Text game: How to text sluts (Episode 367)




how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what'd you

think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you you're always broke because you

spend your money on dumb shit every

month if you've only slept with five

guys what's up guys it's your man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the 360

seventh edition of CSR live your daily

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today and step up your beard game it is

slut week here at TS art hours we have

ducks we have discussed how to tell the

difference between sluts and cock

teasers we have talked about signs you

can turn out a slut for your own

personal benefit like goods services

drugs other women etc and then Tuesday

we talked about how to stay emotionally

detached from sluts so as to reduce your

odds of committing to them well today

I'm gonna talk about something that just

about everybody has trouble with at some

point in their pussy plundering

conquests and that of course is text

game now if you think sluts are hard to

talk to in person they are all in there

seemingly almost impossible to talk to

via text message and the reason for that

is because they are in a perpetual state

of AD D which is short for abundant dick

disorder sluts are so inundated with

offers day in and day out that it seems

to take almost like clown level parlor

tricks and gimmicks to get and keep

their attention it also seems that if


mess up even one time the jig is up

she'll either ghost on you or she'll

flake on you now it's important to

understand that slutty women ghosts for

many many reasons and a lot of those

reasons have nothing to do with you

sometimes it's just not in the cards

guys and there's nothing you could do

about it

nothing you can do about it in the first

place she already had her mind made up

something anything could happen

you could run airtight game error-free

game and still get ghosted or flaked on

this is part of the game guys gonna have

to just get used to it you fuck enough

broads you're gonna get ghosted that's

how that is but if you want to decrease

flaking and ghosting from sluts there

are certain rules to follow when texting


after you get her number I want you to I

want you to also keep in mind guys that

texting with sluts is a little different

than texting with fuck buddies and

friends with benefits it is very very

different from texting girlfriends and

wives right when I first got up with

Devin she was doing slutty things so I

texted her like a slut well now that

she's my main chick I don't text her

like a slut right she's no longer a slut

so I don't text her like one a lot of

guys over game in this way a lot of guys

who are awakened while married or

awakened while in a relationship as

rolla puts it they understand that they

definitely need to conduct themselves

differently if they want to change the

behavior of their girlfriends and wives

but treating them like fuck friends or

sluts is not the answer right and again

I talked about this last week trying to

arrange a threesome with your

significant other or overusing asshole

game that's stupid guys I've said that

before and to be honest with you I may

do an episode on how men and

relationships can go too far with being

red-billed kind of like people who find

religion after they experience some sort

of tragedy or some sort of hardship and

then they're on fire for God right then

they're insufferable and all they can

talk about is Jesus and how you can join

their church and all that so that might

be a good topic I know a lot of people

do tend to go through that the only time

you should treat your wife like a slut

for the record is when you're fucking

her that's it you guys may notice that

these stripper heel is noticeably

missing from that top shelf well that is

because Devon is going to be wearing

those tonight

as I pound that pussy anyway for now I'm

gonna tell you guys how to text sluts in

order to increase your odds of success

right while simultaneously decreasing

the odds of being flaked or ghosted on

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three thirty we've got our seats

reserved we've got the real nice

recliner seats we're gonna go we're

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shirt to represent team Drago rocky 4 is

my favorite movie it's been my favorite

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the old days when I was in North

Carolina dude Ivan Drago was my hero

Ivan Drago is actually one of the

subjects of my very first return of

Kings articles the four shit tests rocky

passed to win Adrian and Ivan Drago was

definitely in that I've been a Drago fan

since the beginning and so it'll be

it'll be very very cool to see him and

rocky in the ring again that that's

that's gonna be crazy yeah Rocky 3 was

good it listened the Rocky's in order of

in terms of the ones that I like I like

rocky for the best

I liked three the second best a very

close second

I like Part two and then I like part one

so four three two one five and then six

I guess yeah I might do a Creed to

review that might that might actually be

that might actually be a good show so

yeah I'm gonna keep it short today I'm

gonna keep it to sync but I'm gonna drop

some next-level game any guys so

keep those ears perked my plan to get

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the chat here see we got going on before

we get started Winston wolf first to pop

the cherry

Charles Caballero gets the sloppy

seconds chase LeBeau finishes in her ass

good good job guys dr. sinister keep up

the excellent work appreciate that

Spin Z says what's your favorite Donovan

voice he says I vote meathead ha ha ha

meathead Donovan yeah yeah yeah meathead

Donovan is oh don't give a fuck he'll ha

she used she fucked up even one touch

she's fucking gone fuck these bitches


there's betta Donovan or Wow my hick

boys haven't done that one in a while

haven't done that one in a while Winston

wolf says the girl voice in the beta

Donovan very in character ha ha ha I

didn't realize how many voices I had and

it's funny I didn't just I didn't make

this stuff I didn't just plan ok I'm

gonna do this way so just they just kind

of come out of me

spins II says girl voice is good but the

meathead just kills me that's because we

know these do we know dudes out here

that are like that man my god I fucking

fucked up a book bitches all the time

man this is date shit or the lady the

streets freaking the sheets meathead

that meathead red pill guy uses the word

bro all the time but listen man meathead

red pill guy he gets laid he just

doesn't really know what to do after

that so yeah

they all have their uh they all have

their their utilities Ryan's old and

says cuz bands are the edgy shit hell

yeah I want to be able to say yeah I am

band on all social media platforms you

want to know why donovan sharp calm

sharp assists says be thankful for sluts

ronaldo Betancourt ram PD says clubber

went up to Adrienne in front of Rocky

and said you ever been with a real man

he said I was five and knew that was

alpha woohoo oh that you know what you

make a good fucking case you hit on the

woman you hit on the wife of the

heavyweight champion in the of the world

in front of the heavyweight champion of

the world I don't know that might I

don't know mr. t listen don't get it

twisted mr. t is all right let's go

ahead an get this started guys I gotta I

gotta I got a movie to watch they need

to bring back mr. t and one of these

creams anyway when it comes to texting

with sluts guys there are hot there are

dozens hundreds of strategies techniques

there are just as many rules in terms of

do's and don'ts like you know dieting

and exercise if they're done

consistently and properly they yield

good results but because I never discuss

what I don't experience what I don't

have experience with I'm gonna give you

guys the six rules that I or I'm sorry

the seven rules rather that I have used

and texting with let's again understand

we're not talking about text game with

your wife or girlfriend right don't use

listen listen yes some of these rules

could be applied at different times

depending on the situation but these

seven rules need to be applied and

adhered to consistently with sluts to

see results I also want you to keep in

mind and this is very very this is very

important I want you to keep in mind

that this is text game before you've met

up with her before you fucked her

because after you fucked her the only

time the only reason you're ever gonna

text us for logistical reasons hey my

place at nine bring the whiskey your

place at ten

bring the cigarettes okay remember these

are sluts we're talking about sluts are

sluts are nothing but pieces of meat

that we use for sex nothing more

after we get what we want we only call

or text to set up the next fuck fest

that's it they're just a set of holes

alright number one no sharp assists yeah

pretext game okay yeah I like that

number one be cocky then be confident

one thing guys do on the regular is over

gaming women they over use asshole game

they they use that meathead logic we

talked about and so forth now all of

this guys it's a facade guys who over

game women are compensating for the fact

that they have no game they figure I

just I just gotta be out there it's

gotta be mr. fuckin red pill super alpha

being cocky gentlemen it works with all

sluts even when they try to give you the

impression that it's not working

that means it is most definitely working

they try to shoot down cockiness because

they know it's the cheat code right they

listen they know their panties get wet

around cocky assholes having fucked them

by the truckload in the past it's just

all this all there is to it it is

equally important to know when to turn

the jerk boy asshole game off use the

cockiness to reel her in then the

confidence to seal the deal then end it

with a dash of a little more cockiness

guys are afraid to be cocky because they

don't want to scare her off but they say

they don't want to be cocky because it

comes off as being a douchebag who do

want to be a douche bag this all this

means is that they're afraid to lose the

girl but that means he has a scarcity

mindset that's all there is to it

there's nothing psychological

about that I think I called the brother

pill last night for those of you guys

who watched and he asked well what if

the girl thinks her two forward guys

that's a man who is afraid of being

aggressive and going for it with a girl

I told him that girls love it when guys

are aggressive and pursue them he then

asks well what if that comes off as

thirsty I told him he's making excuses

the bottom line is that he's afraid to

be bold and straightforward with women

so he's characterizing it as coming off

thirsty coming off as thirsty so that he

can make an excuse as to why he's not

doing it there is a huge difference

between thirst and assertive

aggressiveness when it comes to women

both require sexual desire which comes


but thirsty dudes compliment girls on

their looks and men who have the game do

not we'll get into will actually get

into the rest of that rest of what they

do with number two never text back right


speaking of thirst okay shout out sitar

Oh Charles caveat oh what the five

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some skittles anyway texting back right


screams thirst guys it tells the girl

that you don't have anything going on in

your life but her and also says it also

says to her that she is the only that

she's probably the only girl that you're

talking to which means you are not

pre-selected or social proof you have to

understand this guy's girls are hive

minded creatures okay what this means is

that they're never sure about anything

unless the female species the hive signs

off on it first she might think you're

the hottest guy she has ever seen but if

she doesn't see her friends staring you

down or trying to flirt with you when

you bring him when when she brings you

around she's gonna start to question her

judgment hmm I thought he was attractive

is it really that attractive none of my

friends have said anything about how


looks and my friends are sluts that

usually trying to flirt with my

boyfriend's I remember Breanna stole my

last boyfriend why isn't she trying to

steal this one women know they

inherently know that their individual

judgment is flawed so they rely on the

hive to let them know that their choices

are sound this goes for their choices in

clothes their choice in careers their

choices in men and so forth if you text

a woman or if you text a woman back

right away she knows you're not

pre-selected which gravely compromises

her attraction to you might now so

what's the answer well my general rule

of thumb is to wait at least twice the

time she waited to respond to you to

respond to her so for example if you

text her at 3:44 and she responds at 350

the earliest you respond is 402 which is

12 minutes she waited 6 minutes from 344

to 350 so you wait at least 12 minutes

if you text her at 4:30 and she doesn't

respond till 5:30 then you wait until at

least 7:30 to text her back she waited

for an hour to text you back you wait at

least two hours to text her back well

what if she loses interest Donovan if

she loses interest she was never

interested anyway guys number three

change the subject often shout out to

Miami Jay says this advice applies to

dating app messengers as well yeah 100%

this isn't just I guess when I say text

game this is I don't know Facebook text

game Instagram whatever medium whatever

platform you're on when there's sexual

attraction presumably between you two

all of these rules rules apply thanks

for pointing that out

Miami Jay appreciate that man number

three change the subject often a lot of

guys get caught up in talking about a

singular topic just to keep the

conversation going what ends up

happening is that the conversation

stagnates and that conversation ends up

becoming boring to her now it might not

be boring to you because you're all

happy oh my god no texting with a 22

year old swap show right like you're all

excited but girls have that abd remember

that abundant

this order and because of that you have

to separate yourself from all you have

to separate yourself from the 57 other

guys she's texting right now you have to

change it up and keep it fresh so for

example if you guys are talking about

places you like to go like to go for fun

abruptly changed the subject and ask her

if she's a natural blonde

after that tell her you like it when

girls wear heels during sex keep it

fresh and again what if that's 2 for

Donovan do it listen again what if

that's 2 Ford is well what if that's 2

Ford and then she loses interest

if being too bold and straightforward

and escalating sexually with a girl

scares her away or causes her to lose

interest she was never interested anyway

if a woman is aroused by you she will

let you escalate by the way I like it

when girls wear heels when I fuck them

if she doesn't if she is not interested

she'll be like ooh fuck this I'm gonna

ghost on this guy if she wants to fuck

you or if she is digging your vibe she's

gonna be like really why what kind of

heels it's as simple as that

don't in doing this keeps her on her

toes and keeps her interested if you are

predictable she will lose interest and

changing the subject gives you an aura

of unpredictability and girls love this


do not be predictable change the subject

often shut up to Winston wolf with the 7

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ok so 7 bucks so that's a total of 22

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way the Detroit Lions are up on the

Chicago Bears 13 9 we got just under 30

seconds left in the third quarter it is

third and nine

I'm sorry third and three from about

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Devin no fuck that send a donation for a

diet coke for Devin maybe some maybe

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we don't want Devin getting fat

if Devon gets fat I can't treat you guys

to all those uh all those slutty

pictures that I post of her number four

this is very important guys you got to

listen to this never answer questions

directly this goes to that

unpredictability factor if a sluttin if

a slut asks you how old you are

say old enough to drink then immediately

ask her how old she is if she asks you

what you do for a living tell her that

you're a cocaine dealer and then ask her

if she has a problem hooking up with a

with a Colombian drug lord answering

questions not only puts her in control

which I'll talk about here in just a

second okay but it also puts you into

compliance mode if she asks you a

question and you answer it directly

every time it says to her that she can

get a straight answer out of you anytime

she wants that's boring that's

predictable but if you mix it up with

her like I talked about the two examples

that I did that that I talked about

earlier it makes you unpredictable makes

you non agreeable and a lot more fun

which leads me to number five be the

interviewer not the interviewee give me

an example we have all been interviewed

for jobs all of us and the way it goes

is that the interviewer asks you

questions about your experience or work

ethic where you've been what you've done

and so forth the interviewer is in

control because the interviewer is in

control it's not because you're in his

place of business it's not because he's

behind the desk it's because he's asking

the questions he's directing the

conversation obviously this is a good

thing in this context because you want

the conversation to pertain to

potentially working for that company but

when texting with sluts too many guys

let these sluts direct and control the

conversation this might seem small to

you guys but if a girl knows she can

control could control the conversation

if she knows she can she can control the

narrative during a conversation she'll

know that she can control you in person

which is a turn-off here's the bottom

line guys sluts don't fuck guys they

think they can control because it's a

turn-off that's all there is to

and by allowing her to ask all the

questions you're showing her that you

can be controlled and that you can't

take control the solution to this one is

simple when she asks you a question

indirectly give her an answer then ask

one back so when she asks you a question

you give her an indirect answer than ask

one back then control his regain now

she's answering questions and you're the

one asking so for example she asks you

so how long have you lived in Philly you

respond with way too long you're not the

kind of girl who looks at herself in

every reflective surface are you she's

completely forgotten about your

Philadelphia question and now she's

thinking do I do I look at myself oh no

I don't want to be vain and now she's

qualifying herself to you which which

leads me to number six make her qualify

her self this means making her prove

herself to you girls correctly assume

that we want to fuck them when we swipe

right or when we you know I don't know

how we match up on whatever right so

what they do is they put us through our

paces to see if sexual attraction is

mutual right that's all there is to it

but here's the thing guys you need to

make her earn your attention and the way

you do that is to make her qualify

herself to you make her earn your

attention ask her things like are you

the kind of girl who spends too much

money on shoes or my favorite my go-to

are you a natural blonde or brunette or

redhead or whatever color her hair is

right and if listen if you're texting

with a purple haired slut is that your

natural hair color she's gonna think

that's a joke right she's gonna laugh

hahaha and if that particular joke

doesn't get her to laugh and she goes on

you again she wasn't interested anyway

girls want girls always find guys that

they're attracted to so much funnier

don't be afraid to get in there and mix

it up get in there a disqualifier in 10

seconds and move on to the next mark the

idea behind making her qualify herself

to you is to give her the impression

that your sexual attention is not a

foregone conclusion she needs to

understand that she doesn't get to swipe

she doesn't get to just swipe right for

I know sweetheart you still got work to

do okay

and if I get the idea that you're the

same as every other slut out here I'm

just gonna keep looking women only value

what they are required to work for and

if you were giving her sexual attention

okay for next to nothing she's not going

to value it and this of course his white

girls end up flaking her go stink

he didn't make her work for your

attention a lot of guys say hey should I

just ask her right off the bat to meet

up for drinks no she hasn't earned that

yet I need to know a little bit more

about you before I can meet up with you

in a public place don't give her the

impression that hey I'm definitely gonna

ask you out this is just like the

relationship thing when you ask a woman

to be in a relationship with you you are

telling her that she has done everything

necessary to secure your commitment so

she's not gonna be motivated to do

anything else to keep your commitment if

you're texting with a girl for two

minutes hey how are you I'm fine hey

let's go get drinks wait a minute let's

go get drinks hold on no you got to make

her approver sit well she's hot Donovan

no no no no wrong answer she knows she

thought you know she's hot and she knows

that you know she's hot

make her qualify herself to you make her

work for that attention you don't just

get free drinks on my dime just because

you look like you yet listen I can have

a doesn't do there's fucking millions of

women walking around this earth who look

just like you what can you offer me

besides a set of holes number seven this

one is very important probably the most

important always leave her wanting more

this is what comedians do a huge mistake

that just about every guy makes is

getting wrapped up in a text

conversation that is hyper sexual okay

you guys are talking about fucking

you're talking about how she's gonna

suck your dick

how you gonna squeeze her tits you're

talking about how the sex is gonna be

mind-blowing you guys are probably

exchanging dick pics pussy pics it's all

good it's all hot and heavy but guys

being as thirsty as they are don't quit

until the conversation has been beaten

to the ground they're not disciplined

enough to disengage at the height of the

conversation guys might think well why


do that Donovan don't you want the girl

to be hot for you yes we do but by

disengaging when things are at the

height of hotness and heaviness you

leave her wanting more if you just stop

texting when her pussy is wet she'll be

checking her phone every five minutes

for the next two hours then she'll check

her phone right before she goes to sleep

and when she gets up to pee she'll check

her phone again and she'll check it and

then she'll check it when she wakes up

in the wind she wakes up in the morning

guess why you're on her mind guys

touchdown bears if you beat the

conversation into the ground rather than

leaving her wanting more okay you run

the risk of giving her too many

endorphin and dopamine hits at which

point she might not see the point of

hooking up with you anymore by walking

away from that conversation at the

height of his hotness and it's horniness

and all that you create that mystery and

anticipation guys when you create

anticipation that makes women far less

likely to flake or ghost on you all

right let's go back to I'm gonna go back

to the chat I got somebody on Facebook

waving on me I hate these niggas who

think that they can just hit me on

Facebook and expect to engage and like

these long conversations I'm like bruh

like I got consultations I got a duel me

let's make it let's let's make a fool

out of someone here men of substance oh

no no no no no I'm not no no no no no no

no no no

somebody included me in a fucking

somebody included me in a fucking no no

no no no no no no no no no no total nope

uh-uh nope I hate when people include me

in these fucking group texts and I'm

gonna tell them take me off of this

goddamn the list I'm gonna get to your

check I'm gonna get to your texts in a

minute guys

god fucking damn it here we go

take me out of this group

god damn it oh my god oh I'm temporarily

oh my god I'm temporarily oh of course

I'm temporarily blocked because I've got

the 30-day ban going on uh chase LeBeau

I think you are I need to get the fuck

up out of here man this is not I hate

this shit no no no no no no no like you

guys gotta ask me first you guys just

can't fucking include me in this

bullshit man

chase no if you were watching I think

you're a part of this group tell them to

get me the fuck out of here man no no no

no no no no no no no no

so I'm blocked from sending messages but

I can't okay there we are I'm leaving

this fucking group yes leave fuck out of

here with that man all right

yeah I'm an asshole guys but you know

what fuck it my time is valuable to me I

don't have time to be mixing it up with

a bunch of dudes who think they're red

pill because they read you know the

rational male by Rollo Tomassi takes a

little bit more than that alright miami

jay says is the most boring game of the

year the Bears Nitra Biscay yes they do

chase Daniels bad

sharpest sister says nope re-watch on

patreon and you guys post these into the

chat Roman I don't know okay alright

whatever I'm not gonna pretend to know

that Charles says this is why he's

watching me and not to bears and lions

all right

da Barris alright ray from PG says I

don't know if this is a facepalm after a

facepalm mistake but this stuff makes

perfect sense now yeah yeah this is

listen this is what happens man oh no oh

my god yeah please let the admin know

chase goddamn like let them know don't

don't include me in some shit you got to

ask me first cuz I got niggas waving I

mean like who the fuck is this dude yeah

I mean I'm banned on Facebook for 30

days so I'm good to go alright excellent

alright guys well this was a solid

episode like I said this you know this

this was not gonna be as extensive as my

other as my other episodes I got a lot

goin on actually did a stream earlier

today with Jonathan from modern life

dating that is up for free on YouTube

you guys definitely need to check that

out I think I'm gonna be doing a brother

pill with O'Shea a little bit a little

bit later on today we'll have to see

I gotta somehow get ahold of him but

I'll probably email him and see what's

goin on

but anyway that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS are alive there we are

catch me on the brother pill I may or

may not be on the brother pill tonight

but either way guys thanks for watching

I'll see you tomorrow

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