The asymmetry of sexual attraction: How women are getting it DEAD WRONG (Episode 304)


Feminism has many fundamental flaws as far as what it stands for within the confines of its ideologies. Feminism wants us to think that women are equal to men physically, mentally, and intellectually which means women should be treated with the same reverence and respect that Men do for having these characteristics.



Feminism also endorses the idea that women should put off marriage and motherhood in favor of pursuing careers. They push the bullshit wage gap myth, the list goes on and on. But the biggest and most dangerous defect in their overall mission statement is that sexual attraction is symmetrical. In other words, they want us to believe that THEY believe that the things that make us attractive to them will make them attractive to us and nothing could be further from the truth.

And because women believe this bullshit and drink the feminist kool-aid, they do their best to embody masculine traits and as a result, sexual relations between men and women couldn’t be worse.

There has never been a time in human history where the sexual marketplace as far as dating, marriage, and families has been worse. The divorce rates are through the roof, way too many children are born out of wedlock which means we have an entire generation of people raised by single mothers, women are cheating with impunity and not feeling an ounce of guilt for it, nobody takes relationships seriously and bail at the first sign of trouble, I mean the list goes on and on. I could list this stuff for the next week and still not be done.

Now there are many reasons the sexual marketplace is a fucking cesspool but the #1 reason for this is men and women alike acting as though sexual attraction is asymmetrical. Women think masculine traits like strength, brashness, a don’t give a fuck attitude, and diversified portfolio will have men lining up around the block to get the chance to fight 100 other men to win the right to ask for her hand in marriage. On the other hand we’ve got men out here thinking that feminine traits like vulnerability, sensitivity, and submissiveness will win the loyalty of beautiful women.

With all of this bullshit misinformation going around it’s no wonder women can’t find a man outside of a one night stand or a fuck buddy arrangement and an increasing number of men are becoming involuntary celibates and starting relationships with sex dolls.

Now I can take care of the male side of this shit right now. Men, stop acting like fucking females. Stop telling women about your hopes and dreams, stop telling them about your feats, stop being vulnerable, stop being afraid to pull her hair, smack her ass and call her names when you’re fucking the life out of her. Quit being afraid to be a man. There. Problem solved.

Women, on the other hand, cannot be helped. Actually, let me rephrase that. They CAN be helped but they don’t WANT to be because, again, they think they’re getting it right despite the fact that 25% of them are on some sort of antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, none of them can pair bond with a man because they sport fucked their way through their teens and twenties, and the only thing men take them seriously about is their ability to look, dress, and act like a slut during the 20 minutes they’re getting pounded out and after that, he’s gone before she discovers he’s flushed the condom down the toilet and realizes she can’t trap him with a kid to keep him around.

So tonight’s episode is going to explore how and why women are destroying themselves under the misassumption that sexual attraction between men and women are exactly the same.


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you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go broke the deadlift is

hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


what's up guys inter man Donavan sharp

and welcome to the 304th edition of TSR

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the planet let's get right to it

feminism has many fundamental flaws as

far as what it stands for within the

confines of its ideologies a feminism

wants us to think that women are equal

to men physically that women are equal

to men mentally that women are equal to

men intellectually which they take to

mean that women should be treated with

the same reverence and respect that men

do for having these characteristics

feminism also endorses the idea that

women should put off marriage they

should put off motherhood in favour of

pursuing careers they push the bullshit

wage gap narrative the list goes on and

on but the biggest and most dangerous

defect in their overall mission

statement by far and away is that sexual

attraction is symmetrical in other words

they want us to believe that they

believe that the things that make us

attractive to them also makes them

attractive to us and nothing could be

further from the truth

and because women believe this bullshit

and they drink the feminist kool-aid

they do their level best to embody

masculine traits and as a result sexual

relations between men and women could

not be worse gentlemen there has never

been a time in human history where the

sexual marketplace as far as dating

marriage and families are concerned have

been worse

hang on one second here I'm gonna make

sure that we go live on Twitter YouTube

and of course Facebook there we go so

like I was saying sexual relations

between men and women could not be worse

there has never been a time in human

history where the sexual marketplace as

far as dating marriage and families has

been worse the divorce rates are through

the roof

way too many children are born out of

wedlock which means we have an entire

generation of people men and women

raised by who

single mothers women are cheating with

impunity and not feeling one out of

guilt for it nobody takes relationships

seriously anymore

they bail at the first sign of trouble I

mean listen guys the list goes on and on

I could list this stuff for the next

week without sleep and ice and I still

wouldn't be done now there are many

reasons why the sexual marketplace is a

fuckin cesspool but the number one

reason for this is that men and women

that is that men and women acting as

though sexual attraction is symmetrical

women think masculine traits like

strength brashness they don't give a

fuck attitude and a diversified

portfolio will have men lining up around

the block to get a chance to fight the

hundred other men to win the right to

ask her hand in marriage now on the

other hand we've also got men out here

thinking that feminine traits like

vulnerability sensibility and

submissiveness will actually win the

loyalty of quality beautiful women with

all this bullshit information going

around guys listen man it's no wonder

women can't find a man outside of a

one-night stand or fuck-buddy

arrangement and an increasing number of

men are becoming involuntary celibates

and actually starting relationships with

sex dolls and broadcasting this stuff

they're proud of it women honestly think

about that women are so bad now we got

dudes out here proudly strutting around

with their sex dolls as if they are what

listen when guys are in relationships

with sex dolls we all lose man now I can

take care of the male side of this

bullshit right now check this out men

number one subscribe to donovan sharp

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forward slash donovan sharp that'll

change your life but too long didn't

read men stop acting like fucking

females stop telling women about your

hopes and dreams stop telling them about

your fears stop being vulnerable stop

being afraid to pull her hair smack her

ass and call her names when you're

fuckin the life out of her quit being

afraid of being a man their problems all

that's it

women on the other hand cannot be held

well actually you know what actually let

me rephrase that they can be held but

they don't want to be helped because

again they think they're getting it

right despite the fact that one out of

every four of them are on some sort of

antidepressant or anti-anxiety

medication none of them can pair bond

with a man because they sport fuck their

way through their teens and 20s and the

only men the only thing that men take

them seriously about is their ability to

look dress and act like a slut during

the 20 minutes their getting pounded out

and after that he's gone before she

discovers he's flushed the condom down

the toilet and realizes that she can't

trap him with a kid to keep him around

that's a sad state of affairs so

tonight's episode is going to explore

how and why women are destroying

themselves under the misc assumption

that sexual attraction between men and

women are exactly the same

it is Monday July 30th 2018 god dude

July I'm telling you man the the time

goes by so quickly like we're literally

already halfway through the year I mean

I remember New Year's Day and here we

are we're almost in August very event

extremely extremely eventful weekend and

I fell training camps are underway you

know we've got some we got some holdouts

involved dez bryant shooting off at the

mouth Antonio Bryant wants Dez to come

to Pittsburgh

man I say des comes to Philly it means

listen if he really wants to stick up to

the Cowboys listen if I'm Nigel Bradham

if I'm Doug Peterson I'm like yo Dez

check it out we got 13 receptions 150

yards and two touchdowns a game for you

in this offense come on are you

listening you rotary you really want to

stick it to Jerry Jones and dak Prescott

come to Philly man we got you we can get

him on a one-year five million dollar

contract just to stick it to the Cowboys

I would love to see that had a great

weekend with Devin she made a pot roast

which is which is always unbelievable

of course I posted a video of that it's

all bubbling oh God that stuff is good

this is actually it was actually the

first thing that she ever made for me

it's the first thing that she ever

cooked for me and it was at that time

that I decided Jesus Christ like this

woman really can't that was my god that

was right I was right after we went to

Hawaii and you know I mean like we we

spent we spent the Thanksgiving holiday

together and it was just oh yeah

so Devin showing off there showing off

her her cooking skills watched a very

interesting documentary last night and I

would highly recommend you guys check it

out it's called Ronnie Coleman the king

and for those of you guys who aren't

familiar with Ronnie Coleman Ronnie

Coleman is the greatest bodybuilder of

all time he's greater than

Schwarzenegger he's greater than he's

greater than Lee Haney you know he's

greater than Dorian Yates he is the

greatest of them all this guy was a 297

pound behemoth at 3% body fat well I

finally bought it yesterday and and it's

15 bucks it's pricey but it's worth it

man it goes through you know you know

from the time he's a kid you know to the

time he was a cop it's I mean it's a

it's a great documentary and these days

it's interesting he can barely walk

because of course when you're squatting

800 pounds and lifting millions of

pounds putting that kind of strain and

pressure on your body listen man

eventually the body is gonna break down

but you know they and the guy was the

guy was just unbelievably huge like you

like the footage he's got 200 pound

dumbbells doing do it you know press and

200 pound dumbbell it was it was it was

a sight to bowl that was unbelievable

you had to know and listen rock

Ronni and all of his all of his

competitors they know there's a price to

be paid and they asked Ronnie hey listen

if you knew then what you knew now would

you would you do it all over again of

course he would he loves bodybuilding

the guy can he's 53 years old now he can

barely walk he's had nine surgeries and

the guy is still in the weight room

despite the fact that his doctors are

like dude you can't do this anymore

guess what man Ronnie's not trying to

hear it man and maybe it is maybe it is

against doctor's orders but dude Ronnie

Coleman loves to lift weights he loves

being a bodybuilder man he really really

did literally risking life and limb so

definitely definitely definitely check

that out great documentary you know I

would highly recommend it again it's

called Ronnie Coleman the king just like

it's spelled speaking of which speaking

of Ronnie Coleman I'm actually gonna cut

back on spin class a little bit it's

causing me to lose gain and muscle tone

lose my gain and muscle tones I've

reduced a little bit in muscle I was

spinning six sometimes seven days per

week now I'm gonna cut it down to four

or five that's still a lot but I'm gonna

really focus on lifting heavy weights

again here you know here in definitely

maybe I don't maybe I was influenced by

my Ronnie Coleman who knows was on an

interesting broadcast with with O'Shea

on his show last night

and of course O'Shea is extremely good

at coming up with incendiary titles why

are white people killing black people

and I was only on the show for about an

hour so dude I think they broadcasted

for like six seven hours and one thing

that became evident to me there was

Germaine Bozzio and Anthony Brian Logan

they were on one side and then everybody

else on the other and what and I'm not

gonna get too far into this because we

have a show to do and 5:02 I see on the

line just give me a few minutes here but

we we talked about the typical you know

you know black is it black on black

crime or is it racist cops and the guys

who were the guys who were on the hey

it's racist cops those guys always fail

to leave out the the responsibility on

the black community to not act like a

fucking fool when you get pulled over by

the cops if you get out of here if I

have a cop pulls you over and you act a

fool and if you're threatening guess

what you're a black man if he's a white

cop he's gonna put you down like we know


and a lot of times it's not fair but

they're not gonna change so we have to

but here's the thing I'll say about this

and again I don't want to turn this into

into the into that kind of podcast

because that I'll talk about these

issues every once in a while but it

never occurs to people like ABL and

Jermaine bacio and another guy's name is

Phil and those guys are just those guys

are just hate traffickers like their

dude they're calling us Coons and

calling them white like dude come on man

like I understand you're angry and upset

but that's how this is how the Liberals

this is what the liberal site does

against us they use our anger against us

to push their narrative they're not

helping us man they're really not and

guys like him they just fly right into

it they're just pissed off all the time

their timing there I mean dude it was

literally like eight on one but here's

the thing and I'll leave it with this

white cops shooting black men unarmed

black men it's definitely a problem but

did it ever occur to you people on the

white devil side all white people are

racist did it ever occur to you that the

reason why white cops shoot unarmed

black men is because of black on black

crime yo so a white cop is in some sort

of a confrontation with a black man he's

got his gun pulled the guy is sitting

right in front of him subconsciously the

white cop is saying well damn these

niggas are shooting each other in the

street all the time anyway so it doesn't

really matter if I squeeze the trigger

listen if I don't kill him now one of

these niggas is gonna kill him at some

point so guess what

pop pop pop now you go to the other side

with the black on black crime so Pookie

has the gun on Ray Ray and

subconsciously think to himself you know

what if I don't shoot this nigga now

he's probably gonna get popped off by a

white cop at some point in time so what

difference does it make if I don't kill

him no white cop well pop pop pop that's

how that works see black man what we

have to understand and don't get me

wrong man don't get me wrong we get

angry talking about this stuff because

it definitely things like this make me

angry well we got a rise above it man

the only way the only way we're gonna

actually beat this and make change is we

have to get our shit together and that

starts with taking the emotion out of it

no it's not easy dude listen trust and

believe man dude falando Castille

Trayvon Martin Michael Brown like

dude those kind listen Freddie gray to

me right I mean listen all of those

things they piss us off but we gotta

rise above it we got to put that anger

aside and we got to get our shit

together because white people they're

not gonna change where at least white

racist white people they're not changing

that that's not what happens if you want

black lives to really matter if you want

that white cop with the gun to value

black life that guess what we have to

value our own lives if we stop killing

each other in the street then guess what

maybe white cops will start valuing our

lives a little bit more because they see

that we value our own that's my that's

my two cents on that I I can't I I can't

stand it when people come into it with

an already white Devils and if you say

anything against black people you're

gonna do fuck that fuck that hate that

shit anyway

anyway 9/11 for two oh five five three

five six is the number call if you want

to get on the show area code 502 you

were on the line with Donovan go ahead

hey what's going on brother want to

comment on the topic you were talking

about how I guess what was it about how

the male and female how how they see

each other sexually or whatever yeah

yeah yeah I was going to say that as far

as women that's one of the two things

they just really don't get that

entrapping them it nice they think that

we see the things that they see is

sexually attractive when it's like no

dude like we you know but guys let's

simple just you know be cool don't look

like shit right yeah you're good to go

like we don't give a shit about how much

money you making or if you're an

educator I don't know what shit you can

in the microwave all exactly I'll be a

complete dumbass but you know like I

don't give a shit if you look good and

you don't talk me any problem yeah

that's the thing man women don't like

I'm not looking for security another oh

listen I don't care about your salary I

don't care about security because guess

what I can do that on my own I listen

and don't get me wrong if people say

well man wha-what

listen men women think well men wants

men want someone who can challenge it

maybe even no no no no we want you to

shut the fuck up now don't get me wrong

we don't want you to be as dumb as a

brick but by the same token if we'd

rather fuck you if you're dumb and hot

then ugly and smart and that's all there

is to it that that's where the that's

where the disconnect comes in and I'm

certainly gonna get into that a little

bit more later on

area code 502 thank you for the call man

I appreciate you calling into the show

if you've got something to say call nine

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six if you've got a story about how

women acting about how women like acting

like men or women blindly endorsing the

myth that men and women are sexually the

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let's head to the chat and see what

we've got going on over here

of course we've got the Mod Squad in the

house freelance run in Miami J Captain

Crunch 4/20 suede sensei aka suede

senator Yosef Israel frequent caller

good to see you guys in here Sherm came

the jack man as well red Jedi NY Kia

heathen deluxe hoping you get your

homeboy to callin again redfield o7 who

now think your first time I'm here good

to see you in here Zen Gen X think

you're also maybe first-timer and

Anthony for for 13 I've seen here every

so often let's see let's see what we've

got going on here oh you guys okay the

the the chat is already Lively that's

that's always good to see all right hmm

let's see here

Devin's in there making chicken marsala

for dinner tonight that's that's that's

gonna be unbelievable it's gonna be

unbelievable red field red field says

sex dolls are flesh lights yeah there's

a certain person who actually does

reviews product reviews on jerk-off

products it's just it's it's just

unbelievable Miami Jay says get your ass

on TRT goddamn right dude my balls are

heavy dude Devin and I didn't have sex

last night do her ass is in trouble


whoo yes sir all right let's see what


sharp assists says he's trying not to

laugh Miami J says they're just trying

to stir up hey yeah listen don't get me

wrong man

angry black people who are ant you know

Pro blacks anti racism I get it it's

very very easy to be pissed off about

what goes on especially if you're black

but dude what I saw in yesterday's show

I was like dude this is this is

non-productive like all you're doing is

I mean look if you want to talk that I

should talk that shit the white people

that fuck out of here with that anytime

a black man or a black person says

justice it well wait a minute we

understand racism is wrong but did it

ever occur to you that maybe we're

responsible to that maybe we share the

responsibility will get out of here now

fuck that noise that's nonsense

that's nonsense yeah it's being heavily

promoted on Twitter abso-fuckin'-lutely

it is what the fuck it is

Miami Jay political pundit says the left

the left or experts at this stuff

listen man niggas don't understand that

the left is using our anger against us

it's just I can't it I I can't get over

that I I can't get past that I can't get

past it Anthony Fort 13 says how about

women ignoring you on their phone for

days playing hard to get because that

turns them on when guys do it I've had

women say why didn't you make a move

after ignoring me before being

red-billed of course yeah exactly

why didn't listen why didn't you text me

because you didn't text me for four days

so I'm not I'm not no I'm not gonna

waste my time yes

Miami J has confirmed that Rollo Tomassi

has joined the TSR red pill League

speaking of which join the TSR red pill

league send me your email address I will

send that over to Miami J and he will

send you an invite right now it as


Miami Jay Chase logo and Rollo Tomassi

so we've got 10 spots left 10 spots left

guys so join the TSR fantasy league

that's gonna be a lot of fun I haven't

played fantasy football in quite some

time I'm certainly looking forward to

that looking looking forward to becoming

crowned champion once more I'm a

or tie-in champion I'm looking forward

to kicking Miami Jays ass in the

Superbowl excellent okay well let's get

to it guys enough of me babbling and

running my mouth let's get to this year

early on in game when I started having

experience with beautiful women I

discovered something almost by accident

and what I discovered is that if you ask

a girl what kind of woman she is she

will tell you what she's looking for in

a man this is more or less a woman hack

it's it's it's a girl hack and I listen

again I accidentally stumbled on to this

but it kept happening to me and before

long I just kind of you know it kind of

just clicked now of course when I first

started out in game I'm gonna meet up

with a girl you know of course you know

standard interview questions where do

you see yourself in five years but

listen I was a fledgling player tweaking

my game listen we all gotta start

somewhere anyway every single time I

asked her what kind of woman they were

okay they would tell me what kind of man

they wanted know and here's the thing

when they told me what kind of women

they were none of it was true what I

learned was that they were giving me a

blueprint of what kind of man they

wanted one girl that I met up with said

she was huge into fitness but she wasn't

in she wasn't really in good shape now

she wasn't fat but she wasn't in great

shape either she was one of the lucky

when she carried a little more body

weight but still had kind of an

hourglass figure my guess is that as

soon as she hits 30 she's she's probably

gonna be gonna be fat one girl said that

she was competitive and mentally strong

now another girl this is funny another

girl told me that she was sadistic now

by that by this at this time I had kind

of figured it out her telling me that

she was too this sadistic she that this

tells me that she liked rough sex guys

when I tell you that she live for like

rough sex that's an understatement

dude this girl like to be slapped choked

she'd like to be bitten called names she

like dude she like for me to spit on her

I don't of course she was a major

cokehead it dude the interesting thing

is she had like three jobs at the same

mall and like she literally just bounced

around the mall I actually met her when

she was working at Claire's or something

so after I started fucking her she got

fired from

that job and then work for a shoe store

then had to get a second job at the gap

or something like that then she got

fired the shoe store but you know you

know on and on but that chick was a

dumpster fire

I literally abused this woman in the

worst degrading ways possible guys she

couldn't get enough i'll dude i

basically used her as a human toilet and

just treated her like absolute dogshit

and she loved it she couldn't get enough

now here's the thing this is a side note

I actually thought she'd go stood on me

because all of a sudden she stopped

calling I think we're supposed to meet

up on a Wednesday night she never showed

it turns out that she actually spent

like six months in jail for getting

busted for cocaine addiction for like

the third time that year and the judge

finally said enough is enough I ain't

sending to rehab anymore your ass is

gonna sober up behind bars but the point

is she told me she was sadistic what she

was telling me is that she wanted a man

who physically punished her during sex

so when women describe themselves to you

they are telling you what they want and

need any men now obviously different

women have different preferences but

they all look for it in the same ways

and one of those ways is describing the

man they want when asked what kind of

women they are couple summers back I

wrote an article on return of Kings

called three ways the oh the the life

and times of OJ Simpson confirms red

pill truth and that of course was based

on the ESPN 30 for 30 film oj made in

America well during that particular

documentary there was a post wall blonde

haired woman who you know of course

everybody wants to talk shit about joy

he was this he was that or whatever she

says well Jai cornered me but I didn't

fuck him up dude listen if you watched

it she absolutely fucked this guy

countless times anyway so Robin Grier

made this statement she said quote there

was something about Nicole that was

almost unattainable to OJ something he

couldn't quite control and I think that

was part of the attraction unattainable

OJ married her the two kids in her and

locked her ass down at the tender age of

18 Nicole was as it she was as attained

and kept as any woman had ever been oh

gee dude

Oh G was attracted to Nicole because she

was hot and submissive not because she

was uncontrollable

Oh Jay

was the one who couldn't be controlled

Oh Jay was the one who was unattainable

that's why in Nicole and subsequently

Robin was attracted to OJ like most

women Robin Grier likes the bad boys and

her attraction to those men was evident

during that interview listen Nicole was

quite literally the opposite of what

Robin Grier decided of what Robin Grier

described not knowing that she was

describing OJ which is what all women do

women project what they want in a man

onto themselves this is inverse

projection women get this aspect

completely wrong because of feminism and

why Kia says she fucked Oh Jay and

Marquez they probably ran a train on

their be honest with you venom feminism

tells women not to get married right


they tell women to pursue careers

feminism tells women to gain status what

feminism tells women to gain assets oh

they're so that they're set up

financially sleep around to get

experience and get it out of your system

what feminism is describing is the kind

of man

women want women want a man who isn't

under a woman's thumb because of

marriage women want a man who has this

shit together financially women want a

man who's travelled the world and has a

lot of cool stories to tell women want a

man of course who is sexually

experienced feminism tells women that

this is what women are attracted to and

women blindly follow this nonsense then

at 38 years old they're asking their


oh my God why am I so single I'm a

career woman I'm well traveled I have a

lot of experience I have a great 401k

why do you men not want to marry me then

our friends lie to her and tell her well

don't worry girl better just intimidated

by you they can't handle a real woman

like you miss Wright is out there some

well somewhere knowing full well they

are lying through their teeth through

their teeth why because listen they're

asking the same things they're in the

same predicament the point is guys

sexual attraction is not symmetrical

let's listen the things that make men

attractive to women are different than

the things that make men attractive to

women it's it's it's not listen it's

different women are attracted to women

are attracted to men who are physically

strong mentally strong then

chillie stable have their shit together

and have a plan that dominate life women

want a man who know how to handle women

women want men who have fucked a lot of

women do there's this 20 year old slut

on Twitter her name is like Veera

Stardust or something she's on Twitter

no she does all she does is she's trying

to convince us that she believes that

virginal men are far more attractive

than men who has slept with a hundred

dudes and nobody's buying it like even

the blue pill guys are like nah bitch

you're you're totally wrong but what

they don't realize is that they're not

listen again they don't realize they're

not attracted to the same things and

this bitch knows that men can say

whatever they want but we don't want

women who act like men not gonna happen

it doesn't matter what them it wasn't it

men can say anything they want all right

let's see here all right perfect

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mine to call in my man Fillmore who

called in and brought down the house

alright let me shoot him a text real

quick I think he's actually calling my

phone I need him to I need him to call

the show there we go alright so while

I'm waiting on him to call into the show

let's hit the chat one more time here

alright got a good number of people

watching very good even delux says I

love to brutalize the chick during

coitus oh yeah dude yeah love it love it

dude dude I love smack her ass calling

her name smack her in the face love it

Anthony 4:13 says this is fucking

brilliant Donovan thank you appreciate

that even Alexis I'm currently dealing

with one that made me squeeze her tits

till they bruised alongside the

requisite choking and slapping dude

girls like it rougher and rougher these

days man like dude they listen they

absolutely love it rough

absolutely 942 oh five five three five

six we're gonna hit the phone lines my

man Fillmore is in the house Fillmore

what's going on brother well it was good

plays happening man listen man I'm

trying I'm trying to I'm trying to spit

this this knowledge to these niggas

about bitches out here trying to wear

the pants in the relationship man what

you got for me

oh man I got a few things for you it get

deep on different levels depending on

what stage because all I had to realize

all of these guys ain't on the same low

right so I mean it gives beat and I'm

gonna just be at different levels so it

to help whoever out you look like for

one for one thing on these masculine


when it comes to I see a lot of dudes

making mistakes with the house gang

people buy a house and then instead they

don't take a hundred percent control

they go asking a bro what would you

think would you like what areas do that

not number one I don't know fuck water

blob walk straight up take four to 12

when you when a cat buy a house and

that's another level cuz I mean I know

some some cats might be an apartment or

boat or whatever this is the same thing

house don't you don't even take a broad


always cuz at the end of the day fuck

that boy is about what you want real

money you know so so and here's another

thing let me interrupt you here real

quick here's another thing man just

going off what you said we got we got

dudes out here getting married buying a

house right wife takes full control of

the house everything is what she wants

and then we got niggas out here bragging

a check this out come see my mancave

come see the little area in the house

that my wife allowed me to have for

myself we're gonna call it a man nah nah

nah nah

fuck that man cave nonsense my man cave

is the fucking house

not the garage not the basement not the

Attic the whole fucking house oh yeah

got so bad it got so bad in certain

states dude that's why in certain states

they had to get rid of common law

Luthor's of men being so weak getting me

break down the detail all right in the

90s I think it was 93 I actually spoke

with a lawyer and I actually asked him

about common-law because I was dealing

with this nut at the time with the

lawyer told me he said tell all them

broads the whistle Dixie I said what

little before a loop

he said they got rid of common law and

the reason why they did because what was

happening you had fathers leaving their

sons these night houses fully decked out

everything the gang was all the woman

had to do was just be with with the bill

for like six months and she had full

access to everything legally women got

hit to that so what so what the lawyer


the only reason they took that off the

off the books because a lot of them

bills going back getting a daddy shotgun

and blasting the bra so they have it

take it off the docket they had to they

said so when you haven't come along no

more so the reason why they don't have

come along because the mean was so weak

yep they didn't have you know sir

there's so many so many guys out here

when the show off as a matter of fact

I'm gonna tell you I be another area

where it get deep I didn't Bend they're

dead that running so many chicks in and

out the house I too did all that but see

now we in a digital age just a lot of

men ain't repping up and changing over

to what the new game means like for

example I don't even let a lot of broads

at my house I tell you they ass take

stretch there it is is why

the new thing a lot of these caching who

ever listened out there you got to

change the likes of clay game on not

without what I filed could see we

dealing in the digital era now you are

speaking a lot of a lot of a lot of news

not so like like let's say you got a

grandmother yep your parents house

whatever if you cool with your

grandmother your parents I would advise

any play out there have your car

registered to the old desert there yes a

lot of women is doing either getting a

license plate and then finding out where

you stay exactly man if you got pricey

I'm saying this because I got property

sorry right he's brought it happened to

me already so I had to switch my dent my

my game up and keep it tight and price

throwing it out there so other dudes out

there I don't care what way she is if

you can do it if you get your parents to

a living and your grandparents throw

your license plate hey either that

listen took this out even that or get

one of your homeboys like in other words

what and I think listen what Bill Moore

is talking about guys is and I actually

put this I wrote an article and did an

episode called the ten side check

Commandments and one of the commandments

was do not let her know where you work

or where you live well ten fifteen years

ago that was possible but just like you

said all a bitch has to do is take on

she can take a snapshot of your license

plate she can know she can know exactly

where you stay at in five minutes that's

all she's got to do she did have to go

down to the DMV she didn't have to call

the cops all of that that information is

public record in it is right on her

phone or right on her computer she knows

where you live before you know she knows

where you live did she she can be

throwing salt all in your game exactly

and not only is they doing it on the

street CMS is doing it at these jobs and

I'm gonna put this out there it ain't

just young boys doing it you got all

hoes doing it oh my god that's I sleep

that's how I flip this game the guy

young and all hoses doing it you know so

you know it's just that it's little

small things like that you know it's

like like Google's gotta gotta quit

always trying to beat they test out here

let me show what I got this is from that

one I'm talking like you said earlier

pillow talking we do don't understand

when you put on Superman

but that's what I'm saying listen listen

dudes think this is this is unbelievable

dudes think that she's doing pillow talk

because youth because you think she

likes the way she you fucked her nah

brought that's not what's going on she's

using pillow talk because she knows that

you're in the most vulnerable state

she's gonna ask you so what do you do

for living where do you work

do you stay here like listen that pillow

talk she's getting that information at

ease so she can put her hooks in you bro

you're speaking the truth

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah because I mean

as a matter of fact they train they

think me is so stupid that you just

don't tell them what you know and it's

like no I don't man I'll tell them off

of it nice little bitches Texas I sell

bitches that I lived in a wear out

listen I bought a 1700 square foot

warehouse in central Las Vegas I told

them that's where I look at yeah I'm not

gonna say the address on the air but

yeah but yep I live at this warehouse

down here that's where I live no you

ain't gonna find out where I let fuck

that oh yeah yes so it's like now like I

said it's all coming with with you know

getting older and going like the game

changes yes right as you get older you

just get more finesse and more better at

your game and you got to if you don't

you get caught up with these broad so

you know I went I had to go through a

transition to learn that because when I

was younger like I said I'm thinking I'm

doing the thing I'm now I'm just

smashing all kind of wrong right did you

get caught up you know that you go think

you know what you're gonna write but as

you get older what will change my game

is when I started crying properly haints

where the game can start getting really

it is you know I'm saying so so cuz

because the thing about it women go to

the deathbed with secrets they don't

they try to not tell you shit but they

want you to spill and niggas aren't dumb

enough to tell him everything just

because she gave you some pussy you out

there were just social what kind of

property you own what your net worth is

which a grandma willed to you like like

nigga that bet bitch ain't sticking

around for you she's sticking around for

what she thinks you got that's what that

pillow talk was for somebody said pulla

talk is recon for bitches man yeah and

another thing like like I might add on

to it you know mr. Minister jet was

saying yeah when he like definitely not

only should

catch out here hey it's the blotting

spending money on definitely change that

you know gets you didn't get the money I

fees brought today get back into the

sealant your serves I see the thing

about it is you can take a broad and

make her into a monster and where these

dudes don't understand like I give you

priming you climb climb example all

right take the George Bush era or across

the country you had up and this is all

public knowledge the majority of the

people who lost all these homes were

women swinging that goes to show rain so

smart after all didn't lost all these

houses so what they're happening now

they only want to be cool because they

need somewhere to stay it's right these

brothers ain't gotta pop opinion and

wanted to throw it out of each so we're

dudes got to understand the man is the

Crown winner out here at the end of the

day too many men be given too many women

are too much pedestal yeah we really

they got to remember cuz I take take the

United States it's only 300 some million

people over here right yep use that in

to use money comparison to China it's a

billion plus over there yep so there's

no reason for you to be going through

all that now I'm gonna be honest if you

want to talk about a global scale the

most masculine women on this planet is

in the United States yes earlier the

China the Middle East

ughter so so all them countries over

there man look them other dudes in a

mother country Tang Clan I'm asking this

is earth no they're not in only over

here in the US

oh man the majority the man who set up

everything over here they saw they

negate YZ walls too much rain it to the

point where this is like crazy

and they feel entitled to I think about


Asians ain't getting outta pocket are

like that on the averaged over there no

sir the whole Asian Hemisphere huh no no

sir no no let's take your Arab women

hell no would you doesn't see what you

want about Muslim men they got their

bitches in pocket right right

they absolutely know you know okay let's

all look Mexican Puerto Rican

Gillian I'm saying and I'm talking I

talk about the wars over here I'm trying

my over in there cos you don't

dr. moon pocket nothing I don't care why

over here everybody just gets off you

know because there's always going to be

exceptions to the rule of course but the

exception doesn't make the rules well

but I take take Cuba take take a lot of

them countries is that man is man is

more men and women are more feminine

over this right here man a they just

want to be masking me do they these bras

look at my little niggly tired not a new

side not a new fad anybody want to say

they're here cuz they looked at the

movie yeah right right right oh my god

oh my god bullshit man you know I like I

like long hair right I like the real

hair yeah real shit a man let me tell

you something I need some provision as

they got really long that's weird I mean

fuck around man cuz it makes no no when

I was younger I just fucking everything

you know it makes no sense for me to

complain about what I don't like just

start with them up there you go there

you go yeah if you don't like fat chicks

don't big fat chicks you know exactly

you know and see we're all brothers

there to do who says the bra is for you

in this state who says the bra for you

even in this country to tell you man hey

listen niggas are starting to wake up

don't like niggas ain't late they say

stack your cash to get your passport cuz

you ain't gon find a black woman listen

here I gonna find a black woman in this

country to marry we got a caller on the

line Fillmore area code seven one six

you're on live at Donovan and Phil what

you got hey Donovan are you doing bud

good so I just want to make a case for

mainstream media influence with this so

if you kind of look at old media versus

new media today new media is very the

sexual strategy or strategies that

obviously flip and I think people are

obviously going out and looking for that

bout realizing that it's actually

flipped in reality right so for me

personally before I got got red pills I

was big on country music anybody knows

anything on country music that aside he

fires most Luke oh I remember uh listen

man yeah you know when I was growing up

from from high school okay I got caught

in between I would say like the glitch

because you know I would have the social

construct in the media telling me to be

mr. nice guy sure while I was still kind

of coming in and out of seeing that

reality isn't right that's what woke me

out by the time I got to be about 23

okay so that's just my story I wanna say

yeah definitely Bay Street media is

playing both men and women and also the

nice guy strategy is basically the same

philosophy for the men as the career

woman philosophy for women straight up


listen thank you for the thank you for

the call seven one six listen Phil I got

a comment in here and I was actually

gonna make a reference to this I wrote

an article on Negro manosphere up to

three years back probably not that long

ago and one of the many changes that

black men need to make is stop listening

to R&B; and start listening to listening

to that gangsta rap niggas who is

listening that you remember Shai silk

boys 2 min if you went by that shit bro

you was getting played but if you listen

to NWA dr. Dre Ice Cube Snoop Dogg

you were already hip to the game ditch

the R&B; it's the country people say well

well well what kind of rental music is

out there besides rap I ain't got an

answer for you because rap is the only

red pill music out there you know what

and I if you think about it I when our

parents back in the day when they was

listening to a lot of that Motown music

they was listening to nothing but there

was just nothing but love so that's 20

Pendergrass yeah right right right

it kept them feminine so not and so a

lot of this music do make these always

abreast of course they do of course they

do because bitch is not here listening

we got bitches out here listen to that

stuff more than we do oh man you know

what eating guys so bad to the win when

you got broads out here tattooing they


oh man you'll be excited man I was like

man is and also some of these jobs tell

play into that because I'm gonna keep it


take let's take a Starbucks let's take

some other ones you know they do they'll

employ some of that so now you gotta go

order phone and just looking at a person

looking like any old fool unbelievable

food young I was when I was in school I

was taught a clean cut

you clean cut clean cut wasn't no a walk

in there like you got some sense hell

yeah no you gotta come in there with

necktie soon all right now it's just

that the standard have got Lord always

now it's gonna come to a head listen

it's gonna get worse before it gets


oh yeah it is you know and as far as

these females being on that masculine

shoot you know I just noticed that

there's a lot you know what I'm at a

time remember that movie 300 I do yes I


I think oh man when they boys I think

they should have to go through some type

of you hell listen we called that

doesn't we call that the rite of passage

man every young boy should go through a

rite of passage you have to climb them

out and fight a tiger do something to

signal to the world that yes I'm men

have to be a fucking man yeah cuz it

makes no because at the end of the day

when you break the science out a woman

excuse is a pussycat

that's it yeah give a fuck about a

biscuit magazine it's now I'll kill with

job they work at I don't care what title

you think you drive its we got a power

over me yeah I see a lot of dudes that

or they'll get married and all of a

sudden they started bitching they asking

the bitch or for allowances me getting

allowance I wish the fuck out man and we

wonder what he grows out here it's crazy

and we wondered listen man we wonder why

we're in the state man yeah yeah cuz I

don't get that and I've worked on a lot

of different jobs where I've seen do

like you know they plan a plan lane

fifth-degree getting allowance from

their bro

I mean dollar checks or whatever again

they just getting a little piece and

giving the blow dude shit man hey and

check this out of me while she's fucking

her boss at her job taking your money

and spending it on him

stacking her own money so she takes your

money spends it on him stacks her own

money so when she decides to get the

fuck up out now she's got now she's got

50% of your present and future earnings

and five five six figures in the bank

saved up unbelievable all because men

all because a man can't be met that beta

male I don't understand him and this is

this is just so bad man is they get

taken in they get to wanna solder clown

with new jobs

oh no no no oh no no no no no well

listen Phil I appreciate the call man

this was a great conversation listen I

need to I need to make this like a

weekly thing man cuz you always you

always like seriously you drop that you

drop that no more poor red pill game man

I'm gonna definitely hit you thanks for

calling the show man i'ma talk to you

soon brother well all right man Phil

door in the motherfucker dude Phil more

runs that he runs that that strong hip

hand game he runs that tight man he runs

I swear to god man he runs that type of

game man that'd get your ass locked up

but I'm gonna tell you what i'ma tell

you what the bitches know it wouldn't

get your ass locked up of course we

don't endorse hitting women on the show

but but again he makes it he makes a

great point

these dudes out here are just too soft

and I said earlier in the show hey

listen quit acting like fucking women

problem solved

problem solved unbelievable man and and

just like the caller said you blame it

on country music right blame it blame it

on the media the media let's go ahead

and move along with the show because

this ties right in to what I'm gonna

talk about next the world tells women to

act like men

and they'll be irresistible to men and

guys that's just not true

they tell women to be competitive and

you'll be attractive to men Kristine

Leahy who used to who used to be Colin

Cowherd sidechick she used to say all

the time on the show I'm super

competitive no you're not you're a hot

blonde who's never had to work for

anything your entire life because of the

way you look now I mad at you because

you hit the genetic lottery but to sit

there and lie and say that you're

competitive just to make yourself more

attractive is patently false

okay and again that's based solely on

the way you look

the only thing women who look like her

are competitive about are getting with

men like me that's it there's not a

competitive bone in her body she is on

TV because of the way she looks she also

admitted that she never played organized

sports she said oh but she was a

cheerleader right she's a cheerleader

she probably competed who could fuck you

know who could fuck the most guys on the

football team she is probably

competitive then a girl that looks like

Kristine Leahy she can say she's

competitive all she wants it's

absolutely not true guess what she wants

a man who's competitive that's that

inverse projection Christina Lee he

didn't get to where she is by being

competitive she's a beautiful woman who

happens to know how to string two

sentences together right show up for

work every day and follow a man's lead

now she was actually replaced on the

Colin Cowherd show by joy Taylor because

Colin probably just got tired of her

acting like she was smarter than she was

like most other beautiful women because

the most most beautiful women like her

they think that just because men want to

fuck her that they must also respect her

opinion and that's just not true

listen what men listen to women like her

intently with their with their furrowed

eyebrows and looking all interested but

only because because they want her to

think they want her to think that

they're listening but all they're

thinking about is but fucking her while

pulling her hair and in and smacking her

ass while she's screaming her name while

he's screaming her name anyway

we don't yes rent petite listen Redfield

says she's a LeBron hater Christine

doesn't hate LeBron she hates the bran

because she hates LeBron because

everybody else does she doesn't know why

she well Jordan has six rings LeBron has

three dude

I just open up a school for kids bitch

you don't know shit and let's see sweet

senator told her stay in your lane dude

I remember that shit I could I was

beside myself with delight when I saw

that anyway

we as men we don't want competitive

women that's unattractive we don't want

a driven woman

we don't want strong women we want

femininity we want girly girls we want

girls who do their hair get their nails


females misunderstand what real female

strength is and I've talked about this

in the past they think the world it

Meier's masculine traits in women the

same way they admire masculine traits in

men and they're reminded of that every

day and that's just not true a man

described as a leader who was demanding

an on point that same woman is described

as bossy dude a girl devynn works with

at work everybody's calling her bossy

now listen check this out the woman is

great at her job but people call her

bossy why because she is exhibiting

masculine characteristics as a female it

doesn't lay the same it doesn't land the

same a man who is described as a

no-nonsense guy who gets right to the


if that's a woman she's a bitch and then

women bitch and when women bitch and

complain they're not getting treated

equally for the same behaviors of course

not you are a woman and when women act

like men it's gonna rub people the wrong

way whether those people admit it or not

just like when men act like women right

it rubs people the wrong way

females string the standing by her man

we don't need a woman to prop us up if

we're going through a tough time I don't

need her to be my rock I need her to be

there to help give me your compliance

give me your body shut the fuck up if I

need you I'll call you okay then females

strength is restraining themselves from

being sluts

listen sluts are weak-minded they're

doing what's easy it's easy to be sluts

just walk outside no discipline doesn't

take effort not devaluing herself by

being a slut that's real female strength

shoutout to John of Germany who says

good morning from Berlin it is very

difficult not to be a slut in this day

and age

but any woman who is not a slut as doing

something isn't eat that isn't easy

women get dick thrown at them all day

every day their friends are sluts women

on TV are sluts sluts are glorified they

have their own marches but if she

exercises sexual temperance you can bet

your ass that's not easy she thinks

about blowing Kevin and sails all the

time but she knows it's a bad idea for

many reasons so she tells him she

doesn't want to go to lunch for him for

the fifth consecutive day and guess what

she knows Kevin's not gonna give up so

it's gonna continue to not be easy

that's the kind of strength were

attracted to Devin got an email from her

boss that said hey Devin I started

meeting with other females to talk about

you know leadership and blah blah blah

blah I'd like to start doing that with

you can we go out to lunch or maybe

something later or 2:30 Devin said not

comfortable with that they're gonna be

in the lunch room in a public in a

public setting right that's the kind of

female strength we're talking about

that's the kind of feminine TV we're

talking about we're not attracted to

women who can who can squat twice her

body weight we're not attracted to women

who can go shot-for-shot with anybody on

tequila night we're not we're not

attracted to women who brag about their

killstreaks on called on call of duty

we're not attracted to women who are

overly bossy or ambitious we're not

attracted to women who are diehard

sports fan we are attracted to women who

look act and conduct themselves as

feminine attractive women the bottom

line here guys is that we are not

attracted to women who have masculine

traits the problem though is that women

have no clue because of what the world

tells them every day we've got women in

their 40s gentlemen in their 40s who are

honestly confused as to why they're

single they don't get it they don't

understand it then in the same breath

she mentions all of her qualities and

never once does she realize that all of

them are masculine traits right all of

the qualities she thinks she has are

what she wants in a man here's the

disconnect the disconnect is the men

that are telling women that this is what

they want the men that are telling what

did they want masculine traits okay

but women haven't opened up their eyes

long enough to realize that the men who

are telling them this are not the men

they're attracted to men who verbally

declare and openly talk about wanting a

woman who is feminine and submissive to

them are the men these women want but

they haven't figured out that they're

taking their cues from men they wouldn't

give the time of day it's so obvious

it's ridiculous

but women still haven't seemed to figure

it out so they're listening to men they

wouldn't fuck in a million years but not

listening to the men they want to be

with then wonder why these men don't

keep them around that's the disconnect

they're taking their cues from the wrong

people hey you want to know something

this is their fault this is their fault

they haven't figured it out yet women

taking their cues from men they wouldn't

fuck in a hundred years it's like taking

relationship advice from a woman who's

been divorced twice and has three kids

by four different men it's like taking

fitness advice from a fat guy or taking

financial advice from someone who's

broke with bad credit just doesn't make

any sense now on some level I do feel

sight I do feel sorry for women because

they've been led astray they've been

sold a bad bill of goods by feminism but

on the other hand again they're taking

advice from the wrong people and that's

their own damn fault they are embracing

an ideology that clearly isn't working

for them or anybody else it's clearly

not working look around men don't want

them they're on antidepressants presents

their lives are miserable

they're not close to marriage material

anymore but they still want to strike

the rosie the riveter pose and talk

about anything you can do I can do

better this is exactly why they need men

who are red pill aware but like most

things when it comes to females I ain't

holding my breath

all right let's see we got here yes

yeah Redfield says she has her own fault

yes yeah she has her own fall show

that's why she left yeah I mean I mean I

knew about that actually

I told Devan that a while back yeah

whatever Kristine Leahy show is it's

gonna fucking fail like no one no one's

gonna listen Kristine Leahy is going to

she's gonna rely on men to carry her

show no one's gonna watch Kristine Leahy

run off at the mouth it's ridiculous

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call area code 3 4 7 you were on live

with Donovan go ahead oh yes you're on

live kurosu from yesterday on location

yeah it's crazy and definitely yeah man

you you know what maybe I'll make some

good points and stuff like that and I

would agree with both you on a lot of

things on that foot subject no yeah


I just got on right now I'm sort of

topic over 40 no I can definitely you

know suffer the pound everything dead

and it's funny because um there's last

night oh one of my Instagram friends

female was on Instagram laughs yeah I

was trying to explain to she said about

a question about okay there's a guy but

mostly if I was by myself but she would

understand she was like you know okay

what you meant if you fill in a girl

right I would you feel me from the girl

right and your child you feel about her

unless she just blatantly said to

someone on Facebook hey baby in order to

like blur change someone knows how would

you so now me I told straight up like

you know honestly because it's due to my

a time right now

compared to I was younger I won't even

get mad and nothing like that for real

because the fact is you know I say he's

like this one role or you know what that

she ain't telling me that weapon I just

know how to let it go go fast she kept

talking about

you know um okay what she's talking

about which I do get was she talking

about antenna she's metaphor her own so

what she was saying about buzzing about

my experience because no I'm not a

breakthrough what they shade everything

exactly you know we know I'm cheap she

want hear answered that based on what

she wants to hear and so she ain't gonna

like the option well I'll tell you this

I'll tell you this whoever like

whoever's girl that was his first

mistake was telling her how she how he

feels first listen this is Rick this is

red pill 101 never ever tell a girl you

love her first never ever tell a girl

you're feeling her first check this out

listen listen listen hold on hold on

listen check this out man and girl and

girls are always looking for that verbal

validation right well like deep like

like if I was in that guy's position and

some girls will try to push for the

verbal validation this is a shit test

well you don't ever really tell me how

you feel about me well am I here well

yeah well then that means I don't hate

you right or how do I look do I look

like in good-looking girls they'll put

on something real nice we're about to

take them out do I look good in this

listen my dick is in your ass at the end

of the night you have your answer

I'm not about to tell you what you want

to hear well and again actions speak

louder than words women say it all the

time but they still want those words

right so his first mistake at that point

was telling her how he feels first never

ever ever open up to a woman make

yourself vulnerable because as soon as

she knows that you like her her

attraction level goes down you make her

tell you first well I've been with her

for three years and she's never told me

she loves me then she doesn't love you

well I need to tell her I need if I if I

don't tell her how how I feel that she's

never gonna know no no no no no no never

tell a girl how you feel unless she

tells you how she feels first women have

more options than we do right like it

doesn't make any sense for us to be

declaring our love for these women when

they've got eight other dudes who are

declaring the same thing no no no if you

want those three words for me if you

listen if you want those three words for

me then you got some work to do and even

then I still might not tell you because

I need to make sure that this is just a

charade that will

many our climate aho like bialy how high

you meant it's not going to tow a woman

how he feels first you know we all know

she feels first he's not gonna hold back

because telling he knows that's how you

go get the woman to draw to him no way

she gonna be draw some more when equals

coming back when you know once a were

telling the way they sack of small who

ever hear that thing is that word like

no all day in yeah I do yes there you go

that's right that's right

yeah I'm what you meant well Erica yeah

Erica 347 I appreciate the call man

definitely call to show any time listen

he made he made some good points man he

did and again this just goes to show

that you never ever ever tell a woman

how you feel first the minute a woman

knows that you like her if you tell a

woman you like her before she likes you

she assumes that you like her more than

she likes you and that's usually a

pretty safe assumption and if a woman

thinks that you like her more than she

likes you dude she's off looking for

another cock guaran-fucking-tee well

that's gonna do it for the three hundred

and fourth edition of TS or prime time

my thanks to all my callers a special

thanks goes out to my man Fillmore for

droppin that pimp game on us thanks for

watching guys I will see you in twenty

three have a good night

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