3 reasons women forgive cheating and 2 reasons men do not

The vast majority of relationships end in female infidelity. Cheating. Most relationships don’t come to a nice clean ending, and it’s almost never an amicable agreement between a man and a woman. The typical American relationship ends when the male finds out that the female’s been cheating. He either catches or or she simply leaves him for her paramour.

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Now, yes, i’m saying Female infidelity and some people watching this might be thinking “well wait a minute, relationships end when men cheat too” and you would be right, but that’s the exception. When a woman leaves a man because he cheated, it isn’t the first time he’s cheated and it’s not even the first time he’s been caught. It’s that she’s finally had enough and her pride won’t allow her to stick around even though she still loves him. For a woman to leave a man he’s gotta cheat and cheat a LOT, and even then she’ll stick around a little longer than she should.

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the first thing I asked him as I said

well so what's the main difference

between running game on your average

black girl and white girls who act black

his response was quote the main

difference I think is that black women

are a lot harder to approach and strike

up a conversation with even if you see

even if you see that she's feeling you

for some reason black females seem to

take offense to being approached by a

black man out in the open so they tend

to make things difficult for you even if

you can see that she's attracted to you

he continues he says but we gets who

were obviously white girl swag black are

always receptive to game day or night

they act black on the outside with their

dangly earrings and crazy-ass fingernail

portraits and shit but when you step to

one all that wanna be black girl shit

disappears except for the way they talk

your man how is your boyfriend lucky to

have you you're fucking your boss what

you think she was gonna do tell you she

cheated you cannot out train a bad diet

never believe everything a woman tells

you she will always you're always broke

because you spend your money on dumb

shit every month if you've only slept

with five guys what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to this

edition of TSR live presented by happy

hippo herbals it is Thursday November

2nd 2017

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today

definitely definitely looking forward to

that it's just so hard to believe that

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away

like I said yesterday man time passes by

very very quickly to be sure

earlier today I released the official

donovan sharp not count formula listen

you can get a CARFAX report for cars so

there's no reason we can't get a whole

fax for women and you know this formula

is gonna give you the closest thing to

it so be sure to check that out if you

want at least some idea as to what the

mileage is on your woman's pussy before

committing to her long-term all right

let's get to it

the vast majority of relationships in

2017 end in female infidelity most

relationships don't come to a nice clean

ending it's almost never an amicable

agreement between a man and a woman the

typical American relationship ends when

the male finds out the female has been

cheating he either catches her in the

act or she tells him or he finds out

somehow now yes I am saying female

infidelity and some of you watching this

may be thinking well wait a minute

relationships and when men cheat when

men cheat - and you would be you would

be right but that's the exception when a

woman leaves a man because he cheated it

isn't the first time he's cheated and

it's not even the first time he's been

caught it's because she's finally had

enough and her pride will not allow her

to stick around even though she might

still love him in a lot of cases she

does for a woman to leave a man he's got

a cheat and cheat a lot and get caught

and even then she'll stick around a lot

and she'll sometimes stick around longer

than she should but all it takes is once

for a man to find out that his woman's

cheated and the whole thing is over it's

never the same after that women forgive

cheating at a far higher rate than men

do and I'm gonna give you the reasons

why so let's start with the three

reasons women forgive cheating number

one post-selection men who men here who

regularly consume manosphere related

content and material we're all we're all

very familiar with the concept called

pre selection for those of you who

aren't as familiar with the concept of

pre selection as some men pre selection

is when a woman becomes more attracted

to a man because she sees that other

attractive women are attracted to him so

for example if the girls at a party and

a guy walks in with a good-looking

female and other good-looking females

are crowding around him giving him hugs

cordial kisses on the cheek etc etc

so so what happens after that is his his

attractiveness is signed off on by other

attractive females and her mind and the

woman's - at the party she

subconsciously says to herself will

pretty girls like him so she so he must

be attractive and most of the time it

doesn't even matter what he looks like

he can be guys he could be as ugly as

homemade sin if a man is seen in the

company of attractive women regularly

other attractive women are more

attracted to him because attractive

women know that other attractive women

don't hang around men who aren't

attractive they don't know they don't

necessarily know what it is about him

when they see him but the pretty girls

who are in his company they don't have

to know okay women like her are signing

off on him which makes him pre-selected

that's that's what pre selection means

well what happens when a man cheats is

is post selection now let me be clear

here I'm talking about when a man cheats

with an attractive woman if a man cheats

with a woman who is ugly or or or fat or

less attractive than his main chick or

his wife she's gonna lose attraction to

him and I actually talked about this way

back in episode 20 entitled the ten

slide check commandments take a listen

if your main chick finds out about your

side chick and sees that your side chick

is ugly or fat your mainship will lose

respect and attractions for you if

you're fucking an unattractive or fat

chick she's gonna laugh because she

knows she looks better so chill so

she'll be hurt when she finds out but

then she'll sit back and think yourself


this chick is fat where this chick is

ugly and attractive women will women

will forgive cheating with attractive

women for a little while it gives them a

complex it hurts their feelings and they

don't like it

but so long as a man's paramour is

attractive she is much she's far more

likely to forgive him and stay with him

it won't be easy but she will because in

her mind she's thinking again

subconsciously well she's pretty and he

wanted to fuck her and he's still

fucking me so I'm still pretty and

attractive to him again this is all on a

subconscious level with women who women

who get cheated on can never explain to

themselves why they find themselves more

to their husbands and boyfriends but


is the reason why number two it confirms

attraction what in these days do their

level best to try to convince people

that they're different from most women

that they're somehow unique or special

in some way they'll say themes they'll

say things like well I don't care what

other people think or I don't like

trends but then they go right to

Facebook and talk about how awesome

their fake lives are then post a picture

of their unicorn Frappuccino like every

other woman

women are hive minded guys and what that

means is that they don't think

individually they think as one singular

brain if a woman sees that every other

woman is wearing something she'll buy a

- if a woman sees that every other woman

doesn't like something if the general

consensus among women is that they don't

like X Y or Z then she can't like it


I remember one girl I was fucking a

while back this is actually not too long

ago she says I know I'm not supposed to

like Kanye West but I love him and then

she talked about the reasons why no

nobody called this chick up and told her

and said hey you're not supposed to like

Kanye in case you haven't noticed she

assumed that she wasn't supposed to like

him because that's what most girls have

said that's that's what the general

consensus is among women she felt the

pull of the hive mind that every other

female subconsciously obeys without even

thinking about it well that same concept

applies to men and their attractiveness

a woman could hook up with a guy and

start dating him and she might think he

is the hottest sexiest male on the

planet her panties dude her panties

might get wet when he walks into the

room he might make her weak in the knees

just by looking at her but guess what

if she doesn't see that other women find

him attractive if she doesn't see other

women hitting on him or looking in his

general direction when they're in public

she starts to question whether or not

he's really attractive okay he might

listen he may he might look like the

lovechild of Ryan Reynolds and Shamar

more he might be 6 4 he might have

washboard abs a square jaw chocolate

brown eyes if she doesn't see that other

women are attracted to him she loses

attractive to him because she is a slave

to the hive mind as all women are and

right when she starts to question her

attraction to him he cheats and

just like that through all the shock

through all the pain his attraction is

then confirmed women don't want a man

that other women don't want and when a

man cheats on her it confirms to her

that other women want her man it's not

the way she'd prefer to get that

confirmation but she'd rather have that

confirmation than none at all

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Cooper squirt good to see you in here

suede senator shout out to you jessamy

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ruminant mil annoyed what men long time

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for RM man I remember used to comment on

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doodle-oo says these thoughts ain't

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beep 1985 says that last video you did

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didn't know Chaz had a I didn't know

Chaz that a channel I might have to go

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school writer he says that first stream

earlier was classic we need some freckle

tits in the background too all right I

got you I dude I love for a dude man I

listen I love women with freckles dude

freckles that's a weakness of mine dude

dude high heels fake tits and high heels

fake tickets big tits and freckles men

those are the those are the those are

the three that blonde blondes if she's

blonde has big tits

faker reals wearing high heels and has

freckles I'm all-in I'm all-in

a r4 says CNN released a 12-minute

report about the red pill subreddit I

gotta check that shit out I definitely

have to check that out Wow um maroon 5 I

think is releasing an album called the

red pill blues and they didn't realize

that it was they didn't realize that the

red pill had been taken over by dudes

like me they're like there's such

fucking bitch way so we didn't want any

more elbow meant for these internet

trolls dude do I look like a fucking

internet troll to you I'm fucking do

don't take Adam Levine skinny ass and

break his ass over my knee

dumb ass talk about internet trolls

troll my fucking fist in his face

for the record Adam Levine is probably

red pill dude he knows the deal man he

knows the fucking deal

even deluxe good to see you in here I

definitely got to check out that CNN

report man I have to I have to check

that out

anything red pill related man like any

any time the any time the general public

weighs in on the red pill oh man I gotta

check it out I actually me and my girl a

few weekends ago watch that that

documentary by Cassie J called the red

pill is actually pretty good and it's

and you guys should check it out I think

it's it's either on Netflix or Amazon I

can't remember but it was so funny you

could see her you you could see the the

chick that did this video she was she

was a feminist but she wasn't like a

militant feminist she was really a

feminist she identified as a feminist

because she because that's what she felt

like she had to do but she was doing

interviews with men's rights activists

and then interviews with feminists and

you could see you could see that the

rhetoric that feminists use it was just

the it was just the same old bullshit

nothing was rooted in fact it was all

rhetoric it was just always unbelievable

and of course the redheaded chick big

red if you type in feminists in Google

if you guys google feminists or feminism

you see the redheaded chick with the

fucking glasses well she is actually in

that she was on that that documentary I

think the video of her telling off some

men's rights activist was made public I

think back in 2013 but yeah there's

footage of this chick on there I

remember I saw I was like oh shit that's

the fucking that's the that's the

redheaded fucking feminist man she's a

bitch dude if I were that dude minute I

caved her face in right there dude I

told my girl look man go to my safe get

my bail money I'm about the cave this

chicks face in that chick was a bitch

OOP I know man but I definitely got to

check that out shoutout to Derren Brown

says sup brah glad you got your super

chat back appreciate the $2 super chat

DB yeah man it it took me a bet it took

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ten and everything is good

so like the video definitely like the

video as you guys come in increase the

profile of the show ar4 says donovan

where's your mic yeah I had to get I got

rid of the mic for a couple of reasons

number one the sound quality wasn't

where I wanted and needed it to be a

number two was a space issue I do I

actually do this on my desk and when I

have it in here I've got to go up and

under and you know at some point when

this thing when this thing gets to where

I want it to be monetarily and public

and audience wise you know I may rent

out of space then get a nice you know

get a sizable studio you know get like

the real studio mic but right now this

this is a small operation and you know

I'm dealing with limited space you know

in my I mean I'm in my office now but

it's not like you know it's not like

this big spacious studio so a little bit

of a space issue if the sound quality

was where I needed it to be it could

have justified it could have justified

the the space that it took up but the

sound quality was not where I needed it

to be so I got rid of that so

a beauty law says digging the new

pictures bro yeah I had to get I had to

get rid of the the the jiggling boob

shift because it was overloaded my

computer I was over at like obeah I mean

you can only run things for you know so

long on OBS so I decided to I decided to

include a little bit more variety I'll

probably add more I'm gonna add more

pictures you know listen hot chicks hot

chicks and bikinis with fake tits hot

shits hot chicks who are in the kitchen

and tomorrow I'm gonna add another I'm

gonna add another slide show with with

good-looking girls who were clean it so

look good cook good and clean good those

are the only three requirements for

donovan sharp

okay loyalty squared shout out to you

shout out to you

Paul Sanabria is in the house good to

see you in here Ches Amin says Alan

Roger Carillo che and Donovan sharp

they're the only three youtubers men

need to stay woke

straight up man straight up we call

ourselves the Holy Trinity actually

we're the Mount Rushmore it's it's uh

we're the Mount Rushmore in the black

manosphere it's it's it's a shame myself

Alan Roger Curie and Steve the Dean and

that the cool thing is we all did we all

bring different elements to the table

and I mean we always we all do great

work man

we all work together I think I think

O'Shea's been talking about like doing a

show with all four of us on here doing

like a doing like a one time show with

all four of us on there so it'll be like

an all-star game so to speak so that'd

be cool that'd be a lot of fun then did

Benjamin de Souza says redheads I love

all fuck it dude I love me some redheads

I love redheads and I like blondes

listen I like I like good-looking women

don't really matter what color your hair

is so

but nest but a straight Carlson says

watched a documentary on girls after

porn some chick fucked 82 guys and has

$2,000 since no show for twosome Israel

dude i watch that documentary it's

called after porn ends and yeah I think

we're talking about the same thing but

yeah like they talk to the male porn

stars and they're like okay yeah I

regret but I didn't start a family that

I don't have any kids but you know all

in all I'm doing pretty good

the women who were were in porn are

fucking broken ass bitches we all heard

about the whole bree olson thing where

she tried to reintegrate herself into

the world and people are like untrue the

porn star and and she wants us to feel

sorry for her that she was a porn star

and she can't get a job because of it

well bitch you should have worried about

that when you were taking when you were

taking black dick in the ass on camera

stupid bitch Alex Garcia says the red

pill segment I'll see him as CNN is

feminist crap yeah listen I like seeing

that stuff because I like to see what

they're saying about us and I actually

tweeted out a screengrab I don't know if

you guys watch American Horror Story but

I've been watching American Horror Story

cult and the leader of the cult they

showed the leader of the cult on the red

bells subreddit so even though they're

going back and forth showing showing the

misogyny in the misandry with the

feminists this is obviously a feminist

inspired season even though they're

making fun of both sides the leader of

the cult who was fucking dudes killing

people stealing babies got a lot of his

ideas from the red pill so nice try on

the on the misdirection hey this is

gonna be an equal thing nah man this

guy's a trump supporter and he's a

fucking nutjob and apparently he got

most of his ideas from the red pill

subreddit so check it out American

Horror Story cult

oh wait a minute gotta go back here

suade senator says Asian women are my

weakness I'd never fucked an Asian girl

I'm not really too turned on by those

chicks I like white girls I like Mexican

girls I like Hispanic girls

Alex Garcia says an tan skin

Derren Brown says send the link to the

redheaded get punched in the face

anybody listen Google big red Google big

red Jamaican Peppa says damn late no

actually I've just started 20 minutes

ago I just got started my man

even deluxe if I brought my gold center

headset at a retirement yeah this is

actually the headset that I recorded the

very flight of in the very beginning

when I was recording the first episodes

of the sharp reality way back last

October over a year ago this was the

headset but yeah it does look like I

work in a call center I've got another

one on the way now the the headset that

I've order is gonna make it it's gonna

make me look like it's gonna make me

look like a gamer it's gonna make you

look like a fucking geek annoyed lives

in my mom's basement spanks off the

fucking hence I porn and doesn't have a

girlfriend and s cheeto dust on my

fingers but it's it's it's gonna be

better than this

so that's funny shout-out to Jamaican

Peppa $5.00 super chat appreciate the

support my friend

yeah DB Lhasa CNN is framing the red

pill dangerous of course of course

everybody says the red pill is dangerous

because the fucking is nobody want let

me ELISA man like no you know the truth

the truth scares the shit out of people

especially when they know it's true

all right let us continue here

the third reason the third reason that

women that that the third reason that

women forgive cheating is that she knows

it's just about sex

women have more red pill awareness than

will ever have

they listen they know that men place

more value on the way a female looks

than anything else they can say we're

shallow they can say we only think about

one thing and they would be right they'd

be pissed about it but this is how we

are and regardless of what they say we

regardless of what they say how we

should be they know what we are okay

they also know that sex is not emotional

for us and because of that they also

know that when we cheat we cheat for sex

and sex alone listen guys the side chick

knows the side chick knows that the man

she's fucking he's not gonna leave his

wife of 15 years who's given him three

kids for her all right she knows this on

the other side of that equation a woman

knows that just because her husband

sticks his dick in another chick that

doesn't mean he doesn't still love her

no now listen this doesn't mean that the

wife is okay with him cheating all right

this doesn't mean his cheating will not

hurt her but she knows that he doesn't

love the girl he's fucking on the side

she knows that men of value reward

loyalty not sex she knows that sexist

cheap guys the wife the wife will

belongs to a red pill aware male a man

of value she knows that her high-value

husband can get sex from just about any

woman out there but she also knows that

he can't get what he's got with her and

she knows that he knows that again yes

guys she's gonna cry she's gonna scream

she's gonna throw shit at him she's

gonna tell him she hates him she's gonna

smack the shit out of him she's gonna

lash out and she should especially if he

allows himself to get caught

that was that was commandment number 10

of my 10 slide two Commandments back

there in episode 20 don't get caught but

she's not going anywhere guys because

even though she has to live with the

pain even though she knows he's fucked

another woman or women she knows it was

just about sex and nothing else and

listen man maybe she got fat maybe she

was pregnant

maybe she slacked off in the bedroom

maybe she stopped sucking his dick

whatever the reason is he cheated it's

it is based on sex

and sex alone and she knows that his

cheating doesn't mean he doesn't still

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check out the pod pics section on my

website if you want to see texting I

mean I've got text exchanges I've had

with various women over the years some

pretty good stuff in there as well so

let's go to the two reasons why men do

not forgive cheating well number one he

knows that it's about everything but sex

Rhett pilla we're not guys a man knows

that when his woman steps out on him she

no longer loves him men cheat mainly for

sex but men cheat for every other reason

but sex a woman rarely cheats on a man

she truly loves if at all vx the

exception to that rule might be to get

back at him if if if she keeps if she

keeps catching him cheating but you'll

only do it once and she'll make sure he

knows about it the intent is to hurt him

back it's got nothing to do with the

fact that she no longer loves him so in

those cases that's the exception but

when a woman cheats on a man guys it's

over all right

in fact it was over long before she

cheated the cheating was just a

combination of her falling completely

out of love with him and again men know

this so when he finds out that his

woman's taken another dick it never goes

away and he never forgives her ever now

he may stay with her because he thinks

he loves her and he may stay because he

doesn't have any other options whatever

the reason he stays he never forgives

her a second reason that men don't

forgive cheating is that she is

physically tainted when a man cheats he

can take a shower and wash the woman off

of him he can wash off her smell he can

wash the pussy juice all over his Jay

all over his dick he can use defense so

Paul that's God he could piss it out

he'll be completely clean of another

woman but when a woman cheats that's a

little bit different she ingests his

fluids so guys there are countless

articles and countless studies out there

that and I'm not the study show I'm not

that guy but there are two mares too

much of this proof out there that shows

that women retain the DNA of just about

every man who has ever fucked her think

about that think about think about the

number of cocks a woman has taken the

number of guys she has let fuck her ah

no it doesn't mean that she's having all

their kids but when a man shoots his

load in a woman when she swallows his

semen she absorbs some of that fluid and

that DNA listen I've even read some semi

satirical half tongue-in-cheek articles

that suggests that the thousand cock

stare is the physical manifestation of

all of the male DNA that woman that a

woman's adjusted over years over the

years now listen whether or not that's

true is anybody's guess but

theoretically it makes more sense than a

dozen just sayin when your woman takes

another man when your woman takes

another man's dick he has a marker okay

he's imprinted his DNA in her she's

tainted even if she listened even if she

fucked another dude just once doesn't

matter she's been used as a receptacle

by another man and that never leaves a

man's mind no matter how many times he

fucks her and after that after that even

if he decides to stick her out it never

ever ever goes away I am here to tell

you I've been cheated on plenty of times

before it never goes away

when it comes down to it guys the way

that men and women handle infidelity is

it's asymmetrical okay the only thing

that's similar between the two is that

neither wants the other to cheat okay

but a woman knows that her a woman wants

to know that her man could cheat if he

wanted to okay

women don't want their men to cheat but

she likes to know that he could if he

wanted to while men we already know this

about our women we know that they could

cheat if they wanted to another thing a

man who cheats becomes more attractive

to his woman while a female who cheats

becomes less attractive to her men men

sheep mainly only for sex

lemon sheep for everything but sex with

the exception of not wanting to deal

with a cheating significant other

everything is literally the polar

opposite in terms of dealing with

fidelity infidelity plenty of ways to

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quite a bit of fun all right let's check

the chat here one last time

all right

ahahaha anti-gravity 19th anti-gravity

74 says Donovan here about the porn star

who turned creature after finding Jesus

and married the pastor of the church

could listen to her watch and they're

taken dick I don't like I remember one

of them

I think the girl's name was Christie

Moran or Christie Moran I think she was

on one of the videos and I remember that

she joined a church and you know

everybody in the church knew that she

used to be a porn star I don't I don't

remember her marrying the primary in the

pastor but you know if she did it

wouldn't surprise me of course she would

she's a woman that's what it is

d doula says red bell is obviously

Russian propaganda right freelance

making an appearance says I'll have to

catch the the the show the the rest of

the show on replay later and no big deal

ETF 42 shout out to you he says if a

woman cheats on you

she has already lost respect for you

long before that dealing with women is

all about respect she cannot love you if

she doesn't respect you I agree a

hundred percent spot on my friend aunt

James says when women cheat they plan

the shit out to the last detail without

the man knowing at all like it never


I listen trust and believe listen man

women are some but they are some

diabolical fucking creatures men even

with even with the protocol that I have

my woman on like I've got a keylogger on

her phone on her tablet on our computer

I know where she is what she's doing she

checks in dude if my woman wanted to

cheat on me she could find a way she

absolutely could find a way I'm not

gonna make it easy for her but if she

really wanted to see it she could find a

way that'd be a bad idea on her part but

if she really wanted to cheat peak and

get away with it not gonna I'm not gonna

sit here and pretend that my way is

ironclad foolproof

Cooper square it says you know when you

know when that pussy doesn't curve your

curve to your dick quit he says you know

when you're when that pussy doesn't curb

do your dick anymore no that could be

that could be one

the beast says quote abundance mentality

counters the this emotional reaction to

women cheating yes absolutely absolutely

to make a pet to makin Peppa's

rightfully points out the chatroom is on

point yeah this is why I like you guys

man because you guys aren't intelligent

audience I don't have to go over

remedial red pill with you guys

every once in a while you know we might

have someone new you know someone new to

the chat you know someone who hasn't

listened before so I gotta cover the

bases I can't I can't automatically

assume that every person listening to

this is up on the red pill vernacular

this is why I explain pre selection

women being hive might at etc etc but

yeah yeah I like the fact that I like

the fact that I have a knowledgeable

audience that that definitely makes that

definitely makes my job much easier

suade senator says this men it's hard to

forgive and we never forget yeah

especially when it comes to cheating

like fuck dad

aunt James says my cousin's ex girl

cheated on him for months every time she

went on trips with her sorority sisters

he never knew well yeah the fact that

she was in the sorority should have

tipped him off

oh yeah

Keith and Alexis let's deserve their

purpose on this mortal coil the vast

majority of women aren't worthy of more

than carnal relations you're right on

point men can argue with that

cannot argue with that

jessamine says I don't take any woman

seriously these days women are getting

dicked down and texting other men all

the time whilst they're meant to be with

you I ain't mad though that's just out

is that's the thing man like men are

like listen man like when we when we

take the red pill we go through the

anger phase you know fuck women oh I

can't believe we're been lied to

etcetera etc this is the hand we've been

dealt guys you know and and you know

women and men out there can say whoa

these red pill guys are exploiting the

system listen we're playing the hand

were dealt if women weren't so fucking

slutty we wouldn't be treating them like

sluts this is how this is dude I listen

I'm not dying with desert dick fuck dad

I want to fuck and if women were worth

marrying I'd get married and have some

kids but women are not worth bearing so

I'm gonna fuck them this is how this is

I'll give a shit

so wait senator says the influx of

social media is the main cause of this

listen to episode 53 and 54 you guys can

also listen to me on O'Shea Duke Jackson

when you make a girl your main chick the

very first

edik you need to lay down is close all

of your social media my girl has zero

social media she doesn't have Facebook

she didn't have Twitter she doesn't have

Instagram she don't have any of that

stuff and listen I would know if she had

it because of course it's right there on

her phone now listen she could have

another phone okay but I mean listen

she's around me all the time

like I said man my system isn't

foolproof but I'm not gonna make it easy

for her

get your women off social media man get

them off less and social media destroy

they say porn destroys relationships she

it social media destroys relationships

Dulli the Beast correctly points out if

you have a lot of hoes who care if she

cheats yeah this is this is the it but

this is the abundance mentality you know

I think rule number whatever inch a to

sixteen Commandments a boon says hey

listen always have to in the kitty if

you're fuckin multiple chicks one thing

yet that one can get out of pocket you

don't give a fuck just move on to the

next one

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live guys be sure to follow me on

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