EPISODE #273: The 8 worst females on the dating market

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It's a given that most women make terrible significant others. Their slutty ways combined with their lack of agency outside of their sexual skill and allure renders them positively useless to Red Pill aware Men...Men of value. 

However, there are a few kinds of women out there that aren't worth committing to outside of a one night stand or a fuck buddy arrangement. 


a woman never belongs to you it's

adjusting your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 273rd edition

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wisdom and awareness it is Tuesday June

12 2018 it's been a busy busy day

for yours truly today I was on with

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pillow I'm gonna be the new host or the

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now going to be yours truly the one and

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that that was a that was a very very

interesting experience to say the least

but I'm gonna have a good time over

there doing the the brother pill podcast

man I like O'Shea a lot he and I work

very very well together we have a good

on camera on on-screen chemistry I'm

Mike dominant he is not and so that

works out very very well I was always

I'm always a little hesitant to do to do

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red man group with O'Shea but doing

something regular with someone else was

always something I was a little hesitant

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O'Shea has no problem taking not

necessarily taking a back seat but he he

has no problem letting me run off at the

mouth and and do what I do he lets me

stretch my legs in that way so it'll

it'll it'll definitely be good to be a

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Donovan sharp this evening gentlemen I'm

gonna talk about the 8 worst kinds of

females on the dating market any time a

man talks to a woman at the rate he

needs to in order to get laid on the

regular he's gonna run into some fucked

up women now personally I recommend

approaching at least 10 women a day

which is a whole lot but again if you

want to have a stable of women to be

able to sleep with this is what's

necessary everything has a cost you have

to put in the work anyway if you end up

hooking with hooking up with one or

spending more than just a night with her

you're gonna find out she's got some she

probably has some pretty annoying

characteristics about her

now every girl out there has annoying

characteristics every girl out there has

things about her that you don't

necessarily like but if you like her but

but if you like more about her than

things that you don't then you know her

her annoying traits will be worth

sticking around for

in other words in other words if the

good outweighs the bad okay you can

reconcile with that I'm not mad at you

guys listen I've done it from time to

time myself no girl is perfect they're

never gonna be and listen as a side note

there's no need to be unreasonable guys

don't being a girl because she watches a

TV show that you don't like that's

fucking lame go home do it if you're at

her place go home or if she's at your

place just go into another room or just

change the channel until her she can

watch it on our own time problem solved

there's no need to get there's no need

to get stupid in in that regard but

there are traits that a lot of women

have that are absolute deal-breakers as

in it takes her out of the running for

long term relationship material now I'm

not talking about obvious red flags like

she has a neck tattoo or or or or she

has three kids by three different men

I'm talking about habits and traits that

most people characterize as normal or


most men are unaware of these

deal-breakers because they're so

prevalent in women so we're gonna go to

the phone lines here before we get

started area code three two three you

are on live with Donovan sharp what's on

your mind there we go three two three

we're on live with TS are alive go ahead

that's quite all right thank you hello

okay I'm gonna have to come up with a

fix for that I'm gonna have to come up

with a fix for that because if I see you

on if I see you want I'm gonna I'm

definitely gonna come to you and I can I

can understand why people would want to

just listen to sort of save Davis to

sort of save data so I'll I'll come up

with I'll come up with a fix I'll come

up with a fix for that sorry about that

area code three two three listen three

two three if you want if you want to

call back I'll leave you in there if you

just want to listen certainly I can

certainly understand that so what I'm

gonna do guys is I'm gonna go ahead and

talk about the eight worst hi

of females on the dating market today

let's go ahead and get to it number one

and this one is fucking annoying the six

who acts like she's a ten now early on

in my game development like most men I

had to crawl before I could walk and I

and I had to learn the hard way

right out of the gate I tried to start

running game on 9s and 10s and I fell

flat on my face because my game level

wasn't nearly where it needed to be the

first the first girl I ever ran red pill

game on was incidentally enough she was

a redhead at 8 and I got her number

now she flaked on me when I tried to set

up the meetup but I wasn't deterred

because in my mind I thought hey that

was my first go-around I got the digits

this is easier than I thought and I

quickly learned that that of course was

not the case so what I had to do is I

had to dial it back and start hitting on

sixes and sevens which went much better

and before long I got great with them I

moved up to eight nines and eventually

tens and of course you guys know the

rest is history but what I found out is

that sixes and sevens are so much harder

to run game on than nines and tens

believe it or not guys approaching nines

and tens is much more do protein 9s and

10s rather is much easier than

approaching a typical six and the reason

for this is that 9s and 10s don't get

hit on that much at all we we all think

that dudes try to holler at 9s and 10s

all day long but the guys that talk to

them almost never try to run game on

them or get their number they just make

small talk for a little while and then

then they stop short of asking for a

number because they're scared to push

forward the interaction they're scared

of the rejection but sixes and sevens on

the other hand they are notoriously

difficult to approach because guys

aren't afraid to hit on them and the

reason for that is that most guys most

guys are attracted to six and sixes and

sevens but these girls aren't so hot

that they're afraid to chat them up as a

result sixes and sevens get hit on every

minute of every day and that it and

listen what this does is that it

massively inflates their egos gentlemen

the vast majority of sixes and sevens

that I've approached in the past they

start shit testing right out of the gate

they think they're tens and the reason

they think they're tens is because they

get hit on by guys all the time but what

they don't realize is that these dudes

only holler

the only holler Adam because they're

easier targets they're complete bitches

for like the first half an hour over the

first half an hour so and it gets to a

point to where you think to yourself

this girl isn't hot enough to put up

with this kind of nonsense I'm out of


now a man who said a man who says that a

man who understands that a girl six or a

seven who's not hot enough to put up

with that kind of nonsense you have to

have the abundance mentality only the

thirsty motherfuckers continue to put up

with the bullshit that sixes and sevens

puts you through in order to sleep with

them because he doesn't have any other

prospects but men of value red pill

aware men five percenters are like dude

fuck this out now if you stick with it

and you stay in the set if you stay if

if if if you don't allow her to bitch

you away listen dude fucking fucking

sixes and sevens dude it's like it's as

easy as taking candy from a baby on the

flip side 9s and 10s are much easier to

approach yes but we're harder to fuck

guys I speak from personal experience

dude I've had a same daylight between

nines and tens I've had a same day lay

with two of them and I've hit on a shit

dude I fucked a shitload of 9s and 10s

dude all but all but two of them

resisted the first day leh that's how

tough they are that's how tough these

bitches are to fuck so keep that in mind

when you're out there guys sixes and

sevens are hard to approach easy to fuck

and 9s and 10s are easier to approach

much more difficult to fuck just keep

that in mind number two plus my place

here there we go

number two the girl who won't shut the

fuck up girls these days mistake a man's

sexual interest for a man's respect they

think that just because men want to fuck


that they are also interested in what

they have to say so they'll talk about

anything and everything they can think

of and it's almost non-stop because they

think you want that because they think

that you want them to give give you

their insights on pull it on politics or

social issues or

ports are science or whatever the fuck

their last boyfriend lied to them about

and their minds they think well of

course he wants to fuck me well he wants

to fuck me so of course he wants my

opinion on religion and of course he

wants my opinion on the economy and of

course he cares what I think about the

latest Kardashian scandal and of course

he wants me to talk about my useless

life dude negative that is a negative

ghostrider the pattern is full I dated a

girl down in Vegas who was like an eight

eight and a half and the bitch talked

all the time it drove me fucking crazy

now this was just a few years after I

took the red pill so I was already at

the point where I was telling her yo

stop talking you're giving me a headache

and the first time I did it she got all

butthurt and told me to take her home

then of course later on she texted me to

come over and I didn't I was I just

didn't want to put up with that nonsense

so she came over and apologized and you

know I'm sorry I just like to talk about

you know talk all the time I had to get

it under control

and after all that and all as she told

she made all these promises but guess

what guys she never did she never

stopped talking she was so used to guys

not telling her to shut the fuck up she

couldn't do it even when one did neither

suffice it to say I didn't really stick

around much longer after that all right

let me check thee give me one second

here excellent excellent

okay good good good good good good

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six six six six nine nine six eight is

the number to call if you want to jump

in on the conversation let us move to

number three number three the girl who

tries to compete with you

these are some of the most annoying

women out there and I'm not just talking

about friendly competition between you

and your girl when you're bowling or

you're riding go-karts I'm playing Super

Mario Kart of course I'm dating myself

there I'm not talking about fun

competitive stuff like that I'm talking

about girls who think that being

competitive is attractive to men so they

compete in everything they race you to

the car they try to finish their food

faster than you if you work at the same

job they're comparing their sales

numbers to yours you tell them a story

about how many miles you've ridden your

bike then they hop then they try to top

it with something I mean it's all the

time it's nonstop with these bitches I

went on a date with a girl once and we

both worked at the same call center and

when she would compare her sales numbers

to mine so we flirt you know obviously

we've learned it so one Friday you know

we got paid you know I told her hey

let's go bowling tonight she said okay

cool let's do it well we know we went

out but I didn't fuck her why because it

couldn't stand her dude she wanted to

see who could drink the most at dinner

then at bowling she was talking shit the

entire time dude the whole thing was one

big competition it was like she was

keeping score of everything well I've

got two beers you've only got one you

got to catch up guys listen man I can't

get into the whole night because to be

honest with you that would take way too

long but trust me when I tell you it was

bad and at least it was for me so at the

end of the night I told her well I'm

taking you home she said or I told her

I'm taking you home she says well are

you coming with me I said no I'm

dropping you off she said all right no

big deal to be honest with you she

probably had some ones lined up later

that night which was fine by me because

she was a fucking headache oh my god

number four the has to have the last

word girl

we've all had experience with these

girls okay you-you-you have an argument

or maybe even a minor disagreement on

the most insignificant thing and she

absolutely positively has to have the

last word for no other reason but that

she wants to have the last word

she doesn't care whether or not she's

right she doesn't care about the fact

she doesn't care about any of that stuff

all she wants is the what is the last

word so that she can claim victory in

the argument now the first couple times

it happens guys you have to let it go

those may be isolated events and if

their argument she might feel strongly

about her position fine

okay it happens and listen men are the

same in a lot of cases no big deal but

when she has to have the last word about

something you're watching on TV or about

something you're eating or anything

inconsequential that's when it gets

annoying we all know that if a girl we

all know if that it that if a girl who

whips out her phone and Google's

everything every time you have a

disagreement and if the first search

suggestion doesn't prove her point she

goes to all the links until she finds

one that does that's not the girl for

you then she says see I told you blah

blah blah blah blah and he thinks

yourself jesus fucking christ

the bitch went to the third page on

google to find that shit guys don't

stick around women like this guys

they're not even close to worth the

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six six six six nine nine six eight to

jump in on the conversation let's move

to number five the number five worst

female on the dating market the drama

queen now we

all called we've all come we've all

called some chick a drama queen at some

point or another but a lot of guys do

overuse it when they see a woman showing

emotion about something they say oh

she's being a drama queen you're like

dude her brother died right now listen

maybe it's not to that degree but there

are but there are too many dudes out

here calling people drama queens for

getting worked up about something legit

like losing their job or wrecking their

car anything serious like dude quit

being a drama queen dude I just got

fucking rear-ended right late like chill

at that but then there are girls out

here who make a big deal out of

everything one girl I've mentioned

several times in my show several times

am I shown in my articles hot mexican

girl who got a guy to pay who got a guy

her first boyfriend in Las Vegas got a

guy to pay for a boob job for her at 19

years old so you already know this chick

because this chicks already fucked up in

a lot of ways but she was a fucking

smoke show so I kept around for a little

while well we all know that tens are

insufferable most of the time because

they're tins and this chick obviously

was no different if her coffee order was

wrong she'd make a big deal out of it if

the Wi-Fi was slow at whatever casino or

restaurant a coffee shop we were at

she'd bitch about it if her and her aunt

got into an argument about something

stupid she'd cry about it

like literal tears about an argument

with her aunt about why her aunt didn't

put $5.00 and gas in her fucking car

after she drove it this gentleman is a

drama queen

the only reason to tolerate a drama

queen is if she is an 8 a 9 or a 10 if

she's a 7 or below shut that shit down

man I'm not saying that you should allow

a 9 or attend to be a drama queen

because if she is check her and say

listen quit being a fucking drama queen

it's not that serious and I've done this

listen I've done this every single time

I don't tolerate that I don't tolerate

that nonsense but if she can't quit the

theatrics and she's a 7 or below to kick

that bitch to the curb man drop listen

drama queens are way too much of a

headache to deal with in the first place

but if she's not hot get that bitch out

of there man it makes it honestly it

makes no sense to keep her around number

6 the fret girl

this is another this is another thing

that when I say frat girl obviously a

woman who acts like a man acts like a

fraternity a fraternity brother this is

another thing that women do because

feminism has told them that it's

attractive to men women who burp women

who fart right

women who are loud and obnoxious are not

even close to worth being around not

even for a little while I call this the

frag girl act this is also the girl that

tells dirty jokes this is the girl that

swears a lot this is the girl that that

tells that's what she said jokes and

then they'll laugh at themselves which

is fucking pathetic the only female that

I have ever fucked who is act who's

actually engaged in this frat girl

nonsense is actually my girlfriend and

she almost never does it anymore the

first few days we were talking she did

it a lot and I told her that every time

she does this shit I imagine her eating

boogers and that seemed to do the trick

right every once in a while she'd slip

up but I don't really make a big deal

about it because you know it's not

really who it is it's not her

personality but if she doesn't twice in

a short period of time I will check her

ass and she'll stay in line and to be

honest with you I can't remember the

last time that she actually pulled the

that she pulled the the frat girl act

ice dude anytime she burped out loud I

used to pull down her panties and give

her three stiff swats on the ass and I

can't remember the last time she burped

out loud in front of me listen man no

woman's perfect you have to break her

you have to break her bad habits part of

the game anyway the girl who literally

acts like a frat boy all the time is

ridiculous and pathetic gentlemen

especially when they're in their late

20s early 30s because you know they've

taken the PERT they've taken on the

persona out of desperation a lot of

these kinds of chicks have these mannish

voices they're not feminine at all

they've got what I call the raspy party

voice where their voices are raspy and

loud and they sound a little bit hoarse

right it sounds like they smoked three

packs a day and do shots every weekend

stay away from these chicks if you want

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man and before we get to number seven

and eight

let's hit the chat see what you guys are

talking about over here general is

complimenting on mice complimenting me

um I said appreciate that general it's

taking a while swayed senator in the

house chase limbo I can see is in here

good to see you as well

very good

sharpest is dropping that knowledge

women don't respect men they don't trust

that's right Cap'n Crunch for its when

he says I call women who do that via the

front girl at the frat girl act a dude

with a couch and I could not agree more

Theo says I kind of like those girls

though listen man those girls are easy

to fuck that's uh you know that's one

good thing about him Oh sharp assist yes

tom boys do you remember girls who acted

like boys and we were younger I don't I

mean I don't know I mean I know how old

you guys are but when I was younger

girls who acted like boys were tom boys

that that's that's what we called them

sharpest assess feminine women can hang

out gracefully but not be competitive or

annoying absolutely totally totally


Miami Jay making an appearance in the

house he said the frat bitches have

raspy voices from all the cum residue

inside their vocal cords from all the

dudes who think it's cool that she's one

of the guys totally agree I'm one of the

guys yeah you're fucking all of the guys

like never buy into that I'm one of the

guys act my girls don't want to be one

of the guys they just want to be the

center of attention that's why they hang

out with nothing but guys slut toll

number 16 she has more male friends than

female friends I think that's I think

that goes without saying okay let's move

to number seven the complainer oh my god

listen women who complain about

everything are insufferable and they

complain about dumb shit like the chair

I sit in at work isn't comfortable or I

don't like that my apartment is on the

second floor and that I have to walk

upstairs to get there

basically chicks who complain about

first world problems right now

depending upon the way a girl looks

determines how much you'll tolerate as

is the case with anything the hotter the

girl the more you'll put up with her

complaining and

listen don't even before I move on don't

give me this I don't care how hot she is

if she complains too much I'm out don't

be oh dude don't be the fucking wannabe

meathead red pillar

who wants everybody to think you're

fucking nines and tens all day every day

if you like a girl enough and she's hot

enough you'll deal with a certain amount

of bullshit that's just out it so don't

act like you're the exception to the

fucking rule and you know who you are

Lena I'll go back to the fake titty to

Mexican 10 it was fucking for a little

while down in Vegas this chick

complained about everything all the time

my soups too cold why are we still

waiting to be seated where's our food

it's been five minutes why did they

close over early and why did they not

let me in when I knocked on the door

why does my boss make me stay ten

minutes past my shift even though we're

in the middle of a dinner rush I mean

it's always something with this chick

again I never ever let her get away with

it every time she complained about

something stupid stupid I'd laugh and

say something like firstworldproblems

huh and dude she'd get fucking mad about

it and she'd shut the fuck up for a

little while right but then she'd start

up again because that's who she is

and the reason for that is that hot

girls get what they want all the time

exactly when they want it so at that

point I'll just say shut the fuck up

about it already I don't want to hear it

and she'll stay quiet after that again I

dealt with that because she was hot

but if this chick were six or a seven I

kicked her ass to the curb after about a

week and dude and it wouldn't it would

have been worth it to put up with her to

put up with it for even that long

not even close not even close number

eight the girl beat the phone zombie the

eighth worst female on the dating market

is the phones I mean now you guys might

not think that this is a big deal

because we think every girl what's that

our phone all the time right well that

might be true but there are some girls

out there whose phones are in the whose

faces are in their phones all goddamn

time when you're at dinner when you're

at the movies when you're bowling your

place you know your place all the time

now this is different in that even if

she's hot there's only so much you can

guys I had a fluff money arrangement

with this chick who lived in Henderson

for about two weeks and it got so bad

that she'd forget their work like I'd be

driving somewhere when we got there I

turned like garbage to me and she jerked

her head up be like oh I forgot what we

were going another leg thing another

annoying thing about annoying thing

about this is that we'll be in the car

or watching TV and I'll be talking or

doing or whatever and she'll just bust

out laughing I'm thinking she's laughing

about what I said then she'll do it

again when I wasn't trying to be funny

and I look over at me like what are you

laughing at and she gonna call you I

read so and so on such and such citing

us on this gift for this video blah blah

blah blah dude I put up with that shit

but two weeks after that I just posted

on I didn't even know I did even for a

couple hours like you fuckless from out

of here again again it's not a bad thing

okay looks like it gets

let's not give it some static away that

is all right all right all right all

right get me a second here any second

here all right just uh this is weird I

don't know why this is I don't know why

this is happening here there we go how

about that let me let me let me know in

the chat I think I think I fixed the

problem I think I fixed the problem let

me know in the chat if if the static has

gone here guys if you would I'm steady

checking the chat guys just want you

guys to know that want you guys to know


oh yeah yeah all right I know exactly

what the problem is I know exactly what

it is so I guess I'll just have to I

guess I'll just have to deal with that

I'll have to deal with that as it comes

anyway anyway again it's not a bad thing

if your girl looks at her phone okay if

I'm working on my show or working on an

article dude my girl will whip out our

phone and she'll play a game or read

reddit or something and so chuckle and

tell me something about she's something

that she saw online or whatever that's

perfectly fine she doesn't do it went

sheep but she doesn't do it when we're

watching a movie or we're doing stuff

she hardly ever has her phone in the

first place okay and when she does I'm

usually busy doing something else I'm

not saying that you have to give you

have to have your girl's undivided

attention at all times but there are way

too many girls out there who were just

hypnotized by their phones to the point

to where they don't even realize what's

going on around them including the guy

who's fucking her who's fucking her some

guys can deal with that I can and I

refused to all right let's see we got

here all right yep so I'm I've got a

sound mixer guys and there's a setting

on the sound mixer that I use to to keep

myself from talking too loud and that

particular feature is


actually wait a minute yeah that that

particular feature allows me to hear

myself in my headphones and it would

appear it would appear that that it

would appear that listening to myself in

my headphones causes a lot of that a lot

of that static I'm definitely gonna have

to figure something out there because

alright well you know what listen just

just another bug to work out because

without that particular setting I'm not

able to hear my phone guests so I don't

I don't really know I don't really know

what's going on with that but okay well

again we've we've got got a few more

bugs to work out well um we'll we'll

make sure we'll make sure we work that

out probably I'll probably have to get a

hold of uh I'll probably have to get a

hold of the probably have to get a hold

of block talk radio and and see what's

going on there but now I got to go back

to the setting because we have a caller

caller in area code 443 you are live

with Donovan sharp what's on your mind

yes oh hey what's up are these are these

like big problems if you're not really

trying to get in long-term relationship

if you just thought she was attractive

and you're just trying to smash not

necessarily if you're just fucking the

girl listen if she talks too much or

she's the Erfurt noses in her phone or

she's a six a wax like a ten no those

aren't those aren't deal-breakers as far

as just trying to fuck a girl or is

concerned and I and I think the reason

you asked that is because we as men we

wisely we wisely know that the standard

the standard we use for women that we

are trying to have a long-term

relationship with and women that we are

just trying to fuck are two very

different things so I'll actually go

through the list again so for example if

I'm just trying to fuck a girl I'm not

gonna deal with a six who acts like a

ten because that's just that that's just

gonna come with a whole slew of problems

let's see what are some other ones that

I mentioned the girl who won't shut the

fuck up it listen if you're just fucking

her if you're if you're just fucking her

then you know at that point you know I


you're not spending too much time with

her anyway the girl who tries to compete

with you I'm not one who's gonna put up

with that even if I'm just fucking her

I'm just I'm not trying to I'm not

trying to compete with women I'm fucking

the last word type of chick again you're

not gonna be around her long enough to

get into an argument so I wouldn't

really worry about that the drama queen

listen every girl is a drama queen and

if you're just trying to fuck her she's

gonna be a drama queen that's just out

it is so so again it obviously the

standard the the standard that you set

the standard that you have for women

they are just trying to fuck as opposed

to women that you're trying to be in a

long-term relationship with are two

different things for sure so alright

thanks for it no problem thanks for

calling very good question there by the

by the by the guy in the in the four for

three of the four for seven I forget I

forget what the frickin what the area

code was but yeah I'm gonna have to I've

got some I've got some technical issues

to work out with with my with my with my

BlogTalkRadio I don't know it might

actually be with my sound mixer I did

not have this issue when I was on with

O'Shea for two hours but by the same you

know so I don't know I don't know like

all of a sudden it was um all of a

sudden I got a bunch of static but we'll

work that out two minor issue we'll get

that all we will get that all squared

away 5 1 6 6 6 6 9 9 6 8 I will keep the

phone lines open for just a few more

minutes before I bring the show to a

close let's go in and check the chat one

last time here

all right excellent excellent excellent

yeah everybody says it's all good now

Theo says I'd never dated a chick I just

got into game and game and stuff

recently yeah you know that's how it

goes sometimes man you have to you have

to experience these things so you have

to you have to experience these these

things for yourself and again listen I

compiled this I actually come I compiled

this list because of course I've

experienced all of this stuff with women

like I experienced all of this stuff so

it wasn't it wasn't really a stretch it

wasn't really a stretch for me to do

that so well that is gonna do it for

this edition of TS r primetime my thanks

to everyone in the chat Captain Crunch

420 suede senator chase Lobo mister make

Miami Jay George Kings be general and

Theo thank you guys for watching and I

will see you guys in just under 23 hours



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