The Pros and Cons of dating older women (Ep. 292)

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Older women are often touted as the "best option" for Men but those in the know understand this is far from the case. However, there are a few ways women in their late 30s to early 40s can bring value to your life provided you know how to handle them. But there are also a few downsides...




The Red pill and dating older women

What's it like dating older women?

The Red Pill's thoughts on dating older women



you're a fucking loser you live in your

mom's basement you probably have a two

inch cock you sound like a white guy for

what you're probably a virgin so that's

a no for Netflix and chill fuck you I

talk about how women ate shit what's up

guys it's your man Donovan Sharpe and

welcome to the 290 second edition of TSR

primetime your nightly dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it is Monday

July 9th 2018 and guys I got to tell you

I'm definitely struggling definitely

struggling today I did spin class today

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mr. old school writer mr. old school

writers on Facebook and on the website

that looks like he's double-dip ok I mad

at you capital of France says older

women are bitter and like to put that

hate on you yes tonight's episode are

the pros and cons of dating older women

infamous motherfucker says hey Donovan

sharp do you love the memes I send you

on instagram yes those are funny that's

very very good

infamous motherfucker says is it hard

finding the right submissive woman or

did it take you a long time for you

Donovan sharp um yeah it took a while it

it's it's interesting I'm actually going

to actually have a talk about my woman

here in this in this episodes Robert

Allen says older women are damaged goods

absolutely absolutely again pros and

cons pros and cons very good soup-bone

says Donovan sharp dude you only have a

hundred 48 subs lol dude I have more

subs than you lol it's funny soup-bone

thinks that that's the only youtube

channel i have that's that's quite

interesting he also is apparently

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soup-bone the original the original

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let's hit the phone lines have already

got I've already got a caller on the

line let's hope this is a troll area

code for 1 7 you are on live with


hi do you hear me I can hear ah well I

wanted to ask um how I can date all

women if I always get you are way too

young for me phrase from women in

general rather so what you're asking is

how do you date women who tell how do

you date older women who tell you that

you are way too young for them yes if I

approach them I tried really everything

and they always go you're just too young

for me and then they leave even if I try

to make a joke or just try to convince

or just to stay persistent always I get

you're too young and then by how old are

you 25

sir 25 and you know the ages of these

women that you are hitting on I mean I

assume I don't know late 30s early 40s

35 for 32 okay all right well this is

probably something that I'll have to

address with you in a one-on-one

consultation if you it but I'll tell you

what though if you're if you're spitting

game and a woman and she says you're too

you know you're too young for me like I

don't date younger guys you know just

look her in the eye be like well not yet

you don't you're too young for me well

you might be too old for me but I'm

still talking to you you just throw it

right back in a record maker qualify

herself to you that's how that goes

listen go to donovan sharp calm and and

drop me a line you can also go you're

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the call

let's continue our shout outs before we

get started here all right

Horace Hall on the Facebook side says

lol didn't know that meme I sent would

get you so much hate yes yes Horace Hall

is the guy who sent me the the meme

where the black dude says to the white

girl is like a beautiful and the black

girls like nigga please right

then the

dude same picture hey girl what's up and

the white girls like hey handsome you

know you know basically positive

reinforcement or whatever and the black

girl looks at the black girl says

something to the effect of look at this

look at this Coon and I posted that I'm

getting all sorts of hate on I'm getting

all sorts of hate on Facebook I couldn't

give less of a shit don't give a shit

but yeah yeah

shoutout to Horace hall whoo and listen

Horace I did not I did not plagiarize I

actually gave you credit for that I gave

you credit for that so so way to go man

listen I probably gained a few gained a

few followers you know what they say

there's no such thing as as bad


so so appreciate that shoutout to Horace

hall so mark Dewey says dating an older

woman pros your sexual market value is

relatively higher than hers as you are

younger so you have more power in the

relationship you tend to connect with

that woman on an intellectual side

relatively more than a younger woman

because she has much more experience

than the younger woman cons they are

damaged goods I shout out to David small

on the Facebook side absolutely

absolutely very very well said there by

some mark do wa9 one for two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call if you want to get on the show tell

me what's on your mind let's go ahead

and get started here the pros and cons

of dating older women obviously the

conversation has already started but the

woman and this kind of goes with a

previous episode that I did a while back

the Cougar myth right seven and I've

written an article on return of Kings

called seven myths about Cougars that I

you know effectively debunked the world

would have us believe that they tell us

all the time date an older woman she's

more experienced she doesn't play games

etc etc well those in the know that men

who have red pill awareness know that

older women by and large do not make

good significant others there are a slew

of reasons as to why they don't make

good significant others however there

are they're there they're there are bad

things but there are also good things

that come with dating all the women I've

dated plenty of older women so I'm gonna

talk a little bit about my experiences

with dating older women the good the bad

and the ugly now first of all let's

let's qualify what an older woman is

right an older woman in

Rett in a red pill sense is any woman

over 30 she's past the wall yes

gentlemen there are plenty of women in

their early 30s who still look great

listen my girlfriend's 34 and she has

the body of a 27 year old okay you guys

have seen listen if you guys follow me

on if you guys follow me on social media

I posted plenty of pictures of her

lately she's a listen she's a genetic

freak she got lucky she's an exception

to the rule in that regard

okay and you know while I'm talking

about it by the way by the way guys if

if you follow me on instagram Facebook

or Twitter you guys have noticed that I

have been posting a lot of pictures of

my girlfriend lately right and I'm not

just talking like the selfies like hey

we're out at a restaurant or hey we're

doing this no no I'm talking about

scantily clad my woman wearing slutty

clothes slutty heels looking like I want

looking like I want her to look when I

fuck her I wanted to look like a porn

star who moonlights as a stripper that's

it and I've said this I forget what you

saw is maybe a hundred episodes ago this

is exactly what I wanted her look and

I've been posting though I've been

posting a lot of those pictures lately

and you know a lot of you guys are

asking me lately because it's been a lot

Donovan what are you doing this for like

to what end like I mean are you bragging

whatever whatever whatever listen most

the main reason why I've actually

started doing this is to show you guys

that it can be done okay I wanna I like

to show you guys that I am walking the

walk I've been on the air now for almost

two years

and my story has always stayed the same

you have to requite you have to require

X Y Z every woman you have to train her

make her wear certain clothes you have

to you know demand her best etc etc and

the thing is guys is anybody can say

anything right like anybody can can

invent this online persona who nobody is

really familiar with you can just kind

of come out of nowhere and be whoever it

is that you want to be and there are a

lot of red pill guys are a lot of guys

who talk about the things that I talk

about but I've got a couple of red pill

guys who are not who they they are not

who they portray themselves to be they

are not the genuine article and here's

another thing you guys aren't stupid you

guys know and understand that not you

guys don't understand that there are a

lot of frauds out there there are a lot

of quote-unquote

waise pickup artist etc etc etc etc who

couldn't get laid in a brothel if they

tried right but they read a bunch of

blogs okay they read a bunch of articles

they've seen some memes and now you know

I'm gonna try to make some money doing

this red pill thing yes overcome shit

test and bla bla bla bla bla right a lot

of guys out here doing this a lot of

fake guys out here doing this

alright well I want to show you guys

that I'm the genuine article I want to

show you guys that I really am exactly

who I say I am listen I read the

comments I go to other guys posts I see

the comments Donovan is faked Donovan is

this Donovan is that and listen some

guys tell me listen Donovan you don't

have to prove anything and you know what

guys in most cases that's absolutely

true if I really am who I say him do I

really have to prove anything well the

answer is no most of time but guess what

as far as this is concerned yeah I do

have to prove myself you guys are paying

you're harder you guys are paying five

bucks a month to take my advice to

listen to me run my mouth every day you

guys have to trust that the advice that

the guidance the stories that I'm

telling you were true right if I tell

you if I sit here and tell you guys

listen monitor your girl's phone put a

GPS tracker on her phone

put a keylogger on her phone but then

you guys find out that I don't do it

well then that makes me look like a

fraud well Donovan says this but then he

doesn't really do that

if I tell you hey look make your

girlfriend wear slutty clothes well if

you find out that I don't make my

girlfriend wear slutty clothes you think

to yourself well Donovan's saying one

thing and doing another

Donovan's a woman right but if you want

people to soak up your knowledge you've

got to prove that you can you've gotta

prove that you're walking the walk I

talk about lifting weights all the time

I talk about the fact that I do spin

class all the time alright look I put I

posted I posted a spin class video short

little two-minute video just to show you

guys that I really do do spin class and

it's petty and and as insignificant as

that might seem to you guys it's it's

it's very important that I show you guys

consistently that I really am living

this red pill life yes I do require my

woman to wear stripper heels when I fuck

her okay yes I do require my moment my

woman to be completely transparent on

her phone yes I do require my woman to

cook for me I posted pictures of her of

her of her meals as well

right again people talk shit Donovan's

fake you know they talk about my

protocol well there's no way his

girlfriend does all that he says he's

gonna do if he has a girlfriend okay

I talk about I talk about the way I want

my girlfriend there's no way she does

all this well yes she does

listen ma'am I've got a woman who has

the body of a porn star who could who

damn near cooks like a Michelin star

chef right but if I were to say that and

not prove it in the back of your mind

you're probably thinking to yourself

okay Donavan talks a good game but he's

probably exaggerating a little bit

well if you have followed me on social

media you can you got you guys know and

understand at least by now over the last

week week-and-a-half i do not embellish

i do not exaggerate you guys listen you

guys know what my girl's body looks like

okay my girlfriend's hot my girlfriend

can cook no she's not a unicorn I'm

gonna get into that later okay but again

I do this to prove to you guys that I

know my shit man I do this so that you

guys know that I'm not just some guy

who's running his mouth on the internet

who read a couple of blogs and decided

huh you know I think I'm gonna do this

no I want you I want you guys to soak up

this knowledge I want you guys I want

there to be no doubt in your mind as to

whether or not Donovan sharp really is

Donovan sharp if I'm gonna sit here I'm

gonna put my name and my face on

something it damn well better be true

this is my reputation on the line here

dude I can't get a job after this not

after this so I'm gonna if I'm gonna put

if I'm gonna start a legacy if I'm gonna

do something like this listen this stuff

has got to be on point that's just all

there is to it so then of course now

that people know that I am who I say I

am now we've got the haters right some

guy some guy told me and I'll get to

this in a second but some guy you know

made a snide remark I was grabbing my

girl's ass and what a thing she's like

well what is that you're holding on to

it looks like you're holding a

flat-screen TV no my girlfriend's ass is

unbelievable and everybody who's seen

the pictures know that my girlfriend has

an unbelievable ass he's just being a

hater so he asked me what I was holding

I said I will tell you what you show me

what you're holding on to and I'll tell

you he says well I've got a beautiful

black woman with an actual body I said

prove it nigga this nigga posts a

picture of him and a ham beast big-ass

fat ass black woman and it was on from


so anyway anyway anyway so basically the

the you know I got off track there

basically the definition of an older


is any woman over 30 but the way most

women live these days they hit the wall

much earlier so yeah it stands to reason

that you know most you know most women

who are around the age of 30 32 years

old probably look a little bit older

just because of all of the cocks they've

taken I am fortunate in this regard my

girlfriend is 34 years old she still

looks like she's 27 20 years old so it

is anyway let's go ahead and get to get

to it the pros and cons of dating older

women Rashi Copeland on the Instagram

side says it's not petty it's

encouraging and I appreciate that again

I do this to inspire you guys to see

that you know to see that it can be done

man I used to be a fucking loser man and

a lot of you guys probably still think

I'm a loser if I can do it trust me you

can do it and I know that's kind of

salesy but that's really the way I feel

all right let's get to it let's start

with the pros of dating older women

number one older women are better cooks

gentlemen most women don't know how to

cook especially younger women and listen

dude younger women they're they've got

their they've got their they've got

their phones they're their faces and

their phones all the time and especially

better-looking especially better-looking

older women or I'm sorry better-looking

younger women they don't have to cook

because they don't really need to they

get the world handed to them Afro

masculinity in the house on the

Instagram side shout-out to you right

like dude I've dated dude I dated I've

dated 28 year-old who's who's who's

culinary faculty was basically hot dogs

and undercooked tater tots now the

reason why older women tend to be better

cooks is because they've been around

longer right they've got more time under

their belts so they're gonna be better

cooks now I've had relationships of all

different kinds with older women

I give fuck buddies friends with

benefits I've dated them have had

relationships guys all of them could

cook not all of them could cook like my

girl but they all had above-average

culinary faculty okay they could all

cook all right now listen my girlfriend

can cook because she worked in kitchens

she had to work her way through

Community College she had to pay for

school so she worked in kitchens to work

her way through college her mother also

happens to be a very good cook and she

passed some of that down so the number

one reason in my opinion or the number

one Pro the number one advance

two older women is that older women tend

to be much better cooks I've got a lot

of experience with older women and all

of them could cook on some level number

two this is a good one

older women give better blowjobs they

sucked dude they suck better dick again

the reason why is because they've been

around longer gentleman older dude women

over 30 or world-class cocksuckers

not--listen no question about it yes

there are younger girls out there who

can suck a mean cock there's no doubt

about it and to be quite honest with you

they're closing the gap on older women I

mean at this listen younger girls these

days have fucked a lot more guys these

days than younger girls did back in the

day and because of that the more

experience they have the more you know

the better they are but older older

women they sucked a lot of cock so

they're already better than better

better at it

older women have fucked more men than

younger women that's just how it is you

know they've got 15 20 more years on the

carousel older women will give you two

ho curling blowjobs gentlemen - up dude

up I'm here to tell you if you've never

had your dick sucked by an older women

try it try it now as far as sex is

concern I'll just go ahead and tie this

in here older women don't really fuck

any better or worse than younger women

and the reason why is because there's

there's no skill involved right all they

have to just oh dude all women have to

do there's no skill in getting fucked

all I have to do is lay there bend over

or whatever okay yeah they make noises

and yeah willingness and physical

attractiveness does make a difference

but by enlarge there's no real skill and

getting pounded right getting fucked

isn't a skill blowjobs are a skill and

older women are much better at it and

it's not close it's not close number

three the third advantage is they almost

never turn you down super sex Jabbar est

L NYC says older women know what they

want in bed I love you Jabari but here

in this sphere we could not give a less

of a shit about what what a woman wants

in bed

an older woman could want but she could

say Donovan I want my pussy licked and I

like it this way it goes in one ear and

out the other

I'm gonna fuck a woman the way I want to

fuck her and she's gonna like it that's

just all there is to it anyway

older women almost they never turn you

down for sex again I've dated plenty of

older when

and I have almost never been turned down

for sex when I walk up behind her and I

grab her tits like why I bite and

kissing on her neck dude it's always on

from there the few times that I've been

certain like one of the very few times

I've actually been turned down for sex

by an older woman I was dating or

fucking is because she was on her period

and even then one chick I said show me

your tampon she says oh my god I can't

believe you show me your fucking tampon

she pulled the tampon it was blood is

like okay you're telling me the truth

but you're gonna suck my dick and I'm

gonna fuck you in the ass oh my god I

can't believe it she was mad but guess

what she did it and again guys listen

you gotta have that abundance mentality

listen you you to be able to pull that

kind of shit off you have to know you

got to know you got other pussy man

listen I got other things to do if

you're on your period that's fine I

can't help mother nature but like I came

over here to fuck and if you're on your

period like my dick is getting wet one

way or another it's either gonna be the

mouth or the ass take a pic doesn't

matter no all right cool I'm out okay do

what you got to do anyway the reason

older women don't turn you down for sex

is because they know you have options

okay they know again if you're a man

Adam and if you're a red bull aware mail

and you are living that red pill life

and she sees it you're living at red

pill life they know that that younger

hotter girls are after you so they keep

your balls drain and they're mine listen

if I if I keep his balls drain he's not

gonna have any more juice for the other

girls okay listen listen guys women know

when a guy can fuck other girls all she

can do is be feminine kind and docile to

keep you around another thing they have

control over is how many times they fuck

you did you think you think a 47 year

old woman is gonna turn me down for you

think that's 30 set you think a 47 year

old is gonna turn turn a guy like me

down for sex in Las Vegas look nah I

don't I don't I don't feel like fucking

right now Oh word all right bet I'll see

you when I see you no no no no no no

they've already played that scenario in

their head a hundred times they already

know how the story ends if I don't fuck

you I'm gonna go fuck somebody else so

they keep your balls trained that's just

all there is to it nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call let's go to the phone lines here

area code two four zero you were on the

line with Donovan Gunn

yeah hello yep here we go too far oh

you're on one oh yeah hey mister shot

man 8 is rate from PG all I'm going to

do is say man look your material has got

me to a whole nother level in life or

all like all levels from my relationship

with my wife to my relationship with my

co-workers my close friends good it's

just it's just got me on on a whole

nother level man I can't think good

enough that's good to hear man I I

appreciate you seeing that let me just

ask if you don't mind me asking how did

you how did you find out about me I mean

was a Facebook Twitter Instagram what so

what's so funny about it is that I was

on what's name oh oh so say yeah but all

cares right yeah and I saw you on it and

I was like hey listen right here I was a

whatever you thought would make it sick

so I went on patreon that night became

it became a subscriber a patreon and

then from that moment you know I mean

has been it's been or never sick let me

say this before before I get all right

me and my wife just got off the phone

and I changed some I would have never

had the balls to say before because she

tried to shit test and she was like oh

you think you just gone you just going

you know come home and I dig stuff and

kick your booty and I do what I want


blowing that phone up easy kick my feet

up you I told y'all and now I'm going

goddamn right man

hey listen to four oh thanks for the

call man it's always good to hear you

brother I appreciate it all right man

area code to 400 in the house I think

that yeah yeah Prince George's County

Maryland yeah listen man it's it's it's

good and again it's good to hear when

guys call me up and say hey look man

like your material changed my life and

the reason why my material makes sense

is be listen I didn't just pick out the

name the by the way TSR stands for the

sharp reality I didn't pick the name the

sharp reality just arbitrarily

right I'd incorporate my name Donovan

sharpen it somehow but I wanted I want

my material to be based on my stories

based on anecdotes listen when I talk to

you guys and I and I tell you guys about

my all of these experiences everything

I've learned is based on personal

experience this isn't this isn't the

Sharpe what somebody else said this

isn't the Sharpe theory this is the

Sharpe reality this is what I went

through to get to this level so it's

always oh it's always good to hear guys

call in and and you know give me the

give me the testimonial so two four oh I

appreciate you men thank you very much

all right let's see we age a Smith's

this practice what you preach

Jordan McKinney says you can't fake

weightlifting it shows absolutely evolve

to fill on the on the Twitter side says

you still need a leash for that color

right Rob says on the Twitter site says

all women my age are now too old for me

good shit

very good shit excellent at this time

I'm going to say goodbye to my facebook

Instagram Twitter and YouTube audience

if you are watching on Facebook

Instagram YouTube or Twitter come on

over to donovan sharp calm right now to

watch the remainder of the episode again

my facebook Instagram YouTube and

Twitter audience come on over to donovan

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time thank you guys for tuning in and I

will see you in here in just a minute

let's go back to the chat here and see

what we've got going on Captain Crunch

4/20 says now I want to make a ham and

cheese sandwich that actually sounds

pretty damn good right now that sounds

really good

actually it's been a while since I've

had a man cheese sandwich of course you

can't really do that when you're on the

when you're on the whole you know trying

to do the whole Kido thing you know how

it goes 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call area code 2 2 9 you're on

the line with Donovan good hey Donovan

what's up man my name is Shawn hey son

what's up brother

hey man I'm a huge fan of your work dude

basically you and Rolo you guys man

since I was discovered the red pill

protector three years ago really just

it's changed my life completely

my viewpoint on what goes on with the

Sun like the Sun

negative what's really going on right is

it's like it's like the sheets been

pulled off my eyes yes and you know I

can't fucking believe it sometimes you

know yeah I saw the topic I've been

listening to your show now for Publica

not two months dude and you tell it like

it is man you lay it out there

you know you give zero fucks and mad

respect I believe I listen I appreciate

you saying that and it's funny and I

think you can probably attest to this

and I've made this comparison before but

but taking and digesting red pill truth

it's almost like a superpower it gives

you x-ray vision it's almost like

learning another language it's like when

a girl is in front of you talking you're

not listening to anything she says it's

almost like the red pill subtitles are

underneath telling you what she really

says what she really means oh dude

totally I call it like like they totally

love to play with like left brain right

brain like yes totally says one thing

and the words are saying say another and

I figured out that all that is all that

is is a technique they use to maintain

like plausible deniability and listen it

isn't because why that's right and it is

no accident it is no accident like that

this is by design like don't get a

twisted man don't get it twisted girls

never just arbitrarily just say

something it's there's never

coincidences with girls they're smarter

than we think they are that's for sure

Oh deaf dude they got some cunning

skills actually been coming up a lot of

concepts in the past couple years okay

and one you know your topic only older

women like I'm using I'm a guitar

clearance okay I do it for a living and

kicks of all different ages walks of

life married single they all kind of

just come my way or you know yeah I know

I it's all at dude I want to say this to

all the men that will listen who are

even wondering if their wife ever

wonders about like oh if I ever got a

chance with this celebrity or this

musician or this whatever there's

something I came up with and I'm sure

it's been rehashed out in psychology

before but I kind of coined it the

placate power play

okay and I call it I call it that

because what I've learned is like dude I

will play a gig somewhere and before I

go onstage I'm 5 foot 11 I'm

the guy that like girls again go like oh

my god six four three when he comes to

the door right now of course right but

when I get on stage and do my thing

rode the frames mind me the room is down


the frame is my panties our way ended I

had literally yeah dude literally and

I'm not in trying to brag I just like to

tell guys like it is I'm what it sounds

like Oh big bad musician whatever no no

listen listen listen to people accuse

you of bragging while you're bragging

well yes yes I am

like don't back down for message yeah

I'm bragging yep hmm yeah I mean I I

realize you know I realize I found you

in that regard totally and I use it to

my advantage right I had played gigs bro

and this has happened on so many

different occasions where like I'll get

offstage I'll go to the bathroom or

something and like they'll be scratching

at the door or something Wow and it'll

be like a chick that works there and her

boyfriend is like sitting at the bar

keeping tabs on like a big beta male

would do course the horse right she'll

come in she'll come in and totally do

anything like blow me do whatever right

go back out and introduce me

unbelievably like nothing nothing

happened yep but like a blow dude chicks

marry chicks I've slipped me their phone

numbers at shows where their husbands

right yeah there was a like a deck of

cards like a sleight of hand and I tell

this to guys because the placate power

play is when you're hanging out with

your girl and you guys are watching like

a movie or something right like she

comment like suddenly on my Fifty Shades

of Grey or something right right

oh yeah he's kind of he's kind of cute

or whatever you know but I really don't

like this about him wish I would totally

not doing course not right here when she

starts talking that way it's a red

fucking flag she's placating you to make

you think distort your ego indirectly

because we think you're the man and the

only man she wouldn't mind looking like

that and she's do it and listen she's

doing this to throw you off the scent

and listen on on a lower level to Sean

if I may is women will often do this

with their coworkers

your woman and women cannot help but

tell on themselves Shawn so a woman will

say oh yeah you know yeah yeah I'm gonna

be like oh you know Kevin you know Kevin

and sales was in the lunchroom and oh

god he pisses me off and bla bla bla bla


dude she wants to fuck him right and

guys think to themselves when they hear

that story on its face oh well there's

this guy Kevin in sales who you know who

my wife really doesn't like they never

think but they never think in a million

lifetimes that she actually wants to

fuck him or is fucking him but when a

woman starts to convince you of all of

the reasons as to why she wouldn't fuck

a guy she either wants to or is planning

to fuck abso-fucking-lutely every time

every time dude I got something I

calling for that also I call it this no

offence deceive you send me the actor

you know yes sir of course he's talented

talented helmet I got I have something I

came up with called the Steve Buscemi

test and it's a way of measuring the

visceral response of a girl to get a

baseline of truth and you study Paul

Ekman's work you will figure out how to

get a baseline of truth out of someone

then ask them another question thank you

yes and watch the disconnect so I'll do

the Steve Buscemi test Steve you send me

about would you fuck this guy it'll go

oh hell no of course not no yeah right

but then and it but then pull up like a

stud like you know Chris Hemsworth of

sunlight would you fuck this time ago

well you know he's not really not my


Oh course do this with guys that they're

serious with yes they're trying to

placate absolutely that is dude that

John that is fucking solid listen you

just taught me something I would do I've

never thought of doing that that is that

is unless and gentleman did a Steve

Buscemi check test that is unreal man

yeah well what is again I've had chicks

argue with me like on the scale you know

like they say there's oh you're so

fucked up that you guys judge girls on

the one to ten on one to ten I'm like

look your girls do it of course they do

yes you do you just do it you do it with

visceral expression or just your more

emotional your limbic systems will act

is you viscerally Express

the nervous system guys just put it into

rationale go as she just said them she's

right not right she to five so we all do

it unconsciously whether you want it

like it or not so out and again I'll use

the Steve Buscemi tags to prove it to

choose because when I say okay we need

to go see you sitting here or any you

know considerably find it totally

accurate right whatever guy Danny DeVito

oh yes of course but he's Emily's all

made sense yeah so if you what you'll

notice is they will they will express

themselves viscerally in the moment

unconsciously right there towards the

negative it's involuntary for aslýhan I

like yourselves yes but towards the

positive the filter would kick in and

they'll they'll create up they'll create

a placating narrative to protect it you

to make you think that no not into that

kind of guy either at he's he's not this

and he thought that but if the guys ugly

don't gladly face of course so in that

it's a clever listen Sean thanks for the

call gentlemen that is next level game

listen Sean thanks for the call this and

call in any time because that was dude

that was three minutes of solid gold my

friend appreciate you call in the show

dude I got so much more stuff man I love

alcohol and again by the way I played a

show here in st. Petersburg Florida last

weekend one of my all-time inspirations

showed up and I think he's got to be on

your show

his name's Elliott Hulse everybody knows

him he's mad popular huge awesome dude

Wow and he's been I introduced him to

the rational male and I think he got in

touch with Richard Cooper and now

Richards in touch roller and I believe

Wow I thought him about you this past

Saturday yeah and I think he's getting

ready to be in the Redman group with you

guys for discussion so that's gonna be

fuckin though that is gonna be awesome

wow he's got just extreme knowledge dude

and he's super excited about the red

pill and the first thing he said to me

when I when I saw that show he's like

bro hypergamy doesn't give a fuck I said

nope you know what there's not as a food

no what does not know it so it's not

diamond thank you so much for having me

on dude I'll definitely call again man I

just want to tell you I'm a huge fan I

love the knowledge II spill and mad

props you the way you handle

that that kitten holiday chick and that

was a mad props dude

they tried to come in and project and

refrain with cognitive dissonance and

you did I don't I don't deal in that

nonsense Sean you're the man dude

appreciate you calling call it anytime

men dude Sean with the rock solid game

wow the Steve Buscemi test that's one

believe I've never thought of that 911

for two oh five five three five six is

the number to call let's go to let's go

to area code six six one you're on live

with Donovan hey what's going on mr.

Donovan what's up with him this is a

flea Kingdom manner now I've seen the

topic on your show but when I just heard

the guy sound like he was talking about

something else I'm still talking about

pros and cons of yeah yeah absolutely

yeah we're talking about the pro yeah

we're talking about pros and cons he

just wanted to he just wanted to call in

and and told me that he was a big fan

and and just kind of you know talk about

what you know the things that he's

learned but what you got for me I've got

a lot of expert level gang for you man

I'm 37 and you know I deal with a lot of

women my age and older now I would say

that there's there's pros and cons it

all depends of a man what it is that

she's won all of her relationships okay

down I'm saying like you know so the

older women are usually married they

usually have baggage and stuff like that

but then at the same time by the time

you meet them there over the situation's

they're kind of set in their tone and

they know what they want so that's a

benefit for you but it's not a benefit

because they're set in their way right

now that just depends on your game and

what you trying to work with her you

feel me just like single moms like yep

I'm against dating single problems but I

would smash single moms because single

moms are unavailable and that works for

my program

there you go you know but I just I

wouldn't wipe one though

listen single moms are only good for

fucking that's it

like no long-term relationship not even

a short-term relationship just fuck them

and chocolate that's it that's all

they're good for

right right right so you know we I like

to kind of gain some type of some type

of resource from a woman so that's how

come the younger chicks aren't really

aren't really it's a con it's a

real-time I mean they're hotter but at

the same time they have no knowledge I

can learn shit from them yeah most

likely you're gonna be their beneficiary

you know what I'm saying let me go on

dates if I mean there's 21 hot year old

shit I know that I'm paying for the date

that question listen man you're actually

listen listen you're foreshadowing my

show I've got three more of these and

you've already named two of them so

you've ruined my show man I tell you to

turn around a tamiya the raw game is an

expert-level game and that's why they

call me that brah listen say that

check this out man listen hit me because

I gotta I gotta keep the show moving

dude hit me man hit me on Donovan sharp

calm I'd like to have you on we need to

do a collab because you obviously know

your shit man

yeah I know my shit man if rhyme is

fucking with me the cut I'm new but I'm

also email you yeah hit me on Facebook

Twitter Instagram or shoot me an email

Donovan sharp are okay at or

just go to donovan sharp that comment

hit me in the contact tab and dude we

definitely need to do some collapse for

real you you know what I'm already

following you on Instagram so you want

me to continue with the am on yes Samia

DMS Samia medium on Instagram okay

you'll see my face icon it's not a troll

okay alright man expert level game

expert level game calling out here can

you give me a second yeah all right

excellent all right thanks for calling

in brother 911 for two oh five five

three five six of them is the number to

call if you want to tell me the the if

you want to tell me what's on your mind

Miami Jay says he ETF 42 me yeah

ETF 42 used to fuck up every show like

I'd be like I'd start talking about

something and ETF 42 will be putting my

script in the goddamn comments I'm like

in my house like it was crazy man but

again this just goes to show that I have

an intelligent audience you guys know

your shit I don't have to I don't have

to talk about remedial level game

tactics I can talk about next-level game

so we're off to a good start

definitely off to it to the good start

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code - 1 6 you're on with Donovan go

ahead hello yeah what's up then am i a

mile you were all without what's

happening yeah I was just calling in to

shake on the pros and cons of the older

women you know definitely man

you know it L suck the motherfucking

shit straight just that pill that I did


well circumcise oh shit man getting a

lot of years fucking with them but one

thing I've seen with a lot of cats out

here some of these cats so desperate for

a bra they get caught up into actually

spending money so we don't need to you

got bigger yeah you got bitches out here

to sit there like let's say take some

widows ok baby

the husband died they got all this money

stacked up maybe six figures

or more who knows yep so they got this

money so the new gang with a running

these bitches literally looking for any

sim young or old so they could take care

they old asked exact day money that's

right also you got a lot of situations

where you got these older bitches that

look good the fuck but what happens is

lot of them got these motherfucking

bombs still living at home all these

overgrown sons

hell yeah 1890 yes yes sir some of them

older than that distress me unbelievable

you know and it's fucked up so so it's

like me closely I felt what that other

call it was saying me hey I'll be

working my hand out here I got to is

just that that's what I've been doing

all these years I fucking these old

holes for free right right now it's

masking bitch I need that you know right

you know what what a lot of guys don't

understand you'd be surprised when you

make a bitch do something you'd be

surprised one thing these players don't

do with a college so players they get

his host options right you're speaking

my language

oh my god yeah yeah there are listen

older women don't need options brought

like this is the way it's gonna be

this is the fucking program you can

either follow my program or I'm out and

listen ten times out of 10 they will

acquiesce to you because they like you

if listen if your game is if your game

is tight enough bro you can get these

old bra you can get these old broads to

finance your entire fucking life and

they'll be happy to do it for you

straight up

damn I you're goddamn right and it's

just - it was sad out here I'm glad that

we got this whole social media thing

jumpin off because yep I see within the

next twenty to forty years you're gonna

have more players coming back into the

fold of things cuz right now man it's a

lot of men out here get it is hoe yeah

they're straight you know all over some

pussy I see so much shit you said we're

all over some pussy scared of pussy oh

yeah yeah it's I don't get it man it's

just like man on these jobs on the

street whatever many these it's a lot of

dudes I hate I need to get some borrows

man and start out telling it's amazing

when you tell a whole note it's amazing

when you lay down low I mean it but up

but it's there's so many dudes that want

to push you so bad they scared the bunk

at a bid you know it's like fuck yeah

and then they and then they wonder and

then they wonder why their bitches run

around with other with with with other

niggas like you and me right like like

you said well I do what she wants right

like like I do everything she wants well

I mean like what happens when she gets

out of pocket like well I asked her if

she wants to sit down I'll talk no fuck


dude if your do it if your bitch gets

out of pocket you fucking check her and

dude I don't have a fuck if you're in

public or in private you checked the

bitch in public or in private because

she's she's gonna know if you get out of

pocket gonna fucking hear about it like

up and again and I agree with you man

like I'm not here for the like lake-like

niggas got to reach down and grab their

fucking y-chromosomes too many niggas

are scared man but what they don't

understand is that these women are

looking for a man to follow all you got

to do is put your foot down one time and

they're not gonna be fucking with you if

man I'm telling you if you brah I'm

telling you if you reach down you show

your manhood brother she's gonna fall in

she'll test you maybe once or twice but

she ain't trying to test you again she

because she knows she's got the man she

wants don't be afraid of these fucking

bitches man oh yeah because I mean this

is the gang get so beat you know this

like you were saying earlier you know

this is shit a motherfucker been through

this ain't no boo relating those stories

right you know heard through the grave

right no some real players they've

really been through the shitty game

recognize game you know so hey man I'm

glad y'all got the platform set up to

educate you kids you got a lot to see

you got to you got more sense I hear the

real stray a straight-up sense there's

overcrowding a motherfucking game man

listen the sense of the ones fuck listen

the sense of the ones fucking up the

game you know what i'ma cable I'm gonna

say I do my shit oh oh hos I come across

a dog the fuck out all them holes 319

trees no no I'm special dope because I

see I see motherfuckers out here y'all

come across a bitch let me see that a

Lexus Cadillac Bears whatever all of a

sudden they're already walking foil to

these bitches and then a coming with the

square lame shit it's like fuck that all

man look this is we fucking tonight I'm

all mats in the song know I'm behind you


many old bills what's happening bitch

you know and I mean man look I some of

my players are you looking like can you

be talking enough fucking you saw me

fuck these hoes because when you look at

them at the same level and you treat it

more like shit give you more action bro

what's that shit in the motherfucker as

matter fact I get a kick out of letting

these bitches know yeah I got the

audacity to draw the fuck that you bitch

what's happening right now what's he

gonna do right it is exactly because you

is at the end of the day motherfuckers

don't understand it's a power struggle

with these motherfucking bitches so it's

all about who won't control one you know

what I'm saying yep I don't wear no

motherfucking pen so I don't the day I

die let these hoes know what it's gonna


man look I'll bullshit you not if I can

sit there and show these casters

listening receipt I'm having bitches

spending money on me cheese you niggas

man years and then I play and it'd be

funny man because I'll be sitting here

looking at these other cars they be


apologies all I can't tell how many time

I talk to nigga too many guys I hear

fucking Passport

how come a free and one thing I had to

learn at a young age from the double old

school it was like look here every time

you fuck a bitch she nice

hell hell yeah hell yeah my time is

valuable after you fucking man you are

they're gonna take it trying to recharge

you know sounds like you caught cuz

that's why bitches can suck so many more

then they're gonna do you know I'm

saying yellow you saw every time you

fucked me so you've given away life

support man it was like with me need to

understand you need to get paid off for

that straight-up you need to see that

because because there's always a mother

Nick opinion and then it's another

motherfucker always smash it and getting

paid listen no from listen listen this

is what we call alpha fucks beta bucks

just like you said there's always

somebody pin and there's always somebody

smashing and you ain't gonna be the dude

who's gonna be both legs like fuck that

that's not how it works and and here's

another here's another way simps are

fuckin up the game so they go out here

and they fuck these older women and then

they turn around and do shit for him as

if the bitch did you a favor like nigga

she's done given the but she's done gave

too pussy to a hundred other niggas but

you're gonna pay

her for that pussy like all Bazaar got a

wine and dine in 69 her for what cuz she

opened up her legs I'm she's known for

200 of them not a knob nope no sir just

like you said I need that like do run

that also man is like this man well I

think there's a lot of dudes I had to

got low self-esteem yep and they doing

all this extra shit that they all need

to do and one man I'm gonna tell you I'm

gonna take imma Taylor really sick my

player back back in the day ugly ass

nigga but he had just as many hoses me

why his gland was on point he's being

give a fuck there they also will cast me

to understand you know fuck your job and

about your job and about what car you

driving it ain't about all that extra

shit man I swear to God

I can have a bite your fucking mom it

don't matter it doesn't matter it

doesn't matter pushing the Cadillacs

right hard right right a need a man

doing it I took you back to the ladies

88 89 yeah I can't tell you how many

makers we're buying motherfucking all

these blades would be dishes all these

cars all these wins all this shit and

for what the nor these niggas bitches it

feels Mac Mac cuz you know what I'm what

we're perfecting my game was growing up

a broken member that's right in my piece

that made my shit tight that made my

shit tight so so you you add years on to

that shit man look easily oh look it's

crazy the money these motherfuckers be

out here just throwing on these muscles

hosing I don't even got some

unbelievable man I'll see niggas at jobs

it be niggas in jobs making six figures

top level position they don't even have

to spin it down oh don't be giving this

shit away

man these niggas be going out far away's

just to get eyes on that cock-block shit

it's like man ah man show me every man

on this planet is there you gonna die

not fucking everybody

all that cock-blocking shit it ain't me

all that fighting

nope I need it

me and forget it's more women on earth

the minutes bill network 200,000 of one

man if you do the math all the dues is

locked up all the news out here shit hey

bro we have the advantage the racial

advantage every time man

but me but again still out here tricking

niggas still out here tricking thinking

they got two but they don't have to and

here's the thing man

women brah women don't respect that and

see here's the thing in women women

recognize that women recognize if you're

trying to trick on her if you're trying

to buy her shit if you're complimenting

she's like nigga you don't even know me

hey you're trying to take me on trips

buy me jewelry like what the fuck is

really going on like women aren't stupid

they understand that but if you're a

real nigga and you step to her like yo

what the fuck is up like listen man like

I'm not gonna be your husband I'm not

gonna I'm not gonna be your boyfriend

like what's up

like that's what this is gonna be women

respect men like that yeah and they

don't run you around they don't run you

around and they end up paying you for

your time that's what happens and

another thing also what meaning to

understand is keep these holes

threatened donate rolls what I mean is

you know never let these no house no

which a regular movie so for example if

a bitch know you always in the same city

doing the regular routine

she got you paired to a wall that's

right man you start doing your passport

again you start moving city to city

because you start man you move around

this motherfucker up like that man like

man look here she'll be Jason come out

traveling yet man look look man you have

more fuckers blowing you up man for real

like a whole water man it many dude

these guys need to tighten it up bother

do they move it these niggas moving

goofy out here man well corny a morning

and goofy the game a movie goofy you

know so it is it's an incident I just I

just hope all of you or say all the

other brothers I hope the next 20 years

add on some shit because what's

happening it's a movement

here yep because of the internet but

just because of the Internet it's

exposing all these no-good hole right

now we can write we can exchange

information yeah so so so so this is

matter because the a lot of

motherfuckers is getting hit today

motherfucking strength

why do you want to shut all these pages

down the other came wearing that game oh

because because it's alright for example

back in what was it 92 when they came

out with DNA if done all that mama baby

daddy baby shit you know and there's

going to be more stuff out it but it's

gonna take time it's just that man

my father's need to be strapped up

rubber strap does now when it come to

fucking to order holes you can drive

loads like a motherfuck horse give that

you know yeah let them have their pills

yeah a lot of them have their tubes tied

they're on some sort of birth control

there you know menopause whatever yeah

you know oh yeah yeah yeah man

yes always like a lot of cash instead of

just busted nothing I haven't all these

kids I have like aw fuck that bitch my

didn't get you some Oh balls I hear this

put this pan there any desperate man yes

thirsty thirsty is fuck thirstiest fuck

will do anything anything to get dick

man anything and they'll do it and

they'll do anything to keep you around -

oh man but the key is an awful they've

gotta get tired off these old halls

gotta be fuckin in wrinkled up ways and

looking bitches and I walk away with

somewhere man

more fuckers when they fuckin these all

by the time anything to be walking away

with envelope real weird that I need

that you know I'm saying how to envelope

on the table by the time I leave I need

that bitch y'all saying I serve I'm

always awesome game i what when niggas

don't understand the best way to get

these all hallows babies mamas all that

even if you don't know let's say you do

know how to fix shit like a stretch

right okay that's the best way is to go

a month for them to use that man because

think about it

anywhere there's a woman there's dumbass

kid is tearing up shit and dumbass

niggas playing video games and all that

shit every time yeah so wait inside

that's so that's your open door in a

sock is when they shit show up they need

a shit fit women are paid to get they

shit fixed fastening to do so now you on

the inside

once you in there yes we run that game

man man you could jab me back to conduct

like a motherfucker and they don't

understand they paying you like a

motherfucker but your playoff is what

your construction game Reno

I'll get fucked if you paint Oh call me

whatever the fuck you do but see not can

be doing that shit for free do run your

motherfucking that game but no when you

come out of it man you'd be surprised at

the hundreds and thousands you can get

out these motherfuckers bad but these

niggas be moving coffee man we're doing

this shit man bitches for company well

tu-16 listen man I'm gonna listen I'm

gonna keep your phone man now listen I'm

definitely gonna keep your phone number

I need it I need to get a hold of you

man cuz when we talk about this stuff I

got to have you on and I want to have

call I want to have callers call in and

ask you questions man man hey anytime

man I swear to God I talking it about

getting that write-ups motherfucker I'll

give a fuck of this I'll get for what it

is I got to see that because too many

dudes I heard got this mentality that oh

I got a good job one was let her keep

her keep her 24 wedding day no no no no

bitches bitches bitches have money

statute is silly neat and they spend

just listen they spend you're right they

spend yours while they stack theirs and

then when it comes time to leave your

ass guess what they're not gonna be high

and dry they're still gonna have their

baby this is gonna have their bank

account and your ass is broken

exactly every time man we better get

these money at these house I do may I do

it just because I die just because you

can well two in six yeah yeah listen two

and six thanks for the call man most

definitely man thanks for the call man

listen to on six droppin that serious

knowledge man that's some next-level

again dude that's that next level

gorilla pimp type game like you're gonna

be fuckin if you're got to be fucking

with these Cougars and these mills out

here like listen man there's niggas out

that say hey look if I'm gonna be fuckin

with you then I need to get something

out of that well I'm like like I'm

trying to get a watch right I'm trying

to get a car payment like there's I mean

honestly there's niggas out here that do

that shit and I'm telling you man just

like you said these old hoes are out

here paying for this shit

these bitches are desperate as fuck as

you guys will see here I get everybody

spoiling my show today talking about the

talk about the ship it yeah haricots

tu-16 dropping that dropping that real

dropping that real next-level game nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call to get on the show

we've got a great show so far let's head

to the number four Pro the number four

advantage to dating older women older

women seem to have a little more

intelligence okay

and again I'd forget which caller had

mentioned that earlier this is just

another byproduct of experience older

women have been around longer so they

know more now don't get me wrong guys

they are still listen there's still

women they're still overgrown children

but older women at least they have some

level of basic knowledge okay and listen

women in there like like my woman she's

in her mid 30s women in their mid to

late 30s early 40s they didn't grow up

in the smart they didn't grow up in a

smartphone age they actually know they

actually know how to how to have a

conversation face to face human to human

interaction with older women you can

have an intelligent conversation now not

that having an intelligent conversation

is a requirement to be with Donovan

sharp I'm not that type of do this as

well I have to conduct with a woman on

so many different levels she has to make

me think she has to challenge me she's

to challenge me no I don't need all that

okay but it's not a require up but it is

nice now here's the thing if she's 250

pounds and she's a world-class

conversationalist guess what not

interested right I'd rather fuck a hot

air head with absolutely zero brains

than an intelligent fat girl okay look I

talk about I talk big titty Chrissy in

Vegas I talk about her all the time on

my show I think she's 25 26 years old um

I dude I met her I met her when she was

19 she swindled some guy out of a boob


she turned 20 when we started fucking

dude hottest girl I've ever begged but

guess what dude she was smoking hot long

black hair

girls of soliton she could marry a

fucking zillion or if she wanted to she

was this dumb as a box of fucking rocks

guys like honestly dude I had to explain

how the government worked right I'm not

gonna get into the story but but we were

sitting there watching something on TV

and it was something on TV about

something that happened in the Sudan or

Darfur and she was like well where all

the police officers were all the cops

and I said well they're listen those

countries don't have government so they

don't have police officers she's like

huh and then it dawned on me like this

girl doesn't know about how the fucking

government works so I had to sit here

and explain to her for like a half an

hour that the reason they're the reason

why Cuba's in the state that it's in is

because of the same thing right

communism social Explorer I've never had

to do that

will't older women a lot of hot girls

out there guys a lot of young hot girls

out there but young hot girls are these

days aren't intelligent because they

don't have to me I've talked about this

with Alejandra curry before hot girls

aren't intelligent hot girls are useless

because they don't have to be useful

older women on the other hand they know

that their options are limited so at

some point they have to develop

themselves in other ways and eventually

they do that if they want to get the

attention of high value men number five

the number the fifth advantage to dating

older women is just like the last caller

said they're better with money older

women have more money and they're a

little bit more financially responsible

older women are further along in their

jobs in their careers so they have more

earning potential okay now they're still

financially irresponsible they are still

women but again the older they get the

more they learn right thank listen they

may they make mistakes they have

experiences but as time goes on they

become more and more financially

responsible at some point they say okay

well maybe I don't need maybe I

shouldn't buy the nine hundred all or

iPhone when it comes out every six

months maybe I shouldn't spend ten

dollars at Starbucks twice a day every

day right they make subtle changes here

and there and you know by the time to

get into their 40s they're a little bit

better with money now here's the benefit

just like the last caller said if she

has her own money she doesn't view you

as an ATM now I think the only way an

older woman with using view you as an

ATM as if you were worth seven

fingers right and listen if you were

worth seven figures I think that would

be pretty obvious and that kind of

changes the dynamic but if if a woman is

older she probably makes more money

older women probably have more money to

their name and because of this they

don't require you to pay for everything

they're not gonna require you to shower

to shower them with gifts they're gonna

pick up the tab they're gonna pick up

the tab every once in a while because

they enjoy your company there are

exceptions but I have it I mean there

are exceptions to the rule I guess but I

haven't met one every older woman that

I've ever fucked had no problem going

Dutch or picking up the tab dude listen

my girlfriend she makes great money and

when we first started seeing each other

it was very clear that she liked me for

what I was not what I had now she never

hesitated to take me out to dinner

she never hesitated to treat me well and

dude we live together now she still pays

for dinner every once in a while yes

she's still a woman yes she can be

financially irresponsible at times right

of course she's a woman but the fact

that she makes good money because she's

got over it I think she's got over a

decade's worth of experience in her

field that's a big advantage and a

big-time benefit for sure number six and

there are many many advantages to dating

older women but the number the the sixth

and the six and final I'm gonna point

out tonight is that they're more

appreciative of you and your time and

one might ask well why are older women

more appreciative of you in your time

well this is easy because sexual market

value wise older women know that they're

on the back nine they're not young and

hot anymore yes they have options

absolutely right again do my girls in

her mid-30s she's 34 you don't think she

can go out there and get 18 dicks

tonight if she wanted to of course she

could okay but again older women know

that with each passing day their sexual

market value goes down right so when

they get with a high-value guy they're

much more appreciative because they know

there was a guy who could fuck younger

women but he chose her and she

appreciates it not only that it gives

them sexual validation well here I am

you know I'm 30-something years old I'm

in my 40s and this high-value guy really

wants to be with me guess what you know

what they're gonna do and they're gonna

work hard for your attention they're

going to appreciate your time right

even when dude even when I told older

women right from the start


we're listen we're not gonna be in a

relationship we're just gonna be fuck

buddies I told him straight up no

feelings involved we're gonna get

together run a fuck we're gonna go home

and that's it

even still knowing that I was just in it

for the sex they still worked hard to

keep and maintain my attention

they still treated me well even when I

was over there for an hour and a half

just fucking our brains out do you need

a coke do you need a beer can I get you

anything right the time they spend with

you is precious to them and they want to

make the best of it they treat you

better because they appreciate the time

they spend with you at begin it and at

this point again they realize that

they're just a few short years from

being completely invisible to men so

they're gonna make the best of the time

they have on the high value guy like you

let's move to the cons of dating older

women these are some of the

disadvantages to dating older women

number one their bodies usually aren't

as tight I pointed this out in the and I

forget which episode number this is but

this is the Cougar myth right their

bodies aren't as tight they're not as

supple now like I said at the top of the

episode dude my girlfriend still has an

unbelievable body like again even though

she's our admit even though she's in her

mid 30s but again she's the exception

and for those of you guys who think that

I might be thinking that my girlfriend

is a unicorn I can assure you that

you're a hundred percent wrong yes she

has qualities that I like but I never

take for granted that she could go feral

at any time for any reason okay dude my

girlfriend's not you you don't think I

know she's got a high notch account you

don't think I know she went through a

slut phase you don't think I know she's

fucked us fucked over a ton of dudes you

don't think I know she's cheated on her

boyfriends in the past right there's

nothing special is you don't think I

know what she's to get up to in her 20s

and early 30s of course I do I'm not an


I'm donovan sharp there's nothing

special about my girlfriend she simply

decided that I was worth committing to

and did what was necessary to secure my

commitment and trust me when I tell you

she worked

dude she worked her ass off to secure my

commitment and that continues to this

day if you don't believe me follow me

anywhere on social media and you and

you'll see that she means a lot to me

there's no doubt I'm not saying that but

she is not a unicorn nor will

I treat her as such straight-up anyway

the body of an older woman just isn't as

youthful right there's a guy's there's a

world of difference you might be fucking

a 46 year old who might have an

unbelievable body because what she was

younger and hotter when she was 26 she

had a better body when she was 26 okay

obviously there passed the wall so

they're just not gonna be as physically

attractive yes there are exceptions to

the rule but the exception never makes

the rule the second disadvantage the

second con and this is what the last

caller pulled out called about older

women usually have children again my

girlfriend is the exception to the rule

she's at listen she's actually one of

you know what I'm gonna say to cuz there

was one woman who told me she didn't

have kids but I was pretty sure she did

but she's one of two or three older

women that I dated who didn't have any

kids right but again they're the

exceptions but guess what but guess what

women older women they were doing it

they were doing what everybody else was


they were fucking everybody right older

women used to be hoes so most of them

get married at some point and guess what

eventually she has kids older women have

baby daddies too their older one out

here with three kids by five different

guys or vice versa and again this is

this is a byproduct of our age the older

she is the more likely it is that she'll

have children right she's been alone

around longer she's fucked more guys

she'll probably have kids

the third disadvantage the third con to

dating older women is desperation now do

you remember when I talked about the

appreciation that older women show you

well if you don't watch out that

appreciation could be desperation in


a woman's endgame no matter what is

always a relationship even if she just

wants the dick and tells you as much

tells you it's all good this is nothing

but sex no feelings in the back of their

minds they know they want a relationship

even if they don't know it the

biological imperative of a woman always

wins out in the end a woman's biology

always wins out on the end because if a

woman likes you enough if you spend

enough time with her if you're fucking

or good enough you

eventually she's gonna want to be

exclusive with you this is just basic

math now she might be appreciative of

your time but then she also might be

desperate and I fucked with many many

desperate younger and older women guys

I've had my tire slashed I've had

windows broken dude I caught one bitch

trying to put sugar in my get I actually

caught her trying to put sugar in my gas


now lucky for me I had a I had a locking

gas cap right but you dude she went off

the fuckin rails and listen this girl

treated me well and guys dude she was 44

45 she was hot

dude huge fake boobs long blonde hair I

don't know I'm thinking she's 44 or 45

years old

her body was fucking smoking she treated

me like a god but guess what her

appreciation was desperation because

when I ended it with her she did not

handle it well not at all the fourth now

the fourth disadvantage to dating older

women older women are far more deceptive

that's right gentlemen they are better


again this is just a byproduct of time

the longer women are around the more

experience they have the better they're

gonna be at something that includes

sucking dick and lying dude older women

are better at lying

setting up lies cheating yes listen

again yes we talked about the advantages

yes they have more money yes they're

there they're more financially

responsible more financially stable

stable they will suck the black off your


yes older women are more pleasant to be

around but the flip side of that is

older women are world-class liars yes 20

21 year-old women will lie and cheat but

40 and 41 year olds they lie and cheat

but they've been doing that for almost

three decades right that one woman I

dated one older one I dated she lied she

told me all these lies in the beginning

and for the longest time she kept

sticking to those lies and the reason

she kept sticking to those lies because

she thought I'd never find out her

problem was that she talked to goddamn

bunch right and and so half the lie she

told me I eventually figured out I think

within the first two months she finally

admitted okay I lied because she talked

too fucking much right but other than

that older women are far better

far more deceptive if you think if you

think that you will ever catch an older

woman cheatin think again dude I'm done

it as sharp okay

I'm Donovan sharp man and I'm telling

you dude older women will give you a run

for your cerebral money believe that

number five this blends with number four

older women are much better cheaters

older women are better cheaters they

know how not to get caught they know how

to cheat and get away with it so if you

want to commit to an older woman you

need to understand this immutable truth

older women or professional cheaters

gentlemen you also have to understand

this just because she's 41 doesn't mean

she's not a branch swinger right dude

the 41 year old operates just like the

20 year olds right there they're still

gonna branch swing there's their older

but they're still women so she sits you

down and says listen Donovan we gotta

talk I think it's time you know I think

it's time you think it's time to end

this I think it's time we start seeing

other people hey find out that she was

fucking somebody she find out she was

fucking somebody like me I didn't see

that coming man she's been fucking that

dude for a month and a half and you were

none the wiser older women are

professional cheaters you will not catch

them cheating not a chance

number six the number six disadvantage

to dating older women is that they are

much more entitled yes gentlemen

older women know that their past the

wall yes they know they're on the back

nine yes they know they have less dating

options their sexual market value is

lower that doesn't mean they're not

still entitled an entitlement gentleman

is not something that dwindles with age

and listen here's the thing women are

always the last to know they've hit the

wall the only way a woman knows that she

has hit the wall is by prolonged and

repeated rejection when the guy she used

to be able to fuck all the time

reject her for a solid year and a half

two years even even after six months

she's still thinking she's got it she

says she gives herself excuses

well maybe guys just don't want

relationships right now right maybe

there may be the new dating app that's

out is dwindling the number of guys any

and every excuse under the fucking Sun

so she can deny the obvious now

eventually it's gonna hit her like a ton

of bricks and a lot of times a lot of

times it just tells that first dude

telling her

look sweetheart you're just too old for

me and that's when it hits him but just

because they know that they're past the

wall just because they know that they

can't consolidate on high value guys

like they used to doesn't mean they're

not still entitled right dude she's been

I fucked by every male since the age of

16 years old so the average 45 years 45

year old woman who's good-looking has

almost three decades of men fawning over

her you think she's do you think she's

just gonna say well I'm gonna lower my

standards because I'm 45 fuck no fuck no

she still believes she deserves she

still believed that she deserves

everything she wants regardless of age

number seven and this is the last

disadvantage of dating older women they

have a hardened exterior older women are

extremely jaded I think somebody pointed

that out in the chat again this is time


older women by this point they probably

had a couple of kids right they probably

been divorced they probably you know

they maybe two they've had a couple of

long-term relationships they've been

burned right but now she's 43 years old

she's not married she's not in the

relationship and they're pissed off most

high-value men look at these kinds of

women as temporary fuck toys until they

can find a younger hotter girl to commit

to and listen all these older women they

were sluts all do their 20s they did

what everybody else was doing guys

one-night stands they devalued

themselves they did threesomes bunch of

abortions all this stuff makes them

bitter and they don't trust anybody this

is what we call the thousand cock stare

the thousand cock stare is just a look

in a woman's eyes when she's been beaten

down by the world via cock jaded women

are they're just flat-out unattractive

man now younger girls are still young

and hot yes they're sluts and yes

they've been burned a few times but at

least they still have a little bit of

that youthful exuberance they still have

that glow they still have that innocence

because they think they have all the

time in the world and again this is

where my girlfriend is the exception to

the rule right my girlfriend is Luke my

girlfriend is so silly she has this

weird innocence about her she tells

cheesy little jokes she you know she

tells me I

you in ways that are just kind of cheesy

and romantic comedy type like she's

don't I don't I don't know I just don't

know how it is she does this maybe it's

me I don't know but she still has that

twinkle in her eye like that light like

the twinkle in her eye hasn't been

snuffed out by the world yet but older

women that twinkle is no longer there

that that that light is no longer there

so younger women think yeah so what if

I'm 26 what if I'm not married at 26 I'm

gonna be young and hot forever so I'll

take my time so they're blissfully

ignorant and before she know it before

she knows it 10 years and to abortions

later she's got that same look on her

face that jaded older women have yes

gentlemen older women are more pleasant

to be around

but a lot of times that pleasantry is

just like that desperation I told you

about this doing that to keep you around

they're just doing that to hide their

bitterness okay excellent

excellent show tonight man had a lot a

lot of good callers in man a lot of good

callers and make sure when you check the

chat one last time here before we sign

off I gotta go and watch The

Bachelorette with my girl I think my

girl was making rotisserie chicken

tonight with something so so I'm

definitely looking forward to that yes I

do a bachelorette breakdown because the

Bachelorette is teaming with red pill

truths freelance Ronan's says the older

women that don't have kids have other

issues usually something as something

such as alcoholism you want to know

something freelance you make a good


I don't put a percentage on it but I

would say at least half the older women

that I have dated drink a lot and drink

a lot could be a relative thing but they

drink often right like they can never be

without a drink so that's um or drug

addictions Miami J says yeah alcohol

I've met older women that have drug

problems but women with drug problems

usually don't live that long but I think

that alcoholism you know you know winos

lushes you know yeah so older women

usually drink you know they usually

drink their fair amount of alcohol for


very good very good yeah but he says

super true hashtag Jaden

excellent excellent show tonight

excellent show that's gonna do it for

this edition of TSR primetime with yours

truly donovan sharp Mike thanks to all

of my callers to an end tomorrow night

at 7 p.m. Eastern 4:00 Pacific where I

will be joined by none other than Miami

Jay thanks for listening guys I will

talk to you tomorrow


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