The difference between mothers and Moms

There are a lot of women running around calling themselves "moms." Thing is, most women who have children are not Moms. They're mothers. Becoming a mother is the easy part. Have unprotected sex, then have the kid 9 months later. Being a MOM, however, is where the real work begins and most women aren't up to the task. In short, there are billions of mothers, but only a few moms.

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Women get credit for being moms without actually doing what it takes to be a mom because they think that all that encompasses being a "good mother" is giving birth. The reason for this is that the world gives them residual credit for the single act of having the baby. On this assumption, most women are not good mothers because they already think they are.

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today on the sharp reality mothers and

moms are not the same thing and I'm

gonna tell you why

plus I'm gonna give you guys five

reasons why you don't deserve a good

woman and I'm gonna talk a little bit

about the Zeke Elliott situation TSR

life starts right now traditional women

gentlemen love chivalrous chivalrous

treatment from men it's the natural

state of both men and women but

feminists believe that allowing a man to

treat them like a lady has somehow

degrading or condescending so they get

all offended when they receive this kind

of treatment from men so if your girl

acts funny when you try to be a

gentleman you've definitely got a

closeted feminist on that's for sure and

now your man what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to this

edition of PS are live on a Thursday it

is the start of the NFL regular season

so I am definitely excited my Eagles

don't play til Sunday but Captain

America aka Tom Brady is playing tonight

against the Kansas City Chiefs oh it'll

be nice to watch a pro football game

that matters for the first time and what

seems like forever later on in the show

I'm gonna give you guys a few reasons

most of you out there I'm gonna give you

guys a few reasons why most of you guys

out there do not deserve a quality woman

even if you're in great shape if you

make great money if you have solid game

there are a few very important elements

that most men do not possess to keep a

woman in line and at her and at her best

and if you don't have these things you

don't deserve a top-notch a so I'm gonna

tear you guys down today in order to

build you up so definitely stay tuned

for that I'm also going to talk a little

bit more about the Zika elite situation

his suspension was upheld by Harold

Henderson as expected today

but because the but but but because the

decision came down late hang on a second

looks like I got a looks like I got a

fly in here but because the suspension

came down late Zeek Elliot will be

eligible to play on Sunday but after

that it's anybody's guess so I'm gonna

talk a little bit about what happened

what's gonna happen in that situation

but I'm gonna start things off today by

talking about the difference between

mothers and moms now

a lot of people out here mostly women

would have you believe that mothers and

moms are two different things or are two

are one in the same they think if your

mother your mom your mom your mother but

that but nothing could be further from

the truth and I'm just gonna go ahead

and get right into it a mother is a a

mother is simply a female who gives

birth to a child

on the birth certificate it's as mother

and father meaning the biological mother

and biological father now when people

say the word mother okay what gets lost

in translation is the biological

connotation of the word we automatically

assume that if a woman is a mother she

must also be a mom

and people might say well Donovan

there's no difference between a mother

and mom they're the same thing and guys

you'd be wrong okay it's easy to become

a mother for females these days these


just letting I fuck you without a condom

and shoot is loaded you and if you

happen to be fertile and you happen to

be ovulating at that time you get

pregnant the real work begins after you

have the kid and that's what separates

the mothers from the moms when we hear

things and and see things involving

childbirth we attach this moniker to it

called the miracle of childbirth right

we all see it and what it does is it

tricks our minds into putting mother and

mom into the same category we we see

these commercials with with with

beautiful inspirational music in the

background we see the nurse gently

handing the new board to the mother

who's overcome with emotion as she meets

her child for the first time we see the

proud father looking on the whole scene

is this rosy image of what childbirth is

like when we see this stuff the human

mind envisions the most elegant for

of conception we see a husband and wife

slowly making sweet love and missionary

position and looking into each other's

eyes as if they know that this is the

day they're gonna conceive we imagine

this rosy romantic little scene in and

we assume that the wife's gonna be a

good mom that the husband's gonna be a

good dad and that everything's just

gonna be okay everything's gonna be

peachy keen but as we all know most

pregnancies don't happen this way most

of us most of us are conceived through

hard rough sex I mean he's fucking her

doggy style he's pulling her hair

smacking her ass calling her names and

she's moaning like a slut tell him to

fuck her harder okay he shoots his

loading her they said you know they

smoke a cigarette whatever the hell they

do after sex and neither of them has any

idea that he just got her pregnant okay

that's how most pregnancies happen it's

not this rosy sweet lovemaking session

okay a lot of times it happens in a club

bathroom or in the backseat of a car or

you know on a random quickie all right

in either case regardless of how the

conception takes place becoming a mother

a biological mother and that is the easy


there is nothing heroic or difficult or

arduous about getting raw dogs and

pumped full of painkillers and popping

out a kid but the way childbirth has

been exalted and pedestal eyes to the

masses as if it's some monumentous feat

of valor and strife that's the reason

why most mothers and America are

terrible fucking moms they essentially

ride the coattails of a few hours of

Labor and an epidural inspired

childbirth throughout their kids

childhood all right they think that

going through nine months of pregnancy

and having the kid is all they need to

get the accolades of being a mom but

given birth doesn't make you a mom it

makes you a mother and at that point

nothing more and most American mothers

are not interested in me and moms just

take a look around the definition of a

mom is a woman who puts the needs of her

children before hers and raises them


and to the best of her ability

a mother takes the easy way out and is

selfish a biological mother is selfish a

mom does what's necessary no matter how

difficult in any and all situations and

doesn't have a selfish bone in her body

when it comes to her kids I'll give you

a few examples when it comes to

discipline a biological mother by not

disciplining them they're taking the

easy way out and it's a selfish thing to

do it's easy to let a kid get away with

shit and and and for them and for the

kid not to hate you and to like you at

the time but you're still just a mother

all right you're going easy on your kids

for selfish reasons and the reason is

that you don't want to feel like your

kid hates you you don't want them crying

you don't want them screaming you don't

want them throwing a fit or tongue that

they hate you

a mother doesn't subject herself to the

difficulties the true difficulties of

motherhood because it's easy to be a

biological mother a mom however would do

the difficult thing and discipline her

children she'll endure the crying she'll

endure the screaming she'll endure the

fit throwing she's willing to pay the

price to do the right thing for her kids

because she's putting the needs of her

children before her own she's willing to

take the arrows in the short term to

help to mold her children into good and

decent humans in the long term let's

take it to attention I think we all know

and understand that most of these bad

mothers out here they're used that they

use their children to bring attention to

herself and not her children right like

she'll post pictures she'll post

pictures of her kids on social media but

she's checking the likes every five

minutes and if she gets 100 she's not

saying hey Junior look you got your

picture got 100 likes nah man she's not

even thinking about her kid when she

refreshes that page she's only thinking

of herself now

others also like to give their kids

unique names spelled in unique ways like

Jaden spelt jaeyi dy in or Austen

spelled OST way and what the fuck is


like what the fuck is that they don't do

this for the kids

guys they do this so other mothers can

pay attention to them and not their kids

guys don't kid yourself this was the one

and only reason mothers give their kids

non-traditional names spelled in

non-traditional ways period when it

comes to activities and actually raising

and rearing the kid a mother takes

Junior to soccer practice and takes him

to his games and lets everyone know

about it on social media every picture

she takes of him you know she she takes

all these pictures to show how handsome

he is in his uniform well she's also in

that picture guys she's got her hair

done she's got her makeup on she's

wearing a shirt that shows 75% of her

tits so everyone knows what a good way

to great mom she is but if you asked her

how Junior played that day she wouldn't

know because she spent half the time on

her phone taking selfies and videos

posting them on social medias Texas

texted her friends and the two dude

she's fucking hope and one of them is

free that night yes she may have gotten

a few seconds of footage of her actual

son in the game but the camera turns

right back around to her so she can tell

everyone on her Facebook page that being

mom is the toughest job she'll ever love

then she'll turn her attention right

back to her phone to see if Kevin

responded about their date tonight and

if he liked her picture a mom would take

her kid to practice and the games and

actually pay attention to the little

fucker so make sure he has his postgame

snacks she'll cheer him on she'll

encourage him when he screws up unlike

the biological mother mom could tell you

everything he did on the field from

start to finish and when she finally

digs her phone out of her purse she'll

take a picture and post it on Facebook

because she is proud of him and she's

entitled to show him off but she's no

but but she's nowhere to be found in

those pictures and if she is he takes up

most of the screen because he is the

priority as far as a men and a ho that's

a big one that's a big one I'm

mother puts men before her kids a

biological mother puts men before her

kids we see this all the fucking time

a mother would drop her kids off with

whoever was available so she can go out

and get fucked by whoever she swiped

right for earlier that day this is what

happens a mother brings random men

around her children all the time

regardless of how long she's been

fucking him regardless of whether she

knows him or not doesn't matter she

couldn't find a sitter that night so she

and in some cases if she can't find a

babysitter she actually lets a man that

neither she nor her children knows into

the home so she can get dick never mind

the fact that the kids can hear what's

going on never mind the fact that her

kids are confused as to why mom has a

different dude around him every week she

says to herself well they don't know

what sex is they'll be all right or

they'll get over it

and if she does find a babysitter better

than 90% of the time she's spending the

night with whatever his name was leaving

her kids alone leaving her kids alone

for yet another night with a stranger a

mom is careful about who she dates and

is especially careful about bringing men

around her children guys she understands

that being selfish and irresponsible in

this way will have negative effects on

her kids and will cause them to resent

her later on again mothers don't see the

long term moms do a mom knows that in

order to be a mom she has to sacrifice

her need for meal attention and

validation for the sake of her children

this doesn't mean she's not gonna go out

on dates occasionally she's a woman

she's gotta need she wants to be loved

she wants it needs a man this is

perfectly natural it's perfectly normal

every so often if a man she's interested

in passes the smell test in terms of

whether or not he's a solid guy whether

or not she can trust him around her kids

or whether or not he'll be a good

influence on him while taking care of

her so allow someone she trusts to watch

her kids for a few hours like a close

friend or a relative but she's not doing

overnight dates guys while she does

enjoy herself and and and deserves a

break every so often to spend time with

a man her kids come first at all times

every time every time the bottom line

here guys is that any horny woman with a

few eggs can can open her legs and take

a man's load again that's the easy part

which is why most women have kids

but it takes a woman who is dedicated to

her children puts their need before hers

and does what it's necessary to raise

them properly regardless of how

difficult that may be in the short term

mothers don't make sacrifices for the

betterment of their children moms do

mothers they shouldn't be celebrated for

baby mamas or hoes with a bunch of kids

who only pretend to give a shit about

their kids on social media when she

thinks someone's watching it should be

changed to moms day for the real moms of

the world to be celebrated for the hard

work and sacrifices and sacrifices they

make to bring their children up the way

they should be and not the way the

public thinks that they are and that's

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alright it's looming haven't seen you in

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welcome welcome deep 1985 what's going


you in here every day freelance Ronin

see are you you're goddamn right

TSR is in full effect I might actually

change that to my catchphrase to be

honest with you mr. Demetrius says I

enjoyed your villain articles on our

okay well you do be will you be doing

more about it on your podcast or more

articles so you know what I actually

haven't thought about that in quite a

while I wrote that I wrote the villain

series on return to King's way back in

14 and at the warehouse that that I

refer to in in those particular articles

that I that I owned in Vegas 1700 square

foot warehouse I outfitted it and made

it into sort of a lair

I sold that years ago but yeah that that

might be that might be a good idea so

mr. Demetrius uh I might I might

something might be in the works for that

I think I think there's something to


Kevin Ibanez what's going on man hey

guys I've actually spoken with Kevin on

the phone and you know my busy schedule

hasn't allowed me to get back with him

but we're definitely gonna get back with

each other Kevin you don't worry about

that we'll we'll definitely get that in

let's see what else we've got here huh

looks like I'm off line hold on a second

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see No all right all right I see myself

again yeah okay let's see we've got here

freelance Ronin says well said mr. sharp

black plastic speaks what the deal my

man yeah I was supposed to go on with a

with with black mastic speaks at at two

o'clock today and I thought it was two

o'clock Eastern and we got our time

zones mixed up well we'll definitely

link up sometime in the near near future

Charles Merchant see merch my man in the

702 what's going on

let's see Donnie Black Dragon King

what's going on I see I haven't seen you

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right very good yeah so it looks like

we're uh so it looks like we are right

excellent excellent excellent all right

never blinks this lol what you're

subscribed to Wendy Williams dude fuck

no that bitch is a fucking it oh my god

that bitch is a fucking alien fuck that

okay okay very good we've got a full um

we've got a full oh wait a minute who's

this evany Bristow almond Evan er are

you a chick or is that just or is that

just your your uh is that just your your

avatar looks like we've got a troll in

the house guys she's Oliver Oliver

all of her friends are probably evany

answer the question sweetheart answer

the question where my assistants gonna

ban you from the from the chat you beg

you better tell me you a woman or not

she her friends probably told her that's

that nigga hates black girls you need to

go over there and troll his ass all

right well I'm not gonna worry too much

about her don't pay a you know if

Ebony's a chick she'll be a chick just

guys just understand that the word of a

woman is just alright moving right along

it is good to have you guys in today

like I said I can't wait for the

Patriots and Chiefs tonight to kick off

the NFL season and it looks like the the

Dallas Cowboys are gonna have Zeke

Elliott this season because according to

will Kane of ESPN it looks like all

signs are pointing to a Texas judge

granting Elliott the temporary

restraining order the trro

on his six game suspension now will Kane

is a pundit for ESPN but he's also a

lawyer and he has worked in the very

courthouse that Elliot's legal team

filed that request for the TR oh and

he's will Kane is very familiar with the

DA's and the judges in that particular

courthouse in County his father has

practiced law there so he's definitely

got it

in there and he's been given some sort

of indication by these people that

they're gonna grant that that

restraining order for Elliot which means

he'll play all season long barring some

sort of injury but eventually he's gonna

serve those six games guys just like

Brady served his four games for

deflategate if you guys remember the

season before last we had the same thing

with Tom Brady with the appeal and all

the rest of that but Brady played the

entire season well last season Brady

served his four-game suspension at the

beginning of the season because the

court ruled in favor of the NFL per

article 46 of the collective bargaining

agreement which gives Roger Goodell V

now Commissioner of the NFL absolute

power I mean listen Z can run this up

the flagpole as high as the Supreme

Court Tom Brady mr. captain fuckin

America did and he and yeah he got the

played the entire season but the very

next season he had to serve that

four-game suspension now in his face he

won the Super Bowl and they're gonna be

raising they're gonna be raising that

banner at Foxborough tonight and word on

that word on the streets the word out

here in these streets is that there are

70,000 posters of Roger Goodell faced

with a clown nose on it that New England

that New England Patriots fans are gonna

hold up that's the I swear to God those

Boston fucking sports fans man they're

they're a bunch of spoiled fucking brats

they got fucking dude they're all pissed

off man you got a Boston like the

temperature it's always pissed off but

anyway Zeek is gonna run into the same

thing now the fucked-up thing here guys

is that a woman made good on her promise

okay no Tiffany Thompson's not really

gonna end

Zeke's career but her false domestic

violence accusation is gonna cost Elliot

six games which means to lose almost 40

percent of his annual salary and here's

the thing guys everyone knows Thompson

is lying Zeek no she's lying

her Tiffany Thompson no she's lying her

friend no she's lying because she asked

her friend to lie and Kia right Roberts

who interviewed Thompson six times no

she is which is why she recommended zero

punishment for Elliott but the feminist

agenda is why sluts this is who she is

she is a slut like Tiffany Thompson this

is why she can make this shit up this is

why she can take this is why she can

tell the cops and

damaged been financially and damage

their reputation Zig didn't beat her up

and she knows it but our culture gives

women the power to do this and they're

not gonna stop until something's done I

don't I don't really see a change in

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all right so now it's time for me to

make you guys a little bit uncomfortable

and put you up on game and tell you guys

why you don't deserve a good woman now

many men who have essentially unplugged

from the from the feminist inspired

matrix that's you know the matrix is the

movie where as a moniker the red pill

comes from you're in the matrix Morpheus

whatever whoever you're Morpheus is say

I'm gonna give you the blue pill or the

red pill the blue pill you go back to

Wonderland the red pill you see the

truth well we've taken the red pill we

see women for the slutty nefarious

undeserving creatures that they are but

many of these men who have taken the red

pill I mean listen you get we're all now

more aware of the true nature of women

here in 2017

like I said we're aware they're slutty

behavior how they cover it up you know

they're like Sencha sness when it comes

to dealing with men and other people in

general now look men like myself we know

bitches ancient all right you guys know

it too we know they're not good for much

these days

outside of sex and we damn sure know

that most women aren't worth committing

to outside of all outside of a one-night

stand maybe an occasional booty call

fuck buddy arrangement what have you now

we complain about how they can't cook

about how they're never what then never

loyal never faithful and that it's a

fool's errand trying to wife or even

date these hoes but there are just as

many men who are out there that are not

worth committing that are not worth

committing to themselves you guys know

who you are okay yes we talk about the

bad investments females are these days

but the fact of the matter is is that

most men aren't much better okay men

talk all the shit about how with how

they require their woman to be

attractive and know how to cook have a

kindness dis disposition and and and and

won't cheat on them the problem is is

most men out here are out of shape they

can barely take care of themselves and

they're broke as a joke now if a man

wants a quality woman first things first

you got to have your shit together first

that's all there is to it you can't

expect the data you can if you want to

fuck it in you got to have your shit

together you can't buy something you

can't buy

if you don't have the money it's a

simple exchange if you want a good woman

you have to be a quality male that start

listen that starts with the basics I'm

not gonna tell them I'm not gonna go

into depth about that because that's

what this whole show is about but start

with the basics you got to get and stay

in shape you got to get your financial

house in order with those two basic

elements if you're in shape and you have

your financial house in order you don't

have to be rich just be smart with your

money and put a little and put a little

away every payday just save your money

with those two basics guys you're just

like without those two basics rather you

are just like 95% of the sexless beta

males who are out there sipping for

single moms and we've talked about them

too there are however a few reasons that

you may not be aware of as to why you

don't deserve a good woman guys you can

be you could be in great shape you can

be financially responsible dude you

might even be worried you might even

have a minimal working knowledge as to

how women work what makes them tick you

might be a red pill fuckin superstar but

so do a lot of men and they're still

getting used and abused by women on the

regular so what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna give you my top 5 not so obvious

reasons you do not deserve a quality

female in your life let's get to it

number one your non-confrontational you

are a fucking coward most people don't

like confrontation myself included but

just because I just just because I don't

like confrontation doesn't mean I don't

realize that it is sometimes a necessary

part of life okay if I need to address a

situation with a friend a colleague a

woman or whoever I do not hesitate what

needs to be done no I'm not the guy who

looks for confrontation or looks for a

fight well at least not as much anymore

but I don't shy away from that kind of

stuff either guys if but if your woman

gets the idea that you were non

confrontational gentlemen I am here to

tell you she will lose respect for you

and start to behave badly because you

know because she knows you will not

confront her and check her she will do

this and look to keep it 100 the root of

our non confrontational culture stems

from our comfortable lives guys nobody

fights anymore all right a man who's

never been in a fight with another

and is naturally going to be

non-confrontational because he's afraid

of the unknown I'm here to tell you

listen and listen if you're scared to

get in a fight learn to fight no guys

getting hit in the face is not fucking

fun trust and believe I'm here to tell

you I've been hit in the face many many

times it is never Pleasant okay a man

who's never verbally or physically

checked a female or and put her in her

place isn't gonna be he isn't gonna be

non confrontational with her because

he's not sure what her response will be

or he will be non confrontational he'll

be non confrontational with her because

he doesn't know what what our

responsibly okay a woman has to know

that you are a man who will confront

uncomfortable situations if you're out

at a restaurant and she tells you her

steak is overcooked and you tell her to

eat around it rather than call the

weight rather than calling the waiter

over to demand another steak she knows

you're a fucking coward

if your woman disrespects you in public

and you don't pull her to the side and

tell her to cut the shit she loses more

respect for you i'm telling you i've

been there guys i've been on both sides

of this your woman has to know that in

any and all situations that you will man

the fuck up say what needs to be said do

what needs to be done to rectify any and

all situations

bottom line women don't want to have to

do these things because there were the

coward of a man okay but if she's with a

coward of a man they end up doing the

dirty work and eventually she's gonna

leave him and if you're dating a woman

if you're dating a woman and she figures

out that you're a non-confrontational

cowardice fuck she'll end things before

they get serious and she'll start

fucking somebody else who isn't who who

is confrontational women respect men who

are unafraid to be direct with them and

others if you are not you don't deserve

her guys period

okay let's take a look at the Chet here

Charles merchant says yeah those

feminists are gonna kill the NFL yeah as

soon as they introduced the first women

to play that's one thing I think that's

one thing I'm I'm fairly confident I

know that's never gonna happen

a woman will never play in the NFL

that's that's correct

the only chance of woman has to play is

if she's a kicker but she's not gonna

make it if she's not gonna make it as a

kicker because she's not gonna make it

as a kicker because she's not as big and

as fast and strong that that's that's

never gonna happen

oh Jesus Christ dude all right hang on a

second all right I can see that M&E; is

being a fucking problem all right have

any state your business

state your business she's in here

rattling things up oh wait a minute my

assistant checked her yeah yeah here we

go making it about her blah blah blah

blah blah oh yeah yeah you fucking

bitches can't stay the fuck away man

fuck out of here all right all right

you're gone evany see you later she's

gone fuck you you're out she's gone like

I'm not I'm not gonna deal I'm not gonna

I'm not gonna put up with bitches listen

if you're a woman and you're listening

to this and you want to get in the chat

just there's no need for there's no need

for you to get into the chat I don't I

don't give a shit what you have to say

and women

dude when women are in chat rooms or

when women are in the chat and they know

a bunch of dudes it's just a bunch it's

just a bunch of fucking attention

whoring my assistant called her out

she's fucking gone get the fuck out of

here the fuck out of here okay let's see

here Charles merchant says dead on

Donovan but my wife knows how dangerous

I am being financially irresponsible you

got that right

just across this protip throw the first

punch just in here

it's a fucking crazy man oh my god

Hey freelance Ronin appreciate that

another $2 contribution for my man

freelance running appreciate that very

very very very nice I appreciate that

excellent excellent yeah jail for

Tiffany I've know who I have know who

idea I have no idea who that is

yeah I had to let evany go man yeah I

got I got no time for that bullshit

I really don't attend shin horn bits get

out of here fuck out of here I'll deal

with that stuff all right let's move

along here the second reason why you do

not deserve a good woman is you put too

much responsibility on your woman a few

years back during my fledgling player

years I was fucking a single mom and

listen listen I know I know but we all

gotta start somewhere guys okay so give

me a break anyway

single mom I was fucking she had a

daughter I think she was around six or

seven at the time I met the kid a few

times she seemed to be she seemed to be

well-mannered you know I'm pretty OB I

didn't I didn't spend much time with her

but the short interactions that I had

with her she seemed to be a pretty good


I taught actually talked about her a

little bit or talked about the single

mom a little bit in episode 14 when I

talked about not wanting to watch her

kid when she ran into the 7-eleven to

get cigarettes so take a listen to that

clip back when I lived in Vegas back at

my first boob there was fucking this

chick with like a six or seven-year-old

girl cute as a button well-mannered you

know she was actually a pretty good kid

anyway we're on our way to drop her off

her kid off at her cousin's place so

that we could and she stops by 7-eleven

and so she says to me she says sorry

we'll watch her while I run in I said no

she said what I said no I'm not watching

your kid I said I'll run in and get what

you need but I'm not gonna watch him kid

now instead of taking the quick and

instead of taking a quick and easy route

of them let me just see the typical

female thing she abandoned all reason I

got hung up on this shit so now she's

pissed she's saying why the fuck won't

you just watch her I'll be two minutes

tops blah blah blah I just calmly said

I'm not watching your kid I'll go in for

you but I'm not watching her she says

fuckness she gets out of the car and

starts walking toward the entrance so I

get out of the car and start walking

away from the car

so she screams across the park I'm like

she's like what the fuck is wrong with

you where are you going I said I'm going


I am NOT watching your kid period so

she's Tom's over to where I'm standing

she gives me a few bucks on speed

tells me to buy whatever kind of

cigarettes or whatever she wanted I

don't remember it got back in her car

and she never asked me to watch her kid

or babysit after that and I fucked her

for a few months after that

now obviously obviously that that

story's got nothing to do with what I'm

talking about here but it was it was a

crazy night it's actually one of the

funniest parts of the night because she

acted she was completely bitchy she

acted bratty until of course we got to

the party and you know she eventually

straightened up after we after we got to

the party and did a few lines but I

wanted to give you guys a point of

reference in terms of who I was talking

about so you guy was so you guys

wouldn't be lost so anyway one night she

calls and she starts bitching about how

she gave her daughter a few bucks for

lunch or or or something like that and

that rather than buying a sandwich and

some crackers and some apple juice like

a responsible kid her kid bought candy

in a soda and the woman was shocked okay

she said she was disappointed because

they talked about making good food

decisions and all that jazz

tell this woman it and this is

unbelievable that I had to tell her this

but I had to tell this woman look your

daughter I had to tell this woman that

that her daughter is a seven year old

kid and shouldn't be given that kind of

responsibility I said something to this

effect I said I said she's seven what

did you think she was gonna buy an

organic kale salad and cucumber water

now at that point she laughed because

she knew I was right but she didn't

really look at it that way all right

I had to make her realize that she was

putting too much responsibility on her

kid to make the right choice which was a

mistake kids want to be kids they

shouldn't be required to make decisions

on their health or anything else

important the only thing they should be

worried about is their homework the same

goes with women gentlemen as men were

bigger faster stronger and we are

smarter than women yes smarter we are

the superior sex and women know this for

this reason your woman wants you to be a

control freak guys she wants you to make

the plans she wants you to decide on the

restaurant she wants you to decide what

you're watching on TV and so forth as a

man you are the leader in the

relationship okay and as the leader you

must take responsibility for everything

that goes on and that means making any

and all decisions as it applies to you

as a couple there listen guys there are

many women out there who are the leaders

of their respective relationships and

they're stressed out because that's not

the natural state of a woman women are

not supposed to leave they're supposed

to follow they're supposed to belong to

men all right guys listen I've been on

plenty of vacations I've been a plenty

of weekend getaways and I have seen many

many couples where the woman looks like

she's having the worst time of her

fucking life

we hear it all the time back when I used

to work in an office women used to come

back from vacation now I need a vacation

after Mike ate my vacation well the

reason why she needs a vacation is

because she made all the decisions she

set up the vacation she booked the hotel

she made the reservations which means

she had to make the decision on those

and then set up the car rental and on

and on and on if she's watching the kid

it just never ends she's miserable

because she was indirectly given all the

responsibility and guys that is mentally

taxing and women are ill-equipped to

handle this men

stress they're just not quick to do it

women don't want responsibility they

want the accolades that come with it but

they are ill-equipped to accept it and

execute it be the captain of your ship

and lead the relationship guys don't put

any responsibility on her simply allow

her to be a woman who is relaxed and

along for the ride on your train she's

not happy as the engineer guys she's not

happy as the pilot she's not happy as

the captain

she is happy as a passenger all women

are the third reason you don't deserve a

good woman and yes I'm talking to you

you don't protect her from herself guys

in 2017 women are safer physically safer

than they've ever been in history all

right if any and if any harm comes to

them it is it's rare okay there are laws

- there are laws right now that are set

up to protect women from any and all

perils of the outside world all right

the only protection she needs from you

as a man is if she is an imminent

physical danger and even then you'll

seldom be required to step in it and

step in and defend her person okay more

often than not you're not gonna have to

do that all that said guys women need to

be protected from themselves more than

anything nice as we all know females are

self-destructive by nature and pose a

greater threat to themselves than

anything else out there guys if you're a

man who doesn't know how to protect a

woman from herself she'll self-destruct

and she will take you with her if you're

anywhere near her blast radius she will

take you with her and I speak from

personal experience just go back to

episode four and ten protecting a woman

from herself means and listen let's call

it what it is protecting a woman from

herself means one thing and one thing

only eliminating any and all activities

or habits that are conducive or could

lead to slutty behavior and/or

infidelity let's just let's just address

the elephant in the room

make her delete all of her social media

accounts because you and her both know

that social

medium is just a way for women to get

attention and offers for men but a GPS

on her phone so you know where she is

all at all times in other words not

fucking somebody else but a keylogger on

her phone so you know what she's texting

to whom any at any at all times

guys there are many many other things

you can do but you but you guys get the

general idea in episode 94 of the show

of my podcast I listed 8 things that

women should do to build ironclad trust

with men of value in an effort to gain a

long-term commitment from him it's also

a de facto guide on how to keep tabs on

your woman to make sure she is where she

says she is and she's doing what she

says she's doing and yes I have

implemented every single one of those

strategies with my woman every fucking

one of them every one of them alright

let's see we got here see if we got any

other female trolls here Truman I says

this dot does Don fuck with ecstasy

listen man my my cocaine snortin days

are over it's it's been a while since

I've done blow never tried ecstasy

though man

never tried that never ever tried that

chima okie Kia I hope I'm pronouncing

that right women don't want to win they

want a winner Patrice oh hey listen the

late great Patrice O'Neal you're right

you're right you're absolutely right

listen women don't give a shit where

your fucking money comes from dude they

could dude if you're the CEO of a

fortune 500 company or a fucking drug

dealer they couldn't give a shit listen

I recently watched the documentary

called the 75 and it was a documentary

about the about the police corruption

and the 75th precinct in New York City

out there in East Brooklyn back in the

back in the early to mid 1980s and one

of the wives worth was saying well where

did you get all this money and

da-da-da-da-da and guess what she said

she raised questions but you know what

she kept living that life she dude she

kept sniffing that coke she was spending

that goddamn money women don't care they

do not care where you get it from

okay let's move along here

number four you are the male equivalent

of a slut know not what you're thinking

okay no I'm not telling you oh you fuck

too many chicks this way don't do it no

no no no it's got nothing to do with

that a male version of a slut gentleman

is a man who freely gives his commitment

to any and all women for little to no

reason at all

it's like females who give their pussies

away for a little to no reason at all

I'll give you a few examples um a female

slut been out with a guy for two hours

and fucks him twice in the same night

that's a female slut a male slut been

out on two dates and decides to make her

his girlfriend

they're both sluts another example a

slut is fucked eight guys in the last

eight days male version of a slut has

that eight girlfriends in the last eight

months that is a male slut another

example a slut cheats on her boyfriend

six times in six weeks

well the male equivalent of a slut is

proposing to a female he's only been

dating for six months okay you guys see

a pattern here

Rollo Tomassi said it best when he said

that men are the gatekeepers to

commitment women are the gatekeepers to

sex it is very easy for both men and

women to give away what they're the

gatekeepers to a female who gives up the

pussy too soon she loses respect from

the man she loses the respect of a man

okay we as men think damn she was easy

to fuck I make the I met this chick two

hours ago

all I did was buy her a couple of drinks

make up make conversation and she gave

it up that quick she's obviously a slut

I'll use her till I'm done with her

that's what happens now

a man who commits to a woman too soon

without making her work for it that is

equally unattractive a woman thinks all

I did was fuck him a few times in the

art he wants to be exclusive he already

wants me to meet his mom ma'am I'll use

him for free food and companionship for

a while until the man who makes me work

for his time and attention comes along

and then I'll drop him like the bad

fucking habit or keep him around

men who give up commitment too easily

are just as unattractive as slutty

females who fuck every dude they meet

guys it's easy for them to do so which

is why they're shamed for it

women value what they are required to

work for and if you're ready to put a

ring on it after just a few months she

will see you as a male slut as we see

female sluts and she'll look elsewhere

the last and final reason reason number

five you're a closet sip my friend you

are a closet white knight you're the guy

even though you frequent websites and

blogs and you watch shows and podcast

like this and you're starting to

understand the true nature of women

you're still secretly holding out hope

and holding out holding out on concepts

like not all women are like that that

your woman should love you for you or

any other ridiculous notion you claim to

have seen the light on no matter how

well you think you might hide it guys

females will eventually sniff it out and

when that happens dude she'll be gone

dude she'll be gone before she gives you

her first blowjob I guarantee it women

have positively zero respect for men who

worshiped their vaginas or don't know or

understand how to handle them as women

they don't renouncing your Simplot or

saying that you - you've taken the red

pill that's one thing it's quite another

to actually do it and live it in real

life and what you guys have to

understand is that women have guys women

have a supernatural ability to detect

even trace amounts of incongruity if you

are a closeted white knight or a

closeted stick or closeted simp posing

as a red pill male dude so run circles

around you if she decides to stick

around in the first place you can talk

all you want to guys about what women

are and what women aren't you can talk

shit about how slutty they are how

terrible they are everything in between

you can list all the things you require

at a woman before you commit to her you

know and and and know that few women

will measure up

listen guys that's perfectly okay guys

we've got to have standards as men but

if you're a non-confrontational bet if

you're a non-confrontational coward

who puts too much responsibility on your

girl has no idea nor the balls to

protect her from destroying herself via

cock if you commit to her too soon or if

you're a closeted sympathize you don't

deserve a woman with your requirements

and even if you lucked out and actually

got one she would go from quality woman

to a bad one because you don't have what

it takes from the neck up to keep her

ass in check you can get a quote listen

quality women are fucked up by guys who

don't know what they're doing all the

time I may listen it happens it happens

stop talking shit about women until you

become the man that women want in need

all right let's see what's going on here

in the chat all right let's see ya King

bee says Donovan make a video title the

best way for black men to game white

women I actually did an episode a few

months back it's called it's called five

tips for black men who wanted to eat

white women I forget I forget what

episode number that is but that is

definitely in my archive did that a few

months back so definitely take a look at

that okay very good

Charles March a great anecdote thank you

appreciate that I mean I assume you're

talking about talk about me good stuff

good stuff closet simp yeah Truman Carr

says it's always your fault that you

have a terrible female guys and and

listen man I couldn't I couldn't listen

man I couldn't agree more

most females out there they are damaged

well beyond repair all right if you

happen to find one who isn't who isn't

damaged to far beyond repair it is on

you to keep her in check women cannot be

trusted to their own devices they

simply cannot be even Deluxe says

Donovan how about an episode regarding

how to upgrade your fashion sense yeah

I've got something in the works on that

so definitely stay tuned I'm probably

gonna talk about I'm probably gonna talk

about that probably next week or maybe

the week after but yeah I've definitely

thought about that Moises Guzman says we

get raised by women to have intensity

most women yell at you for being tough

on male children

he needs to be sensitive and someone a

woman needs right listen man women

complain about the men they create

that's what it comes down to

dude black women white women they're

steady talking about how shitty men are

well you know you guys are all single

mothers listen man you guys made us only

a few of us really ever make it out of

the fucking crab bucket only a few of us

ever really wise up it's a bunch of

bullshit if you ask me I actually got a

I got a joke this is actually pretty

cool I got a I got a joke from Bob in

Sacramento who wasn't really a joke was

sort of a funny little anecdote he

probably got it off at the internet

somewhere and he sent it in and I

thought I thought it was quite funny so

I'm gonna read it to you guys so it says

quote so I work at a photo lab and an

elderly woman came up to pay and after

each transaction I have to ask can I

help you find anything else today

the elderly woman responded with with a

million bucks the elderly man behind her

said ma'am if you want a million bucks

just look in the mirror her jaw dropped

and she was completely smitten and it is

by saying this man is at least 80 years

old in his pussy game is immortal um

I listen I would agree that his pussy

game was immortal but that wouldn't work

today Bette listen back in his day back

when he was you know 20 25 30 years old

yeah you know you could you could

definitely pick up chicks by actually

being a gentleman and you know a few

little cheesy pick-up lines but did you

can't say that to women these days well

look in the mirror and you'll have a

million bucks I'll turn on be like fuck

yield I already have a million bucks

Jesus Christ you've been ranting bi

million fucking dudes

well I thought that was funny listen man

that's that's that that's that old man

game let's see what else we have here

reborn African says Donovan with the

divorce rate taking children raping

men's pockets is it best to have

surrogate mothers I don't think so

hmm that's a good that is a good

question I've heard that discussed

before maybe I can't give a definitive

answer on that because I haven't really

thought about it but I've heard

discussions about this before what

listen what what reborn African is

talking about is is putting your sperm

into a surrogate mother's body and that

both parties agree that for a fee you

paid the surrogate mother for carrying

the baby but after she has the baby the

kid is yours and only your's you have

full custody she relinquishes all

parental rights you don't owe a child

support the kid is completely yours I

don't know man and again and Moises

Guzman is is listen he's voicing exactly

what my concerns are he says the the

surrogate mother can still try to take

you to court for those kids you have to

be careful with that that's the thing

man is that even in divorce cases where

let's say a professional athlete or a

rich guy has a rock-solid prenuptial

agreement dude judges are throwing out

prenups man like to throw them out and

bitches are still getting paid for

marrying rich guys so if they can throw

out something as as seemingly ironclad

as a prenuptial agreement dude all a

woman has to do is get on the stand and

terally tell the judge that oh I didn't

expect it to be this emotional and I

want to be with my baby and all of a

sudden and all of a sudden now he's

already paid for the surrogate which

black plastic speaks alludes they're

they are very expensive so now you're on

the hook for what thirty five forty

thousand dollars that you've already

paid her now you've got to pay her

eighteen years of child support

that's probably a long con that's

definitely a long con

for for a lot of people just in a cross

with a four dollar contribution thank

you very much

TSR tower edge the sharp Studios here at

TSR towers definitely thanks you justin

cross with a four dollar contribution

thanks a lot man I really really

appreciate that we do this for you we

really really do I enjoy what I do and

it's it's definitely a labor of love to

be sure so I definitely definitely

appreciate that Justin I like your I

like your rhetoric man your your you're

definitely you're definitely mischievous

and a lot he responses man I'm like

going you we've got a female troll oh my

goodness okay well that's gonna do it

guys for this edition of TSR live make

sure you guys check out the sharp

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