The importance of developing a strong body and mind with Ed Latimore (Ep. 282)

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Ed Latimore is a heavyweight boxer with a record of 13-1 (7KO) AND holds a physics degree. This takes a strong body and a strong mind but mental strength also plays a role.


Ed struggled with alcoholism and rose above it to become the man he is today. Find out how he got into boxing, what made him pursue Physics, and his pick on Canelo vs. GGG in September.

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my guest tonight is who I call the black

unicorn right the day I was gonna

surprise you at that guys listen this

dude's got a physics degree and he's a

professional heavyweight boxer with a

record of

thirteen and one seven knockouts andis

written two books one of those two books

is called the four confidences the other

one is called not caring what other

people think is a superpower he is also

going to be a featured speaker at this

year's 21 convention down in Orlando

this October it is my pleasure to

introduce to you guys the real most

interesting man in the world atlatl

Morehead how you doing that I'm n-woo

Hey look all you need is those glasses

right the one that likes sat on his face

okay well listen your listen obviously

anyone who follows you on Instagram

Facebook Twitter to your website your

story is fascinating

you are a boxer with a physics degree

and we're gonna get to all of that here

in just a second but let's take it from

the top here how did you first get into

boxing how did you become a professional


hang on edy hang on just a second I'm

hearing that they cannot hear you so

give me one second yeah hold on I think

this I think this might be on my end

give me a second here just a second okay

there we go say something can you hear

me now

there we go I can hear listen guys again

that's that that's totally my mistake

I'm working with a sound board here and

I forgot to switch over the sound so

let's do so again let's take it from Bob

how did you become a professional a

professional boxer I guess start off

with the with the whole amateur thing

and then take it from there I think

right because before you're professional

you're an amateur right and I started as

an amateur I went into a gym one day

after I had got out of a four-year

relationship with this girl and she

didn't like I wasn't like angry I needed

to go punch stuff out her mom just you

know used to make fun of me will not

make fun of me she scolded me out

because I used to always talk a lot of

shit on college yeah okay and she said

well what have you done for four years

you know even though it isn't in college

and I said man you write like that

really really burn my soul

okay so so I was like you know what let

me put some sweat equity into something

and the first thing that I wanted to try

I think YouTube was just coming out I

watched some videos I said let me go try

fighting notice I said fighting not

boxing right I didn't go into the street

for the first year of my training I did

everything I was either at the boxing

gym the kickboxing gym oh wow or

jiu-jitsu or judo for a year and then

through the through size differences and

what was available to me competition and

sparring wise eventually a my body type

- that's important so I eventually went

with boxing and just stuck with that do

it very good

so talk to me about your very first

amateur fight what were you know oh wow

that sounds like that sounds like a good

story what you got for us

do they my first amateur fight it was

like a sub novice category of Golden

Globes those of you

okay I am the know of amateur boxing you

are ace yeah your first zero to three is

sub novice okay breed to eleven fights

is novice and then anything 11 or more

maybe 10 or more but but you guys and

you don't know what I'm talking about

right is a open and that's you know what

you can win all the the the real title

was Golden Gloves USA national Olympic

stuff like that so my first fight was in

the sub novice category obviously and I

went and fought a guy and I didn't know

what I was really doing I didn't have

any defense or anything about that just

well Deontay Wilder Widow

I caught the guy what a great very

vicious violent hook and he just went

stiff Boyd down and I was I was so I

think I was I kind of danced over them I

remember that but you know now now I

have the discipline you know you know

first corner right right but then yeah

but but then I was like oh cool when I

can this is fun and I wanna have a pizza

I remember dad I won't have repeats not

listen knock somebody out went out for

pizza yeah okay so okay that was your

first amateur fight how many how many

amateur fights do you have to have

because because listen I mean Floyd

Mayweather Jr I think he fought like 200

a lot of people you know how it avoid

get so good Floyd fought 225 amateur

fights before he turned plural that's

why he's a magician with triple G yes

that's exactly right I may almost 400 of

people don't understand that these

boxers don't just come out of nowhere

you know they come up through the ranks

how's this guy 50 nano with 14 not got

the guy bought 250 something amateur

fights the guy knows what he's doing so

how many amateur fights did you fight

before you turn pro I fought I thing I

work at about 41 and 11 so I fought

almost 60 amateur damn good Lord on so

yeah yeah and that's not even a lot like

I mean me because it was and I got

really fortunate in my amateur career

because the really were not any fights

locally where I lived but the year 2011

I won the Pennsylvania State Open Golden

Gloves okay so I went to the Nationals

and then the guy fought in the first

round of the Nationals is now a really

big professional now Dominick Brazil and

I beat him and then I went I went two

steps further in a tournament and the

people that were funding Diamond

straining saw me and recruited me to the

program they were building out there

that's not defunct Oliveira can heavy

weights it also produced Charles Martin

who was a heavyweight champion whoa whoa

whoa whoa wait a minute you rolled with

those guys yeah yeah yeah yeah pictures

I gotta put some stuff up you know we

were all for two and a half years

sparring and competing I fought a

Dominic beat me the second time so I'm

one-on-one against Dominic I've got

you're almost twice as an amateur so I

get it there and you know a few other

notable amateurs that's how I met my

buddy came okay we we first huh cam

awesome on Twitter yeah yeah the first

time we met we fought at the ringside

Nationals and the finals are the first

time we met yeah we fought he beat me me

and beat me bad I mean he he doesn't

have like power but he knows how he's a

boxer hey put a pretty garden on me and

then you know I had we never fought

again but but we ended up becoming

roommate they brought him out to LA

because they wanted to figure out a beat

campus Cameras Cameras run in the

heavyweight and amateur scene for a long

time for easily over half a decade and

they're like Ari we can't beat this guy

let's join them that's right no so they

brought him out and I was the only

apartment that had open space that we

lived together for like four months man

he met all my good friends when I came

out so you guys were today oh yeah yeah

mom I think I'm about to go out I was

gonna fight in New Zealand he wasn't

come on be my sparring partner but that

that fell through so now I'm probably

gonna go see him sometime he's gonna be

on the East Coast and then the next

month or so or so I'll go figure out

where he's at

let's stay off topic here what will stay

on boxing Canelo vs. Canelo vs. triple G

right that's back on December 15th in

Las Vegas of course everybody knows

everyone who follows boxing know Canelo

Alvarez failed twice for clenbuterol

you're a boxer right so why wasn't I'm

told and up listen I'm not a

professional fighter right I mean I've

you know I've been in fights but you

know not I'm not a professional fighter

but my and in in the fitness world

clenbuterol is used for to cut weight

what do you guys use in the boxing world

is that is it used for the same thing oh

for sure now here's the cool thing about

clen right and

anybody who knows the game and been

watching Canelo but I I mean this month

I mean he's always do always in shape

he's always in good shape he's showing

up like I mean ripped I'm like yeah um

so so why would these guys do that

because they fight at a weight class I

believe that fight is gonna be a one

yeah it's a 154 it's 150 for them yeah

so so if you can get more muscle in at

154 you know because you're not taking

cleanse throughout the camp right you're

taking Clinton in all your training so

you can keep your body fat low but build

muscle up in place of its you can have a

you know a bigger advantage at your

weight class okay so if you fought a guy

if if you fought a guy who tested

positive for Clint would you have a

problem with that or would you say yeah

that's part of the game oh man

what would you say hey listen man who's

your supplier right like hooked me up

okay okay so here's the thing at that

level at the highest level - that shit

starts to make it okay gotcha

the big money fight - seven at the

fights well not only big money but more

importantly big skill sure you know what

we're talking arguably you know two

guards they're not even argument does

our Hall of Famers yes off easy no easy

absolutely yeah and so on to future Hall

of Famers fight but that level of skill

that record they are not the smallest

thing is gonna make it it's a Fame of

inches right that's exactly I'm looking

at some of the shots you know they did

Alvarez a Thai man to it you know to his

credit GG GA - but I'm just like

goodness gracious and we're not just


you know they got a punch thing or

wobble man leave me walk through some

monitors right right they but listen

they both have cast iron jaws right like

they both they both have a strong Church

you've gotta have at that level because

you're gonna get a hit the question is

are you gonna have the consciousness

altered when you do and a lot of these

guys you know they do get to that level

you can take a punch for sure okay okay

so we you talked about your first

amateur fight talk about your first

professional fight right now you're in

the big leagues what's going through

your mind and how are you getting

yourself because we're listen we're not

fighting amateurs anymore like these

guys do this listen this is that GA this

is that this is that this is that gee a

job like can't go back right like you're

fighting dudes listen if I don't win

this fight I can't go back home you know

what I'm saying right so so here's a

here's a little secret right now I'm a

not really a secret when you fight at

the level of amateur that I've fought it

and I follow I didn't go international

that's the only thing I didn't do okay

you fought way better guys then you're

gonna fight your first few fights just

the way to game is set up right um so so

they felt pretty confident put me in

there what a god it was form 1 which is

a which is monstrous for your pro debut

right you don't fight someone with a

Wayne record who's only lost once and

I'll talk about I he was a southpaw so

I'm in there against two things my first

fight that a lot of guys don't go in

there you know you try to avoid southpaw

as if you can for real yeah right I got

for him one is certainly not has not

resigned himself to be an opponent yet

the fight was hard I was actually losing

on the scorecards I think coming I

wanted to push the cards for sure coming

into the third round but the third round

I managed to land a right hand over the

top of his his retracting left he got a

good knock down and knocked him out so

well in terms of what I was thinking I

just figured oh okay you know you gotta

be kind of dumb when you're a fighter

and in many ways you know this has been

been my drawback in my career is that

I'm not stupid and you'll see what I


obviously obviously you're not stupid

I'm not a dumb myself down enough and

here's an example one into this fight

the guys for one and a southpaw paper

okay for my level of accomplishment

that's probably not a good idea and

thinking back on it and I think maybe I

thought that then but Michael my trainer

to say you got this train and we'll beat

them and I'm like okay okay let's go so

so I don't I don't feel anything akin to

nerves because you can't really pay

attention to her it's not that you

aren't nervous it's that what are you

gonna focus on you're gonna

focus on okay I've that did a great job

as an amateur I got a national insider I

trained to fight with the best this

guy's just you know chump change he

didn't even have an amateur career right

right focus on the fact that he's form

one in the left-handed right that's it

right so it's it's almost like you have

to it's almost like you have to correct

me if I'm wrong here it's almost like

you have to simplify it in your mind a

little bit in other words you don't have

time to be scared right exactly and then

let you get in there you know I always

say man ten ounce gloves tell no laws

man ain't that the truth once you get in

there and you like that well the first

time I got I got I got you know my legs

wobble was in that fight and I was like

okay I'm here but I'm in shape I'm

trying he's starting to get tired I did

the right things and you don't know that

until you get in there I mean it look

everybody's got questions I could have

went in there lost my first fight who

knows how my life turns out as a result

of that sure when I go in there and I

and my you go to your fight man you go

to fight and you get hurt you get

bruised you know you know blue mom on

how so I was fried for a week off Wow

Wow and you trained so many hours you

fought what how long was the fight five

maybe three I think I stopped him a

light a minute left in the third so I

would've thought he was still sore out

seven minutes Wow or eight minutes I

guess how about that so yeah it's a it's

a it's an experience man I tell regarded

he should compete at least amateur

because because I lived in and being

jacked is cool sure but I mean when you

can throw hands and know you can take a

punch that's a different level of

competence even if you don't do it at

the highest levels you know that you can

get in there and bang with somebody

somebody roll up on you you know you

don't have to go all chicken shit you

shouldn't really relieve me you know

standing your ground now now they got a

pistol as do you that's does it against

ranked you smarter just made you tougher

that's not let me ask you this in the

ring and yes we'll get into the into the

nitty-gritty here how can you tell your

opponent is tired so you're in there

it's the fourth round you guys are

dancing around now you told me that you

could tell he was getting tired

was he breathing heavy whereas let me

where his legs not moving how can you

tell when how can how can you tell it a

fighter is losing his wind I punch

volume for sure okay at the lower levels

punch volume is is this a big giveaway

sure um and one and you'll see it to me

it is a steep decline the the lower the

level to steeper to decline okay yeah

you'll have guys come out you know black

gun all got all hands on deck men's

blasting away in the first run and then

the second round they turn Turtles and

and they're trying to take what they can

but they see so that's the first sound

when you know one when the gods

offensive output slows down you know

he's the entire and then he's not as

agile you get these guys that are I

don't call them runners I'll never

disrespect somebody that's playing the

ring buzz but they definitely are they

dance a little more defensive right yeah

I would say evasive that's the word

offensive because you know you and

clenching two men went oh yeah yeah when

you get in close you know and the funny

thing about clinching is clutching uses

up a lot of energy man because smart

fighters like oh you want to clench I'm

gonna make you pay for it it's been as

much energy as possible ref gets in here

and because you're the one trying to

hold or contain meat however tired I

feel I know you did a little more about

that wow I would I would never have

thought about that oh yeah white knight

for now when you watch fights man look

at uh the later rounds how much more

clenching okay all right okay listen up

I'll tell you what there was no there

were there was there was no clinching in

the Arturo Gatti Micky Ward trilogy oh

man what a great phrase know these guys

you know you know our Micky Ward

Wartortle got it we're tall guy is my

favorite tough guy fighter him I'm

Roberto Duran right oh my god yeah you

better believe it man hands a stone

brother oh for sure those guys uh you

know they were they were real tough guys

there's just not and and I don't I don't

think you should fight that way flaming

with us it at best I made not getting

hit that's hey that's what I'm saying he

said it's a it's a box

match not a fight that's what he said

but at the same time you know it's not

like these guys or not Roberto durĂ¡n

anyway you can see what you want about

Arturo Gatti show me her birthright

we've had fantastic defense you know he

was also he was not afraid to get in

there and bang and make you pay and

really knock you up when you look at the

that what is that that famous fight No

Mas fight oh yeah Sugar Ray versus a

Roberto Duran yeah yeah three to beat

the first one we beat Sugar Ray right

man oh yeah that was inside bang

Hardaway I mean it was a that was Durant

but yeah that listen that that was his

fight but the second fight Sugar Ray

danced around so much I tired him out at

the eighth round he said no mas

frustrated Oh warm out he just seems

like now I'm done you know so good no

matter you and it warm now he was

cutting weight oh yeah yeah so he was

already weak one more one more dude I

could talk boxing with you all day one

more one more question here you know on

the on the on the boxing side before we

move on to the to the physics the you

said you said getting in there and bang

and going toe to toe the whole you know

I hit you you hit me you know the Micky

Ward Arturo Gatti trilogy said that's

not the way to fight the way to fight is

with is is Floyd Mayweather the fighter

that I think and there are many many

fighters who are the classic example

they call them punch-drunk right Evander

Holyfield comes to mind you look on man

I met I met ave and around the Kalima no

shit man your dad did that that facility

in that program we were part of so a lot

of money and a lot of big names will

come from a regular basis the one I

cater the one fighter that comes to mind

is and a lot of people might not know

who this guy is you probably do his name

is Meldrick Taylor here oh yeah yeah he

fought against Julio Cesar Chavez in

1980 and Meldrick Taylor dominated

Chavez for 14 rounds and two minutes and

55 seconds and it was with five seconds

left and and and shabbos dropped him

during the in Richard Steele was the

referee for that fight and I remember

when he talked about the fight he says


Meldrick Taylor definitely dominated

shabbos that fight but Chavez made

Taylor pay and you listen to you listen

to Meldrick Taylor talk now it sounds

like he doesn't even have a

it's just unbelievable man what are your

thoughts on that

oh do you know okay so so my thoughts on

on sustaining the damage in the ring

right I always say this right because

people ask me this about the whole CTE

thing that was going on with the end of

everything right I say there's a cost to

be the boss you know we society elevates

you to this position when you're another

athlete at that love what you get the

money you get the attention you get the

adoration you get everything you want

need and all you do all day ask for you

is to put your body on the line now they

decide that's worth the price whatever

but here's what and I used to believe

that a hard line I had no sympathy I was

like you know you get hurt you get hurt

okay and then and then would change my

mom was watching the movie concussion

and then going and learning how CTE

affects fighters or rather affected the

ball players certainly a lot

I think this here's what I believe this

in my heart of hearts whether it is

right or wrong this is what I believe I

think that okay I don't care if you know

you break your leg you got a funny land

they can fix you or whatever you need

ultrasound on Foreman I said where you

busted jazz for so many years of course

what that said if I think if a fairy

could come down and say look well

there's 80% chance you're gonna have

suicidal tendencies and thinking I'm

killing himself or killing your family

if you make it to the top are you

willing to pay that price I think

there'll be some guys that still will

but I do think a lot of guys will you

know what it's not worth it family means

too much my faculties mean too much who

I am and my ability to interact with the

world means too much to me and so I so

with that said you know that they've

done a lot you know boxing is slowing a

lot a lot of areas it is one of the

areas that they have made pretty good

strides I mean I'm really proud of us

for to be honest with you is um how to

hand or fight or handle fighter safety

right or not laying guys just get wild

on the reps or erring on the side of

caution as opposed to you know ticket

selves and and I think a lot of that too

is the fan

now we're smarter about it yeah no oh

yes they're not stupid man they know

they know you know you get guys in there

yelling why you you can stop the fight

at any time you know why didn't you stop

the fight I think at the end of the day

you know you can remember this I mean we

can be sake instead you know a fight is

fixed or whatever it sure I don't really

believe that the lease to that degree

but you gotta remember at the end of the

day like you said we're richer still

when he was interviewed about that whole

Meldrick Taylor shot that's right yeah

they gotta sleep with that decision

right right they could have stopped that

fight and it would have kept the guy

loved kept the guy from walking around

not knowing you know have you seen

somebody me I I say no what the hell his

name we're gonna go man freakin homeless

Iran Bartlet or you kidding me oh yeah

there was a GoFundMe floating around in

the box in circles riddick bowe you guys

walk with me

I remember glee was was the poster child

for four washed-up athlete II holy I

don't think homeless now but he was just

out of your man because I that's the

other thing these guys don't have

anything else right no one comes the box

oh my god you know I'm gonna do it's

gonna be an elective won't take social

studies physics and boxing right to be

great if at all you have to do man yeah

that's all they know so and that's why

boxing is the easiest for the athlete to

get taken advantage oh sure because

these guys brilliant guess shit you know

at least at least with the other big for

you know the MLB the NBA D mhm

guaranteed contract but they get you

know college degrees and boosters and

their and their I think there's a long

pension plan for now yes better believe

it yeah all of that boxing cons of

support not for the box and there's no

money in fighting people don't believe

me when I tell them I never made more

than five figures on fight I never had a

never had a five figure pity

I've had five for your pennies from

bright neon the internet you know what I

think we'll get to meet some of the

questions you ask sir low but you don't

even have to get their heads beat in for

that right right you know I just had

this Jeb had to share my life you know I

know I had to risk of course five core

supporters but but it is you know it's

interesting the the fighters the the

fighter and I promise

were gonna move on guys I just like I

this is the tree for you man

I I appreciate you you sticking around

just let you just just be patient guys

we'll get right to you as far as

fighters safety the one fight that I do

remember was ray Mancini versus Duke who

came back in 1982 and Las Vegas Matt

around I was in Korea wasn't it I

thought it was in Vegas Las Vegas but

Mancini dominated Dooku like he did like

for whatever reason he could not stop

him and in Kim's corner knew like Dooku

Kim's corner could have stopped the

fight the referee could have stopped the

fight but they lapped Mancini beat this

guy's head in for 15 rounds well of


after the fight he goes to a Las Vegas

hospital and he dies from brain

hemorrhaging that doesn't happen these

days because as soon as a fighter gets

in trouble and the ref tells him listen

you get in trouble one more time and I

gotta call it right you know and then

they mean it man yeah not that these

guys are not they're not sleeping with

that anymore and I think that's a good

thing because that's a that that's

responsibility man you get responsible

for God's life in there no I agree so so

are you retired from boxing is there a

chance that you can goodness here we go

talking about that this weekend okay

so I was I was a training really getting

ready for this fight coming up it was

gonna be my comeback fight I was really

excited and then I went and jumped in a

little little too deep in the water

before I was ready to swim at that level

again okay and in sparring session you

know well me up got a grade two

concussion got a little got a fracture

rib I was I mean I was in bad shape

especially in a few days after me I

could I was tired but I couldn't sleep

and I quit

anyhow uh so I'll talk to our coach Rob

this way and I always said you know I'm

not gonna listen to anybody who don't

know shit of course of course he knows

me he knows what I what I can do it

would I been he said look man you have

so many other talents for you to stick

around and this sport after what you've

done and what you've given it and what

is giving you now right look I'll train

you but I don't understand it and I

think you should go do some

and when he said that I mean I said I

would listen to it if Tom told me so Tom

told me and I really said and I thought

about it and then it was my bad and it

just so happened it was the best month

ever financially for me I'm over here I

was thirty online and on top of that I

had just finished with my degree and

I've got this newly minted physics

degree did that grants me all kinds of

perfect score and I asked I've turned

down two jobs the people who just follow

me on Twitter or like we just waiver you

to graduating like yeah you're gonna

keep wait yeah but thank you button but

he really made a good point because I

I'm 33 and I'm a heavyweight and I'm

short a relatively short emotes was a so

it's Mike Tyson and he did pretty good

yeah you know but Mike Mike has a key

that he had to do it man and you know is

there a chance I come back and I said

you know I'm not gonna all right so

you'll come back to Gen Y by a healthy

twist of fate I somehow start walking

around at 2:10 cuz I'm in shape man I'm

at 235 right now magical magically get

to 210 I think maybe ever unless it's

intentional and and the amount of time

and energy it would take you know I

might all you do a chest boxing match

because that's cool what I've always

wanted to try that and it'll add level

of competition it's not I love

competition I gotta fight now right yeah

yeah I have to fight no one you know no

Commission is gonna approve me against

number 13 in one record

yeah and they shouldn't because I

stopped know how to fight sure so so so

right now I mean for all intents and

purposes but but I'm not saying

absolutely because I have not

psychologically ruled out like you know

there's still that and maybe that's just

something that happens to all fighters

everything out one more chance but I'll

tell you what man I'm gonna I'm in a

really good position in my life I was

gonna say I don't think you should

because you don't have to right I mean

and here's what here's what changed my


like it really did it I tutor children

on the side okay and I have a guy man I

love it high schoolers and math and

physics is a great time and most people

who you know are in the know of math and

science I don't know your background

they they know how to find the

for a polynomial that's an easy ass

process right we got a whole bunch of

tools for okay what is less known is how

to construct the polynomial from roots

and I was working with her to do it and

I just forget it I'm not know how to do

it sure

I just forgot how to do it I'm just like

and it was weird because I knew I know I

know how to do it but I couldn't pull

the information I said and it was after

the concussion I said this is scary

because this is the - I've put so much

time and energy into five years of my

life to really build up these skills

right and and I loved I loved being able

to do math and physics and help and

teach and that is ultimately what I want

to do I don't want to walk clown point

strong know the amount of effort I was

gonna have to put in so I don't anymore

in to walk away with a two thousand bad

the end of the day two thousand I

thought I paid everybody uh yeah so so

right now we know we just we're gonna go

continue to help people in other ways

and teaching other ways and people

really dig in my writing and what I'm

doing something I'm not too worried

about it

I've experienced incredible growth over

the past eighteen months and haven't

been in the ring once good very good

very good excellent nine one four two

zero five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to tell us

what's on your mind with special guest

at Lattimore right now I'm gonna say

goodbye to my Twitter my youtube and my

Facebook audience if you guys want to

watch the rest of the show head on over

to donovan sharp calm that's dealin ova

n sha RP e calm i do appreciate you guys

tuning in on facebook twitter and

facebook to her in youtube donovan sharp

calm to watch the rest of the show okay

so so we've talked about the we talked

about the boxing and so now I want to

know so now you've got a physics degree

what made you decide like now like why

physics like what like you got to take

me back why that was okay so that wasn't

the plan plan when I decided you know I

can't how far back can we go I guess I

guess it went like how does story even

start it was back when I was living in

LA okay on my way to Planet Fitness to

do some lifting after practice and for

whatever reason I left my on my phone

and my iPod back home okay

just went over there naked and I was

gonna throw some weight up and go home

and that saved my life because it forced

me to pay attention I'm walking on the

sidewalk and a car comes up on the

sidewalk out of control I'm able to die

by the way if I had been down to my my

phone or whatever I'd have been flying

them probably not sitting here right

right right and then that really shook

me up I was like man I don't have as

always say you know if I stop boxing

because I get injured okay

but whatever reason and I'm an

intelligent guy forever reason I never

considered the fact that I could you

know some I get shot I get run over and

you know not be able to do some sorry

let's go back to school so you know I

drug my feet a little bit and eventually

in in 2013 I enlisted in the United

States Army so I could get some money to

go back to school and also start

building my resume up because before and

I was working because I came back from

LA got cut from the program moved back

home started working at t-mobile my

homeboy Lynn let me rent a room in his

crib for $200 a month okay otherwise I

don't know I'd survive you know how and

I'm like and I might yo this is not


and then I'll remember $200 a month not

making shit you know we're gonna

t-mobile when I'm still you know using

my money to go drink and be a fool man

it's just stupidity but I said this has

got to change I gotta I gotta get some

skills so I went to the army to get some

skills at the National Guard and and

then the National Guard I was a 94 out

for okay you know it basically

electronics land combat electronic and

this was okay stop all right now add up

today then you know Fort Lee and Fort

Lee you go through a six-week course

before you start working on any of the

equipment called beam a basic mechanical

and electronic Theory okay my original

goal was to go back for mathematics

because I said I need to do something

that is going to allow me to miss class

and not have to do labs cuz I figured

I'd have to work I'd have to train right

I wouldn't did this and I said you know

what I want to be an electrical engineer

instead so I go and when I get done I'm

rolling class and it's part of the

electrical engineer prerequisites are

not all engine

is really there's a physics component so

I'm in my physics class and physics one

all things related to mechanics and we

do and we do a lab where it's kinematic

motion which is just a project hours

that move under the influence of only

gravity the initial angle and the

initial velocity language holy shit man

I'll predict it wherever is gonna line I

put the table in flooring it landed

where I said it was gonna land and I'm

like oh shit this is like magic I want

to study this instead okay so that was

actually my mass cooler they had a cool

program it was a 3-2 program I'd get my

electrical engineering degree a Bachelor

of Science and my physics degree of

Bachelor of Arts I went in that I got in

and I program I got a scholarship that I

program because I how well I did at

Community College Wow Wow and then I

went through and then things really

started to pick up my right hand other

areas and I said you know what I want to

get it done but school as quickly as

possible but I've already put too much

time and plus a lot of people are

counting and I on I do and I did kind of

want that security blanket I mean I

thought today I still have a physics

degree right right but I said you know I

don't really I did the research I was

like you know I don't really need you at

the engineering degree so I dropped

there and I won with physics and I

really just fell in love and leaned into

that so that's how that started yeah I

was gonna say what do you plan to do

with with your physics degree I mean you

literally just got it right

so the original so the original goal a

year up up until I guess 18 months ago

okay you know I figured I would I would

get a job somewhere maybe in textiles

that really appealed because I started

to learn more about my personality you

know most of us in this field of study

are very introverted and not

particularly strong with human


I'm the other end man mom I'm very I

love talking I love teach and I love

being in front of people I love being a

lead and so I was gonna look with some

in textiles you know maybe teaching and

then and then I got thrown through the

wall was when I lost my fight I lost all

of my sponsorship money and I was broke

oh man Wow actually I stuffed a small

job delivering packages for Amazon

because I needed some money and and by

the grace of goodness you know one of

the things I did I put my I did tutoring

or varsity tutors where they found

clients and then my coach's wife was

involved involved with one of the local

high schools and I'm very and a

relatively affluent district and she

said well can he tutor math and science

we have everything else but can he do

that and I said that's all I can do

okay and so at the front from the

beginning of 2007 to now III went from

looking to work for someone else to get

in a taste of really set my own hours

and being my own boss and I published my

book and everything and and I said this

is what I really want to do but I really

enjoy teaching and being in front of

people but I will I use my degree

formally like hey pick me no I'm not ed

Lattimore is whatever at one point of my

life failure was what I was living when

I was you know making like 500 a month

with $200 rent still paying off this car

note magically somehow magically now

failure is a if I had to get a job you

know I because I just I love what I've

been able to do and I love the amount of

people I've been able to reach and at

the end of the day you know this is I

don't know I don't work with it mean you

still got to get that motherfucker's not

an easy degree to get man course there

were times I was like what in the world

am I do like I mean I was having

breakdowns when I asked myself you know

what am i doing did the mechanics and II

am semester you know any people

listening who haven't studied physics no

man that is that I'm always broke me is

a human being

hell yeah is not that intelligent that's

how I was feeling I was like I can do

but I made it through and I did it and

and now I have the experience of

learning I really enjoy teaching my dad

at the end of the day I'm a teacher and

that's what I'm going to do with it dude

hell man Allah and I got a list some

other people but but I've got some

things playing good man that's uh you

know it's interesting I thought you're

gonna be like a rocket scientist or


listen a former heavyweight fighter

turned rocket scientist right you know I

always say this you know I could be a

top 20% scientist maybe I'm smarter no

shit I'm just not driven enough and I

don't I love physics but I love I don't

love it the way I need to love it to

excel in academia and I don't have the

personality for okay all right well hey

I mean I guess I guess you do have to be

a little mercurial here 9 1 4 2 0 5 5 3

5 6 is the number to call and Ed I'd

like to talk a little bit about your

books and your struggle with alcohol in

in both of your books you allude to your

struggles with alcohol dealing with

alcohol alcoholism when did you first

realize that you had a problem when did

you admit to yourself okay Edie you have

a problem ooh my glycol would admit yeah

nice there we go

because there were there were a few

moments and do real talk though the

first time I said yo this is out of hand

that's probably 20 far Wow maybe I think

younger okay I'm remembering the exact

moment so let me just reference some

things in my life okay 24 25 I'd have

been like yo I don't I ain't got it man

it's time it's not in fact I know what I

did for my 26 birthday and my 25th

started in 24 okay there you go there it

is the point of origin ha ha good stuff

and you know man when you when you're

struggling with shit like that I

remember I had a whole symbolic act

because I smuggled up a bomb I smoked

what I mean just put my luggage a bottle

of Captain Morgan black rum what kind of

strong stuff got in that's a heart now I

was planning on it was a beach it was

not a beach it was a forest thing and I

was just drinking it by myself and then

I found out through the grapevine I had

developed a really bad reputation okay

feel bad I thought about how I was

controlling myself in general so I mean

I remember pouring it over the fire

going this is it and two weeks later I

was drinking Oh what did what would a

woodgrain uh it was wood ground ball or

slushies down the hill ahead

I remember this so these things man I

was I was really I was really aware that

you know not just to my personality

because you know there's a lot of

different alcoholics sure my issues well

even now you know I'll drink a pot of

coffee no thing you know I'll make one

after this show them and go to sleep

good like there's nothing I wish I could

do that man haha damn because I consume

and do things to excess and I'm really

learning how to use that to my advantage

in my work ethic but there's that you

know I was walking around with a lot of

uh a lot of wanna see angry anger is

probably the best word for anger and

bitterness and things going on my wife

and related you know Jim I I was I was a

new hatchling I was new into the red

pill world okay

that shit'll make you angry of course of

course oh yeah do it of course they do

the red zone under the surface and and

really man I just I didn't know how and

it got to a point where I didn't know

how to like associate a good time to an

album it's always alcohol so when I

moved to LA because my story about get

on to LA you know part of that you know

you know I told you I won the tournament

they were like come on out that was like

overnight I mean like I went the torn I

was in Indianapolis that year okay I got

back it in two weeks I was in LA I like

I had to pay the garage was seeing cuz I

told her I was gonna move in with her

but then I got this so I had to send

back $1200 because was you know it was

the right thing to do because otherwise

she would have got another roommate

before they you know bounced up so you

know I here's the rent I would have paid

whatever okay

so so yeah but but but I'll try don't

have anybody so what I just did and I

you know in Cali I'm like Pennsylvania

and Cali you go to Target embossing oh

oh yeah right right right so that was

this target right across the street man

I used to stay with a box of wine go

through it and I could go box of wine in

two days by myself man

Wow hey so so when did you I guess what

was the event again if you don't mind

talking about it well sure most okay

what what was what was rock actually you

know what we actually have a caller on

the line let me let me bring them on

Erica I don't know this might be a troll

I get these a lot

area code eight one three you were on

the air with Donovan and Edie

go ahead hey what's going on can hear us

um oh yes I can hear fine I had a

question about the Box II know okay I

was planning on taking classes about

boxing in my area and what advice you

have for like a beginner oh man for for

beginner I would save you want the real

authentic boxing experience stay away

from any place that caters to fitness

the caters to like you know women's

classes you want to find some crime I

mean you want to find a grimy place bro

like you should probably not feel safe

play I love it I love it like you should

probably feel like if I come out of here

and they don't know who I am

they might rob me and not the gosta gym

they're all cool but all the boxing gyms

I've been in the good ones Matt Nauman

cuz Boston's a gutter sport great expose

so a lot of the guys that did stay in

the sport and really know what it's like

they're from the gutter you know they

didn't get they didn't get a million

dollar baby as they call you know right

makes them a million so they're still in

the street you know so you want to look

for places that have real fighters guys

that are blue collar guys showing up

guys that are really you know coming off

the street that I ain't needed but I got

it but they're gonna treat you with


that's the Kadena thing guys are always

intimidated about rolling into a gym and

it's been nothing but respect nothing

you know cuz because fighters are not if

you stick around fighting long enough

your ego that goes away all that all

that shit you know you see them before

the fight that's all for selling tickets

these guys are humble and respectful to

one another and if they don't they don't

last long and then they Jim I mean

unless you're bringing in loads of money

they're gonna kick you out and the goons

from around the way gonna make sure you

stay out so right the deaths so it's so

my advice to you

in terms of gym selection would be to

pick the pick the place that just

challenges your securities as a man he

makes you scared fight or flight and

other than that you know just go in

there and and don't be afraid to die you

know they're not gonna let you die at

least at least most of all it's really

hard to hear and I say that because you

know if you've never been hit before

the first time you take a sharp one

across the bridge of the nose you won't

want to cry gonna be angry even 'y'all

kinds of things feeling some takeaway in

your liver you think you think you're so

gonna leave you maybe I yeah you're

gonna learn to do a pain so so prepare

for pain and pick the worst possible

looking gym you can you know good advice

thanks for the thanks for the call area

code a13 we appreciate that yeah so

continue on with the with Diaz with the

rock bottom story and how you eventually

overcame alcoholism to become a

heavyweight fighter and a physics degree

major oh do so I was drinking most of my

time training in fact I'll tell you a

story before I went to the military I

was it was bad the the the Nam because I

moved back from LA in 2012 I went to

basic training and June 4 2013 was my

ship out date okay let me let me tell

you some bro I was going hard that nine

months I was back cuz I came back in

September right to the point

I was scheduling my training around

drinking no wow my coach actually said

me were you drinking earlier no we got a

small you know and I was like yeah he

lost it me now he is clean and proud of

me and shit but he was mad I was gonna

sleep with beer man like it was it was

wrong and and what really helped it was

a really a combination of a lot of

fortunate things Oh

number one I went to the military

oh yes that will that will definitely

help that'll blow you out yeah ain't no

alcohol on basic training and one no

alcohol AIT and we stuck we snuck off

base one time at a RT

and I remember I bought a little one I

can't remember the measurement now it's

been a long time you shouldn't forget

that what a little Airport handles

though you got pour it into my drink in

the movie we watched yeah grandpa

remember day before for period of 40

weeks basically I didn't drink and I and

I spent a lot of time especially I basic

you know alone with my thoughts cuz you

know top man no he's disappoint right I

spend a lot of time alone my thoughts a

lot of time thinking about what I could

be and how I got here and why this was

the best choice for me and I was like yo

this is wow man I'm really have an issue

like cuz I remember asking questions

like I'm not gonna be able to drink my

beer you know in a way the airport

thinking of everything you do has to

revolve around drinking oh for sure and

then I came back from AIT okay I would

like the week before Christmas and I

went out with some friends and we went

our party and drinking and I don't even

waking up I mean I remember waking up

obviously but I don't remember falling

asleep and I got to my homeboys house he

took care of me and I said okay look at

this bro you know you now you're under

the Uniform Code of Military Justice as

well as the legal system okay you're

trying to finish school that's why I

started this because I wonder why we

can't let that happen and I just met my

girl and and you know I thought she was

I didn't know then I was I was just a

joke with her I said either you're the

greatest actress in the world are you

two real do-right and and I said I know

with you if I'll if I'll get this under

control I'm gonna fuck this up right so

those three things together I was like

you know what let's put it down I went

to an a a meeting the next day that's

how my sobriety date is December 23rd

okay is that keeping Bank from a for AI

T and it just was Christmas and I went

out when I was drinking the night before

and I woke up when I was like don't be

bad so I went to an a a meeting and and

I didn't keep going to a because you

weren't a lot nay a realize that's when

I came to conclusion there's different

kinds alcoholics for sure I am really I

wasn't really ready a man I know it

sounds arrogant now but I wasn't that

kind but I went back

four years later to get a chip because

some do reached out to me on Twitter and

he's like yeah I'm gonna be coming to

the area I love you know to go to a

meeting but UNC you get your chip and so

we went actually was a chip lets me I

don't know if you know the system they

don't all give our chips but uh right

but I went and I was just hearing people

tell their stories and I you know I

shared and told my story and I was like

you know I was you took your and symbol

at that time I didn't think I was them

but I looked at it then I was like I was

you wanted percent and that that's

growth man that's that's really leaning

into it now I get so many gods that

write me my highest SEO article it has

the brings me the most traffic it's my

article you know my two years of

observations not drinking it blows come

on that that article is still

responsible for like I mean I 15-20

percent of my traffic whether I do some

or not that day the people were always

looking for it so I did a lot of

research but I really think there's an

undercurrent you were telling me this to

God to reach out to you yeah there's

really an undercurrent people are

starting to realize the jig is up you

know they're being so you know this

thing about booze I did this research

you'll get a kick out of this for sure

cuz it I was doing research for this

section I'm not going to include it in

the book because there's a lot of place

but not about okay I if you if you

overlap uh or if you look at all sexual

assault data from the 18 to 24 category

are age range of women and you look at

the ones that involve alcohol and you

remove those you'll reduce its 95

percent and that was another thing that

was a bad math 95% the sexual assaults

that occurred and they never want to

talk about that every time you hear

about on the news they they talk about

everything else but the one thing and

the chapter was called the elephant in

the living room okay you know because

it's always the night retire these

stories in like or was it where they

booze it and that's always the boys what

I think look man dudes I don't think I

would say even I think 1 in 1,000 maybe

it's probably harder that are like

genuine permit rape it's like like you

know niggas is sitting there waiting the

right is right I can't wait to get drunk

on my snatch some I'm gonna stay sober I

I think would happen almost never

happens that way I think mo

dudes are dudes and when you put around

a lot of alcohol plus this coach we have

a flashing skin and and you know no more

accountability you gonna get a cat in a

kinda awkward situation all buzzed up

you know and we know the research we

noted alcohol inhibits your ability is a

woman to display signals of not being

the chin as a dude to interpret them so

the whole thing is muddy and the next

thing you know you got some dude you

know catching a case right went and got

a register when in reality is just a

drunk ass you don't ask you know i watch

i watch all you breakdowns and shit and

i know if you know about your homeboy he

uh Lincoln your homeboy Lincoln oh yeah

yeah yeah yeah what about him he uh he's

got he's got a case

you know I saw something I saw that in

the hashtag bachelorette thing and

somebody said oh here Lincoln's on the

show and he's got a you know so tell me

that is case cuz I cuz listen I'm

watching this tonight I'm breaking it

down tomorrow no I mean he he had the

tape alcohol I had to take like training

in you know I went to some of those

meetings you gotta submit a slip to give

to your parole officer right you're

coming to the train to meet him and he's

on that for three years and what that

says to me is you were probably

somewhere you got turnt up

that's what that was and when wow you

know personalities man look I always

said I used to joke about this I would

say you know I got to get blackout drunk

like you know once every two weeks

to make sure everything is good under

the hood even the fact that I thought

that of course wasn't good under the

hood but but there's a lot of dudes

they don't even they're not even aware

enough for that and they get blackout

drunk and they do they turn into the

nature and I'm not saying well I'm not

saying the way they are right what I'm

saying is you can keep some shit under

lock when you're so we're just like the

purge right oh yeah oh yeah you better

believe it

do you see it a purge is that it shows

what people would do if they could get

away with that's right that's right

Oh makes you think you'll bottle

that's how that goes so what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and

I'm gonna ask you I'm gonna ask you this

one last question and listen by the way

add a fantastic interview man you have

been and again thank thank you very much

for making the time for us tonight you

know you're like I said like I told you

in the pre-show man when you have him

before you know you you introduced me to

a whole new world cast that I didn't

even know existed and I'm I'm eternally


oh hey listen man that dude that that's

all you man you're gonna get you're

gonna get discovered by those guys

regardless and now I'm gonna go I'm

gonna get to meet you at the 21

conference oh yeah yeah man yeah October

it's gonna be October 11th you know it's

gonna be it's gonna be a four-day event

yeah Anthony we'll get to all the

details but yeah I'll get to meet you

for the first time down there so that'll

be cool so last question

Canelo triple G who you got okay I'll

tell you who I had in the first fight I

thought I thought I listened was a

delayed bird what why is she still

judging fights dude like why is she like

didn't she do didn't she fuck up a um

was it Linux loose Evander Holyfield I

can't remember but I was crazy you know

like yo when they when they were reading

the scorecards okay

right like I understand our close fight

sure I'm not I'm not I'm not that uh

what's the word I'm not I'm not that

team triple G right we're like if they

told me it was a draw on a card I'm not

gonna believe us bullshit I see I can

see how a judge maybe you could give it

a draw but when they were reading a

scorecard off and they were a delayed

virtual car Jim Lampley was like not

happy right right oh oh dude jimmies

like that is fiction that did not happen

you know no I thought about your G I

think I think you won the fight by three

rounds man there I gave them I gave them

four but but you know I'll take wait

okay sir I'll say about the rematch um

and to understand my breakdown of the

rematch gonna understand the development

of triple G compared to Canelo

okay I think triple G has gotten worse

I think Cannella was getting better yeah

and and if you look at the way he I mean

you look at the he had a rough time I

can't remember that the homeboys name

from Australia uh it wasn't a mere con

was it no it wasn't con was a did he

fraid I can't remember but but he was it

was okay

Alvarez on the other hand has been me

he's been he's been getting better right

he's been getting better I thought I was

can do I was convinced the alvarez was

gonna come on and I didn't think I

didn't think it was America you know I

thought troubled you was gonna stop him

but I thought that was going to be the

way the fight was gonna be one with

Alvarez adding my scorecard notice I

don't just say when I lose I'm sure yeah

you gotta break it down I got a

falsifiable bet here listen here's a bit

listen here's a better question for you

listen I got listen I got I got even

more meat on the bone if they were to

fight just assume that they could train

right if they were to fight tomorrow who

do you have do you have Canelo Alvarez

or Floyd Mayweather tomorrow I still get

me with oh I think Boyd all the way men

I think he's I mean here's his there's

the thing about Mayweather hey guys back

on boxing again you know what it is

here's the thing man about Mayweather as

much as you appreciate Mayweather I

don't know if you boxed or not know a

dozen box no I've boxed I've studied him

to help me learn you you wanna see how

good this guy is a genius man please sit

and watch him watch him break down how

he'll balls door fights well he fought a

koto yeah Miguel Cotto

yep Miguel Cotto he came back and the

way he beat my darkness the first and a

second yes beautiful and brilliant I

don't really care about the Berto fight

whatever he's had some just cuz he's got

smarter over time but yeah he I think he

wins out of the hands down but L resume

he's really just turned into a you know

it's interesting I remember when Floyd

fought Canelo back in September of 2013

and I remember a buddy of mine I was in

Las Vegas and I remember buddy

mine says listen Floyd is gonna win this

fight because Canelo's not ready for

this fight right he said he wasn't ready

for the fight yet he says but give

Canelo two or three years and he says by

the time Canelo is actually ready to

fight Floyd's not gonna want to fight

him now that of course you know that's

hypothetically speaking listen Floyd has

been very smart with with his opponents

selection we'll just we'll just call it

like that but I think that that would be

at dude if if ever there was a fight I

would I would pay to see is I would love

to see Floyd come out of retirement one

more time and fight Canelo in his prime

and I would still take Floyd Ben oh yeah

for sure is it you know ya buh buh buh

you said something one day I'm one of

your podcast I think you were talking

about having a girl and you and you

quoted Ray Lewis about how you know I'll

play football for free yes right he said

Sunday well he says when it comes to my

contract Sunday's you get for free what

you're paying me for is Monday through

Saturday the film study the practices

the drills all that yeah daddy you know

what that really dad stuck with me

because I read cuz when I was thinking

about okay you know this whole you know

retirement thing or not but they man I'm

putting it in what when I say 25 hours I

mean 25 hours like and and you know you

think about something you put 25 solid

hours into that is exhausting man I

think you know and I was like you know

he's really you know so so really it

becomes easy where usually you start

thing about it's like you know do you

have it in your not right you want to be

the process Mayweather loves and I'm

sure he'd love to come back but but does

he have it and I'm gonna lay down what

more is that right like he has nothing

left to prove and the other won't it's

so funny when when people actually I

remember when I remember when Floyd

fought oh god I think it might have been

Canelo people were oh when he fought

Manny Pacquiao people actually thought

people actually thought Manny Pacquiao

had a chance to be Mayweather and I'm

telling everyone I'm like do you guys

not watch the sport a buck Pacquiao is

great he's gonna lay Flay it out okay if

he hits him he dude listen Floyd

Mayweather is a blip on the radar man

like you like he it's almost like he's a


you can't touch the guy he is so

brilliant in and out of the ring and

it's so funny the way like the way he

moves like fighters never miss him bite

by a couple of feet he always misses

Justin if he spends the the the least

amount of energy of beating you to make

you believe it'll man a metaphor for

life if you can avoid you want you don't

want to jump all the way out the way you

want to be sure you go where your

position when the opening presents

itself and guys would get that Excel and

everything from from dating to the

professional I have to school I mean you

know you don't want to distance yourself

away you you just want to make sure

enough for the brunt of the thing you

have to encounter brushes you write or

you're still in position - too far back

with maximum applicants there you go and

then there you go at that point you know

you you can win a lot of battles you

were not supposed to win check this out

man here listen I'm gonna go ahead and

book it right now me and you we need to

do because that fight is gonna be what

eight o'clock Vegas time dude me and you

we need to be on the air right after the

triple G Canelo fight to break down the

fight man we need to do that dude oh you

know what I'll do it man you got the

platform on Twitter and get people

really oh that's what I'm saying dude

like we can sit here watch it and break

down the fight dude I'm a I'm a I'm a

boxing guy

okay I gotta end it cuz I gotta go

edie gehen thank you very much for

coming on and again making the time for

us today guys follow ed Lattimore on

twitter at IDI Lattimore just like it

spelled won t not to go to his website

at Lattimore comm check out his two

books yeah I know they they always they

always get you with the two t's man like

like you know because most Lattimore's

men the black ones in the south forum

and they get the two TM the two T's

Kenny Lattimore Marcus Lattimore

etcetera we got to do this again

sometime man take it easy alright man

thanks all right take care

at Lattimore gentlemen again

Etta's ed is always a he's an excellent

excellent interview man

and I mean dude anytime I can talk

boxing with a guy who absolutely knows

boxing you listen man like we got we got

all caught up in the weeds we were we I

wanted to talk a little bit more about

physics but we dude we took up so much

time with the boxing it's just you know

that's just how it is so guys listen man

I let's go and let you know right now on

the night right after the fight right

after the Canelo vs triple G fight on on

September 15th mmm this of this year

September 15th in Las Vegas we're gonna

be on the air right after the fight

we're gonna break down the fight so

we're already gonna already gonna get

that all squared away and taken care of

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR prime time tune in tomorrow at 7

o'clock p.m. Eastern 4 p.m. Pacific also

tune in tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern Time

where I will break down the latest

episode of The Bachelorette thanks for

tuning in guys we'll talk to you next

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