Single Mothers are THE WORST wives and girlfriends: BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

In episode 105, Donovan Sharpe goes hard on single mothers. He calls them out for their terrible behavior, their promiscuity, their selfishness, and their bad parenting. He makes it crystal clear as to why single moms make the worst wives and girlfriends.

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Since the start of third wave feminism, single motherhood has been touted as heroic, noble, and worthy of the utmost reverence from all who have the privilege of laying their eyes on such a woman.

Predictably, females have taken this false respect and wear it as a badge of honor. Anyone who doubts their inflated egos need only take a 5 minute stroll through any number of social media feeds and it’s easy to see these broads think much more of themselves than they should.

Most men with red pill awareness know that single moms are a bad bet in terms of any sort of commitment outside of a one night stand or a one week fling. But there are still dudes out here wifing these bitches up and touting these chicks as the queens of the fucking universe.

If any of you reading this are one of these idiots, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. But allow me to free you of the shackles of making the egregious mistake of committing to a woman with one or more whipper snappers runnin’ around, and give you 8 reasons you need to get off this narcotic.

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coming up on the sharp reality stay the

hell away from single mothers they are

not worth committing to I'm going to

give you guys a treasons single mothers

are the worst wives and girlfriends on

the planet TSR life starts right now

kids can be manipulated into saying

anything and if you think for one second

that quote the truth will set you free

think again it wouldn't even sit here's

again it wouldn't even take a convincing

statement from a kid to put you behind


anytime you allow her to leave you alone

with a kid you're taking it on and

unnecessary risk guys and don't kid

yourself no matter how well you think

you know a woman understand that she'll

throw you under the bus with a fall with

a false accusation and not feel one bit

of guilt for doing it not and now your

man what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of tes

our live let's get right down to

business guys single mothers are

absolutely the worst significant others

on the planet there is no doubt about it

they are not worth committing to outside

of maybe a fuck-buddy arrangement

outside of a booty call outside of a

one-night stand single mothers are

they're not worth it do not commit to

these hoes since the start of third wave

feminism particularly third wave

feminism single motherhood has been

touted as heroic it's been touted as

noble it's been touted as worthy of the

utmost course of the utmost reverence

for all whom have the privilege of

laying their eyes on such a woman it's

it's it is sickening to see all of the

reverence and respect and benefits they

get for for doing nothing and we'll get

to that and we'll get to that a little

bit now predictably females or single

mothers have taken this false respect

and they wear it as a badge of honor

anyone who doubts their inflated egos

just take a five minute just take a

five-minute stroll through any of their

social media feeds and it's easy to see

that it's easy to see that single moms

or single mothers because there's there

is a difference between a mother and a

mom and I'll get to that later it's easy

to see why these broads theme much more

of themselves much more of themselves

than they really should now most men

with red pill awareness we already know

that single moms are a bad bet in terms

of any sort of commitment outside of a

one-night stand or a week you know maybe

a one or two week fling or fuck-buddy

arrangement etcetera etc but there are

still dudes out here wife in these

bitches up and touting these chicks as

the Queen's of the fucking universe

there they're still despite what we know

about single moms even men and denial

then even men without word denial they

still know that single moms are a bad

bet but they're still wife in these hoes

up if any of you watching this are one

of these idiots don't worry guys your

secret's safe with me I'm not gonna tell

anybody but allow me to free you guys of

the shackles of making the egregious

mistake of committing to a woman with

one or more kids running around and give

you eight reasons you guys need to get

off this narcotic number one their

bodies are ruined their buddies are

fucking rode they're never the same back

when back when they were childless back

when back when women were childless in

their you know when they are 1819 in

their early 20s guys they have awesome

bodies their tits are perky their asses

are nice and tight their midsections are

sexy as hell a lot of them have navel

piercings which is a slut tale but it's

still hot when I see a girl with a navel

piercing I'm not thinking about wife in

the bitch up I'm thinking about sticking

my dick in her ass it's a turn-on for me

I'm sure it's a turn-on for a lot of you

guys out there younger girls have you

know their their skin is tight its soft

its supple the way a woman's body should

be after even one child guys if she and

I want to make this distinction if she

doesn't do what's necessary to get her

body back which in this day and age with

the science and the medicine and the

this information that we now have

regarding health things go south in a

hurry guys and we see it all around it's

look her tits start to sag

cellulite starts to make it starts to

make its way on to her ass and thighs

her stomach isn't quite so tight anymore

it it's it's it's flabby and worst of

all is the S word stretch marks oh my

god Donovan you uncensored an ass all a

woman can't help it if she has stretch

and she has stretch marks oh yes she can

I fucked more than a few single moms who

have zero stretch marks on their body

what listen what woman I was fuckin down

in Vegas had three count count him three

kids not a single stretch mark none on

her stomach none on her sides none on

her ass well actually she had a couple

on hurt she had a couple of she had a

few on her tits but but but again it was

only because she neglected she told me

that she neglected that area when

applying you know the cocoa based

stretch mark eliminating products five

times daily during pregnancy which is

necessary for a woman when she's

pregnant to avoid stretch marks it can

be done oh my god Donovan we don't have

time to slather on cocoa butter all day

we have jobs and a kid and a wife sure

you do you just don't want it bad enough

and you know it

fat girls complain that they don't have

the time to go to the gym that girls

complained that cooking every meal at

home and and watching what they eat all

the time is too much trouble and too

time-consuming well you know what maybe

it is maybe it isn't but if you don't

want it bad enough but if you want it

bad enough you're gonna make the time in

the effort to stay to get and stay thin

and listen make no mistake about a

gentleman childbirth avoiding stretch

marks during childbirth it's not easy

it's not easy for a woman to avoid when

she's pregnant but it is possible and

I've seen it on more than one occasion

I've seen it with my own two eyes I

fucked listen I fucked plenty single

bombes most of my strenght have stretch

marks a lot of them didn't now what they

all have in common is that each and

every one of each and every one of them

did what was necessary I mean dude

listen you have to slather on the cocoa

butter all day every day if you really

to avoid them that's what's that's

what's necessary that that's what's

necessary now

single moms in this environment they're

not here for that all right there they

ain't here to do what's necessary to to

eliminate the bad traits from themselves

being fat stretch marks stretch marks

etc you know what single moms are here

for guys they're here for the excuses

that they've been giving since their

first unexpected unexpected pregnancy

when they told everyone the condom broke

or that she was raped or that she was

drunk sweetheart you have stretch marks

because you're fucking lazy they're

fucking disgusting and you fucking know

it now if she has more than one kid and

she's lazy oh dude it's over with her

body looks like a tiger she's got loose

skin her her tits oh my god her tits

fall to the side when she lays down and

her put her pussy's loose because she

didn't do kegels like you should which

are the easiest fucking thing to do in

the world they couldn't even be bothered

to do that like I said guys there are

plenty of women out there with multiple

children whose bodies show little to no

child little to no signs of childbirth

because the because the desire and the

discipline not to let themselves go you

do you do what you really want to do you

make time and you put in the effort for

the shit that you really want to get

done but because of body positivity and

of course the glorification of single

motherhood most women have little to no

motivation to get back into shape after

having kids and listen to be honest with

you why should they okay

these bitches are told that they're

perfect no matter no matter how they

look and that their children make them

the most desirable women out there there

are so many fucking articles out there

guys seventy reasons why it's better to

why it's better to date or marry single

mom than a child this woman you got to

be fucking kidding me with that and

there are dudes out here by an end of

this shit so expecting a woman to have

the stick-to-itiveness to get her body

back into shape when she's told these

things by anything and everything around

them that's a bad bet at best

all right let's see what we've got here

in chat cc cool Khaleesi in there man

shout out to my man CC old-school writer

I think this is the first time I've seen

you in there let's see oh yeah the pedal

yeah that pouch is nasty look I can't

listen I can't even look at my screen

cuz that picture is fucking disgusting

oh yeah yeah Donnell back the girl voice

Donnell you know it's funny man a lot of

people that I talked to asked me well

why do you why do you do the girl voice

because to me after it and I don't know

maybe this'll and I say this kind of

tongue-in-cheek but after you take the

red pill all women sound the same and

they sound exactly like this it it's so

funny woman's try so hard to be unique

and to separate themselves like I'm not

the typical female the more atypical a

woman tries to be the more typical she

turns out to be that's just that's just

the general rule-of-thumb logic wins

what's up man I haven't seen you in here

in a while maybe I haven't been been

paying attention definitely good to see

you guys thanks for tuning in all right

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Kohli but I am absolutely I'm absolutely

going to get it soon let's see I'm on

here dawn just change the spelling my

username okay all right oh then it says

clutch very very nice zenit dos I don't

know if I'm saying that correctly but

you and I were on a pod can we were on a

show with O'Shea Duke Jackson where

there was a woman I think her name was

like Jimi Hendrix or Jimi something or

other and I think I went in on her the

most she she didn't want to tell us that

she was a liberal so I asked her a few

questions and like every woman she

straddled the fence it didn't want to

give a hard-line answer and she it

turned out that she was all

I called her on it and I was like you

know what I rest my case she's like what

do you mean you okay so this is little

fuck with black juice anymore all y'all

are fuckin angry bitches so good to see

you in here Zen at us I don't know how

you pronounce that but but good to see

you guys in here okay number two they

are bad parent single mothers are bad

fucking parents let me be clear when I

see this gentleman so there's no

mistaking what I'm saying I have never

ever met a single mother who was a good

mother yes my own mother

included for all you trolls out there

who were waiting to pounce at that tired

ass rebuttal well was you're a single

mother bad mother yes she was a bad

fucking mother she is fucking every

nigga on the block left us with her

incapable father so that she could chase

some nigga in Detroit yes bad single

mother my mom included loved my mom

she's a bad fucking mom every single mom

I know is a bad mother and and guys

listen I'm not exaggerating I'm sure

there are good mothers out there but I

have never met one ever and no and guys

just to be clear I'm not talking about

I'm not talking about women who have a a

one week on one week off custody

arrangement with dad those are a little

bit different I'm talking about women

who have full custody of her children

but there's still bad fucking moms

single moms are selfish they're

impulsive they listen guys they rarely

think of their children when making

decisions especially when they're when

they're fucking other dudes one chick I

oh my god one chick I knew down in Vegas

she has a son who is so poorly behaved

and he's got an absentee father and moms


this this man brings all kinds of chaos

do it he has slashed her tires on more

than one occasion he showed a better job

busted the windows out of her car dude

he destroyed her 70-inch plasma screen

TV and the kid I feel sorry for the kid

because his eyes are shining with

intelligence but he's a disrespectful

little Brandis always getting in trouble

at daycare listen this guy's gonna this

guy is gonna this kid unfortunately for

him is gonna end up in prison soon after

he turns 18 and it might even happen

sooner after that I used to joke with

her all the time hey you better get your

bail money ready she didn't like it but

she knew I was right

I knew a couple of black girls in North

Carolina who both had four kids by three

different dudes but they somehow managed

to find time to go to the club every

weekend if you guys take a closer look

at the single moms that you know of you

guys will quickly see that they are bad

parents just pay attention and don't

give me this well I know a woman who

goes to all of her son's basketball

games well maybe but what you leave out

is that she's on her phone texting with

the five dude she's fucking and has no

idea what happened in the game now her

mother will tell her all about the game

on the way to her house because her mom

is once again watching them this weekend

while while she goes to the club that

night then comes back to pick them up

the next afternoon with another after

another fuck fest with whatever his name

was this time at the club who bought me

an appletini it's not enough that even

kids raised by good single mothers which

again I haven't met yet it's bad enough

that those kids turn out fucked up no

that's not enough these bitches got to

be bad parents on top of that single

moms are terrible parents by default

period number three it's never their

fault they're single mothers guys single

moms are single moms because they had

unprotected sex with men they had no

business having unprotected sex with

they were being hoes decided to let a

bunch of dudes raw doggin and now

they've got three kids Oh she'll tell

you she was in a committed relationship

and that she was the perfect girlfriend

or the perfect wife right she they

always tell us this she'll tell you she

made her man three meals a day took

great care of the kids took him to

soccer practice swim lessons even signed

him up for jujitsu then she'll tell you

that despite the fact she was the

perfect woman in every way that out of

nowhere for no reason at all that her

husband treated her like shit just all

of a sudden out of the blue he was an

alcoholic drug addict hybrid who fucked

prostitutes while simultaneously

gambling away their life savings then

when he stumbled in at all hours of the

night he beat her call her names and

rape her every night of the week and she

endured this for five long painful years

but guys that's never true okay she'll

never tell you that she had a one-night

stand with her boss or that she went

home with some dude from the from the

club and forgot to take the

morning-after pill after he after she

let him raw dog her all night she'll

never tell you that her boyfriend her

husband found out that she was fucking

multiple dudes for over a year and

wasn't sure if all of his children were

biologically his so he left her a she'll

never tell you that

so never tell you that she decided to

divorce rape him after she started

fucking her personal trainer at the gym

no it is always the very worst case

scenario and she bears no responsibility

or accountability for her single

motherhood every single time without

exception that's how it is all the time

number 4 fucking hell man single moms

are always broke these these bitches

these bitches never have money man

listen women with a bunch of kids or

some broke-ass bitches guys they never

have money it listen never mind the fact

that as women they're naturally

impulsive and aren't good with money in

the first place okay if they have even

one kid most of her money in some way

shape or form may go to the kid and

that's even that's if she's even a

half-decent parent in the first place

which again I still listen

single moms if you're if you're a good

single mama you're watching they say

listen I'm gonna have to meet you oh

good I've never met a good single mom in

my life maybe I will one day haven't met

him yet I just turned 40 I don't know

I'm losing hope single mothers or single

moms their money pits let guys trust and

believe that if you ever date one you're

gonna be paying for everything every

step of the way listen you want to go to

the movies well you want to take your

single mom girlfriend out to the movies

guess what you'll be paying for her

ticket you'll be paying for your ticket

her ticket her three kids tickets and

then another fix and then another $60

for snacks and drinks all right going

out to eat guys if she's not even gonna

pony up the money further for the tip

want to go on a weekend getaway she'll

bring all of her kids because she wants

them to experience things she knows she

can't and won't do on her own without

you and guess who foots the bill you do

every time without exception listen a

single mom will never tell you hey let's


the beach my treat it's on me you're

never gonna hear her say that single

moms are or single mothers rather

they're a bad investment of your time

and effort because they stay broke all

the goddamn time so they're a bad

investment financially stay the fuck

away from them and your bank account

will thank you believe me all right

let's see we got here in the chit got a

bunch of alright okay Don Calypso I'm

kicking ass I I appreciate it

just say no to single moms we need to

make a we need to come up with a t-shirt

just say just say no to single moms good

stuff good stuff all right excellent if

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yeah but Tarleton the nest I don't know

if I'm saying that right yeah I remember

I actually talked about her her name was

Carla I think was episode 21 or 22 how I

tried to turn a ho into a housewife yeah

dude I used to pay for her kids

fucking Chicken McNuggets all the

goddamn time oh yeah yeah alright good

shit ok number 5 you are never the

priority the the priority ever now you

would think because single you you would

think that because single moms are our

bad parents that a single mother would

treat you like a king right I mean you

know if she if she only pays attention

to her kids when it's time to put him to

bed or to yell at him for interrupting

or while she's almost scrolled through

her Facebook or Instagram feed

surely you as a man you as her boyfriend

would be the beneficiary of her lack of

good mothering right no not even close

guys see my moms are selfish as fuck

which means they only look out for the

cells if they don't print yes have to

think about it this way if single

mothers don't prioritize the needs of

their own offspring they're damn sure

not gonna treat you any better unless

you're treating them like absolute

dogshit you got a run extreme asshole

game on single moms for her to treat you

even halfway decent now

single mothers also use their children

as a shield for their poor treatment of

you they'll say shit like my kids come

first or my kids are my priority which

we all know it's all bullshit but it's a

go-to favorite of a single mother when

she's telling you she hasn't you know

when when when she tell you why she

hasn't seen you in over a week

then she'll turn around and dump you and

say because it's you know big is because

you don't get along with their kids and

her kids are her priority you know it's

funny her can't hurt her kids seem to

get along with you just fine you were

buying I'm shitting taking taking them

everywhere all week number six

single mothers bring nothing to the

table nothing now why do you think

single mothers don't bring anything to

the table what why do you think they're

useless because they don't think they

have to be useful guys they don't bring

anything to the table because they don't

think they have to the world at large

tells single mothers that they've made

the ultimate sacrifice and having

children and raising them and that

there's nothing there's nothing more

that they need to do because they've

accomplished this harrowing feat let's

get this straight guys I'm gonna keep it

100 with you becoming a mother that's


all the female has to do to become a

mother is open her legs and let a man

blow his load in her then nine months

later she's so full of sedatives and end

and anesthesia's and epidurals that had

that actually having the kid hurts less

to her than taking a shit so I don't

want to hear I spent two hundred and

seventeen hours of childbirth and in

child labor childbirth is so hard

nah bitch having kids these days is as

easy as it's ever been

it's the being a good mom part that

seems to evade most women and that's the

real challenge

it's and and I've alluded to this this

this entire episode Mother's Day

shouldn't be called Mother's Day it

should be called mom's day and not

Mother's Day because that a female can

be a mother any female can be a

biological mother just open your legs

and get fucked raw dog

it takes a good woman to be a mom but I

digress let me not get off-track here

you think a single mom who gets all of

these accolades and all of this praise

for just being a single mom you think

she's gonna cook for you you think she's

gonna give you the pussy when you want

it you think she's gonna be a pleasant

woman who respects who represents you

well in public when she when she thinks

that shitting out a few kids is all she

has to do to get commitment and great

treatment from men like you or other men

of value fuck no and the reason for that

is because as far as they're concerned

being a single mother is all she needs

if being a single mother is all she

needs is all she needs to be to deserve

the best life with the best man possible

and think about it this way again why

should she expand her value as a partner

if she feels she's already reached the

pinnacle of womanhood which is single

motherhood in today's society I said it

earlier today am I in my and my other

episode talk about Zeke Elliott why

would someone who has a bunch of eggs in

his fridge go and pay for them at the

grocery store

why would a woman want to work for

something she already gets for free

she wouldn't so she's not all right good

stuff yeah South Beach bonitas yeah I

like the yeah I like the new format

myself I figured I'd make it a little

more interactive not really interactive

but it's I like the way it looks I like

the you know I like the like the ticker

on the bottom all right okay number

seven and this one is really fucking

serious man being around her kid exposes

you to false abuse accusations I talked

about this briefly in in episode 14 and

so you guys might want to go check out

it's called it's called okay hang on

guys looks like I'm having some

technical difficulties here all right

there we go I'm looking at myself am I

good to go somebody let me know in the

chat let me know if I'm still online

here because I saw that my stream was

all right I see my stream is still still

going here

looks like my

pardon the interruption guys it looks

like I'm good to go

okay oh okay very good thank you all

right appreciate it

all right all right excellent excellent

Oh my assistant is is in the room all

right good good shit good shit

yeah but a straight Tarleton you get

cock-blocked at Abed tell you Mo's

wanted to go home cool I want to start a

kiss and it's not me upstairs bedroom

I'm telling you what dude mom dude

listen man single moms and and milfs

quote-unquote they're the there's some

of these fucking targets out there all

you got to do with these bitches is show

a little bit of masculinity and they're

dropping their panties and that's that's

a third where in any in the first place

anyway the number seven reason why

single moms are the worst significant

others on the planet is that being

around her kid exposes you to false

child abuse accusations and again go

back to episode 14 I expounded on that a

little bit guys females do not handle

rejection well at all I remember I

dumped an older woman I think she was

like in her mid-40s she was hot but you

know I dumped her and a week later I

caught her trying to put sugar in my

fucking gas tank okay and that's not the

worst thing that a woman's ever tried

because she got pissed off that you know

pissed off that basically like I said

women don't handle rejection well and

guys we've all heard stories of crazy

things females do when the shit doesn't

go their way especially when it comes to

men like I said well like I just said a

busted window a slashed heirarchy car


those things suck but and those are one

thing but a false accusation of abuse

against her kids

that's another and if you think the

woman and guys I want to make this clear

if you think for one second that a woman

would not absolutely stoop to those

depths to get back at you for whatever

reason whatever reason she wants you

you'll be in a world of hurt and you're

not gonna see it coming all right that

that's just gonna come out of nowhere

and guys women do this shit all the time

and if you don't believe me just do a

quick Google search dude you'll find a

shitload of stories to back this up all

right and and as we all know like I told

like I was talking about with Zeke


they're men in the in the eyes of the in

the eyes of the in a court of law where

guilty's are proven innocent when it

comes to violence against women children

etc we don't get a fair defense and and

again there doesn't even have to be

evidence for the cops to lock you up all

mom has to do guys is tell her kid to

tell the cops you did something to them

and you're behind bars and your life's

effectively over all right it doesn't

matter whether you're whether you're

formally charged or convicted if they

even detain you they don't even have to

arrest you if they even detain you an

investigation turns your life upside

down and it becomes a permanent stain on

you and that ain't the stain you want

listen man women listen women can get

over violent criminals if you tell your

woman listen I've got a I've got a

criminal record

you know I beat up a couple of people

women will get over that but if she

finds out that you did something to kids

or that you were investigated with kids

doesn't matter how much game you have

women dude women are not down with that

and most men aren't either you can take

what these bitches if you want but you

have to understand that a woman will do

anything to get back at you including

using her kids to get your ass locked up

trust and believe just do a google

search if you don't believe me those

stories are out there all right let's

see here the fresh off the divorce

absolutely Seth Rollins I'm not I'm not

Philly I'm not familiar with Seth

Rollins simply people have to google him

yeah she was a fun she was a cunt I mean

listen she was hot but she I don't know

she was she was a she had a few screws

loose man like she was oh my god she was

fucking and she was a coke head - dude

how dude how the fuck are you 44 years

old and you have a fucking nickel and a

coke habit oh yeah listen she is a

good-looking woman but her like her nose

and all this was always right she was

always fucking with that booger sugar

all right very good

yeah that's listen that's all I did man

and she's a good looking woman she's

women are used to women are used to

pulling the plug first if you got if god

forbid you tell the woman hey I don't

want to see you anymore you don't even

have to they want an explanation but

they're not a woman is never gonna say

to you hmm you know what I like the way

you just dump me life goes on and I

think I'm gonna let

if you break things off with a woman a

shit storm is coming get the fuck out of

there yeah I caught the bitch trying to

put sugar in my goddamn gas tank I had

one of those I didn't have a locking gas

door but I had a locking gas cap and I

heard it I heard it clicking I guess she

was trying to get in I looked out my

fucking window I ended up chasing her

dumb ass away uh-oh oh no Smith no I've

never heard of that oh my god I yeah

Cobie Anthony listen man I mean I don't

listen that's that that sound advice to

do a background check on all the chicks

that you fought with but a man with a

red pill game you don't really need to

do a background check on a woman a woman

will a woman will inadvertently tell on

herself anyway what listen women talk to

you god damn much anyway and if you

spend you don't even have to spend a lot

of time with her to figure out what you

need to figure out about her she'll let

you know yeah this is the only hope for

single mothers is to get with single

dads I don't know maybe but if single if

single dads get hip to the script man

I'm gonna tell you what oh my god yeah

listen dude listen I lived in Vegas and

I fucked a lot of chicks who I was

thinking to myself you know what this

this chick has like fake tits and she's

- purrs yeah like it looked like it

looked like she may or may not have done

porn that's for sure

South Beach bonitas I didn't do a show

specifically about women and drugs if if

if my memory serves me it was it was a

show about the one and only way women

can women can destroy themselves if

they're alcoholics if women destroy

themselves through dicks they use

different means and methods to destroy

themselves through dicks but it always

comes back to cock if a woman is an

alcoholic she's she's fucking and

sucking dick if she has a drug problem

she's fucking and sucking if she's an

adventure holic she's fucking and

sucking but she competes in fitness

competition she's fucking and sucking

the only way women destroy themselves is

through is through cock

sugar mamas um-hmm yeah sugar mamas are

they're tricky man like you have to you

have to be careful with sugar mamas

because and if you're gonna fuck with a

sugar mama she's got to know that you're

in charge she has to understand she has

to know she has to know that her money

is not like she has to know that that

that she is not in control of the

relationship and what sugar mom is like

to do they like to get with weak-willed

men and think okay I'm gonna bend this

guy to my will because I've got money

and he needs me no no no no if you're

gonna fuck with a sugar mama make sure

you have some money saved up make sure

you don't depend on her financially that

way you can walk at any time I mean

always be ready to walk away so yeah

sugar mamas are fine they pay for

everything they usually have really good

jobs they suck great dick that's that's

usually how it is so guys be sure to

check out my Facebook page be sure to

LIKE my facebook page I'll just do a

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and like my page that you can get

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pasta and podcasts that I that I drop in

the future all right let's round 3rd and

head for home here number 8 baby daddy

drama and of course I'm using air quotes

when I talk about this stuff guys here's

the Donovan sharp definition of baby

daddy drama the the Donovan sharper

dictionary the the Donovan sharp

definition of baby daddy drama is the

mating dance of choice between the

unmarried parents of a child or children

which acts as a precursor and

subsequently the catalyst to further

sexual intercourse that's it that's baby

daddy drama guys one of the biggest

mistakes that men who date single

mothers make is actually believe in

these bitches when they talk about how

they hate the father of them a father of

her children how they hate their baby


they said and these men lease it there

and they listen women said oh I can't

believe he did this with with the furrow

brow and she talks about how he cheated

on her and about how he's a womanizer

and I can't trust him he had a temper

and he treated me badly and this and

that any other but those in the know

those who have red pill awareness we

know and understand that baby mamas all

always check in for their baby daddies

and how do we know this they had his

kids that's how we know women can say

whatever they want guys but at the end

of the day they let these dudes raw dog

them enough to put at least one baby in

her which means she was and is still

aroused by him on a primal level listen

he can be listen he can be a broke

abusive alcoholic drug addict but that

doesn't mean she still doesn't want to

fuck him and there are very few

exceptions to this rule so when she

cheats on the man who makes the who

makes the mistake of committing to her

in the first place and she will G

because single mothers Jesus is what

they do better than nine times out of

ten it's with the baby daddy we've all

heard about we've all heard stories of

this so if she calls you to bitch about

how she can't believe her baby daddy

said this or did that it guys I can't

make this any more clear it is a

mathematical inevitability that she will

be taking his loads again this is how it


let's see here where can you find a

sugar mama master make thanks for the

love man appreciate that where can you

find a sugar mama I don't know I don't

really know I don't know maybe go to a

club dudes I'd stop going to the club a

while back you know that that fast Vegas


I mean I'm 40 man I'm not I'm not 24

anymore I don't know go to the club look

for an older woman

you know she's you know she's got on

Michael if she's got a Michael Kors bag

or a Louis Vuitton bag that that that's

just how it is you know you can check

her out

good suggestion logic wins yeah

definitely yeah definitely the aunt

definitely target yeah look well you

know what I can't tell you where to find

sugar mamas but I can tell you where not

to find them and Walmart is absolutely

the top you're not gonna find a sugar

mama at Walmart you'll find you'll fit

your problem and I don't know this from

experience because I don't go look

for sugar mamas that's never that's

never been my that's never been my style

or my cup of tea though it what it saved

me a shitload of money back in the day

that's for sure

I don't know I would check places like

Target Starbucks any highfalutin place

department stores you know Nordstrom's

JC Penney yeah I don't know to help its

any any high-dollar place I don't know

uh so uh beauty salon I don't know help

him out help him out guys I don't have

experience with with with trollin for

with with trolling for for the sugar

mamas okay what if it's a bad single mom

who cooperates be more specific there

see see cooperates yeah be more specific

what are you talking about there yeah

sugar mamas there see emerge Oh Charles

merchant is in the house what's up man

see merch in the house hey Charles are

you in Vegas I think you said that you

were in Vegas I remember you saying that

uh that you live down in Vegas Oh Miami

Beach sugar mama haven't got damn dude

man I missed the boat on that dude I've

been to Miami countless times and I

never I was never able to hitch my wagon

to one okay so she does what she's told

um if if a single mother is a good this

is this is this is the quagmire with

single mothers if a single mother is a

good girlfriend then she has to be a bad

mother because if she she's given all of

her time and attention to giving you

blow job sucking your dick making your

meals then she's neglecting her kids as

a byproduct of that natural action but

if she's a good mom she's gonna be a bad

girlfriend because her kids have to be

her priority as a single mom you're

damned if you do damned if you don't

know how to give a fuck it's not fair

fuck you guys I don't care doesn't

matter to me that's just how it is oh

okay see Mertz you're definitely in

Vegas yeah I had to leave that life see

merch and you are not lying listen


oh my god oh it's so Summerlin

God you know what you know what you're

right see Murch out there in Summerlin

man yeah a lot a lot a lot of fake titty

you know blondes out there in their

early to mid 40s you know looking for

looking for a man to put up and take

care of and and dick him every dick him

every ten minutes or whatever so yeah

that's Summerlin I never even thought

about that but you're right man

I've heard that Henderson I got a buddy

of mine who still lives down in Vegas he

says he he goes to Henderson all the

time I know I also know a guy who used

to be my guy he used to be my quasi

property manager

he lives in Henderson so yeah definitely

yeah yep coochi shade slit again just

look for women who are wearing hot now

now keep in mind that hood rats they

wear high-dollar shades too all right

they got michael kors bags too but you

have to look at the way she dresses the

way she smells and the car she drives so

mexican hotties listen for it listen

guys if you are new to the red pill and

you don't have any kids and you're


and you want and you want to get laid

guys Las Vegas Nevada it is I'm telling

you what man finding the red pill in Las

Vegas is it that place single-handedly

made me the man I am today I mean it

like like the bitches out there are so

like they are so easy like yeah now look

you still have to have game to fuck

these bitches but it's it's it's how can

I put this it leaves a lot of room for

there's much much bigger margin for

error out in Vegas that's for sure

Bobby I'll back yes yes and see see Las

Vegas is absolutely not expensive to

live listen the the cost of living in

the state of Nevada is really really low

it is a it is a low tax state there's no

listen there's no state taxes there's no

income taxes there's no taxes on food

dude you could get a two-bedroom

apartment just off the strip

two bedrooms you

might even get a hot tub in that 850 a

month and I'm not exaggerating man like

dude I'm bro that's what I'm saying man

that listen Charles merchant just said

dead dude brah lay up central you'll

have to shoot threes in Las Vegas man

you can sit right there in the paint and

take all those easy layups on the reel

nope no income taxes no income taxes no

cheap with and down south see see

cheaper than listen lost listen if

you're looking for now you can't be a

broke-ass motherfucker living down there

but dude if you could get a you can get

a job driving a forklift making 13 14

dollars an hour you can live like a king

in Vegas man you can live like now don't

make too many trips to Los Angeles or

Santa Monica otherwise you'll be broke

because as soon as you cross that

California state line man it's almost

like shit gets shit gets really I think

it's funny like you drive your car

across the state line you look at your

car all of a sudden looks like I'm using

gas looks like I'm using gas a lock what


it's but yeah I would HIGHLY highly

recommend anyone who's new to the red

pill and they're looking for a new fresh

new start now there are good and bad

things about Las Vegas to be sure no

place is perfect but Vegas man that was

I could not have picked a better City

for me to and San Diego is really

expensive it is it's it's a great it's a

great life best best weather in the

world but it is really expensive down in

the down in the six one nine but yeah if

if if you're if you're new to the red

pill and you're looking to start over

Las Vegas I would listen use it as a

springboard you not to stay there there

are some things about Las Vegas that you

might not like but but I'm telling you

it's inexpensive the girls are easy the

liquor is cheap and it's dude there's a

good you don't have to have a shit ton

of cash to have a good time man

it is absolutely the place to be

all right Wow where are you at CeCe oh

yeah yeah oh yeah yeah San Diego hell

yeah dude dude San Diego's ridiculous

it's a great life but it's really

expensive it really is at the end of the

day guys if you are still not convinced

that that single mothers are are a bad

bet then you my friend you are a sin

I've said it once and I've said it once

and I'll say it again

some lessons can be taught but most of

the lessons that we in life that we as

men have to learn in life they have to

be learn in other words you have to you

have to experience them I I could not

believe I didn't believe that women well

I mean I guess I kind of knew but I

didn't really get the idea that women

really were the way they were until

until I until I had my slips and falls

with him and even then it was one of

those deals where I had to look back

after taking the red pill and and

reading guys like Rollo Tomassi

illimitable man who I'm really good

friends with now it took those things to

it took those experiences to to really

show me that yeah women really are like

this I'm glad that I I'm glad that I

went through the fire and if you're the

type of guy who needs to learn this

lesson the hard way I wouldn't recommend

it and you need to understand that the

collateral damage will be both monetary

and emotional

it'll be substantial and potentially

permanent guys learning that single

mothers are a bad bet that listen if

there if there's listen you may think

that not all women are like that you may

have you're gonna get your nose bloody

that's just how it is that's life that's

how you become good with women that's

how you kick ass in life alright don't

listen don't make the mistake of getting

with a single mom it will you may never

recover I'm telling you I'm telling you

that's never never a good thing for sure

yes listen guys

listen to see merch man he's telling the

truth he's telling the truth man

if Vegas is the best city in the world

to live if you are a red pill aware male

now oh my god you're in New York see see

Jesus Christ

brah you need to get out to the 702 stat

on the strength on the strength ya see

the mobs yes Charles merchants see

merchants right men listen single moms

don't like being told that they suck

everything around them says that they

are the world's greatest human beings

and you know they don't they don't like

hearing evidence they don't like hearing

evidence to the contrary that's just

it's just one of those things man you

know they say throw a rock into a pack

of dogs the one the one that yelps is

the one it hit picked up I picked up

that particular axiom when I lived in

the American in the American southeast

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probably gonna do a weekly Q&A; where you

know where I answer questions from you

guys you know give you good you know

give you guys advice where I can I mean

listen man I'm not the foremost expert

on everything but you know I may not

know that I may not know everything that

works but I know what doesn't that's for

sure that's where sure that's what he's

asking me if them heaven oh my god

that's what I'm yes listen listen but

listen yes beep Tarleton yes he says I

love it when girls in their early to

mid-twenties ask me if having kids

bothers me well at the time you're

supposed to tell her know that so that

you can fuck her then after you fucked

her for a little while they need just

dip like fuck that and it's all funny

women are like guys always bounce when

when they find out I have kids the only

exception to the rule guys and this is

this is a very unique exception is if

she has a one week on one week off

arrangement with the baby daddy that is

the only and and if she's got a one week

on one week off she's not a single

mother because now because

she's getting help from the other parent

know the pant the kids not being raised

in a two-parent home which which is I

feel but if a woman any woman who

describes herself as a single mom and

has a one week on one week off custody

arrangement she ain't a single mom but

she'll certainly act like one so stay

the fuck away said her children

yeah Brian Brian Shelby yeah that's

exactly right I actually talked about

that a little bit earlier that one was

number that was number seven man they'll

set their children after you if they

feel they've been wronged and they'll

get their children to lie to the cops

before you know they'll get their

children to lie to the cops

yeah Donovan touched my private sir or

Donovan did this or Donovan that that

dude I dude if they don't even have to

have hard evidence man you are fucked

like you are fuck man oh yeah listen

you're talking about uh maybe a six or a

seven figure bond man you are not

getting out of there that's all there is

to it okay guys that's gonna do it for

this episode of TS are live like I said

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