The Carnivore Diet: 2 months in (Episode 326)

Keto diet expert Pine joins me to discuss his 2 month experimentation with the Carnivore Diet.




the fat off onto the plate and I'll lick

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to watch the rest of the episode when

someone decides to undergo the carnivore

diet what length of time in your

experience that you've heard what length

of time do they undergo the carnivore

diet like i mean do they like how long

do they intend to do it um see i'm I

really don't know most people yeah

there's a lot of guys on YouTube and a

lot of it's anecdotal it's like you see

a lot of these 90 day challenge is I'm

doing carnivore for 90 days and then you

have the people who have had copious

amounts of you know gastrointestinal

issues or you know all kinds of issues

and likewise they only intend to do it

for 90 days but they end up staying with

it just because they like the effects

okay I have two people in particular who

been asking me about it and they started

doing it one is a follower in this chat

Kevin Ibanez he's doing it and doing

great okay ah and then I have another

guy he's doing it and he has suffered

from distension in the gut he suffered

from depression from all kinds of major

mood issues and I can just tell by

talking to him since he started the diet

his mood is increased

everything is just that much better in

his life I've actually heard similar

effects with regards to reducing and

eliminating depression when it comes to

the gluten-free diet have you heard

anything about that yeah it is

I've heard about that and I've not

really done much research into that but

I they say it has something to do with


in the gut and the gut microbiome huh so

I can't really speak to the mechanics on

that because I'm not super well-versed

on it okay all right

stay in your lane is Lavar ball likes to

say all right mm-hmm

all right so speaking of which and I

think you kind of veered into this a

little bit earlier what are some of the

adverse side effects if any of the

carnivore diet that maybe you

experienced or that you might have heard

of well a lot of people always have the

same adverse effect and that's a social

stigma being the only person there who's

not eating vegetables okay I mean I've

been eating fine I don't I don't have

any issues bowel movements are normal

right if anything I've got nothing but

benefits from it so I can't speak to any

any negatives on my side okay now I

personally I'm an attention whore so I

like it when people stare at me while

I'm showing on on four pounds of meat

you know right it's like an episode of

National Geographic with a whole bunch

of lines out of a zebra carcass what are

some of the reactions that you get when

you sit down with you know three pounds

of beef your colons gonna hate you yes

good luck ever hitting again yes right

you get all that stuff I mean yeah so

we're on the site right now right we're

no longer on YouTube Facebook yeah we're

I mean we're you know we're on the

website now so so we're okay cool chains

are coming up although all the formality

there it is let's do it yeah all right

so all these come up oh

you're a dumb you're gonna die

listen shut the up man

right I know more about my body than

your body and your doctor knows about it

right that's right now I'm I'm gonna

preface this I'm not a doctor I'm not a

dietitian and I'm not a nutritionist

this is just my opinions take take it at

your own risk

I'm not advocating you to do anything

I'm not telling people to run out and go

do this and then come after me no no no

no if you decide to do this do this on

your own volition because it'll love

it'll definitely make some big changes

in your life

I personally believe it's a it's

probably the best diet I've done and I

you know me I'm a rocker Kito advocate


I mean I still think Kito's

one of the best diets you can do as a

day-to-day person who wants to be

somewhat normal go ahead knock yourself


I'm seeing better benefits in here like

we were talking about you know I've

noticed not just the physical benefits

but the psychological benefits I'm much

more capable of reading body language

now Wow because it's a friend of mine

pointed out like it's almost like a

predatory instinct has emerged okay to

where I can sit there and I'm looking at

people and I see the movements I see the

facial expressions more clearly I'm able

to pick up on things even even just

small nuances now that I've been

troubling with for months just started

clicking and popping in so okay I can

see this stuff now Wow it's like I said

I think it might be triggering something

that's in the DNA sequence it's a

requires certain stimulus like a

high-protein diet okay and maybe it's

triggering something like that now this

is just you know speculation on my part

and and the problem with this this whole

thing is this whole diet is there's

nothing but anecdotal evidence there's

no actual hard studies because most of

the studies that are being done are

being done into plant-based and the

benefits of that now I won't downplay

that there are some people who benefit

tremendously off a plant-based diet okay

okay they're few and far between but

they do exist now a lot of the carnivore

guys that I'm watching now they're no

different than the vegans oh you

know me meets this means that beats the

Cure base the way it's like come on dude

you sound like a damn pig and nauseous

off you look so I'm not an

ideologue and I'll never I not try not

to be like if someone can legitimately

prove that what I'm doing is killing me

I'll stop if someone can legitimately

prove to me that with all intents and

purposes going vegan it would save my

life melet me live to be 130 years old

and I'll be banging bitches in antiquity


I'll line up and do it sure but the

problem is the research just isn't on

that side of things and you know like I

said there's very little if any research

done on a carnivore based diet so what

we have to do is just anecdotal

experiment for yourself and you know as

well as I do I'm down to experiment on

just about my cell phones with just

about everything that's

exactly right and I'll tell you what man

it's it's it's funny people don't give a

about each other right but I think

what they do what I think this is

concern trolling right like if someone

says oh your colons gonna hit you or

you're killing yourself you don't give a

whether you're killing yourself or

not they just want to be that person

who's that they just want to be that

person who comes up and just just gives

you a piece of their mind what you're

doing is wrong as I read it on the

internet and doctor said no I think

that's a bunch of just like I

agree I and it's funny like I said a lot

of the doctors their nutritional

experience was one class during medical

school and then the USDA guidelines

Coster they keep up on their wall like

do this and you'll be fine never mind

that since that guideline has been put

in a piece of these skyrocketed right

yeah right right um I actually have

let's see here there was a good question

in here that I want to do there's a

comment here from freelance roni said

there are tribal groups such as the

Eskimos and other native groups

throughout the world that have primarily

meat diets and they are indeed very

healthy people so that goes to what you

are talking about mhm yeah it does and

you have a lot of groups you have the

Inuit you have the Masai in Africa and

people always forget about the

Mongolians a lot of those people in

Outer Mongolia

I think it's inner mongolia right that

they don't eat vegetables very often I

mean they're mostly nomadic they raised

their her they raised their sheep or

they think they eat sometimes even eat

courses you know Wow so most of it most

of it's an animal based thing and I mean

hell they even make beer out of horse

milk I don't know if I'd ever want to

drink that

but there's a whole horse way to do it

so so they have low congenital health

defects I mean it's pretty impressive

and you know when you think about when

Genghis Khan was conquering the world he

is Mongols ran basically on meat right

when you look at it when they were

riding across the plains conquering most

of the known world they basically like I

forget there was an anecdote they said

they rode and basically ate the meat off

their saddles to keep going

damn so the amount of energy you can get

from animal products is ridiculous

animal fat isn't one of the most energy

dense foods you can get your hands on

okay I mean any even into antiquity you

know say we're even look biblically you

know they were slaughtering fatted

calves to celebrate things they were

never slaughter at slaughtering a fatted

eggplant to celebrate something so God's

a God I mean I mean even even if you

look in some of the ancient Greek myths

you know the fatty meats were prized so

it's just it makes more sense that

humans we grew up eating meat right

right and our oh and here's another

crazy thing a lot of the fruits and

vegetables we had today didn't exist a

hundred years ago really an item I wish

they were less sweet yeah a lot of it

was through genetic engineering of

course make a less fibrous more sweet

more palatable energy fish your food

yeah yeah more palpable but the problem

is you know that by doing that you

increase the you would remove the fiber

which contained a lot of the the anti

nutrients that are in most plants which

is something people don't know about or

don't even talk about they just think oh

plants are just good for you well why

are plants good for you well a lot of

plants they have this thing they have a

lot of toxins built in and developed to

protect themselves from rodents and

insects right right

toxic substances that will build up in

their systems and kill them up because

it can't run away so what do they do the

chemical warfare so and this works and

we do get some health benefits from

certain things through a process called

hormesis basically it puts these

stressors on the body and then your body

then reacts in a certain positive way to

the stressors rather than negative way

now that there's not that not that

there's no benefit to that there is but

what I found

cycling off all these plant-based foods

when I try and add them back in whoo my

reaction to those is strong okay look

like give me details give me details man

what kind of reactions are we talking

about because we've had discussions like

this before

well I started having brain fog or I

would have liked pain in my intestines

or feel like my like my intestines were

writhing at points Wow

kidneys would hurt I mean I would get

migraines headaches I had I had an acid

reflux flare-up and I haven't had that

in years man all because you introduced

plants during the carnivore diet yeah so

um even eggs eggs was causing me some

bladder crap yes eggs as soon as I

stopped eating eggs and we're bladder

cramping okay and then I thought about a

couple weeks ago I took a cheat day oh

and the results were disastrous I mean

my mental faculty was slow I started to

develop approach anxiety which like all

I remind me I would be that years ago I

it was so it was so weird like I was

having trouble talking to a girl I felt

nervous I I couldn't just walk up with

the jewel hey I'm a Guinness world

record holder line I show them a picture

with me and some random dude holding a

certificate yeah well small stick oh

that's brilliant

great I've never used that one before

man and I tell you what and if you hold

frame and then and she really you

really sell it she's kind of like

curious you see the curiosity of course

it's like can I can I can I see that

yeah but there's a costume you got to

pay to see it

what's the cop that's got to go in your

mouth there you go the cost is a cost as

a blowjob yep I got a question right

here now oh yeah yeah there's a little

bit of a delay well we'll fix that with

with my next software up right here got

a question have you done any lab testing

for blood sugars cholesterol etc um no I

have not not recently but I'm going to

here yeah probably next month I'm going

more off of how I field and what my lab

results have been okay because I felt

terrible and had great lab results which

I'm starting to really question the lab

results in general because lab results

are based on someone who runs a standard


there you go there so if I'm good within

that realm

I'm really not functioning within within

that within that metric so I could have

absolutely terrible results but the

problem is I have no basis or guideline

to go off of and you know if you're the

guy who's pounding down triple

cheeseburger is you know washing it down

with a half gallon of coke but you're

fine what works good that makes me

question whether or not blood work is a

very valid thing whether I'm the metrics

for the blood work we have now we're

good I'm actually considering going and

getting actual my heart checked going

getting a coronary artery scan to

actually have that looked at okay anyhow

that's treating me okay and you're doing

this strictly just so that you can see

you know what's going on how this is how

this is affecting you yeah yeah

initially it was just okay you know I

was on keto I know I'm getting all the

benefits but there towards the end right

before I switched over I started

encountering fatigue and stuff but I was

eating about a pound of lettuce or a

pound of spinach a day only to realize

that you know doing that is

exceptionally unhealthy for you holy cow

right right because the the phyto toxins

that let that spinach has has a couple

really nasty ones

it has ones that prevent it has I forget

the names of them one is a goitrogens

that prevents your body from absorbing

iodine so my thyroid actually started to

hurt a little bit oh I remember you told

me that so yeah yeah that's crazy man

and then another thing too is there's a

ton of calcium and spinach and but

here's the crazy part spinach also has

inhibitors that prevent you from

absorbing calcium so what you could do

eating enough spinach you can cause

yourself kidney stones

oh Jesus so that right there I'm out

yeah i doing people kidney stones I'll

have none of it no I'm not even no no no

no no dude like I've heard stories about

dudes passing kidney stones man you're

it's you don't want any of those

problems you do not want to need those

problems oh hell no oh hell no I am NOT

doing that I would rather I'd rather not

so yeah I'd rather be stuck in a

feminist rally have to listen about

trigger warning straight-up hey dude

that new I'll be wearing a shirt this is

what a feminist looks like I'll

do it I'm not going through kidney

stones that noise got another

question here I wouldn't do I wouldn't

do that

definitely well that's listen the loser

of our fantasy football league is gonna

have to post him post a picture of

himself holding a sign that says this is

what a feminist looks like I'm gonna

broadcast that on the show and I'm

hoping it's not me oh yeah oh man I'm

glad I didn't get in on that that might

go where I'm not a big football fan oh

well yeah yeah so which which would have

bail altum Utley defend me holding that

this is what a feminist looks like

that's good I would catch for that but

especially because I'm really

anti-feminist well sir and you know in

my area we have no shortage of them I

can't tell you how many girls who are

like I'm strong I'm independent I'm a

feminist and then it's like yeah and

about 20 minutes later I'm poking the

back of her throat yeah right we'll do


you're stronger than dependent that's

right that's right yeah you're good to


got another question here for you um

what kind of meat are well eating are we

eating be grass-fed beef only we eating

organic or doesn't matter the kind of

meat that you eat so I don't remember

the exact study or what the amount was

but so they did a because everybody

talks about the Omega fats profiles in

grass-fed beef right right and they

touted as grass-fed beef is this vastly

superior thing

well I forget what research did on the

profiles but it was I think it was point

two milligrams was the deviation

difference between brain fed and

grass-fed right okay so for me and I

look up the nutrient profile across the

board the nutrient profile did not

justify the $3 $4 price raise and you

know I'm not doing grass-fed because I'm

not huge on the taste of grass-fed I'm

not a big on the gaminess of it like

every once in a while I do enjoy it but

on a regular basis mmmm I'll stick to my

grain fed you know yeah bruised beaten

broken cows that are kept in small pen

giving a friend below yeah all that's

steroids all that yeah right yeah come

on give me that give me that

yeah give me the good stuff I don't know

if it was you or if it was Devon who

told me this or showed me I think it was

definitely showed me something on reddit

that said what the hell was it was

awesome was basically pets are pets are

animals that don't taste good

right I mean yeah I don't need them

we're giving it 100 where do you draw

the line right I mean you know I could

never eat my dog I may answer

I mean I've eaten dog before in the

Orient but you know whatever will that

be for sir yeah we do

beaten cat it's not bad man little game

is soy sauce

maybe a little barbecue sauce yeah you

know my time will not anything oh okay

by the powers flickering guys listen the

power is flickering here in Philly we've

got some serious thunderstorms we got a

flash flood warning so if all of a

sudden the feed goes out that's why I

don't know if you guys can see out my

window there but it's definitely

definitely doesn't look good out there

so if all of a sudden everything just

goes dark that is that's the that's the

reason why what types of proteins that

are the feminist hit squad kicked in

your door and drugged you out of the

house I wish to I'll tell you what I

wish those bitches would come in my

house catch a Georgia's old

would you know zan and what

is the what what types of proteins are

allowed so what about bacon like

processed animal products like deli meat

bacon etc for me it's simply a price

thing I go for the cheapest thing I can

get I go to Sam's Club okay and I get

the whole sirloin or the sirloin tips

okay for 288 a pound very nice I mean

and you I just went shopping today and I

spent a hundred bucks and I have food

for two weeks Wow

goddamn there's no entity that's eating

two to three pounds a day

whoo Wow dude dude you're an animal man

like eventually if you eat just meat for

the rest of your life eventually

eventually you will turn it to an animal

just bite this is a simple buy parent

would be another way to mean well hey

right God willing I already am there you

go what you're gonna

to bet too bad your life beat isn't

working we're the tightest shirt I

possibly had yeah oh my god I know my

you might my software's acting up but

but but like I said we've got some big

announcements I've already told you

about some of them got some big

announcements yeah but have someone

create some software upgrades and all


what is your t like rule zero dad asks

what is your t like what is your

testosterone we've been tested for

testosterone or do you feel stronger

more knee or how's it going okay so I

haven't actually tested my testosterone

last time I had a check that was

somewhere about 875 okay well yeah

though it's I'm really really good but

I'll tell you one thing my gym gains

have been tremendous yeah you talk about

the stench John up about 45 pounds in

two months okay which for me is

tremendous my dad left my squad have

gone up about 50 yeah you know my

shoulder press has gone up 25 I mean I'm

really killing it and I'm doing some

pretty intense workouts because I got a

gorilla of a freaking gym partner oh

yeah I mean that dude is insane he's a

straight beast but I know I'm able to

keep up like the other day we did a

crazy day where we threw in you know

squats for rep for weight and then we

decided ah screw it we're gonna go do

some stiff like a deadlifts which turned

into regular deadlifts for weight and

then we'd ended up doing you know t-bar

rows I mean we were just putting so much

message into it or so much weight into

it and then all of a sudden he's like

let's go try some pull-ups I thought it

why not I was able to bang out and

pull-ups before my arms gave out I felt

great I was like man I I'm actually

getting better energy and better

training ability than when I was on keto

the interesting thing is is that is that

we're starting we're finally starting to

understand that the regular processed

food we eat

it literally weakens us it weakens us it

gives us cancer choices shortens our

lifespan and people and people

acknowledge this yet when they see you

eating three pounds of beef at lunch

they want to make fun of you it's like

you can't it's like they want to have it

both ways okay the big bad food

corporations are killing us well okay

well let's take them to the carnivore

diet let's let's let's take it back to

let's take it back to the caveman days

but then they don't really want that


yeah well I mean people are so ingrained

and set in their ways you know how it is

people don't want to change there's no

different than these beta simps who want

a white knight you know yeah they want

it I got it you know they go beta and

you just like oh it whatever you

don't even try and save them you know I

tell them you know hey try this this

would be good for you and immediately I

get shut down right so it's like all

right whatever I'm gonna live my life

happy and healthy I'm gonna let you go

on with what you've been told and let

you die you I'm not people what is

the science behind the effectiveness of

the carnivore diet such as hormonal

effects well that's the problem we don't

really have any okay no one's done any

research into it I mean you get a lot of

anecdotes I mean you go to Sean Baker's

pod or Sean Baker's website I think it's

meat heals calm or something like that

yeah and you can look at all these guys

who have been doing it and a lot of them

actually believe it or not are X vegans

there are a lot of X vegans that you

know they just couldn't do the lifestyle

it was too destructive and they did a

lot of damage to their bodies as a

problem with my board made one of my

main issues with veganism outside of the

morality issues as is the fact that it

requires a lot of supplementation to

maintains 2% sustainability like what

you know I

you have to supplement a lot of B

vitamins like and you have to do a lot

of supplementation because a lot of the

essential vitamins you cannot get from

plants for the most part they have to be

the process and then you fall into

bioavailability issues right right

because they'll tell you like a vegan

will tell you oh there's more protein

and broccoli mistake and you're like

yeah but ok that's that's a legit that's

legit there's tons of protein and

broccoli but the problem is it's not

bioavailable for us because we don't

have the capability to digest it down to

that level right and just like a lot of

these superfood antioxidants people talk

about you know they always tell you how

goji berries well here's the problem all

right when you're it hits your stomach

acid your stomach acid is pretty

powerful stuff yes destroys 799 percent

of it yeah

it's not bioavailable and then they'll

immediately come telling you oh well

you're not taking vitamin C so your

skirt you can get scurvy well I don't

know my teeth are still involved my skin

is good the problem is they'll tell me

that meat doesn't have vitamin C well

that's it does it just doesn't

have it in the quantity than anybody

would consider it to be a viable amount

right so one of the major issues that

most people encounter would lack of

vitamin C is because if you look at a

vitamin C molecule and you look at a

glucose molecule they look practically

identical okay so they actually compete

in your body if you have tons of glucose

and tons of vitamin C they actually

complete for compete for the glucose

transport mechanism okay so it's it's

feasible that if you have too much

carbohydrates you could be taking in a

decent amount of vitamin C and not get

any of it

Wow so because I'm not taking in

carbohydrates I'm not gluten I don't

have loaded we're not loading myself up

with glucose my vitamin C levels yeah

they're lower but I'm able to use it

more efficiently okay alright and that's

what the name of the game is it's all

about efficiency right and you're able

to use it that's that that's a big one

too you're actually able to use it I got

a question here from freelancer Oney B

says I have access to wild game at times

what is your opinion on wild meat such

as venison wild boar also fish eat it

okay all right if it put it on the plate

man okay yeah it was huge wild game fan

because I'm not a big fan of the game

eNOS but I mean Chuck an elk steak in

front of me see what will happen

very good got another question do you

drink milk doesn't calcium help you

absorb iron um as far as calcium

absorbing iron I can't comment on that

okay drinking milk no I don't there's

too much sugar in it okay if you look at

it the amount of sugar that's in your

average everyday milk is ridiculous it's

like 20 grams per eight ounces

it's just too high way too high and I'm

still technically ketogenic so sure I

did check my ketones today after I woke

up and I was at two point nine mmm

Moeller so I'm just on the verge of

being back in regular ketogenic state so

yeah I still try and keep my uh my uh my

collar my carbohydrate intake down I

still try and maintain some level of uh

ketosis okay good as far as as far as

calcium I mean there's still calcium in

the meat Ivor once in a while I have

cheese but I have to have but if I eat

cheese I get itchy and that's another

thing I've noticed certain foods that I

used to eat a lot will like really

affect me the itchiness from eating

cheese last night I ate I ate about 8

ounces of sharp cheddar and I was

scratching like I rolled and uh oh man

why like boy did I believe a histamine

response is mad Jesus your body's

histamine responses are much more

intense now well not so much more

intense but more efficient okay

so I'm I've started it's really made me

look at what I'm eating and when I'm

eating so if it's a certain foods like I

try and cycle other foods in every once

in a while okay

so just recently I found I can eat dried


I can eat dried onions no problems oh I

will sprinkle those into my food okay

you know I I'm not I'm not a hundred

percent plant-based or not a hundred

percent meat based okay I do sneak in

some plants here and there because I'm

flavour you know sure I may be I may be

a hundred and eighty now but I'm still a

300-pound fat kid in the inside I still

want to tear it up of course that hasn't


but you know I every time I cheat I'm

reminded as to why I don't do it go

there you go yes now actually something

that did blow my mind is I broke down

and had a pint a halo top the other day

this look like it I want something

sweet because all the carnival guys tell

you Oh after after after a couple weeks

the cravings go away well no no they did

some cravings were still there and

they're still strong so I was like you

know what screw it I'm just gonna have

some halo top I had a pint of it I was

perfectly fine no itching of scratching

no issues no brain fog I was okay so

when I want to cheat I can have a pint a

halo top I'll be okay okay and again

that's you right like just because it

happened with you doesn't necessarily

mean that

gonna be the same with with everybody

else oh oh heavens no yeah right

so says so basically Darien mutters off

the table during the carnivore diet I

guess depending upon who you are

depending on depends on you I know

people who still use it some people have

a KC and sensitivity okay though you

know that's that's milk proteins I mean

try it for yourself now if I were going

to start this diet all over again here's

what I would do

okay I would start straight out the gate

eating nothing but ground chuck and you

know one of those sirloins I get from

Sam's Club I'd buy the whole sirloin I

slice it myself and I bring it out okay

and I would eat nothing but steak ground

beef and water and salt no other

seasonings it sounds boring as and

you know what I think it is kind of

boring but here's the crazy part you get

so used to it you're like mmm I'll eat

some steak and meat and salt and that's

all you need that's all you want

well the thing is is is that this a

minor your palate changes well exactly

not only does your palate change you

know what they say in the health

industry you have to eat to live and not

live to eat eating and eating is is a

very romantic experience for everybody

we have industry dedicated to fine

dining people associate food with the

good times in their life I'm a big

sports fan I associate that I associate

that with nachos chicken wings pizza etc

so any time we sit down to eat we feel

like it has to be an experience but

health-wise it's really not the wisest

thing to do so if if you really are

eating to lip it's not an experience

you're okay I have to feed my I have to

feed okay that's over with on what the

rest of my day

and here's another advantage to the

carnivore diet you don't have to come up

with a menu you know what you're eating

you're eating you're eating beef ground

beef salt water and that's pretty much

it yeah I mean dude I have a skillet and

I throw stuff in the skillet I fried up

crispy and then I eat it simple good

my prep time is is pretty

straightforward I like to make it fresh

every day

okay I don't like to unlike the pre prep

no not that way when I get to no way man

that's it then it gets tough and that

that's never a teat that's never any fun

or any good let's get along I mean so ya

going at ya let's get to some of the

some of the major naysay stuff of course

there are plenty of articles out here

there's one that was published in

popular science and you've actually

touched on it it said quote there are

some nutrients you can't you just can't

get for me to continues you need 13

vitamins and we're going to live and

though you can actually get most of them

from eating a variety of meats you're

going to miss out on some crucial ones

if you don't totally forego flora folate

along with vitamins C and E pretty much

only pretty much only come with veggies

mostly leafy green ones and citrus this

is why sailors used to get scurvy not

enough vitamin C and they're largely

fish and other meat based diets plus if

you don't get enough vitamin E in your

body you can't use vitamin K as well so

even though you're getting enough from

fish liver and beef you won't actually

be able to make use of it what see you

uh well I haven't even been so like the

organ meats like liver heart kidneys

they contain a lot of vitamins okay and

if this was the honest truth so like

they like to use sailors as a great

example of course and I take some

exception exception to that because

having been one myself course and you

know do it competitively so if you look

at the Taylor's a lot of what they were

eating was old meat that's oxidized it

was just not act in salt know that it's

basically yeah it's bad damn you're

rotten by the time they were getting it

but on a fresh meat diet where that's

not oxidized I mean you get the

nutrients I mean if that was the case if

anybody knows that vitamin deficiency or

anybody has ever seen it it's a gradual

destructive process it's not like you're

fine and then out of nowhere you just

drop I don't know you

he developed skin lesions your teeth

start to fall out right right and I'm

experiencing none of this okay I'm like

I said it's too bad it is too bad your

software's not working because I would

have loved to have done this you know

with the camera you know with me in

front of it showing you guys hey look my

skin is good I'm gonna tell you this

friend it listen I'm gonna tell you this

dude here's the thing man

um I think you're probably I think you

are I'm gonna go ahead make the decision

now you're gonna be you're gonna be my

nutrition expert because you seem to

know everything about everything and

that doesn't listen you're not a

nutritionist or a bla bla bla bla bla

but you know a lot like you know a lot

about the keto diet you know about the

you know a lot about the carnivore diet

and guys are always looking for that

edge the reason I mentioned that is that

trust and believe you will get a chance

to be on camera so you can show us those

pearly white shows that you're not you

don't have some sort of deteriorating

you know vitamin deficiency what about

the issue of fiber meat has no fiber yet

you know obviously fiber is crucial to a

healthy diet so what do you do for fiber

when you're in the carnivore diet don't

even worry about it

you don't need fiber to take a I

know I don't how do you handle can I do

about once a day okay huh how do you

handle eating out this is a isn't it sad

I don't ah don't go out there you just

bent it right in between the temptations

off of me to eat out for the cost of me

to eat out if I go to like a normal

steak house taking a three pounds of

meat is expensive so it comes out to

just about sixty bucks

loulou many bucks on those Wow so it's

actually cheaper for me to go to a

Brazilian steakhouse and pay forty five

to fifty bucks a plate need all the meat

I want then is for me to go to a regular

family restaurant so I just don't need

out like if I know people are going out

and they want to eat I'll go join them

and you know I'll just you know sit

around a laugh and and

with people and I'll maybe order a small

appetizer something if they got some

like seafood on the menu where I'll have

like some oysters on the half-shell

they're just live in a coastal area so

it's nice to be able to get a stirs and

I'll do that for the vitamins and that's

it that's all I eat or I just don't eat

anything at all I'll just drink glass of

water or a thing of unsweetened tea and

you're good to go you know if I went

yeah I'm fine if not you know resist the

urge to get a glass of sweet to you cuz

man I will tear that up and then the

rest of the night I have the shakes

right well

at all it all comes on the cost here of

course is another big one I think we

addressed this in episode 232 but the

whole red meat is problematic for your

colon and your heart

well those studies they've been debunked

although what is the whole red meats bad

for your heart thing the whole because

that goes back to cholesterol and the

lack of understanding cholesterol and

most people will tell you there's good

cholesterol bad cholesterol well no

there is an asshole there's only one

kind of cholesterol cholesterol okay and

you know people confuse LDL and HDL

high-density lipoprotein low-density

lipoprotein these are just cholesterol

transport mechanisms and based on your

LDL HDL ratios they can say okay you

have a high LDL levels that means you

probably have damage in your arterial

wall so we need to look for platelet

coagulation platelet blocking of the of

the RTA arteries yeah a lot of it's just

really bad information strewn about that

became myth and legend and then people

set out to prove that it's not just myth

and legend so if you go looking for

something you're gonna find it of course

and then it comes in to bias and bullet

and play and a lot of these guys who say

red meat is bad for you if you look at

the people who are on the study vegan

vegan vegan ties to a plant-based vegan

company vegan vegan vegan it's an agenda

so a lot of these studies it's like

really hard to take serious because when

you look at the researchers you realize

oh they're all plant-based biased and it

also doesn't help that no shortage of

vegan hit pieces get published on

Netflix oh yeah what the hell is one of

them yeah god yeah that was ridiculous

basically if we don't even go ahead yeah

what the hell what the hell made me want

to shake a baby oh my god it's like

everything had a problem chicken eggs be

salmon like anything basically anything

that wasn't green and grown and didn't

grow from the ground could basically

kill you like I remember watching it and

I didn't realize it until about halfway

there I was like oh my god like this is

this is ridiculous it's just

it's ridiculous

I got another gnarly a vegan hippie yeah

yeah um here's something that's kind of

off here is uh rule zero dad says he

learned today that probiotics it's

complete BS have you heard anything

about that

um no no but probiotics I don't take

them okay I now I see what my gut

microbiome natural leads okay what you

feed your what you feed your body is

going to affect your gut microbiome

right so if you're eating a lot of fiber

you're gonna get a lot of bacteria in

your system that that feeds off fiber if

you feed a lot of meats there's a lot of

bacteria that feed off meats so I've

never really done probiotics I never

really saw a reason to okay because I

never had the gut

but I think a lot of that can be

remedied with what you eat and I'm a

firm believer let the food be your

medicine right food is the best medicine

got another question here how was the

diet working with alcohol um actually

that's a crazy thing I stopped drinking

altogether Wow I haven't had the urge to

drink at all I mean I used to drink a


I'm just look back at my bar and I see

all these half-empty bottles and I'm

like I know it sucks so does it so do

you do you feel do you feel like the

carnivore diet took the the urge to

drink away like I mean do you think that

has anything to do there or is it purely

coincidental um I think it's just

coincidental because I have to

prioritize you know because I've become

health nut but lately and I have to

prioritize okay is it worth knocking

myself out of this or is it worth is it

worth taking in this this this toxic

substance that I don't know how I'm

gonna react to so it was more of a

cautionary thing on my part that just

ended up being a yeah I mean I've had a

beer between you know here and there I

had them one on my cheat day I didn't

feel any better or any worse okay okay

I just just just didn't do it so as we

as we round for third and head for home

here so let's say someone watching what

wants to start the car

or dying right they want to start

tomorrow give me sort of a timeline in

terms of how to survive that first month

what to expect the first day the first

week the first fortnight the first month

what kind of changes are your body gonna

go is your buddy gonna go through what

kind of urges you know things of that


okay so I'm gonna tell you right now

it's not too different from what you go

through in Quito you could get the Quito

flew on this but I I actually when I

went from Quito to carnivore underwent

they at the process again which blew my

mind I was like wait I'm already key to

adapted how am I going through this

again right well so that first at first

day I had this tremendous spike in

energy it was just like the first day I

did Quito I don't I just remember it

clearly like man I am bouncing off the

walls what the hell is going on here

right well and then came to Quito Jones

left in right and center and there I am

pissing out my ass there was it's you

know two or three days right right and

then all of a sudden everything hit at

level of homeostasis my energy levels

weren't super high for the first week or

so and then oh oh oh wait a minute hang

on a second

percent connection alright I get me get

pine back on here looks like the call

just dropped here give me one second and

I'll get him back on my apologies guys

I'm trying to get pine back on the

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question for him come on

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right that's him texted me now okay

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yeah this is wacky alright

bear with me guys yeah yeah Olivia back

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night man truthfully that's probably

honestly that's probably why I'm under

the weather today I'm a guy that gets at

least I'm a guy that gets at least seven

hours of sleep seven hours of sleep

every night and what is going on here I

don't have any idea this is weird

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all right guys

we've got just a few minutes we've got

just a few minutes left here with

pine-sol got a couple of real quick

questions that I'd like to ask him not a

great title blah blah blah okay there we


oh no no no got it there we are there we

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so basically I had to start II had to

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night blues here guys thanks for bearing

with me I appreciate it

I never liked having these but your show

now press ones

your show is scheduled to start in 34

second so in 34 seconds I'm going to

call Pine matter of fact let me go ahead

and call him up right now

all right so that is dialing pine as we

speak your show will go live in five

seconds for fine you are those three to

a mere one okay you with us yeah yeah

it's just block radio man it's it's it's

it's extreme it seemed to work it is it

is sometimes I get the static and I'm

hoping that that my that my new Mac

computer that I'm getting here next week

well will alleviate all of that but yeah

we'll figure it out and see what happens

anyway so what I was going to ask you or

what I was gonna I forget I forgot where

we left off but I remember you told me

about the carnivore diet increasing your

sensitivity to caffeine okay so how long

does it so we were so we were talking

about we were talking about the process

you know that you go through getting

used to the carnivore diet we can get to

the caffeine thing here in just a second

but how long does it how long does it

take your body to get used to the

carnivore diet to where everything is

functioning the way it's supposed to be

comfort wise anyway I mean for me it

took took about two weeks your average

person may be different

it just it's not there's no set in stone

guaranteed thing it's some people are

gonna be bred or some some people be

quicker some people won't great okay and

I guess it just depends upon your you

know body composition and all that and

just just your your own job yeah if

you're coming from a ketogenic diet it's

gonna be faster but if you're not I mean

you're gonna have to go through nikitos

the keto flu which sucks yes it does it

definitely sucks did you experience any

digestive problems during the first

month no no none at all it was real

quick okay okay very good now talk to me

a little bit about

about the caffeine sensitive sensitivity

exactly how sensitive how sensitive did

you become to caffeine it was super

super sensitive okay

okay very good what I would take I would

take a cup of coffee and I would be

shaking Wow holy smokes man yeah I used

to be addicted to caffeine I think it

would take a little more than that all

right we'll take one last question here

rule zero dad wants to know do you drink

bulletproof coffee no I do not

short and sweet man Jordans weed well

bye and listen man I appreciate you

taking the time and you know making time

for us tonight I do apologize for the no

no no absolutely man I I love to talk to

you guys about it because you know the

more the more people I can get doing

this the better and there's a lot of

misinformation out there you know I

would rather I'd rather have people

trying it out and you know seeing for

themselves thinking oh yeah this is this

a tub but totally mean right yeah so um

I was sorry I got a little stretchy

there yeah the whole thing on this is

I'm not trying to really spread it like

an evangelist does sure I just want to

see people get healthier and stop being

shitty living shitty lives and I think

if everybody could do that I mean I

think what a world it would be you know

right think if we could get rid of all

the fat feminists how awesome that was I

make them all skinny bitches

that'd be great we all around the

bead dads all right I don't know about

that I'll definitely pass on that and

I'll give you I'll give you uh I'll give

you uh your listeners another game

opener great one let's do it you know

you're talking to a girl and you find

out she's a single mom you always go up

to her and say yeah I had a kid once I

should be like yeah I was like yeah yeah

it wasn't very tasty though kind of

string they always love that I

think that shit's hilarious oh and

listen single moms are like shooting

fish in the barrel man

was the easiest bitches to bang out

there for sure uh the worst of creatures

man they are the other thing worse than

a single mamas only thing worse than a

single mom is a stripper and only thing

worse than that is a single mom that is

a stripper ha ha ha and about half the

strippers are single moms so that's

that's just any single moms or single

moms and don't know it yet if you know

what I mean

applying again thanks for having the

time first man you know on a on a on a

Friday night we will definitely talk

soon and I'd love to have you on again

summer brother absolutely all right man

take care all right that is pine AKA

heat ocean and like i said man he note

that this guy knows this guy knows just

about I don't want to you know I don't

want to see he knows just about

everything but I've never met anyone who

knows more about the Kenna genic diet

than this guy does and I remember he

called me up because you know we talked

usually you know maybe every other

Saturday usually right before I go on to

the red band room and I remember him

tell me you know what you know I've

heard you know I heard about this

carnivore diet that Jordan Peterson was

talking about on the Joe Rogan podcast

and he said listen I'd like to try it

and so that was that was a couple months

ago and here we are two months later

he's trying it out and nothing

definitive yet but it would appear that

it is certainly beneficial pine

certainly knows his stuff he does a lot

of experimentation with this body and

he's certainly not shy about trying

things out and he's very self aware like

a lot of people try different things but

they don't really pay attention to their

body and listen I'm guilty of that too

like I'll like I'll be feeling something

a lot of energy or I'll feel sluggish

and it never occurs to me to sort of

rewind and say okay what did i do

differently today that I did yesterday

or what did i do today that I didn't do

yesterday and pine is very good at

figuring out why his body reacts to

certain things if he's feeling a certain

way he'll be like okay yeah I had eggs

yesterday or I had you know I didn't

have salt today so he's very very good

at that that's why this get that's why

he is as qualified as anyone to talk of

out the the ketogenic diet oh and of

course the carnivore diet that's gonna

do it for this edition of TS r primetime

again my apologies for the technical

difficulties do you want to support the

show at no cost to you do all your

amazon shopping through my affiliate

link on my home page be sure to catch

the Redman group tomorrow morning at

10:00 a.m. 7:00 Pacific thanks for

listening guys we'll see you next time


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