The "Not All Women Are Like That" fallacy: Part Two (Episode 336)




if you take your girl to a club or a bar

you are asking for trouble if you don't

have a budget plan in place you're gonna

overspend every single time what the

hell are you spending 300 bucks on a

pair of sneakers for a great physique is

a game changer if you were drunk when he

fuck you it's still cheating your

one-stop-shop for all of your beard

grooming needs let's get right to it

yesterday I discussed the beginning of

the not all women are like that fallacy

I talked about the fact that just

because men say all women are like that

doesn't necessarily mean all women are

the same

I made the comparison between you know

cars and computers cars and computers

work exactly the same from car to car

from computer to Pewter and computer to

computer they all operate the same way

people know how to use cars and

computers right off the bat doesn't take

a rocket scientist if you've operated

one before though they are different on

the outside the hard drive so to speak

is still the same it's the same with

women when people say not all women are

like that the argument that they're

refuting is not all women are the same

now it's either disingenuous or ignorant

doesn't really matter the point is is

that they're getting it wrong so

yesterday I talked about a couple of the

most ubiquitous all women are like that

behaviors I talked about God what did I

talk about good more time

I'm completely drawing a blank here I

talked about hypergamy and the fact that

not all women exercise hypergamy in the

same ways to the same degree i also

talked about the fact that there are

different degrees to which women engage

in a wealth behaviors and of course if

you guys want to check out

episode 335 that not all women are like

that fallacy part one you guys can check

that out on donovan sharp calm or for slash donovan sharp well

today is the conclusion part two of the

not all women are like that fallacy

we're going to debunk we're going to

dispel the not all women are like that

fallacy we're also gonna talk about why

men and women refute the all women are

like that axiom that we talk about here

in the manosphere and i think a lot of

listen i think a lot of people are

probably going to realize that they had

some of the same arguments before when

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it is tuesday september twenty-fifth

2018 the pittsburgh steelers

beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night

32 27 listen it was it was a boat race

in the first step I think they were on

twenty to ten or I'm sorry 30 to 10

after the first half

the Steelers didn't score in the second

half because they didn't need to but

they made it close Ryan Fitzpatrick of

course threw for another 400 yards 411

yards he threw three touchdowns but he

reverted back to Ryan Fitzpatrick and

threw three interceptions I think he

threw three first-half interceptions

listen we all jumped on the Ryan

Fitzpatrick train Fitz magic we all like

the stunt that he pulled at the press

conference with the with the chest air

and the and the gold chains and all that

but there's a reason Ryan Fitzpatrick

has played for seven NFL teams in 15

years he's not bad but he's really not

that good every once in a while a

quarterback can catch fire and win a few

ballgames listen I'm not hating on Ryan

Fitzpatrick I mean that listen the

Buccaneers beat the Eagles last week you

know listen we know that the Buccaneers

are not as good a football team as the

Eagles they were just better than us on

that day but it appears that the Fitz

Magic at least the extreme version of

Ryan Pitz magic is over Ryan Fitzpatrick

has indeed become Ryan Pitts

Petric once again who is a backup

quarterback so now everyone's talking

about well should the timpani and I'm

sitting here watching first take right

now on ESPN and there of course there

babe they're debating should the

Buccaneer stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick

well if I'm Dirk cutter you gotta win

games Dirk cutter is on the hot seat if

he doesn't make the playoffs or if he

doesn't make a substantial improvement

in the team this year he is probably

going to be fired by the same token

Jameis Winston is your future

Ryan Smith Ryan Fitzpatrick I think is

what 36 37 years old he's not the future

yes Jameis Winston is a knuckle and I

think we all know and understand that

but Jameis Winston is he's your future

he you know Ryan Fitzpatrick is not your

future so that'll that'll be an

interesting discussion in listen at all

in a lot of times these decisions as far

as not necessarily the media's concern

but as far as the overall narrative with

people discussing hey should Ryan

Fitzpatrick be the starting quarterback

or should Jameis Winston be the

quarterback listen people just don't

like Jameis Winston that much of course

the social justice warrior the feminist

narrative he's he's done and said some

student some stupid things said

something stupid in the cafeteria

belieber right and they you know what

right we all know all about that then of

course there was the rape accusation of

Erika kinsman and Jamison Jameis Winston

was not charged and Athleta McGinnis

wrote an article and turn of Kings

called the vindication of Jameis Winston

listen a lot of people out there still

think that Jameis wimps the Winston

raped Erika kinsmen so they're never

going to like him he's the future

whether you listen whether you like him

or not if you had a choice between

Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston you got

to go with Winston he's younger he's got

the peace got the bigger upside this

this actually reminds me of the whole

Josh McCown Jay Cutler controversy I

don't know if you guys remember this but

back in 2013 I think Jay Cutler got hurt

or something like that and Josh McCown

came in and set the world on fire oh my

god they need to trade Jay Cutler and

start Josh McCown well again Josh McCann

was on his 15 Josh McCown is josh mccown

is ryan fitzpatrick he bounces around

league nellis and josh mccown is not a

bad quarter

but isn't a very good one either he's

more of a he's more of a coach and

listen word you know word in in sports

circles is that as soon as josh mccown

retires from the NFL I think he's like

38 39 years old he is going to have a

future in coaching so he obviously

listen he obviously knows the game he's

a quarterback and you know a quarterback

centric head coaches are sought after

Frank Reich got the job and Indianapolis

Andrew Luck is his coach of course Doug

Peterson backed up dominant donovan

mcnabb in philly in the late 90s and

early 2000s he's now the head coach of

the Eagles quarterback centric coaches

always help young quarterbacks out a

little bit better

there's a reason Mark said though there

are many reasons Mark Sanchez ended up

being a bus being the fifth overall pick

in the draft one of those reasons is

that his coach was Rex Ryan Rex Ryan is

a defensive minded head coach well what

about Tom Brady Bill Belichick is a

defensive minded head coach hey listen

the exception doesn't make the rule

that's how it is

so just because and again the reason why

people like to Josh McCown over Jay

Cutler's because people like Josh McCown

better than Jay Cutler Jay Cutler

perpetually has the look of a it's funny

people never like Jay Cole he's not the

rah-rah fiery guy listen he he has the

perpetual look of a kid who was told to

go do his homework or kid that was told

to go eat his vegetables great arm

talent you know unrealized potential

that's just how it is that's just how it


if people like you better they want you

to start they want you to start more but

the NFL is not about liking the NFL was

about talent so we'll see we'll see how

that goes

lost my fantasy matchup - Kevin and

sales byte 4/10 of a point and this was

totally my fault

I completely out thought the room had I

made one move one way or the other I

know what I don't one buy a lot I bench

Robert Woods he got me 30 some-odd

points I benched Cam Newton he got me 29

points so that was a four point

difference point four was the difference

so Kevin and sales remains undefeated I

have dropped to one and two no big deal

it is what it is we all have we all have

stuff like that that we have to that we

have to live with it's just fantasy

football as long as I don't have to wear

that shirt that says this is what a

feminist looks like I think I'll be good

to go I'm gonna get the live pre-show

Q&A; situation squared away I'm going

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with the live pre-show QA I of course

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to day let's go to the chat here and

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first exaggerated

I think that's how you say that he says

he wanted to be first yeah you know

Ricky Bobby says if you're not first

you're last it is what it is shut up

DeMarcus again mr. mink in the house

freelance are under of course the

original TSR OGE tyson in the house

miami Jay who's Miami Dolphins are in

first place has finished listen Miami

Jay and i's fantasy squads are not doing

quite as well as our real teams our real

teams are a combined five and one

fantasy teams not five and one at this

point I'm just paying listen man I'm

just saying I'm just hoping I don't have

to wear that shirt this is what a

feminist looks like it'll probably go

viral oh my god donovan sharp is a

feminist no I lost a bet lost fantasy we

check out the sharp assist was able to

make it in today

Miami Jay says take it easy on Donovan

today he lost a tight one to Kevin and

sales over the weekend yeah dude I

screwed the pooch I thought the room

listen I knew Big Ben would probably

have a good game but Cam Newton is money

in the bag i sat Robert Woods down I got

absolutely nothing out of Jesse James I

needed a half a point I need a point

point five more points and I probably

ended up leaving

I put Benjamin Watson on the bench he

had 12 points I probably left a good 50

points on the bench so wasn't credit to

Kevin and say listen Kevin and sales

always wins

right I think we I think we know and

understand that but that was definitely

definitely that was definitely my fault

well owner of over one in the house good

to see you in here as well mark Gordon

says Donovan you can upgrade the

software on a computer you cannot change

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Cowboys lost we finished third in our

division Eagles or skins take it yeah

definitely not doing that Janet the

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brother appreciate the love there


yeah freelance Ronin man he offend

listen listen he is the original TSR oh

gee man like he is the bouncer outside

the towers this guy has listened to me

since before I even showed my face so

freelance Ronin is wait a minute are you

a mod I need a mod you do it hold up let

me mod all right there we are

freelancer on it now has a wrench my bad

dude my bad

yeah freelance is the man dude the

original TS ROG Miami Jay says Hannah

Storm and Andrea Kramer are gonna call

Thursday night games together and

all-female duo are you serious I didn't

know that

are you kidding oh my god that's gonna

be fun oh my god Jesus Christ can't get

dude you can't get away from women man

you can't do it another case of women

invading male space it was an Andrea


she's as knowledgeable as they come but

she listened her her bag as the

sidelines that's what she needs to be

that'll be interesting James Martinez in

the house good stuff Marcus asks a very

good question does it help to like the

video if it's deleted after genuine a

question yeah listen um its standard for

say like the video bla bla bla bla bla

you don't have to like the live videos

but when I put the abbreviated version

on YouTube definitely like that as well

freelance remembers when that happened

to Cutler absolutely nerves and Yaga or

I'm sorry nursing Yaeger shout-out to

you spooky mate SS Jay Cutler destroyed

dubbers van

our motto says aside from an O and three

start what are your thoughts on the

Oakland Raiders oh god man though I mean

listen man like you know the Raiders are

you know one khalil Mac I guess away

from maybe being two and one they've got

telling on the football team

listen Marshawn Lynch's is definitely

doing his job and you know derrick karr

I mean listen it appears he may have

aggressed a little bit I don't think so

I think I think Derek Carr listen he's

worth every bit he's worth every penny

that 25 million he's given him you have

to understand man Jon Gruden is a new

head coach he has to install his system

that's not an excuse for going on three

but you can't expect on dude Gruden to

come in and all of a sudden make that

big a difference it doesn't work that

way doesn't work that way so wait

senator in the house good to see you in

here as well Miami Jay said he just got

the alert on his phone

Wow Marcus says I need to get a give me

some head stand on my table in the front

room the barrage will know what time it

is as soon as they walk in all right

it's funny Anthony Johnson of the you

know of 21 studios has all of his red

pill looks like on a bookshelf right

when girls walk in that way they already

know what it is Jimmy Juan coyote good

to see you in here j-dub see Hogan the

red bill shout out to you Doug says his

Donavan streaming from two different

channels or his website just streaming

from one channel for now I might

actually stream this live I've got a

couple of other YouTube channels and I'm

thinking about I'm thinking about doing

a multicast stream on other YouTube

channels just to broaden my audience so

stay tuned for that but this this is the

main channel this is the channel with

the most subscribers so this is the one

that's definitely gonna be there Modern

Life dating says women who commentate on

the NFL Disney owns ESPN exactly exactly

modern like dating says can't even throw

a perfect spiral 70 yards I don't think

that's the issue I just don't want to

hear women call in football games for no

other reason but that they're women you

know I don't listen I don't either

reason not to want women to call

football games look I don't need a

reason I just don't want female voices

on the play-by-play and the color

commentary don't need it I mean listen

man listen I like the young hot sideline

reporter I mean she's paid to look good

and report the facts I don't mind that

that's it's been like that forever but I

don't need I don't need and now I don't

need female analysis on a male sport I

just don't need it are you afraid of

women no let me give me a fucking

headache I wasn't this is just what I


spooky make to us as women don't belong

in the NFL yeah exactly exactly okay

let's go ahead and get started here so

yesterday we talked about two of the

four most ubiquitous a Walt

characteristics we talked about

hypergamy being one of them and give me

one I am drunk I don't know today I am

off today I'm off I'm looking at my

notes on the other one to see to just to

make sure that I'm giving you guys

correct information here so we talked

about hypergamy of course we of course

we defined a Walden and all women like

that just so that just so that we're

clear all of our like that just means

that women operate within the confines

of the sexual of a sexual relationship

in the same way does it mean that all

women are the same it doesn't mean they

all operate exactly the same way but

they operate under the same they operate

the same way they're motivated by the

same things this is how it is all women

are like that does not mean that all

women are the same so I think we defined

that yesterday fairly clearly and it

looks like I've got a serious delay okay

never mind we're good we're good

any time I search on any how me do a

search OBS does have its limitations

though so today I'm gonna talk about a

couple more a Walt phallus season then

we're gonna break them down we're going

to refute the not all women are like

that fallacy in three different ways so

let's talk about

one of the most ubiquitous and annoying

a Walt behaviors and that is

rationalizing bad behavior also

affectionately known as the

rationalization hamsters now

rationalization hamster now the loose

definition of rationalization hamsters

women making excuses for making men

women women making excuses for engaging

in bad behavior you know making bad

decisions it's that simple now to be

fair men and women engage in

rationalizing bad behavior but I think

it's pretty clear that women do it far

more and they do it much more

elaborately there and women's

rationalizations are based on their

emotions and their feelings and this of

course is where hamster comes in the

first time I ever detected the female

rationalization hamster was about a

month after I moved to Vegas I was

working at a call center and ended up

hooking up with a girl named Suzie the

low quality Mexican five and a half who

really ended up changing my life

long story short again this is this is a

red pill origins Volume one my wake-up

call so long story short I hooked up

with her realize that she was a very low

quality woman then I found out a few

hours later that she was on a date right

that led me to Google why do girls get

over breakups so easily I ended up

finding a website called men are better

than women calm and the next day I found

return of Kings and the rest is history

that's how Donovan Sharpe was create

again you guys can learn more about that

on red pill origins Volume one might

read chill awakening on Donovan sharp

calm or on forward slash

Donovan sharp anyway before we hooked up

she talked about her ex-husband and that

if it was the first time I recognized

the hamster take a listen she was

divorced and she admitted to me that she

had cheated on her husband

throughout the marriage which is typical

of course she blamed him he was an

attentive enough he was never home he

was working all the time etc etc I

actually called her out because I asked

her as a cheat on us

oh yeah and that's his fault - she

literally said that to me I said okay so

wait a minute so he cheats on you it's

his fault I get it I understand he's a

scumbag whatever but you cheat on him

and it's still his fault and of course

she didn't have anything to say about

that even blue pill guys like myself at

the time I was completely truthful eat

listen I definitely was blue pills

probably skewing toward a shade of

purple at that point because because

thinking back on my interactions with

Susie I implemented a little red pill

game without actually knowing it was red

pill game at that point I knew that you

know being placating rescuing women that

was not the way to fuck women that

listen I tried it with Amy that didn't

work I tried it with Darcy that didn't

work I tried it with Carla that didn't

work so I didn't have Red Bull awareness

but I knew I knew at that point that

rescuing women was not the way to fuck

them so when it came to Susie I listened

I still had my blue pill ways about me

rescuing her was not one of them matter

of fact I remember her asking me to be

her roommate she during the time we were

sort of I don't want to say we were

hooking up but during the time we were

talking flirting etc etc she actually

had a boyfriend or a boyfriend at the

time and I think she had a she'd known

him for like two weeks and all of a

sudden they were trying to move in

together which was weird because she was

still checking for me so I'm thinking

all right well I could fuck this girl

and somebody else can take care of her

yeah a little bit of red pill creeping

in well all of a sudden one day he just

ghost it on her because he came to his

senses obviously so she asked me I'll

never forget she's driving me home I

didn't have a car at the time she's

driving me home and she's like well

listen I wanted to propose this to you

I wouldn't know if you wanted to be my

roommate I'm like no no no like I'm

living with my friend right now like

I've got a good situation there we've

got a lease no I'm not gonna do it like

I told her I said I barely know you you

know and I told her listen we flirt what

dude I've known you for I've known you

for two weeks that doesn't mean we

should live together I probably gave

myself a stay at financial execution

anyway at that point I still was able to

recognize the female rationalization

hamster we understand that hey it can't

be his fault it can't be his it can't be

his fault that he cheated and his fault

that you cheated

it listen I call out women on

rationalizing all the time it wasn't

including Devin of course not as much

now but in the beginning I dude I called

her I called her out on all kinds of

stuff some of the some of the things

that women sort of rationalize to give

themselves permission to engage in bad

behavior is the bad boy well he beat up

his last girlfriend well he won't be Mia

so they make the bad decision to hook up

with the guy they get beat up that's how

that happens and then they still

rationalize it well I don't know maybe I

pissed him off no maybe you shouldn't

got with the guy you sleep with a random

guy at the bar an hour and a half an

hour and a half after meeting and while

I was drunken we had chemistry

that's the rationalization hamster sleep

with the guy in the first date now he

doesn't call you back because now he

knows you're a slut well men are players

men you know men are players men are

dogs unplanned pregnancy you got

pregnant didn't plan to well I'm

allergic to latex

and Lynn and lambskin condoms and I

swear to god they all pulled out this is

what they do then the same women they'll

protest about written consent yes means

yes but then your favorite book is Fifty

Shades of Grey

yeah but kristen grey is hella hot it's

just not the same thing now the reason

girls engage in hamster E is because

they don't want to look bad give me a

second guys hold on

alright I'm back I don't know why the

video automatically goes out ok there we


had my fan blown on me it's freezin my

arm anyway the reason girls engage in

hamstring is because they don't want to

look bad girls talk all the time and

listen they don't want the world they

don't want people to think that they're

bad people and listen to be fair and

nobody does nobody wants to that we can

we all sit here and talk about you know

I don't want to be like I don't care

listen we all care on some level

listen and not kids truly not caring

what other people think

at Lattimore wrote a book called not

caring what people think is a superpower

it really is we all care what people

think about us whether we admit it or

not not caring what people think is a

masculine trait this is why all girls

like to say well I don't care what

people think yeah really is that why you

dress the way you do is that what you

wear makeup every day is this why you

engage in epic hamstrung so nobody

listen nobody wants the world to think

that they're bad people but girls are

hyper concerned with it

I don't care what people think yeah they

do otherwise they wouldn't hamster if

they really listened if girls really

didn't care about what other people

thought of them they listen they would

just keep it real they just say you know

what I slept with him because I wanted

to or I got pregnant because an

unwrapped dick feels better unprotected

sex feels better but girls are never

straight up or honest about anything

because again they want to they don't

want people to feel that they want they

don't want people to think that they're

bad people but they want to appear

morally superior it's funny that they

are morally bankrupt women today are

morally bankrupt by nature which is

evolutionarily necessary but that's a

deeper topic for another time but they

always hampster to try to appear morally

superior this way when they virtue

signal it comes off as genuine I'm so

against domestic violence so I'm a good

person and you know I'm telling the

truth because the guy slept with last

night was a good guy and he was only in

town for one night no no you slept with

that guy because he thought you wanted

to sleep with him every woman has

hamster and they all use it to some

degree all women are like that if you're

listening on soundcloud and you want to

learn you want to listen to the rest of

this episode you want to you want to

listen to the rest of part two of the

not all limiter like that fallacy head

on over to donovan sharp calm or you can

go over to patreon calm for it slash

Donovan sharp let's go to the chat here

see what you guys are talking about

oh you guys are lively today very very

lively swayed senator says Disney is

social justice warrior personified

totally agree GaN Jean 88 says women

need to be in the kitchen during NFL

games yeah making my beer and nachos

exactly Dave Martinez says ESPN always

pushing females in your face to talk

sports totally agree

modern life dating says go to their

official YouTube and check out the Star

Wars Renaissance trailer yeah man and

I'll tell you something else there's a

movie getting ready to come out and

started starring Ryan Gosling and I

forget what it's called but it's about

the first walk on the moon and it you

know the trials and tribulations and of

course they had the scene where this

woman is like you're a bunch of boys and

you guys don't know what you're doing

they have to throw that stuff in there

this is why this is this is why the

ratings on ESPN are going down because

they're alienating their customer base

nobody wants to tune in and listen to

women tell them why they are Annette

what listen to women tell them why

they're bad people nobody wants to do

that logic revolver one says

rationalization hamster equals circular

logic fallacy I have no idea what

circular logic fallacy is I'm not that


rationalization hamster again is making

excuses for their bad behavior and

rationalizing it as such I have no idea

what circular logic fallacy is I I try

to stay away from I try to stay away

from from those kind of terms cuz I'm

not you know I'm not gonna pretend any


listen that's probably more of a

question for Rollo Tomassi maybe Ryan

stone or or black Lima logic I'm sure

you're right the jack man is in the

house good to see you

Ashley kneecap says I knew a girl in

high school who had a boyfriend but with

sheet on him constantly she would hang

out with more alpha guys and purposely

get drunk and sleep with them Yeah right

that way when he found out while I was

drunk well listen alcohol doesn't make

you do bad things all it does is it

lowers your inhibitions right so alcohol

alcohol is sort of the lubrication

listen you wanted to make the bad

decision in the first place alcohol just

gives you more permission Kyle Mitchell

says women are ashamed of their desires

I'm actually in listen I've got

something for that a little bit later on

I'll address that a little bit later and

III think you'll agree but but you're on

to something there Kyle for sure Marcus

says when a woman goes too far out of

her way to explain why she did or didn't

do something or has an excuse for

everything automatically my guard goes

up it is oh it is it is a rare trait for

them to admit failure or truth totally

under totally agree 100% agreement there

d Gary 3:15 says lay beyond belts of the

Jets is his only option at this point

yeah her the Jets are interested in lay

beyond bill um I don't know listen man

if the Jets trade for him they're gonna

have to sign him I mean lay beyond bill

wants his money and he deserves his

money but with what the Jets would have

to give up and listen I'm hurt I mean

I'm I'm hearing that they would treat

him for a third or a fourth rounder so

that's not too bad but listen I mean a

lady on jet LaVey onto the Jets might be

might be a good plan I mean you've still

got Sam Donald he's on a rookie contract

you get a superstar stud running back

you continue to beef up that defense

you've got Jamal Adams in the backfield

I think Mohammed Wilkerson's still plays

for the Jets that'd be that that would

actually be a pretty good fit you got

him and Isiah Crowell back there and

listen Isaiah Crowell is not a superstar

but yeah I didn't get milady on a blow

maybe extend the life of Lady on bail a

little bit

Gunjan 88 says makes me wonder why my

mom stayed with my abusive father until

I call the cops on his ass Marcus says

bet she'd cry rape where I was drunk or

didn't know what I was doing if he did

catch her or find out totally agree

totally agree if you like the content

subscribe to my youtube channel and tell

your friends to tune in weekday mornings

at 10:00 Eastern 7:00 Pacific to watch

live because as you guys all know as

soon as this broadcast is over I take

down the video immediately and I replace

it with an abbreviated watered-down

version this is so this isn't something

I want to do okay but again the current

environment has forced me to take

measures to make sure I can stay on the

air and those of you who have watched

and listened and read me over the years

you guys understand exactly why that is

I don't want to have to do this but this

is the world we live in I'm not gonna

sit here and bitch and complain oh you

do listen then I understand why YouTube

does what they do it is - it is purely a

money and advertising driven agenda I

get it people can say social justice

wire and maybe listen maybe YouTube is

SJW maybe they're not but I know their

advertisers are their advertisers want

to pander to social justice wares and

guys like me are not conducive to

bringing on new advertisers you're

getting no argument for me to listen

YouTube is the best service out there to

get discovered and it's free small price

to pay for keeping it real I'm not gonna

hate here is the fourth and final of the

big four in terms of the a Walt

behaviors blame-shifting now the

definition of blame-shifting is blaming

someone else for her bad decisions her

bad behavior or her fucked-up

circumstances one of the most prevalent

sayings out there is you're responsible

for your state in life no one is

responsible for you what you but no one

is responsible for you except for you

you must be accountable to yourself you

have no one to blame but yourself

everyone endorses this both men and

women at least out loud but women

are the ones who conveniently blame

shift really well what happened to

you're responsible for your station in


oh no they're the exception to the rule

nothing is ever a woman's fault it is

always someone else's fault

women are absolute experts at

blame-shifting and here's the thing they

use the rationalization hamster to do it

now the reason women blame shift is

because this is the way they've been

raised women listen girls aren't listen

girls and women are taught from birth

that they are above reproach nothing

they ever do is wrong from start to

finish in kindergarten you took his toy

he should have shared it with you you

are not wrong in grade school not

grasping multiplication yeah the teacher

isn't educating you properly in college

you get a D on your dissertation

the professor is clearly sexist hashtag

me too girls are taught from birth that

nothing is ever their fault so it stands

to reason that they would carry it into

adulthood what's worse is that men

co-sign on this which solidifies their

mentality their entitlement monkey as we

like to go there's there's the

rationalization hamster then there's the

entitlement monkey you guys got to

understand this women blame everybody

and everything they blame their parents

their siblings their relatives they

blame their pets they blame inanimate

objects they blame people from they

blame people for for not stopping them

from doing something then they blame

people for not letting them do something

they do whatever it takes to avoid blame

and they have no problem with throwing

everyone and everything under the bus if

she got caught cheating it's his fault

for spying on me he would never found

out if he hadn't spied on me got fired

for being late well it's company's fault

for requiring her to be there so early

hmm god forbid but seven guys in seven

days it's their fault for seducing her

cheated on your husband with Kevin and

sales who just kicked out of his ass and

fantasy football my point for points and

yeah I'm still mad about that it's her

husband's fault for

not Manning up and telling her not to

hang out with Kevin and sales backed

into a telephone pole

it's her boyfriend's fault for not

telling her that that telephone pole is


my very first girlfriend ever was a

Hawaiian girl not gonna say her name

Hawaiian girl right I dated her when I

was 13 well she ended up dropping at a

high school had a couple of kids and

ended up moving to Reno Nevada right

when I found out she was in Reno you

know I went by others hey what's going

on you know just dude this bitch just

smashed into the wall oh my god well big

difference from what were we 13 and I

forget was it hit the wall anyway she

had two kids lost custody of one of them

now at this point I am I am red pillow

where she blamed the system and later on

found out that she just didn't show up

to the court date but it was the

system's fault that she got screwed over

meanwhile the kids she does have smokes

cigarettes no big deal you say that kid

at the time 14 years old got another

story this one happened in Greensboro

North Carolina I was at my heart was in

my early 20s right before I met Dorsey

so me and my friends are hanging out

this girl her name was Kristen she's

driving it we know were driving around

it was it was Kristen Kristen's

boyfriend me and my friend in the back

right I think we're on our way to some

party or whatever right around Halloween

and someone hits the back quarter panel

of the car turned us around boo nobody

was hurt but Kristen after she came to

airbags deployed she turns around and

looks at us and says you guys should

have told me he was coming

bitch we're in the backseat and she

bitches to her boyfriend all the time

about being a backseat driver yet she

looked to the backseat and said it was

our fault for not letting her know that

that car was coming and again listen and

I'm gonna talk about this later my own

mother blew up our family and I'll give

you guys a little bit more details later

those of you

were familiar with that story know all

about that I talked about it on return

of Kings the true story of a carousel

riding military wife and all she blames

it on to this day your father was


your father was selfish that's all she

says that's the oh that's the one and

only reason she can come up with I had

multiple affairs with multiple men

because your father was selfish

all women blame shift gentlemen they

have the proclivity to brilliant to

blame ship this is the way they are

raised they are encouraged to do this

again this is two different degrees but

they all do it at some point

on some level let's go ahead and break

down the all women are like that or the

not all women are like that fallacy

let's go ahead and disprove that in a

fuel in a few more ways here here's the

first way the lack of ability to

separate familial ties a common black

woman's shaming technique it's a guys

like me who date white girls is yomama

black in other words I should date black

women because my mother is black

I am disrespecting black women I'm

disrespecting my mother if I don't date

black women one of the hardest things

about the red pill is coming to grips

that the women that you are related to

are also like that guys have a hard time

with this but my mother's not like that

my sisters aren't like that they are

black men are stuck dating black women

because of their feet because of

feelings they let black women shame them

they feel obligated to date black women

because they mama black they let they

let feelings negate facts this is a

feminine trait it's the same with these

fake-ass Pro blacks that I like to talk

about any time there's a racial incident

they always take this they always take

the side of the black person because

angry they don't want to consider all of

the facts and this is part of de liberal

media the liberal media wants to keep

the black man angry so that the black

man doesn't use his logic to figure

something out listen in racial incidents

is there white you know are white people

you know do they bear some

responsibility you bet your ass they do

there is listen there are some

incidences where white people are

completely responsible but not every one

of them are like that sometimes the

black person is complicit in it listen

black people don't want to hear that

because they're upset their feelings ah

and listen I'm open to having my mind

change listen like I said I watched I

watched a documentary on the Ferguson

Missouri thing and guess what

Darren whatever his name is that was a

bad shoot Michael Brown did not rob a

convenience store right like the media

had us believing that Michael Brown

robbed a convenience store and assaulted

a police officer listen then I was in

that camp a listen like Rihanna listen

Rihanna wasn't making pancakes when

Chris Brown beat her ass now I wasn't

there but I know that Rihanna wasn't

just being the world's best girlfriend

Chris Brown beat her ass for reason that

doesn't make it right

but that doesn't mean Rihanna was

innocent I was in the camp that listen

Darren whatever the hell his name was

Darren I don't know what the hell his

name was shot and killed Michael Brown I

said well you know what listen he

shouldn't have shot and kill them but

Michael Brown was complicit in his own

death it would appear that he probably

wasn't and the reason and the reason I

changed my mind is because I exercised

logic no I'm not flip-flopping I have

listened I reserve the right to change

my mind if I get new information but

again listen it's easy to get emotional

about that stuff that's understandable

but you have to think about the facts

haricots to four oh I see in the cumin

it gets you in a minute when men cannot

separate family from fact as far as the

red pill is concerned they make bad

decisions with women and like I said

earlier I discussed this when I talked

about when I when I discussed a few

unintended consequences of

taking the red pill take a listen they

see the red pill as offensive to their

mothers their aunts their grandmothers

or whoever or whoever else they love

which is understandable when when you

tell a man or when a man sees evidence

like when a man reads an article that

yes all women are sluts and all women

are like that he thinks to himself well

my mom wasn't a slut my grandmother

wasn't a slut my aunt wasn't a slut and

you're damn sure not gonna talk about my

sister being a slut they take offense to

that and I can certainly understand why

they would do that but like I said

accepting red pill truth means accepting

the truth the whole truth and nothing

but the truth I and listen I've used

myself as an example I wrote an article

on return of Kings called it was called

the true story of a carousel writing

military wife and that article was about

my own mother my mother blew up our

family because she wanted to be with the

bad boy she was fucking on the side in

order to be with him she decided that

she didn't want to be with my father

anymore and the reason she didn't want

to be with my father is because she was

fucking this bad boy and she moved to

Detroit to be with him leaving us with

our incapable father that's what

happened I'll take it another step

further I have two sisters and both of

them have had abortions and one of them

has had multiple abortions and the

reason for that is because they were


they were slutty and unprotected sex

when they had no business having

unprotected sex there were being ours I

love my mother and my sisters is a man I

mean I talked to my mother I talked to

my mother this morning I'm recording

this on mother's day talk to my mother

this morning love my mother she brought

me into this world I'm always gonna love

her I love my sisters dearly but if

you're gonna accept the red pill truth

wholly and completely you have to be

able to separate familial ties emotional

ties from that so as a man you have to

understand that okay if I know red pill

truth that doesn't mean that it doesn't

apply to the women in my life my mother

was every bit as slutty and deceitful

and high Pergamus as as women were in

her van even today staying with my two


hmm listen that's a hard realization to

have to come to haricots - for oh I see

you in the cube but I got my man Steve

the Dean Williams on the line you guys

can check him out at man mindset calm

Steve Steve Devine Williams is a

world-renowned dating coach this dude

knows game as well as anybody out there

Steve thanks for calling in man how you

doing Oh female oh I bet beat the man

mindset calm my bad man man I'm gonna

end up sending these niggas over to to

another website so so Steve what I'm

talking about here is the is the I'm

dissecting V that may wall fallacy in

other words you know people would have

us believe that not all women are like

that people BM Utley deny that not all

women are like that and basically what

we're saying Steve my position is that

all women are like that and what I mean

is that within a construct within the

confines within the context of a sexual

relationship with a men women are

governed by the same set of rules

biologically and mentally what are your

thoughts on that now you're saying as

far as as far as following a man or Oh

running a weak man well really running a

weak man I have talked about the fact

that women ranch sling right so in other

words a woman a woman's relationship

Steve you understand that they always

overlap they're always fucking somebody

before they break up with someone I

talked about hypergamy but the fact that

women are always looking to upgrade I've

talked about blame-shifting none of

nothing has ever her fault and and

people people always vehemently deny

these things like no not all women are

are high pergamus not all women are

branch swingers and listen experience

anecdotes stories would have us believe

that they are so why do you think that

men are hesitant to come to grips with

the fact that even though all women are

not the same that all women do operate

within the same construct a lot of guys

out there

don't know women or they don't know

themselves right a lot of okay you got

you got the dynami sharps of the world

I'll use you as a

okay you got the dynami sharps of the

world who are successful with women then

you have what I call the 98% who has no

idea as any thought process whatsoever

about women so they don't see your

success and listen and learn from you

they want to think with their own

thoughts right and as I said before if

you're a beta male or a weak male you

can't see what's around that corner and

see you have been there you're right

right wait listen if you don't think

your woman ain't fucking there like a

lot of these guys like their sake

Donovan you know they get a girlfriend

they get a gauge they get married they

think okay well my woman is never gonna

cheat on me but if you don't have

certain qualities Donovan she is always

going to look for the thing that you are

lacking and that's what they don't see

brother unbelievable man

I think it also and I'm gonna talk about

this a little bit a little bit later on

but I think and and and I want to know

if you agree or disagree with me but I

think the reason why guys are so

hesitant to it's not like we're stupid

Steve like guys see the writing on the

wall but it's almost like they don't

want to let go of the fantasy it's

almost as if it is if they accept women

for who and what they are it's almost

like women lose their shine what we're

taught that women are these virtuous

creatures like in these divs me and

rom-com fantasies and I think men are

afraid to allow themselves to believe

what's staring them right in the face so

they don't ruin their perception of

women well well it's because they

believe the first lie Donovan and they

don't and they believe their mother is

mommy can do no wrong

so they believe in mom so then they

believe that every woman is kind of like

mom where you know she's the good girl

right Nick 1 or 4 head

great so that means every woman out

there because society radio TV in the

media have told me that women are good

so what are you talking about Donovan

you hate women yes Kate you know all

that shit they didn't want to get anyone

to fight you because they are protecting

the one thing that they believe in and

that's mom man oh wow yeah man in it and

it's funny man people people have been

highly critical of me I wrote an article

in return of Kings called the the true

story of a carousel military riding life

and I talked about the exploits of a

virgin bride who had five kids but she

had a raucous affair multiple abortions

etc and in the end was kind of a twist

ending I revealed that it was my mother

well one guy wrote an article in

response to accessable Donovan sharp is

a misogynist who has called his own

mother a slut listen man I love my mom

Steve I love listen I love her to death

I love my sisters but guess what it is

what it is just because I can admit that

my mother acted in poor taste

just because I can admit that my mother

had a slutty phase does not mean that I

am disrespecting my mother or that I

don't love my own mother people wouldn't

see that whatever they they can see that

however they want but to me that's

almost like a almost like an inverse

projection well if he's doing it then

I'm gonna virtue signal say well I would

never talk about my mother like that

listen you don't have to say anything

but the truth is staring you is staring

you right in the face the reason you

keep getting played by women is because

you believe that all women are made of

sugar spice and everything nice because

you don't want to admit the truth about

your own mother right yeah hey I love my

mother too but great I know the truth

and a lot of guys I can always say real

quick Dom and all you got to do is take

the test ask your mother your single

mother what you're going on a date say

mama going on a date you know what my

mom's gonna say give her flowers over

the door can you gentle Jesus by your

expensive dinners kiss her and all these

bullshit things and then ask your mother

tell me about my dad

you know what you gonna say he was an

absolute hell yeah he was but see they

don't want to take that Donovan no they

don't they know the answer

mom - such right high-standard brother

and they don't want to see that mom was

just like a slut like all these other

women out there you know it's funny I'll

tell you a quick story then I know you

got to go soon but I'll tell you a quick

story was funny I was on the phone with

my mom and this was I don't know maybe

I've been in Vegas for five or six years

and mostly my mom dude we're talking

about is what at dude when me my mom

talked we talked for hours cuz we're we

really are just to like even look alike

and I remember her telling me cuz you

know I'm telling her yeah I'm fucking

this girl and that and this and then the

other I can have those kinds of

conversations with my mom and my mom

told me she says what Donovan like

you've completely changed and I'm like

oh no she's like how so used to be such

a sweet boy like what happened to you

looks like you're only using women for

sex I said a mom I'm just going through

some changes she says well no used to be

the sweet boy I used to know blah blah

blah blah blah what happens she can't

push and I kept trying to take it off

right she kept pushing and finally she

says no she says I don't want answers I

said mom I said I'm gonna tell you the

truth but you're not gonna like she's

like I just want to know the truth I

said mom when I stopped treating women

like my father treated you and started

treating you like like Brandon the guy

that you left us for the crackhead you

left the sport to be with in Detroit my

dealings with women substantially

improve speed dead silence and she has

not broached the topic since that was a

hard pill for her to swallow but she

knew I was right Steve my mother my own

mother told me give her flowers um um

you know cherish her this I used to call

her all the time and I wasn't probably I

was when I was having problems with my

wife she gave me that same bullshit

excuse because that's what she's

supposed to give you you what and you

want to know why your mom gives you the

gives you this advice so she doesn't

look bad your mother will never tell you

listen listen man dude fuck dude fuck

her in the ass pull her hair smack her

ass call her name shoot lows in her face

treat her like absolute dog shit and she

will never be able to get enough of you

they can't say that because you're gonna

say well how do you know Mom and then

that's gonna ruin your perception of her

how's my aim the first lady teaches

about Santa Claus and once you do

remember you are nothing but handy down

stories from your parents and that's

what Donovan is trying to get you all to

do is break free of the handed down

stories and create your own and like he

said he didn't tell you about his mother

my aunt we all had all of our mothers

suck yeah that's right all of our

mothers did a lot of horse shit

so how the hell did we get here listen

listen the sooner these niggas under the

sooner these dudes can wrap their head

around the fact that when you were


your mama's hair probably got smacked or

your mama's hair probably got pulled

your mama's hair Your Mama's ass

probably got smacked that might start

you on the right pad

like like understand that like your mama

sucked your dad's dick right now just

let that lay for a while you gotta

understand that it wasn't parents or

people to man



hey man I'm trying to do them like

canelo man I'm trying to put in that

body work he is Steve the Dean Williams

you guys can find him on the man mindset

calm thanks for calling in Steve calling

anytime brother all right man he's right

he's right are all of our mamas were

Wars they've done horse shit let's go

back to the phone lines 911 for two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get in on the

conversation let's go to area code two

four oh you're on live with Donovan go

ahead yes sir right from Prince George's

County what's going on man everything is

everything but you're absolutely right

you know I have I have several examples

but my mother okay I'm gonna talk about

I'm gonna talk about how my mother you

know kind of influenced me to think that

to think like you was thinking about Oh

preach on it I'm going to my first and

then I'm gonna go to my first real

experience with all women being like

this all right so you know growing up my

mother was like that the the Mata mom

oh she was young when she had me and her

and my father split at a you know her my

father split so she's like 21 doing her

own thing right so you know a mother

wasn't was a young attractive lady so

you know she's dating this shit like

that all these dudes come around that

are not my father you know my mother's

getting but I'm right you don't mean

mind you I'm sleep I'm waking up to see

mom getting buck and it's not even like

we're in the same room she didn't even

have the decency to be like okay look

you know we're gonna move my son or

we're gonna do this go and do that she's

doing whatever she has to do but you

know of course they justify is you know

I'm living my life well I have a light

tube there you know that's bullshit

bullshit so let's fast-forward you know

that's just one example upon many things

but that's fast for the years later so

I'm getting married you know I mean I

mean I'm married to my wife right my

wives get into an argument my wife goes

off in a tangent and text my mother

being messy and despite not knowing

anything but my mother being my mother

sees like what's going on why she mad

and this and that I'm like she's just

emotional right he's like what did you

do to her I'm like why did it have to be

what did I do to her what did I do

I don't care about yeah exactly I don't

care about taking sides anything like

that I wasn't like oh man well you know

you taking her I'm just talking about

the fact that she wasn't presented no

evidence and just assumed that I just

had to come home and just rape my wife

for doing other bullshit I'm talking

about countless countless countless time

she's done young dude you know it's

always four why is Daniela upset you

must have done so I'm like what the fuck

I'm sorry so that kind of did all the

time all the time so I had to have a

talk with her you know I had to have a

talk with after watching your show of

stuff a couple of times I was just like

hey look that this is not cool but you

know the military was my was my

introduction to being like you know

reach on it brother preach on it man

like all right right and fought to get

out there was this guy that was in my

unit now he was

perfect example of somebody that was

nobody before they joined the military

right and he just had he just had

hard-on for me I don't know what it was

he just didn't like me in the slider now

I fucked his wife Oh

a full disclosure I did not know it I

did not know that this is his wife

beforehand you know it just and listen

listen listen

that's no accident listen that's no

accident man military wives will fuck

you and tell you that they are not

married will agree so I you know I dealt

with her a couple of times and then

after found out I cut the shit off so it

is already great you know my old miners

are sick because this guy's a loose

cannon right he's already right habit he

already had it out for me anyway and he

didn't even know hug his wife so I was

like you know what I'm gonna be a man

I'm gonna be a man about it

stop pulling out to the side and I tell

him you know I'm like hey look you know

I mean I did I'm being honest man and

man looking in his eyes you know the

first thing he said was what what

everything everything else I say without

the window all he talks about is gonna

come on my wife that was like brother

and other people other people had came

for the sandwiches like hey look he's

telling the truth here your wife be

getting bust man he wasn't here none

about knowing her was his wife was

getting around her was just on a Friday

night I'm just coming out of the bird

trying to see what that box right she

seemed you know he wanted to get fuck

Yeah right she was checking for you back

when I had to go meet the command about

the instant because he was the NCO so

I'm getting it from I had got busted I

had got you know demoted so right

getting in trouble for fighters yo and

an NCO for those of you who aren't

familiar with military

NCO means noncommissioned officers and

on military bases there's the NCO club

and there's the there's the officer's


the reason they separate it is for

conflict of interest you don't want like

a captain or a major becoming friends

with a subordinate hence officers clubs

an NCO exactly exactly so we're having

this so I'm sitting down what what

man and stuff like that and I'm you know

doing my spiel and he's like my wife is

a good woman oh and this guy he you know

he's always been he's always been a

deterrent I mean uh he's always been a

distraction you fancy that my wife would

have never done this all right all right

and it's just this is crazy man but yeah

all women I like that fuck that fuck

that some women you know a couple women

no oh all women are like they all will

cheat you know fuck that

I've seen your firsthand I've seen it

countless times uh not some of them not

a few of them not a couple of them all

of them every single one of a man rape

from PG man dropping serious knowledge

in the stories man I appreciate it

you know me make my wife better little

program this you put there you go good

good good good I'm again some days later

man but listen listen what Rae frumpy

and thanks for the call ray what ray

from PG is talking about is I did a

two-part episode on how to get your wife

back in line and again the the episode

number escapes me but it's it's a recent

episode if anybody wants to look that up

on Donovan char calm but it's based

loosely on the on the red pill reddit

post the 12 levels of dread and it's a

month I think it takes about a year how

to get your wife back in line

listen it is an excellent way to to get

your wife back in line it absolutely

works rate from PG that's actually the

second time he's called up and and given

us an update he actually called it last

month and says listen I just I just

started the program and we're gonna find

out what's gonna you know I'm gonna keep

you up in it so so it looks as though he

is doing what he needs to do 911 for 205

five three five six is the number to

call to get in on the conversation let's

go back to the phone lines area code

five one six are on live with Donovan

hey what's up brother

the guy said I remember or just will

move back before a few minutes ago you

were talking about how he at the society

expect women to be virtuous yes and it's

actually really interesting that word is

used because it's actually comes from

the Roman word the Latin word water

ethos and I really needed me away a

theme of a man that's impossible for a

woman to be version right right and the

reason and not to get you off here the

reason why it's impossible for a woman

to be virtuous especially when it comes

to men is because it's it's

evolutionarily necessary women are not

supposed to be virtuous women are

supposed to be aroused by alpha males

they're supposed to be aroused by men

with superior genes otherwise the

dominant genes would be bred out of the

race so I know a lot of guys say well

you know all women are like that and

they shouldn't be like that no hypergamy

is good for men okay it keep listen it

keeps our shit in line we want our women

breeding with the highest value highest

quality men out there to keep you know

to keep the human race going

we don't listen we don't want listen

listen man I have great genes I'm glad

my mom had sex with my dad so as far as

from that perspective

a woman is not virtuous it's impossible

for her to be virtuous but again from an

Evelyn from an evolutionary standpoint

that is necessary now morally of course

we can talk about that but I just want

to go ahead and interject there go ahead

that's all I really want to say we think

about all that's ever been to manage a

women in society right we've actually

just being modest and being chaste there

you go that's actually the female

equivalent to being virtuous and most

women today absolutely fail absolutely

not absolutely not

thanks for the call area code five one

six I'm gonna actually get into this a

little bit later it is impossible for

women to be virtuous on their own when

women women are self-destructive by

nature okay when women are left to their

own devices they are self-destructive

they drink themselves to death they take

a lot of dick they do drugs if they're

not led by a strong red pill where male

they are naturally self-destructive if

you ever meet a woman who does not

belong to a strong man who isn't

self-destructive she

the parents who has a strong father

that's just how that is let's go back to

the phone lines and see what's going on

area code nine at zero four you're on

live autonomy Thank You Graham I follow

you thank you thank you have a quick

question I don't I don't know I don't

know if this is on topic but man I've

been you know dealing with those pretty

much all my life and I'm kind of tired

of it but no I'm more than tired and so

I'm wondering it was for you was it like

a natural transition or progression into

you know other races or was it something

that just came natural that's number one

number two was it easy to interact with

them or I mean you know I don't know if

I'm asking it the right way it's just

that you know when you've been doing one

thing all your life something different

sometimes can be a little bit different

so I yeah absolutely and that is a very

good question to answer your first

question it was a it was a natural

transition you know it's interesting I

didn't start dating non black women

exclusively until I until I was fully

immersed in the red pill I didn't just

wake up one day and decide you know what

I don't want to date black women anymore

no I had dated white girls and black

girls my entire life but when I became

red pillow where I improve myself to the

point to where I had more and better

options and when your red pill aware you

want feminine women you want kind

feminine women with a kind disposition

who want to make their men happy well

when you have that kind of knowledge

when you're not afraid to go after what

you want black women become black women

become non-existent too they become

invisible to you as a natural byproduct

of your masculine standards so this

happened very gradual it's funny I woke

up one day or I didn't wake up ready I

just realized you know what it's been a

while since I fucked a black girl and

again it wasn't it wasn't a decision I

just woke up and made it was just a

natural progression in my overall game

again when you're masculine man you want

woman when you have Red Bull Rhenish

you're not afraid to go after what you

want so that answers your first question

to answer your second question the the

transition as far as interacting with

them it was not difficult here's one

thing you have to understand is that as

black men we have what I describe as the

assumed alpha advantage now this can be

good and bad the the the the

disadvantage of the assumed the assumed

alpha advantage is that when as a black

man you approach a white woman a white

woman and a white woman knows you are

trying to fucker you're not trying to be

your friend

you're not trying to you're not trying

to you know being you're not just making

a Matthews conversation where the

brother steps to a white girl she knows

he is trying to fuck so if if if she's

down if she's down to fuck to like if

she is receptive to game she's gonna let

you know that immediately right if she's

not she's not gonna waste much of your

time she's gonna say look I'm not into

black eyes or look she's just gonna shoo

you away so the advantage is is that if

she is if she is receptive to game or

the advantages is that if she

reciprocates if she talks to you she's

under no she's under no assumption what

you're up to

she knows that you were trying to fuck

the disadvantage of that is of course

most white women aren't into black guys

a lot of white women are into black guys

most white girls prefer black men or

most white girls prefer white men so

we're at a dinner at a disadvantage

they're interacting with them is no

different just understand that when you

approach a white woman as a black man

it's gonna be listen you'll know

immediately if she's interested or if

she's not there's not a lot of wasted

time appreciate it man thank you for the


Larry in Florida let's go back to the

chat here before we continue let's see


suade senator says i read the whole

chronicles yesterday wow I never heard

of that 98% of women are hoes the other

2% Arne Walt the 2% are already locked

down and we have to deal with the rest

too and I totally agree

if you meet a woman Lytton listen get it

I'm gonna talk about this later

freelance Ronit is actually doing a

little bit of forecasting here I'm gonna

get to this later I don't want to open

up the can of worms because it's

actually quite a smooth transition yes

this is a sugar-free rock star I'm a

little groggy this morning very very

good very very good comment there

Andre Silva good to see you in here says

we as men have to be and act more

rationally we are controlled by this

female centric society throwing shaming

tactics and our emotional reactions we

have to use more we have to use more our

heads unless our heart totally agree and

listen we're genetically predisposed to

be more logical and use our heads

absolutely be Gary 3:15 says I love my

sisters to death but know for a fact the

head slut phrases Marcus says the ratio

is said sure the same are similar that

apply to the UK especially as a 34 year

old male who once had a dream of a loyal

wife and kids yeah I agree men that's

part of this is part of that tough pill

to swallow

when you really do accept red pill truth

man it's tough it really really is I

talk about this all the time one of the

unintended consequences of the red pill

is a little bit of depression listen man

Mike listen I wanted to have a wife and

kids but as soon as I even even when I

moved to Vegas I still had that in the

back of my mind but when I took the red

pill and it sunk and I was like well

this is not a possibility not in this

environment good comment Marcus told me

my mom told me my dad was rude

controlling and possessive yeah and

that's what brought me into this world

Pink's yeah there you go there you go

very good comment that's awesome chubby

one coyote Jada up see who says without

a strong male figure a man is fucked

a woman can never teach masculinity

because it goes against their motive

very good comment excellence wait

senator says Tom Lake has taught me that

my dad being an asshole was the reason

my mom was turned on by him I follow the

same mindset now and get much better

results because of it absolutely blown

revolver one says I'm traumatized now

thinking about my parents right Ryan

Sullivan shout-out to you says copies

hardcore enough every man needs to

replace his daily coffee with energy

drinks maybe I had a cup of coffee this

morning to try not to run on fumes zero

nine eleven for two oh five five three

five six six let's go back to the phone

lines whoever is on the line you're on

live with Donovan go ahead the number

one make cow in Tokyo yeah baby Jonathan

from Modern Life dating the numbers dude

you are the world's number one McDowell

I kid because I care what's going on

Jonathan how you doing man I just wanted

to bring some I just want to bring some

good news so for you guys that follow me

on Instagram I don't know but I posted

the news article what's happening in

Italy okay

Italy right now is about it change the

divorce laws well really house up guys

on child support payment 50/50 on the

parenting what I'm telling you what does


they're all gonna start doing it cuz you

know shit like this you know how much

Floyd Mayweather pays every month in

child support no I paid eighty three

thousand dollars no no do not tell me

that from this moment on in January I

would be dead from drug overdose in part

you know

large man and you know sort of saying

like good news it's common baby it's

coming and it just adds to the whole

single mom think so obviously I come

from a single mom too and mom mom got

married to my daddy daddy was a pimp

apparently because he was 43 42 yeah

Trinidad when she was 18 oh dude dad was

a tip oh yeah dad had all the game

brother all the game so I got I got a

little bit of 80 in but same thing my

mom you know god bless her she did her

best to raise me through the fucking


kamaal to his childhood the fact that I

came out somewhat successful is a

miracle because she's my brother I have

a brother and a sister but we are

brother and sisters from three different

fathers Wow

see that three and now she's married to

another shitbag you know it's like 50

percent of it based on psychology I got

my psych degree 50% of it is based on

the upbringing and her dad was abusive

to her okay so maybe she just went

beautify but same exact thing my mom

says you need to be nice to that girl

you need to marry her you need to buy

her flowers look mom I need to treat her

like shit so she'll keep coming back

that's where I always do anything it's

not a malicious thing it's just putting

yourself first it's what it's what's

necessary here here's the thing Jonathan

and I used to say this all the time it's

actually something that I've not said in

a while I don't want to be like this

right like I hate dude every time listen

man I aired listen if there's a problem

with me and Devin I will air her ass out

I don't enjoy yelling at her yeah I

don't enjoy being a dick I don't enjoy

fucking girls and not calling them to

make them like me more but this is how

it has to be I tried the other way

right I tried the flowers I tried the

nice guy approach and I got Nooh you


I tried being the nice guy that all of

our mothers told us to be and I got

nothing but a collective fuck you that's

what happened

listen feminism and women forced us to

be like this this is how it is yep yep

it's good this is how men used to be we

got born into this Disney generation yes

where they all lie to you and they think

everything's gonna be some special happy

snowflake event dudes are soft and in

the compensation women are becoming

harder and I see a shift happening

because I'm deep I'm deep deep deep in

the YouTube game I'm and I'm in every

fucking corner of YouTube I watched like

nine ten different genres from Star Wars

to military ration unboxing videos

everything Wow and all of these

bodybuilding everybody is shifting

towards this truth movement and you know

we're all guys in our 30s some of us in

her 20 some of us in our forties but I

see a big change coming and it's

starting like I mean thinking about it

got to the point that it got so bad that

you a financially successful man who we

get pussy has taken it upon himself to

put his face on the internet and spread

the fucking good word right and it's not

like you only I'm doing it Rollo's doing

it we got an army of men and like men in

armies we always fucking win so we're

gonna try to shit too so if you're

feeling down you're feeling depressed

blah blah blah if the gym fucking go out

thank some broad it's gonna get better I

swear to fucking god it's gonna get


the only reason they're censoring us is

because they are afraid of us that's

right that listen Jonathan listen I

gotta give you credit where credit is

due man you and Devin and I will never

forget this I you actually talked about


I mean you've called it the show plenty

of times I don't think it was episode

312 or we talked about the expat to

Tokyo life but you called it you said

listen man a change is coming and I

disagreed with you I said listen dude

like I understand

you might think that but look what we're

up against like they're I mean

feminism is here to stay people are

never gonna wake up Devon told me the

same thing she says listen she and

listen things are a-changin I didn't

believe either of you but and this was

months ago it would appear that you are

correct man dude if I'm gonna read that

I'm gonna read that article about Italy

that would be dude that would change the

world that would change everything from

reproductive rights to you know women's

choices in men if if women know that

they would be partial if the women know

that it's got to be 50/50 in terms of

child support and and 50/50 custody

maybe they're not gonna be it maybe

they're not gonna be a slutty maybe

they'll be a little bit more careful

with who they sleep with instead of a

trap an egg a baby or trap a man baby or

something like that you called it I got

to give you credit they updated an

ending it's gonna get better

these bitches the only reason this is a

woman's modus operandi in the United

States okay

she knows big tech has her back and she

knows the government Hazzard back a

woman fundamentally on her own phone

knows she's fucking helpless okay what

are you and a girl getting the physical

dispute she hits you you got back right

right hook clean knockout right there

what does she do

wakes up all the police cries

manipulates them the government comes

and gets your ass straight

Peck you call feminists you fat fucking

cunt suck a dick what does she do report

you you get banned all girls know this

all girls know this they know the system

is on their side but the thing that they

don't know is that now dudes are filming

and they're catching these bitches and

they're putting them behind and they're

getting exposed and it's a fucking

awesome yes absolutely

listen maybe even call it TFM and have a

threesome with his waifu doll it's funny

turtling a monkey and I'll end it here

turd flinging monkey is brilliant but

flinging monkey is probably the only

low-level mix hell out there whose sex

doll has probably cheated on him oh shit

no he didn't

thanks for calling Jonathan I appreciate

it man oh go ahead go ahead good story

real quick there's a guy in the comments

of the last TV show I'm the last red man

group and it's under like somebody some

guys avatars make racist afraid again or

whatever and this guy is going in on you

and it is so funny Lee pathetic how he's

going in on you in the comments just

like attacking everybody and and I did

it I did it on a digit on 11 sharp

approaches that I cocksucker if you

think it's such a badass get on Google

hangout and call me let's livestream it

and ding there you go no response

never only cowards play home games out

sometimes you the man Jonathan call him

anytime brother Jonathan from Modern

Life dating yeah man it's it's you know

my little thing with her and I you know

I bring up turd flinging monkey all the

time because it's brilliant as he is

he's a brilliant coward he is an in cell

masquerading as a big towel monk that's

just how that is that's how that is

to continue with what I was talking

about with regards to separating

familial ties from the truth

like I said guys I love my mother I love

my sisters but that doesn't mean they're

not women that doesn't mean they don't

have feminine proclivities here's it

listen I'll tell you a quick story about

my mom actually rationalizing and


is actually on the day of Super Bowl 30

okay her and her boyfriend had gotten

into a fight I mean I don't maybe

cheated on her whatever the case may be

she took a crowbar and she you know put

some dents in this wound or whatever

some some Waiting to Exhale shit anyway

he actually used to work with us selling

newspapers we used to be the you know

the the kids on the corner you know

selling newspapers to people we'd make

money whatever we used to try this out

there and by the way by the way

true story I sold Dean Smith a Sunday

newspaper the day after he broke Adolph

Rupp's record look that up I think he

broke the record against Colorado State

or something and I was on the street

corner and Dean Smith rolls up in a

green BMW and I'll never forget this I

said you look a lot like being Smith he

says well that's because I am

oh my god anyway mom was pissed off at

her boyfriend and she took it out on us

so we get home and she's still seething

because of course her boyfriend has

cheated on her or whatever and she says

to me she says you should have said

something or done something I told her I

thought you wanted us to stay at a grown

folks business so she reaches over she

turns off the Super Bowl and she aired

us out because we were males and we were

there all of that anger that she had

toward us was toward her cheating

boyfriend now she rationalized her

behavior by telling me that I'm supposed

to confront a grown-ass man at 17 years

old because because she was my mother

and I should have jumped in even though

she constantly tells us a Stan of her

business which she should so which is it

stay out of our business or fight a

grown-ass man based on what you've told

me this is what I knew this is when I

figured out that my mother was a person

and what I mean by that a lot of a lot

and listen when we're kids we sort of

have this hero worship we believe that

our parents are infallible until we have

that one moment where we're like holy

shit they're just as flawed as everybody

else out here

parents are people too and for those of

you out there who have a problem with

your parents listen man I'm not saying

you have to forgive them okay but

understand that your parents are people

too they're not perfect they have faults

a frailties just like everybody else

area code five one zero I saw you in the

queue if you want to call in call back

you're in the queue for a few seconds I

noticed you in the queue earlier and you

dropped off so if you want to call and

call it I'll put you on the blame

shifting came in later when she

apologized for doing what she did but

she said it was because of my attitude

about the whole thing which was


non-existent gentlemen understand this

women related to you are women - okay

this clouds your adjustment judgment

with women the prevailing sentiment out

there is pick someone pick a woman who's

just like your mother yeah only if she's

feminine only if she's quality listen

this this is why black men date white

girls they don't even realize why they

do it the reason why black men date

white girls is because they had a poor

excuse of a mother they had a masculine

mother these are the men like myself who

are not afraid to go after what we want

I had a bad poor excuse for a mother

with in a relationship context marriage

white material context this is why I

gravitated toward white girls my high

school sweetheart was a white girl my

mom used to say to me all the time

Donovan why don't you date an

african-american girl I had no idea I

had no idea now that I'm 41 and not

sixteen years old I now understand why

because my mother was a poor example of

a woman and I didn't want a woman like

that so I gravitated toward the first

feminine woman feminine girl at the time

thought I was pretty too it's the same

reason why white girls date black guys

it's not because they think they have

19-inch dicks what but I'm sure that's

part of the whole myth right the reason

white girls date black guys is because

dad wasn't masculine enough white girls

see their white dads get pushed around

by their wives they see the wives

cheating on their mother or cheatin they

see the wives cheating on their fathers

they see their fathers getting

disrespected they see their fathers

being just relegated to a mule and it's

not like they consciously decide well

I'm gonna date a black guy no no women

females instinctively knows what women

instinctively know what masculinity

looks like they know what they're

aroused by they can't describe it they

can feel it so then I gotta gravitate

toward weak men like their fathers are

gonna gravitate toward men who exhibit

hyper masculinity and at the first guy

that she experiences that with happens

to be black now she dates black guys

and listen for the record the two most

racist groups in America are white men

and black women and that in large part

is because the people that they are the

most romantically interested in are

seeking greener pastures with the

opposite sex that's why they're mad

every story listen guys guys listen to

round this thing off every story you

hear about how a woman fucked a guy over

in some way shape or form rationalized

bad behavior but you know shifted blame

she is someone's sister she is someone's

mother the brothers and sons of those

women probably think that their mothers

and sisters are the exceptions to a Walt

all women are like that guys even the

women related to us let's go back to the

phone lines

area code five one zero you're on live

with Donovan go ahead yo what's up

Donovan how's it going man this is the

cosmic vortex over here the cosmic

vortex all right good good good to see

men amen

you have a you have awesome show thank

you really I'm cheap and right now I

actually shout out the O'Shea and all

the rest okay you guys are awesome it's

about 12:30 a.m. out here man just just

your show your book I just got to give

you a real shout out for that

thanks for putting the content out thank

you emo where where they try to do what

he do what you can in superjet no no I

understand I understand and I don't I

don't do I don't do super chat because

you have to be monetized and in order to

be monetized by YouTube now they have to

review your videos and of course if

YouTube reviews my videos they're not

gonna monetize me so I do all my

donations through stream labs and of

course I'm no I like you red pill the

fuck out of YouTube and they didn't

handle it for a second right right right

yeah I mean listen I had super chat at

one point I was making pretty good money

off of it but you know guys like me

there are so many more guys

me than there used to be that's why they

have this policy we have to review your

account in order to monetize you so a

lot of us have just moved over to

patreon and patreon is definitely

patreon listen pay for EM let's creators

create it it's very good for you know

NSFW content like myself so I appreciate

you listen to the show man I thanks for

the shout out man

hey and if anyone hasn't seen Donovan's

Facebook go check his facebook out bro

oh yeah yeah yeah Devin taught me yeah

we actually I talked about this

yesterday she's she's doing a new or you

know she's doing a new tan line pattern

and of course I like tan lines at listen

check this out I like tan lines it's

probably because of listen my porn

addiction for whatever reason I love tan

line so listen I made her get tan lines

but the bulbs from the from the tanning

salon it really fucks up her skin and I

don't want her to die a fucking skin

cancer or anything like that so we

decided to try so we decided to try

spray tan and we decided to try like a

new tan line pattern worked like a

fucking charm dude she's got those deep

dude she's a white girl but dude she has

these deep like razor sharp Brazilian

like tan lines it's unbelievable beat

the breaks off for that night I know I


check this out she thought is taking

some nice photos she's like cooking them

full full-court chicken meals right the

vegetables it and serving it and serving

it to me looking like I want her to look

it's how it is eat roll back about yeah

don't even what's wrong with her there's

nothing wrong with her listen I'm wrong

with her and yet listen man like like

the thing is this man a lot of people

and you probably see this a lot too a

lot of men and women try to disqualify

the success of men like me well the only

reason she does that for you is because

you have mind fucked her the only reason

why she does that for you is because

she's mentally no no no that's a man


that wasn't Devin's a woman the reason

why she does this for you is Donovan

sharp as airtight fucking cave he's got

more game than you do and your hatin you

wish your woman would do the same thing

and you can't so you hate on me that's

how that goes

wait not even you get the people who are

like oh my god I can't believe she cooks

for you yeah we you get people saying

shit like that

right yeah oh yeah of course I can't

believe she why would she cook for you

and there's not any other you know what

here's the answer

Donovan aren't calm yeah I have to be

careful it's funny I'm not sure if any

of you have been out here in Japan but

there's a cultural taboo called non pas

which it's not the exact non so non VII

is when you try and pick up pick up

chicks or like we thought it would take

so you have to be like you have to be

really creative when you talk to chicks

like yeah it's just it's just like it's

just really it's just about being on

your purpose and grind your thing and

then along the way but you can't like in

America it's like okay I'm doing that

petition boom like I'm doing my thing

but dang let me just say what's up to

her real quick well my mom wanted but no

you got to be careful around that shit

it's although it's it's pretty crazy out

here man and uh you know I'm I'm out

here in the countryside of Japan and in

a way it's not it but it's not what you

think country is okay it's not Tokyo

okay okay I think what a lot of people

think of him I think what a lot of

people think hey he lives in Japan they

automatically think Tokyo same thing is

hey you know you lived in Las Vegas they

think all of Las Vegas is like the strip

no Las Vegas is it is a character that's

incorporated in all ads so yeah yeah

well listen man I got other calls to get

to but but thanks for the call thanks

for the shoutout

listen man feel free to call in anytime

man hey you tell you bro

thanks for the content I appreciate it

appreciate it man imma keep it comin man

thanks for the call let's go back to the

phone lines area code 404 you're on live

with Donovan I think you're calling out

of the ATL yeah man yessir

what's going on brother how you doing

good good

I just wanted to call in because that

point you made you make me make a great

point about having been able to separate

familial ties I'm not all women are like

that right because because one of the

things about it is even a lot of guys

think not all women are like that

oh my mom's are like that my sister's

not like that yes they are yes they are

every single woman is like that yes they

are yes your mother's like that are your

cousins are like that all your sisters

are like that everybody's like that but

that doesn't mean you can't still love

them but doesn't mean you can't still

have a level of respect to them as you

should for being your parent you just

have to understand that at the end of

the day they're still women right little

is important that's what a bullet docked

at the end of the day well the thing is

this is I think a lot of people and and

rightfully so

they they feel like if they acknowledge

the the slutty proclivities of their of

their mothers and sisters and aunts that

they are betraying them in some way

right like like just like you said just

because you can acknowledge that your

sisters being a ho or your that your

sister is a ho doesn't mean that you

don't still love your sister right

listen the perfect you know the

prevalence is is hey we don't love them

hos except for if they're related to us

right I love my mom she was a ho I love

my sisters they had hope ladies one of

my sisters are still oh this is just how

it is

I see I'm 21 so I still live with my

parents okay

oh I'm still in college I still live

with my parents and we had a situation

here the other day and like the fact

that you had this episode and everything

about now oh I like that

it's like replaying that all those

incidents back in my head and everything

cuz you know like you just said you grew

up thinking oh your parents you have

this kind of so-called hero worship get

out there and you know and everything

like that and you don't realize the

actual people right when um and the

thing about it is when you actually

replay situations in your head it

happened back in the day or these

arguments that go up that come up

between them and everything you think

about Wow

all this very pillow stuff all this

female nature stuff this stuff is in my

mother's it's right you just need

I don't see it as a young child but as

you get older and order the order we

started seeing more and more and more

and it's crazy because um you know and

my father obviously they that my mom and

my father they're still married in it

right and they were having argument the

other day about this about like you know

it was and it was it was a real end but

actually called me up because they

wanted me to hear all the why but they

did and there's a big fight and fuss


the fact that my mother is not feminine

enough that my mom I still love my mom

but she's super masculine right Superman

right as a lot of black women airliner

or of course my mom is su mom's super

masculine doesn't cook doesn't clean Wow

Wow oh my god and he listen hold on so

let me let me let me stop you right

there so they're having an art so your

dad had the balls to tell your masculine

mother that she's that she is not

feminine enough yes essentially that's

what he said essentially any I guess I

feel walking getting fed up and get

tired with the shirt because this is

this is a this is a yearly daily thing

for him you know he and they both work

force arm and but he has to come home

watches all the dishes come one goal is

to get the groceries got the laundry and

and I kind of feel bad for him but at

the same time will point you the point

that you made about about the male into

the bargain

right yes was a very implicit it's very

important because you know I love my dad

too but he's out of shape right he's

fast right there we go you know he he

doesn't carry himself very well he

doesn't mean I don't still love him but

you know that's just the fact that the

bestest the fact of the matter so when I

see those kind of things I could say

okay maybe she's not feminine enough

maybe because you don't require her to

do so because you don't hold yourself to

that there you go there you go and if

you don't hold yourself to that standard

you don't have the right to ask a woman

to hold herself to that standard exactly


that's how that goes well listen man I

thought go ahead mr. BAE

I was gonna say I certainly appreciate

the call again if you're listening if

you're listening on youtube you guys can

call 911 for two oh five five three five

six let me ask you one last question

here before I let you go

how long have your how long have your

parents been married and do you think

they're headed for divorce at this point

so there's no mid 50 so they've been

married about 20 to 23 years okay so

they meant when they were in their late

20s so I don't know your late twenties

early thirties

okay out of the exact time certainly may

be married about 25 years well yeah so

they probably won't get it and to answer

your question I believe yes or divorce

they've had it very soon you think so

because it's a lack of I think so

because the thing about it is is like

they have they have a whole bunch of

problems in terms of I mean they have a

whole much problem in terms of you know

lack of sex which you know which was

also an argument point I was brought up

in that argument they have the other day

you know lack of commits lack of a

femininity or my mom like a masculinity

right there and it was just a big big

big thing so I do believe it's headed

soon it's one thing you know I mean I

I'm old enough to understand I have a

little sister she may take it a little

uh a little mobile unposted like harsher

and I will I'm old enough to kind of

understand that like and it is what it

is right you know you can't really

change things but my sister may take a

little bit harsher and I will but you

know it is what it is man but that's

that's but you know it's one of those

things where I don't really blame my

mother as much as I blame my father

because as the man you're supposed to be

held to a higher standard

that's right we can't listen we can't

expect women and expect her to do things

right right we can't expect women to we

can't expect women to fix themselves and

I'm gonna talk about that later thanks

for the call area code 4 or 4 I've got

I've got to move on with the show again

he makes a very good point we can't

expect women to be good by themselves

and I'm gonna I'm actually going to

address that here in a few minutes let's

go ahead move on with

I'm gonna talk a little bit about

debunking then they won't myth in a

couple of other ways now this is a minor

one that I'm gonna talk about here and

it's called the it's called

environmental and situational excuses

for a Walt behavior other than a wall

this is when other people come to the

defense of women right these are the

strongest proponents of not all women

are like that now they ran it this is

interesting people who defend women like

this people who are like not all women

are like that they rationalize their

behavior not knowing all of the facts

but then they blame their bad decisions

on the situation especially men and

again we'll get to this later so as far

as branch swinging is concerned if a

girl has a boyfriend she starts fucking

a guy behind his back dumps the

boyfriend for the guy she's fucking

that's obviously branch slinging we all

know what that is now men and women are

again they are keenly aware of this they

know that women do this but then they'll

turn around and make excuses for other

people well he was out of town a lot she

told me he was physically abusive

those are both extreme situations but

just because they said it doesn't make

it true and if he was abusive why didn't

she leave right if he was abusive now

here's the thing rental wet rental

awareness tells us that if he really was

abusive he would have stayed it's funny

women say well I cheated on him because

he was abusive no no now we know he's

not abusive because if he were abusive

you wouldn't Petite it on I did a show

called why women stay with abusive men I

actually wrote an article on return of

Kings talking about the same thing this

is as if to say that the abusive

behavior is a reason to cheat no it's

not a reason to cheat it's a reason to

leave not cheat and a man being out of

town all the time that is a long

distance relationship call it what you

want that's a long distance relationship

people know they're a bad idea yet

people getting date they get engaged in

long-distance relationships all the time

if he was never around then why are you

with him in the first place just dump


but they never do they just cheap

hypergamy I discussed this with Steve

the Dean Williams about a half an hour

ago when a girl upgrades when she finds

a new and better guy they use every

excuse Under the Sun to admit that she

just found a better guy

she just upgraded I said yesterday

specifically hypergamy is good for men I

said it earlier today

hypergamy isn't bad it sucks sometimes

but if when your woman exercises

hypergamy in there there there are two

different kinds of hypergamy not all her

hypergamy is created equal go back and

check out episode 335 for that but if

you don't handle your shit your girl is

gonna move on as she should people will

make excuses for by her for her high

Pergamus behavior well her situation

changed without knowing how it changed

just admit that you upgraded and there's

nothing wrong with that nothing wrong

with that red Jedi says sharp you need

to do an episode on red pill men raising

girls um listen I'm not a father and I

don't have a girl but I know someone who


that is one Rollo Tomassi might actually

reach out to him and and do a special

livestream on Saturday and specifically

discuss how to raise girls with him as a

man with rental awareness cuz this is

something this is something he has

anecdotal experience with I think

Rollo's I think Rolo's daughter is 20 21

years old something like that here's

another way we are going to debunk the

not all the not all women are like that

the not all women are like that myth

okay so we know that all women are like

that but again remember not all women

are the same but here's the thing they

don't all engage in every single a Walt

behavior just because she doesn't engage

in one doesn't mean you get to say not

all women are like that yes gentlemen

there are women out there who defy one

a walled that doesn't mean you can claim

her as the exception to the rule

there isn't one single woman out there

who defies all aspects of a world not

one here women they simply cannot go

against their biological programming

otherwise they wouldn't be women listen

I use our I use men as an example this

meant we can't stop being aroused by hot

girls any more than women can deny their

true nature you may know a woman who

takes full responsibility for her

actions all the time she's the girl who

says I got pregnant because I had

unprotected sex it feels better you

might know a woman who said I lost my

job because I was late and missed too

many days she might be the type of woman

who doesn't blame shift that doesn't

mean she doesn't branch swing that

doesn't mean she doesn't exercise

hypergamy okay so she's an exception to

one of the rules of a Walt that doesn't

mean she's a she's an exception to the

entire a Walt Declaration and think of

it like this right so a woman doesn't

exhibit a particular a Walt behavior

this means she suppresses it because it

is part of her nature so if a woman

attempts to suppress her true nature

that proves the very definition of all

women are like that they wouldn't have

to suppress something that isn't there

so just because a woman manages not to

Branch Ling or blame shift or engage in

rationalizing bad behavior or at least

out loud doesn't mean she doesn't have

her it doesn't mean she doesn't have it

in her to do it because she is actively

trying not to do it if she really isn't

like that then this would be effortless

right so if you know a woman who doesn't

let her relationships overlap by way of

branch swinging good for her but trust

and belief she fights that impulse guys

she knows that women Branch Ling and she

knows it's fucked up and she knows she's

susceptible to that she knows it's not a

sin to fall out of love with a man

because she has feelings for someone

else but she knows it's wrong to pursue

another relationship while she's in one

rather than being a woman about

and breaking up with her current

boyfriend before exploring a

relationship with another guy but that's

not easy for her guys and the fact that

it's not easy for her means that it is

in her nature to branch swing good for

her for not yielding to the

self-destructive tendency of most of

today's women but all this does is

further prove that she is indeed like

that here's the thing guys here's the

thing and I want if there are any women

watching or listening all women are like

that doesn't mean all my min are bad

doesn't mean she's a bad person just

because a woman is like that and

exhibits a Walt characteristics doesn't

mean she's a horrible person the urge to

branch swing or exercise hypergamy or

the urge to blame shift doesn't make her

a bad person it makes her a woman I

remember a long time ago I was in Vegas

I was probably god I was three months in

I remember I was outside smoking a

cigarette with a good friend of mine out

there she was God she was like 400

pounds she was obese but for whatever

reason man she stayed having boyfriends

it was it was crazy

dude those Vegas niggas are crazy anyway

I never her telling me you know what

Donovan I don't need a man I desire one

but I don't need a man and I said to her

look meeting a man doesn't it's the

reason why she said this is because

women think that needing a man makes

them weak I said dude meeting a man

doesn't make you weak it makes you a

woman just like wanting to have sex

doesn't make a woman a slut listen women

want to get fucked all the time that

doesn't make a woman a slut not

exercising temperance and discipline by

not fucking every guy who makes your

pussy wet okay that doesn't make you a

slut or I'm sorry that makes you a slut

wanting to have sex doesn't make you a

slut yielding to temptation and fuck it

about you guys that's what makes you a

slut guys out here use all women or

like that as an excuse not to pursue

women yeah I'm gonna call out the fellas

on this one yes gentlemen all women are

like that but that doesn't mean that she

can't want to learn to be a better

person to be a better woman with

instruction here's the thing men women

there are women out there who are

terrible wives and significant others

this is in their nature but there are a

lot of women out there who want to be a

good woman they just don't know how they

want to be led but it takes the right

man to do it trust and believe it takes

the right one to do it

Devin is absolutely like every other

woman out there Devin has engaged in

branch leaning swinging Devin listen

she's hyper gameis she has an epic

rationalization hamster and she blames

shifts all the time or at least she did

of course I called her out especially in

the beginning she didn't like it but she

respected it but Devin was open and

ready for instruction because she wanted

to be a better woman the reason the

reason why she came to me is because she

was fucking some guy and found out that

she was the side chick right like she

thought that she thought the guy

actually liked her she found out that he

had a boyfriend 90-second all right well

90 seconds of that I'm gonna go ahead

and met so the phone lines have been cut

off thank you to all of my callers for

calling in but yeah

Devin found out she was a side chick she

thought she was she thought she was

maybe a quasi main chick had no idea he

was fucking other girls or I had no idea

that he had a boyfriend and so she made

a choice dude I'm tired of this what do

I have to do to change what do I have to

do to to stop from making the mistakes

that I made I got a hold of her I

trained her which was not easy and here

we are now keep in mind guys you have to

be steadfast you've got to be consistent

you've got to be patient you've got to

have Red Bull truth it is not easy to

train these behaviors out of women I'm

here to tell you it is extraordinarily

frustrating and it will drive you both

crazy but if she has redeeming qualities

if she looks good if she cooks good if

she's obedient if she's receptive if she

has thick skin if she has the desire to


it can be done all women are like that

does not mean all women can't be trained

she can be trained okay now keep in mind

I want to make this clear

she can't be changed but she can be

trained you're not gonna change you're

not gonna change a woman you can only

train her if Devon and I were to break

up right now you know what would happen

she would go right back to being the

woman she was before she met me because

when women are left in their own devices

they're self-destructive and listen they

engage in the worst of a wealth

behaviors time and time again and

they're on autopilot this is what

they're designed to do especially in

this world the way the world is now it

literally activates all of a woman's

worst qualities the blame-shifting the

hamstring the branch swinging the

sluttiness so when a woman is by herself

and she doesn't have direction if

there's not a strong man leading her

down the right path yeah she's gonna be

a slut she's gonna have threesomes gang

bangs fucking seven dudes in seven days

this is what they're gonna do men are

looking for that Unicorn they're looking

for that finished product

gentlemen I'm here to tell you you will

not find her you're not gonna find her

quality women are not born gentlemen

they are made they are sculpted by

strong men who know what it takes to

create a woman of substance stop looking

for the snowflake guys understand you

got to put a wart you got to put the

work in don't say well all women are

like that so I'm not gonna pursue women

okay we'll listen this just means that

you don't have the time or the

wherewithal to train the to train a

woman to be a proper woman and if that's

you hey you're getting no hate for me a

lot of times it's just not worth it I

mean listen

oh my god I mean Devon is receptive as

receptive as she is it was hard to train

her it's nothing personal

it's just that you have these behavior

embedded into you telling you that it's

okay it is very very difficult you have

to understand you got to put the work in

yet the pit listen you have to choose

your girl correctly in episode 283 I

would refer you guys to episode 283

three signs she might be a quality woman

and episode 330 how to decide a woman is

worth your time out outside of sex

episodes 283 and episodes 330 use those

to use those two episodes as sort of a

crib sheet in terms of what to look for

for a trainable woman you're not gonna

find that complete woman because once

you pick her out the work is not done

not even close far from it excepting

that all women are like that will make

you a better man and in turn make her a

better woman again you're not gonna find

a quality woman out there you're gonna

find a woman who has the potential to be

a quality woman episodes 283 and 330

once you find her now the real work


Lorenzo Davis says well you ever marry

Devin no I've never gettin married

ever ever ever

all right red Jedi says the majority of

women can't pass the cellphone check

they'll give me the keys to their place

before they give you the password to

their cell phone dude 100% true

without a doubt Marcus says that even

that they struggle with right swayed

senator says I love my sister even

though she threw away a career in Dental

Assisting to date a drug dealer for now

13 years she was engaged another knot

and have two kids by him his third I

still love her of course man yeah listen

your sister was a ho right she made a

bad decision stead of being a dental

assistant she dated a drug dealer and

now you know why Marcus says we love

them but we understand even with your

closest blood relatives they still have

nature that nature inside them same with

my aunties but I had to distance myself

absolutely ganj an 88 says I haven't

spoken to my aunt since 2011 because of

the anti male bashing what's sad they

adopted a little boy last year yeah

listen this is one of the unintended

consequences of taking the red pill in

living the red pill life your social and

familial circle it's gonna shrink guys

it's gonna shrink this listen this is

just how it is

see what else we got going on here Ryan

Sullivan answer the question for me he

will never marry Devin no I will never

ever marry her

no no no chase LeBeau says so let's say

I want a harem how do I keep the stalker

sliding if a woman doesn't stall key

you're not doing it right that's that

that's a very broad question you have

that listen again

fucking listen fucking multiple girls

isn't all peaches and cream dude I've

had my share of stalkers I do time at

girls slash my tires bust up my windows

show up to my job well this is part of

the gig man you got to take the good

with the bed you have to understand man

fucking multiple girls there's a price

to be paid yes you have the listen man

like you have the guaranteed pussy

you've got multiple pussies to stick

your dick in but that comes at a price

you're gonna be you're gonna have to

deal with a little bit of craziness

every now and again this is just how it

is you can't listen you can't have all

the good without any of the bet that's

how it is Ryan Sullivan says he has

leverage as a boyfriend not as a husband

that's exactly right my friend and Devin

knows this she knows this if I were ever

to marry Devin my leverageable

right out the door right out the door

no that's episodes 283 and episodes 330


so let's and as we round third and head

for home here we're I'm gonna ask though

I'm gonna answer the question why do

people deny that all women are like that

why do people why are they so defensive

men and women alike when you say that

all women are like that now men have a

hard time with a wolf because they want

to believe and I talked about this with

Steve about an hour ago men have a hard

time with a wolf because they want to

believe that they're special snowflake

operates under a different set of rules

my girl would never cheat on me

if she wanted out she would tell me

before she cheated my girlfriend loves

me unconditionally she's not into she's

not into shallow stuff like like like

money muscle celebrity celebrity

confidence tattoos she'd never leave me

for a guy like that my girlfriend would

never manipulate me she's a straight up

kind of girl and she is not into mind

games he wants to believe that his girl

is special he wants to believe that all

girls are special and this is why he

walks into these slut traps with his

eyes wide shut men in general have this

rosy perception of girls and they don't

want to let go of that fantasy rather

than accepting the worst the very worst

aspects of women and learning how to

deal with and essentially mitigate and

possibly even eliminate them they'd

rather deny them to keep their fantasy

alive they'd be heartbroken if they

really accepted the red pill in its

truest form and that's the hard it

listen this is the hardest phase of the

red pill along with the anger phase now

let's keep it real here men also defend

women because they want to fuck them

right well I mean listen let's let's

let's keep it 100 men are willing to put

up with more bullshit even though we all

know that women are fucked up we still

pursue it because they're women it's

what we're programmed to do guys who

defend turns leading monkey they always

use of law it's like playing Russian


no pursuing women is nothing like

playing Russian roulette

because in Russian Roulette the only way

to win is to

live and living is status quo there's no

benefit like I'm already alive Russian

Roulette is a game you can only lose

right so pursuing the reason we pursued

women is because we want to fuck them we

want to enjoy that we want to experience

the rejuvenating properties of

femininity that is a good thing that is

a plus Russian Roulette click if there's

no bullet in the chamber you live while

you're already alive there's no benefit

to that I hate that analogy to me that's

just false rhetoric so these men they

give these women a free pass which is

exhibited by the defense of women by

declaring that not all women are like

that now women they have a tie they have

a hard time with all women are like that

because they don't want to believe that

they possess the capacity to engage in

these fucked up behaviors or they don't

want others to think that they do women

know they're like that women knew what

the fuck they're capable of this is why

when if you get a divorce hire a female

attorney because your female attorney

knows what your wife is really getting

up to if you're in Reno and you need a

divorce attorney Marilyn York that is

your only option

but they don't want you to believe that

they're capable of such things they

don't want to believe that they're

capable of such things and like I said

earlier women want to remain a mystery

they want to want this mystique around

them they a woman is never gonna say

okay you figure this out they're never

gonna admit that not realizing that men

don't want or need mystery and intrigue

and women they need that admit this is

this is that inverse projection women

are intrigued and aroused by mystery and

intrigue so they think that we want the

same things no no no sexual attraction

is not is not symmetrical

a vault behaviors are so fucked up yet

so accurate women deny them just to save

face but here's the thing man it's ok to

admit that you're the same as other

women women hate that they are all like

that they fucking hate it women hate

that we have figured them out this is

this is women this is why women hate the

manosphere because they know we're right

about them they know that we know that

they're not as shiny they're not as all

inspiring what the red pill is

essentially doing it's like we are

revealing how the magician does this

trick it's not as impressive once you

know how it works and listen to me fair

all men are like that

we like attractive women now we're not

all the same some women like big tips

some men don't care some men like huge

asses some men don't so I'm in like

redheads some men don't we are not all

the same but we we all like attractive

women will cheat on a good woman with a

slut but we still love the good woman we

all try to shape a woman into what we

want and need them to be with us to be

like us or to be you know to be with us

again just listen just because you're

like that does not mean you can't be a

quality woman but it listen again it

takes being with the right kind of guy

spookie mgtow says he eliminated my

sister from from the sibling count right

exactly de says marriage breeds

complacency truer words were never

spoken I actually did an episode called

girlfriends or better than wives

marriage breeds complacency in both

people Lorenzo Davis has never

understand underestimate these women

absolutely good episode today had a lot

of good phone calls a lot of good phone

calls that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS are alive be sure to do

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