Episode #251: The 10 (Red Pill) Side Chick Commandments



Having a lady on the side is something most Red pill aware men understand is a necessity. Most men probably think it's morally reprehensible for a man to be sleeping with a woman other than his wife or girlfriend. We don't give a fuck about what most men think. We do, however, care about a woman we're fucking on the side potentially turning our lives upside down

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If a man isn't careful about his affairs with other women, things could go sideways in a hurry. Most high value men have no problem sleeping with other women. It's the getting out clean part that trips most men up. So here are the 10 commandments to keep from getting got by side chicks.

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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the

251st edition of TSR live your daily

dose of retinol truth wisdom and

awareness it is Tuesday May 8th 2018

this is actually a rear according had

some technical issues yesterday and it

kind of chopped up the show and rather

than me trying to shop trying to chop up

the show and do all sorts of you know

video and media splicing I just decided

to just rerecord the show so it's good

to have you guys in today which was

which was technically yesterday my 76ers

staved off elimination so we're headed

into Game five which will be played on

Wednesday night so so hole I don't know

I mean we're dealt we were down oh three

an NBA team has never not to my

knowledge and I be a team has never come

back from a no three deficit to win the

series I know it may have happened in

hockey a couple of times it's only

happened in baseball once and that was

the offal Red Sox when they came back

from down o32 to beat the New York

Yankees and then went on to sweep the

st. Louis Cardinals to win their first

World Series in 86 years so the odds are

certainly stacked against the against

the 76ers listen we've we've got the

horses we've got the talent but they've

got Brad Stevens and he is clearly out

coaching Bret Braun in this series and

this is why we find ourselves in a 3-1

hole gonna be spinning for the fourth

day in a row I spun I actually spun

Saturday Sunday Monday and yesterday so

I'm gonna spend a night or a Sunday no

I'm sorry Saturday Sunday and Monday so

I'm gonna spend tonight for my fourth

day in a row I'm actually gonna spin all

the way until Saturday for eight days of


and I'm gonna see what kind of results i

haven't gonna see how my joints hold up

I'm gonna see how I'm gonna see how my

back feels I'm gonna see I'm gonna see

Playa listen I'm never gonna spin you

know eight days in a row I mean who

knows maybe maybe I'll do it if I need

to cut weight but just kind of doing an

experiment just to just to get myself

used to used to spinning I want to spend

anywhere between four and five days a

week possibly six if time permits but

I'm gonna spin at least four days per

week without a doubt I think that dumb I

think at that point I think at that

point dental really really sort of

supercharged my a my fitness level I

mean well anyone who spends four days a

week you know certainly well as far as

I'm concerned so long as your diet is

tight you're never gonna be out of shape

I gotta give a shout out to a TSR

listener by the name of mr. mink he

wrote an email to me earlier today and

he said he said quote who knew I was

listening to show number 250 episode 250

says congratulations by the way

continues he says I kinda didn't believe

you about the name so I googled that

shit and voila it's a thing not just


well mr. meek is referring to was that

an episode I think was episode 250

I gave black women 12 things they needed

to change in order to become in order to

become attractive to black men again and

one of those things was quit giving your

kids fucked up names and so I gave I

gave a lot of examples in terms of

fucked up names one of the fucked up

names I gave one of the examples I gave

was a woman who had named her kid ABCDE

and called her and called her daughter

absentee you guys can go back to episode

250 to listen to that and hear that

story anyway

so he Google's it and he finds the

Wikipedia page it turns out according to

Wikipedia that 328 girls were named

absentee in the United States between

1990 and 2014 it listen it never

occurred to me that this was a thing

and listen 328 girls out of 325 million


that's certainly you know that's

certainly a small percentage but the

fact that 327 other mothers besides the

one that I talked to decided to name

their kid absentee unbelievable

unbelievabl listen I knew black women

gave their kids some fucked up names

absolutely took the cake for me there is

also La - a which was led Asha use your

mind to figure that out

so anyway shout out to mr. mink for

upper beer flying for verifying that

story all right well let's go ahead and

get to it guys the ten side-chick


now most high-value men with significant

others have a female or two on the site

that he's fucking these are the women

that we call sigh chicks now side chicks

are a necessary part of life when living

the red pill lifestyle they provide us

with trouble-free sex at the drop of a

hat when our main chick either isn't

acting right is on our period or when we

if we just want to stick our dicks in

another pussy it also gives us the

all-important abundance mentality the

abundance mentality for those of you who

aren't familiar with the abundance

mentality is knowing that you have other

girls that you're talking to or other

girls that you are fucking the mindset

the abundance mindset allows you or

keeps you helps you to maintain frame so

if your girl is in acting right you can

put her on ice for a little while if one

of the girls that you're fuckin is an

acting right you can put her on ice for

a while because you know you've got a

main chick I told the story few episodes

ago ago about a girl I was fuckin down

in Indian Springs them at it just so

just south of Las Vegas and I went over

and she was a hot girl mix and girl and

was loose Mendoza that's Lu Zhi Mendoza

so anyway went to her house and you know

I walked upon her grabbed her tits

bitter neck you know to let her know I'm

trying to fuck that's my move

and so she wrenches away and she's like

well you gotta earn this I thought she

was joking and so I said are you kidding

me she's like no you know so I try it

again she's like no I'm not kidding and

again you guys can go back to the other

episode I forget which one it was to

what to hear the whole story but she was

serious and so finally she says listen

all you do is come over here and we fuck

but you haven't earned it yet and I said

if she says I needed me I need to be I'm

the kind of girl that needs to be wined

and dined and I said well I'm not the

line in and diamond type like you know

this she says well I guess you're not

getting laid tonight and my response was

that's what you think

and I wall

out her door without another word the

reason why is because loose didn't know

that she was the side chick

I had a main chick that was getting off

work in about an hour and a half so I

knew that if I wasn't gonna get laid

with loose then I was definitely gonna

get laid with my main chick Chrissy at

the time that's the abundance mentality

men men who don't have the abundance

mentality loose would have pulled that

but men would have fallen for Lucis

bullshit they would have said oh no now

I really have to wine and dine her and

that's not the other and now she's got

you she knows that she can manipulate

you sexually and that causes women to

lose attraction but having more than one

women that you are fucking or talking to

at the same time gives you that

abundance mentality and does not allow

you to let it doesn't let you allow

women to get away with that behavior

such as withholding sex for bullshit

reasons anyway

as I sit my coffee here anyway as useful

as side chicks armed for a man's

mentality his life etc they have to be

handled with caution and the reason why

is because they can absolutely ruin a

man's life and many more ways than one


any man who sent a side chick back in

his you know any man who's ever had a

side chick any man who's ever fucked a

girl inside on the side knows that there

are landmines everywhere when dealing

with side chicks myself included now

before I get started here guys

spare me with the moralistic narrative

O'Donovan we shouldn't be cheating on

our women bla bla bla bla bla

we shouldn't cheap all the bla bla bla

listen we as men we are designed to be

polyamorous and women are designed to be

monogamous and and I explained this a

few episodes ago the slut versus stud

conundrum we as men we are designed to

spread our si to as many women as

possible we can we can reproduce until

the day we die we can father an infinite

number of children women on the other

can hand can only have so many children

how so many offspring over a very finite

period of time so they have to be

sexually selected we as men we're

sexually accept a selectively to a point

but if she's trying to fuck we're trying

to fuck that's how this goes and for

that reason for that reason in terms of

the way we're made we are designed to be

polyamorous or polygamous we're designed

to want to fuck other broads now

understand that just because and women

know this too just because we cheat on

let's say you're married and you're

married for 17 years you f work is and

you decide to fuck you know a girl

that's been flirting with you okay so

you're fucking that girl that doesn't

mean that you don't still love your wife

okay so a quick story about the about

the actor's name is Peter Sellers

British actor had all sorts of problems

anyway Peter Sellers is the guy that

played agent Jacques Cousteau and the

Pink Panther movies he was an

incorrigible womanizer like all you know

male movie stars are he's fucking all

these women well he was married at the

time married to this woman for 10 years

but he was he was cheating on her all

the time because pussy was available to

him all the time well finally she had

had enough and she divorced him and

moved on and he ended up moving on at

Akitas married three or four

time's anyway he died of a heart attack

at 54 years old and in his wallet

they found one thing in his wallet a

picture of his first wife he had been

divorced from this woman for 15-20 years

had fucked all these women from all

around the world but the one woman he

had in his picture was his first wife

because he truly loved her so when men

cheat we don't we cheat for sex and sex

alone just because we cheat on our woman

doesn't mean we don't still love our

women in our wives women cheat for

reasons other than sex okay they cheat

they cheat for emotion they cheat for

her for a bond they cheat cheat because

you're a beta he's an alpha etc etc etc

if a woman cheats the relationship is

over that's just all there is to it like

if she cheats on you she no longer loves

you a man could still be in love with

his wife

and be fucking other bitches on the side

but if his wife is the one that decides

to up and leave it destroys him that's

the difference now just again I'm not

saying that you should cheat okay

I'm never going to in an episode to like

I pointed out some reasons why it helps

a man's relationship to cheat but if

you're the type of man who says listen I

don't want a cheapy as I love my woman

and if and I'm not that good a liar you

can save yourself listen if I were to

cheat I would probably get caught and

listen I'm here to tell you if you get

caught cheating it can really it can

really be a strain on your relationship

without a doubt and things are never the

same if she finds out that you cheated

she might stay with you for a prolonged

period of time but the relationship is

strained it's just not the same as it

used to be but if you do decide that you

want to cheat listen I'm not here to

pass judgment on you I have cheap dude I

have cheated on honestly I've cheated on

most girlfriends I've had it you know do

I think I'm a bad person for it fuck no

am i proud of it yeah but I'm not

ashamed of it either okay so what I'm

gonna do all of that said is I have

compiled a list of ten rules to follow

to avoid having your life go completely

sideways on account of a side piece of

gets out of pocket now guys follow these

rules as closely as possible and you

will drastically reduce your odds of

getting got by the dangerous side chick

and you know you can utilize it you can

you better believe side chicks are


don't get it twisted guys these chicks

will turn your life upside down okay so

let's uh let's go ahead and get to it

here number one the first rule never

meet her in town gentlemen this is


meeting your side chick anywhere close

to where either of you lives no matter

how large the city is is a huge mistake

you run the risk of running into someone

who eaten who knows either one of you

and if that happens guys it's inevitable

that it's gonna get back to your main

chick or it's good or or not only your

main chick it could get back to her

husband or her boyfriend if she has a

husband or boyfriend and things only get

worse from there always meet up with

your side chick in a town or two or

possibly even three over and never let

her ride in your car guys side chicks

are notorious for sabotaging

relationships and allowing her to ride

in your car is usually the way they do

this and this is the thing the rule with

side chicks is that most side chicks

want to be your main chick this is why

they're fuckin you in the first place if

you're now if your side chick if your

side piece is married or if she has a

boyfriend then you can put that that

relationship can probably go on for a

year year and a half sometimes even

longer if you're married in your side

chick is married then I mean listen you

guys are both getting guilt-free

guilt-free trouble free sex she's in a

you know she's you know she's in a

relationship you're in a relationship

you meet together you fuck it can

continue to go that way right she

already listen she's already someone

else's number one spot but if your side

chick is single doesn't have a boyfriend

or her husband or isn't in a committed


she doesn't want it she's not gonna be

the side chick for much longer she

doesn't want to be the side chick she

wants to be your main chick somebody

said in my mentions in Instagram the

other day says a side chick is like a

backup quarterback okay yeah they sit on

the sidelines but eventually they're

going to start if something happens well

side chicks have a way of making that

happen like they'll leave their hair in

your cards they'll accidentally leave an

earring in your car or lipstick any any

sort of any sort of possession that

could get you caught the point is is

that side chicks don't want to be side

chicks for long so if your side chick

doesn't have a husband or a boyfriend

dude honestly and the longest I think

I've ever had a side chick was maybe a

month and a half

maybe a little bit longer after that

you've got to cut them off because they

start doing things to sabotage your

relationship in other words they start

doing things to try to get you caught


so on for this reason never meet your

side chick in town never let her ride in

your car show up in separate cars and

make sure that she understands that meet

that never meeting in town is an

ironclad rule in your arrangement and

that any deviation whatsoever will

result in the end of your affair Sheikh

listen you cannot be more clear about

this number two no dates going out for

dinners going to the movies or anything

that resembles a date guys completely

off-limits you don't want her to get the

idea that you might care about her and

we'll get into catching feelings for

your sight take a little bit later but

remember we as men we don't cheat for

feelings we cheat for sex and sex alone

if you give her if you give her the idea

that you might start to care about her

then she might give herself permission

to catch feelings for you whether she's

married or not

this arrangement it's not about romance

guys it's not about feelings

it is about sex and nothing more anytime

she suggests going out let's say that

you're out with her you're getting ready

to go meet up with your side chick you

guys are texting back and forth about

where you're gonna meet up the fuck or

whatever the case may be any time your

side chick suggests going out tell her

no we're gonna order in and we're gonna

rent a movie or watch a movie on Netflix

and then that that's gonna be it not

only does this keep her in check with

regards to the status of your


it minimizes any risk of being seen in

public together remember number one

never meet her in town even if you meet

her a town over dude your friends and

family members don't they don't just

stay in their town you don't want to

risk being seen at the movies or seen at

the restaurant if she objects to if she

objects to this edict you got to cancel

the meetup you got to cancel the meetup

and end the arrangement it no dates guys

going out with a date going out with

your side chick on a date it's out this

is how a lot of sidechick arrangements

end up getting blown up and listen guys

I've had to do this with just about

every side chick that I've ever had and

the thing is is it to mix

bagged half the time they fall in line

and they continue with the no day policy

half the time they stop calling that's

the way it goes number three do not fuck

your coworkers

now listen guys I'm not gonna sit here

and say that I've never fucked my

coworkers good guys I do not probably

work that at least a dozen call centers

in Las Vegas

and if if we know anything about call

centers people who work in call centers

it's like an aphrodisiac everybody is

fucking everybody dude I did I fuck

scores of girls that I've worked with in

call centers outside of call centers do

not fuck your co-workers now the pit the

pit Falls here are obvious but the main

pitfall is that she can end your

employment rather easily how does she do

this she does this by filing a sexual

harassment claim against you if things

were to go sour and even if she didn't

you would know and she would know you

both know that she's got hurt she's got

that ace up her sleeve that she can that

she can play her discretion and I was I

actually told the guy on the pre-show QA

anytime there is an office romance it

any time you start fucking your

coworkers okay what ends up happening

the relationship isn't Emily inevitably

gonna come to an end if you don't get

married or get together whatever if you

don't get married or if you don't get

together and start a long-term

relationship guess what both of you are

not gonna be at that company when the

relationship ends soon after because

there's gonna be awkward miss there's

gonna be it's it's it's just don't fuck

your coworkers guys I could probably do

a whole show on the pit balls of fucking

your coworkers either way guys you're

not gonna be with the company or she's

not gonna be with the company sometimes

it's both office romances guys rarely

stay under wraps no matter how much you

try to hide it eventually people are

gonna figure it out messing with women

who voluntarily play second fiddle to

another woman that's playing with fire

as it is guys fucking your coworkers on

the other hand that is begging for a

world of hurt

any man who any man who swims in these

treacherous water skies you deserve what

the fuck you get listen the warnings

have been drilled into her skull since

we were young in the form of the old

adage never mix business with pleasure

don't shit where you sleep but people

are still fucking their co-workers do

not fuck your co-workers tell you a

quick story the very first call center I

ever worked at in and Las Vegas we sold

cellphones to old people

and listen we made we made great money

doing this anyway my supervisor was one

of the coolest dude my supervisor was

one of the coolest people I ever met he

was a Mexican guy originally from


had to learn how to speak the least

spoke perfect English learned how to

speak the language you know Deb came to

the United States became instead of a

citizen and Senator cetera had a wife

kids family but dude super fucking cool

guy I actually still keep in touch with

him every once in a while to this day

anyway he had been with the company for

six years and this guy was making big

fucking bucks he had to have been making

big he's ahead of him making six figures

he was getting paid salary plus bonus

right and because he was our supervisor

and we were that we were the best team

on the sales force so we knew this guy

was making big bucks well as we all know

supervisors men empower men who have

influenced men who make a lot of money

attract females he attracted one such

female blond-haired blue-eyed white girl

they started fucking now again that was

a little bit risky because everyone knew

that this guy was married but his wife

didn't work for the company okay his

wife didn't keep in contact with any of

us coworker so there was really no way

that she was going to find out well he

made a second that was his first half

mistake okay he's getting away with it

he made a second mistake guys he started

fucking another girl on the sales floor

so now he's fucking girl number one

and girl number two and guess what guys

like I said office romances rarely stay

in two wraps girl number one found out

about girl number two

so now girl number one is what is going

around the office asking what's going on

between her man and this girl I'm gonna

kick her ass this that and a third well

girl number two starts to get scared

she's feeling tension so she goes to the

super so she goes to this guy supervisor

my boss's boss and says hey look I'm

gonna tell you the real real and my

boss's boss was very cool he wasn't HR

so she could be honest with him about

what happened well he said look listen

you have to keep this to yourselves

you're gonna have to handle this I don't

want to have to go to HR because if I go

to HR then like jobs are on the line so

you're gonna have to handle this so a

couple more weeks went by and this guy

still kept fucking both girls so girl

number one continues to threaten girl

number two girl number two didn't have a

recourse so she goes to Human Resources

and requests to be put into another

department and the story goes as Human

Resources says why do you want to be in

another department we're paying you 18

bucks an hour plus bonus why would you

sacrifice an $18 an hour plus bonuses

and Commission to go make $15 an hour

with no bonuses no Commission in

customer service

well Human Resources is designed to

ferret out this kind of information and

eventually she spilled the story

including the fact that she told my

boss's boss about the situation and that

he did nothing about it what ended up

happening she was fired girl number one

was fired girl number two was fired my

boss was fired and my boss's boss was

fired more people lost their jobs guys

this is probably and again I'm I'm

probably estimating we're talking about

over a half a million dollars in salary

gone because my homeboy cool dude

fucking dude couldn't keep his dick in

his pants listen he got away with

fucking with girl number when a girl

number one was hot roll number two was

not Assad but she was still good-looking

too all he had to do was keep his dick

in his pants and because he couldn't

stop fucking his coworkers everyone

ended up losing their jobs gentlemen do

not fuck your coworkers number four use

a fake name if possible now this isn't

always possible but it is certainly a

good practice thing to get into using a

fake name makes it very difficult for

your psychic to stalk you on Facebook or

Twitter or any other platform where she

can get familiar with the names and

faces of your family she can get

familiar with the places you go to she

might find out where you work or where

you live we'll get into that a little

bit later she can dig into your personal

life or anything else that she might do

if she starts to catch feelings and

starts to entertain thoughts of a

long-term relationship with you and

we'll get into that a little bit later

as well the less your sidechick knows

about your identity and the more easily

you can disappear when the time comes

and here's a pro tip a cheap throwaway

prepaid flip phone cell phone that comes

in handy here you can get the service

put in whatever name you choose which

further throws her off the scent and

reduces her accessibility to you so long

as this is the only number she has to

reach if you decide to end it just throw

away the phone and you're good to go now

some men might ask well Donovan how

would you keep her from finding out

you're an 8 how would you keep her from

finding out your name

well easy how would she find out your

name in the first place she doesn't have

access to your right knee she doesn't

have access to your driver's license or

credit cards okay she doesn't have

access to Facebook or social media she's

got a fake name and she's not looking

through your material okay remember

you're not letting her ride in your car

anyway so in if she rides it across she

can just easily open up the glove box

and you know pull out your registration

and find out your name that way now

here's the thing well Donovan couldn't

she just run your plates yeah she could

but what reason would she have to she

has no reason to believe that your name

is anything other than what you told her

so long as you're confident well what

well my name is Donovan she's not gonna

ask what your last name is I mean maybe

she's not gonna ask for her last name

she's just gonna look for Donovan and

she's not gonna find Donovan because

Donovan doesn't really exist okay

now it matter of fact a lot of girls in

Las Vegas when they see me they think of

me as Donovan Donovan

those are my side chicks any girl who

knows me by my real name

those are girls that were my main chicks

or girls that I spent extensive time

with girls in Las Vegas who called me


those were the side chicks and yes Luce

Mendoza down in Indian well Indian

Springs Nevada she knows me as Donovan

number five I alluded this to this

girlier never tell her where you live or

where you work a co-worker of mine at

and this was actually not at a call

center right this was at a I did a temp

job between jobs at a data entry place I

type at my height at the height of my

powers I was typing like 115 words a

minute learns like when I was 15 I'm

probably closer to 80 85 anyway he broke

this particular rule and saying that it

cost him dearly is a gross


when the smoke cleared aside from having

to find a new job and a new residence

damage was done to his car and some of

his co-workers vehicles so long story

short we all knew that he was fucking

this girl we all knew he was married but

we all knew that he was fucking this

girl because she would come and pick him

up for lunch

like she would show up unannounced at

random times and he didn't seem to have

a problem with her a problem with it now

maybe he allowed this because he knew

that his wife would never show up but

one never knows his wife could show up

at any time or maybe she just found out

and started showing up and he can't say

anything about it because then she's

gonna say well why don't you want to see

me at work why can't I come to your job

she obviously didn't know that he was

married anyway she eventually found out

that he was married so one night or one

night what afternoon we went out work

was over she had completely destroyed

his car but she had taken a crowbar or a

hammer something put dents in his car

busted out the windshield broke out the

mirrors broke out you know broke out

broke out his headlights his tail she

busted them all all out keyed the shit

out of his car then she spree I'll never

forget she pink spray paint all over his

car she took it one step further and

spray-painted his name on other people's

car there were probably maybe three or

four other cars that she did this to so

now because everyone knows that

he's the one that did it because she

spray-painted his name now he's

responsible for that damage his

insurance company had to cover all that

and honestly he probably had to come up

out of pocket with his deductible

telling their side chick gentlemen where

you work is a huge mistake because

females don't handle rejection well at

all if you tell her where you live

that's an even bigger mistake and I've

got another story about that later on

what am i one of my buddies down in

Vegas dude and listen if you tell your

your side chick where you live dude she

can just show up at any time it doesn't

matter whether you're home or your side

chickens they're not dude it is never a

good idea to have a side chick in your

house you fucking kidding me she can

hide stuff places and your main chick

could find it it just doesn't make any


and fascitis and if your side chick

knows where you live or work she has

leverage gentlemen and a side chick that

has leverage will destroy your life guys

I'm here to tell you they will not

hesitate to push that red button known

as leverage if you get out of pocket or

things go sideways this is how it works

never ever tell a side chick where you

live or where you work guys I'm here to

tell you that's a huge mistake number

six this one's obvious listen always use

protection now one would think that I

shouldn't have to put this on the list

but guys believe it or not there are

still niggas out here raw dog inside

bitches why do you think there's so many

illegitimate kids why do you think why

do you think women why do you think

women have five and six kids by five and

six different men okay and listen here's

another pro tip if a kid has his

mother's last name she was the side

chick I'll say it again if the kid has

his mother's last name she was a side

chick Kevin Durant his mom his mom's

name is Wanda Durant guess what

Wanda Durant was a fucking side chick

otherwise Kevin Durant would have his

would have his biological father's last


now if you get a sidechick pregnant

things can get really messy if she

decides things will get messy if she

decides to actually have the kid but

turn of the testing drama because you're

thinking of you thinking to yourself

well listen if she let's say she had a

boyfriend her husband and she gets

pregnant right and you're thinking okay

well if I rod doctor if she like Miran

daughter I wasn't even her main dude I

was her side dude if she let me fuck her

without a condom then it stands to

reason that he let her husband

fuck her that her condom or her

boyfriend so there's paternity this has

some drama I'm pregnant you don't even

know if the church or not there's child

support hearing awkward visitations

can't dude complications with custody

arrangement and so on and so forth not

to mention your kid possibly being

raised by her slutty ass and and

whatever beta schlubs she cons into wife

and I Rob guys

dude I'm man I'm here dude and then if

the kid has proven to be yours now you

got to pay child support for a kid you

had with a woman you were fucking on the

side it's not worth it guys always use

protection had some dude had somebody in

the pre-show Q&A; a couple days ago

giving me any reason and every reason

why he wants to fuck a chick raw listen

unprotected sex is great is better than

protected sex but guess what don't fuck

your side chick without a condom

dude this is this is basic mathematics

don't have your life destroyed over a

sidepiece it's bad news to run to knock

up a random girl right we all know this

sometimes this bad news is not compute

girlfriend or your wife if you're in

that predicament but impregnating

another man's wife or his girlfriend

guys that will complicate your life like

nothing else so unless you're shooting

blanks unless you have a vasectomy rap

the fuck up do not raw dog your side

chick number seven do not get attached

now before you Captain Obvious out there

hit me will be will of course not this

isn't as easy as you guys might think

you guys have to understand the sex that

you will have with side chicks is some

of the best you will ever experience

especially if she's married because

those women are dick deprived right they

want that alpha fuck to their beta box

these women are experimental

they're insatiable and every other kinds

of debauchery adjectives you can think

of in between she'll do whatever you

want I shall dress a slutty as you want

chill dude dude chill let you go anal

she'll suck your dick she'll swallow

your cum - she will channel her inner

pornstar that's been begging to service

for the last seven years because you

haven't been fucking her husband believe

me when I tell you guys and I've been in

this predicament many times before it is

very easy to get caught up in a woman

who willingly satisfies your every

sexual need every time you meet without

fail you're it's almost like your brain

grows addicted to the dopamine rushes

that she delivers faithfully every time

and before you know it now you start to

entertain crazy thoughts you know like

running away with her or whatever

ridiculous scenarios your mind stupidly

thinks up in the midst of the sex fueled

psychosis that you're in now the best

way to avoid this the best way to avoid

getting attached is just limit your time

with her dude if you're gonna meet up

with your side chick once a week twice a

week at the very most and listen if

you're meeting up with her more than

twice a week eventually you're gonna get

attached and if you get attached it's

all downhill from there it won't be easy

especially if you're seeing her more

than twice a week but you have to cut

back but because the less time you spend

around her the less likely you are to

get it that's less likely she is to be

attached to get attached number eight

you got to be ready to walk away at any

time okay there's an old Kenny Rogers

song you got a no one to hold him and no

one to fold them now being ready to walk

away at any time this is standard game

application but it is magnified tenfold

with side chicks if you get the feeling

that things may unravel between the two

of you guys get the hell out of there

females are unstable by nature so you

have to be prepared for her implosion at

any moment at any time now when she

starts to get attached as I said in

number seven or to keep yourself I'm

getting attached don't freak out okay if

she starts calling you and demanding

more of your time don't freak out this

is perfectly normal and it all it always

happens in the beginning listen you're

fucking her good and she wants more

that's part of the gig but you have to

handle it but when she starts thinking

or even talking or verbalizing the

of a long-term relationship with you or

getting careless with the covert nests

of your affair and remember that

sidechick wants to eventually be your

main chick so she's not gonna be as

careful as you are if she decides that

she's gonna come after you guys hit that

eject button immediately and disappear

and if you give her a fake name and if

you got that and if you got that blip

boom throw away the flip bone and be in

the wind when she starts exhibiting

behavior like this like reckless

behavior it is only a matter of time

before she self destructs and if you're

anywhere near her blast radius guys I'm

telling you she will take you down with

her friend of mine in Vegas lived in

Summerlin had a sidekicks he made all

kinds of mistakes guys number one she

was his coworker okay now she was that

she was just she wasn't a scorer cuz she

was actually one of his subordinates so

he was her supervisor the second mistake

he made when his wife was out of town he

fucked her at his house so not only did

she know where she where he where he


she knew where he worked he fucked the

coworker and she MC knew where he lived

dude guys and listen he was fucking this

bitch four five times a week so now he's

attached and he's about it and and now

he's attached and fucking your girl for

it to fucking your side chick four five

times a week is a bad idea anyway

because there's more risk of getting

caught they used to go out on date these

that this guy made every mistake up now

his side-chick was way hotter than his

wife that's for sure anyway he made the

egregious mistake of trying to end it

but because she had leverage it was

already too late

the bitch ended up showing up to his

house I think he said that he had

ghosted on her like he didn't call her

texture whatever the case may and they

worked together he wasn't saying

anything to her in the office and and

I'm thinking to myself dude she's gonna

file a sexual harassment claim but she

didn't do that fortunately for him the

bitch showed up at his house and his wor

I think he answered the door but his

wife saw who was at the door completely

blew up the relationship the wife moved

out filed for divorce she has the kids

guys listen you got no one to hold him

no one to fold them and if you if you're

ready being ready to walk away at any

time means that she has as little

information up

about you as possible which means not

knowing where you work or you live and

not even knowing your real name now she

obviously knew his real name because she

worked with him but guys he fucked her

in his house what did you think was

gonna happen when he tried to end things

whether she even told us that he loved

her and if he told us that he loved her

he probably told her that he loved her


unbelievable be ready to walk away at

any time gentlemen number nine let me

take a simple copier number nine no.1

Billy side chicks guys she'd better be

attractive cheating is risky enough

right it could cost you your job your

relationship like my buddy down in

Summerland Summerlin is is is an

outskirt of Las Vegas it could cut

sometimes it can even cost you your

financial life if you knock up a side

chick that's 18 years of child support

if the kid is proven to be yours they're

way too many dudes out here risking

everything to fuck and ugly or an

unattractive girl on the side we see it

all the time I have a decent looking

wife but then they're fucking an ugly

girl on the side why would you have your

life and why would you complicate your

life over an unattractive woman if

you're gonna complicate your life she'd

better be hot okay again you know my

buddy my buddy who got caught with his

with his or my buddy who got caught the

guy who worked with at the call center

he his side-chick was much hotter than

his wife not not that that makes the

situation even better he eventually got

caught and his wife ended up catching

him by the way it didn't matter cuz that

that was over anyway but at least she

was attractive but don't get caught up

with an ugly side chick plus guys listen

to this if your girl finds out about

your side chick and we're gonna get into

that here in just a second if your girl

finds out if your main chick finds out

that you're fucking a girl on the side

and she sees that she is ugly she's

gonna be pissed and she's gonna be hurt

she's gonna lose attraction for you

she's gonna date to herself wait a

minute she's uglier than me she's fatter

than me or she's uglier and better than

me what the fuck is he doing and then

she starts to think to herself you know

what I thought this guy was attractive

I'm beautiful I'm pretty and he managed

to get me so

why is he fucking with ugly chicks maybe

maybe he's not as attractive as I

thought he was maybe I'm the idiot maybe

he really isn't that attractive mate

because and the reason why I'm thinking

he's not attractive he's fucking ugly

girls like I thought he could get other

girls that's fine and again women don't

want you to cheat but they want to know

that you could if you wanted to but if

you verify that and start fucking an

ugly girl her attraction is going to

dwindle on top of all of the mistrust

and it's never the same okay your

relationship will end if you're white if

your woman or your wife finds out that

you're fucking a beautiful woman on the

side right because she's thinking oh my

god she's more beautiful than that in

the other but that works a lot better in

your favor if I can say that then

fucking an ugly girl on the side if you

get caught cheating with a beautiful


your wife is gonna hate you

quote-unquote for a little while and

she's not gonna trust you but she's

still gonna be attracted to you because

she knows that you can fuck pretty girls

on the side if you get caught fucking an

ugly girl guys dude she's gonna say this

could disguise an attractive space

fucking ugly girls I'm the fuckup out

here no ugly side chicks last but not

least commandment number 10 and the most

important commandment do not get caught

if you're a high-value male if you are a

five percenter your woman knows that

other women look at you your woman also

knows that other women want to fuck you

and sometimes your woman may even have

an inkling that these other woman may be

fucking you she may know that you're

cheating she may have her suspicions but

if there's no evidence if she doesn't

find out about it she sweeps it under

the rug if your game is tight women who

belong to high-value men they understand

very clearly that you are going to that

you're probably gonna be fucking a side

chick or two here and there okay believe

it or not guys females understand they

understand the the sexual dynamics from

a very early age which means that they

already have red pill awareness without

even knowing it they know that most of

the time when a man cheats he cheats

mainly for sex yes when they yes if for

man cheats and she finds out it's gonna

hurt her it is it's it's it's Luck's

I've seen this before but in the back of

her mind she knows that you

probably not thinking of replacing her

with that side chick you're banging on

the side that's why she's the side chick

your woman knows so listen if he really

loved her then then he would break up

with me and get with her you know a lot

of times they don't know this because

when a woman starts cheating on her men

she really loves the other guy when

women when a woman cheats like I said at

the top of the show it's over like she's

emotionally invested in this other man

right when a man cheats on a woman

there's nothing emotional about it the

relationship is not over it's just that

he wanted or needed sex from another

woman has nothing to do with this love

for her with women it's quite the

opposite so a lot of times they they

they they it's it's an inverse

projection they think that we think what

they think so some women think oh my god

if he cheats then it's over

no they think that because that's the

way it is with them well woman knows

that if she cheats she wants out she

wants to go with that guy but with men

it's not that way and women mistakenly

believe sometimes that we want to be

with the seijin but most women know who

have red pill awareness and aren't

afraid to use it they know okay he's

fucking on the side and yes this hurts

and I want to kick his ass I want to

kill him

but he comes here every night he hasn't

replaced me with her so so again so long

as you don't get caught so long as you

don't throw it in her face she'll

continue to be your main chick but if

you're sloppy about it it can cause

serious problems especially if you tell

her about it

case in point Nicole Brown Simpson Oh J

Simpson's late wife that situation guys

is the quintessential example of what

can happen if the man is messy with his

affairs okay Nicole knew that OJ was

fucking around because he's owed Jay

fucking Simpson okay dude he's a he's an

ex-football star six P you know six feet

two inches right you know the 2% baby

you know 2% body there's a good-looking

guy movie star looks Hollywood charisma

of course he was gonna have other women

Nicole knew this and was okay with it as

listen as long as she didn't see it

smell it here at whatever she was good

with it okay until he started throwing

it in her face okay

watch listen watch the ESPN 30 for 30 30

for 30 documentary oj made in America

he's to tell her all the time I've got

10 other women I fucked this girl I

fucked that girl okay she stayed with

him for as long as he could because

Nicole really loved oj but guys women


only takes so much in this and after a

while she had had enough and what did

she do she went and fucked marcus allen

who was a younger better OG at the time

when oj found out about it he damn near

decapitated her allegedly females know

and understand that as a man of value as

a five percenter you are probably gonna

stick your dick in other chicks okay

like it or not they know it's inevitable

and they know it's a part of life they

know it's a part of the game women know

women know and understand listen I've

got this high-value guy he's attractive

he fucks me go to takes care of me

guess what other women want that too

right they think to themselves okay he

might fuck a girl or two here but as

long as he comes home to me right then

everything goes and then everything is

good follow these three bylaws when

fucking your side chick don't fuck her

at your house okay always use your

condom so you don't bring home any

diseases and don't knock anybody up okay

always use a condom okay

I'm sorry never fuck her at your house

number one don't don't catch any

diseases and don't knock her up so long

as you're not fucking there at our house

fucking right your house and you're

using a condom you're not to worry about

getting a pregnant enough to worry about

any diseases okay if as long as you do

those three things as long as she

doesn't see it smell it hear about it

whatever whatever she'll continue to

look the other way and continue to be to

be your girl listen she may have her

suspicions but as long as the evidence

isn't staring her in the face she can

mentally hampster it under the rug now

at the end of the day guys no strategy

is bulletproof right like you could

follow all of these all of these things

to the tee sometimes there are things

that are outside of your control there's

always that there's always a chance that

things could get out of hand no matter

what you do but if you follow these

Commandments to the letter you will

drastically reduce your odds of having

your life ruined by a piece of

bargain-basement weekend pussy thanks

for watching


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