The Bachelorette Episode 4: The Red Pill analysis

"What about the gift?" Everyone lost their minds when Jean Blanc "lied" to Becca about falling in love with her but Men with Red Pill awareness know what really happened. I break down Episode 4 of The Bachelorette.



what's up guys it's room and Donovan

Sharpe and welcome to the first official

bachelorette breakdown red pill style I

am going to break down every week I'm

gonna break down an episode of the

episode of The Bachelorette I didn't do

this from the beginning of the season

because you know they're just too many

dudes too many storylines but Becca

seems to have whittled down whittled

everyone down to I think they're like 12

to 15 left and so from here on out I am

going to I'm gonna be breaking down I'm

gonna be breaking down I'm gonna be I'm

gonna be very breaking down these

episodes so so I watch this I watch The

Bachelorette with my girlfriend I've

watched The Bachelor with her as well

this is normally not my thing but when

you watch this stuff it you can see it

is a man with red pill awareness it like

this show is oozing red pill

confirmations I'm pausing it like every

30 seconds to talk about what just

happened and breaking everything down so

I said fuck it I'll just do a show every

week breaking down the show because

there's just there's just too much

there's too much red pill truth in this

show not to talk about it

oh Donovan this is gossipy and girly nah

bruh this is real shit shows like this

like The Bachelor in The Bachelorette

it puts red pill truth front and center

with what we talked about in the

manosphere is literally in your face on

these shows red pill doctrines are on

full display all the time so if you're

the kind of guy who is on the fence

about the red pill or if you've you've

stunted in your red pill development you

know or you're thinking to yourself yeah

you know I'm really not sure that all

that women are the way guys like Donovan

talk about women yeah you know listen

watching shows like The Bachelor will

absolutely confirm what we talked about

as ironclad truth you see it play out in

real life right on these shows right

here on national TV so if anyone says

that this red pill

manosphere stuff hogwash cult is all

bullshit I'll say I will tell you of

course that it is not but don't take my

word for it watch The Bachelor watch The

Bachelorette and if you don't see what

is staring what is staring you right in

the face you are either stupid or you

want to keep your head in the sand and

continue to live life to live a life of

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it looks like we are yep it looks like

we are good to go so let's go ahead and

get started here I'm gonna go ahead and

give you sort of a recap sort of a

flashback on what led us to this season

and I'm not gonna do this flashback with

every shell I'm just gonna set this up

give you guys some some background

information as to how this particular

season of The Bachelorette came to be so

recap of The Bachelor The Bachelor of

course is none other than our Eli and

Ike junior son of race car legend or a

lion Dyke senior he's on The Bachelor a

bunch of girls vie for his attention it

comes down to two women comes down to

Becca Becca K versus Lauren Lauren B

well Ari ends up choosing Becca he

proposes to Becca he tells he tells

Lauren look I'm sorry but you know I'm

you didn't win I'm going to propose to

Becca so he proposes to Becca she says

yes and everything is all good you know

they're on there they're on their wool

they're on their tour they're taking

cute little selfies together oh you know

we're we're we're engaged

to be married there they're taking in

all of the accolades that come with

being engaged and women love this stuff

women women and I say this all the time

women don't want to get married they

want to be married women are the most

happy women are the most happy during

the engagement period once and then of

course when the wedding day comes it's

all about her but after that the fun is

over they don't really want to be

married anymore women love being engaged

they do not want it they do not like

being married anyway so Ari

wisely reverses skate and he dumps Becca

to pursue Lauren and I actually talked

about I actually talked about why this

was the right decision for Ari you can

actually find that on Donovan sharp

comment just posted it why the bachelors

change of heart was absolutely the right

decision but I'll give you guys a little

bit of a rundown so so Ari breaks

Becca's heart on national TV I mean dude

it was it was listen it was trainwreck

television listen we're all here for it

you know it's it's low educational

programming call it whatever you want

well here are the reasons why already

made the right decision number one

Lauren was younger in higher BEC US 27 I

think Lauren's 25 24 25 she's younger

and hotter number two Lauren was

introverted okay Becca was an extrovert

we all know that introverted women make

better wives and mothers than women who

are extroverts listen when a woman is an

extrovert women are extroverts for one

reason and one reason only the increase

of male attention well if you are

married to or in a long-term

relationship with someone who is an

extrovert guess what she is going to

attract more male attention as a matter

of her personality someone where natural

introverts try to be extra extra verts

to get more male attention

so introverts are greater than

extroverts that's another reason why

here's another reason this is a slut

tell Becca had a tattoo not only that

after Ari proposed to her she then went

and got another tattoo in Las Vegas so

let me get this straight

I propose marriage to you and what do

you do you go to Vegas and get another

visible tattoo so now Becca has two

visible tattoos ones on the side of her

hand and then another ones right there

on a wrist

here's probably the biggest reason Ari

ended up choosing Becca over Lauren

Becca was an alpha Widow alright and you

can look up with the what the definition

of an alpha Widow is you can watch my

show but Becca had her alpha

ex-boyfriend show up to the show there

in Peru it's like the finals or whatever

this guy Russ is big hulking I think

he's a former football player current

football coach at Stanford or something

he's a dude he's this huge guy v chested

good-looking guy I mean listen he shows

up that's baggage gentlemen Becca had

been with him on and off for what she

described as seven years and had only

been broken up with him for just over a

year so a bigger better looking guy that

wanted to pursue Becca

after having dumped her again that

concerned Ari and let's keep it real

guys if Becca was gonna cheat she was

going to do it with the ex-boyfriend

Ross so Ari absolutely made the right

decision to drop Becca for Lauren and

Lauren of course gladly took him back

because she truly loved Ari even after

he told her listen you're not the one I

haven't chosen you he walks her back to

the car and she says listen I still love

you I I hope that still means something

and to be honest with you that that may

very well have saved their relationship

now here's the thing maybe Becca loved

Ari too but I can promise you this she

did not love him as much as Lauren did

Becca was looking for an equal partner

and I'll get I'll get into more of that

a little bit later but Lauren was

looking for a man to belong to right

like Becca's this career woman oh you

know I've got this career and I travel

all around Lauren just wanted to be a

housewife young beautiful girl who wants

nothing more more than to belong to a

man and to be a housewife ari picked

Becca from the start because of what our

culture dictates okay he dropped her and

chose Lauren because of what his

masculine hard drive told him to do and

that's all there is to it guys does it

suck Rebecca absolutely to be humiliated

on national television probably one of

the worst experiences of her life but I

think it's safe to say that they more

than made up they more than made it made

up for it to her because now she's the

bachelor and she gets travel around the

world she's - she gets to song kiss a

bunch of guys she's probably fucking a

couple of them you know she and then at

the end of the day after you know

kissing and fucking all these guys she

still gets to get married at the end or

get engaged or still it seems

and so people might think well yeah

Donovan but that still kind of fucked up

she did get fucked over a national TV

okay that's fine but think about this

how many guys has Becca ever fucked over

understand this gentlemen for every one

time a girl gets fucked over by a guy

guys she has fucked over 15 guys girls

will fuck over guys for 10 12 years and

and never ever they don't dude they

don't lose it they don't you lose a wink

of sleep about it they lose they they

leave a trail of heartbreak in their

wake but then they meet a guy who gets

over on them that one time and man eight


cry me a fucking River Lauren was the

better choice by a long shot and and

listen like a man Ari showed up to the

reunion show and he faced the music man

he faced the booze he faced the

name-calling he faced all the shit that

the other rejected women were throwing

his way and what does he do this dude

lets it roll off his shoulders and

proposes to the woman who was clearly

head and shoulders above all the other

scorned rejected bitches yeah they had

their fun they got the laugh and

chuckling Kiki and they slung their mud

at him and he didn't know he wisely

didn't he didn't clap back but he had

the last laugh they all went home alone

what did he go home with he went home

with a hot blonde who was everything

they are not basically a mic drop so

anyway that that's the back story on how

the Bachelorette came to be I remember

dude were me and my girl are sitting

there watching it and you know they're

like you know after after they had gone

over everything is okay well now we'd

like to introduce the nuts the next

Bachelor it's Becca it was natural you

know TV ratings and I completely

understand why they did it so so now

they start to package the show complete

with this that they had this that this

this marketing campaign and I didn't

even know what the show is I don't even

know what the the name of the song is

that they that they advertise that they

used for the backdrop but I know that

one of the lines was on an independent

woman so right off the bat right off the

bat the feminist undertones are clear re

are aligned I chose the feminine woman

who clearly does not fall in line with

the feminist narrative but now we've got

this tattooed woman and what we're gonna

package this I'm an independent woman I

don't need a man really you're an


what the hell are you doing on The

Bachelor you now have two failed

engagements Becca listen no shit on

Becca I'm not mad at her I mean I

certainly would have taken the

opportunity to if I were her but if

you've been engaged twice but still

don't have a ring on your finger that's

a you problem I call that the common

denominator problem so anyway they're

doing their due they're doing the

marketing campaign they've got past you

know bachelorettes given her advice yeah

here's what you need to do is win of

course Rachel the the last Bachelorette

made an appearance who is also by the

way an extrovert talking about what men

you know should do for women and you

know basically just being an attention

whore like everybody else by the way

here's a prediction rachel is not going

to marry that dude that she's I don't

even know I think the guy's name is

Brian Rachel's not marrying that dude

she is not marrying Brian you want to

know why because she liked she loved the

dude who finished in second place the

only reason why Rachel chose Brian is

because the guy who finished in second

didn't fully commit to her the guy was

like look dude I like you and I might

even love you but I can't I can't

promise you that I'm gonna propose to

you at the end of all this let's see

where this goes no Rachel wanted the

ring now she's got the ring if she

wanted to be married so bad why isn't

she married yet like she's been engaged

what first six eight months she's

obviously got the money she's making the

worldwide tour why isn't she engaged

because she wants to bask in the glow of

being again women love being engaged

they don't like being married anyway

the show the Bachelorette is literally

set up to emasculate men the woman does

all the choosing the men they compete

with each other they sabotage each other

they get into these little pity fights

well you're not here for the rate yeah

it's amazing that that a choice is even

made at the end because these guys these

guys act like women it's it's it's just

unbelievable the way the way that the

way that the show is set up and there's

a lot of that there's actually a lot of

that going on but anyway so now that the

show is set up let's go ahead and talk

letlet listen let's go ahead and get to

the nitty-gritty here let's go ahead and

set up the let's go ahead and get to the

bachelors that actually matter so like I

said they're about maybe 12 or 15 left

but only a few matter as far as I'm

concerned I'm going to go over those few

the first comment to point out is


right he's from Nigeria guys the dude is

Jack guy is ripped clearly he lives in

the gym and he has a British accent

Becki dude Beca clearly wants to fuck

this guy it is coming out of her pores

gentlemen Lincoln has all the game dude

he no physical XS collation bravado

agree and amplify overconfidence he

cheats in competition Beckett loves all

this Lincoln has all the game and listen

the dudes in the house are hating it

they're like whoa well he always has to

bring attention to him so no no no no no

he has better game than you do that's

why you're pissed now here's the thing

she's not gonna marry Lincoln and again

we'll get into that more in a little bit

but she definitely wants to fuck him and

she might stay tuned for that next is

Chris I can't fucking stand this dude

man this dude got a text from someone

who allegedly had fucked one of the

other bachelor contestants okay and said

that this other guy is a creep and he's

he's a bad guy what does this

motherfucker do he runs to Becca and

says well I don't even know what the

guy's name is he well well yeah yeah I

got a text message for a you know a girl

that was involved with with when X Y Z

guy over there and she says he's a bad

guys here for the wrong reasons and what

does Becca do he's here for the right

reasons and Becca eliminated the dude

that Chris talked shit about and

rewarded the Bata behavior this guy got

information from this guy got

information from a woman about another

man so what's he do he sells out the man

dude that is bit this beta tell 101 dude

I can't fucking stand guys like this who

gives a shit if he's not here for the

right reasons girls aren't stupid

they'll figure it out I can't man I this

is probably the guy that I that I that I

like the least run it look well I got it

fucking hell and she rewarded him for

the beta behavior next is Connor Connor

is kind of a nobody but he showed he

showed a little bit of immaturity and

insecurity by breaking a picture of

Lincoln and Becca Lincoln had cheated

his way to victory in in one of these in

one of these competitions and he kept it

was it was

was funny Lincoln was he was taking the

picture putting it out you know here's

my picture you know me and/or he's in

abruzzo here's my picture of me and I

know me and Becca are gonna get married

we're gonna have you know 20 kids and

we're going to name them all Lincoln

blah blah blah blah blah and for

whatever reason Connor couldn't stand it

and the reason why he couldn't stand it

is again because he clearly saw that

that that Lincoln had all the game this

guy has more game than me

so let me pretend that I'm mad at this

picture and break this picture try to

break his frame okay it's a cover-up my

insecurities about the fact that he has

better game than I do now Lincoln of

course did the beta thing and he went

tattled on Connor but but again Connors

a non-factor he's not winning again

non-factor he's a nobody

next is John John is a software engineer

at a San Francisco he is listen he's the

typical Silicon Valley guy with a

shitload of money but zero game now John

has lasted a little bit longer than I

thought and he listened he really

surprised me in the lumberjack in the

lumberjack group date last night they

were you know they were chopping

chopping logs and you know turning over

logs in this net and he he didn't really

look like a very big guy but he he had a

lot more strength than I thought he

ended up when and you know some sort of

trophy or whatever for winning the

challenge because Becca says well you

know you surprised me so hey you know

good for him but like I said he's not

winning and he's lasted longer I thought

but but he's not a kid he's not a

contention next is Blake um Blake I got

things going on in the background here

next is Blake Blake unfortunately he is

falling hard for Becca he's falling too

hard too fast and he has really shown

his thirst you guys you can see it in

his eyes you can see it in his face the

anger and the frustration when other

dudes talk about their experiences with

her when other dudes talk about kissing

her like he's all sullen looking I can't

believe he kissed her oh my god and he's

already called her his girlfriend guys

listen they've talked about baby names

and then he's like oh my god I love boys

names for girls he opened up about being

cheated on which which don't get me

wrong a lot of the guys in the show have

but he dude he went in to come he went

into total detail and he told her the

entire story from from top to bottom

and Becca looked impressed but she

clearly was not guys listen never reveal

your insecurities and vulnerabilities to

a woman ever what's gonna happen to

Blake is Becca is gonna end up

friend-zoning him because it's just not

man enough he he is mentally and

emotionally fragile and at some point

Becca's gonna figure this out and I'm

telling you right now he's not gonna

handle getting rejected well at all he's

not gonna handle the elimination well at


next is wills now Will's exactly one of

my favorite dudes on here

he's a graphic designer well-spoken dude

laid-back like a motherfucker man smooth

deep voice man got his sense of humor

dude wills is a cool fucking dude has

the coolest name on the show he might be

the Dark Horse because it appears that


it appears Becca might be taking him

seriously for something other than just

you know a fuck-boy now that could be

the result of what happened last night

he was the one that went on the the

individual date after everything went

down with Shawn long last night and I'll

get into that a little bit later but

yeah watch out watch out for watch out

for wills I think he's gonna go far this

competition again he's not gonna win but

I think I think he's a dark horse most


then there's Leo Leo is another

non-factor he you know he's listen he

basically he's the Brazilian Fabio

beautiful gorgeous hair he'll probably

get a shampoo endorsement out of this he

looks like he looks like the guy on the

cover of every Harlequin romance novel

ever he's a big strong guy wins a lot of

the physical challenges but he's got

zero game and I don't really think he

likes Beckett too much to me to be

honest with you I think he's probably

just along for the for the for the trip

the free meals in the TV exposure we'll

see then there is David David is he's a

25 year old venture capitalist so he is

loaded now this guy showed up in a

chicken suit and the interesting thing

was and this is you guys got to go back

and watch the first episode because this

was shocking when he had on this chicken

suit this dude had listen other than all

of the black guys that were there that

had the game in the swagger and I'll get

to that in a little bit too

this dude had all the game and all the

swagger like he was sitting on the couch

with his arm out in the chicken suit you

know drink you know drinking his wine or

champagne or whatever he looked

completely comfortable in his element

matter of fact he was busting Jordans

balls in

again I'll get to Jordan here next now

Jordan is a male model he's sitting

there in a thousand-dollar suit and

David is in a chicken suit and

straight-up owned him that first night

dude me and my girl cracked up laughing

it was unbelievable

but as soon as that chicken suit came

off his entire frame went right out the


now he has this rival we he's got this

rivalry with Jordan they're going back

and forth like like a couple of little

petulant fucking schoolboys he's

insecure he's not showing as much swag

if he wants to stay in this competition

he might want to just put back on the

chicken too because that's when he was

that's when he was the most attractive

then of course there is my man Jordan

dude I fucking love this dude man Jordan

is fucking crazy

this guy is delusional he has no sense

of reality he's immature

dude that the shit that he says is

fucking away she's like you know what I

got like a professionalism I'm a male

model and I talked to God everyday he

said fuck you like this guy is

absolutely crazy

Jordan is Zoolander I'll say it again

Jordan is Zoolander Zoolander is now on

The Bachelorette he listened he is

definitely not winning but I hope this

guy sticks around because he really

makes watchin the show a lot of fun the

shit that comes out of his mouth is just

nonsensical it is television gold that's

television magic he will definitely be

on The Bachelor in paradise and the

bachelor in paradise is basically where

they send all of the worst bachelor and

bachelorette competitors and just let

them fuck their brains on until they

pair off and whatever but I am all-in on

Jordan then there is Colton Colton is

the all-american listen look at him

right he's the all-american guy he's

tall great looking square jaw

professional football player loves kids

loves dogs has a foundation now here's

the thing about Colton other than

everything else that he has going for


he is pre-selected would you like to

know why because he fucked Tia

from The Bachelor Tia was in the top

four of The Bachelor as you guys can see

she is hot she's 26 years old I think

she's from Arkansas so he told Becca

that he told Becca that he had fucked he

says listen listen back I want to come

clean had a relationship with with Tia

you know we had some fun it was just a

weekend lover blah blah blah now

Becca acted all couldn't

and I'm using air quotes for those of

you guys listen guys listening because

she thought that he may have signed up

for The Bachelor because he thought that

Tia would be the next Bachelorette Beca

act all concern and said well if he's

not here for me I'm sending him home

knowing damn well she was lying to

herself the funny thing is is on the

group date all she could think about

after he told her this was Colton she

said well I'm here with all these great

guys on this date but all I could think

about his Colton oh my god gentlemen

this is the red pill on full display

girl finds out a guy fucked one of her

hot friends and she instantly became

more attracted to him then when they got

a loan he gave her some bullshit story

about how he's really there for her and

of course she bought it dude he didn't

even have to be convincing and trust me

he was not all she needed to hear was

what she wanted to hear and she was

gonna keep him around Beckett was never

going to eliminate Colton even if he had

said to her well look I came here

thinking you were Tia you know but you

know while I'm here she probably was

said well that's in the past he seems

genuinely interested and I guess I'll

keep him here give me a break dude look

at the guy she was never going to send

him home of course she was gonna keep

him around all he had to do is stay

awake and feed her whatever bullshit

story she was looking for and he was

gonna stay the Laska I'm gonna highlight

is Garrett this is my guy this is one of

the guys I'm pulling for he is from Reno

Nevada go aces listen again all-american

guy he's an outdoorsman he hunts fish

hikes tall good-looking square-jawed etc

now interestingly enough Garret rent

calculated beta game on night one by

showing up in a minivan on night on the

first night and to show her that he's

ready for a long-term commitment

commitment with kids now it worked

because he got her first impression rose

and first impression roses are usually a

pretty good indication of how far the

contestant goes I think the last three

winners of the bet and this was only

this this is the first season of The

Bachelor I've ever watched but I think

the last three winners of the

Bachelorette got the first impression

rose on night one so things are looking

good for Garrett speaking of which here

is my prediction you heard it here first

your two finalists are Colton and

Garrett book

listen they both embody the typical

Anglo ideal every dude every girl in

America wants to marry these guys this

guy they're both tall they're both

good-looking they're square jaw be

they're the all-american guys love to

bring them home family pictures

beautiful kids athletic listen Becca's

eyes light up brighter with these two

than everybody else by a long shot so

you heard it here first

Garrett and Colton are going to be your

two enough man okay that's kind of easy

to say because now we're halfway through

the season but hey you know it's 12 to

15 guys left to be able to whittle it

down to two I get myself credit now some

quick observations before we talk about

last night's episode number one Beca

fucks black dudes y'all like for real

listen if she didn't if she had never

been fucking with niggas fuckin with

black dudes then they wouldn't be there

of the 28 bachelors that started out on

the show seven of them were black that's

1 out of 4 that's 25% so and it was

interesting because her it's hooker I

think - Rose ceremonies after the front

like the first night think she limited

like five guys and then it took her -

Rose ceremonies after that to eliminate

the first black guy right so we know

that we know that Becca's taking a ride

on the black cock carousel without a

dyke oh my god Donovan you don't know

yes the fuck I do know if she had never

fucked with niggas in the first place

niggas would not be on The Bachelorette

you can believe that if she had never

listened if she had never slept with a

black guy guess what dude she listen

she's trying to get married she's not

bringing those guys on if she had never

messed with black guys before nothing

wrong with it cuz listen I'd fuck white

girls too I'm not saying I'm just saying

Becca fucks with niggas y'all here's

another observation that I recognized

very quickly the niggas brought the game

with the exception of Jean Blanc and

we'll get it we'll get into him in a

minute dude all the black guys they were

bold they were forthright they were

confident Christian set up a basketball

goal and dunked on her which Becca

absolutely loved ricky was salsa dancing

with her you know clay Harbor did a

touchdown celebration with her and then

kissed her Lincoln listen I mean he just

used physical escalation in physical

contact all on the first night and the

white dudes are stand around like

what the fuck it was it was so funny to

see because they're like well you know

um you know Lincoln is just a clown like

oh he's just here trying to get

attention nah brah once again once again

you saw the niggas we're bringing you

saw the niggas we'll bring in the extra

tight game you ain't got that kind of

game you ain't got that kind of

confidence so you're hating on niggas

that do it's okay we get that all the

time but you got well obviously you

can't keep it real you can't say well

the blur occurs with all the game on

national TV but that's what was

happening it was listen it was

crystal-clear on night number one listen

listen dude All Things Considered white

girls prefer white guys I've said it

before and I've said it again but guess

what black men man for man dude we got

we got more game than white news that's

just all there is to it and that was on

full display on night one and Becca was

eatin that shit up listen like I said

dude the niggas had all the game and

that's why I took her to shows to

eliminate the first black dude call it

what you want it is what fuck it is okay

so now the introduction and the

background is done so let's get into

last night's episode and like I said

guys I'm gonna be breaking down the

these episodes I'm gonna be breaking

down these episodes weekly let me let me

jump on Facebook here make sure that my

feed is still going strong

very good all right again I you know I

listen to making upgrades I'm paying for

all this software all right very good Oh

excellent excellent excellent very good

so we've got comments their head

Lattimore's says the show does turn

niggas in the bitches environment is

incredible that man I'm telling you man

I'm man I swear to god it's just uh yeah

it's it's unbelievable anyway anyway

okay so it a people to me uh let me let

me try let me check Twitter shout-out to

Ed Lattimore by the way looking forward

to meeting him at the at the 21

conference probably the only probably

the only man I would ever be physically

afraid of guys a heavyweight boxer I've

been in plenty of fights I've won more

than I've lost but he's every way boxer

so but you know all jokes aside man he

he's a good dude I'm looking forward to

meeting him all right all right enough

of me enough of the jibber-jabber let's

get into the meat of the situation like

I said I'm gonna be breaking down these

episodes we've got all the background

information I don't have to do this

again I'm gonna be breaking down these

episodes every week from here on out so

let us go

head and breakdown let's go ahead and

break down the episode from last night

as I wait for my internet to catch up

here forgive me my team and my internet

like I paid for this upgraded internet

and and the feed is going is go at all

right I'll just listen I'm recording

this so I'll probably post this up

anyway so last night's episode there was

a group date you know they did this they

did this lumberjack challenge you know

Jean Blanc couldn't chop the wood and of

course that you know was the beginning

of the end but the interesting thing is

is Jordan the pretty boy showed that he

could chop the wood like he showed it

was interesting because everyone's like

oh you know Jordans is pretty boy he's

this you know he's this boy toy he's

this he's this boy toy a male model and

dude he got up he swung the axe chopped

it right into and listen I think that

impressed everybody I definitely I

definitely think chop the wood like he

showed it was interesting alright there

we go but yeah he impressed everybody

even myself I clearly did not expect him

to do that so anyway so then there was

the but Jon like I said the Silicon

Valley guy he surprised me because he he

he is clearly a lot stronger than he

looks like I said he was the one that

got the trophy because he chopped the

wood he's you know flipping over the

logs like he clearly physically he was

the most surprising physically there so

after the group date that was irrelevant

what really what when the fireworks

started was when the group date moved to

the inside ok and what ended up

happening was that this is what happened

with with Jean Blanc who is now who is

now eliminated from the show you can

probably do you can probably do a do a

quick search to to find out to find out

what happened but I'm gonna break it

down here and I do apologize I do

apologize for my internet issues here

guys I don't know why my internet is

slowing down it's starting to get on my

nerves anyway um let me just go ahead

and get through this because this is uh

give me a second guys

all right I'm gonna take guys I'm gonna

take a quick timeout give me about 30

seconds I need to go and I need to go

and address this I'll be right back


alright guys let's see here

ok alright I'm back hopefully hopefully

that fixed the that fix the issue anyway

so the whole issue with Jean blog that

went down so they get together he and

Becca they get together and they you

know they're talking on the couch like

they do to try to sort of build you know

build attraction they're talking to one


etc etc and what ends up happening is

that he says to her I bought you a gift

okay and this was not the first gift

that Jean Blanc had given to her so

every time he every time we turn around

Jean Blanc is giving he's giving Becca

gifts I mean it was just it was it was

unbelievable like every time we turn

around I bought something for you so

anyway he said I got a fragrance for you

and I apparently he's you know he has it

in with like a cola he's a Colonus or or

something like that and so he created a

fragrance for her and put her name on it

called it Becca something then he leaned

in for a kiss right no problem

Becca said it was awkward because he she

says he did it because he felt like it

was time no you're just not attracted to

him and that's okay but we know girls

are never honest guys Becca I lost

attraction to him when he kissed her and

you could clearly see it she wasn't

gonna tell him that she she was gonna

tell him that she is simply just not

gonna give him a rose clean break no big

deal more importantly Jean Blanc showed

the flawed and weak minded mentality

that most men in this country have and

that is I am a man so I am owed sex if I

do things for girls gentlemen women

don't owe us shit having a penis does

not entitle you to pussy any more than

having a vagina and titles women to the

best men that is an ironclad truth and

listen I'm here to tell you you know

deserve shit as a man so in this day and

age women don't need us financially ok

attempting to buy a woman's affections

is the quickest way to kill attraction

and listen you could see it on Becca's

face when Jean presented her

with her wit with her own customized

Cologne if you guys are watching there

she is she does not look impressed if I

buy girls things they owe me sex he gave

her the perfume then he went in for the

kiss guys girls pick up on this stuff

this is why Becca called it awkward she

knew this is why he went in for the kiss

he she felt that he tried to buy a kiss

from her and subsequently her affection

so the whole thing got awkward for a

little bit and Jean is trying to dig

himself out of the hole but then Leo

thank God he interrupted so you know he

leo interrupted and literally saved Jean

from hanging hanging himself at least

you know in the short term but then

later on Jean interrupted Becca and

Lincoln so he could try to redeem

himself for earlier he made some small

talk but then he told Becca he says

Becca I think in some you know I'm

paraphrasing he says Becca I think I'm

falling in love with you and that was

the nail in the coffin

not because he told her he was falling

for her but because she was not

attracted to him gentlemen if Colton or

Garrett had told Becca that they were

falling in love with her she'd be over

the moon but she's not attracted to John

she decided that he was going home after

he pulled that bullshit stunt earlier

with the perfume and the kiss and to be

honest with you she probably decided she

probably decided she was in a moment

after he couldn't split that log with

the acts of the group date now so she

says well this is all too much and too

fast which is code for I don't want to

anymore women want to be sexually

harassed by men they're attracted to not

the men that repulsed them this is why

women allow Kevin and sales to flirt

with him and smack their asses but then

when bill and a county walks up and says

hi she runs to human resources

so anyway Becca decides to pull the plug

and tells him it's over she's sending

him home so she's walking him out and

this is unbelievable

so she's walking him out and before he

pushes the door open he turns to her and

says well what about the gift and that

solidified his mentality he was

literally saying to her I bought you a

gift and you are sending me home you

should keep me here because I bought you

a gift

Becca gets pissed because she now

realizes who he really is and is

repulsed by him as all women are when

men reveal themselves to be this way so

there's a little more back-and-forth and

Becca says well she says well I'm

sending you home because you told me

you're falling in love with me and let's

just do much for right now again listen

red pillow we're men we know that's not

the real reason but Jean isn't handling

the rejection well and she's just trying

to get and she's trying to get him the

hell out of there so he can save face

then he says to her well that's not

really the case that's not what I meant

and now Becca had her reason her reason

her story to tell everyone as to why she

kicked him out now she got fake man said

oh she's like oh my god you told me

you're funny I was me and now me you're

telling me you're not this is like re

all over again

now then she turns into a drama queen

she makes this huge scene after she set

him home and then told the guys like she

called everyone together

I feel so disrespected if he can't be

honest with me then I don't want you

here she knew John didn't mean what the

hell he said she never believed what he

said and she knew he didn't believe it

she knew that he said that because he

was desperate and girls detest desperate

men again if it were Colton or Garrett

who said I'm falling in love with you

and then said maybe not then she would

have been pissed because she likes those

guys but she wasn't really pissed at

John because John because she didn't

want him in the first place he let her

off the hook with his thirst and his

desperation in his validation seeking

after he after she told him that she was

sending him home guys he was pathetic

dude it was sickening he's negotiating

with her he's trying to keep the

conversation going he's asking why and

why can't we start all over again dude

dude fucking repulsive and pathetic dude

as I watch this I was embarrassed for

them I was shaking my head like dude

stop it already man dude shut your mouth

preserve what little dignity you have

left and get the fuck out of there she

doesn't want to man this is what happens

with went this is what happens with

women who are not honest with their

feelings about men they make up excuses

and the guy always wants to object

because she's not telling him the truth

which is I don't want you just say I'm

not attracted to you anymore what's a

guy gonna say to that I remember a

conversation with a girl that I used to

know in Vegas she's like yeah you know

I'm seeing this guy and

you know like I told him that I'd want

to see him anymore because of my

schedule and he keeps coming back I was

like we'll deal like that she's like

well no I was like then why don't you

just tell him that well you know I know

don't be nice you have to tell him I

just don't like you anymore because if

you tell him it's the schedule what is

he gonna try to do he's going to try to

adjust his schedule just keep it real

Jean block gentleman was an Omega male

of the worst variety he had bad body

language not an ounce of confidence he

was wide-eyed slouch shoulders he hung

on to Becca's every word he pedestal

eyes her validation seeking guys he was

fucking pathetic dude I felt sorry for

him I really fucking did he was the only

black guy there with zero game and we

all know that there is nothing more more

unattractive than a black beta male so

then the next day she has a date with

Willis and because wills he had the date

with wills the single date with wills

now and he wasn't there so he didn't see

all the drama get down but but again

listen she'll give black men a chance

but she's not going to marry one and and

listen here's another ironclad truth

right so Becca's got several black guys

there no problem 25% I think there's

still a few of them left guys

she'll give the black men a chance but

she ain't gonna marry one of these guys

man dude she'll fuck Lincoln she's not

gonna marry him Miriam she'll fuck wills

she's not marrying him dude don't fuck

with the black guy she'll give him a


bla bla bla bla bla dude she's not

marrying a black guy and anybody who

thinks well Becca might just true know

Becca's not going to choose a black man

she's not gonna do it she's gonna have

her fun with the black guy she's gonna

marry the white guy alpha fucks beta

buggs this is on full display dude look

at the way again look her pores are

oozing with arousal when she's around

Lincoln and around wills right around

the niggas with game but then when she's

around guys like Colton and Garrett no

that's that that's that forever type

shit like I could marry you I could fuck

you Lincoln cuz you're a good-looking

hot black guy but these guys Colton and

Garrett over here I'm gonna marry you

she's not marrying Lincoln guys she's

not marrying wills she's not and listen

any black woman or black guy out there

who's who's watching this thinking oh my

god what if she no there is no what if

Becca is going to marry a white

that's just all there is to it that

doesn't listen that doesn't make white

guys either better or worse than either

one of us this is just how it is it's

the way of the world that's gonna do it

for the first official edition of the

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