did say this shit off tend to be I mean

I'm like you're not they don't look like

you can't look like a fucking milk done

and tell me what the fuck to do about

and this guy's a fucking loser dude this

guy has something like 1,200 videos I

don't know how many subscribers he's got

but he has videos Cynthia G has 54,000


Shia YouTube did that two days ago 148

years look how long the video that was

on the air for three hours may not and I

tried to listen to him nah I study you

tilling Plex not this guy the old

brother destroys Candace Owens oh he's

one of those fake-ass Pro Bowl gas

niggas ain't know what woody really oh

we had a term for guys like this we come

look guys there's rank and sometimes

you're a loser you want to not be a

loser I can look at this guy go ahead go

ahead my bad guy if you want to not be a

loser you know he'll be better served

instead of trying to tell everybody was

gonna get your ass in the gym lose some

weight learn how to actually get your

social skills get your EQ up and learn

how to get along with people see again I

don't know guys who are not successful

in their chosen field who are always so

confrontational like when people call in

to the brother pill and try to troll you

yeah but you're fucking Devin every

night and like you call him out look

you're mad because you want to fuck me

or you want to be like me and that's the

truth right you bitches call in because

you would fuck a do like Donna McDonald

is just not fucking you I can be real

because I'm not because now we're

getting more mature I'm gonna place to

where I know me and understand what I'm

saying the thing is what really bothers

guys the most here is how much of a

priority should it be and it's gonna be

is it gonna be something that's gonna be

an obsession guys don't want to go

fucking shopping for purses and socks

and shoes you would rather be sitting

around watching the ballgame talking

about stats this is not something guys

want to do so if you can make it simple

and effective why wouldn't why would a

smart logical red pill pussy loving men

not do it if it's gonna increase his

outcomes right right right yeah I'm

looking at this guy's I had no idea who

this guy was until last night and

everything I said this dude disagreed

with I have to watch or listen to this

guy to know he doesn't know what the

fuck he's talking about this guy is a

trihard mm-hmm like he like all he all

it's just confrontational radio he runs

as he runs up at the mouth for three

hours a day he's a fat guy I'm like dude

you couldn't get pussy a pussy you nerd

you me and this guy go out to a club no

that's never gonna happen Kevin I just

said we were all work for the same

company we were forced he would be he

would be pussy repellant he'll be the

guy look no you don't come tell men who

know what the fuck to do what to do this

is the problem with the internet people

who shouldn't be talking talk and then

the guys who should be talking you know

we sit here and try to be reasonable but

none of it you know what the fuck you're

talking about you are proving your bona

fides is there that would be like why

control you right right right well no

here's the thing

I'll tell you exactly why and there's a

there was a guy on the internet for

about six or seven months ago

his name was Steve Hoka I don't mind I

don't mind saying the guy's name I give

him all the publicity he wants the guy

fucking blows this guy Steve Hoka what

he would do is anytime Rollo Tomassi

made an appearance on YouTube because of

course we say hey you know I'm talking

about X Y Z hmm with with Rollo Tomassi

um this guy would start a stream

simultaneously and yeah you know robos

talking about this and this is why he's

wrong you'd have like 20 you'd have like

20 or 25 guys watching and he would send

people into it this actually happened

when I was on there he would send people

into he would send people into my chat

and say yeah you know if you wanna if

you disagree with Rollo come over to

Steve Hoka and I'm like are you kidding

me so you're trying to make your name

anytime you try to make your name by

besmirching or talking shit about other

guys it's not gonna it's it's not gonna

happen unless you know what you're

talking about right if listen if you

know your shit and yeah I mean if you

need if you know a little bit of Flint

to start the match that's fine but this

guy I could just look at this guy that's

all you're gonna have to make content

yes eventually in there and this is all

o tactic and what I've learned is you

know better to shut these dudes down

quickly because you bring nothing except

confusion and here's the thing the


is growing at a rate such that the

separation is going to be even more this

was reasonably should have tried 18

months ago there's too much work and too

much credibility built for to be

starting this now

and and here's the real net-net of it

show me your body count dude

show me the bitches you fuck show me

show me give me something show me what

you can do don't talk about what the

points show me and nobody can get out

and show now you can't be it and the

thing is you can't be it so you want to

try to be it online do these internet

muscles this is what so many guys get

started like well who do we listen to

here's how you listen to the guys who

actually live what they do why why do

you guys who when they first turned on

me say who's this corny ass due to the

suit I can't relate to him but every

time you see me I'm consistent right

every time you see me I'm saying the

same shit and even begrudging you like

you know what fuckers got a point I hate

that listen I hate the motherfucker but

he's got a point and and if it's gonna

help me increase my outcomes great

tell me Shaq wouldn't a woman to get

better and free throws if he could right

of course he just didn't want to that's

why he never got better and that's what

I'm saying it's kind of like you know so

my cell we're in direct game versus that

look dude does it work for getting you

the outcome you want or do you want any

outcome some guys honestly think about


Jason black I know you probably don't

watch him but I need to go watch this

broadcast he talked about men in

particular black men in particular have

been so marginalized that the Internet

has given an opportunity for certain

guys black socially awkward whatever a

chance to be heard and speak and when

they get oh and they just talk if you

ever wonder why a guy can run how you

could run a three hour livestream we

have 20/20 views and you do it month in

a month a week and a week at 1200 video

dude and I and I here's the thing not

that I not that I would do what he would

do not that what he's doing is right but

I guess this is kind of his Hail Mary

he's been at this forever

yeah dude he's got he's got 12 he's got

over 1200 videos and this nigga gets on

and he just talks shit for three hours

and he's not getting any

we're so hungy would have troll it's

where the yeah so he says you know what

I'm gonna go to where the action is and

I'm going to I'm gonna troll guys like

he thinks he thinks he can he can he can

light a match in that way

there's just one problem you fuckin blow

man like you suck like it would be one

thing if you're putting out good content

but you don't have receipts of good

content if you're good people know and

understand that you are good that

there's all there is to it well it's

kind of hard to look at a guy who I mean

okay like you look like you do and you

want to talk about what this no no no

you can't do that yeah definitely

definitely not gonna happen um you guys

are listening to TSR alive with donovan

sharp i'm here with special guest kevin

Samuels asking questions should men

dress to impress women ed Ian and the

chat says I never dress do or do

anything for women except brush my teeth

listen Eddie I appreciate you commenting

but you're not you're being dishonest

like I know you would like to think that

right I know you would like to think

that you don't do anything for women but

subconsciously you do right a selfish

gene theory typically for women like

okay and if I do this is that going to

impress women but seeing things like I

don't do anything for women and women

except brush my teeth that's being

intellectually dishonest because we all

again women are always on our mind this

is why we do what hard okay dude is this

your Eddie Eddie in is this your picture

in your avatar is that your picture in

your avatar would you know all the

muscles and everything yeah Eddie if you

would answer the question I mean if that

if that's your picture this guy in the

Avatar as he looks like a bodybuilder

right you're standing on stage I'm

assuming you can compete you cannot lie

about this point right right I mean but

your avatar is a complete up completely

destroys your whole argument that's

exactly right

so now no now this isn't to say to your

the thing and I want to make this clear

this isn't to say that if he is a

bodybuilder and I doubt that he is

because if you were a bodybuilder he

wouldn't be watching a live stream about

fashion advice right you know 6:15

eastern your ass would probably be

somewhere in a gym but assuming that he

really is a bodybuilder yeah listen

nobody gets into bodybuilding and do and

does bodybuilding contests specifically

for women but guess what you understand

that that is a fringe benefit exactly

that is on your mind listen you listen

you don't put pictures of yourself as a

bodybuilder on social media because you

know you're not you're doing that for

women right guys don't give a fuck what

you look like oh you know cool fucking

cool fucking boy subs bro no that's not

what you're doing that for and that's

okay right

like lit listen girls like big muscles

girls like guys who are in great shape

yeah I was a skinny fuck for the longest

and when I finally when I was sick but

when I got over what was bothering me

I'm a cancer survivor

I was in four hours day four days a week

the first time I actually put on some

real muscle and I had two pecs and some

traps and triceps yeah I experienced

something I never experienced before in

my life

women drooling over me when I took my

shirt off because I actually had a

chestnuts like goddamn you don't think

that was motivation to go in there and

pump more weight you got them right

because it's hardwired into us look dude

disdain the things you cannot have one

the third law number 36 of the 48 laws

of power disdain the things you cannot

have colloquially we call it sour grapes

why do most guys don't worry about the

image because they don't know how to

fucking do it so one of the best ways to

say it's not important or listen to the

rest of this episode go to donovan sharp

calm thanks for watching


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