Single women are like dogs in a shelter waiting to be rescued

Women have been compared to a lot of different things over the years. They've been compared to milk, roses, cars, and just about everything that depreciates in value over time. But you'd be surprised at just how much single women have in common with dogs in shelters who need to be rescued.

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There are way too many similarities between the two not to point these out. And if you're paying attention, it will be easy to see why perpetually single women and dogs in shelters are two of a kind.

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today on the sharp reality I tell you

what slutty women have in common with

rescue dogs plus a woman wants an alpha

male without the alpha baggage TSR life

starts right now

everything is easy for hot girls and a

lot of you out there might be thinking

well Donovan you know you're using

hyperbole no I'm here to tell you life

force super attractive women is in in

the United States and in the Western


it is fantastic the girl on your screen

right now I can guarantee you she

probably hasn't bought a drink in her

life she's probably never but she

probably has never bought a drink or a

pack of cigarettes she's probably never

paid for drugs she I don't know she kind

of looks I she looks like she looks like

she's high on on cocaine whatever she's

high on I can promise you that she

didn't pay more and the reason why she

doesn't the pay for these things is

because she's hot and now you're man

what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of T s

are live it is Tuesday September 5th

2017 man the summertime just came and

went I mean just like that I mean it

won't be long before we're getting ready

for Thanksgiving got him

time flies well let's get right into it

throughout the years on blogs manosphere

blogs regular websites we like to

compare certain things we'd like to

compare women to certain things women

have been compared to dogs they've been

compared to they've been compared to

grocery cart grocery stores have been

they've been compared to automobiles

they've been they've been compared to

everything women are like milk women are

like roses well today I'm going to

compare women slutty women promiscuous

women like most men are like most women

are here in this part of the country I'm

going to compare them to rescue dogs

dogs who are perpetually in and out of

shelters I'm not really I'm not really

sure if if a lot of you have really if

you're paying attention and

and if you really think about a rescue

dog and a slutty woman a perpetually

single woman their lives are a lot more

alike than you might think and I'm gonna

talk about that here today so let's go

ahead and get right to it

the first similarity between rescue dogs

and sluts is that a dog first let me

just let me let me set it up like this

an animal shelter a dog shelter a a

kennel and rescue kennel is this for a

dog is the same as a single life for a

female dogs don't want to be in shelters

guys they want to be in a permanent home

of the family because it's a better life

now a dog can't say that out loud they

can't say that out loud they can't say

that they want a family but they all do

you can tell it in their behavior in

both environments if if there were the

family and they're being well taken care

of they're obviously happy and when

they're in kennels or shelters I mean

you let you watch any of those Sarah

McLachlan commercials those commercials

tell you all you need to know about what

they think about kennel life and what

man as soon as I hear as soon as I hear

that song or I see one of those dogs on

the screen I turn the channel man up

I've got thick skin and I've seen and

been through a lot of shit but for

whatever reason those commercials I mean

I can't stomach I can't I can't stay

around those anyway I'm moving on to

women women don't what women don't want

to be single women want a permanent

relationship with a man because it's

better than sleeping around it's better

than worrying about getting STDs it's

better than worrying about his

girlfriend or his wife finding out about

her it's better than her worrying about

getting pregnant because she doesn't


she doesn't remember if Derek used a

condom last night or she forgot to take

the pill yesterday now today's women

will brag about how much they love the

single life they'll brag about the brag

about Hannah about how they don't like

being locked down or tied down but

they're lying through their fucking

teeth guys every woman wants to be in a

relationship of consequence no matter

what they say it is in their very nature

men were made men we are designed to be

polygamous women are Momin are designed

to be monogamous this is why women win

our polygamists they are absolutely

fucking miserable a woman can be fucking

five different dudes guys but she wants

she only wants to be with one of them

that's always how it goes

all guys always she doesn't want to be

fucking women don't want to be fucking

multiple dudes she wants to be fucking

just one a woman who talks about or

brags about how she loves the single

life is is just like a dog and a shelter

wagging its tail jumping around and act

and happy women hate being single and

dogs hate being in a shelter the

difference is dogs are honest about it

now for dogs a shelter is unpredictable

some of the staff treats them nicely

some of them not so much maybe they get

walked three times one day maybe only

once the next they have to watch up now

and now this is the sad part about it

they have to watch other dogs around

them getting adopted and they sort of

wonder to themselves I guess in doggies

or key 90s well when is someone going to

adopt me why doesn't somebody pick me is

there something wrong with me

this is what they think to themselves

with meat when they see other dogs being

adopted which is why when you watch the

Sarah McLachlan commercials those dogs

are looking depressed there's no doubt

about it as far as women go the single

life is also highly unpredictable for

women some men treat them great some men

treat them like dog shit some men are

married some men are players some are

around a lot others only once a month

then they sit around they watch their

friends skin commitments from their

boyfriends or getting married and now

women ask themselves well when am I

gonna get married why can't I find a

boyfriend is there something wrong with


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sharp now back to dogs and girls back to

sluts and rescue dogs now how they end

up back how dogs end up back in shelters

if you're not if you as a dog owner if

you're not ready to own a dog if you're

not if you're not well learned or well

study if you didn't do your research on

their breed their behavior what to do to

get the best out of them they're gonna

start acting badly they're gonna start

they're gonna start using the bathroom

in the house they're gonna poop in the

house they're gonna do all they're gonna

chew up your shoes and you end up giving

them away or taking them to a shelter

well guess what the same thing is with

women if you're not ready to handle a

woman guys if you're not aware of what

makes them tick what they need what they

don't need how to reward them how to

punish them what their motivations are

for both good and bad behavior

what things to keep them away from guys

she's gonna cheat she's gonna talk back

she's gonna disrespect you she's going

to emasculate you she's not gonna

represent you well in public etc etc and

eventually she will end up single again

the equivalent of a dog shelter make no

mistake about it the single life in the

dog shelter are one in the same they're

two of the same thing now every dog is

absolutely different every every rescue

dog is different whether you get them

whether you get them from the shelter or

you get them or you get them from a

reputable breeder which we'll get into a

little bit later now as a dog owner guys

you have to understand the differences

in breeds you can't treat them or train

them all the same you got to do your

research before you pick out a dog you

have to understand that for example

German Shepherds need a lot of exercise

they need a lot of water if you keep him

cooped up all day they're gonna tear up

the house they're gonna drink out of

your toilet they're gonna pee on your

floor because of all that pent-up energy

German Shepherds are terrible for

Apartments unless you have a kick-ass

dog park right behind where you live and

even then you have to be home to walk

them three four or five times a day

whereas if you own a house with a with a

you know with some acreage and a big

backyard it's gonna be if your German

Shepherd is gonna be much more well

behaved well on the flip side if you try

to run with your Pomeranian or play

frisbee with it every day it's gonna get

irritable it's gonna get tired it's

gonna get worn out because a Pomeranian

is a companion dog it's not a working

dog like the German Shepherd you have to

know the differences between breeds you

can't treat them all the same because

they don't all react the same way to the

same lifestyle as far as women go in

this regard we all know that most women

are hose and that they operate in the

same slutty way and they all have the

same ho tendencies this is this has all

been said and done to death but they are

not all the same in terms of personality

traits and what makes him tick in my

booster shot segment on yesterday's show

I talked about a limited man's article

the a Walt misconception and a key point

that he made was that even though all

women are like that

in terms of their sexual tendencies not

all women are exactly the same and

that's 100% true you might have a woman

who will comply the very first time you

softly hey lower your voice then you

meet a woman who needs to be told to

shut the fuck up while you glare at her

in order to get her to stop running off

at the mouth two different kinds of

women they're both women they're both

high pergamus you have to treat them you

have to handle them differently

sometimes you might have a woman who

automatically respects your superior

size and strength so she never really

tries to get physical with you and then

you might meet a bitch who has no issue

with hitting you were pushing you now if

that's the case you need to get the fuck

out of there before you do something

stupid and listen get out of there and

never go back because trust and believe

you do not you do not you do not want to

catch a domestic violence charge believe

me there are women out there who respond

better to negative reinforcement and

then there are women out there who

respond better to pop who need positive

reinforcement more than others the point

is guys that you can't treat them all

the same and expect the exact same

results one size does not fit all with

dogs and a damn sure doesn't fit with

women I I can certainly attest to that

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what's going on let me do my shoutouts

here all right deep 1985 what's up

definitely see you in here everyday Kobi

Anthony I'm I think you're the same Kobi

Anthony not really sure but what's up

red beets what's going on man Donnell

said this is about to be funny yeah

listen man the truth is sometimes funny

that's that's just how it is so you de

Celine says are you still on the keto


I'm never perpetually on the the

ketogenic diet to meet now some guys can

be on the keto diet indefinitely my body


position my body type I only really need

to be on it for maybe a couple of weeks

at a time if if I see myself starting to

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or two but I'm never perpetually on the

the keto diet I mean I eat a lot of

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and you know I get I get pretty much all

of my carbohydrates from from complex

carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables

so I don't crave the bad carbs like the

you know like the breads and the and the

cheeses and the fuck or the breads and

the donuts and the pizzas and things

like that I'll indulge every once in a

while but I don't make it a habit that's

all I but that that's it that's how I

stay in good shape

Taylor walleston says Donovan your beats

on this show are always fire yeah I

appreciate that yeah I got them

custom-made from a guy I know who does

beets you know I just told him to put

together some simple stuff here

Kobe Anthony asks can you do a car

comparison for women that's been I don't

know that's been done to death I've seen

several car comparisons if if if I can

think of some comparisons between women

and cars that other people haven't

thought of or discussed I'll certainly

do a show on one but I've never heard or

seen of anyone comparing the comparing

single slutty women to rescue dogs there

I mean and as you guys will see here

here within the next few moments there

there are too many similarities for them

to really ignore but but I'll definitely

look into it and see if I can come up

with something original for you guys

ke ko kayo been oh six s what are your

thoughts about giving a girl you just

met your number as opposed to taking

hers oh yeah you were on the last stream

Co bi I have a bad memory with that

stuff sometimes but yeah getting back to

Takeo Ben's number I'm of the mind that

if you are if you're just starting out

in game give the girl your phone number

and the reason why is is giving a girl

your phone number acts as training

wheels now you have to understand that

when you give the girl your phone number

you also give her the control she

controls when she texts you the first

time she controls she controls at least

that first interaction absolutely

actually the first time then the

as shared but you have in essence given

her control in terms of when she wants

the interaction to start I mean I've

been I mean I've been gay mad women for

the better part of the last decade and I

gave women my number for about the first

year and a half but after a while after

a while my go-to line is hey you seem

cool here's my phone you know here's my

phone put your number in we'll hang out

we'll have a good time you know most of

the time they give me their number

sometimes they don't but when I have the

girl's number I have control sometimes I

wait the standard three days to text her

sometimes I'll text or immediately hey

I'm the good-looking black guy in the

blue shirt who just who just swept you

off your feet hee hee ha ha ha and then

the game is on so if you're new to game

there there's certainly nothing wrong

with giving a girl your phone number but

understand that gives her the control

but as you progress in game as you

become more proficient in talking to

women picking up women setting up

meetups fucking pretty girls you need to

flip the script and get her to give you

her phone number all right very good

yeah Justin Kross definitely agrees

Derren Brown says Donovan sharp has the

best podcast scientists believe he is

the next Howard Stern I appreciate that

man I've I've I've heard I've heard some

I've heard some real comparisons man you

guys and you guys listen man you guys

are one of the smartest audiences here I

mean I've always said even in my return

of Kings articles I learned just as much

from you guys as you guys learn from me

so so definitely appreciate the love

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of show and keep the strain going so

moving right along here

another thing that sluts and rescue dogs

have in common is that they have both

had plenty of opportunities they both

have plenty of chances a shelter dog has

likely had a few owners in the past but

unfortunately for that dog the owners

didn't know how to potty train them how

to keep them from tearing up that house

they didn't want they they didn't want

to crate train them because the woman

said oh it's it's it's inhumane to put

them in a crate they're afraid to raise

their voice at the dog because it's

inhumane a shelter dog a lot of times

has had multiple owners

but because those owners couldn't handle

them they ended up with another owner or

back in the shelter well similarly sluts

they've had listened sluts have had

plenty of boyfriends in the past there's

no doubt about it but those boyfriends

were afraid to check her in private and

in public all right her her past

boyfriends had no idea how to cultivate

good behavior and eliminate the bad

behavior they were aware of the fact

that women are self-destructive by

nature and that they all need a firm or

that most of them need a good firm hand

to keep them away from things that could

harm her both mentally and physically

most men most of her boyfriends are

clueless about the real mindset of woman

she's not looking for mr. nice guy who's

gonna let her who's gonna let her do

whatever she wants but she's looking for

that strong leader and that listen

that's what she wants and that's what

she needs but because her previous

boyfriends couldn't handle him she ends

up back in the shelter or with another

boyfriend who isn't adept at handling

her properly this is what this is this

is this is the this is another big time

similarity between slutty women and

rescue dogs now before you pick your dog

or before you pick your girl there are a

few things that that need to be done

before you pick out your dog you have to

do your research about their breed their

dietary needs their grooming needs how

often they need to be walked how much

exercise they need how much mental

stimulation they need what their life

span is what diseases and conditions

they're prone to all listen at that

point you're then ready to go to a

shelter or contact a reputable breeder

before you hit the dating scene and pick

out a woman you've got to do research as

well which is finding and obtaining red

pill related material guys this is what

you got to do you need to bookmark

return to King's you need to bookmark

you little men calm you need to bookmark

the red pill subreddit you need to

bookmark the rational male com there are

plenty of other sites out there but you

can you can supplement them you can

supplement those sites with with with

with a lot of the other sites out there

but those are really the only four that

you really need then you need to watch

guys like Tom Leykis the late great

Patrice O'Neal and you need to subscribe

to shows like TSR alive at that point

you're ready this

start dating around now understand that

you are almost never going to find a

pure breed dog at a shelter most dogs at

shelters are mutts which isn't bad and

and that can certainly be mitigated if

you pay attention to the dog if you're

patient you figure out what you're

dealing with but the best way to

guarantee yourself a purebred dog is

like I said earlier is to find a

reputable a reputable breeder that way

you know exactly what to expect that way

you know exactly what to expect in what

you're getting now purebred dogs are

very expensive because it makes a lot of

time and money for breeders to produce

quality pups you know they gotta get

them yeah I mean listen if you're

willing to spend the extra coin it's

worth it provided you know what you're

buying if you're a guy who lives in an

apartment there is no need for you to go

out and get a border collie you're gonna

have a fucking nightmare buy the same

time if you live on a twenty twenty

eight acre farm get in a - ound

or a dachshund as some people like to

pronounce at the the Wiener the sausage

dog that dogs probably not gonna have

any fun yeah they'll chase around vermin

but that's just too much space for them

you have to make sure you know what's

good you have to make sure that you have

the right environment setup if you're

gonna go out and pick a dog shelter

purebred or otherwise with women you

have to understand guys that the chances

of finding a woman with a low notch

count or even a virgin which is the

equivalent of a purebred dog in this

part of the world slim to none guys wait

listen we all know this most women these

days are sludge which is obviously not

good but if you've done your research

you can't avoid a lot of the problems

that comes with dealing with sluts if

you have lived in this country you have

accepted this as a necessary evil

but if you want to increase your chances

of finding a woman with a low notch

count or even a virgin you can move to

another country and if you if you're

gonna have to move to another country if

you're willing to spend a little extra

money okay everything has a cost I'm

gonna get to that a little bit later now

some men out there say that Eastern

Europe is a good place to find quality

girls who aren't sluts I've also heard

that South America particularly Brazil

has has said to have huge

number have large numbers of girls who

haven't jumped on the carousel

James maverick I think he could find him

on Twitter at maverick mind center at

James maverick he writes for return of

kings on occasion but and I forget what

his website is off to get with him and

find out or do a search for it

definitely find James maverick the

maverick mindset if you're if you're

thinking about relocating to South

America or Brazil this guy wrote the

book on the American males Survival

Guide in terms of what to expect

lifestyle girls women game I mean this

guy he has made it his life's work to

travel around the world and be the

embodiment of the red pill nomad but he

has a special affinity for Brazilian

girls and it's it's not hard to see why

so definitely definitely check out his

site do your book but you gotta do your

due diligence guys and make your

decision if that's the direction you

want to go again that's a huge change to

to to uproot yourself provided you don't

have any unbreakable ties here in the

States to go and find a quality girl

it's a huge undertaking but I'm told

that if that it's worth it if you go if

if you do it that's what I've been told

now with shelter dogs you have to

compete if you have to understand that

shelter dogs are in a shelter for a

reason guys ok maybe they bark too much

maybe they're a dog aggressive meaning

they attack other dogs maybe they're

people aggressive meaning they attack

other people maybe they're not good

around children maybe they only eat

people food and won't eat dog food

whatever the case may be they're there

for a reason they're not there for

nothing a woman who is perpetually

single is single for a reason people

around her will tell her oh you're a

great catch or Oh mr. right is out there

somewhere or that her last boyfriend

made a mistake when he dumped her but

they but they don't always know the

whole story guys she might be an

insufferable bitch she could have

expensive habits she could be a drug

addict she could be an alcoholic she

might have daddy issues I mean guys the

list is endless and we all listen we all

know this but the point is that if a

perpetually single woman was a catch

she'd have already been caught right it

makes sense if she's such a catch then

why hasn't she been caught yet but her

last boyfriend dumped her because she

fucked her cowork on a

a strip last month any ended up find it

out about it it's usually the way it

goes what dogs in what slutty women and

rescue dogs have in common is that

they're both where they are in large

part because of bad ownership the

difference is that women are far more

culpable and are born with the inherent

understanding of the difference between

right and wrong no matter what feminism

tells on guys plenty of ways to

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definitely something that's definitely

something new but I'm glad that it's

there now what we're not to find we're

not to get a dog and we're not to get a

girl now rescue shelters these days

they're pretty well funded so before

they put a dog up for adoption they make

sure that the dogs are healthy they make

sure that they're up to date on their

shots and vaccinations they make sure

their deal-breakers they're at their

deal-breaker behaviors are trained atom

shelters also do a very good job in

making in making a dog in making dogs

very family-friendly and they are

extremely selective in terms of who they

let adopt them they thoroughly vet

people before they even let the dog

leave the before they even let the dog

leave the facility with with a human now

a reputable reader is obviously the

that's obviously the best option if

you've got the money but but you really

listen you really can't go wrong either

way but the worst

to get a dog is off of Craigslist or

other online classified sites like it

you see it all the time I'm moving and

my new place doesn't accept animals or

my boyfriend's allergic to my dog guys

do not fall for this and do not take

these dogs guys I'm here to tell you

don't let your girlfriends don't let

your wives fall for this they're giving

away their dog because the dog is a

menace okay it might bite it might

attack people it might attack other dogs

it might have an incessant chewing

disorder or any number of things that

make it an insufferable pup people never

give away dogs they people never give

away dogs they want ever and if they're

giving it away then there is always

something seriously wrong with it trust

and believe there is always something

wrong with the dog in terms of women the

worst place to find women as we all know

our dating sites like tinder plenty of

fish OkCupid etc the bar the club are

two places you should definitely not go

looking for a girl for a long-term

relation if you're just looking to get

your cock wet yeah man

swipe right with the best of them get

your dick sucked fuck bitches in the ass

if you're looking to if you're looking

to get sucked and fucked at the club go

to the club go to the bar get drunk go

home and get laid but if you're looking

for a long-term relationship with a

woman the bar the club or any sort of

online dating app that you're not gonna

find them there the women I have found

that the women I've had the best time

with in terms of quality women are women

that I meet in my everyday life I met

one girl at a gas station I spent some

time with I met one girl at an autoparts

store I mean I met one girl at a movie I

mean I've met him anywhere in everywhere

when I meet them organically out and

about doing things shopping for

groceries getting my car wash what have

you those women tend now don't get me

wrong just because you meet a woman out

and about does not mean she's a quality

woman but she's much more likely to be a

quality woman if you didn't meet her in

a club or a bar or in an on an online

dating site again just because you meet

a girl in a gas station doesn't mean she

doesn't have a tinder profile doesn't

mean she's not on plenty of fish and it

doesn't mean she's hid in the club that

doesn't mean she's not hitting the club

that night but you have to understand

that when you meet a girl in her every

life she's a little less likely to have

those she's a little more likely to

maybe be long-term relationship material

relative to what we have here in the

states like the dog on Craigslist guys

she's at the bar or the club for a


if she were such a good woman and such a

catch like I said earlier she said she'd

have dudes lined up around the block

without ever having stepped foot in a

bar club and guys women on dating sites

specifically tinder or epic slots and

they're not looking for love they're

looking for a cock they're looking for

dick we know it they know and everybody

knows that no matter what they say oh

you know I'm just I'm just looking for a

friend now you're looking for fuck

foreign sweetie that listen everybody

knows that whoever's on tinder you guys

are looking fuck nothing wrong with it

just understand that that you cannot

turn a ho into a housewife if a guy ever

says to me oh yes I just got I just got

engaged to a me really where'd you meet

oh we met on tinder all right suit

yourself man I'll I'll be your best man

but then I'll also be your best friend

at your house pornea vodka when you cry

on my shoulder about the fact that she

cheated on you with her gym teacher or

with the gym teacher okay it is time oh

wait a minute guys you if you if you

want the archive if you want to find all

episodes of TS are alive the sharp

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okay time to get to time to get to this

week's or this week's time to get to

today's article that I found on red pill

women let's get to it my sex number

doesn't matter should I get another


yeah it sheeted on him but it was

totally his fault how can I get him to

trust me after I cheated on him again

so anytime on I'm on the internet I'll

take a look at the Huffington Post

I'll take a look at Jezebel I'll take a

look at red pill women red pill wives

even of course 2 X chromosome that is a

chokes chromosome chromosomes that is a

laughable disaster the reason I created

this segment is because I know that a

lot of men out there still think that

not all women are like that and so my

job as a purveyor of the red pill is to

show you that all women are like that

and today's a Walt

today's a Walt example comes to us from

none other than red pill women this is

unbelievable guys so take a listen to

this if you guys are watching you guys

can read it but for those of you who are

just listening on YouTube I'll read it

for you it says quote then Larkin here

for a while gathering my thoughts on the

topics and how it may apply to my own

life I have to be honest I'm not totally

sold on some of the specific ideas of

red bull women and it's not always great

how red pill in general is used in real

life but the main idea I get it and I

respect that I and I respect the other

views and if those oh my god if those

people are healthy and happy I just have

some specific questions that I'm hoping

you wonderful ladies can help me with

I'm gonna make this first post about my

one and only question though in my

dating life she says I have always

chosen and pursued what I now perceive

to be men with alpha characteristics

this is what I am attracted to to keep

with the jargon I'm not attracted to

beta men at all beta men have pursued me

and I am just I am just not excited I've

turned down stable men over unstable

alpha men yet big shot there here's the

issue the Alpha man I end up giving my

love and attention to end up being

either guys who don't want to commit

maybe just to me some of this may be my

MV which can be worked on or controlling

abuse of unstable have other huge issues

and I end up extremely unhappy I like to

believe that I want to be led by an

alpha leader and that's what I'm

attracted to I think however when this

dynamic plays out in my dating life I

actually find myself resentful and

anxiety ridden because because of being


to do feeling I feeling like I am not in

control of my own life or destiny me

destiny because of the abuse general

irresponsibility controlling stuff etc

she ends up by saying I've narrowed this

down to two potential issues number one

the alpha men I date aren't true alpha

meaning I'm not vetting them well enough

number two I'm not truly attracted to

alpha men and I should stick with beta

even though that doesn't really feel

right either well let's go ahead and

break this down red pill donovan sharp

style first off she says I'm not totally

sold on some specific site specific

ideas of red pill women which which

means she likes hearing the benefits of

being a red she likes hearing about

being about being a quote red pill woman

but she doesn't want to do the work to

actually be one okay she likes the idea

of being the kind of woman that

high-value man would commit to but like

every other woman in this in that

particular subreddit she has no interest

in doing what's necessary to be that


later on she says that she's chosen and

pursued men with alpha characteristic

she said that she's not attracted to

beta men sweetheart that's every woman

you're not special

the only women who settled down with

betas are unattractive women or women

has the wall it's actually kind of funny

how women humble brag about their

preferences about the preferences with

men as though they're the only women who

like strong men it's it's fucking

hilarious she then goes on to say that

surprise surprise the men that give her

that she gives her love and attention to

don't want to commit and that they're

controlling abusive unstable and have

issues then she tried then she actually

tries to blame alpha males for being

alpha by saying they're not truly alpha

because of their controlling nature then

she tries to talk herself into the fact

that she's not really attracted to him

then in the same breath says she's not

attracted tomatoes so so she lies then

tells the truth while talking out of

both sides of her mouth that's very hard

to do but women are adept at doing it

then right at the very end guys she

confirms what I've been saying for years

when she says she's attracted to alpha

men but can't deal with the alpha


guys this is just this is another case

of women wanting the benefits of wanting

the benefits of something without any of

the costs associated with it they want

the man who's square-jawed passed

six-pack ABS to take control personality

and all the benefits and social status

of being with a man that most men want

without any of the downside she wants it

both ways women want it like fat women

want to be thin without watching what

they eat and working out so they bitch

about how unfair it is why because they

want something but aren't willing to pay

for it this is what women do this woman

clearly has no idea that these men come

with a price okay if you want to be a

five percenter if you want to be with a

five percenter if you want to be with an

alpha male women you don't have to deal

with this with this controlling

personality you're gonna have to deal

with this instability you're gonna have

to deal with the issues he has because

the alpha males aren't because alpha

males aren't myth true alpha males

aren't born they're made true alpha

males true five percenters they've been

through some fucked up shit

okay they've seen some fucked up shit

and they've done some fucked up shit to

get to where they are tragedy strikes

struggle those things turn males into

the attractive men that women want but

there's always a residual consequence

that comes with having gone through

those struggles men understand this

women do not and this is why this girl

can't figure out why she can't find what

I call the free alpha male an alpha male

an alpha male she's attracted to that

only has the easy to digest

characteristics and none of the shit

that's tough to deal with I'll give an

example my main chick she loves the hell

out her she loves the hell she loves her

some Donovan there's no question about

it she knows and understands Who I am

does she get frustrated my stubbornness

of course she does guys does it hurt her

feelings when I raise my voice at her

yep does she ever get angry at me when I

tell her she can't do something all the

fucking time guys she knows I've got my

issues and she did it and she damn sure

knows I've got plenty of shit with me

but she understands very clearly that to

have me in her life there is a price to


she knows that she knows that if she

wants me that she she knows she wants me

and she needs me and she knows that I

don't come cheap and I don't come easy

men like me never do for now she's

willing to pay the price right now she's

willing to pay that price to keep me

around women who belong to five

percenters know and understand this

concept very very clearly they they know

that nothing good comes without a cost

but the women who can't but the women

who can't get men of value to commit to

them would do well to sit down think

about the other side of being with men

like them and decide whether or not

she's whether she has two choices she

can either bitch and moan or she can she

can bitching moan about it continue to

continue to ride the carousel trying to

find the perfect alpha male who lets her

get away with anything or she can put on

her big-girl panties be a grown-ass

woman and acknowledge that true alpha

males do not come without their baggage

you cannot have it both ways and that's

that yeah it's funny man ever anytime I

come across articles like that it's

females always lay bare there they

always lay bare their souls they always

say well I'm not the typical woman and

then they post something that clearly

verifies their status as a typical woman

it's it's it's quite something but like

I said the reason I created this segment

is because a lot of guys sometimes we

slip back into it back in the beta ways

some guys need a little more convincing

no not all women are like that I know

this one chick nah man you go on to red

pill women you go on to two

x-chromosomes you go on to any any

subreddit any form that is female

dominated listen man the red the red

pill axioms and doctrines are on full

fucking display without a doubt freak

with these sites guys if you ever find

yourself slipping back into beta ways

just do a quick search two x-chromosomes

red pill wives red red pill wives red

pill women listen man red pill women

those are just sluts who want to be

called red pill again without actually

having to do the work to be a red pill

woman all right let's took a

Koby Anthony says that he wants to do a

comparison for women on shoes yeah

that's that's pretty good let's see

let's see what else we got here Coby

Anthony also says finding a woman is

like finding a car with zero miles I

agree it's it's not impossible but it's

it is highly highly unlikely

Nigel dick says this is why I vent

chicks I think you want to say this is

white Vette chicks so Nigel dicks

continues he says there are a lot of

chicks that are good relationship there

oh there are not a lot of chicks that

are good relationship material around

but there are a lot of there but there

are a lot of one-night stand chicks yeah

listen women are always asking about red

pill aware males why why are you guys so

angry why are you so jaded why do you

always hit the road when you find out we

have kids why are you so pissed off at

us because you guys are hoes man men

don't want hos we want quality women

I've always said that having one quality

women Trump's having thirty hoes but

guess what

for every hell man there probably aren't

for every one quality women there's

thirty thousand hoes in this country

that this is why we're pissed let's see

yeah wild wise man puts red pill women

in parentheses absolutely yeah Moises

Guzman yeah she wants a purple pill but

unfortunately she's gonna cheat on the

purple pill with the red pill alpha

that's how it is let's see what else we

have yeah wild wise man says again they

like the idea of having the healthy

relationship or lifestyle but never put

into work exactly man listen you see fat

especially at the beginning of their you

always see fat chicks at the gym you

know January 1st you know getting their

workouts in trying to get fit what they

don't understand is that it's a

lifestyle change you can't just you and

I tell people all the time don't say

you're going on a diet just start eating

better because if you tell yourself and

other people that you're going on a diet

that connotes a temporary phase no don't

go on a diet make sure you clean up your

diet that's all you have to do don't say

i'm gonna go on a lifting regimen or i'm

gonna start writing my bike no just

start riding your bike you don't need to

tell anybody about it just fucking do it

cocoa leaf

good good to see any air man I was

wonder if you're gonna jump up in here

let's see here yeah um a lot lately like

I said guys we can compare thing we can

compare women - we can compare things to

a lot of pair of women do a lot of

different things like I said they'd be

compared to shoes cars

I haven't read one article I forget

where was that compared women - I think

it was grocery cards or something and

dude the article was fucking brilliant i

sat there and laugh because the

similarities that he drew between

grocery carts and women they were

undeniable they were undeniably fucking

accurate as unbelievable oh my goodness

like I said guys you guys can contribute

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