The power of your last name with Rollo Tomassi and Steve "The Dean" Williams (Episode 357)




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way my guest today obviously is another

man who needs no introduction he is the

founder of the rational male calm we

call him the Godfather of the manosphere

I am speaking of none other than Rollo

Tomassi himself Rollo how's it going men

real good real good just got real dark

here I told you as soon as that Sun goes

behind the mountains man this is what's

gonna happen well you know what's

interesting now I pulled away my little

my little apparatus yeah yeah because

now it's uh it gets dark out here in

Philly rather early because daylight

savings time on Sunday at 2:00 o'clock

in the morning so I figured y'all open

it up show you guys you know show you

guys the city I'm not gonna tell you

what street I'm on in case I've got

snipers out there waiting to take me out

but you get the you get

point today's topic is actually a very

interesting one and that is the power of

your last name we're still waiting on

Steve Nadine Williams he is out in Texas

I expect him to join us here rather

rather shortly okay he just shot me a

message on on Facebook so he should be

in here in a while

and the reason I wanted to bring this up

is because Steve actually brought this

up he says a lot of times when he's

talking to men dealing with women you're

after my last name a lot of men Rolo

don't really understand the power that

comes with a man's last name or in UK as

they call it the surname why do you

think it is that men don't truly

understand the power of their last name

well first off I think it is primarily

due to because guys have no sense of

ownership anymore they have no

understanding we're expected not to

think of ourselves in tribal term in

terms anymore we're not supposed to

think of ourselves as being you know

like a Tomasi okay we're not supposed to

think of ourselves as as you know what

you know what came before us and I think

that that's one of the kind of more

tragic things that's kind of happening

right now when it comes to like I think

it was a Jordan Peterson really believes

in this ideal of the independent person

or the independent will as opposed to

like where you been and that's what

really kind of got him into trouble with

a lot of nationalists simply because

they believe in really a tribalist form

of you know of thinking right and really

that's where we come from that's why we

have last names that's why we you know

our our tribe is something where we

we're you know we like to you know have

some sort of sense of route to us a good

guy to read about this would be a Jack

Donovan great you know when it comes to

a tribalist kind of you know narrative

he's a guy or it comes to masculinity

he's the guy but really what I think is

happening right now is we just don't

have those roots anymore we don't think

of ourselves in those in fact I really

want to draw attention to the fact that

one of the reasons that we don't think

of this anymore is because ever since

the sexual revolution

there's been a concentrated effort to


sure that men do not have it well means

it's a concentrated effort to break up

the page quote-unquote patriarchy but

more more so it's that men don't have

any sense of unity anymore they don't

have any sense of of collective

consciousness I know this is amusing $10

words here but it's it's there's no

there's no roots there's you don't know

where you're from you don't know where

you're going you're just happen to be

you know whoever it is that you are so

it's like there's this effort to

de-emphasize your you know your roots or

where you're from what do you know like

people it's funny because I was still

you know guys always something you know

well I'm from New York is if you're from

New York that means that you can kick

somebody's ass right it's like I'm from

New York you know and it's like well

okay but what does that tell me nowadays

it's like great you know yeah if you're

from a tough place you're from Chicago

if you from the streets or something

like that that's your background that's

where you're from right it used to be

that that was what your name what your

what your name meant like if you were

especially if you had like say you're

from an Italian family or you're from

some sort of you know you had some sort

of roots that meant something like if

you if you were a Kennedy that's another

girl like you're a Kennedy you know that

you were part of that kind of legacy or

you're supposed to be part of that kind

of legacy you know more probably better

than you live in Vegas and you lived in

Reno you know that the a lot of the

casinos up here are owned by let's I'm

not going to drop names because I know

you know who I'm talking about but just

the Italian families that are installed

as a permanent feature of Las Vegas and

and actually Reno as well when you go

and you drop those names people know who

you are you know and I think that there

has been this kind of system systematic

really de-emphasizing of color where you

are what you're from yeah it's it's it's

kind of breaking up men's sense of

ownership of who they are you don't own

me yeah well I the reason I wanted to

throw that out there and I'm sure

Steve's probably gonna come in on this

as well as one of the things that one of

the reasons that women do not want to

take a man's last name from a feminist

perspective is

they don't want the first of all they

think it's patriarchal it's a legacy or

it's a vestige of patriarchy and the

second of all it is a sense of ownership

or if a woman takes your last name it

means that you have some kind of

ownership over because back in the day

when a woman was met was going to marry

someone they were coming into the

husband's family it was almost a sense

of like I am entering into his frame

right and what was more of a man's frame

than a man's family right and so as a

symbolic gesture of that is taking that

one taking that man's last name so that

you are now part of that man's clan

right or he's group or whatever you want

to call it his tribe and in marriage

used to be sort of really a coming

together of two tribes right my my my

wife's maiden name was uh Surrey right

so it's a it's a Irish lastname right so

you've got her her family and my family

coming together right but she's taking

my last name and it's not even an

afterthought to her not to take my last

name but today we're seeing that because

women don't want to have a they don't

want to have any symbolic idea or any

symbolism present of like this old

patriarchal culture they don't want to

be owned basically as what they're

saying they don't want to be owned by

that man I'm not yours to you know I'm

not your property that's what that's

what a lot of feminists would like to

say now I think what's interesting is

that they they will - ate their last

names or they will simply keep their own

you know they're theirs their same

surname or whatever but they're happy to

take a wedding ring which is another

symbol of ownership for a guy because if

you what's the first thing you do when

you look for a woman to see if she's

single you go and you look as if she's

got a ring on her finger right well that

means she's taken right well what has

taken me you know is she taken in the

sense that she's with this guy she's not

you know is there any I mean there's a

connection there but is there an

ownership there and I think that if

you're gonna say I'm not gonna take your

last name but you're still gonna take my

ring what does that tell you right right

it's almost like it's just like feminism

feminism and when they talk about where

of all the Cowboy's gone where you know

you need to show be a gentleman it's

like feminism likes to pick and choose


that they like from the patriarchy right

like they miss to pay but they want us

to think that they're strong and

independent etc Steve what are your

thoughts on this why do you think that

men don't really understand the power of

their last name because you're listen

you're the guy who says it all the time

and I love the way you say you say Mitch

you're after my last name right first of

all was how y'all guys doing how y'all

doing good man

what's love to y'all both yeah you know

it's funny I was reading a meme from a

woman that said and this is kind of kind

of like wow she said you can't lead me

if you're walking in fear because a man

who can't lead a woman is a man who

can't even lead himself and it got me to

thinking a little bit about what's going

on with young men today about when it

comes to their last name most of these

young men we're in a time now where

everybody's a winner everybody gets a

trophy for participation and because of

the divorce rate so high most of these

young men are being raised by mom and

when mom is raising these young boys she

is injecting her feminine emotional

whatever energy whatever you want to

call it or I would I say the umbilical

cord and some of these young young boys

they they coddle their sons they give

these boys inconsistent discipline they

teach these boys how to be emotional

they teach these boys what not with that

not being able to set boundaries and

what happens is a lot of these young men

are getting a false sense of reality as

far as the world out there they think

everything is sugar and spice and

everything nice and if there's a problem

we can solve it with neosporin and a cup

of soup or whatever you know and our

Chicken Soup for the Soul and what

happens for a lot of these boys is that

they get into the real world and they

realize that you know I've always said

it comes down to being hunting you are

there gonna be hunted or you're gonna be

the hunter basically as a young boy but

the thing about your last name that's

important for these young men to know

and enroller you were on point

everything you said oh yeah I mean I

Aldous it I love it I love it stuff give

me giddy letters but but the thing is


that is important that these young men

know all men know is the importance of

your last name because it is your brand

it is your calling card it is your

legacy it is all the things that you

strive to be

it's your foundation it's like it's like

a lion marking his territory in the

Serengeti you know when a lion walks

around he pees on things to mark his

territory your last name is a way of

life for any woman that you meet but the

thing is a lot of young men don't know

who they are as men so their last names

I don't mean to go too long but they're

there but their last name is something

that they don't think you know I'm proud

too I mean you've done you know my old

man I mean hell I'm proud to be a

Williams you know being a Williams to me

is not just saying I'm a Williams

it's the behaviors that are attached to

the last name see the thing about us

three men that I can guarantee you you

put us in front of a woman she's gonna

know who we are and what we stand for by

our behaviors coz that goes in sync with

our last name it's it's a unison it's um

it's a certain current that a lot of

these young men don't know and so when

young boys are lost and young boys are

frustrated and young boys are angry they

want to lash out which you can because

we got all this energy but one thing

that's happening is we're taking these

the women are not us but we're trying to

bring them back to nature but what

happens is is that these women are

taking these young boys out of nature

they're declawing and defending these

young men by thinking that they have to

play by the rules of the world and it's

the last thing I want to say gazai I'm

sorry for going too long but I always

say there are three laws that you must

live the law of the land meaning you

can't kill no one cuz you go to jail the

law of your job meaning you've got to

listen to your boss you'll get fired and

then the law of the street meaning if

you cross a red light and a cop sees you

you'll get pulled over but outside of

that they don't want these young boys

and know that they can create any type

of laws and

rules to govern their last name so they

can prosper when they're in front of a

woman I'm sorry I didn't mean to go too

long Rollo it's interesting because

Steve came in here and it like he like

you and I were talking out the air for

about five or ten minutes and you told

me about a guy who had taken a woman's

last name okay

speed up what have you get Steve's

organic reaction I know there it is

right here

well it's and really what is that that's

a reflection of how men and we're not

remember this and this is a grown-ass

man this guy was older than I am who

took his wife's last name because he

felt like he was wanted to be like you

know this supportive you know he's he's

part of the feminist or a part of the

part of the feminine primary social

order really and really wanted to show

his support by taking by taking his

wife's last name instead of you know

keeping his own like to do something

different right like well we live in a

different nature we've excuse me we've

evolved past all of that right and I'm

just looking at here in the chat here

and I think it's Armando says women want

to be owned and they and they know it

right they want to have it and I will go

this far as I say that women want a

dominant man they want a man who is

competent in a lot of different things

right and so when a I don't care how

feminist a woman is if you are the guy

that she idealizes if you're the guy

that she is she is admiring if he's

looking up to you remember what we were

saying I think we're saying this on the

BRIT on the red man grip says you cannot

you cannot be you can't a woman cannot

look up to you if you guys are equals

okay so you've got to be you have to be

the dominant person in that that

situation well if that's the case a

woman is not gonna have any problem

taking your last name she's like she's

gonna be one she's gonna be she's gonna

want to be a more traditional woman if

you are the guy that she wants to be

dominated by and she wants to be owned

by she wants to be the property of that

man she wants your ring and she wants

your last name and it's not a it's not

that big a deal to go and change your

name and it's not even an afterthought

for her those are the women who are like

I mean we call them ring a ride-or-die

women but the thing is is that those for

a woman like that it's not even an


it's not like oh well should I take his

name or should I not she's already got

the papers in hand and she's like one

okay I'm gonna make money because that

because you are that high a priority for

that's why when I see guys or I see

women who have hyphenated their last

names or if they kept their last names

what that says to me is that she has

paired off with a man that walk or she's

gonna say it's an egalitarian situation

but she's paired off with a man that her

hind brain is telling her this is not an

alpha male this is not the guy that who

I want to be owned by and so what am I

gonna do well I got I have to hedge my

bets right I got to make sure that I

don't want to go through all the trouble

of changing my name and then having to

change it back again or changing it to

somebody else's name if my in the back

of my head I'm thinking I'm looking at

this guy and I'm going nah I think

things aren't really gonna work on down

the road I hope they do I hope for the

best but I don't real me oh what's

telling her the truth is her ego you

know it's it's the it it's it's in the

back of her head is their hind brain

it's the lizard brain saying this guy I

don't trust to protect me this guy I

don't trust to look up to this guy I do

not have any admiration for you know

people say well Rollo you know you

believe in old you know if you believe

in alpha and beta that's bullshit uh no

this is what I'm talking about right

here this is why we need terms like

alpha and beta okay you need to be the

guy that she wants to be owned by and I

was just saying before Steve came on is

like you know if you've got a it's one

thing to have a woman who say I don't

want to take your last name I don't or I

want to hyphenate my last name and what

is the message what is that because

that's a medium I have a great post

called the medium as the message what is

that medium telling not just the man she

is marrying but all men around her right

everyone who knows them as a couple what

is that saying - about their marriage

and their union to other people outside

of that union it's what that's saying is

like this I don't I don't trust this guy

to be my my you know my dominance yes

you know my my hero my alpha she's

doesn't say that because she just

wouldn't be doing that it wouldn't even

be a afterthought to her if she saw him

as I know

yeah I think it I think it's akin to and

I think you put it best Rollo you said

abortion the ultimate sign of hypergamy

abortion allows women to to to engage in

risky behavior and if she happens to get

knocked up by someone who she later

finds out is not an alpha male then

she'll abort the kid if if if a woman

makes a mistake and fuck's a

professional athlete guess what she's

not aborting that kid she's a dude she's

not even thinking about it she's going

to have that kid so if a woman actually

gets lucky enough to marry a

professional athlete do you think she's

gonna change her name to I don't know

Chandra Jordan levy no it's gonna be

Chandra fucking Jordan if you're married

to Michael Jordan Michael Jordan's

wife's name is Yvette pr2 or whatever

guess what her name is Yvette Jordan she

took his last name yeah now look at it

was Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith at

tell you about their union and this is

funny people say well celebrities keep

their last name they - ate their last

name for you know for SEO searches so

that we continue to know who they are we

know the bug data Pinkett Smith is

there's nothing wrong with calling her

Jada Smith molly kiram who is on first

take she's married to Jalen Rose what's

her name

Malik Hyrum rose it's not like if we see

Malik here and we see Molly Rose we're

like wait a minute I don't recognize the

woman on the screen because the name

isn't the same oh no no no that to me is

an excuse mm-hmm I'm glad you said that

about the about abortion cuz that's

probably something I want to want to do

as a topic at some point either on my

own show or on Redman group but I always

talk about abortion as being the

ultimate expression of hypergamy and

what that means is like there's no

there's no better expression of saying

that this guy ain't the right guy like

the ability to just unilaterally you

know kill that guy's genetic legacy in

utero okay it's just to say this guy's

not the right dude so I'm gonna I'm

gonna back out of this and what I think

we have been seeing since the rise of

the sexual revolution is we always talk

about this we say that you know men have

a hundred percent of responsibility and

zero percent authority today that's one

of the biggest points of contention

have with traditional conservatives

right now as they've always want to say

man up if men are just you know took

responsibility they'd be you know this

whole shitstorm wouldn't be we wouldn't

even the mess that's worry and if men

would just take responsibility well the

fact the matter is is that the opposite

is true for women right now they want

100% authority and 0% responsibility and

so that's why you see in laws like one

of the reasons why we have you know the

quote-unquote safe reliable you know

pro-choice abortion is because women

don't want to have that responsibility

if they don't want it that's another

thing as when a woman gets pregnant by a

Michael Jordan she's having that baby

that's right okay she's gonna have that

baby because that it that represents a a

sizable investment in her future and the

baby's future right but if that guy is

not someone she admires is not somebody

who she thinks is going to be you know

is gonna be reliable in the future she's

gonna either abort that child or she's

gonna try to convince somebody else that

it is their baby and she's gonna have

that baby because she likes the baby you

know her likes the baby's father from a

genetic perspective but she knows that

that guy is not going to pay off the

bills is not going to be a good

long-term provisioning perspective so

that's one of the reasons why we have

laws that our quote unquote was the best

interest of the child laws so that even

if a guy is not the genetic father of a

child if he if he starts or he doesn't

contest the the DNA he doesn't D test it

with a should say contest the pregnancy

with DNA evidence then he is

automatically always the father and

women know this shit I mean it's it's it

this is common knowledge okay so it's

not like you know women are just making

this shit up or they don't know anything

about it they say these are the way that

the law is in fact we take it for

granted right now we take for granted

that we live in a feminine primary

social order yeah it's alright go ahead

Steve it's the norm Steve I want to get

your I want to get your opinion on this

sharp assist says I know a single mom

who convinced her kid to change his last

name from his dad's to her maiden name

when he turned 18 and the child support

stopped here's the thing and I've always

said this if your last name is the same

as your mother's okay if your

as a single mom and your last name is

the same as hers yo mama was a side

bitch your mama was the sidekick

Jason Kevin Durant what's his mom's name

her name is Wanda

Durant see these bitches out here

running around talking like wah you know

I got my baby daddy like he he's the

baby's daddy but I'm his mother and his

father so I'm gonna his last name is my

last name no know what that says to us

is that you're the side chick because

you you took that man's kid to term

which means you fucked an alpha because

if he wasn't you know you would have

aborted that kid you're not fooling

anybody by telling us that you willfully

gave him your last no no no no you

either didn't know who that he was or

the daddy wasn't around he didn't sign

that birth certificate what say you

Steve I say that you're a thousand

percent correct this it's a shame that

you know the only person that you ever

thought you could trust is the one that

deceives you the most and that is really

your mom and I know

no offense anybody's mom they're not

trying to be disrespecting anyone's mom

but let's be honest here it seems like

mom is working with women mom is doing

everything she can to damask you late

you like I said declaw you and defame

you if you don't believe me y'all can

take a test today God tonight call your

mom up tell her you love her say mom I'm

taking a girl out to dinner what should

I do I'm going out on a date you know

she's gonna say buy her flowers Oh red

door tell her how pretty she is

be a great gentleman and all that other

bullshit but then say mom you tell me

about my my dad that when I don't even

know you know she's gonna say he was an

asshole he was a jerk he never listened

he did his own thing he was selfish she

was conceited he was all these things

like whoa whoa mom if he is that bad of

a person why'd you fuck him you know I

mean but mom is not see mom loves you

but this is why always say as young boys

you have to be able to cut the umbilical

cord at an early age around eight or

seven and no longer relate to mom but

start relating to men but what's good

about this panel here for any young man

you have great men on this panel that

you can begin to relate to because

there's not too many of these guys out

there to do that and the thing you're

saying darling about the

these abortions and all this other stuff

you can understand something guys sex is

an agreement between two parties but

it's new that bitch gets pregnant you

have no rights number one and number two

and I'm not here to scare anybody but

they're in some states if you are

fucking around with a single mother and

that and those kids those crumbs

snatching kids who daddy don't even want

to mom fuckers they started to see us

daddy she can take you to court and get

you just not paying child support so

that's why you guys gotta be careful

about who you mess with and who you

impregnated have sex

smash put your dick on their forehead do

all the things you want to do but don't

get them pregnant wrap your shit up

you're listening to episode 357 of TSR

live at Donovan sharp we are joined by

special guests Rollo Tomassi founder of

the rational male com aka The Godfather

we're also joined by Steve the Dean

Williams you guys can find him on

Twitter at the man mindset be sure to

visit his website the man mindset calm

and Rollo a lot of men don't understand

and this is something that Steve alluded

to is that the first woman to break your

heart is it these days it's almost

always a man's mom and it's just like

Steve said listen and I've talked about

my own mother I love my mom you know

people say oh Donovan talk shit about

his mommy doesn't respect my mom but by

the same token I know that I know that a

woman's nature doesn't doesn't not work

it's not untrue what I apply it with my

family and it's just like Steve said and

a conversation women I actually talked

about this during my twenty-one

convention speech my mom called me up

and you know we're shooting the shit

yeah I'm in Vegas I'm you know smashing

all these chicks and we had that

relationship whatever and my mom says to

me she's like Donovan like what's going

on with you you used to be such a sweet

boy and like shit she's trying me with

this again I tried to avoid Duke on I

try to avoid the conversation time and

time again and I was able to do it but

this time she stayed on me she's like no

you need to tell me what's going on I

said okay mom here's you want to know

the truth she says yeah okay I'll tell

you the truth when I stop treating women

like my father treated you treating you

like the crackhead ass nigga you left us

for up in Detroit my dealings with women

substantially improved and it was dead

silence of

line because she knew I was right what

are your thoughts on the first woman to

break a man's heart almost always being

his own mother I think one of the things

that especially when it comes to raising

sons there's there's there's a big

difference between single mothers

raising young ladies or you know

daughters and it's a big difference for

for women Rea because you got to

understand that 42 percent of all child

child births in the United States right

now 42% are out of wedlock births

okay so we're fast approaching the 50%

mark right there and so what that is

that's a lot of young men being raised

by mothers and and for the for the most

part I think I agree with Steve there is

is I think that a lot of women want to

emasculate those boys and when people

say people say well Rollo why would a

why would a woman want wouldn't she want

the best for her kid wouldn't she want

the guy to won't she want that kid to be

alpha wouldn't she want him to you know

to - you know because it's in her best

interest right because especially she's

that if she raises an alpha male that

guy's gonna go out there he's gonna kick

ass in business he's gonna make a lot of

money and she's gonna be better off in

the future and I go yeah I mean that's

that's the logical side of things but

here's the other side is that women when

they raise men first of all they don't

have any idea how to do perspective

that's that's that's area number one and

number two is this and probably most

important is that women when they have a

son they are trying to raise that son in

the ideal of what they think that man

should be in the long term okay so

they're thinking of location they're not

looking for the guy that they fucked to

have that son they're looking they want

that son to be nice and they want him to

be everything that they believe that the

the husband or their ex-husband or the

ex lover or whatever whoever fathered

that child they think of him as an

asshole they think of him as dead but we

have a name for a deadbeat father but we

don't have one for a deadbeat mother yet

yeah right so so the bad mountain so

you've got this guy who is this asshole

father and she wants him to be

everything except that

okay and I've got a great post called

Promise Keepers and most guys especially

boys who are raised by single mothers

become what I call Promise Keepers and

what that is is that they have

right about 13 or 14 years old when they

buy the idea that their dad was an

asshole or was an abusive alcoholic or

whatever I'm and quite possibly could be

okay I'm not saying that they couldn't

be but believes the idea that their mom

whatever their mom's model of

masculinity is is the correct one and

the one that their dad modeled was a

abusive toxic hardcore evil one that we

need to again we need to evolve past

right so what the guy does is he makes a

promise to himself and this is why I

call them Promise Keepers is he promises

himself he's never gonna be like his

asshole dad okay he's gonna be he's I'm

gonna when I get it when I get to be way

even you mix this together of course

with the blue pill conditioning and you

mix it together with the beta mindset

that becomes a real dangerous

combination because what's he gonna do

he's gonna put himself into a position

with women where he's going to he's

going to want to out support everybody

else he wants to be the perfect

boyfriend he wants to be the nicest guy

he could possibly be he wants to be as

supportive as he possibly could be and

he puts himself last he becomes this

perfect servant which is exactly what

his mom wanted him to be his mom sees

the ideal of masculinity as being this

beta provider this guy who takes care of

you know who takes care of her but also

takes care you and one of the things I

think and people can correct me if they

come if they call in with some stories

about this I would love to hear them

when a if you were raised by a single

mother and you later got into a marriage

just your wife and your mother your

single mother fight and the reason I'm

saying is is there a conflict between

your wife or your girlfriend or whatever

and your single mother and the reason I

say that is because usually single

mothers want their boy to be that like I

said that beta ideal but then when they

they take that beta ideal and they give

it to another woman then that's when mom

and your wife fight each other because

they're fighting for that comfort

they're fighting for that provisioning

they're fighting for that support

because all that support used to go to

single mommy but now it doesn't now it

goes to the wife and now he has broken

off from single mommy and he has it he

has taken that same dynamic that he was

applying towards her you know we've

already decided that you know

conventional masculinity is toxic and we

will fuck that we don't want to have

anything to do with that

so now what we're gonna do is we're

gonna take that the model that Mommy has

created in this guy and now he's taking

that and he's applying it to his wife

and maybe his daughters even after that

and so he's taking that model and

putting it towards that I'm what I what

I'm curious and and this is like you

know a completely unscientific study but

what I'm curious of is do the do the

wives and maybe even daughters or

granddaughters I guess in this case do

the the wives of beta male men who were

raised by single mothers do their wives

and their mothers fight more often than

say a guy who has got his shit together

he makes himself as mental point of


he owns as shit I I'm really curious to

know what if that's maybe I'm wrong I'm

thinking I'm not though here's the thing

man check this out and Steve you can

probably and I'd like to know what your

answer is on this because I mean we've

all known a lot of people I fucked

around with a lot of single moms when I

in when I was in my blue pill malaise

and most of these single mothers

incidentally enough had sons one thing

that that that most if not all of them

had in common is they almost had this

jealousy of other females showing

interest in the kid right it's almost

like if a female's showed interest to

the kid mom would step in and be like

not she's not good enough for you she's

not good enough for you and I think

that's that jealousy it's like she's

raising the son to be the beta ideal and

when it went when when there's the

potential risk of him using the good

that she taught him to be on another

female she gets jealous and she wants to

keep that for herself am I wrong about

that what do you think Steve or she lose

she lose because she loses control at

that point kind of like a roller was a

me roller was saying he's on for a lot

of shit man what he was saying was is is

basically what's happening is with these

young boys is that they would take the

biblical court out of mom and they will

attach it to a woman but the problem is

is that sometimes mom wants to be in

control of the relationship mom wants to

choose the girlfriend mom wants to

choose your drapes mom wants to choose

your apartment mom wants to get your

pots and pans and everything that you

need because in her eyes

you know your her and this is not

nothing about incense but your like the

standing husband that she's always one

to have if that makes any sense right

there and and and and some of the

problems is with these young men is that

if he finally gets mom out of his life

which he won't because mom is always

gonna be there he's then he's got to

evil things coming at him in two

different ways happy wife happy life on

one side if I don't make her happy I

gotta sleep on the couch if I upset her

I can't have any sex but then on the

other hand I've got to please mommy

mommy's mad at me what can I do mom to

make things cuz mom went oh the one

thing on these young men that she came

through on a real man and that guilt

well I you won't believe how long I

slaved that worked two jobs I did all

this stuff and I would even tell you

guys my mother tried that shit on me you

know what I told her to kind of in a row

I told it is as they look you would say

hey I didn't ask to coming in this world

that's what you were supposed to do your

responsibility was to take care of my

little ass make sure you clothed and fed

me and got me into school so I'm not

gonna give you a bozo button for that

and I shut her down for ever since then

but most guys when they say that to him

they then start to feel bad they start

because the boys that the mom is in

Greyston and drug this boy with you know

you're not a man unless mommy says so so

I've got to please mommy so what happens

like Rollo and then you both were saying

they're getting it from two different

sides now and it's just really hard and

he already know that uh jay-z it has his

last name is Carter knows you do know

that right no fuck y'all hero jay-z stop

Nick cupcake of the year cut yeah gay

commit oh I've been living I've been

with listen we got a caller on the line

area code seven five seven but real

quick roll out Steve is right my mom

tried this shit but here this is why me

and my brothers and sisters more find it

when and again long story short mom and

dad had been separated before you guys

can go check this story out it's called

the the true story of a carousel

military wife or whatever I forgot was

wrote it two years ago so mom and dad

get back together in Hawaii

mom cheats on my dad with with with with

a guy in the army he so they end up

moving to Detroit he gets out of the

army they moved to Detroit surprise

surprise it didn't work out right

so mom moves to North Carolina she sends

for us while we're in Oklahoma with our

inept father and when we got there she

expected this hero's welcome like oh my

god you single mother of five you you've

seen the error of your ways and we're

supposed to bow down we in in our minds

we were like fuck that and she tried the

guilt trip she says well I'm a single

mother and I raised you and this and

that and the other just like Steve said

I'm sorry what do you want bonus points

for some shit that you I gotta hear with

that wait listen I love my mom but that

was some bullshit I had when I did the

the man in demand conference back in

2015 I had some guys there who were

there with their dads and I had guys

there who are fathers and they would say

rollo ones it was the best time for me

to to to give my my son the rational

male when's the best time for me to

start talking about red pill stuff and

right and it's you know these are the

guys who've been divorced and they're

you know as you might guess their

ex-wives have primary custody and

they're trying to red pill their sons

well at the same time their ex-wives are

trying to say what bastards they were

and they're trying to basically fight

for really kind of like the the red pill

awareness of theirs of their sons and

then I had another guy hit me up and he

said and this is in my third book I had

another guy hit me up and he said I want

to be a single father I and I can't do

it right now I mean we make it very easy

for a woman to be a single mother today

I mean you can go down to spread any

cheer any woman who wants to can go

become a single mother right now and

they can do it before next to nothing

okay can go to the sperm bank they can

you know they got to pay something I'm

not saying that it's called free but

they for next to nothing they can go do

that they can freeze eggs yeah they go

to club exactly well I mean let's just

say let's just say they were you know

for the sake of argument here they don't

have to do something like that but they

can go and they can facilitate we as a

society as a feminine primary social

order we can facilitate that a woman can

become a single mother anytime she wants


be that way and for whatever reason

whether it was she can't find a man or

you know the eggs need to be frozen

because the time's running out or

whatever okay now what ideas I had this

other guy who said well you know I wish

men could do that like well they can but

at great expense to themselves right

they have to find an egg donor they got

to find a surrogate mother they got to

go through jump through all these hoops

and unless you are like independently

wealthy you're probably not going to be

able to be able to do the same kind of

thing that a woman can do for free or

next to for free and so the guys tell me

so what do you think about that well

what if there's an artificial womb what

if there's some way for men to become

single fathers as easy as if it were for

women to become single mothers I said I

would still disagree with that I would I

you know you this is gonna sound

shocking of course but you know I

understand why guys want to do that

they're like III want to be mgtow but I

still want to have kids how can I get

how can I become a single father I said

you know I am against you becoming a

single father for exact same reason I'm

against single mothers from being single

mothers the reason for that is is

because it assumes that you can model

both conventional masculinity and

conventional femininity for that child

what if you had a daughter are you going

to be able to model femininity for that

daughter no you're gonna need somebody

lu need a woman who's going to do that

and that's what we're telling that and

this is from the opposite side and on

you know I always like to flip the

scripts here because right now for the

last 50 55 years we have been teaching

women that they can do everything that

they can be a great father and they can

be both a great mother and it doesn't

matter men are superfluous fathers are

superfluous until that kid becomes a

criminal until that kid gets dragged

into the police station and what do we

say where's this kid's father that's the

first thing we say is we wonder wake me

be a father's you know doesn't matter

whether you have a father or not I mean

sure it's great you know nice to have

around but he's not necessary because

because mom can do it all because we've

already said that single mothers are

they they they can essentially what

we're telling them is that there were

superheroes you know this always happens

on the Mother's Day sermons you know

when you go to church I say mom's do

everything and there they can be both

men and you know they can they can model

both you know great positive masculinity

and positive femininity and they can do

it all whereas men you you suck and you

need to get your shit together and you

need to man up and take your

responsibilities that's what

messages but what happens is in doing so

we teach women single mothers we teach

them that they can do it all and they

can be a good masculine and conventional

Valley quote/unquote conventional a

masculine role model and a feminine role

model at the same time and that they

don't need no man they don't need no

father they don't need no man and so to

do that is to stunt the maturation of

that child and the same thing would

happen if I were to say like a guy was

to be raised by his father now granted

if you look at the stats for this a

single mother is move far more likely

far more prone to the criminal to raise

a drug addict to to raise a an alcoholic

the great book by dr. Warren Farrell

called the boy crisis if you ever want

to look at all of the statistics of

single motherhood versus single

fatherhood there's no fuckin comparison

okay a single mother will raise yeah

will rate even raise rapists okay I mean

there there's a higher incidence of male

rapists who are raised by single mothers

and if you want if you don't believe me

go look at that book look at the stats

in that book and you'll find out why

because they cannot raise a young man in

a conventionally masculine way that's

why that's white so you need to now

seeing those results and what we do

would blame it on the men well the men

aren't around how come the men aren't

there how come yeah where were the men

now well you said you didn't need us

before you said we were superfluous

before but now you need us here because

Junior is a fucking criminal No yeah I I

think that we need to back up off of

this and say look a kid needs two

parents and you know why because he

needs to learn the masculine role and he

needs to learn a feminine role whether

it or if it's a daughter she needs to

learn math what's a healthy mask

conventional masculine a healthy

conventional feminine as well and it

takes two people who know who they are

as men and women to do that and that's

what that you want you want a kid that's

good a successful kid if you if you're

gonna tell me you're you're interested

in raising the next generation to be

better than the one before this is where

you start you start with with a

conventional masculine man and a

conventional feminine woman and you put

them together and you keep them together

and they raise they raise that kid

together and neither one demonizes the

other good stuff man Wow

because I think I'm gonna cut

that way on 911 for two oh five five

three five sisters the number call if

you want to get in on the conversation

area code seven five seven you're on

live with Donovan Rollo and Stephen Dean

hey guys hey how you guys doing thanks

for having me

yeah no problem hey so I'm just been

kind of listening you guys for the past

couple months

I'm occurring a college student over at

the College of William and Mary in

Virginia and so when I kind of preface

it with my personal experience growing

up real quick and you know kind of put

out you know question on to you guys


so so a couple years ago when I started

out as a freshman came into school kind

of purple build it you know how to adopt

a father who played football in college

and was kind of here and there growing

up and you know it kind of rough with a

kind of rough marriage with my mom but

you know they'd go back and forth and

you know he'd move out of the house for

you know a month or two but you know he

kind of had these alpha qualities that I

tried to emulate

so came into college you know we'd have

these mandatory sex ed courses and so I

had this weird you know penchant to pick

up for you know oddities or things that

I knew was kind of just plain wrong so

you know this is about the advent of

like you know the you know yes means yes

and you know the that you don't affirm

affirmation you know in sexual relations

act to you know be continuous saying and

all this mess and you know ended up

joining a fraternity during my time

there you know just parties on the

weekends ended up hooking up with a girl

who uh you know we hooked up I think it

was like some I think was like near

Halloween or something like that

Christine and you know who's in the

bathroom upstairs you know we're dancing

all the good stuff and she led me off

and he owes good time and I you know was

rolled up sex is a cat word but after we

go it just depends on the situation

yeah Oh awesome Phyllis not right so

this you know did in the bathroom and

apparently this girl was she wasn't like

in a sorority wasn't like I guess holy

in all this like the hook-up culture and

the friends that you know brought her

there I assume had kind of shamed her

into thinking that the it wasn't

consensual and uh you know I didn't

really talk to the girl that much she

was like okay you know practive wise uh

I didn't really have any ongoing

relationship with her and uh you know a

few months after that I was hit with a

mutual friend who had told me that this

girl had some doubts about our encounter

and wait hold on hold on Lisa right

there this girl's name was this girl's

name wasn't Jackie Coakley MS o : or

crystal Mangum was it yeah no she didn't

have a mattress with her dish hey I'm

sure they were cut from the you know

similar bedsheet you know it's so you

know I went about I was kind of freaking

out because I heard about some of these

college football players getting accused

and are falsely accused and you knows

about that yeah about the time as a

mattress girl and I think like it I

can't remember time frame it was like

afterwards or whatever but it was this

big national talk you know of like

college sex life and like I said consent

and it is something you guys remember

that guy from Stanford who

oh yeah the swim guy because we're

running short on time here I've got

another 15 minutes before I got before I

have to be on another show what is your

question yeah yeah yeah okay so yeah

fast forward so I got accused of sexual

assault at the school on went through

the proceedings and they had to I peeled

the decision on the grounds that like

this was consensual

everyone saw it she led me to the

bathroom and they had to deliberate like

three times before they doled out a

sentence of suspension of like three

semesters on so I'm back in call

I came back during that time was so

fucked up and I lied to my internship

saying that you know I'm still in school

kept everything up so I literally worked

out my internship like five minutes away

from school for like a year and a half

um under the guise I still went to

school said I didn't know what to do my

dad didn't know what to do mom was you

know in disbelief and I didn't have

anyone to talk to during that time so

during that time it did a lot of like

YouTube trying to you know self-improve

found you guys last semester when I came

back and right now it's just these my

this lingering doubt so the school's put

on these I guess conditions that to meet

with one of the dreams every now and

then and you know it's become kind of

tiresome I'm you know like 21 years old

now second semester sophomore and I'd

had to deal with these conditional stuff

like go meet with him and have these

check-ins and so I'm you know question

whether or not I should just kind of

transfer schools um but the problem with

that is that you know I'd have to

obviously you know why on the transcript

but I think this question my question

took contained a lot of other guys it

goes like you know if you get falsely

accused um like how do you go about

dealing with that like with I don't know

it's just I really can't express this to

anyone I think like you guys know about

my situation sure it's just it felt

super I not alone but I feel I do have

these lonely times all right I gotta cut

that short thanks for the call 7 5 7 um

I would I would have liked it if he you

know if we had stayed on topic that's my

fault for not getting to that what I

mean listen he brings it up what do you

do about false rape accusations he's a

college kid should he transfer schools

should he lie on his transcript my guess

is I don't know he should probably

transfer schools as far as I'm concerned

because I don't know I mean unless it

was not like like Reade Seligmann

call infinity and David Evans their

lives are forever changed and by all

accounts they're all pretty successful

but they will always be known as the

Duke Lacrosse guys so what would you

advise this kind of new or I first off

I I would say don't transfer schools I

would say stay in the school you're in

right now and the reason for that is

because you already have correct me if

I'm wrong maybe he didn't mention

anything about this but if you are even

if you are exonerated from sexual

assault charges

you know the whole the way that we that

we try you know young men in the college

you know as a college campus tribunals

right now is completely you know

unconstitutional it's it's it's it's a

far as really a kangaroo court is what

it is a lot of guys will say you know if

if you get into a situation like this

it's best to you know just simply

withdraw from that school and start a

civil suit against the college and

against your accuser and take it outside

of the outside of the campus tribunal

but it doesn't sound like he's already

done that so he's already gone through

it it looks like they they cited in his

favor but even if even if you are cited

in your favor there is still the

suspicion that you are like that's why

he has to keep going to his Dean's and

he has to keep yes to keep reproving to

them that he didn't do this it's like

every day he has to go out there and

prove that he didn't do this like he was

you know he was in a bad suit he was a

tough situation bad situation so I think

what they are the the standard

suggestion right now is if that happens

to you and if anybody's listening to

this and it happens to you if you can do

this it's very expensive I mean there's

there's so many college athletes right

now who get false rape accusations their

lives are forever ruined because of this

and even if they are completely 100%

exonerated from this they say oh there's

the internet never forgets

okay the Internet is always going to be

there and people always gonna check out

so that's what I'm saying don't leave

the school that you're in right now just

tough tough it out and you know get your

degree and then move on to whatever it

else it is that you're doing because I

think that transferring to a different

school with this following you would be

more difficult to to manage than if you

were to go through what you're what

you're dealing with right now I know it

sucks but you know serve as a here's the

best thing that you can do servers are

warning to other guys

sir say it and say hey look this is what

happened to me now I'm a registered sex

offender and even though I am complete

even in the in the the backwards-ass

campus tribunal system I'm still treated

like a criminal every single day even

though I was proven innocent what about

you Steve no roll a you took the words

right out of my mouth I would definitely

do it

you don't want to go to another school

and lie to them and then they find out

then you're gonna be kicked out so like

yeah my roller was saying just just

listen listen to uncle Rollo tell me

what you need to know and follow what

he's saying because I get out there

family yeah 1000s fax me all right we've

got we've got about 10 minutes left I'll

ask one last question with regards to

the power of their last name and I think

I think the the the obvious question is

is how can aside from the obvious

listening to guys like myself Steve

Rollo aside from you know red pill red

pill content what can guys do to sort of

wake up wake up the echoes what can guys

do to really understand that they are

the prize and then again this is why

this is why in it's so funny this if

nothing else proves that men are just

more valuable than women reproductively

women are more valuable than men eggs

are expensive sperm is cheap all right

fine but once the dirty deed is done all

bets are off

so aside from that what the V the one

thing that shows that men are more

valuable than women outside of the womb

is the fact that they take our last name

we don't take a woman's last name unless

you're a beta bitch boy what can men do

to wake up and figure out you know what

I'm the fry she's after my last name I'm

not gonna do this - ated shit I'm not

taking her name she either takes my last

name or I'm out of here

what I mean what can they do roll them

first of all I would say is you you need

to be as red pill aware as possible I

think that's that goes without saying

okay you need to unplug you certainly

need to make yourself your own mental

point of origin and I think that's where

everything starts because most kids

these days just like even Steve was

saying here is like most kids from the

time they're five years old up until

they're like 30 years old they're taught


make women and womankind The Sisterhood

as I like to call it their mental point

of origin they're supposed to think

about the the supposed to be so-called

being supportive that they're supposed

to think about the interests of women

before they think about themselves and

I've explained this on several different

occasions where it comes to you know

what what is mental point of origin it

is the first thought that comes to your

head when it comes to making you know

important decisions for yourself is to

always think of yourself before you're

thinking of other people that's not as

they don't think of other people it's

think of yourself before you think of

other people so I think that's where

most of this starts at because a lot of

guys need to break out of this idea that

they have to like please mommy like we

were saying before or they have to

please womankind or they have to be as

supportive you know the perfect

boyfriend and if they dump them they're

not going to have a wife when they get

to be 30 or whatever you've got to

understand that when you are being blue

pill conditioned you're being

conditioned to get to a point in your

life like say right around 28 to 30

years old where you can be the most

useful to a woman as possible because

that's what she's coming off of the cock

aerosol that's when she's coming into

her sexual market value decay and they

that's when women need you the most to

be that provider and to still be

suckered in or still be ignorant of the

game that's being played on you so I

think one of the one of the biggest

threats that the red pill has for most

women today is that it wakes guys up to

this and so those guys aren't there at

30 years old or you know when they hit

their epiphany phase right around 29 to

31 years old when they're right in that

that sort of zone right there those guys

aren't there waiting for them and

they're like you know what fuck that I'm

about me and I'm gonna go and I'm gonna

do the best I can for myself that's

really easy to say but I think that

making yourself your mental point of

origin is the first step in doing that

the second the second part of this is

like how do you how do you break out of

this how do you make yourself you know

once you've got yourself as your mental

point board you stream what do you do I

would say start thinking of building

your own frame and be you know a part of

that we were just talking about this off

air Donovan is we're saying that no when

I first started this is that people

don't have a sense of roots anymore they

don't have a sense of belonging where

it's where

we're human beings I believe evolved to

be more tribalistic

okay we involve you you have tribal

affiliations family affiliations because

that's what was good for survival we

took care of our own right well nowadays

that's fine as long as you're not man

because if you're a man then that means

you're a misogynist if you're trying to

take care of your own if you have some

sort of you know some kind of frame for

yourself or if you're only thinking

about yourself or if you're putting

something together you're creating a

world that a woman is wants to become a

part of that today is supposed to be the

patriarchy and that's what they're

trying to crush so what I'm saying is go

against that start building your own

self up improve yourself as best you can

of course you know this is a standard

yeah you know improve is self

improvement kind of advice but most

importantly is why are you doing that

well you're doing that because you need

to have a sense of grounding you need to

have a sense of these are my people this

is where I'm at whether that's the

manosphere with us your family whether

that's whatever there needs to be sort

of a group since maybe human beings want

to feel that they belong somewhere and

we used to get that from our family and

now we're being told that because we're

men and we feel that way that we're bad

for that that that's toxic that's a part

of toxic masculinity is to feel sort of

a kin affiliation and a kin affiliation

I should say is a very interesting

sector of research I think for

evolutionary psychology but anyways I

say is is don't be ashamed of having

having your gang having your tribe

having your last name having your family

I mean really what's a family what's a

nation what's a you know what whatever

your your group affiliation is I would

say you know try to be as positive as

you can in that but don't be afraid of

that don't be I mean I've got my a my my

shoulder you can't see it I got my my

family's coat of arms is tattooed on my

shoulder right now that's how important

family and that's how important my last

name is to me so Steve last words how

can men wake the fuck up and realize the

power of their last name how can they

figure out that hey you know what I'm

the prize not you well the first thing

you got to do is you got to realize that

you were born

winter I know that's a very cliche thing

that a lot of y'all hear all the time

but you get a opportunity to watch a

show on you get your YouTube it's called

the great sperm race and you can realize

that there was a part it was a time

where all you men listening to us right

now you beat out millions of your

brothers and sisters you had the drive

you had the passion you had a

determination resync and that right

there made you a winner it's just

somewhere along the way you lost track

of what you are and who you are as a man

and one thing I always say is that you

got a you got to begin to walk out your

door because I can take I bet you

rollover tell you or Donovan when we

walk out our door we can hear the

trumpets we could hear the roar of the


anything appealable Rose is coming from

the Raptors that's the mindset you have

to have that you got to walk out your

door with this selfish cocky conceited

attitude that you are all things you are

the Sun you are the moon you are the

Stars but you also have to be the

standard you've got to be the standard

in that your personality traits you got

to be the standard in your

self-awareness you've got to be a

standard and how you communicate to

women you've got to be the stand-in and

how you delegate things that you want to

go well in your life with your friends

family Andy's got in women

you've got to be the standard for

adaptability you've got to be the

standard for an effective change also

you've got to learn about your warrior

you got to learn about your man you've

got to learn about your last name but

most important thing is I know you got

to go is is really listen to men like

this you if this is very rare nowadays

that you have an opportunity listen to

great men and the thing about great men

is they will push you to be greater than

you are they will push you beyond that

edge so as long as you begin to do those

things but the very first thing you've

got to realize is yes I am a winner

because you are I know that's crazy

watch the grey sperm race and you will

see all the difficulties that you had to

go through just to reach the egg because

you had determination the drive the

passion and the discipline you all had

it you just got it now begin to find it

gentlemen you can find wala Tomasi on

twitter at rational mail you can visit

his website anytime the rational male

calm you can also check out his books on I know we all can't wait for

that fourth book you can find steve's

material on the man mindset calm you can

find him on twitter at the man mindset

gentlemen my thanks to the both of you

for imparting us with your wisdom and

listen I always tell my guys man every

time I'm on with guys like you I learned

just as much as they do so I appreciate

you guys taking time out of your busy

schedule thanks man

and no I don't have cancer ten minutes

on the brother podcast with no shame you

Jackson we'll see you next time all

right guys

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