The importance of owning your own business and being debt free (Richard Cooper)

A Man who owns his own brand is a Man who controls his own path. A Man who is in debt to noone is a Man who is truly free and independent...mentally and financially. Richard Cooper of Entrepreneurs in Cars joins me to discuss how to achieve both.




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call-in number let's get let's go ahead

and get to it my special guest that age

you guys can see on the screen is none

other than Richard Cooper of

entrepreneurs in cars and what we're

going to discuss today is we're gonna

discuss the importance of

entrepreneurship as it applies to

masculinity and of course becoming

debt-free you know living a life free of

debt not having to oh people

Richard how you doing man good man did

very good good good it's good and I do

appreciate you making the time for us

today man I know we're all busy guys you

know of course you've you've got a lot

to do now a lot of people probably I

actually I've never heard of you until I

saw you on the red man group and I said

wait a minute this dude's got like 65 70

I don't know what are you an eighty

thousand subscribers on YouTube now

106,000 Jesus Christ yeah so you've

gained 30,000 subscribers since since

the first time I heard about you so tell

me a little bit about about what you do

what is the what is the basic premise of

the entrepreneurs and cars franchise

franchise well here we go is now here we


alright so the entrepreneur's of cars

thing was the thing I started four years

ago when I was really stuck in life I

hated my business I hated what was going

on in it the government just changed

from legislation that really fucked me

over and I had to really pivot and make

some huge changes that were difficult I

just got divorced broke up with a single

mom that crushed my heart and I was just

like I got to do something different so

I started to basically mash up passions

because all I knew is I wasn't doing

shit that I liked so I wanted to do more

of that so what I did was I basically

figured let's interview friends that

were on

preneur that has success rides that

overcame obstacles in her life so I

called it entrepreneurs and cars except

for after boat sorry can hear me yeah I

can hear how I was saying how about that

yeah all right cool so but I ran out of

friends with cool cars after about five

episodes so I started kind of like

filling in shit with how I hire people

with parties office culture how to use

lawyers and your business stuff like

that and one day some guy came along and

you know some people watch the videos

they were they were interesting for some

but it but it never really got traction

and then one day something that came

along in the comments and he goes you

should do a video on the types of women

to avoid dating and I was like alright

well I'm still I I didn't know this at

the time but I was still blue killed and

plugged in but I'm like okay so I just

talked about these three crazy chicks

that I dated and that got picked up in

the algorithms and just kind of like

blown up and passed around and then I

guess since then I got read pilled by

the rational male went down a few make

tower rabbit holes and kind of consumed

some of that content just you know

created my own sort of brand and way

dealing with it and I've built a large

patreon community I put out regular

content close to five hundred fifty

videos of published maybe thousand

recorded that I haven't put out but yeah

that's going pretty good it's been fun

good good very good yeah I was you know

it's interesting the first the first

question that I always ask against the

first time I had them on is how did you

find the red pill and of course you know

you mentioned the buzzword a single mom

of course now we know that single moms

are obviously a bad bet but what you

decided to do is what most men don't and

you decided to parlay your failure into

success you knew that you were doing

shit you didn't like you like fast cars

you liked pretty girls and you sort of

merged them together into your own into

your own business and really your own

brand talk to me about the important to

me about the correlation that owning

your own business being an entrepreneur

how that correlates with Matt with true

masculinity not this toxic masculinity

that feminists would all lead us to

believe but how does a man who owns his

own brand how does that correlate with

masculinity well as you know you you

guys already know if you're watching

donovan's content you know men have the

burden of performance you've got to be

like you've got to be competent you've

got to be able to deliver you've got to

be able to perform you got to take

ownership for your life and that sort of

shit and I don't think there's any any

truer calling or or

cause and putting a dent in the universe

with some kind of business or community

that you're building so that's how I see

it and that's kind of how I run my world

going forward you know at least since

the last couple years okay all right

good um one now a lot of night listen I

haven't watched many of your videos but

I guess if I guess if we can get a

little bit actually had a question here

from a viewer he wants to know how many

cars he wants to know how many cars you

actually have and which which one is

your favorite one

well I only keep two at a time and

that's a function of the size of my

garage okay if I had a pet garage I

definitely on four cars and I can't get

a lift in the bloody thing so I'm sad

that but I've got a I've got a 2011 r8

16 manual so it's got the gated manual

would be ten that's got about 600

horsepower it's got a tune and a whole

bunch of other goodies on it and I just

sold a 700 horsepower 2012 m5 coupe

which was retarded fast like I you know

I basically sold it because I would put

my foot down in first the second year

and it would light up the back tires and

I replaced that with an s5 which is

basically a you know it's an Audi it's a

daily driver Quattro it she'll be good

in the snow and it won't give me a hard

time and parking lots when I go skiing

with my daughter but yeah currently you

know speed for me he's always been a big

thing I love shit that goes fast and as

a guy firstborn alpha I need to be in

control of stuff when people go well how

about skydiving well I don't really like

falling I like flying planes that's cool

that's certainly not for me and and for

the and for the people who are greased

who are not grease monkeys and r8 he's

talking about the Audi r8 and if you

still don't know which one I'm talking

about it's the Iron Man car I think the

first time we had all seen the r8 was in

the movie Iron Man and of course Tony

and basically Iron Man Tony Stark it's

one giant outie commercial it's it

listen it's it's definitely a badass car

here's a question from a viewer he says

I and this is kind of a long this kind

of a longer question but bear with me

here he says I'd I'd love to know

Richards thought process and mindset for

not just coming up with an idea for a

viable business opportunity but going

through the planning and execution

phases does he plan a specific rate of

return on his investment with a specific

time period

when investing or creating a business or

is that the wrong mindset to start also

when it comes to when it comes time to

initially raise capital funds for his

businesses does he use debt or that's

actually a good question or does he sell

fun or get funded through other capital

investors business partners

if using capital this is a nine part

question if you're using capital letters

foreigners right yeah does he does he

have to present them with a targeted

rate of return Wow

so I guess take me from so you have an

idea how do you start it you know what

should what's your financial strategy

okay well this is gonna give your

patrons a shitload of value for the

money that they're stupid man let's do


first things first is a lot like most

businesses fail so 9 out of 10

businesses will fail within the first

couple years most people make really bad

choices I've started a business that

collapsed on themselves it didn't work

out and here's what I've learned first

of all I fucking hate product based

businesses you kind of have to buy stuff

store it ship it return it deal with

bitchy ask customers that make excuses

as to why it didn't show up or it was

broken in the mail or you know perform

as expected

blah blah blah fill in the blanks it's a

nightmare so my preference is always to

deal with either information or with

some kind of service okay because it's

very easy to get to your customer and

you don't have to deal with returns and

shipping logistics and fulfillment mess

don't worry yeah inventory is a pain in

the ass man it's a huge pain yeah it's

like a lot of guys do really well with

Shopify and Amazon if fulfilled by

Amazon and that sort of stuff but I

don't want to be shipping bullshit okay

it's too much of a hassle so that that

is definitely a no-go zone for me the

other thing that I look for any business

when I create it is it has to it has to

generate recurring revenue so what that

means is I don't want to eat what I kill

okay if you're out hunting deer you're

gonna eat that deer it's gonna last for

four days then you're gonna have to go

out again stalk and hunt more deer so

okay I want to get a customer for life

so I want them to basically to subscribe

to some kind of renewal service where

they're always going to be a customer of

mine or for a very long period of time

okay and that way I know at the start of

each month what I've got coming in and

what I have to manage in context with

that so okay

examples of that are magazine

subscriptions cell phone contracts even

what we're doing right now with patreon

building our own communities ranked men

we put out regular content the community

grows we're able to you know polish and

make better content as that community

grows we're and we're earning more money

as time passes so probably probably the

most intelligent way to kind of filter

out the shit a lot of people will get

into products and they want to ship it

and they'll do really well with

nutriceuticals and supplements it's like

you know things like that I just don't

want to deal with a headache that's

involved with that okay the other no-go

zone so I'm talking mostly about

deal-breakers right now because I please

please to get to where you want to go is

eliminate the shit that's going to take

you off track

so another deal-breaker for me is any

kind of business that requires a lot of

people Human Resources are an incredible

fucking waste of time money and expense

the problem with humans is are not very

efficient they file labor board

complaints over tiny bullshit they're

fucking each other there's drama in the

office you know you go right down the

list you know and it's not just that I

mean here in Canada if you pay somebody

like $14 an hour which i think is the

minimum wage now the total cost for that

employees anywhere from I think

seventeen to eighteen fifty an hour

because of healthcare benefits taxes

employment insurance blah blah blah you

know like you name it okay so they're

not very affected so I always try to

structure any kind of business and I'm

doing with as few people as possible

good so those would be the big deal

breakers for me now there's like nine

parts and that thing what was the next

thing in that question list um so the

next thing in the question was let me

get back to it oh he was talking about

funding so do you sell fun do you use

dead body bring in so fun yeah so fun I

mean there's there's so many guys that

will go and get angel investing or raise

capital or borrow against the house or

credit cards or whatever the fuck

they're doing I always like to bootstrap

I mean I would strap the YouTube channel

I've got money to go and buy an audience

or or or market it sort of thing but

proof of concept is if you say something

that's worthwhile that's we're sharing

people will fucking share it right so if

you're saying dumb shit in your pay

to to get your dumb shit in front of

other people it's a waste of your time

all you're doing is you're becoming

popular for no reason whatsoever so it's

incredibly important in my opinion to

bootstrap any kind of business now

there's guys out there that'll argue

that say well you can't build this kind

of business without getting angel

investing capital or this having another

thing fine but most people that do that

they end up either losing control of

their business right or right exactly or

when it sells they get almost nothing

for it when it sells there's plenty of

articles out there on entrepreneurs

websites and publications that clearly

demonstrate people that borrow money to

build and grow their business often when

they exit the business are left with

fuck all right right and listen you

bring up that you bring up an excellent

point you actually married to you

actually married to those questions

together to circle it back there was one

guy who wanted to know how many

employees do you have how do you feel

about employees obviously you answer

that question the more the more people

you the more people you have involved

the the more diluted the product becomes

but but going back to what you were

talking about with angel investors and

and and you know people investing in

this net in the other it is inevitable

that at some point that business no

longer because it's no longer your own

because now when you have when you have

people investing money and you now all

of a sudden they want to say in the

concept that day-to-day operations and

before you know you don't recognize the

company that you started and don't get

me wrong you certainly have to change

and evolve and you have to make tough

decisions but those decisions need to be

yours and yours alone so if you're

borrowing money like it like I said

against your house or or getting money

from investors you're you're sacrificing

a little bit of creative control and I

think that's huge

ya know okay um let's see here okay so

that that was an easy that was an easy

answer basically and when you say

bootstrap you're talking about self

funding just so everyone everyone who

knows I mean I mean there's a lot of

guys that will that will even try to

sell fund or even fund the business but

they never run a profit I mean writing

it's important to note that the entire

purpose of a business is to create value

to somebody and to make money yes right

there's many people that run these

fucking things that they call a business

and it's a fucking hobby yeah it's a

nonprofit a hobby or an Olympic

you know and you can't earn a living off

it or people aren't willing to give you

money for what you're doing and they

continue to it for free it it just

doesn't make any sense

listen if it's gonna be a hobby then

make it a hobby but I mean listen unless

you're worth eight figures yeah you can

do a hobby and not make money but you

know I think I speak for most people

here and I think I speak for you too if

I do something I want to get paid for it

and yeah me and listen call me greedy

call me selfish this this is just the

way of man this is this law I don't work

for free you know right right and you

probably get this to like off my public

channel and I know you're not on YouTube

right now but not my public channel I

get daily emails for people some long

ask question how do I solve this problem

what yes yes to which there's an

autoresponder so I don't need to deal

with it it's like if you want my

attention I'm in this community it's

called patreon when you get access to me

and these other people that are great

men that will help you with the shit

you're stuck on oh that's you know dust

off your wallet bitch and pay listen

listen III agree with that and every

once in a while you have these guys who

are out here glad heading listen I'll

never forget one of the very soul oh yes

they're saying favorite unbelievable I

remember them everything goes like the

second or third patreon video that I put

out this is back when I still had a

YouTube channel when I sort of I sort of

saw the end coming so I was already

preparing myself so I recorded this big

long Donovan's dead it was like a half

an hour and what I did is I cut the

first part maybe like five or 10 minutes

and then I recorded a hey to hear the

rest of this episode subscribe to

Donovan's and on patreon for just $5 a

month and I put that on YouTube dude I

had all these dudes all you just proved

that you're a sellout these people in

the manosphere are using this to exploit

nah listen man the knowledge we bring to

the table this isn't some hobby we

decided to take up this this took a

lifetime of experience research and

knowledge comes to that's what like dude

it like dude there is collateral damage

to this stuff we're not trying to

exploit anybody we'd listen our time

isn't free my time is and listen you and

I were in our 40s and the older I get

the more valuable the commodity of time

becomes so if I spend five minutes on

the manosphere okay I'll do a free

patreon page but dude I'm in this 9 10

hours a day I gotta get paid for it have

to make a living that's just how it is

it's not just that but even though

you're charging you should be able to

deliver 5 to 10

value Awards arguing of course there's

no doubt I know that you do it I know

that I do it sure whatever I charge for

access to my premium content people are

getting at least 10 times the value is

what I'm charging them and that's why

they stick in the community for so long

and it keeps growing right well yeah and

I think that that's I think it's a good

financial strategy too and we'll get

into that here in a second um I've been

it's funny my my girlfriend and

girlfriends in the past they always they

will not my current girlfriend she

understands now but I've always been

called a cheapskate O'Donovan you're so

cheap you have all this money and by the

ways to drive an Audi a5 when I lived in

Vegas actually sold that before I came

out came out here to Philly but I lived

in this dude dude this ridiculous Vegas

high-rise and pay into $3,500 a month

I'm driving around an Audi a5 but like

when I go grocery shopping

I mean coupons I'm looking for and they

always say well Donovan you're you know

you're a cheapskate no not necessarily

I'll spend money if it's worth it what I

look for is the best value and this is

what you and I create let me listen our

knowledge is probably worth maybe 50

bucks a month but just like you said you

want to create five to ten times the

value and that's where people stick

that's a good business model to have you

know what since we talked about red pill

should so often let me just share a

quick story and let's do it you know I

was I was always alpha but still

somewhat plugged in when I was younger

so in my 20s mm-hmm I'm driving I've

been called a cheapskate by women for

asking her cheap or something like that

and that usually ends up being CNN

shaming tactic yes I'm driving along my

chicks telling me that you know I don't

measure up to the standards of her

friends boyfriends or some shit like

that guy calls me cheap I'm gonna fuckin

four-lane highway as soon as she calls

me cheap I fuckin UE that bitch drive

her home I don't say a word unlock door

open it I go get out loving you know

what she does what he follows me to the

grocery store at 10 minutes later

because that's where I was going to get

some shit from no frills here in Canada

to cheap grocery store she follows me

I'm walking along if you're you know

feel a tap on my shoulder I'm sorry I

shouldn't code you see here the chip

works listen of course it does and and I

think I think I talked about this in a

returnee Kings article that just dropped

yesterday is it's almost a manipulation

tactic and you know if if calling you

cheap doesn't work what they'll do is

they'll say oh I love how your

not a cheapskate as to somehow imply

that you are going to spend money some

suppose it oh my god cheapskate I gotta

prove it to her every day get the

football we're talking about money in

this broadcast right yeah I think it's a

it's it should be stated and I think

I'll most guys get this anyway is it's a

lot easier to not spend money than it is

to make money yes yes I've gone into

stores before where I'll pick up a

product from the shelf and I'll might

walk towards the cash and then I

realized kind of towards you know

towards my stroll to the cash register

I'm like do I really need this piece of

shit that's gonna take up space in my

house that I'm probably not gonna use in

three months and I find myself putting

things down and you know how easy and

freeing that is not to buy dumb shit you

probably don't need and your wallet

loves it too alright you have a fatter

bank account so let seamless transition

Michael Holt asks would and this is kind

of a general question but he says would

you gentlemen share with us your

personal money management systems or

resources that you both use I think it's

pretty simple I'll let you go first for

me money and staying at a debt and

creating wealth is simple it's it's it's

so simple that I don't understand why

more people don't get it it's a math

equation and it's if you make I don't

know let's use five thousand dollars a

month if you make five thousand dollars

a month

spend less than $5,000 a month save the

rest of it that's it right I thought

it's not rocket science you don't need

to download an app or keep a spreadsheet

every single month and what you spend on

this side and the other thing is just be

awake that's just just be present man

that listen that that is a very good

strategy for end for those of you and

and here's the thing and this is what

I've always asserted as far as vices are

concerned as far as bad habits are

concerned it is a lot harder to quit a

bad habit than it is to start a new one

and so if somebody has bad spending

habits it's hard to break those habits

so I imagine there are a lot of people

out here watching this that have some

bad spending habits well there are a

couple of things that that I would

suggest and I've actually used this when

I first got to Vegas I was bad with

money but then I started making a lot of

money and I thought to myself okay I

really want to start saving this the

first thing I do is I use an envelope

system what I knew is I liquidate


I don't keep any I kept I don't know

maybe 10% of

i total like let's say I made 700 bucks

that week I'll keep 50 bucks in the bank

I'll take the other I'll take this the

other 650 out i bunch up my me now I'll

put it in envelopes and then I'll put it

in safe here's another tip it's a lot

easier to so it's a lot easier to spend

money when you swipe it on the card then

when you're actually paying in cash

that'll be 89.95 one twenty two twenty

three twenty s four 20s five god damn

that's five 20s mentally that is much

more it makes it just like you said you

got to stay awake it makes you much more

awake to lay out the cash than just to

swipe the card because you don't see the

balance dropping you just see the card

swiping but when you see your money

piles start to drop it it keeps you

aware of what's going on and I agree you

don't need a running spreadsheet or

anything like that at least not

initially you just have to spend less

than you make I don't think that's hard

at all no okay um we got another clap I

swear to god this guy is probably 18

years old he wants the same guy who

wanted to know about your cars he wants

to know what your net worth is my net

worth is six dollars that's that's the

answer to your question I don't worry

I'm doing just fine thanks for asking me

exactly yeah we're good here um another

question how many business um speaking

of businesses how many businesses have

you owned or how many businesses have

you owned in which businesses had you

tried and failed at that's an

interesting question um I'll probably

try to fail that at least half of the

ones that I own right now so okay I

think I've got about four businesses now

if I were to count them correctly okay

um most of them are fairly automated

outsource and organized in a way that I

don't need to work on them like

nine-to-five or like when I first

started out like when you first started

as an entrepreneur you're gonna be

working all the time because you gotta

figure shit out course yeah and you're

not just the guy marketing creating

leads servicing the customers doing the

accounting the bookkeeping entries

you're also the janitor - yes yes you

got to empty the garbage ism's and

vacuum the floor so the offices look

like a shithole if you have an office

so you're the jack of all trades but the

problem with that is you've got it like

it's like it's got to be scalable you

got to be able to scale it up grow and

and and as you're growing putting the

right systems and things in place it is

just a relative it has to stay relative

yeah and here I'm sorry to me the

culture off guard

I was gonna say but there's no real

blueprint for that like everybody wants

me to give you like some kind of

blueprint to go and be some successful

entrepreneur like buy this course

do these 67 fucking steps and you will

make a million you too will make one

million dollars but yeah no it doesn't

work that way but it's it's it's okay so

back to your question the number of

businesses yes so most of them are

automated outsource and optimize in a

fashion that I don't need to work on

them very often there are mostly service

or information base

there's recurring revenue that I

generate off them and there's tremendous

value that people get out of the

services of model which is why they

continue to be my customers Laura need

to buy from me those are all the

important key things that you need to

know not only that it goes back to what

you said earlier you don't want to work

in product based businesses you want to

work in the services and information

industry because those again you're not

worrying about inventory if somebody buy

something from you one time they're not

gonna need it for a while of course

provided that it's quality product but

if it's information if it's service

space that's when you get those residual

customers to me that's a better business

model I've owned - well I've owned one

and a half businesses in my life the

very first business I owned was a

mattress shop I owned it for two years

and I was very successful

I made a shitload of money here was the

problem I worked my ass off and listen

man you nailed it on the head

dude I was the salesman I was the

inventory guy I was the I unloaded the

trucks that was the janitor the delivery

man I made a shitload of money but I was

dude I worked all the time now the good

order cost right I'm telling you that

this is how it worked now the good thing

about working all the time is I didn't

have time to spend my money so you know

at the end of my two years I had a nice

little nest egg but I said listen man

I'm gonna run myself ragged I'm what was

I was like 28 years old as like dude I

can't I can't do this anymore I'm gonna

die at 38 from all the stress um here's

another here's another tip that I would

recommend to people looking to stay out

of debt and run businesses successfully

and this is lifestyle so let me give you

a scenario let's say you start a

business and you know they say the

average business it takes two years to

turn a profit that's the standard that's

the business that relies on outside

funding sources if you're bootstrapping

this if you're funding this yourself

you're gonna you can turn a profit

you know the

month right even I mean even though you

know you're in the red you don't owe

anybody any money so let's say the very

first time you turn a profit you make

$2,000 right $2,000 a month for the

first six months then you know month

seven through 12 now you're making

$3,500 a month again these are just

modest round numbers what a lot here's

where people really start to screw up

when they made $2,000 they had a budget

they would spend X amount of money on

this X amount of money on that my

mortgage my car payment etc now when

they get in oh wow I'm making sixty five

hundred dollars a month let's move into

a bigger house let's buy a better car

let's upgrade my clothes a little bit

then then they're making ten thousand

dollars a month and they upgrade their

lifestyle even more and this is where

they go wrong when you start to make

more money your lifestyle needs to stay

the same

no I'm not saying they have to live in

that little tiny one-bedroom apartment

that you lived in when you first started

the business but again just like Richard

said don't you cannot spend relative to

what you make

I remember Patrick Ewing a former center

for the New York Knicks famously said he

says listen we make up we make a

shitload of money but we spend a

shitload of money too that's why dude

that's why most professional athletes

specifically basketball players are

broke what what is it like five years

after they retired from the league

because they spend all of that money do

not let the money you make dictate your

lifestyle you dictate your lifestyle and

let your money acquiesce to that that's

how you save that's how you save build

wealth and remain debt-free that's my

two cents yeah and you know just to kind

of top up on that a little bit is

minimalism to me is something that I

subscribed happen it's part of the

reason why that chick I mentioned

earlier called me cheap there's a

difference between being cheap and being

frugal and I'm definitely way more on

the frugal side I think that comes from

my upbringing I mean you know my dad's

English my grandfather was allegedly

cheap you know sort of thing too sure

but you know by living in a minimalist I

mean I could live in a house twice as

big as what I'm in right now force but

exactly live in all the rooms I don't

need to pay a housekeeper to clean

double the square footage I don't want

to pay double the property taxes I mean

ideally I'd love the same size house in

a four car garage because mcCargo

attaboy there he goes now that's we're

talking about then the money like an

idiot but I would buy cars that only

appreciate in value which is what I do

now in the past I bought

cars that will depreciate in value so

you have to be clever about that so

that's an important point to you know

spend money when you spend it spend it

in a fashion that you know is going to

go to things that that that make

monetary sense or you're gonna agree

that are gonna give you a good ROI again

you know that are a cost me 140 grand

it's worth about 20 grand more since I

bought it there you go it's going up in

value because it's the last naturally

aspirated v10 with a gated 6-speed

manual and it was in a fucking movie

those those three things come their data

and they make that car exclusive which

makes it more desirable over time

because they don't make them anymore so

you got to be clear clever when you

spend money to things that are going to

return some sort of like rate of return

to you some somehow somewhere later on

down the road or at the very least buy

shit that's not going to lose you money

you know if you have to buy up and again

you make another good point right so I

just got done talking about lifestyle if

you make more money don't you know don't

go crazy with the lifestyle now if

something is important to you like dude

you love cars oh my god what would you

spend 140 grand on cars for dude that's

what you fucking love to do right the

point is I see it as an investment well

even if it wasn't an investment if

that's your thing do it but you're not

gonna upgrade your house you're not

gonna buy you know a two million dollar

house you're not gonna buy a six

thousand dollar watch no if if your

listen we all have vices we're all gonna

spend a little more coin than we've been

then we probably should on on something

or another this is just who we are as


fortunately for you your passion happens

to be things that appreciate and value

but for those of you that don't listen

man if you're into watches if you're

into no I don't know antique furniture

or whatever it is that you're into don't

be afraid to spend a little extra money

if that's what you want to do me

personally I value experience over

possession so I've spent a lot of money

on a lot of money on traveling

I've spent a shitload of money on

traveling and those experiences cannot

be taken away

no those are those don't appreciate in

value but it's part of what made me who

I am but the fact that I've traveled all

around the world no dude this shirt this

is a shirt of the guy that I work for in

Atlanta eight 10 years ago I still have

it and again it's not it's not being

cheap it's just that when it comes to

upgrading your lifestyle you can't

upgrade everything

oh my god I'm making more money I need

new shoes I need no no if it's important

to you by all means spend the money but

don't upgrade your life all around and

turn that into entrepreneurship you're

going to have obstacles that will get in

your way

yes you're running your business right

so I mean living paycheck to paycheck if

you have a job which by the way job just

stands for just over broke guys I love

that they're heard that before if you're

living paycheck to paycheck working at a

job it's no different than living you

know paycheck to paycheck as an

entrepreneur if you're at the max level

and you're not diversifying and moving

money into holding companies or

investing into new businesses or

creating passive income sources okay um

I mean I've been an entrepreneur 15

years now let's say because I really

started when I was about 30 but you had

the it was only sorry you had the itch

early oh no dude I was doing it when I

was a teenager I had a car washing


I used to hire like like other friends

to help me with my paper route I said

shovel driveways in the winter and cut

grass while all the other kids were

fucking around you know doing nothing

but you know parents were giving them 20

bucks to go watch movies I was working

my ass off my parents wouldn't give you

shit but um yeah so you don't want to

rely on anyone any one business or any

one source of income you definitely want

to diversify it doesn't mean it doesn't

matter if you make a million dollars a

year a hundred thousand dollars a year

or forty thousand dollars a year you can

still diversify in different things in

fractional rates you know the same

percentage you know twenty percent of

twenty percent sure alright you got a

you know twenty percent of your income

of this whatever investment it doesn't

matter if it's on 40 grand or four

hundred thousand dollars it's still 20

percent it's still going to grow and

you're not going to be relying on one

source because it can be taken away from

you you know I saw the same thing in

2015 to give you a give you guys a

little bit of insight in 2012 the

Canadian government introduced new

legislation visa vie through credit card

companies because what we do is we save

people a shitload of money they didn't

like that so they let it and encouraged

the government to change policies that

were more friendly to their profit

margins okay I'm less friendly to

consumers you know that's the governor

you know they really give a fuck about

you of course right so that that

completely changed the landscape of the

industry that I was in and most

businesses either shut down or left

Canada completely I found a way to pivot

it but most of them just disappear and

you know they lost their livelihood and

they had pivot in something else or go

work for some somebody else like I was

running a trade organization that was

lobbying the government on the other

side okay there was guys involved with

me that had to go get a job for somebody

else after they were a successful

entrepreneur because the legislative

changes fucked them over so you can't

rely on one source being there forever

just like you can't rely on a woman

being with you forever there you go you

know everything in your life has the

opportunity to go feral at any given

time women always reserve the right to

change their minds anything can change

within the scope of the way you run the

business the market dude the market

could change the consumers the

legislation I mean I mean the variables

are endless yep um here's here's a good

I've got I've got just a few more

questions here um here's a very good

question he wants to know do you run a

script or or are you on instinct in

other words when you run your businesses

do you follow a plan or is obviously

have to follow a plan right I mean

nothing is just freestyle but is it more

of a plan or is it just instinct and at

times both and when you first start out

yourself as an entrepreneur it's it's

more planned okay um as time passes like

probably about six seven years you know

the way through you start to rely more

on your instinct okay and that's right

more often than you're planning so you

know your instinct will always trump

your planning at the end of the day

somewhere somehow and that's just your

that's just your experience at that

point right the reason why you follow

plan in the beginning is because you

don't have much experience but it's you

know what the fuck you're doing that's

really why the first time you open the

box from Ikea you have to assemble the

furniture you're like all right I gotta

look at this shit if you look before or

something similar before you kind of you

know wing it right right totally agree

um this is sort of a throwaway question

here um what business would you love to

start you know if someone said Richard

you can have whatever business you want

I will fund it completely you don't owe

me anything it just drops out of this

guy what business would you like to

start what business would you would you

like to get into money we're not well

that would never happen but I'd probably

do like a super car company or something

like that

yeah build you know some kind of fuck

off like supercar you probably dude

honestly that that's the kind of job

that what's the kind of job you probably

pull 16-hour days and just loose yeah at

the time

yeah totally agree totally agree you'll

never make a diamond mean most of those

companies failed but but it's fucking

cool though right to be able to build

something like that yeah no I totally

agree um last question here why I'm like

why are you successful what what is the

one factor that you attribute the most

to your success being relentless and

we're not talking about just being

relentless I'm talking about being

fucking relentless there's a really good

book I think his name's Tom

Tim Tim Cook I don't know if you ever

read it let me find it here hold on real

quick okay

I believe it's actually called

relentless uh let me look here see if I

can find it real quick pop-up no oh it's

Tim is this the same Tim Cook who's the

Apple guy or maybe it's Tim s hang on a

sec I'll find it I got so many books

here at downloaded relentless

Tim Tim s oh hang on it's downloading


yes cancel its called relentless by Tim

s Grover okay and he talks mostly about

his experience and the basketball leaves

because he was a coach and he talked

about all of these top shelf athletes

that had to deal with all kinds of

things that might have presented like

serious obstacles or maybe you know like

the whole give up sort of notion job and

and they just put your head down and

push through and I think that's probably

the single greatest thing missing from

men today in you know the world because

we get you know we get feminism hammered

up our ass since we're you know four or

five years old we start going to school

and we're told to be soft and kind and

not be you know so aggressive and that

kind of shit and and it's and it's

weaned out of you know men today and I

think that if men can subscribe to the

notion that being utterly relentless in

a smart way I mean there's times where

you have to give up there's just times

where you have to look at and be like

this is not worth it right and move on

right but just just being utterly

relentless in finding a way to make it

happen is just awesome like I love it

when people say to me Oh that'll never

work or you can't do that it's like

bitch watch me right right

I think a lot and I think a lot of men

in particular they thrive off of that

day and listen I mean I mean we

mentioned professional athletes you know

like I don't know like Tom Brady like he

is he's the epitome of that you know six

round draft pick hundred 99 pick overall

he was literally told what a hundred and

ninety eight times that he couldn't do

it people wonder why god Tom Brady's a

maniac of course he is this is

successful people are maniacs you can't

be you can't be wildly successful and be

balanced up top but the one thing that

all of these men have in common is is

just being relentless yep Richard I

appreciate you making the time for us

today guys guys definitely from listen

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bring different guests I try to bring

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red pill is self-improvement you're not

gonna be able to again you can't be good

with women if you don't improve yourself

and at some point during your during the

red pill process during the red pill

Renaissance you start to figure out what

wait a minute this isn't just all about

girls women or you know fucking hot

girls and having women available to you

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