6 signs your girl is trying to trap you with a baby and 3 ways she'll try to do it

Now we know there are a lotta chicks runnin’ around out here who’s biological clocks are ticking louder and louder by the day and when it becomes apparent to them that they don’t have much time to get pregnant and have a kid, or a kid who’s gonna be healthy because old bitches give birth to unhealthy children which is why women should marry young and have kids young in the first place, they start to panic and before they know it they’ve got a case of baby rabies.

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Well you might be with a girl right now who has baby rabies and you don’t even know it so I’m gonna give you guys 6 signs your girl is lookin’ to trap you with an “unexpected pregnancy” and 3 obvious ways she’ll try to trick you into doing it so let’s get to it

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how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always leave something out

you're always broke because you spend

your money on dumb shit every month if

you've only slept with five guys then

why was it so easy to fuck what's up

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Arthur who is a regular viewer of TSR

and TSR Live sent in an excellent show

idea which is bitches who catch the baby

rabies now we know a lot of chicks out

there we know there are a lot of chicks

out here running around whose biological

clocks are ticking louder and latter by

the day and when it becomes apparent to

them that they don't have much time to

get pregnant and have a kid or what

really a kid who's gonna be healthy

because as we all know old bitches you

know they give birth on healthy children

which is why women shouldn't marry young

and have kids young in the first place

but when when they start and when they

start to sense their time is really

beginning just really starting to run

out they start to panic and before they

know it they've got a case of the baby

rabies well you guys what are you out

there listen to now might be with a girl

right now who has baby rabies in you

don't even know it so I'm gonna give you

guys 6 signs your girl is looking to

trap you with an unexpected pregnancy

and three obvious way she'll try to

trick you into doing it so let's get to


number one she proactively mentions a

miscarriage there are too many

situations where a woman would

proactively mention a miscarriage

especially to a guy she's dating or

fucking most of the time when they

mention it without being asked it's

because they're looking for attention

and or sympathy sometimes they'll

mention it at a doctor's office if

they're asked because of a medical exam

but that's because they were asked to

talk about it are you pregnant have you

ever been pregnant etcetera if a woman

you are seeing starts talking about a

miscarriage she had and it comes out of

the blue meaning you weren't even

talking about kids or anything like that

she's hinting to you and she's looking

to have a kid then she's looking to have

a kid and it might mean she wants you to

be the father all right

miscarriages are a mindfuck to women and

listen they are a mindfuck to women

there's this is how it is and if I were

woman and I weren't having a miscarriage

I'd be mine fuck two women take this

personally they think to themselves a

baby died inside of me something must be

wrong with me men go through the same

thing if if for whatever reason he has

found to be infertile or sterile he

thinks what's wrong with me well

obviously your balls are

working but getting back to women no

matter what women say they they all have

a strong biological desire to reproduce

and if they lost an opportunity to

reproduce because of a miscarriage carry

a pregnancy to term in her mind will

help her to get over it and repair her

and repair her reproductive self-image

her damaged reproductive self-image

number two she has had an abortion now

it's one thing to have a miscarriage

because that's not something a female

generally has control over sometimes a

woman's body just rejects a pregnancy

for any number of reasons or for no

reason at all that's just how it is but

when a woman chooses to kill her baby

before it is born that's not only a

mindfuck she'll have an extremely guilty

conscience no matter what women say or

even think every single abortion stays

within okay now listen life goes on they

continue to live their lives and party

and get fucked without condoms and all

that but every so often they think to

themselves I wonder what my kid would

have looked like right now I wonder if

it was a boy or girl I wonder what I

would have named it this is the kind of

shit that goes through every woman's

mind who has destroyed her offspring

before taking its first breath well at

some point a guilty conscience is too

much for her to handle and they feel

that in order to sort of make up for the

abortion or to right the wrong wrongs in

some cases they need to have a baby to

redeem themselves number three she asks

you if you like kids and she's in her

30s now most of them might think that

this is a standard question when it

comes from females especially in the

beginning like a first date or the

beginning of a relationship but guys I'm

here to tell you if she is over the age

of 29 and she asks you if you like kids

watch the fuck out now listen keep in

mind that younger women asked this

question too but the reasons are a

little bit different they may be

thinking about you when they ask you

this question they may be thinking about

you as a long as long-term relationship

material father material you know

marriage husband material now that

doesn't mean a younger woman doesn't

have baby rabies but any woman over the

age of 29 who asks

if you like children and does not have

children of her own she's got the baby

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Super Bowl Sunday a Super Bowl 34 or

whatever you know

Brady's won like 78 Super Bowls or

whatever you gotta watch that guys you

gotta watch that

Ganda calypso says if Eagles make to the

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girlfriends when wives will get pregnant

that night yes they absolutely will not

my girl I'll tell you that not my girl

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your money so moving right along let's

move to number four number four out of

six in terms of in terms of signs the

fourth sign your girl may have the baby

rabies is she tells you she doesn't want


and she's also in her thirties a lot of

30s okay now this is a reverse

projection ploy that women with baby

rabies like to like to use to throat

like they like to use to sort of

their target off the scent like I said

before every woman on the face of the

planet is born with a strong desire to

reproduce and give birth it's who they

are as women it's not just something

they can just turn off it's in their DNA

and if a girl you were seeing

proactively tells you she doesn't want

kids and she's in her 30s again be on

the lookout now she might be telling the


but are you gonna take that chance are

you gonna stop using condoms because she

said she doesn't want kids if someone

told you that a woman in her 30s

proactively tells you she doesn't want

kids and that it's a 95% certainty that

she is telling you the truth would you

run a dog a bitch and discount the five

percent that she might not be you want

to be saddled with child support for the

next 18 years on a five percent chance

that she might be that she might be


younger women think they don't want to

have kids because they're young okay

they're having so much this and they're

having so much fun you know getting

fucked and shucked by this guy and that

that they can't see themselves having

children anytime soon so they say out

loud I don't think I want kids or I

don't want kids right now which in this

day and age is normal female behavior

but it is biologically inconsistent for

a woman in her 30s who is childless to

say definitively that she absolutely

100% does not want children maybe she's

telling the truth

maybe she's not but there's no need to

take a risk like that gentlemen it's not

even close to worth it

number five she knows you've got one

foot out the door

women are hyper aware of behavioral

patterns and people and they have and

guys listen they have a supernatural

ability to read people person for person

the average female is much better at

reading and interpreting non verbal

human behavior than the average man this

is where this is where the term women

woman's intuition comes from they have

the ability they have this ability

because they're the smaller slower

weaker sex it's a survival mechanism

well females also use their intuition to

gauge a man's commitment in a

relationship here's the thing guys what

a woman asks you well where's this going

she already knows where it's going guys

she just wants to hear you acknowledge

it or come clean with the truth she

listen guys she already knows whether or

not you're happy with her before she

asks you are you happy with me she just

asks the question to start a dialogue to

either fix whatever it whatever issue

you have with her or to get reassured to

get verbal reassurance that she's hold

it down as your woman and that you're

not going anywhere for a long time or at

least for the time being by the same

token guys a woman knows when you were

thinking about leaving her you may not

say it okay you may not think that

you're showing any signs but trust me

when I tell you women always know there

are guys women are almost never

blindsided by the men in their lives and

if your woman knows you're about to

bounce if she knows you're about to be

up out of there dude she'll catch a case

of the baby rabies real quick because

even though they know that having a

man's baby is the worst way to try to

keep you around bitches still engage in

this nonsense I'm here to tell you so if

you know you're on your way out the door

trust and believe your woman knows it

too and if she does you can either stop

fucking her all together or you can just

and just leave or you can start using

metal condoms choice is up to you number

six and I actually have a story about a

buddy of mine um about a buddy bud she

asks questions about your genetics your

health and your intelligence

now just because a woman has baby rabies

doesn't mean she's gonna that doesn't

mean she's not gonna be selective when

choosing a target to trap a baby with

women women always seek out the best

genes like we do they want to have they

want to have the children of men who are

big and strong and have masculine

qualities and said are just like we

want to have babies with women who are

attractive this is how it goes well

obviously if he's fucking you you

measure up physically or at least one

would think so but when she starts

asking you questions about your medical

history your illness your family history

like is there heart disease or liver

disease in their family or have you ever

broken a bone guys I've had multiple

girls ask me this kind of stuff they ask

questions like this to make sure you are

as healthy on the inside as you appear

to be on the outside she may ask to see

pictures of your mother and father

because girls know that there are a lot

of dudes out here who are on steroids

who look strong and physically fit but

they know that the steroids don't change

mansion in it code all right I've been

again girls tell me this stuff I've had

plenty conversations with chicks like


she will also go I also ask you

questions about how you did in school

what kind of grades you got what you

scored on the SAT and so forth because

she wants to know whether or not she's

gonna have a smarter a stupid kid

now the thing is if a woman knows you

well enough guys she knows whether or

not you are smart or dumb

she knows whether or not you were

healthy or not healthy she knows all of

these things but because they want to be

100% sure of what they're getting in an

offspring they give themselves away by

asking the kinds of questions that only

a woman who wants to have a baby will

ask you so I'll go ahead and tell you

guys a quick story here I was really

good friends with a guy I met in LA a

few years back when I was living down in

Vegas and he was a he was a few years

older than I am I think he is if I'm 40

he's probably 45 46 now but he was a

really cool dude well when I met him he

had a two-year-old and I didn't think

anything of it because men have kids at

all ages these guys were fertile till we

kick the bucket well anyway I remember

him telling me about how his baby mama

tricked him into getting her pregnant

and she said that she kept she said that

he said that she kept asking him

questions about his high school and

college transcripts then when his mom

came over to meet her one with his mom

came over to visit actually meet her his

girl his girlfriend at the time asked

her asked his mother if the family had

any illness in their history again he

didn't think it was a big deal until his

mother congratulated him on finding a

life partner he was like life partner

I'm just fuckin I'm just dating her and

his mom told him well she's got other

ideas and a couple weeks later

she found out she was pregnant now this

girl was I met her I met her a couple

times this girl was really hot and they

ended up having a boy and the last time

I talked to them last time I talked to

him they were still together and they

seemed to be doing pretty good so that

situation seems to have had a happy

ending at least for the time being but

what if he didn't want the kid what

would she have done if he dumped her and

said I'll pay child support and take the

kid every other week but you and I are

done girls never think this stuff

through okay my buddy's girlfriend got

lucky that he didn't mind having a kid

with her and that they're still together

but they never think this stuff through

especially when they have the baby

rabies which renders a female's

rationale and foresight unlit useless

when when getting when getting pregnant

is the only thing on their minds there

is no reason that a woman would ask you

about your genetics your family history

or your SAT scores unless she wants to

have your baby got she and asking you

this shit to make conversation with you

I can guarantee you that

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let's let's go to the chat one more time



Ezequiel Almeida says I really like

John's work from our okay also a site

yeah John is a solid guy um I would

probably say he's very similar to to

Larson Halleck as with regards to

fighting and fitness those those and now

the difference between John and Larson

is that John is heavy into the Donald

Trump stuff so we're gonna talk about

we're gonna talk about how a trump

presidency really affects America and

he's gonna talk about holiday we're

gonna talk about how a Trump pregnancy a

pregnancy presidency really affects

America what it means for feminism what

it means for the manosphere of the red

pill movement etc so like I said as soon

as I as soon as I locked on a time with

him I'll I'll certainly make that

announcement ruminant Mel annoyed says

bulk up without juice I don't know we'll

have to ask him we'll have to ask him

yeah freelance Ronan says five bucks a

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tong calypso says the baby rabies topic

is dua for radio and TV and the fire

trucks and ton of its background yeah

man I live on a must live near uh I

mustn't you're like I'll live I must

live near like latter of 47 or some shit

like that cuz like every other like

every other hour out here I'm hearing

I'm hearing ambulances so yeah yeah

about that could put the fire out here

at TS arts hours

Don Calypso makes a very good point says

a woman who actually who actually has

zero maternal desire is likely a

sociopath I would agree with that I

would also agree that women who

genuinely have zero interest in having

kids they are probably close to being a

dark triad woman

freelance Ronan says yep eight to ten

females I know that claim they don't

want kids ended up getting knocked up

not long after this is listen a woman

who says I don't want to have kids is

just like a like is exactly the same

thing as a woman saying I'm not gonna

fuck you on the first date and then two

hours later your dicks in her ass it's

all the same it's all the same

aunt James says if a woman over 30 says

she doesn't want kids she's probably hit

the wall yeah yeah yeah

Jamaica Peppa follows up he says every

woman eventually wants kids especially

but approaching the proverbial exactly

this is where the term biological clock

my biological clock is ticking is a nice

way of saying I'm about to hit the wall

I need to have a kid before my looks

fade and men don't want to put babies in

me anymore

freelance correctly points out says

which means she will work even harder to

get knocked up and we'll get into that

here in just a few terrible t says I'm

glad I got that vasectomy last year bro

you are the ultimate weapon my friend

but if you get a vasectomy and don't

tell chicks that you got a vasectomy


freelance ronan says and used condoms

that's great

Don Calypso says if she's over 30

childless then only have anal sex with

them and have them swallow and they give

you head that's a good rule of thumb

that is a good rule of thumb

jamaican peppa says always use rubbers

until she's your wife

my Johnson says it's best to get a

vasectomy condoms break you know what I

might do it I might actually do an

episode on Vasil gel that's all gel is

the it is it's male birth control you

basically get it I think you're supposed

to I don't know much about it but I've

heard about it over the last couple

years Vasil gel apparently they inject

it into your vas deferens and it stops

it stops the semen for it stops the

sperm from getting in the air see me you

still blow your loads but you're a

sterile and then when you're ready to

have kids you can have it removed and

you can get down to business again so

my Johnson and shout out to my Johnson I

don't think I've seen you in here before

we're gonna see you in Erie says if if a

woman asks you how much money you have

or make don't have sex without a condom

or vasectomy yeah I mean obviously she's

a gold digger at that play right

holy smokes you guys are alive today

Donna Calypso if she says if she wants

to go raw shoot your baby back your baby

batter up the ass getting her pregnant

from a from an angle anal cream pie

would be too embarrassing for her to

risk getting knocked up that way

absolutely oh my god when did it happen

well he fucked me in the ass yeah yeah

yeah yeah they listen they don't want

those problems they do not want those

problems go back door go back door on

the bitch ever get ever ever give you

some fucking head straight up

the Nightman says keep up the good work

I'm going to Vegas this December man I

am hating on you bruh listen man you're

gonna have a great time down in Las


Don Calypso says I'm surprised Donovan

hasn't come out with a female voice

imitation yet give them given the topic

tonight yeah I just yeah I guess I'm

seeing that a little bit I guess I'm a

little bit late on that but yes yes


deep 1985 says she dumped you because

you fucked her too long she must have

trouble coming and said and said fuck it

get off me

no actually hold on I'll actually pull

it up here for you guys right now this

is actually a chick that I was fucking

um give me one second I'll actually just

pull the shit up I'm not seeing my pod

pics where the hell did that go

okay so my pod pics aren't there anymore

this is weird

oh never mind they're there just go

under pod pack podcast and then go to

pod pics yeah so um so I'll go ahead and

you guys can go and check this out on my

so basically what happened is I was

fucking this girl for a while and yeah I

mean listen dude I used to fuck her for

45 minutes or an hour something like

that before I came and I don't think she

had a problem with it because she was a

squirter she's courting all over place

she's come when she'd come like three

four times I don't think she had a

problem with it so the text message goes

like this she says I don't think we

should see each other anymore I like

hanging out and all but I don't feel

like you're attracted to me like and

then I'm then I sent her a question mark

she says what are your questioning I

said attraction I don't fuck ugly chicks

she says I know but you take so long to

come it makes me think you're not like

superhot for me or something idk I just

want to feel like you want me really

badly I ain't complaining because a lot

of guys are like to pump chumps but you

last almost too long and I'm starting to

think that oh wait lasts almost too long

and I'm

and I'm and I'm starting to fit and I'm

starting to think it's because you

weren't hot for me idk I said okay no


hat it's been fun take care she says

okay so you're not mad then of course I

joke with him like I'm bawling my eyes

out she says laugh out loud she says I

don't want to make you think that I

didn't like hanging out with you like I

love the sex but if I come three or four

times and you haven't after fucking for

that long if this makes me think you're

not hot for me it's just it's weird I

know but I want to feel lusted after and

you don't make me feel that way you know

I said yeah that makes sense well take

care she says thanks for understanding

I'll miss you blah blah blah blah blah

if you're ever in whatever area I'll

hook you up with free with a free meal

and drinks don't be a stranger sexy so

again man um girls will girls will stop

seeing you for any number of reasons man

listen this is just how it is I lasted

too long in bed for this girl's ego too

to handle and she ended up kicking me to

the curb it happens it fucking happens

you guys could if you guys go to TRL you

go to the sharp reality convert Donovan

sharp dot-com they go to the same thing

click a hover the mouse over podcasts

and you'll see the pod pics and you'll

be able to see that exact text


all right

yeah do it looks like sharpest nose my

website better than I do

I go to my website like once a week I

know I should do it more but

mm-hmm beep 1985 says well that's fucked

up for the bitch to do that to him

whatever man I mean dude that was

fucking other girls at the time I didn't

give a shit that like again this is this

is this is the abundance mentality man

when you're when your chick steps out of

line or if one chick dumps you if I

could just fuck the other one

it's all Youngjae 216 says she thinks

she has garbage pussy Jamaican says she

wants you to nut hard it makes her feel

complete yeah listen man women and I've

said this before I think it was episode

17 why you should ignore a woman's needs

in bed

listen 95% of a woman's satisfaction is

tied to your satisfaction

I had Alan wrench a curry on God months

ago and in that in that episode I gave

him two scenarios I said and I'll give

it to you guys if you had if you had two

couples all right man and a woman man

and a woman couple a the guy the guy

fucks her all night long she's coming

blah blah blah blah blah or actually

let's go back couple number one guy

fucks the girl and he's busted nuts

these come in two three times but the

girl doesn't right

then there's scenario number two where

the guy fucks her and the girl comes

three or four times but the guy doesn't

ten out of ten girls what take scenario

number two over scenario number one

because again most of a woman's sexual

satisfaction in bed is tied to your


and to answer deep 1985's question he

yes the answer is yes she is a squirter

she squirt all over a place she's a

squirter silent shake or whatever

whatever you want to call it but yeah I

mean nice the fucker I mean I still I

don't know like I liked fuck her pussy

felt great to me you know it just took

me a while to come with her and she got

a complex and ended up dumping me

happens part of the gig alright so now

that a woman now a woman with baby

rabies is gonna do her level best to try

to trap you into getting her pregnant

and I'll probably do a Donovan's den on

some of the most diabolical underhanded

deceitful ways that women trap men with

pregnancy but tonight I'm gonna talk

about the three most obvious ways they

do it number one she tells you she's

allergic to condoms guys this is one of

the oldest tricks in the book and guys

bitches still be pulling this shit and

niggas fall for it and wonder why they

have eight kids by eight bitches now up

40 years old and when I was a kid I can

remember maybe three two maybe three

kids who had food allergies my entire

elementary middle school at high school

years but these days every fucking kid

has has allergies and most time is

bullshit because shitty moms just want

to make up maladies for their kids to

make people think she's a good mom by

being vigilant about junior severe

allergies to water some dumb shit like

that well guess what guys those parents

are in the same generation of girls who

make up those allergies alright the girl

who makes up her son's allergies to

oxygen okay

comes from the same generation of the

girl who will make up an allergy to


then when you tell you have lambskin

condoms she'll say no she's allergic to

that too

any idiot who falls for the I'm allergic

to condoms trick deserves to knock up a

bitch with triplets and be financially

hamstrung for the next 18 years because

deep down he knew she was full of shit

he just wanted a raw dog her without

taking responsibility or admitting fault

for his dumb Hazari

number two the second way the second

obvious way women try to trap you is she

proactively tells you she's on birth

control now again I say proactively

because women know that men of value men

who have something to lose especially

financially are extremely cautious about

not getting pregnant they know that

we're well aware of the financial

ramifications of an unexpected pregnancy

so if she wants you to shoot her loads

in her and she's gonna tell you hey I'm

on birth control don't worry about it

worry about it especially if you've just

started fucking her look guys STDs and

pregnancies are two of the biggest risks

when it comes to fucking women raw all


even if she's clean even if she doesn't

have STDs you can still knock her up so

so so if if one risk is gone the other

ones always present the one reason the

one reason a woman tells you tells you

unprovoked that she's on birth control

is to encourage you to fuck her without

a condom there's no other reason and the

two reasons they wants you to rob him is

either they'll like the feeling of a

condom listing which makes all the sense

in the world because unprotected sex

feels better to everybody or she want

you to get her pregnant or both beware

of the woman who proactively tells you

she's on birth control she's doing this

to give you a false sense of security

and I'll tell you a quick story this is

fucked up let's date this Mexican girl

down at Vegas solid nine great looking

girl hot body the whole package but this

bitch was crazy

okay as in throw things at you and smack

you in the face trying to scratch her

neck when she gets pissed kind of crazy

like she would like she was fucking

fiery oh my god this bitch was fucking

out of her mind

now she was my main chick okay and she's

caught me cheating a few times so I'm

not gonna so I'm not gonna blame her for

getting upset alright she had a right to

get upset I cheated she caught me if she

got pissed but she got violent alright

anyway she was on birth control the

entire time we were together and I made

her prove it to me by showing me proof

of her depo shots alright well one day

she had an appointment on a Friday

afternoon when she came to pick me up

from work

she had she had a she had the band-aid

in the gauze okay right on her arm as as

she always had after she got her depo

shot that weekend guys she was

insatiable all right

dude I fucked her more times than I had

ever fucked her before dude she wanted

the dick all day and night now I knew

she was ovulating because I have cycle

calendars on all the women I'm fuckin

for obvious reasons so I'm thinking

myself yeah I'm gonna get this good

pussy all weekend long she's obviously

so she definitely wants the D yeah let's

do it

well on Tuesday I get a call from her

doctor's office asking if she was

available I told him I said no this is

Donovan I'm her boyfriend

call her they said well she's got you

one here as a secondary contact so I

said okay that's fine but unless it's an

emergency I don't want to know any of

your medical stuff so the girl tells me

on the phone she's like no no it's not

an emergency we were just calling to

reschedule her depo appointment because

she missed hers this past Friday and her

voicemail is full guys I lost my fucking

mind needless to say I dumped her guys

bitches will pull shit like this on you

if you are not careful a third and final

obvious way that women like to that


try to trap men is she tells you it's

hard for me to get pregnant this is

another this is another obvious ploy to

try to lull you into a false sense of

security and and this is one they'll

pull on the sly because they'll demand

that you use condoms but every once in a

while they'll conveniently forget to

tell you a few times now at the back of

your mind you're thinking all right I

just blew my load in her but she told me

it's hard for to get pregnant so I'm

pretty sure I'm in the clear next thing

you know she's pissing on a stick and

showing you a blue plus sign and you'll

say to her and you'll say to her you

told me it was hard for you to get

pregnant she'll say well just because

it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible

ha ha ha ha

never ever ever believe what a woman

tells you when it comes to her

reproductive Anatomy guys when you put

all this shit together it's easy to spot

chicks who have baby rabies I'll give

you an example if you are dating I'll

just give you an extreme example if

you're dating a 31 year old woman who's

told you she's had a miscarriage may or

may or may or may not have had an

abortion talks about how she just loves

children asked you about her SAT scores

tells you she's on birth control and

that she hasn't been pregnant in five

years despite not being careful all the

time it's on you if you knock her up now

again that's obviously an extreme

example because very few women out there

show every single symptoms of the baby

rabies but if she shows more than one

guys you need to have your guard up and

these days you need to have you grown up

anyway because women are not only

professional cheaters they're

professionals trap queens as in trap

your sperm in their vaginas then trap

your finances for 18 years then call

themselves queens for being single moms

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check the chat one last time shout out

to freelance ronin $2 super set 2 super

chat he says allergic to condoms

especially the hood bitches right dude

don't do the hood but man I'm gonna tell

you what man black bitches are born

pregnant bruh like black women are the

most fertile fucking females out there

dude you dude you fucking raw dog that

chick you fucking raw dog that chick Eve

at one time dude she's having


you can get dude I can guarantee that

shout-out to Jamaica pepper with with

the $10 super jet he says Donovan with

the red pill truth that's the only kind

that's the only kind of truth I drop

one second here

Wow you guys are all okay there we go

I'd catch up man you guys are lively


truth from Troy good to see you in the

house shout out to you Youngjae tu-16

says black women have said has said to

me all the time they're allergic to

condoms yeah that's why they all got 19

kids truth from Troy says condoms were a

big turn-off for me I don't know about

other men still wear them consistently

though yeah dude condoms suck man but

you want to know what sucks more having

fucking eight kids

Timoteo for says latex allergy can be

legit that's why you pull out the

lambskins and she's yeah when she says

that say what about these bitch yeah


I'm allergic to lambskin to bit - get

the fuck out of here out of my kid

hey JP Jamaican pepper says trying to

trick you for that raw these bitches

always run in game foreign listen guys

women are never women are always on

they're always they're always running

game man you gotta watch out for that

gone Calypso says fuck lambskin skin use

polyurethane condoms yeah I would I

would agree with that

I would agree at that

yeah Timoteo Timoteo for says lambskins

don't present prevent disease so yeah

polyurethane polyurethane is the move

yeah I would agree I would agree

Tim tail says were saran-wrap hit the

like button guys hit that like button


and James's black women must be

permanently allergic to condoms you want

to know why black women are permanently

allergic to condoms because they have a

chronic case of the baby rabies how do I

know because the chronically having

babies that's the way it is

Youngjae 216 says my nigga girl said she

couldn't get pregnant three years ago

now she just had his now she just had

his baby three months ago telling you

men if a girl ever asks you if a girl

ever tells you I can't get pregnant so

ask her well how do you know I don't

know I just know yeah bitch the fuck out

of here

look out of here

Don Calypso sue this is good Don Calypso

says if the bitch says it's hard for me

to get pregnant it means she's letting

us shit done a dude's cream pie hurry

yeah you're probably right

like if it really is difficult for her

to get pregnant yeah the question is

well how do you know um yeah cuz you're

letting dudes blow their loads in you

oh my god listen to this terrible T says

quote I had a female who was 40 with

grown kids seeing she wanted one more

child I told her as she but she better

tell one of her kids to make her a

grandma fuck that dude 40 come on with

that fuck outta here

Jesus Christ

shout out to free land floatin Ronan

once again with another $2 super chat

appreciate that

jamaican peppa says got a hood bitch now

always ready to fuck anytime a night

just one phone call away that's why she

stays in the rotation

yeah man listen those other bitches

those hood bitches will give up the ass

straight up

some tail force says I've had women tell

me it feels better raw - it ain't just

dudes yeah listen man

let skin-on-skin sex is the best okay

and he continues that's why it's

dangerous deep down they want the seed

and are cool with getting pregnant yes

they are because women are biologically

hardwired and programmed with a strong

desire to reproduce this is what happens

freelance says my ex is 40 and still

popping out babies time for her as

there's a bad factory down I would agree

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live guys follow me on twitter

account of another score sharp I can

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