The importance of reading a woman's body language (Episode 369)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn

of course her parents don't have a

problem with me being black she's past

the wall get your fat ass off the couch

start lifting weights and learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

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market my special guest today is a man

of course who needs no introduction he

of course is Jonathan from modern life

dating he's going to be making regular

appearances on the show how you doing

today Jonathan doing good doing good

doing good just enjoying another fine

day in Tokyo good that's the next one

what's the weather like in Tokyo these

really good seven oh the weather is

actually kind of nice today it looks

like it's gonna be in the 50s but what's

the wind this time

well I'm from Florida so I'm fuckin

miserable because I don't Floridians

don't know how to cope with weather so

we don't know how to cope with the cold

so right now it's about let me see it is

12 degrees Celsius of 54 right now not

bad for a fry up north I assume not for

a Floridian that's panic weather we are

talking today about body length

when it comes to girls and I actually

did a in episode not too long ago

talking about the difference between a

slut and a prude

order or a tease a cock tease and you

know one of the things that I pointed

out was that a lot of cocktail out there

will mimic and copy the body language of

a slut a girl who will actually fuck you

if you run the right game what is your I

guess give me sort of your opening salvo

on the importance of understanding body

language when it comes to women well you

know when you're on a date and you're

doing the entire seduction process right

if you're a guy like me or a guy like

you you probably want to close as soon

as possible as cheap as possible am I

right or am I wrong well of course yeah

I mean you're not trying to spend yeah I

mean listen man any man you know if

whether you have game or not if you have

money it certainly helps so you can have

absolutely no game whatsoever if you

have money you might get some puss you

might get some companionship but then

what's the point right right hey it's

just Hollow I don't know for me it's

just not my thing but um so the

importance of knowing body language is

when to pull the trigger because for

some girls if you do not take action

when they want you to take action

they're gonna pull back and go defensive

and feel like well if he doesn't find me

attractive then I'm just gonna get the

fuck out of here fuck this faggot fuck

this guy sick let me ask Patrice O'Neal

and me coming

but that's that's literally how these

girls bottom line you and they're in

their minds it's guys not man enough to

make a move on me I'm getting out of


so you got to know when the time is

right to strike and you know I have a

lot of experience doing this that's why

I realized that I should get out there

and help guys because what I see is

really taking like the ultimate red pill

because once you study body language you

you can't unsee it you're it's in there


and this just teaches you when you know

you're wasting time or when to know

you're not wasting time when she's

interested and when to pull the trigger

and you know make it happen good good

very good one time I advise a lot of

guys I have a shitload ins I'm actually

I am actually doing at least one

consultation per day I did two yesterday

and so I think last month I did

something like 67 consultation so my

consultation my consultation business is

going very very well and helping guys

out but I talked to a guy who wanted he

was in the friend zone and he wants to

know well how do I not how do I stay out

of the friend zone and of course I'm

giving him you know the normal don't do

her favors etc etc what a lot of guys a

lot of guys end up putting themselves in

the friendzone and here's how they do it

the girl expresses interest in them

right and so the guy decides to take

that first step hey you seem cool here

you know you know here's my phone put

your number in we'll hang out sometime

everything is cool you run the standard

text game the setup game then of course

you set up the date you go out on the

date and you don't make a move because

you're because you're not because again

it's that you you overcame your approach

anxiety but now you have to learn how to

sexually escalate not that this makes

you a bad guy but a lot a lot of guys

struggle with this so what ends up

happening is that after after that date

it's exactly what you just said Jonathan

the girl thinks to themselves okay I

want to fuck this guy but I'm not gonna

throw myself at him I'm here on the date

and so it

you have to be you have to be sexually

aggressive you have to make the first

move because if you don't make that move

the girl is going to assume that you

can't because you're scared or you won't

because you're not attracted to her that

in essence puts you in the friend zone

because you might want to go out with

her on a second date but because you

didn't make that first move in the first

date she doesn't think you're attracted

to her or she thinks you're scared you

put yourself in the friend zone but

listen a lot of girls friendzone guys

that they initially wanted to fuck but

because he couldn't or wouldn't make the

first move it ended up not going

anywhere and that and a lot of times

that's that's really how it goes looks

like we lost Jonathon temporarily I see

his but there he is oh yeah I wanted you

to I want to I wanted you to to expound

on that a lot of guys put themselves in

the friendzone by not making moves on

girls who want you to actually make a

move well these days you know in the

United States a girl is constantly

bombarded with offers of dick oh yeah

yeah it's like you know like Chris Rock

said you know like every guy's just like

how about some big get that door for you

how about some dick and they have tons

of options out there so some of these

girls are filtering men at a very high

rate and they have a low tolerance of

bullshit these are girls that usually

are poor decision makers but if you're

just out there trying to fuck then you

know you want to be able to identify

when you can go for the kill

okay this is like hunting I need to know

when your prey is ready and you need to

strike alright you need to go it's like

it's like sales there's when the buyers

hot yeah you close because sex is an

emotional sale that's all sexist you get

those emotions high and go on women are

emotional creatures you know go on and

that's why every girl even when if they

cheat on you they're always like it just

happened on stay with it was just I ate

just we were just in the moment it just

happened next thing you knew we were

naked his dick was in my ass

I don't know I don't know how it

happened listen I'll actually go one up

on you Jonathan

sex is dude the the similarities between

sex and sales there are so many

parallels between the two it is it is

frightening but one thing that I learned

about in sales is that customers rarely

buy for every reason that you point out

to them they buy for one reason

I've sold mattresses it's got

antimicrobial fibers it you know there's

memory foam in it it's got a you know 35

old it's got a 35,000 year warranty

you know individually wrapped coils blah

blah blah blah blah and they seem

interested and then you give them that

one then you give them that one benefit

that catches their eye and it helps to

wick away that moisture helps to keep

you cool at night oh really well then

I'll take it it's the same thing with

cars it's got a powertrain warranty it's

got you know power stare I mean you know

blah blah blah blah blah then you have

then you give them that one benefit that

they're looking for and by the way this


a6 goes from zero to sixty and five

point six seconds oh okay or this Dodge

Viper goes from zero to 60 in 3.5

seconds oh well now I'm interested it's

the same thing with girls you know and a

lot of guys put a lot of pressure on

themselves and rightfully so

we're told that sort of directly and

indirectly that we have to do everything

perfect if there's a hair out of place

if our body language is off if we fuck

up one thing that could end the date and

that's true but you gotta understand

girls if a girl is turned on by you

she'll give you she'll give you a few

swings and misses you don't have to be

perfect but girls will never fuck you

for every single reason they will fuck

you for one reason maybe you look like

her ex maybe you smell like her ex maybe

you sound like her ex it's always one

reason and when that reason comes you'll

see a change of her body language yeah

girl likes you she will rationalize you

that's why girls stay with guys that

beat their fucking ass right they

they're like well he's a good guy we

have a dog and he really takes care of

the dog so well he left hooks me every

night but I mean it's just he's still a

good guy same thing if a girl likes you

she's gonna make it

and she's gonna hamster her way into

believing that she should keep you

because you know she likes you they make

it easy for you but you know with body

language I would say that a lot of guys

are truly clueless and it's it seriously

is one of the ultimate red pills you can

tell one of the one of the ultimate red

pills you can take because you truly

cannot unsee it it's a very dangerous

thing and you know once you start seeing

this shit there's no going back you're

gonna start seeing it in business

meetings you're gonna start seeing it

the lady who's registered Starbucks

you're gonna be seeing it everywhere in

your wife in your kids you know it kind

of uh it's a little bit scary it's a

little bit a part of it it can feel

dehumanizing because you can really you

can literally start to read people's

minds so let's get right into it and

again you guys can join in the

conversation if you have a question or a

comment give me a call nine one four two

oh five five three five six what are

some of the body language cues that lets

you know that a girl is ready to sleep

with you or that a girl wants you to

sexually escalate let's go over those

let's start with the most basic thing

that if you can listen to me clearly you

can do it today it's a hundred percent

for free I contact yep all right if

you're just walking down the road or

you're in any place I was at

International party the other night

actually right and you know I was really

feeling myself I looked good and I was

just kind of standing at the bar

I wasn't attending the party I was

working for the party

and there was a girl sitting about 20

feet away from me with five guys in

front of her so the average guy was like

oh man

this girl's not interested in me you

know well I just got I just you know try

try some other shit and in the middle of

the thing she just she was talking to

guys she looked over at the bar she

looked me right in the eye for two

seconds you're gonna one two when that


they're everything a woman does is

calculated if you don't believe me look

at her face when she puts on makeup

everything she does is calculated and

she gave me the two seconds two one two

and then went back to looking at the

guys right mm-hmm doing her little fake

interest in those guys I was busy

my ego was loving it so I made a lap

around the entertainment venue came back

to my location at the bar post it up

again you know chest out shoulders back

head up standing good posture and just

you know just seeing if she would do it

again and then again this girl was

highly interested because you did it

again she looked over one two and then

she smiled oh wow yeah and that right

there is the the go-to that's the BET's

the that's the chance right there when

they smile that's the real chance okay a

lot of God a lot of times if these girls

give me the eye contact and you don't

make the move she's gonna zoom you're

not real a man yes you're not you're not

a real man

you're not and if you don't approach you

are I'm sorry no listen a lot of that

again guys they leave so much pussy on

the table and and guys have to

understand this women are not the

aggressors in in the coquettish game of

tug of war between men and women the

mating game

women are not designed to be the

aggressors they are that they are

passive this is why men fuck women get

fucked woman can't fuck a man she

doesn't have a dick right the man fucks

the woman he is the proactive one the

woman is the receiver she is the

reactive one so when you're talking

about the mating dances of both men and

women women don't go out hitting on guys

not because they don't have to right and

if they don't have to they're not going

to so but they understand that guys need

a sign to see that they're interested

right they know that guys aren't mind

reader's okay and so they give off these

nonverbal cues that tell you to come

hither and prolonged eye contact is the

number one way that women it's the

number one strategy listen it's a

strategy something women have been doing

for eons for decades centuries

she makes prolonged icon

attack with you that is your cue to walk

over and go talk to her

I'm not talking about incidental eye

contact where you catch each other's

eyes for a split second and you look off

the other way I'm talking you guys are

in a crowd or walking down the street

and you guys lock eyes for one to two

and a half seconds dude turn around and

go approach her this is the difference

between men and boys girl again if you

and let's just say you make prolonged

eye contact with a girl and you don't go

approach what are you waiting for your

waiting for her to give you more than

isleye no no no no you should have done

it the first time so if you're still

around her like a dinner party or

whatever the case may be or even at the

club and you try to go to approach her

and she's not expecting you hey I'm

Donovan she's gonna she's gonna think oh

well I've made eye contact with three

other guys on the last one here had the

balls to perfect she's not gonna

remember who you were because you didn't

have the balls to come an approach her

when she told you with her eyes to come

here prolonged eye contact is the dude

it is the number one surefire indicator

that a girl wants you to come over and

talk to her if you don't do it right

then and there you've already lost

points you failed the shit test yep you

really did and so the hottest girls will

give you these fucking

signals because it's you know it's kind

of counterintuitive but unless she's

whoring herself out on social media a

lot of hot girls don't get cold approach

to the street no they don't none of them

most most guys are terrified they're

fucking terrified so that's why I say

that's just what I would say for you if

you guys listen to this advice and you

go out into the real world and you apply

it you're gonna know what we're saying

is true and if you don't go into the

real world you're not looking for this

and you don't try it then you're just

gonna be left in the dark like if you

don't take action and apply what we're

saying you're not gonna have any benefit

but if you go out there you're gonna get

to a whole new level mentally we want to

talk about pickup these guys these pua

guys saying I'll just say this line or

asked her do you believe in magic or

spin her around that's just bullshit

they'll get you you baby

yeah it may be kissing you know that

- I see I see it happening these days I

see like these guys spinning girls

around just like amateur hour amateur


get her warmed up so I could swoop her

away now a lot of guys might be thinking

at this point well Donovan what if a

girl makes prolonged eye contact with

you but she's not interested no girls no

girls know that if they make prolonged

eye contact with you okay that means

that they're interested a girl is not

going to make prolonged eye contact with

you if she is not interested in you

there are no false positives there are

there are no false oops my bad or oops

I think she was looking at somebody else

or what if she's not interested dude you

will not know unless you go approach

that's just all there is to it um some

other nonverbal and you can expound on

this a little bit Jonathan one thing

that I have found is that especially

when I lived in Vegas and and I'm not

talking about if I'm at the strip club

or the casino or whatever because it's

it's a different ball game there but I'm

just talking about out in your everyday

life when you're out at the grocery

store or if you're at the laundromat

this was back when I didn't have a

washer and dryer in my apartment if

you're out you know if you're right at

the bus stop if you're riding your bike

on the track or whatever the case may be

one thing that women will do again

non-verbally we're gonna get into the

body language that we're gonna get into

the body language on the date we're

gonna get to that because a lot of guys

I know want to know about that but what

I have found is that when females are

interested in a man in their environment

they will do things to draw in directly

draw attention to themselves for example

they'll start will start to talk louder

they'll make a cheesy joke they'll start

to you know they'll start to become very

animated if you are in the if you're in

the presence of a woman and all of a

sudden you know who she is and where she

is and what she's doing she's not doing

that on accident okay she's doing that

to get your attention so that you will

look over her way so that she can give

you the prolonged eye contact a signal

you to come over yeah yeah like what you

say one of those things that they do one

of the gestures is they like to go like

this they stretch out and they push

their breast out yes this oh yeah yeah

right right and they you know they do

this and purpose because they know guys

we love tits and so we look over oh hey

what's up Becky and sales - fuck you

doing you know

little gestures like that that she

doesn't need to make it trust me for if

you creep her girl out she's gonna be

she's gonna be putting more layers of

clothing on she's gonna put her jacket

on she at first here's another one okay

if she has sleeves up and you're making

her uncomfortable she's gonna put her

sleeves death yeah she's gonna start

covering up more than the clothes body

posture absolutely clothes but she'll do

with her clothes she'll cover her neck

she'll take her hair and cover the the

neck part here she'll cover all this and

she'll start to that so that's where

shutting herself off to you because

you're making her uncomfortable but if

you're making her comfortable she's

gonna be stretching yep she's gonna be

putting her tits out her legs are gonna

be open okay they're not gonna be

crossed or closed they're gonna be

opened and she's gonna be open to you

open to receiving you because that's

what women do sexually they receive you

they allow you

yeah and a lot they allow you to go

inside of them right so that that is one

thing too if you see her start closing

off pulling her sleeves down putting her

hair in front of her they're covering

the they're covering the jugular okay

cuz this is just primitive monkey shit

they're covering the jugular they start

yourself all right what's that and the

neck is an erogenous zone if you if a

girl exposes her neck to you I don't

want to get too I don't want to get too

far ahead of ourselves because we're

gonna get to the body language on the

date but I've actually got a pretty good

I got a good comment here or Macarena

says I agree with you Donovan but

sometimes girls like to tease Armando is


girls to girls will not tease with their

eyes my friend they will tease you

listen they'll bend over in front of you

they'll poke up their tits they'll

stretch they'll do everything under the

Sun to get your attention but a girl but

when a girl only wants your attention

and not your and and for you not to

approach she'll do everything but make

eye contact with you she'll poke out her

tits show you know opener I mean she'll

you know and Belize I see this at the

gym all the time girls bend over and

they you know they they uncross their

legs they cross them again

girls can tease in a lot of different

ways gentlemen I'm here to tell you

girls like to tease they never tease

with their eyes you think up listen you

think I'm lyin try to make eye contact

with a superhot girl

and watch what happens she will

immediately look away girls know that if

they make prolonged eye contact with a

man that is going she is she is

signaling interest because that's the

universal body language of mutual

interest so attractive women know that

they attractive women a lot of times

walk with their eyes down because they

know that if they make prolonged eye

contact with the wrong guy the wrong guy

with the wrong kind of balls hey you

know my name is Larry good to meet you I

noticed we you know the book no girls

will tease with their tits they'll tease

with their legs they'll tease what

they're asked they'll stretch they'll do

all sorts of things if they're not

interested in you they will never look

you in the eye ever it's so true and

like this is work for me I remember um I

was at a my friend was he was a diplomat

for the Canadian government in Tokyo a

couple years ago and he used to throw

these insane house parties which is

extremely rare in Tokyo it's a hundred

people in a very very large house that

never happens in Japan like Japanese

people never invite you into their house

it's very very very rare oh and so I met

this girl there she was Taiwanese and

she looked at me from across the room

and our eyes locked and I was like all

right gotcha bitch so I walked up to her

and I was like it what's up girl bla bla

bla just started talking or whatever and

then I was just like you know it's

really it's really stuffy in here let's

go outside and get a breath of fresh air

and she's like okay but I think you're

kind of dangerous died she said with the

song I was like I said yeah I'm very

dangerous I was like you should get some

fresh air to help you cool down so she

was like okay so we I took her by the

hand let her outside I took her outside

she knew exactly what was up I started

making out with her zero resistance you

know we were making out for like 15

minutes and I say okay let's go back to

the party you know I wanted to go back

and enjoy it Nikon

to see what's going off with other girls

I was in the party talk 30 minutes and

then I kind of got bored I was like you

know I'm just taking her outside I took

her outside in the streets of Tokyo in

the fucking middle of the night and we

started making out I'm just like banging

on the corner of a street in Tokyo and

this was all starting from eye contact

and she was she and of course you know

what she said I've never done this

before I was like yeah okay

yeah you know I need to provide Oh God

me too

I'm virgin yeah you're just using it

like it's so funny like when you

approach girls out of the open they're

like oh my god you're one of those but

Marshall wonder what she's like oh

you're gonna you're just using me for


I can't believe you why I'll have you

know that I am saving myself for


yeah and it's um that get some laughs in

every single time 911 for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call to get on to get in on the topic

let me go through and give these

shoutouts a sexually this is a very good

episode modern life dating was the first

to pop the cherry today Rob Cruise in

the house Winston wolf Jacy in the

motherfucking house yes

Miami Jays in the house yes this is the

show for today I'm not gonna be on the

air at five o'clock p.m. Eastern time

today I've got an excellent show for you

guys tomorrow at the normal time and I

have booked Black Label logic to discuss

his most successful tinder openers

Jonathan from modern life dating is the

ace he's the wizard on your tinder

profile Black Label logic Clayton listen

he keeps track of the stuff he keeps you

know logs and records

this guy has thousands of hours on

tinder he fucks these tinder broads like

they're going out of style

he is going to talk about some of his

most successful as some some of his most

effective openers I'm thinking it's

gonna be either Thursday or Friday but

stay tuned for that that's gonna be a

hell of a show

let's see who else is in here Charles

Cabell yet oh you have not missed

anything ray and peih-gee in the house

ray I got your email on everything I'm

gonna be getting with you soon a Chesley

169 a k-8

Asian sensation now a chesley is asian

if I'm not mistaken and I think he lives

here in the United States

Ramon de Moreno says first time you can

make the first move but bitches play too

hard to get yeah that's called a shit

test right

and again when when now there's a

difference between and actually I should

do a show on that's the difference

between hard to get and not interested

that's a very good show but yeah Armando

makes a good point listen sometimes you

can make the first move but sometimes

bitches aren't feeling you that doesn't

mean you shouldn't make the first move

you should never be afraid to make the

first move you should when it comes to

going for sex with women

you should be risk tolerant not

risk-averse women are aroused by men in

a sexual way who are risk who are risk

tolerant right and dude that's not with

just sex that's just with life like

girls love girls love guys who go for

broke they love guys who go for it they

love guys who take risks this is not a

long-term sexual strategy for them but

in the short term if you want to make

yourself more fuckable yeah take more

risks Rob Cruces Kevin in sales knows

that Charles Caballero echos your

sentiment Jonathan he says oh shit women

play the it justhappened card because

Kevin and sales made them with made the

move in the moment yeah exactly Kevin

and sales dude listen Kevin and sales

doesn't need many indicators of interest

to go for it he's going for it

he's going for one way or the other nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call area code two zero

you are on live with Jonathan and

Donovan go ahead hey what's going on man

how you doing man this this topic could

be any more relevant um I'm going to

speak from a male perspective because

when it comes to body language I have

turned off so many women because of me

being a jittery me being you know uh

they consist that type of stuff you know

they have ocean too and they're like

okay this motherfuckers unassertive

because of my body language so you know

I'm a hang-up but it's just so important

body language that's all I can preach on

but I gotta get online I gotta get off

because I'm a work but please just give

me some tips or there's less

or just instruct me on how to get that

dominant masculine body language because

this is very important I appreciate a

coach thanks my appreciate it yeah ray

MGP he asked he asks a very good

question I'm actually gonna have to

answer that to him off the air because

this is about understanding a woman's

body language I mean I suppose we could

do and that's you know here's the thing

Jonathan I don't know if it's because

I've never had to worry about it but

I've never really had to worry about

body language I don't know if or body

language on my end I don't know if it's

because I'm just naturally confident but

a lot of guys tend to put a lot of stock

in their own body language and you know

you can work on body language but at

some point it does have to become second

nature no yeah totally but I think I

think these guys are asking questions

cuz they're not in the position of

knowledge that we are and you know it's

it's a scientific fact that you can

naturally elevate your testosterone

levels by having a better posture know

now that I didn't know yep I think it

was Harvard but did a study you know I

have my degree in psychology and I've

been studying psychology that's why I

got so like insanely involved in body

language is because this shit fascinates

me there's also you can get deep down to

handwriting analysis but that's a whole

other game but yeah body language for

men that stand up right there they're

more likely to have higher testosterone

level stuff because you know we're in

this hunched this is our culture this is

our culture look at look at this body

language you do I look like a fucking

hot dude you want to bang like no you

know you like when you stay it's almost

foreign for a man to stand with his

chest out his his head up you know chin

chin up shoulders back chest out that's

our normal primitive way of standing but

we have become this hunched over culture

that feels like this is the norm it's

like people don't want to stand up they

want to be you know they don't want to

stand out and be seen as different from

the crowd but that's exactly how you get

tons of pussy in in regards to our

which is just talking about dating it

carries on and other things business as

well they're people people notice the

winner top CEOs and shit they think like

we do here they know the body language

if they know the game okay this - if you

want to separate yourself as a man from

other men when you're out in public put

your phone in your pocket and don't as a

matter of fact you want to separate

yourself leave your phone in your car

right yeah if you are in an elevator

okay and there's three girls and for

guys if you're the guy and listen those

other guys they're all gonna be looking

at their phones along with the girls but

they're gonna look at you they're like

this guy has his hands in his pockets

and he's just kind of not a care in the

world be the guy at the coffee shop

whose faces and this isn't at his phone


I'm glisten I'm telling you right now if

you want to separate yourself from 95%

of men out there leave your phone in the

car leave your phone in the car dude

you'd be surprised at how much female

attention you get by a simple virtue of

not having your phone in your hand

that's how them it was okay so or is

there anything now now we're gonna get

into the second part which is reading a

woman's body language on the day that

shows that shows you hey you need to go

for it you need to escalate etc etc is

there anything else you want to add

about indicators of interest or as as

alpha male strategies as alpha male

strategies puts it you know choosing

signals your mo Garcia says how you

gonna get those digits though yeah when

you open a girl after you've talked to

her then you pull out your phone here

you seem cool put your number you know

put your you know put your put your

number in my phone and we'll hang out

sometime now if you leave your phone in

your if you leave your phone in the car

I guess maybe that was a little bit of

hyperbole but if you have if you know

your phone is in your pocket you're

gonna be tempted to take it out you know

what I'm saying

or or you can actually tell the girl

actually just thought about this you

know what I don't have my phone on me it

sits at my car stay right here you go

grab your phone here here's my number

now you could so an a so now as long as

you like wow this guy left his phone in

his car automatically you're different

and if you listen if that girl is

interested enough in you then she'll

stick around be like you know what I

don't usually carry my phone around cuz

I don't want to be like one of these

phones but I don't want to be these

fuckin phones stay right

I'll be right back give her instructions

don't say well will you wait no stay

right here I'll be right back where you

going I'm going to get my phone your

phone yeah I leave it in my car I want

to be a phone drum stick around stay

right here don't move you come back

right already going to be intrigued

she's already gonna be intrigued and and

when you guys start texting back and

forth if you don't text her back within

five seconds she'll know she'll start to

think well maybe his phone is in his car

maybe he is somewhere else this guy's

not a phone drone so I'd better text

this guy as much as possible to make

sure that he knows it's me all of these

things have agencies yeah it's so it's

hilarious how much I'm on the same page

we are sometimes in seeing that I've

never even fucking met you but like I

was thinking the exact same thing tell

her give me your phone and put your put

your information in just tell her give

me your phone

I want to contact you my phones in my

car and then tell her give me your phone

and put your hand out and wait and when

they give it over to you that is the

sign of mental submission you that's the

firt that's this is some deep level

seduction shit I don't know if they can

handle this but uh listen you got my

mind spinning right because I grabbed

your phone

you know what I don't have my phone here

give me your phone she's gonna give it

to you because you're you're using your

being assumptive you put your number in

you call your phone okay

that's you know that's my phone number

you say your good-byes then you get then

you get in your car and you joke where

there oh my god you've already like like

I met you five minutes going you're

already calling me bitch get off my back

like I don't want to marry you yet lol

now you're making a joke out of but

she's thinking hahahahaha this is how

you do this guys you again you got to

think outside the box you got to be

original you'd be amazed at how creative

you can get with these girls if you

don't have your phone in your hand you

can take your phone and be like I'm the

girl that was staring at you and say the

message to yourself exactly or put in

something like you are so hot I can't

wait to go out with you on Saturday

night at 7:00 then you get your phone

then then you go to get your phone and

say it's a date boom and you can make a

game out of it she can't dude she can't

not go out on that date with you that is

absolutely that is absolutely fucking


okay so so again we are going over the

so again look let's review here

indicators of interest before the date I

caught prolonged eye contact that is the

number one guaranteed absolutely

children number one yes and don't be

afraid listen big would say semaj says

goodness I agree about prolonged eye

contact it is there a way of signal

early as much as they can

however ugly chicks do it too and you

have the chance to dis elect the hb9

listen you ever notice this just again

guys just gotta pay attention

ugly chicks their eyes are all around

their eyes are always traveling because

they're looking to lock eyes with

someone because they want someone to

approach them sixes and sevens their

eyes are always up because they want

that attention they're not they're not a

nine or a ten but they want that

validation who he wants to approach meet

lady let me make prolonged eye contact

with him and him and hit eights nines

and tens the hot girls of the world they

look now they don't want they don't look

at the ground anymore what they're using

now is their phone as a buffer between

you and then if she's interested she

will look you in the eye so the eyes are

the number one way another way like I

talked about before is when she starts

to become animated around you if she

talks loudly enough for you to hear she

draws attention to herself she likely

wants you to approach that of course

will lead to the prolonged eye contact

etc etc and the other ones before you

actually get into the deep area just one

kinda cat said a big woody said old man

sounds like betta Donovan was gonna say

beg her to stay while he gets the fuck

not baking it's not begging it's being

around what he was thinking listen will

you please listen I swear to god my car

is right around the corner

I swear please just stay right here I'm

gonna go get my thought you'd give me

your number please stay right here yeah

a lot of you guys are afraid to succeed

a lot of you guys have never had the

balls in you to be like listen bitch do

this and let me tell you something right

now and right now in the peak of soy in

the peak of beta women are craving

Dragonic to tell what to do crazy this

is what asshole game works because

asshole game is

the only kind of masculinity these girls

get get to me it's supposed to they say

Oh Donovan is such an asshole well then

why are you fucking him because that's

the only masculinity I'm exposed to

every day that's the only why I can't

tell you how many times in 2016

I would fuck Hillary Clinton supporters

and when they asked me for some clothes

at my house I gave them the Trump

t-shirt on and they're like you know

you're such an asshole make America

great again for that oh face nine one

four two oh five five three five six

again nine one four two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the show you are

listening to TSR live with donovan sharp

of course my guest today is jonathan

founder of modern life dating dot-com

you can find him on instagram at modern

life dating his website is also modern

life dating calm he does of course he

does coaching triple your tender etc etc

etc so today we're talking about body

language so now we've talked about the

body language of women who are

interested in you that outside of the

date now we are getting into the date


now you're at the but look what's you

know what you're at the bar you're at

the coffee shop you want to meet her at

a bar because you can you know you guys

can get kind of tipsy at little to no

cost you're not feeding here dinner so

Jonathan what are some of the and again

this is assuming that your key knowing

your escalating etcetera etcetera what

are some body language cues what are

some indicators of interest what are

some I don't want to say choosing

signals but what are some non verbal

cues that a woman wants you to touch her

kiss her make out with her ask her my

place or yours I'm gonna tell you some

shit right now that I guaran-fucking-tee

you you've never heard anywhere and I'm

actually coming out with a body language

program so you guys are watching now the

the program is gonna be around three

hundred dollars because this shit is

fucking money good and a guy that I'm

coaching who's in intelligence and

security he told me that dude you have a

super high level skill that military

agents pay for so I had no idea so what

I'm gonna tell you right now it's only

gonna be because I want Donovan show and

Donovan is the man who gave me the

opportunity told me to get out you're

doing this but this will be deleted I'm

assuming right um yeah this is actually

going to be put on patreon

okay patreon school so you guys know on

my soundcloud I have that episode - the

free pot for free podcast how to have

sex with a girl on a coffee date okay

this is how you can look at a girl using

a coffee cup or a straw and you can tell

if she's interested in you or not okay

so you know so they give you a cup at

Starbucks right and they give you that

little sleeve that is around the cup

that keeps your hand from getting burned

you know I'm talking about like that

cardboards little yeah we call that the

we call that the litigation the

litigation sleeve okay yes so they have

the the Brown litigation sleeve around

the cup right so when you're talking

with the girls you're on a date with her

if she cuz listen when a girl goes on a

date with you she agrees and no that's a

date and she knows it's just a Starbucks

take most of these bitches can afford a

$7 coffee okay you're not that balling

okay so she's there because she likes

you and if she's if she's on the date

with you she's already mentally kind of

said herself I'll probably fuck this guy

Yeah right your mind up yeah so what

she'll start doing okay this is how I'm

able to close my Starbucks dates under

an hour every single time $7 coffee max

five dollars these days but um but the

the sleeve of the coffee cup what she's

gonna do is she's gonna start slowly

jacking off the cup and this is called a

phallic gesture because in her mind

she's thinking sexually about you at

that moment and I'm swear to fucking god

go on your dates guys and you'll see

this shit happening okay the the

cardboard piece around

Starbucks cup she'll start sliding it

down and sliding it up and she'll start

doing it in a rhythmic fashion yeah or

she'll take the straw and she'll start

doing the same thing as you'll start

jerking mr. oh yes just like the

struggling well you know what I've never

even thought about that I wonder how

many how many lays I miss because the

girl was jerking off the coffee or

jerking off the shower and that's what

I'm saying like this is far beyond some

PUA fucking trash or some guy that's

like long do you believe in magic bah

you know ya beat that we're here

together how the pie are you al al

no the fuck out of here with that

nonsense man nursing Yeager says she's

basically using a surrogate object to

touch you that's what it is

mm-hmm well that or she's thinking about

sex just thinking about sex yes you guys

it's really got simple don't

overcomplicate a lot of you guys

watching are actually really smart guys

and you're so smart you fucking out

think yourself a pussy all the time

every time all the time and a lot of

guys are looking for and I think a lot

of guys make the egregious mistake of

looking for the obvious signs hey I want

to fuck you girls aren't gonna do that

if you're out on a date with a girl like

and it's so funny because girls will

make it so obvious that want you to fuck

them but you're waiting for you waiting

for the fucking skywriter sign you're

waiting for the big fucking bells and

whistles hey invite me back to your

place to look at your bullshit-ass coin

collection of which you only have three

coins as an excuse to go back and no no

no no don't look for though don't look

for those big signs they're not gonna

give it to you girls don't want to look

like sluts they don't want you to think

that they're sluts

they want that plausible deniability so

that when they do that walk of shame

back to their roommate back to their

place and their roommate says so what

happens you know what there was nothing

I could do he said his coin collection

was big and I like big coin collection

so I went big this big going collecting

all night long

it's absolutely fuckin hilarious here's

something else

and I'll you know I guess I'll touch a

little bit on you know the body language

of because Armando Moreno makes a good

point he you know he talked about listen

a lot of girls like the tease a lot of

girls like to try to get fed you can

listen you can eliminate girls that are

trying to get fed by suggesting that you

go out for drinks at a bar not a

sit-down restaurant right now here's the

thing we we all make the mistake of sort

of paying attention to a girls tits

right when you when you're chatting

they're up at the bar whatever the case

may be

and to be honest with you a lot of

veteran players still do this and they

don't realize that they're potentially

costing themselves a lot of time and

money now a lot of people listen I'm

sure guys are probably thinking but

Donovan everybody you know everyday

every guy likes to stare to girls tits


a hundred percent I like staring at

girls tits too but here's where you can

separate yourself from the freshmen

players out there you're gonna

understand this man when a girl come

when a girl goes out on a date with you

she is going out on a date with you on a

Friday or Saturday night because she

probably is going to fuck you all you

have to do is stay awake but by the same

token she's not just gonna she's not

gonna have a sign on her tits that say

hey I want you to fuck me but in the

same vein just because a girl showed

shows cleavage doesn't necessarily mean

she's looking to fuck she's there with

you and she's showing cleavage to make

you sort of escalate that doesn't mean

she wants to fuck and butt and get this

by the way every cock tease out there

they show cleavage of course they do

they know it's gonna get them more male

attention they know that it's like a

slut beacon drawing sort of drawing men

into her orbit who will be under her

spell as soon as she smiles at him you

know that's her eyes and you know looks

into her pure her pure soul

anyway the mark of a true slut okay is

found just a few inches below her

cleavage okay if you're run an air tight

game and the girl is really feeling you

she's gonna start to entertain thoughts

of sex you can look for though you can

look for those phallic gestures you know

stroking off the coffee or stroking out

the shot or with the straw whatever the

case may be but when this happens

Jonathon her body language is gonna

start to change but before she lets it

get too far what does she do next she

shit tests you right she's like oh my

god I want to fuck this guy but I want

to make sure I want to make sure that

this guy is the real deal

so then those

well I'm not sleeping with you tonight

at which point she's thinking about

fucking you so you can say well I just

like I said earlier I can't believe you

said that I'm gonna save myself for

marriage when she laughs guys when she

laughs don't look at her tits look at

her nipples she was not listen she was

already turned on by you that's why she

deployed the shit test to make sure that

you are who you present yourself to be

but when you pass that shit test with

that witty reply listen her panties are

gonna moisten and her nipples will

Harden and if you're paying attention

you will see that her nipples are

standing at attention

listen I'm here to tell you guys that

unless you're standing outside and

sub-freezing temperatures in Alaska

there are a few other physical

indicators as accurate as a woman's

heart and nipples even if she's wearing

a bra most and by the way most girls

don't when they go out on dates with

guys they're trying to fuck even if even

even if she's wearing a bra they're

still gonna poke out okay

and even though she's trying to act like

she's not interested if her nipples are

hard she wants to fuck and that's all

there is that that's all there is to it

too many guys johnathan they miss this

surefire indicator that the girl is down

to fuck again

I know it's hard not to look at her tits

because tits are awesome but pay close

attention to her nipples listen out

listen I said this all my show the other

day the minute you see her nipples

poking through her dress close her tab

and say my place or yours what do you

think I think your money it is it's it's

it's universal dude it is universal

girls in Japan girls in Hawaii girls in

Korea girls in Thailand girls in

Colombia I've been all over this goddamn

planet and they all say the same shit I

just want to let you know I'm not gonna

have sex with you and for me every time

I hear that I just say to myself famous

last words

yeah that's that's what I know like Dave

Chappelle said

gotcha bitch game over game over let's

go see my fucking Nintendo collection

okay not gonna tell you I'm not gonna

fuck you if she's not thinking about

fucking you think about it if you're out

on a date and the date is going horribly

you're fucking everything up she

her faces in her hand she looks bored

she is a woman like that who was bored

is not gonna say by the way I'm not

fucking you tonight no she's not even

thinking about that but a woman who

tells you I'm not sleeping with you

tonight or a woman who shit tests you

incessantly from the start that's a

woman who is aroused by you and women

who are aroused by you will shit test

you those nipples are a dead giveaway

Jonathan I'm here to tell you like I

said every time every single time these


it's amazing how full of shit women are

like she's just like she's like I can't

tell you like every age 20s 30s 40s all

all of them all over the country Japan

everywhere they're all like I'm not

having sex with you why are they

mentioning sex

where did sex add up like I don't know

where it come into the equation

they're thinking about it yeah I think

about it you know so listen hold on hold

on real quick it'll be because you want

oh my god

I'm girl famous they say this to defense

I'm not sleeping with you tonight

they're trying to convince themselves oh

my god Stacy do not fuck this guy

tonight and so they think telling you

I'm not sleeping with you tonight it's

gonna not make him try no sweetie when

you say I'm not fucking you tonight what

we see in the subtitles the red pill

subtitles is if you try to fuck me I'm

not gonna resist I'm not gonna say no so

please help me to keep my chastity

please help me not feel like a slut and

don't try to fuck me because if you do

I'm gonna be powerless yep and and when

a girl likes you like that dude trust me

no condom no problem dude like that is

raw attraction like freedom rah rah like

we're talking raw raw traction there's

another one you mentioned this earlier

and you mentioned a woman showing skin

pushing her hair exposing her face

exposing her neck I'm gonna I'm gonna go

take a 30-second piss but I want you to

tell these guys cuz I'm drinking water

here I want you to tell these guys why

it's important to pay attention to a

girl exposing her neck her face etcetera

go okay so when a girl okay so imagine

I'm a

have long hair that is in front of my

chest okay if a girl likes you she if

she's starting to open up to you she'll

do one of two gestures she'll take her

finger and she'd go like this and she'll

put her hair I can't do it because I

have the headphone on but she'll put her

hair behind her ear and it'll it'll

expose right here okay and if she really

likes you she's gonna go like this she's

gonna go like this

and then throw her hair behind her back

exposing her chest and exposing her neck


these are vulnerable areas okay and

another thing is if she does like you

you see right here if you take your

finger and you touch right here you'll

notice that this is a very vulnerable

point in the human body if you were to

get stabbed here or if you were to get

punched here this is a very

life-threatening injury that can occur

here and if a girl really likes you

she's gonna expose you she's gonna

expose this area but if a girl does not

like you or you make her feel

uncomfortable she's gonna take her hand

and she's gonna put it right here or

she's gonna pinch right here and she's

gonna be like or if she has a necklace

she's gonna start playing with it

because on a primitive level she is

protecting her vulnerable spots

and she does not feel safe around you

right when she'll start covering her the

neck or she'll start covering this part

of the like where does trachea is would

end up yeah when a woman is aroused by

you she exposes herself she makes

herself physically vulnerable to you and

that's why listen here here's a general

rule of thumb if you could if you could

put now I'm not saying you could punch a

girl in the face but if you could if you

could slap her in the face without much

resistance right then she is exposing

herself which means she's turned on by

you right but if her head is turned

again if her if her if you can reach out

and grab skin she's making herself

physically vulnerable to you if a woman

has open body posture palms towards you

like somebody said wrists up hair back

she's exposing her neck her face the

more skin a woman

Moses to you the more aroused she is by

you if she's fiddling with her skirt as

she's constantly trying to you know pull

her skirt down if she's you know

constantly trying to cover up her boobs

or roll down her sleeves chances are

she's probably not that aroused by you

now it could be that her tips are

popping out and it could be that she is

aroused by you and the only time she

really makes an attempt to cover up or

tenses oh wait a minute my touch about

to fall out let me let me put these let

me put these bad boys back in here but

she's making no effort to cover up she's

making she's exposing herself to you a

woman a woman and when a woman has open

body language that is a Coletta's a

clear-cut sign of arousal make your move

put your hand on her knee dude here's

what I like to do I like to touch a

woman's neck right and I and I actually

do this with like the hair trick I say

you know what your hair is an

interesting your hair is an interesting

color or you a natural blonde well you

asked me that when you texted me yeah

but I thought you were lying to me are

you know are you a natural blonde and

you're kind of stroking it you're

stroking just behind her ear you're

touching her neck guys that's gonna turn

her on if she lets you do that if a

woman lets you touch her in these areas

she has turned on by you a woman who was

aroused lets you touch her freely yeah

or if here's another one this is some

extra level shit right here if she lets

you feed her oh yeah she's attracted you

know the potato chip or like a piece of

popcorn or something if she's like give

it to me I'll lean it you're disgusting

you know she doesn't fucking like you

but if she if she opened to it she lets

you feed her you know don't fucking Jam

it like it just banana bitch like doll

I'll try to be smooth about it he

definitely be smooth about it but uh

here's some here's something else if she

lets you eat off of her again we're not

we're not we're not at a restaurant if

she lets you drink out of her drink hey

how does that taste

this is listen this is a great test so

you're two or three drinks in what do

you happen a bodkin coke what kind of

vodka do they use oh you know no fucking

Grey Goose grab her drink and drink it

and say oh yeah that's actually pretty


if she has no listen she looks she's

like oh my god what did you do that for

she's not turned on by you but if she

STM that's pretty good right yeah that's


here try mine this is psychological guys

you are now swapping fluids unbelievable

only her glass she drink dude I do this

all the time it's like second nature

it's from yours that's all there is to


I remember one girl I was sitting on on

the Vegas strip we met these girls out

on Fremont Street and we're walking dude

we were all fucked up we're all high on

probably cocaine or whatever I think I

might have anyway anyway I remember she

had like this she had like this cup from

chick-fil-a right and I remember just

take I was like I'm thirsty I just took

I took it took a sip out of it and gave

it right back to her guess what she did

two seconds later she took a sip I

fucked her that night swapping listen

swapping full if she allowed you to swap

fluid she is turned on by you how's that


oh really yeah here try mine boom even

if you have a straw and number one you

should nip listen I admit sometimes I

use straws I have my whiskey sours but

if there's a straw even better drink

from her straw don't say okay well I'm

gonna come over here to no no how does

that taste

lips everything all up in here try mine

if there's no problem with it she's in

there yeah 1% I just don't yet try mine

as as it's just a command that it for me

as soon as I'm on a date there I'm

trying to get her to submit to me so I'm

like you know as soon as we get to the

fucking table I'm like sit there or I'm

gonna sit here and I start just setting

the setting the pace you know and that's

like I kind of attracted a lot of girls

with daddy issues that way cuz I've kind

of like a Authority of falling for you

because you know a lot of sluts think

I've no daddies of course and then you

know but took on from from the get-go

from the moment you meet you have to

take charge of the date and if she's one

of these girls who's like fighting you

like well I'm not gonna fuckin you know

I don't need to tell me what to do or I

could choose my own place she's either a


yes she's either a shit testing you or B

she's just gonna be a pain in the ass

down the road so I'd be like oh you know

what they just fucking flew in a liver I

gotta do the transplant oh yeah you

should read more I'll know I won't text

you here's another one for if if you

guys are a cigarette I just

cigarette in there right if you're

hanging out with a girl if you're at the

bar and she happens to be a smoker and

again she smokes she pokes dude take a

cigarette of her hand don't even ask her

just grab it out of her hand take a drag

pretend the cigarette is yours take

another half drag give it right back to

her you're swapping fluids you can come

up with all kinds of ways and swap

fluids if you fuck her right now you now

you have a reason to feed her dude eat

off her plate reach over with your bare

hands how does this taste

ooh that's good here try some of mine

this is all again this was all

subliminal conditioning you belong to me

we're swapping fluids and it allows you

to this is a form of submissive body

language 911 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call to get in

on the conversation let me read some

chants here

miami jay says you are one ugly dude no

actually um he said you're one ugly

woman dude no Jonathan I think if I

think I'd do him I do if you're a woman

I'd bang you Watson says fellas in the

jet any other recommended reading on

body language besides the book by Joe

Navarro I don't have an answer for that

what about you well Joe Navarro wrote a

book what everybody is saying what

everybody is saying and it's good book

but honestly how I came to this is like

raw did I'm hundred and eighty-one girls

of the Appel so I've been on like 300

plus dates far fuck it by 500 and this

is just human interaction after human

interaction that you start picking up

patterns and you start doing this you

know not to mention I worked in

nightclubs I was a taxi driver for a

year I've worked at restaurants so I

have high exposure to people so I've

accumulated this over years so the best

way is like start looking start looking

start looking for patterns and you start

doing your own AV testing

here's another again it's so funny how I

like like the chat always gives me like

examples of things that I've done and

I've been out I can't tell you how many

days warm go to say one go to technique

that I used to use is Joby blogs Joby

Wan coyote's has tell him to buy the

first drink Oh

try that to see if she's willing to

invest absolutely here's how I do it

I'll get to the bar and we'll actually

get to the bar here by the first round I

gotta go I gotta go I gotta go take the

pitch I gotta go take a piss get me get

me a whiskey sour I'll be right back

I'll go in and I'll take maybe 10 or 15

minutes just to make sure she buys the

drinks and if she has the drinks there

then she's invested Oh what did you get

a vodka tonic that's good oh yeah my

whiskey sours good here you try it

now you've swapped spit and she's paid

for the date she's ultra turned on

because girls aren't used to dudes just

doing this to them they want to be in

bed they want to be controlled they want

to be dominated why do you think bitches

are into like paying men to fuckin tie

them up and dominate why do you think

Fifty Shades of Grey is a global hey as

a man who's read 50 or watch Fifty

Shades apparently this is the dumbest

shit I've ever seen in my entire life

and the thing is it's cuz I'm a man I

don't want anybody fuckin dominating me

but girls do girls want that shit you

know the girls I can't tell you how many

girls told me like I love how possessive

you are like the media tries to dominate

like dumb demonize guys and think oh

he's you know he's too protective he's

insecure he's possessive exactly that is

what fucking girls like that is exactly

what they like do girls like it down I

mean look you do it all time when you

tell me where your fucking hair like

this where this call me this don't do

this you fucking late again you were

going to be big trouble they like it

they feel safe and protected because

they're living within your mental

guidelines they feel like this is some

authority that is gonna protect me yeah

when a girl starts calling you things

like possessive and insecure she doesn't

want to be possessed by you girls love

businesses listen girls love possessive

dominant men they don't love possessive

dominant they don't love possessive men

who aren't dominant if she's not turned

on by if she doesn't want to be with you

anymore she'll call you oh you're

possessive you're controlling but and

listen Devon doesn't call me possessive

in controlling but guess what I am

extremely possessive and controlling

and when she starts to push back on some

of my possessiveness and controling then

guess what it's time for her to go

because I'm not gonna change if if she

was if she pushes back on stuff like

that then I know that she's losing

feelings for me and at that point it's

time to go like that's just all there is

to it I've always said this too is I

don't want to get too far off on a

tangent here because I have another

another nonverbal cue is girls define a

healthy relationship as a relationship

where it's easy for them to cheat on

cheat on you right they define an

unhealthy relationship where it's not

easy to cheat I'll give an example wait

a minute he demands look at your phone

all the time like when you ask him to

you that's that's not a healthy

relationship that's toxic no that's

toxic because it's hard to cheat what he

has a keylogger on your phone oh that's

borderline crazy that's toxic no it's

toxic because it's hard for you to cheat

wait a minute he has you check in and

sends you pictures from work that's

toxic and possessive no it's not it's

unhealthy no it's because it makes it

harder for you to cheat an unhealthy

relationship according to a woman is a

woman where it is hard to cheat that's

all there is to it and who is usually

giving this advice these fucking bum

bitches who can't even keep them at yeah

exactly no listen take advice from a

woman who had been married for you know

for two or three decades they'll steer

you in the right direction but the

advice that's let's give you it's the

good tasting advice the advice that's

full of fat and sugar that goes down

easily yeah I'll fuck another guy and

make him jealous yeah flirt with you

flirt with Kevin and sales to get his

attention no then I'll never take

relationship advice from sluts um give

me one second here all right um I got

another one here for you got it then


I would like to I'd like to get your

take on this it is if her hands are

moving right she's down to fuck and this

listen this this has been this has been

this has been a telltale sign for me

multiple times again guys you have to

understand this requires a mild level of

restraint which isn't easy because we're

men we love we love huge-tits we love

shapely asses pardon me but again keep

your eyes off of her tits and this is of

year this is when you're on a date with

the girl pay attention to her hands now

if she's a cock tease

hands are gonna be down at her side

right they're gonna be motionless

they're not gonna be busy women who

aren't turned on women who are not hot

and bothered by you they will be

physically stoic meaning that means that

their hands won't be active okay and

they'll remain at her side okay or or at

least you know at that very moment

they're not gonna be doing very much at

all okay again you could be running

airtight rock solid game but because

you're not that ultra high-value you

know Kevin and sales guys she hopes to

have you know get butt-fucked by later

on she's decided she wasn't fucking you

or anyone else that night because of

that she's probably not gonna be turned

on right of course she'll let her buy

you drinks but you're not going home

with her you have done you have to know

and understand that so for girls hands

are still she's not turned on by you but

if you're dealing with a girl who's a

bona fide slut a girl who really wants

to fuck you a girl who's genuinely

turned on by you johnathan her hands are

gonna be all over the place she'll touch

your chest her arms like you said she'll

touch her neck she'll play with her hair

she won't be able to contain herself and

here's the thing guys this is a

subconscious behavior girls simply

cannot act turned on if they're not

turned on any more than they can fake

being uninterested if they want to fuck

you this is like them shit testing you

acting uninterested

but her but her fucking nipples are

pokin out well you know I listen you and

I aren't having sex and I don't even

really find you that interesting really

is that why your face is flushed and

your fucking tits are poking out and you

haven't lowered your skirt yet really

like that's what that's what we're going

with the signs of female arousal

literally run on autopilot guy this is

why we did this episode and no matter

how much women try to hide their arousal

their body language will always give

them away if a woman is not turned on by

you she is not gonna be able to touch


women don't touch men they're not

aroused by she can't bring herself to do

it no matter how much she wants to fake

it but when she wants to fuck you she

won't even realize she's touching you

she'll just be all over you pay

attention to her hands guys take your

hands off their tits and ass for three

seconds if her if her hands are active

here's the thing if her hands are active

you're gonna get to see plenty of TNA

anyway 100% don't make excuses to touch

you and they like you they just don't

make it

give me one second I'm Hanna all right

there we go

all right uh uh mr. Easterling says i

take her drink I take her drink I'm not

giving it back now don't be a meathead

read Miller I'll be me that read though

I mean listen that that's all fun and

games it's cute to say in the chat right

but nobody's really you're not really

taking her drink and not giving it back

come on man let's let's keep it 100

nerves and Jaeger is in the house have

to protect careers these days that is


Armando Moreno says feminism today is

enabling girls not to want to be

dominated though incorrect

Armando incorrect yes listen they tell

you they don't want to be dominated but

they want to be dominated it wasn't

here's the this is why feminism has

failed women feminism has told women

that they have to be a certain way and

not be a certain way this is why women

are unhappy because they're feminine

hard drive is saying to themselves wait

a minute I want to submit to a man I

want to be dominated I don't want to be

working 50 hours a week I don't want to

be fucking eight different guys right

but feminism is telling them to do these

things they're feminine hard drive

Estelle is pushing back because they

know this isn't what they're designed to

do so

so again feminism is telling them that

they shouldn't want to be dominated but

girls want to be dominated dude the most

hardcore staunch feminists out there

they're the ones that wants you to

fucking abuse him in bed they're the

ones that want you to pull their fucking

hair smack him in the face and call him

a worthless dirty cut okay but listen

those are the girls that want you to

fucking pound him in the ass and then

give him ass to mouth jizz in their face

and call him a slut those listen all

girls want to be dominated feminism can

tell girls that they shouldn't want to

be dominated that doesn't change about

dancing yes Oh clink it's the equivalent

of like GQ magazine telling me that I

should think Tess holiday that walking

heart attack 400-pound disgusting pay is

beautiful well and in my heart of hearts

I know like it would take a fucking

mountain of Viagra for me to pound that

out right it's disgusting that's just

disgusting and that's the same thing

these girls listen

look girls are full of shit dude they

you can't trust anything that comes out

of their mouth okay you trust a woman's

actions you've never everything that

comes out of her mouth I just don't care

I'm just like whatever whatever you got

to say yeah blah blah blah I've had tons

of girls who've been like I'm gonna go

to your house and I'm not gonna have sex

with you and now to get into the place

they'd be like you know what's up like

you know this is my collection of videos

traveling all over the world and then

I'll just reach over and I'll start

taking her over I had her shirt off and

she look what are you doing I'm taking

you shirt off she's like you're so bad

mmm yeah and that's it that's it right


Josie to 20 says what I do is I force

body language move her towards you turn

her body towards you stroke her hair

yeah I like that too and if a woman

allows you to do these things and listen

this actually goes for the bedroom too

right if a girl was fucking me she's

obviously turned on by you but women

don't want to take charge of the bedroom

and I don't want to give away tomorrow's

episode how to dominate a woman in bed

but dude don't tell her hey can we go to

missionary can we do style do you mind

if I stick my peepee in your a hole no

no no no move her you flip her over you

smack her ass you stick your dick in her

ass you don't need a permission to do

shit that's why she's there to be

dominated she's there for your pleasure

never never ask a woman permission to do

anything during sex dude fuck that

will you please suck my dick no you

stick your fucking dick in her fucking

mouth that's how that works yeah Chris

Rock has a big big part of that he's

like a comedy bit when he's like excuse

me I was wondering if you could please

lick my asshole you just got to tell him

to do it bro just tell me to push the

head down she knows what she's doing I

think the first thing she's sucked in

her life no he's seen the videos she

knows what's up she knows what we like

be the last I think the last the last I

guess the last body language nonverbal

cue that I would say is again we're out

on the date with the girl now is that

eye contact is obviously very very good

but as the day goes on and you're

escalating properly and you are like

you're starting to get to a point where

you're gonna you're gonna say you know

come back to see my goldfish collection

blah blah blah blah blah or hey you know

I heard you have a you know my place or

yours basically this is when she starts

to watch your mouth right women use the

eyes to signal your interest but towards

the middle end of the date you're gonna

notice that she's not really watching

your eyes anymore she's watching your

mouth yeah

she's watching your mouth because she

wants to kiss your mouth she's watching

your mouth because she wants your mouth

on her whether it's her lips her pussy

her neck whatever the case may be watch

her mouth if she's watching listen if

she's watching your eyes she's she

probably is turned on but if a girl is

ready to fuck like if she is like oh my

god dude I want this dude's cock in my

fucking cervix right now if you see her

starting to watch her mouth you need to

close your tab and take it and take her

to the hotel take her to take her

wherever you have to go close your tab

get the fuck out of there get the fuck

out of there and and and and beat up and

beat the brakes off that ass a hundred

percent so I know your pimp brought you

have to fucking bring it up they'll go

like this they'll look at you in the eye

and they'll look down at your mouth and

look in the eye that's exactly what they


and it's kind of weird when you start

learning the shit you'll find out who

the closeted gay guys are too because

they start doing that shit to you as

well but that's like that's like I said

you know this is real red pill shit once

you start getting it to body language

like you know there's no going back so

just be careful just be careful because

you cannot you cannot unsee this shit I

think um in the end I guess as we I

guess as we bring this stuff I think if

we bring this stuff or you know bring

this this this podcast to a close here

is I want to I want to harp on this

point one more time don't look for

obvious signs a woman is not gonna make

it plainly obvious that she wants to

fuck you guys yeah a woman is not gonna

make it plainly

obvious that she wants you to approach

her okay listen man it's aunt listen

it's on us to recognize and understand a

woman's body language if she's

interested if she's not interested again

too many guys used they used a big sign

with fucking bells and whistles on it as

an excuse not to approach well she

looked at me for three seconds but I saw

a guy standing next to her so that I

don't know she might not have been

looking at me no no it's just a chess

hamster that's your bitch ass male

hamster girl well really was black and I

felt like my horoscope said black was a

bad guy bro chair

fucking listen dude my friend norm and

fucking Vegas used to say that shit all

the time

dude I used to fucking be like in dude

we would see and listen norm is a

good-looking dude long haired dude he's

long hair he's Puerto Rican he looks

like a fucking Latin porn star and

bitches are looking at him up and down

him like yo did you not just see the

redhead undressing you with her mouth

and her eyes as she passed by yeah I

don't know she looks like a pussy's what

the fuck does astrology have to do with

dick and ass we said we used to call it

DNA I gotta give her a DNA test what's

that dick and ass dude give her the DNA

test if she wants the D give her the

fucking D oh my god listen I didn't mean

to hijack your point there but dude my

fucking friend norm used to fucking

drive me crazy with that shit man oh

look we have we have all these parallels

between our conversations and our

stories because we're both speaking the

fucking truth look guys I'm sorry if I

hurt your fucking feelings but you I

don't know if you see me on the red man

group but I'm kind of direct alright and

if a girl is giving you choosing signals

and you don't approach her you're not

gonna get this part of your life handled

and you're gonna be stuck in the same

place you'll be watching video after

fucking video you bet just one more P

you a bootcamp bro just one more booth

hit the street I'm gonna look at none

phone numbers of ten bitches no just you

gotta you gotta walk into the bar you

gotta shoot first and ask questions

later okay that's that's real manliness

okay you're the guest

like the marine mentality kill them all

and let God sort of mouth now I'm not

telling you I'm speaking like

figuratively not literally I'm not

telling you to go to bar fucking yeah

don't be violent towards women be

violent towards the pussy beat that

pussy down yeah but that's the mentality

you have to have you you guys you have

to realize that what we come from if

you're most of us were coming from

westernized countries where they are

actively feminizing men and the single

mother epidemic is huge and the actual

manliness like the raw hardcore man of

man like manly men back with the olden

days is is fading away and this is just

normal shit they didn't need fucking

dating coaches like us 20 years ago

better just like hey bitch like fucking

your own sex you know what else yeah so

it's just like you know just don't look

don't look for a million approval signs

but this is a good tool to have in your

arsenal you know that's that's just

something to know to save you time to

save you money and to make you more

efficient and eventually when you get

done with the womanizing shit you handle

it like donovan has like I have you move

on to something better with your life

and you make the world a better fucking


yeah I'm had another question here by

big Jack Frost 74 he says you got to

leave these videos up so I could watch

from the beginning listen I would love

nothing more than to be able to do that

unfortunately my videos get flagged they

get flagged a lot by feminists male

feminists dude I had to I had to YouTube

channels and they were growing do they

were growing like a fucking I shouldn't

say they're growing like a spread like a

California wildfire within 24 hours I

channels because I'm too provocative and

I do hate speech so man I would love to

be able to leave this stuff up but but

YouTube is giving me now here's the

thing and I want to make this clear we

need to understand as men as people as

purveyors of the red pill that if the

platform is free you don't own that

platform okay I can't get mad at YouTube

for for flagging my stuff down YouTube

is YouTube is solely responsible for

four for four

for putting me in a position to where I

do this for a living dude this month

like Devin makes great money last month

and this month I made more money than

she does and Devin makes great fucking

money okay so I I said all that to say

this I don't you know I guess I wanted

to sort a humble brag there but if it's

a free platform you're gonna have to

apply right away maybe yeah you're gonna

do what you're gonna have to abide by

their rules and regulations so while I

would love to keep all my videos up here

I've listened I've lost two YouTube

channels and dude I work years on those

dude I had those YouTube channels for

almost two and a half years and in the

blink of an eye they were gone because

somebody reported me so while I would

like to leave this stuff up

I can't and every once in a while you

guys will notice if you were subscribed

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all of the videos down to keep people

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underground the only way the only way

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anything is on patreon and to be honest

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and that's like what's your fuckin

patreon $10 a month listen oh it's not

even its it you need to be a five five

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$12 five fucking dollars you you pay

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just get over it

bonia so yeah I would like I said I

would love to leave this stuff up but I

can't and I unfortunately I learned that

the hard way that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR live this was a very good


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to it

true story she's all right thanks again

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much like the shit I'm gonna break it

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I'm gonna tell you why girls like it and

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