Testosterone replacement therapy for dummies (Episode 385)

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never belongs to you it's just your turn

of course her parents don't have a

problem with me being black she's past

the wall get your fat ass off the couch

start lifting weights and learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

frat party then fuck the football team

they're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys at remand

donovan sharp and welcome to the 380

fifth edition of TSR alive your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday December 24th

2018 it is Christmas Eve yes I will be

on the air tomorrow Christmas day I will

have Devon on the show fielding

questions from patrons we actually we

already have quite a few questions I

think something like 20 or something

probably in like 20 25 but that should

be a fun show I've gotten a lot of

complaints from a lot of guys I don't

give a fuck about who say you talk about

Devon too much I don't give a fuck go

fuck yourself I talk about what I want

to talk about who I want to talk about

if you got a problem with it

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let's get right to it most of you guys

have seen my before and after picture if

you guys watch my show regularly every

once in a while you'll see it pop up

over my shoulder but for those who

haven't here it is okay

on the left that is me at 312 pounds and

on the right is what I look like now now

when people saw this picture they asked

me the usual questions how'd you do it

did you do the keto diet did you do

intermittent fasting did you lift heavy

how much cardio did you do how long did

it take you how do you keep the weight


etc etc well the answer to all of those

questions is yes I did it all I did the

keto diet

I ate clean I did intermittent fasting

lifted heavy did cardio I did all that

stuff most importantly I did them all

consistently every diet works guys every

exercise program and weightlifting

regimen works all you have to do is do

them consistently a lot of guys like to

say shit like judo doesn't work or this

program didn't work or don't waste your

money on this exercise program but the

truth of the matter is is that they

didn't do it consistently they were on

and off didn't really do it every day

didn't really follow the directions and

made modifications and before they knew

what they gave up and blamed the program

when they should have just looked in the

mirror anyway yes I did all of it

consistently and that was one of the

main reasons I was able to shed the

weight and get in the best shape of my

life but the X Factor by far and away

has been testosterone replacement

therapy TRT is a game changer guys it is

the x-factor the benefits are

innumerable more muscle less fat

stronger sex drive more energy more

alertness better focus the list goes on

testosterone replacement therapy and one

respect is quite literally the Fountain

of Youth

the other half is HGH I'll probably do a

show on that here pretty soon

I don't know probably with the next

couple months yes guys that's what it is

okay it takes a guy in his mid to late

30s and turns him into what he was in

his early 20s but this will be a better

version because now you've got more

facial hair you've got more experience

you understand what's really going on

and listen man let's be clear

guys I'm not talking about testosterone

boosters you see guys like Bo Jackson

and Frank Thomas talking on TV don't buy

that shit it's fucking garbage doesn't

love bo Jackson love wearing Tom is the

hall of famer but that's bullshit that

stuff is bunk it's garbage listen that

stuff isn't going to boost your

testosterone period and even if it did

it's not gonna boost it anywhere near

the levels where it actually matters it

might takes you from 300 and nanograms

per deciliter to may be 305 realtalk the

only way to boost your testosterone

enough to matter is either the

testosterone gel prescribed by doctors

which isn't nearly as important it

nearly as potent as injections and

number two injections so what I'm gonna

do tonight is I'm gonna give you guys my

personal experience with TRT and I'm

gonna cover everything from A to Z I'm

gonna talk about how it affects me I'm

gonna talk about how it might affect you

might talk about the pros cons what to

expect the supplies you need and so

forth I'm also gonna do bunk a lot of

the myths and misconceptions about TR T

so if you will happen to be one of the

gentlemen who is on the fence about

testosterone replacement therapy this

episode should help you to make an

informed decision one way or another my

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no phone calls tonight no phone calls

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educational episode if you have

questions ask them in the chat speaking

of which let's head there right now Ryan

Sullivan pops the cherry Winston double

you don't know who you are good to see

you in here you get the sloppy seconds

JC gets to fuck her in the ass to tell

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Camden McGinnis gets to film the whole

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see you in here once in W is in the

house from Dallas Texas Nigel Biggs and

Clearwater Florida Clearwater Beach is


I lived on Treasure Island which was I

don't know is a few beaches down from

Clearwater Beach Clearwater Florida is

also where the Phillies have spring


ganba McGinnis says so finally we get to

see the legendary Devon note you toad do

Devon's not shown her face on camera and

spell it correctly the Evie Oh N she

doesn't smell like a fucking millennial

JC says I was gonna ask if we were gonna

just get to see Devon dressed like an

elf on the shelf for Christmas and

interview would be better yes yeah

listen listen

I'm never gonna show Devon's face if you

even listen if you guys want to see what

Devon looks like come to the 21

convention next year obviously I don't

show you what she looks like

for her own privacy for our own privacy

etc etc high-profile job etc etc once W

says switching to a plant-based diet

lifestyle is a good option negative

negative negative people who people who

eat plant-based diets have all sorts of

health problems not that no but not that

other people don't but to the

plant-based diet that's that's nonsense

that's bullshit Joey Bloggs is in the

house he has six whiskey's in awesome

Miami J listening while Christmas

shopping got-damn IME J cutting a little

close thanks you rights 510 in the


on Christmas motherfuckin Eve he says by

the way

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the number one yellow maserati says i

went through chemotherapy two years ago

and my sex drive has been messed up ever

since well TRT help yes CRT will

definitely definitely help that camera

and McGuiness wants to know what age

should a man start trt i will answer

that momentarily ryan Sullivan says fYI

my forearms hurt from barbell curling

any pain relief ibuprofen man it's all I

can do right so that puts in that

motherfucking work

JC says I need CR t mighty levels tested

at 375 two months ago

Wu 300 nanograms per deciliter 375

nanograms per deciliter JC you're almost

a woman dude you better start eating

better start pinning that glute homie

Jonathan Gordon making an appearance red

bee says Christmas Christmas is a pagan

festival okay whatever

I like the gifts in the slutty slutty

Claus outfits Sun King says a CRT

allowed in Major League Baseball no it

is not it is not if you have elevated

levels of testosterone then you will be

suspended for no less than 80 games

guys listen anabolic steroids or all

testosterone based this is why you can't

be on CRT and baseball because

testosterone replacement therapy does

make you bigger faster stronger but and

listen TRT does have anabolic properties

but when you get synthetic lab

engineered steroids like nandrolone

shrimp alone you know some of the strong

shit out there and that's the stuff that

will that's Lee Haney Ronnie Coleman

territory JC

with the $10 contribution says Merry

Christmas to you and Devin Thank You JC

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number one lake appreciate that man

thank you yeah TRT is not allowed in

Major League Baseball I'll give you an


regular testosterone what up and I'm

going to go over all this here in just a

few minutes whatever ester is attached

to testosterone any kind of testosterone

testosterone has an anabolic level of

100 okay trend bolon has an anabolic

level of 500 this means it is five times

as anabolic as regular testosterone

trend below it is testosterone based

okay but when they cook it up and oh I

don't know how they do it I'm not a

scientist but the anabolic level for

trend alone is five times that of

regular testosterone and that is why CRT

is not a lot of Major League Baseball

Christopher Mueller I think Christopher

do you pronounce your last name Mueller

or Miller

he is from macho many Minnesota oh yeah

yeah Winston W says I'm a first-timer to

this broadcast what does TSR mean it

means the sharp reality Winston Poole

and listen I understand you you you you

have questions I have very low tolerance

for remedial questions I don't like

dudes in my chat asking a bunch of

stupid questions I wasn't a stupid

question go to my website Donovan sharp

calm and get caught up love it

okay Ryan Sullivan says ho ho ho's gotta

love the whiteboard abso-fuckin'-lutely

we're gonna get to the good stuff here

in just a second guys if my regular

doctor takes forever can you recommend a

private way to go about trt yes I can

am I gonna do it here nope absolutely


Ryan Sullivan says no attention whoring

women should never be on the TSR

including to heaven well Ryan listen

unfortunately you don't get that you

don't you don't make the rules you don't

make the rules it's funny I've caught a

lot of heat lately it's actually just

one guy this I don't know who the fuck

he is

can you go one show without talk about

Devon no no if I do you know it's not an

accident or purpose this way it is the

reason I talk about Devon is because I

walk the walk and I talk to fucking talk

a lot of everything I teach you guys I

incorporate with Devon and I use Devon

as an example I were youngsters not even

always on the sharp point love the show

dude appreciate that

allall Reloaded says not hard bro man

James Martinez getting mighty arty and

HGH this week thanks PS appreciate that

shout-out to Ronald g21 with the $10

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what time I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do

it tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock

episode 386 of TSR live

we'll be in will be at seven o'clock

tomorrow evening

yellow Maserati says will TRT help with

EB um it could it could it could help

with Edie hypothetically it probably

could Brian Sullivan says I'm so alpha

seven time mr. Olympia Phil Heath uses

my semen for steroids

Ryan Sullivan Ryan Sullivan is obviously

throwing back a bottle of the Cal of the

of e of the of the kettle one that's

funny James Martinez has finally got my

stuff from the site it took three weeks

I was nervous yet from the site that I

recommend it takes two to three weeks

she'll be blog says don't talk about

your girlfriend when discussing

relationships clearly having a partner

is irrelevant when discussing

relationships July 15 says I'm 21 and I

try my best to get eight hours of sleep

and try intermittent fasting to keep my

tea level mighty and good levels dude

you're 21 your tea levels are gonna be


no matter how much sleep you can't dude

the fuck out of here spencey wants an

order their clinics i can go to i can

use for TR t where i pay it a pocket yes

there are they're not back-alley or

illegal alright guys let's go ahead and

get right to this first of all i need to

make this disclaimer of course you guys

all knew this was coming i am not a


this is not this is not medical advice

nor is it intended to be the information

in this video is based on my own

personal experiences experience the

experiences of others I have spoken to

and research I have done on my own

always consult a licensed physician

before starting a testosterone

replacement therapy regimen so are mundo

marino asks a very good question which

dovetails into what I'm gonna talk about

first okay what are the signs that you

need TRT well I'm gonna talk about the

practical things first you shouldn't if

you are under the age of 30 you should

not start testosterone replacement

therapy if you're between the ages of 30

and 35 I would get my blood levels

checked shout-out to freelance wrote in

with the $5 contributions as Happy

Holidays my friend continued success the

red pill saves lives t a freelance run

in the original TSR OG the original TS

are jus TS ROG but if you are over that

if you are over the age of 35 or your

testosterone is either at or below or

somewhere near 400 nanograms per

deciliter you need TR team now what are

some of the signs you need testosterone

replacement therapy shout-out to Winston

wolf with the $5 contributions as no

days off player like the playoffs thanks

for keeping it stacked keeping keeping

it a stack during the holidays - hey my

pleasure man my pleasure

listen antiwar holidays I work holidays

the the schedule might be a little bit

different but I will be on the air

Christmas Day I'll be on the air New

Year's Day I was on the air Thanksgiving

Day that's how it goes the signs you

need trt are pretty obvious you're not

sleeping well your sex drive is low

you're feeling kind of depressed you're

feeling lethargic and you're fatigued

there are many more signs but those are

the main ones those are the main ones

so again if you're over 35 or your

testosterone is below at near or below

400 nanograms per deciliter it is my

recommendation I'm not a doctor you need

CRT don't do it if you're in your 20s or

you just want an edge okay July 15 says

yeah you're right bro but I'm kind of

obsessed with making sure I have good T

dude you have nothing J life listen


I'm telling you right now you're 20

fucking 1 you're not gonna have to worry

about low t for at least another decade

calm down Jesus Christ that's me

what J life is doing is the equivalent

to be like a dude you know my ladder

pipe my Lamborghini Aventador I'm

worried about the speed man I gotta make

sure the techno my Lamborghini is gonna

be faster than your fucking car because

it's the Lambo fucking Guinea

dude you're 21 man relax you got nothing

to worry about

Jesus anyway if you're J life don't do

TR T it will stunt your growth it will

stunt your growth now here's something

else results are always going to vary

depending the weight ERT affects you

there are a lot of factors your age your

weight your genetics etc so the way

maybe Sisseton on works for Miami Jing

maybe works a little bit differently

than it works for me maybe he gets more

out of his sustenance

maybe I get more out of sippy an 8 to 15

and if I don't want to be talking over

your head but I'll get all this stuff in

a minute

so something else that you guys have to

understand is that there are many many

many different kinds of testosterone

they all work each testosterone has a

different ester now I'm not going to get

into complicated definitions okay

because I'm not a scientist but when I

say ester the ester is what is attached

to the testosterone that determines how

long the testosterone is active in your

system the shorter the ester the more

frequently you have to inject the longer

the ester the less frequently you have

to inject so for example let's start

with the basic testosterone Sippy innate

you guys Pro I don't know I've got the

4k camera yeah look at the camera that

is testosterone Sippy an 8 to 15

okay so testosterone is the compound

Sippi an 8 is the ester now the Estero

and testosterone Sippy nate is anywhere

between 6 & 8 days so about a week ok

then you have longer esters like

testosterone even thate testosterone

even thate the ester can last from 9 to

13 days at the very most

so you inject those about once a week

Sippi innate you inject once a week even

thate you inject every week ok and again

if they have different esters that's ok

look ok so one ester is longer than the

other no you what you don't want to drop

off you have to understand that if you

pin on Sunday if you eject on Sunday you

don't want to wait until all of the

testosterone is out of your system to

pin to inject again no no no you want to

keep your blood level steady I want to

keep your blood level steady you need to

inject at the same time or same times

every week that's how this works is I

keep your blood level steady so you keep

feeling good if your blood levels get

out of whack you're gonna feel like shit

for about a day always inject on the

same days right around the same time

then I actually have it with me

you have your super short esters yes

like testosterone propionate

testosterone propionate has an active

half-life or an active ester an active

ester of about a day day and a half

anywhere between 24 and 36 hours 36

hours people use testosterone propionate

when they're in a cutting phase when

they want to when they want to burn a

lot of fat gain a lot of muscle when

they're in a cutting phase now there are

many more esters but those are the those

are the ones that I'm going to cover by

the way if you are watching I'm gonna go

ahead and shrink the audience if you are

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right behind me that's where we're at

thank you guys for tuning in I will see

you guys shortly let's go ahead and

shrink this audience here all right

now it's just us now

most guys the main ester that is used is

testosterone sippy Nate when you go to

your doctor and get prescribed

testosterone that is the one that they

prescribe the most it's the most common

you inject it once a week it's very

simple and it is highly highly effective

you'll feel the effects in three days

max all of a sudden your hornier now

you're waking up with morning wood it's

that listen it's that effective is that

fast some guys like what is called

sustenance ustin on is what is defined a

lot of times as the king of all

testosterone I've done Sisseton on

before since then on is for different

testosterones with different esters so

they all release at different times the

for esters that are insisted on is

propionate federal propria Nate Isaac oh

Jesus Christ

I so Capra wait and beckoning the active

half-life all combined is eight to nine

days so you inject susta non that's

gonna be eight to nine days that's how

long it's gonna be in your system you

inject that once a week let's also get

into amounts I'm gonna get into the

channel may answer your questions in the

chat here well let's talk about amounts

and dosages you guys heard me earlier

talking about Miami J and as sustenance


you guys saw my testosterone sippy and

ate 250 and my testosterone propria Nate

100 when I say testosterone sippy an


two-fifty that means for every

milliliter of testosterone there is 250

milligrams of testosterone so for every

250 mil agree millipedes I got every for

every milliliter there are 250

milligrams ok that means that if you

inject one milligram or one Li oh my god

one one milliliter or one unit of


Sippi 1/8 250 you have injected 250

milligrams of testosterone if I inject

one milliliter of testosterone

propionate 100 I have injected 100

milligrams of testosterone into my

system if you eject one if it's less

than 300 one milliliter is 300 now let's

say you have sustenance and you only

want to object oh you want to inject 150

milliliters well write that the

milligrams my bed well that obviously

means you just do a half a milliliter

you just pull it back to one half a

milliliter if you want a dose 500 a week

then I would suggest getting

testosterone sippy 1/8 250 and injecting

2 milliliters

again guys it's this is basic simple

math basic simple math all right let us

go back to the chat ok HS Lee 169 says I

heard trt long-term is not very good

because it suppresses the body's natural

ability to produce testosterone

wondering how true this is yes it's true

but here's the thing as a man your

testosterone levels drop 1% every year

after you turn 30 ok so ok your body's

natural ability to produce testosterone

will when you're 41 is only your mate

your body's not really producing that

much testosterone anyway you said that

that's not very good no that's listen

call it whatever you want yes

TRT does suppress your body's natural

ability to produce testosterone but

you're gonna inject more than your body

makes this is why men do this for life

and I'm one of those men

and I'm gonna dispel a lot of these

myths like I understand why you guys

have hesitations because there's a lot

of there's a lot of bunk news out there

people don't want men to be on CRT

because testosterone is dangerous and

it's masculine it gives them an even

more of an advantage but we're gonna

we're gonna do bunk all those myths

tonight Jase Piz 11 says I just want to

jump on gear to get swole I'm looking to

do bodybuilding competitions well you

are in the wrong place that's what we're

talking about here chubby blog says any

natural ways to protect your T levels

before the TRT stage I'm 28 hi t but I

want to maximize my time before going on

TR t I don't know ask jail life he seems

to have those answers Leon from New York

says I'm 44 and I had my blood tested

and mighty level is 349 nanograms per

deciliter z' and the symptoms you

described I'm experiencing them now

guess I need to look at TR T yeah you do

yes you do my friend mr. old school

writer said he started at 34 never

looked back James Martinez says what is

a good free testosterone level okay so

you're told I don't know what total

testosterone is but the numbers I'm

throwing at you guys this is free

testosterone okay free testosterone me I

like to shoot for between eight hundred

and a thousand nanograms per deciliter

when you're on t RT you need to you need

to shoot for about seven hundred seven

to eight hundred that's what's going to

make a difference that's when you're

gonna look better you're gonna feel

better you're gonna fuck better

Armondo says jail life says it sounds

like you're the type of guy who likes

cheat codes to the game Miami just says

all you need to worry about his fucking

these OHS a stack in that paper right

he says I'm focused on my grand too and

finishing up dude come on get out here

at that man like I get it okay you're

one of those fine fine Rob l 215 says

guys its estas drone boosters for a guy

in his 20s bullshit yes

don't buy over-the-counter testosterone

don't buy over-the-counter testosterone

pills new genex alpha king all that

stuff is it's bullshit it's bullshit

Yussef wotty wha wha t f-- says that 37

trt was the best decision of my life


that's exactly when i started TRT was

when i was 37 years old and i have not

looked back since

Chris Redfield says to testosterone is

toxic the beta males and feminists say

yeah right

dead Robins frank says he'll dream he

started 37 Brandon Jones says do you use

all three or do you cycle with one at a

time I don't know who that is

alright Jay life and timing you out dude

you're getting on my fucking nerves

that's strike one

this ain't baseball you get two strikes

and you're out you're talking too

goddamn much like you're a new guy here

quite running off at the mouth yo will

Maserati says I want to see an

endocrinologist about TRT to see if he

he says I want to see an endocrinologist

about if TRT can help me but all the

endocrinologist in my area are women and

I don't want a woman doctor I have found

they are useless if not negligent with


what's it men I'm not gonna talk about

how or the way I get testosterone on on

this particular platform I do all that

stuff on patreon

Ryan Sullivan says they call

testosterone toxic masculinity because

feminists know they'll get their asses

kicked with the backside of a dude drunk

Ryan listen I'm here for a drunk Ryan

Sullivan and his kettle one this is


J's Martinez says can you explain HCG

and how best to use it

good question before I move on HCG is

used in two different ways you can

either use it during your cycle or what

with what they call your post cycle

therapy now

post psychotherapy obviously in

simulates that you are going to stop TRT

some guys like to do trt one month on

one month off some guys like to do it

six months off six months off I'm a

cruiser I do it all the time and I've

not suffered any sort of long-term

health effects I've done this for almost

five years you guys saw the before and

after picture listen I'll put it up here

again this is testosterone replacement

therapy okay my skin looks better I look


etc etc HCG is what you take to get your

nut it's actually two things HCG helps

to get your nuts work and it helps your

it helps your balls to swell back up

when you're on testosterone replacement

therapy your nuts are going to shrink no

guys it's not like your nuts are gonna

look like walnuts one day and fucking

raisins the next it's not like that it's

a very minimal difference that's how it

is now if you're concerned about the way

your nuts look by all means use HCG

there are other benefits to doing it

while you're on a testosterone cycle I

know Richard Cooper's actually talked

about doing HCG but HCG can also it can

also increase the benefits of TRC that's

why a lot of people do HCG while they're

on trt I do HGH while I'm on T or T I

saw somebody else ask me here what other

compounds are you on yes human growth

hormone human growth hormone

good question 1 Regalado says 250 sippy

1/8 one milliliter every two weeks or

half once a week no no no no no no no no

no you need to do one milliliter a week

not one milliliter every other week you

needed one milliliter a week you're

doing 125 milligrams of testosterone

listen will that make a difference yeah

that'll make a little bit of a

difference and listen I'm not a doctor

but I've been on at least 250 milligrams

of testosterone replacement therapy

since the age of 37 and I look great

will we freeze says more guys should

take trt age 35 plus not a fan of young

guys at 25 on it so G double O 7 says

natural ways to increase your

testosterone I don't know about

interested in natural ways to increase

my testosterone not interested I'm

fucking 41 years old if I had the best

natural way to increase my testosterone

it still wouldn't really be that

effective because I'm 40 fucking one mr.

nice guy any thoughts on probe Iran yes

if you want if you want to if you want

to be super horny and have like a super

porn star dick 50 milligrams orally per

day a probe Iran will make you a porn

star and it also has anabolic properties

as well Chris Redfield says that pick up

Donovan really looks like a different

person man what a transformation yet

took a while JC's has Donovan because TR

T does affect your body's ability to

make it naturally would you recommend

trying to raise T levels as much

possible naturally before beginning

treatment no no no no no no doesn't

matter that that doesn't matter

crazy ninja says dude you may have

answered this already so apologies but

what approximate costs Wow I have not

answered that I have not answered that

question but it varies wildly it varies

wildly there are places on the clear

internet you don't even have to go to

the dark web to get TRT anymore there

are places on the clear web that you can

get testosterone and I don't want to

give you guys exact figures because it

really just varies just depends it

depends what's the wolf says has been

argued that Susteren on is not

necessarily the sum of a sensor so

mixing esters in proportions you pick as

optimal I've heard the same thing

Winston and I've listened and susta

non-fun wonderful like it was good

listen it worked great for me but I like

my favorite testosterone esters are

testosterone Sippy innate and

testosterone propionate Ted Robbins

Frank says if you had to do it again

when would you have started CRT probably

at 35 I probably would have started 35

34 James Martinez says this is why you

take HCG so your body keeps producing

tests that's exactly right exactly right

Chris Redfield says a lot of Millennials

have lower tea because they watch too

much porn and jacking off too much yeah

that's exactly right you got guys 25

years old talking about yep I've got

erectile dysfunction no it's because you

spank the monkey too goddamn much cuz

I'll tell you what your dick response to

porn doesn't it you know I listen to you

but you don't have trouble keeping a

hard-on when you're jerking off dear you

don't have an ID probly of a jerk enough

problem we got a porn addiction alright

let's move on now something that you

will need when you are on testosterone

is what is called an a I inhibitor

testosterone aromatize --is in the body

and what I mean when I say aromatize

--is this means it also produces


properties okay just listen testosterone

does convert to estrogen now you can

take estrogen blockers but then then and

listen you need a small amount of

estrogen to make the testosterone

effective you can't just have all

testosterone no estrogen because you get

you're really gonna fuck up your system

the human body is complex by the same

token you do need an AI inhibitor this

is called AeroMax the medical name is

called exam esteem to keep the

side-effects at bay if you have them if

you have side effects now here are some

side effects acne you guys know imma

listen I get pimples you guys see I've

got I get pimples all the time okay that

is one main side effect there's also

gyno mustachio what some people call

gyno or bitch-tits

now gyno doesn't normally happen unless

you are taking huge amounts like

bodybuilders and you can also be

susceptible to gyno listen there's no

test to see whether or not you're prone

to acne or prone to gyno or prone to

side effects when you're taking when

you're on trt you just have to take it

and see but you always have to have an

AI inhibitor when you are on t 80 what's

it Wolfe says all man gotta chemist at a

guy 'no dying we I just call it guy you

know what's called gynecomastia yeah I

got a compass Tia I guess I call it gyno

or bitch tits so again you take the AI

inhibitor to keep the side-effects at

bay if you get side effects if you're

not gonna side effects there's no need

to take it but you don't normally get

side effects unless a you're already

prone to acne bitch tits etc or B if

you're doing large amounts I take I take

twelve and a half milligrams every other

day okay sometimes it varies depending

upon my dosage you guys are gonna have

to experiment if you get side effects

but you must have this on hand when you

start testosterone replacement therapy

AeroMax Exuma State William Billy fries

has thoughts on taking any of our I've

never taken it before so I can't comment

on that

let's talk dosages this is where we get

kind of in the weeds now dosages when I

was first person I went to a TR t clinic

at 37 in the very first time I was

prescribed it I was prescribed 80

milligrams of testosterone sybian ate

every other week it made a little bit of

a difference until a friend of mine by

the name of Mark came over and told him

it was funny

we're actually oh my god I forgot what

we were watching on TV I was like yeah

dude I just got TRT and he's a dude he's

a big steroid B I've actually told a

story about this guy anyway anyway so he

says dude you're on eighty milligrams

every two weeks he's like dude no he's

like you got to do more than that to get

something out of it okay

he told me that wasn't shit so I cranked

it up to 200 milligrams every week that

instantly changed everything

beings changed instantly higher sex

drive I was shedding fat I was building

muscle at an increased rate you guys

know the benefits I've been on it for

now almost five years and I haven't

looked back since

now do I have to be on this forever

no but I will never come off of it so

now we come to cycling versus cruising

cycling versus cruising this is real


cycling is doing and I explained this

before cycling is doing TRT for three

months than stopping for three months I

think I cycled for the first year then I

decided I was gonna be on it for good I

have I have crews literally since I was

almost 38 years old and I'm good to go

health-wise that's the difference you

guys are having a good laugh at me


gynecomastia is that what it says gonna

commit I don't know mestizo Anastasia I

just call a guy no Chris Redfield says

no why my aggression goes way up but I

refuse to fat

I just saved that energy for approaching

and other stuff absolutely absolutely

Abdi says so you inject in the buttocks

or in the stomach muscles Donovan dude

in your glute in your butt dude do not

pin in your abs man oh my god

fuck that no no pin your butt stick the

nail in your butt dude jesus fucking


pin your abs Jesus fuck listen you can

listen some guy's pin in their thighs

some guys pin in their arms I mean

listen it's intramuscular okay so you

inject into the muscle so whatever

muscle injected in is fine dude I don't

know anybody who doesn't pin their glute

once it wolf says so do you administer

the shot do you self administer the

shots I'm still young so not considering

soon but I remember I was iffy to hit a

blood vessel and shit I'll I'll actually

get to that right now yes I administer

all my old shots yes every once a while

I will hit a blood vessel you want to

know what happens when you hit a bullet

listen when you eject and you hit a

blood vessel when you take out when you

when you take out the needle your

buttocks is gonna start to bleed no

problem take the alcohol pad put

pressure on it for about 30 seconds it

stops bleeding it's gonna happen you

pinned enough you inject enough you're

gonna hit a blood vessel or two doesn't

mean anything

nothing's nothing's the matter nothing's

gonna happen you're good everything is

sterile it's all good it's all good

a chesley 169 says when cruising what

are the potential downfalls if coming

off regular dosage well yeah you turn

from a man into a woman your sex drive

goes down right you lose your muscle you

lose your fat you lose your muscle you

start to gain fat etc etc I think that's

listen I mean there's no no no listen

dude do the research man through the

research people Justin men who are on

CRT are healthier blood work is

healthier we have better hearts better

hearts better bone structure better

muscle like this is the Fountain of


Abdi says so what cycle would you

recommend for a 20 year old I'm just

trying to graduate from soy boy and

increase test negative

I would not not recommend a cycle for a

20 year old dude you've got at least a

decade and a half before you start

considering TRT if you're 20 years old

and you have a low testosterone that is

a you problem

unless you have genetically loads listen

if you go to the doctor and the doctor

says goddamn you are 50 nano grams per

deciliter are you sure you still a man

yeah they're gonna put you on some shit

but there's no reason that a 20 year old

should need TRT absolutely not Chris

Redfield said I got a useless degree I

got a BA in Psychology and kids do shit

with it what a waste

yeah I mean listen Rollo Tomassi also

has a degree in psychology and he

doesn't really use it to make money he

just uses that to change men's lives

again guys if you want to support the

show www stream labs com ford slash

donovan sharp and the number-one www.h

stream labs.com ford sliced donovan

sharp and the number-one I am really

hungry because Devon is making scalloped


she got a honey baked ham tonight

Winston wolf gives the best this is the

line of the fucking shat squat and

deadlift like a maniac you'll feel

better soon there you go you won't see

our team there it is you quote too says

what level of tests a twenty to twenty

five-year-old have oh my god see if you

look to see this is C this is the

quagmire right if you look it up online

they say well the normal test is 450

nanograms per deciliter dude you're not

doing shit with that when I'm 20 if I'm

20 to 25 years old I want mighty levels

to be up around 800

if you're at 600 you're okay talk to

your doctor

talk to your doctor okay so if you are

the kind of guy who says all right I'm

not really comfortable with being on trt

year-round all the time I don't wanna

cruise I want to do it on and off no


lots of guys do this to things you need

for post psychotherapy or post psycho

recovery number one we talked about this

earlier is HCG this is to get your balls

to grow back yes they shrink a little

bit but not significantly and it really

doesn't listen does your testicle size

really even matter right like your

girl's not going to give you a head be

like you know what your balls don't

really look as big as they used to

doesn't matter the second thing you need

to get his clothing climate is a female

fertility drug this is a female

fertility drug which ironically works

the same way in males clomid helps your

body to produce sperm TRT makes you

sterile if you're trying to have a baby

we're trying to knock her up TRT is and

listen you're gonna you're gonna be your

sperm counts going to be low because

your body's not producing natural

testosterone and that's not it listen

listen your nuts are gonna shut down

they're gonna be a lie right you've got

plenty of testosterone here I guess we

don't have to do any work today that's

what's gonna happen so if you're trying

to have a kid at which point asked why

you're trying to kid in the United

States anyway but yes TRT will make you


so it is it acts as kind of a form of

work and listen this doesn't mean you're

shooting blanks don't go out and say

Donovan says if you're onto your -

you're gonna shoot blanks no no but your

sperm count is gonna be substantially

lower on CRT then it would be if you

were not this is what clomid is for you

do a cycle of trt you get on clomid to

get the sperm going back HS leave 169

with the $20 contribution says thanks

for the info on CRT no problem men

listen HS Lee do your research men I

know you're a little bit hesitant and I

know you've heard

a lot of bad things about it listen do

your research man watch the watch the

rest of this episode and like I said you

gonna have enough information to make an

informed decision without a doubt okay

okay Lowell Reloaded says why do so many

young guys think they need CRT dude

because the reason why they feel like

they need CRT is because their Tilo

their t levels are low men they jerk off

too much and they can't approach girls

like dude like listen like like listen

I'm lucky I'm so lucky to have been born

and seventy-seven rather than 87 it's

like they castrate our boys man they

mentally castrate them totally agree

Brian Sullivan says no worry for the

cost of trt offset Pentecostal Ryan my

man let's talk about something else that

you absolutely need to be doing when you

were on testosterone replacement therapy

that not a lot of people talk about

donate blood donate blood guys when

you're on trt your blood count will go

up and that could cause higher blood

pressure it's that simple you donate

blood you donate blood once a quarter

your blood count and blood pressure will

be absolutely fine

listen I've donated blood every quarter

since I started TRT I am 100% fine

that's how this works

you hear people oh my god he died of a

heart attack because of TRT I'm to get

to that in a minute we're gonna we're

gonna dispel some myths let's talk about

a few of the side effects I've talked

about a couple of them already number

one oily skin number two is acne number

three ball shrinkage your balls are

gonna shrink a little bit listen listen

you're not gonna go from fucking

coconuts to raisins you know you'll go

from yeah listen you'll go from coconuts

- maybe grapefruits right that's how

this works

increased hair growth is also a side

effect of trt and again this is if you

are prone to these things if you're a

hairy guy guess what you're gonna get

even you're gonna get even hairier if

you're prone to acne guess what you're

gonna be you're at a lotta listen I have

a lot of acne I got to keep my AI

inhibitors high otherwise I'll be a

fucking pizza face on the air okay ball

shrinkage same thing mr. nice guy says

really broil only got blood pressure

issues on serious gear yeah really yes

donate blood once a quarter and you'll

never have to worry about blood pressure

listen I don't care if you want 200

milligrams of testosterone every week or

700 milligrams donate blood once a

quarter donate blood once a quarter you

do not listen you do not want to have

high blood count high blood pressure

issues once a quarter you have nothing

to worry about

let's get into the myths the myths of

testosterone replacement therapy myth

number one TRT will make me angry this

is false roid rage only comes when

someone abuses steroids over a long

period of time if somebody's on trt if

they're on 800 milligrams in trt there's

no worried rage there if the guys on a

thousand milligrams of trend bolon every

week for six months that's the guy who's

gonna have roid rage we're not gonna do

trend alone we don't listen if you're on

CRT and HGH you don't need trend ballon

there's no need for it you're gonna get

all that you need out of those two

compounds straight up myth number two if

I'm on CRT I will have a heart attack

false I just talked about this donate

blood to keep your blood counts normal

and to avoid blood clotting okay and

listen when you go to donate blood

they're gonna ask you

are you here because you've injected

yourself a tea or tea a lie okay lie if

they ask you if you inject testosterone

or if you're donating because of trt

they can't prove that you're lying and

if you really feel like guilty about it

donate the blood call the next day hey

guys you know what I actually had the

sniffles I have the sniffles today so if

you know if if somebody else gets that

blood they probably gonna catch a cold

myth number three if I get on CRT I'm

gonna lose my hair false if you are

genetically predisposed to hair loss yes

TRT could speed that up okay but if

you're not you will not lose your hair

and it's interesting I'm talking about

this now I literally took a razor to my

head but guys you can listen you guys

know I have a full I have I have a hair

full of head powerful head I have a hair

I have a head full of hair and I've been

on TRT for nearly five years

my dad has all his hair my brothers have

all their hair my grandfather had all

his hair both my grandfather's had all

their hair I am NOT genetically

predisposed to hair loss so I am NOT

going to lose my hair if your dad is

bald if your brother's involved with

grandpa's bald if you start TRT you

might want to start going with a clean

look so those are the three most common

the three most common myths that can

that can that that I will dispel today

explosive oh wait a minute you quote to

says does ejaculating force your body to

produce more sperm thus producing more

tests I don't know I'm not a doctor

under the chemistry on that he also says

when I see my body start to deteriorate

I'm gonna jump on CRT how about doing it

before that happens man come on

explosive diarrhea jesus fucking christ

explosive diarrhea says quote the pros

outweigh the cons when using TR t

testosterone is what makes a man a man

if you don't have a healthy amount

what's the point of living exactly

totally agree lot 305 i'm 317 nanograms

per deciliter so I don't really need CRT

too many side effects

cool commit listen I'd rather live 50

kick-ass years than 100 boring ones fuck

that Ivor McCormack says very

informative down the road for me

absolutely glory team says any tips on

convincing the doctor kid to get you

into a regime most Doc's seem to push

back art no I know I don't get it from a

doctor the only reason my doctor put me

on t artis cuz I was 37 that was it nope

I don't go to him anymore well he's in

Vegas but I get my own chubby blogs says

a healthy lifestyle reduces the risks

from TRT as well I totally agree you

quote too says somebody on trend alone

will be mad as hell all the time

lol Pete rubbish is a power lifter and

he speaks about it yeah listen turnbull

own makes you aggressive men straight up

Ryan Sullivan says TRT doesn't make you

angry angry just look at all those pissy

and bloated soy boys with low tea ask

who the real angry one is MMA fan 3 says

Donovan what's the difference between

injection and androgel yeah potency

potency that was actually going to be my

very next topic listen don't take the

gel it's not as effective Point Blank

period I don't give a shit I don't give

a shit

don't take the gel don't take the gel

listen the gel will increase your your

testosterone but not as effectively as

injections and listen I know a lot of

you guys think you're probably afraid of

needles okay I can understand that but

ask yourself this what are you afraid of

more are you afraid of needles or having

200 nanograms per deciliter of free

testosterone like which is more scary

right dude you're fucking man dude like

that I'm fucking bite down a fucking

toothbrush and get over it and by the

way injections don't hurt every once in

a while you may feel a pinch in order

Abram out losses talked about prostate

cancer it's very high in the black

community fuck off

Abram fuck off we're not talking about

issues in the black community we're

talking about tea or fucking tea come on


Jesus fucking hell James Bradley says

that is pretty pathetic to be

complaining about a needle injection

listen I'm not gonna shame anybody who

is a little bit afraid to inject

themselves it's a new thing but trust me

after the fourth or fifth injection

right and you start waking up with

morning wood again for the first time in

like a decade you fuckin holler at

bitches left and right you're feeling

better you're sleeping better yeah you

will gladly you will gladly inject your


can't stand these Pro black

motherfuckers coming in here talking

about it's a huge problem the black

community I'm sure that it is but that's

not what I'm fucking talking about

fucking hell man this is the wrong show

for that something else to consider then

I talked about this before

do not take testosterone boosters from

GNC any testosterone booster you take

orally it's junk Frank Thomas and new

genex Bo Jackson and alpha King this is

all junk this is all junk injection is

the only way to significantly raise it's

the only way to significantly

significantly and safely raise your

testosterone level twelve testosterone

to a level that makes a real difference

all that stuff in bottles this junk and

dude like they're fleecing that dude

they're fleecing your fucking money

Winston W says Abram outlaw much respect

well guess what Winston W you're out of

here I'm banning your dumb ass when I

sit here in alright cool you want to

one-up me

Abram outlaw much respect fuck you fuck

you get the fuck out of here you guys

want to suck each other's cocks off here

fine with me go fuck yourself can't

stand you Pro black and fake ass Pro

plaque ass niggas coming in here and

hijacking my chat get the fuck out of

here ain't never seen you in my chat my

goddamn life niggas gonna come in here

talk about much respect alright cool

respect off the air nigga get the fuck

out of here it's the wrong goddamn

channel for that can't stand you niggas

man for real the fuck out of here see

Trent alone makes people angry I'm told

niggas like that that was roid rage

right fucking there

much respect make a fuck you leave us Oh

like all in my face like all in my chat

yeah that's cool I endorse what you said

cool man

go do it yourself

get the fuck out of here fake-ass

pro-black ass niggas get the fuck out of

here and me and Ava McCool man I like

Abram Lisa thought I did and then wisdom

dummy's gonna talk about much respect

yeah fuck off I'll troll somebody else

nigga but yes like I said if you're if

you're afraid of needles you have to

think of it this way like which are you

more afraid of needles are having a low

testosterone for the rest of your life

and listen I know I listen guys I know

the ferritin listen I was never afraid

of needles like the first time I inject

myself cool this is great that was all

good so again you have to weigh you have

to weigh it out which is which is worse

now here is my testosterone routine when

I first started out okay this is

actually after my book my buddy Marc got

ahold of me I started off with 250

milligrams of testosterone Sippy Nate

once a week the very next year I was on

300 milligrams of sustenance

week my third year I got a little bit I

got a little bit creative I alternated

between testosterone Sippy innate in

testosterone even fate I did this every

other month here's the thing here's the

reason I did this your body will develop

a little bit of a tolerance II but not

much okay not much at all listen you can

inject the same kind of testosterone for

life and still get unbelievable results

okay you in in the reason I say that is

this your body can't develop a tolerance

to something it produces naturally

somebody will say well after five years

won't your body get used to it and no

it's testosterone your body produces it

your whole life you can never develop a

tolerance to testosterone

but I find what I find okay that that

the testosterone gives me a little bit

more umph when I alternate now guys

listen this is listen that is for

experienced guys only I've been doing

this for nearly five years

don't start mixing this shit up going

back and forth and it know until you're

at least two years in okay now you're

for the the current the year that I'm in

now I'd the testosterone Sippy innate

innovate and testosterone propionate

which I'm doing a cycle of that now yes

I am injecting everyday now sometimes

I'll go sibian eight innovates ustin on

and propionate every fourth month again

this is what I do and I'm in year five

of this stick with testosterone Sippy

innate once a week between 200 250 and

300 milligrams per week for two years

then you can start to get exotic okay

liver detox yes something else that you

will have to do this is when you get to

bloodwork back and again this is all

susceptibility milk thistle lip 50 to

take two or three lip 50 to I take I

take six pills a day two in the morning

two in the afternoon two at night this

cleans out your liver helps to keep it

clean again listen I know some guys who

are on TR team they've been on tea or

tea for years and years and yeah dude I

know guys who have been seeing on TR tea

for 20 years right they don't take any

milk thistle they don't double take any

lip 52 their livers are fine I don't

like to take chances with my health

health so I figure hey listen if flip

fifty-two is only gonna benefit me it's

not gonna hurt me mmm a as well take it

get blood work done regularly to make

sure everything is okay okay make sure

everything is good listen having high

tea is great it's not worth it if it's

at the expense of your health there's no

need to there's no need to get stupid

tell your doctor that you are on CRT

that will explain your high tea levels

you listen you want to be between 600

and 800 nanograms per deciliter I shoot

for between 800 and 1000 right I think

right I think the last time I got tested

I was like

9:15 something like that okay and Mike

dosages are a little higher again I'm

experienced so to wrap this up let us go

over what supplies you need if you are a

first time person first time person that

was professional if you are a first-time

or if you are a newbie to trt here are

the basic things you need number one you

need the testosterone obviously number

two you need syringes okay you can get

one milliliter syringes you can get

three milliliter syringes one milliliter

syringe is usually the case

my dosages are a little higher so I use

three milliliter syringes number three

you need a hypodermic needles you need

18 gauge hypodermic needles to draw out

the testosterone and 22 gauge hypodermic

needles to inject and by the way you can

get hypodermic needles as well as

syringes all on Amazon

number four you need alcohol pads to

clean the tops of your testosterone to

sterilize it and to clean the injection

area the injection area before you

inject before and after you inject and

number five of course you need your a

eye inhibitor this is in case you start

to get the side effects all right so all

right so that's it I'm just gonna answer

questions here for another ten minutes

or so because I'm hungry

once the de Wolfe says Donovan did your

game change heavy with trt coming in

since you were already going hard in Las

Vegas yes yes it did dude this is oh my

god dude

TRT I mean I was already motivated man

I was already motivated TRT made me a

fucking animals oh my god listen I

didn't fuck fatties and I didn't fuck I

didn't fuck fatties but like I'd like

right after I got on CRT I fucked a lot

of butter faces hot bodies yeah let's

turn around do doggy style I want to

look you

well I'm sucking my dick because you're

really not that good but you got some

nice tits and the great ass answers yes

goroh tone says damn I was tested and

I'm 378 I'm going on oh hell yeah dude

hell yeah some pie kevin says Donovan

I'm new to the bulk of this information

what are guys referring to when they say

their test is completely shutting down

are they no longer producing tea for the

rest of their shot their lives

thanks love the show know if you go off

to our team your body will eventually

start to produce its own testosterone

because your testosterone levels will

drop Camden mcginnises have you noticed

females being more attracted to you what

you guys started well yes of course they

were I was more aggressive number one

right I was much more masculine I was

working out more so I look better yeah

the answer is hell yeah I didn't use the

tracker James James wanted to know how

my workouts increased I'll tell you I'll

tell you this I use strong lifts five by

five it is five sets of five reps of

five different compound exercises the

bench press the squat the deadlift the

overhead the standing overhead press and

the barbell row well before I was on TR

team I'd go one two three four five

times five but when I started CRT I

found that I wasn't that I found that I

wasn't I still had energy so I do 5x5

then I would I would I would decrease

the weight by 25% and I'd do three sets

of seven I do three by seven so I'm

doing five by five then I'm doing three

sets of seven you quo two says do you

know that the hormone myostatin is

keeping the average man for making games

our body size and muscle mass is

determined even before birth myostatin

sucks listen if you wanted to prove

you're smarter than I am

congratulations I have no idea you're

talking about like let's say this isn't

a did you know I'm just telling this

that I'm giving you I'm giving you my

eye dude I don't even say gyno miss fast

I don't even say that right

no I don't give a shit about myostatin I

don't give a shit about that come on man

don't be a know-it-all Miami J says for

me the biggest change that trt was for

me was in the gym

straight up I'll tell you something else

guys if you want to get even more even

more out of trt ok get on human growth

hormone that is a game changer it's a

game changer MMA fan says Donovan you

were hitting the Mets with BJJ right how

did it help with stamina and such yeah

here's the great thing about trt it

drastically increases muscular muscle

stamina right like your muscle stamina

it's it's it's fucking crazy you don't

get sore quite so easy quite so easy

once a wolf did you ever tell us what

nanograms per deciliter you were at

before going on yeah I think it's not

like 550 575 something like that BK from

the rocky says Ryan is gonna have dudes

banging borderline dolls like TF him oh

my god you quote let me ask you

something how old are you answer the

question in the chat please how old are

you and are you on to your team oh wait

come on hurry up I gotta eat I'm hungry

come on you ho let's go 23 there we go

so you're 23 years old right are you on

CRT yes or no oh wait answer the

question are you on CRT yes or no

let's go I'll wait there you go

nope so now you're getting timed out

good you're what in your mouth dude

you know you aren't either on nor do you

need the arty but you're talking about

my Oh Satan I don't give a shit

I don't care jesus fucking christ

motherfucker is it dude it's so funny

how motherfuckers love the yeah more on

and on about shit that has nothing to do

with what we're talking about if you

wanted to prove that you're smarter than

me because you know an M word that I

don't hate congratulations you did it

but 4:23 get the hell out of here

motherfucker did you know that myostatin

I don't give a fuck about the fuck is he

talking about well he's smarter than me

let me listen to that guy get out of

here this is my show start a you quo to


can't stand motherfuckers who come in

here and Yammer on about statistics and

shit so G double O seven says so shyness

and introversion

is most men most men is due to low teeth

that's a good question

that's a good question I don't really

I've never really thought of it that way

but my guess my guess is that if shy

people had high tea they probably be

they probably wouldn't be shy I don't

know Aydin Woodley says what is human

growth hormone hormone and how does it

work not gonna talk about it today not

gonna talk about today I'll talk about

it another time mr. nice guy wants to

know how HGH affected me dude better

sleep I keep my gains my skin is tighter

like dude I'm 41 years old I don't look

at day over 36 men Ryan Sullivan says my

thumb is bigger than you quote you quote

two's biceps yeah and I'll get to the

HGH thing at some point

I need I've been on HGH now for almost

seven months I need a little bit more

it's listen it definite is definitely it

definitely works I just need to I need a

little bit more anecdotal research in

that regard that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS Alive be sure to tune in

tomorrow evening at 7:00 Eastern I don't

have my n music at 7:00 hold on a second

hang on a sec I'm gonna have to I'm

gonna have to get this oh fuck it tune

in tomorrow evening at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific where I will be joined by Devon

no she's not gonna be on camera I mean I

don't know who in the hell thought that

she was actually gonna be on camera if

you are a patron look for the post that

talks that look for the post that ask

the questions or that ask you to ask

questions we're gonna be fielding all of

those questions so make sure you get

those in now thanks for watching guys

we'll see you next time

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