The ONE reason your woman disrespects you (Episode 417)




I don't give a shit about your 1500 SAT

score eat under 1500 calories a day and

then I'll be impressed if you treat her

better than she treats you she'll get

bored don't just give her your attention

made her earning she's not your co-pilot

she's your flight attendant fly from

Philadelphia your man your daily dose of

Rachel Street wisdom and awareness it is

Thursday February 28th 2019 we are multi

casting live as usual to multiple

YouTube channels multiple Facebook pages

as well as Twitter so wherever you are

and however you are watching or

listening thank you for making the sharp

reality a part of your day all right

let's get right to it a few years back I

own several rental properties in Las

Vegas I had three different people

manage my properties at different times

during my stint as a landlord and the

best PM I ever hired was a guy by the

name of Jeff this guy had excellent work

ethic he was always on time and the only

time he ever missed work was when he had

food poisoning and even then he actually

still tried to come into the office to

email files to himself so he could work

from home I mean this dude was rock

steady well Jeff ended up getting

married and moving to Utah so I had to

hire another property manager now

admittedly I was in a bit of a rush to

hire someone because I didn't want to

have to be at the office all day I had

done that already I didn't want to take

phone calls from tenants I didn't want

to have to deal with maintenance

requests or rent payments I didn't I

don't wanna have to deal with any of

that I want to keep living the Vegas

life I wanted to keep cruising down the

Vegas Strip for new girls I wanted to

party I wanted to go to the club I

wanted to do blow all night so I hired

the first person who applied for the job

who happened to be a Puerto Rican woman

originally from New York

by the name of Yolanda now

Yolanda she interviewed very well she

showed up on time she had reliable

transportation she presented well she

was well-spoken and she had a bit of an

edge this impressed me that edge because

you have to have an edge when you're

dealing with things like late rent

payments maintenance requests you know

or unreasonable maintenance requests and

so forth just typical things you have to

deal with as a landlord I didn't call

her references or ask her about her last

employment because deep down I didn't

want a disqualifier I didn't want to

find a reason not to hire her so I could

continue being an idiot and Vegas like

every guy dreams about at some point so

I hired her on the spot and told her she

could start the next day which was

Thursday well Thursday and Friday well

Thursday and Friday those were her first

two days so Thursday and Friday she

showed up she went through the training

met most of my tenants met my

maintenance guy soaked up the data

learned sage which is the alternative to

QuickBooks accounting software that's

the accounting software that I used a

little less expensive alternative for

small business owners I mean it really

seemed as though she was gonna do quite

well well Monday she showed up few

minutes late no big deal I didn't say


six minutes in my mind am that's not

gonna make me or break me no big deal

Tuesday she showed up about a half an

hour late Wednesday she showed up on

time but she took an hour and a half

lunch she only gets an hour

Thursday and Friday she showed up on

time took an hour lunch but the

following Tuesday Yolanda was a no call

no show so Tuesday I call her up and I

asked her what she was she made

something she gave me some you know some

sob story about how her kid was sick and

about how she had to rush him to the ER

and all the rest of that right she

apologized for not calling but she said

she was hysterical because her son is

her world and she wouldn't know what

she'd do without her well turns out

according to her she said her son had a

fever far from the life or

a situation that she had alluded to on

the phone so I let that slide over the

next three weeks Yolanda was always late

I can't remember the last time she

actually showed up to work on time

she took extended lunches she'd leave

the office without telling me

I had tenants calling me on my cell

phone telling me that no one was

answering the phone at the office my

maintenance guy could never get a hold

of her Abbi dude it was it was a mess it

was an abject disaster the last straw

was when she was a no call no show which

was now the second time she did this to

me and at that point I fired her now she

did the usual thing that bad female

employees do when they lose their jobs

because of bad performance attendance

for both she tried to apologize

O'Donovan I'm a single mom I have no

other job prospects I was relying on

this job blah blah blah

I didn't budge she was out I was done

with her well a couple of weeks later I

get a summons from the cart from a Clark

County civil court I think was small

claims court informing me that Yolanda

had sued me for wrongful termination

what happened in court was both

unbelievable but expected and I'll tell

you about that and how that ties in

handling disrespect from your woman

after the break we'll be right back the

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that song is great Devin loves she loves

dick police she doesn't love people who

dick police she actually loves that song

dick police was quite funny I just I had

to send her the the MP by the way that's

my dick police is my will to call this

you guys can find his work on either

YouTube or SoundCloud calm just search

will the coldest alright let's check the

chat here see who was in csr towers

chase rubadoux shout out to you it's

good to see you in here rob cruz is

second hell fighter is third charles

Caballero gets a hit clean up Mike

Chenery good to see you in here man

looks like Mike Chenier is double dippin

ease in both but in both chat areas

spray yo face my man HP who is also

spray yo face says buckle up desert good

to see you in here James Martinez good

to see you in here yes James I did get

your text about the pre-workout good


man I appreciate that thank you thank

you I have so much going on that I had

completely forgotten to hit you about

the whole pre-workout thing but when you

said to to my's like oh yeah that's

right I asked James about that but I but

I do appreciate you sending me that


Cory Busby from down there in

Mississippi that's how they called

Mississippi down to Mississippi they

don't actually call it Mississippi they

say Mississippi the book of alpha rata

me good to see you in here as well

Molotov cocktail says it is hard to find

a man I'm telling you man you ain't lyin

finding and the thing is as I'll tell

you guys what happened with Yolanda in a

minute the thing is as I after I fired

ulanda and all that fiasco I actually

hired Jeff was 27 when he left me

actually ended up hiring it's another 24

year old guy who had a sales background

and he didn't work for me that long

because at that point I was in the

transition of you know moving to Reno

and there were some other things going

on but yeah needless to say after the

whole ulanda thing I took my time in

hiring a property and hiring a property

manager but yes yes Molotov cocktail it

is very very difficult to find a good

property manager a good reliable

property manager at that yes guys

definitely hit the like button you guys

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sharp episodes are gonna stay up on

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objectification of females or anything

like that I would never do such a thing

kasib says he's in the gym doing leg day

getting some red pill knowledge from the

man himself Jonathan for modern life

dating is in the house he just released

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that as well Molotov cocktail says

sounds very Puerto Rican yeah Yolanda

she was a piece of work

piece of work ill will says that's why I

live in at-will states

Jesus oh yeah yeah Josh says he knows

exactly where this is where witness is

going coming from someone who rents out

properties yeah man yeah do we you oh

yeah oh yeah yeah mark Gordon checking

in from Ireland

Kito for life says another bangin topic

Kyle Mitchell is in the house hopefully

he is not at work

hopefully he's not at work Kyle York


Kyle we don't want you to get fired man

we don't want to be fired

Byron Gaines says I'm in here to hear

facts from sharp though god I don't

really consider myself a God I'm more of

a I know a more of a demon I remember

when I watched just real quick I

remember I watched what was it Evander

Holyfield vs. Lennox Lewis and I was

friends with all these guys from the

youth group they're all I was in my dude

I was 19 20 years old they were all 16

17 years old they're all at my house cuz

they pay-per-view and all that I had a

job and all that a car and money and all

that and they were all pulling for

Evander Holyfield because oh praise God

he came to the came to the ring you know

singing songs and then of course we find

out of N or Holyfield had like 60

children by like 40 40 chicks and then

when Lennox Lewis got the decision or

ended up winning the fight I had one

friend of mine he was my best friend for

a while he says Satan wins again made

them all uncomfortable as hilarious


Timmy foster good to see you in here as


shout out to everyone in the chat I

appreciate your support so before the

break I told you guys about the property


then I foolishly hired who showed up

late took extended lunches and was eat

was easily the worst employee I'd ever

had she ended up suing me for wrongful

termination well here's what happened I

ended up winning a summary judgment

because she was late to court

guys I kid you not this chick ended up

showing late to court the proceedings

started at 9:00 Yolanda's name the

Yolanda's name started with an A so her

case was I don't know like the third or

fourth on the docket and by the time it

was our turn she wasn't there the judge

gave me a summary judgment and for those

of you who don't who are familiar with

what a summary judgment is it means that

the judge long story you know to dumb it

down just in layman's terms the judge it

means that the judge finds in favor of

the party who is in court if someone

isn't there like if someone Sue's you

now this doesn't happen a criminal court

not that I have experience with that but

I've been I've been sued - well I've

been sued three times

I got a summary judgment with this one

but if if someone Sue's you or you some

you you sue someone in civil court and

you don't show up to court whoever

doesn't show up loses the case

automatically so if you're there and the

plaintiff or defendant is not that the

judge will give you what's called a

summary judgment this is not legal

advice this is just experience and I

took a year of paralegal school again

not legal advice disclaimer the funny so

at this point right I got my summary

judgment if I don't know is probably

9:45 ten o'clock the proceedings started

at night the funny thing is is that on

the way out my lawyer not actually saw

Yolanda running down the hall now I was

hoping that she would see us but she

didn't which would have been that would

have been that would have been way too

funny it was so funny because you know

the judge is like you know miss I don't

want to give her name out on the air she

was like he was like yeah miss a are you

in the court miss a are you in the court

and I remember looking at my attorney

just kind of smile and shake

like you got to you've gotta be kidding

me like sheet like dude like and you can

see in this you know in the in the

statement that I made a I fired her

because she came to work late bla bla

bla bla bla and wouldn't you know it she

wasn't there so the judge kind of

chuckled all right hmm I find for mr.

shark have a good day and that was that

what that whole fiasco taught me was

that I had a scarcity mindset when I

lost Jeff my former reliable superstar

property manager he is the best employee

I ever had and he made my life much

easier and when he left I was in a hurry

to replace him with whoever could

basically walk talk and breathe I did

not vet Yolanda property properly I

didn't call her references I didn't call

her former employers I didn't run a

criminal background check which in

hindsight was extremely unwise because

she would've been handling money checks

had him had access to proprietary

information but luckily in love she

didn't stick around long enough to get

to collect any rent I saw that she was

well-spoken that she had her own

transportation and I decided to hire her

on the spot so that I could continue to

living the lifestyle I was used to that

Jeff afforded me by being who and what

he was as an employee what I didn't say

anything about her coming to work late

on her first day guys

that was the beginning of the end she

disrespected me and I did nothing I

brushed it off and made excuses because

I had a scarcity mindset and want a

loser I didn't want to have to be in the

office for six seven eight hours a day

had I taken her aside and say hey you

show up late one more time and you're

gone I could have avoided all of that

nonsense now maybe Yolanda would had

ended a would have ended up quitting

maybe she would have stayed either way

that behavior would have stopped whether

she was employed by me or not guys it is

the same with women we see a pretty face

we see a nice body we see a nice ass and

we commit without vetting her properly

she's on her best behavior

and we get hooked Yolanda was on her

best behavior Thursday and Friday I said

man this

great she already knows sage everything

is good then the first time she

disrespects you even a little bit we

don't see anything because we want to

keep sleeping with her I didn't say

anything because I didn't want you alana

to get mad and walk out the door never

mind the fact that there are plenty of

girls out there we have a scarcity

mindset so we think that if we piss her

off by handling her disrespect she will

leave and will be alone I had that same

scarcity mindset listen there were

plenty of other people out there that

could have worked for me but because I

didn't want to put in the work necessary

to hire a good employee I ended up

paying the price what ends up happening

is that is that the disrespectful

gestures the disrespectful statements

the disrespectful behaviors keep

escalating and before we know it we've

got a woman who is constantly out of

pocket we're okay you're the guy that

people see in public who walks behind

his woman in public you're the guy whose

woman orders her own meals at

restaurants and flirts with the waiter

that's you you're the guy who gets

yelled at by his woman in public now we

may think that women disrespect us

for many many reasons but there's really

only one reason they disrespect us and

that reason is because we allow them to

women do women do to you what you allow

them to I let Yolanda getting away with

coming Ayelet I let I let Yolanda get

away with coming into work late twice

and taking a long lunch in her first

week of employment

is there any wonder why she continued to

push the envelope Yolanda's behavior was

my fault because I allowed it to go

unchecked the first time she did it

gentlemen your woman is going to test

you she is going to test you early and

often this is what we call shit testing

but women also shit test by exhibiting

disrespectful disrespectful behavior

like playing on her phone when she's

with you texting her ex flaking on you

when you guys have a meetup plan talking

to you like a child

withholding sex the list goes on and on

and before you know it she's cursing you

out in public over something silly but

because you don't want to lose her

because you have that scarcity mindset

that scarcity mentality mentality you

don't do anything you don't check her

you don't correct her bad behavior

instead what you do do is you Google how

to handle disrespect and you ended up

here on Thursday February 28th 2019

wanting to know why your woman is

disrespecting you and what you can do

about it

so now that I've talked about why your

woman disrespects you I'm gonna talk

about how to prevent disrespectful

behavior in the first place and how to

handle it when and if it ever happens

again at the bottom of the hour on TSR

prime time and I'm gonna have Steve the

Dean Williams on to help me out

let's check the chat here one more time

it's one right no we cracked the 100

mark file no back down to 98 Oak town's

finest make him an appearance legend P

says greetings from Calgary great show

as always appreciate that RP mambas has

looked up the artist on soundcloud but

dick police isn't on there did the song

get taken down I don't know I don't know

beats me dramatic irony wants to know do

I have to you two YouTube channels

I've actually got about a dozen D I got

about a dozen Lorenzo Davis says a

profit is better absolutely

I don't know I don't I don't like to

call it C I don't know I I don't really

like to assign labels to myself listen I

like to sign I like to assign labels to

people I like : some people fake-ass Pro

blacks I'll label those guys all day and

oh by the way oh by the way Monday's

show eight signs you might be a fake-ass

pearl black stay tuned might piss a lot

of you off I might lose some subscribers

might lose some patrons but I'm

listening I'm gonna tell it like it is

the dollar signs be damned double

fisting on Tia's heart today y'all need

to get the app haha that is an

interesting way to put it interesting

way to put it oh yeah yeah Molotov

cocktail says Linux was the man you know

Linux Lewis is probably one of the most

unsung heavyweights in history Lennox

Lewis don't get it twisted he is a top

he is probably a top seven heavyweight

of all time Lennox Lewis was excellent

he was great he didn't get the love

because he wasn't really an American he

was he was British you know it's kind of

weird but Lennox Lewis is absolutely one

of the greatest heavyweights

of all time make them make make though

make no mistake about it chase rubadoux

says I've been in court five times for

traffic violations wear a suit make the

judge laugh guaranteed reduced to no

fines my mom and attorney taught me that

she was spot on chase are you black or

white listen I don't want to make this a

racial thing but I've been to court many

many times

many many times and don't get me wrong

I've caught some breaks like I don't

want you guys to make any mistake about

that I'm not gonna get on my high horse

about the justice system all that

because that's not what I do but if

you're black on the pressed I'm

impressed I don't think I'm gonna tell

him myself

the very first to listen this is I'm

really telling myself the very first

time I got arrested yeah I was 19 years

old I got caught street racing in

Greensboro North Carolina right

I'm 18 you're I'm 19 years old 19 years

old I'm in Greensboro North Carolina I

get I get busted for street racing

what's let I'm on my own recognizance

because of course I didn't have a

criminal record at that time had never

been arrested so I get in front of the

judge and she's an older black woman and

she looks at me and she says Mr sharp

she says you appear to be a very

intelligent young man because I gave my

spiel and told her I was sorry and all

that she's you appear to be a very

intelligent young man she says a young

man like you you're in college you've

got your whole life ahead of you she

says there is no reason for you to be in

here now for this and I said no your

honor I won't do it again she says but

I'll tell you this if I see you in here

again bring your toothbrush never forget

that and she let me go she dropped all

the charges not for whatever reason I

had a but dude I haven't I had a public

defender I couldn't afford a lawyer

right I'm 19 had a public defender he

talked to the judge talked to the DA was

my first offense dude she did me a solid

no community service no nothing she says

if I see you back in here bring your

toothbrush and that's all I needed to

hear now I've seen the inside of many

jail cells and courtrooms since then

never in front of that judge never again

in Guilford County oh yeah yeah Chris

Von Erich says Donovan Long Island

represent and good to see very good to

see you a man here an hour and a half

away from me I'm in Philly Oh chase

Ruben who is Rosso he is a Lakota Sioux

okay so you were Indian all right well

good stuff we'll never mind then

register with rosebud Sioux try in South

Dakota all right very good

all right

hey listen your mother is a smart woman

for real for real yeah I mean I've worn

suits to court listen I've caught a few

breaks in court and the end really the

only time I've caught a few braces when

I pay my lawyer a crapload of money like

he has pulled oh my god I don't wanna

get heat listen he has pulled some

miracles and I am I am I am I am fairly

certain that my that my criminal defense

attorney who I have paid tens of

thousands of dollars to to get me out of

trouble in Vegas he's got to have naked

pictures of junkies got to have pictures

of judges or or DA's you know with

prostitutes or something I don't dude

he's this guy support Abbott's out of

hats man I have no idea how he did it

didn't ask didn't want to know all I

knew is that all I knew is that I was a

free man that's all I knew

public pretender good stuff good stuff

like I've said all week guys TSR

primetime is definitely not YouTube

friendly and that is why it is not on

this channel so if you want the 100%

real no BS content unfiltered strong

opinion strong facts that you guys have

come to that you guys have come to

expect from me tuna the TSR primetime at

the bottom of the hour on Donovan sharp

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that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive make sure you subscribe to

my weekly newsletter be sure to tune in

these are prime time which is in just a

few minutes on Donovan sharp calm with

special guest Steve the Dean wait thanks

for watching guys always trying to say I

show them people that shake the real

reason wise cuz you want that bitch but

you ain't never been are tight so do you

always want a guess I'm doing song right

it's telling me I broke two what's new

having money never caught on

lay on top of that all these gold

diggers gonna take you won't break you

wanna tell you rape you all a level when

I saw my shit it's what he said boost a

police a much big if they haven't nobody

can come here to more live

man may be flying over chicks trying to

throw hands they don't even like gone

out sad

yeah Lord now what are you doing Ted the

first is where I want this one goddamn

y'all get 92 dick police little bitch

she's a dick police telling me to take

it away from me your lame ass only me in

peace you know you know you dig it the





trust me dude hot girls are overrated

all females are sluts until proven

otherwise don't get me wrong they're fun

for a little while but they are a

fucking headache plenty of looks can get

you in the door but game is what keeps

you fit just never know what the fuck

they want man live from Philadelphia

pure man

Donovan Shaw what's up guys it's your

man Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the

417 episode of CSR primetime your

headquarters for unfiltered

straightforward no bullshit red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it is

Thursday February 28 2019 for those of

you who've come over from TSR live it is

good to have you in today and thank you

for your support if you have a question

or comment about why women disrespect

you or us and how to deal with it gimme

a call 911 for two oh five five three

five six again that is 911 for two oh

five five three five six if you have an

unrelated question about girls game your

relationship finances hobbies fitness or

anything else that pertains to

increasing your value as a man okay one

on one consultation on donovan sharp

calm forward slash consult earlier on TS

are live I talked about why women

disrespect men in relationships and I

related that story I related ace that

story to a woman named Yolanda who

proved to be the worst employee I ever

hired well I'm gonna address this and

how to dis and how to handle disrespect

with my man Steve the Dean Williams

Steve how you doing them hey listen man

you know me and you were homeboys man I

got I got to have you on all the time


listen when I have you won't listen when

I have you on I get them I get the most

views man so I'm trying to have you on

as often as possible no doubt no doubt

okay so let's get right into it here

disrespect and again you and I had a

conversation earlier today because I

you know I expressed to you that you are

I don't want to say that you're uniquely

qualified because I think we all are but

you in particular

you're a very you're a straight shooter

right in terms of what needs to be done

to keep your woman in line handling

disrespect things of that nature so

answer this question for me if you would

why do women disrespect men because men

a lot worse he's not men but regular

guys allow women to be disrespectful a

woman is not good a woman is only going

to do at the end of the day which you

allow her to do done this is

unbelievable I know and Steve was in his

car during TSR live he didn't hear any

of this stuff you were literally echoing

exactly what I said before he came on

men because you know great minds think

alike it goes I always say done you know

I always say if you always see most guys

the biggest problem they have is they

have the a to be if a does it B then a

is going to do it to C model and that's

their problem

because if just because a does the B

doesn't mean a is gonna do it C meeting

that right if a is disrespected B that

doesn't mean a could do that to c d e f

ng when you can only do it to because b

is the one allowing that to go on right

exactly and I think what it's

interesting a lot of guys and I'm sure

they probably hit you up as well Steve

you know how do I handle disrespect and

this is any other why is my woman

disrespecting me and the answer to that

question is because you allow her to

write like you allow her you allow her

to disrespect you and this is why she

continues to do what she does listen you

said it you said it best women only do

because I said this on on the TSR life

side women only do what you allow them

to do women only do what you allow them

to get away with and if you let them get

away with this respect even one time

Steve one time that is the chink in the

armor that she needs to end up

railroading you and become an out of


woman oh yeah absolutely and what a lot

of guys are understand Donovan this

starts early on now please understand

this and let me let me clarify this for

everybody because I don't want people to

think that men like you and myself don't

get tested the difference is we all get

tested by a woman sorry it's just that

she realizes she's with a real man you

know dumb and I always say and I talk to

my clients all the time you know back in

the day when we were watching TV shows

you know where there was like these

49ers or Bugs Bunny old cartoons where

they would drop gold on the ground the

first thing they would do when they pick

it up is they would bite it to make sure

it's the real thing or write fool's gold

right so every woman is going to do that

because there's a lot of guys out here

who fake like their men or portray or

pretend like that so what happens is

these women have to find out are you the

real thing and they'll do it to you one

time they'll do it to me and they'll do

it to men they will get out of pocket

one time to see what you're going to do

in that moment sir again 100% spot-on

and I think it's important for our

audience to know and understand is that

women are going to test you now here's

the thing and I might do I might

actually do an episode on the Def Con on

you know trying to decipher the

difference between shit testing and

disrespect but we're gonna deal with

disrespect because disrespect is also

shit testing right you understand that

but here's the thing man just because

just because Devin is in pocket just

because she's you know this and that any

other listen man Devin tests me this is

just what happens now Devin make she may

consciously test me right just to sort

of make sure that I am who and listen

she does this every once in a while all


Donovan Donovan is this Annette haven't

really you know haven't really you know

has seen a flare up I just need to make

sure he is who he is poke him in there


that's it yep he's still Donovan right

girls will test you to make sure that

you were still the guy still the man

that she fell in love with her that she

met okay

just because you are a quote-unquote

alpha male in a red pill relationship

does not mean that you are not going to

be tested by your woman your woman will

test e and I'll tell you something else

Steve actually had a conversation with a

client today is that just because or men

in relationships it's very easy to be

mr. red pill alpha when you're just

spinning plates it's very easy to have

the it's very easy to to have a no fucks

given attitude when you're just fucking

a girl when there are no feelings

involved but when there are feelings and

listen I feel very strongly for Devon

like make no make no mistake about it I

care for her very much but when you get

win when when they're feelings involved

the the the chemistry changes okay this

doesn't mean that you have to change the

script but any guy who can maintain his

his masculinity his red pill awareness

within the constructs of a monogamous

sexual relationship that's where the

rubber meets the road and this is why we

listen and and and guys always wonder if

she's you know she dumped me because she

says I'm not the guy that I used to be

yes because as soon as you caught

feelings for her all of your red pill

attributes went out the door he started

acquiescing to her you you allowed her

to disrespect you back when you were

just fucking her back when she was one

of three bitches you were fucking you

didn't you didn't you didn't you didn't

tolerate that shit because you need had

two other bitches but now that she's the

only one that's your fucking presumably

now all of a sudden it's a problem for

you to handle her disrespect yeah

you know the thing is but I like just

like you said man I come for my my woman

as well I come for my woman as well and

I just always say you know I got I got I

got love respect for my woman but the

thing is I don't believe I don't have

what it's called a love relationship I

have what it's called a respect

relationship fuck love I want your

respect so but with that being said I

may tell my girl I love her because I

got a little four but we all know if you

all know me I love myself a little bit

more so that means I'm always going to

put myself first regardless of how I

feel for any woman period

or anybody so with that being said I'll

never have the issues of changing Who I

am because I know who I am I know my

last name and I know what I stand for

that's cool you said you you said a you

mentioned the the key word here and that

key word Steve is respect without

respect yeah there is no love and girls

tell guys they love them all the time

but girl but but but and it's

interesting that your dog is in the

background I'll actually make this

comparison with dogs there are people

who own dogs who are constantly out of

pocket they shit on the floor they piss

on the floor they they eat things

they're not supposed to eat they're

jumping they're you know they're jumping

over there they're just there they're

there they're not well-behaved dogs

they're at a pocket right but when mommy

or daddy comes home and you know your

dog will love you look you bla bla bla

bla bla all right well my dog loves me

your dog may love you but your dog does

not respect you just because your dog

loves you does not mean that your dog

respects you women are not like dogs you

gotta have a woman's respect before you

have the kind of love that you're

looking for in other words the kind of

love that makes her want to fuck you

every night right

all kinds of girls nationwide oh I love

you I love you I love you yeah they love

you because you're in the friend zone

they love because they love you because

at that point you're you're giving her

all the benefits of being in a

relationship without actually being in

one she didn't respect you and when you

wonder why she hasn't come around to you

know being sexually attracted - dude

it's because she doesn't respect you you

don't put her in place when she gets out

of pocket you let her talk to you any

old kinda way you need to have a woman's

respect before you can have her love and

if she disrespects you and you don't do

anything about it she eventually will

fall out of love a tease diva oh yeah

you're absolutely right and I'll take it

a little bit deeper before you have a

woman to respect you got to learn how to

respect yourself who you got to know

what your boundaries

as a man it like I always say I'll tell

you I'm always kind like a broken record

oh listen that's what that was necessary

bridge job right no doubt is no

different from a job now we all know

that a woman that disrespects a man is

not going to do the same things at to

her boss or see you at the job right

because the job demands the one thing of

itself and that's the respect that's why

they have what it's called

mission statements right what it's

called legacy statement they have mottos

they have things that let you know as

soon as you walk in that building this

is what we are about we aren't here to

please you what are you gonna do to

please us and if you are lucky enough to

please us we're gonna tell you when you

come into work when you leave when you

take lunch and when you get paid which

could be the ghost right with those

things being said you can't get away

with disrespect now if you do something

wrong don't get me wrong you'll get a

warning or written up but you keep on

doing it you will get fired and that's

the thing about a man it's no different

than being a man because like you myself

and people like us we we demand the most

of ourselves because we know what our

last name means you know what a sharp is

you know how a sharp thinks at how he

feels and the respect and admiration you

have for yourself where you're not gonna

put it like you say you look like ain't

know you've been with Devin and I've

been my one for 20 years if my woman

even pumped enough blood out of her

chest to get all out of pocket triable I

could leave just as soon as I came in

that's right like a baby and she knows

that that's the thing man is that guys

and again not that it would be easy

right like listen if Devin and I were to

break up I'm not gonna sit here and say

that I wouldn't be bummed out about it

for a couple of days but life goes on

like that's how this works

life goes on there will be other women

there are other women out there I listen

I love what Devin does for me

I like how she elevates my life but make

no mistake of listen I don't listen I

don't have any plans on leaving her but

I will if I have to right actually

situation with her actually had a

situation with her the it was about a

week ago and it was it was something

very it was something that was that was

very very minor

it wasn't blatant disrespect but it was

I don't want to give away I don't want

to give away too much information

because I'm you know I don't want to put

my you know be of course you know you

see Devon's ass I'm not but I want you

know I want I want guys to be clear that

that I don't I don't I don't jump to

conclusions very very easily I always

and I tell Devon this all the time hey

if I'm jumping down your throat about

something it's never the isolated event

if she does X I don't say how'd you do

this I don't know know if she does X I

wait to see what happens with Y then I

wait to see what happens with Z then if

a B and C happen now I'm on your ass

right and I always tell her it's never

an isolated event it is a confluence of

events it's a confluence of

circumstances so if I'm Erin her out

about this or that you can bet your ass

that I've got five or six different

reasons in different events that led me

to this particular led me to this

particular juncture all of that said we

had a very minor seemingly minor

situation where it she did something she

thought was I don't know that she

thought it was innocent she probably

wasn't even thinking but what she did

was extremely disrespectful

Steve almost lost my fucking mind and

this wasn't it honestly on its face just

on its face it wasn't a big deal not

like I could admit that on its face it

wasn't a big deal but given the context

of our relationship in that particular

circumstance that was highly

disrespectful I lost my fucking mind

guess what I can promise you Steve she

will never ever ever do that again

well well you know what and I went to

all guys that listening to look this up

write her name down there's a there's a

female artist by the name of Nelly

Furtado's oh yeah heard yeah she was on

the right day yeah she was on they get

your freak on remix with Missy Elliott

way back in the day right right well my

uh my ex my ex whisper used to be from

Afghanistan and she was just like Nelly

potaro with green eyes which is

beautiful beautiful man I mean

guys just cream guys do anything for

dogs other stuff we were good for a

while but again I love hate I loved her

but man I love me that much more right

and I and I look like you say sometimes

you got to make tough decision as a man

but sometimes you got to think about you

know always called what I call it

Donovan I call it a captain Krunk

decision you know sometimes I'm an old

Star Trek all right know what you you

know sometimes there you know sometimes

you know there was always this guy named

yeoman him some no-name guy right they

always fly down to the enterprise always

fly and then it always come down to Kirk

make a decision do I lose yeoman do I

save yeoman Henson and lose the

enterprise or do I let you home and hit

the gold and save the enterprise those

those who I called Captain Kirk decision

and my decision is look she was bad she

was beautiful tour CA she did a sheet

there damn near everything right but the

ultimate districts but I I look I had to

let her go

right hey it was it was it was a tough

night 8:00 it wasn't easy decision but I

had to look at me first and save yo man

you can't let this lie okay look if you

were a regular guy you would let that

kick shit fly be that door then

something else there you gotta give her

a walking papers and it was a hard thing

to do Donna back oh yes oh yes it was

hard that you do but it had to be done

sir and it got done and I grew about it

understand this gentleman handling

disrespect from a woman a woman that you

listen handling disrespect from a woman

you don't give a fuck about that's easy

and she's some bitch 'red fucking on the

side and she says something either like

you honestly just get the fuck out of a

student I've had so many fucking side

bitches and just fucking fuck buddies

try to disrespect me in my own house

like in my own place dude I remember oh

my god dude I remember one girl I think

I was watching baseballs in the dead of

it was in the dead of summer she comes

over and you know we do our thing I fuck

or whatever I come out to the living

room and I'm watching baseball and she

comes down she plopped son on the couch


Absaroka say we're not watching this

yo-yo I had to stop it I just bra listen

I looked around for seconds on the wait

a minute are there hidden cameras around

like did this bitch really just walk up

into my $3,500 a month yeah like it

might like it like is this a joke cuz

surely surely you don't you don't really

think you're gonna get away with this

well after I figured out that there were

no hidden cameras if this is all in

about maybe two or three seconds I said

I said to her and I quote I said get the

fuck out of my house she's like what why

I said you're not gonna come into my

house and tell me what the fuck I watch

ok ok no no I said get the fuck out she

wouldn't leave I said get the fuck out

of my house I'm calling the fucking cops

Steve I was pissed I was fucking pissed

guess what that bitch was blowing up my

phone all night long dude I put her on

ice for 24 or 48 hours she was blowing

up my phone all night long every time

she came over after that what do you

want to watch on TV this is how it's

done now it's easy to do it's easy to

handle disrespect when you're dealing

with a woman you don't give a fuck about

right it's not easy to do it with a

woman you care about just like you said

what the Afghanistan Estonian girl I

don't even know if that's a word right

the Nelly Furtado look-alike yeah with

the Afghan girl it was not easy to let

her go but guys this is the difference

between red pillow we're men this is the

difference between men who are red pill

aware and five percenters five

percenters we know that the live in the

red pill life is not easy you got to

make a lot of hard decisions and you

want to know something Steve not every

man is equipped to make hard decisions

bro like listen most men in your

situation would have said you know what

she's hot she disrespected me but I

think I can let us I don't know no no no

you said I'm a fucking man

my last name is fucking William boom

bruh listen as much as I hate to let you

go I can't let this slide on mere

principle how can I call myself a man if

I'm gonna allow you to come up in my

house and tell me that I'm not watching

what I want to watch on my own TV what

the fuck what the fuck is a bet right so

when you're dealing with someone you now

that was someone I didn't care about

whether you're dealing with someone that

you do care about handling disrespect is

not easy it's easier said than done

guess what guys it still has to be done

it's still I don't want to hear I don't

want any well it's tough to listen no


would be easy you think keeping listen

you think keeping an attractive woman in

pocket is easy but no do Devon probably

gets dick dick surrounded her all the

time she's an attractive woman but guess

what I'm the only one who keeps her ass

in check and if she ever does get out of

pocket to the point so I feel like I

gotta let her go Steve it's gonna be a

tough decision but I'm gonna make that

decision make no mistake yeah yeah it's

gotta be done and that's what separates

us from everybody else a lot of a lot of

people don't value themselves enough and

they don't love themselves enough to say

look I'm above all things I live on it I

sit on the throne it will always be

about me regardless of what you think

what other people think it's always

gonna be about me you were here to

please me that's right I am here to give

you my time unless I deem and find you

worthy of anything else and that's just

how it is and it's never I mean for men

like us it's never gonna be that what

other any other way but that you know so

but I understand a lot of women are used

to the other guy oh yeah ones that try

to talk that game and then all of a

sudden they're compromising or they're

like well we're gonna work it out baby

we'll get counseling at all no I

shouldn't ever soon as you see there's a

lot of guys understand there's a

difference between negotiables and

compromise right and when you and when

you are being disrespected there is no

compromise there is no negotiation it is

this you better not do that again and it

was even worse Donovan if you make that

work for a man we make promises but for

those regular guys they make those are

all those weak threats make a threat to

a woman and you don't and you don't back

that up and your actions when she does

it again you will never have her respect

ever again

no you know and if you and here's the

thing if you try to be that fake alpha

you know what she got away with it this

time I'm not gonna letter to do it again

she's gonna do it again and when you try

to check on she's gonna be like nigga

what the fuck are you talking to

like what like oh oh all of a sudden you

know why are you trying to buck up and


you're not really that guy guess what

you're gonna do you're gonna back the

fuck down gentlemen you are listening to

the four hundred and 17th edition of TSR

primetime with special guest Steve the

Dean Williams

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now you are a Cowboys fan Steve what are

your thoughts man I love a man we need

them but you know what else there

there's rumor DeMarcus Ware because

Jason woman's the Jason Witten come out

of retirement it's considering coming

back as well so artists we've got

serious cross meant yeah yeah we're

about Jason Witten is considering doing

it as well oh but but see the thing is

is that and this can tie into what we're

talking about you see that when you have

a passion for something yep it's hard to

let it go it's hard to leave it on on

the table when you when you still got

that fire burn right side of you right

well as a man that we have that same

passion the only difference is this

passion lives on until the day we die we

don't put that on the table

we don't retire from it and that's the

passion of not dealing with a

disrespectful woman and the problem is

and you know what the problem is dove it

I can never blame the woman no and never

not want to blame the bitch no I can

never blame

woman would I did man listen remember on

the red med group we had that we

remember we played that video hmm where

the that that BPD girl I don't know if

you watched last week's red man group

but the BP don't know you were on it

like you were on what the fuck am I

talking about yeah yeah that video where

dude she was yeah Jesus cry - a it's I'm

gonna vacuum and I'm doing so much crap

but see what she was cutting him she was

you know pouring boiling water on him

she was literally abusing this guy right

and everybody was like oh my god she's

fucked up in this net and you were the

only motherfucker said check this out

BPD or not I blame the men if he was if

he had a set of nuts then he wouldn't

add that shit I imagine even more I tell

you when she puts them she's gonna twist

it when she poured the hot water on them

she's gonna hit him over the head with a

pan I don't think she didn't up to him

because I listen how money in something

like this a bitch is a bit I'm like no

don't no disrespect not nothing here you

never tell me your guys I'm saying that

individual right there that individual

there not only was being abused and gave

her a baby but then he gave her a none

another fucking water right he gave her

here they have two kids and she was

beating the brakes off of him because

the thing that y'all gotta understand is

is that listen when you ever get your

crayons out write this down here we go

where you at me we have will you have

two individuals there's gotta be an

alpha and there's got to be a beta

strength there's got it now again this

is me relationships okay because the

difference with that myself and Donovan

and we both outlets so we have a respect

to each other as alpha that's right

count at man-to-man I'm saying when

you're in a relationship with a woman

either you are the alpha or the bottom

bitch that's right that's it period

there's no middle ground but see the

problem is down the real quick is that

these guys have this thing called high

and low tolerance and right the problem

you see they have high tolerance in some

things meaning they will allow

woman to yell at them they allowed women

to grope shit they'll allow a woman to

have God friends they'll oh my oh I put

in business on the street they got

high-collared then sometimes they got a

little challenge sometimes they'll stand

up to a few things

Bracey as a man you don't have high

tolerance you don't have low tolerance

you have no zero tolerance zero negative

zero if you want to call because what a

lot of people don't understand about a

man is that we don't look when we when

we deal with women guys check this out

we don't come first we come before first

see everybody everybody wants to put we

come first but that you understand there

is a number that comes before one we are

first is really second in our world

right we are ground zero that's right we

are the Sun the Moon the Stars we are

all things and if you don't feel that

way about yourself then you're gonna get

treated like you are weak well said Mike

Chenery in the chat says we do not

negotiate with terrorists let so so so

we know why the disrespect happens right

because you won't allow it to let's get

in and we've only got a few minutes here

let's get it because I don't really

think that I don't think that there's

really we don't really need to do an

entire episode or a series on how to

handle disrespect from your women from

your woman right I think there's only I

think there's maybe one two maybe three

ways to handle disrespect so let me let

me let me let me let me let me let me

pick your brain on this Steve so you got

yourself a woman right and everything is

going good and all of a sudden she gets

out of pocket right so you guys are at

home or whatever and you see you know

you're you know you're walking around

you're doing your thing and you know you

you I guess you say something that

pisses her off or you do something that

pisses her off and she says to you what

the fuck did you just say to me what

that is disrespectful behavior what do

you do when your woman raises over voice

to you okay yeah well we'll see here's

the thing yeah I gotta break that I got

to go deeper okay let's do it let's do

it before we write down it before we

even in between a moment we meet and

we're just like sparring or like jay-z

right I already know you're not not even

in a relationship I'm talking about not

doing the whole Alfred stage the alpha

stage we have the good time we laughing

and giggling she play on my nut I put my

dick on her forehead everything's going

good diamond I will pull hook kick ass

inside and I will pause and I will look

her dead in her beautiful ass eyes and

tell her this simple thing

I am a drama-free man and I'm telling

you right now anybody that brings drama

into my life that is my mother my father

my sisters brothers don't care Bigfoot

Loch Ness monster I don't give a fuck

anybody bring drama into my life you're

gone you're gone

there's no listen and the wiggle room

will be there now you come around and

suck my dick and fuck me right there

will never be a relationship you say

you're gone you're not necessarily going

out my life it's just that you don't get

the honor to get on the pathway to

becoming my woman now we'll keep fucking

and you can suck my dick

sure let me come all over your faces

shit right now right but there will not

be a relation so I do it early Donovan I

let him know early so going back to what

you're saying she knows when she plumps

enough heart a blood out of her fucking

heart and it goes through her muscles in

her veins to her mouth to start forming

assistants they check it out darling

that is higher than this sound this year

this octave right here right this is

this is a tone that we talk to each

other that's right

it will never it never goes higher than

this unless we fucking butt outside

it will say at this tone right here

because if you get this tone any higher

than this you gotta get the fuck out

straight up and I don't play because I'm

good job of the thing about you and I we

got something that is makes us the most

dangerous to these women and it's called

options boo they know that if they get

out of love and they know we fire them

that bitch up straight out of me listen

this is and again I guess this is funny

this is the wrong question to ask you

Steve because I already knew what the

answer was you're in your mind listen

how do I handle disrespect it wouldn't

got that far in the first place right so

I listen I knew where you'd coming from

I knew you're gonna listen that was a

bet listen that was a bad question

here's my here's my answer and and again

it starts it starts in your interact

listen your your frame your game starts

with your very first interaction with

women from from the first time that you

approach her out on the street and get

her phone number - the last time you

stick your dick in er it is you are

setting the tone if your woman never

ever disrespect you and if a girl your

fucking ever disrespects you in any way

there's no lines there there's nothing

there there's nothing you do it doesn't

matter what she does the minute is the

minute she engages in disrespectful

behavior you look her dead in the eye

okay lower your voice you don't need to

yell because the lower you lower your

voice the more serious she'll take you

you look her dead in the eye say light

and say this that's the last time you do

that that's it and if she's a real bitch

and so really what you gonna do you

don't want to find out and you maintain

eye contact until she looks away you

gotta let these but you gotta let these

bitches know you are you are not about

to come into my life and fucking tell me

what to do I do it i used to tell

bitches all the time this man I used to

say and when girls would give me hey do

XYZ I'd look at me like you sweetheart

you don't tell me what the fuck to do

my own mom doesn't tell me what to do

even when I'm fucking you and you say

fuck me

I say nah bitch you say please

that's how listen that's how the game

works you never ever ever ever let a

girl tell you what to do that is

disrespectful you ask or you proceed it

with please and thank you

you know no doubt I've been I've been

doing this for over 25 years and every

time even when I started with a show

called a pussy-whipped show back in the

early 2000s I loved it

the one thing I used to do all the time

and I still do it to this day is I will

call my lady

live on the air and I would beg her to

hang the phone up in my face but I baby

hang up on me no no no come on baby I

just want to see how that shit feel let

me know how it feels just to hang the

phone up in my face I'm not using this

baby think of them with she wouldn't

know not gonna do that

oh no I'm not please baby just make me

feel like a bitch one time you think up

for me please wonder if you won't do it

me and that's what I'm saying man I'm

gonna give you one example

and then we gotta then we gotta end this

thing here I remember it was let's say I

met dev in April I remember one time

we're at her place and we're walking up

to her place and there was a van parked

out parked outside in front of her she

used to live in this apartment complex

where you you know you go in to you know

it's all indoors and there was a dude it

was actually another black dude he's

sitting there unloading guitars I didn't

see what it looked like maybe he was a

good-looking guy I didn't know right

before Devin walked through the sliding

glass doors she she looked at him real

quick she just she snapped her head over

to real quick right when we got up to

when we got up to her apartment okay

I didn't say a word she that she had no

idea she was by the refrigerator okay I

walked up to her I grabbed the back of

her hair and I yanked it back I said you

ever disrespect me by looking at another

nigga again that'll be the last thing

you fuckin do and she has never laid

eyes on it and playtime so and listen

you guys can call that abuse or oh my

god no no no no no no that's what the

fuck needed to be done like for real

like seriously we've been like we've

been fucking for eight nine months right

so you started to get comfortable

starting to feel yourself yeah this guy

really likes me

so now you gonna start checking for

niggas right in front of me oh no no no

listener not on my motherfucking watch

no sir

dude that set the tone real quick and

it's funny because when we go places now

and I actually got to get her out of

this habit because he actually looks

like she said when we go places together

she's always looking down because she

doesn't want to accidentally look in

somebody's direction but I guess that

was over conversation her part the point

is is the very first time and guys

here's the thing when you explain to

women what her disrespectful

behaviorists will try to talk her way

out of it that wasn't disrespectful

behavior oh no no no no you tell her

what this is you

well that wasn't disrespect listen you

can call it whatever the fuck you want

you do that again and you're gone that's

it that's how beautifully but but again

it's putting your scene is doing the

thing it's so easy but a lot of guys

just don't know how to put themselves

first right they don't they don't

understand that's why they're listening

to guys like you now and if it's like me

because we're teaching them that look

this is how men behave if this is not

like kinda like a dictatorship and we're

nice see the thing is Donovan we're nice

guys yeah I'm a nerd I'm a gamer I'm a

sci-fi guy of what spongebob squarepants

I watch cartoons right around on

inflatable dinosaurs on Halloween I do

the things that they can't do in that

same no there you go there you go that

is the most powerful listen that is the

worst that is the most powerful word in

a man's arsenal is no that's it and it

doesn't matter if she's asking for

something or if you don't want to listen

or she's doing disrespectful behavior no

uh-huh not I might watch never gonna


Steve listen man it's been a pleasure as

usual you're a great guest as always you

guys can follow him on Twitter on

Twitter at the man mindset the man

mindset calm is where you can go to dude

he's got all the gear he does he does

coaching he does all that stuff he does

a lot more actually you do a lot more

than I do man I'm trying to be like you

I'm trying to have man I'm trying to

have a I'm gonna have a storm time half

a catalogue of videos I'm trying to have

all this all this merchandise everything

you see here man

is inspired by you man so listen again I

know you're a busy guy you're always on

your grind I appreciate you making time

for us tonight man I appreciate them

Domon thank you very much man I'll talk

to you soon man appreciate you all right

brother take care God beat that alright

excellent shout out a special shout-out

goes out to Captain Crunch for 20 whom I

haven't seen in these parts in quite

some time

shoutout to Cap'n Crunch for 20 Little

Rock 25 17 that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR prime time oh wait a

minute this is the wrong song well it's

supposed to be dick police Flint looks

like you're getting this again thanks

for watching guys we'll see you tomorrow

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