Single Mothers are THE WORST wives and girlfriends: BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

In episode 105, Donovan Sharpe goes hard on single mothers. He calls them out for their terrible behavior, their promiscuity, their selfishness, and their bad parenting. He makes it crystal clear as to why single moms make the worst wives and girlfriends.

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Since the start of third wave feminism, single motherhood has been touted as heroic, noble, and worthy of the utmost reverence from all who have the privilege of laying their eyes on such a woman.

Predictably, females have taken this false respect and wear it as a badge of honor. Anyone who doubts their inflated egos need only take a 5 minute stroll through any number of social media feeds and it’s easy to see these broads think much more of themselves than they should.

Most men with red pill awareness know that single moms are a bad bet in terms of any sort of commitment outside of a one night stand or a one week fling. But there are still dudes out here wifing these bitches up and touting these chicks as the queens of the fucking universe.

If any of you reading this are one of these idiots, don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. But allow me to free you of the shackles of making the egregious mistake of committing to a woman with one or more whipper snappers runnin’ around, and give you 8 reasons you need to get off this narcotic.

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