The One Argument You Should NEVER Use With Women + How To Make Her Invest In You (Episode 348)




ladies that girls are gross

you don't want to lift weights because

you're lazy just keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's Amanda Mithen Sharpe and welcome to

the 340 eighth edition of TSR live your

morning cup of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Friday October 26th 2018

good to have you guys in on a Friday I

know a lot of you guys are looking

forward to the weekend my weekends are

usually pretty jam-packed I've got the

Redman group tomorrow we are presented

by 1821 man-made calm your one-stop shop

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that's 1821 man-made calm later on the

show I'm gonna talk about what motivates

women to invest in you a lot of guys ask

me why women are so quick to walk away

from relationships and the main reason

is something that black mastics Meeks

talks about all the time and it's

because she doesn't have skin in the

game this is exactly what he says in

other words she hasn't invested anything

into the relationship as other than sex

like all she's invested is sex and as we

all know sex isn't really worth much to

women or men because women give sex away

all the time for nothing

sex isn't worth anything to win and so

they'll end up leaving at the first sign

of trouble and not think twice about it

because they haven't invested anything

but there are páginas so make sure you

guys stick around for that

shout out to Rollo Tomassi in the chat

says I am stealing his lookie I'm going

with the going with the beanie look

today why does Rollo layer a beanie

I'm so sick of guys asking him that next

dude that asks that I'm gonna roast him

in the shat on tomorrow's rim on

tomorrow's Redman group I'm gonna start

the show was something that every man

has done in his life many many many many

times and that is using this argument

with your woman that argument is quote

well if you were in my shoes how would

you feel

we've all used this when in arguments

with our women and of course the first

your first mistake is arguing with your

woman I think we all know that arguing

with your woman is is unwise I think I

think that's pretty obvious now in these

situations when we say well if you were

in my shoes how would you feel we're

thinking logically we think we can make

her see the situation from our point of

view we think that she'll see things

logically and then understand where does

that that were coming from and if that

happens we think that she'll come around

and totally agree with us but there are

two huge flaws in this logic gentlemen

the first flaw is that women are not

logical creatures at all trying to

appeal to a woman's logic is useless I

actually had a consultation client asked

me a while back if he should try to be

logical when approaching women and I

told them of course not and the reason

for that is of course women aren't

logical or rational you don't you don't

walk up on a woman and say some shit

like hey you should give me your phone

number because I make $45,000 a year

I Drive a reliable Honda Accord and I

have perfect credit which means I can

take good care of you for the rest of

your life I can give you a good life

shit like that's not gonna make her

pussy wet guys because women base their

romantic decisions on emotion and

emotion alone Ernest Robert says damn I

am guilty of this listen so listen

Charles Caballero says I've done this

before guys we've all done it we've all

done it you don't even have to know the

true nature of women to understand that

they don't make decisions on anything

based on rational thought that said if

you expect your woman to see things in

to see things your way be in a

disagreement because because you did

what you thought was the rational thing

and asked her how she would feel if the

situation were reversed you're gonna be

disappointed every time guys again

you're trying to appeal to her logic

which backfires every single time when

out exception she'll say well I feel

differently because of bla bla bla bla

bla or whatever answer whatever her

answer is it never makes sense because

it's not

based on logic now the response that I

just gave you well I feel differently

because that bla bla bla bla that leads

me to the second major flaw in this

logic and that is that women will lie

every single time

I'll give an example let's say that you

and your girl are arguing about her

texting back and forth with her ex which

by the way wouldn't happen if you have

trained her properly and if you were a

true five percenter like if you were red

pill aware but for the sake of argument

let's just take the typical clueless

beta male here in 2018 who is in an

argument with his girl about texting

with her ex they go back and forth they

all they get loud and so forth and then

he asks her well what if I was texting

back and forth with my ex you wouldn't

like that would you guess what guys ten

times out of ten she'll say no it

wouldn't bother me at all because if you

told me dude

you two are just friends I would trust

you and not suspect anything now we all

know that is 100% bullshit because she

would absolutely have a problem with it

and they both know it but for the sake

of winning the argument and giving

herself permission to engage in bad

behavior she lies I've addressed this in

a Donovan's den called the reverse

permission trick this is when your woman

gives you unsolicited permission to do

something that she wants to do she'll

tell you hey by the way if you ever want

to go out with your homeboys to the club

go right ahead

you think there's a bomb hey great my

girlfriend school is hell by the way if

you're texting Katie who is your

ex-girlfriend I wouldn't have a problem

that because I trust you

hey great no the reason she's doing this

is to give herself permission this was

called a sharp angle no pun intended

because when she wants to go out with

her friends to the club or when you

catch her texting her ex guess what

she's gonna tell you she's gonna tell

you well I gave you permission to text

your ex I gave you permission to go out

with your boys on the weekend so you

should do the same pretty the reverse

permission trick anyway her lie in

for garden is a double-edged sword

because not only does she tell him that

she'd be okay with it the reason she

gave him and listen to this very closely

the reason she gave him indirectly

accuses him of being jealous possessive

and controlling when girls say of course

I wouldn't have a problem with it

because I would trust you what they're

also doing is shaming you into ignoring

your instincts by telling you that they

would trust you in the same situation

for no other reason but to create the

margin they need to cheat Rollo Tomassi

says pre-emptive permission exactly what

did I call that the permission the

reverse permission trick Rollo puts it

much more brilliantly pre-emptive

permission this is why he writes better

than I do but later on down the road

when she asks you who you're texting

because she will and you're okay when

she asks you why you're texting your ex

and you tell it what who you're texting

and you tell her it's your ex she's

gonna lose her shit and when you remind

her of what she told you before she will

always say but that was different that

situation was different and come up with

a litany of bullshit reasons as to why

your situation was different from hers

and why she has the right to be pissed

and why you didn't again this is how

today's women work and they do this

every single time without fail gentlemen

guys listen to me when I tell you this

never ever attempt to put your

girlfriend in your shoes or ask her how

she would feel if she were in your

position or if she'd be all or if she'd

be alright with you doing whatever it is

that she's doing because she's never

gonna answer rationally and she will

never answer honestly this is a you this

is a lose-lose situation

we put yourself in my shoes technique

never ever goes well and it never ends


if your girl is texting with her ex tell

her to stop it or you're gone period and

be ready to follow through because if

you're not she's not gonna stop that

behavior and it

a mathematical inevitability that she

will start fucking that dude behind your

back I guarantee it if you want your

woman to stop behavior guys then tell

her to stop and leave it at that

no long drawn-out explanations no

rational questions none of this well how

would you feel if I did the same how

would you feel if you were in my shoes

none of that shit

and if your woman asks you to think

about this from my perspective how would

you feel if I did the same tell her

stupid question I'm not a woman and

leave it at that okay listen let her

throw a fit let her talk let her bitch

let her cry stand your ground and do not

feed into her emotional shenanigans guys

eventually she will calm down and she

will have more respect for you because

you have shown her that you're not the

kind of man who'll be manipulated by a

simple role reversal technique or as

Rollo Tomassi calls it pre-emptive

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man you can also give me a call

you disagree with anything I say or

anything I said in the past you guys can

call me too but I'm not holding my


I challenged a guy to call me yesterday

we got into an argument about black

women not even an argument he said white

girls are a novelty and nothing more

actually you know what I'll actually

read it see you know if I can be if I

can if I can if I can be so inclined to

be petty this was fucking hilarious man

it really was so this dude says white

women are novelties nothing more and I

said negative I said white women are in

fact women their skin tone has nothing

to do with why more brothers are dating

them it has to do with what they

willingly bring to the table that black

women do not you can marginalize them by

calling them novelties in a futile

attempt to characterize them as a phase

or something non permanent or non

sustainable because they're just toys

ornaments or inanimate objects or

trophies if you want to but many black

men are finding greener pastures with

them and calling them novelties doesn't

change that no matter how much you want

it to so then he goes on to say what

does what else does he say he basically

he took the he took the feminine route

and he said you're playing tag that's

not very manly right like this is what

all these guys do turd flinging monkey

went right to there that's not very

masculine anytime somebody says it's not

very manly that's not very masculine

they always say to red pill guys like

they think that's gonna get under her

skin I said okay I said let's do the

masculine manly thing and let's debate

this on air let's talk about it on the


he says name the time name the place

I'll be there I said I'll set it up

right now and we can go mano-a-mano he

said can't do it right now fam I'm with

my kid I'll have to do it next time I

said nigga you faked his fuck fake as

fuck man fucking Internet gangsters man

they all they love talking they love

talking shit in the chat but when you

challenge them to a debate voice to

voice they dude they never ever ever

take you up on it

I've had three people three people three

people actually take me up on this Hosea

Lanza who who was bait who is literally

just a blowhard who wanted to who who

defended kitten holiday because he

thought kitten Holiday was gonna blow

him and this is actually I was actually

on with Rollo Tomassi what we did this

the guy was literally just gaslighting

calling names he never answered the

question of why are you defending kid

kitten Holiday he would not he wouldn't

answer the question right the next guy

called me called me corny and said that

he only deals with classy black women

and so I had a picture ready oh you mean

like these women he's in a pool with a

couple of fat black women with hair

weaves and tattoos all the way down

there risks all the way down to their

wrists he and he was from Philly he

unwittingly called into the show I ended

up roasting him and of course there's

Adam krauser probably the most ignorant

black man I've ever spoken to in my life

and now this other guy backed out of it

this guy doesn't know the difference

between your your and your and after I

figured that out I said to him I said

you know what I think I would have

backed out too

no wonder you don't want to come on the

air with me but like I said I'm not

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get started on how to how to make a

woman invest in you

Jonathan Gordon says click the

notification fastest fuck so got

Jonathan aka Flash Gordon so Jonathan is

now Flash Gordon he now officially has

the nickname so Jonathan Flash Gordon is

fast as fuck

chase Lobos in the house coming to us

from the ATL Winston wolf Moniz

back-of-house Charles Caballero aka the

manchild is back in the house Marcus of

course Rollo Tomassi that Godfather

himself Moniz from Malaysia and it is 10

o'clock p.m. so I guess you guys are 12

hours ahead of us or are you 12 hours

behind us is a 12 hour is at 10 o'clock

p.m. on October 25th or 12 o'clock or

I'm sorry 10 o'clock p.m. on October 26

let me know Marcus has up off all week

so it's nice to catch a load of live

episodes for once good to see you when

here Marcus actually is a good commenter

deranged pervert says afternoon game hot

approaches the best way I love it I love

it did have private proach many many

women on the Las Vegas Strip when it's a

hundred plus degrees outside G Spirit

says at first I didn't know who Donovan

was I admit I was quick to judge this

guy actually knows his shit and knows

the game I appreciate that

appreciate that Rollo Tomassi clears up

the record no I do not have cancer

everybody was like why does Rollo wear a

hat does he have cancer no the guy

doesn't have cancer oh yeah yes no he

does not have cancer I had Bret dude I

think I had breakfast with Rollo

I think every morning of the 21

convention me and Devin and Rollo so no

he does not have cancer

tyno is in the house everybody admitting

that they have done this before roll of

course says women prioritize the

emotional above the rational truer words

never spoken

Kevin Ibanez in the house Kevin in BC

aspiring to become Kevin and sales and

Kevin in sales and our fantasy league by

the way is undefeated that nude is seven

and oh I have actually won three games

in a row so I have run my record to four

and three I started off one in three I'm

four and three I'm a couple of games

behind Rolo for second place in our

division the Tahoe Tomas YZ CJ mother

says I learned this the hard way yes yes

yes yes yes Charles Caballero says she

lies just to appease you absolutely


Ernst Robert Elm grin I'll just call you

er a I'll call you earned run average

since I've dealt with this shit so many

times and LCR's yes Marcus says her we

don't have trust we don't have anything

me I guess we don't have anything then

now bend over yeah like that that's good

the irrational female by Rollo Tomassi

yeah that would be a great than be a

great book

JC says is this from the first date or

only after she seeks exclusivity JC be a

little more specific with that question

I think I've got your answer but I need

a little more a little more detail there

Matthew Lyon is in the house says Oh F

from Instagram cam over Matthew Lyon

says Donovan's prices are quite

economical the kid says fYI don't date

wait a minute hang on shit

fYI says I don't date and I says that's

why I don't date women that have girls

night out be that guy they bang on girls

night out exactly exactly you don't be

the guy she cheats on be the guy she

cheat with yep Rolo just dropped in

after doing Pat Campbell Shay

that do Pat Campbell dude that dude is

jacked man goddamn that guy's got some

fucking pythons brother er a says this

is awesome we need more red pill content

for guys in an LTR like myself I would

highly recommend Ryan stone that's RA I

I'm sorry our I am stone he's a regular

on the red man group I would also

recommend hunter drew aka the family

alpha those guys give rock-solid advice

to men who are in long-term

relationships red pill long term

relationship advice also Ernst Robert

Algren aka earned run average I would

visit the red pill I'm sorry married red

pill subreddit that is the married red

pill where Ryan stone is one of the

moderators that is an excellent

excellent subreddit for men who are

awakened while married as Rollo Tomassi

likes to call them very good I'm

experiencing a little bit of a delay

here I don't really know why that is

Rolla says he got hella lucky last week

my team should change to the walking

wounded yeah I agree you're still in

second place man hold on I don't I don't

want to give fantasy football updates in

the middle of the show but this is rolos

fault he had to mention it let's see

what we got here


all right let me look and see here I'm

already down by 23 freakin points

because Kenyon jury oh wow

all right so yeah the standings are in

my division Kevin and sales a seven and

OH the Tahoe Tomas seas are five and two

I am four and three so I'm one game

behind Rolo for that for that spot on

the other side armed men is five and two

the Magic City the Magic City the Magic

City Jays that is Miami Jay he's in

second place with a three in four record

so we are clearly in the superior

division three and four gets you last

place in our division in the West and

three and four get you second place in

the East so so yeah we definitely

definitely gonna be fighting this one

all the way through jay-z says to

clarify you were talking about texting

her ex do you wait until she asked to be

exclusive to put a stop to her texting

your ex or lay it out as a boundary from

the beginning

excellent question the answer is to wait

until she asks to be exclusive wait

until she asks to be exclusive that is

the only way that is the only way that

that's gonna stick and the reason why

you wait until she asks to be exclusive

to let her know hey you need to stop

texting your ex is because when you ask

a girl to be exclusive when you say hey

I'd like to take this to another level I

want you to be my girlfriend all of your

leverage goes right out the door and the

reason for that is because by virtue of

asking her first seeking exclusivity

first you have you have an essence told

her that you have done all that is

necessary to get the title of girlfriend

you have done everything necessary to

have earned my exclusivity so never ask

her to be your girlfriend I don't care

if it's been two and a half fucking

years I don't give a shit you hold out

you make her ask so when she comes to

you and she says

I want to take this to the next level

want to be your girlfriend you tell her

you're not ready oh no I am ready really

are you ready you ready you think you're

ready all right unlock your phone right

now and give it to me right she's gonna

fail that cuz she's texted and fuck

another guy's so she'll wait another

three months I want to be exclusive

alright unlock your phone and give it to

me she'll be ready all right cool what

look man um it's not easy to be with me

because I got requirements I got

standards they're shit that you need to

do their shit that you need to do and

not do if you want to be if you want to

be and stay my girlfriend well what are

they well for starters don't be texting

your exes can I saw you do that right at

that point if she says well I don't if

she says that she doesn't want to stop

texting her exes cool you don't put a

gun to listen all right cool not gonna

put a gun to your head but as long as

you continue to text your exes then you

and I are gonna be the same as we have

been for the last six seven months which

is just fuck bunnies oh my god you're

jealous and insecure you call it what

you want I'm territorial if you're gonna

be my girlfriend I'm not gonna have my

girlfriend text in her exes this is just

how it is you can either comply or even

you or you cannot comply it's up to you

you just gave me an ultimatum no I gave

you a choice you can either stop texting

your exes for a chance to be with me or

you can continue to text your exes and

be my side chick it's up to you I'm not

gonna make this decision for you it's

all good excellent excellent make her


yes Rolo says Rolla says girls night out

for women who have a genuine desire for

you the idea of a GNO isn't a thought

that occurs to her shit I don't know

girls night out then occur stir never

tell a woman you love her first


again if you tell a woman you love her

first and if you angle for exclusivity

first all of your leverage goes right

out the window and the reason why I'll

tell you again the reason for that is

because when you tell her you love her

first or you angle for exclusivity first

you have literally told her that she has

done all that is required to do to gain

your love and exclusivity you can't say


I want you to be my girlfriend she says

okay well the first thing you need to do

is you need to stop texting your ex I'm

not gonna do that of course she's not

gonna do that because you asked her to

be your girlfriend

if you ask her to be your girlfriend you

don't really have any leverage to make

any demands of her because you've

already given her that title red pill

101 gentlemen red pill 101 the kids as

women can't stand knowing or being told

that they are side chicks yeah yeah no

but if they want to change it they know

what to do all right let us get into the

nitty-gritty and talk about how to make

a woman invest in you what motivates a

woman to invest in you as a man shout

out to Brandon's store ball shut up -

British out out - lone sq Lauren - Calum

Denmark is in the house men are good

with women gentlemen are well aware of

the fact that when a woman invests in

you she is far more likely to not only

stick around but not put her

relationship at risk with behaviors that

are conducive to infidelity now the

reason for this is that women like men

they want to return on their investment

they want that are why they're not gonna

invest in a man then walk away when they

hit a rough patch know they'll stick it

out because they have skin in the game

now there are six main ways that women

invest in men and those ways are time

emotion attention money energy and to a

far lesser degree pussy now if you guys

remember I said earlier at the top of

the show that sex really isn't much of

an investment for women but at some

point it does become an investment for

women okay and here's why stay with me

the act of having sex with a man isn't

as much of an investment for a woman

because like I said earlier she's given

her pussy away to a lot of men at that

point by virtue of men having of many


had her vagina it is worth much less

however the more woman sleeps with one

particular man the more emotionally

invested she becomes and because of this

pussy does become something of an

investment for women but only because

emotion creeps in at some point so it's

not really the sex it's the emotion

right so instead of six ways they invest

probably closer to five and a half as

far as sex is concerned girls are purely

emotional if he's hot

if he excites her if he makes her pussy

wet and he shows that he's not

intimidated by her beauty she'll fuck

that guy without a second thought every

time but when it comes to relationships

women are far more pragmatic Rolla says

that all the time we as men we're the

romantics women are the pragmatists

women are not rational or reasonable

when it comes to sex but they are

extremely rational and reasonable and

measured when it comes to long-term

relationships that pragmatism kicks in

and it's subconsciously tells her okay

this guy seems to be the real deal

he fucks me go to have a good time but

I'm not investing anything until I know

for sure that he is worth investing in

as a man you have to be worth investing

in and there are six main areas that

will increase your invest ability as far

as women are concerned they are social

value excitement protection talent

provisioning and appearances we're gonna

go over those right now social value now

girls are extremely vain

beautiful women are very vain of course

they are the pretty you guys have seen

them you got it listen if you've ever

dated a beautiful woman they're always

checking themselves in the mirror

they're changing their outfits if they

don't feel like they look absolutely

perfect and so on and so forth it never

ends the guy she is seen with guys is

equally important to her the high-minded

creatures that women are requires their

significant others to be directly and

indirectly signed off on by their peers

here's what I mean if a girl is

attracted to a great-looking guy she'll

make a play to get with him she'll make

him play to fuck him but if none of her

friends tell her directly or

indirectly that he's attractive or if

she doesn't see other women looking at

him in public or or openly trying to

flirt with him she starts to question

her own judgment as far as attraction

goes now we all know that one of the

ironclad doctrines of the female species

is that no woman wants to be with a man

that other women don't want if woman's

boyfriend or husband isn't attractive to

other women he's not worth much to her

in the way of social value every pretty

girl wants a guy she can bring around

her friends and show off they want to be

able to say look at me I'm an attractive

woman with an attractive guy and if she

pulls it off her friends will see her in

a positive light this is one of the

things that are symmetrical with regards

to the sexual marketplace as a man your

woman the way your woman looks is a

direct reflection of you the way your

woman looks and acts is a reflection of

you as a man if you're dating a fat

woman who is poorly behaved that

reflects on you that reflects on you

poorly if you're with a good-looking

woman who is very well-behaved in public

that reflects positively on you was the

same with girls if there was a

good-looking guy that says to girls okay

she's with a good-looking guy so

obviously she's a good-looking girl it's

sort of a it's kind of a cyclical sort

of it's like a cyclical attraction right

yes there are other things that are

important to women but if they don't

think the man they're interested can

offer them social value then she's not

interested in order to build in order to

build your social value to women and get

them to invest in you do two things man

get in shape and dress well there are

other things involved with building

social value but these two things are

the foundation as far as beautiful that

are concerned easier said than done take

some time but it still has to be done if

you want to learn how to get into shape

I would highly recommend drew Bay that's

d-r-e w ba ye if you want to know how to

if you want to know how to look good

style on a budget I recommend to guys 10

or Guzzi who I had the pleasure of

meeting in person at the 21 convention

rock solid guy and Kevin Samuels I'm

actually looking to have those guys on

my show here in the not

to distant future it also helps if you

have an outgoing personality and if you

want if you don't have an outgoing

personality like I said a couple days

ago get you a sales job you will develop

that personality very quickly so a

good-looking guy who dresses well and

charms her friends that will be highly

enticing a woman will invest in that

drew Bay Tanner Guzzi Kevin Samuels and

episode what was it 346 how sales jobs

make you much better with women quick

fix they're the second element that

makes you investable is excitement as in

as important as social value is two

beautiful women excitement is probably a

little higher on their totem pole as far

as getting them to invest is concern and

if you're boring she's not going to

invest guys period these kind of girls


they love spontaneous men who keep them

on their toes they crave that

unpredictability and an extemporaneous

existence within any relationship they

love this shit and if you can show her

that kind of excitement she will do

she'll do whatever it takes to keep you


including invest now been there done

that that's the prevailing attitude with

women who are tired of the same cookie

cutter dudes who all seem to use the

straight the same strategies to keep

them attracted this is where you come in

man Rolo said it best keep her guessing

be unpredictable okay a couple of go-to

strategies of mine I like to use the

first one is when I'm in a relationship

with a woman long-term relationship okay

the first one I'll use is when I see her

got a surprise for you and I don't say

anything else she'll be dying to know

where it is you're taking her on what

show and what you'll be doing okay she

wants to know that's the excitement she

craves listen man you can be taken her

to the pond to feed the ducks you could

you know you can be taking her to the

mall for a boring grand opening of a new

coffee shop doesn't matter the fact is

that the anticipation itself is what

excites her and keeps her attracted to

you and makes you a far more investable

commodity women invest in excitement

they wants

the game another go-to strategy of my

nice to use all the time on first and

second date meetups usually on first

dates with the coffee shop or at the bar

whatever we're drinking shots and I have

this already plead pre-plan I take I say

you know what I just had a crazy idea I

take a shot I take a shot I you know I

leave five bucks for the bartender I

grab her and I say come on you're come

home to me wait a minute I finish my

drink you grab her drink you down it I

finished it for you and you whisk her

out of the bar right she's gonna be like

where are you taking me it's a surprise

guys hurva dude her pussy will gush with

excitement you just spontaneously just

decided to take her out of the bar I

just came up with a crazy idea the whole

time she's gonna be wondering where is

it that he's taking me what are we doing

you can take her the you can think

you're bowling you take her to go-karts

rock-climbing doesn't matter you can

take her to go watch the grass grow that

in-between time the time between you

take that shot and tell her I have a

crazy idea and the time you get there

that's the sweet spot that's where her

pussy's gonna be wet doesn't matter what

it is now you need to make it you need

to make it at least a little bit

exciting that way the next time you say

I have a surprise for you

she'll take you seriously and when and

again have something just have something

crazy and zany like I don't know go to

like an indoor skydiving facility right

just think of something now of course

this key this has to be scripted you

can't just you can't say well I have a

crazy idea and then wisker out of the

bar and say shit what are we gonna do no

you have to know what you're going to do

if she earns the privilege of your


okay that's spontaneity that's when you

release it deranged perverts says show

her your dungeon that's a good one cool

jet eighty-seven says being mysterious

is the best thing women love this shit

they love it

girls don't always want to know what

you're doing what you're gonna do before

you do it use your creativity here but

make sure you keep her guessing make

sure you keep her on her toes guys this

is what girls really want especially the

young beautiful ones they will invest in

excitement guys because they don't get


they've been there and done that the

next one on the list is protection

protection makes you investable now the

way American laws are written and

enforced today women don't really have

the same physical respect for men they

once used to they're simply not afraid

of us anymore listen again and again

guys we all see it in our everyday lives

how brazen and confrontational women are

with men go to YouTube you see it all

the time because they know with near

100% certainty that if they put hands on

a man he is likely not gonna hit back

worst case scenario he pushes her away

or restraints her and even then she

knows she can call the cops and haven't

locked up for 72 hours now the best

videos are the ones where women get

their asses totally kicked right we've

all seen the subway one where the girl

is talking shit to the guy the guys like

6:10 she's talking shit to the guy she's

putting his finger in his face and she

she gets some distance and he dude he

reaches his hand back and he dude he

slaps the colour off of this bitch

smacks the shit out of her

a white knight immediately a costume and

the dude that smacks her fucks this dude

up kicks his ass pushing him up against

the fucking subway doors and bash this

motherfuckers face in beat his ass this

is why you don't like this is why you

don't white knight for women who don't

know how to act

anyway anyway that said there's

something there's something to be said

about a man that can fight although most

women know that they can get away with

almost anything these days knowing

knowing that her man can throw hands

knowing that her man can fight when and

if the situation calls for it that's a

turn-on not only that it also reassure

all so assure sir that she is physically

protected with you yes women are almost

completely insulated from any and all

physical danger here in America and

they're safer than they've ever been in

human history but knowing that you as a


that you are not a stranger to physical

confrontation with other men that's

going to relax or around you which by

the way is extremely important to

attraction if you don't know how to

fight learn to join a boxing gym learn

Brazilian jiu-jitsu or any other martial

art or fighting discipline the two main

ones learned a box learn to wrestle

learn to fight on your feet learn to

fight on the ground not only does this

increase your confidence this increases

her attraction to you now personally

I've been in a lot of fights and I've

won a lot more than I've lost I actually

did Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a few weeks

a couple months back time didn't allow

me to start time didn't allow me to

continue with it but I do plan on taking

Krav Maga here in 2090 I actually plan

on taking Krav Maga and try and CrossFit

so I'm really really looking to get

physical Devon knows that I'm capable of

defending myself and her that makes me

much more investable and Devon has

invested she has invested heavily into

me which is why she is far less likely

to walk away from this relationship

should trouble arise Don John de Jean

Jean de John says they love weekend

getaways yes your girl comes home from

work or you go pick up your girl Hey

pack your bags will you say pack your

bags I've got a surprise for you oh my

god dude chill jump do chill get on your

knees and suck your cock right there

where are we going you'll find out when

we get there oh my god I'm not ready

yeah you're still excited John de John

says if you don't know how to fight by

now it's too late

negative it's not too late any man any

man can learn how to fight it doesn't

matter if you're forty forty-five thirty

thirty five you can learn to fight you

can it's not gonna be easy but you can

learn to fight taking again taking any

martial art is gonna make you it's gonna

make you a better fighter just by virtue

of taking that martial art I know that

sounds good because it's right over you

know how to fight it's too late now it's

not too late not too late

the next investable commodity that you

should possess is talent women are drawn

to talent guys if you possess a skill or

a talent girls will invest time sex and

lots of attention he guys have heard me

say this before a man who's an A+ at one

thing is gonna fuck much hotter women

than a man who's a b-minus at everything

guys listen man you could have a dad

body he'd be out of shape you can drive

a shitty car you could have below

average looks you could have a

telemarketing gig but if you can make

ice sculptures like nobody else or if

you can build an engine from scratch or

if you can play the guitar like the late

great Dimebag Darrell beautiful women

will literally throw their panties at

you anyone who doubts this is if anybody

if anybody doubts the fact that talent

gets you more pussy just look at the

rising culture of esports esports right

these gamers dudes who play video games

all day every day they're the best at

what they do and because of it they're

now making millions of dollars

travelling around the world and showing

off their video game playing acumen now

you might think that basement-dwelling

video game video gamers these geeks

don't have a chance with women but do

not get it twisted gentlemen the women

they snag are fucking high and listen

make gamers don't have much social skill

they don't have much experience with

women because they've been playing video

games now when they first start that's

how it goes but make no mistake about

the fact that when they reached the top

of their craft beautiful girls are soon

to follow girls are drawn to talent guys

if you don't have a talent find a hobby

that you enjoy and cultivate that the

point is is to never stagnate don't just

be another guy to her talent is a highly

investable trait to have as a man my

talent is writing and talking those are

two listen devin loves those things

about me

she tells me I'm talented all the time

that makes me highly investable Richard

Cooper it was funny Richard Cooper we

were talking about the 21 convention at

the now-infamous pool Summit the

infamous rooftop pool summit five guys

were up there was me it was myself

Richard Cooper Ryan stone Rollo Tomassi

and Pat Campbell we're talking about the

Redman group live episodes that we're

gonna do in the next couple of days at

the 21 convention and Richard said amis

like man he's like I was gonna take a

picture of Devyn because while you were

onstage doing your speech she had this

look of just pure had adoration she

adores you right Devon knows I have a

way with words she knows I had the gift

of gab she knows I can write and talk

those are talents she recognizes those

talents if she even told me dude she

told me about an ex-boyfriend that she

had um he was this he was this he was a

skinny guy he was really skinny and

really small right but he's an

unbelievable graphic designer

right she also had a thing with a guy

who does like musical beats had sort of

had sort of a fling with him right she

told me listen I am I'm attracted to

Talent that's the first time a woman has

ever told me that but she's right women

are attracted to Talent and if you have

a talent if you're an a-plus at one

thing you're gonna fuck hotter women

than a man who's a b-minus at everything

er a earned run average says read the

professor in the cage if you think it's

too late to learn how to fight cool Jen

87 says man Donovan that is so true I

sing and women love that here you go

our Cascio says true I know how to play

the guitar and sing not even that well

yet women a lot to me like moths to a

lamp when I start playing I'm telling

you man cool Jen 87 says learned how to

dance fellas that's something I'm going

to invest in more this is what I'm

talking about guys this is what I'm

talking about women love men who learn

how to dance

John de John says that's bad advice lol

you know how many

you know how many struggling rappers

think they have talent oh yeah check

this out John - John these struggling

rappers are fuckin hotter bitches than

you are straight-up John I'm telling

John straight-up yeah they're a bunch of

struggling rappers out there who

probably are never gonna get signed but

guess what they're fuckin hotter bitches

than you bruh

don't hate don't hate

Bruno goat says hashtag with great dick

comes great responsibility

oh my god

sharp assists says look at Shawn from

Tampa yeah Shawn from Tampa tells these

stories tells these stories all the time

he plays in a band and bitches flocked

to him all the time

chase LaBelle says Donovan just answered

my patreon question about Bray Wyatt and

Joe Joe Windham rotunda Bray Wyatt is a

fat guy but he's a great pro wrestler

exactly Mon says I play poker as my

passion yet no hotter girls fucking me

yeah you got to get on TV for that B

Baker says I'll hoes about computer

networking and they get well then they

tell me huh okay I tell hoes about the I

tell about my computer networking and

they get wet yes women are drawn to

talent this is how this is Joe b1 coyote

says the fact that these failed rappers

are on a purpose puts them above the

average male even if they suck I have

discussed this exclusively before right

I've discussed this exclusively before

every woman wants a man with a plan they

want a guy they want a man who's on his

grind okay so he works 20 work 12-hour

shifts in a warehouse so that he can pay

13 bucks an hour or whatever the going

rate is for a you know

studio time girls love a man with a plan

they're drawn to that John the John

still thinks he's smarter than I am

highly doubt that sir classy women only

rappers get ratchets and how would you

know John - John you're probably two

comments from getting banned right I'm

not gonna ban you from the show but if

you wanted if you want to do this back

and forth I'm gonna need you to call me

cuz I'm not gonna go back and forth

I don't mind you disagreeing with me

right but if you're gonna if you're

gonna disagree with me like more than

once then you need to give me a call and

quit being an internet gangster so

basically you know how to fight and you

fuck classy bitches okay prove it prove

it nursin Jager says yo Donovan got an

HB 8 over tonight thanks for all the

input you gave me over the last few

months no problem our mando Moreno says

game is no longer enough to get these

hoes you got to have both Fame and game

totally agree totally agree

freelance running says that's why these

women called the relationship with

struggle ranchers rappers struggle love

they go for that shit yes some of them

are ratchets John to John but not all

John de John apparently knows it all so

if you want real game go to

and look for John to John's YouTube

channel because clearly he has all the

answers in it and is trying to impart

his wisdom on us the next thing that

makes you investable is long-term

provisioning and finances before you

start with the beta bucks

let me explain I'm not saying that you

have to be a CEO of a fortune 500

company or have a six or seven figure

net worth but if you're looking to get

high quality girls beautiful women to

invest in you you can't really be a bum

either now some of you out there might

be thinking well the females don't

require you to be rich to invest as a

man then why try in the first place an

area code for an Icee when the human

gets you in a minute

the reason is simple guys because she

doesn't want to support your broke ass

she wants a man she doesn't want a boy

who lives off of her like a child now

yes there are females who are dating

broke-ass niggas who don't have two

nickels to rub together we know that but

these women are either low value

desperate or both and we're talking

about women who are ugly fat or really

old I'm talking like in her 40s if you

think a beautiful woman is gonna keep a

broke-ass nigga around think again now

they might use these guys as like a

booty call or a fuck buddy arrangement

that's just the extent of it lar

movement calls these guys hobos sexuals

in other words these guys fuck for a

place to stay but at some point she will

start fucking somebody else who has a

better financial outlook not that he has

to be rich but girls invest in men who

are more financially shrewd than men who

are broke guys this is just basic math

these women have to know that you are

financially responsible and that you are

going places right

let her discover your short mid and long

term goals

show her that you understand the value

of the dollar make it clear to her

through your actions and not your words

that you're not to be used as an ATM but

by the same token you don't mind picking

up the tab if she keeps her shit in line

again you don't have to be rich guys far

from it but your financial house

absolutely must be in order because a

man is good with money is a man she can

respect and invest in and as we all know

respect is the single most important

element in a woman's attraction to him

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call let's go to the

phone lines

area code 409 you're on live with

Donovan go ahead yeah I can hear you yes

sir what's up I just disagree with the

fact that you know because well maybe

maybe you meant it a different way but

as far as the talent goes a lot of

people think that they have talent but

and all actually they really fuckin

should just like the example I gave

about rappers right like how many people

do we know that music with a fucking

soul actually I'll tell you how many

I'll tell you how many most of them most

most people who are rappers aspiring

musicians they're not really that good

right even the example you get about you

know video games right how many of them

think they're good but when it comes

down to it they fucking assume that I'm

an attorney because they realize they

suck absolutely absolutely I I just said

that to say they you know I feel like

you actually have to have talent like

confirming talent hmm

yep let me ask you a question let me ask

let me ask you a question the aspiring

rappers the aspiring rappers the

aspiring musicians the aspiring artists

okay that's a talent right if somebody

if I could meet a shitty artist right

out here in Center City in Philadelphia

right he could be he could be a

below-average painter guess what he's

better than me right guys who have

talents guys who cultivate talent

doesn't really matter whether they're

talent it now they're telling us

confirmed and yeah they're gonna shoot

into the stratosphere but guys who are

10 were more talented than the average

man at one thing guess what they still

fuck hot bitches the rappers that pay 13

bucks an hour for studio time they may

be shitty but guess what he's got a

woman he's got a woman on her grind for

him because she sees that he's got a

plan so it doesn't really matter how

talented you are so long as you have

more talent than the average man then

yeah you're you're gonna fuck hotter

women than a man who does it right if

there's a man who's got a $40,000 a year

job he gets up he goes to work he may go

to the gym every once in a while he just

kind of playing humdrum he's a b-minus

and everything but if there's a guy who

might not be in such good shape but he's

on his grind if like alpha-male strategy

says if he is on his purpose right if he

could build engines from scratch if he

can make ice sculptures if there's

anything that he does that is better

than most people that dude is gonna fuck

honour bitches every single time there

was even somebody in the chat that says

listen I think and I play the guitar not

that well but when I see and I play the

hot bitches come this is how this works

right and I guess I guess it would be

confidence right confidence would be

everything we are tell me as long as you

confident and what you do then then I

guess I know women are attracted to

confidence confidence confidence in

conviction right confidence in

conviction and I'll give you um god I

can't even I can't even think of the

movie but just think of any think of any

situation a guy will use the rap game

right a guy who's been shrined of oh you

know what um I actually watched the show

insecure and the guy that ISA flux on

and off his name is Daniel he's kind of

plugged in and he's very very talented

but that guy's never gonna get signed on


as a record producer Issa knows this but

she stays fuckin with Daniel because he

is more talented at what he does than

most anybody else she knows he's never

gonna get signed and there's so many

women out there that know okay this

guy's probably not gonna get signed but

there's something about them there's

something about the cotton about the

combination of confidence and conviction

if a man believes in himself you know

what I know things might be tough but

goddamn it I'm gonna make it one day or

I'm gonna die trying dude I'm trying to

tell you John women are attracted to

this man they're attracted to a man who

goes for it this is what they like very

true now to the other point real quick

about the fighting thing right um no no

it's definitely too late like I you can

look my name is in the chat you can look

it up I use the box professionally I had

over 10 fight and dude it was so many

guys like grown men coming to the gym

and they want to learn you probably seen

this I heard you saying something about

you use the train or whatever yeah um it

is too late for a lot of them guys man I

mean are you talking about street

fighting or you talk about professional

boxing yes street fight no I disagree

here's the thing if you have somebody

that comes to the gym at 35 years old

who says I want to learn to box right

let's say he's in a boxing class for six

months to a year he's gonna get his ass

kicked by all the other boxers because

they've been doing it for so much longer

but guess what if he gets in a street

fight he's going to win or he's gonna

have a better chance to win because he's

been boxing for the last six months to a

year it's never ever ever too late to

learn to street fight to learn to fight

professionally yeah dude like dude you

can't be a professional fighter and

start at the age of 25 it doesn't work

that way you got to live in the gym from

the time you're a kid same thing with

gymnastics if you really want to be a

serious gymnast dude you got to start at

3 years old you don't just decide at 10

years old that I want to be a gymnast

like my my niece is but one of my nieces

wants to be a contortionist like that's

one of her phases she wants to be in


she says well I want to sign up for


to increase my flexibility and so but

she told me well I don't want to compete

competitively because I know it's

probably too late for that

right she knows she should have started

six seven years ago but she understands

that so if you're talking about fighting

professionally like you're not gonna be

an MMA superstar like I'm 41 years old

if I decide you know what I'm gonna be

I'm gonna be the next black Conor

McGregor dude I'm gonna die right but if

I wanted if I want to know how to defend

myself effectively if I'm 45 years old

and I want to learn to defend myself

effectively yeah I can take I can take a

jiu-jitsu class I can take Krav Maga I

can think boxing or wrestling and at six

months to a year I'm gonna be a better

fighter than most people I meet walking

on the street right so I guess I guess

here's where I disagree with that right

and I'm not trying to I'm not trying to

be like that but I actually train people

and I would tell them straight up like

yo you've been coming here for a while

please do not go get in this tree fight

because I mean some people are just so

so damn uncoordinated you could do sure

you make a good point but again I'll

have to disagree with you because most

people most people if I what I live in

downtown Philly right and I live in

Center City and listen to me Elissa not

let's not you know cast any aspersions

here I live in a you know Center City is

not what it used to be 20 years ago

Center City cops didn't used to come out

here but now it's all gentrified there's

a you know I actually live just a couple

of blocks from the Starbucks where the

racism thing happened or whatever the

case may be the point is is that most

people don't know how to fight but if

most people don't know how to fight but

if the man wants to learn to properly

and effectively defend himself doesn't

matter well if you're 60 years old at

that point it's too late but if you're

if you're 30 years old 35 years old

you want to learn how to effectively

defend yourself immobilize or disable

the other person you can absolutely

learn to do that yeah yeah before I get

off man I got to get back to business

but I wanted to tell you even though I

slightly disagree with your political

views a little

I heard you want oh say so and I was

like man let me subscribe to this guy

things like like yeah good you know good

content right um I didn't wanted to tell

you that man and I'll be little

appreciate it men thanks for the call

John de John in the house yeah my

political views are I'm not really one

who gets into politics and by the way by

the way stay tuned for the sunday rumble

on O'Shea Duke Jackson's channel it's

gonna be on his main channel with the 50

something thousand subscribers we are

going to be discussing don't let the

Sygic the show we're gonna be discussing

do black people deserve reparations

right it's gonna be ten of us it's gonna

be five on five you're gonna have people

you're gonna have people on the panel

who think we deserve reparations then

there's gonna be people who don't I fall

into the people who don't it's gonna be

myself as on myself

XANA toast clutch Anthony Bryan Logan

super sly 75 and one other person we are

in the as far as I know we are in the

know black people do not deserve

reparations like that's the camp that

we're on this is a very divisive topic

and they call The Sunday Rumble for a


and I'm not the most politically savvy

guy but this is something that this is

something I feel very strongly about so

definitely stay tuned for that shoutout

to John to John for calling up and

facing the music so I'll have a little

bit more respect for like I said guys I

have no problem with people disagreeing

with me sometimes I learn I sometimes I

learned just as much from you guys but

if you disagree with me that much

definitely call in John - John I've got

John - John decided to call in got a

little bit more respect for that guy the

last and final investable commodity and

just to sort of review there's six ways

the six main the six main investable

commodities you have to have as a man

social value excitement protection

talent provisioning number six is

appearances appearances makes you an

investable commodity now this is this is

very similar to social value in other

words you can you

you firt you can offer this to

good-looking girls this is kind of

similar associate value but at the same

point your social value has to extend to

her friends has to extend to her


and possibly even her family if she's

going to invest that much again she's

not you have to understand a woman is

not looking for anything long-term

until she sees that you're worth

investing in guys okay

unless she unless she sees that you were

worth investing emotion time money more

vagina right money etc she has to has to

know that you're investable but if you

were more attractive more financially

stable in better shape and have a better

handle on her as a female than any man

she knows she will start to entertain

thoughts of a long-term relationship

with you which means what which means

she'll have a reason to start investing

in you now this isn't to say that you

have to lock her down if she makes a

play to consolidate on you but if that's

the direction you want to go at some

point it's important to make sure that

it's a viable option if a woman thinks

she may want to be with you for the

foreseeable future

you need to make sure you up here to be

the best option for her this is where

appearances come in understand this

gentleman somebody said it in the chat I

think it was black men being completely

honest or a brutal honest with anybody

beautiful women have more options or

something to that effect okay you need

to understand this attractive women get

more bigoted offers constantly so if

your game is not on point and you don't

look the part guess what guys she will

jump ship the minute she sees a man who

does look the part

meaning that she'll want to invest in

him and not you so make sure you dress

well consistently get in and stay in

good shape and make sure you cultivate

these talents doing these things will

represent you both well when you're in

public together women want direct and

indirect approval from their friends and

relatives okay they want this approval

that they've chosen a man of value and

if they sign off on you this is where

appearances matter if her friends her

workers or family people who are closest

to her if they directly or indirectly

sign off on you these women will invest

in you deranged pervert says all this

game stuff how am I supposed to get

anything done yeah you know the that is

one of the many that's one of the many

Quagmire's of game is that it takes so

much effort to to get good with women a

lot of guys just decides you know what

I'm not gonna go low level big town I'm

just gonna get my shit together and if

they come they come if they don't they

don't that's just how that is and listen

if you have your shit together you're

gonna get more opportunities with women

by simple virtue of having your shit

together now again you still have to be

the aggressor women listen

with regard to the sexual marketplace

men we are the aggressors

we are the go-getters women are passive

we fuck women get fucked like it's

physical its physiological and it's

mental you can't say well I'm gonna get

my shit together and wait for women to

come to me no doesn't work that way if a

beautiful woman hits on you okay

she's either desperate or she's a

prostitute who are probably both

beautiful women don't hit on high-value

men they may give choosing signals they

give indicators of interest to say come

hither I'm a beautiful woman yes but I'm

not going to approach you I want to see

if you're man enough I want to see if

you are not intimidated by me Abuna to

come up and introduce yourself the rains

perfect says five to seven thousand

years ago there was one man for every 17

women yes but that is not the case

anymore deranged perfect you my friend

are on the brink of becoming a low-level

MIG down which I wouldn't blame you for

and when I say a low-level MIG tell

low-level MIG Tau's are guys who don't

pursue relationships with women on any

level you don't pursue one-night stands

fuck buddies definitely not

relationships definitely not married

right like I get it five to seven

thousand years ago there was one man

forever 17 women dude its 2018 it's not

like that anymore let's not live in the

past man this show is not about

cultivating bitching about women

bitching about what it should mean well

60 years ago listen it ain't 60 years

ago a partner getting with women getting

with getting with women it's different

it takes a lot more effort some men

choose to make it worth it

some men decide to check out and there

are many many levels like I was that guy

who chased pussy all day every night

missus for three three-and-a-half years

men I spent a lot of time a lot of

effort and a lot of money eventually I

outgrew it because I said you know what

I'm investing way too much of this in

women so now I'm in the in-between thing

here now I'm in a long-term relationship

with a woman who appears to be at least

the genuine article based on the way

I've trained her is it gonna work I

don't know but I like where I'm at

that's the happy medium for me but

listen man if you don't if you don't

want to do it's necessary to become

attractive to women dude I listen I

don't blame you're not getting any hate

from me man

a woman's happiness is a moving fucking

target man it really really is and if

you decide that it's worth it to be more

attractive to women understand it's

gonna take some effort

Vincent Vale says are they drawn to the

talent or the social proof that comes

from having the talent very good

question by Vincent Bale the answer is

both the answer is both they are drawn

to the talent right but they are also

drawn to the social proof social proof

comes along with the talent so let's

let's just say let's just let's just use

John John - John's example let's say

there's someone who is a shitty painter

right not really a shitty paint listen

if you're a painter if you paint on the

regular you're gonna be you're gonna be

you're gonna be you're gonna be better

than most people let's say you're an

above-average painter right let's say a

guy who came she paints a bunch of

portraits he takes his stuff down to the

swap meet and people start buying his

art right oh my god you're a great

artist oh my god I'm gonna go to your


guess what she's attractive that social

proof Wow my guy has more fans than the

average man my guy is better painter

than most people I know they're drawn to

that social proof Trump versus made a

very very good comparison Shawn in Tampa

Shawn at Tampa when I was on in the

evenings used to call my show all the

time he said he's in the band yeah I

used to play gigs when I get off the

gigs man I literally have my pick and

women they are absolutely drawn to the

talent very very good question by


Vale very good question they are drawn

to the talent as well as the social

proof that comes with the talent they're

drawn more to the social proof let if

you were the world's number one

underwater basket weaver nobody's

impressed with that but if that gives

but if that gets you social proof if

you're the guy who has 3 million

subscribers on YouTube because of your

underwater basket-weaving skills and you

go to underwater basket-weaving

convention with conventions with all the

other underwater basket-weaving nerds

guess what your girl is gonna be drawn

to that mate ray Renard I hope I'm

pronouncing that correctly says what's

the best course of action to turn a

one-night stand into a plate yeah I just

run standard text game so let's say you

have a one-night stand with a woman this

is easy look if you have a one-night

stand with a woman let's say you fuck

her on a Friday night right get her


wait until Sunday actually wait you know

fuck her on Friday night right get her

phone number because you want to turn

her into a plate hit her up on Monday or

Tuesday be like yo let's hang out again

on Friday night don't ask her if she's

busy yo I had fun this last Friday night

let's do it again

on Friday night if she says no yeah then

she's not interested if she says yes

then guess what you now have turned her

into a plate right after you fuck her

again for the second Friday night yeah

this is great we should he should make

this a regular thing now she's a plate

okay let's see huh all right deranged

pervert says I'm Way off the MiG - how

deep it at least he kept it hurry oh man

you got to watch that man when you start

complaining about women too much you're

gonna you're gonna you're gonna complain

yourself into becoming angry with women

all the time and the anger phase when

you take the red pill the anger phase is

necessary like this is something you

have to go through but if you stay in

the anger phase too long man that's when

you become a turd flinging monkey who is

absolutely fuckin brilliant but jesus

fucking christ man you've ugh a sex doll

so I can't I respect what you say but I

cannot respect you as a man if you fuck

a sex doll and make fun of the fact that

I fuck women with a pulse I'm not saying

I'm just saying a sheeny cat says yes he

said yeah dude getting women is hard

spent three hours at the club with this

chick yesterday just to get blue-balled

buyer yep

Mon says don't be too hard on yourself

learn small things step by step when you

fall don't cry just wake up again

dramatic irony says the woman approaches

you then she could be a tranny dude you

hear these horror stories all the time

man like dude that got her to my place

and the chick had a dick dude I have

fucked I don't even know how many women

I thought I've picked up so many women I

dude it's it's ridiculous I've never had

an experience in it's weird man like you

hear these stories but like dude my

friends have told me there's people I

know I fucked the shit load of women and

I am I feel very privileged I feel very

lucky never to have gotten a girl back

to my place or gone to her place and she

ended up having a dick deranged perfect

said is my point was men mascar to each

other okay all right point taken

gentle blazing says Donovan when are you

gonna stop playing around and have my

kids that's I don't know how to respond

to that one that's Wow for the first

time I'm speechless yeah never you know

I couldn't come up with anything witty

drastic irony says or she has an STD and

wants to spread it Jesus Christ scary

dudes freelance Ronin says please don't

say but Donovan the Jews it isn't worth

the squeeze

yeah the juice isn't worth the squeeze

it's such a bad reference it's it's just

ridiculous just like Rollo Tomassi says

the juice isn't worth the squeeze but

just don't want the juice the kid likes

the underwater basket-weaving John de

John says my thoughts on insecure men

John be a little bit more specific give

me an example and I can I can answer


Bruno goat says if you're gonna be a

low-level migt I'll at least make money

off of it hey that's what I'm saying

dude listen I can talk shit about

turtling and monkey all I want to this

dude has close to 300 thousand

subscribers on YouTube I can't hate man

you know I'm saying and my guess is that

he bought his his sex doll his waifu

celestina from the money that he made on

youtube can't hate men Yosef Israel

making it appearances personally I've

decided to stay away from these women

they're a pain in the ass especially

black women however if I do decide to

deal with women again I'll be prepared

thanks to you Donovan appreciate debt

Mon says I lost a potential girl to get

laid because I was so angry at women

complaining I met her on the forum as

well she came to me for advice because I

had social proof there exactly Massey

says years ago I was at a random bar and

this girl asked me to go to her house

for two hours before I went it was

before tinder says yeah and I beat it up

for a couple hours came out and her

roommates gave me high fives and I never

saw her again

Jesus Christ

that's called sport fucking that's sport

fucking good episode today guys very

very informative hopefully you guys got

something out of it again be sure to go

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