The 10 most important abilities a quality woman must possess to lockdown a Red Pill Man

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It’s easy for us to us to evaluate a woman’s attractiveness. We look at her and we either wanna fuck her or we don’t. The first and most important trait for a woman to have is attractiveness. If she’s not attractive, we’re not interested. Especially if we have Red Pill awareness.



But Men who are accurately able to evaluate the intangibles a woman has or doesn’t have, are the guys who are the most successful with women. These are the guys who rarely get burned...the guys who suffer very little emotional or financial setbacks as a result of a bad relationship with a woman….if any at all. These are the guys who are able to correctly judge a woman, decide on whether or not he wants to continue with her, and then further cultivate good habits while mitigating her bad habits so she can be the best woman she can be and it starts with recognizing the most important abilities a woman has to have to be considered for a long term relationship.

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but then she meets the guy who makes her

vagina buzz the guy who's witty makes

fun of her keeps her on her toes takes

care of himself

not afraid to call her out on her

bullshit and she wants to start fucking

him what you'll do here is she will put

her best foot forward and she starts

talking about how she's independent on

the outside but traditional on the

inside because deep down like all women

she knows that men like traditional

girls she makes sure she's looking good

all the time

nails are always done hair looking good

every time she sees him she gives him

the pussy whenever whenever he wants she

does everything right after a while she

starts to realize the guy she's been

fucking as a keeper he's not just a

booty call to her anymore he's the kind

of guy she can see herself with

long-term so she steps up her game and

gets invited to a second interview in

other words he's told her he's thinking

about becoming exclusive with her and

now your man how's your boyfriend look

at half of you you're fucking your boss

what you think she was gonna do tell you

she cheated you cannot out train a bad

diet never believe everything a woman

tells you she will always leave you're

always broke because you spend your

money on dumb shit anymore if you've

only slept with five guys what's up guys

it's your man Donovan sharp and welcome

to this edition of TSR live presented by

happy hippo herbals forgot to turn on my

mic there it is Monday November 13th

2017 hope everybody had a had a great

weekend I know I did I got a lot done

relaxed a little had some fun my girl

actually took me out she actually took

me out to dinner on her dime which is

which is always good anytime I don't

have to pay for food is a good thing and

listen guys it's okay for your girl to

pay all right it's 2017 women work they

get paychecks they they have money and

they want us and if they want to spoil

you let them all right that doesn't take

away from your met from your masculinity

you're not gonna lose man points or

anything like that if a woman wants to

spend a little coin on you a letter

she's showing you that she views you

with someone she views you as someone

who is worth investing and financially

like blessing like black mastic speaks

said on my show about a week or so ago

it also means she has skin in the game

which goes a long way in keeping her and

keeping her around I'm not saying that

you should that you should make your

woman spend money on you in order to

keep you around but I've said in the

past that the more is the more vested a

woman is in terms of time sometimes even

you know finances of resources the more

likely it is the more likely she is to

stick around because women want a return

on their investment just like we as men

do as you guys can tell I'm starting at

six o'clock

TSR live is now going to move the start

time to 6 o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard


which is 3 p.m. Pacific when I first

started the

show I started at five o'clock then I

decided to push it back to 5:30 but now

I'm gonna go ahead and push it back to

6:00 and this is the latest this is it

this is this is the last time I'm not

gonna push it to 6:30 I'm not gonna push

it to 7:00 this seems to work with my

schedule a little bit better especially

on Mondays I mean today man I probably

spent I probably spent two

two-and-a-half hours on the phone just

taking care of business you know talking

some of my old friends down in North

Carolina I'm gonna be going there for

the Thanksgiving holiday next week so

I've certainly been busy but I think

that I think that a six o'clock p.m.

Eastern Standard Time three Pacific

start time is what's gonna work best for

all involved I know a lot of guys out

there say hey you know I can't believe I

missed a live show well not to worry

because I'm gonna start a little bit

later I'm gonna be starting at 6 o'clock

Eastern so that so hopefully you guys

will catch these we'll start catching

these live shows okay let's get to it in

professional sports guys more

specifically football it's often said

that the best ability is availability if

you're a player who gets injured a lot

it doesn't matter how talented you are

doesn't matter if your completion

percentage is 75% doesn't matter if you

were on a 4 to 40 doesn't matter if you

had 5 sacks the game before none of that

matters if you are unable to play now I

don't know for those of you guys who

follow sports like I do you're starting

to see that NFL teams are starting to

evaluate the intangibles ok they didn't

used to do that back then usually I

would say up until Roger Goodell took

took office as the commissioner and

started laying down some pretty hefty

suspensions and fines for players to

step out a line a players and tangibles

are now more important than ever

teams now want to know what a player's

attitude is like what's you like

upstairs is he crazy does he love

football does he have a chip on his

shoulder is he lazy is he entitled etc

now most teams are pretty good at

evaluating talent that's standard listen

all teams can see speed they can see

strength they can see football acumen

it's easy to see that player X is either

a guy who can make your team or a guy

who's not simple all right but the tee

that had the most success are the teams

that are accurately able to evaluate

their accurately able to evaluate the

intangibles and then cultivate that

player to be the best that he can be now

he might be the fastest guy in the draft

but if he's got a drinkin problem he's

probably not gonna last that long in the

league a guy might have pinpoint

accuracy and can read defenses like a

book but if he doesn't have good work I

think he's gonna be a bag he's gonna be

a bad quarterback gentlemen it is the

same thing with women it is easy for us

to evaluate a woman's attractiveness we

look at her and we either want a fucker

or we don't the first and most important

ability for a woman to have is

fuckability I've said this before

if she's not fuckable guys we're not

interested it doesn't matter if she can

cook doesn't matter if she has a great

personality doesn't even matter if she

makes six figures if we are not sexually

attracted to her we don't want to get

with her so if she's attractive if she's

fuck about than most guys want her but

the guys who are the but the guys who

are able to accurately evaluate the

intangibles that a woman has or doesn't

have are the guys who are the most

successful with women these are the guys

who rarely get burned guys the guys who

suffer very little emotional or

financial setbacks as a result of a bad

relationship with a woman if any at all

now these are the guys who are able to

correctly judge a woman then decide on

whether or not he wants to continue with

her and then flirt and then further

cultivate good habits while mitigating

her bad habits so she can be the best

woman she can be and it starts with

recognizing the most important abilities

a woman has to be considered for a

long-term relationship so I'm gonna give

you guys 10 of the most important

abilities that a woman should have to be

in the running for a long-term

girlfriend or a gasp possibly marriage

so here we go number one

fuck ability we just talked about it as

I said before guys fuck ability is the

most important ability because if she's

not fuckable we're never gonna find out

about all of her other qualities because

we're not attracted to her so many girls

out here are trying to push their

they're trying to push their fat friends

off two guys talking about well she may

not be a 10 but she's an awesome person

and that's all that matters right wrong

she can be as awesome as donovan sharp

but if she doesn't give me a boner she's

gonna keep

than awesomeness to herself you've got

to be fuck about that is the most

important ability number two

availability men of value five

percenters men with red pill awareness

don't want a date a girl who's always

fucking busy alright yes it's good for a

woman to have a job it's good for her to

have a healthy social life it's good

dirt it's good for her to have

productive hobbies and it's good for not

to be sitting home every night for hours

on end on Facebook and Instagram or

swiping right for cock all the time but

too many girls out here are just too

fucking busy all right they're never

home they're always at a town a work

function or spending time with friends

they're always doing something they're

always doing something every day every

night all weekend that's not a bad thing

as far as they're concerned but a woman

like this doesn't have the availability

or the time to meet my to meet my needs

as a man all right I'm not gonna commit

to a chick who's never around alright

and five percenters rarely do if I want

to go out to dinner or on a weekend

getaway I need to know that my girl's

gonna be there I'm not trying to be with

a chick whose schedules always full

number three trainability

yes gentlemen I said trainability a

woman who is not trainable is a woman

who is either single all the time or

she's dating guys that she's not really

interested and then dudes wonder why

women cheat so much right well one of

the reasons that most girls aren't

trainable and most men don't know how to

train them gentlemen women need to be

trained because they're raised with bad

habits habits that are conducive to

slutty behavior social media is

something that needs to be trained

out of them showing cleavage when

they're not with you needs to be trained

out of them checking in periodically as

something they need to be trained to do

by the way refer to episodes 53 54 and

56 to learn how you should train your

woman and the techniques involved with

that training a woman who isn't

trainable is a woman is a woman that a

man of value is not gonna commit to

that's just all there is to it

number four teachability now this is a

little different from trainability

training a woman means training

behaviors in and or out of a woman a

woman who is teachable is a woman who is

willing to open her mind and accept new

ideas about life and relationships as in

acknowledging the fact that successful

relationships aren't 5050 all right

understanding that men and women aren't

equal and so forth dealing with a

hard-headed woman who cannot wrap her

mind around the fact that you're the

leader and she's the follower is a pain

in the fucking ass guys she needs to be

taught she needs to be taught that a man

makes most of the important big

decisions she needs to be taught that

she needs to be taught that earning

trust isn't a one-time thing she needs

to know that she has to earn your trust

each and every day and that the end at

the reset button is hit every day she

needs to be teachable in this regard if

a woman's gonna be set in her ways if

she's not gonna fall in line with the

way you run your ship she's not gonna

make a very good significant other

that's just all there is to it

number five compatibility now a lot of

people think that compatibility means

having a lot in common

all right they think that if you do they

think that if you don't like the same

things or have the same personality

traits or have the same religion or

political views that the relationship is

doomed to fail but guys that's just not


all right being compatible with someone

just means you get along all right

that's it I know people who are the same

in every way and they can't fucking

stand each other I know a lot of guys

like me I can't stand those

motherfuckers either familiarity breeds

contempt then there's the axiom

opposites attract and that's true in a

lot of cases because one personality on

one into the spectrum complements the

other personality on the opposite end so

long as you get along with a woman so

long as you guys generally enjoy each

other's company you're compatible with

her this means you're not fighting and

bickering all the time about dumb shit

this means when you go out you have a

great time together

this means you genuinely enjoy each

other's company for example I'll give

you guys I'll give you guys my own

example my girl and I we are nothing

alike okay I'm a high-energy intense guy

she's more laid-back I have an outgoing

gregarious personality she's more of an

introvert I'm extremely regimented and

discipline her not so much but we get

along well we have a great time together

she helps me calm down when I start to

lose my temper I help her exercise

discipline and consistency we work well

together because we're compatible and it

has nothing to do with what we do or

don't have in common if you're not

compatible with a woman she's gonna end

up being a lot more trouble than she's


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we've got in the chat let me go ahead

and pop out the chat here quickly

I love the pop-out chat feature it

allows me to I don't have to I don't

have to deal with a with a bunch of

bullshit in that regard very nice

excellent all right cool let me go ahead

and drag that Donna should have done

this before this is bad radio I do

apologize okay

excellent okay so I can't see that first

person it says like the video I think

that was probably simply deep 1985

that was weird let me restore the chat I

can't I can't really see the beginning

there okay there we go beast ninja

double-oh-seven good to see you in here

shout-out to you my friend

beep 1985 good to see you in here as

well shout out to you alright now I can

see the whole thing alright excellent


freelance Ronin shout out to you good to

see you in here unseen extreme shout out

to you my friend

be stingy double-oh-seven says if she

pays my frame is a1 straight up dude

listen man dude I'll never forget I was

on the phone with my girl and she was

thinking about taking a trip to Hawaii

and I mean I was like she wasn't my main

chick at the time but we were talking

you know we were we were we were

I mean unbeknownst to me we were in the

process of being in a relationship but

she says hey would you like to go to

Hawaii I said if you're paying I'm

playing and from that humble beginning

we've got this freelance says he said

gasp yeah I do that for a fact

I try to do that for a fact

shout-out to you a black good to see you

in here old school writer says damn I'm

late no actually you're not I just

started if you weren't in here earlier

TSR live it's now gonna start at 6:00

p.m. Eastern 3 Pacific so so spread the

word I know a lot of you guys get in

here a little bit late and the the the

6:00 p.m. start time definitely works

for me as well it works a lot it works a

lot better for me I was actually able to

get on the air on time I didn't think

I'd make it but at like it takes a lot

it takes a lot of work to to put these

shows together and I mean I've got I

mean I've got a lot to do during my day

and it always seems like I'm under the

gun as far as time is concerned and I

finally just I finally just said fuck it

man I just I need to I need a later

start so so Here I am

I made it barely but I want to be I want

to be on the air at 6 o'clock every

weeknight so that you so that my

audience can count on me being on the

air at 6 o'clock so so I'm gonna go

ahead and push this back another half an

hour for the very last time peace ninja

double-oh-seven says hey Donovan my

sister is a wall hitting six-figure

earning black woman who I've been

pushing to work out more and dress up

how the fuck do I help her besides that

she's 9 years my senior oh yeah I don't

know man I don't know blight listen man

I don't even want to call them black

women dude women are stubborn men my

guess is I mean listen if your sisters

is 6 then yeah she's probably sand man

she's dated her Sherrod dude she

probably doesn't think that she needs to

change anything as far as she's

concerned being a six and earning six

figures is on the way you said as wall

hitting six-figure if she's half decent

looking she's not gonna change she

figures alright look I'm making six

figures this is all I need I can attract

a man women that listen man I mean I

would love to help your sister just like

I would love to help mine but dude women

don't take women don't take constructive

criticism very well at all they just

don't listen and I listen I'm guilty the

same thing I mean sometimes I don't take

up Strutt constructive criticism very

well is this is just how I am and if I'm

like this then women are ten times worse

the only thing you can really do is

maybe send her a few links you know

a lot of women like to hide behind the

they like to hide behind the hole it's

not what you say it's how you say it as

an excuse to to to discount as an excuse

to discount the the advice or the

insight that you're giving them but you

know I mean they always give themselves

enough rope to hang themselves with so

let me adjust my mic here

there we go there we go much much better

all right there we go


sliding shout-out to you says quote

finally made it on the live show great

stuff Donovan appreciate that thank you

beast ninja double-oh-seven says the red

pill makes knowing her dating circle is

fucked by how much she earned and being

a black woman tough yeah dude I mean

listen man I I I said this in the show

oh I think I said it on O'Shay show the

more money a woman earns the more status

the more influence the further she moves

up the corporate ladder the further she

shrinks her pool of potential suitors

this is just how it is

women want to date up they want to marry

up they want to fuck up and the more

money they earned the less men are the

less men she's gonna be attracted to

because get this double-oh-seven your

sister is not gonna be attracted to men

who don't make six figures this is just

how it is and unfortunately for her more

unfortunately for her most men don't

make six figures so now she has shrink

she has shrink her dating options so I

don't know send her a link you know

maybe if it comes from you maybe Scholz

feel take it a little more seriously

Cobie Anthony shoutout to you good to

see you in here

freelance Ronin says don't forget to

like the video

abso-fucking-lutely like the video guys

definitely like the video I'll be back

on my main channel the big channel on

Christmas Day yes I will be doing a show

on Christmas Day so so like the video

let's increase the profile of the show

trying to get 100 videos per hundred

likes per video ETF 42 shout-out to you

my friend

great commenter says she must earn your

trust every day you must earn her

respect every day I could not have said

that better myself trust us something

that women take her for granted Trust is

something that women think they only

have to earn one time but they have to

earn it every day because men who know

what women are really like listen we

understand all the temptation out that

we understand how easy it is for them to

cheat by the same token men we need to

understand that we need to earn our

women our woman's respect every day I

mean dude if we can hit the reset button

for no reason at all then she damn sure

can hit the reset button your when we

can have all the risks but now granted

the more how can I put this the more the

longer you're with a woman the longer

you've established that dominance the

longer you've been

with her the more leeway she's gonna

give you because anybody can have a bad

day right like students sometimes I fail

shit test I'm Donovan fucking sharp and

every once in a while I'll fail shit

tests it happens as far as I know my

girl hasn't lost attraction to me but

you know the fact that I've had that

I've got a little bit of time and with

her it gives me a little bit of wila a

leeway but I can't make a habit I've had

otherwise she's gonna lose respect for

me and she's Mia out the fucking door

it's the same thing with trust yeah your

woman can build that trust with you and

every once in a while she could slip up

oh wait no she fucking can't because the

minute your woman does something

untrustworthy is the minute you're done

period oh my god that's a double

standard don't give a fuck I do not give

a shit

Koby Anthony says hey Donovan is Atlanta

Georgia a good place to practice game

since it's a lot of women and not many

straight men there no

unsubdued Atlanta's a fuckin cesspool

man it is listen man when I lived in

Atlanta I lived in the good part I lived

in Buckhead

plenty of white girls plenty Latinas out

there and you know I successfully ran

game out there but it's it's a very

small community man like it's very small

Atlanta's one giant fucking ghetto dude

it really really is so no Atlanta is not

a I mean listen you can if you want to

cut your teeth you know if you want to

lift weights in in in in double gravity

I guess as it were yeah maybe that's why

I was in listen maybe this is why I hit

the ground running want to move to Vegas

because when I was in a land of dude

gaming girls was fucking hard man like I

had a little bit of success but not much

dude dude I came out to Vegas man it was

like shooting fish in a barrel

straight up

I mean I hate to break it to you but no

I do not hold Atlanta and in the right

listen other guys might tell you

something differently I'm telling you

what I experienced I know mm-hmm

unspoken unspoken Tomcat shoutout to you

sis what my grandpa taught me that if

she don't want to spend money on you

then fuck her and move on that's exactly

right that's exactly right yeah she has

just like black must just like black

gnostics speak says she's got to have

skin in the game man a woman a woman has

to invest more in a relationship other

than pussy it's easy for them to give

away the pussy all right you have to

make her it not only you know what the

maker invest more she has to feel

compelled to invest in the relationship

time money attention etc plus he's easy

to give away everybody's giving that

away so the other stuff that is the

other stuff that she needs to bring to

the table shout-out to mr. Demetrius

with the $5 super Chad I appreciate that

very much thank you guys very much

rubbing up Mel annoyed good to see you

in here shoutout to you


TV shout out to you I don't think I've

seen you in here before he says quote

Donovan you are correct they want to

fuck up and they generally do fuck up

their life yes yes

he also says ruminant Mill annoyed says

the men who make six figures are really

picky well they can be they make six

fucking figures man like they can fuck

on our chicks then then men then men who


but a straight Tarleton good to see you

in here shoutouts has found out good

girl I'm talking to likes X's posts and

possibly messages him haven't found

proof for it later I'm misunderstanding


viii megalopolis I think I've seen you

in here before if not a shout-out to you

since a done what are your thoughts on

the alpha male version presented in

Californication how is read pilled Hank

Moody if you haven't seen the show

definitely recommended no I have not

seen the show

it's it's actually been recommended to

him about Rollo Tomassi so I might have

to check that out

freelance wrote ETF 42 says there are no

double standards between men and women

because the genders are not the same

they cannot be held to the same standard

yeah ETF 42s drop in knowledge

congratulations ETF 42 you RTS our lives

newest moderator you've been there

you've been there you've been here since

the start bed you were actually the the

inspiration for the episode why do so

many men reject the red pill you've

obviously got red pill awareness red

pill knowledge I feel like I can trust

you so welcome to the club

freelance Ronan says ATL is Mecca to

hood bitches yes fuck yes dude Atlanta's

one giant fucking hood man straight up

and down

be stingy double-oh-seven says are there

any other system are there any other

cities that you think are fuck knows for

gaming god I'd go Atlanta's definitely

number one

nope mm-hmm no I think Atlanta's just

about it

Abby we rucious talked about how Toronto

is a bad place for men a bad big-city

Phoenix Arizona is an excellent place to

run game I got a buddy who lives out

there and it's a lot like Vegas only

only less ritzy same environment same

kind of girl dude there are hot girls

run an all around Phoenix whoo great

place to run game in Phoenix

okay well let's continue on with these

abilities so the number six ability that

a woman has to have in order to be

considered for a long-term companionship

relationship by red pill where a male is

likability a lot of dudes out here with

women they don't like okay they like

fucking her they like that she's hot

they like having a good-looking

girlfriend but they don't like her all

right don't like her personality the

girl is either a bitch or she just has

the kind of personality that not many

people like and newsflash guys really

hot girls have shitty personalities man

especially listen especially girls who

have been good-looking their entire

lives if you're gonna spend time with a

woman if you're gonna go places with her

if you're gonna create memories with her

she has to be likable guys no I'm not

talking about like a doormat fake girl

who bends over backwards to please

everybody because those guys because

those kinds of girls they're always one

look away or one snide comment away from

losing her shit and kill on like six

people all right I'm talking about a

woman who's easygoing easy to talk to

has a likable disposition someone who's

affable girls who are unlikable are also

hard to deal with around your friends

and family guys no God no guy wants no

guy wants to always have to be

explaining why as girl who's being

antisocial or wise girls acting like a

brat or why his girl has resting bitch

face all the time that's it get old quit

that chick that shit gets old quick and

there's no reason to stop seeing your

friends and family because you're a

woman as a shitty attitude

number seven affordability a needy

female isn't necessarily a bad thing

I've talked about this before

women need men for a lot of different

reasons and if you're the kind of man

who can meet those needs you'll get

along well if you are compatible with

her but a woman who requires fun no but

a woman who requires substantial

financial investment to be with her is

bad for man's bottom line as bad and bad

for his life now what do I mean by bad

for a man's bottom line here's what I

mean a woman who requires expensive

dinners all the time okay expensive

dinner and drinks all the time on your

to have a woman who wants you to send

her a 200 hour bouquet to to her job on

Valentine's Day so she can be the belle

of the ball at work a woman who doesn't

understand the value of a dollar and

make suggestions without considering the

financial implications there are too

many there are too many women I hear say

shit like hey Donovan let's fly down to

San Diego for the weekend it'll be fun

yeah of course it'll be fun for you you

know what the fuck and pay for it all


there's also a lot of women out here

with expensive habits they can't afford

they gotta wear the best shoes they

gotta wear the best clothes they gotta

have them with the latest greatest

iPhone fucking thousand dollars for a

goddamn phone the the latest tech

gadgets they gotta eat all they got to

eat it all the best restaurants and on

and on and on this is a woman who is not

affordable yes it's okay to spend a

little extra coin to have a good time

every once in a while but your woman

needs to be okay with staying in and

watching a movie or doing something

inexpensive like bowling or writing

go-karts or something like that if a

woman has expensive habits and expensive

tastes you'll go broke and a woman is

not even close to worth going broke over

not even close

number eight accountability this is

something that this is something that

most women struggle very very badly with

women these days never owned up to their

responsibility for anything guys and I'm

not exaggerating if she cheats on her

husband it's it's it's not her fault for

being a slut it's his fault for not

being attentive if she's overweight it's

not her fault for not watching her diet

or and and skip in the gym she'll blame

her genetics or her busy schedule if

Wilma gets fired from her job it's

because her boss's bitch and has nothing

to do with the fact that she sucked at

her job if a woman cannot be accountable

to you for her behavior she's got to go

period point blank period she's not

gonna cut it guys

red pill aware men are quick to call a

woman out on bad behavior this is what

we do watch your tone sit like a lady

stop being a fucking bitch we're not

afraid to check a woman in public or in

private but if a woman's always giving

you excuses as to why she's not behaving

the way you've trained her to behave

then she's not accountable she's gonna

make excuses for everything and she's

gonna make excuses for everything

including why she engages in behaviors

conducive to cheating that's what this

is really about right guys which is

exactly why she makes excuses in the

first place she does this so you'll ease

up and give her the space and the margin

she needs to cheat I've got no time for

women who cannot verbally acknowledge

that they're wrong and 5% our student


number nine this is an important one

vulnerability women foolishly think that

being emotionally vulnerable is a

weakness but they're only half right it

is a weakness for men

because if a woman knows a man is

emotionally vulnerable shall lose

respect for him okay she'll keep it

under her hat and then exploit it when

she's ready to jump ship that's when

that happens a woman who's emotionally

vulnerable is a woman who's feminine men

don't want to be with a woman who has a

we don't want to be women who have a

hard bitter sullen exterior okay we

don't want girls who are guard who are

guarded all the time we don't want women

who close themselves off emotionally

because it's a masculine trait and men

don't want masculine women being

vulnerable guys or being involuntary

stick that girl's pretend to have

because it's what they want in a man

right we've heard this before

women always tried to be exactly what

they're attracted to and it never works

if you want a man don't if you want a

man don't act like one be vulnerable if

you have feelings for a guy let him know

okay don't act like you don't care

because he's not going because he's

going to assume that you don't care that

he's gonna check out why would you want

a man to commit to you why would a man

commit to you if you act like if if you

act like you don't care okay why would

he put in more effort if you lead him to

believe that you don't want to make the

effort don't be that bitch who catch who

keeps her feelings hidden because you

think it'll make him chase you more okay

like all that shit did you read in

Cosmopolitan magazine that shit only

works for dudes who are thirsty and

women don't like thirsty men

relationships relationships happen in

real life ladies and I'm talking to

ladies here relationship happen it

happened in real life okay it'll happen

in movies they don't happen in magazines

it'll happen on TV shows it happens

right outside in real fucking life where

the real rules apply not theories or

anything like that it's real shit men of

value commit to women who aren't afraid

to let them know hey I have feelings for

you and I want to be with you just

because it's unattractive to you when

men do it doesn't mean it's unattractive

when you do it all right

don't pay attention to movies like

wedding crashers or or some silly

narrative that a girl who falls too

quickly for a guy and lets him know

scares them away if you like a guy let

him know now I'm not saying be that

creepy chick okay don't be creepy about

I don't don't start talking about kids


or meeting his parents or anything like

that but completely hiding your feelings

is equally foolhardy all right be

vulnerable vulnerability is attractive

to the men you are attracted to trust me

on this one and number 10

the number 10 ability the number 10 most

important ability that women need to

have to be considered for long-term

relationships by red pill aware men is

salvage ability unless you meet a girl

who was raised in a convent from birth

was never exposed to the internet never

exposed to feminism and kept away from

any and all social media and has never

laid her eyes on a male in her life

every single woman you meet is going to

be damaged to some degree and I mean

listen I mean emotionally and

psychologically damaged as a result of

taking an abundance of cocks over an

extended period of time

listen let's not mistake what we're

talking about here guys anytime anytime

anyone talks about a damaged woman it is

directly related to sex doesn't matter

what happened in her life whatever it

was whatever is or was it always

manifests itself into slutty behavior

grew up without a father

slut seeing some fucked up shit as a kid

slut verbally abused by your mother slut

doesn't matter what it is a woman goes

through as a kid if it's bad in some way

shape or form she becomes a slut no

matter what it's the only behavior a

woman is capable of engaging in that has

any real consequence to her as a person

now if she's a slut she's obviously

taking a lot of cock and the more dick a

woman has taken the more damaged she is

even if she has never had a fucked up

sexual experience in her life if every

time she had sex it was blissful

lovemaking in red silk cheeks sheets

with candles lit and violins playing in

the background doesn't matter

if a woman's ridden the carousel she's

damaged that's just all there is to it


to what degree a woman is damaged

depends on a few different factors and

that's another show for another time

that said even them even though most

women are damaged most of them

surprisingly are relatively salvageable

and I use that term loosely they can be

repaired to a degree to at least mimic

or resemble a woman who could make a


significant other for maybe an extended

period of time maybe okay but guys you

gotta have a firm hand

okay you've got to be steeped in red

pill truth to tame a woman who's taken a

hundred plus cocks in her life

you've got listen you gotta have

dictator level leadership draconian

level reprimands

and you've got to have balls of steel

guys all right anything less than that

and your woman is gonna walk all over

you as damaged women or prone to do and

if she's damaged beyond repair guys

she's not cell 'visible okay if she has

genuinely been raped meaning she was

forced to have sex against her will

she's not cell 'visible if she was

sexually abused or molested as a child

she's not salvageable guys if she's been

fucked by more than one guy at the same

time she's not salvageable she's damaged

beyond repair if she's one of those

Dubai sluts who went overseas and got

fucked by fish and got served the

fucking shit Sunday in her mouth she's

not salvageable if she is engaged in an

orgy she's not salvageable women who

have been involved in vile acts cannot

be salvaged and attempting to salvage

the Unseld the unsalvageable is a fool's

errand at best emotional and financial

suicide at worst plenty of ways to

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as we round third and head for home

let's do one last check of the

of the chat here

unspoken table cat says pussy's givin

away like free condoms yeah pretty much

that's how it is there's poop pussy's

cheap man pussy's very very cheap

sage wisdom says a man should not have

to work harder to win a woman over then

she has to in order to win him over yeah

this is the this is the mentality that

you need to take as a man the world

would have what the world would have

women believe that we need to be all of

these things to women in order to win

them over

the only thing women bring to the table

is the way they look all right we have

to bring so much more and if we come

close to even half of that stuff then

we're out of most women's leagues that's

just all there is to it

logic wins good to see you in here shout

out to you who says I don't think a six

I don't think six figure dudes are

getting pussy like that a lot of the

dudes who go to pee wake camps are doing

well financially they'd have to be able

to afford those camps now I would agree

with that there listen remember when I

say five percenter I mean a five

percenter as in 5% of men who are not

only aware of red pill truth but who put

it into practice listen I would say that

a good fifty to sixty percent of men are

aware of red pill truth but only a small

percentage of those people have the

balls to actually put it into action a

lot of guy listen a lot of guys have

heard of the red pill a lot of guys have

heard of Russia lot of guys have heard

of me Rollo Tomassi etc etc not a lot of

guys actually put this shit into

practice those are the five percenters

of the world the guys the men who

understand women and put the practical

knowledge into action the men who live

this shit so yeah listen this includes

six-figure dudes lot listen those guys

listen those guys might have red pill

knowledge they can't they're not putting

it in they're not put it into action

they're not they're not applying it and

this is why they pay for the boot camps

good point

jeopardy Clark says what about Memphis

is that a good place I'm into run game

I've driven through Memphis but Memphis

Tennessee I've never I've been through

Nashville but I've never run game in

either city

freelance Ronan says yep my ratchet next

move town there

gravity 74 good to see you in here

aunt James good to see you in here run a

little late I see no big deal

aunt James in case you haven't the case

she hadn't heard TSR live now starts at

6 o'clock Eastern Standard Time 3


but astray Vanessa Vanessa tarleton says

side note a lot of hot girls are on

sugar daddy websites my buddy found out

the girl he was he was with fucking one

he's yeah listen dude hot girls are

community property they never belong to

anyone they belong to the community and

when hot girls hot girls these days

they're never gonna settle down the only

time the only time a hot girl will ever

settle down is with a rich guy

and even with sugar daddies sites

they're not even trying to settle down

with those guys there and listen hot

girls are community property okay

there's an eye dude I've dated hot girls


all right I've dated 9s and 10s dude I

know my days are numbered with them it's

just my turn

aunt James confirms what I said yes

Phoenix is wide open when it comes to

gaming they always have some type of

event there almost every weekend yeah


Phoenix is it's the desert so it's

always hot which means girls are not

wearing that much clothing and it's a

college city I highly recommend that

anti-gravity 74 asks sharpen okay all


sharpest this is taken care of that

sage wisdom says stay away from any

woman who uses the phrase

high-maintenance when she describes


unspoken Tomcat says man I am loving

those photos of all the chicks are

smokin hot yep yep that that's my look

good cook good clean good series there

so the first column on the lip that's

girls looking good second column in the

middle it's a girls cooking good third

column girls cleaning doing laundry you

know washing dishes doing whatever they

have to do this is these the

requirements listen looking good is only

part of the equation

you got a cook good and clean good

that's how it goes

jeopardy Clark says is there any reason

a red pill aware man would want to be in

an LTR yes as a matter of fact there

would be listen um as red pill as there

is on the internet right now and yeah I

mean I've decided to be I've decided to

try my hand at a long term relationship

again yeah the reason why I decided to

do is because game is a grind man like

you know I I discovered the red pill

eight years ago and yeah I smashed a lot

of pussy

had a lot of great you know had a lot of

fun visited a lot of places the red

pills changed my life but at some point

for me at some point I knew I had to

grow up you know I'm 40 years old I just

turned 40 you know for me I can't see

myself smash and pussy my entire life at

some point you know I figure I'm gonna

settle down if it doesn't work out with

this girl all right I'll start smashing

pussy again and maybe I find someone

long-term maybe I don't but the grind up

game is real man like dude going in the

amount of women that you have to

approach to get laid on a regular basis

it's not it's not worth it the only

reason why we do it

Espie ways as as game aware red pill red

pill aware men is because you can't is

because I'm not trying to pay for pussy

all right I mean we pay for it

indirectly but dude you can't get put I

mean pussy comes from women it nothing

else feels like it I'm not a fleshlight

guy I do not masturbate so dude if I if

I need if I need to shoot my load I need

to stick my dick and a chick that's the

only reason why it listen that's a very

good question that's a very good

question if your red pillow where a male

there it would seem that there's really

no reason to get into a long-term

relationship but listen I'm living proof

that yes the the the grind of game it

gets old it does it gets very tiring

Chetta 2tb $5.00 super Texas quote

rental knowledge brings a man to

awakening no need for a woman's approval

or acceptance to validate us as men 100%

100% right man I could not have said

that any better myself yeah that listen

that's that's 100% true with well said

well said ETA 42 says sex is such an

emotional experience for women no matter

what feminism tells them dude I say this

all the time men women can pretend oh

it's just sex it's just dick this is why

this is why women become damaged mode

this is why women become psychologically

and emotionally damaged from fucking a

lot of dudes because it is an emotional

experience for them and when they cease

to be emotionally connected through sex

it damages and they're like dude why can

I not become emotionally connected to

this dude this is what we call pair

bonding like they fucked like they're

fucking a guy they like them they think

they might even love them but they think

that themselves why am I not why can I

not emotionally connect to this guy

that's because you've taken 248 cocks

that's why

women don't love the same as men that's

just that that that's really all there

is to it

the date over just a little bit I'm

gonna do some TSR magic here for you

wait a minute

I'll do that and guess I'll do that

another time

maybe in a perfectionist

geoffery a shoutouts use that hot girls

belong to the game that's exactly right

that's exactly right

hot girl like I said let's listen hot

girls are like brand-new cars like you

should never really buy them because

they depreciate in value as soon as

they're off the lot the brand-new cars

are gonna be owned by several people

before they're all done very rarely do

people ever completely pay for a

brand-new car they either sell it or

they're leasing it it's just like hot

girls are community property so it is

tbh says Gulf Coast of Florida is great

for gaming Tampa st. Petersburg

especially if you own or have access to

a sailboat hell yeah hell yeah

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live guys follow me on Facebook

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