The growing epidemic of mama's boys (Episode 420)




I don't give a shit about your 1500 SAT

score eat under 1500 calories a day and

then I'll be impressed if you treat her

better than she treats you she'll get

bored don't just give her your attention

made her earner

she's not your co-pilot she's your

flight attendant fly from Philadelphia

you're man welcome to episode of TS are

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March 7th 2019

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guys let's get to it there aren't too

many things that make females

unattractive to men in terms of short

term flings one-night stands

friends-with-benefits and so forth that

list is relatively short if she's

overweight or obese if she has bad

breath or if she's really really ugly

those are the three things that come to

mind immediately when someone asks me

hey Donovan what would make you not want

to have sex with any given particular

female now in terms of what makes men of

value shy away from females as far as

the potential for a long-term

relationship goes that list is long if

she's a single mother if she has a

tattoo if she's got a piercing other

than in her ears the list goes on and on

we're already aware of those that that's

one of the pillars of this particular

podcast my entire empire is built atop

it I've always wanted to say that anyway

interestingly enough when it comes to

men the lists invert the list of things

that turn females

off as far as instant arousal short-term

flings things like that as far as those

things go while the list of things that

disqualify men for long-term

relationships is relatively short now we

all net we all say we we all know that

females say that they have a laundry

list of qualifications that men have to

meet to be in relationships with them

but their actions say otherwise men who

seem to check off all the boxes in terms

of qualities get a female sexual best

while the men who check off just a few

boxes usually get a female's long-term

relationship interest now I want you to

keep in mind there is an important

caveat to this the list of female

qualifications has caveats and that

caveat is that it depends upon how close

she is to the wall females who are in

their sexual primes they're not looking

for anything long-term they're not

looking for a long-term relationship but

they still have to be selective in terms

of who they sleep with ergo the laundry

list of things they say are reserved for

the man of their dreams right the man

that they want to marry but is

ultimately used to discipline that is

ultimately used to qualify men for

one-night stands and so forth the older

female gets incidentally enough the

shorter the list of arousal

qualifications becomes and the longer

the list of long-term provisioning

qualifications get if I've lost you go

back and watch it all of that said there

is one trait and one trait alone that

immediately disqualifies ment for both

short terms for both short-term sex and

long-term commitment potential with

females and that of course is being a

mama's boy being a mama's boy is yet

another one of these traits that females

say they want in a man until they

actually get a mama's boy gentlemen

Mama's boys are needy mama's

or week mama's boys are supplicating

mama's boys are passive-aggressive

they're not men they're males but

they're not they're not the men that

females are they're not the men that

females are aroused by okay females are

not aroused by males who are still

sucking the tit of their mama

they are aroused by men that's how this


now mama's boys didn't really become a

thing until I would say I don't know

maybe 2025 years ago back in the day

there wasn't really any such a thing as

a mama's boy per se yes

men loved and respected their mothers

but they didn't become mama's boys as we

define them today these men went out and

got jobs when they graduated high school

when they left the house they left the

house they got jobs they joined the

military or they went to college to

stake their own claim or in some cases

all three they went out there to hang

their own shingle they started their own

lives they didn't hang around and live

with their mothers indefinitely so now

the question becomes why are there so

many mama's boys why is that why is it

that a growing number of grown-ass men

are still sucking on their mama's titty

and acting like they like it I will give

you guys the answer right after the

break we'll be right back the Donovan

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alright let's check the chet here for

the first time as we lead things off mic

shitter ease in the house on the mobile

app side charles cabbie yet all also

checking in good to see you in here in

the NTS art hours via the donovan sharp

mobile apps wade senator nigel digs BK

from the rockies ill wills game warden

haven't seen ill wilson here in a while

red bee says he's stuck outside that

sucks James Martinez is in the house

James says the my app keeps crashing on

my iPhone do I need an update yeah just

uninstall it and reinstall it yeah yeah

if anything the thing about the app it's

actually it's actually quite simple to

edit and use if it keeps crashing just I

mean if it crashes just you know

uninstall it and then reinstall it it's

it's actually quite simple it it runs

just fine on my phone I know you know I

mean it's just like anything else it's

gonna have there aren't any bugs that I

know of but you know if you if you if

you reinstall the app now one guy

actually told me all he had to do is

restart his phone and then the app work

just fine so Jade Weller says fat girl

smell I would agree with that

infinite pigs in the house HS Lee 169

good to see you here in the towers Yosef

Israel says good evening Donovan or he

says good evening Donvan I just started

talking to this 24 year old woman I

think if your advice great content

appreciate that aunt James

says hang on a second he says this is a

trigger topic great choice for the

discussion Donovan mama's boys are the

worst you are not kidding me

ill will says the wall isn't defeated

the better my nicer railing up against

the wall maybe I I couldn't decipher

that you have to retype that in ill will

says NBA equals Mama's boys yes yes

Jason oh listen man I could I go all the

way down the list man explosive diarrhea

says Terry Crews is the biggest mama's

boy out there hornswogglers says mom we

need more pizza rolls I was absolutely

not a mama's boy my mother made sure of

that she made sure of that

listen she didn't do it on purpose that

wasn't by design but my mother made sure

she knew and understood that come hell

or high water I could not count on her

man that's four pets for sure that's for

sure rugby says very relevant to me do

you know it says Kevin Durant is the

biggest mama's boy currently yeah I

would agree I would agree

everyone it's so funny sports pundits

are always trying to figure out why is

Kevin Durant why is Kevin Durant so

emotional why is he so

passive-aggressive why is he you know

why is he always in his feelings what he

was raised by a single mother

is there any listen LeBron tooth now

listen here's the thing LeBron James was

also sort of raised by single mother but

LeBron is LeBron is passive-aggressive

like don't get it's witless listen

LeBron is one of the grapes and I guess

you could call him a great leader but

LeBron is passive-aggressive he never

calls out teammates to their face

notice professional the only

professional athletes or by and large

the professional athlete to the leaders

of the team that go face-to-face

one-on-one with guys are guys who were

raised with strong fathers Tom Brady

Michael Jordan Derek Jeter those guys

get in your face they don't go to

Media but guys who are always in their

feelings raised by single mothers

draymond Green can't control himself

DeMarcus Cousins was probably raised by

single mother Kevin Durant dude that

that's the biggest dude he's the he's

that he is the biggest mama's boy out

there you can do it you can just tell

just by the way he operates his modus

operandi his MO you can just tell dude

Wanda Durant is all over Kevin Durant

you can tell Chris Von Erichs says it's

almost Friday hey Donovan good to see

you in here

Luigi Conte asks the same question in

here every day and Sharpe assists Sharpe

assists asks the answers this dudes

question every single day man


Luigi come on man come on you're killing

me yes Charles Martin says Durant and

green ah game warden is trolling me game

warden you are trolling me says 76 win

against the Bulls no we got beat at the

last second we got beat at the last

second man that really that was a tough

one that was a tough one

deviant developer says the color is a

bit washed out I think you need to check

your settings color looks just fine on

my end Tony says society does punish you

for being too direct though negative

society punishes beta males for being

too direct

it doesn't punish alpha males again you

have to understand this guys the vast

majority of men getting hashtag me to do

or men who faked the fuck right true

alpha males true men of value true men

who have their shit together those guys

don't get hash tag me tun it's only the

sniveling beta males who try to buck up

they find the red pill and they start

trying to run game and work I can't tell

you how many times I get emails from

guys hey Donovan I just found the red

pill thanks I think this girl at work

wants to sleep with me what are you an

idiot are you looking to get me

- no no only the men who wear this mask

who wear this veneer of alpha dominance

those guys get hash tag me dude because

they're not the genuine article

girls don't want to be hit on by guys

who aren't the real deal those are the

guys who get hash tag me too no society

does not punish men they don't punish

men for being direct they punish males

for being direct because that's not

really who they are but no listen I've

been direct all my life and I've never

I've never been punished for it Jade

dweller hits it on the head if you are

direct they still respect you exactly

yes Charlie Sheen is not even close to

being called out by hashtag me - yes and

Charlie Sheen hit on everything with a

vagina on the set Charlie Sheen was

insufferable they fired him from the

show did not get hashtag me - this is

just how it works now listen does that

mean that the occasional quote-unquote

alpha male get hash tag me - of course

there are exceptions to the rule but the

vast majority of men who get hash tag me

Jude the vast majority of men who are

victims of false rape accusations are

men who appear to be alpha males but

when the rubber meets the road they're

not really who they say they are these

women feel fooled and deceived this is

why they get hat this is why they

hashtag me - these guys myron Gaines

says it feels good to be here for a live

show here to get my red pill dosage

absolutely beta males says aunt James

always get me - done to them because

they can't read the choosing signals of

women bingo I would totally agree that

totally agree

Ravel's says girls love when I flirt

with them at work yeah listen and again

I wouldn't recommend that you flirt with

women at work but if you have that

gravitas if you have always been that

guy like you can't be like Kevin and

sales never he is Kevin and sales is

never gonna get hashtag me - you want to

know why because he's fucking the h he's

fucking the

he's fucking the HR lady that's why or

I'm sorry my bad let me keep it clean he

is he is having sexual

relationships with the HR director right

Kevin and sales really is that alpha

dominant guy

no one's gonna hashtag me to that guy

right but you know little you know you

know Bob in accounting the little

sniveling betta missus behind his

computer there's a miserable life where

short-sleeved colored shirts and a tie

to work that guy if he ever tries to hit

on someone at work oh my god that's how

this works

spins says because Kevin is honest boom

there you go there you go

you guys get you guys get the point

listen I'm not saying that true alpha

males quote-unquote don't get hash tag

me too

they do but they are few and far between

the men who have the real game men who

have their shit together dude they don't

get hit with street harassment lawsuits

they don't get hash tag me too they

don't get summons to the HR no uh-uh

that's not how it works

red beast wants to call him Burt from



red beet wait a minute hold on Oran

plugs SP ways encouraged encourage them

to approach girls even when they don't

receive choosing signals yeah listen I

mean not to get off on a tangent here

but there is what's called a machine gun

approach and then there's what's called

a sniper approach and those are those

are polar opposites when you're going

out running game on girls yes if you if

you approach women if you only approach

women who appear to be giving you

choosing signals your success rate is

gonna be higher but if you approach

women whether they give you choosing

signals or not your success rate is

going to be lower there are advantages

and disadvantages to both the machine

gun approach approaching women whether

or not they give you choosing signals

you get more at that well it's just like

the the 1990 Loyola Marymount squad led

by Paul Westhead he said listen you're

gonna Jack them you're gonna jack up

shots right I don't want there to be

less than 20 I don't want there to be

less than two 15 seconds on the shot

clock when you take the shots the idea

is the more shots you take the more you

make that's how this works that's the

advantage of the machine gun approach

conversely on the other side only

approaching women who give you who

appear to give you choosing signals this

is the equivalent of shooting layups

when they're available

don't take unless you're Stephan curry

don't take the three-pointer that is a

that is a low percentage shot

no the closer you get to the basket the

higher the higher the odds of the ball

going in this is how this works so there

are merits there are merits to either

one there are merits to either one

before the break I asked you guys why

there are so many Momma's Boys why there

appears to be a growing number of Mama's

boys specifically right here in America

that aunts are simple single mothers

that's all there is to it single

motherhood gentlemen has done more to

destroy America it's done more to

destroy this country than just about

anything else the only thing worse than

single motherhood is feminism but single

motherhood is a derivative of feminism

but this was one of many unintended

consequences women didn't count on when

they burn their bras and gave the finger

to the patriarchy right single mothers

are single-handedly responsible for

creating the ghettos single mothers are

single-handedly responsible for creating

the trailer-park single mothers are

responsible for criminals for male

criminals and promiscuous females

eighty-five percent of inmates raised by

single mothers and the vast majority of

female sex workers in America you're

strippers escorts call girls prostitutes

porn stars also raised by single mothers

single mothers are the scourge of this

country for many many reasons and one of

those reasons is that they are solely

responsible for Mama's boys rum Will's

wrote an article on Negro manosphere ,

while back entitled black women create

the men they complain about well he was

only half right because women create the

men they complain about single mothers

create these men regardless of race

black white latina it doesn't matter if

you are a female you are born and raised

in this country

chances are we gonna be single mother

this is how it is now we can talk about

the different kinds of men that women

complain about more focusing on one of

the worst creations of single mothers

and that's Mama's boys went back to what

I talked about a little earlier females

always say that they want a man who

holds his mother in high regard a man

who treats his mother like hooing a man

who Revere's his mother and worships the

ground she walks on the reason they say

that they want this in men is because

they foolishly believe the myth that

explicitly states that a man that a man

treats his wife or girlfriend like he

treats his mother if a man treats his

mother well he'll treat his woman well

if he treats his mother poorly he'll

treat his wife or girlfriend poorly but

there is a reason this is patently false

there's a reason that the way a man

treats his mother has positively nothing

to do with how he treats the woman or

women he's sleeping with and at the

bottom of the hour on TSR prime time

myself and Stephen Ian Williams are

gonna tell you what that reason is we

are also going to dig a little deeper in

terms of why more reasons why men are

becoming mama's voice and why it's

unattractive to females listen a lot of

gut listen a lot of you guys out there

are mama's boys don't even realize it

right listen I might do it honestly I

might do an episode about some of the

reasons you might be a mama's boy

if you talk to your mama more than once

a week you might be a mama's boy

right I do not talk to my mom every two

months now my situation is different

I have a cordial relationship with my

mom and when I talk to her I talked her

for four or five hours at a time I let

my mother my mother you guys know the

history but I'm just not I just don't

need to talk to my mom like that right

if you have a picture of your mom in

your wallet you might be a mama's boy

if you talk about your mom at least

twice a week you might be a mama's boy

guys I dude this sounds like an episode

in the making this sounds like an

episode of the making if you want to

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prime time right from the app all right

let us check the Chet

once again

where'd me

Tony H says or if she wants to get back

with you Tony I think you're afraid you

are scared you are paralyzed by your own

fear um I have an eidetic I have what's

called an eidetic memory I don't

remember everything but I remember most

things and a lot of your comets would

lead me to believe that you're afraid to

be a men you're afraid to be a male

listen I'm not saying that this is

indicative of your character this is not

an indictment of on your character or

manhood because listen we've all been

sort of conditioned to be afraid to act

like men but you in particular seem to

voice the risks more than most right

don't be afraid to be direct Tony if

you're afraid to be direct and ute and

you try to be direct guess what that's

when bad things happen you're gonna be

direct be direct don't be scared to do

it and then try to do it Kyle Mitchell

says is the video not working or is it

just me nope video is just fine on my

end shout-out to whoever purchased a bar

of technical soap I appreciate that

excellent I got Steve the Dean on ready

five need to read a couple more year oh

my god oh no all right hold on

Oh see now Steve the Dean and I we're

gonna have to talk after the show man

some shit went down on Facebook with a

certain individual I happen to be a

little bit familiar with I actually had

to unfollow him I'm not gonna you know

I'm not gonna call his name out because

I think he's a good dude but he's the

type of guy who entertains female

rhetoric on his posts and he goes by and

listen I'm as guilty this is anybody

right like a lake every once in a while

like a female

say just something just out of whack and

I'm like dude I know I shouldn't comment

don't argue with females don't do it and

I'll do it and then before you know it

I'm bashing her and then I'm posting it

cuz she ends up putting her foot in her

mouth and this net but this guy really

like he posted something the other day

and a female on his post said his name

and then f off and he said lol and then

she had this long diatribe and he said

you know what I see what you mean I'm

like dude mm nope

and listen MIT listen he's got some beta

ways about him and he wants out but he

can't really seem to find a way out

can't really seem to find a way out

Steve the Dean I see you on the line my

friend I'm about to I'm about to draw

close to this particular show and we'll

talk about it on the hill talk about

this on the other side

Charles merchant says a boy should never

be raised under his mother past the age

of 10 he will take on her personality

wow you guys are dropping gems for

buried my mom says Islam is great okay

Tony said no back at you and that's why

I was talking about Tony I said I think

my statement was I think my statement

and who in the hell is calling in to my

show right now okay

oh that's see in Vegas yeah see relax

guys just just relax see I don't take

phone calls on TSR alive anymore because

it's about to get real auntie us our

prime time um I said I he said I just

misread that what I got from you Tony is

that you're telling me like I think I

said something to the effect that the

only reason why a girl would hashtag me

to somebody is to is because they're a

beta male like trying to be an alpha

male in beta and a beta disguise or or

or whatever the case may be and I think

you said or to get back at you and you

know in my mind yes that's very very

true and what I took that to mean is

when you say get back at you get back

for what right get back to you maybe for

being direct

I don't know correct me if I'm wrong but

I sense a little bit of timidness in

your mentality just a little bit dr.

Redd bill says can you get that app

checked it out it won't let me download

it yes it will go to donovan sharp comm

and click on that link yeah follow the

follow the instructions on the on the

app good stuff good stuff guys

good stuff gentlemen good to mix it up

here with you guys that's gonna do it

for this edition of TSR live make sure

you subscribe to my weekly newsletter

and be sure to tune in to es our prime

time which has been just a couple

minutes long gone berserk calm thanks

for watching guys






just because I'm like fucking you

doesn't mean I actually like you rich

guys and hot guys get cheated on like

everybody else there's nothing to be

afraid of she's just a woman discovery

Trump's disclosure you lost your edge

she lost the traction it's all works

live from Philadelphia pure man

Donovan Joe what's up guys it's your man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the four

hundred and twentieth edition of TSR

prime time your headquarters for

unfilter straightforward no bullshit Red

Mill truth wisdom and awareness it is

Thursday March 7th 2019 for those of you

who have come over from TSR live it's

good to have you guys in tonight and

thank you for your support if you want

to chime in on today's topic give me

call nine one four two oh five five

three five six I have managed to at

least I have managed to you know I

figured out the whole you know lip

synching issue was a it was a quick

setting in in OBS now I got to figure

out the split screen thing because the

split screen thing used to work but now

when I do the split screen thing

everything slows down again and we start

lip-syncing etcetera etc but but I

digress if you have a question about

girls game your relationship Fitness

finances hobbies or anything else that

pertains to increasing your value and

agency as a men okay one on one

consultation on Donovan sharp comm

forward slash consults earlier today on

TSR live I talked about the epidemic the

growing epidemic of Mama's boys

and why they seem to be increasing by

the minute I also said that I was gonna

talk about the reason a man will never

treat his woman like he treats his

mother and joining me to talk about this

particular issue is none other than my

man Steve the Dean Williams what's going

on Steve how you doin man I can't call

the fam thanks for having me on brother

hey listen anytime brother and listen

you and I gotta talk about about what we

were texting about earlier because I

have a feeling I haven't even dude I

don't I'm not on Facebook all that often

but I

exactly we're talking about because you

told me and and I've got I've got a

little bit of backstory for you two on

this and if this is what I think it is

this is gonna be some shit yeah yeah I

just saw I just saw that I like you know

yeah I'm uh I'm gonna let you know I

don't let you know what's going on with

there now Steve a lot of people I

remember when you used to do the other

brother pillow podcast with O'Shea you

were the you were the first toast I was

a second right we're you know we're

brother Pihl Podcast alumni and you know

a lot it listen you and I we date like

you have a white you know you're married

to a white woman I've uh you know my

girlfriend is white and we always get

you know sort of the same playbook type

of rhetoric from black females who hate

on us for DES and white girls they say

yo mama black and what Steve what is

your response to women who say well your

mama's black Steve I'm not trying to

fuck my mother there it is and that's

the reason this is the reason why men

will never treat their women likely

treat their mothers it is a different


what and here's the thing Steven and

seeing Vegas I see you on the line

stateless and see in Vegas Steve he's

one of my homeboys a longtime caller the

show him and I we all a long way back

man we see eye to eye on a lot of things

every once in a while we'll have a

difference of opinion but we have a

mutual respect for one another both

alumni of the 7:02 crew Steve why is it

that so many men or mama's boys like I

mean listen single moms okay that that's

the easy target but at some point you'd

figure these guys will figure it out

right no unfortunately they you can't

you can't figure out what has been laid

upon you by mom without having guidance

from a man you are you are only you own

you are it's kind of like you are what

you eat

if you've only been around mom and it's

not for all I mean some young men do

breakout right but it's very rare right

what you what you what you see is

there's a there's a thing that women do

due to their boys a few things I'll give

you a few of them number one they coddle

their sons oh yes they gave a they their

sons never grow up learning that they

have to take responsibility or

accountability for their actions that's

number one so what you get is the bed

towels the guys pointing the fingers the

guys being the victims that's number one

number two inconsistent disciplines when

with that young men never learned for

every action there's always going to be

a reaction every time right and another

one is teaching these boys how to be

emotional and this loss of self-control

can cause these young boys to be seen as

weak by other men and a target by other

men because then real quick the

emotional is something that you and I

get you and I get the prom' always say

our worst enemy is guys we're raised by

moms because they feel like they've got

to protect mommy yeah so and protect the

mommy they're doing more lashing out or

not I'm sorry

no no listen go as long as you want you

know the interesting thing is is in and

again I wrote an article on Negro Menace

fear or good god going on a year and

some change it was actually back in

December of 2017 and it wasn't it was

entitled why most men are not your

friends and you know I listed a couple

of reasons but one of the main reasons

that you can figure out if a man is not

really a friend is that if he trusts

women more than he trusts men way too

many men out here trust women more than

they trust men right and the vast

majority of those guys are Mama's boys

what do you think in your opinion and I

understand why why moms try to coddle

their sons right women are supposed to

be the nurturers but this is why the

epidemic of single mothers is ravaging

America women are not supposed to be

quote mom and dad they can only do what

they do they can nurture they can take

care of the mother is there too the

mother is supposed to be there to to

nurture the son the father is there to

offer the discipline this is the this is

the healthy dynamic of the nuclear

family so why do you think that mothers

take it too far with their sons and turn

them into Mama's boys well what would be

have to understand and this is always

gonna be with you and I I mean we're in

our 40s right yeah the thing with mom is

she doesn't know any better

the thing with mom is that in her eyes

she is doing one thing one thing only is

protecting her baby right she doesn't

realize that she's doing more damage to

the boys by a doctor dating or still

having the umbilical cord attached these

young men everything she does is in

protecting him he falls off his bike

you know daddy say you know you better

get your fucking ass upright that ground

you know you probably give you something

to cry but okay mom on the other hand

all my baby my baby right what's wrong

let mommy kiss you to make you feel

better we don't have to ride the bike

now let's go inside let's get some warm

thing I'll get some neosporin mom you'll

kiss it and make it feel better so but

she does it unwilling she doesn't know

what she's doing it's just a reactor

nature we are all you could yeah its

nature right so you could be 80 years

old Donovan and still be your your baby

in your mother's eyes and that's just

something that is part of the emotional

aspect of the woman because women I want

to see as logical I see them as well

more emotional service no absolutely and

before I get to see in Vegas on the line

there's something that there's something

that I open that I've always observed my

mother ran a daycare center an in-home

daycare center when we lived in Hawaii

we were always surrounded by little kids

and babies all the time it was part of

life for us and I remember and even in

my own life and just observing other

parents outside of the daycare center if

a kid were to run and trip and fall and

skinned their knee right there would

always be like a five-second pause like

okay the kid knows he tripped and fell

right the kid is okay until mom runs up

and says oh are you okay and then the

kid looks up at mom and he starts to cry

because the mother gives him permission

to be weak right and so this is what

this is again it's like whenever

whenever a man and this this this

continues up into adulthood

anytime a man comes across a situation

that is potentially mentally or

physically you know harmful he looks to

his mom am I supposed to like give me

the cue here am I supposed to be her

Aoyama okay yes I'm her

I'm gonna get into my feelings now and

moms don't do them any favors all right

there we go

sorry about that 911 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call let's go - lets go - see you in

Vegas see you're on live with Donovan

and Steve diamond alright darlin I got

two things yeah um going back to your -

yes I think it was yesterday you took my

unconditional love mmm and it's

perfectly tied in to today's talk

because men have this kind of delusion

of unconditional love because like you

said the only unconditional love you get

are from mainly from parents and dogs

that's it right it may be it may be

children everything so when these men

are raised by these by these women and

you know the doting and the coddling and

stuff like that fakes they protect they

protect that love and that affection on

to other women it's just not the case

right right yeah that makes everything

so now I was gonna say what what what

these what a lot of these Mama's boys

the reason why they have such trouble in

relationships is that they expect their

mother they expect other woman's who

love them like their mother does

Mother's mom's gonna love them

unconditionally that does not mean that

women are women will never the only

woman that will love you unconditionally

is your own mother that's it

outside of that no female on earth but

your mother is going to love you

unconditionally and a lot of men who are

mama's boys have a rude awakening why

can't why don't these women love me I

thought I was supposed to be myself my

mom always loved me etc etc then they

end up learning the hard way

actual actual factual's and one more

thing Donovan because uh oh by the way

that it's all topic - he also reminds me

back to you back to you oh gee episode

the price today is the price to being a

man that's right it's the type a lot of

men don't pay that price right

so the angle - they hang on to these so

they hang on to these uh these ideals

and one more thing Donovan was a little

off topic but go ahead your interview

with Roush your interview with Ruth yeah

very interesting what is the biggest

boost fan but I just have again a

different perspective on oh but I want

your opinion on this because you said

something very interesting I kind of


you guys talked about you know Bruce

talked about saying you know I thought I

would be 60 asking when with a pet store

is it good I'm saying you know he's even

doing this for is there a wall for red

pill men ah look you unpack that look at

the contact let me be clear you're

saying we all know the beta male market

sure beta males wall okay so we don't

going to get into that but I'm talking

about for a minute is a point what's a

globe just too many bitches or you'll

count I'm done any and you find a higher

calling is the is there a wolf is there

wolf already filming cause it almost

seems like they almost have their roofs

alluded to that yes here's the here

listen here is here my thoughts on this

this is actually an interesting question

thanks for the call see it is my opinion

and Steve I think you can I think you

can probably add to this as well as far

as a what listen we all know that the

wall for females is when they become

much less sexually attractive all of a

sudden their looks fade their tits sag

etc etc the wall for men there's there

there is a wall for men but it is

different than the wall from women and

I'll tell you why we as men we value

youth and beauty as far as women go

women women also value physical

attractiveness but it's not as high on

the list I said yesterday he can be the

most attractive man in the world if you

don't know how to carry yourself if you

don't know how to handle your woman if

you if you have beta male tendencies

she's gonna lose arousal and attraction

for you very quickly so the wall for men

is not the wall for men is different

than the wall for women that said I

think that men hit the wall when they

decide to hit the wall listen dude Steve

I think you're gonna tested this to

their art dude there are guys in their

50s some even in their 60s still fucking

women in their 20s and 30s listen I shit

you not I shit you not

these are men who have kept themselves

in good shape don't get me wrong they're

not who they were when they were in

their 30s or 40s but young girls still

want to fuck these guys and for me the

wall for a red pill aware male is when

he decides that it's time to hang it up

and if I'm gonna make that comparison I

would put that on myself I think I

probably hit the wall at maybe 39 40

years old I decided that enough was

enough I decided that you know

what you know going out and hollering at

girls four five six seven eight hours a

day just really isn't worth to me more

now there were other things that were

involved in that right like my lifestyle

of things got a little bit too hectic

and then of course I met Devon but the

fact of the matter is and listen when I

met Devon I had no idea that it would

turn into this but I was in a

transitional period of my life because I

decided to make no mistake about it if I

wanted to move back to Vegas and

continue living that life I could do

that but as far as a Wallis concern for

men I don't know that there's a physical

wall as long as you have your shit

together it doesn't matter how old you


attractive women are still going to be

attracted to you what's that you Steve

well yeah you know rosebud is a 67-68

he's fucking twenty-year-old wait so

every time the law goes along you know

when you know right so but like I say

for me I guess my wall was cuz I mean

i-i've been fucking women since I was 13

so oh you gotta start on the gigolo

thing I've done the orgies I've done the

threesomes I've screwed women in front

of their husbands I mean I've done it

all so the swing in and I've done it all

so it was at around 27 28 where I wanted

to start thinking more about my legacy

and my future as far as having my name

keep going on so at that point that's

when I kind of kind of watered it down a

little bit and started looking for

someone who can give me great sons and

shit like that and this is not something

that mama's boys really seem to concern

themselves with right like mama's boys

are never concerned with their legacies

mama's boys

Mama's boys Steve really seemed to be

they seemed to be afraid of the outside

world they seemed to be and it's dude it

is a weird dynamic man a lot of times oh

my god a lot of times a man will ask his

I don't want to put this the wrong way

but it's only natural like I guess it

would make sense for a man to you know

say mom hey what do you think of this

particular woman now listen women no

other women your mom can tell you hey

listen I don't trust her I trust her


if you want to keep bucking you're gonna

keep fucking her but there are some moms

out there who get outwardly jealous of

their of their sons girlfriends because

they know their sons girlfriends are

fucking their sons like it's it's it's a

weird dynamic

and these Mama's boys put these mothers

of these mama's boys put so much

pressure on their sons that they end up

fucking up their relationships either

the son decides you know what fuck it

I'm out of here I can't like I can't

date this girl cuz mom's in the way or

the girl says you know what I'm tired of

competing with your mother right well

the thing is Donna but not only that

that like I understand is I always tell

guys if you really want to know how your

mother the one that you trust the most

is always lying to you she doesn't and

to point to your life the first point of

your life she does and where she tries

to tell you all in September meeting on

December 25th there's this bearded jolly

old man that comes down your chimney if

you present that's the first line right

the second line that you need to know

and you could do this right now you call

your mother up you say mom I'm going out

on a date okay what should I do and who

like been in there oh she's gonna tell

you everything that you should do you

know be nice be courteous open the door

or fly or flowers tell her how pretty

she is yeah did do all these things but

then you say mom will tell me about my

dad oh asshole he was a jerk

he doesn't did he never listened he

never did this and he was always an AB

so we were stuck he always wanted to do

what he wanted to do and he was talking

he was conceited he was arrogant but

then you asked the question is wait a

second here mom at one point you're

telling me to open doors and be kind of

women but on another side you're telling

me my dad was a straight-up asshole but

yet you fucked my dad and had me so

what's the truth here and that's how did

you find out the truth brother you know

it's um hmm I actually had that same

Epiphany not really epiphany actually

had had a conversation with my mom

about this and this is kind of what I

figured it out so I don't know maybe

five six years into Vegas I'm you know

I'm up to

eyeballs and cocaine and strippers and

all this other kind of stuff and my mom

is like Donovan you used to be such a

sweet boy like what happened to Yanam

light and I know where this is going and

I'm like yeah you know I'm just out here

living the life she's like no she kept

pressing me she's like no you used to be

like this nice kind blah blah blah blah

I didn't use women for sex this Annette

and I said yeah you know Mom it's just

Las Vegas like this is how it is

eventually a nightlight or so yeah maybe

I'll grow out of it she says no I want

to know like what's gotten into you

finally Steve I said listen man unless I

said listen mom when I stopped reading

up when I stopped treating women like my

father treated you and started treating

women like that crackhead ass nigga up

in Detroit that you left us for when I

started treating him like that

my conquest with women substantially

improved and there was dead fucking

silence on the phone she knew I was

right right and listen at this point I'm

in my mid-30s can't bullshit me anymore

I've been through too much but you've

got men in their mid 30s who still ask

mom for help

the advice that mom gives them be nice

buy her flowers open doors etc Center it

hasn't worked in 30-some odd years yet

they're still calling mama why don't

here's another thing Steve why don't men

have the winner I'm not I'm not trying

to be too hard on guys as I understand

what it can be like I guess to be

manipulated by your mother to think that

she's the end-all be-all but at some

point like you would expect men to just

live a little and say okay wait a minute

maybe my baby what my mom is telling me

but mother's telling me is not exactly

the right thing why don't men ever break

free from their mothers I don't know I

don't understand it

well you can't break free from the

umbilical cord if you don't realize the

billa cord is still attached oh they

they have they have no idea about that

let me let me give you an example now I

I'm asking you I know your egos for him

but I'm gonna tie all this together okay

who is the most hated quarterback in the

NFL Tom Brady goddamn right okay but and

this this goes with why they don't break

free and why you and I are

like the Tom Brady not of the NFL but

when it comes to manhood guys like us I

would say guys like okay to think about

Tom very well to think about guys like

us why we are hating why people hate Tom

Brady this all the same and why they are

attached to mom as a biblical chord it's

because the first thing is in order to

cut that biblical core you got to start

taking accountability for your actions

are saying you know what I gotta be

account everything at everything that

happens to me is my fucking fault

because I allow it to happen

number one they can't do that because

just like mom

emotional blaming being the victim it's

always your fault it's the trees for

it's the grasses fault it's the sky's


it's Donovan's girl's fault because she

wore blue shoes instead of red shoes

there's a whole excuse every time you

turn around because that's what mom has

given them so what happens is when they

find out what it means to be a man or

just given a few things yeah right they

hey success oh that that donovan sharp

exudes confidence when he walks in a

room when he orders a hamburger when he

eats cereal or fucking watches TV he

exudes confidence it's something I can't

do so when I hate Donovan because I

don't want to learn that Donovan is cool

under pressure you know what

whenever Dunham is around a woman he

acts like nothing's wrong why can't I do

that instead of me trying to learn that

it's better for me to powered about

there you go look for quick fixes or

blame Donovan and say it's his fault why

things are going on I go on and on about

this but what I'm saying is it's a

combination of thing but the most

important thing is is when you upload

emotions into these young men which

technically Donovan takes them out of

nature yes that's what they don't

understand they become more grass-eating

lions that are declawed and defamed and

they're in the impression that damn this

is the best grass in

world why would I want to eat that media

ass goddamn Bieber over there right no I

like eating this grass because it's safe

it's and I don't have to make any moves

I don't have to take any risk and any

and there's going to be less reward

because why because one thing mom showed

me is that everybody's a winner and

everybody gets to go pee and all I got

to do is keep my head up high and just

walk out that door into that bus on Kyle

life and then everything fucked up

unbelievable Wow

Steve's dropping knowledge man you're

you sound better than I do on the show

so this is this is why I have you on you

know going back to the Tom Brady thing I

say that in listen I have debates with

guys in my chat about whether Tom

Brady's the greatest and whatever

whatever but outside of football peeing

and guys who guys who claim to hate like

I've got him I've got a friend of mine

his name is Miami Jay he claims to hate

Tom Brady he doesn't really hate Tom

Brady's a Dolphins fan and he hates that

Tom Brady beats his dolphins but if you

were to meet Tom Brady in person eat up

all the respect in the world's form

because Tom Brady as a man is something

you aspire to be men out here Steve

Wright who absolutely have a genuine

contempt of men like Tom Brady men who

really do hate Tom Brady on and off the


those are your mama's boys those are the

losers when's the last time you heard a

when's the last time you heard a guy who

owns three businesses throw shade at Tom

Brady or other successful men when's the

last time you heard the CEO of a fortune

1000 company talking shit about other

successful people we're not really

talking shit because I'm sure there are

rivalries but when's the last time you

heard of a successful person talking

shit about the success of another person

no listen successful people hate each

other but they respect each other and if

you're a man and you and you genuinely

have contempt for people who are

successful you will never be listen you

will never be successful if you hate

success you'll never be successful if

you hate money if you claim to hate

money you'll never have money if you

hate women you're never gonna have a

woman this is just how it goes

mom mothers create these men who

success they create these men who hate

other men who do what they want to do

but they can't do and listen Steve we

get all sorts of shade throw it on throw

it the thrown at us on Facebook and

Twitter and all this is that any other

they are literally telling on themselves

the reason why these men feel strongly

enough to come after us these mama's

boys is because they we know that they

want what we have otherwise they

wouldn't have said anything but the

reason why they throw shade is because

they want what we have but they know

they're not that they're not willing to

put the work in to get where we are this

is why they hate this is why the MB and

this is why they throw shade oh

absolutely that's just how they are

built they're not built to be cool under

fire they're not built to know how to

communicate or work hard like you say

right so what they are built to do is

really tolerate drummond disrespect like

mom they are built to always be

available like mom is for asshole guy

they are taught to always do anything or

seek permission they're always being

taught to play more defense to be more

reactive and be more weak because they

don't know any better

they think they think you and I are the

enemy that says mom wants to because mom

sees us as the enemy because mom knows

if in its how it so fucked up because

how mom sabotage her bills mom knows if

any if their boy begin to think like a

donovan short creme or think like me all

of a sudden he's no longer going to give

mom the power that she holds over here

mom to tell him where he can and cannot

go he's not gonna tell mom he's gonna

tell mom to stay out of my business

you're not a you're no longer there a

bird isn't walking to my house you gotta

call me first you can't tell me what

kind of furniture I can put in my house

you can't tell me what kind of girls I

can date your job is one thing and this

is only it's a B my mom and if you can't

be my mom I'm gonna cut you off and

that's what mom is afraid of

does it say there's something I listed

to her to show I love watching the

tutors or Netflix okay there's something

they always say about the about the kid

he said always tell the King what he

should do not what he could do because

of a line learned his own strength

nobody can stop him right it's the same

thing with this who harm doesn't want

you to know your own strength or know

your birthright as a man did he some be

uncontrollable the man that she not only

did she fall in love with with somebody

but she knows she has no power over me

she loved the power of the one thing

they used on weak God he'll I

I worked hard for you I I was slaves

right I brought you into this world yes

I I did I brought you into this world I

clothed you and I fed you but as you

know when she says I said to a real man

he's like mom that was a fuck you were

supposed to do I didn't ask to be here

well that was your job and if you don't

like that mom guess what

kick rocks okay handle dad that's the

issue right there

what dude listen listen that listen

that's one of the that's one of the

greatest all-time rants on this show

I've it never it has never occurred to

me and I guess this is because I'm not a

mama's boy

it has never occurred to me Steve that

maybe these women are turning their sons

and the mama's boys on purpose

Steve Stevenson actually said in the

chat you are her backup plan right like

how fucked up is that right like I think

that a lot of these women out there are

purposely brainwashing their sons to be

Mama's boys so that they can control

them because eventually they know that

they're going to be alone right all

right well maybe I can maybe I can keep

my son around me this is why they have a

problem when he goes off with a girl

because just like you said Steve listen

the more of a man he becomes the less

power she has over in moto she doesn't

have until she doesn't have any power

and that's what mothers listen this is

what women fear the most is being alone

and of course women today they're all

they're obviously gonna end up being

alone because they're slutty ways the

only men they know that they can count

on are their sons sharpest s Senate ride

machete says someone will always love

I'm boldly I never even thought of it

that way dude yeah

well because because one thing they also

do is they break they they make they

have a relationship with their son now

it's not a I'm not saying that incest a

relation oh no it is a relationship

where she tries to make him man of the

house yes I'm saying yes Chitra because

the thing is with mothers when they when

they're with young boys is they don't

teach their sons with boundaries on and

one thing that you do and you can also

see this really in the black community

but in a lot of community as well is

that these women teach your son to

disrespect male authority and no

authority figures that's one of the

things because the one thing that

because see the thing is the worst thing

you can do to these boys on of it is

coddle them yes and then let them out

into the world because it's so hard for

these young boys to adjust to the world

so what happens is you know you hear you

always get in trophies and you're

playing t-ball so if you've missed two

pitches you're here to put the ball on a

tee and hit it and then they'll let you

run around you like alright well this is

how life is going to be oh it's gonna be

sunshine of rainbows but as soon as you

get out into the real world and you

cannot adjust to the real world

then what happens is you will become

that Elliot Rodgers guy whoa Oh crazy

psycho guy you'll be the guy that's

hurting women and trying to hurt women

but still go back home and it's the

worst part I want to say real quick or

you'll be that 30 year old man that is

still being woken up by mom in the

morning she's mom your breakfast she's

Wow your clothes she's driving you to

school she's driving you to your job

she's helping you fill out your

application so you become not addicted

to mom is that you will never be able to

pull that umbilical cord out because III

don't want to go out into the world

because it's scary so I want to hide

under mommy's dress I want to drink


get milk and stay in the umbilical cord

where where it's saved Donovan listen

you are listen you're hitting the nail

right on the head

and it's funny because sometimes you'll

go to message board you you watch

youtube videos about women talking about

Mama's voice and the one thing that they

all seem to have in common all these

women have in common is they say they're

like our men like art like like a

married to a mama's boy or my

boyfriend's a mama's boy

as they expect their women to treat them

like their mothers treat them they

expect them to expect them to get up

make them cereal in the morning you know

you write a little you know you know

write something on the little napkin I

love you have a good day at school and

pack their little lunch right they

expect their they expect their women to

act like their mothers and that's why

that's what turns these women on here's

another thing something you said earlier

about about mothers making their sons

the man of the house this is what gets

them hooked because the very first taste

of validation as a man that comes from

Mama's boys get their first taste of

validation as a man from their mothers

their mother is the first woman to

validate them as a man as a grownup you

are the man of the house and a lot of

women Steve this is fucked up

they'll say you're my king like it's

like you see on Facebook all the time

but actually when I used to be friends

with women on Facebook

oh damn little two-year-old boy oh my

king like they're submitting to their

sons and their sons get these they gets

god complex then when they go out into

the real world and they figure out that

women aren't just gonna you know bow

down and worship them well where's the

one place that they can go where they

can get worship back home with mom

mm-hmm this is drugs forces you not to

have to commit you don't have to do

anything you can just sit around and

allow mom to do a thing number one

project ain't now listen not only does


sabotage these boys but there are dads

that want to see their sons right mom

dude she protects the boy she won't

allow a boy to see his father and if he

does see it she's gonna dr8 oh your

daddy hurt me he hurt mommy and he

wasn't there

for mommy and then the boy begins to

hate the father because he doesn't know

the whole story

he only hears it from one side but he

what he does is he wants to protect

mommy but it's not only protecting mom

it's also protect the mommy and other

women he wants to be that dead that hero

you know

captain seaman it need to be loved in

women need to be protected and catered

for and you know you're a bad man down

in the shark because you don't

understand women you need to buy her a


you need to buy her that expensive

dinner you need a portable it's a man

but see it's a man on mommy's terms that

she is adopting to him he thinks he's a

man but he has no idea that he is just

like mommy Donovan dude and what you

said right there

when single mothers teach their sons to

hate their fathers wubble all the way

back to what you said right the the the

second time mom lies to you is when you

call her up and ask her hey I'm going

about to go out on a date what should I


she tells you everything that you

shouldn't do then you say well tell me

about my father she describes all of

these novel Amahle traits so as a boy

you hear all of these alpha male traits

you begin to hate your father because

you're only here in one side of the

story right then you grow up and go out

in the world now you're starting to see

other men exhibiting these these these

these terrible traits these misogynistic

traits wait a minute that guy is just

like my mother described my father that

guy must be a bad guy dude listen your

player haters your fucking beta males

you're in cells guys who come after us

are clearly victims of single motherhood

the only reason why the only reason why

men hate men like us is because they

were raised to that's all there is to it

because inherently we as men we are

raised to admire or we are born to

admire masculine Authority masculine

accomplishment masculine dominance it's

Steve it's not natural for men to hate

on each other if I see a guy if I see a

guy over there

you know squatting for 50 I'm not gonna

be like man

that nigga man he's probably on steroids

no I'm gonna go over there and pick his

brain to be like yo check this out like

how are you squatting 450 like like you

know give me some pointers or you know

you see a guy that's got a couple of

businesses and you're thinking about

maybe running a business or sup hey

listen I'm thinking about becoming an

entrepreneur myself I see you've got two

businesses give me some pointers instead

of being like man fuck that nigga man

he's got two businesses he thinks he's

all that and it's not the other these

are men who are raised to hate alpha

males by their mothers that it all comes

full circle like logic verse emotions

like they remember you hit that you just

hit that shit on the head see they see

daddy in you so right they to date they

all do they do the math and they fucked

up little head daddy was mean - mommy

daddy was daddy was all these things he

looks at a mother fucking like you

darling right oh well Donovan takes rip

Donovan's fearless Donovan is focused on


Donovan seeks direction Donovan sees the

big picture Donovan has vision oh yeah

no uh-uh uh-uh

no fuck yeah I don't like it you ain't

shit Donovan you ain't shit and look at

your girl ain't shit and let me do any

girl your life ain't getting all this

other stuff this is better that what we

are dealing with you always like you

saying I just wanna say we quit it you

don't I you know it's like when women

you saw we say oh you don't know me you

don't know my story bitch I don't have

to know your strength right you tell me

everything by your behavior and your

behavior is either going to be masculine

where like Donovan says you you you

uplift when I'm on with my donkey

Donovan I praise Donovan

I congratulate Donovan I listen to

Donovan and we work and we coexist trans

men or or you can do

what they do hate on him they're getting

mad at him but there's all but there's

one thing we want to say there's no

evidence there's also one thing today

eight because somebody's little dumb

fuck sometimes they mess around and they

have worked nine months let's say three

weeks four hours and 53 minutes working

on Sally hi hey I've been working so

hard man I'm almost I've almost getting

the courage because mom told me to be

patient great cuz you know Steve Harvey

said wait 90 day once I gotta be patient

with early guy and then all of a sudden

Donna me sharp rolls into the picture

with them girl and then she's sucking

his dick that day he's like he didn't

win ninety days he waited 90 seconds


this is why they hate men is because the

thing is is the reason why women hate on

their there are many reasons why women

hate on men like myself the number one

reason is because they know they can't

have guys like us this is why they hate

that's the only reason why they chirp

back and it doesn't matter what the

subject matter is anytime a woman

collapse back at you for anything you

post on social media or stay out in the

open that's because she wants you to

fuck her but she knows that you never

will so she has to pretend like she just

disagrees with everything you say

incidentally enough there are men that

do the same thing men who hate on other

men men who hate on other men or that is

a feminine attribute right now listen

Steve would yo go ahead go ahead yeah it

is one more thing to date there is one

more thing to do do fam that is crucial

okay just like mommy they hate on us but

they can't stop listening they they hate

on us but they stalk us like a feminine

woman right it's right a logical man

would say this if I don't like this if I

don't like it

like this endowment shirt I'm turning

that shit off right great good luck go

down the shore hope he does well what is

the show blah blah blah that's it but

these guys owe every week they create

new accounts I banned them then they

create new accounts to come back in hey

what are you doing listen when I just


I've never and I don't know even when I

was a beta blue pill bitch boy I never

hated all I never hated on guys that

were good with women I just never did I

always thought to myself what like how

is it they're doing what they're doing I

just don't I don't understand it I

didn't hate on those guys but but again

this is this is a feminine behavior

right if you are a man and I do to have

this happen all the time I got people

who create different Google accounts

different Facebook accounts to just

troll and hate on me dude check this out

I posted a picture a while back and you

remember what it was a day in the life

of of a man on a mission right get up

early in the morning question right

right do you know dude right exactly do

my TRT lift weights get ready for the

show my girls in the kitchen I'm fucking

my girl whatever whatever well this one

guy came in and he did what I like to

call concern trolling right so he comes

in and says well not every men needs to

be on

TRT he made he made a very he made a

very weak he made it he he and I went

back and Friedman listened he made some

good points but at the end of the day I

told him look man not every man needs to

be on CRT you're the exception to the

rule congratulations bla bla bla bla bla

and that was that okay I thought that we

had I thought that we had a good

discussion a good discourse we had a

disagreement no problem

so maybe two days later Steve I posted a

pic Devon had made me some unbelievable

spaghetti and some garlic bread and so

the same guy came in and says wait a

minute what's your meal plan are you

keeping track of your Mike but your

macros and and carbs and and

proteins and all this like what's your

plan and I asked some I said okay do you

really want to know like do you really

want to exchange information or are you

just looking to poke holes and say see I

was right the reason why you're on trt

is because you eat like shit and what

did he do he took the same says gold man

you sure do react poorly to a

disagreement I said and there it is

you listen he had Steve his argument had

nothing to do with TRT this nigga was

hating on my lifestyle

he was hating on me and he tried to come

in and try to have an intelligent

discourse so this motherfucker said you

know what okay he got me this time but

I'm gonna troll his Facebook page and

the minute I see something that's just a

little bit in congruent I'm gonna call

him on it and point him out for the

fraud he is okay so I had so I have

spaghetti and meatballs and some garlic

bread do I look fat to you Steve you

know what I'm saying like this is what

these guys do this is what these guys do

they look for the slightest they look

for the slightest chink in the armor to

say see he's not he's not an alpha male

same thing with OJ Simpson no J killed

his wife Oh J did it we all know he did


so guys use that as a referendum to say

well Oh J was a beta male Oh Jim is not

a beta male man he killed listen he

killed his wife because she listen

Nicole was fucking other dudes all

around la Oh Jay knew it he didn't care

only when Nicole fucked who who Oh Jay

considered to be as equal and maybe

superior and Marcus Allen that's when he

lost his shit that's not even if it were

a beta trait one beta trait does not

obey to make and what these haters like

to do is they like to take one little

incident one little point of weakness

and use this as a referendum on your

overall character and lifestyle and say

see I told you he's a fraud

nigga fuck you can I here with that what

what what Donovan here's the thing that

it's easy mathematics if a beta male

asks himself an alpha question he's on

what kind of answer he's gonna get a

beta right only seat to your level and

that's what the problem with a lot of

these guys out there see they think they

know what alpha is but you to tell me

when I'm in the top of the clouds on

Mount Olympus and you're down below in

the parent to tell me

what a god is right I mean right you

can't you have no right to say that you

ain't know you can say whatever you want

but it doesn't matter because you ain't

getting bitches you ain't fucking nobody

you sitting there stealing your basement

your mama's basement following me like I

like your love with me or some shit like


but that that that's where he is weird

because it's like look man look at you

and I are we in again Devin's not around

he doesn't know no okay okay and what do

you know I mean she does listen to the

show but what about you okay well we've

got we'll got we knows everything guys

like us and not that we go do it but do

these guys understand how many women

clothed a pussy at us they understand

how even though these women say they

hate us they don't understand how many

women are trying to fuck us on the back

end you kidding of knew that that's here

today but what I'm saying for you guys

out there is that it is very weird for a

guy to a one a problem somebody like

he's in love with him that that's weird

and it is weird isn't it can't

understand what yet while your father

listen your when your why and why you

follow me if you don't like it leave but

you can't leave because you can't

understand why I'm here

up there on Mount Olympus and you're

down below because you don't want to

accept the truth that you ain't shit

that's the problem with these

motherfuckers man you know what that

sounds down to mommy because mommy you

beat me to it you beat me to it you know

what that sounds like that sounds like a

woman and at the end of the day men who

are mama's boys act like women dude

listen and Mama's boys come in all

shapes colors and sizes but men who act

like women men who exhibit and I'm not

talking about the Foofa I'm not talking

about faggots or homosexuals or anything

like that

but men who exhibit feminine traits men

who men who men who work who have a

feminine mindset that has been trained

into them that is not an accident these

are the guys that are Mama's boys listen

Steve it's been a pleasure as usual you

came and drop the knowledge we went a

little over

I do apologize but listen again man

you're welcome on the show anytime

listen I keep forgetting to to play our

theme our tough love Thursday's theme

I'm gonna have to put that back on the

lineup and make sure we get that okay

think of me man I appreciate the love

man you need me holla back at me brother

you do man Steve take care I beg you

Steve the Dean Williams in here droppin

the knowledge man he came with the

fucking fire tonight did me Jesus Christ

he dropped some serious serious

knowledge all right so we have a lot of

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take care

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