The only 3 things a man should do after a bad breakup

We’ve all been through bad breakups with women we love at some point or another. Some of us get the “I think we should see other people” from our women which means she’s been fucking someone behind your back. Some of us don’t find out she’s moved on until you catch her in the act of cheating in some way shape or form, and some like myself have dealt with extremely messy breakups that set us back emotionally and financially.


The aftermath of a breakup is an important time in a man’s life. A lot of times it can literally make him, or break him because he is in a fragile, vulnerable state and susceptible to bad decisions that could cost him dearly in the short and long term.

So what’s a man to do after a particularly messy breakup with a woman he grew to love? What can we do to avoid not falling into a black hole of depression and developing habits that will only further worsen our pain?

Well you’re in luck today my friend because having been through a few of these myself, I’ve come up with 3 tried and true methods that will without a doubt soften the blow. Time heals all wounds but since the time machine hasn’t been invented yet, these should help you get through this tough time and even thrive when you come out the other side.


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How to recover from a breakup (The red pill reddit)


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