Episode #257: The "Cougar" myth



Pornography and movies tell us that "cougars" are all hot, horny, and ready to fuck 24/7. The culture tells us that "cougars" are a man's best option because they're "experienced" and "don't have time for games." Any man who's had experience with these women know that most if not all of these assertions are patently false.



There are many myths and fables about these so-called "cougars" that get men curious enough to give them a try but what ends up happening is that their experience is a far cry from what they see on porn and in movies...myself included.

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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn

of course her parents don't have a

problem with me being black she's past

the wall get your fat ass off the couch

start lifting weights and learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut of red-billed truth wisdom

and awareness it is Wednesday May 16th

2018 I am going this morning I completed

my I completed one spin class actually

let me turn my head backwards here

because it's getting in the way looking

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the air today as as I often do my beard

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you know got a backwards hat but that's

okay it's not about the messenger it's

about the message so so fuck what you

heard anyway did my first spin class

today so as you guys some of you guys

know as I welcome in my Instagram live

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spin classes in one day I did my first

spin class at 9:30 this morning I put of

course I posted all of the posted all

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there we go I posted all the statistics

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they just so that you guys can can see

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number two so today I'm gonna I'm

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done two spin classes in one day I did

my very first spin class a few weeks ago

and it kicked my ass I went on the air

right after I did it and said it was the

most difficult it was it was it was the

most physically challenging thing I had

ever done in my life got listen guys

I've ridden my bike dude I've ridden my

bike 32 miles in one day ridden my bike

32 miles inland

I have dead lifted 375 pounds okay

I've squatted 350 pounds I've done I've

done extraordinarily you know I've done

things that are extremely difficult

physically challenging none of the none

of those things none of those things

were as physically demanding is

physically challenge challenging as the

spin class so I kept at it I kept doing

it I wanted to conquer it and lo and

behold I fucking conquered it so last

week I did eight straight days of a spin

class I went from Saturday to Saturday

spin class every day as a matter of fact

I did nine spin classes and ten days so

eight in a row nine out of ten so today

I'm gonna up the NE I'm gonna I'm gonna

really really try to challenge myself I

did my first spin class at 9:30 this

morning I'm gonna do my second spin

class at 5:30 this afternoon and I got

to tell you when I got done with with

spin class number one right around 10:30

11 o'clock 12 o'clock I was like you

know what I might I might struggle

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this but but I mean listen you know you

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started Captain Crunch 420 good to see

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decided there won't be a forest it's

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spin class is fucking difficult

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what's going on Jeopardy 99 Mozart gate

says looks like looks like you just

fucked someone's wife yeah I remember

those videos I'm Tyrone and I'm here to

fuck your wife that nigga is crazy

alright listen I just I saw a Tyrone

video recently when when he was slapping

cigarettes out of people's hands and

shit that shit was funny as hell man I'm

not even gonna lie not even gonna lie

good to have you guys in here so today I

am going to talk about I'm going to

discuss what I like to call the Cougar

myth now as most of us know Cougars in

America are defined as hot women who are

usually older women usually in their 40s

who fuck a lot of guys

more specifically guys who are much

younger than they are guys in their 20s

sometimes early 30s well a couple of

years after an extremely devastating

breakup and I'll tell you guys about

that here in a few weeks in an episode

here coming up soon I had a six-month

fling with a sexy older woman she'd

recently that she had recently been

divorced she happened to be she happened

to be 10 years my senior I was 32 at the

time so this is right after I found the

red pill I was I was I was 32 she was 42

now for me this was the first time I had

ever dated or gamed or fucked any woman

in her 40s now even though she was in

great shape and she provided me with I

guess we can call it good maybe

above-average sex

this woman was markedly different from

what I expected her to be now during my

escapade with will call her Marsha I

learned a lot about what good-looking

older women are really like similar to

rom-coms and pornography the way they

are depicted in television and movies is

a far cry from who and what they are in

real life

now Marsha that was she was my she was

sort of my de facto introduction to the

you know to the inner workings of the

fable then fetishized and fantasized

fantasized cougar okay and after I dated

her after we broke up she actually ended

up ghosting on me which was hey you know

you can't win them all I decided to sort

of I had a pretty good experience with

her so I decided to expand my age range

a little bit and I decided to game them

almost exclusively for a little while to

see if these women could offer me any

more than what I've been getting in the

past again I'm 32 years old I just found

the red pill I'm thinking okay well

maybe maybe I've been getting it wrong

maybe going after young hot girls like I

had in the past that kept getting me


maybe maybe these Cougars will be will

make better girlfriends maybe they'll

make better fuck buddies my time around

these women was both educational and

eye-opening okay so what I'm gonna do

guys and again what I fit what I found

out about them during my time around

them I figured out that they're not

they're not who they are they're not who

they're packaged to me okay the way

they're packaged to us and the masses is

not who they really are

so I'm gonna talk about seven myths that

were emphatically and I didn't and the

thing is is I didn't go out okay well

I'm a date and fuck a bunch of Cougars

Cougars so I can find out and tell the

world what they're really not like I'm

going in there no I didn't go in there

with an agenda I went in there with an

open mind and said hey I've heard

Cougars are great I've heard their this

is the herd they're that but after I

fucked with him for a little while okay

seven myths in my mind were emphatically

debunked and guys again this is based on

my personal experience with them I spent

about six months dating and fucking

Cougars all right now I may have hooked

up with a couple of younger girls during

that time but most of the women that I

was spending time with were in their

late probably in their late 30s maybe

early to mid 40s and like I said I

learned a lot about what these women are

like and so I'm gonna share my findings

with you guys today

chase Lobo says tarik would call this

Estella so I guess Estella is a black

version of a cougar I think

shut up to Abram outlaw I am big debo

says what am I Devo says what am I gonna

do another video with Minister Jeb very

very soon very very soon by the way my

um my girl my girl friend built Minister

Jeff's website Minister Jeb calm she

built his website from the ground up so

shout out to my girl for a building

minister Jeb's website ken says what's

up Donovan and oh by the way who's the

butthurt troll on my Instagram you know

what man like I ID'd something out by

saying something to the effect that you

know women you know loyalty is never

taken ever take a woman's loyalty for

granted a woman's a matter of fact let

me jump on there I don't remember what

it was anyway this guy was talking about

well men and women are both designed to

be polygamous and I disagreed with it I

said well no no no biologically speaking

men we're designed to be polygamous

women are designed to be monogamous men

we can hat listen we can father an

infinite number of children until the

day we die women can give birth to only

so many people for so long this is why

we as men are designed to fuck a bunch

of girls and women are only designed to

have sex with one man so he goes back

and forth and he's he's going back and

forth and he's you know we're know we're

both making points doesn't any other and

it became clear to me that he was he was

doing it he was doing a technique that I

call rounding in other words he was

bringing other he was bringing other

factors into players getting away from

the conversation and people when you

debate them online they always pull this

move so what I did is I pulled my move I

said okay look since you seem to know

what you're talking about let's debate

live on Instagram 20 minutes he says no

it's 10 o'clock here in Italy and I'm

and again so so anyway we went back and

forth you guys can see the string on

Instagram every single time guys every

single time without fail any time any

time I'm gonna debate with someone and I

say hey come on live and debate with me

they never take me up on the offer guys

listen I've done this no less than 20

times I said guys I have my own show

I've got my own platform anybody can

debate anybody we can do it on Instagram

we can do it on Facebook we can do it on

fine come on and debate with me you have

an Instagram I have an Instagram we're

both here let's do it

no excuse after excuse after excuse then

he went with the name-calling and then I

finally blocked him so yeah again

this is my rule my rule is that I'll go

back and forth with you for a little bit

but then I'm really gonna put your feet

to the fire okay you talk tough when you

have time to think about what your

responses are okay fair enough we're all

good in that way why does it come on a

debate live in real time okay debate

debate with me live and in real time and

we'll see where it's at nobody ever

takes me up on the offer

shut up - mr. brain says he's a big fan

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Wow Mastan 100 just said that that that

the guy that we're just talking about

the troll is now sending my followers is

now sending might as now Sen doing it

are now is now sending my followers

messages unbelievable unbelievable man

like it's unbelievable like eel again he

has all the time in the world to sit

there and and go back and forth with me

via chat via text but you don't want to

talk to me one-on-one with an audience

like you make all these good points and

he was telling me go to my website go to

read that now I don't care about

websites I don't care about YouTube

videos I want you I want to talk to you

okay they listen they always check it

out we called it we call this e thuggin

keyboard gangsters and the like alright

well let's get to what we all came here

for and that is debunking the Cougar


yes Captain Crunch for cities 4/20 says

it yeah my tweet was never forget that a

woman's loyalty is never permanent

exactly exactly

that's how it goes okay so let's go to

number one the first myth that was

emphatically debunked is all Cougars are

hot negative the truth is guys most

American women over the age of 40 years

old don't come close to passing the

boner test guys listen all of the years

of drinking Harding overeating writing

the cock carousel all of that eventually

takes its toll alright now the girl that

I dated before that was telling you guys

about Marsha she had an awesome body to

be sure there's no doubt about it but

even that didn't push her or any of the

other Cougars I messed with past a seven

I've never dated a cougar who has a 10th

never dated a cougar who was a nine

never dated a cougar who is an 8 they

were all mid to low 70s

now there don't get me wrong guys there

are plenty of great post law post wall

looking women but they are the outliers

I witnessed this firsthand when hanging

out with Marcia as most of her hot

friends that she used to talk about were

sixes at best now she did up a couple of

friends who looked better than she did

but they were both married which

obviously doesn't surprise me at all

number two the number of the the second

myth that was debunked is that Cougars

want sex all the time

guys this is 100% false anyone with a

basic working knowledge of the

biological differences between men and

women which obviously does not include

my troll there on Instagram they

understand that the average female

libido drops like a rock after thirty

five there's this myth out there that

says yeah men reach their sexual peak at

eighteen men women reach theirs at 32 no

no no no no women are not--listen women

are far less fertile at 32 than they are

at 22 right the more fertile they are

the horny or they are during their

ovulation period I'm not a gynecologist

I'm not some scientist I'm not some

doctor that's obvious

okay now Marsha she was 42 when I dated

her and even though we were together all

the time guys I fucked her maybe twice a

week at the very most I'm not kidding

another woman I had a fling with I think

she was maybe she was 40 or 41 I can't

remember she don't really have a much of

a sex drive either now no matter how

many milfs that we see in porn movies or

in sitcoms talk about how much they want

young and energetic cock at him 24/7

guys that's just not true okay remember

guys Cougars are women too they crave

attention and validation every bit as

much as the hot twenty two-year-old but

the older they get the less they put out

for it which leads me to my next myth is

older women don't play games and with

that I'm going to say goodbye to my

Facebook crowd if you guys want to if

you guys want to watch the rest of the

show come to donovan sharp calm i'm

gonna say goodbye to my instagram crowd

come to donovan sharp calm thanks for

stopping in guys i'll see you on the

other side

all right so so my Instagram crowd and

my Facebook crowd is now gone what I do

change up software guys I actually won't

have to do it on my phone on my tablet

anymore there I'll actually have like a

control center where I'll be able to

push the button it's a blue group and

then and then and then keep it right

here so myth number three

Cougars don't play games you guys never

heard this before

older women make better mates because

they don't have time for games guys

listen Cougars play mind games just like

other girls

okay they and again these chicks have

decades of experience fuckin with men's

mind and it is a skill that rarely

atrophies with age

guys listen I've overheard countless

conversations between older women dude

sometimes women in their 50s bragging

about how badly they mind fuck this guy

or that so if the main reason you're

wanting to enter the jungle and hunt

Cougars because you want a woman who's

gonna be straight up with you guys think

again these women are still overgrown

children who can't help but toy with

males purely for sport remember I said

this the other day women stop maturing

when they find out that men want to fuck

them okay that's usually about sixteen

seventeen years old let me become

sexually attractive the only start

maturing again when that male attention

dwindles so okay oh she's 46 she doesn't

have time for games okay yeah she has a

46 year old body she probably has the

mind of a 28 year old okay because she

has only just because because again

because again at 46 she hit the wall at

30 or she probably hit the wall at 30

she didn't figure out that she hit the

wall until she was 36 oh god now I have

now I have to I have to I have to

improve myself outside of sex so at the

age of 36

she had the MOT so at the age of 36 she

had the mind of an 18 year old well here

she is

at 46 year old at 46 years old she sell

us the mind of a 28 year old guys she

still has the mind in her 20s 46 years

old has the mind of one in her 20s okay

Cougars are every bit as flaky and has

and as high pergamus as any other woman

out there and they will continue to be

so until their head turning assets

shrivel up until their tits are down to

their knees and their fucking vaginas

look like hanging roast beef they're

gonna continue to flake and be bitches

and be sluts that's just all there is to




once the know hey where is ETA ETF 42 I

saw hcf 42 in here I think it was um

I don't know it was episode to 38 to 39

something like that but I haven't seen

him since

so need to reach out to him me to reach

out to him

unit the brown seed says black man's

revenge was excellent thank you sir he's

referring to the e-book that I wrote for

the Negro manosphere black man's revenge

the black man's guide to dating white

girls and other non black women

appreciate that Lorenzo Davis says the

pussy starts to get dry over 40 and KY

jelly becomes your best friend yeah

coconut oil fractionated coconut oil

works works wonders as well

let's move to number four Cougars are

easy to fuck anyone who speaks or

believes this nonsense has never fucked

a good-looking older woman and probably

never will okay listen you think a 42

year old who's been I fucked by every

man since the age of 16 maybe even

younger is gonna lift it she's just

gonna lift up her skirt if you just walk

over and say hello and buy her a drink

quite the opposite my friend guys listen

again years and years decades of men

fawning over her inflates her already

oversized ego to the point to where she

requires a lot more than just a few

pickup lines and parlor tricks to get

her to fuck you okay listen I say this

all the time good-looking older women

are much harder to fuck than

good-looking younger women okay the hot

twenty two-year-old is gonna be easier

to fuck than the hot thirty

four-year-old trust and believe I mean

listen I fucked plenty of both the hot

thirty-two thirty-four thirty-five year

old they are impossibly bitchy dude

they're just dude the juice ain't worth

the squeeze in that age range man so if

you think that Cougars are easy to game

guys think again dude and by the time

they're 40 Shh no way no way not

happening you have to have air tight


number five Cougars only one sexes in

other words Cougars never want

relationships they only want sex once

again guys Western culture and the media

rears its ugly head women grow old but

they never grow up guys the games and

attention whoring aren't going anywhere

and neither as a dud neither is the

desire for a relationship no matter how

strong and empowered they think they are

it's in their blood this is just how

they are

don't get me wrong okay a couple of

older women I fooled around with we're

in it purely for the sex I'm not saying

that that's not true but most of these

Cougars that I spent time with either

directly or indirectly angled for

exclusivity at some point or another

regardless of what a woman tells you her

and I listen I wrote a note an article

about this on Mitra manosphere calm

regardless of what a woman tells you her

endgame is always a relationship even if

she listened even if she doesn't go into

this thing with you with that attention

and vocalizes it to you her biological

desires will always win out in the end

trust and believe and here is O'Shea

texted me again


JW says a woman with kids and an

ex-husband is like introducing extra

players to the game definitely comes

definitely games for days with Cougars

absolutely unit the brown seed says I'm

outside the barbershop I work at now and

these bitches look like shit

rob crews of the house good to see you

in here

Liam m2 whoo I can't pronounce that I'll

call you LT this feels good to catch a

live stream absolutely Rob Cruz says

biggest lie apps listen in listen if you

guys have experience with older women

you understand them you get listen you

guys understand telling you the truth


Eddie Vega good to see you in here first

timer says good-looking older women

still think they look just as good as

they did 20 years ago and thirsty men

reinforced their beliefs guys man I'm

telling you man I'm telling you whit

listen good-looking women they are

always the last to know they've hit the

wall women hit the wall between the ages

of 28 and 34 yes there are women who are

still smoking hot at 36 years old

there's no doubt about it but these

women are few and far between but for

the rest of these women okay they're

always the last to know they hit the

wall oh I haven't fucked a guy I've

really wanted to fuck in five years it's

not me it must be then then they wake up

at 42 years old they're like oh shit

don't like to look at a picture of

themselves don't look at a picture of

themselves and they were 23 years old

they're like oh my god my tits are

sagging you know I've got wrinkles under

my eyes you know I've got arm fat I've

got you know I've got fat under my arm

like this jiggles right here okay it all

just hits him they are always the last

to know even though the world indirectly

tells them in no uncertain terms you are

not fuckable anymore they don't want to

believe it they are always the last to

know it acknowledge that they've hit the


number six there are plenty of Cougars

online dating sites are a great place to

find a hot and horny cougars now

personally guys I've never been on or or

signed up for online dating but I know

but I mean personally I know of plenty

of people who regularly engage in this

nonsense now one friend in particular

when I was down in Vegas said that he

wanted an experienced woman so he signed

up for Cougars online or some cougar

website or Cougar life or whatever the

case may be

listen listen I want to tell you guys it

was one abject disaster after another if

the women he went out with weren't

batshit crazy bitchy or just butt-ass


they were grossly egotistical and almost

never failed to demand that he buy them

drinks buy them dinner buy them gifts or

whatever the hell they felt like asking

for at the time here's the kicker guys

just about all of them were below

average looking dude overweight sagging

sallow skin too much makeup listen that

that was the norm with these old bitches

now he might have been out with a couple

who were he said that he'd been out with

a couple who are decent looking but

that's a rating which was likely skewed

by all the ugly chicks that he had taken

out okay but they were the ones the

decent looking ones they were the ones

that demanded that he pony up for the

$17 appletinis the moment they step foot

in whatever overpriced restaurant she

insisted on going to now

the point is guys is that the is that is

that the Cougar life is pushed on to

these women these women think that they

get better with age okay this is that

inverse projection well men get better

with age so so do we I deserve a $17

appletini I deserve the best of what men

have to offer nonsense nonsense

Kevin Stovall hey Kevin snowball haven't

seen you in a long while

so say Donovan gamblers unite but Vegas

will remain the gold standard hell yeah

hell yeah he's talk I assume Kevin that

you're talking about the recently passed

federal sports gambling law

I am Jax's dating sites are easy lays no

quality women jeopardy Clark says so

does a woman hit the wall when she

reaches a certain age or when she loses

her looks or both its when she loses her

looks okay

the wall usually comes between 28 and 30

years old give or take a few years in

either direction a girl who parties hard

does a lot of drugs drinks doesn't take

care of herself she's gonna hit the wall

a lot sooner and then a woman who takes

care of herself what the wall is coming

okay doesn't matter if a girl is gin

outlet was it if a girl has superior

genetics takes care of herself doesn't

drink doesn't smoke she's still gonna

hit the wall okay now she probably won't

hit the wall until 37 or 38 but the wall

is coming so the wall isn't necessarily

age specific but women all usually hit

the wall right around the same age

Miami Jay says any woman an

online-dating cougar or not has

automatically put in the fuck and dump

category 100% true straight up

Rob Cruz says dating sites give license

to threes and fours to act like tens not

worth it especially if you're paying for

us yo it is amazing that there are

dating sites out there that actually

charge people with all the free pussy

that women are given away on dating

sites they're actually dating sites that

get money from men and women all this

free pussy out there and listen guys

never ever ever hey for a dating site

don't pay for er me harmony don't pay

for farmers only these niche sites

farmers only Krista kites listen they're

all the same people say well I'm looking

for something deeper yeah as in a deeper


in that ass dude nobody an online-dating

is ever looking for anything serious no

matter what they tell you especially


LT says Cougars always try to treat you

like a kid yeah that's that that's that

fetish they have trying to be the trying

to be the you know the the the the head

bitch in charge couple of older women

tried that shit with me I wasn't having

it talking down to me I was like whoa oh

oh oh well it's it's it's not that kind

of party out here like watch your fuckin

tone like I'm not your kid

fuck out of here I stick my dick in you

fuck out of here

JW says the Wallace and defeated Wizard

pranks has take her to McDonald's hell

yeah that's all they deserve fucking


number seven the seventh and final myth

that was emphatically debunked is sex

with Cougars is awesome now to be fair

this one isn't completely false okay

women with experience are usually pretty

good in the sack now and the reason why

is because years on the carousel have

honed her ball draining skills to near

perfection and they are rarely shy about

showcasing that skill especially when it

comes to Sukkot listen older women can

sucks a bucket dick dude some of the

best blowjobs come from women over 40

that has nothing to do with desire

skilled listen guys that's just that's

his years on the carousel she sucked a

lot of dick so guess what she's

perfected it however one of the biggest

drawbacks is that an older woman's body

just isn't the same as a young woman's

body man now this may seem obvious to

people like us but the way Cougars are

exalted and pedestal eyes to the masses

undoubtedly leads to a lot of

disappointment when these bitches

actually take their clothes off the fact

is guys their vaginas just don't feel

the same yes they are a loser their skin

isn't as tight it's not as supple as a

young girl and you are and you and you

you are rarely able to pound the piss

out of them like you would a younger


now again there are genetic exceptions

to the rule I mean there's always

exceptions to the rule but by a large

the body of an older woman is not going

to elicit the same erectile response as

a younger woman this is basic math now

at the end of the day guys there are

there are a few advantages to gaming

older women but not enough to make them

your main source of pussy this is

something I had to learn on my own like

I said I mess with him exclusively for

six seven months I decided dad I think

I'm out on these broads right now they

weren't completely off my radar when I

stopped messing them with exclusively

all right

like I would spit game at him every once

in a while if the opportunity presented

itself okay but having been with my

share of these Cougars I've come to

realize come to realize that real-life

Cougars they only exist in movies and


so while women need to understand on the

other side that john cusack or bradley

cooper or whoever ain't walking through

that door we need to quit fantasizing

about this imaginary land of smoking hot

40 plus year old 9s and 10s with fake

tits begging us to raw dog them into

submission because like I said like

porns but like porn movies and rom-com

stars these women just don't exist


Rob Cruz says facts and they are Pratt

listen dude

older women low I can suck up me dick of

course you can you're 42 years old you

better chin I don't usually do this and

she makes you come in like 10 seconds

like oh god but you've never done this


fuck out of here with dead that nonsense

let's take a look at this sub

I'm gonna take a look at this this troll

that I'm dealing with here on Instagram

I blocked them and he is just the type

of dude who just absolutely is not gonna

leave me alone so now he is now he's

bugging you guys

ah wizard prank makes a good point he

says they confuse desire with

desirability to the point


yeah man yep he said that ignorant fool

message me

he replied to one my comments I said

this one guy's good good

yeah like we started we started talking

about the biological difference of men

and women and pull it you know polyamory

versus monogamy and he somehow made it a

race thing and up dude I'm in the dude

I'm in the middle and getting ready for

my fucking show like get out of here

with that

yeah whatever all these troll dude all

these trolls are the same in all these

trolls are the same and he clearly does

not look like his picture looks like

that's all there is to it

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR live i've got a spin class in less

than an hour it's gonna be my second

spin class of the day so I'm gonna do

two spin classes at one day if I survive

if I survive I might attempt to do it

again on Friday we'll have to see how I

feel and again if anyone is wondering

how is Donovan sharp at 40 years old

nearly 41 years old how is he able to do

two spins in one day guys I'm here to

tell you testosterone replacement

therapy and H th do TR th th men this is

why I'm able to do what I'm able to do

at this age thanks for watching guys see

you in 23 hours


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