The "Not All Women Are Like That" fallacy: Part One (Episode 335)




never ever take relationship advice from

a woman

she doesn't need space she wants out

stop playing video games and hit the gym

dude if she breaks up with you she has

already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's from

Anton 'van sharp and welcome to the 330

fifth edition of PS are alive your

morning red pill cup of truth wisdom and

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of your beard grooming needs let's get

right to it two things most people

either own or are familiar with are cars

and computers these these are two of the

best selling products in world history

as far as units and dollar few years ago

people are always gonna buy cars people

are always gonna buy computers that's an

open secret now one of the many reasons

for this one of the many reasons that

people are always going to buy cars and

computers is that neither one you don't

really need an instruction manual for

either one you walk into an Apple store

you get a computer built or you go

online and customize a windows-based

computer and when you get it home open

the box you pretty much already know how

to use it right if you hit the spacebar

the cursor moves to the right you hit

the Delete key the character you know

deletes the character you just type the

mouse and the cursor worked the same way

and so forth most people know how to

operate computers right out of the box

sight unseen because they all work

generally the same way yes there are

major differences in their packaging and

Miranda and bells and whistles you've

got max versus pcs some computers have

different programs and applications than

others and most computers just look

differently from one to another as far

as the outside is concerned but if you

open up a web browser on any one of

those computers and type in donovan

sharp comm not only are you gonna be

shocked for better or worse you're all

going to see the same thing on the same

screen yes

again computers are very different from

each other in many ways but they all

operate in the same way I think we can

all agree on that

what's the same thing with cars whether

you're driving a basic model Toyota

Camry or a Lamborghini Diablo the gas

pedal is on the right the brake pedal is

on the left the steering wheel is gonna

work the same way and even though the

engines are very different from one

another they have the same essential

function which is to propel the car

forward yes

Lamborghinis have a lot more bells and

whistles yes the engine and a

Lamborghini is very different from the

engine in a Toyota and yes Lambos cost a

shitload more cash than Toyota's they

are very different from one another but

they operate in the same way cars and

computers gentlemen are similar to

people people come in all different

shapes sizes and colors we all come from

different backgrounds cultures we all

speak different languages but if we take

a painkiller the pain goes away if we do

a line of cocaine we're gonna get we're

gonna get high we're gonna feel

unbelievable and of course when that

cocaine wears off we're gonna feel

pretty shitty if we take poison we're

gonna get sick or we're gonna die if we

eat too much we get fat if we lift

weights we get stronger the list goes on

you guys get the point one of the most

ubiquitous axioms one of the most

ubiquitous sayings beliefs of the red

pill is that all women are like that

we've all heard it before we've heard it

our entire lives but people who disagree

don't really seem to understand or at

least they pretend not to understand

that all women are like that doesn't

mean that all women are exactly the same

like cars and computers gentlemen women

come in all shapes sizes and colors they

all look very different in many ways

from woman to woman the hardware and the

packaging might look different but their

hard drives are all the same they are

motivated by the same things they carry

out these motivations much the same way

and their motivations manifest

themselves in pretend the same way we're

gonna get into that later so today on

tomorrow guys I'm gonna break down be

not all women are like that fallacy I'm

gonna tell you guys why all women really

are like that and I'm gonna tell you and

I'm actually gonna do that in a few ways

today I'm gonna discuss branch swinging

and hypergamy which are two of the most

prominent a Walt behaviors that women

engage in then I'm going to disprove the

not all women are like that by talking

about two elements that unequivocally

negate this fallacy my opening rant is

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shipping gentlemen it is Monday

September 24 2018 listen man week 3 of

the NFL was absolutely crazy who would

have ever thought who would have ever

thought that the Miami Dolphins would

have a two-game lead on the new on the

defending AFC champion and proverbial in

perennial Super Bowl contender New

England Patriots after week three it's

usually the other way around right the

Dolphins are usually one and two

Patriots are usually three and oh but it

appears that there's been a little bit

of role reversal yes the Miami Dolphins

are three and OH

Miami Jay and the chat says fins up hey

man listen take one away from a man

they've had they've had three good wins

and had three impressive wins more shock

listen we had a lot of upsets in the NFL

yesterday the bills absolutely dumptruck

the Vikings nobody saw that coming Bills

quarterback Josh Allen listen it played

out of his mind

I mean you dude he's jumping over

defenders running in for touchdowns

showing that athleticism nobody and you

know it's funny even though nobody could

have seen the bills just destroying the

Vikings listen man every year two or

three times a year you are just gonna

have that anomaly game you're gonna have

a team who has no business being on the

same field as another team beat them 44

to 6 every year we get the Browns 44 the

Patriots 6 right you know you get you

know you get the 49ers beating the you

know you get the 49ers beating the Green

Bay Packers 30 to nothin it just happens

it just happens

speaking of which the Washington

Redskins upset the Green Bay Packers

yesterday and during that game and this

is definitely gonna be much discussed

throughout the week Clay Matthews got

flagged for roughing the passer again if

you guys go and watch the replay Clay

Matthews wraps up Alex Alex Smith he

sacks him and right at the end he

literally tries to roll off and you can

see him trying to pick his hands up to

show the ref see I'm not putting my body

weight on him flat unnecessary roughness

that's that body weight thing again and

Clay Matthews of course he's obsessed

Mike McCarthy looked like he was gonna

kill the referee you know they and of

course the NFL being the NFL they

doubled Ellison I'm not bash the NFL guy

there are a lot of guys out there who do

nothing but bash the NFL the NFL me you

know the NFL is it up with the

rules oh the national you know the

national anthem Roger Goodell isn't it

you know Roger Goodell is not an idiot

he has managed to make the NFL the

number one program on five different

networks the NFL's not going anywhere

Roger Goodell isn't stupid but this

particular rule something's gotta listen

something's got to give man Aaron

Rodgers I remember him saying last week

listen man recorder but I mean just

because we're quarterbacks we appreciate

the protection but we're football

players you know it's it's okay to hit

us you don't have to lay us down on a

pillow you don't have to cradle it's

like a baby and place us down for the

sack no quarterback listen man

quarterbacks are bigger faster stronger

than they ever were and listen Alex

Smith is his escape ability is

undeniable we listen we all saw that

that was that a 30 touchdown run when he

was back with the 49ers against the

Saints in the playoffs that was

unbelievable and Alex Smith can still

scoot Russell Wilson he can move around

everything most quarterbacks can move

around and if you're sacking a guy like

Cam Newton or Ben Roethlisberger what

are you supposed to do try to lay him

down no they're gonna wrangle free and

run for 15 yards or extend the play and

hit somebody downfield for it for a

25-yard first down something's got to

give men they've got they either have to

adjust the rule or change it listen I

understand we got to protect

quarterbacks because if the Green Bay

Packers lone revolver one ICU listen he

says carson wentz listen I'm getting him

next I got him next of my notes but I

mean I understand if Aaron Rodgers is

off the Packers the Packers are

unwatchable they were unwatchable last

year Aaron Raj

broke his collarbone against the

Minnesota Vikings that's what spawned

this bodyweight rule but quarterbacks

are football players - we can't coddle

and protect these guys yeah it just it

can't go on like this every time there's

a quarterback sack now we're like okay

is he gonna get called for roughing the

passer or is he really gonna get credit

for the sack something's got to change

man something's got to change my

Philadelphia Eagles got a much-needed

ugly win against the Indianapolis Colts

a you know what I'll take it I'll take


Carson Wentz of course made his return

yesterday he actually played a pretty

good game with 25 of 37 255 yards had a

touchdown an interception and a fumble

listen not bad listen 67 67 percent

completion in your first game and what 9

11 months and two hundred and whatever

days and I listened his first pass I

forget - his first pass first pass was -

but it was like it sailed at 20 yards 20

yards out of bounds listen that was just

Carson having the adrenaline being

geeked up he's in front of the crowd for

the first time he's facing live bullets

you know it listen it's like a

quarterback at his first start in a

Super Bowl his first few passes are

gonna be completely gonna stick it in

the wide receivers facemask because he's

throwing bullets like everybody has Pat

mahomes arm in the Super Bowl at least

in the first couple minutes because

they've got so much adrenaline going on

that's what happened with Carson Wentz

eventually settled down let the Eagles

to a first stripe touchdown look sharp

now the Indianapolis Colts adjusted and

they pretty much stymied our offense

pretty much for the whole game after

that we managed to kick a couple field

goals then the Colts had a 1613 lead and

then the Eagles do with the Eagles do we

went on and we went on an 11 minute

Drive that took up just about the entire

fourth quarter to salt the game away and

then of course you know it's interesting

with the Eagles the last like the last

few times we've had wins where we have

had to we've had to make a goal-line

stand it's like first and goal and a

touchdown beats us last year in the

playoffs against the Falcons you we all

remember Julio Jones slips and falls the

ball goes right through his hands Eagles

win they beat the Vikings in AFC NFC

title game they beat the Patriots and

win Super Bowl 50 - well guess what week

1 against the Falcons it was the same

thing the Falcons are on I don't know

the 10 yard line

Matt Ryan's

Julio Jones Julio Jones catches the ball

he lands at a bounds Eagles win well

guess what its first and goal I think it

was first I think it was I think it was

fourth in like I think was fourth and

four they could have gotten a first down

on the one-yard line but basically was

the last it was the last play of the

game the Eagles needed to keep a team

out of the end zone to win I don't like

those wins

I like the boring ones I don't want it

to be exciting but the Eagles defense

listen we have a bend but don't break

defense now here's the thing

Carson Wentz look very good in his start

but here listen here's a stat that's

both good and bad

Carson Wentz was hit and sacked a total

of 11 times he got sacked five times got

hit six times that is that is good and

bad the reason why it's bad is because

we've got one of the best offensive

lines in football and we did not look

like it yesterday and listen you got to

give credit to the Indianapolis Colts

because it wasn't Frank or whoever the

defensive coordinator was came up with

an unbelievable game plan I mean after

listen after after when shredded him you

know that on that first drive I mean we

look like we're gonna roll that listen

that Colts defense they adjusted and

they stopped the Eagles time after time

we had to settle for we had to settle

for field goals so give credit to the

defense of the Indianapolis Colts but

dude we've got Jason Kelsey Jason Peters

Lane Johnson we have one of the best if

not the best offensive lines in football

we didn't show it yesterday we gotta

shore that up however the fact that

Wendt was hit a total of 11 times and

he's still upright listen that proves

he's 100 listen that's good

he got hit and sacked a bunch of times

didn't affect him also if you watched

the game his escape ability he's doing

the same Houdini act he's cut and left

and right he's he trusts that left knee

when's his back he's a hundred percent

yeah there was a little bit of rust but

but he looked good he looked really good

yesterday and and he listened he's only

gonna get better listen he was last

year's MVP before he got hurt against

the LA Rams he was second listen the

only guy who had more touchdown passes

than him all of last year I think was

Russell Wilson and when slatton of Wentz

you know he was out for the last three

games and of course the playoffs listen

it was ugly it was ugly it was rainy

here in Philly but we got the W that's

all that matters the Patriots lost to

the Lions

and listen man I don't know what New

England is doing lately man they traded

their left tackle to the New York Giants

I forgot who that was they traded their

left tackle they traded Dion Lewis to

Tennessee who is looking better in

Tennessee he's getting all the carries

Derek Henry is it they traded Brandon

cooks who looks better in I think he's

in LA but word on the street is that

they tried to trade grunt they wanted to

trade him to the Lions and of course

Gronk we all think he's stupid we all

think he's a frat boy we all think he's

an oaf he said well if you guys want if

you guys want to if you guys want to

treat me I'm gonna retire well the pea

tree said okay well we don't want that

we don't want to not get anything for

you so we'll give you a new contract

we'll give you the happily ever after

contract but what are they doing what

does it listen you're trading your

offensive line you're trading away all

of your your trade away all of your

offensive weapons like sit listen grunt

was your only saving grace I mean the

Patriots for the last three or four

years have done it with tiny white guys

and and a polar bear Danny Amendola

Julian Edelman Chris Hogan tiny white

guys running around they begot the polar

bear Gronkowski over the middle okay

that seemed listen that worked for a

little while but dude you can't do that

forever but now now you're trying to

trade Grunk

now listen they picked up Josh Gordon

which which i think is definitely gonna

help because josh gordon is absolutely

the truth but I don't know I don't know

what New England is doing man and listen

I don't want to be hyper I don't want to

be hyperbolic here because I think

overreacting to a loss in Week three

he's probably a little bit of an

overreaction but I think just given all

of the trades the whole Gronk thing

they've lost two in a row now to the

Jaguars and the and the Lions I think

the Patriots dynasty might be coming to

an end and it's interesting I remember

when Brandon Graham had that stripped

sack of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl to

salt away the victory for the Eagles I

remember watching Brady on the field

like he's down he's like he's on his

knees and he kind of put his head down

and kind of shrugged his shoulders and

let out a deep breath as if to say you

know what it's been a good run maybe I'm

reading too much into that but in listen

I don't want the Patriots dynasty to be

over I'm not a Patriots Aitor I mean

dude we're one-on-one against the

Patriots in the Super Bowl but at listen

nothing lasts forever and when you've

got the front office make of decisions

like this and then rumors where that

Belichick and Brady we're gonna have

some sort of divorce I don't know man


coming apart at the seams in in in New

England now here's the thing

New England seems to come together when

you know you know during during times

the biggest controversy right remember

Spygate back in 2007 well guess what

they picked up Randy Moss and went 16

and Oh had the greatest regular season

ever of course they were upset by the

Giants in Super Bowl 42 but they

dominated everybody I think their

average margin of victory is like 14

points so dude Randy Moss Wes Welker

Gronk wasn't there yet but dude that was

a super team 16 and OH

then back in 2013 I think it was they

they got dude they got boat race by the

Kansas City Chiefs on national TV and

everyone set up the Patriots dynasty is

over you know you're the big bully on

the block you're weak everybody knows it

that's it it's over

well guess what they ended up winning

the Super Bowl that year Super Bowl xlix

thanks to thanks to the call Russell

Wilson you know throwing the

interception to to Malcolm Jenkins to

salt that away so listen we all said all

the Patriots I see is over the Kansas

City chief you know they owned them but

the Patriots won two more Super Bowls

they since then they've gone to three

more Super Bowls and have won two of

them so listen while the guys might like

me might say hey the Patriots dynasty

might be coming to an end I don't know

man it's usually times like these where

New England goes off on like a 10 game

winning streak Brady wins the MVP they

get the number one overall seed then

they end up playing two lackluster teams

in the AFC and then they get to the

Super Bowl again that's how that goes um

you know another quick topic posted

something on social media yesterday

devin is getting here's the thing so you

guys all know i like tan lines look dude

there's nothing hotter to me than sexy

slinky tan lines and listen I had a porn

addiction for years that that's probably

what that came from the way I make Devin

look probably is probably some sort of

manifestation of porn so I don't jerk

off to porn anymore I just make Devin my

porn star she dresses like my porn star

she's a porn star body and make her get

tan lines but tanning is very bad for

your skin and I don't you know I wanted

to stay looking good for as long as

possible so yesterday we tried spray

tanning right went to the tanning booth

she put on the slinky bikini look like

it's a new bikini you know new bikini

we're gonna try a new tan lines whatever

because I wanted to see something new

and it worked like

charm dude one spray tan looked

like the equivalent of three weeks in

the tanning booth like instantly

dude beautiful sexy slinky tan lights

just like that was unbelievable

now who paid for that I paid for that

and I said all that to say this guys

Devin has beautiful hair if Devin has

long beautiful hair that takes a lot to

maintain she always has her nails done

she always did she always listened

beauty is expensive for women okay being

hot is expensive any ask any hot girl

hot girls are listen hot girls are hot

because they maintain it it's not cheap

to be hot and a lot of guys see what my

girls have to have their nails did my

girls got to be ten my girl's got to

have her hair done she's got to look her

best all the time okay fair enough but

if you are in a long-term relationship

with a woman as her man you need to foot

the bill for those expenses well doing

even she was paying for them before yeah

but guess what

that's your responsibility now you need

to show and again this isn't symfon

behavior she has to earn those right

just because she's been your girlfriend

listen if she's been your girl she earns

the right to be your girlfriend and

she's been and she's been your

girlfriend for three or four months no

no no no she needs to keep footing the


but Devin has put in work for over two

and a half years now it took her a year

and a half to earn my commitment and now

we and now we've been we've been

boyfriend and girlfriend now for a

little over a year guess what she has

earned that she's earned it it's

expensive to stay hot it really really

is guess what her boy and let again as

her boyfriend listen man she is she has

earned the privilege of having me pay

for her staying hot she didn't have to

do tan lines she did so again you have

to you have to understand that

relationships are give and take to some

degree but if you want your girl to look

a certain way if you want your girl to

have her nails done if you want her if

you want your girl's hair to look good

all the time got come about your wallet

man can't be it can't be all taken no

give guys it cannot be that way that's

my view on that we have a last and

definitely not least and I should have

bought a bottle of water in here because

my throat's already starting to get dry

we have a second Cavanagh accuser I'm

gonna read an article here briefly from

the New York Post second woman accuses

Brent Kavanaugh of sexual

misconduct says quote another woman has

come forward and publicly accused judge

Brent Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct do

you see how they call it sexual

misconduct they're not calling it rape

anymore they're calling it sexual

assault sexual misconduct and the reason

why they do this is because sexual

misconduct and sexual assault now has a

very broad definition right and the

reason why they have a broad definition

is so they can throw around these

accusations she claimed he shoved his

penis in front of her face at a drunken

dorm room party Deborah

Ramirez a Yale classmate of Cavanaugh's

jesus-fucking-christ so this so so a

second accuser came comes out and

accuses him of sexual misconduct in

college right spoke to Rowan Farrell and

Jane Mayer of The New Yorker about the

alleged incident which went down during

the 1983-1984 school year when the

circuit when the Supreme Court nominee

were both went work with Shiva when when

she and the Supreme Court nominee were

both freshmen the two of them were

playing a drinking game together with a

small group of students when Cavanaugh

who and here is it here it is who was

already facing accusations of committing

a sexual assault in high school by

Christine Blasi Ford allegedly exposed

himself to Ramirez she says quote I

remember being a PI remember a penis

being in front of my face she said I

knew that's not what I wanted even in

that state of mind at one point during

the game another male student pulled out

a fake plastic penis which is basically

a dildo pointed it romera so she thought

what was happening here that's not a

real penis the devout Catholic recalled

they don't get the out of here this

is too funny men right like this is just

again this is this is the witch-hunt of

always Sean's

Brett Kavanaugh showed me his dick so

that's now sexual misconduct okay

listen so you were drunk and played a

drinking game in college three

decades ago that sexual misconduct so

now this guy's not listen I'm not in I'm

not into politics right I don't know

anything about Brett Kavanaugh I really

don't I know Brandon Tatum did a big did

a big Facebook thing on this yesterday

but dude this dude this come on so does

this this this stinks the whole thing

reeks of attention whoring this

happened when they were college freshmen

what college freshman back in 1983 1984

didn't show his dick to a woman at a

drunken frat party

what girl didn't want a dick in her face

so we're supposed to believe that that's

not what you wanted yet you were in a

dorm room playing a drinking game with

him and a bunch of dudes and then she

says well we when he pulled out a fake

dick I'm thinking what was happening

here bitch do you know what was

happening get out of here give me a


this is such a this is such a

allegation I don't even and of course

this is gonna get all kinds of run

because anyone Donald Trump you know

nominates for the Supreme Court is gonna

be under under that kind of scrutiny but

this is this kind of stuff is absolutely

ridiculous it really really is you guys

can check that out on the on the New

York Post if you want to discuss the not

all women are like that fallacy give me

a call 911 for two oh five five three

five six if you disagree with anything I

say you guys can call me too and then

listen I want to make something clear


if you really do disagree give me a call

man yeah listen I'm a confrontational

person I'm not gonna listen sometimes I

can listen sometimes I can be a little

aggressive and a little uncor j'l I'm

gonna defend my position and I'm gonna

do it aggressively that doesn't mean

that I don't liked that this doesn't

mean that I don't like to defend my

position I had a really good show

yesterday with Doctore and and he said

something that deal Hughley once

famously said DL Hughley is a staunch

liberal he's a staunch Democrat but he

makes regular appearances on Fox News

and guys are always like allies DL

Hughley going on Fox News like that's

that's the lion's den

nobody's gonna agree with you there you

know what DL Hughley said he said only

cowards play home games that makes all

the sense in the world listen man it's

easy for guys like turd flinging monkey

to sit there and talk in his little echo

chamber right it's easy for guys like me

to sit here and talk Oh feminism

sucks and this and any other okay but

this is exactly why I challenge people

who disagree with me on social media

call the show if you disagree if you are

that steadfast in your beliefs give me a


don't be a coward and sit there in your

little echo chamber where you have time

to respond I'm not a freight Liss and

I'm not afraid to debate anybody at

listen I'm as open-minded as clothes

Mama's open

and as close minded as it gets but guess

what if I believed listen I'm open to

having my mind change it ain't gonna be

easy but give me a call

debate me don't be a coward only cowards

play home games and again I don't want

to keep talking about TFM cuz the guys

as brilliant as they come but the guy

plays every game at home

he doesn't want he doesn't want to go on

the road he doesn't want to talk to

anyone who disagrees with him he doesn't

want to talk anyone who has who has

debate skills I don't have to beat

skills I just believe it what the

I'm talking about anyway trolls

feminists and black women are welcome to

call in - you guys can follow add and

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205 5 3 5 6 6 let's at the phone lines I

think I've got Shawn and Tampa on the

line Shawn are you there Ben what's up

brother how you doing then I'm good man

this this topic that you're discussing

today dude this is one of my favorites

ok cuz yeah this is what I run into a

lot with women and I'll tell you how I

usually start I go out I play a gig I

meet girl group wants to come home with


I bring the girl back hanging out make

it off with bang and I choose my small


mounted on the wall next to my bed dude

every red pill book that I have is on

that square hello miss rash

middle series yet sperm Hooper's is the

manipulated man only until book back you

know me what you know my red pills and

100% of the chicks to you actually

paying us we have the animalistic fund

they roll over and go oh well so what

are these book this one with the

rational male at that and they start

questioning and I'm like well you know

that that's some knowledge that you may

or may not know about cuz I did I gave

up a long time ago I'm trying to rape

your women

I stopped oh yeah that is a listen that

is a that is a that is an exercise in


at best yeah it caused nothing but

frustration absolutely basically feels

like you're in a big a big truck in your

bar down the mud and you're not gonna

get out so asking questions and I start

to give them I'm like okay you're asking

I'm gonna give me some contact or some

red pill stuff and open up the chapters

to grasp every to be quote dude every

single time it's all always I

know a lot of girls like that though

yeah me right right wonderful everyone

so I got the ticket letters the after

multiple women out in public or either

here at my place when they find out

about red pill con man oh yeah come to

be the deflection of OSHA finding tons

of women like that but not me I'm

different I stay to myself well what are

the odds that I've met 30

beautiful in the walls

and a row come on dude I just afraid to

own up to it cuz you behaved that way as

well because you're doing it right now

with me you know but yet this don't

happen it's an interesting dualistic

frame they can exist in room yeah it's

funny that women do that

and if you would turn down your radio

there Shawn oh no that's right I'm just

getting some feedback there yeah it's

it's interesting how women are always

women do one of two things when they

hear the the all women are like that

they do one of two things they do what

your girl did well I know a lot of girls

that are like that and you're absolutely

right all women are like that but I'm

not like that or me and my friends

aren't like that or I know somebody who

isn't like that so not all women are

like that and like I said we're

definitely gonna refute that or they

completely refute it all together oh

this is just completely wrong because

they take it personally and you know the

funny thing is is a lot of people try to

quote shame men for being shallow Oh men

are so shallow you guys like beautiful

and with big boobs and nice butts and

there's not any other yes we do oh my

god you're so shallow yes we are listen

man there's nothing and it's so funny

how guys try to be the special guy well

I don't it my woman doesn't have to be

beautiful for me to love her like I love

a woman on the inside on the outside no

you don't do don't try to don't try to

be the male version of the uniform man

that's all dude yeah that's

and for every woman that throws

that at me you know first of all they're

a couple quotes out of my own car couple

reference for my okay if looks don't

matter like a lady Sejal been biased if

you shave the gray and all that you know

you're male all right it's so

good-looking and you respond to it in

it's just the way it is you know and if

you look at the me to stuff that's been

going on for the past couple years if

you look at that notice that the guys

that get called out on me too I'm not

trying to diss them but they're not high

value physically attractiveness right

now I'm not to believe that the only men

in Hollywood are unattractive men making

advances on women no of course not

attractive dudes are doing it but guess

what that doesn't get talked about

because it's welcome the advances are

welcome that's and listen now you bring

it listen you bring up a very

interesting point in area code five one

six I see in the cumin it gets you in a


the the interesting thing is is is girls

try and ruse famously said I'm sure

other people have say that said this but

Roose famously said one of the main

goals of feminine and feminism is to

release the really

the sexual strengths of women while

putting them on men that's where this me

to movement has come from their safe

exactly and the thing is this man like

it's not that women would have us

believe that they don't want any sort of

sexual events don't look at me like that

don't hit on me street harassment

hashtag me too they don't want to be

sexually harassed they want to be they

don't want to be sexually harassed by

low-value men they only want to be hit

on that yep right wasn't if a man

approaches a woman if a man hits on a

woman and he's attractive and high-value

that's not considered sexual harassment

it's only considered sexual harassment

or sexual assault or they call it

hashtag me too if they don't want to

the guy if they want to the

guy guess what there's no accusation

they go and they the guy and that's

the end of it there's a skip that Tom

Brady did I think it was I forget where

it was but it was you guys can look up

you know Tom Brady even in a video was

sort of a skit but some dude came and

hit on some girl and she was like oh my

god I don't want to you know he's you

know fat slovenly dude then Tom Brady

walks up inside a wedding says hey Karen

would you like to go out too when she's

like sure Tom Brady and that to me that

that embodies that embodies the female

sexual imperative they want they would

have us believe that they don't want

sexual they don't want unsolicited

sexual attention from any man no that's

not true

they want unsolicited sexual attention

from sexually attractive men that's what

that is they don't want they don't want

to be hit on by all you guys yeah

without a doubt

I play I play shows man and I don't get

offstage and again I look at it all say

he's the frame is elevated yes bar yep a

girl the girl walk up to you oh my god

mr. you were so good at there without

sexy guitar blah blah I'm like cool if

you keep thought if you keep talking

like that I'm just gonna pull you back

in the green room and you know I wanted

to be you or what I yeah maybe it's

love hell yeah in our world that would

be considered some sort of sexual

misconduct social rejection of predator

like behavior but dude these women will

look at me and go okay alright give me

right now can we go can we do it now

sure you can be some head it's

unbelievable yeah every time this value


value matters yeah

and for the women that want to say we're

shallow this is what I say to all men to

say to women from now on when a woman

says all guys want is to all guys

want is sex they just care about words

this is what men should say back this is

and you are absolutely right the

question you should be asking is do men

want anything else with you not even

Weston because wow talk about it you we

cannot fight we cannot buy animalistic

primordial physical symmetry that behind

brain responds to it no no we cannot it

can't help that

so as you're to ask us to oh my god all

you guys want to do is is that all

you want

well yes yeah is there anything else

that we want very listen very very good

million Sean in Tampa man thanks for

gonna listen again dude you are welcome

to call into the show anytime you are as

red pill aware as any of my guests man

so thanks for dropping the knowledge

endo we'll talk to him brother Chris

about it alright Shana Tampa ladies

and gentlemen listen this guy has many

anecdotal stories this guy please in a

band his value is high he's listened

he's not and again we're gonna get into

this later Shawn for all I know isn't

rich he just played and listen he's very

talented he plays in a band women are

attracted to Talent let's go back to the

phone lines area code five one six

thanks for holding her on live with TSR

go ahead you hear me I can hear you you

hear me I can hear alright I just have a

short sort of say to reaffirm this

others being discussed so few years ago

like when my sister was in her late

twenties she was going out to the bar

you know just hang out with her friend I

said well that's nice at all and they

were in conversation coming up and

whatnot I said yeah we should really

focus on cutting yourself a husband soon

because you're approaching 30 it's gonna

be harder to find men right and he said

there's this idea called the wall

shattered him at some point men are no

longer one want to marry you because

they can't reproduce with you and she

smirks back at me smiles and says guy

still wants to me

Wow Wow there you go and see what your

sister fails to understand

is that geyser listen guys are gonna

guys are gonna want to her for the

next 10 15 20 years but just because

guys want to you does not mean they

want to marry you and I talked about

this on the red man group this past

Saturday just because I want to you

doesn't mean I like you just because I

want to you doesn't mean I want to

marry you just because I want to

you doesn't mean I want to date you and

women miss take sexual attention from

men as respect or the interest in a

long-term relationship or a relationship

of consequence of some sort and they

never figure this out until they turn 35

and they say holy but why are guys

just me and dumping me and goes

to me because they don't really like you

they don't want to be with you they just

want to you I just want to reaffirm

because there's nothing more hardcore

when you get the red pill right from

your own family you know very good very

good excellent call area code 541 thing

you're gonna Everton I wrote the red

postie not being fall well here's the

thing you're actually doing a little bit

of prognostication here tomorrow just to

give you guys a little bit of preview

I'm going to talk about one of the one

of the many reasons people refute the

red pill is they use their own families

right they get offended and listen

that's a natural response well my mother

isn't like that my sister is not like

that my aunts are not like that

like yeah okay I understand all these

bitches and hoes I hear but not my

family people have but people have

problems and this is not with just Abel

this is the red pill in general people

have a serious issue with with

separating the truth from familial ties

right like they do this all the time

let's take it to let's take it to

something else like let's say you've got

a brother who's accused of murder and

your brother tells you oh man Donovan

there's no way I did it it's gonna be

hard for me not to believe him because

he is my brother but red pill truth

stares you right in the face and your

own family affirms that time and again

and to ignore that would be foolhardy

yeah I mean stay with my mother you know

it's uh it's probably like nobody act

you understand that cheating relieves

right off like if a woman is actually

about to divorce a man that's because

she already found she was already

cheating on her she's actually know this

for my father actually because she keep

only he found out that my mother was

sleeping on

there you go there you go man I mean Ted

wonder just drop listen to stuff what

the is going on and here's the

thing the rest is that's like

Wisconsin and here's the thing you still

love your mother right of course you do

right okay well alright well I guess

okay alright well alright well maybe I

was wrong about that but I was in the

same situation as you are I wrote an

article in return of kings called the

the truth care the true story of a

carousel riding military wife and I

detailed the exploits of a woman who

left her husband to be with a bad boy

and that woman happened to be my mother

yes much up to Detroit yes oh wow so you

remember that you remember that that

article yeah now here I do now here's

the thing I don't hate my mother because

my mom listen I mean as much as I

talk about my mother as it applies to

the red pill she's a lot of redeeming

qualities I got a lot of good things

from my mother like my social acumen my

good looks I mean dude I'm 41 years old

I don't look a day over 35 36 years old

my mom is almost 60 years old honestly

she probably looks like she's 50 so I

got good genes and she's got a good

personality but guess what a vault man

all women are like that even our mothers

and our sisters listen this doesn't mean

that I love my mother any less it just

means that I know the truth about who

and what she really is

as a woman and I have the ability to

separate those familia ties were most

men don't exactly well thanks for the

call area code five one six be sure to

call into the show anytime and listen

thanks for the story man I appreciate

the honesty brother not probably it's

just those things if you really want to

get a firm test it with your family push

another button and you'll get it out of

them absolutely thanks for the call area

code five one six again if you are

listening on soundcloud and you want to

learn about the not all women are like

that fallacy if you want to learn why

all women are like that donovan sharp

calm or forward slash

donovan sharp - what - listen to watch

or listen to this show in its entirety

let's go - let's hit the check

give a shout-out to the Mod Squad before

we get started here Seanie I see da god

one is the first in the building chase

LaBelle in the house

shoutout to quinn stringer Miami J of

course Zach king is a first-timer NY Kia

31 says exceptions do not disprove the

rule you were doing your ETF 42


somebody find ETF 42 I'm gonna put an

APB out of it an APB out on that guy I

gotta find out where the hell he's at

Miami Jae talking about gonna enjoy it

while it lasts because see da got it

says just waiting till weeks 14 through

16 I know the Dolphins play some good

ball man NY Kiev 31 said the Vikings

came off came off a grind of a game

against the Packers that they should

have won it's tough to bring that same

kind of energy six days later against a

team you feel like you're better than

listen man that's a very good point and

it's funny there was a guy here in

Philly who predicted the who predicted

the the NFC title game blowout he said

dude he said the Eagles are going to

blow out the Vikings next week I didn't

believe it well the reason why is

because the Vikings just came off of

this euphoric emotional win they thought

they had lost the game and then of

course the Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs

miracle and Minneapolis play or whatever

I mean it was almost like they won the

Superbowl they expected they expended so

much energy and that shootout against

Drew Brees in the Saints dude by the

time they got here to Philly they were

worn out and we were ready for him we

were ready for him so that very very

good point very good point there by NY

Kia shout-out to lone revolver says

Jalen Mills ass Corinthian got things up

yeah he had a bad game yesterday but

Jalen Mills is he's listen he's one of

our better he's one of our better

corners one of our better defensive guys

in the secondary

so Wade senator says the Patriots look

like a shell of themselves last night

yeah I don't know man like I said every

time we count out the Patriots they

always figure something out I don't know

man nothing lasts forever we'll see what

happens shout out to James Martinez says

he's referring to the Brett Kavanaugh

accuser they're gonna come out with new

accusations until his nomination is


now stormy Daniels lawyer says he has he

has some accusers on it Jesus Christ a

porn star accusing someone of

yeah that's rich it's funny what is the

overall pertinent chase Lobo asks what's

the overall purpose of this me to

what are they trying to accomplish this

is they're trying to accomplish that

they're trying to control men right men

of high power influence money they're

being taken down by this that's all

there is to it Armando Moreno says

turtling monkey is loki insult no turd

flinging monkey isn't in sell these

low-level MiG cows who called themselves

monks they would have us believe that

they do it by choice I had a troll who

was in my patreon talk about my

girl right he said well when debit when

when when Donovan's girl Devon traps him

with a baby then he's gonna understand

that that all women are like that nigga

you like you don't talk about my

girl no Devon's no snowflake she's no

she's no unicorn but she's my girl

you're not gonna him disrespect my

girl then he accused me of white

knighting but I said all that to say


this guy Raymond wood says well I

haven't I haven't I have self-control I

haven't gotten laid in ten years nah

nigga you don't have self-control that's

easy not to get laid in ten years get

the out of here with that nonsense

it's the same way these low-level nig

towns want to tell themselves as heroes

for for checking out of the dating

market you stupid you guys are

doing what's easy give me a out

here you're not a monk you're an in cell

and turd flinging monkey is the king of

the N cells that guy listen again

he's brilliant he's smarter than I am

and I'm not saying that facetiously with

regards to the psychological elements of

of the read bill listen he is one of the

best there is I'm listen I'm not gonna

take anything away from the guy but the

guy's a coward and he's a

insel that guy don't give a

dark dragon 1900 doubt - doyon says

checking in new to the channel looking

forward to the great content welcome to

the towers doin good to see you in here

Dark Dragon 99 says most women either

can't or just refuse to think

objectively and that's why they always

take personally yeah of course they


then of course he talks about the Tom

Brady Saturday Night Live skit that's

exactly what that was that was funny as

very good very very good the chat

is lively as always of course all right

very very good

alright well let's go ahead and get

started here and talk about let's go

ahead and refute the not all women are

like that fallacy now the first thing

we're going to do is we're going to

define a Walt what what does all women

are like that mean basically it means

that all women operate the same I said

this earlier in the broadcast women are

different on the outside they come from

different environments they they they

speak different languages they come in

different shapes colors and sizes but

their software is identical and what

that means is that they're attracted to

the same things they're aroused by the

same things and they operate within the

sexual what they operate within sexual

relationships the same way no not

exactly the same way down to the time

the day and the behavior and I'll get

more into this later but their

motivations and actions are alike to

different degrees well again we know

this in the read bill we can accurately

predict any woman's behavior it may not

happen at the exact same time and the

exact same place in the exact same way

but we know what they will do that is

basically what a Walt all women or like

that means now I said this earlier and

I'm gonna go a little bit deeper in this

all women are like that does not mean

all women are the same that's just not


it means again that women conduct

themselves in relationships by the same

set of rules and principles this is what

they do

in other words they're moated by the

same things regardless of how different

they are

again all women are like that not all

women are the same so when people refute

this particular argument all women are

like that they're not refuting all women

are like that they're refuting all women

are not the same it's a very

disingenuous way of arguing they're

arguing against something else they

purposely misinterpret the very

definition of all women are like that

and honestly they might not even be

purposely doing it they might just not

know what it means it's convenient for

them to think that we're saying that all

women are are the same and obviously not

all women are the same

I remember a long I remember I actually

watched a documentary on the Michael

Brown shooting in in Ferguson Missouri

and I saw the I remember when it

happened I was in Boston Massachusetts

at the time it's true that was I was

there for the month you know visiting

some friends or whatever and listen

people in Boston are rude they

really are now here's the thing that is

the general sentiment throughout the

world people in Boston are rude

ass people they're angry people well

it's old one girl when I got back to

Vegas yeah you know people in Boswell

that doesn't mean that they're all rude

no sweetheart that doesn't mean every

single solitary person in Boston is rude

or angry or upset or ornery but that's

the general consensus it's much the same

way as purposely misinterpreting a Walt

so like I said what I'm gonna do today

I'm going to refute two of the four most

ubiquitous AWOL behaviors branch

swinging and hypergamy then I'm going to

refute the not all women are like that

in two different ways the first way is

going to be the degree to which they

engage in these behaviors and then of

course like someone else said I didn't I

forget who it was the exception never

makes the rule so let's go ahead and get

to it here the first one we're gonna

talk about is branch swinging now

there's all sorts of scholarly red pill

definitions of branch swinging but the

nuts and bolts of the branch swinging

definition is that women don't leave a

relationship until they've started one

with someone else that's that's pretty

much all that that means we're about

this all the time guys she listened

she dumped me and then had a boyfriend

the next day I can't believe it I found

out she got with the guy she cheated on

me with a while back the Ariana Grande

Mac Miller situation so ariana grande

broke up with Mac Miller then

immediately got with Pete Davidson and

and then of course she talked while I

didn't she of course she cheated of

course she cheated that's why she got

with Pete Davidson right after she

dumped Mac Miller doesn't just work that


that's called branch swinging so now we

have to ask ourselves why do women

branch swing well there are a few

reasons number one they don't want to be


women hate being alone even if a woman

doesn't have a boyfriend she's got to be

somebody because she has to have

that constant validation of at the very

least her sexual attraction when women

are young they're that listen when women

are young relationships are thrown at

them all listen women can have

relationships with anybody when they're

in their 20s right when they're young

and hot every guy wants to be in

relationship with it because they want

to consolidate on that beauty so women

take that for granted they think that's

always gonna be there until of course

they hit the wall but when women when

women are in their 20s early 30s all

they're really worried about is their

sexual attention do guys want to me

okay one might have a boyfriend or two

here or there but if they don't have a

boyfriend and they're not

anybody they go crazy they break out

their phones get on tinder to make sure

they've got a go-to somewhere women

also want the status of having below of

belonging to someone else and the reason

why belonging to someone else even if a

girl brings around again well who is

that is that your new man oh no he's not

my man were just okay that he's

not your boyfriend no doesn't matter

whether it to the girl it doesn't matter

if he's the boyfriend or not someone is

me someone finds me physically

attractive enough to be me on

the regular and I'm going to bring him

around to show you guys that I am still

it verifies their

attractiveness their desirability their

sexual market value and almost kind of

it doesn't verify their relationship

market value per se and I could I mean I

could talk for hours on that but at the

very least verifies their sexual market

value listen man the the show Sons of

Anarchy penny what's her name Gemma


once famously said women don't want to

be loved they want to be desired

that is dude that is dude that is read

full truth 101 women couldn't give two

shits about if men want to marry them

they don't give a about that they

want to know if men want to them

they want to verify to the world that

men want to a myth men want to

him that's all they want they want

desirability if a girl doesn't have a

boyfriend or she's not someone

else her friends wonder what's wrong

with her and listen girls always make

fun of each other for being perpetually


right oh you know Shelly single again ha

ha ha they're always half kidding but

they're kind of

not that's just how that is I'll say the

classic story of branch slinging Amy the

worst start break of my life I wrote

about that on return of Kings that is

you can also find that episode on red

pill origins Volume one

I'm sorry red pill origins vol 2 you can

find that on Donovan sharp calm or forward slash Donovan sharp

anyway Amy and I dated right

I was crying I'm gonna give you the

Reader's Digest version just just so I

can take to do this so Amy had a baby

daddy in person who impregnated her when

she was 13 years old right and he was

doing years and he served six years in

prison the only reason why they didn't

throw the book at him is because she

testified that she had seduced him and

the jury bought it so he didn't get

Jessica slaw thrown at him anyway Amy

and I had been going through a lot of

the month before I found out she

cheated on me but of course I stupidly

took her back so we're still together

but things are not the same things were

great but they weren't the same then we

found out that Ben was getting out he

dude I'll never forget this September 16

2009 get Ben gets out of prison all

right so I knew I knew she was gonna get

back with this guy so I'd broke up with

her I broke up with her that day I said

Amy look man Ben's getting out of prison

and I listened she was going she was

going to his mother's house to welcome

him back was at least she could do he

went to prison for I understood that but

I knew that there were gonna be some

listen I knew they were gonna get back

together that's that's the father of her

kid so I broke up with her and we both

cried I didn't want to but I felt like I

had to she cried and she cried Donovan I

love you I don't care I'm just going to

make sure he's okay but I'm coming right

back here she said I didn't believe her

cuz she'd been cheating on me gentlemen

I was awake all night long I'm thinking

oh my god is she him right now

what are they doing

etc etc dude it was unbelievable right

so I I literally did not sleep a wink so

I called I actually called up Amy at 5

o'clock in the morning I finally decided

you know what I'm gonna do something


I called her up at 5 o'clock then when I

said Amy meet me at meet me at this gas

station that we always used to meet at

before you

to go to class together said meet me up

at Gap meet me at this gas station give

me an hour my dumbass went and I

financed okay

and I think I think I think I told her

actually it could have been an hour

because I met her that I met her there

in the afternoon I think it was early

afternoon I went to the jewelry store

and I financed an $800 engagement ring

right I called her up at five in the

morning I said listen have your friend

Sonia meet me at the gas station at

such-and-such time I don't remember

exactly but it had to be had to be later

on in the day because I wanted to go get

this engagement ring right now I was

able to finance that engagement ring

because I still had listen I still had

good credit my car might and my car had

been repossessed my car been repossessed

the month before I lost my house my

credit and all of that stuff head and

hid my credit so I was able to walk

right into a jewelry store I got

approved for $3,000 I said oh I don't

want to spend $3,000 in a ring let's

take the $800 won right my late payments

hadn't hit my credit report yet or at

least it didn't affect it so it didn't

bring my score below a 700 so I go and I

get this $800 engagement ring right I

meet her at this rinky-dink redneck gas

station and on the side of the road I

get down on one knee and I'm looking

proposed to this chick and her friends

are like oh my god this is so sweet and

of course she accepted again that's a

huge mistake the entire fall of 2009 she

went back and forth between me and Ben

right and and again when she only then

when she knew that Ben would get back

with her for sure that's when she dumped

me Thanksgiving Day of 2009 I'll never

forget it I'm stuck and I'm stuck in

this quasi crack house a couple of her

friends that let me stay there because I

don't have any place to go Nev any money

to have a car to have a house right I

was broke but I wanted to hang on to Amy

they let me stay there and by the way

they're on felony drug probation and

still got people running drugs in and

out of the house she went there for

Thanksgiving then she shot me a text

message I don't know maybe 9 or 10 at

night I'm wondering where is she what's

she doing she shot me a text I'm sorry

Donovan but Ben asked me to marry him

and I said yes I was devastated

guys and again you guys can you guys can

find that whole story on my website

but the point is is that she branched

lung she kept me on the hook until she

knew that she had been in her grasp and

this is the thing Ben he made it hard

for her Ben had some game he dated other

girls as soon as he got out of prison

because you know girls love ex guns he

was dating all these other girls to make

her jealous and it worked like a

charm another reason women bring swings

because they hate confrontation and they

hate having to have difficult

conversations right of course they do

they're women women are not mentally

equipped to be able to handle

confrontations and difficult

conversations but they do have to have

them every once in a while this is why

most women break up via text or just

ghost that's why they do it they can't

break up with someone face-to-face they

just can't do it but become but again

because women are used to being straight

up with people or facing the direct

consequences of their actions which

means having hard conversations they

branch swing rather than just saying

straight up I want out a woman will

never ever break up with you unless she

has someone else lined up guys this

almost never ever happens and they never

just tell you it's over at least not

face-to-face it's always we need to talk

or we need to or we need to take a break

or we should start seeing other people

when a woman tells you these things guys

just like the caller from area code five

oh five one six was when a woman tells

when a woman actually has the balls to

to tell you that it's over guys she's

already someone else We Need to

Talk translation I'm someone else

we need to take a break translation a

buckin someone else right we need to

start we should start seeing other

people translation I'm someone

else there it listen there are women out

there who have always had a boyfriend

with no break in between these are women

that I refer to as the girlfriend so

let's actually talked about that in an

episode I forget what episode number it

wasn't but it's called the eight most

common thoughts and how to game them and

one of them is called the girlfriend

this is the girl who always has to

have a boyfriend always has a boyfriend

you don't think this you don't think

these girls are branch swinging from one

to the other do you think she breaks up

with one at random because she's decides

that it's over and then goes out and

meets another guy and starts dating him

no every boyfriend overlaps each other

every one of them most and again most

women engage in branch swinging on some

level and to varying degrees this is

just how it is

a lot of guys think that women decided

to break with to break up with them at

the time she actually did it

nah bruh she decided a long time ago a

long time ago all right let me hit the

chat here quickly before we move on

so wait senator says I couldn't believe

my mother admitted this to me but she

told me over the weekend that she

believed that she settled for my dad I

should have been shocked but my face was

stone cold Wow

freelance Ronan says ETF 42 occasionally

pops up in O'Shea's chat I did run into

v4 billion on what a solo TV 84 stream

at streams and told him to get over here

yeah man I renewed I missed the old crew

man beef rebellion etf 42 all those guys

hopefully they find their way back over

to my channel man cuz when I lost my

channel dude like I had to I had to go

into hiding and I was very fortunate to

be able to keep to be able to keep the

stream going so yeah get a hold of those

guys Toby one coyote says I get here

here truth right away checking out is

cowardice if a bitch cheats you're

probably not the only one she has

cheated on get over that's what I'm


dude listen man this is what this is the

mentality have to have women don't take

it personally with women and that's good

and bad you're not special but you're

really not that bad either okay so she

told you she loves you how many guys has

she told that to she's probably told 58

guys she told him she loves him okay so

she cheated on you don't take that

personally there it's not the person she

cheated on those other 58 guys too this

is how women are good comment very good

comment our mando says women branch

swing to optimize hop hypergamy very


there Kyle Mitchell says I am a branch

swinger I learned a long time ago never

focus on one woman always have an extra

girl in the background just in case dude

100% men 100% Shana Tampa says make no

mistake the women you're involved with

are spinning just as many if not more

plates than you but will feed you the

narrative I only date one guy at a time

to placate you bruh listen man and I

tell I tell guys this all the time dude

listen man I was an ass assassin in

Vegas I was the pirate I was the

booty bandit I was bitches

left and right I had so many bitches on

my phone its dude's not even funny you

can listen you guys have heard all my

stories you guys know what's up you guys

have seen the pictures okay but I

promise you this for every girl I had in

my phone that I could that I could text

and have over in three texts or less

every one of those girls had do probably

double if not triple the amount of guys

in their phone this is just how it is

this is just how it is very good very

very good comment there by Shana Tampa

certain tricks a lot back in the house

good to see you in here nursing Yaeger

shoutout to you

Hispanic Chris is all man Thanksgiving

Day that's cold that's the gig man

that's the game she probably had that

one she probably had that all figured

out it was obvious

wait a minute okay there we go

Joanne says that's probably why they get

so angry when you break up with them

because they see it from a woman's

perspective yeah exactly exactly eclipse

nf says welcome back Donovan absolutely

I never left I never left I just took my

I took my show off YouTube for a little

while but now I'm back and hopefully

listen man if they shut down my channel

I'm not gonna be surprised I've got

other ways too but they're never gonna

take me off the air never gonna take me

off the air so whether I'm here

crowdcast you know they're streaming

services I'm not going anywhere so if

you want to know where to find me

Donovan sharp comm you'll always know

where to find me in that regard let's go

to the next let's go to the next a Walt

behavior which is hypergamy now there

are many definitions of hypergamy but

here's the simple definition hypergamy

is consolidating on the highest value

men available to them at that time for

example I'll give you an extreme example

if a woman's boyfriend is homeless broke

no car no job and he's ugly in a bad

shape and a guy who has a mansion he's

rich CEO of fortune 500 company owns

five ports sports cars has underwear

model looks washboard abs and shows

interest in a relationship with her

she's gonna leave her homeless boyfriend

for the rich guy again that's extreme

but that is the very definition of

hypergamy now here's the thing guys not

all hypergamy is created equal there are

two main kinds of hypergamy there is


hypergamy and then there is provider

hypergamy the Alpha sucks

hypergamy which is the genetic side is

women getting with and/or cheating with

a guy who is physically superior to her

significant other if her boyfriend is

fat not very good-looking weak jaw short

balding right and a 6-4 Adonis with a

square jaw wants to her she's gonna

let him her okay that doesn't

necessarily mean she's gonna leave her

boyfriend but she's going to exercise

her genetic hypergamy he has better

genes and women are more attracted to

men with better genes hype provider

hypergamy beta bucks hypergamy is women

getting with a guy who's a better

provider than her current significant

other this normally happens when single

mothers reach their thirties right

listen provider hypergamy is normally

out of necessity as opposed to the

visceral arousal that genetic hypergamy

is in either case

hypergamy is about absolute value ugly

fat girls can't exercise hypergamy as

much as hot girls lower sexual market

value girls they don't have the quality

of options at higher sexual market value

girls do and when I say they don't have

the same quality listen low sexual

market value girls have many many more

options but their options are not nearly

as good as the high sexual market value

girls they don't have quite as many

options per se but they're getting the

cream of the crop the creme de la creme

the top five percenters here's the thing

guys and I said I said I say this all

the time

hypergamy is good for men I'm gonna say

it again

hypergamy is good for men gentleman

hypergamy forces us to keep our

together conditional love is for the

weak make no mistake about the fact that

if I got fat

I lost my motivation I you know I I

stopped making money I'm not this I

don't have the same forceful kind of

personality I'm not as organized and not

as driven if I stop being all those

things dude guess what Devon is gonna go

a DS because she's gonna go

every dude on the block man and she

would have a right to she has a right to

go out and get a higher value guy than

me if my value drops this is how this


conditional loves for the weak man if

women loved unconditional love is for

the weak my bad on that if women truly

loved unconditionally then then dude the

human race would be fat and sloppy we

would be fat and sloppy if I knew that

Devon would love me no matter what now

I'm a little bit different right like I

like me I've just got to be drop it

listen I'm a high-energy guy I'm hyper

focused on goal-oriented

but guys say well I want a girl to love

me unconditionally well yeah that listen

you want a girl to love you

unconditionally so you can take your

foot off the gas so you can get lazy

so you can eat hot pockets and fried

chicken a doughnuts for

breakfast to not work out every day if

you don't keep your together your

girl has the right to find someone else

who does Donovan that's not right

yes the it is and if you want

unconditional love then you you are

not a man I don't give a I like

conditional love I like that I have to

keep my together it is called

embracing the masculine burden of

performance and you should try it women

have a hard time with this with this

hypergamy thing right because they think

that hypergamy makes them shallow they

say things like what looks money and

muscles aren't important to me I want a

man of substance who's beautiful on the

inside no you don't you want a

high-value guy and that's okay that's

what you're supposed to want admitting

that your hypergamy doesn't make you a

bad person sweetheart it makes you a

woman and listen man it's the same with

guys if your girl gets fat you're gonna

want to other girls well I'm not

shallow yes you are and it's okay to

admit that you would other girls if

your girl got fat it's okay leave four

women leaving your loser of a boyfriend

or a husband for a man who's got his

together is no more wrong than a

man leaving his fat wife for a woman

who's physically fit all women are high

Pergamus whether they admit it or not

now they don't all exercise their

hypergamy in the same ways to the same

degrees but they are all looking to get

what the highest value guy they can find

all of them once but this is funny one

stripper I was doing lines with and I

never her I never dated her but I

remember we're having this in-depth comp

dude we were high as a oh

my god we were so high and she

told me she told me and it's funny

because you always know this but she

actually said it out and she says you

want to know something Donovan I don't

look we're talking about relationships

because of course listen if you ever

start with strippers and you're

getting high with them all they want to

talk about it's relationships

because they can't really have them

because there are strippers and they're

up they don't really know

out of love yeah I learned this the hard

way anyway she says Donovan I don't want

to date down I don't want to marry down

I want to date up I want to marry up I

want to up women want a man who is

superior to them in every way

sexual market value net worth education

intelligence the whole nine that isn't

to say that all of those things have to

be absolutely superior but women want to

date and be with a man who she perceives

to be superior to her that's okay that's

okay if their boyfriend is of equal or

lesser value than her she's gonna leave

him eventually she makes you listen

she's gonna stick around because of

course women don't want to be alone

but if her boyfriend of lesser value

than a minute if her boyfriend is of

lesser value and a man showing interest

in him is higher value she is going to

leave him for that man this is what they


so that is hypergamy in a nutshell now

what we're gonna do here in a few

minutes I'm gonna hit I'm gonna check

the chat here real quick then we are

going to refute the not all women are

like that fallacy let me get to the shet

here shout-out to mr. Jackson I think

that mr. Jackson tell me what your

nickname was I think there was another

nickname that you've had jacks or the

jack man that's what it was blink we

know ho I'm sorry blink we blank quit

blink we know ho one I think that's I'll

just call you BQ one says my baby mama

was texting and hanging out with other

dudes when I caught her she said to go

to couples counseling oh hell

I'll that get out of here

Chauncey's had just heard you off the

brother pill speaking facts appreciate

that Sean T of Sean C welcome to the

towers eclipse NFC eclipses and F says I

just sent an old friend some red pill

anti-marriage information and he tried

to shame me about being a depressed

aversion virgin


the red pill shaming out there you're

gonna die alone well yeah we were gonna

die alone anyway I'm gonna get as much

as I can before I do freelance

says we got Donovan in the morning and

oh man in the evening O'Shea yeah yeah


Andre Silva says all women are like that

it's just a matter of level you must be

able to read her and make the right

judgment about her personality and her

behavior attention to her actions and

how she treats you absolutely absolutely

freelance Ronan correctly points out a

lot of men spit out the red pill many

cannot take mini cannot take it in the

beginning yeah dude you know it Kyle

Mitchell says if you want unconditional

love call your mother-in-law no one else

will give you that even a dog won't love

you if you don't feed them right captain

grunts 4:20 in the house says hello

everyone can't chat because I'm at work

dude you better watch that I hope you're

not we're gonna listen I hope you're not

watching on your work computer dude hope

you're not

Annelle says Donovan you're a thousand

percent correct so when a woman says she

wants 50/50 that's if my duties

to protect and provide by proxy I have

to be better than her yes women want men

who are superior to them because they

have to this is evolutionarily necessary

guys exFAT boy lifestyle says I don't

was searching for long-term

relationships but if she's really into

me and she doesn't bug the out of

me I'll keep her around I'm not marrying

her very good very good

Spencer Larkin said the Red Bull needs

to commit suppository

that's Wow I don't know man no Red Bull

suppositories Jesus Christ

okay let us now get down to the real

we are gonna refute a wall we are

going to effectively dismantle the not

all women are like that fallacy and

we're gonna do that we're gonna do that

in five ways gonna do that two times

today three times tomorrow

the first way we are going to refute

disprove the not all women are like that

fallacy is the degree to which a Walt

behaviors are engaged in now I'm gonna

start things off by saying this a lot of

guys misuse all women are like that and

its elements right they say well she

cheated on me because of hypergamy all

women are like that

no she cheated on you because you got

fat you let her take control the

relationship and spent money on useless

junk instead of stashing in a safe right

guys will say she dumped me and had a

boyfriend a week later all women are

like that no she really liked you but

because you over gamed her by being meat

he'll meet pet I'm sorry meat head red

pill guy by not giving her enough

motivation to continue treating you well

and you overused asshole game because

that's what pu ways tell you to do not

knowing that POA advice doesn't apply to

relationships she dumped you to see if

she can get a better return on her

investment and found another guy

she felt could provide that for her

gentlemen I'm here to tell you don't use

all women are like that as a crutch or

an excuse or an excuse to explain your

lack of declan aid your lack of value or

your declination and value okay don't

use a Walt as an excuse for your lack of

understanding about how to treat women

in a relationship as opposed to just

her don't do it don't listen

don't do that miss me with that

all of that said let's talk about how

the difference in degrees and utility

that girls engage in a Walt behaviors

disprove the not all women are like that

fallacy now here's the thing the human

condition as a whole is very diverse

right there are many different things

listen yes there are things that make us

all the same biology Anatomy what were

aroused by we're attracted to etcetera

etc but even though the human condition

differs from person to person meaning

that meaning that there are going to be

exceptions in some way shape or form

that doesn't disprove the all women are

like that Proclamation that brings us to

the degrees that women engage in AWOL

behaviors here's the thing guys got a

few examples for you not all women are

gold diggers we know this but most women

will not date a man of equal or lesser

value in terms of financial status or

potential of financial status no not all

women date men with washboard abs but

most women will not date a man who is

obese or who is unhealthily skinny looks

like a fungal bat or a guy who's skinny

fat no not all women were wire men to

have extremely high status or celebrity

but most men won't date a man who

doesn't have at least a modicum of

social proof here's an important here's

a very very important a very important

question to consider do all women engage

in hypergamy exactly the same way in

exactly the same degree of course not

this is where the all women are like

that but not all women are the same

statement comes into play that I made


what a wall means is that all women are

genetically predisposed to the same

kinds of behave

they all have the same instincts in

terms of mate selection hypergamy can

manifest in some women as wanting a man

with resources rich guys men of

substantial financial means

hypergamy can manifest himself and some

women as wanting a man with superior

genes physical peer physical superiority

square jaw tall great shape muscle

structure washboard abs it can manifest

itself in some women as the desire for

notoriety of some sort or some sort of

celebrity maybe she gets lucky and dates

a politician celebrity professional

athlete right or maybe she gets with the

lead singer of a local band right or

maybe the captain of the football team

men make the egregious mistake of

defining hypergamy strictly in a

materialistic context they think if he

has more than I do then she'll get with

them guys I'm here to tell you that is

patently false it's not always about

resources or material possessions guys

she might be with a guy who's poor but

has movie star looks and 5% body fat he

is superior to her even though he might

not have more money than her right a

girl might be with a guy who doesn't

have money or looks but he's your

typical starving artist right but he's

one of the most talented notable artists

on the eastern seaboard which gives him

celebrity status and maybe maybe even

money later on down the line there's

that potential the point is guys is as

far as women go none of them have the

desire to be with a man who she doesn't

believe to be superior to her in some

way shape or form that's how it is guys

and this is why all women are like that

they're not the same but they're again

they're all motivated by the same things

women don't want to date men that they

feel are inferior to them an inferiority

again manifests itself in many different

ways looks looks money status as far as

branch swinging is concerned again not

all women branch swing exactly in the

same way and exactly to the same degree

we hear that listen the story we hear

the most is women start a guy

they get him hooked and then they break

up with you but some women cheat on you

and then ghost

completely that's brave swinging someone

that start talking to a guy without

sleeping with him then they break up

with her boyfriend when she knows the

other guy asks her to be in a

relationship somewhat listen some women

start lining up the back-up plan as soon

as she's in a relationship to keep them

on the back burner the entire

relationship I actually found out one

girl I was dating actually had a

boyfriend the entire time we were

boyfriend and girlfriend she didn't

branch swing she actually had her hand

on both branches and whoever up


that was the branch she was gonna let go

first but again the bottom line is that

women do not end relationships until

they have another guy lined up that is

the very definition of branch swing and

this is how they all operate just

because they didn't cheat doesn't just

because she didn't cheat doesn't mean

she didn't branch swing on some level in

some way not all women branch swing the

same way but they all branch swing on

some level in to some degree just

because they do it differently does not

mean that not all women are like that

guys the second way we are going to

refute the not all women are like that

axiom the exception never makes the rule

it never fails

gentlemen when we declare all of in our

life that there's no shortage of women

who come out with the micro argument to

refute the macro argument well I know

the girls who didn't branch swing or

well I didn't branch swing just like

Sean said earlier Sean a Tampa and by

the way guys women always lie in debates

to win debates they think that because

we don't know that because we weren't

there watching dick enter that

they can say whatever they want and we

have to believe them as truth black

women it's so funny when especially with

black women

they like to say well I date white guys

anyway no you don't you don't date white

guys well me and all my other black

friends we all date like ice no you

don't bitch this ain't insecure and

they're not all dating white guys either

Nick Molly headaches dude Molly has a

chance to date an Asian I haven't

watched yesterday's episode yet but

there's an Asian

I was checking for Asian guys ain't

checking for black girls like you can

say whatever you want that doesn't make

it true

dude one woman said last night on

Facebook somebody somebody made a

Facebook post and I forgot what the

Facebook post was but one woman said

last night I've been with the same guy

for 18 years and I didn't have my first

and only child until I was 38 and we

both work and we're happy and the baby

is his just because you see it

on facebook doesn't make it true sweetie

and here's the thing bitches stay

calling women out for lying on social

media yet they want us to believe that

they're the only ones telling a hundred

percent of the truth a hundred percent

at the time but let's just listen let's

just say for the sake of argument she

was telling the truth let's say that she

was telling this true the truth the

spoken exception doesn't it never makes

the rule guys okay so a woman says she

didn't exercise hypergamy in one

incident in one instance she says she

left her rich good-looking high status

boyfriend for the starving artist who

has more intellectual death because they

have more chemistry even if that were

true and we know that would never be

true that is the gross exception and

just because she did it that one time

doesn't mean she's never exercised

hypergamy before and doesn't mean she

won't do it again some down the line she

has done it before and she will be high

pergamus in the future count on it

listen man maybe her a rich good-looking

high status boyfriend had a two-inch

dick and never satisfy her sexually

maybe her rich good-looking high status

boyfriend was extremely physically

abusive okay so she went for the lower

status guy one time because of alleged

abuse and/or small dick and that's even

if that's true and listen here's the

thing then a small dick isn't usually

enough for a woman to leave a


good-looking rich guy and we know that

when we know what we know women stay in

abusive relationships for many many

reasons such as looks status and money

read Nicole Brown Simpson but let's just

say again for the sake of argument that

she's telling the truth here

that doesn't mean she's never done this

before and it doesn't mean she won't do

it down the line

shout out to Ronnie Brooks with the $10

donation appreciate that my friend

Ronnie Brooks with the ten dollar

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donation appreciate that man appreciate

it being the exception once in terms of

hypergamy doesn't mean you're the

exception pointing out a woman who was

the exception once doesn't mean she

won't exercise hypergamy down the line

or that she hasn't exercised it in the

past the same thing applies to branch

swinging gentlemen wasn't first off like

I said earlier just because a woman says

she knows someone who didn't branch

swing doesn't make it true

but even if it were true even if they

didn't branch swing in this one instance

doesn't mean she hasn't branch long

before and it doesn't mean she won't

branch way in the future okay so she

didn't have someone lined up when she

decided she didn't want to be hurt with

her boyfriend anymore she has done it

before she will do it again and here's

the thing sometimes girls will leave out

the part where she was blindsided and

her boyfriend dumped her out of the blue

and she had no idea was coming this is

when they get pissed off no no no she

didn't branch swing because she got

caught off guard she didn't have someone

else lined up because she in that time

she would have if she could but she

didn't but she'll tell you well I didn't

branch lien with March so that's not


not all women are like that the

exception never makes the rule and that

definitely applies when it comes to all

women are like that again just because

you didn't or wouldn't engage and Etoile

behaviors one time doesn't mean that you

have before or won't in the future not

doing what you're programmed to do

mentally and socially doesn't mean that

not all women are like that guys

tomorrow I am gonna talk about the

rationalization hamster and blame

shifting which are two two more of the

most ubiquitous a wealth behaviors that

women engage in and then of course I

will systematically dismantle the not

all in there like that fallacy

those is Wellman to do those in three

different ways so you definitely will

not want to miss out on that

let's hit the chat one last time do you

have people are talking about yes yes d

wheeze shout out to you says winter is


chicks want to lay up freelance run and

says or what they call cuffing season

yes yes listen women women the world

over they like to a bunch of guys

when it's bikini season right they'd

like to with them I don't want to


then when the winter time comes then

they want a boyfriend they want they

want they want someone to bring home for

Thanksgiving they want to say my

boyfriend bought me a Christmas gift

they want to say my boyfriend got me a

Valentine's Day gift but then when

spring break hits AI want to start

seeing other people

absolutely Molly says Patrice O'Neal

says speaking of women I'm better than

you yeah that's what it comes down to

Motor City kid says most women are

codependent I could not agree more

exFAT boy lifestyle says they all

emotionally branch swing their potential

prospect is always around the corner

absolutely absolutely

freelance ronan says women use

exceptions and x-factors as excuses and

delusional thinking all the time yep

now listen Nate listen a this on the

regular man like I knew it watch TV it's

so funny how art reflects life yes

chase LeBeau says I saw a meme in which

Superman was asleep with naked with Lois

Lane a deep thought and she was thinking

is he the best I can get this is how

women are thinking that Superman

and they're always looking to upgrade

man so it is but here's the thing man

again this isn't bad like we can all say

oh Lois Lane women art listen again

man hypergamy is good for men it sucks

don't get me wrong


together shoutout to Jason J says

especially the hotter ones they learned

that their looks get them all they need

in life from men and they relaxed on

earning their own way yep

Andre Silva says hypergamy always plays

an important factor on women we cannot

fool ourselves she will always take

other options in consideration women

can't judge women just can't admit it

because they fear social pressure yes

that listen to sum it up that's exactly

what I'm talking about women women can't

admit that they're high Pergamus because

of social pressure oh my god like what

and it's so funny because the women that

pass judgment have the same mindset so

out loud they say oh my god I can't

believe Stephanie dumped her boyfriend

for the rich hotter guy but guess what

she would dump her boyfriend for the

richer hotter guy - it's that social for

it's that false social pressure man

again guys I'm gonna talk about the

rationalization hamster and blame

shifting and we're gonna break that down

in two different ways as well so be sure

to stay tuned for that that's gonna do

it for this edition of TS are alive

again be sure to do all of your shopping

through the amazon link on my homepage

donovan sharp calm stream labs comport

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watching guys I'll see you tomorrow


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