Strip club game: How to get a strip club on lock (Episode 363)




no games that hits a gym dude if she

breaks up with you she has already found

your replacement guaranteed what's up

guys into man Donovan Sharpe and welcome

to the 360 third edition of TSR live

your daily dose of red pill truth wisdom

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is November 16th 2018 Jesus Christ

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beer game let's get to it those of you

who have watched listened and read me

over the years know that I have made the

egregious mistake of dating more

strippers than I care to admit

like that's know that listen that's no

great shakes right like a lot of guys

yeah I've dated strippers and they say

it with all this bravado no no no dating

strippers shows your stupidity like

don't get it twisted just because you

Dave strippers that doesn't mean shit

everybody gets played by strippers you

fuck the strippers you don't date them

you don't marry them I've made my I've

made that mistake many many times and

anyone who brags about dating strippers

they're there they're lying to

themselves anyway during my time in

Vegas I probably dated four or five of

them and every one of them without

exception cheated on me big shock there

the funny thing is is that even post red

pill awakening I had the audacity to

feel betrayed and surprised that a woman

would do such a thing how dare she cheat

on me with that bouncer how dare she be

dishonest with me you get the point so

we all know never to commit to strip

and even when I learned about the true

nature of women it still took me making

that same mistake almost a half a dozen

times for it to finally stick all of

that said strippers do have their

utilities the main one of course being

their hotness not only do strippers

elevate your sexual market value when

other girls see you with them you can

attract yet more strippers by virtue of

pre selection one stripper sees you

fucking another stripper you're

automatically signed off by that

strimmer you get them get with stripper

number two and stripping up a stripper

numbers three and four see you and think

the same thing and so on and so forth

some momentum builds itself and by the

way by the way if there any women

watching or listening who are thinking

well if I saw you in the store I don't

have my girl voice I went to a Flyers

game this week so excuse me but well if

I saw you with a stripper I wouldn't

think you were attractive at all is that


well how exactly would you know she's a

stripper if we're walking down the


she's not wearing a name tag that says

hi my name is Susan but at night my name

is candy or midnight or cinnamon how

would you know she's a stripper if you

saw set a story you wouldn't all you

would see is a man who acts like he owns

the place

this guy walking around with an

extremely attractive woman and you would

instantly get turned on the only reason

why you women would even think to say to

yourself well she must be a stripper is

because you think you're more deserving

of me than she is which means you're

turned on so you guys listen you you

bitches out there can miss me with that

nonsense oh here we go with the stripper


listen submit the stripper names I am

here for the stripper name contests

anyway those who have listened to me

also know that I have fucked four more

strippers fucked four more strippers

than the average man after I finally

figured out through my own

hardheadedness that you should never

date them that didn't stop me from

wanting to fuck the best-looking women

around and again this is for the dudes

miss me with that strippers like the

best look eleven around miss me with

that bullshit if they weren't they

wouldn't have men throwing literally

thousands of dollars

in cash at them every night men don't

throw money at women they don't want to

fuck it's as simple as that anyway

longtime listener mr. mink requested an

episode that talked about how to fuck

strippers stripper games now I've gotten

plenty of requests from plenty of people

but when one of my longtime listeners

asks for it

that is when I deliver so here it is you

guys can all thank mr. mink as I turn

off my notifications looks like Peyton

Manning is breaking down his brother his

brothers performance from the other

night now what a make I want to let you

guys know a few things upfront before we

get the start because a lot of guys are

like ooooh I'm gonna learn how to fuck

strippers not so fast number one there

are no guarantees gentlemen you can do

everything I tell you today to the T and

not so much as sniff the hammies of a

stripper luck is as much a factor as

anything and any man who has success

with strippers will tell you the exact

same thing guys like Kristen McQueen

will tell you the exact same thing

stripper it listen all you can do all I

can help you do tonight or today pretty

soon I'll be saying tonight is to

increase your odds of success that's all

I can do number two this is next-level

game gentlemen you can't be a novice you

can't be a novice with women and just

waltz into a strip club and start

picking out bitches - fuck unless you're

a professional athlete there is no point

and click game involved it just doesn't

work that way we're gonna get into that

a little bit later on as well you've got

to work for it and that involves being

red pill aware and have plenty of years

of successful game with highly

attractive women under your belt number

three and most importantly I want you

guys to listen this shit is not for the

faint of heart

I'm to listen and I'm not just saying

that this is this is some real listen

like Mazar said in the track on d12 pit


me this is some Street G shit and I know

it sounds funny coming from a guy who

sounds like me like this is some

straight G shit like what the fuck is

this white guy who the fuck is this

black dude he sounds like a white guy

telling us that this is some straight G

shit hey it is what it is man okay this

is gonna listen this is this is gonna

involve next level game this is gonna

involve all kinds of shit that you're

not used to doing shit that you're

uncomfortable with doing that first so

if you're the kind of guy who catches

feelings for hot girls this ain't for

you not yet not yet and listen listen

man I'm not gonna judge you for that

right I'm not gonna judge you guys for

that we've all been listening we've all

been there myself included I've been

played by strewed I've been played by so

many strippers I caught feelings for man

I've been cheated on a shitload of a

shitload of times my pretty girl so I

get it it's not easy to learn to divorce

your feelings from women let alone

pretty women listen attractive women are

very very difficult to divorce feelings

from I did an episode this week called

why do we fall in love with sluts I

would suggest that you listen to that

one but only when you can utilize what

I'm gonna tell you today only when you

can achieve that next level game only

when you can do this consistently on the

regular can you utilize what I am going

to tell you today all of that said all

of that said I'm gonna talk about the

ins and outs and the do's some of the

don'ts of strip club game and we can

think again mr. mink for that for this

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shout out to Ray in PG says the strip

club is the indoor track if you have

their drug of choice it's a done deal

ray and PG doing his best etf

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the number one all right let's check the

chat here ryan sullivan first to break

the tape

actually I'll say that first to pop the

cherry I don't know if that all I know

we'll figure that out daddy is Scott ray

in PG in the house mr. mink who is

responsible for this show making it

appearance here Charles Caballero good

to see you in here at Charles I got your

email I'm gonna get with you

probably sometime tomorrow I've got a

lot on my plate for tonight I'm gonna

get with you tomorrow but I um I got

your email you and I are gonna link up

cos we got in here Marcus is in the

house good to see you captain crunch

420a TS r OG r AP g says i was just

about to touch on that pre selection

aspect man i swear to god man this is

listen i love having an intelligent

audience but you motherfuckers give away

the goddamn show before i even get

started man you guys are killing me

y'all taking money out my pocket here we

go here we go with the names I got

destiny I got destiny fluffy ha ha ha

that's a good one cherry with an eye

bubbles bubbles sweet dreams

oh that is awesome Nigel Dix Nigel Diggs

in the house I've had seen in a while

sweet dreams is a great stripper name

I've never heard of a god never seen or

heard or meta strip met a stripper

called sweet dreams that's a good one

and I've heard them all guys oh my god

again dude cinnamon midnight oh dude the

lid we got crystal that's it that's a

dude I don't know it's probably like two

dozen strippers named Crystal Trinity

rate dude ray MGP his wife was Trinity I

love it sweet sugar that's good when

Lexus you get some triplets you get some

triplets on the stage you got Lexus

Mercedes and Infiniti oh that's a good


Duane says chocolate yeah no no no you

got to get original with it right like

you have to think sports names they

don't call them the Maryland Turtles

they call them the Maryland Terrapins

right they don't call them the Georgia

Tech bumblebees they call them the

Yellow Jackets

right so if you think in chocolate you

got to go Coco Oh Marcus has them all

crystal amber Lola

angel candy charity kitty diamond sky

China cocoa and cinnamon goddamn eight

four eight eight four eight I fucked a

couple of strippers both named kitten

they worked for different strip clubs

but kitten is a very popular stripper

named Trixie oh that's awesome I love it

listen watch out for those bitches named

Trixie we're gonna get into that a

little bit later jack bow and says

Porsche this is great guys keep them


haha keep up Kevin yes sharp assist if

you have a strip club story nine one

four two oh five five three five six I

got C and Vegas on the line I know

listen I know he's got strip club

stories he lives in fuckin Vegas this is

good aunt James says good topic bro you

have to be a cold-hearted player to get

strippers to choose up or they will run

game on man listen like I said guys and

again you can't let you cannot you got

to understand man strippers have the I

can't even begin to describe this

strippers have the ultimate and

abundance mentality not only are they

getting continuous offers from men these

men are flashing money at them it is the

ultimate in abundance mentality I'm

gonna get you just a second see keep the

stripper names coming guys this is great

this is fucking great Alex and Naz says

just put a line of coke in your heart on

that hey get strippers too big oh my god

Ryan Sullivan wants to know with

stripper game Super Saiyan 2 or Super

Saiyan 3 level game I haven't gone Super

Saiyan yet kind of like Vegeta no this

is Super Saiyan 3 as in like yeah yeah

yeah like you need like if you were like

he says Vegeta right I'm going nappa

if nappa were to go super saiyan he'd

have like the long blond beard just

making a wedding my inner nerd come I

haven't watched Dragon Ball Z since 99

man and I still remember all those guys

dude Krillin boma Gohan Goku Jesus


I remember freezes are

to Doria that's about it

Simmons a good one very good ray and PG

says you have to already be established

before you think you can get them to

choose perfect I'm gonna expound on that

Raven T 21 surfer my man Raven that is

wonderful that is a great stripper name

this is awesome candy from the muga

James show this is great dude Raven is

the perfect fuckin stripper name oh my

god oh yeah yay let's see Goldie that's

a good one

ecstasy oh wow yeah she's literally

telling you what her with her nose candy

of her nose candy of choices Mercedes

that's a good one

freelance Ronan getting Rachel with it

mocha is this is a common black stripper

name yeah what about black stripper

names right

wait fairy mantas I knew a recommending

meanest oh my god this is great

passionate oh this is great this is this

is wonderful

Dru Bay in the house fitness expert says

I once went to a strip club on a slow

night ended up getting on stage with a

dance were dancing for the girls and

leaving with more money that I showed up

with Alyssa that's that's that's that

that stripper game right there freelance

when it says taffy gingersnap black

Margot says black stripper has to be

ebony oh my god you guys are gonna be

side Trek nine one four two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the show let's go

to the phone line see in Vegas talk to

me man I'm surprised I'm surprised

nobody said nobody diamond Oh diamond

there who yes oh good oh dude I knew a

couple of strippers named misty dude

diamond and crystal those are the two

most popular stripper names at least in

Vegas they are right then I was gonna

say do some believe this triple kind of

sort of but Dee what's your take on guys

smoking weed consistently and just to

give you my personal experience I felt

like when I smoked up

we have a person who smoked my weight

and we'd write eighty five times over of

course and I could tell you one thing

Donna when I when I smoked weed maybe

more and discipline I used to be more

relaxed but also translated into you

know my game and frame you know I'll let

shit slide and I'll let bad behavior

slide which is never good not just with

women but sure other with other people

right right right yeah right and I

realize just you know for a lot of guys

especially because I remember you

brought this up one of your episodes

where you said you know black men Olli

keeps me calm yeah you know thing so I

was wondering Donna thing what you

what's your take on it and I feel like

you know black men get hung up on this

weed culture and stuff because I feel

like if you if you really want to do

great things in life as a man you got to

put it down nobody did anything great

smoking weed all the time but we gotta

take I think you should expound on that

go ahead yeah listen that one's your

take yeah absolutely and thanks for the

call see in Vegas yeah listen man I

think a man with any substance I don't

know that you can abuse we and I'm sure

that there are a lot of guys who

probably think otherwise but anytime you

need a substance to function that that's

an addiction right

and listen myself included dude I was I

don't know man I did like I said man for

three and a half years I did cocaine

every weekend I never did it during the

week ever for three and a half years

then one weekend I did it Friday night

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday and

Wednesday night when I woke up Thursday

morning and the first thing I wanted to

do was text Mac my drug dealer what

might my cocaine dealer that's what I

knew it was a problem dude when you're

my I guess to answer these question is

as long as you have control over it then

that's no problem listen man I'm not

gonna get on guys who wanna you know you

know you know toke some weed every now

and again like we all you know we all

want to get high alright we all want to

have a good time

there's nothing wrong with doing a few

lines every now and again but when it

consumes you when it becomes your only

when it becomes your existence when it

becomes your identity that's when it

becomes a problem

and to be honest with you a lot of guys

would define doing blow every weekend as


dude honestly clinically I may very well

have had a cocaine addiction for three

three and a half years and because I

didn't do it all that all day every day

I guess my addiction lasted three and a

half years I don't know I was able to I

was able to quit cocaine cold turkey you

know and don't get me wrong dude

Thursday and Friday were fucking rough

dude dude oh my god the worst thing in

the world the worst thing in the world

is that cocaine comedown jesus fucking

christ this is why I could talk about

cocaine for fucking hours but I'm gonna

end it on this cocaine is the best worst

thing ever because when you're on

cocaine it dude the world is fat it's

fucking unbelievably awesome right dude

I admit oh my god I'm gonna tell myself

one last cocaine story I remember dude

my cocaine my cocaine dealer Mac had

this big baller fly I think he was from

like Dubai or one of those rich

countries right so he had a room at the

Aria so we all go up there he's

delivering like a fucking kid like I

don't know maybe it was like a half a

kilo it's like a brick it was

unbelievable he's like yeah you know

come with me and it's net the other the

guy signed off on me and everything he

had a machine that he put the brick in

the machine and it would grind the

cocaine down into it until I can

extremely fine powder was unbelievable

so we're all sitting there doing lines

I'm like oh my god there you know

there's no there are no chunks there are

no pieces it was just finely grated

powder I was dude it was own oh my god

it was unbelievable so anyway alright

enough about the cooking stories but yes

to answer C's question is I don't listen

I'm not gonna I'm not gonna harp on

anybody who has a substance addiction

because that shit's listen man it's hard

to kick habits like drugs alcohol

cocaine and let's get it straight man

weed is an addiction a lot of guys

cannot go 24 hours without smokin weed

and I mean dude I made I may have had an

addiction for three and a half years

every week at the same time Friday about

four or five in the afternoon I would

start to get those cocaine cravings so

maybe I did have a three and a half year

addiction I don't know maybe but my

opinion on those guys is that as long as

you don't do it all the time every day

then you're fine like I said man smoking

weed makes you stupid temporarily for a

little while but as long as you're not

doing it every day I'm good with

I'm totally good with that let's go back

to the phone lines Rea in PG what the

deal brother now you are know what time

it is we talk about sake no I'll show

you about the neighborhood

hole-in-the-wall shit goddamn car it's a

place called sensation is and it's

literally like if I left my house and

walk down the street then you know

that's what it that's what a strip club

was right now we're so funny about it is

that I think that I think it opened up

my senior year or as I graduated so all

of the girls that we went to school with

worked in so we go to the strip club

we've seen girls that we've known since

middle school and it was just for ham

someone doesn't like bitch I know you

like right like it like right like you

were in my fuckin like like bitch you

were my geometry class man like what the

fuck's wrong with you

yeah but what's so funny about it it was

just like from Jerry Springer shit

because my math teacher enough I'm

Lionel flam I'm a teacher her name was

Miss definite her she her daughter

worked it out you know what I gotta go

once I saw him I was like oh yeah you

got a roll out bruh no no you can't you

can't and not only that we can go back a

fool by these cocaine stories but I

first started doing cocaine in stru

clever what's so cold about it you know

I mean the guy who I was fuckin with he

busted out on the table not seeing these

girls wit he was reacting I was like hey

can I get a ball of that and it was a

done deal from there man whoa I've

already know what it is fuck that

cocaine man man okay Ron listen I listen

man I but I have a love-hate

relationship with cocaine the last time

I did blow was the first day I moved to

Reno that night I moved the day I flew

into Reno two three in the afternoon

right it took me four hours to get me

some blow it was that quick but after

that I was like you know what it was and

the thing is is it wasn't as much fun

because I didn't have my homeboys around

me I wasn't at the strip club it was

kind of day I was like you know what

listen I'm I'm trying to transition my

life that's why I came to Reno so I said

you know what I'll do one last night of

blow and I have literally I've not

touched it since so so yeah good call

Randy I appreciate the call man all

right let's go ahead and get this let's

go ahead and get this party started

let's go ahead and get this party

started let us get to what you all came

for here today now do my alpha male

strategies here before we get started

they're gonna be there there are a few

things that you need to understand okay

real quick freelancer net says hold up

Donovan is that piston honda from the

game punch-out hell yeah hell dude hell

yeah that is definitely piston honda

piston honda is my favorite character of

all time on mike tyson punchout he is

absolutely the coolest with the eyebrows

right before he hit yeah right all right

don't get me started that okay number

one things you're gonna have to

understand before you get started this

is gonna take some time

you're not gonna waltz into X Y Z strip

clubs a few weekends in a row and start

being in strippers okay you need to

understand that above all this is going

to take a lot of time and a lot of money

okay building a harem I actually talked

about this in episode 319 entitled

building a harem is a full-time job and

I talked about I talked about strip club

game briefly take a listen my friends

used to ask me Donna how is it that

you're always at these parties with

these strippers and doing all these

eight balls of cocaine for free you know

what I'll tell you I tipped the bouncer

it's 100 plus so that they can get me in

front of the club owner so I can sit

down in front of him and let him know

look I got a guy with cocaine that's so

pure that if people just a little bit on

your tongue it makes your face go dumb

and he offers a bulk discounts for guys

like you when the club closes my guy

shows up and me the owner the bouncers

the DJ the bartender and about a dozen

strippers and cocktail waitresses are

all in a room on a magic fucking carpet

right of our lives and the next thing

you know I get VIP treatment every time

I set foot in that place

I've done that twice and each time it

cost me about six hours of my time at

about 1,500 bucks yeah that's a shitload

of time and money but that's what's

necessary guys if you're willing to pay

the price than doing it not then don't

complain about

don't complain that getting in good with

a strip club is hard because you don't

want to put in the time or spend the

coin this is just how it is so you heard

that you heard the figure of $1,500

which is true but what I didn't talk

about was the money in time I spent

before I got my cocaine contact Mack

okay you think I just tipped the

bouncers a c-note twice and I

automatically get up in there no sir I

was there just about every month for

about three months straight and the

reason it didn't take longer is because

I had up in the reason it didn't take

longer is because I had access to good

drugs which leads me to which means

leads me to the next section I'm sorry

which leads me to the next one number

two the things that you're gonna have to

understand okay you're gonna have to

understand guys that a lot of strippers

are prostitutes okay I don't want to say

most but 51% is most so yeah I would say

most of them are prostitutes listen guys

there is rarely a stripper who only

makes her money on the pole doing lap

dances all right

listen see in Vaes could see in Vegas

could tell you go to the back go to the

back of any Vegas strip club on the

strip where all of the private rooms are

and you are guaranteed to hear fucking

I'm talking this shit right here girls

moaning and holler it all up and down

both sides of the room sometimes their

doors sometimes there's fucking curtains

dude you look behind the curtain

stripper sucking some dudes dick dude is

fucking a stripper in the ass if it is

happening don't get it twisted guys

that's just it and the reason why is

because just about every stripper turns

tricks at some point to supplement her

income any stripper who tells you that

she makes or had made $10,000 a night is

either a featured dancer or she's

fucking two three two tonight real

fucking talk real fucking talk

the reason this is significant is here's

a hard truth

strippers catch STDs all the time guys

herpes gonorrhea syphilis etc now some

strippers will charge extra to let

customers raw dogdom now based on my

experience most of them don't allow that

but a lot of them do those are the ones

who are catching STDs every other month

one stripper told me that a certain girl

had come in who had who had chlamydia

three four times a year now whether that

was an exaggeration of the night I

stayed away from her I'm not gonna say

well I don't believe you I'm gonna go

and fuck her and see no no no did I do

lines with her yeah but I never fucked

her I I never forgot yeah you're the

fucking stripper that gets chlamydia

three four times a year mm-hmm no no

don't even suck my dick bitch get the

fuck away so keep your ear to the ground

guys talk to your bouncers about which

strippers double as escorts and

prostitutes when you're in good with

them they will tell you and we'll get to

that in a minute

talk to the strippers about about other

strippers ask them hey which strippers

out here turn tricks okay

listen man and strippers are women

they're fucking bitches dude they will

air out all their co-workers dirty

fucking laundry and all it takes is that

dude is a half a gram of blow and an

inquiry and she'll sing like a fucking

canary so those are the two things that

you need to understand before you get

started now let's get into let's get

into the nitty-gritty let's get into

what you are going to need number one

you're gonna need drugs guys and let me

go ahead and give this disclaimer I am

neither advocating nor am i endorsing

the use or purchase of illegal drugs I

am merely advising you of one of the

elements that is necessary to strip club

game what you do with this advice is

100% your responsibility just say no to

drugs alright now let's get in letting

out now let's keep it let's keep it all

the way real here guys and when I say

drugs I'm not talking about weed guys

weed is legal just about everywhere and

listen everybody has access to it no no

no man I'm talking about meth gentlemen

right crystal meth I'm talking about

cocaine heroin the heavy shit the kind

of shit that can and will you and will

get you locked up if you get caught with

it listen guys this takes money in time

but a lot of things in life that

everybody wants like access to trip

little access the strippers is gonna

take some risk and don't listen do not

get it twisted guys

you absolutely need drugs Kevin Samuels

is another one pills you need pills


a lot of strippers addicted to oxycodone

oxycontin vicodin percocet you

absolutely need drugs listen there's a

saying with guys who have an in with

strip clubs and a strip clubs and

strippers and that saying is money talks

drugs shout money is important and you

will definitely need it as I'll talk

about here in a minute but you need

drugs too gentlemen strippers love to

party and even though they love money

they've got a line of men given the

money all night long what they don't

always have is dudes who bring in that

high grain cocaine that hasn't been

stepped on ten times it makes your

entire face go numb when you put a

little bit on your tongue do not try to

give strippers that low-quality shit

they will laugh you out of the fucking

club yep they like that Molly the

adderall you guys have you guys already

know what's up okay number two you need

number one you need drugs number two

you're gonna need money there's no free

lunch guys especially with strip clubs

and I'm not talking about now I'm not

talking about money for strippers there

are the last people whose palms you need


the money that you are going to invest

is for the bouncers the DJs the

bartenders the guys who have access to

these girls all the time those are the

guys you need to give $100 handshakes to

and we'll get into that a little bit

later the point is you have to have deep

pockets to establish your value at a

club number three you're gonna need hot

girls gentlemen strippers or people -

they're not aliens or some other worldly

beings they're people granted they are

people who look better than 95% of the

population and there are

set of rules when it comes to dealing

with them in public but they still abide

by the same biological markers and

triggers as the rest of the female

population not the least of which is pre

selection supers are not gonna want to

fuck you for free if they don't see you

with hot girls and that's all there is

to it guys there's no two ways about it

earlier I talked about banging one

stripper and another stripper see you

and so forth but you don't just start

being in strippers guys you have to show

them that you are used to being around

girls who look like them girls who have

equal or greater sexual market value

than they do guys who get thrown out of

strip clubs are guys who are not used to

being around hot girls you can always

tell the guy getting a lap dance he's

like oh my god I can't believe this

woman who looks like girls like jerk off

the porn is like grinding on me and

pretending she oh my I think she likes


you can always tell guys who have no

experience without girls dude I think

that stripper likes me no dude she likes


she likes her wallet you fucking idiot

right these guys go completely to pieces

and they start doing dumb shit like

grabbing their asses or grabbing their

tits without permission next thing you

know they get their orbital and cracked

and they get banned from a club looks

like we got do we have a troll in here

are you serious case Sam who is that let

me screw up

I didn't see it all right fuck it I'll

keep going and listen if you're banned

from one strip club in that area you're

banned from them all guys club owners

talk bouncers talk strippers from other

clubs to talk so if you think you can

grab a strippers ass then waltz into a

club just a block or two away think

again they'll know exactly who you are

so keep your head about you but like I

was saying before you've got to have hot

girls with you listen every single time

without exception you gotta have hot

girls everything single time you go and

you gotta make sure your girl is ready

to do favors for you and we're gonna get

into that a little bit later is that G

shit I'm talking about now some guys are

probably thinking well where do I get

hot girls guys this is where time and

game comes into play and this is exactly

why I told you at the top of this

episode at the top of this broadcast

that this is next-level game and that

this is gonna take some time to get hot

girls you need game okay you need game

developing the kind of game that gets

you access to hot girls - takes time

which is what my entire show is largely

predicated on how to be more attractive

to attractive women this is red pill 101

to get hot girls you have to be a man of

value who knows how to handle hot girls

it's that simple

all right let me scroll up here all


mutti says damn guys is this what we are


all right muni you are gone you are

banned I remember you from a I remember

you from a couple of days ago sneak tip

trollin sneak tip troll and get the fuck

out of here fuck you fuck you is this

what we're doing yes this is what we're

doing fucking idiots so Muni is gone who

else listen who else wants to get banned

seriously all right that's what I


ray and PG says they do sell ass on the

side that's why they call it the indoor

track I'm trying to tell you guys Jose

Jose says just like the movie Players

Club closed legs don't get fed I'm

trying to tell you guys man any dude who

date's a stripper who thinks she's not

turning tricks on the side who thinks

she's not selling her ass you guys

better take a red pill 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5

6 is the number to call

let's go to area code 405 is this Kevin

yeah all right Kevin Samuels in the

house man what's going on brother oh man

you're speaking my language man delat

and we're gonna use my pseudo of my club

name we're gonna use velvet Jones for

this one we call tell the children said

see ya man for a better part of four

years man I was I was heavy into strip

club game and the escort seemed okay

I was so deep in it when I tell you I

was able to are you familiar with Dallas

no I've been there a couple times I've

never been I've been to DFW the airport

well you know the breast surgery was

pioneered in Houston right oh no I did

not know that the booster I was

pioneered in Houston so Dallas has some

of the most premier strip clubs outside

of Vegas in the country okay and the

highest dollar ones are found in the

men's club okay

the lounge and uh and the men's club so

back in the days when Michael Irvin and

the Cowboys running the city Oh to get

into places like silver dollar ranch and

the lounge the men's club you had to

have big bank yeah I was so big in the

thing that I was able to host the

Valentine's party you know yes the

Halloween party and VIP and are you

ready the New Year's party in VIP Oh

you had you had NFL players coming up to

the club and they could not get in

because I had it there you go man hey

listen if you if you can get in if you

can get in like that you're golden

you're golden you gotta be well I never

played golf so I decided I was gonna use

the strip club is my placing in contract

sign so I actually had deals of girls

and let's say Dorian I say Dorian I got

a client I'm trying to get and I can't

get him to sign gonna bring him here for

lunch just play it up and yet the

temples on the contract value okay and

the guy will come in and they would be

independent Kevin is a friend of mine

and she you know they just did gaming -

dude - like six no the harder you did

get the more money comes out he was

right no fucking no sucking none of this

stuff we're not doing it that no but I

saw right where those contracts were

getting signed left and right I made so

much money by working with the dancers

to get clients to sign deals it was like

the best victimless crime I would go in

and I'm telling when I had carte blanche

I would walk into clubs around Dallas I

did not pay the manager was Greek in my

first name knew the bouncers near the

deejays I was called home base

damn and this is a beautiful part girls

I found out their girls real names and

their stories and when you guys think

your little $20 was breaking these

bitches these these chicks are making

hundred thousand two hundred thousand

yes yes yes listen gentlemen do not get

it twisted do not get it twisted

gentlemen strippers strippers who are

good bum actually have to do some

strippers they make six figures the

problem is the reason strippers live

check the check because strippers have

expensive habits expensive shoes or we

get drugs expensive clothes like dude

these girls make fucking cash money and

it's all gone in 48 hours because there

are women yeah well and the thing is

like my Nick across the hall from where

I live down in Dee felt like she was a

dancer at the Million Dollar saloon and

she looked like jenna jameson mixed with

Anna Nicole Smith Oh

and so she had big movies chick oh boy

big blonde just do who and here's the

thing she before she stripped she was

she was the waitress and if you guys

diamond said the bartender or the

bouncer but you get in good with one of

the standard waitresses oh yeah and

everybody they like the madam yes

so I neighbor would come home and she

would after I hear knock on my door

three o'clock in the morning and I'm a

corporate guy right I'm a square dude

sure hey what's going on

I got an Eightball you want to come home

I don't do blow but I'm like sure I'll

come over hell yeah she's sitting there

doing you know doing and of course you

know I'm blowing her back dude

we could have so many stories and the

guy that you learn how to run strip club

games your balls will be the size of

fucking Everest because you can actually

go in and as a regular dude with massive

game overcome a lotta to do that are

just leading with their money and their

Kevin your foot listen Kevin on the

sneak Ted man like you're fucking up my

show you're dude like you can't like

Samuels people look at me we're corny

dude I'm like you know the fuck I don't

know you know on this bet I listen I'm

trying to let these dudes know man I'm

trying to let these dudes know the only

time your money matters in the strip

club is if you are professional athlete

listen don't say anything else Kevin cuz

I don't want you to I don't want you to

fuck up I want you to fuck up the game

that's how it is you know how it goes

Kevin Samuels is his name yeah

absolutely listen Kevin tell them the

before you drop off tell everyone tell

the guys were to find you my channel is

my name

bye Kevin finish KP k VI in at the MU

illest look in the Oliver catalog we did

an interview couple three weeks ago my

channel link should be in there

somewhere you the man dude appreciate it

Kevin Samuels drop in that game he all

be he almost fucked up some of the show

almost fucked up some of the show listen

man you can beat you could you could

have the most money in the club

to our professional athlete unless it is

evident to current professional athlete

if you're James Lester James Harden

LeBron James Wright Shaquille O'Neal who

else Cam Newton nope can't leave with

your wallet can't can't cannot lead with

your wallet okay let us get into the

do's and don'ts of strip club game we're

gonna go we're gonna start with the

deuce first because there aren't there

there aren't really too many don'ts and

I'm gonna get into those a little bit

later the dues are more important than

the don'ts number one and this is the

most important element you have got to

take care of the bouncers no I'm not

talking about slide number 20 every now

and again I'm talking about slipping

them a hundred dollar bill every single

time you are there guys listen to me

what I'm telling you this man bouncers

are the key to strip club game they are

the gatekeepers gentlemen without them

you're not getting anywhere okay if a

bouncer doesn't want to let you in the

club you're fucked doesn't matter who

you know doesn't matter if your foot

doesn't matter if you're fucking three

girls then if the bouncers don't like

you you're not getting it and listen

here's another thing don't insult

bouncers by slipping him a c-note the

first time you're at the club and saying

so which strippers are the best that's a

fucking insult okay he's gonna take your

money and he's gonna think to himself

who the fuck is this guy trying to get

him good with me for 100 bucks fuck this

guy then he'll tell you yeah alex is the

best then he go in and you find out alex

is the DJ do not insult these guys

gentlemen bouncers aren't listen they're

their big motherfuckers but they're

smart okay dude they got a hundred dude

they got a hundred fucking douche bag

shithead knuckleheads

trying to slip and trying to slip him a

20 trying to get him trying to get in

good with strippers it does not work

that way okay do not insult these guys

gentlemen you have to take good care of

them and it takes more than money I'll

give you an example I'll give an example

this is next-level game the very first

time you go to the strip club make sure

you have a hot girl with you you listen

you got to have the hot girl with you

every single time make sure she is

dressed provocatively as in cleavage

like you need to be able

see your tits right short skirt heals

the whole nine you walk up with your

girl you give the bouncer that

hundred-dollar handshake you look him in

the eye and say hi I'm Donovan this is

my friend this is Katie and she's very

friendly boom

you have his attention okay guys listen

I've done this plenty of times and it is

absolutely critical to strip club game

here's why not only does he now know

that you're gonna take care of him

financially you're also going to take

care of him in other ways by telling him

your friend Katie is friendly he'll know

exactly what you're talking about which

is when the time comes to return a favor

you do for me in the not-too-distant

future as in getting me in good with the

club owner and the strippers Katie here

will make sure you are well rewarded for

taking good care of me and if you show

up with a different girl the next week

you will increase your value this is how

this works you can guys listen don't get

it twisted you can't show up with a six

or seven bouncers have expensive tastes

and women because they're around 9s and

10s all the time you think bouncers

aren't fucking the strippers - come on

man he can't roll up there with a busted

chick talk about hey she's very friendly


if you introduced her plain-jane

girlfriend is gonna be like I don't give

a fuck how friendly she is I'm not

fucking her I'm fucking candy who's got

fucking size D fake tits and she's 21

years old and she fucking gives crazy

blowjobs I'm not fucking your fucking


what is she a fucking 4 or 5 get the

fuck out of here with that he'll take

your money and then and then dismiss you

this is why you have to have access to

hot girls and when you're in with that

strip club you can take other strippers

to other strip clubs and introduce them

to other bouncers and a lot of times

they'll recognize the strippers that are

with you and that will shorten the

process this time around rinse and


bouncers are the key guys and if you are

consistent you'll have the bouncers on

your side which bodes very well for

which modes bodes very well for you he

knows that every time he sees you he's

gonna get a hundred bucks and another

opportunity to build rapport with your

hot lady friend Katie every time you see

him after a few weeks he's gonna be

looking for you and you'll know he's

looking for you because when you roll up

on him he's gonna be like yo I was

wondering when you were gonna get here

now you've gone from hundred-dollar

handshakes $200 handshakes tapping each


having a short conversation talking

about how your we quit building rapport

and building a relationship which is

paramount six to eight weeks after your

first visit

now you can slip him that c-note bring

him in for that bro hug and whisper into

his ear so do any of these girls like to

party he's gonna say to you I'm gonna

come and find you later and when he does

he's gonna give you the entire rundown

guys why because to this point you've

tipped him nearly a thousand dollars and

he knows that if and when he delivers

he's gonna get to fuck your hot friend

Katie and maybe he'll get the fuck Cindy

- the one you introduced him on week

three plus when he puts in the word for

you with the strippers he'll let them

know you've got party favors which means

drugs just like when you told him your

lady friend was very friendly he's gonna

tell the strippers that you like to


everybody wins guys that's how this

works this is clap this is

quintessential quid pro quo guys take

care of your bouncers and your bouncers

will take care of you every single time

you have got to take care of your

bouncers they're the key they are the

key my favorite bouncer I don't want to

I can't say his name well yeah I've

mentioned him a couple times his name is

hey soos biggest fucking Mexican I've

ever seen or met in my life

this guy was six seven probably 400

pounds coolest fucking dude you'll ever

meet this guy dude this guy's

responsible for getting me more stripper

ass than anybody

why because I didn't insult hey soos by

slipping him a $20 bill so he's so soos

dude the gurus look to party nah man

that took time speaking of your hot

friend Katie let's go to number two the

number two thing you need which is to

select your trade currency carefully

gentlemen you got to find a girl who

likes to party

which means drugs and who doesn't mind

fucking other guys for you yes you gotta

find a hot girl or girls to turn out

guys I've done this so many fucking

times I've lost count I've had my fuck

buddies fuck my friends I've had him

fuck bouncers club owners DJs my

computer guy my bike guy you

name it I've dude I've scored tons of

free tons of free shit from drugs to

services to goods by exchanging by

exchanging pussy which is my assets for

their services and don't get it twisted

guys there are a lot more girls out

there than you realize

who will fuck other guys for you

provided that you run airtight pimp game

and you offer her something in return

like drugs access to parties here's the

thing guys here's the other side of that

coin your girl's not gonna turn tricks

for nothing

just like strippers just listen

strippers they gotta take care of the

bounces they got to pay the bouncers

they got to pay the deejay and they got

to pay the owner this is just how it


listen strip clubs work just like salons

and barbershops you got to pay for that

chair strippers got to pay for the pole

that's how it works

okay you you've got people to take care

of - which are your bouncers and your

trade bait or trade currency which is

art which are the girls you are gonna

turn out bring her to parties give her

drugs take her out to dinner sure good

time Leonard tag along with you when you

take a trip to LA no you are never gonna

catch feelings for that's where this

next level game is involved okay but

you're you're only you're only doing

this in exchange for her services which

is taking care of the men that take care

of you oh my good where'd you take your

booking three big to Santa Monica so

that she'll fuck my fucking bouncer hey

soos forgive me access to 12 other girls

that's why I listen check this out you

can also have threesomes with these

girls listen just about every girl life

turned out I've had a threesome with all

these threesomes that I tell you that

I've told you guys that I've had happens

with girls I've turned out this is how

it works it listen and think about it

like this guy's logically if they're

willing to suck another man's dick for

you they're more than willing to look

another woman's pussy while your ass

fucking our tit for tat pun definitely

intended so while it's important to take

care of your bouncers it is equally

important to take care of your lady

friends your trade bait again this is

next-level game guys you must learn to

divorce your feelings from good-looking

women to do this effectively and like I

said before this is why this takes time

so you guys need to be ready to trade

your girl your girl for access to other

girls and a lot of times your

bouncers will approach to will approach

you listen I've had three or four

bouncers tell me after only a couple of

weeks hey I like your friend tell me

what I can do for you

that's when you're in there that is when

you act accordingly you know what as

soon as you let everybody in come and

find me an XYZ section by the bar and

we'll talk you guys talk terms this is

how this works all right let me let me

check the chat here ha ha

Kevin Samuels getting props in here The


Kevin Samuel listen Kevin listen don't

get it twisted Kevin Sam see this is the

thing man

Kevin Samuels is the he's the he's the

image consultant don't get it twisted


Kevin Samuels can pound that dude trust

it listen Kevin is older than me he's

probably got more game than I do

honestly he's probably got more strip

club game than I do

we've exchanged stories before ran PG

said he said he ruined it for the rest

of the collars right I'm like yo Kevin

slow down and bro like I can't like

you're talking about the but to fuck up

the game here velvet Jones I love it I

love it freelance ronan says being a

bouncer requires a lot of street smarts

it's not four-note listen listen I've

never been a bouncer before but as a

bouncer you got to be a fucking G you

get listen you're gonna especially in a

state that where guns are legal shit in

Vegas you don't think you see you don't

think bouncers have had to deal with

niggas with guns and shit oh yeah you

got to be a fucking g-man got to be a

fuckin G

okay all right very good okay so James

II jr. says so I'm assuming that sending

Katie his way takes the same game used

used to get her or his Katy affront no

Katie is not a front dude

katie is trade bait she is a piece of

meat you turn Katie out I don't know

maybe I'll do it maybe I'll do an

episode on how to turn a girl out that

listen you can easily listen there are

two qualifications there are two quick

things that you can do to figure out if

you can turn a girl out number one she

does drugs and number two she doesn't

say no to a threesome do you party yep

what kind of drugs did you pack cocaine

blow crystal meth cool you ever had a

threesome yep boom you can probably turn

her out

no katie is not a front anti-gravity 74

says does this only work in strip clubs

in cities like Vegas or does it work in

big cities in the mid yes strip club

game is universal this does not just

work in cities like Vegas 27 book says

this is too advanced for me listen I

know this all sounds very advanced but

listen that's why said this is

next-level game dude dude if you're

here's the thing man and I listen I

understand you guys want and requested

this episode but if you can't fuck if

you can't fuck the 7-eleven gas station

attendant who's a six or seven dude you

got no business fucking with strip club

game can't do it listen you listen your

game has to be I'm just telling you

right now guys you got to have airtight

game brah you need to have a pimp hand

man you need to learn to divorce your

feelings from good extremely hot girls

not easy to do not easy to do right I

got burned by four maybe five strippers

before I finally learn okay you can't

catch feelings for strippers me

Donovan sharp post red pill I had to

learn that lesson the hard way even

though I knew what woman's true nature

was had to learn that the hard way guys

and you're gonna learn that the hard way

too right you listen you're gonna fuck

around and get that first stripper oh


like she's coming over to my house

you're gonna catch feelings you're gonna

make your girlfriend right you're gonna

commit to her and she's gonna fight you

she's gonna fuck you over this is good

this is what's gonna happen you're gonna

think all right it's not gonna happen


you're gonna get with cinnamon she's

gonna fuck you over to it's gonna take

four or five times for you to get it

through your head you can't you cannot

be dating and committing to these

strippers man only then can you meet an

eight a nine or a ten out on the street

Haiti view drugs do you like to party

yep cool hey listen I'm having a female

friend over to my house let's have some

fun and if she gives you that approving

look yeah now you've got your trade mate

now you have your bait now you can go to

the strip club Kevin Samuel says you can

go from this to running an escort

service see I don't have experience

running an escort service like I've

never like I'm not gonna like that's

that's Kevin's forte that's that's not


Kevin says we should do a pay-per-view

show on this topic right Stephen Buckner

says this game is way too advanced I

listened I tried to tell you guys you

guys that's for it here it is here it is

here it is like I said this is

next-level game this is listen listen

Google the fucking song pimp like me by

bizarre he says I'm gonna let you guys

know up front this is some straight G

shit and all you can do is respect it

soak up the game trying to let y'all

know yes Ryan Sullivan says the only way

to be cold as ice is to get burned I'm

telling you you got it listen you can

you can know exactly what to do but I'm

telling you the very first time you get

a stripper to actually like you outside

of the strip club I'm telling you guys

you're gonna fall for it you're good

you're gonna catch feelings it is a

mathematical inevitability right you

find out that Midnight's name is I don't

know Stacey

now she's now it's personal right Stacey

came to your house she is watching TV

with you Stacey is sucking your dick

holy shit Stacey's a 10 she likes me I

think I've hit it big I think Stacey

really likes me hey Stacey you want to

be my girlfriend of course she's gonna

say yes

guess what Stacy's fucking hey soos the

bouncer and you're - you're gonna get

your feelings hurt up trot listen I'm

letting you guys know I'm letting you

guys know right now you guys you're

gonna have to get initiated you're gonna

have to get branded you're gonna have to

put your hands in those bullet ant

sleeves like they do down in Central

America it's you have to do this you

have to do this

yeah BK from the rocky says yeah if

you've got good strip club game you can

handle most you can handle some chicks

right right James Martinez says this

does this work at black strip strip

clubs or are these high-level strip

clubs like Magic City there's also

another strip club in Atlanta that I

that I heard about called the Crystal

Palace yes this works at all strip clubs

listen black girl listen black girls

Hispanic girls white strippers they're

all women they all work the same way yes

there are some cultural differences yes

the lingo and the vernacular may be a

little bit different strip club is

universal guys all women are like that

even strippers a just leave once again

nice as cinnamon is a cheap stripper

from Reno I prefer destiny from Vegas

that's what I'm talkin about man

that's what I'm fuckin talkin about

that's the comment of the night cinnamon

is a cheap stripper from Reno he was

destiny in Vegas oh wow

I've never been to a strip club in Reno

never Chris Hill says I dated a stripper

for three months years ago and she

cheated on me with an NFL wide receiver

okay all right so let's talk about the

don'ts the dues are a little more

important than the don'ts but they're

they're still important number one never

become a customer if you want to fuck

strippers for free can't become a

customer once a customer always a

customer and once you're a customer

you're never gonna get the fucker

without paying listen if you become a

customer yeah you can still fuck her

right for 1,500 bucks in Vegas - you

listen to 2500 bucks if you want a raw

dogger right that's what a couple of

paychecks for most of you guys don't pay

for a lap dance don't pay for a private

dance don't even pay for drinks

right you get the cocktail waitresses to

get you drinks or you go to the bar and

get your drinks do not buy drinks from

strippers you become a customer and by

the way by the way cocktail waitresses a

lot of them are just as hot if not

hotter than strippers cocktail

waitresses are litter or literally

strippers in training they don't know it

yet but they are when cocktail

waitresses they see all the money and

all the attention that the strippers are

doing they're like dude I got the body I

got the looks fuck it I can learn to

dance on a pole why not loose 95% of

cocktail waitresses eventually become

strippers anti-gravity 74 this is a good

question what does what does become a

customer mean the minute even one dollar

travels from your hands to a stripper

you are a customers and strippers don't

fuck customers who do not who do not pay

you're trying to fuck for free very good

question a very very good question you

become you become a customer when money

changes hands from when even I don't

give a fuck if it's just a tip hey I

like your eyes you give her a dollar

you're out you're not fucking her

without paying her that's just how it is

Kevin very good comment three hundred

dollars and party favors can go further

than three thousand dollars in cash

bingo bingo

you absolutely need drugs John de John

wants to know if they're any good strip

clubs in Los Angeles never been to a

strip club in Los Angeles every strip

club I've ever been to is in Vegas so Oh

anti-gravity 74 says oh I'm a customer

yep got to find another club

Charles merchants hostess leads to

cocktail waitress leads to stripper yeah

I'm trying to tell you man all right

number two never date her before you

fuck her no no you should never date

strippers but I know a lot of guys with

airtight game who still get roped in

right it'll take them a few times okay

to learn that this is a bad idea just

like I did but if you absolutely must

commit to one because you're going to

never commit until after you fucker

first listen you know my stance on


girls never feed him before you fuck him

same goes with strippers men so many

guys get in with a strip club to get

access to the girls one of them picks up

you know one of those strippers picks up

beta traits and she gets her talent in

them next thing you know you guys are

boyfriend and girlfriend and they

haven't fucked yet believe me guys this

happens a lot more than you think number

three never ever go to a strip club

when there are ballers there when the

Cleveland Cavaliers what hang on a

second I'm getting really hot hang on

Jesus all right there we are Jesus I

need to tell I'm gonna text Devon here

to turn on the AC because I'm dying here

man oh yeah I don't know why it got so

fucking hot in here all right when the

Cavaliers won the NBA title back in 2016

they came straight to Vegas after Game

seven I was there okay we heard all

about it you think they went to

Grimaldi's and ate Pete's all fuckin

night no no no no they hit the strip

clubs and ran a train on every one of

them pole dancers and I can guarantee

you those girls made more and that night

than they ever had or ever will anyone

else who was at the strip club when

LeBron James and jr. Smith who hadn't

worn a shirt in a week they got zero

play from any of the girls if you live

in a big city don't go to strip clubs

when professional athletes are there

especially NBA and NFL guys guys listen

man they're all in the top 1% of

physique and have more money than you or

I could ever dream of

okay listen none of us are competing

with that not even the great donovan

sharp is competing with that mate and

listen make sure you ask your bouncer if

pro athletes like to frequent that club

tell him to shoot you a text if he hears

anything yo check this out the Houston

Rockets are gonna be in town tomorrow

you might want to stay away all right

cool you stay away from that right now

keep in mind that professional athletes

don't send out an itinerary to strip

clubs hey we're coming out there at

midnight they do it on a whim okay

they could be at any strip club if you

know a professional athlete or a

professional NFL or NBA team is coming

to your city stay away from the strip

clubs man because they don't all go as a

team do they all they all they all

branch off they literally lock down the

city dude listen I can go to strip clubs

if he's a second string you know

practice squad player dude he's making

750 grand a year are you do you look

like him no and no stay away Stephen

Buckner says junior was wild and out I

don't blame him yeah dude I stayed dude

I stayed in all night long I remember

when it happened men interesting me and

left interestingly enough I was ramping

everything down when did that happen in

June I moved to Vegas June July August

September I moved to I moved from Vegas

to Reno three months later I moved in

September um some closing thoughts here

just real quick you guys have to be

aware of white night bouncers yes

bouncers just like strippers are people

too not every bouncer you can always

tell who the new bouncers are right

these are the ones who say listen you

gotta respect the ladies bla bla bla bla


listen it's understood right don't touch

strippers asses or tits without their

permission don't do it you're gonna get

fucking fucked up but the ones who look

at listen man you go to respect listen

they're females or women you got no

those are the white knights those are

the guys who have been on the job for a

week we can have they feel it's their

responsibility to protect women watch

out for those guys you are not gonna get

an in with those guys you need to be you

need to be with experienced bouncers

okay remember you also have to remember

two strippers are single moms man a lot

of them are single moms that that's just

that's just that's just how it is that's

just how it is you guys have to

understand this at the end of the day

everybody wants to fuck strippers man

everybody that's what makes this

difficult that's what makes this

difficult if nobody wanted to fuck

strippers then it wouldn't be hard to

fuck strippers fucking strippers firm

listen any listen if you have enough

money anybody can fuck strippers

strippers for you know five six seven a

grand $2,000 right yeah I fucked six 10s

yeah but you paid for them all that


why our game that just requires money

hey I've got six grand in my back pocket

let's go fuck course are gonna fuck you

right well we're trying to fuck

strippers for free because strippers

know that they could strippers know that

they can absolutely they know that they

can absolutely get as much money as they

want out of anybody they want inside

gravity 74 says to him white night

bouncers yeah this they're out there

they're out there the moat the more

experienced bouncers are not white

knights anymore

strip clubs will red pill men in a hurry

well it listen you'll find a lot of

bouncers have Red Bull awareness and

they don't even know they don't even

know it very very good episode today

excellent episode today I'm glad I did


shoutout to mr. mink for this episode

idea that's gonna do it for this episode

of TS are alive be sure to tune in to

the Redman group tomorrow morning at 10

a.m. Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific I don't

know what we're talking about just be

sure to tune in thanks for watching guys

see you Monday




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